Chapter 8: America’s Military Pedophilia Scandals – Daycare Scares and “Satanic Panic”

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Chapter 8: America’s Military Pedophilia Scandals – Daycare Scares and “Satanic Panic”

Joachim Hagopian

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The Overview

Now that the perversely destructive hand of the Catholic Church has been exposed through its widespread child sex abuse and fascist war making partnering with the Rothchild bankers and Anglo-American Empire, the next focus will turn to well-documented pedo scandals perpetrated by the crime cabal government mainly through its military and CIA operations. Though we know pedophiles have undoubtedly been abusing children as long as low-life human beings (or perhaps I should say bloodline hybrids) have occupied this planet, this chapter will address major scandals that began emerging in the 1980’s at various daycare facilities across America. An account of the most significant cases will be presented as incontrovertible proof that pedophiles at the top of the power rung committing horrendous sex crimes against our underage population have been grossly underreported and squelched for a very long time. Dissecting scandal after scandal should give the reader a perception of clarity that pedophile sex abuse networks have been operating continuously uninterrupted for many decades. The sampling covered here is not a series of discrete, isolated cases by any stretch, but simply the tip of a long running iceberg where a few happened to accidentally get exposed to the public, and even reluctantly covered by various mainstream news outlets.

For over four decades the elite’s concentrated pushback vis-a-vis mainstream media to deflect, minimize, dispel or deny the inordinately high incidence of international pedo rings and horrific pedo crimes has willfully promoted the false notion that these scandals are both extremely rare and relatively inconsequential, invariably rendered as overblown, “nothing to see here” hype. The biggest case in point is how MSM so brazenly mishandled last year’s so called Pizzagate cover-up,[1] rushing to defend the “poor little picked on, maliciously maligned” pizza shop owner who GQ Magazine happened to crown the 49th most powerful individual in America’s most powerful city DC.[2] With the NY Times,[3] Washington Post[4] and every major MSM outlet rushing to his defense insisting that an army of vicious internet slanderers[5] were ganging up on pizzeria extraordinaire James Alefantis fabricating a horrendous story out of thin air that even alt news pioneer Alex Jones was reduced to becoming an apologist,[6] only shows why the DC kiddie peddler is the 49th most powerful player in Washington.

Despite compiling more than enough circumstantial evidence based on hundreds of WikiLeaks released John Podesta emails[7] and sick Alefantis Instagram photos and his even sicker captions including afterhours “entertainment” of pedo performances at the “family friendly” Comet Pizza,[8] all indicating more than high probability that a Clinton-Obama-Podesta-Alefantis child sex ring is operating out of our nation’s capital, zero police or legal action has resulted. Predictably, neither the DC police nor the FBI have bothered to follow up investigating any of this since they’re simply pawns of GQ’s “top 49 powerhouse clique,” of which Hillary, Obama, the Podesta boys and their pizza loving James are all perennials.[9] [10] [11]

Instead the power establishment declared the internet claims as pure “fake news” conjured up by a frenzied online army of overzealous conspiracy nuts[12] responsible for causing another whacked out lone gunman to take law into his own hands and investigate said allegations for himself against Comet Ping Pong, firing off a couple rounds inside the joint just to show the world he meant business. It was all flimsily veiled as yet more poorly staged drama spun to “prove” just how dangerous the internet lynch mob spewing out fake news can be.[13] Thus, Pizzagate became the perfect opportunity for yet another Hegelian inspired deep state, master stroked false flag to conveniently create the “fake news” problem, giving “just” cause to roll out its engineered reaction – another wacko “lone gunman” brandishing his automatic weapon (as more remindrance to ban guns[14]) while endangering the public, and thus conveniently provide the perfect pretext to warrant the deep state solution – urgently implement sweeping internet censorship legislation[15] with ultimate aim to remove all dissident alternative voices from public access.[16] This is the endgame scenario in every totalitarian regime throughout history, to permit dissemination of only official false narrative lies and propaganda as “news” to an oppressed, misinformed, tightly controlled population.

With the Google,[17] Facebook,[18] Twitter,[19] YouTube[20] whores all falling into subservient line as extensions of Mockingbird CIA-NSA[21] [22] centralized fascist control,[23] access to the truth is methodically being eliminated… all for the sake of “protecting” the public from the dangerous consequences of “fake news.” Despite the elite’s desperation to cut off the truth from the people ASAP, we citizens of the world already know that deep state’s propaganda ministry called the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, Fox News, ABC, Time Magazine and corporate owned media all read off the same centralized script as the real source of fake news. But because so many MSM lies have been thoroughly exposed[24] for lame stream media ever to recover from, few people now even bother to still take CNN et al serious as a credible news source. A poll from last May revealed 2 out of 3 Americans believe mainstream news is the actual fake news.[25]

Despite mainstream media’s brazen, over-the-top efforts at damage control to regain so much lost credibility, stuck now living in an all too obvious Orwellian age of deception, the earth’s rulers will never be successful at stamping out the truth. The jarring, enormously disturbing reality that roughly one third of all US government personnel occupying prominent positions of power within Congress, the judiciary and executive branches are child raping, murderous Satanists[26] (or through blackmail compromised and controlled dupes)[27] bent on (or minimally complicit in) committing human genocide [28] may be too shocking to be believed by most Americans. But for those of us with eyes still wide open, there’s more than enough glaring, incriminating evidence. One of the aims of this book is to illuminate what humanity is currently and perilously up against prior to apocalyptic ruin. Time is running out on planet earth unless we immediately arm ourselves with the truth and fight back like there’s no tomorrow.

A running theme throughout this presentation should become clear to the reader. After uncovering irrefutable facts chronicling each pedophilia scandal, the government minions and their MSM presstitutes invariably go to work with aggressive pushback measures designed to obscure, muddle and otherwise conceal the darker truth from ever seeing the full light of day.[29] [30] [31] Deep state’s stonewalling tactics using deceit and denial are thoroughly dissected here to uncover how powerful child rapists, like the pedophile hordes within the Catholic Church, have always remained above the law, never fully investigated nor prosecuted because they’re systematically protected and buffered by a built in, top down impenetrable wall of pure Luciferian evil. Meanwhile, elite sexual predators, their subordinate protectors and their paid media apologists and propagandists automatically dismiss and deny the mountains of overwhelming evidence. You will see this exact same sinister pattern criminally played out over and over again, effectively keeping the lid on egregious sins passed down through the ages – sodomizing the innocents in ritual sacrificial rites of torture and murder, bleeding their lifeblood and literally drinking and eating their stolen life force that provides sustenance and power to demonic interdimensional forces in order to continue ruling and taking over the earth.

Our dark journey begins with the satanic ritual abuse (SRA) scandals discovered at several, mostly military daycare centers across America during the 1980’s, and the criminal system’s countermeasures to summarily cover up and minimize exposure of the same brutal savagery that’s been seamlessly practiced in the name of Satan for countless millenniums.

Satanic Ritual Abuse at McMartin Pre-School

The first major pedophilia scandal in the United States to break with international headlines took place in 1983 at McMartin Pre-School in Manhattan Beach, California,[32] a small upscale seaside city a few miles south of the Los Angeles airport. The McMartin case stands out as the longest, most expensive criminal trial in US history, draining California taxpayers of $15 million[33] in a grotesque travesty of justice. But with a quick review of the facts, it was far more a travesty of justice for the children and their families than the guilty perps. Once the case broke open in the press, after the initial shock and disbelief, the media and public gradually turned against the “unbelievable” kids’ and their parents’ and “enablers’” “wild” claims. MSM liars always protect child rapists, twisting and perverting reality so that the victimized children and their parents are the ones on trial in the court of public opinion. A prime example of this is the ridicule and scorn heaped on the poor kids who insisted that they’d been escorted through underground tunnels underneath the daycare that were later discovered after the case was dismissed and therefore never considered as evidence.[34] In another obvious move to withhold the truth, the LA Times and MSM reporters were pulled off the case the instant the tunnels were discovered, vindicating the children’s claims. Victims reported that their abusers constantly reminded them of death threats against both them and their parents should they tell the truth while being forced to witness live turtles, rabbits and other animals sadistically killed, only to have 77 animal bones later dug up on the property after the trial, again never legally taken into account. Several children were even medically diagnosed with STD’s. But all this vital information was never introduced in the courtroom.

Initially the highly sensationalized spectacle gripped the nation in shock that such unthinkable evil could actually exist. The multi-member McMartin-Buckey family that owned and operated the daycare were among five defendants charged with committing 207 counts of child sex abuse. To make matters worse, in 1985 an HBO production allegedly written by Oscar winning writer Abby Mann (notorious for using ghost writers) and his wife Myra, co-executive produced with Oscar winning director-screenwriter Oliver Stone called “The Indictment: The McMartin Trial” was heavily slanted in favor of the guilty pedophiles.[35] Acting as a media mole protecting the satanic ritual child abuse ring operating in Los Angeles, the Manns based their script on a book about the McMartin case entitled The Politics of Child Abuse[36] written by a married couple who were known child pornographers – Paul and Shirley Eberle[37] as yet more foxes guarding their henhouse.

