Chapter 14: The Jeffrey Epstein Scandal – Anatomy of the Zionist-Illuminati Sexual Blackmail System

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Chapter 14: The Jeffrey Epstein Scandal: Anatomy of the Zionist-Illuminati Sexual Blackmail System

Joachim Hagopian

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Whereas the painful lesson from the Franklin scandal graphically demonstrates how pedophiles at the top can bury their most heinous crimes from any real consequence, the Jeffrey Epstein story reveals how agents from a foreign government can hijack and control the US government. What will be presented here is the anatomy of a sexual blackmail operation orchestrated by Israel’s Mossad as a means of gaining and maintaining control over America’s foreign policy and top leaders so that the US Empire ultimately fights Israel’s wars for the Greater Israel Project.[1] Through AIPAC bribery and Mossad blackmail, virtually every US politician in Congress including the president is and has been a puppet of the Zionist Jewish State.[2] The evil international cabal made up of Zionists and various Illuminati elements including the Vatican, all worship the same anti-God Lucifer, and have been misusing and abusing our children as blackmail bait for centuries. Again, back in the 18th century, the credited founder of the Illuminati Adam Weishaupt knew that infiltrating high places and sexually compromising VIP puppets through blackmail would be a central strategy in expanding its power and control over the devil’s earthly dominion.[3] And based on today’s power politics, Weishaupt more than attained his prophetic vision.

This chapter will focus on how Israel invested in a complete unknown, a Jewish American college dropout, overnight granting him the title of hedge fund mystery man as promoted in the Zionist controlled New York Magazine,[4] owning multiple mansions for the covertly licensed purpose of pursuing both his own kinky perversions raping young underage girls while enticing notable puppet figures to indulge in their pedophilic fantasies as thoroughly compromised and subsequently owned tools for Israel and the Zionist Khazarian mafia.[5] The Rothschild’s central bankster system funding this Illuminati mafia scheme wouldn’t have it any other way.[6]

This perfectly explains why Jeffrey Epstein was given a sweetheart’s slap on the hand after getting caught red-handed raping scores of female victims as young as 12 and 13 over a period of many years. It also goes far in explaining why the current White House occupant is a Zionist puppet wrecking ball himself,[7] currently being used to plunge humanity off the Armageddon doomsday cliff moving the Jewish State capital to Jerusalem.[8] So sit back and take in this adulterated story of the cabal’s political blackmail machine and how one Jeffrey Epstein and his child sex slave trafficking ring has played such a significant role in the ruling elite’s global control apparatchik, unfortunately changing human history none for the better.

The early family background on Jeffrey Epstein is rather sparse. Born near Brooklyn’s Coney Island in 1953 to a middle class Jewish American family with a father who worked for the city’s parks department, Epstein and his younger brother Mark were indoctrinated that “their way out” of their “lowly” middle class Jewish working class affluence and relative obscurity was through education.[9] So what does the young Jeffrey do? He becomes a college dropout – twice, never finishing at either Cooper Union or NYU’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. Yet without so much as a college degree, from age 20-22 Epstein somehow procured a job as a 7th grade math and physics teacher at the posh private elitist Dalton School in Manhattan. From the get-go, such early rapid upward mobility without a degree to transcend his humble Brooklyn roots strongly suggests an elitist “who-you-know” operation.

According to his propaganda fluff pieces as Wall Street’s “billionaire mystery man” propped up by both Vanity Fair[10] and New York Magazine shortly before his pedophilia arrest, the legendary urbane genius is said to have bedazzled one of the Wall Street parents at Dalton to refer him to a well-connected friend Ace Greenberg, CEO of the high-end Manhattan investment company Bear Stearns.[11] So the 23-year old Brooklyn whiz kid suddenly rose from preppie schoolteacher-college dropout to a top firm hedge fund investment broker and by age 27 was promoted to partnership at Bear Stearns. His legendary status as magic money man aka tax evasion expert had him a mere year later boldly quitting to start up his own J. Epstein Trust Company in 1981. At about that time it’s been reported that Epstein was recruited and given an estimated $1 billion advance to form his shell company by clothing retail magnate (L Limited and Victoria’s Secret) Leslie Wexner working directly with the Mossad’s so called Clothing Retail Network to set up a sexual blackmail operation.[12]

Over the next few years, Epstein’s image would be crafted as the maverick Manhattan mystery man, the King Tut of financial strut, still in his 20s braggadocio proclaiming it beneath him to accept clients who weren’t billionaires. This carefully fabricated hype surrounding this secretive billionaire charmer had him allegedly making billions for the rich and famous through his purported genius with numbers. Yet his success was never linked to more than one known customer. Turns out all the hype was nothing more than “a carefully crafted hoax” (ironically the exact same words used to obscure and bury the very real Franklin scandal). In actuality, back in the early 1980s Jeffrey Epstein met his only known client – sugar daddy Leslie Wexner and the rest is history. As Gawker boldly pointed out a decade ago:

Epstein’s wealth is built on a “bizarre relationship” with single acknowledged client, Abercrombie & Fitch creator Leslie Wexner, one of America’s most successful retailers.[13]

Persistent rumors swirled around Epstein’s meteoric rise from out of nowhere stemming from a protracted secret tryst as Mr. Leslie’s young bootlicking lover.[14] And before long, Wexner was converting an unoccupied private school in Manhattan into the largest private residence in all of New York City and then virtually gifting it to the young Brooklyn upstart for giving Les such good bootlicks. And it was only after the grooming Wexner had already created his protégé Epstein as the “mysterious,” high flying, overnight billionaire financial advisor and close friend to Bill Clinton and Ghislaine Maxwell, socialite daughter of media mogul-Mossad-MI6 double agent Robert Maxwell, did Les Wexner finally settle down and marry a woman at the ripe old age of 56.[15]

Wexner’s ties to Israel and Mossad became more than apparent when a document entitled “Wexner Analysis: Israeli Communication Priorities 2003” was uncovered, outlining a PR campaign promoting the Iraq war invasion demonizing Saddam Hussein – dead or alive – as the false link to terrorism with emphasis that Israeli foreign policy interests are identical to US foreign policy interests.[16] The report serves as confirmation that Wexner and his charity organization called the Mega Group provided the cover as a Zionist Mossad front actively influencing and dictating US war policy in the Middle East. Wexner’s Mega Group consists of about 20 fellow Jewish American financial titans who use their Zionist power to manipulate and control Washington into fighting illegal wars for Israel against the Islam religion and people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and eventually Iran, using their US-Israeli creation of al Qaeda/ISIS terrorists as proxy war allies to justify their prefabricated US “endless war on terror.”[17] Wexner and company worked hand in hand with the neocons and Israeli first dual citizens behind the Project for a New American Century calling for their “new Pearl Harbor” 9/11 to justify US-Israeli global hegemony.

And in May 2008 George W. Bush rewarded Zionist Wexner by inviting him as an official member of his honorary delegation accompanying the US president in a state visit to Israel to celebrate its 60th anniversary.[18] For years prior Wexner had been providing Epstein with the Mossad link that included introducing Ghislaine Maxwell as his sometime girlfriend and blackmail operation pimp while the hedge fund magician ostensibly “moves Wexner’s billions around the globe.”[19] As chief Mossad blackmailer, it wasn’t long before Epstein found his way to invited memberships in such exclusive elitist private clubs as the powerful Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations.[20] Thus, in large part through the Zionist Mossad-Epstein sex ring operation, blackmail control over US politicians and US Empire foreign policy was ensured for their “endless war on terror” on the multiple warfronts to come.

