Chapter 34: Deception of the Ages: How Humanity Was Hijacked over a Quarter Million Millennia Ago and Ruled by Extraterrestrial Slave Masters Ever Since

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Chapter 34 Deception of the Ages: How Humanity Was Hijacked over a Quarter Million Millennia Ago and Ruled by Extraterrestrial Slave Masters Ever Since

Joachim Hagopian

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We have not resolved nor integrated our genesis and our history as a species, and, therefore, are at a loss to understand our real nature and future trajectory. That we do not see this as a profound puzzle is further proof of our species primitive naiveté.

Neil Freer, antiquarian-futurist lecturer-author

The roots of the British monarchy and black nobility bloodlines of Europe still dictating and controlling today’s world can all be traced back to one of the earth’s first conquerors from outer space – the alien Anunnaki civilization allegedly from the planet Nibiru, the controversial celestial body that many maintain enters our solar system on an anomalous elliptical orbit every 3,600 years around our sun.[1] It’s been called Planet X or the tenth planet. Centralized power and control on earth has remained in the same relatively few bloodline hands of tyrannical rulership by inherited birthright alone since this alien Anunnaki race first arrived on our planet approximately 432,000 years ago.[2]

Use of the term Anunnaki has come to generically refer to all extraterrestrial races that have visited or made contact with the earth. But this is far too simplistic, in the same way that numerous different races and ethnicities contribute and enrich the wide array of human diversity, so too many different alien races have established their presence on this planet. The Annunaki may have been the most dominant and aggressive though, claiming and assuming rulership over the earth. According to scholar and author Zecharia Sitchin, who spent half a century deciphering the ancient Sumerian language on cuneiform tablets, Sumer’s history accurately chronicles in detail the Anunnaki alien footprint on planet earth.[3]

Evidence shows that other ET civilizations other than the Anunnaki from such star systems as Pleiades, Sirius and Orion regularly visited, interacted and also interbred using human genetic engineering as well.[4] In all, perhaps dozens of alien civilizations allegedly left their DNA imprints on various geographical regions, explaining the existence of varying races and ethnicities. Throughout time other advanced extraterrestrial races engaging in interstellar and intergalactic travel to earth have regularly spread their genetically encoded DNA star seeds around the globe to produce the wide spectrum of human diversity in racial and ethnic lineage.[5] As an example, the Aldebaran star’s Nordic ET race is associated with Aryans of Germany and the Scandinavian Vikings.[6]

Predating religion, the first known human civilization recorded earth changing developments written on clay cuneiform tablets by members of the remarkably advanced Sumerian civilization in southern Mesopotamia between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers about 5 to 6,000 years ago. Their tablets were first discovered in the mid-19th century before the world even knew the Sumerians existed,[7] unlocking the door to the cradle of civilization, on land today occupied by the war ravaged nation state of Iraq, still attempting to remove earth’s imperialist enemy the Anglo-American-Zionist oppressor-executioner.[8] The Sumerians attained numerous milestone firsts for mankind as the first known humans to adapt a non-nomadic lifestyle living in populated, prosperously productive agricultural communities, advancing their own language,[9] writing, mathematics, law and astronomy, millennia ago aware of undiscovered planets and fixed stars only detected recently by scientists in the last century.[10]

With at least half the world now believing that ETs and UFOs are every bit real,[11] and so much mounting evidence confirming their veracity[12] (despite numerous hoaxes, disinfo and outright lies), even the hardcore scientific community is slowly coming around toward acceptance of this inevitable fact.[13] Each year more earthlings are clamoring for the long-awaited “Disclosure” when governments finally break official policy of denial and suppression to finally begin revealing what’s been withheld from the public for decades about the reality that we earthlings are far from alone in this universe.[14] Yet humanity still awaits…

Aside from the entertainment appeal factor pumped nonstop out of Hollywood with the likes of GeorgeR’ “Star Wars” series and Steven Spielberg’s “ET” and “Close Encounters,” pop culture obsession for all things extraterrestrial has generated enormous widespread popularity and huge profit worldwide. Indulging in commercial exploitive fantasy that includes gobs of disinformation and stereotypes within the commercial Sci-Fi genre is one thing, but overtly violating the crime cabal’s official censorship policy regarding the truth behind alien contact with earth is still very much taboo. By design, actual coverage of UFOs and human contact with aliens is still routinely suppressed to this day. And when this subject matter does break through the corporate media censorship barrier, its job is to render “true believers” as hardcore crazies. An illustrative example is a recent story from April 2019 of the Oxford lecturer claiming aliens are interbreeding with humans to form a hybrid that will survive climate change and environmental degradation.[15] While mainstream press feeds off this dog and pony horseshit with tongue wagging ridicule and glee, it won’t go near revealing the actual truth in any depth even if its sorry-ass life depends on it.

Ever since the Roswell, New Mexico crash of a UFO in 1947 and then its immediate military cover-up,[16] the 1936 crashed flying saucer in Black Forest, Germany’s Vril Society and Nordic alien connections facilitating Hitler’s reverse-engineering of antigravity technology,[17] establishing his Nazi Antarctic UFO bases,[18] virtually all exposure of alien contact has been effectively squelched.[19] For three quarters of a century, “above top secret” Majestic 12’s governmental suppression of all evidence of repeated UFO crashes, including 27 dead aliens were buried in secrecy,[20] while resorting to death threats and assassination of witnesses and potential whistleblowers, morphing quickly into the Secret Space Program.[21] In 1954 President Eisenhower met initially with Nordic ETs but after three meetings, cut a deal with the grays, signing a mutual agreement of secrecy and collusion in exchange for techno info that was also kept hush-hush.[22] Most astronauts in space have encountered UFOs. Several have even gone public, like original Mercury 7 astronaut Gordon Cooper[23] and Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who maintained that ETs contacted humans on a number of occasions but the government of course always kept it secret.[24] Then for many decades all those magnificent crop circles, the calling card signature of aliens reminding us of their constant presence, despite human hoaxes.[25]

At the same time, fueled by mass media, a cottage industry of serious truth-seeking UFO-logists has grown up researching the countless alien craft sightings,[26] accompanied by an upsurge of human abduction by ETs,[27] reportedly conducted by mostly amphibian reptiles and grays (aside from the fake abductions by US military black budget operations).[28] Typical ET-human abduction contact involves experimental medical probes and even interbreeding,[29] while claims of alien and reptilian hybrids walk amongst us.[30] In most close encounters with abductees, aliens tend to treat humans with respect and civility, though some have left victims fearful and traumatized, particularly amongst lower interdimensional ET entities[31] or human black ops,[32] at times working in tandem.

Amidst this growing mass media focus on the sensationalized “woo-woo” aspect of the ET phenomenon, an enormous body of solid undisputable scientific evidence has emerged of both the undeniable alien earthly presence alongside empirical evidence uncovering humanity’s ancient historical relationship with extraterrestrials. With so much written on the Anunnaki alien race from Nibiru, this chapter will delve into our human origins based on the so called “ancient astronaut theory.” Over the past half century, through a synthesis of ancient Sumerian record and cumulative archeological and genetic discovery, an increasingly credible, plausible and factual foundation of knowledge has been established to explain the true history of the birth of the human species.

That said, still so much misunderstanding, contradiction, dis-info and misinformation and outright falsehood permeate this entire broad topic, effort will be made to glean the pervasive essence within this highly controversial subject matter, capsulized in a single condensed chapter. Inconsistencies where relevant will be covered. As an example, almost as much is out there expounding on the Anunnaki reptilian Dracos hailing from the Draco constellation as the Anunnaki race from Nibiru. So which is it? Nibiru or Draco or both? This nebulous treading on thin ice, filled with such speculative, contradictory feeds, amidst an army of skeptics’ ammo poo-pooing this at times iffy topic, can be a daunting task despite an ever-growing body of evidence and receptive audience hungering for truth around the globe.

Wading through murky waters notwithstanding, this chapter will present the compelling truth that an alien ET race, commonly referred to as the Anunnaki, that arrived on earth nearly a half million millennia ago, between 250 to 300,000 years ago used its advanced genetics to create the first Homo sapiens, combining Anunnaki alien DNA with the DNA of a local hominin in Africa. Ever since, while human beings have been breeding with other humans, leaving a significantly lesser trace of original Anunnaki DNA in our common human genome, from the very start, the Anunnaki earth colonizers as our slavemasters have bred largely amongst themselves only, thereby retaining their status as a purebred lineage of “alien gods,” in command of their lowly human slaves. So as a species we now face a few aliens who are barely human still wielding dictatorial control over the now 7.8 billion of us human “useless eater” types. With 2020’s rollout of their deadly Coronavirus, they’ve declared genocidal depopulation war against us.

This presentation will factually demonstrate that the ruling bloodline elites possessing control over the earth during the entire existence of humans living in this world are either full-blooded Anunnaki aliens or a mixed ET-barely human hybrid species. They have selfishly chosen to secretly keep their “blue blood” power to themselves by maintaining over the millennia strict adherence to a practice of incestuous intra-breeding. So their story on planet earth is, once a “godly” slavemaster to lowly “inferior” humans, always the “godly” slavemaster to us lowly slaves, still regarded simply as their human-chattel. This is the real history of humankind that our nonhuman “owners” have conveniently concealed from us for more than a quarter million millennia. I’d say it’s high time for the truth to be told, processed and accepted. Only then will it be possible to break the binding shackles of human enslavement. After all, knowledge is power.

A brief history follows of the Anunnaki alien race and its tangible, yet largely hidden presence on earth. According to conventional history books, disseminated by mainstream academia, the Anunnaki race is merely mythological, comprised of deities[33] that hold fairy tale weight in the annals of what may have actually transpired in the ancient land of Sumer, credited as the “cradle of civilization.” Rather than treat the Anunnaki race as gods from the mythological heavens, far too much evidence clearly shows that the Anunnaki were flesh and blood aliens mostly of humanoid appearance that ruled over the human slaves that they initially created. The chronology of the Anunnaki colonization of the earth and its genetically engineered human species comprising its slave population was recorded on written Sumerian cuneiform tablets by the world’s first “known” human civilization located in southern Mesopotamia, now modern-day Iraq.[34] Such Sumerian texts as Enuma Elish and the Epic of Gilgamesh among many others tell the story of the Anunnaki and their grand experiment creating Homo sapiens as their designated slaves.

By insisting that Anunnaki were simply make-believe, mythical figures, gods and deities, obscured in a long lost buried history of no apparent consequence, the above stated fact, by design, has persistently been avoided. As a result, humanity’s been hijacked and cast into a permanent state of brutal enslavement by psychopathic nonhumans whose bloodline descendants are still tightly ruling over us today. Nonhuman psychopaths are still serving Lucifer as our slavemaster overlords, retaining supreme power over us as royalty and heads of church and state. The reptilian ET race also holds court over all their inner club secret societies as operational fixtures both imbued and embedded in increasing centralized power as major players in not only all earthly political and economic affairs but the global pedophilia network immersed in satanic abuse ritual as well.[35] Since ancient times, cannibalistic reptilians literally need and feed on children for their flesh and adrenalized blood as illustrated in the last chapter on the British royal family but actually all chapters exposing the Luciferian ruling elite.

The pathetically despicable reality of once an abused slave, always an abused slave, may not go over well if humanity woke the fuck up to all the parasitic carnivores’ lies and murderous conspiracy still holding us hostage. Luciferian owners of this world who obviously possess a vested interest in keeping us blindly ignorant, fearful and dumbed down, are desperately afraid of the consequences should humanity realize this harsh truth that humans have been screwed over nonstop for as long as we’ve been living and dying on this planet.

And now without further ado, the ever-so-important history lesson of the ages. Anu, the top Anunnaki leader of the Sumerian pantheon, considered “the Great Father of the Sky,” was the king of Nibiru. Anu first sent his two half-brother sons – Enlil and Enki – to earth when Nibiru moved towards the sun and earth in its elliptical orbit over 432,000 years ago.[36] Essentially, humans emerged out of an Anunnaki colonizer’s test tube. Prince Enki, chief scientist used his own DNA to mix with the DNA of the closest primate, very likely a Homo erectus Neanderthal 250-300,000 years ago to come up with the first Homo sapiens human being. But the intent from the very start of creating a human species was strictly for enslavement purposes to serve the ruling ET masters. Sadly, more than ever, today’s human race remains just as enslaved at the hands of the same ruling Anunnaki descendants – a genetic hybrid breed composed mostly of alien DNA and less human, personified most visibly by the likes of the black nobility Houses of Windsor, Rothschild and Rockefeller among a handful of other bloodline families.

This chapter tells the more accurate story of how humans were first created as slaves to serve their extraterrestrial masters falsely posing as our gods for over a quarter million millennia and how their not fully human mixed alien descendants disguised as European nobility bloodlines are still firmly in control as our slavemasters. They or their psychopathic loyal puppets doing their dirty bidding are selected as our world leaders. “Selected, not elected” as FDR once admitted,[37] because it’s no accident that, according to Burke’s Peerage, virtually all 45 American presidents in US history have been related to European royal bloodlines as well.[38] Alien hybrid imposters posing as the earth’s controlling overlords are responsible for perpetual war, centralized usury debt enslavement, today’s scourge of worldwide pedophilia operations, earth’s ongoing premeditated sixth extinction event, or perhaps more apt, “first extermination event,”[39] induced by toxic ecocide and now 5G radiation[40] and now a killer bioweapon accompanied by a century of suppression of all human disease cures[41] and use of unlimited clean free energy.[42] The move toward centralized one world government tyranny and control, cashless, one world digital currency and one world religion – Luciferianism – is clearly the ET hybrid planetary controllers’ absolute megalomaniacal agenda – sooner than later fulfilled if we permit it.

More than any prior time in our entire human history, under the same handful of nonhuman bloodline overlord rulers orchestrating the criminal hoax of their unleashed Coronavirus induced worldwide panic attack, designed to rapidly obliterate and destroy the global economy and potentially even the human race, killing off all small to moderate sized businesses around the world, a terrorized, more easily controlled earth population is floundering one giant step closer towards absolute one world governance as the Trojan horse rollout as our savior. Fearing that the global masses are getting closer to reaching critical mass, realizing ultimately that the planetary controllers are responsible for the present day human blight of pedophilia, the nonhuman powers-that-should-never-have-been, are now predatorily moving in for their kill, depopulating the earth by 95% of its current human inhabitants.

Learning the truth about our own origins will automatically empower us as a human species to actively throw off the shackles of our nonhuman criminal imposters who’ve owned planet earth for the last 450,000 years or longer, and from our beginning 250-300,000 years ago been cunningly, stealthily and diabolically enslaving us humans. Through their unfolding current eugenics agenda amounting to human genocide, they’re consolidating absolute power and control by systematically sending 95% of us to early graves in wholesale slaughter of the human species. Though this demonic scheme comes off so vile and appalling as to be rendered non-credible to most humans, we must realize that as psychopathic nonhumans they have no qualms about cold-bloodedly eliminating billions of people, of course benignly wrapped in the doctrine of earth’s sustainability via UN edicts like Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030.[43] Bottom line – as nonhuman Luciferian perpetrators, they literally lust and feed off human suffering and the stench of human death.[44]

Their Georgia Guidestones is their unabashed, publicly decreed playbook monument, their unapologetic pronouncement of how they will murder 7.3 billion out of us 7.8 billion humans currently living and breathing on this planet.[45] The website is a leading military equipment and civil aviation guide that maintains updated posts projecting 183 nations’ gross domestic products and future populations based on collected data sources from think tank academia as well as intelligence analyses. It matter-of-factly claims that the current United Sates population of over 326 million will drastically shrink in the next five years to less than 100 million.[46] Clearly this site is not only predicting major economic collapse and more destabilizing mass migration crisis but even worse – mass human carnage coming sooner than later to 227 million hapless Americans by 2025. In other words, is warning us that within the next five years, 7 out of 10 Americans will be dead or no longer living in the United States. To say the least, this doom and gloom forecast doesn’t bode well for all of humanity, particularly those living in all the Western nations. The globalist elite (plotters of one world government) who, like their Illuminati guru Henry Kissinger see us as useless eaters needlessly taking up space consuming precious, dwindling energy resources, clearly want nearly all of us dead, and, through their concocted bio-warfare killer viruses, hybrid wars and collapse of the global economy, these demonic control freaks from hell on earth aim to get what they want.[47]

At this 11th hour and 58th or 59th minute, the truth can literally set us free to finally begin holding the ruling criminals accountable. But we must mobilize action now through organized truth and reconciliation commissions rather than passively permit our murderous nonhuman slavemasters as our executioners to continue their systematic slaughter of the human race. Time is fast running out.

