Chapter 13: The Franklin Scandal and Cover-Up

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Chapter 13: The Franklin Disgrace: US History’s Biggest Pedophilia Scandal and Cover-up inside the Bush Senior White House

Joachim Hagopian

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The most thoroughly documented evidence proving America’s global pedophilia network operating at the highest levels of the US government is the infamous Franklin scandal, uncovered in a June 29, 1989 mainstream newspaper article by the Washington Times,[1] also reported by Tom Brokaw on NBC’s Nightly News,[2] and fully exposed in the truth revealing British documentary “Conspiracy of Silence,”[3] despite it being literally pulled at the last minute from its original scheduled Discovery Channel airing on May 3, 1994.[4] After it was listed in the TV Guide for a 10PM viewing, it was abruptly cancelled and all copies of the Yorkshire Television video were suddenly bought up with a half million dollar production company payoff.[5] Had it not been for a single rough-cut copy anonymously sent to attorney John DeCamp a year after all videos were supposedly destroyed, the powers-that-shouldn’t-be would’ve successfully blacked out this explosive documentary from ever being seen by anyone. That’s how pervasive and absolute the sinister controllers’ power at the top is. And as it is, its television broadcast ban has persisted to this very day, but thanks to DeCamp and the internet, it’s still widely available.

A just deserts irony rings true here – after the government’s own top secret Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) invented the internet,[6] among other reasons as a potential tool for controlling the masses, similar to pedophilia, the internet has now fast become the elite’s international crime cabal’s own self-undoing.[7] Thankfully for us, truth can never be erased, at least not completely.

The Franklin scandal was also thoroughly chronicled in two very well-researched bestselling books, the first in 1992 called The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska written by the same aforementioned attorney, the late longtime Nebraska state senator John DeCamp,[8] and the other even more detailed account published in 2011 entitled The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse and Betrayal by journalist Nick Bryant.[9] Even CIA Mockingbird controlled propaganda ministry[10] rags like the Washington Post[11] and the New York Times[12] back in 1989 and 1990 ran articles covering the momentary blip on the public radar screen, documenting American history’s biggest, all but forgotten pedophile scandal. Of course the only reason for this amnesia is the massive top-down textbook cover-up.

Despite this brief wide exposure by a diverse array of MSM outlets, Bush senior ensured that within a month in the summer of ’89 the entire story got buried and ever since over the next three decades was hardly ever heard from again. Yet its uncovered, incontrovertible facts remain irrefutable and undeniable, once again illustrating how the most powerful people on this planet as Lucifer worshipping child rapists and murderers consistently get away with the most ungodly, egregious, shockingly despicable crimes in the history of humankind. Yet despite Trump’s victory last November “ending” the dynasty run of the Bush-Clinton-Obama crime family spree[13] as outed international drug lords[14] [15] and pedo-pimps,[16] [17] [18] Washington remains a fortified, entrenched deep state pedophile-saturated swamp currently committing treason against a sitting US president.[19]

While Trump’s military buildup, warmongering rhetoric and Zionist move to Jerusalem debacle may disastrously plunge humanity off the Armageddon cliff,[20] all the while the deep state against him has committed treason many times over.[21] Why Trump’s enemies have attacked him with such unprecedented vengeance may well be because, unlike all his predecessors, Trump could actually be going after the pedophile elite.[22] All the latest buzz of sealed indictments numbering well over 4,000 (as of late November 2017),[23] Trump’s Winter Solstice signed executive order arresting and freezing assets of human rights/trafficking violators[24] and Gitmo expansion to make room for plane loads of new inmate arrivals suggesting the Podestas, Clintons and Bushes are next,[25] have lots in alt-news happily celebrating the new year, but seeing is believing. But if true, it explains why deep state’s been so desperately determined to destroy Trump before he destroys deep state.

In any event, during the course of this last year, criminals both in and out of government have been stripped naked, exposing their grotesque orgiastic debauchery and predatory bloodlust, and God willing, they’ll all finally be paying for their treasonous high crimes against both humanity and our children. But their criminal accountability depends entirely on you and me to first accept this vile sickening reality of what they’ve been doing and then resolutely take constructive action to remove this long embedded, festering cancer. Never before have we the citizens of the world ever possessed such great opportunity and power to rid the planet of the monsters who’ve singlehandedly hijacked and arrested the very evolution of our human species.[26] And prior to the .01% of the world’s population of evildoers completely destroying the earth’s eco-system as our only home,[27] the time to take action has also never been more urgent than right now. With no exaggeration, survival of our planet literally hangs in the balance.

Focusing on the basic historical facts behind the Franklin scandal as perversely tragic as they are, Chapter 13 will serve as the classic eye-opener to understanding the anatomy of the US child sex trafficking network and pedophilia in high places’ prototypical cover-up. It’s been operating unimpeded and growing for nearly four straight decades now, but only recently has it been unveiled like never before. The Franklin truth bomb only demonstrates that despite its earlier exposure, during the ensuing decades the ruling elite puppet masters behind the child sex trafficking network have only stepped up their global criminal operation. At 46 million and counting, both human slavery and child sex slavery today shamefully stand at an all-time high in the history of Homo sapiens walking this earth.[28] Likewise, the pedophilia Empire has never been more gargantuan a beast and a metastasized worldwide epidemic than it is at this very moment. That’s why the light of truth exposing this dark, demonic and perverse world in our midst can instantly become the fully lit beacon that effectively unites humanity and sets us free to purge once and for all this age old blight of bloodsucking, soulless sodomizers from their too long entrenched earthly power and control. Only until we successfully eliminate this pedophilia scourge and its Luciferian blackmail system of political and economic control and deception can humanity usher in anage of transparency, peace, prosperity and justice on a never before seen scale. But let’s first learn the very important, harsh and bitter pill of a lesson from the pedophilia primer of the ages – the Franklin scandal.

Before proceeding, at the outset a distinction must be made that media accounts of this scandal invariably use inaccurate, misleading terminology to describe child sex slaves as call boys and child prostitutes, and instead of identifying these pedophilia crimes as a child sex trafficking operation, it’s typically referred to as simply child prostitution. By definition, prostitution connotes a mutually agreed upon transaction of financial gain for one party in exchange for volitionally provided bodily services to another. Conscripted, abducted, drugged and tortured abused child sex slaves who earn virtually zero money as rape victims, criminally and brutally exploited by both pimps and perpetrators alike, through sexual trauma and financial profit going near exclusively to adult criminals – not the child victims, should never be misconstrued as child prostitution, even when a monetary exchange between pimp and perpetrator does occur. Unfortunately to this very day, law enforcement mistreats trafficked child victims of sexual slavery (“trafficked” meaning forced without consent) as criminals and so called child prostitutes, and even worse is still in the business of incarcerating child victims for extended periods.[29]

Thus, too frequently police only further tack on yet more abuse and both they and the media are still rampantly guilty of causing added damage and suffering by using words that cruelly mislabel victims as criminals. Even a 17-year old minor who “by choice” engages in sex for money is a victim, especially when economic and cultural factors so often present are considered. Young homeless runaways on the streets who are hungry for their next meal may feel forced to use their body as their only way to survive. Another common example typically encountered abroad is an orphaned eldest child facing the burdensome responsibility of taking care of younger siblings where few options exist amidst hordes of adult Western male predators hungrily on the prowl for sex with children, especially in pedo-sex tourism havens like Thailand, Philippines, other Asian countries and impoverished Third World nations around the globe.[30] Improving economic conditions, implementing and enforcing child rape laws, cleaning up government corruption, and providing education and understanding the larger context and the important distinction between child victimization and child prostitution[31] all would go far towards eliminating both this prevalent, unacceptable condition and distortedly inaccurate, unjust bias and unfair misperception.