Another puff piece from the London Sunday Times quoted a New York social observer trying to wittily describe the “complicated” Jeffrey Epstein:

He’s Mr. Enigmatic. Nobody knows whether he’s a concert pianist, property developer, a CIA agent, a math teacher or a member of Mossad.[21]

Obviously all smoke and mirrors, except his literal, right-on-the-money CIA-Mossad connection. Additionally, veteran former CIA case officer and US Marine Corps intelligence officer Robert David Steele has gone public emphatically maintaining Epstein was/is a Mossad operative set up as a “made” financier to work on behalf of Israel in a global blackmail operation.[22] Seemingly overnight Jeffrey Epstein possessed massive amounts of real estate properties that included the largest residence in America’s largest city as well as a shoreline estate in Palm Beach, Florida a mile from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, his notorious 70-acre “Virgin” Island getaway compound, a sprawling 7,500 acre New Mexico ranch and a Paris apartment.[23]

By far the two biggest targets in the scandalous Jeffrey Epstein blackmail operation were former President Bill Clinton and his presidential wannabe wife Hillary who, according to flightlog records, flew on Epstein’s private Boeing 727 – the “Lolita Express,” Bill on 26 confirmed flights[24] and Hillary at least a half dozen times.[25] Also the fifth in line to the British throne – Prince Andrew – was yet another high flying frequent Lolita flyer.[26]

Three years ago Gawker obtained flightlogs dating back to the late 1990s through the mid-2000s,[27] placing Bill Clinton repeatedly after ditching secret service on board Epstein’s jets, always flying with a bunch of underage girls listed in Epstein’s infamous black book under “massage.” The Clintons both separately and together flew on Epstein’s planes with several girls determined to be as young as 12 providing sexual favors for the financier’s most powerful and influential friends.[28] Among the more notable Clinton trips around the globe with Epstein, in 2002 the former president traveled with an entourage for an entire week to Africa on a so called anti-poverty/anti-AIDS mission, also accompanied by the recently disgraced pedophilic predator actor Kevin Spacey.[29] Among the women on board for that African tour were key Epstein employees serving as handlers of his sex slave victims – Ghislaine Maxwell and Sarah Kellen, along with soft porn actress-masseuse Chauntee Davies.

Because of this additional incriminating evidence indicating that yet another American president has turned out to be another private pedophile club member, in conjunction with an already long trail of mysterious deaths surrounding scores of suspicious “suicides” and murdered associates connected to the endless Clinton scandals,[30] in vain the Bush-Clinton-Obama Deep State has gone to desperate, flimsily executed lengths to conceal and ignore both this political dynasty and power couple’s massive criminal history.[31] Yet to this very day there exists volumes of documented proof high up in both the Justice Department and FBI obstructing justice at every turn by dismissing and destroying the overwhelming evidence to persistently let these guiltiest of treasonous offenders off the hook,[32] only administering a token punishment to their fall guy buddy Epstein. After his 2006 arrest and 2008 conviction, the so called billionaire financier as the child molesting ringleader of a major sex trafficking ring set up as a Mossad blackmail operation was granted the sweetheart deal of a lifetime. To this day high stakes cabal money and power have bought Epstein and his slew of accomplices complete impunity from any real justice ever being served.

Despite Jeffrey Epstein’s 2008 conviction on just two felony counts soliciting for prostitution of an underage victim and despite avoiding prosecution for committing hundreds of felonious crimes that would land anyone else in federal prison for twenty to life, Epstein was allowed to freely leave jail for 16 hours a day six days a week and only return for overnight sleepovers at his plush private Palm Beach County jailhouse wing for a mere thirteen months of an eighteen month sentence.[33] To avert prosecution and serving hard time in either state or federal prison for his conviction, the plea deal ensured that Epstein’s sleepovers at his cushy local jailhouse – unheard of throughout the annals of law history – would provide minimal discomfort and disruption for the pampered, silver-haired pedo fox. Testimony of up to thirty-five of his hundreds of underage victims willing to provide eyewitness testimony against Epstein and his powerful pedophile pals were all conspicuously denied their day in court – by Luciferian design.

The ruling criminal elite behind the US government instead made certain that all the child rapists and pimps got off Scot-free. And ever since 2008, per his plea bargain agreement, Epstein has always escaped both prosecution and any real punishment by being allowed to simply pay hush money to at least thirty more of his victims as his army of well-paid attorneys right up to this very day are still busily negotiating lawsuit settlement after settlement, handing out millions to his rape victims in some cases dating back a quarter century after the crime fact. This blanket-wide, most reprehensible policy of completely shielding both the pedophile and all his pedophile customers from all prosecution has successfully protected worldwide clandestine Mossad-CIA pedo blackmail operations globally and, as a result, allowed them to flourish to this day.

Though through the Mossad and CIA the pedophile elite used Epstein as their point man as far back as the 1980s, it wasn’t until a Florida stepmother contacted Palm Beach Police in 2005 reporting that her 14-year old daughter had been forced to have sex with the 52-year old financier before sparking a yearlong investigation culminating in his 2006 indictment.[34] Under the auspices of providing massages, Epstein was paying teenage procurers to drive underage girls to his Palm Beach mansion where he ordered them to strip down to their panties while giving him his three daily massages. The majority of girls reported that while they massaged him, he would regularly masturbate, and some maintain he penetrated them with his penis, fingers and/or vibrator. In spite of the devious Epstein prior to even being investigated making frequent $100,000 donations to the Palm Beach Police Department as attempted bribery insurance,[35] once the yearlong police investigation turned over its incriminating evidence, the state attorney’s office was caught stonewalling the case. As early as 2006, the Palm Beach police chief accused the state’s attorney’s office of preferential treatment when seeking lesser charges and dragging its heels to arrest Epstein. That’s because from the outset it was all too obvious that the hidden Illuminati-Zionist hand was busily at work dictating from behind the scenes what would unfold at every twisted, sinister turn.

In late December 2014 then 31 years old underage victim Virginia Roberts-Giuffre filed a lawsuit against not only Epstein but also accused Epstein’s lead attorney, close friend and frequent Lolita Express flier Alan Dershowitz of having sex with her a half dozen times in various settings,[36] on board the 727 as well as on sex slave island among the sex offender’s other stateside owned estates.[37] All Dershowitz would admit was once vacationing with his wife at Epstein’s Florida mansion. But the fact that Dershowitz’s name appeared numerous times on the infamous flightlogs to the Virgin Island mansion[38] had the notorious powerhouse attorney who’s turning 80 this year scrambling to defend both his reputation and legacy. Despite Giuffre’s attorneys dropping a defamation suit against Dershowitz in 2016, his sex crime accuser and her lawyers steadfastly dispute Dershowitz’s feeble denials, and a heavy dark cloud of controversial doubt still hangs over the aging lawyer so famous for his aggressive courtroom tactics.[39]

And strangely enough, the diehard liberal Dershowitz who’s always been such a loyal Hillary-Obama supporter has suddenly switched gears and been fiercely defending Trump during Deep State’s “fake Russian collusion” inquisition to overthrow the sitting president.[40] Why? Because Trump certainly has the dirty goods on Dershowitz who wants to avoid going down in Trump’s alleged pending major pedo roundup. But more on that later.

Virginia Roberts-Giuffre filed charges, bravely going public with her detailed account of how in 1999 Ghislaine Maxwell recruited her as a 15-year old Trump Mar-a-Lago employee, over the next three years pressuring her into a life of sexual bondage as one of Epstein’s sex slaves, forced to not only have sex with Epstein but his high roller friends like Alan Dershowitz as well as British royal Prince Andrew.[41] Virginia Giuffre stated in her court papers that she had sex with Andrew three times in New York, London and on Epstein’s Caribbean Island. In 2015 fear of reprisal from the billionaire and his crime cabal friends had her fearing for her life.[42] According to Virginia’s aunt, just prior to the court allegations in Florida, Virginia fled to hide out in Colorado. Giuffre is reportedly happily married to an Australian man with three children now.