Seven tortuous years after it began, the case was tossed out of court in 1990 with either acquittals or a hung jury for all accused. After critical evidence disappeared, combined with so much crucial evidence withheld from the trial, and gross legal errors seemingly intended to undermine the prosecution, combined with seven grueling years of hostile media coverage and a skeptical public lambasting the child victims and their parents, the disgraceful debacle went nowhere. The bottom line why justice was never served was, had the rabbit hole of evil been uncovered, big name LA politicians, entertainers and athletes would have been found guilty of satanic pedophilia. It turns out the Buckeys were mainly the pimping suppliers of child victims for the local Luciferian elite.[38]

A number of suspicious deaths associated with the McMartin case point to probable foul play and a massive cover-up. The stakes were so high, people died mysteriously and by design, the prosecutors’ case was completely botched. A young healthy former police officer and recent father turned private investigator Paul Bynum just prior to testifying about underground tunnels suddenly showed up suspiciously “suicided” with a bullet hole in his head. In 1983 a mother Judy Johnson first discovered her two year old son arrived home from school with a bleeding anus, took him to her doctor who referred the boy to a specialist that confirmed he’d been sodomized, which initiated the police investigation.[39] But Judy was subsequently vilified by the press as mentally ill and paranoid, and just three years into the investigation was alleged to have died from alcohol poisoning. Back in 1976 police officer Paul Bynum had been assigned a rape-murder case, the victim being singer Bill Medley’s ex-wife Karen Klaas who died an hour after dropping her child off at McMartin Preschool. In 1984 her widowed husband Gerald Klaas drove off an Oregon cliff and died a month after indictments in the McMartin case were handed down.[40]

With the McMartin case, the precedent was painfully established of what would become a repeated pervasive pattern of horrendous re-victimization of both abused children and their families in so many pedophile cases to follow where child rapists are consistently set free. The justice system not just in the US but virtually every country is so corrupt and poisoned that it protects elite pedophile murderers at the expense of children’s precious lives. By diabolical design, the same sad, tragic, pathetic outcome has been replicated in virtually every case in Europe, Australia and the entire world. It’s high time we citizens of this earth hold the guilty accountable and face the evil in our midst.

West Point Daycare Scandal

A decade after I graduated from the United States Military Academy, at least two staff members working at the West Point Child Development Center were allegedly torturing and sodomizing little children one to six years of age. But because West Point is such an “honorable and venerable” historic institution, so closely tied to America’s beloved war heroes and enjoying to this day its squeaky clean, sterling image and reputation (that my own unique firsthand experience completely debunks and obliterates), the satanic ritual abuse of young children at West Point during the mid-1980’s hardly showed up at all in the press, merely a passing, fleeting blip on the screen that the vast majority of Americans never even knew existed – by design of course. In fact, despite writing my own West Point story exposing the lies, corruption and abject failure to produce strong, moral leadership from the brass factory on the Hudson for over a half century now,[41] even I was totally unaware of this largely unknown scandal until I began researching and writing articles about Pizzagate late last year.[42]

In July 1984 parents of a 3-year old girl contacted the West Pont military police stating that their child was sexually assaulted at the West Point Child Development Center, the on post daycare center serving preschool aged child dependents of both military personnel (totaling 120 children) and civilian employees (comprising another 30 kids). A medical doctor at the West Point hospital observed that the little girl’s vagina had been lacerated.[43] When the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID) learned the accused suspects were civilians, the case was immediately transferred over to the FBI, which in late July 1984 began investigating the 40 employee facility serving 150 children who were infants to kindergarteners. At least 11 children (and likely dozens more) were sexually molested as well as physically abused with burns and bruises at the Military Academy daycare by at least two female civilian staff acting as teacher’s aides who were suspended with pay.[44]

The forthcoming accusations alleged that satanic ritual abuse was being perpetrated by members of a devil-worshipping cult between 1983 and 1984 that included animal sacrifice and physical abuse inflicted on young children. Subsequently, interviewed children were reporting that they were forced to eat shit and drink piss, and had feces smeared on their bodies during satanic ritual abuse.[45] Many also alluded to being driven away from the daycare center, stripped naked and exploited for child pornography photographs. The West Point Child Development Center building number where the satanic pedophile abuse occurred was 666, later changed by Academy officials to 673 due to 666 being the mark or number of the beast.[46]

When the children began verbalizing and showing signs of sexual abuse to their parents, and the parents brought their concerns to the Center staff, the military police, FBI, medical and West Point authorities, their accusations were summarily disbelieved, ignored and categorically denied. Parents were told that the two accused staff members had both passed lie detector tests.[47] FBI investigators showed up at the parents’ homes for questioning without tape recorders or even bother taking notes, casting dispersions on the parents’ childrearing capabilities. From the outset of the supposed investigation, it was clear that the authorities involved were more concerned with squelching and containing the truth than finding it out.

Medical doctor Captain William R. Grote, whose 3-year old child was sexually violated, became so upset over how the Academy mishandled the evidence and parents’ concerns that he refused a promotion to major in June 1985 and soon afterwards resigned his officer commission. In his words:

I cannot accept promotion in a system that at first refused to acknowledge and now refuses to deal with the victims of extensive child abuse that occurred at the West Point Child Development Center.[48]

Despite an “exhaustive” FBI investigation lasting over a year conducted by a team of 60 FBI agents, in the end, as of 1985, neither the US Army nor West Point nor Southern District of New York US Attorney’s office indicted or arrested anyone for the horrific crimes being committed.[49] Nor has the government or military admitted guilt that any crimes ever even took place when the physical and psychological evidence piling up was monumental.

Though Dr. Grote was among the first parents to file a lawsuit against the Academy, he chose not to pursue the subsequent civil suit filed by parents that eventually was settled in May 1991.[50] Eerily similar to the shameful outcome of the botched McMartin case in California, after the same seven painful, agonizing years for the abused children and victimized parents, they were forced to witness the perpetrators get off scot free because both criminal cases refused to accept irrefutable evidence and were ultimately dropped. This reprehensible misconduct by our judicial system constitutes nothing short of double the criminality carrying double the abusive punishment. And as with virtually all government pedophilia crimes, to this day both the satanic abusers and satanic elements operating within the government remain guiltily unaccountable.

In response to West Point parents’ civil suit, two years before it was settled, an independent team from the University of Pennsylvania was called in to gather its own evidential findings since the FBI investigation was intentionally so shoddily mishandled. And based on the sealed report, a financial settlement into the millions was reached, obviously indicating complicit admission that substantial abuse did in fact occur involving at least nine of the children. After seven horrific years, the West Point civil suit was finally decided, awarding nine families a settlement of $1.2 million, totaling $2.7 million to be disbursed over time to the abused children with final allotment upon reaching adulthood, ranging from $25,000 to $625,000 for each victim… small consolation for the hell that they were forced to endure.[51]

Dr. William Grote, who by the time of the settlement was maintaining a private civilian medical practice in New Jersey, had this to say about the sordid affair’s outcome:

Unfortunately, money can’t … undo the trauma incurred by scores of children at West Point … because people with responsibility didn’t exercise that responsibility. What the hell is a settlement? … They could have caught these people doing it at the time that they were doing it. We have a tendency to think that everything that’s evil and bad is on the other side of the Pacific or the Atlantic. And that’s not the case.[52]

Prior to becoming the New York City mayor, Rudy Giuliani was the US Attorney at the time in charge of the case at West Point.[53] He quickly swept it under the damage control carpet, colluding with top Academy military brass and the Pentagon, complicit in allowing the satanic ritual abuse to not only take place, but continue even after initial parental complaints were filed. Clearly West Point, the Army and US federal government placed their own criminal self-interests ahead of the children in harm’s way in order to minimize negative publicity and avoid what would be worldwide media attention drawn to the case had Giuliani and the military fulfilled their legal and moral obligation calling for grand jury indictments, arrests and trial prosecution.

This pure evil proved a precursor of what was to come, when 10 years later NYC Mayor Giuliani as a treasonous insider knew of the twin tower attacks prior to the 9/11 false flag event, and shortly afterwards was caught on camera lying about it.[54] And then a decade ago while Giuliani was running for US president as a GOP candidate, more of his shady character was yet again fully on display. He publicly defended and employed in his consulting firm a disgraced priest accused of sexually molesting teenage boys.[55] As a result of being investigated by a grand jury in 2002, stemming from pedophilia charges dating back to 1975, with statute of limitations run out, the Catholic Church chose to retain Giuliani’s friend and Long Island diocese monsignor, but prohibited him from performing priestly duties or appearing in public as a priest. So as long as he’s out of his priestly garb, apparently he gets to remain on both the Vatican and Giuliani’s payrolls while continuing to molest children. By the way, his two source income allows this alleged pedophile with another priest to co-own waterfront Manhattan property worth a half million dollars. In the real world of church and state, pedophilia apparently pays off.

Current West Point Superintendent General Bob Caslen (West Point Class of 1975) at the time of the sexual abuse scandal was an Army major and a bit of an Army apologist:

You had a bunch of kids who had some kind of abuse and the concerns of the parents seeking assistance fell on deaf ears. The medical treatment for the satanic abuse was not meeting the bill. It was far beyond what (the Army) could handle.[56]

But with unlimited resources available to the Army, obviously West Point nor the Pentagon made little to no effort to genuinely respond to the needs of the victims and their families because their bottom line agenda all along was clearly damage control and ASAP expediency and be damned with the very real and legitimate needs of their dozens of victims.

After interviewing more than 950 potential witnesses including scores of children 2 to 6 in age, in late October 1985 over a year into the investigation, by way of a letter to the West Point superintendent, Giuliani made his backdoor announcement of a no indictment sham, claiming that while “indications” of pedophilia abuse may have been present, there remained “insufficient substantive evidence to prosecute.”[57] Two years later in 1987 Giuliani had the gall to insist that his “detailed” investigation only showed “one or two children” were abused. Clearly another government cover-up was quietly foisted on America.