With that caveat out of the way, let’s begin examining the Franklin child abuse scandal up close. The central adult figure is decorated Vietnam War veteran, 17-year Nebraska state senator, author and longtime attorney John DeCamp who represented several of the child victims in court as a well-intentioned protagonist. Years earlier after meeting his Vietnamese wife while serving as a Green Beret captain in Southeast Asia, as a Nebraska state senator in 1975 John was responsible for airlifting 2,800 orphaned children out of the war ravaged nation and finding homes for them in North America.[32] Initially as the Franklin story broke and rumors surfaced of child abuse in the late 1980s, DeCamp was highly skeptical. But the more he learned, the more he grew committed to ferreting out the truth in support of the child victims, eventually agreeing to legally represent several of the abused. The husband and father of four managed to traverse the high stakes minefield at great risk to both himself and his family, enduring death threats and on more than one occasion forced to relocate his wife and children out of harm’s way. But until his recent passing this last July at age 76, the inimitable John DeCamp persevered, ultimately unveiling the horrific abuse and grossest injustice perpetrated on hundreds of Nebraska children through his hard fought and not always successful quest for justice along with his blockbuster exposé, summarizing the Franklin debacle this way:

It’s a web of intrigue that starts in our holy of holies, Boys Town Nebraska, one of the most respected institutions in the United States, and spreads out like a spider web to Washington DC right up to the steps of the nation’s capital, steps of the White House. It involves some of the most respected and powerful and richest businessmen in this country – and the centerpiece of the entire web is the use of children for sex, drug dealing, drug couriers, and the compromising of politicians and businessmen in this United States of America.[33]

The Franklin scandal centered in Omaha, Nebraska and in particular on the famous now 100-year old Roman Catholic orphanage Boys Town.[34] This is the same orphanage idyllically featured in the 1938 film classic “Boys Town,” starring Mickey Rooney as the angry, rebellious juvenile reformed by the spiritual wisdom and righteousness bestowed on him by Boys Town founder Father Flanagan, played by Spencer Tracy in a saintly Oscar winning performance.[35] But less than four decades later, Boys Town was anything but saintly, becoming the primary pipeline source for abducted child sex slaves trafficked to Washington DC[36] and elsewhere to be sodomized by the likes of Vice President turned President George H.W. Bush and sexually exploited by other sick political big wigs like Dick Cheney and former New Hampshire Governor-US Senator John Sununu.[37] Yep, big Dick’s scandalously caught up in yet another coldblooded Luciferian scheme more than a decade before his masterminded signature devilry of 9/11. But more on Dick and the infamous Georges later.

Speaking of fellow demons, the main character in the Franklin drama was Lawrence E. King Jr, the charismatic ringleader that ran a vast child trafficking network exploiting hundreds of orphaned boys and local Omaha youth of both genders, some even younger than 10,[38] to VIP parties in Omaha, Washington, Chicago, New York City, New Orleans, Dallas, Des Moines, Kansas City, San Francisco and a number of other locations across the nation. The once young African American Democrat and George McGovern supporter from Omaha who everyone affectionately called Larry King strategically and opportunistically switched political parties to become a rising GOP star singing the national anthem at both the 1984 and 1988 Republican Presidential Conventions.[39] Lawrence King placed all his marbles in running with the 1% haves from the GOP elite, tirelessly participating in countless party fundraisers and, as the entertainer-charmer of the first order, he hosted social gatherings big and small, singing his way into the pocketbooks of the wealthiest, most powerful circles in Washington DC, his home state Nebraska and entire country.

His meteoric ascendancy from his humble roots resulted from his psychopathic charisma and ostentatious flair for ambition, hobnobbing not only with the rich and powerful Omaha-Lincoln crowd but branching out and expanding nationwide to even well beyond the capital. Networking with likeminded others within a secret satanic brotherhood of fellow derelict pedophiles while on the surface appearing the benevolent, do-gooder man about town, a pillar in both the Omaha community as well as nation, King ensured he was on the board of directors of some of the largest children’s organizations like the Head Start Foundation, on the executive committee of the Camp Fire Girls and president of the Girls Club.[40] For all he brought to the GOP table, King was rewarded with the position of vice chairman of the National Black Republican Council (NBRC) a direct subset of the GOP. And of course the “child lover” was selected as NBRC’s Youth Advisor.[41]

Philanthropically embracing children became the Kingpin’s cover for abusing them, supplying fresh young innocents to defile for insatiable consumption by wicked, dirty old rich white men attending Lawrence’s fancy soirees that only added to both his appeal and demand. Throughout the 1980s King grew so cozily chummy with the likes of Ronald Reagan and George Bush that he’d call them up just to ask America’s presidents for friendly favors. Never brought to justice for his countless sadistic child sex crimes and murders, this devil worshipper was granted more than his share of Luciferian favors by the nation’s Luciferian elite – and still is.

In 1970 the brand new 25-year old general manager Larry King took over the failing Franklin Community Federal Credit Union and managed to nurse it back to life, making inroads connecting with Omaha’s wealthy establishment that provided the necessary funding to keep the struggling financial institution afloat, mostly catering to local lower income African American families.[42] During his first decade at Franklin, Larry King worked toward cultivating a close working partnership with nearby Boys Town, holding a number of the famous charity’s amply endowed accounts. Employing a number of Boys Town residents in his credit union to do various odd jobs like filing or sweeping the floor seemed like a natural win-win for everyone involved.

But King’s trailblazing path to materializing his all-American success story was not what it appeared, paved with satanic pedophilic ritual, murder, sodomy, torture, blackmail, fraud, extortion, embezzlement and a subsequent White House protected cover-up. Yet for all his felonious crimes, Larry King never served even one day behind bars for his diabolical enslavement, trafficking and brutal, sadistic rape and torture of his hundreds of child sex slaves over the years, nor for pimping them off to the US president and other Washingtonian elite. It was only after years of living obscenely above his means on his $16,200 Franklin Credit Union salary per year[43] that any legal action was finally taken against him. While the flamboyant King’s best buddy George HW was making his successful bid to become the next president of the United States, the “rising star” sang the national anthem a second straight time at his convention, taking more photo-ops with the fellow pedophile president-to-be.

But just like how the “Conspiracy of Silence” doc disappeared, Bush conveniently pulled all his arm-in-arm photos with King off the internet and to this day are still nowhere to be found. Bush senior tasked longtime GOP dirty trickster Karl Rove with removing the King stain from the Bush family crime business. Rove in turn deployed the late Michael Connell (who later died suspiciously in a plane crash) to expunge all photographic trace of the King-Bush nexus from the internet.[44] A few years later the high level GOP consultant and IT guru Connell was subpoenaed and set to appear in court over a couple of George W. Bush Jr’s scandals; Connell’s part in rigging the outcome of W’s second stolen presidential election in 2004[45] [46] as well as W’s cover-up of his own shady pedophile blackmail sex ring (i.e., like father, like son) where junior fired a bunch of US attorneys hot on the investigative trail to uncover it.[47] Connell was believed responsible for thousands of missing emails pertaining to the eight terminated attorneys closing in on Jr’s sex ring[48] and, just prior to showing up in court to answer for his role in his boss’ sins, he too was suddenly met with an untimely fate flying home to Ohio for Christmas on December 19, 2008 just two miles from the Akron airport. Karl Rove is actually on record threatening Connell shortly before his death and twice Connell as the diehard loyal Bush consultant and pilot thrown under the Bush crime bus was warned not to fly his recently tampered plane.[49]

In just under two decades at Franklin Credit Union, Lawrence King had embezzled $40 million and on the very same day his buddy Bush was elected 41st US president in November 1988, the FBI and IRS raided King’s office arresting the garish pedophile. Upon discovering two discrepant accounting book records, fraud and embezzlement charges were levied against the general manager.[50] This led to a Nebraska state senate probe that in turn opened up questions that had been swirling for years around Larry King over accusations he was running a secret satanic child sex slave trafficking ring. Rumors and reports lingered for half a decade stemming from children courageously coming forth to disclose King’s pedo-crimes being perpetrated against them. Eyewitnesses reported that King was directly involved in at least one satanic child sacrifice murder.[51] But like virtually every other pedophile scandal, victims’ initial charges of satanic ritual abuse are invariably dismissed as too bizarre, disturbing and unbelievable to take seriously, especially when children are verbalizing that they’re being forced against their will to board private jetliners to Washington to attend plush parties to be served on a sexual platter for some of the richest, most famous and powerful pedophiles on the planet.

Among the first children to report Larry King to the authorities, describing in detail his sexual abuse operation, was 14-year old Eulice “Lisa” Washington (who also went by adopted foster parents’ name Nelly Webb) whose testimony was independently supported by her twin sister Tracey (Kimberly Webb). Both girls were placed in the abusive foster care home belonging to Jarrett and Barbara Webb, Jarrett a King employee on the credit union board of directors and his wife Barbara, King’s cousin.[52] The physically and sexually abused Lisa and Tracey kept running away from their foster home, bringing them to the attention of child protective services. Eulice began opening up in 1985 disclosing that on multiple occasions their foster parents and Larry King would force her sister and her along with a large number of children from Boys Town to board private planes headed for Washington, Chicago and numerous other municipal destinations. Lisa said she was ordered to sit on top of a table either completely nude or wearing a scantily clad negligee “looking pretty and innocent,” forced to perform sex (sans penile penetration) with party-going perverts, all prominent politicians and businessmen.[53] Younger bodyguards with openly displayed handguns escorted the older pervs.