Everything the rulers have given us as so called truth by way of history, science, education and religion as well as clichéd justifications for war are all propaganda lies of mass deception and destruction for population control purposes (through death, lesser number to control and through fear, far easier to control). Meanwhile, an accumulated body of evidence based on actual archeological discoveries in recent decades bears convincing proof exposing conventional science as state-controlled false dogma nefariously misused against humanity to keep us ignorantly blind, docile and compliant. Though recorded written human history has been deemed limited to only the last 5,000 years, painted images on stone walls, unearthed artifacts, inexplicable monoliths and grand edifices like the pyramids found on every continent stretch much further back in history to illustrate deeper reality that emerges, buried and suppressed by conventional science. Recent findings within mainstream archeology would have us believe that modern man, or Homo sapiens first evolved from the Homo erectus in multiple locations across Africa between 200-300,000 years ago.[48] A more complicated picture is emerging to show a timeline overlap where both Homo erectus and Homo sapiens co-existed at the same time and may have interacted and interbred.

Yet there also exists a mountain of withheld evidence explaining our human origin as a species resulted from the presence on earth of an alien race called the Anunnaki. Rather than a natural developmental evolution from primitive to modern man over millions of years, the anomaly of modern man suddenly appearing overnight in this alternative paradigm gaining momentum over the last several decades, solidly demonstrating that while compatibly fitting within the latest timelines based on recent scientific discoveries, its outright contradictory rejection of both Darwin’s theories of evolution and creationism has generated a controversial backlash of bitter enemies from the existing establishment in both academia and religion. But the bottom line is hardcore evidence from the so called “ancient astronaut theory” (but really fact, not theory) far better explains the origin of modern humans that seemingly came out of the blue (yonder of deep space beings) than either conventional evolutionary science or creationist religion.

A growing number of cumulative scientific findings, however much quashed and rejected by the junk science gatekeepers, provides insurmountable proof that humans were genetically concocted in an alien Anunnaki laboratory in Africa 250-300,000 years ago. And subsequent evidence also points to nonhuman, interdimensional dark forces inhabiting this Extraterrestrial Anunnaki species that arrived nearly a half million millennia ago, landing in the Persian Gulf.[49] The first known ET settlement located in modern day Iraq was in southern Mesopotamia’s Sumer where to this day, the Zionist-US killing machine has worn out its welcome, starting with its 2003 invasion based on fake WMD lies.[50] As soon as the US military landed in 2003, it had orders to head straight to the Iraqi national museum for confiscation of the ancient treasures of Ziggurat of Ur in order to loot, steal and forever bury every last trace of Anunnaki and Sumerian evidence, ensuring that truth about the human origin remains lost and destroyed.[51]

In a related matter, in its so called “war on terror,” why else would the Anglo-American-Zionist Empire’s created proxy war ally, the Islamic State,[52] be allowed to wantonly destroy so much of our history, blowing up ancient sacred sites and artifacts in Iraq and Syria? The Isis attacks were designed to defy and horrify the world by shattering the region’s shared historical heritage where all three major faiths were peaceably practiced side by side within the Islamic dominated Middle East.[53] But also destroying sacred monuments belonging to ancient cultures of the Akkadians, Assyrians and Sumerians were also specifically targeted for destruction as yet more deliberate demolishment of history connected directly to Anunnaki presence.

It’s important to mention that the Anunnaki were neither the first nor only extraterrestrial to colonize the earth, which is reputedly an intergalactic way station for cosmic travelers and competing conquerors from many star systems.[54] Existing long before the Anunnaki earth arrival 432,00 years ago, earlier advanced civilizations like Lemuria and Atlantis were also humanoid inhabited civilizations but relegated as legendary mythical kingdoms by the earth controllers. Turns out genetic scientists estimate that humans are descended from at least 20 humanlike extraterrestrials that beginning millions of years ago have periodically maintained colonies on earth, among them such star systems as Lyra, Vega, Sirius, Orion, Pleiades and Andromeda.[55] Both Lyra and Pleiades ETs are peaceful helpers concerned with the planet’s dark self-destructive forces and influences.[56]

Additionally, the Dinoids from the Bellatrix system in the Orion constellation teamed up with Reptoids from the constellation Sagittarius to reportedly form an alliance that for 8 million years were said to live in harmony with a mammalian pre-cetacean species on earth that provided food in exchange for developing technology.[57]  The Dinoid-Reptoid alliance eventually turned against the spiritually advanced pre-cetaceans but in response to their aggressors, they detonated fusion reactors in the Ural Mountains, forcing the Dinoid-Reptoids to evacuate to a nearby planet Maldek in our solar system. Eventually from Maldek after the Dinoid-Reptoid alliance had recaptured and ruled the solar system for a reported 80,000 years, in retaliation, the Galactic Federation comprised of many star systems formed a temporary alliance with the Draco Reptilian, and eventually destroyed Maldek with a comet causing a cataclysmic collision, resulting in the present day asteroid Kuiper Belt between Mars and Jupiter.[58]

Humans were said to be introduced through genetic engineering to inhabit the earth in what became Lemuria, a vast, highly advanced spiritual civilization that over time expanded to develop colonies in Atlantis, Yu (central China and Tibet) and the Libyan/Egyptian civilizations.[59] But the ambitious Atlantis colony, also known for its strong intellect and technological advancement, coveted imperialistic control of its own and reportedly solicited assistance from renegades from Alpha Centauri and Pleiades star systems to use a force field to cause a meteor shower that destroyed the earth’s onetime second moon which by close proximity also took out Lemuria. Yu went underground in defiance of Atlantis aggression, becoming the spiritually oriented inner world Kingdom of Agartha or Shamballah. Atlantis set up an autocratic hierarchy but was also destroyed by an earlier Great Flood of its own.

Out of 64 million people, only 2 million survived but most of these were humans who’d already been genetically mutated for control purposes (being replicated today by GMOs, toxins, 5G), and the vacuum of power was then seized by more alien invaders from outer space – Alpha Centauri, Beta Centauri and Pleiades, also establishing themselves as alien “gods,” in effect, precursors to the Anunnaki.[60] Thus, nefarious rule over subjugated, dumbed down, mutated humans by “divine right” was already a long established pattern even prior to the Anunnaki race coming to earth. From this extended, time capsulized mini-history, sadly, it appears that war and power struggles over supremacy of planet earth, its solar system and galaxy appear a revolving door phenomenon throughout time.

ace of nist emainsd or religion. existing establishment. ternative paradigm demonstrated story often overlooked by coPer humankind’s first known written language – the Sumerian language, the “Anunnaki” according to most accounts translate to “those who from heaven to earth came,” although another translation contends that it means “princely blood” or “seed of Anu.”[61] In any event, the alien astronauts were literally gold diggers, mining for earthly gold deposits necessary for their alien race’s survival, as a result of efforts to repair its home planet Nibiru’s damaged atmosphere.[62] But also refined monatomic gold was said to be utilized for optimal health and longevity.[63] Ancient Sumerian records indicate that this Mesopotamian civilization was subsequently deemed the very first credited to humans, dating back from 3500 to 1900 BC. Sumerian history contends that Anunnaki ETs initially used advanced genetic engineering 250 to 300,000 years ago to develop the very first humans in Africa, otherwise known as Homo sapiens, but eventually began sexual interbreeding with their lab created native humanoid females. The very first humans out of Enki’s genetics lab were referred to as “blacked headed people.”[64]

By 6,000 years ago, the Anunnaki planned to leave earth for good, so it was only then that the ET slavemasters finally began allowing humans to learn to be a little more independent, hence Sumer suddenly sprang up so advanced overnight as the first human civilization.[65] But during Homo sapiens’ first 244,000 plus years on earth, humans apparently were only used as slave labor and female sex objects, otherwise the Anunnaki kept them rather backward, ignorant and unknowledgeable. The wizard gods, or more apt coldblooded lizards, were always concerned that if the people knew too much, they’d rise up in rebellion against their tyrant owners, not unlike the rulers of today.

As a result of nearing the tail end of the aliens’ earthly presence, Sumer suddenly was endowed with remarkably advanced knowledge for what had been by design dumbed down humans in a myriad of complex subjects and disciplines – astronomy (aware of celestial bodies it took several thousand years before our twentieth century scientists “discovered”), mathematics (coming up with numerical units of sixty in seconds, minutes, hours, and geometric degrees along with other remarkably sophisticated geometrical information), metallurgy (taught how to extract gold ore out of the ground using harmonics, smelting and refining it to monatomic gold dust), agriculture (using advanced irrigation canals and aquifers enabling optimal food production supporting unprecedented thriving city-states as man’s first known civilization, city-state governments (excluding the buried ancient past of Lemuria and Atlantis), law, libraries, and on and on.[66] It’s preposterous to even think human development that hitherto had been relatively stuck at an early primitive stage, somehow on its own spontaneously gain so much progress, blossoming into this incredibly advanced, unprecedented level without interventional assistance from technologically developed extraterrestrials like the Anunnaki.

Moreover, after cyclical cataclysmic events (i.e., worldwide floods, end of life volcanic eruptions, meteor, asteroid, comet collisions with earth, nuclear holocaust), advanced alien civilizations have repeatedly helped jumpstart and restore life on earth, including human life, not necessarily out of the goodness of their heart, but in the case of the Anunnaki, simply for exploitive enslavement.[67] The intentional mislabeling of ancient astronaut “theory” and Anunnaki “mythological deities and gods” as a false smokescreen to cover up the mountain of evidential facts is far too extraordinary to simply ignore or pretend it isn’t so, just to keep living the lie that alien bloodlines never hijacked nor are still controlling human destiny since our very first breath of life.

In 1976 scholar-author Zecharia Sitchin interpreted Sumerian clay tablets to write in his first book The Twelfth Planet,[68] the story of Anunnaki extraterrestrials colonizing planet earth with Anunnaki created human slaves to work their goldmines after arriving on earth nearly a half million millennia ago via the 3,600 year orbiting 10th Planet X that Sitchin, Sumerians and the Anunnaki call Nibiru.[69] Outside of Erich von Däniken’s 1968 bestselling blockbuster Chariots of the Gods, no other book has captured such far-reaching, monumental impact on public awareness of advanced ET civilizations making ancient contact on earth.[70] Sitchin’s total of 9 book Earth Chronicles series has built a compelling theoretical case for revolutionizing how we understand the origin of the human species. But as expected, it has drawn intense fury, criticism and controversy since it shatters every “known” religious, scientific and educational authority’s foundation of what we’ve been conditioned to accept as “established truth.” As a result, The Twelfth Planet has elicited a barrage of attacks and opposition from every sphere it boldly challenges and threatens.

Despite faulting Sitchin’s conclusions for being based on speculation of his own subjective Sumerian interpretations, essentially the core of his analytical hypotheses that we humans are not alone in a multiverse with, over time, an indelible presence of extraterrestrial race(s) on earth playing an enormous role shaping the etiological history of Homo sapiens has subsequently found growing support emerging from archeological finds and an expanding body of work by a number of legitimate scholars, independent scientists and truth-seeking researchers.[71] The conventional status quo of research grants and funding sources based on strict adherence to outdated paradigms spewing the dogma of outworn, indefensible, thoroughly proven lies, all support the currently corrupt, institutionalized power structure of the crime cabal. Perceived threats to its house of cards, status quo lies are typically responded to with character, career and political assassination targeting courageous, pioneering truth tellers, sadly an oft repeated theme cited throughout this entire treatise exposé.

Though Zecharia Sitchin died in 2010 after living to the ripe old age of 90, those professionally associated with Sitchin and fellow proponents within his Nibiru camp, haven’t always been so fortunate. Renowned supervising astronomer at the US Naval Observatory, Dr. Robert Harrington, who co-discovered Pluto’s moon Charon and collaborated with Sitchin searching for the 10th planet Nibiru,[72] suddenly died at the young age of 50 in 1993 from a fast developing cancer,[73] after making claims in a 1988 report that he believed he’d found proof of Nibiru’s approach to the earth,[74] and concurring with Sitchin, concluded that it could support alien life. Ever since, Harrington’s Naval Observatory colleagues working with him on Nibiru have avoided addressing this treacherously controversial issue for all too obvious reasons.

Rodney Marks, a New Zealand astrophysicist working at the South Pole telescope for the National Science Foundation (NSF) that has captured and released photos of Nibiru, also died suddenly in very mysterious circumstances in 2000 of ethanol poisoning despite never drinking liquor.[75] New Zealand police maintain that NSF refused to cooperate, never turning over internal reports nor providing names of those working with the deceased at the time. Then in 2006 the Antarctic station doctor who did work with Rodney Marks suddenly disappeared. Aside from its connection to Nibiru, the frozen continent of Antarctica has a long history of strange anomalies and suspicious, unexplained occurrences that go back to German U-boats, Nazi military bases and American explorer Admiral Richard Byrd’s controversial expeditions and well documented alien and UFO experience.[76]

Meanwhile, ten years before Dr. Harrington’s untimely 1993 demise, the Washington Post featured a front page article based on NASA evidence confirming Nibiru’s orbital flight heading towards earth.[77] A 1992 New York Times article reported that NASA was so certain of its tenth planet discovery that one of its scientists was quoted admitting the only thing left would be to name it. NASA making another public announcement of the mysterious planet posted in July 2005 still remains on its official website.[78] Then in May 2012 a noted Brazilian astronomer working at his national observatory presented compelling evidence of “a planet skirting the edges of the solar system that is four times the size of earth.”[79] A team from Cal Tech in 2015 has also collected and publicized evidence of Nibiru’s approach.[80]

Each and every time America’s national space agency acknowledges Nibiru’s existence, NASA then cowardly withdraws its controversial disclosure, indicating despite scientists knowing it’s there and is eventually coming, due to official US governmental policy of false propaganda secrecy, “Not A Straight Answer” NASA will never firmly stand behind the truth. Its plethora of ridiculous and embarrassing flip-flops and associated suspicious deaths of insiders from within the scientific community suggest foul play and massive criminal cover-up, eerily similar to the numerous anti-vaccine doctors who’ve suddenly died suspiciously,[81] or all the victims and witnesses exposing pedophilia. To the nonhuman demons in charge, truth is always handled as the fatal enemy.

Because Nibiru’s alleged path near the earth every 3,600 years is believed to cause massive upheaval on the earth’s surface bringing tidal waves, epic flooding, earthquakes, volcanos and meteor or asteroid collisions in its wake, the official government position simply ignores and suppresses any and all dangers and warnings associated with a possible Jupiter-sized Planet X fly-by.[82] Another theory postulates that the celestial body hurtling its way towards earth is not a planet at all but a comet traversing a 3,600 year cycle equal to what’s called one shar.[83] Regardless of the specific nature of the cyclical object, the genocidal crime cabal agenda obviously is leaving the matter of life and death survival up to each person for him or herself. From the elite’s POV, the more dead, the better, since controllers are smugly convinced that they are well-prepared for any sudden cataclysmic earth surface disaster via quick access to an existing luxurious subterranean world,[84] or secret already-in-place available space colony comfort.

In its relative slow moving orbit, each time Nibiru nears our planet, major earth cataclysms often have resulted in intensified earthquake, volcanic and tsunami activity, accompanied by severe climate change. During the last projected fly-by, estimated around 1,600 BCE, both the Peruvian and Greek Minoan civilizations abruptly ended, the former due to increased earthquakes, volcanos and climate change,[85] and the latter destroyed by the Santorini volcano.[86] Before that, the previous Nibiru passing close to our planet very likely resulted in the Great Flood, estimated to have occurred 7,000 years ago, according to famed underwater archeologist who located the shipwrecked Titanic, Robert Ballard as well as other scientists.[87] Evidence of sudden rising water flooding the Black Sea and claims of Noah’s Ark remnants lodged in the mountains near Mount Ararat, both supply evidence of the worldwide Great Flood. Other sources estimate the flood timeline during the Nibiru fly-by prior at around 10,500-11,000 years ago.[88]

To us mere mortal earthlings, our one-year revolution around the sun is equivalent to the Anunnaki 3,600 human years that it takes Nibiru to circle the sun along its highly anomalous clockwise elliptic, whereas the rest of the planets in our solar system move counterclockwise. Possessing advanced biomedical technology extended the extraterrestrials’ lifespan as well.[89] Thus, the average Anunnaki alien lived hundreds of thousands of years compared to our puny, less than a century. The average Anunnaki alien lived for 120 shars, multiplying 120 times 3,600 amounts to 432,000 human years, the length of time that the Anunnaki race first arrived on earth to the Great Flood about 7,000 years ago according to the Sumerian King List.[90] After the flood, upon return to earth, Enlil, the Anunnaki prince, earth commander and son of King Anu, proclaimed that mortal humans must be genetically limited at tops to no more than 120 years. Not wanting humans to get uppity like the “gods,” he prohibited humans from partaking in the Tree of Life. Against creating human slaves from the get-go, Enlil never wanted us to be in position to challenge our masters’ despotic authority and power… no different now

All these years later, the oldest humans are still only reaching that same outer age limit of just 120. But with ecocide, the average lifespans of Americans and British, canaries in the charred human coalmine, are now steadily dropping.[91] [92] Reason cited – inequality between rich and poor. But that’s just part of it. What mainstream press is conspicuously leaving out is planetary ecocide and rising stress and suicide levels as primary causes, lethal toxicity levels from chemicals, poisons and drugs saturating our living environment, between geoengineering, 5G radiation, GMOs, fluoride, growing air, land and water pollution, along with collapsing economy, viral “pandemics,” austerity, war leading to absolute New World Order dystopian tyranny… unless we recognize what’s going on and collectively stop it, it’s a done deal.