In response, a longtime area resident spent the next three years organizing a support group for the victims’ families and mobilizing local protests calling for the Justice Department to reopen the investigation. When it was all said and done, she was quoted:

When I saw the headlines of the child pornography ring at West Point, it cut me to the heart. I know West Point is only surface beauty. They were outright cruel to the parents.[58]

The disheartened activist realized the clincher proving beyond any doubt that Washington was guilty of a whitewashed cover-up arrived in the form of a letter from Justice Department attorney Mary C. Spearing on behalf of the department’s National Obscenity Enforcement Unit stating unequivocally:

Unfortunately, no new evidence, revelation or hint of wrongdoing or negligence surfaced during our review.[59]

Immediately following the financial settlement in 1991, the local newspaper in Middletown, New York, The Times Herald Record, published an extensive, fair article chronicling the sad tragic story, featuring input from a number of the West Point parents. The title of the piece was “A Legacy of Pain: Settlement Doesn’t Ease Abused Children’s Fears.” The opening sentence revealed that the 3-year old girl who seven years earlier initiated disclosure of the abuse, at age 10 could not go to the bathroom alone without her mother guarding the door. The effects of the sexual trauma experienced years earlier is trauma she may have to bear for life. The abuse victim asked her mother if she would be able to have children when she grew up. The mother lamented:

This happened seven years ago, and it’s not any better. She’s constantly asking, `What if we’re out in the store, Mommy, and we see these people? Are they going to hurt me?’… But this is constantly on her mind because she knows these people are not in jail for what they did… These people stole our children. (She’s) nothing like she used to be. She’s a very angry little girl. She doesn’t trust anyone. She’s nothing like she was before this happened. It’s never going to be over for them, or for us.[60]

The catastrophic damage to very young victims of pedophile inflicted sexual trauma is a lifelong affliction that many never recover from.[61] It irreversibly changes everything in the lives of both abused children as well as their families. And it wasn’t just the sicko Satanists perpetrating this seemingly permanent hell on the victimized families, but West Point and the federal government were equally abusive and criminally negligent and guilty as well. Years later one mother still struggles to cope with the crippling effects on her daughter:

As far as I’m concerned, the government gave them a license to go out and abuse other children. I have to explain to my daughter these people are still out there. And she still has nightmares. She’s afraid they’re going to come through the window at night to get her.[62]

After willfully suppressing massive amounts of medical and psychological evidence coming from dozens of victimized children and witnesses, the US government and Pentagon elected to protect an organized satanic cult that was likely part of the larger nationwide network affiliated with and run by the CIA and military intelligence. The feds’ bogus claim of lack of evidence of course also protected West Point’s pristine reputation as well as their own despicable CYA asses. Their criminal self-interests were obviously far more important than the interests and well-being of vulnerable, defenseless young children brutally tortured and satanically raped, singlehandedly proving that soulless psychopaths are in charge.

What makes the West Point case even more shocking and egregious is that in August 1983, 11 months prior to sex abuse ever being reported, an abusive Army sergeant stationed at the Academy who was the boyfriend of a mother actually murdered her 22-month old son and was quietly given a dishonorable discharge as his two-for-one get out of Army and get out of jail card. The colonel in charge of West Point Child Protection wrote a letter to West Point superintendent Lt. General Willard Scott Jr. stating:

The community has received a devastating message – West Point and the Army take child abuse lightly and do not consider it a major offense.[63]

A West Point graduate and pediatrician Dr. Pat Jones stationed at the Academy whose 15-month old daughter was sexually molested remarked:

The guy that murdered the 22 month-old baby was let off Scot free. They just kicked him out of the Army to prevent any publicity. I tried to resign from the alumni association I feel ashamed for even being from that place.[64]

Thus, the disgraceful stage at West Point had already been fatefully set, allowing it to deteriorate from bad to worse less than a year later when the scandal broke that permitted satanic pedophiles to remain unpunished and free to harm others.

A couple years after the West Point scandal erupted, the most infamous satanic ritualized sexual abuse in the military surfaced in San Francisco’s Presidio where Satanist pedo ringleader Lt. Colonel Michael A. Aquino was heavily implicated. With the bigger agenda to continue at will getting away with raping and murdering small children, historically very few if any perpetrators have ever been caught and brought to justice, especially when they happen to be powerful international crime cabal players.

The Presidio Daycare Scandal

The US Army’s military post known as the Presidio had been the 6th Army headquarters[65] for forty years when the child abuse scandal broke out in November 1986. Eight years later the Western Pacific Coast Army base would be closed when in 1994 the historic San Francisco landmark adjacent the Golden Gate Bridge was transferred over to the National Park Service Golden Gate Recreation Area as an extension of Golden Gate Park.[66] But on Friday November 14th, 1986 a three-year old boy attending the Presidio Child Development Center (CDC), the daycare and after school facility for young children of families stationed at the post, began exhibiting signs of stress and trauma, later that day informing his mother that one of his teachers had touched his penis and stuck a pencil up his anus.[67] Over the next several days the parents notified the CDC staff, the boy’s father Capt. Mike Tobin spoke with the Army chaplain and immediately the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division was contacted.

Like the West Point case, blatant warning signs existed of major trouble brewing prior to the first child ever reporting abuse. The Presidio’s Child Development Center had a child support services coordinator arrested for assaulting a female employee, who a year earlier had reported abusive treatment of children at the center nearly six years before the Tobin boy’s accusation. Apparently the inter-staff assault was a case of “she said-he said” and was dropped for lack of evidence. The then Presidio chief of juvenile investigations contends that that same female employee had accused other staff at the Center of touching children’s genitals.[68]

During her four years at the Presidio Center, the whistleblower also reported staff physically abusing children, including the then CDC director hitting a child in the mouth and drawing blood. But rather than respond appropriately to her continued complaints, nothing was ever done to rectify the worsening situation. The mounting stress caused the female staff member to eventually quit, claiming she “ended up having a nervous breakdown” over her ordeal.[69] Despite the grossly poor management that created a toxic environment only encouraging further abuse of the children, an ensuing investigation in response to the one employee’s numerous concerns and complaints determined that at least three Center personnel had been threatened with loss of job if they spoke the truth about what was occurring. When child sex abuse allegations were raised, the provost marshal told juvenile investigations chief Ed Albanoski that there was nothing to look into and on no uncertain terms to back off, that the situation would be handled internally within the Center staff chain of command. Despite the Army’s official complicity and gross negligence, intuitively the stymied investigator retained the military police report No 00193-82/MP1026-82-047, dated February 4th, 1982, nearly five years prior to the Tobin boy’s revelations.[70]

At the end of the day, the internal chain of command sought to retain both the corporal punishing director and the violent support services coordinator, leaving the child abuse at the Presidio to only grow from bad to worse. One can easily see the strikingly identical, parallel pattern of increasing abuse at both the East and West Coast military daycares – the unheeded child murder at West Point and observed physical assaults and sexual abuse at the Presidio prior to the start of any formal investigations. In fact, instead of drumming the child services coordinator out after his display of violence toward the one staff member trying desperately to stop the abuse, as is typical within the hierarchical military milieu, gross incompetence only gets rewarded. A year later the US Army Forces Command was officially showering him with the following laudatory praise:

Doing an excellent job as the Child Support Services Coordinator. The staff training program he developed utilizing the Military Child Care modules is model for the Army.[71]

But there were more red flags to come. Over a year and a half before the Tobin child first complained of abuse in November 1986, an Army captain’s daughter explained to her parents a red spot on her hand was the result of a staff member holding her and other kids’ hands till they pulled away from the burning heat caused by a magnifying glass. A day after the father confronted this same service coordinator, he was told that “it’s your daughter’s word against hers [staff’s], so we can’t do anything.”[72] Wisely after that, the captain took his child out of the daycare. Recall that Satan worshipping staff at the West Point daycare were reported to have similarly burned child victims there as well. A pattern of satanic ritual abuse practiced at one location will often resemble or be identical to the same torture methods deployed elsewhere, strongly suggesting a structured nationwide satanic network of sadistic criminal abuse. Again, ancient satanic rites and practices burning children have been handed down through the millenniums.

In June 1986, five months ahead of the CID investigation, another eye-opening precipitating event unfolded when a mother who had just dropped her daughter off at the daycare observed while leaving a staff putting her hands alternately inside a child’s pants touching her genital area and then inside her top tickling the child. After reporting this to the assistant director, she was told that the staff “was just playing innocent tickling games” with the little girl.[73] Still concerned, the mother went to the child services coordinator and shared what she witnessed with him. He later that same day called to say he would “write something up in her personnel file.” After following up with the captain in charge of supervising the Center’s civilian employees, the persistent concerned parent was reassured that the CID was looking into the matter, but in the end, again “not enough evidence” to conclusively judge any wrongdoing had taken place. And a year later the concerned mother’s worst nightmare materialized when she learned that her own daughter was among those molested.

In spite of the murder less than a year before the breaking West Point scandal and the repeated incidents of both physical and sexual abuse regularly occurring at the Presidio almost a half-decade prior to that scandal, these dire, foreboding warning signs failed to stop more sinister crimes to come. Again just like pedophilia scourge in the church, the US military had long established its own flagrantly complicit cover-up pattern, from war atrocities regularly committed in Operation Speedy Express[74]at scores of Vietnamese villages like the My Lai massacre a decade and a half earlier,[75] to consistently protecting child abuse offenders at military posts throughout the 1980’s. The Army chain of command knowingly tolerates if not encourages rampant criminality, from murder to severe child abuse, in every case allowing it to flourish and fester for years on end prior to reaching the crisis stage. This longstanding “arrangement” characterized by a systemic seal of secrecy and concealment is nothing new, just highly symptomatic of our corrosively corrupt, pathologically driven government fast descending toward absolute tyranny and fascist control of yet another totalitarian state, not unlike cold war Soviet Union.[76]

Had appropriate corrective steps from the outset been taken at these military posts in the 1980’s, trauma that likely lasts a lifetime for thousands of damaged children would have been averted. But then from the very start, protecting the innocent was never the priority over protecting the perpetrators, reputations and the government and military’s own self-interest.