Lisa said she met George HW Bush attending several of these functions, starting at the Dallas 1984 GOP convention, as well as affairs held in DC and Chicago. On a pre-election campaign swing to the Windy City in October 1984, Lisa stated she observed then Vice President George Bush handing money to Larry King, and then leave with a Boys Town African American boy named Brent.[54]

In 1985-86 Boys Town child welfare worker Julie Walters interviewed Lisa several times compiling a highly incriminating, explosive 41-page document sent to Andrea L. Carener of Nebraska Social Services. Lisa and Tracey reported that Jarrett Webb began sexually abusing them at age nine and ten.[55] Despite Lisa subsequently passing all four lie detector tests and every child protective agency from the county to the state level finding the girls’ accusations fully credible, the Washington County Nebraska judge dismissed all sex abuse charges against the foster parents Jarrett and Barbara Webb.[56] Blindly tossing out mounting, clear-cut evidence would become the pervasive signature trademark of this scandal-ridden cover-up.

With the vast majority of King’s victims in his sex ring from Boys Town, the Omaha police never took the child allegations seriously, merely going through the motions to inform only the head of the famous orphanage Father Val Peter, who failed to loop anyone else at Boys Town in on the alarming scandal.[57] Later Val Peter would claim that he conducted his own internal investigation and was unable to find any evidence of abuse, insisting that interviewed alleged witnesses denied any and all wrongdoing.[58] What’s all too obvious is that Father Val Peter and perhaps a few selected individuals within the Boys Town administration were minimally guilty of complicity as scores of their children for years would regularly go missing for days at a time while King trafficked them to DC and at least a dozen other locations around the nation. That in and of itself would immediately raise a red flag of utmost concern for responsible adults mandated to protect and care for their children. Yet even though the Boys Town-to-DC sex slave pipeline was ongoing throughout the decade, no further inquiry was ever pursued by orphanage officials. This glaring fact appears as overwhelming evidence that Val Peter who was close friends with Larry the Kingpin knew exactly what was going on. But in keeping with the traditional Catholic Church crime history through the ages, pedophilia has always been allowed to flourish unimpeded within its unholy ranks.

President George Bush welcomed Father Val Peter to the White House promoting his so called faith based initiative,[59] the same one that fellow pedophile and convicted sex offender Father Ritter embraced with his CIA front the Covenant House that was alleged to have been part of the trafficking of children, drugs and arms from and to South and Central America during this same Iran Contra era (see Chapter 5 on Knights of Malta). The CIA, Knights of Malta and AmeriCares worked hand in hand with Bush and his brother Prescott Jr., Cheney, Peter Grace and Ritter along with the likes of their obedient grunts Oliver North, Michael Aquino and Larry King. From DeCamp’s Franklin Cover-up:

Direct ties of Larry King to persons and institutions active in the Iran Contra are a matter of public record. In 1987, according to the World-Herald, King donated $25,350 to Citizens for America [CFA], a group that sponsored speaking tours for Oliver North and the Contra leaders. CFA was a key public relations group for Iran Contra; King was a founding member and one of its largest contributors.[60]

King himself was interviewed on Omaha radio station KKAR claiming that he “was trying to bring North to Nebraska.” Additionally, one’s of Larry King’s security guards has sworn that he witnessed Lt. Col. North attending at least one of King’s parties with children present. DeCamp goes on to state:

The first investigative reporter to ever look at Franklin, the World-Herald’s James Flanery, told associates that King was “running guns and money into Nicaragua,” and that the CIA was heavily involved. (Flanery was soon taken off the story and shipped out of state for a year.)[61]

It’s always been a small satanic circle that runs and operates the global child sex slave network in every scandal through every decade, always the same guilty handful of players, from pedo-presidents and pedo-Congress to pedo-CIA operatives and pedo-military officers to pedo-priests and pedo secret societies – the CFR, the Maltese, Skull and Bones, Freemasons and Illuminati among others. This tight knit crew represents one big child-raping Luciferian crime family operating from out of its DC-New York Wall Street-Hollywood US headquarters in conjunction with the City of London Corporation-Brussel’s EU/NATO-Rome’s Vatican nexus to its far reaching, child-preying tentacles extending to every single corner of the globe, all guilty as sin.

In 1986 Paul Bonacci had also been registering complaints to school authorities and the Omaha police about the rampant sexual abuse at the hands of Larry King and company.[62] At the age of 3, Paul had been placed into the sinister CIA MK Ultra mind control program, and beginning in the early through mid-1970s endured systematic mind control training at Omaha’s nearby Offutt Air Force Base, ending up with well over a dozen known alter personalities as a diagnosed Dissociative Disorder victim induced through sexual trauma and torture.[63] A conscripted sex slave by age 8, as is always the case from DC to Hollywood, Paul Bonacci became one among countless boy toys passed around by lascivious pedo club members, for Paul starting in Omaha.

MK Ultra had targeted Omaha multimillionaire businessman Alan Baer for blackmail sex with their fully trained 11-year old mind controlled sex slave Paul. Baer immediately seized the bait, laying claim to Paul for frequent acts of sodomy. Bonacci described how at lavish drug-sex orgies he was forced to have sex with Baer, but soon after was farmed out to Harold W. Anderson, CFR member[64] and former editor turned CEO of Nebraska’s largest daily newspaper, the Omaha World-Herald owned by multibillionaire Warren E. Buffet, and a year later to World-Herald entertainment journalist Peter Citron. Citron would soon be arrested for his violent pedophilic acts and subsequently “suicided” after drinking drain cleaner.[65]

Though Buffett’s newspaper men were rabid pedophile offenders shielding their King led criminal operation from all accountability, not surprisingly Larry King was also close friends with the famous Omaha mogul who happens to be one of the richest men on earth – Warren E. Buffett. Much to the powerful globalist’s regret, Warren Buffett hosted the tenth year anniversary wedding party for Larry King and his wife Alice in 1979.[66] Buffet’s wife Susie was even a volunteer at Franklin. Larry held a fundraiser when their son Howard Buffett ran for Douglas County Commissioner. Of course Buffett’s mutual interests with Larry weren’t just limited to their shared social circle. Through his World-Herald the multibillionaire’s media prowess fiercely protected the pedophiles while viciously slandering the child victims. Finally, Buffett’s financial investment ties to King’s Franklin Credit Union also ran indelibly deep. First Tier Bank as Franklin’s parent company was not only the financial institution that co-laundered King’s dirty drug and child trafficking cash flow business, but was also the morphed creation of its emeritus board of director Mr. Buffett.[67]

By December 1980 Paul Bonacci met CIA-GOP affiliated slave master Larry King who Paul claimed was holding satanic rituals sexually abusing and murdering children.[68] Paul asserted that both King and Baer were Satanists[69] who soon began trafficking Bonacci and other children as drug couriers moving Bush-CIA Contra cocaine picked up on the California’s West Coast to bring back to America’s heartland for wider distribution.[70]

Paul Bonacci specified how Larry King classified selling his young boy victims as two separate slave commodities to his mouth-watering degenerates based on their particular sexual age preference:

One is called Bodies by God and they had the call boys. And there was another group that was started by Larry King which is called the Golden Boys which was kids that were usually under the age of approximately ten.[71]

After reporting sexual abuse to her therapist while undergoing psychiatric hospitalization, another child victim Loretta Smith was interviewed in June 1988 by dispatched Omaha Police Officer Irl Carmean.[72] Loretta said she was first photographed nude at the age of nine by child pornographers. Invited to a party by her older friends, she met an adult male who convinced the prepubescent to come back to his place for “a modeling shoot.” As a friend of the Webb foster children Lisa and Tracey Washington, Loretta attended events at the local Omaha Girls Club chapter where Larry King was the predatory president. Loretta explained that she and the Washington sisters would go on Girls Club field trips to professional photography studios escorted by both male and female Girls Club adult staff that threatened her and her family if she did not pose nude. Loretta disclosed that by age 10 and 11, she was forced to participate in devil worshipping rituals with both minors and adults present, identifying Larry King as the Luciferian cult leader using drugs and sex as part of the satanic ritual activities.

Despite promising Loretta he would return to ask more about her pedophilic victimization, Officer Carmean never had any further contact with Loretta whose psychiatrist spoke to Carmean’s supervisor also assuring that Officer Carmean would be interviewing Loretta again. But because the Omaha Police Department was compromised and corrupted with its police chief part of King’s inner pedophile ring, no further Omaha police investigation ever took place. However, as Loretta Smith became more comfortable with the hospital personnel, she went into greater details about how the satanic cult run by King operated over a period of many months using marijuana and heavier drugs to manipulate their child victims into first trusting the perpetrators before introducing them to the hardcore satanic ritual abuse that in addition to child pornography, rape and sodomy also included animal mutilation, human sacrifice and cannibalism.[73] With such astounding criminal depravities revealed, a number of mental health professionals repeatedly contacted the Omaha police department for further investigation but to no avail.