Roberts-Giuffre’s court filing specified that Jeffrey Epstein made sure his underage sex slaves provided detailed descriptions of all their sexual encounters with the world’s most famous and powerful politicians, businessmen, foreign dignitaries and world leaders in order to potentially blackmail them.[43] This of course along with collected hardcore evidence from the hidden cameras has long been the Modus Operandi deployed by the planetary controllers to buy insurance for longevity in getting away with their most despicable, vile crimes on earth while totally controlling their puppet slave class that remains forever under their dictating thumb.

Prior to Epstein, among other US slave masters deploying this same shady, despicable, Luciferian game misusing children as pedo bait to entrap and compromise duped puppets were none other than the half century G-man pedophile transvestite himself – J. Edgar Hoover and Trump’s mentor ruthless attorney Roy Cohn… two early diabolically intertwined kingpins, each running their sexual blackmail schemes with Israeli links.[44] [45] Of course for decades the Cohn and Hoover perversions were kept under thinly veiled wraps.[46] Hoover himself was controlled by the mob that made sure to keep tabs on the FBI director’s kinky little, not-so-secret habits. Hence, Hoover in turn protected the mafia by pretending and denying that it ever existed. And America’s cesspool that’s been growing for a very long time has morphed into today’s Deep State swamp.

Right after Politico published its 2014 New Year’s Eve bombshell making Virginia Roberts-Giuffre’s Florida lawsuit public,[47] from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Prince Andrew vehemently denied having sex with underage girls. Flanked by the President of the Royal Academy of Engineering Professor Dame Ann Dowling, the Earl of York was loyally defended, called a “true beacon as an ambassador for UK trade and enterprise.”[48] Because a photo in 2010 had surfaced of Andrew accompanying the registered sex offender soon after Epstein’s release from his Palm Beach jail cell, the prince’s association with the convicted pedophile embarrassed the royal family enough to force Andrew to step down from his official role as ambassador for UK trade and publicly cut the child sex trafficker off. But the prince’s close ties with his pimping procurer and pedophile herself Ghislaine were never severed and they remain the best of friends.[49] No charges have ever been brought against her or any British royals because their pedophilic ways have always allowed them to live comfortably above the law.[50]

Whenever public figures are caught in scandals, their mantra is always to simply deny, deny, and more deny, ensuring they bring out all their heavy guns vilifying the accusers while accolades of greatness get showered on the “unfairly maligned” accused. Similar to the Vatican, for decades the royals of the British Commonwealth and European aristocracy have busily fought and suppressed exposure of their connection to global child sex slavery trafficking.[51] Case in point – as far back as 1964 10 Native American children attending an abusive Catholic school in British Columbia disappeared, last seen in the charge of Queen Elizabeth and husband Prince Philip that they have yet to answer for.[52] Just prior to their murderous hit on Diana,[53] it’s been speculated that Princess Di was planning to expose the British royal family for being the Satan worshipping pedophiles they are.[54] So it’s no surprise that the queen’s second, less ugly looking son would remain immune from all consequence.

Returning to the “good” Harvard law professor, when Dershowitz’ name surfaced as a frequent flyer on the Lolita Express, in an immediate interview with American Lawyer he insisted he’s always been a faithful husband of 28 years to his wife who he claimed always traveled with him.[55] Yet while flying with Epstein, the flightlog records clearly show his wife not once ever accompanied him. Another blatant discrepancy was his statement that Epstein was a mere “professional” acquaintance, nothing close to being a personal friend. Because the philanthropic Epstein was a financial donor to Harvard, and since Clinton’s former Treasury Secretary, yet another Lolita flyer Larry Summers,[56] was such a close personal friend of Epstein’s, while Summers was Harvard president, Dersh claims his only “job related” association with Epstein was raising money for his and his boss’ venerable Ivy League institution… such a blatant pack of CYA damage control lies!

Records totally contradict this bogus contention indicating that Dershowitz knew and flew with the billionaire pedophile on numerous occasions as early as 1997. The fast talking lawyer when interviewed by Gawker explained that he suddenly recalled in 1997 flying to Epstein’s friend’s birthday party also attended by (Mossad linked) former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres and ex-astronaut-Senator John Glenn. Such sharp selective recall proves he didn’t teach at Harvard all those years for nothing. Yet the Dersh unequivocally lied again denying he ever had sex with any young woman. Sounds vaguely familiar to yet another infamous frequent Epstein flyer named Bill.

Regarding that brief, “strictly professional” acquaintanceship between Epstein and Dershowitz, during Epstein’s “pre-pedophile” arrest days back in 2003, attorney-author Dershowitz in a Vanity Affair interview unabashedly boasted:

I’m on my 20th book… The only person outside my immediate family that I send drafts to is Jeffrey.[57]

That first name basis sounds not nearly so professional as personal and chummy. Yet when Gawker confronted him on this apparent discrepancy, Dershowitz backslid, admitting:

Epstein was a friend with whom I talked about ideas. We never discussed women or his social life.[58]

Yet they flew together a bunch of times surrounded by scantily clad little girl sex slaves on board while en route to Orgy Island. But like “honest” Bill, Dershowitz “never did have sex” with any of those girls, say Jeffrey’s favorite pedo-pals.

Despite such strong evidence that he too participated in Epstein sex crimes, Alan Dershowitz was allowed to lead the best legal dream team Mossad blackmail money could buy. Despite all the proven facts surrounding this case, the Dershowitz dream team successfully “convinced” the US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida to neither charge Epstein nor any of his pimp co-conspirators with sex trafficking underage girls across state lines, and of course nor dare prosecute any of the other frequent flying VIP child molesters.[59] Through the notorious non-prosecution deal, Dershowitz, Prince Andrew, the Clintons and the rest of the famous pedophiles in effect were all guaranteed legal immunity. Though Dershowitz’ name was conspicuously absent from all sweetheart deal documents protecting all above-the-law perps, the civil case that victim Virginia Roberts-Giuffre filed did accuse Dersh-bagging his own immunity, a blatant conflict of interest violation.

In revenge against Roberts-Giuffre’s accusations, Dershowitz promptly countersued vowing to have her attorneys disbarred. Amidst all the controversy, in defense of Mr. Pro-Israel, a Times of Israel gala in NYC including Shimon Peres rewarded Alan Dershowitz with the “Defender of Israel” award.[60] You can see how the Zionist-Mossad wagons were circling to desperately defend their own… criminal operation. But Virginia Roberts’ attorneys Brad Edwards and Paul Cassell beat Dershowitz to the punch, firing off a defamation suit of their own.[61] In the end, both sides agreed to drop their litigation against each other in April 2016.[62]

However a short time later, Giuffre and her legal team were at it again, filing another lawsuit this time against only Ghislaine Maxwell for defamation of character against Virginia for Maxwell publicly calling Giuffre “a liar” after outing Maxwell’s criminal involvement in the Mossad blackmail operation.[63] As Epstein’s longtime girlfriend and closest partner-in-crime, Maxwell recruited Giuffre at age 15 as a Trump Mar-a-Lago $9 an hour towel girl. For the first time, the judge in the case even ruled that Epstein would be required to take the witness stand, testify and answer questions under oath from his victims’ attorneys.[64] Though the Virginia Roberts-Giuffre case against Ghislaine was set to go to trial in May 2017, as so often occurs at the last minute, an undisclosed, out of court settlement was reached, [65] confirming more Mossad-Epstein-Maxwell-Deep State hush money effectively silenced the now somewhat wealthy Virginia Giuffre. Of course after all her years of trauma and stress trying to seek justice in a broken, unjust system, no amount of money can compensate for what she has endured. And so on and on this corrosively corrupt legal game goes, the pedo-perps continue dodging every bullet, never paying for their crimes but only for their continued freedom at only a drop-in-the-bucket price to them and their unlimited coffers.