With near 1,000 US military bases spread across the planet,[77] worldwide human trafficking rings within a humongous commercial sex industry continue to thrive, providing a steady traffic supply of exploited young women and underage girls [and boys] as abuse victims for American military personnel.[78] Out of the global trafficking trade’s enormous $150 billion a year profit, two thirds or $99 billion is generated from the sex slave industry alone.[79] The UN 2016 Global Report on Trafficking Persons found that more nations (106 out of 193) have trafficked victims trapped inside their borders than don’t.[80] With the most recent statistics showing that one fourth of all human trafficking victims are children, and 1.8 million kids are trafficked into slavery yearly,[81] the total number of current child slaves in this world has to be considerably more than the decade old estimate of 13 million children.[82] Clearly child sexual abuse has become an out of control scourge on this earth. And with 200,000 US armed forces dispersed[83] on every continent occupying at least 160 nations,[84] like most evil enterprises upon exposure, the US Empire’s seedy role involving the military and CIA steeped in child sex trafficking has only subversively moved deeper underground.

Understanding this pervasive pedophilia epidemic from the broader perspective, it’s been the black ops military intelligence laboratories (referred to as “milabs”), most often subterranean bases both domestic and abroad – that have always been the primary secret US government locations where the MK Ultra/Monarch trauma-induced mind control programs (also used for so called military “alien” abduction)[85] deliver ongoing systematic child rape, torture and murder, from the early days of Nazi Dr. Mengele’s experiments in the 1950’s all the way to the present.[86] Thus, the two largest US institutions entrusted with the duty to protect American citizens – the US federal government and US military – have been the worst offenders, premeditatedly destroying the lives of millions of American children [and adults] along with their families, led by a diabolical Illuminati network of satanic secret societies in charge that Nazi admiring Satanist Lt. Col. Aquino exemplifies.[87] But more on him and his Monarch mind control black projects await as the next chapter’s prime topic.

For a very long time the elitists in control, busily breeding their “super race,” have always held the average, everyday working class Americans in total contempt and disdain,[88] as hereditarily inferior, considering us “deplorables” and “useless eating” expendables per infamous child raping pedophiles Hillary Clinton[89] and Henry Kissinger.[90] Marked for extermination, it’s essential that citizens around the world sooner than later realize that all our elite owned governments are part of this demonic global system that is anything but friend and protector. In fact, with democide (government killing its own citizens) – not war – the biggest global killer in modern history (at 262 million, 6 times the deaths from combat),[91] simultaneously an globalist diabolical conspiracy to gain absolute power and control over every living human on this depopulated planet is moving in for its final solution kill.[92] We must accept this cold hard reality that today we are all in the elite’s WMD crosshairs if we are to survive the coming slaughter.

Returning to the Presidio and the 3-year old sexually abused Tobin boy, after he was interviewed on videotape during the morning of November 21st, 1986 by the CID, in the afternoon he was examined by a medical doctor at San Francisco’s General Hospital Child Adolescent Sexual Abuse Referral Center (CASARC) and it was confirmed that the young child had been anally raped.[93] Despite a flurry of meetings at the Presidio in reaction to the medical findings that sexual abuse did in fact occur, the Army proceeded to drag its heels, taking almost two weeks to form a strategy response group and nearly a month before informing other parents whose children had been in the pedophile teacher’s class. The identified 35-year old perpetrator, Gary Hambright, had been an ordained Southern Baptist minister in Takoma, Washington prior to moving to San Francisco in 1977 to become a part-time teacher.

During the course of the near yearlong CID investigation, a total of sixty children between ages 3 and 7 were classified as abuse victims. Normally under state law daycare facilities are immediately closed as soon as abuse is suspected, but in the cases of federally run Presidio and West Point, they were allowed to remain open resulting in even more children being molested. It was business as usual at the Presidio daycare for a full year after evidence of abuse first surfaced while the West Point facility was never closed.[94] The Army strategy meeting in December included the Presidio officer command, FBI, the US Attorney’s office and CASARC members. The letter that went out later that month to the 242 parents whose children attended Hambright’s class falsely specified that only one alleged incident had occurred, intentionally deceiving parents into believing that it was only one single isolated case.[95] Meanwhile, again just like at West Point, Hambright and other Center staff continued working, very likely abusing yet more children. It wasn’t until the following April only after the Tobins and a few other parents forced the Army to notify all the parents in a second letter that the sexual abuse was more widespread than initially reported. But by this time the children were talking and parents were becoming increasingly upset and alarmed, learning that so many of their children had been abused, and not just by Hambright.

Exactly the same horrifying details of satanic ritual abuse emerged at the Presidio as in both the West Point and McMartin cases. The children were forced to drink urine and eat feces. They had blood smeared on their bodies, were taken off grounds to two private homes on post and one residence off post in San Francisco, they had guns pointed at them with death threats to them and their families if they tell, and at least five confirmed cases of chlamydia were documented.[96] A preliminary AIDS test came back positive for one boy. And though subsequent testing indicated he did not contract the disease, escalating fears in the parents constituted yet more torture. And those fears were not unfounded as less than three years after the investigation began, on November 8th, 1989 Gary Hambright did die of AIDS.[97] The time of disease onset listed on his death certificate was “years,” so the deceased pedophile could have still infected their sons and daughters with the HIV virus. The terrified parents were not yet out of the woods, suffering additional anxiety on top of all the abuse and setbacks heaped on them from the unscrupulous federal [in]justice system that diabolically failed them and their damaged children.

Again, just like the West Point case before it, the military, the FBI and US attorneys willfully conspired to sabotage the case with minimal guilt and culpability. The lead prosecutor was a district court judge’s daughter with zero experience in pedophile cases. Her alleged motive (no doubt per her superiors’ instructions) was to gather just enough evidence to convict just the one identified abuser of committing one single sex crime against just one victim as her “best chance” to win in court, completely disregarding scores of other abused children (one FBI document indicated 102 suspected victims),[98] allegedly lacking confidence that she could present strong enough evidence to secure a successful guilty verdict, or so the official story goes. Just like McMartin and West Point, the reality is the feds once again conspired to ensure the case was botched to protect the guilty. Despite the Army deliberately undermining and beleaguering the case at every turn, totally devoid of bringing any justice to the abused children and their families, instead the feds focused exclusively on their M.O. of damage control, just wanting the case to go away ASAP. Finally, almost two months after the Tobin boy’s revelation in November 1986, the prime and only suspect Gary Hambright was arrested on January 5th, 1987 on charges of committing sodomy, oral copulation and a lewd and lascivious act on just one child.[99] The HIV infected pedophile would die of AIDS less than two years later.

Adding insult to injury, little more than two months later the district court judge dismissed the case, allowing Hambright to go free. The federal judge refused hearsay evidence of statements the Tobin boy initially made to both his family and the nurse and doctor that first examined him and concluded that the three year old was too young to be a qualified witness.[100] “Mistakenly” banking on the judge accepting the crucial hearsay evidence from the victim’s mother who was a nurse and the father a West Point graduate and nuclear engineer, the US attorney told the judge that she had another dozen children making the same claims as the Tobin boy.

To further weaken the case, the CID investigator that interviewed the 3-year old had never interviewed victims under the age of 8 before, nor ever videotaped interviews. On top of that, he bungled the case with leading and loaded questions, implanting the idea that “Mr. Gary was bad and should be spanked.”[101] Once again the abysmal pattern unanimously holds, like the Catholic Church, the judicial system – the US government and US military alike, work consistently together on behalf of protecting the satanic pedophile rings rather than do what’s right for the victims.

Clearly seeing that they were never getting a fair shake from the authorities, the Tobins began organizing a counterstrategy with other parents whose children were also molested. To directly sabotage them, the US Army command quickly began reassigning parents to far reaching points in order prevent any potential solidarity that as an embarrassing weapon could be used against the government conspirators. Relieved that the case was dismissed, the Presidio’s ranking officers refused to meet with the upset parents, purposely delaying a second letter going out alerting all daycare parents that more than one child may have been abused.[102] When two mothers tried to meet with Lt. Col. Walter Meyer, director of personnel and community activities, he refused because his audacious priority that day was to tape a video claiming, “Despite what you may believe, this is a model daycare center.” Turns out that Meyer was stonewalling from having to send that letter out, using his quibbling over the number of identified victims, insisting that “only 32” were raped as opposed to the more accurate count of 37. Finally, over five months after the Tobin boy’s disclosures, with the signatures of a dozen parents, a second letter dated April 29th went out to all the facility’s parents warning that a far more significant number of children were likely victimized. And of course they were correct, out of nearly 100 children examined for physical or psychological signs of abuse, at least 60 were identified as victims.[103]

The most vocal core amongst the parents were from the professional officer corps, who were able to afford daycare facilities elsewhere in San Francisco and were pulling their children out of the Presidio center. During the course of the investigation, Presidio CDC attendance dropped drastically from 250 to just 180 kids.[104] But the Tobins and others realized that many of the parents were enlisted personnel who were either afraid of speaking out for fear of their career or the high cost of daycare services in the city was too expensive. In keeping with damage control, throughout this entire protracted crisis at the Presidio and the ensuing torment endured by the abused children and their parents, did the US military, its CID investigators, the US attorneys or the FBI ever bother mentioning the numerous abuse accusations on the post from the previous half dozen years, nor did they breathe a word about the concurrent scandals unfolding at West Point and more than a dozen other US military daycares worldwide.[105] There is irrefutable evidence that the feds in their cover-ups have only maintained a longstanding record of protecting Satanist pedophiles operating among them for numerous decades now.