On an indirect side note, in 2012 Harvard scientists discovered the key to reversing the aging process – in rats – revitalizing the telomeres, the tips of the chromosomes that the process of aging through repeated cell division slowly wears down.[93] The key is the enzyme telomerase that replenishes the vitality of the telomeres. But the biggest kink yet worked out is the enzyme tends to significantly increase cancer risk.


Zecharia Sitchin concluded the Annunaki ET contingent assigned to mining gold and other precious minerals on its colonies of Mars, the moon and earth apparently rebelled against the harsh work conditions.[94] In the face of a mutinous uprising 250,000 years ago, the Anunnaki leader Anu on home planet Nibiru made the executive decision for his son Enki, the chief genetic scientist, to create a slave race of humanoid earthlings to do their dirty work.[95] Their father Nibiran King Anu had assigned his sons Enki and Enlil the Anunnaki task of colonizing planet earth. Enlil was supreme earth commander centered in the Near East while Enki was assigned the gold mining operations in southern Africa. Utilizing existing advanced Anunnaki technological and biomedical knowledge, Enki genetically spliced and merged his own alien DNA code with the DNA of the earth’s hominin in Africa, the native Homo erectus, in order to produce the first Homo sapiens in their own Anunnaki image (similarly copied years later by the monotheistic Judeo-Christian God).[96]

Modern scientific studies have shown that all humans share virtually the same DNA, and that 2% of our genes likely come from Anunnaki DNA in the form of 223 distinctly unique genes not shared by any other known species out of our total of over 20,000 that almost all are shared.[97] But black nobility bloodlines as direct descendants of the alien race possess a very long history of strict intermarriage in order to retain as pure thoroughbred Anunnaki DNA as possible. There’s no doubt that royal blue bloods carry a fair share higher percentage of alien DNA in their ET genes than the rest of us human beings. Finding out how much more would be a most revealing study that royals would avoid like the plague.

Since a reptilian extraterrestrial race created the human race using advanced genetics, a consequence is the fact that all human beings possess a reptilian part at the base of our primitive brain where the limbic system is located. The reptilian brain provides our survival instinct, basic motor functioning and a bunch of other F-words – “fight, flight, feeding, fear, freezing up, and fornication.”[98]

Conventional science insists that the earliest modern man – the Cro-Magnum – evolved on earth only about 40,000 years ago. Yet according to Sitchin’s estimate based on recovered Sumerian records, the very first humans – Homo sapiens, i.e., modern man – appeared after Anunnaki earth leader Enki’s gene splicing and merging the Homo erectus genome with the Anunnaki DNA to produce Homo sapiens 250-300,000 years ago.

Additionally, today up to 4% of human DNA has been determined to be of Neanderthal origin.[99] Of course the geneticists attribute this finding to Neanderthals migrating out of Africa “mating up” with the more developed Cro-Magnon in Europe around 40-60,000 years ago rather than honestly face reality that a hominid Neanderthal DNA was mixed with the Anunnaki genome. Moreover, scientists from the Human Genome Project discovered that 97% of the so called “junk DNA,” or noncoding sequences in human DNA, is comprised of the same genetic code as extraterrestrials.[100] This essentially proves that most of our DNA is “off-world” in origin, acting as empirical evidence confirming that we are the creation of alien earth overlords from over a quarter million years ago. But back to that earlier proposed “most revealing study,” genetic analysis of the ET bloodline controllers that through so much incest historically have kept their genetic nonhuman DNA pure, no doubt would show much closer to 99.999% “off-world” DNA.

Dr. William Brown, a geneticist-researcher-author out of the University of Hawaii, speaks of the Anunnaki scientists Enki and half-sister Ninmah utilizing frequency modulation in their genetic experimentation first with cloning the Homo erectus.[101] What they quickly learned was the so called primitive human precursor to modern man possessed a 12-strand DNA complex that could not be controlled to become a slave because the Homo erectus species is connected to and operates from higher frequency dimensions that facilitate the self-awareness capacity to create its own higher reality, which meant “primitive man” was never programmed to be fear-based, pliably overly reactive or controllable for subservient slave duty. The so called primitive man actually operated on a more developed spiritual level. William Brown states that the Anunnaki scientists were then forced to rearrange the noncoding DNA in order to disconnect 10 of the 12-stranded matrix through frequency modulation. The intended effect was compartmentalization and fragmentation at the molecular and cellular levels that in turn fragment and compartmentalize modern humans on a macro level not only physically but sociologically and spiritually as well, limiting us as only 3-dimensional beings cut off from our higher spiritual self as a 4th and 5th dimensional being. Even the human brain was fractured into the left and right hemispheres. The limited focus of the physical 3D dimensional world functions at a denser physical level of consciousness, susceptible to operating far more exclusively on a physical, fight-flight level. The strong intellect of our conquering slavemaster aliens literally created us to operate at that lower vibrational level for control purposes.

Geneticist Brown emphasizes that our human development is “all part of a divine process.”[102] He maintains that humans’ evolution of consciousness was also facilitated by DNA genetic intervention from the spiritually advanced ETs from Sirius as sixth dimensional nonphysical beings. They added an element in the morphogenetic field that allow us at the proper time to reconnect the Anunnaki severed 12-strand complex through the element silica. Currently a dimensional shift is taking place whereby genomic remodeling through silicon is reconfiguring the 12-strand DNA complex to restore and reconnect the full and intact 12-strand DNA that plugs into our 12 energy chakras, thus liberating humanity into the higher dimensions. As our intact 12-strand silica matrix becomes reordered and intact, our ancestral memory will come back and our species will resonate at a higher vibrational level of universal love and joy. Ascension is nearing as our way out of the bondage stuck in Anunnaki-Illuminati driven fear and trauma-based lower vibration. Our greater awareness encompasses who we are as a human species, recognizing how our less than human slavemasters – both ancient and contemporary – have held us back but with ascension and awareness, the truth is finally setting us free of enslavement.

Humans are distinctly the only primates with just 46 chromosomes whereas all others possess 48.[103] Science suggests the cause may well have occurred when near extinction level conditions left so few humans surviving, possessing 46 to propagate the species, which would be compatible with the cataclysmic mega-volcano/great flood/earthbound meteor collision scenario that periodically if not cyclically (as in Nibiru‘s orbit) wipes out human and animal populations. Of course the other far more plausible explanation would be the DNA manipulation tweaking Home erectus’ 48 chromosomes in an Anunnaki alien lab when originally creating as slaves the brand new human species possessing 46 chromosomes. Or conceivably, a combination of both could have played a role producing this particular primate anomaly.

Another recent finding in genetics that builds on growing evidence of our ancient alien ancestors is that despite the highly stabilized DNA code sequence hardly changing at all over millions of years, the 6 million years of evolution separating modern humans from our closest primate chimpanzees shows an 18-letter divergence.[104] Contrasted with the rate of successful mutations of only 1 letter per every 150 million years, the 18 letter changes in only 6 million years demonstrates near certainty of an ET intervention. The DNA code that was significantly altered involves the functioning of higher abstract thinking in the brain’s neocortex, which is our functional advantage over the chimpanzee brain. Katherine Pollard, a PhD bio-statistician at the Gladstone Institute states emphatically:

Statistically speaking, the probability that a highly conserved DNA sequence will change multiple times over 6 million years of evolution is close to zero…[105]

As corroborative fossil evidence, two major changes in hominin brain size and structure occurred, 1,800,000 and 800,000 years ago.[106] These structural demarcations highly correlating with anomalous DNA code changes involving the genetic code of our human brain can best be explained as “fingerprints of the ‘gods,’ a cosmic message in a biological bottle” reminding us that humans and advanced ET civilizations are intertwined.

German professor Hans Reck in 1913 found an intact modern human skull and skeletal bones embedded in rock at a gorge in Tanzania.[107] The layer of rock is dated to be one million years old. With the skeletal remains dated at least 800,000 years old, the question becomes how does a modern Homo sapiens skull end up in Africa that long ago? The answer is of course an alien race engaging in genetic engineering between 800,000 to one million years ago, validating the above finding regarding the significant change in the larger human brain at the 800,000-year mark. Another modern human skull unearthed in an excavation of dry rock in Buenos Aires in 1896, was estimated to be between 1 and 1.5 million years old. Going back 2 million years is a small human figurine made of clay located in Nampa, Idaho in 1889. Talk about toys r-us arriving ahead of schedule. All these discoveries totally shatter modern science and history. But this is only the beginning. Also from the distant Pliocene age comes a seashell with a distinct indented smiley face on it dated 2 to 2.5 million years old found in Red Crag in England in 1881.

Back to the grand prize of pre-ancient modern human skulls, try two to three million years ago, yet another skeletal cranium found by Italian geology professor Giuseppe Ragazzoni while fossil hunting in 1860.[108] So how can this be if it was nearly 2 million years prior to humans walking this planet?

But as much as the nonhuman psychopathic crime cabal attempts to rewrite its own deceitful revisionist history by burning, destroying and burying all evidence of the true origins of the human race, the truth can never be completely erased and kept hidden forever. American anthropologist Virginia Steen-McIntyre’s Hueyatlaco site in Valsequillo, Mexico near Puebla, excavated throughout the 1960s and 1970s discovered human artifacts, various tools, a fossilized camel pelvic and horse bones determined through subsequent uranium methods of dating to be between 200,000 to 260,000 years old.[109] Other implemented measuring techniques concluded that the specimens were between 170,000 to 260,000 years old. The consensus of scientists approximated the measured age of the materials and site to be 250,000 years.

Yet due to the fact that this controversial finding effectively blows away all conventional biases and lies, the dominant scientific community could not accept this alternative reality because it renders everything professionals build their careers, reputations and lives on as irrelevant and false. Steen-McIntyre and other colleagues who bravely stood by their results were punished with refusal of further grant funding and peer publications. Again, the familiar story of a corrupt establishment never able to handle the truth and never failing to attack and destroy truth tellers. This highly significant scientific discovery of humans living in the Western Hemisphere a quarter million years ago dovetails perfectly with the ET Anunnaki earth colonization and spawning of the human species, and God forbid the nonhuman slavemasters’ conspiracy of total truth suppression finally be fully exposed and outed as criminal fraudsters.

And then there are the countless human artifacts through the ages, like a fancy metallic vase located in pre-Cambrian rock in Dorchester part of Boston showcased in a June 1852 issue of Scientific American magazine estimated to be over 600 million years old, prior to plant or animal life even emerging from water onto land. So how can this be? The only possible explanation is either more handiwork of distant extraterrestrials on earth or ET made very creative humans on this earth date that far back in time. Mindboggling yet real, essentially confirming the earth for ETs has been a home away from home for hundreds of millions of years and ET created Homo sapiens have been around for nearly as long. Time to throw out all the bad science and history books for lying to us through the ages, including the ET hybrid that rewrote our fictionalized history.

Another recent uncovering in studies on human evolution also neatly dovetails with the 800,000-year timeline. Apparently the Anunnaki weren’t the first alien race arriving on earth. ETs from another star cluster Pleiades are estimated to have literally made contact with early hominins, genetically modifying their noncoding genes involving an increase in brain size, neural structures and information processing as far back as near 800,000 years ago.[110] In her book Hybrid Humans: Scientific Evidence of Our 800,000-Year Old Alien Legacy,[111] research expert on genetic expression and equine bloodlines Daniella Fenton asserts that changes in fully formed genes from junk DNA and “fragments of genes that have been snipped out, copied and reinserted” are the likely reasons for jump in brain size at the 800,000 year marker.[112] She also maintains that it was about that same time, 780,000 years ago, that she believes aliens fused Chromosome 2 to reduce the chromosomes from 48 to 46. These two less chromosomes were found in Neanderthals and Denisovans as the Homo erectus species on the earth at that time and subsequently thereafter in the Homo sapiens who allegedly through Anunnaki gene splicing came later 250,000-300,000 years ago, but not in any other primates. Fenton stated:

The chromosome modification is such that it would have impacts on the brain development, the immune system and reproductive processes… It is not just the genetic changes 780,000 years ago which inform us Homo sapiens is a species created by alien beings, we have also identified physical material left behind by these star people, materials dated to that same specific point in time.[113]

With scientists in August 2018 unequivocally declaring the Great Sphinx in Giza, Egypt to also be 800,000 years old instead of less than the paltry 4,600-years old as previously held,[114] put the totality of all these latest findings and developments together, and they undisputedly prove without a doubt that humans were first created by advanced extraterrestrial races. If that’s not enough, in 2017 scientists that worked 13 years on the Human Genome Project mapping out human DNA, concluded that we were designed by a higher power, with a “set of arithmetic patterns and ideographic symbolic language” encoded into our DNA.[115] Two of the scientists wrote in a peer journal:

Our hypothesis is that a more advanced extraterrestrial civilisation was engaged in creating new life and planting it on various planets. Earth is just one of them. Sooner or later … we have to accept the fact that all life on Earth carries the genetic code of our extraterrestrial cousins and that evolution is not what we think it is.[116]

Similar to other recent scientific evidence, the Genome scientists also found:

Once fixed, the code might stay unchanged over cosmological timescales; in fact, it is the most durable construct known.[117] 

Clearly then, honest explorers of truth in science have been repeatedly proving that humans never evolved from primates – sorry all you dwindling number of Darwinian diehards. The list of reasons is long, headed by the 2 less chromosomes in humans, 46, as opposed to all other primates with 48. The standard explanation is chromosome 2 fusion, but this has been debunked,[118] further indicating tampering due to ET genetic engineering. But here’s a bunch more reasons: humans are the only primates that don’t grow fur but do grow fingernails. Our females do not share the same estrus cycles of Terran primates. Our chin to jaw relationship is structured wholly different and we lack the bone density and muscle strength of other primates. Our eye sockets are more rectangular than primates’ round sockets. Our skin, body hair, sweat glands are all very different. We’re totally bipedal, they aren’t. Homo erectus took a million years to shift from a rough to smooth edge tool while in 200,000 years, humans have machines on Mars.

But perhaps the biggest anomalous glitch indicating our ET origins is that humans possess 4,000 genetic disorders that other primates don’t carry, which according to Darwin’s theory of natural selection is impossible.[119] Darwinism is based on ever-so-slow development over millions and billions of years. Humans showed up suddenly with zero gradual changes from the previous pack of primates. Other than slight variation in climatic and regional physical adaptations, Darwin’s fundamental evolutionary principles fail to apply to humans at all. Old paradigm science’s abysmal shortcoming to ever find or produce the fabricated “missing link” is simply because there never was one. Despite so many anomalies, pigheaded puppets in the academia world cowardly hang onto their false dogma, sheltering the hybrid elite as the rotten hand that feeds them. Sickening how the politics of science is so corrupted.

Sorry all you offended Christians and Jews, humans were artificially engineered out of an ET test tube by a bunch of psychopathic warmongering aliens, not your monotheistic God. Your religions are a rip-off, fabricated to be used as a divide and rule control mechanism, intended to forever divisively separate the human species into hostile, fragmented, conflicting forces. That said, this in no way conflicts with the existence of a Prime Creator as a unifying energy permeating all that there is, responsible for the Divine Creation of this magnificent multiverse. By accepting how humans got here does not negate Divine Creation that is increasingly supported by cutting edge science merging rapidly with the unified creative force commonly referred to as God.[120] The ET origin of Homo sapiens remains compatible with a monotheistic Universal Creator.