Ghislaine Maxwell, Sarah Kellen, Lesley Groff, and Natalya Malyshev are among the handful of women that the jet setting financier employed from 1997 to 2006, working to recruit underage girls as the victims’ pimping handlers. Maxwell and Kellen were also accused of having sexually abused their sex slaves but the infamous federal plea bargain granted them full immunity from all charges. Additionally, Maxwell allegedly forced victims to engage in lesbian acts with her as well as stored child pornography photos of her victims on her computer.[66] Yet apparently due to the Maxwell family name and its deep Mossad connection, she was given a free pass and to this day remains a free woman never held accountable for her major criminal role in the Mossad blackmail operation.

Taking a closer look at that family name and Ghislaine’s father in particular, considerable circumstantial evidence suggests the heavily indebted billion dollar pension swindler faked his own death and fled to unknown parts somewhere in South America.[67] To avert complications resulting from an autopsy showing a murdered victim in November 1991, most likely Maxwell’s paid double found floating in the Canary Island water without saltwater in his lungs (ruling out drowning as cause of death), the irascible clever crook could have arranged through his high-end ties with Israel a quick Jewish Mount Olive burial. Daddy Maxwell also mentioned on more than one occasion just prior to his alleged death how he was planning to pull a disappearing act in order to escape the fraud charges and debtor’s prison fast closing in on him. With his stolen fortune and new identity, ample speculation portends that double agent Maxwell smart may have helped fund his daughter and Epstein’s perverted criminal Mossad operation.[68] His larger-than-life Jewish State funeral reflected his Zionist importance.

Another Epstein victim turned employed victimizer and criminal accomplice is Nadia Marcinkova, who at one time worked as the sex trafficker’s Gulfstream G-H pilot. Epstein refers to Nadia as his own “Yugoslavian sex slave” [69] after having literally purchased her at age 14 from her parents in the Balkans.[70] Pedo-boy also hired Nadia as his sometime plaything used for lesbian dildo strap-on entertainment while Nadia raped underage girls, per one graphic legal affidavit, all for masturbating boss’ perverse pleasures.[71] It turns out that Nadia and the Hebrew speaking, alleged 9/11 lead terrorist Mohammad Atta were both trained to fly airplanes at the same time and place – Lantana Airport near Palm Beach, reportedly used for CIA and Mossad operations including drug smuggling from the nearby Bahamas and Caribbean into Florida.[72] Like all of Epstein’s hired hands, Nadia was never ever questioned by the police, receiving full immunity with Epstein’s plea bargain. Going by her other surname Marcinko and holding FAA licenses, Nadia has since reinvented herself as a clean-cut, wholesome internet aviatrix active on YouTube and Facebook as a flight instructor pilot with quite a celebrity following.[73] She’s still flying free as a bird because she knows too much as both victim and perp about the Mossad blackmail game.

Another major scumbag in the Epstein child sex trafficking ring is one Jean-Luc Brunel, the model agency owner of MC2. According to a former bookkeeper at Brunel’s agency, young underage girls from South America, Europe and the former Soviet republics were personally delivered to Epstein as MC2 models via Brunel who was a frequent guest at Epstein residences.[74] Per the flightlog manifests, Brunel and his underage girls, many of whom did not speak English, often traveled on Epstein’s planes. The MC2 bookkeeper confirmed that in 2005 Brunel and his model agency received a million dollars from Epstein. Though holding an 85% share of the agency, Brunel works mostly in the capacity as a model scout for MC2 around the world. Jean-Luc Brunel has a longtime criminal reputation in the fashion industry for drugging and raping underage girls as featured in a 60 Minutes segment from 1988.[75] Even then he was known to be a procurer of underage girls for the right price. Despite all his known predatory crimes, Epstein’s longtime French friend has never been arrested nor been subpoenaed to testify in the Epstein case. His “charmed” life flagrantly living above the law also strongly suggests pedophile protection from the planetary controllers.

The lawsuits against Epstein just keep coming. Three of his sex trafficking rape victims known in their recent litigation against the registered sex offender as L.M., E.W. and Jane Doe, just last October 2017 were awarded a settlement of $1 million, $2 million and $2.5 million respectively.[76] But for a whole decade two other plaintiffs represented by the same attorney Brad Edwards, have also been trying to challenge Epstein’s impunity in a lawsuit charging the federal prosecutors led by Trump’s current Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta for violating the Trafficking Victims Protection Act.[77] It was Acosta in 2007 who allowed the plea bargain agreement for the human trafficking kingpin without informing the plaintiff victims. Their civil rights were violated when prosecutors chose not to try Epstein nor his accomplices for human trafficking and committing hundreds of despicably heinous sex crimes.

Former Epstein chief prosecutor and current US Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta as the southern Florida district US attorney from 2005 to 2009 oversaw making that sickening sweetheart deal for convicted pedophile Epstein.[78] Subsequently when the then two underage minors learned of Epstein’s virtual non-sentence nearly a year later, they took Epstein and his prosecutors to federal court charging that their rights had been violated under the 2004 Crime Victims’ Rights Act that requires prosecutors to inform victims of any plea bargained arrangement prior to conviction and sentencing.[79] Obviously had they been lawfully looped in, they never would’ve agreed to Epstein’s cushy deal. Uncovering letters between Acosta’s US Attorney’s office and Epstein’s legal defense team, the victims’ lawyers accurately contend that a conspiracy to conceal vital information not to prosecute took place between the government and Epstein attorneys.

After signing off on such a sweet arrangement for a sex slave trafficker and child rapist hundreds of times over, then reacting to the flak once word of the ridiculous deal publicly caught traction, attorney Alexander Acosta defensively wrote in a 2011 letter:

Our judgment in this case, based on the evidence known at the time, was that it was better to have a billionaire serve time in jail, register as a sex offender and pay his victims restitution than risk a trial with a reduced likelihood of success.[80]

Acosta’s bogus rationale claiming the risk that Epstein might walk if brought to trial is at best a feeble attempt to justify his accomplice role while willfully subverting justice to let Epstein do exactly what Acosta claims he was most afraid of – letting the pedophile trafficker walk. The wimpy Alexander described the many months of negotiations prior to the September 2007 non-prosecution agreement as:

A yearlong assault on the prosecution and the prosecutors. I use the word assault intentionally, as the defense in this case was more aggressive than any which I, or the prosecutors in my office, had previously encountered.[81]

The pit-bullish Dershowitz gang included Kenneth Starr, chief investigator from the Clinton-Lewinsky soap opera who when self-advantageous never fails to evoke the religious high moral ground yet in the next breath claims he’s more than happy to have gotten a pedophile-trafficker off.[82] [83] Other hotshot aces in the hole were Florida trial lawyer Roy Black and star attorney Gerald Lefcourt among others.[84] Dershowitz and Lefcourt’s letter to Acosta’s office prior to their successful plea bargain emphasized Epstein’s super close ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton, touting how the billionaire pedophile “co-founded” the infamous Clinton Foundation,[85] accused by philanthropy law expert Charles Ortel of being “the largest unprosecuted fraud in history.[86] Speaking of which, a whistleblower at a Swiss bank has revealed that Jeffrey Epstein used his Swiss bank account to send Bill Clinton $3.5 million shortly after his pedophilia probe began in 2005.[87]

When presidents are outed in any blackmail pedophile operation as Clinton’s predecessor Bush senior was in the Franklin scandal a decade and a half earlier, powerful pedophiles always get away with raping their child sex slave victims. Not once have they been properly charged or prosecuted. And for his part as a good little lawbreaking Deep State robot, less than a decade later Alexander Acosta would be rewarded with an invitation to join the Trump administration cabinet as America’s labor secretary. It appears obvious that Acosta was ordered by the powers-that-shouldn’t-be to accept the plea bargain deal authored by Epstein’s infamous lead lawyer Dershowitz.[88]

Aside from dictating the detailed terms of this plea bargain agreement in this complete mockery of justice, the billionaire defense team also explicitly instructed Acosta to break the law by not notifying the victimized plaintiffs about their dirty little secret deal. So a compromised Acosta knowingly violated existing laws as it was almost a year later before the two girls finally learned of this gross travesty of justice. Per the Palm Beach Post, Acosta’s lame excuse subsequently given for not informing the victim plaintiffs was that the “prosecutors feared Epstein and his high-powered attorneys were trying to circumvent the deal.”[89] That absurd nonsense makes absolutely no sense at all if you’re literally gifting the rapist a get out of jail card. No doubt the Luciferian pedophile elite, the smugly protected Epstein and his dream team were gloating over their victory.