By 1988 the number of minors and young adults boldly coming forth to disclose widespread abuse had grown to seven victims accusing Larry King of years of systematically raping, torturing and drugging them, hooking victims on cocaine and heroin, while trafficking and pimping them out for sodomy at King sponsored political functions and afterhours orgies across the country. Additional allegations were made accusing King of buying and selling child sex slaves on the black market at slave auctions around the country. According to Larry King victim Paul Bonacci, one was held inside a barn in Lincoln, Nebraska and others are outside Las Vegas as well as in Toronto, Canada.[74]

One underage girl described her horrifying experience at one of the King orgies where she was forced to stand naked while being auctioned off as a piece of meat to the highest bidder who would soon be raping her.[75] Another victim recalled in 1981 or 1982 being taken to a farm in Elkhorn, Nebraska where a 10-year old boy was witnessed being repeatedly beaten and sodomized by King’s Satan worshippers.[76] While the boy lay screaming and bleeding from his rectum, one of the men picked up a pitchfork, ultimately plunging it into the victim and killing him as spectators busy laughed throughout this heinous slaughter. Moreover, the Franklin sex ring perpetrators and their satanic blackmail operation often shot snuff films of both their sex abuse and murders. One King client took a young boy out of state and forced the victim to give him oral sex. Just as the pedophile reached orgasm he shot the boy in the head, captured on film to be distributed for profit amongst more sickos.

Denver’s National Center for the Treatment of Dissociative Disorders published its findings from a 1991 study in The Journal of Child Abuse & Neglect. All 37 Franklin scandal victims responding to the study’s survey diagnosed with Dissociative Disorder that had been tortured and sexually abused as children in the 1980s revealed that they also received death threats, witnessed animal mutilations, and were forced to ingest drugs. Additionally, 83% of them indicated that they had witnessed at least one adult or child sacrifice.[77]

By 1987 head of the Nebraska Foster Care Review Board (FCRB) Carol Stitt, prominently featured in the British documentary “Conspiracy of Silence,” had gathered more than convincing evidence of rampant sexual abuse involving King’s national sex trafficking ring, sending letters and reports to alert Nebraska state Governor Kay Orr as well as the state Attorney General Robert Spire, expecting them to launch a major investigation to correct this shameful blight on the state. But all her reports appeared to fall on deaf ears. Carol also forwarded reports to the Nebraska legislature in hopes that state senators would take the initiative to look into the shocking matter. But they too were slow to respond, mobilizing an investigative committee only after King’s November 1988 arrest. Finally the following month on December 19th the FCRB was able to present its mounting evidence to the state committee. Afterwards committee chairman Loran Schmit responded:

The information brought tears to my eyes. I do not cry easily and I was not the only person that was moved.[78]

Decades later as a longtime fierce protector of abused children in the Nebraska state foster care system, after 29 years as the director of the state’s Foster Care Review Board, suddenly in January 2012 Carol Stitt was forced out of her job by a corrupt board of directors.[79] Using a bogus technicality, she was ousted for attending a political rally back in 2006 for revered former University of Nebraska football coach Republican Tom Osborne, a supposed violation of the Hatch Act that prohibits federal employees from engaging in political activity. Though a state employee, technically the federal government partially funded her office through Health and Human Services (HHS). Her removal was nothing short of a subversive plot to rid a staunch pedophile watchdog from potentially running unwanted interference against Nebraska’s still notorious child sex ring trafficking operation.[80]

As to perhaps why after the Franklin scandal the state is still the pedophile capital of America’s heartland, a closer glimpse at Nebraska’s current junior Senator Ben Sasse may go far in explaining. Only by using his amply endowed out-of-state coffers was Ben Sasse able to beat Tom Osborne in the primary for the 2012 US Senate seat. Sasse’s primary outside funding source, the Club for Growth, is an extremist group keen on eliminating private sector regulations governing parochial schools and child protective services, two domains especially in the Cornhusker state where lack of accountability and pedophilia are notoriously off the charts.[81] Plus in 2006 Ben Sasse was working as the HHS undersecretary for planning and evaluation when Stitt attended that political rally for Osborne who ended up Sasse’s primary opponent in 2012. On top of that, before his HHS stint, from 1996-98 then Rep. Sasse was in charge of the pedo-scandal-ridden House program hiring and supervising young underage boys as Congressional pages while now convicted pedophile felon Dennis Hastert was Speaker of the House and fellow pedophile Rep. Mark Foley was caught sexually hitting on boys and Rep. Jim Kolbe was taking them on three day camping trips down into the Grand Canyon.[82]

Sasse actively helped cover-up Hastert and his colleagues’ out of control pedo-abuse that finally forced the program to be shut down in 2011. Thus, Sasse’s own established political record has made him fair game for being labeled a “pedophile enabler.”[83] Additionally, according to a member of the Sasse family, the clan has a known history of physical and psychological abuse[84] and as Attorney General Ashcroft’s chief of staff, without even a law background, the Nebraska politician helped rewrite the illegal, inhumane CIA torture renditions for the war criminal Bush-Cheney administration. After WikiLeaks released its CIA computer hacking vault in March this year disclosing more invasive CIA improprieties, Senator Sasse called for Julian Assange’s immediate extradition and life imprisonment. Despite being a Republican, Sasse remains a diehard fanatic forever pushing the Trump-Russian fabrication.[85] To the T his past behavior consistently fits the nefarious deep state profile immersed in the Nebraska-to-Washington pedophile pipeline. So with a current senator like Sasse, is it any wonder Nebraska still has a major pedophilia crisis?

Returning to the Franklin scandal, from the very outset of Carol Stitt’s sexual abuse reports, the cover-up was already well underway. State Attorney General Spire obviously lied telling Stitt his office was already looking into the matter. Clearly all the Nebraska prosecutors were part of the cover-up, following orders to withhold evidence to protect the guilty. Despite overt suppression of the growing complaints against King and his criminal child sex blackmail operation, in August 1989 Senator Loran Schmit heading the state probe appointed two new investigators after a lackluster first one.[86] The chosen new lead investigator was former state police trooper Gary Caradori, whose most recent investigative work at the time involved finding missing children.[87] His assistant Karen Ormiston was a colleague at his private investigation firm. They interviewed scores of suspected victims and began presenting their findings to the senate committee which led to a special state grand jury in Lincoln, also in part prompted by the committee’s legal counsel John DeCamp after submitting a 1990 memo naming the five most prominent Omaha citizens outright as pedo-perp prime suspects – Larry King, Alan Baer, Robert Wadman, Harold Anderson and Peter Citron.[88]

Just before the newly formed state grand jury even scheduled Larry King to have to testify, and one day prior to President George Bush’s arrival to speak at an Omaha fundraiser that King had purchased a ticket to attend, no doubt in compliance with White House demands, on February 7, 1990 US Magistrate Judge Richard Kopf suddenly ordered King to be taken out of state to a federal medical facility in Springfield, Missouri for psychiatric evaluation, in effect, killing two birds with one stone.[89] Of course predictably Judge Kopf ruled King mentally incompetent to stand trial and another judge whisked him away again out of state to the Minnesota Mayo Clinic for treatment for the next five months as a “pretrial detainee.” King obviously meets diagnostic criteria as a classic psychopath and full blown pedophile likely among other mental diagnoses, but the convenient label given him was “probable paranoid delusional disorder.” Thus, the fixed system protecting him ensured that at no time would the pedo-kingpin have to answer for his rape, torture, murder and interstate child sex and drug trafficking, that all ran too close for Bush’s comfort.

Little more than a year after the Washington Times’ “call boy tour inside the White House” headline, in July 1990 the lead Franklin investigator Gary Caradori flew to Chicago with his 8-year old son to ostensibly catch the major league all-star baseball game at Wrigley Park, but more importantly to pick up critical photographic evidence that would be the smoking gun to effectively convict the powerful pedophiles caught in action on camera by Rusty Nelson, King’s hired personal photographer and blackmail evidence procurer.[90] From Chicago after taking physical possession of the photos from Nelson, an elated Gary Caradori excitedly phoned both his wife and his co- investigator informing them:

I got what I came after. I got ‘em by the balls. I’ve got pictures. I will take them to the game and bring them back to Nebraska.

But just when the case was about to be blown wide open causing dozens of the most powerful pedophiles in America including the sitting US president to go down in murderous flames, the FBI assassination squad ensured that it was the courageous father and his son holding the crucial evidence that would go down in murderous flames.[91] Per on-the-ground eyewitnesses, their twin engine plane was blown apart in midair caused by a bomb planted by the FBI, resulting in wreckage debris strewn across Nebraska cornfields for miles. And of course the murdering FBI agents on the ground quickly rushed to their crime scene in order to remove all the evidence that included Caradori’s briefcase and a bunch of incriminating photos… however, not before the local sheriffs at the crash site spotted the scattered child pornographic photos. The FBI in Lincoln swiftly invaded Caradori’s office along with forcing his childless widow to turn over investigative files at their home, thus stealing all incriminating, smoking gun evidence linking the sitting US president to his murderous pedophilia-drug network.