It’s evident that these spiritually dwarfed, yet physically intimidating blonde or red-haired Tall Whites, a giant-size alien race standing anywhere from 12-18 feet tall who “came down from the heavens” were viewed by their human slaves as their deities and gods and superior slavemasters.[121] The diverse ancient world abounds in numerous accounts of humanlike giants.[122] Even modern sightings are reported of dug up skeletons or an occasional Nephilim, such as the incident in Afghanistan involving US soldiers killing a red haired giant near Kandahar.[123]

The Akkadian word “ilu” was intentionally “misinterpreted” to mean “gods” when it actually meant “tall guys,” referring to the flesh and blood Anunnaki alien overlords on the earth, not some phantom gods or deities, though due to their obviously large size (near 14 or 15 feet or 4.5 meters tall) as well as their advanced civilization (only technologically advanced, spiritually vacant, basely primitive and morally repugnant),[124] as creators of Homo sapiens slaves around 250 to 300,000 BC, they became our slavemasters.[125] And ever since, they’re still our slavemasters as we humans, regretfully out of willfully imposed ignorance and deception by our Anunnaki hybrid slave masters, pathetically, we’re still their slaves. The insistence that the Anunnaki were merely our “mythical gods” is how slavemasters still in control today have amazingly retained their power over us blinded, lied to, do as we’re told humans.


Another unsolved mystery that cannot rule out the overwhelming odds of yet another alien presence on earth are the 3,000-year old bevy of three hundred enlarged foreheads and elongated skulls found in Paracas, Peru in 1928. A DNA analysis shows that the craniums are 25% larger and 60% heavier than normal human skulls,[126] ruling out any possibility they were caused by artificial binding since so structurally different with only one parietal plate, unlike the two normally found in humans. Paracas Museum Director Brian Foerster has stated:

The mitochondrial DNA (from the mother) presented mutations unknown to any man, primate or any other animal and the mutations suggested we are dealing with a completely new human-like being, very distant from Homo sapiens, Neanderthals or Denisovans. I am not sure it will even fit into the known evolutionary tree.[127]

Researcher and author AJ Marzzuli weighed in:

The archaeologist states that the Paracas skulls, the position of the foramen magnum is completely different than a normal human being, it is also smaller, which lends itself to our theory that this is not cradle headboarding, this is genetic.[128]

Though many elongated skulls have been found in Eurasia, Mexico, Germany, United Kingdom, Malta and Russia, all tending to be quickly brushed off by conventional scientists as effects from the widely practiced ancient binding tradition of a number of cultures. But three more elongated skulls with extra wide eye sockets were apparently recovered in, of all places, Antarctica, the mysterious continent where pyramids have been discovered along with a reputed history of peak UFO activity.[129] Considering the skulls, like the pyramids, allegedly predate any humans ever knowing the icy southernmost continent even existed, like the Peruvian skulls, the abnormally large volume of the cranium makes intentional skull deformation impossible. Still another strange anomaly was unearthed in Denmark of a 50% enlarged skull with enormous eye sockets.[130] With Nephilim in mind, editor Scott C Waring commented:

The enlarged eyes, the teeth are mind-blowing. It doesn’t fit into any known species and is 50 per cent larger than a human skull. Perhaps a half human, half alien hybrid.[131]

As lowly slaves, the first humans no doubt were in such awe of the Anunnaki race’s intimidating physical size and stunning technological advancements, naturally they’d view their masters as far “superior” and above them in every conceivable way. And the Anunnaki opportunistically took full advantage of human naiveté, encouraging, if not forcing slaves to worship their masters as their so called “gods,” building incredible self-aggrandizing temples in their honor to worship them as “gods.” Undoubtedly this very flawed alien species known as the Anunnaki were accurately perceived by humans as super intelligent beyond any comparable measure and advanced beyond all imagination, observing them fly around in their magnificent floating spacecraft, using hi-tech means of distant communication. Thus, since the newly formed Homo sapiens had no prior frame of reference, they may not have viewed the ETs as nearly so demanding, brutally cruel, manipulative, warlike, violent, sexually perverted and carnally lustful as their imposter gods really were.

While human slaves interacted with aliens as their flesh and blood slavemasters, taking full advantage of how the comparative, shrimpy and puny little underdeveloped humans would automatically marvel in complete awe, fear and enslaved subservience to their “superior gods,” forcing humans to erect enormous temples to worship their supreme masters posing as their fake gods. That’s how these imposing alien creatures, passing themselves off as gods, opted to keep the lie alive for both inflating their ego but more importantly for control purposes, as fantastical, heavenly “mythological gods” … not unlike today’s propaganda machine elevating British royals as our own highly esteemed, idol worshipped “gods.” No accident that each is artificially propped up as something they’re not, considering the ancient royal aliens and the modern royal aliens are neither human nor divine, but permanently embedded as diabolical slavemasters of the human race, that is until we finally see them for what they really are and say “enough is enough.” If we treat them as desperate criminals afraid of our wrath knowing exposed truth about them, we simply will choose to remove their power from them.

Collaborative research of exo-scientists cites the destructive, divide and rule agenda of warlike ETs personified by the Anunnaki:

The purpose of the creation of systems of religious dogma was designed to instill petty hatreds and antagonisms that would repress ‘the conventions of peace, love, and wisdom,’ (which was attributed to the creation of our universe), and which would have otherwise protected Earth Humans from being exploited, as a genetic and overall planetary resource.[132]

The advanced Sumerian civilization and its detailed recording of Anunnaki history explain how we humans first emerged on earth, and how, ever since, we’ve been lied to for more than a quarter million years by our slavemasters who never had our best interests. Our less than human hybrid overlords – the royal family, the Rothschilds and the handful of other Illuminati black nobility bloodlines – have been conspiratorially lying to us in order to maintain control by bombarding us from Day One with fake science, fake history, fake religion, fake educational system, fake news and fake gods, we’ve been under their mind control spell toiling our lives away in debtor prison enslavement for our entire 250-300,000-year existence. Time for change.

As an example, deceitfully miseducated Americans and Westerners in general are typically brainwashed into buying the lie taught in schools that we’ve been born and raised in free “democratic” societies, participating in constitutional republics that guarantee civil liberties and personal freedom. With a history of genocidal racism, slavery, sexism, and current police state, that elusive ideal has never once been widely practiced, but regularly used to brainwash young men into dying in wars on foreign soil, not for anyone’s freedom, but simply to line the coffers of banks and oil companies’ monopolizing control and our human enslavement while denying us a vast new world of both free energy and free of dis-ease.

Early 19th century German writer and statesman Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote:

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.[133]

And 18th century French writer and philosopher Voltaire said:

Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.[134]

Aside from waging nonstop war around the world against mostly darker-skinned indigenous peoples, committing atrocities that the duped, do-as-you’re-told masses never fail to commit, after believing the elite’s absurdities and deceitful, sinister tripe. To top it off, still believing that the elite has our best interests at heart is neither heeding the cold hard facts of history nor the myriad of red alert warning signs broadcasting we should have stopped them a long time ago when it would’ve been easier to hold them in check. With today’s so called viral pandemic threat, based on total inadequacy of meeting the challenge so far, do you really think your government is out to protect you and take care of you in your time of crisis? Look how they’ve failed us so far. Throwing you a piddly ass bone of a $1200 check as a lifesaving stimulus package, so that the next corporate bailout for gluttonous thievery goes to Fortune 500 in their biggest windfall since their last criminally-induced financial crisis and last infamous bailout fiasco a dozen years ago.[135] Not taking action years ago to stop the demons and their New World Order has them once again deploying their favorite M.O. – “problem, reaction, solution” – to further enslave us.

Since 9/11, despite more Americans waking up from their cabal-fed delusions of grandeur, to a growing nightmare of today’s out-of-control police state, orchestrated by fascist oligarchic, technocratic puppet parasites controlled by a handful of slavemaster overlords, we’ve all been long saddled with irreparably corrupt governments that are neither democratic nor operating in our best interests. That’s because a nonhuman ET hybrid, forever pretending to be our benevolent leaders, turn out to be coldblooded monsters secretly operating within their international Mafioso cabal. They’re still frantically pulling their “Draco-nian” strings behind their Oz-like curtain, that’s now been drawn wide open, fully exposing them as treasonous nonhuman fraudsters, covertly all along conspiring to commit mass genocide as our depopulation executioners.[136]

With our earliest roots connected back to an alien race of slavemasters, how did we humans allow ourselves to be pushed to the brink of this forsaken abyss? In a nutshell, King Anu of the Anunnaki race back on home planet Nibiru sent his two sons to earth near a half million millennia ago to command earth’s colonization as a gold mining outpost to help repair Nibiru’s damaged atmosphere. For cheap slave labor, Anu’s elder son and chief scientist Enki utilized his mastery of genetic engineering to create perhaps the first humans on earth with his assistant medical officer, half-sister and sometime lover Ninhursag (also known as Lady Ninmah, Lady Ninti or Mami), much to Enki’s jealous half-brother Enlil’s disapproval.[137] King Anu had promised his heir to the throne Enlil their half-sister for a wife, but upon learning she and Enki were already getting it on, he banished the sister from marriage for life and bad boy Enki to a remote location for a timeout punishment. Eventually bad boy returns and rapes a young nurse working for his chief medical officer-lover-sister probably to make Ninmah jealous. The young nurse becomes pregnant but consents to marry Enki and all is forgiven as bad boy takes her for his lawfully wedded wife. The Anunnaki race was clearly a chauvinistic patriarchal culture.

But incest and lust had bad boy Enki once again obsessively craving his half-sister Ninmah/Ninhursag’s bod. He virtually raped her and ended up with a daughter he rejected because she didn’t fit into his scheme of ending up married to his half-sister with their future son his heir to the throne.[138] Twenty-two and a half years later he once again predatorily pounced on his sister, still desperately hoping for a son. By this time Lady Ninmah was long past fed up with Enki’s carnivorous pipedream that banned her for life from marriage, tired of his sexually forcing himself on her, only to be shunned and abused for delivering him the wrong gendered offspring, Lady Ninmah this time decided to place a curse on Enki, causing him to writhe in pain from what appeared to be food poisoning. While Enki lay dying, his emissary was so worried, he approached the Anunnaki council begging for official weight of the council to press upon Ninmah to suspend her curse. The council made a deal with her that if she removed her hex, her brother would finally agree to leave her alone, never to bother her again. Weak and in so much pain, when presented with the offer, Enki agreed and his curse was lifted by Lady Ninmah.

These “gods” were/are so pathologically demented. With so much flesh and bloodlust along with floridly incestuous promiscuity and uncontrollable obsession exhibited by the ancient royal controllers from outer space, applied to their direct descendants today, times really haven’t changed much at all. Once a royal sleazebag overlord, always a royal sleazebag overlord, where brutal sodomy, extreme perversion, rampant infidelity and serial incest as family tradition and a habitual “anything goes” M.O., as long as it’s deceitfully kept hidden from the public masses, is still the chief identifying characteristic trademark of today’s royal brand. Again, where quintessential moral depravity is propped up and celebrated in the form of regal, do-gooder imposters, sold 24/7 by mass media to the global masses as mind control brainwashing, what you see is never ever what you get in our upside down, Luciferian world.

But the bad blood between the two insufferable, earth ruling Anunnaki brothers goes far deeper than just competing incestuously to marry their sister, just like daddy Anu did when he fornicated with Enki’s concubine mom and his half-sister wife, Enlil’s mom Antu. Under Anunnaki royal rules of succession, Prince Enki as his father’s firstborn was initially destined to be king. However, due to being the son of one of King Anu’s concubines, when Anu’s official half-sister wife Antu gave birth to Enlil, he then leapfrogged ahead of Enki in line for succession to the throne.[139] While Enki felt understandably cheated, causing a forever clash of the titans, the military earth commander Prince Enlil resented Prince Enki over his burgeoning power, constantly seizing every opportunity to undermine Enlil’s authority. The commander especially took issue with Enki’s ever-growing sway over the human domain, as well as Enki’s overly ambitious son Marduk, hell bent on replacing Enlil as earth ruler. So it became inevitable that nonstop Anunnaki civil war would break out lasting for millennia on earth, sacrificing the blood of expendable humans in all their petty, family feuding wars. Some things never change…

Though the Anunnaki civilization was technologically gifted, not so in any other way. From an earlier time on planet Nibiru, a killer named Prince Alalu (otherwise known as Abgal) grew frustrated over King Lahma’s indecision to correct their planet’s diminished and damaged atmosphere. So Alalu threw King Lahma off the palace tower, murdering his distant relative, but rather than the assassin be severely punished, murderer Alalu was actually rewarded and crowned the next king.[140] Thus, the society on Nibiru was run on brute force and arbitrary lawlessness. The ultraviolent makers of the human species were uncivilized to the core. So from Day 1, this deep-rooted dysfunctional royal family dynamic set up the impossible scenario of zero peace, harmony and stability on the planet earth slave colony.

Enki took advantage every chance he got to undermine his tyrannical brother’s authority, conjuring up human slaves against the supreme commander’s expressed wishes, despite King Anu’s tacit approval. All this petty bickering and cloak and dagger rivalry remind you of their royal counterparts through the ages still ruling to this present day? The sickness runs literally in their blood, pumping straight into their warped and deranged brains.

Alalu, the Nibiru king just before Anu’s reign had lost a wrestling match to Anu, after foolishly detonating nukes inside volcanoes in a near disastrous blunder to try and fix Nibiru’s atmosphere. In a fit of rage, the losing king ran away, jumped into a spacecraft armed with nuclear warheads and headed off to earth where he hid out for a while, until discovering the earth was rich in much needed gold.[141] With the promise of supplying gold, in vain Alalu attempted to renegotiate his crown back, requesting another wrestling rematch. Anu sent an exploratory mining expedition to earth to assess the gold mining prospects. The nuclear bombs were taken off the spaceship and hidden while defeated ex-king Alalu was returned to Nibiru. Challenging Anu to yet another all or nothing wrestling contest for the throne, Alalu again lost, but this time he really lost it, biting off and swallowing King Anu’s penis. He ends up exiled on Mars, converted into a relay station, and apparently dies from the king’s potent semen in his stomach.

The king’s son Enki is assigned the gold mining task and his half-sister Ninmah joins him on earth as a medical officer. The plot thickens when Enki and Ninmah fall in love. The gold operation proceeds but millennia later, the Anunnaki laborers on both Mars and earth bitterly complained about their abysmal work conditions, setting the stage for Enki and Ninmah to create humans as slave laborers.

After sacrificing an Anunnaki’s body mixing his blood with earth clay and a hominin’s DNA, Enki’s first batch of 7 “Adams and Eves” proved sterile. Enki eventually worked out the kinks in his “human birth lab” and soon was supplying E.DIN (same name ripped off by the bible) in the Near East and Africa with a surplus of human slaves able to reproduce,[142] bucking Enlil’s orders, putting them to work the southern African gold mines as well as other colonized regions on the planet where human slave labor combined with ET technological smarts produced a myriad of stone circles,[143] monoliths, pyramids, palaces and temples routinely constructed in every corner of the earth. Stonehenge and the Easter Island stone circles along with thousands of others spread out over the world were all part of a planetary power grid.

The Anunnaki colonies were expanded, to the Sinai Peninsula spaceport, Enlil’s mountainous retreat and spaceport platform at Baalbeck, Lebanon,[144] to the Indus Valley, and built pyramids around the globe: in Egypt’s Nile River Valley,  Cambodia’s Angkor Wat,[145] Bosnia (boasting taller pyramids than Giza as perhaps the oldest on the planet),[146] Indonesia’s West Java as a layered pyramid structure with oldest layer up to 28,000 years old,[147] Australia,[148] the Great Pyramid of China near Xi’an stands twice as high as the one in Giza,[149] even mysterious Antarctica erected during its pre-ice age,[150] to as far away as Western Hemisphere’s Mexico to South America, subjugating the Mesoamerican indigenous tribes of the Toltec, Olmec, Mayan, Incan and Aztec civilizations.[151]

Let’s face it, as our original slavemasters, the Anunnaki extraterrestrials carved out their indelible mark to the heavens from where they came on every continent of our planet. Their presence is undeniable. Each of these geometric pyramid shaped wonders connected to cosmic events like the equinoxes or home constellations, built on ley lines adjacent to megalithic rock formations consisting of giant slabs of once melted stone, fit perfectly together to last the ages as power generating stations using acoustic sound harmonics to tap into and harness geomagnetic grid energies from the earth linked to the electromagnetic energies coming from the cosmos.[152] Since humans themselves as electrical energy conductors modulate at the exact same brainwave frequency as the natural circulating rhythmic signals (the Schumann Resonances) emanating from the earth,[153] we are highly influenced by the earth’s natural grid of pulsating ley line energies. The ley lines emit both positive spirals of energy as well as negative and the Anunnaki knew enough to utilize and harvest positive energies for healing and optimal health as well as an unlimited free energy source.[154] All of the advanced structures built during the so called prehistoric era that far surpass today’s engineering and technological capabilities render the science elite’s arrogant denial of the extraterrestrials’ superlative handiwork completely absurd and egotistically pathetic. These pompous assholes controlled by the overlords are infantile in knowledge. Of course the less than human psychopaths in charge keep all the secret advanced knowledge to themselves, inhumanely withheld from the human masses.