Current prosecutors set to defend Acosta’s sweetheart deal have introduced argument that the two victim plaintiffs were complicit in the Epstein crimes since they were later paid by Epstein as still teenagers to procure other underage girls, thereby disqualifying them from protection under the Victims’ Rights Act.[90] The morally wrong side of every court motion always seizes upon and exploits any and all legal loopholes rather than consider and weigh both legal as well as ethical perspectives together. Their fake god Lucifer wouldn’t have it any other way.

Was Acosta’s crucial criminal role in the Epstein case rewarded ten years later by the planetary controllers when sworn in as secretary in charge of all labor that includes forced sexual labor involving global human sex trafficking? Was his selection given his dominion over child sex slavery just more evidence of foxes guarding the henhouse? To this day the ruling pedo elite’s nexus of placing controlled puppets in the highest places incudes Epstein’s web of intimately tied connections between the Mossad, the CIA, the Clintons, the British royals, Hollywood, President Trump, his labor secretary and countless other far-reaching tentacles. But more on Trump’s undeniably close link to Jeffrey Epstein a little later.

The presiding judge in another three year old current pending case – Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Donald Hafele, unsurprisingly also appears to be protecting Epstein. In 2015 a lower court dismissed attorney Brad Edwards’ case against Epstein on a technicality that later was overturned by a Florida Supreme Court decision in February 2017.[91] Edwards is charging Jeffrey Epstein with “malicious prosecution” stemming from Epstein’s 2009 lawsuit that Edwards contends was intended to intimidate him and his two clients who were victims in the 2008 Epstein conviction.

But in December 2017 Judge Hafele not only agreed to delay the trial until March 2018 in order to give Epstein’s attorneys more time to prepare, in and of itself a decision favoring the pedophile, the judge also announced that when it comes to:

… Graphic, sexual questions, the likelihood is that I will not allow them into evidence.[92]

To not permit evidence of a graphic sexual nature in a case involving an already convicted pedophile’s crimes is totally absurd. But then justice not once has ever been served when it comes to the world’s most powerful pedophiles ever receiving fair punishment for their countless sordid crimes against children… never. That pathetic reality must change.

Trying to appear fair and objective, the Palm Beach County judge rationalized the trial delay till spring 2018 with the following statement:

Under the circumstances of this unusual and relatively complex case, the court finds that there are simply too many significant, lengthy motions that are pending and need to be heard prior to December 5, 2017, the date that the trial was originally scheduled to commence.[93]

On the positive side, the Palm Beach County courtroom with Judge Hafele presiding will be the trial setting where for the first time in his criminally perverse, wicked life, the now 65-year old, kiddie diddling senior citizen might actually have to answer for his crimes after all.[94] Additionally, Judge Hafele is permitting evidence and testimony from not only the three victims from last October’s settlement but also from Virginia Roberts-Giuffre and others that Brad Edwards has also represented in previous lawsuits.[95] Additionally, the jury will hear about the infamous 2007 plea bargain deal, the contents of which have never been released. Though Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and even Donald Trump are listed as potential witnesses, Edwards’s lawyer said they likely will not be called in to testify.[96] Strangely, Alexander Acosta’s name has yet to come up as a witness, yet he was responsible for breaking the law that permitted Epstein to go unprosecuted resulting in the subsequent miscarriage of justice. That alone may be both telling and troubling although the unlawful Acosta deal is at the heart of the other current pending case.

Existing federal laws then and now specify that human traffickers who commit aggravated sexual abuse, which the Epstein guilty parties repeatedly perpetrated, stipulate a lifetime prison sentence.[97] Aside from child sex trafficking, engaging in sex with girls aged 12-17 falls under federal offense codes that normally carry minimum sentences of ten to fifteen years in prison. Yet when sexually abusing underage girls gets the US gymnastics team doctor up to 175 years in prison while the Mossad operative gets his hand slapped,[98] something’s definitely wrong with that picture. Despite enslaving and raping hundreds of child victims, if you’re an elitist 1%-er financed by Mossad, the Greater Israel Project and US Empire,[99] you get off completely and are issued a standard get-out-of-jail card. The mere slap on Jeffrey’s wrist a decade ago allowing all his perps involved in his criminal operation to walk away Scot free is the grossest, most obscene travesty of justice imaginable.

The current pending case in Florida Southern District federal court involving the original two victim plaintiffs’ civil suit initially filed by attorney Brad Edwards back in July 2008 upon learning of the secret non-prosecution deal will award no financial damages to the victims but will determine if the victims’ rights were violated. And if the judge rules in favor, it could reopen the criminal case for long overdue prosecution. Ten years after the fact, by design shamefully stonewalled in a quagmire of the corrupt legal system always aiding, abetting and protecting high profile pedophiles, through tenacious attorney Brad Edwards, these same two longstanding victims are still awaiting justice against their virtually unpunished abuser.

In retaliation for their lawsuit, Jeffrey Epstein filed a 2009 countersuit against Edwards,[100] [101] bogusly claiming that Edwards was attempting to exploit an easy funding source for Edwards’ law firm founded by the infamous Fort Lauderdale attorney Scott Rothstein who in November 2009 was caught operating the state of Florida’s biggest Ponzi scheme ever.[102] The now disgraced and barred multi-felon Rothstein is serving a 50-year sentence for fraud after conning a slew of investors out of $1.4 billion claiming they could buy into Rothstein’s wealth of phantom settlements from supposed whistleblower, sexual harassment and other cases.[103] [104] The scam operation resulted in over two dozen convictions of fellow attorneys, bankers, cops, mobsters, friends and relatives. In 2012 Epstein was forced to drop his vindictive suit against Edwards for lack of evidence that Edwards himself had any involvement whatsoever in Rothstein’s mega-criminal enterprise.[105]

Also ensnared in the Rothstein scandal was former Florida Governor Charlie Crist in an apparent biofuel company scam he partnered with the Ponzi kingpin, according to investigative journalist Timothy Holmseth.[106] Moreover, back in 2009 Holmseth began unearthing a major international baby sales and child sex trafficking operation in Florida involving Rothstein and his seedy associates, in criminal cahoots with the FBI, CIA, the Florida Department of Children and Family Services, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, US embassies abroad using fake church dossiers and medical records along with a host of other major players.[107] So one has to wonder, is it purely a bizarre coincidence that in 2008 while Brad Edwards represented the two underage victims who were never informed of Dershowitz and Acosta’s illicit secret deal to protect Mossad operative Epstein that Edwards for a brief time happened to be working at Scott Rothstein’s law firm in view of Rothstein’s criminality that include Rothstein’s own direct links to child trafficking? Food for thought.