Painstakingly reviewing all the taped Caradori interviews of the victims that the Nebraska state committee and state and federal grand juries had viewed, John DeCamp caught legal authorities having tampered with evidence, editing out specific key portions of interviews where victim witness accounts corroborated each other. That’s how criminally low into the depths of the gutter that America’s morally depraved, conniving justice system had sunk.[92] Yet despite DeCamp’s proof-positive revelations exposing the state’s cover-up criminality, the hordes of guilty pedophiles from Omaha to Washington to this day remain either free men still operating above the law or silenced as cover-up liabilities by suicide and/or suspicious death.

In the aftermath of the tragic Caradori setback, a move to hire DeCamp’s mentor the former CIA Director William Colby to head the investigation was then quashed by a 4-3 senate committee vote.[93] Colby had been a longtime close friend and boss of state Senator John DeCamp when they first worked in the Phoenix program together in Vietnam. DeCamp went to his friend Colby’s Maryland home for advice when the cover-up was stymying the investigation at every turn. Colby’s advice to his anguished friend:

What you have to understand, John, is that sometimes there are forces and events too big, too powerful, with so much at stake for other people or institutions, that you cannot do anything about them, no matter how evil or wrong they are and no matter how dedicated or sincere you are or how much evidence you have. This is simply one of the hard facts of life you have to face.[94] Sometimes evil does triumph, and there’s nothing you can do about it, at least not the way you want to. You’re dealing with something too big, too powerful. It goes too high, involves too much, and if you keep playing around with it, you’re going to get yourself killed. Get away.[95]


After John DeCamp replied that he couldn’t just walk away knowing such evil was being perpetrated with complete impunity from Washington to Lincoln, Colby then advised:

The only thing I can tell you then, is to tell the story. Write it up. Get the national and international press interested in it. Maybe they will do something.[96]


So DeCamp set forth writing his powerful exposé indicting the murderous pedophiles in power. But in recent decades while the pedophilia epidemic has surged, the complicit mainstream media has remained silent, sweeping everything under their filthy fake news carpet. A few years after William Colby uttered these chilling sentiments about what he knew too well, in April 1996 his mysterious “drowning” death is speculated to be the result of Colby’s reported plan to expose the CIA for sexually abusing and misusing children for political and diplomatic blackmail as part of its mind control program.[97] And in 1990 Nebraska, instead of placing the ex-CIA director as the next lead investigator after the Caradori murder, a central figure in the investigation stated that the state legislative committee grew cold feet and couldn’t have selected a more incompetent choice as the next replacement chief investigator, local attorney Kirk Naylor.[98]


Incredibly, a week after investigator Caradori’s murder, the Nebraska state grand jury in Lincoln soon followed by the federal grand jury in DC completely disregarded the mountains of evidence, never even calling King to the witness stand, dismissed the inquests calling the entire Franklin affair “a carefully crafted hoax.”[99] Senate committee chairman Loran Schmit was extremely disheartened that the forces of evil were able to defeat his mission to uncover the truth and lay out all the evidence for the grand juries to indict and prosecute the guilty parties, concluding that the justice system is so corrupt where truth becomes falsehood and right becomes wrong.[100] Sadly, that is exactly the objective of Luciferians, through cunning deception and pure evil they are extremely skilled and adept at inversely twisting everything around.[101] We can clearly see that with the Bush-Clinton-Obama dynasty’s New World Order.


According to Veterans Today editor Gordon Duff, Satanist George HW Bush ordered his National Security Advisor Donald Gregg “to silence those involved,” turning to the usual suspects – assassination squads within the US intelligence community – the CIA and FBI to neutralize all threats to seal the truth in an airtight cover-up under the familiar excuse of “national security.”[102]


So rather than use the Caradori hit as the driving force propelling the probe to dig deeper to uncover the real culprits behind this gargantuan skullduggery that nearly three decades ago would’ve blown this entire lid off the pedophilia scourge, perhaps out of fear the majority within the Nebraska state committee purposely undermined the Franklin inquiry, succumbing to the powerful, corrupt evil cabal successfully obstructing the truth from ever being revealed to the American public. And as a result, how many more millions of innocent kids’ lives have since been ruined and cut short because the Franklin cover-up was allowed to go forward, remaining intact right up to this day. As always, the same old evildoers once again got away with a slew of coldblooded murders sewing up yet another highly effective pedophile cover-up. This worn out scenario always carries the same sad outcome… till now! There is no turning back, no matter how much deception is spun by the fake news liars, we now know what the Luciferian controllers are and have been doing to our children.

In his search to follow the money, Gary Caradori had also learned that King’s Franklin Credit Union was being used by the White House and CIA to launder dirty money during George Bush’s notorious Iran Contra scandal.[103] Photographer Rusty Nelson later gave sworn testimony that he witnessed at a plush Minneapolis hotel Larry King handing off a briefcase full of cash to Monarch mind control programmer and fellow pedophile ringleader – the Luciferian Lt. Colonel Michael A. Aquino.[104] Nelson stated that King admitted that King and Aquino were involved in the Iran Contra affair, the same notorious scandal run by another Bush stooge named Lt. Col. Oliver North. Private investigator Roy Stevens corroborated that “there is reason to believe that the CIA is directly implicated” in the Franklin scandal.[105] From the Bush unauthorized biography:


King provided the CIA with information garnered from his alleged activities as a “pimp” for the high and mighty.[106]


As addressed in previous chapters, Michael Aquino of course is the same Army military intelligence officer implicated in Johnny Gosch’s 1982 Iowa kidnapping disappearance per Paul Bonacci[107] as well as the government’s go-to supreme mind control programmer per former sex slave Cathy O’Brien and the central culprit behind the Presidio military daycare’s satanic ritual sex abuse scandal (see daycare and mind control chapters 8 and 9). As a typical example of how King fudged his bank books for Reagan and Bush, King hosted a $1 million reception for then Housing and Urban Development Secretary Sam Pierce at the 1984 Republican convention in Dallas. Though the lavish political fundraiser actually cost $300,000, another $700,000 was used as slush money laundered through King’s credit union for the CIA’s Central American guns-for-cocaine operation.[108]


Author Nick Bryant pointed out in his book just how corrupt the US legal system in this case was:

With access to thousands of documents that were sealed by two grand juries, as well as the sealed testimony of one, I demonstrated that state and Federal grand jury processes in Nebraska played an integral role in the cover-up.[109]

Just when it appeared dozens of the guilty parties in this lurid sex ring that ran straight to the White House were identified with overwhelming evidence to indict and prosecute the offenders, with lethal vengeance a weaponized wall of violent opposition was unleashed. Loran Schmit was threatened in an anonymous phone call to not proceed with his investigation, told that it involved the nation’s top level Republican establishment that won’t tolerate any inquiry moving forward.[110] Later Schmit confessed:

I have gotten phone calls threatening me. I’ve been told to leave it alone or my kids were going to be orphans.[111]

The child victims as key witnesses were also aggressively targeted, intimidated, harassed and threatened with bodily harm by Omaha police, the FBI, the FBI proxy intimidators recruited from the Kansas City mob and various anonymous enemies of the truth.[112] Ultimately ratcheting up pressure to silence all the young witnesses once and for all, several suddenly began showing up dead.[113]

Another major pedophile villain in this tragic story was Omaha Police Chief Robert Wadman and his criminal OPD henchmen who threatened child witnesses outright with lengthy jail time should they persist in exposing their abuse.[114] Years after DeCamp’s Franklin Cover-up book came out, in Ogden, Utah the Mormon Wadman had the audacity to sue John DeCamp for libel but lost his case because the known truth was law enforcement comprised both the sexual predators as well as obstructionists of justice in their aggressive crime cover-up.[115] Used to being threatened with lawsuits, DeCamp was definitely not in the least bit intimidated but fully confident that everything he’d written about the case was factual, sharing with a friend his pat response to all previous hot-air threats:

Go ahead and sue me, because if it’s in that book, I can prove it! And I long for the day to expose all or any of you in any bigger way than I already have…[116]

It was Wadman as the Omaha police chief who impregnated 14-year old Alisha Owen who bore his child (initially raped at age 12),[117] then subsequently endured four and a half years of wrongful imprisonment suffering a reputation as the community Jezebel for being the sexually abused victim who insisted on telling the truth, never once recanting her remarkable yet totally honest, steadfast claims against Omaha’s most powerful pedophiles.[118] Aside from Alisha who also called Wadman a Satanist,[119] three other young people accused Wadman of sexual abuse.[120]