Unsurprisingly, also willfully hidden from the parents’ knowledge were clear signs that an organized satanic cult had been actively operating at the Presidio throughout the 1980’s. Earlier in the decade military police had discovered in one of the concrete bunkers behind the Military Intelligence (MI) building that the reinforced structure that once housed artillery cannons had painted in large bold red letters the words “Prince of Darkness.”[106] What are the odds that the San Francisco “Prince of Darkness,” Michael Aquino, was working in the Military Intelligence building just yards away? Next to those painted words was printed “Die” and blackened paint covered what appeared to be names in red. Another wall had the number 666 and occult drawings painted. At the center of the bunker were burnt logs. On the wall facing the MI building a huge pentagram inside a circle was drawn. At the rear wall where the least light shone lay a crude satanic altar complete with white and black candle drippings and half used incense sticks. Clearly it was a makeshift meeting place where satanic occult rituals were conducted. In another bunker not far away, a large picture of Satan with horns and red eyes was drawn.

Years before the Presidio scandal broke the same juvenile investigator Ed Albanoski one day had received two strange emergency calls that a man dressed all in black was running holding a little girl’s hand followed moments later by another call reporting screams heard from the same general vicinity.[107] The search led to a gardener’s shack in the park bordering the Presidio land where noises were heard inside. The MP’s kicked open the door and found music blaring from a radio, a mannequin with a gun pointed towards the door, a large pentagram drawn on the floor in the middle of the room, a bunk on one side of the room and a bunch of dolls’ heads hung from the ceiling, a very bizarre scene that again confirmed satanic ritual activity. In the several days following the MP’s even staked the shack out but nothing turned up. But what was absolutely certain is that a satanic coven or larger network was actively operating on the post but the provost marshal once again stepped in ordering Albanoski and his crew to “just forget about it.”

One married couple with a three year old daughter attending the daycare in Hambright’s class noticed back in September and October 1986 – a full two months prior to the Tobin boy accusation – that their little girl was suffering nightmares and wetting herself when frightened, behaviors she had never exhibited before. Once they heard about the Tobin boy in January and Hambright’s arrest, they began suspecting she also was abused. The parents took their daughter to a therapist and in February the child opened up, stating she was sexually abused by Gary Hambright and a man named “Mikey” and a woman named “Shamby,” whose identities were yet unknown.[108] Then as fate would have it, a half year later on August 12th, 1987, the Adams-Thompsons were shopping with their little girl at the post PX store. The daughter suddenly panicked when she spotted Michael Aquino and began grabbing her father’s leg, blurting out, “That’s Mikey and he’s a bad man!” When they were leaving the daughter identified Aquino’s wife as Shamby. As soon as they arrived home they called the FBI.

The next day the Adams-Thompson daughter identified Hambright from a photo lineup and furnished remarkable details of Hambright having driven her off post to Mikey and Shamby’s house, where for an almost four-year old she described in incredible detail being abused in a room with all black walls that was later observed to be soundproof, and the two men dressed up like women and Shamby dressed like a man.[109] [110] She also reported being photographed and filmed while being fondled by Hambright in a bathtub in the Aquinos’ home.[111] The FBI drove her to 2430 Leavenworth Street and the girl was able to point out the residence where the Aquinos lived. Armed with a search warrant on August 14th, the FBI and San Francisco police entered the home and confiscated videotapes, cassette tapes, 29 photos depicting costumes and masks, two photo albums, notebooks with names and addresses as evidence that the home appeared to be the center of a satanic pedophile ring.[112] The indignant couple claimed their home was “raided” in a “witch hunt.”

Aquino’s flimsy ready-made alibi was that he was attending the National Defense University in Washington DC. But he also admitted that he made trips frequently back home to San Francisco. The report of abuse by a satanic colonel created such a stir in the press that the Army quickly reassigned him out of the way to the US Army Reserve Personnel Center in St. Louis.[113]

With the father of the little girl who Identified the Aquinos as her abusers also the assistant chaplain at the Presidio, Aquino claimed that Capt. Larry Adams-Thompson was riding his high horse on a Christian vendetta to ruin him because Aquino was a high priest in the satanic church, and in retaliation the colonel actually attempted to generate court martial proceedings against the father of the child that Aquino abused for “conduct unbecoming an officer”… if ever there was a pot calling the kettle black, this would be it.[114]

Throughout the decades of uncovered crimes that Aquino committed, he has always played the “innocent victim” card, blaming his years of alleged “persecution” on bigoted Christians with an axe to grind against Satanists. As a vain publicity hound at heart, he has readily appeared on national talk shows in attempts to defend himself as well as answered countless online rebuttals to “set the record straight.” On one forum, in response to written input from the Presidio’s former Chief of Juvenile Investigations Ed Albanoski further implicating Aquino, the infamous lieutenant colonel was prompted to write two lengthy accounts of his side of the story.[115]

Because the abuse in the Aquino home occurred within city limits, the SFPD took over the case spending from August 1987 to June 1988 investigating the high priest and priestess of the Temple of Set before turning over their findings to the city’s district attorney office. But as in every other case involving Aquino, no indictment, no arrest and no trial were forthcoming. The US attorney in charge of the case as chief prosecutor – Joseph Russeniello – supposedly acting in adversarial position against the accused Aquino. Of course it always helps when Russeniello happens to be a fellow partner-in-crime involved in the same US illegal drug running operation, the Contra affair,[116] led by the infamous Maltese knighted trio VP President George H. W. Bush, Governor Bill Clinton and their fall guy Lt. Col. Oliver North. “Suicided” journalist Gary Webb[117] [118] also reporting for the San Jose Mercury broke the Contra scandal implicating Russeniello as a cocaine distributing money launderer. Aquino’s indisputable ties to fellow military officer Oliver North and Offutt Air Force Base where Aquino had been a Project Monarch mind control programmer, and the Franklin Scandal are incontrovertible.[119] Again, just another reminder how Malta Knight Satanists have been international ringleaders in child sex trafficking, drug trafficking, arms trafficking and organ trafficking. And the child raping, murdering kingpin – George Bush Sr. – has been this same crime family cabal patriarch.[120]

Meanwhile, more foul play at the Presidio was suspected when a $500,000 fire broke out in the building next to the classrooms housing the daycare records during the middle of the night on the autumnal equinox, a major satanic calendar event, September 22nd, 1987.[121] The Army fire department claimed the cause was faulty wiring, but arson was suspected. Obviously Aquino and the rest of his child raping Satan worshippers did not want authorities to gain access to records that could put them behind bars where they belong. Almost as payback, the daycare building itself three weeks later was set ablaze destroying four classrooms, one where Gary Hambright taught. Due to a second fire causing $50,000 in damage, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms was called in and both fires were confirmed acts of arson. A half year later a $2.3 million new daycare facility was constructed and opened.

Eight days after the first fire on September 30th, and a half year since the first case against Hambright was dismissed, he was re-indicted on 10 counts of lewd and lascivious conduct on 10 children and two counts of oral copulation, announced at a press conference by Attorney Russoniello, who added that the charges carry a maximum penalty of 96 years and a $3 million fine.[122] The lone gunman theory to feds’ cover-ups was once again upheld, with co-conspirator Russoniello stating no other arrests would be made due to lack of evidence, which was total bullshit. Reinforcing what the kids and their parents already painfully knew, that a number of other child rapists were getting off scot free, Hambright later made the statement:

I cannot understand why these allegations and falsehoods have been, directed solely at me.[123]

Understandably the parents were upset because overwhelming evidence indicated at least six times the number of children had been physically, sexually and emotionally injured by the extensive satanic ritual abuse by multiple perpetrators. Though medical records showed that many children were missing hymens, had rectal lesions, and suffered from anal and genital trauma as well as chlamydia, they weren’t included on the indictment, only the Tobin boy’s medical evidence.[124] Even victims with proof of medical damage were never interviewed. Because the at least half dozen children afflicted with venereal disease apparently had the wrong culture taken at the Army hospital lab, that critical evidence was conveniently thrown out.[125] The prosecutors explained that only 10 children were selected in the re-indictment because they were deemed the best witnesses despite the fact that over 60 children had been identified as abuse victims. It was yet another low blow and slap in the face to the children and their families.

Yet the situation only grew more demoralizing when in February 1988 the US attorneys requested that charges be removed on four children due to problems with their testimony.[126] The presiding Judge William Schwarzer, a Harvard educated, 9th district court appointee nominated by pedophile President Gerald Ford,[127] [128] during the first legal go-round against Hambright had refused all hearsay evidence. But this time due to the indictment’s alleged “vagueness,” Schwarzer eliminated all counts of charges but one. Then the Tobin boy’s therapist recommended that he as the final possible witness, no longer take the stand (although an AP article reported that the boy’s parents “were no longer willing to participate in the trial set for April 4th”).[129] In any event, the case against Hambright at every turn was seemingly undermined by judge, prosecution and top military brass alike. Thus, the very people whose professional job was to ensure that justice for the victims be served, by intentional design, failed miserably. And so the sole identified child rapist among many was a free man yet again. This sad outcome was chalked up to the US attorneys’ inexperience handling child abuse cases and their failure at the outset to seek expert consultants. Yet another excuse was the overlapping city and federal jurisdictions that confused and obscured the case. The US attorneys claimed they were limited to what transpired on federal land at the Presidio only. Those off post home visits to Aquino’s torture chamber were not even on the table for consideration as evidence since the San Francisco DA office refused to file charges. When orders comes from the top, all pervs go free.