Yet as hard as they try, the truth keeps spilling out of their unsealed bottle. Another recent monumental archeological find that beyond any doubt empirically establishes Anunnaki aliens on the earth in ancient Africa is largely due to an enterprising South African scientist, researcher and author named Michael Tellinger. He has located an enormous 1,500 square kilometer ancient metropolis believed to be part of an even larger, once densely inhabited 10,000 sq. km area that is estimated to be at least 200,000 years old.[155] According to Michael Tellinger:

When [his colleague Johan] Heine first introduced me to the ancient stone ruins of southern Africa, he had no idea of the incredible discoveries we would achieve in the following years. The photographs, artifacts and evidence we accumulated, points towards a lost civilization that has never before been and precedes all others – not for a hundred years, or a few thousand years…but many thousands of years.[156]

The close proximity of these older ancient structures discovered on earth to nearby ancient gold mines points both time-wise and geographically to the Anunnaki colonization of southern Africa while conventional science remains clueless to explain how that long ago massive gold excavation could be accomplished with humans then still primitively incapable of such a feat without outside assistance. The simple explanation is the indelible Anunnaki ET footprint found in multiple locations all over the earth.

In recent years in South Africa and Zimbabwe, Michael Tellinger astoundingly accounts for more than 10 million of these stone quartzite and silica structures that functionally served the ancients as massive resonating sound devices.[157] The uniquely individual layouts of these enormous stone circle structures correspond to the cymatic shapes of the sound energy emanating from the localized geomagnetic surface. In 1939 when the mammoth structures were first examined, no doors or entrances to them were located, thus ruling out the possibility that they were used to house domesticated animals like goats and cows. The largest of the stone circle ruins is Adam’s Calendar, estimated over 75,000 years old, among the oldest manmade structures in the world. It’s a stone megalithic calendar discovered several years ago in South Africa and is often referred to as the African Stonehenge. But it’s said to predate both Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid of Giza by tens of thousands of years.[158] This connected grid of countless circular ruins throughout the mountainous southern African terrain are surrounded by an expanse of ancient agricultural terraces, indicating that knowledge of the earth’s grid harmonics contributed to the abundance and prosperity of their agricultural base of food sustenance. Again, the technologically advanced Anunnaki ET presence is clearly embedded.

With sound determined to travel faster than the speed of light,[159] hyper-sound manipulation can potentially harness energy from new atmospheric Silicon based technologies. Sound, light and frequency emissions can eventually be downloaded and decoded from these resonating quartz and silica megalith structures to generate unlimited free flowing energy in harmonic rhythm emanating from the earth’s natural energy grid.[160] These ancient stone ruins resonating with the earth’s electromagnetic power grid also act as vortices, portals and doorways linking the earth’s surface to both the inner space of the planet’s interior world[161] as well as the vast outer space of the multiverse beyond. Due to the advanced knowledge of extraterrestrial contact, ancient civilizations understood how everything in the Cosmos is intricately interconnected, more so than today. The timeline blows up conventional science completely.

Michael Tellinger maintains that the Anunnaki colonizing ancient cultures around the globe were all capable of tapping into these giant energy circuit board quartz/silica structures utilizing the earth’s pulsating energy grid harmonically interacting with the energy grid from space.[162] Acoustic sound amplification can be generated using harmonics in SASER beam technology (similar to laser light technology that instead use sound waves).[163] The ancients used gigantic levitation devices to unearth and lift 10 ton rocks by tapping into the magnetic energy of the stones.[164] Obviously these ancient structures represent advanced technologies that we humans in 2020 are still barely beyond the infantile stage to figure out. But soon it could potentially become a limitless source of free energy.

Michael Tellinger is also researching the healing effects from sound harmonics at the stone circle ruins.[165] Again, these latest extraordinary findings shatter all conventional notions of science, history and agriculture, and further confirm both the veracity of Sitchin’s bottom line conclusions as well as the earth’s human history inextricably intertwined with technologically advanced extensive extraterrestrial contact and interbreeding.[166] Michael Tellinger’s discoveries of ancient gold mining structures in southern Africa confirm Sitchin’s Sumerian account of ancient Abzu as the Anunnaki gold haven.

As humans’ creators, the Anunnaki were mankind’s master race of superior deities and gods, not necessarily from either a religious or spiritual perspective, but merely in terms of differential power, intelligence, capabilities, physical strength and size. With Anunnaki giants towering heads and shoulders above their slaves, their offspring from mating with human females represent the so called mysterious Nephilim from the Old Testament’s Book of Genesis. Biblical references to Nephilim relating to ancient Mesopotamian mythology portend that Anunnaki “semi-gods” mating with man’s daughters produced giant Nephilim offspring.[167] These designated “Watchers’” home was Mount Hermon, straddling modern day Syria and Lebanon. Their prohibitive cross-breeding between aliens and human women would soon be followed by the Great Flood, brought on by Nibiru’s close pass-by of the earth in its 3,600-year cycle around the sun roughly 12,500-13,000 years ago.[168]

From Genesis 6:1-4:

When men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born to them, that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and took them wives of all which they chose.[169]

An ancient text from the Book of Enoch written 300 BC and subsequently viewed as apocryphal and unworthy of biblical scripture (though quoted in the Book of Jude and other biblical texts)[170] expounds in detail on the Nephilim “fallen angels,” all two hundred “sons of God” sent by God/King Anu as “watchers” to watch over and rule by “divine right” over the human species on earth. But Enoch writes they did more than rule:

[Each] took unto themselves wives, and each chose for himself one, and they began to go in unto them and to defile themselves with them.[171]

These oversized, unwelcomed guests were soon eating humans out of house and home. Per Enoch:

[The giants] consumed all the acquisitions of men, [and], when men could no longer sustain them, the giants turned against them and devoured mankind.[172]

Anunnaki giants lusted and impregnated human females and earth commander Enlil and King of the Heavens Anu/Yahweh found this prohibitively disgusting and a serious breach of Anunnaki law. So with Nibiru’s help and timing, virtually all living inhabitants on the planet drowned to death, except due to Enki’s intervention, Ziusudra/Noah and his family were spared, left to do lots of future seed spreading begetting. Having realized that the rampant multigenerational interbreeding between ETs and humans had diluted the alien bloodline purity of “the gods,” and the approaching Nibiru’s path would wreak cataclysmic earthly havoc as it frequently does every 3,600 years, earth commander Enlil welcomed the Big Event as a timely opportunity to ethnically purge all his human slaves he never wanted to begin with, along with both his out-of-line, disobedient extraterrestrial insubordinates as well as their hybrid demigod offspring.[173]

But once again, behind his commanding brother’s back, not wanting his human guinea pig grand experiment to completely go to waste, Enki gathered up all animal DNA, selected one of his illegitimate sons Ziusudra, of course later plagiarized in the Book of Genesis as Hebraic “Noah,” to begin building his Ark only a week prior to the deluge, taking with him every animal DNA specimen. So the bible’s implausibility, not to mention Noah’s stinky discomfort of having to collect and live aboard his Ark with every male and female animal species shitting all over his just made vessel, was conveniently averted, saved by Anunnaki advanced DNA technology.[174]

Of course being that Ziusudra/Noah was his own flesh and blood kin, Enki had more personal reasons to want to spare the life of his own offspring and his family. Years earlier Enki’s wandering eye had lusted for the human wife belonging to his human slave foreman, temporarily sending him away on assignment to Enki’s son Marduk’s Babylon to learn how to build cities, thus affording opportunity to fornicate with the foreman’s human wife who bore him a hybrid, bright blue eyed, blonde haired, white complexion son Ziusudra.[175] The darker skinned foreman doubted his wife when she feebly lied to him, claiming Ziusudra was actually his child. This later becomes the David and Bathsheba biblical remake.

The Judeo-Christian Old Testament makes only one quasi-reference to the Anunnaki giant alien race:

Deuteronomy: 9.2: A people great and tall, the children of the Anakims, whom thou knowest, and of whom thou hast heard say, Who can stand before the children of Anak![176]

Anakims meaning “giants” refers to the Anunnaki slavemasters and their human interbred offspring:

Genesis: 6:2: That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.[177]

This is as close to acknowledging the extraterrestrial race as the Judeo-Christian Holy Books dare admit, for obvious reason. So this clever psychopathic predator alien race of planetary controllers after 250,000 years can still control the more intellectually challenged human race that never quite seem to learn from actual history keeps them hopelessly doomed to keep repeating history… that is until now… perhaps we’re finally reaching our “100 monkeys” moment in history.

Sitchin’s Anunnaki account includes the great flood story that of course a little later also made its way into the bible as Noah’s Ark. From the Hebraic Old Testament POV, the apparent reason God decided to punish all earth dwellers (except Noah and his family) destined to mercilessly drown in the deluge resulted from God’s wrath and regret for even creating humans after learning that the (Anunnaki) fallen angel Nephilim gods had chosen to fornicate and have demigod offspring with mortal human women.[178] Additionally, the Anunnaki Enki’s DNA cross-gene splicing mutations were running amuck with half animal-half human specimens like the centaur also multiplying out-of-control. “God’s” grand experiment was declared a completely regrettable failure and the remedy was to wipe all life out on the planet, of course except the lucky chosen one Noah, his wife and kids.

Times haven’t changed much. The vile abominations of unholy genetic marriage between animal and humans via Nevada’s Area 51 underground Dulce military base, specifically levels 6 and 7 where the genetic experimental labs are located, are still reportedly producing ungodly crossed human-bats and every other horrific mutant combination along with vast rows of caged tortured human guinea pigs of all ages, child sex slaves, and children as a food source for reptilians as the same genetic masters that created the original human guinea pig.[179] Based on this sick horror of horrors, seems we may be overdue for yet another one of the wrathful God’s slam dunks.

The Anunnaki Nephilim that survived the Great Flood were said to have been banished to the center of the earth after mating with human women and teaching them “the forbidden” black arts of occult rituals. The royal Windsor clan are reputedly descended from both the Merovingian dynasty stretching back to one of the so called lost Israelite tribes, the serpent Tribe of Dan.[180] It’s also been asserted that the Nephilim sired the Merovingian race.[181] Thus, the Anunnaki ET hybrid linked closely to reptilian and dragon mythology is today’s embodiment of the black nobility bloodlines of Britain and Europe still “shapeshifting” and controlling our planet as slavemasters.

In effect, the Judeo-Christian account written a millennium later rips off the recorded Sumerian records of the Anunnaki alien “gods” and their genetically created humans. Levite priests from another one of the 12 ancient tribes of Israel wrote the entire Old Testament, dishonestly repackaging it as a retread of well documented Sumerian and Anunnaki historical events. Conveniently changing names, dates and geographical addresses, the scribing Israelite priests plagiarizing stories into their Hebrew language, falsely claiming as their own is one thing, but to pretend that their deception is also the word of God is both blasphemous as well as preposterous. Essentially, circa 1433 BC with the establishment of ancient Israel, Judaic priests blatantly falsified history, claiming the truer Sumerian account as their own.[182]

UCLA anthropology professor and Anunnaki author Sasha Lessin, Ph.D., has this to say about Jesus:

Jesus was just one of many prophets or messiahs who were carefully planned by the Anunnaki [Nibirans Who Came in Rockets] gods to keep humanity fearful and obedient to the great gods [Enlil/Yahweh and Marduk/Allah] who ruled the world and still rule it today.[183]

As the disillusioned rebel Jesus realized how the Anunnaki control system was simply attempting to use him as a tool, he eventually broke free and laid low organizing underground resistance. Just like humans, the three major religions were also Anunnaki inventions, contrived control mechanisms deployed for divide and rule purposes to instill their legacy of distrust, disharmony and war. Religious studies professor Charles Kimball concluded:

More wars have been waged, more people killed, and more evil perpetuated in the name of ‘God’ and religion, than by any other institutional force in human history. The sad truth continues in our present day.[184]

Such Anunnaki notables as Enki’s sons Marduk and Thoth carried on the same dysfunctional sibling rivalry as Enki and Enlil. Marduk, the ambitious Babylonian king, was sent for a time as punishment to the Western Hemisphere where Marduk’s adversarial geneticist half-brother Thoth was ruling over the New World for centuries, recruiting work crews consisting of West African administrators and Semitic Canaanite advisors, blood-related to killer Cain of bible infamy. Under Thoth’s leadership, the Canaanites and West Africans oversaw the large slave labor operations from Mexico and Central America’s Olmec Indians to the Mayans in the Peruvian Andes, building spaceports, temples, pyramids and gold, copper and tin mining sites as well as waging the bloodiest genocidal wars.[185]

Typically, the Anunnaki royalty lived for hundreds of thousands of years and therefore every colonized civilization has a different name for the same planetary ruler. As a brilliant alien god, philosopher and founder of the Ancient Mystery Schools, Enki’s son Thoth (Egyptian name) really got around. He was Hermes to the Greeks, Ningizzida to the Sumerians, Enoch to the Jews/Babylonians, Odin to the Scandinavians, Wotan to the Teutons, Zoroaster to the Persians, also Metatron to Greeks, Idris in the Qur’an and Akhnookh in the Bible, and possibly even Buddha to the Buddhists.[186] All of these deities are believed to belong to one and the same, very busy extraterrestrial whiz kid who obviously moved around advancing human civilizations everywhere he went on earth.

Also known in ancient legendary Atlantis, Thoth spent most of his centuries living in Egypt, immortalized in its pantheon as the god of wisdom. He reportedly is the author of the Emerald Tablets estimated to be 36,000-years old, found inside the Egyptian Great Pyramid of Giza where he laid claim to having built this monumental edifice. No doubt Thoth had a hand in the construction of the pyramids of Mexico and Peru as well.[187] Remarkably, as an alchemist, Thoth constructed the dozen Green Tablets as an imperishable, permanent book of historical record and occult wisdom.[188] Evidence appears to show that the Great Pyramid served as a mammoth wireless power generator built over a giant subterranean aquifer.[189] The missing Ark of Covenant is speculated to have been the power generator removed at some point from the top of the pyramid. It’s also been logically hypothesized that pyramids may have been landing beacon portals for incoming spacecraft at the end of either planetary, stellar or galactic travel.[190] In any event, this latest evidence confirms that the Giza Pyramid was never a pharaoh’s tomb as was commonly accepted.

These amazingly sophisticated ET constructed stone structures across the planet that remain well beyond duplication even today are believed to have been built harmonically by tapping the earth’s natural energy grid and electromagnetic ley lines. Keep in mind that despite their glaring moral inferiority, the Anunnaki ETs were equipped with incredibly advanced technologies making these monumental feats through human slave labor possible, along with intergalactic space and planetary travel a matter of push button convenience with incredible speed reportedly running on water as fuel.[191] Possessing a treasure trove of sophisticated electronic gadgetry and advanced equipment for mass gold extraction and space transport of large volumes of monatomic white powder gold to Nibiru, aliens’ gold mining remained a massive operation that flourished for hundreds of thousands of years in Africa, the Americas and across the planet. Though ET races never commoditized gold jewelry, watches and the metal gold as objects of adornment apparel, though they often wore electronic gadgetry on their wrist, man’s obsession for gold was inherited and most definitely passed on from our alien slavemasters.

As earth rulers, all of the geographical outposts of Anunnaki colonization and its ruthless plundering, rape and pillage conquest of the planet, left strikingly similar structured ruins and remnants throughout the world, permeating the earth surface with overwhelming evidence of alien impact stretching far beyond ancient Mesopotamia to numerous frontier outpost civilizations. It follows then that every cultural civilization possesses similar or identical stories involving the same alien “gods.” Thus the Judeo-Christian Old Testament became the duplicated repository of the original historical writings from the Sumerian cuneiform tablets. What are the odds of so many different ancient civilizations, all possessing the same events, the same magnificently advanced stone structures, spread across the planet over numerous centuries, unless they were all Anunnaki colonies worshipping the same alien slavemasters?

What’s even more eerily striking is the highly abusive, exploitatively violent authoritarian criminality sadistically displayed toward the early human slaves around the globe is no different from the same deplorable criminal actions committed by the same nonhuman slavemasters still ruling and bludgeoning earthlings today. That’s because the vile, nonhuman overlords from antiquity to today were, are and always will be, by their own alien genetics, certifiably insane psychopaths, morally depraved and morally inferior in comparison to 99% of members of the human species. Though the Anunnaki culture always marveled in the realm of high intelligence and advanced material technologies, their psychopathic, spiritually unevolved, brutally animalistic, reptilian nature makes them largely devoid of such basic human attributes as the more refined emotions (beyond the base emotions of jealousy, lust, anger and rage), therefore as an alien species, they sorely lack empathy, compassion and capacity for altruistic love.