In addition to rungs of law enforcement and mafia thugs heavily stacked against the child victims, the local media viciously launched a potently wicked publicity campaign also attacking the victims, smearing their reputations as unstable, sexually promiscuous, drug addicted, trailer trash delinquents who were never credible witnesses to begin with.[121] Once the adult intimidators harassed, terrified and manipulated the scorned, betrayed young people to begin retracting their earlier allegations, the media had a field day incessantly driving home its fixated bone of contention that none of these kids could be trusted and that the entire affair was their made up hoax and witch hunt against innocent “pillars” of the Omaha community. These same malicious, deceitful weaponized M.O. tactics are repeatedly deployed against child victims in virtually every pedophilia scandal, always to undermine and destroy credibility. Also recall that in the aftermath of all the “satanic panic” sex abuse scandals of the late 1980s came the pedophiles’ answer – the False Memory Foundation (covered in an earlier chapter). A bunch of pedophile CIA mind control psychiatrists provided pushback promoting their bogus “false memory syndrome” designed to plant seeds of doubt in the profoundly disturbing accusations leveled against America’s powerful pedo-elite.[122]

In 1990 as Gary Caradori taped solid corroborating evidence from witnesses, suddenly “anonymous sources” began leaking to the Lincoln Journal and the Omaha World-Herald how victim witnesses Troy Boner and Danny King had failed their polygraph tests, which was untrue.[123] The FBI was the primary source illegally sabotaging the case against the pedophiles. And as if all these extreme, over-the-top, gross injustices and smear tactics weren’t posing a severe enough threat, fear and warning to the young victims, the two last remaining witnesses who stood their ground refusing to back down from their initial charges, Paul Bonacci and Alisha Owen, were both slapped with false perjury charges, then promptly prosecuted, convicted and imprisoned.[124] It proved highly effective as in the spring of 1990 the two other key witnesses to the case, Danny King and Troy Boner both recanted their earlier testimony,[125] especially when Troy’s younger brother who wound up with a bullet in his head was ruled an “accidental suicide.”[126]

Franklin victims Bonacci, Owen and Boner are shown in interviews throughout the “Conspiracy of Silence” documentary. Sadly the tortured Troy Boner, with his accusations wavering back and forth throughout the film, was thoroughly plagued by malicious persecutors within law enforcement and organized crime. A decade later Troy frantically checked into a New Mexico hospital screaming, “They’re after me, they’re after me because of this book!” referring to DeCamp’s Franklin exposé.[127] That night Troy was sedated but when nurses checked on him early the next morning, they found him sitting lifeless in a chair bleeding from the mouth already dead. Despite being promised the autopsy report, neither former FBI career man turned PI Ted Gunderson nor did anyone else ever receive any public information about this young man’s cause of death. Chalk it up to yet more withheld evidence indicating another Franklin casualty amongst dozens as foul play victims of the killing pedo-elite machine.

The Nebraska grand jury ignored hardcore evidence against the perps, and went after Paul Bonacci and Alisha Owen, indicting them for perjury. Alisha was held in solitary confinement for nearly two years,[128] placed on trial as an adult and falsely convicted of perjury, receiving an unheard of 15-year sentence as the pedophile rape victim who remained resolutely brave and strong enough to never stop telling the truth. Astoundingly as the innocent victim, Alisha’s punishment, a decade and a half prison sentence, equaled that of the Luciferian child sex ring-leading monster himself. Child raping, torturer-murderer Larry King served only 9 years.[129] Enslaved rape survivor Alisha Owen ended up egregiously losing her childhood and her virginity as well as more than four long years of her young life wasting away inside a prison cell in one of the most unjust and shameful travesties of justice ever committed by the US judicial system. The diabolical power players went out of their way to make an example out of her, letting other victims know what will happen if they refuse to bend or break. But Alisha’s integrity and perseverance outlasted the evildoers’ excessive, inhumane persecution. As an exemplary prisoner, she was paroled and freed in 2000, near the same time as King.[130] She and Paul Bonacci along with their lawyer John DeCamp are the courageous heroes in this sordid, heinous, very dark chapter in American history.

Another mini-scandal within the larger Franklin debacle was the secret firing of the University of Nebraska (U of N) President Ronald Roskens.[131] Investigator Caradori learned that he had been terminated in July 1989 because of his pedophilic activities inside his Nebraska state owned residence. Prior to becoming U of N president, pedophile Roskens was president of University of Nebraska at Omaha, where Larry King sat on the advisory board while Roskens had accounts at Franklin. The birds of a feather theme is rampant in pedo scandals. A few months later in early 1990 fellow pedophile Bush quickly offered Roskens a prestigiously powerful new gig as president of the US Agency for International Development (USAID). Like Bush, just a year later Roskens became a 33rd degree mason,[132] and as were a number of the Omaha pedophiles sodomizing children in King’s slave ring, Ronald Roskens was an upstanding member voted the 1980 King of the Ak Sar Ben, the Nebraska masonic organization whose name is derived from spelling the state backwards. Warren Buffet who owns 21 million shares in satanic-pedo-linked Disney Company,[133] is also a longtime Ak Sar Nen member.[134] It all fits with the satanic ritual sex abuse reported by the Franklin victims.


From earlier chapters we’ve learned that USAID often acts abroad as a CIA front,[135] guilty of either funding front companies involved in the child sex trade or directly pimping child orphans to American VIPs and foreign dignitaries throughout State Department embassies as well as funneling child sex slaves into the international trafficking pipeline. What better setup than to have the pedo trafficking CIA prez George Bush rescuing a nearly outed closeted homosexual pedophile from academia at the height of the Nebraska scandal by strategically placing him as head of USAID to help the Bush crime agenda to move drugs, guns, body parts and children around the globe. But at USAID the CIA linked Ronald Roskens couldn’t keep himself out of trouble there either, caught dipping his greedy little dirty fingers into the Enron and other companies’ cookie jar bribes while engaged in official business travel, committing federal conflict of interest violations.[136]

Again like fellow Nebraskan Warren Buffet, Roskens is a New World Order globalist pushing the NWO population control-eugenics agenda, under Bush and Rosken’s watch caught illegally sterilizing 20 million black women in Brazil.[137] What we find time and time again throughout these scandals is the reality that the worldwide sex slave network’s success of never being held accountable for its crimes rests on fellow pedos guarding their global trafficking henhouse. All these interlocking agencies headed by cherry-picked fellow pedo clubbers are prime crime players critical to the day-to-day pedophilic operations, collectively serving as a buffer shielding the sex slave network from potential exposure and accountability. But in Roskens’ case, his blatant habit of living above the law kept catching up to him despite the US president bailing him out.

Also in keeping with another longstanding pedo-pattern, there existed multiple warning sign cracks pre-dating the Franklin scandal that something had gone terribly wrong in Omaha’s Boys Town. Back in the early 1970’s, right after Lawrence King took over at Franklin, Monsignor Robert Hupp reported to his superior at the time, Omaha’s archdiocese bishop, that sexual abuse at Boys Town was prevalent, including a priest’s actual child murder and cover-up.[138] Recall the sergeant at West Point murdering a boy prior to that daycare scandal and then given a discharge as his get out of jail card. Later to shut Hupp up, he was assigned to head Boys Town himself until 1983. His successor Father Val Peter was at the least complicit in the abuse and seemingly neck deep in the cover-up.