Psychologist Diane Ehrensaft pointed out in the American Journal of Orthnopsychiatry the over-the-top evidence that the court willfully ignored:

The severity of the trauma for children at the Presidio was immediately manifest in clear cut symptoms. Before the abuse was exposed, parents had already noticed the following changes in their children: vaginal discharge, genital soreness, rashes, fear of the dark, sleep disturbances, nightmares, sexually provocative language, and sexually inappropriate behavior. In addition, the children were exhibiting other radical changes in behavior, including temper outbursts, sudden mood shifts, and poor impulse control. All these behavioral symptoms are to be expected in preschool children who have been molested.[130]

But no matter the feeble excuses for failing to hold the pedophiles accountable at the Presidio, history provides a far more sinister explanation, repeatedly showing that institutions like the federal government and the US military, just like the Catholic Church, serve only its own evil self-interest – shielding pedophiles in control at the highest levels from ever being brought to justice, including even pathetic, “low level” rapists like Gary Hambright. The grim, sobering reality that the power-broking leader of a satanic church and career mind control-torture expert – Lt. Col. Aquino, has long been the kingpin of a northern California satanic ritual abuse ring that’s harmed hundreds of defenseless kids, has been permitted to flourish to this very day.[131]

While on the East Coast the little known satanic pedophilia case at West Point was unethically contained by the likes of Rudy Giuliani and the Pentagon, amidst the far more open, politically progressive climate of San Francisco, the disgrace of military child abuse on the West Coast would eventually attract far more publicity. In October 1987 the local newspapers began running articles, especially once Col. Aquino the Satanist was outed and under investigation. In self-defense, Michael Aquino took to television airwaves as Geraldo Rivera interviewed both Aquino and former FBI chief Ted Gunderson in 1987[132] and later still facing accusations in February 1988 on the Oprah Winfrey Show.[133] Based on multiple accounts from countless victims, tons of evidence proves Aquino’s guilt as a pedophile, torturer and MK Ultra/Monarch mind control programmer, despite the murderous Satanist never spending even one day in jail for his thousands of crimes. And though next to no convictions have resulted in any of his criminal satanic ritual abuse enterprises, in June 1988 the parents of 23 abused children from the Presidio scandal filed a $55 million civil suit for damages resulting from the Army’s gross negligence and sexual abuse.[134] Apparently later an undisclosed multimillion dollar settlement was reached.[135]

For all his unpunished crimes, Michael Aquino actually had the audacity as plaintiff to file an unsuccessful lawsuit against the Army in January 1988, seeking to amend his criminal investigation report, clear his otherwise “good” name, and collect damages for what he contended were false statements against him.[136] The CID charged the lieutenant colonel with “conspiracy, kidnapping, sodomy, indecent acts or liberties with a child, false swearing, intentional noncompliance with Article 30 Uniform Code of Military Justice, maltreatment of a subordinate and conduct unbecoming an officer.” After Aquino’s lawsuit, on September 28th, 1990, the Army CID’s commanding general kept the following charges against Aquino a matter of public record that the military courtsubsequently concurred:

There was probable cause to title Aquino with offenses of indecent acts with a child, sodomy, conspiracy, kidnapping, and false swearing.[137]

This permanent blemish left at least on paper as a footnote to Aquino’s otherwise “outstanding” military career was the basis behind his forced retirement[138] from active reserve status in 1990[139] (though Aquino disputes this).[140] However, because he’s been so valued an asset in US intelligence as a mind control expert and additionally holds so much potential blackmail dirt on the elite’s rampant pedophilia, Lt. Col. Aquino maintains he was allowed to remain in uniform for another 16 years as a reserve officer on reserve status. In other words, in response to the overwhelming facts piling up over the years proving Aquino is a rabid child raping, murdering maniac, the government elected to assuage his satanic wrath by merely slapping his hand publicly in order to continue utilizing his “expertise” in the New World Order quest for absolute mind control tyranny over the global population. He never served a day in jail because once again “the national security” card has sealed the tons of evidence against him. Yet to this day as the forever “maligned,” self-proclaimed victim, the Satanist is still evoking “satanic panic” as his persecutor. His 2014 paperback Extreme Prejudice: The “Satanic Abuse” Scam sells for $20 on Amazon.[141] But more on this satanic high priest-military officer-MK Ultra programmer-pedophile- septuagenarian in the next chapter.

For all of Aquino’s victimized kids through the years whose childhood was traumatically stolen from them barely after it began, they remain plagued and haunted the rest of their lives. Children reflexively internalize guilt that causes them to blame themselves for the horror that’s been perpetrated on them.[142] Self-loathing, self-hatred and shame typically haunt and terrorize them for decades to come in adulthood, impairing abuse victims’ capacity to develop healthy intimate adult relationships. Survivors of the Presidio scandal continued suffering from abuse long after evidence was buried as the case shamefully grinded to a halt. Even with the abuse behind them, one 4-year old girl told her mother at the dinner table that she wanted to kill herself with a knife. Another 6-year old girl playing with clay at school all of a sudden began stabbing it, yelling “Mr. Gary is bad and I’m bad because I let him do it!” Nightmares and flashbacks commonly persist for years and decades to come. Just like the West Point parents who heard the same worn out, sugarcoated advice, “It’s over, you should just move on,” a mother with two of her four daughters sexually abused, both having suffered from chlamydia answered:

Three weeks ago, our youngest daughter was having nightmares and our other daughter was closing out the whole world, going to her room and sitting there, with no radio, no TV, no nothing. Tell me it’s over.[143]

Aside from West Point and the Presidio, the fact remains that during the 1980’s at least 15 other Army, Navy and Air Force installations in the US (i.e., Fort Dix, Fort Hood, Fort Jackson, Fort Leavenworth, Fort Meade) and abroad (Germany, Panama)[144] [145] – an estimated over 10% of all 300 US military daycares around the world daily taking care of nearly 100,000 young children have had documented cases of ongoing sexual abuse.[146] This serves as indisputable proof that a systemic, well-oiled global pedophile machine has been operating around the world for numerous decades raping in plain sight with complete impunity. Keep in mind that during this same time period of the 1980’s, pedophile George HW Bush (after Reagan got shot a month into his two terms) acting for all intents and purposes as US president (for three terms) and his CIA were trafficking in kids from Boy’s Town into the White House as well as from Central America using fellow pedophile Father Ritter’s AmeriCares as his “charity” cover while pedophile Father Maciel and his fellow pedo priests were spreading their sinful seeds to every corner of the globe in the name of Satan. In recent decades, the Luciferian grip of ritualized sexual abuse and child sacrifice has only grown far more sophisticated, extensive and profitable perpetrating unthinkable atrocities against children worldwide.

Thirty years later with millions more children since gone missing forever, many having also been brutally defiled by Satan’s grip, with here and now evidence aggressively thrust in our face virtually every single day that child rapists and murderers in high places are still getting away with their sins against humanity, we have finally begun turning the corner exposing these demonic criminals and currently have them on the run. There is no turning back now, we must dig deeper and uncover their filthy truth if we are ever to be able to stop the horrifying abuse and bloody slaughter of our young. For both the millions who have been lost as well as the beautiful children still able to gift us their cherished innocent smiles and joyous laughter living amongst us now, we owe them our fiercely committed protection of them no matter the cost, to secure justice for all the children through the ages if we as a human species are to ever overcome this despicable blight on humanity committed by an evil few, ultimately to survive and thrive on our only home – our sacred planet earth, so that at long last all children are able to live safely in peace and love the way that God intended.

Deep State Pushback Suppressing Pedophile Evidence – Then and Now

The sociological phenomenon of so called “mass hysteria” generated during the 1980’s and 90’s, nimbly labeled “satanic panic,” is taken up in a Vox article from last October,[147] prompted by the then media “clown scare” coverage[148] without so much as a mention of Pizzagate that was just taking off on the internet. The hit piece from Vox suggests another irrational resurgence of Satan-phobia hitting the USA once again, targeting an anxiety-ridden America, attempting to back up its claim by citing cases from the 1980’s of hyper-sensitized parents, therapists, law enforcement, prosecutors and journalists, all putting words in the mouths of the babes, resulting in a rash of false and wildly “bizarre” accusations and convictions, punishing innocent adult victims to decades behind bars.

As another blast from the past reminder, the Pacific Standard put out another hit piece in September 2015 also ridiculing the true believers in satanic ritual abuse (SRA), exposing the Satanist fear mongers and “witch hunts” pursuing “imaginary” evil.[149] Another weapon used to scorn and shame the “satanic panic” crowd is a 1980 best seller called Michelle Remembers that fueled the decade long “contagion” written by an alleged adult SRA survivor who through four years of therapy and a miscarriage began recovering buried lost memories of her horrified childhood at the hands of Church of Satan followers.[150] The woman ended up marrying her therapist and together they wrote a book that was later alleged to be debunked as fiction. The Standard article’s subtitle reads “how quack psychology helped pundits invent satanic panic of the 1980’s and 90’s.” The Washington Post, the Jeff Bezos’ Mockingbird controlled rag,[151] the one that hired John Podesta as columnist to spread pedo cover-up lies,[152] weighed in with a July 2015 headline “how the daycare child abuse hysteria of the 1980s became a witch hunt.”[153] Again, lame stream media has a job to do, ridicule and demean the labeled “conspiracy theorists” as “nuts” who actually believe that satanic ritual abuse is real.[154] Controlling public opinion and perception is key to keeping the pedo lid sealed tightly from public consciousness and awareness. But even more important is the lame stream task of concealing all evidence of the pedophilia scourge[155] so long been embedded at the highest reaches of earthly power, protecting the child rapists who not only own and operate MSM but the entire world and the global trafficking rings as well.[156]

A quarter century after the McMartin child abuse debacle, the recent Vox, Standard and WaPost articles cited the infamous case as cornerstone evidence of how “innocent” lives are being ruined when false memories are “manufactured,” and how it infamously jumpstarted the 80’s “satanic panic.” By calculated design, just as the mainstream press made sure to sway and control public opinion during the McMartin investigation and trial, the Vox, WaPost and Standard treatment of the case make the guilty perpetrators out to be victims, and not the long suffering sodomized children and their families viewed by the perps and their mainstream minions as mere expendables. The hit pieces’ central point showcases case after case in a feeble attempt to demonstrate how unjustly blamed “phantom” Satanists that never were ended up causing satanic panic hysteria to spread like wildfire out of control, all designed to condition the public now to summarily dismiss actual cases of ritualized satanic abuse against children as false and untrue. The clear MSM message is that any and all present and future cases that surface [like Pizzagate/PedoGate], claiming children have been ritualistically raped and sacrificed should be taken with a grain of salt and disbelieved as the hyped up consequence of overly-imagined, overly-coached, malleable toddlers and young children who again may well be putting more innocent people behind bars, or so the MSM dogma would have us believe.

