NSA Role

The National Security Agency (NSA) has a vital role to play in eliminating all elite pedophiles (along with traitors and white collar criminals). We have every email, every text, every cell call, every Instagram, Tinder, WhatsApp, etcetera.  All we need is an Executive Order declaring naked  short selling to be a national security issue, authorizing the full exploitation of the 99% of the data that NSA has not processed.

In combination with Presidential pardons for every individual that agrees to do full disclosure for the record while also ceasing and desisting from the practice of the child trafficking and torture, we stop this problem overnight….and in time for the President to claim a great victory on behalf of the public and of the innovators and small companies that have been destroyed by naked short selling .

The termination of human trafficking will lead to a massive positive trend for the economy, and the protection of all families going forward.

God Bless America — we merit honest public servants who are able to keep the bankers honest. I believe this is a priority for President Donald Trump.