Forced to resign and leave the Boys Town premises, a longtime orphanage patron invited the retired Hupp to move into his cottage in Wisconsin. A reporter for the Omaha World Herald, the same paper that protected the pedo-perps and slandered the innocent victims, volunteered to drive the monsignor to the out-of-state cottage. Upon arrival, the journalist prepared what was to be the last supper for the one Catholic Church official that originally broke the silence on the Boys Town abuse as Hupp allegedly died peacefully in his sleep a few hours later during that first night away from his beloved Boys Town.[139]

All evidence proves unequivocally that Lawrence E. King systematically tortured, raped and drugged kids for years, on his privately leased jet planes regularly making hundreds of trips to the nation’s capital and numerous other cities, pimping dozens of enslaved children in tow, each time providing trafficked in sex for high powered pedophile orgies attended by top members of both Republican and Democratic parties alike from the late 1970s throughout the 1980s. Per the Washington Times, Larry King’s DC point man and chief pimping partner-in-crime throughout was onetime ABC Vietnam War correspondent turned GOP lobbyist-homosexual pedophile Craig Spence.[140] It was Spence who was caught as the infamous after midnight White House tour guide. Both King and Spence would stop at no expense to lavishly “entertain” the Beltway elite at drug-filled parties hosted at both King and Spence’s private luxury DC residences. King rented a $5,000 a month townhouse on Embassy Row. Pulitzer nominated journalist Paul Rodriguez for the Times’ call boy investigation was able to locate pedophiles using the services run by King and Spence by tracking down credit card vouchers. Rodriguez discovered a number of notable Beltway VIPs having sex with mostly underage boys:

Among the client names contained in the vouchers – and identified by prostitutes and escort operators – are government officials, locally based US military officers, businessmen, lawyers, bankers, congressional aides and other professionals…[141]

Unprecedented were Secret Service agents accompanying Washington Metro Police in the raids of male escort offices, and as such, the Secret Service made sure that a box containing the names and phone numbers of the highest level Bush administration officials was withheld from the rest of the collected police evidence in order to protect Bush and his higher-up pedophiles. However, the Times did publicly out two of the 200 prominent DC players amongst the johns using the call boy services. According to journalists-authors Webster Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin’s unauthorized Bush biography:

The Number Two in charge of personnel affairs at the White House, who was responsible for filling all the top civil service posts in the federal bureaucracy, and Secretary of Labor Elizabeth Dole’s chief of staff, were two individuals publicly identified as patrons of the call boy ring.[142]

Craig Spence lived a lavish lifestyle with running cameras installed in every room of his blackmail mansion. His bread and butter fortune had been built on enticing unwitting others into sexual blackmail and extortion. When pressed about who gave him the White House key, Spence hinted that the tours were authorized by “top level” White House officials, including President Bush’s National Security Advisor Donald Gregg,[143] who Bush had placed in charge of the Franklin cover-up. Though Gregg denied any connection with Spence, he lied. Just a couple months prior to the Washington Times article, Spence had hosted an extravagant dinner affair in honor of Gregg at the ritzy Four Seasons Hotel. Spence’s guest list that night included Attorney General John Mitchell, CIA Director William Casey and ABC News broadcast journalist Ted Koppel.

Just over a month after the Times outed him as the midnight tour guide, Craig Spence’s fate already cast doom. He was arrested in August 1989 on weapon and drugs charges. Spence’s CIA dealings ran deep. While in prison Spence started talking, admitting he’d been working for years in high level espionage and sexual blackmail operations with none other than George Bush’s longtime CIA buddy, the infamous Bay of Pigs veteran Felix Rodriguez.[144] It was agent Rodriguez who is alleged to have accompanied the Bolivian Army in the hunt and murder of Che Guevara.[145] Needless to say, Spence’s dirt on top Washington VIPs could have brought down the entire cabal and that level of liability equates to an automatic death warrant. Spence even boasted that his past sins prior to the Franklin scandal made his DC pedophile operation look like child’s play. Predictably for knowing and telling too much, in November that same year Spence was found “suicided” in his hotel room at the Boston Ritz Carlton, laying on his bed still wearing his tuxedo. Days prior to his demise, he told a friend:

I may be disappearing soon. It will be sudden. It may appear to be a suicide, but it won’t be.[146]

With the blatant Franklin cover-up’s wholesale murder of well over a dozen innocent kids and the guilty’s dead men don’t tell tales piling up, and the Nebraska state inquest losing whatever legitimacy it had once chief investigator Caradori was out of the way, the Bush pedophile ring indelibly forever linked to his presidency got buried in all the murdered corpses. America’s biggest, most shameful pedophilia scandal ever exposed in its history was already history, fast morphing into complete obscurity during the decades that followed. But last year’s Pizzagate turned PedoGate changed everything, raising the specter of unresolved injustice begging for renewed scrutiny on this sordid unfinished business that directly connects to today’s pedo-epidemic. But this time with the George Bushes and the Clintons’ mile high body count,[147] [148] and their Luciferian death and destruction machine in our face, there’s no turning back.

Though the most egregious crimes imaginable all went unpunished, in 1998-99 Paul Bonacci was represented in a Lincoln, Nebraska federal courtroom by the tenacious attorney John DeCamp in a civil suit filed against Lawrence King charging him with violating Bonacci’s civil rights. Judge Warren Urbom awarded Paul a million dollar settlement in damages[149] based on highly credible, convincing testimonial evidence that included the abducted Iowa paperboy’s mother Noreen Gosch’s riveting court disclosures.[150] It was vindication for Paul as the truth was finally heard in a federal court of law despite the evildoers’ previous victory at totally suppressing all consequences for their horrific crimes.

Judge Urbom rightfully concluded in his decision:

Between December 1980 and 1988, the complaint alleges, the defendant King continually subjected the plaintiff to repeated sexual assaults, false imprisonments, infliction of extreme emotional distress, organized and directed satanic rituals, forced the plaintiff to ‘scavenge’ for children to be a part of the defendant King’s sexual abuse and pornography ring, forced the plaintiff to engage in numerous sexual contacts with the defendant King and others and participate in deviate sexual games and masochistic orgies with other minor children. The now uncontradicted evidence is that the plaintiff has suffered much. He has suffered burns, broken fingers, beating of the head and face and other indignities by the wrongful actions of the defendant King. In addition to the misery of going through the experiences just related over a period of eight years, the plaintiff has suffered the lingering results to the present time. He is a victim of multiple personality disorder, involving as many as fourteen distinct personalities aside from his primary personality. He has given up a desired military career and received threats on his life. He suffers from sleeplessness, has bad dreams, has difficulty in holding a job, is fearful that others are following him, fears getting killed, has depressing flashbacks, and is verbally violent on occasion, all in connection with the multiple personality disorder and caused by the wrongful activities of the defendant King.[151]

Author of the Franklin Betrayal Nick Bryant has stated:

Given the unbelievable amount of abuse that Alisha Owen and Paul Bonacci have endured from perpetrators and also law enforcement, I find it truly astounding that they’ve been able to forge lives for themselves.[152]

Unlike so many other Franklin victims, Alisha and Paul have both managed to forge happily married family lives that include gainful employment.[153] They and other survivors are the true heroes out of this dark, abominable chapter in American history. Now 50 years old with harsh wounds behind him, today Paul is living a quiet life with his wife and children in a state far outside Nebraska. Despite Paul Bonacci never collecting a single dime from Larry King despite King’s release from prison not long after the legal judgment was filed, that in itself is appalling considering King has been a free man for many years now.

Upon release from prison, the guilty multiple felon reportedly went right back to work for powerful Republicans that continue protecting him to this day.[154] The now 73-year old pedo-trafficking Kingpin, responsible for the biggest pedophilia scandal in US history, currently resides in the DC suburb of Reston in northern Virginia. For her part in the illegal Franklin operation, King’s first wife Alice served time for tax evasion and now resides in Texas along with their son who runs a car dealership. Lawrence E. King has since remarried and been employed at a couple local DC car dealerships, enjoying a comfortable retired life now, incredibly sitting on the board of directors at a nonprofit charity called Opera Nova that brings opera and the arts to local children.[155] It’s as if his sordid criminal past never even happened or ever really caught up to him. Recognized as a standup guy in the DC swamp community, King additionally serves as a board member atop a number of other distinguished DC civic and social organizations and foundations. Despite the federal court ruling against him and never serving time for his heinous pedophile crimes, this child raping Luciferian never ever had any of his wages garnished and even worse, has been allowed to work with children all these years. Amazingly enough, to this day this demon continues to be well-protected by the same Bush-Clinton-Obama deep state crime cabal guilty of torturing, drugging, sodomizing, and murdering children en masse around the globe every single day. To ad nauseam, the pedophile elite never fails to protect its own monsters from hell.

The tragic, all too common globalized pattern of the elite preying on our most vulnerable population has a majority of victims residing in orphanages (most often Catholic), group homes, foster care placements, the streets, war zones and refugee camps, exploited by deceitful procurers (frequently deploying already enslaved peers to lure them as in the waiting van from the 1982 Iowa Johnny Gosch case). The pedophile network has become so concentrated that within 48 hours, 2 out of 3 runaway youth in America are approached by child sex traffickers.[156] All over this world it’s the parasitic foxes preying on and guarding their child pipeline henhouses, easily gaining access and trust of highly susceptible at-risk victims. As mentioned in previous chapters, there exist numerous so called charity organizations around the globe working closely with children from within CIA front companies, the child “protective” welfare system, international adoption agencies, to global war zones and refugee camps collectively feeding off the innocents. Predatory wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing may look like you and me – from UN, USAID, Red Cross, “White Helmet”[157] charity workers to our local schoolteachers, coaches, priests, social workers, scout leaders, babysitters, upstanding “community pillars” by day and Illuminati Luciferian killers by night, as in the Omaha case, a fast-talking “benevolent and beloved” community leader who always enjoyed lending a hand helping [himself to] the local orphans.