So let’s take a look at the hard evidence of the 1980’s. A scientific study conducted by researchers at the University of New Hampshire analyzed actual data of US daycare facilities during the three year period from January 1983 through December 1985, and concluded that 500-550 reported and substantiated cases of sexual abuse of children at daycare facilities across America were confirmed involving 2,500 victims.[157] So in spite of “satanic panic” and media exaggeration and lies, there was more than enough documented hardcore evidence that sexual abuse did in fact occur during the mid-1980’s. And in 13% of these confirmed cases, that’s over 70 known child sex abuse cases within just a 3-year period that included “invocation of religious, magical or supernatural symbols of activities,” supporting the reality that satanic ritual abuse was and is definitely perpetrated against children. And if it was going on over three decades ago, Satanists are sure as hell still ritualistically torturing, raping and killing today.

But aside from the standard denial publicity, deep state’s sinister answer to this “satanic panic” phenomenon went on the offensive and in 1992 delivered the so called “False Memory Syndrome.”[158] The CIA scientists from their Monarch mind control program quickly crafted a counteroffensive hoax in response to the 80’s satanic panic,[159] in the early 90’s elucidating how over-reactive therapists, parents, police and prosecutors were unintentionally, or intentionally, misleading both children and adults into recalling buried lost memories of sexual trauma that never actually occurred, a la the supposed Michelle Remembers scenario, resulting in countless innocent caregivers, teachers, parents and otherwise hapless adult victims falsely blamed and imprisoned.

As a licensed therapist in Los Angeles for many years working closely with children, adolescents and young adults who were victims of pedophilia, my own direct experience confirms the empirical research that shows that kids almost never make up sex abuse from purely overactive imaginations. That said, there are occasional cases of misguided therapists who have overly embraced the recovered repressed memory bandwagon that has harmed clients, families and the innocent accused, digging up false memories from long lost childhood. But compared to the hundreds of thousands of cases involving memories of very real substantiated sex abuse, the “false memory” cases are dwarfed. I found that one pendulum-swinging bandwagon simply replacing another does far more harm when memories of real abuse are customarily discarded as fake. Obviously memories of sexual abuse, incest, pedophilia, use of hypnotherapy for ascertaining the truth are all far too complex to allow biased, extremist positions to interfere, prejudge or sway perceptions either way as they invariably cloud accurate assessment, clinical diagnosis and discernment of truth. And regardless of statutes of limitation, the profound implications and consequences of false memories and false accusations should never be taken lightly nor be based on preconceived notions or prejudices.

But when memories of sexual abuse either recent or long past are real and accurate, they too should never be flippantly dismissed based on any preconceived biases. This allows guilty child rapists to go free, condemning true victims to undeserved punishment for life by both the offender and offending system. To gain a more fully educated perspective on this global pedophilia epidemic, a reminder again of a few cold hard facts are in order here. By nature, pedophilia crimes are among the most compulsive and addictive, and extremely difficult to effectively treat psychologically as the recidivism rates tend to be off the charts. Child rapists will generally continue to rape until they’re eventually caught and physically isolated and removed from children. Studies have shown that the average pedophile will victimize children 260 times during his lifetime (“his” being 96% male), and 90% of convicted pedophiles will become repeat offenders. In fact over half of convicted child sex offenders are back in prison within the first year after release and less than one in four remain out of prison after two years.[160] So allowing child rapists to go free literally means hundreds more children are being harmed by the same offender. And with just 1-10% of child molestation even being reported to authorities, pedophiles are allowed to strike again and again before their horrendous crimes ever get reported much less result in conviction and imprisonment.

Though the majority of victims of child sexual abuse do not later become offenders, a portion of them do.[161] The disturbing consequence of continuing to protect offending pedophiles combined with systemic failure to protect children translates into the global epidemic only growing larger today. And over time, with multiple generations of victims potentially becoming future child rapists, the current epidemic exponentially expands accordingly. With generational ritualized abuse perpetrated and passed down by Illuminati families, further exacerbated by covert partnership with CIA-military MK Ultra/Monarch programs, the cycle of child sexual abuse becomes exponentially self-replicating. The 73.8 million children (17 and younger) in the US[162] and 1.9 billion kids in this world today (14 and younger)[163] remain unprotected by the elitist system that shields those pedophiles in power from any and all consequences.

Compounding this children-at-risk problem, out of the near half million registered child sex offenders living amongst the US population, 9 out of 10 child sexual predators remain unregistered and still at large.[164] Additionally, over a dozen years ago then founding president of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Ernie Allen stated on national TV that:

An estimated 80 to 100,000 of them [registered sex offenders] are missing. They’re supposed to be registered, but we don’t know where they are and we don’t know where they’re living.[165]

What we do know is that 12 years later a lot more offenders are currently missing from the registered rolls and that child rapists most often rape again, so with that many dangerous molesters on the loose, thousands of more children are being sexually assaulted by registered child predators. And again, that’s not even counting the powerful pedos who have all along customarily lived above the law. That’s why it’s so crucially imperative that this blight on humanity finally be properly addressed and no longer conveniently swept under the rug, pretending it’s not really happening or it’s simply too ugly and awful to deal with and face. Looking the other way or remaining ignorant is anything but bliss, and only adds to this gargantuan problem, permitting it to spread further like the diabolical cancer it is.

Though valid in limited cases, the strategic broad stroke brush behind promoting False Memory Syndrome, calculatingly put forth by an impeccably credentialed foundation of covert CIA mind control scientists as “ideal” pushback authorities designated to impede and squelch evidence of pedophilia and Satanism, unfortunately achieved the overall desired effect, muddying up the waters, making victims’ claims – both young and old – far more suspect, automatically less credible and much more arduous to prove in a court of law.[166] As a consequence, countless guilty child rapists have used this get-out-of-jail card as a successful legal defense strategy and thereby manage to escape justice. The CIA’s counteroffensive intended to thwart “satanic panic” from spreading worked like a charm to protect pedophiles and child sex slave rings, effectively subverting and covering up the very real satanic ritual abuse in the 1990’s that undercover has been flourishing to this day, by simply dismissing the very real satanic ritual abuse as overreaching, hyped up “satanic panic” based on false memory.

Prominent APA member since 1973 and notable psychologist Elizabeth Loftus, who serves on the advisory board of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation,[167] the proven CIA front,[168] a couple decades ago was brought up on charges of willful deception and unethical conduct before the APA ethics board prior to Loftus’ APA resignation a month after two women filed complaints against her.[169] According to APA by-laws, this was a clear violation as the APA ethics committee stipulates that complaints filed while an APA membership is still active ensures that any existing claims against them will be reviewed. Yet the APA committee chairperson tasked with reviewing the complaints happened to be a fellow expert co-witness at the time testifying for the same defense team representing an accused abuser in a repressed memory case, which is also a clear conflict of interest. So even the APA “ethics” committee actions proved unethical, especially when the committee quickly refused to investigate already filed charges. Plaintiffs in the two repressed memory cases where Loftus had been witness and later wrote in publications misstatements about the two lawsuits were the same two women who later felt compelled to register ethics complaints about Loftus. In a Psychology Today interview, Elizabeth Loftus chose to pontificate distorted, disparaging remarks against the two women who in a court of law had successfully proven their cases against incest abusing parents. As a research psychologist never having any clinical experience treating sexual trauma victims, Loftus overstepped her boundaries, deceitfully coming off sour grapes after her testimony in both cases had failed to either disprove the veracity of the victims’ abuse memories or win over either court. Loftus’ black and white position that all repressed memories are suspect, unreliable and to be disbelieved is simply wrong as each case needs to be judged on its own merit.