So the stage has been set. Edwards’ current lawsuit against Epstein for malicious prosecution is scheduled for trial in March 2018 with the claim that the billionaire pedophile sought the bogus earlier lawsuit against him out of revenge for Edwards filing the 2008 case in federal court seeking prosecution on behalf of the two plaintiffs for violating the Crime Victims’ Rights Act.[108] This is the separate case that Brad Edwards and Paul Cassell have been pursuing in federal court for a decade on behalf of Jane Doe’s 13 and 14 once they learned they weren’t consulted prior to Epstein’s sweetheart deal made back in September 2007.[109] Last August 2017 the two attorneys Edwards and Cassell submitted their final pleas to US District Judge Kenneth Marra in hopes that the 2007 plea deal will be thrown out so that a new investigation can be launched and the case reopened for prosecution. Last September the federal prosecutors got their chance to defend and justify Acosta’s actions ten years earlier. The stakes in this rare case against the federal government are sky high. In their argument to uphold the 14-year old Crime Victims’ Rights Act, Edwards and Cassell wrote that if the judge dismisses their lawsuit:

Then the government will never have to give any information in any case to any victim.[110]

And that would render the Crime Victims’ Rights Act null and void. Yet if the law was upheld by Judge Marra’s decision, Miami hotshot lawyer and member of Epstein’s dream team Roy Black insists that his former client’s due process would be robbed.[111] How about the virginity and innocence of childhood that scores of underage girls had violently robbed by the rapist who hardly paid for his crime, and the stolen rights of the two victims who were shut out of the secret shady deal that Black and company illegally made with Acosta? How about their rights Mr. Black?

Strengthening the case, previous plea bargain deals have been tossed out later for the exact same reason, failure to inform the victims, except those cases were the result of oversights. Epstein’s case was premeditated as Dershowitz explicitly directed Acosta to not let the victims know. Again, per Edwards and Cassell’s written court papers:

The undisputed facts of this case prove that, rather than forthrightly discharging its obligations to numerous child sexual assault victims, the government chose to enter into a secret deal with the man who had victimized them.[112]

Acosta’s prosecutor team even flagrantly lied in a letter sent to the victims in January 2008, four full months after the plea agreement was signed, bogusly claiming that the case was still under investigation. With the sweetheart deal of a lifetime already a done deal, Acosta’s team wrote:

This can be a lengthy process and we request your continued patience while we conduct a thorough investigation.[113]

If Judge Marra makes the only moral and legal correct decision to order federal prosecutors to reopen the investigation and potentially move the case finally to prosecution and trial, correcting the feds’ egregious behavior over a decade earlier, it would establish a national precedent but most importantly be a fatal blow to the international pedo crime cabal. Apparently still stalling for time, Judge Marra has yet to make his momentous decision. Meanwhile, the world is watching and waiting.

If the so called US justice system was actually a real justice system, it would throw out the horrendous 2007 non-prosecution/immunity deal and finally try Epstein on child sex trafficking charges as well as raping and sodomizing hundreds of young girls in addition to throwing out the immunity deal to Epstein’s pimping accomplices and the dozens of powerful pedophile patrons caught on camera and prosecute all of them for their countless child sex crimes. And then go after the Mossad, Israel, and the CIA-Vatican-Rothschild deep state alliance that essentially runs the global pedophilia trafficking network. But in all of human history, the ruling elite’s puppets have never been brought to justice, much less their ruling handlers. Trump’s so called war on the pedophilic deep state must produce results. Again the mantra “seeing is believing” comes readily to mind.

The fact remains that not one big name pedophile has ever been historically indicted, much less ever served serious time. The worst child sodomizing offenders at the top of the pedo-food chain are chronically allowed to live out their long lives till their natural deaths despite the tons of incriminating evidence flimsily concealed protecting them. Their years of Satanic beastly crimes are simply tolerated so that the Sir Jimmy Saviles[114] (biggest pedophile in UK history as celebrated legendary entertainer and pimp for the royals) and Sir Edward Heaths[115] (former UK prime minister) of the world don’t have to be bothered with facing any real consequences for all their ungodly sins during their lifetimes. And in the case of Epstein, the Podestas, the Clintons and Bushes, if this longstanding unbroken status quo prevails, those monsters will never be held accountable either, despite repeatedly raping, murdering and destroying millions and millions of children’s lives.

The pedophilia cabal that from the get-go financed Epstein’s Mossad-CIA linked blackmail operation continues into a second decade merely paying off dozens of his underage victims in order to avoid prosecution that would ultimately force full public exposure of the Illuminati-Zionist elite’s diabolical machination that maintains absolute global control over all its pedophile puppets in high places. Because far too much is at stake here, the planetary controllers’ Luciferian strategy is to simply keep feeding unlimited hush money to continue successfully silencing Epstein’s never ending supply of past victims – anything to prevent the dark ugly truth about their massive global blackmail control system from ever seeing the full light of day. So it’s up to us citizens of the world to get informed by arming ourselves with the truth and quickly reach critical mass demanding that justice finally be served. The pedo crime cabal has gotten away with it for way, way, way too long now.

In October and November 2016 just prior to the presidential election, psychiatrist and longtime intelligence operative within the US State Department Steve Pieczenik publicly stated that both Bill and Hillary Clinton are pedophiles having made multiple trips on their buddy’s Lolita Express to his Caribbean sex slave island.[116] Pieczenik explained that both the FBI and NYPD possess the necessary evidence discovered on disgraced ex-congressman and fellow convicted pedophile Anthony Weiner’s laptop that fully exposes the Bush-Clinton-Obama Deep State perversions, corrosive cronyism and treasonous high crimes long embedded in Washington,[117] since JFK’s assassination over a half century ago. Weeks prior to the election, Steve accused Obama and Clintons of pulling off a tyrannical coup and Pieczenik’s group of insiders countering it with a “soft coup” of their own via the information war on the internet along with all the WikiLeaks’ releases.

His second appearance on YouTube comments on the then breaking Clinton sex scandal as further evidence of their counter-coup’s success. Weiner, his wife and longtime Hillary aide Huma Abedin, and Clintons all made trips to Epstein’s “Orgy Island.” In addition to her plethora of high crimes, turns out Hillary has a well-documented history as a sexual predator of underage girls as well.[118] She was caught on video with her longtime lover Huma having sex with a young girl. Law enforcement officials investigating serial rapist Bill Clinton also have the goods on Bill’s pedophilia proclivities. For months if not years reports have maintained that authorities are fast closing in on the former president and his partner-in-crime wife. Yet the world still waits for their turn behind bars.

Epstein is the most infamous case in recent years incriminatingly linking the Clintons, Anthony Weiner, his estranged wife Huma[119] and our current president. After Epstein was investigated in 2005, indicted in 2006, illegally granted the deal of the century in 2007 and convicted in 2008, the sex ring ringleader was forced to register as a sex offender.[120] His compound on his private Caribbean island Little St. James was the getaway destination for countless high profile pedophiles who “partied” having sex with child slaves with hidden blackmail cameras always running in every room. In addition to the Clintons and Weiners, Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew and Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey are all known to have traveled on Epstein’s private Boeing 727.[121] Other notable Lolita Express-Sex Slave Island partakers include a motley crew of former Israeli Prime Minister (1999-2001) Ehud Barak, physicist Stephen Hawking, rocker Kurt Cobain’s widow Courtney Love and actor Chris Tucker. Just one year after his legal hand slap, in 2010 Epstein and his girl Maxwell were both invited to daughter Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.[122] So much for the disinfo propaganda insisting that the Clintons abruptly cut off all contact with the registered sex offender once he was arrested in 2006. Like Prince Andrew, old pedo ties to Jeffrey Epstein die hard.

With more lawsuits still showing up on the books, yet another new civil case was filed against Epstein and his fellow child sex traffickers that was scheduled for a pretrial conference on March 9th, 2017.[123] But that case likely faded from the media resulting in yet another sleazy quiet undisclosed payoff. Police and judicial records document that Epstein had unlawful sex with at least 40 or more girls under age 18 and has been allowed to simply pay dozens of them off with confidentially sealed financial out-of-court settlements.[124] Estimates including Epstein’s teenage victims who have chosen to forego legal action number into the hundreds. But the insulated systemic protection supplied by our morally bankrupted legal system shielding Epstein and his high powered pedophile friends like the Clintons from justice for decades on end may potentially be coming to an end.

