As with everything that I do, Truth & Reconciliation is very much on my mind.

I am fortunate to be friends with a wide variety of people, most of them good people trapped in bad systems who do what they do for the same reasons Bill Clinton took a blow job from a porky intern: “because I can.”

When I briefed my intentions I was asked, “so is it all over for us?”

My answer was clear: the crime is over, you are not.

I will be proposing Presidential pardons contingent on full disclosure and restitution to the victims. I am particularly interested in identifying every member of Congress and the CIA and FBI who has been bribed or blackmailed into allowing pedophilia and murderous pedophilia across the USA.  They will also be eligible for pardons, contingent on their immediate resignation and lifetime exclusion from public office.

Truth & Reconciliation is a practical means of achieving major reforms without backing the enemy of the public interest into a corner. This specific reform is totally consistent with the President’s intent of eliminating human trafficking.

Crime exists because the NSA and FBI do not do their job.  They do not do their job because our Congress is totally corrupt. This website and my forthcoming book and video interviews are going after the enablers, not the opportunists.