Sadly, the Nebraska Franklin scandal is just the tip of the iceberg, momentarily laying bare pedophilia in the highest places. But taking orders from President George H.W. Bush and his shadowy minions, the complicit media, law enforcement, and the courts all quickly fell in line and the Franklin story died. Yet numerous other accounts provide corroborating testimony exposing pedophilia amongst the elite. The Omaha-to-Washington pipeline was/is but one among countless conduits pumping children to the pedophiles in Washington. Stew Webb,[158] a respected Veterans Today colleague of mine while I was a featured VT columnist, has a 32 year history as a federal whistleblower exposing the high crimes of the Bush-Clinton dynasty machine. His digging led to breaking the S&N, HUD and Denver airport scandals and contributed supplemental evidence to the Iran-Contra affair.[159] With his former father-in-law Leonard Millman, a longtime Daddy Bush partner-in-crime and Denver Illuminati kingpin, Stew was able to access the crime filth up close and personal on the globalized cabal. Based on his own firsthand experience, Webb repeatedly calls the Bushes out as practicing pedophile Satanists.

Intel from insider sources informed Stew Webb that as both vice president and then president George HW Bush ran a Congressional pedo-blackmail operation called the “Brownstone Operation and Operation Brownstar.”[160] Just one angle of it is referred to as the Franklin scandal. But again that’s just addressing one pipeline source among many. Bush finagled a taxpayer funded program that brought children in droves for daytime tours to the White House. Orphanages from all over the country, not just Boys Town, would arrange public visits to the White House. So children from group homes across America were regularly funneled into the waiting pedophile hands belonging to scores of sleazy compromised politicians. According to his sources, Stew wrote:

Daddy Bush, Dick Cheney, John Sununu would be standing in line to greet the children and their caretakers as they came to the Vice President’s Home and or the White House for their specially invited tour at US Government expense. Bush, Cheney and Sununu would ask, “What’s your name”, and later just before dinner time, a call from the White House came into the hotel where the children were staying to the Caretakers inviting Little Billy, Mary, Johnny, Timmy, and Pam to the White House State dinner that evening.[161]

Once permission was attained from the child caregivers, selected kids would be escorted to a waiting limousine, be given a Coke laced with what’s called a Voodoo drug, a shrub plant extract from remote areas of South America in powder form called Scopolamine.[162] A person under its influence becomes hyper-obedient and memory of events once its effects wear off tend to be erased. The limo would then transport the kids to various locations where parties were being held. It might be Larry King’s house or Craig Spence’s home or the openly gay Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank’s Brownstone. As Congress’ first openly gay representative, Barney was among influential Democratic regulars partaking full bipartisan advantage of DC’s unending flow of underage boys. Frank was ultimately outed living with a house boy who operated a gay prostitution ring right out of their shared residence.[163] Craig Spence once tried in vain to recruit Frank’s entrepreneurial “call boy” to his own blackmail operation. The already-in-progress political shindigs would always arrange high class call girls furnished by another likely murdered DC Madame (for also knowing too much) supplying attending partygoers from the House and Senate and foreign dignitaries with Voodoo laced alcoholic beverages to ensure they were sufficiently intoxicated and manageable for what would come next. About that time Bush, Cheney and Sununu would arrive escorting the targeted children. The prostitutes would then leave and the pedo-party would begin. The kid’s caregivers would be contacted at their hotels and told that the children had fallen asleep and that they will be staying overnight at the White House and returned before lunchtime the next morning.[164] Thus as drugged captives, the defenseless children were helpless little prey while the cameras were rolling to catch notable politicos also falling easy prey under Bush’s Luciferian control.

Apparently the Voodoo drinks weren’t foolproof enough as several months later kids back at their orphanages happening to watch the 6 o’ clock news recognized President Bush on their television screens and, pointing to their private parts, informed staff that “he put his thing in me.”[165] At some point shortly thereafter, People Magazine was contacted and a team of journalists were dispatched to follow up with investigating the orphanages that participated in the federal program, investing a million dollars on this bombshell story that confirmed pedophiles Bush, Cheney and Sununu were responsible for raping and sodomizing them. Stew Webb stated that he spoke to People Magazine journalists who confirmed the story’s veracity, but that Bush and company had once again ensured it would never make it to print.[166] Media blackouts suppressing and censoring the truth are always standard fare as MSM upper management acts as complicit whores in virtually all pedophilia cover-ups.

As is typical of pedophilia sex rings, the Brownstone aka Franklin operation served the dual function of both catering to the perverse debauchery of sick Luciferian pedophiles at the top of the predatory food chain as well as serving as a convenient means of attaining blackmail control over powerful puppets at top levels of the government, the military, law enforcement, the judicial system, Wall Street, mainstream media and entertainment. From the 1950s right up to the 1980s in cahoots with gay pedophile FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover’s COINTELPRO, Donald Trump’s ruthless mentor – the gay powerhouse attorney Roy Cohn – also led an East Coast pedo-ring blackmail operation.[167] CIA agent Edwin Wilson began partnering with Cohn on these child homosexual pedophile blackmail rings as early as the 1950s, expanding their turf operation to DC in the 1970s.

Former CIA agent Frank Terpil confirmed Wilson’s agency role in domestic child sex rings:

Historically, one of Wilson’s Agency jobs was to subvert members of both houses [of Congress] by any means necessary… Certain people could be easily coerced by living out their sexual fantasies in the flesh… A remembrance of these occasions [was] permanently recorded via selected cameras…. The technicians in charge of filming… [were] TSD [Technical Services Division of the CIA]… The unwitting porno stars advanced in their political careers, some of [whom] may still be in office.[168]

So using children as pedo-bait for blackmail operations has been around at least since the early 1950s and no doubt earlier. These various sex rings are not unlike the more recent Jeffrey Epstein-Ghislaine Maxwell Sex Slave Island operation of the 1990s up till Epstein’s 2005 arrest (covered in next chapter). From Paperclip to MK Ultra mind control, the US government CIA-FBI pedophilia trafficking network has been an established fact for a very long time in the United States, Europe and many parts of the world. And again, going public with how the CIA has been misusing children as pedo-bait is most likely what got John DeCamp’s close friend former CIA Director William Colby bumped off.

Credited founder of the Illuminati – Adam Weishaupt – with full Rothschild backing in 1776, touted sexual blackmail and covert infiltration as secret weaponized cornerstones of Illuminati’s future success and demonic rise to world power.[169] And with an estimated one third of those in the US government today guilty of engaging in pedophilia as sexual blackmail,[170] the global child sex trade/trafficking network has only exponentially skyrocketed during this century. Government scientist insider Dr. Pete Peterson claims that 86% of US Congress are members of the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA).[171] If true, then obviously way more than half our nation’s so called top leaders are cabal-controlled pedophiles.

Keep in mind that led by this same Bush-Clinton family dynasty, none of these past scandalous events and developments are ever truly isolated, random or independent of each other but solely the causal, common-threaded consequence of an ongoing diabolical, centralized mechanism exercising increasing tyrannical power and absolute Luciferian control over this planet. Massive abuse and sacrifice of our innocents are simply their means to an end. But as their Achilles heel, we now have the opportunity to make it the means to their end as sexual predators increasingly face the wrath that comes from their ugly truth being exposed like never before, followed immediately by their karmic payback as ultimate belated justice delivered.

Vox News succinctly summarizes Bush 41’s child slavery operation and his less than perfect cover-up this way:

It is a fact that during the 1980s, child sexual services were provided by top Republican officials to key bureaucrats and diplomats but most importantly, there is a chilling proximity of all of these events and personalities, to the President of the United States at the time, George H.W. Bush. And there have been victims who claim that the President himself engaged in the activities. It is a tale of child sex, murder, espionage, blackmail, and huge payoffs. And all the players are involved. From the White House to the CIA to the media barons to the Republican elite – right down to the orphanages where they procured their victims.[172]

Right where senior Bush left off, the global operation was seamlessly handed over to the Bill and Hillary White House and their raping and plundering first in the 1990s Balkans, more recently in the Caribbean on Epstein’s St. James Island and then in earthquake-Clinton ravaged Haiti. Obviously the child sex slave pipeline has only flourished as each pedophile president took figurehead turns as Pedo-Empire CEO, Inc. The global child trafficking network never for a single day ceased operating all these years from one decade and president to the next but only expanded to every corner of the globe, with more child abductions yearly, more wars, more victims, more trafficking venues and more perversions at the top of the predator food chain.

Next stop on board Satan’s Lolita Express is Sex Slave Island from the 1990s to 2005 pedo-slave master Jeffrey Epstein and his Mossad-CIA version of sexual blackmail operation trapping big names that might soon fall… if any of the Trump hype on his deep state countercoup is at all true.


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