Recall that Trump promised at the second 2016 presidential debate that when he was in the Oval Office, he’d put Hillary Clinton behind bars, receiving highest marks from millions of debate scorekeepers.[125] On another occasion, Trump alluded to “a lot of legal problems coming up” for Bill over his past Epstein liaisons.[126] Yet once winning the election, the president suddenly backed off, claiming that Hillary “has been through enough.”[127] There can be no disputing the fact that Donald Trump and the Clintons were both in tight with the same convicted pedophile buddy Epstein, and clearly ran with the same highbrow New York-Palm Beach crowds.

A 2003 New York Magazine article reported that Trump attended a dinner party at Epstein’s Big Apple mansion honoring Bill Clinton.[128] Both Trump and Epstein are on record financially donating on more than one occasion to the Clinton machine. And Trump has taken a series of chummy photographs together with the Clintons, one on a boys club golf outing with Bill that included former NYC mayors Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg,[129] as well as other choice family album pics with the Trumps and Bill Clinton arm and arm and the Donald yukking it up with the Clintons appearing the best of friends not all that many years ago.[130] [131]

If President Trump drops the ball on his promise to drain the swamp, starting with the two biggest swamp rats of them all – Bill and Hillary Clinton, we will all definitely know whose side he’s really on, and that he’s nothing more than a compromised fellow swamp rat himself. And if the Clintons’ shady, murderously treasonous, criminal pedophile past doesn’t finally catch up to them and land them both in jail, of course it will only mean that “birds of a feather flock together” and status quo continues to permit the earth’s most powerful evildoers to enjoy their entire lifetimes living above the law. Trump loyalists will be hard put to defend and explain their crowned champion should he fail to hold the Clintons and their Deep State crime cabal bent on destroying both him and the United States fully accountable.

But also since becoming president, in recent months rumors are a-buzzing over Hillary and McCain often pictured wearing boots and leg casts, allegedly concealing their law enforcement issued ankle bracelets while under house arrest.[132] Meanwhile, one or both of the Podesta brothers are in ill health and reported to be in custody, possibly already awaiting a military tribunal at an expanded wing of Guantanamo Prison.[133] Per last year’s Trump signed December 21st executive order[134] declaring a national emergency, the president is said to have declared an all-out war against the army of Deep State traitors, allegedly rounding up and arresting countless suspects on treason, human rights violations including trafficking while seizing their assets.[135] All this speculative hype including the thousands of sealed indictments has given renewed hope to millions of Americans praying that the rottenest, baddest apples at the top of the predator food chain are fast being delivered to their long-awaited prison cellblocks with their names on them on the newly expanded Guantanamo Row.[136]

But before we get too carried away with our fantasies and wishful thinking, a closer look at the personal history between President Trump and Jeffrey Epstein might explain and even determine the outcome of whether the swamp is actually getting drained. It’s public knowledge that the current president was a longtime close friend of pedophile Epstein. In a 2002 New York Magazine issue, Trump gave this glowing report on his pedo-pal:

I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy… he’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it – Jeffrey enjoys his social life.[137]

From this brief but highly revealing account, it’s pretty obvious the Donald knew back in 2002 that his longtime bud was in fact a pedophile three whole years before Epstein ever got caught.

What we do know from both media and police records, Epstein’s infamous black book contains 14 personal phone numbers belonging to Donald Trump, including his ex-wife Ivana and daughter Ivanka as well as his then future wife Melania.[138] The list of names in his phone book reads like a who’s who amongst the mega-elite. To name drop a few: Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia, war criminal Tony Blair, former Utah governor and GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman, Senator Ted Kennedy, globalist guru-war criminal Henry Kissinger and major political donor heavyweights David Koch and Pepe Fanjul. Under the bizarre heading “Jeffrey” were more power players: Lolita Express flyers Ehud Barak and Alan Dershowitz, John Kerry, former senator turned lobbyist George Mitchell, another VIP lobbyist Thomas Quinn and the late globalist kingpin David Rockefeller[139] as well as another Lolita Express flier Naomi Campbell, Richard Branson, Michael Bloomfield and Dustin Hoffman.[140] Queen Elizabeth, Saudi King Salman as well as Edward and Evelyn de Rothschild are also listed.[141] No doubt the Mossad and Greater Israel Project would love to have all these top-end elitists in their back pocket.

Also records demonstrate that Trump has made phone calls to Epstein, dined and partied at both of the pedophile’s Florida and Manhattan mansions, that Epstein has been a regular visitor at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, that is until Trump learned that Epstein sexually assaulted an underage girl at Trump’s resort, according to attorney Brad Edwards.[142] Also per a 2009 deposition, Jeffrey’s younger brother Mark stated that Trump has also flown on Epstein’s infamous plane.[143] The Donald and pedo-pal Epstein of course are mutual friends with fellow alleged pedophile Prince Andrew. From a January 2016 Vice News article:

Epstein and Maxwell were repeat guests at Mar-A-Lago. In 2000, they hung out there with Prince Andrew, who arrived for vacation on Trump’s private plane. That same year, the Palm Beach Post reported that Trump, Epstein, Prince Andrew, and Maxwell were all at a tennis tournament/celebrity event at Mar-A-Lago.[144]

But the Donald-Jeffrey association may go far deeper, darker and more incriminating than just that. Another bizarre twist hit Trump in the run-up to his 2016 election when yet another alleged underage victim going by the pseudonym Katie Johnson first filed an April lawsuit in California that was thrown out. But then a few months later in June she filed another in New York against both Epstein and then presidential candidate Trump. Johnson accused Trump of raping her repeatedly when she was only 13.[145] One of Epstein’s recruiters of underage girls calling herself Tiffany Doe also claimed that there exists corroborating evidence that Tiffany not only furnished Oklahoma runaway Katie Johnson as barely a teen aspiring model fetched fresh from 42nd Street Port Authority to a Trump attended Jeffrey party at the Wexner soon-to-be Epstein’s sex mansion where Katie alleges she was raped in violent sexual roleplays by Trump at several of his pedo buddy’s soirees in 1993 and 1994. Her account of events from her lawsuit states:

The recruiter suggested that she might become a model if she met the right people at a fashionable party. That was a typical approach used by Epstein’s recruiters, who leveraged his high-level contacts with fashion, modelling, photography, travel, political and entertainment figures to entice girls, tweens and teens, according to court records.[146]

Johnson contends that Trump knew she was 13 in 1993 when he raped her at four different parties she attended.[147] At the final party, again an extraction from her lawsuit describes the encounter:

Defendant Trump tied Plaintiff to a bed, exposed himself to Plaintiff, and then proceeded to forcibly rape Plaintiff. During the course of this savage sexual attack, Plaintiff loudly pleaded with Defendant Trump to stop but with no effect. Defendant Trump responded to Plaintiff’s pleas by violently striking Plaintiff in the face with his open hand and screaming that he would do whatever he wanted.[148]

At two of these four parties Katie Johnson alleged that Jeffrey Epstein also raped her, once after Trump did his damage. From her lawsuit account Johnson maintains that Epstein penetrated her:

… anally and vaginally despite her loud pleas to stop. She stated that Epstein attempted to strike her on the head with his closed fists, while he angrily screamed that he [Epstein], rather than Trump, should have been the one who took the girl’s virginity.[149]