The human hybrid rulers of Assyria and Babylonia that emerged after conquering the advanced Sumerian civilization eventually morphed centuries later into the powerful priesthood class of ancient Israel, Judea and Canaan. These were the historical revisionists who self-servingly relegated the Sumerian tablets as overlooked, hidden history, downgraded as mere “myths” in the dustbin of ancient history while Marduk dictating to Israelite Levite priests, catapulted their stolen, distorted, fictionalized version of events with their agenda to make it the elevated “almighty word” of their Yahweh God.[192] With non-fully human hybrid bloodlines infiltrating the priesthood class spewing forth the Judeo-Christian dogma, the alien identities were carefully concealed through the ages behind the bloodline popes, royal nobility and despots retaining their ungodly status as humanity’s slavemasters.

To assist in pulling off the Great Deception, evil Enlil enlisted the bidding of the original Jewish patriarch Abraham. A vision in a dream led Enlil to select Abraham as his cavalry general. Abraham was a hybrid descendant destined to serve expatriated Nibiran “gods” in their temples, armies, gardens and harems as the puppet servant class rulers over the lowly human slave masses.[193] As a direct grandson to Noah/Ziusudra and his son Shem’s lineage, Abraham’s father Terah was a temple high priest, adept in astronomical knowledge from the Sumerian capital Ur. Trained and taught to be fiercely loyal to Enlil, Abraham was assigned the task of securing Enlil’s Sinai spaceport built after the Great Flood, commanding the Canaanite army to invade Enkiite controlled territory to the north of the spaceport, as a buffer of protection. Also after the flood, Enlil had to build a new Mission Control Center as well, selecting the location on Mount Moriah, then Canaan and future site of Jerusalem.[194] Enki’s grandson Ham, son Ziusudra/Noah, and Enki Prince Seth temporarily took over the space Control Center and Sinai spaceport until their defeat in 8670 BCE.

Meanwhile, Abraham served as Enlil’s useful idiot, promising the Jewish patriarch vast riches and his own kingdom ruling all land between Egypt and Mesopotamia and multiple royal descendants in exchange for fighting against Enkiites for the brutal Enlilite cause. For spying purposes, Enlil dispatched Abraham and his nephew Lot to the Enki stronghold – Marduk’s cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, culminating in nuclear holocaust that destroyed the cities in 2024 BC.[195] Additionally, Enlil decimated his own spaceport in Sinai Egypt to deny Marduk from taking it, also causing settlements downwind in Sumer to perish.[196] This toxic radioactive gas cloud ultimately swallowed up all of Mesopotamia, causing the Anunnaki nobility Enki and Marduk to temporarily abandon it, marking the abrupt end of humanity’s first civilization Sumer.[197] Recent studies have shown anomalous high levels of radioactivity in the southeastern Sinai Peninsula and Dead Sea.[198] They don’t call it dead for nothing.

As it so often does, the bible turned the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah into another cautionary tale of God’s wrath punishing the wicked, while in actuality entire urban population centers were snuffed out by the ongoing family feud waged by insanely dysfunctional nonhuman rulers. Thousands of innocent people dying as a consequence of the latest petty grudge match between two treacherous royal brothers Enki versus Enlil and his daddy Anu, as well as their respective sons and grandsons and cousins. Enki’s son Marduk, the powerful king of Baal-worshipping Babylonia, faced off against Enlil’s son Ninurta, culminating with the nuked Sinai spaceport and end of Sumer, agreed upon by Anu and his Anunnaki council.[199] With pre-knowledge of the nuclear devastation, prior to the lethal radioactive dust clouds, the majority of the aliens on earth fled, returning to Nibiru or other star systems like Sirius and Orion that also supported inhabitable life.

More fatal nuclear destruction during ancient times occurred in another Anunnaki colony in the Indus Valley of India, which to this day still shows traces of radioactive residue from previous atomic blasts. Both ancient Sanskrit texts and recent samples of soil attest to nuclear war as yet more evidence of advanced ET technology and their out of control madness.[200]

Enlil/Yahweh played a series of mind fuck games with Abraham once his fighting days leading the Canaanite army were over and he was getting ready to retire in Canaan with his half-sister wife Sarah to ensure he has an heir for his promised kingdom. But due to Sarah’s infertility, the Egyptian pharaoh Zoan gave Abe one of his harem concubines Hagar after Abraham had told the pharaoh his wife was his sister, offering his wife Sarah to him to endure a gig in pharaoh’s harem before Enlil clued the pharaoh in.[201] The maidservant Hagar gave birth to Ishmael. All was good because the father of the Jews had his needed heir.

As if he’s not putting his loyal subjects through enough stress, Enlil/Anu/Yahweh then demands that every male’s private part in Abraham and his Canaanite army be sadistically mutilated with his penis foreskin cut off, just to show their manhood wears the right “god” brand where it counts the most.[202] Then Enlil/Anu/Yahweh decided to thicken the plot, causing more angst, heartache and treachery, informing Abraham that after his circumcision, his wife Sarah would give birth to a son that, according to Anunnaki royal tradition, would supersede his firstborn’s right to the throne. So the stage was set for the Enlil vs. Enki dynamic of animosity, violence and hatred between brothers be passed on indefinitely.

Enlil/Anu/Yahweh then granted fertility to the by now aging lady Sarah to give birth to son Isaac. Both Enlil and Sarah tell hubby to get rid of Hagar and her son as an unwanted inconvenience over potential competition for the kingdom. So Abe sent Hagar and Ishmael out into the desert to, for all intents and purposes, die. Pliable old Abe was always so easily manipulated, seemingly without conscience, willing to do terrible things in blind obedience. But then lest we forget, he is an alien hybrid. Meanwhile, on the verge of death out in the scorching desert heat, the whimsical god suddenly takes pity and saves Hagar and her son directing them to a well for lifesaving water, thereby winning “her undivided loyalty.” Though demonstrated loyalty to Enlil, the evil, whimsical, “mind-fucker” of a “god,” means a whole lot, it’s not everything. Enlil/Anu/Yahweh didn’t save the mother and son because he’s a kind, merciful god, he only saved them so in due time Ishmael and Isaac can square off and kill a whole bunch more humans. He was laying the groundwork for the three-way clash of civilizations, spawning the Big Three religions in the Promised Land to be the one place on earth that will forever be an incendiary hotspot for triggering the next Armageddon… such a nice thoughtful god he is.

But the biggest test of Abraham’s “faith” and loyalty comes once Isaac is grown, just for an apparent laugh to see how high [or low] Abe will jump to please his fake god Enlil, he orders Abe to kill his son Isaac in blood sacrifice atop a nearby mountain altar.[203] Moments before knife-wielding Abe was about to murder his own flesh and blood, Enlil told him it wasn’t necessary as he only sought convincing that Abe would jump off a cliff for him.

Isaac goes on to become the patriarch of Judaism and to this day his descendants are aggressively competing [and killing] the Islamic descendants of Ishmael over Palestine and the Greater Israel Project. If that’s not a divide and rule mind fuck fable for the ages, I don’t know what is. The Annunaki honcho and his Hebrew demigod’s entire sequence of ancient biblical history is pure insanity, and only makes sense if the mind-fucker’s a morally depraved, sick, sadistic nonhuman, because a true God would never resort to inflicting so much mental cruelty, anguish and pain on his faithful followers that he supposedly loves. By the way, just for the record, sacrificing your own child was common practice in both Canaan country of Jerusalem and Moloch country of Babylon (See Chapter 3).[204] And you better believe their hybrid descendants, in their “eyes wide shut” robes, are still cannibalistically upholding their satanic occult blood sacrifice traditions today.

As another example of flagrant plagiarism, the biological mother of the Akkadian King Sargon who eventually conquered Sumer around 1900 BC, had allegedly placed him as a baby in a basket floating on the Euphrates River, only to be raised by a prominent royal family. Thus the original story out of Sumer was conveniently swiped by the Judeo-Christian Holy Book Levite priests presented to us as the story of Moses. How Moses (Sargon) and Yahweh (Anu/Enlil faction) saved the Jews, confounding and escaping the Egyptian pharaoh’s wrath as Yahweh’s “chosen people” (the Anunnaki hybrids) and the rest is our false history, twisted lies to keep humans enslaved by bloodthirsty, ruthless nonhumans for the next 250 millennia.

Scholar-author Lawrence Gardner questions, if not accuses the Moses story to be a complete hoax:

The Book of Exodus explains that the baby Moses’s life was in danger from the Egyptian authorities, whose Pharaoh had decreed death to all new-born Israelite males… The Pharaoh apparently instructed that ‘every son that is born, shall ye cast into the river’ – and so a woman of the house of Levi, in her attempt to deceive the Pharaoh, placed her three-month old son in a basket of rushes and pitch, and set him down among the water-reeds. Despite the complete illogicality of this action, which has been pointed out by many writers, the story then becomes even more implausible, for along comes the Pharaoh’s daughter who seemed to care nothing for her father’s dictate. She discovered the baby and immediately began conversing with the boy’s sister, who just happened to be close by. The sister then returns the boy to his mother, who was paid by the princess to nurse him. Hence, the boy was back where he began and any fear of the authorities and their death-threat seems to have been conveniently forgotten. Eventually, the princess adopted the boy as her own and called him Moses, with no one leveling any query about the child’s natural parents. That is the extent of the biblical story of Moses’s childhood, and in the very next verse (Exodus 2:11) he is portrayed as a grown man.[205]

With the Bible written centuries after the alleged events depicted, Dr. Michael D. Coogan in A Brief Introduction to the Old Testament, comments:

No direct connections have been found between the abundant documentary evidence from the ancient Near East for the second millennium and the biblical narrative of Israel’s ancestors and origins found in the first seven books of the Bible. As a result, it is impossible to determine whether or not the individuals and events described in the Bible existed, and, if they did, when they should be dated.[206]

After the nuclear holocaust in 2024 BC, Enki and the rest of the Nibiran nobility departed the earth, leaving its command to Enki’s son Marduk. Avenging the loss of his Sumer cities, an enraged Marduk began invading and conquering lands in all four directions from his kingdom in Babylon. As his power increased, by 2000 BC a critical deception of the ages was already beginning to take hold when the Sumerian historical records were ripped off bigtime by the Hebrew Levite priests in Judea busily scribing the Old Testament.

Desiring to become the sole “godly” object of worship by all humans, Marduk demanded that the Levite priests make all God references to him and the plural gods became singularized, dropping the “s” and capitalizing the “g,” in order to fashion himself as the monotheistic God morphing into the subsequent Big Three religions soon to emerge.[207] Again, pretty blasphemous for a morally-challenged, despicable, bloodthirsty killer to impose his will on a subservient, self-serving Jewish priesthood class in order for the despotic alien “fake god” to unilaterally anoint himself sole religious God. But that’s what transpired, the Holy Scriptures of the Old Testament and the Torah passed on Marduk’s “God’s word” in lieu of the truth about this overly ambitious, grandiose megalomaniac Marduk as Lucifer incarnate.

The Anunnaki that chose to remain on the earth infiltrated government city-states in what was left of the Middle East, undestroyed by the nuclear explosions, associating most closely with the Hebrews of Palestine and Judea. Hence, the Great Deception of the Ages transpired – the rewriting of history based on plagiaristic lies rooted in the first millennium Before Christ becoming the Jews’ Torah and Christians’ Old Testament. The history of the Jewish people as written in these holy books is largely a theocratic hoax designed to promote Semites as God’s “Chosen People,” while imposing monotheistic religions as weaponized divide and conquer devices and a falsified history of humanity as a subversively sadistic means of continual enslavement. Fifth century Greek historian Herodotus makes no mention of a King David or a King Solomon, nor their grand temple, nor even an ancient Jewish Empire. Instead, he notes “Syrians known as Palestinians.” Come to find out, it’s the Old Testament’s Book of Exodus that’s pure myth as the Jews escaping Egypt never even happened.

Scholar and professor at Israel’s Tel Aviv University, Ze’ev Herzog popped the bubble in a 1999 article:

The Israelites were never in Egypt, did not wander in the desert, did not conquer the land [of Israel] in a military campaign and did not pass it on to the 12 tribes of Israel. Perhaps even harder to swallow is that the united monarchy of David and Solomon, which is described in the Bible as a regional power, was at most a small tribal kingdom.[208]

So Judaism’s most sacred holiday Passover is nothing but fiction and the vilified Egyptians never enslaved the Jews after all.[209] So what else in Jewish history’s been lies? Six million frying in Nazi gas ovens?[210]

By 1003 BCE, a direct descendant of the Anunnaki from Hebron, David – King of the Jews, emboldened by biblical fame for slaying the Nephilim Goliath with his slingshot, was alleged to have conquered Jerusalem to lay foundation for building the temple. Judaism was the first monotheistic religion launched by the Anunnaki control matrix.[211] In 957 BCE David’s son and successor King Solomon finished erecting Solomon’s Temple as a sacred shrine to Enlil/Anu/Yahweh. Like all ancient massive stone marvels, Solomon’s Temple could only have been constructed with Anunnaki technical assistance, its east-west axis lining up precisely with the spring and autumnal equinoxes. After its completion, Enlil/Yahweh rewarded all the enslaved human laborers by killing them, just to deny any other god or king from using them to build a temple that they too could brag about.[212] That’s the sick logic behind thinking nothing about snuffing out more human life.

Though for the next 410 years the temple was the Jews’ center of governance, it was destroyed by Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar during his siege of Jerusalem in 587-586 BCE.[213] For the next five decades the Jews were allegedly exiled to Babylon until Persian King Cyrus’ edict allowed their Jerusalem return in 538 BCE and reconstruction of the second temple was commenced, which lasted from 516 BCE to 70 AD before it too was demolished, this time by the Romans to quell a Jewish revolt. During the First Crusades, recall the Knights of Templar were alleged to have unearthed Solomon’s buried treasures, among them the Ark of Covenant (See Chapter 4).[214] Today reconstruction of the third temple awaits as precursor to biblical prophecy fulfilling Messiah’s return.[215]

Between the Anunnaki aliens in charge pretending to be false gods, and conspiring with their hybrid Jewish kings, the ET slavemasters have ensured that mankind is forever used as human slaves and mere cannon fodder in the ongoing battle over earth control. From two hating brothers – Enki and Enlil – and their offspring factions to Ishmael and Isaac, destined to endless warring against each other, the legacy of misusing and abusing humanity for such unconscionable destruction sadly continues to this very day. Always vying for favor to increase power and control run by a death cult, forever playing its never-ending grotesque death game with threats of more killer gas clouds and bio-warfare contagions. Exorbitantly obscene tax-funded WMDs in their never-ending arms race, now even an AI arms race,[216] and a space race deploying madness behind more phallic death machines in the hands of the latest trigger-happy morons taunting “my dick’s bigger than yours,” billions of humans end up being mercilessly annihilated throughout the ages in this Anunnaki curse of perpetual war. Again, history will never change as long as the demon seed of alien bloodline rulers remain in control of our planet.

There is dispute over which alien false good is really Yahweh, the monotheistic Jewish god. Some accounts oppose the view of the brotherly rivalry between Enki and Enlil, commonly put forth by Sitchin and his followers, challenging the notion to equate Enlil with the wrathful Yahweh God.[217] This view claims that the battle between good versus evil was dramatically played out with Enki as the white hat good god and his father Anu, King of the Heavens, as the Yahweh bad god, with Enlil similarly inclined as a brutal warrior but not behind the evil dark forces still afflicting the planet today. Anunnaki names get loosely tossed about, especially when each ruler goes by a half dozen or more, depending on the particular cultural language of the various ancient civilizations.

The frame of reference from all available research concludes that this conquering alien race is only superior and advanced in intelligence and technology, but psychopathically inclined to be criminal, morally depraved and primitive in its penchant for war and malevolence. This deep-rooted characterological flaw of pronounced evil in the Anunnaki alien race appears to vary only to a slight degree among its protagonist pantheon trio. Creator of humans Anunnaki chief scientist and African colony commander Enki is still a petty, lustful, conniving, egomaniacal, incestuous serial rapist-adulterer who sexually assaulted and impregnated his own sister as well as fellow Anunnaki and human women alike,[218] behaving treacherously and selfishly in his oblivious failure to exercise sound judgment and self-control as a “civilized” second-in-command earth colony leader and “god.”