A closer look at this CIA front organization – the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF) – has founding members themselves as pedophiles and CIA MK Ultra mind control research scientists.[170] And with CIA tightly controlling the Mockingbird press to this day, it has wielded phenomenal power over both America’s media and the court system to minimize public awareness of satanic ritual pedophilia and its extensive worldwide trafficking rings, all part of the insulated, protective apparatchik long in place, as yet more child predators guarding the henhouse. An article from the Columbia Journalism Review two decades ago states:

Rarely has such a strange and little-understood organization had such a profound effect on media coverage of such a controversial matter. The [False Memory Syndrome] foundation is an aggressive, well-financed PR machine adept at manipulating the press, harassing its critics, and mobilizing a diverse army of psychiatrists, outspoken academics, expert defense witnesses, litigious lawyers, Freud bashers, critics of psychotherapy, and devastated parents.[171]

The FMSF founder, Ralph Underwager, as an admitted pedophile proclaimed in an interview that it is “God’s Will” that adults partake in sex with children.[172] The former Lutheran minister was forced to resign in 1993. Before his downfall, he was so esteemed in the courtroom defending those accused of pedophilia that Woody Allen’s attorneys employed Underwager to testify on Allen’s behalf when actress Mia Farrow, Allen’s common law wife at the time, accused the director of raping their 7-year old adopted daughter Dylan Farrow, who later in her own words publicly outed Woody Allen as a sexual pedo predator.[173]

Then there’s the scandal exposing FMSF executive directors, psychologists Peter and Pamela Freyd. Their daughter Jennifer went public years later disclosing that her alcoholic pedophile father sexually molested her.[174] Peter Freyd was then defended by his wife who attempted to sabotage their daughter’s career as a psychology professor in the 1980’s. Despite this despicable truth, these pedophiles hiding behind their “scientific” façade and credentials as “expert witnesses,” have committed irreparable harm to thousands of actual child abuse victims in courts of law when their charges and testimony fell on deaf ears and legions of perps like Woody Allen have never brought to justice.

From the late great investigative reporter and author David McGowan comes his 2004 seminal breakthrough Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder:

It should come as no surprise, then, that long-time CIA and intelligence complex operatives turn up on the FMSF Advisory Board. Perhaps the most public member has been Dr. Louis Jolyon “Jolly” West, a legendary figure in CIA mind control circles operating out of UCLA. Another is Dr. Martin Orne, an authority on torture who currently works at the University of Pennsylvania’s Experimental Psychiatry Lab. Still another false memory luminary is Margaret Singer, professor emeritus at the University of California-Berkeley.[175]

Thus as Pedophile Empire gatekeepers, the CIA controlling both mainstream media and America’s court system functions to protect the powers-that-shouldn’t-be, helping to spread their sex trafficking tentacle reach to every corner of the globe. A November 1987 San Francisco Chronicle article covering the Presidio scandal noted that San Francisco police intelligence officer and nationally recognized cult expert Sandi Gallant specified that at least 60-70 “solid” cases of satanic ritual sexual abuse existed nationwide at that time.[176] From that same article another expert, clinical psychologist Catherine Gould, who counseled dozens of children claiming they’d been ritualistically abused, is quoted, “Independently, the victims are describing incredibly similar circumstances.” In stark contrast to the power establishment’s false reality dutifully promoted by MSM’s “satanic panic” and FMSF, totally denying the existence of child raping, sacrificing Satanists, a growing consensus of actual legal, medical and psychological professionals working directly with victimized children from around the world have maintained that thousands of children and adult accounts gathered from multiple continents all corroborate to a stunning degree the same basic Satanism practices that have survived since Babylonian times.

Therefore, it is more than predictable that the MSM truth suppressing machine would drag out its old 1980’s “satanic panic” vintage tagline as renewed defense against last October’s incriminating WikiLeaks’ dump of Podesta emails[177] prompting thousands of internet citizen sleuths to jump on the pedo-trail, piecing together dozens of circumstantial clues to the Pizzagate story,[178] linking both Podesta brothers, both Clintons, Obama, the DNC, the Seth Rich murder[179] and of course Comet Ping Pong pizzeria to the satanic worshipping Washington DC branch of the global child sex trafficking network. To head the citizen journalists off at the pass, the shrewdly calculated strategy of concealing pedophilia operations by waging a widespread disinformation media campaign[180] and reintroducing dismissive, negative buzzword labels like “satanic panic” is reminiscent of another earlier CIA fabrication, branding those daring to challenge and debunk deep state’s official false narrative lies, starting with the JFK assassination cover-up, as tin foil hat wearing “conspiracy theorists.”[181]

But with a vast majority of Americans now fully convinced that mainstream news is completely “fake stream news,” with near zero credibility,[182] over time their “conspiracy nut” label has worn mighty thin and fast becoming null and void. Same with their “Russians did it” meme.[183] In spite of the facts, it hasn’t stopped deceivers desperate to withhold their massive child raping operations from the public into utilizing their “fake news” label as weaponized censorship to feebly defend themselves. Thanks in large part to the internet, as pedophile Hillary[184] admits, her pedo establishment is “losing the information war.”[185] Hence, its truth silencing agenda.

What’s conspicuously absent from the one-sided MSM hit pieces are the actual cases where Satanists have in fact committed horrific violent sexual crimes against small children. In addition to the already cited mid-1980’s study, just to further prove the point, scores of confirmed documented convictions in US criminal cases throughout the 1980’s and 90’s alone involving satanic ritual abuse have been compiled on one website.[186] But by select omission, the MSM propaganda articles are purposely misleading, remiss in their gross failure to acknowledge the very sobering, disturbing reality that satanic cults and networks are operating worldwide,[187] [188] abducting, harming and murdering kids, cutting them up,[189] drinking their blood, eating their flesh,[190] and ritualistically burning young victims alive on satanic altars,[191] just as their ancient forebears practiced millenniums ago before the same child sacrificing god Moloch.[192] After all, it’s not like Moloch worshipping satanic secret societies ever went away.[193] Today they’re more apparent than ever. All through the ages, Satanic worshipping pedophiles never ceased committing vile crimes. Right at this very moment, at the top of the predator food chain, they’re still getting away with ritualized torture, rape and murder of our children.

Unspeakable crimes involving the near 1 million US children and 8 million kids globally gone missing each year is happening at the astounding rate of every four seconds, every single day 24/7,[194] just to feed the insatiable appetite lust of the demonic forces wreaking ever-more havoc on this planet in these increasingly dark, turbulent times. But according to today’s demonically controlled MSM lie machine, fully complicit in covering up the widespread egregious atrocities, PedoGate’s merely the figment of a bunch of whacked out conspiracy nuts’ imaginations. But from the avalanche of confirmed evidence,[195] we now absolutely know that’s not true.

Because six oligarchs are in charge of every aspect of the corporate controlled media,[196] a cultivated, programmed amnesic short attention span is exactly what the pedophiles who run this world are counting on – out of sight, out of mind, especially in the wake of the PedoGate floodgate. Suppressing the news that an unprecedented number of pedophile arrests and trafficking rings have been busted in 2017 just since Donald Trump’s become president is part of the elite’s hidden agenda to keep pedophilia out of public awareness at all cost. The planetary controllers have never wagged their dog tail so hard, using every sleight of hand diversion, chicanery, fakery and false flag deception, like the recent Charlottesville fiasco promoting race war [again],[197] or Europe’s ongoing Gladio-like terrorism,[198] or the WWIII ultimatums in response to North Korean missile launches,[199] and the virulently engineered killer hurricanes attacking America and Caribbean,[200] using anything and everything in their formidable arsenal to divert and distract the public eye away from the elephant in the global room – the elite’s child rape trafficking rings exposed like never before. From the Vatican[201] to Iceland,[202] pedophiles stay in the daily headlines, and the Illuminati emperors are without their clothes, having been caught in the criminal act, bare-boned and grotesquely naked, after centuries of uninterrupted defiling of childhood innocence, the panicking, demonic, subhuman cockroaches are desperately on the run now.

To counterpoint and negate the emerging Pizzagate turned PedoGate scandal, irresponsible, blatant falsehoods and denials typify the MSM spin factory working overtime to crank out propaganda like last October’s Vox article.[203] Bottom line, in case after case a consistent widespread pattern of sexual abuse and cover-up graphically illustrates the official policy of the US government/military to look the other way as standard operating procedure, while criminally committing obstruction of justice to ensure that rampant torture, rape and murder of innocent children stretching to every corner of the earth continue ad nauseam. With those running this deadly freak show members of the same Satan worshipping, child sacrificing tribe, their crime cabal system’s been meticulously set up so that the same pedo club foxes are always in charge “guarding” the pedo club henhouses.[204] Satanists have strategically stacked the deck, infiltrating and saturating the communications media, child welfare, education, religion, law enforcement, the courts and political system from the global to the national, down to state, county and local municipal levels, all making sure that the elite’s mass consumption of young flesh and blood is secretly kept business as usual. But those days are forever gone now. The cat has been let out of the bag and there’s no turning back. The people are finally finding out the sick truth and the pedophiles ruling this world are finally now in the process of going down. But frantically engineering world war and imploding the global economy, in desperate self-defense, they’re determined to strike first and take us all down. It’s now do or die time on planet earth.

Sadly there is plenty more disgusting evidence of rampant pedophilia within the military ranks yet to be addressed in coming chapters. For many decades raping children is common amongst members of the US armed forces, as well as private military contractors[205] and the United Nations’ so called “peacekeeping” forces deployed around the world.[206] In all these settings and domains, both domestic and abroad, the so called “security forces” that are supposed to be protecting the people are abusing them, and granted carte blanche immunity by child raping superiors in their chain of command. Their role is hugely critical in global human trafficking. Hence, rampant worldwide sex crimes allow our most vulnerable population to be repeatedly preyed upon, always avoiding arrest and prosecution due to the same systemic, blanket-wide policy of complicity and criminal protection from the scum atop the power pyramid, globally operating extensive, interlocking child sex slave trafficking rings with total impunity. But “times are a-changing” as the original troubadour who made his own Faustian deal with the devil once admitted on 60 Minutes.[207]

The next chapter analyzes the CIA and military intelligence role in the Empire’s MK Ultra Monarch mind control programming generations of super soldier assassins, sex slaves, and spies deploying ritual sexual abuse, torture and sacrifice of children on a massive systemic globalized scale. Pedophile Lt. Col. Michael Aquino as a satanic mind control programmer and career psychological warfare officer again plays a key, front and center role in this demonic matrix.




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