Pettily and egomaniacally enraged over ending up with “sloppy seconds,” pig Epstein’s sense of entitlement thinking nothing of callously and brutally destroying children’s lives provides a psychopathic glimpse into the elite’s monstrously demonic, pathological world. As is standard treatment in child abuse cases, per the Johnson lawsuit, both Trump and Epstein separately warned her that if she ever revealed what they did, she and and her family would be “physically harmed if not killed.”[150]

Of course when the Katie Johnson bombshell surfaced briefly in 2016 along with all the other charges of sexual harassment from alleged victims, Trump categorically denied any and all sexual impropriety accusations. His spokesman Alan Garten’s initial claim was that Trump had no relationship with Epstein, then when confronted with conflicting evidence, Trump “barely knew” him.[151] But with sex allegations still lingering over Trump during his first year as president, in light of an alleged 2016 hush money payoff over a 2006 affair with an adult film actress while married, in October 2017 his White House Press Secretary insisted:

All the women who have accused President Trump of sexual harassment are lying.[152]

With the pretrial hearing of the Katie Johnson case scheduled in mid-December 2016, New York City US District Judge Ronnie Abrams asserted that she would require both Trump and Epstein to appear in person to testify in her courtroom. But just four days before Election Day, Katie Johnson’s sex suit was suddenly dropped, allegedly because she had made up the story.[153] Of course all along the Trump supporters claimed that Johnson was hired by Hillary while the Hillary crowd immediately suspected that Johnson had been secretly paid off or that her life had been threatened. Word subsequently has it that the true reason the lawsuit was cancelled was Katie Johnson’s life was indeed threatened by Trump operatives.[154]

Based on a long shared history, we also know that both Trump and Epstein are sexual predators who are sue-happy litigants that do not hesitate to use aggressive threats and the legal system to intimidate and neutralize their adversaries. And it was during a television appearance on The View in 2006 that the Donald with his then 24-year old daughter Ivanka claimed if she wasn’t his biological kin, he’d be dating her.[155] That along with countless other lecherous statements[156] such as speculating in 1994 over his one-year old daughter’s future breasts[157] or the numerous provocative photos of teen Ivanka sitting on daddy’s lap,[158] suggesting latent incestualized leanings regardless of whether ever acted on. All of this together seems to indicate and fit a sexual predator profile of a man who habitually and automatically sexualizes females as mere play objects.

Then the plot recently thickened when in response to the Alabama Senate election where sexual allegations of pedophilia were levied against the GOP candidate Roy Moore, Ivanka stated:

There’s a special place in hell for people who prey on children.[159]

Then in a December 2017 Vanity Affair interview, the feuding White House sacked Steve Bannon poignantly retorted:

What about the allegations about her dad and that 13-year-old?[160] [Referring to Katie Johnson]

Meanwhile, investigative journalist Wayne Madsen chimes in offering the perfect way for Trump to make good on draining the swamp after declaring January human trafficking awareness month:

Trump should start his anti-trafficking campaign by seizing Jeffrey Epstein’s planes and Little St James Island. But then, Jeff may release the pics, audio & video of the Wexner mansion from 1994.[161]

Of course Madsen and Bannon are both referring to the civil lawsuits filed in 2016 against both Epstein and then presidential candidate Trump. Aside from the Katie Johnson case, another alleged victim known in court documents as Maria has also accused both the notorious registered sex offender and sitting current president of sodomizing and raping her at the tender age of 12 in 1993 at that same Wexner owned, soon to be Epstein owned pedo party property.[162] Several months earlier Maria had been kidnapped at age 11 on March 19, 1993 in front of a Waterbury, Connecticut pizza shop. Confidential witnesses who knew the Puerto Rican preteen believe that her abductors were part of a child sex trafficking ring supplying children to wealthy pedophiles [like Epstein], a stone’s throw away in nearby New York City.[163]

When Madsen attempted to gain a copy of the Waterbury police report on Maria’s abduction, the police department referred him to the city’s administrative gatekeeper who denied both an interview and access to police records. In 2003 the arrest and conviction of a former mayor for pedophilia caught abusing a pair of Puerto Rican cousins 8- and 10-years old (not unlike Maria in both age and ethnicity) apparently has caused town officials to become extremely guarded and uncooperative regarding inquiries into past cases involving Waterbury and child sex crimes.[164] Turns out the current Waterbury mayor was the pedophile mayor’s police chief. The mafia connections and steep corruption in both the city and state led to conviction of the former Connecticut governor also from Waterbury in 2004. The local politicians’ link to pedophilia and child sex trafficking spooked city officials from even talking about Maria’s disappearance and subsequent victimization as an abducted and trafficked child sex slave. It was the FBI and federal authorities that busted the crimes committed by Waterbury politicians while the city attempted in vain to hide and cover-up its rather long criminal history of pedo skeletons in its closet.

At the time that Katie and Maria filed their lawsuits in 2016, despite initial interest from major media outlets to cover their critically important stories, Madsen contends that MSM was intimidated by Trump Organization legal threats and chose not to report.[165] Of course MSM is in deep with deep state pedophilia and that in and of itself would sufficiently explain why virtually no coverage was given. Whatever the reason, silence descended on the media and the Trump pedophilia issue.[166] But Madsen maintains that Trump henchmen were able to identify Maria and her location and both Maria and Katie received death threats should they pursue their lawsuits against the president-to-be.[167]

For many decades in America lack of moral courage and integrity at the corporate mainstream Mockingbird level has always prohibited any real serious investigation when the media is highly complicit in the pedophilia epidemic itself. The power to harass and destroy the reputations and lives of victims, whistleblowers and honest journalists in order to at all cost conceal the truth from public disclosure is both life threatening and foreboding in a nation that once guaranteed in its Constitution the First Amendment rights of a free press. But in this Luciferian Deep State swamp, sadly those days appear long gone.

Upon release from his jailhouse sleepovers and house arrest, back in the Big Apple in early 2011 a flippant, cocky Jeffrey Epstein wanted to inform the world that he’s not the demonized sick pervert he’s been made out to be, in his mind he’s simply a misunderstood, much maligned victim of society’s ignorance. In a transparently warped attempt to reeducate us about him being a harmless “Level 3 sex offender” (deemed highest at-risk to reoffend) who never presented a serious threat nor damaged any of his scores of accusers, Epstein insists that he is not a sexual predator:

I’m not a sexual predator, I’m an ‘offender.’ It’s the difference between a murderer and a person who steals a bagel.[168]

After his sordid criminality, to dare maintain the brazen audacity to pretend his atrocious rape crimes with girls as young as 12 and his child sex trafficking blackmail operation was nothing but the harmless indiscretions of a bagel thief is the epitome of psychopathic arrogance and delusional grandiosity characteristic of a privileged and protected prince among his Luciferian masters.

During the ensuing decade since Epstein’s conviction, the seedy truth has continued slowly trickling out, exposing the dark, twisted, perverse sex slave trafficking operation that Epstein and his bevy of co-conspirators recruited child victims as sex slaves from poor neighborhoods in Florida, New York, South America, Europe and Russia, including three 12-year old girls from France as a birthday gift.[169] Incredibly, his procuring pimp co-conspirators and scores of powerful pedo patrons were all granted immunity.[170] For well over a decade Epstein and his hired handlers freely trafficked victims to his sex slave island and his other residential palaces to serve the elite’s pedophile crowd listed in the billionaire’s infamous black book.[171] Contained therein are names of scores of the most powerful politicians from presidents to prime ministers, royalty, judges, CEOs, bankers and entertainers, all for blackmailing purposes so that the Luciferian planetary controllers through US Empire and Israel could continue unchallenged their absolute authority and control over the geopolitics chessboard. But their reign of terror and destruction is fast coming to an end now that the truth – piece by piece – has been more fully exposed than at any previous time in human history. The crime cabal is going down! Hollywood as its cultural media brainwashing epicenter of the predatory Luciferian cesspool is covered in the next chapter.


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