The fact that Enki wasn’t quite as viciously bloodthirsty or violently destructive as his warlike half-brother Enlil and their warlike head honcho daddy Anu doesn’t negate his creepy, shady, brutal ways. Then all the main offspring of these pantheon bosses also appear every bit as vengeful, violent and evil. The point is, evil is as evil does. The lone possible exception might be one of Enki’s sons Thor, also a scientist like his father, but reputedly a peaceful philosopher, teacher and important history scribe who ranks high as an alien god in over a half dozen different ancient human civilizations. Another of Enki’s sons, Babylon’s King Marduk, aspired to become world dictator, psychopathically behaving like uncle Enlil and grandpa Anu. And rather than be associated with Yahweh, Marduk is linked to none other than Satan himself, and as a reptilian, is alleged to be calling the shots still ruling over today’s hybrid earth controllers.[219]

Other than possessing the technological means to produce Homo sapiens, and its advanced stage of hi-tech marvels, harnessing the earth’s natural energy grid to achieve lasting structural feats of precise, unparalleled construction, overshadowing even our modern day capacity in geometric engineering skills, knowledge and achievement, the Anunnaki race has always been a punitively cruel slavemaster, having maliciously, deceitfully stolen humanity’s true history in earth’s nonstop bloody rape, pillage and plunder. To this day, its hybrid descendants among royalty, church sand state are still willfully impeding and denying our God-given potential.

Jews and Christians who can’t handle this inconvenient truth that we humans have been forever hoodwinked and lied to, need to wake up and face reality. It takes nothing away from Christ, Christ-Consciousness, Christianity, Torah-based Judaism, or especially God as our Prime Creator. But the sinister Anunnaki-Jewish priesthood collusion to willfully deceive and hijack humanity based on this premeditated, most wicked act that poses such overwhelming cognitive dissonance and denial for the religious faithful needs to be processed, psychologically worked through and accepted as the eye-opening, pathetic reality, not unlike accepting that our own Zionist “Israeli-first” neocon government in directed partnership with Israel’s was responsible for killing nearly 3,000 of its own citizens on 9/11. Facing cold hard sobering facts is never a pleasant or easy task, but ignorance and choosing to continue living the lie is both counterproductive and near equally reprehensible. In the eloquent words of the great Martin Luther King Jr:

He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.[220]

Those nonhuman hybrid bloodlines still ruling over the earth as the humans’ god(s) the last quarter million plus years – our entire human existence – have all along been secretly worshipping the fallen angel Lucifer, otherwise known as Satan. And that’s why Luciferian bloodlust for child sacrifice, sodomy and brainwashing torture during their unholiest satanic rituals have not only been allowed to practice, but flourish in secrecy and protection since antiquity’s dawn of man. The alien hybrid bloodline rulers and their master Lucifer are neither the friends of God nor the friends of humanity. Accept this bottom line fact and let’s move on, to finally start bringing to justice these less than human criminal mastermind imposters who’ve all this time been deceitfully living as our fraudulent, evildoing “gods.”

With multiple generations of Anunnaki aliens remaining back on the earth, referred to as Anunnaki Remnants, those returning to Nibiru had their lifespan radically shortened due to its less dense atmosphere. However, it’s believed that the Anunnaki reptilians were suited for migrating to the earth’s underground where they’re alleged to still inhabit a hollowed out cavernous interior. They reportedly are still covertly controlling earthly affairs, leaving atop earth’s surface their shapeshifting Anunnaki-human hybrid mix to assume inherited godlike roles as royal bloodline slavemasters and world leader puppet heads of church and state.[221] This contention of their subterranean existence is further corroborated by Navaho, Apache, Hopi and Zuni tribal legends of the Southwest, observing a reptilian race inhabiting the earth’s underground interior.[222] Additionally, the spiritually advanced Agartha Kingdom of subterranean Himalayan Asia also reportedly reside in earth’s interior, although this ancient alien race is alleged to be on the other end of the spectrum in both moral development and geographical physicality.[223] Vast amount of both modern and ancient evidence support high probability of advanced civilizations living in a hollow earth.

The Huffington Post boldly ran an April 2014 article disclosing that government contractor engineer Phil Schneider was involved in a harrowing 1979 shootout encounter with 7 foot grey aliens while constructing an underground base at Dulce, New Mexico, resulting in 60 human deaths and countless aliens.[224] The whistleblower decided to go public with his knowledge of the secret black budget government relationship with extraterrestrials after an invitation to a top secret meeting between grey ETs and world leaders. For courageously exposing the alien-political puppet collusion implicating our world leaders taking orders to do the dirty bidding of the ET reptilian slavemaster race, Phil Schneider was assassinated in 1996.[225]

Most notable among the alien Anunnaki remnant offshoots today are the House of Windsor and House of Rothschild, two of our most visible bloodthirsty, psychopathic, satanic overlords, responsible for the deplorable human conditions of debt slavery, perpetual war, disease, impoverishment and pedophilia.[226] The consensus of Anunnaki researchers describe these alien conquerors, particularly the reptilian strain, as fierce, warlike, bloodthirsty, aggressive, domineering, lustful, jealous, incestuous, deceitful, evil and cannibalistic.[227] None of those qualities are anything to worship, yet their Great Deception is Lucifer’s calling card mastery.

With the Anunnaki DNA so brutally animalistic and primitively reptilian, devoid of compassion and empathy or spiritual evolvement, prone to lust, rape, bloody violence and the cruelest exploitation, it’s no surprise that the makers of the human species as our ruling slavemaster role models would bring out the worst in us humans. Because our rulers to this day have always been so genetically engrained as misogynous, patriarchal and DNA afflicted with mental illness and severe psychopathy, especially elites from Western civilization with its history so completely out of balance, hyper-valuing extreme competition, greed and materialism, overdosed with the masculine yang principle of the power predator archetype.

But unlike these alien race Anunnaki controllers, many humans also possess a strong potential for love, kindness, compassion, altruism and spirituality, virtuous attributes relating to the yin principle and healthily balanced by an integrated feminine goddess archetype with the best of the masculine archetype of strength and wisdom as both moral and physical protector that Anunnaki earth rulers sorely lack. Restoring the Divine Healing Mother principle to the earth is our current challenge since it is so absent in planetary controllers.[228] Meanwhile, hating humans for the one thing the reptilian alien rulers cannot possess, they despise us for our innate capacity to be altruistic, spiritual, loving, nurturing as well as for our empathy, aesthetic joy, intimate emotional happiness and unyielding faith in our Prime Creator. Bloodthirsty psychopaths have no concept or capacity for any of this, it’s completely foreign to them, and as a result, they loathe humans for what they themselves grossly lack. Their paucity of spiritual development is in fact their Achilles heel.

Because the Anunnaki remnants that remained on the earth and their bloodline hybrid left in charge as rulers are inherently psychopaths by their flawed genetic nature, incessantly committing acts of war, violence and cruel exploitation for self-gain and ruthless, insatiable power grabbing are the resultant behaviors of a ruling class of evildoers who use deception by any and all means necessary in order to retain their Lucifer-granted birthright power and status. They look down in sheer contempt and hatred toward lowly humans as inferior objects lacking their “higher” intelligence and requiring the leadership and control that only the far superior, deserving elites can provide. In other words, absolutely nothing has changed since the Anunnaki “gods” came to earth to colonize, create and cruelly control and abuse human slaves for their own selfish brutal exploitation. 450,000 years later, it’s time for the liberation of the human race to claim its full God-granted potential.

Our false education system teaches us that no other planet in our solar system is capable of sustaining intelligent life. Yet when Sumerians, Babylonians, Phoenicians, Chaldeans, Egyptians, Assyrians, Greeks, Aztecs, Mayans, Hopis, prehistoric Andeans, ancient Sanskrit Indians and Tibetans all claiming they were educated to help build their civilization by “sky people” and “gods” traveling in spacecraft from planet Venus,[229] our schools are fraudulently withholding essential truth from us about our earth, solar system and universe. The Venusian Kumaras are an especially advanced extraterrestrial that have been teachers of higher wisdom and unconditional love.[230] Hindu legend called the Kumaras avatars, or saviors as they brought mystery schools to the ancient buried civilizations of Lemuria and Mu.

The greatest modern scientist surpassing even Albert Einstein – Nikola Tesla – was allegedly brought to earth from Venus as a baby in 1856, per a recently declassified 1957 FBI document.[231] Tesla’s genius in creating free energy technologies was subverted and perverted, turned into military directed energy pulsar weapons by the bloodline controlled cabal. Tesla himself was likely murdered at 86 in his hotel room after developing a death ray machine.[232] It was also the FBI that ransacked Tesla’s laboratory and home residence in search of his valuable research papers, most of which, knowing he was a marked man, he’d already wisely hidden.

Another mystery only explainable by ET contact is the West African Mali tribe called the Dogon people who were privy to advanced astronomical data due to extraterrestrial contact with their ancestors known as the Nommos from the Sirius system, the brightest heavenly star.[233] The Nommos were an aquatic humanoid race. Knowledge of their ancient cosmology and legends were discovered by French archeologists in 1930. The Dogon priests knew about Sirius B that took scientists until 1970 to detect. Dogon artifact records documenting these amazing feats were found dating back 400 years earlier.

Prior to Sitchin’s work, there was the well-traveled British military officer, explorer, scholar, professor, surgeon and antiquarian author Laurence Austine “LA” Waddell (1854-1938), who by late 19th century, was deciphering ancient tablets, artifacts and records from Sumer, Egypt, India and Tibet. He maintained that the Sumerians were Aryan, and that their advanced civilization spawned a host of other ancient cultures, in Egypt, the Indus Valley, Tibet, Phoenicia, and through Phoenicians even linked to his native Anglo-Saxons of Britain.[234] His life work indirectly demonstrates how the original source – ancient Mesopotamian history of Sumer – found its way around the world, without explicitly mentioning the alien connection of the expanding Anunnaki earth colonization. Of course it was Sitchin who made that Sumer-Anunnaki connection, but Waddell laid the groundwork. Geographically all of these ancient civilizations evolved from the same non-mythic, real-life figures that were actual flesh and blood extraterrestrials and mixed human-ET hybrids. And at the end of the day, analyzed and decoded Sumerian tablets offer a far more precise, far truer closer-hand account of the original creation of the human species than either the Judaic Old Testament or Egyptian or Sanskrit depictions handed down as distorted fables and loose fabrications, all sharing as their single source – stolen Sumer-Anunnaki history.

To help bury the true past, the greatest and largest library in the ancient world in Alexandria, Egypt was “mysteriously” burned down, destroying precious records of our distant past, likely to keep humans ignorant of their history.[235] Among the lost treasure trove to our past, the Egyptian god of wisdom, the Anunnaki Thoth’s ancient texts perished in the Alexandria blaze.[236] The highly detailed, recorded accuracy found in the “lost” Sumerian accounts, until little more than a century and a half ago,[237] fully exposing this Great Deception of the ages as the foundation of the Great Game committed by sinister forces, bear the overly familiar Judeo-Christian false flag, like the convenient fire of Alexandria.

Additionally, another arm of those dark sinister forces, the Catholic Church as controlled opposition, keeps the revisionist lie alive as a gatekeeper keeping the truth found in those ancient records inaccessibly buried and hidden within the deep recesses of the Vatican’s heavily guarded secret archives in Rome.[238] It amounts to total fraud, identity theft on the most criminal scale and amnesic murder behind the distorted, watered down half-truths and deceptions bent on denying us humans full knowledge of our own true origins.[239]

And tragically, the same reptoid hybrid monsters perpetrating all this evil are still in control today, presently pushing humanity they’ve always despised right off the cliff. Whether looting the ancient Anunnaki treasure trove by military invasion and maintaining imperialistic occupation of modern Iraq, or burning the ancient lost wisdom at Alexandria library, or sealing off ancient historical truths hidden away in guarded Catholic vaults, in 2014 author-teacher Elva Thompson had this poignant observation regarding cabal thievery:

The Black Nobility and the Black Church have hoarded the wealth, sacred books, scrolls and texts from the nations they destroyed. They know about the Earth’s magnetic grid and, how to programme it to control every living being on the planet.[240]

UCLA anthropology professor and Anunnaki author Sasha Alex Lessin, speaking of the brilliant but brutal legacy of the notoriously aggressive extraterrestrial earth rulers that created humans, poignantly wrote:

Most of the Anunnaki returned to Nibiru by 311 BCE. But some stayed. They and their descendants (the power elite) rule us to this day. They and their spawn created and perpetuate exclusive, hostile nations and religions to keep us divided. They addicted us to credit institutions to keep us slaving. Their tales of their stay on Earth before they made our ancestors, as well as what our forefathers directly saw, imprinted us with the values of their hierarchic, male-run, master-slave-enemy mentality. We assumed values of extraction, pollution, monetary monopoly and obsession with gold.[241]


Prolific writer on the occult ancient history, the New World Order and the Anunnaki – Amitakh Stanford, Ph.D.,[242] wrote in an article she entitled “Anunnaki Pedophilia Syndrome”:


Many people have disdained this behavior for centuries, yet they have been powerless to stop it because the Anunnaki masters are active participants in it. Pedophilia is an important tool used by the Anunnaki in their conquests of various races, planets and solar systems… Energy is being stolen from the victims by physical ‘vampires’ and [interdimensional] astral ‘vampires’ simultaneously. There are many legends about vampires who drink physical, human blood. There are many cultures that believe in drinking blood to keep them warm in winter and to boost their strength, power and longevity. Aliens in their alien [reptilian] bodies have been consuming human flesh and blood for a long, long time… All the major religions are sponsored by the Anunnaki. It is no wonder that the Eucharist ritual in holy communion symbolically requires the participants to drink the blood of Jesus and to eat his flesh. Jesus never said this is my body or that this is my blood and to consume them in remembrance of him. This is an Anunnaki invention to program the mindsets of believers and to make a mockery of Jesus.[243]

The diabolical evil of one Anunnaki ET race possessing so much control over human affairs on earth, including the three major religions, the black nobility bloodlines in royalty and reptilian brute force proclivity driving worldwide cannibalism, pedophilia and sexual perversion, MK Ultra mind control, torture, blood sacrifice and satanic ritual abuse is unfathomably far reaching. Rampant pedophilia and cover-up in the Catholic Church is but one illustrative example of how their scourge gets acted out and protected in Christianity for centuries. But the satanic ritual abuse and blood sacrifice in other so called Christian sects such as the Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses, both founded by members of Masonic Illuminati bloodlines, is also well documented.[244] Religious elders practice the same kind of occult satanic rituals inside their places of worship not unlike other pedophile rings amongst Catholics, Jesuits, Freemasons, Crypto-Jewish Sabbatean-Frankists, Illuminati and Luciferian satanic cults. There are currently dozens of pending lawsuits against child abusing Jehovah Witnesses protected by their church.[245] And the Mormons[246] aren’t any better.[247] Hybrid reptilians have infiltrated top positions in virtually all religions, royal families, governments, mass media entertainment, child welfare and charity organizations, security services and military organizations across the planet, aided by secret societies.


Conspiratorial willful suppression of our ancient history by malevolent imposters desperate to seize and retain control over humanity right up to today is akin to the same hybrid bloodline’s desperado fake news that fewer people in this day and age still accept or believe. The media has been a propaganda weapon for a long time. In his final weeks before leaving office, eager to cover-up his own high crimes of treason,[248] President Obama along with his DNC party nominated loser Hillary,[249] his CIA media leaking director John Brennan and unindicted National Intelligence perjurer James Clapper,[250] over their deceitful Russiagate criminality (among numerous other acts of betrayal),[251] outgoing President Obama made sure to sign a law making propaganda lies by the government and press officially legal,[252] granting the 6 oligarch-owned monopolizing fake news corporations legal license to willfully deceive the American public.[253] Sadly, under 2020’s unprecedented rollout of the Covid-19 global “pandemic”, too many are reacting to the engineered panic and mass disinformation, once again falling for the MO “problem-reaction-solution” trickery to growing draconian NWO Deep State tyranny. Meanwhile, yes, people are dying in droves.


The malevolent, self-serving spin that’s denied us our ancient birthright history is having to work double overtime today. In large response to the truth coming out about the pedophilic scourge, the crime cabal unleashed “the killer virus” as “wag-the-dog” misdirection. But again as hard as they try, even crashing the global economy, more of today’s world citizens are seeing through the depraved rulers’ vicious lies, and as a result in recent years, CNN, the New York Times and Washington Post have hit hard times with ever-dwindling numbers of consumers still buying their bullshit. The proof is the record number of US newspaper employees – nearly half (47%) from 2008-2018 – that found themselves out of a job,[254] at the exact same time that trust in the MSM news via TV, radio and newspapers sank to an all-time low of just 41%.[255] The primary reason is that more and more people are finally getting it, knowing we’ve been maliciously lied to forever, turning to independent news sources on the internet and social media instead, which of course also explains their aggressive, out of control push for increasing internet censorship, designed to eliminate citizens’ access to the truth altogether.[256] Denying people’s access to the truth is a red-alert historical trademark characterizing every single totalitarian regime in the past.[257]

Once the alien Anunnaki race created humans, nonhuman reptilian Draco bloodlines hijacked humanity and have been deceptively controlling our human history and destiny ever since. As such, the reptilians and their reptilian-humanoid hybrid puppets from the Houses of Windsor, Rothschild and Rockefeller bloodlines among lesser known others chose to withhold and keep secret the truth about our history from public awareness. Instead, they continue feeding us their line of deception about “survival of the fittest” Darwinism and his mythical dogma of the “missing link.” Perhaps the most bitter pill to swallow is the fact that the Big Three Monotheisms – Judaism, Christianity and Islamic religions – are nonhuman Anunnaki hybrid creations as well, misused as a most effective “divide and rule” control mechanism designed to further obscure and cover up the truth.

Accounts and allegations of a ruling extraterrestrial race of reptilian giants spotted roaming the planet are nothing new. Ancient renditions of the Anunnaki reptilian race abound not just from Sumerian history but the Mayans (the lizard), the Egyptian(the serpent), the Greeks, the Chinese (the dragon), Indians and even early Christians all draw repeated cultural references to Anunnaki inspired serpents, dragons, lizards and reptilians, some alluding to the alien Dracos still secretly living and walking among us.[258] The supposed lack of empirical biological evidence is easily answered by the existence of the shapeshifting reptilian race of the conquering Anunnakis.[259] They supply the hardcore physical evidence for the universal depiction of the serpent image across all ancient civilizations and cultures.

The reptilian elite love to symbolically throw bread crumbs out to the public, subliminally letting people know what may really be going on right in plain sight. The number of hints projected prior to events that end up coming to pass via popular TV shows like “The Simpsons” is an example. Though the 30-year old cartoon series “almost” predicted the Coronavirus in 1993,[260] Time Magazine featured 16 Simpsons episodes that did foretell the future.[261] As of 2018 the Hollywood Reporter count was up to 30 accurate hits.[262] Then there was the 2017 Kobe Bryant cartoon where he actually dies in a helicopter crash.[263] Is all this more predictive programming or pure coincidence?

In another case from the “predicting the future” files, almost four decades before the event, in 1981 bestselling novelist Dean Koontz’s book The Eyes of Darkness features a military bio-warfare lab in Wuhan that creates a menacing virus called Wuhan-400.[264] Movies, television and the music industry as well as heavily watched platforms like the Super Bowl are typical mass audience venues that constantly and brazenly project Illuminati intentions of future actions through predictive programming, subliminal messages and often overt symbolism,[265] frequently with reptilian themes flooded with satanic imagery, sometimes as PSYOPS for gaging public response.

Through architectural design of buildings, the reptillian statement is made as clear as day, of all places at the Catholic Church headquarters in the Vatican with the mammoth Pope’s Audience Hall, constructed in 1971 designed inside and out as a serpent snake head.[266] This too is a loud and clear, in-our-face message by reptillian controllers in high unholy places unsubtly letting us know that they’ve taken over the largest church in the world. There’s nothing new with the pedo-priest-pandemic and the Vatican infiltrated by Luciferian black nobility, it’s borne out by history. But the pope’s snake pit pulpit was built a half century ago, letting us know what would be coming, or really there all along, starting over 250,000 years ago.

Speaking of predictive programming, virtually everything that futurist insiders are permitted to “leak” to the public through mainstream media as specifiably predicted advancements 20 or 30 years into the future, have actually already been in existence for at least the last 20 or 30 years. A typical example is an Independent article from a March 2017 headline: “Thousands of people could live in space colonies orbiting the earth in 20 years, expert claims.”[267] A more accurate, honest assessment would be: “Thousands of people [from the elite ruling class and military space defenders] are currently already living in space colonies on planets and orbiting space stations.”

Aside from alleged Secret Space Program (SSP) whistleblower Corey Goode insisting that Mars has been colonized since the 1970s, numerous others have been independently coming forth to also make this same assertion.[268] Former US military and NASA personnel as well as a NASA hacker from Britain all claim that for at least two decades the US has had an operational flotilla of large warcraft stationed in deep space as well as space colonies on Mars as part of the Secret Space Program and Earth Defense Force.[269]

Senator Daniel Inouye, chairing a Senate Select Committee on Secret Military Assistance during the “Star Wars” Reagan years, knew so much secrecy was being withheld that he went on public record to reveal:

There exists a shadowy Government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.[270]

Quoted in a Dr. Michael Salla article, former 21-year SSP researcher Corey Goode explained the Disclosure plan revealing Extraterrestrials’ earthly presence to the global public:

The population is waking up at a considerable rate but they still have quite a lot of mind control and disinformation to contend with. Once we reach a point of absolute and full disclosure of humanity’s true history, the list of groups that have meddled in our social and genetic development (and to what extent), the horrific crimes against humanity by the appointed ‘Elite,’ some of the Ancient Earth Break Away Civilizations and various ET Groups, this will push the people themselves to rise up and end the Babylonian Money Magic Slave System. [People themselves will] bring all of the before mentioned groups to justice with the help of positive off world groups and through some of the more traumatic disclosures that come to light (that many will call ‘Fear Porn’ but are a part of full disclosure none the less) will cause a much needed ‘Genetic and Energetic Memory’ to occur to our species that will assist us in not repeating the cycles of history that we have been manipulated to repeat over more cycles than our current era history has any knowledge of. This is also about preparing humanity to stand on its own as a manipulated race for the first time in its history.[271]

It’s time we cast aside the controllers’ conspiracy of bad science and self-serving lies in order to finally get to the bottom of why human history to this very day has been so exclusively inculcated and jam-packed with nonstop war, cutthroat zero-sum competition, inhumane mass exploitation and gross injustice – the exact opposite of anything remotely related or connected to our Prime Creator, spiritual wisdom, universal compassion and the Divine Creation. When as a systemic policy the controlling elite invests in both sides in every war that it invariably plans and creates, and only it gains from pursuit of such earthly horror and devastation, it’s time to transcend the control matrix’s divide and conquer stranglehold and ultimately hold the cabal owners accountable for their incessant crimes against humanity, starting with depriving the human race of our own true origins as well as systematic rape, murder and sacrifice of our most helpless, vulnerable population on the planet. And now their latest “problem-reaction-solution,” NWO’s state sponsored grand staged crisis, their weaponized “super virus,” conveniently crashing the economy by design, under the guise of the ID2020 rollout of worldwide mandatory vaccination.[272] Let’s face it, we’re all under attack in their all-out war against humanity.

In charge and in full control over worldly affairs literally for hundreds of millennia, the bloodline controllers have made members of their reptilian-subhuman hybrid their controlled puppets and the rest of us fully (okay 98%) human earthlings their fulltime colonized slaves for posterity – for over 250,000 years! But their long reign of terror and bloody abuse at our expense is about to come to an end as the hidden truth finally breaking through is about to set us all free.

Per last chapter on the royals, we’ve been witnessing the self-combustible crash-and-burn of the leading royal alien bloodline family, the Merovingian Windsor clan, with such overt public dissention within its embattled ranks, displayed by defiant, breakaways Harry and wife Meghan Markle’s apparent rejection and unwillingness to play the royal game anymore, knowing full well that Harry’s family, the “shapeshifting lizards” as Princess Diana called them, are responsible for killing his own beloved mother and, as such, he no longer is willing to be controlled and take part in their corrupt family Firm that’s behind virtually every nefarious malady afflicting the earth today, including Prince Philip’s “killer [Crown] virus.”

In 1999 longtime author-lecturer and outspoken anti-cabal critic David Icke in his The Biggest Secret devoted an entire book to unveiling this ungodly “Brotherhood” agenda and a full chapter specifically outing Queen Elizabeth and her family as reptilian planetary overlords including their murder of Princess Diana.[273] Over subsequent years, so many of David Icke’s so called “wild preposterous claims” have turned out to be glaringly true and, as a result, his credibility in recent years has never been stronger. Again, the earth’s elite club of evildoing psychopaths has gotten away with its vile crimes by counting on a dumbed down, docile population remaining asleep, too skeptical and disbelieving of the bloodline rulers’ outlandish depravities, shocking secrets and murderous transgressions on such a grand diabolical scale, that’s how the worldwide trafficking, sodomy and sacrifice of so many missing innocent children have reached today’s pandemic proportions. Through disbelief, ignorance and apathy the criminals keep getting away with murder. With an agenda to keep the masses ignorantly dumbed down, stupefied and numbed, misdirected and blindly disbelieving through mass mind control, the Luciferian matrix has maintained control over us as long as humans have walked this earth.

However dark and disturbing, the truth is setting us free. The international crime cabal knows and fears that slowly but surely, the criminal truth is spreading amongst the people and it’s scaring the piss out of them. Just like the evil witch in the Wizard of Oz, right after the bucket of water was dumped on her, the queen is literally in a shrinking state of meltdown, her precious Crown disintegrating before her eyes.

Meanwhile, SARS 2.0 vis-à-vis this cabal-induced Coronavirus crisis initially alleged to have been stolen by Chinese bio-warfare agents working for years as scientists in Canada’s national Winnipeg lab was unleashed in the northern Chinese city of 10 million late last year and according to “authorities,” has been spreading across the globe like wildfire ever since.[274] Threat of World War III loomed eminent during the first few days of 2020 after the murder of Iran’s top general.[275] Right before the Wuhan outbreak, the 5G radiation allegedly began bombarding Wuhan residents to compromise their auto-immune system’s capacity to fight off illness.[276] And look what the cabal’s doing while Americans are all in lockdown, sneaking into schools and public places installing 5G.[277] Still don’t think there’s a genocidal agenda? The unprecedented uptick tempo of one preplanned crisis after the next in the early months of 2020 reflects the controllers’ sheer panic knowing they’re losing control and that the jig is up. Their reign of terror over this earth is about to end as public awareness of their crimes against humanity spreads. So inventing this “super-crisis” is intended to supersede the truth from gaining further momentum. Locked in panic survival mode, the evil ones have us exactly where they want us.

According to multiple sources via the internet, the outbreak is weaponized hybrid warfare against the surging power of China waged by the Anglo-American-Zionist Empire.[278] Failing to extort cash from China to stave off overdue default payments,[279] the impending bankruptcy of the United States Corporation of America is temporarily averted triggering the “pandemic,” like all past viruses, originally concocted from a Fort Detrick Maryland lab. Moreover, recent smoking gun evidence has surfaced to indicate that the virus was manmade as a particularly virulent bio-warfare weapon that easily spreads[280] sold to China through the University of North Carolina.[281] CoVid-19’s global lockdown is a desperate measure designed to crash the economy and terrorize the world into accepting mandatory vaccination of dangerously tainted toxins for the purpose of world depopulation eugenics.[282] The Coronavirus appears to be the most dangerous bio-weapon ever unleashed on earth, the closest thing to rivalling the 1918 Spanish flu or influenza pandemic that lasted three years infecting 500 million, then over a quarter of the world’s population, killing one tenth of those infected at 50 million people.[283]

With Israel’s Khazarian Mafia boss Netanyahu re-indicted on corruption charges,[284] in mounting desperation, prior to the people reaching critical mass, the Zionist controlled cabal during this US election year, in order to save its own ass, appears in process of igniting the perfect storm against the people – the bioweapon pandemic, instigation of world war against Eastern nations and collapse of the global economy all at the same time. Meanwhile, another unprecedented phenom’s occurring, thousands of corporate CEOs around the world are resigning en masse.[285] Similar to the insider trading that went on just prior to 9/11, it appears many corporate insiders saw the cabal’s CoVid-19 coming.[286]

The controllers are convinced that only by engineering such an extreme nightmare, plunging us all into survival mode with an unprecedented, destabilizing, destructive crisis, only then can they possibly avoid critical mass being reached by the fed up, awakening angry giant of the global masses. They are counting on we the people becoming so foolishly desperate as to accept being “saved” by their NWO bell, their Trojan horse of mandatory vaccination and one world governance. It’s up to us citizens of the world to ensure that their unfolding killer agenda no longer remains hidden, regardless of their staged upheaval and dire chaos, ultimately the truth must come to light. Survival of our planet is contingent upon the truth being known prior to their genocidal depopulation onslaught now underway.

The planetary controllers are getting desperate now. In actuality, as psychopathic rulers it is they who clearly are inferior as clueless, fearful and contemptuous of all human beings, especially those who see through their lies, manufactured false flag crises and wars. Feeding off the mass fear and panic they cause gives them strength,[287] but a growing population of self-aware, healthily balanced, integrated, spiritually inclined segment of the world population is pushing them over the edge. The closest sense of attaining joy for the spiritually arrested, morally depraved, unevolved rulers is imposing power to inflict injury, pain and suffering onto the “weak” and “inferior” humans and animals deemed soulless.

The psychopathic elite makes up for lacking the capacity to love by utilizing the sharp intellect of a wily predator, endowed as cunning masters of deception, manipulation and instinctually knowing and preying on others’ weaknesses.[288] Shameless ingratiation toward superiors, blind ambition and a compulsive competitive drive for dominance, power and control are all duly rewarded in the morally bankrupted political, economic and social system created and run by purebred psychopaths instinctively permitting only other likeminded psychopaths to enter their inner club sanctum of worldly position and utmost power.

From the very beginning, this operational hierarchical structure deployed on earth by an alien race consists of a strict, rigid caste system delineated by bloodline exclusivity, overt favoritism and elitist membership by birthright invitation only. The ongoing feudalistic system of inherited monarchy epitomizes this ruling class system and has facilitated retention of power within the same nonhuman hybrid species as earth overlords during the entire 250-300,000 years of human existence on this planet. This unbroken chain of rigid birthright control must be severed once and for all if the permanent wretched condition of human bondage and suffering is ever to be transcended and finally overcome.

Under the same old reptilian bloodline rulers allowed to remain in current power to this very day, human history has always repeated itself ad nauseam, saturated with bloodshed, mass murder and financial enslavement through central banking war-making usury. Right up to today, through passed down secret occult knowledge and mastery of Luciferian deception, willfully denying the human population access to either the truth about its original roots, the hidden knowledge of the earth’s energy grid and ley lines as well as other hidden advanced technologies such as anti-gravity, free energy and deep space travel, human beings have been cruelly trapped forever in slavery and impoverishment by this subhuman breed of psychopathic, child sodomizing, blood drinking cannibals and genocidal killers.

Control is maintained through mass mind control brainwashing and toxically dumbing down the world population into actual idol worship of its own executioners, masquerading as privileged and admired, birthright leaders and artificially elevated role model “superiors.” But much to the present rulers’ dismay, growing fear and dread, the truth bomb that the Luciferian slavemasters have meticulously concealed so much knowledge from us for at least a quarter million millennia is bursting out as never before, and the ultimate promise of liberation from our enslaved bondage has never been closer. Knowledge is power and they know it, that’s why keeping us in the dark, they’ve managed to control us for so long. But those days are coming to an end as the unfolding truth is finally setting us free. The ascension of higher thought and consciousness is awakening the masses.

The hidden truth about the enslaved human population and its bleak history of who’s been criminally pulling the strings behind humans’ brutally violent enslavement, concealed from us for all too obvious reasons by the murderous controllers, is about come to an end. Until now, the elite has always firmly, smugly, confidently remained in control. Crimes of greed, exploitation, war, murder and the sickest sexual perversions against our children, forever committed by this Luciferian nonhuman alien breed ruling over us through royal, church and state bloodlines are now being exposed as never before. Our original purpose to simply serve the corrupt, spiritually dwarfed, pathologically inferior elite has never changed, except now, fearing that word of their crimes against humanity threaten their absolute power and very existence, they’re busily unleashing their “killer virus” psyops, destroying the global economy, and plunging humanity into a dark abyss, hell bent on taking out 95% of us within the next several years.

In desperation, absolute totalitarian tyranny of a genocidal one-world oligarchic government is fast closing in on us – if we allow it. Currently being led to a state sponsored slaughterhouse of mass genocidal democide, blindly dismissing this sobering, harsh reality-check as merely the mad, exaggerated ravings of a paranoid “conspiracy nut” minority is now at our own collective peril. It’s a matter of choice to stay ignorant, cynical, fearfully blinded or impotently passive, making the executioners’ job that much easier, or we can choose to be armed and united in truth, holding a million-to-one numerical odds in our favor over our identified, now scared enemy, choosing to finally take control of our planet, opposing their utterly destructive agenda in order to hold the criminals at the top fully accountable, or we can perish as dumbed and beaten down lost soul victims of the planet-wide genocide already in progress.




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