Chapter 41: Pizzagate Turned Pedogate: Internet Sleuths Link Clintons and Podestas to Washington Satanic Pedo-Ring that Mainstream Media Labels ‘Fake News’

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Chapter 41: Pizzagate Turned Pedogate: Internet Sleuths Link Clintons and Podestas to Washington Satanic Pedo-Ring that Mainstream Media Labels ‘Fake News’

Joachim Hagopian

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Use monetary and sex bribery to obtain control of people already occupying positions in high places in the various levels of ALL governments and other fields of human endeavor.  Once an influential person had fallen for the lies, deceits, and temptations of the Illuminati they were [are] to be held in bondage by application of political and other forms of blackmail and threats of financial ruin, public exposure, and physical harm and even death to themselves and their loved ones. 

                          Myron Fagan, “The Illuminati and Council on Foreign Relations”[1]


Nearly a half decade ago back in February 2015, I wrote a piece for Veterans Today about the undeniable age-old nexus between power and pedophilia when suspected pedophiles Bill Clinton and attorney Alan Dershowitz were caught with their pants down as frequent flyers on their registered sex offender buddy Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express flight logs.[2] This bombshell coincides with the fact that Prince Andrew’s royal connection broadened the international scope of the scandal to implicate the prince also engaging in underage sex and orgies on Epstein’s private island.[3] Having spent the better part of a quarter century career in mental health as a licensed therapist and clinician working directly with child and adolescent victims of sexual trauma and abuse in Los Angeles,[4] I consider pedophilia a severe pathological mental disorder and international crime of the worst disorder, often harming its victims for life.[5] Thus, as a journalist, I felt compelled in April 2014 to write about the growing blight of human trafficking and how its diabolical tentacles have spread like a cancer to every corner of this earth.[6] Sadly, with estimates of over 40 million victims, slavery today is far more widespread than at any previous time in recorded human history.[7]


With the Pizzagate scandal erupting online during the weeks leading up to the 2016 presidential election, its Pedogate legacy will not go away.[8] The scourge and outrage of this current global pedophilia network is forcing citizens the world over to recognize and combat this abominable human malady like never before. Unlike five years ago, complacency and ignorance are no longer acceptable.


Even Trump attorney Lin Wood just dropped the ultimate bombshell while in litigation to expose the fraudulent November 2020 election results:


This country’s going to be shocked when they find the truth about who’s been occupying the Oval Office for some periods of years. They’re going to be shocked at the level of pedophilia. They are going to be shocked at what I believe is going to be a revelation in terms of people who are engaged in satanic worship.[9]

This revelation of satanic pedophilia operating inside the White House refers to the Bush-Clinton-Obama-Biden crime family dynasty that this writer has been exposing for many years now.[10] Just days ahead of Election Day 2016, pressure from disgusted and sickened NYPD officers after viewing “enough evidence to put Hillary away for life,”[11] forced Deep State’s pro-Hillary FBI director James Comey to reopen her criminal investigation, due to such smoking gun evidence discovered on convicted pedophile Anthony Weiner’s laptop. The FBI agent that stumbled upon the bombshell evidence was ordered to break the law and destroy evidence by Obama’s Loretta Lynch DOJ/Comey, to erase everything while seriously threatened with prosecution should he go public as a whistleblower.[12]


Anthony Weiner, the disgraced former New York congressman and now ex-husband of 20-year Clinton aide Huma Abedin, had filed away in his laptop under “life insurance” up to 650,000 Hillary emails. But damning evidence also revealed that Bill Clinton had flown on Epstein’s Lolita Express at least 26 times and Hillary at least a half dozen, directly linking both Clintons to Epstein’s child sex slave pedo-slave operation on his Caribbean island estate.[13] A second file on the laptop labelled “DNC Nuclear Arsenal” contained incriminating dirt on Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta and the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Concurrently WikiLeaks had released incriminating emails from the Podesta brothers and DNC members linking them to both Clinton and James Alefantis’ pizza parlor Comet Ping Pong Pizza. An NYPD insider claimed that a third file tagged “Intimate” included the infamous, highly controversial and shocking video later named “Frazzledrip,” an alleged X-rated snuff film with Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton on camera brutally raping, torturing and murdering a prepubescent girl in dying agony.[14] With all this horror subsequently surfacing in recent years, is it really all that far-fetched to link the Clintons to a pizza joint in North West Washington DC in October and November 2016 with the bizarre inordinate number of references to “pizza” in released emails of Clinton campaign manager John Podesta? After reviewing the evidence, you be the judge.


Really by election day – November 8, 2016, the cat that had already been let out of the bag and was never going back in. As a planted Clinton protector, feeling guilty over being forced 11 days ahead of the election to reopen Hillary’s criminal investigation, knowing it would cost her votes, on the hotseat just two days prior to her losing, FBI Director James Comey attempted to redeem himself by closing her case, claiming the huge lie that the FBI found zero criminal evidence.[15] Of course that’s total bullshit when it’s known far and wide that both Bill and Hillary are pedophiles linked ad nauseam to pedophilic activity. For many years Bill and Hillary maintained the closest of ties with America’s most infamous child sex trafficker-convicted pedophile in the world Jeffrey Epstein, both frequent flying guests to his Orgy Island. Aside from Epstein, there’s their intervention to free convicted child sex trafficker Laura Silsby back in 2010 Haiti.


Not only that, in June 2013 NBC News reported that Secretary of State Hillary intervened to shut down her Inspector General’s internal investigation, involving multiple State Department personnel abroad operating within a wider pedophilia network.[16] US Ambassador to Belgium Howard Gutman, for example, was caught ditching security personnel in Brussels to repeatedly engage in sex with underage boys, all with complete impunity thanks to his boss Hillary’s cover-up.[17] If that’s not enough proof, the former Arkansas state governor and first lady themselves were also both involved in George Bush senior’s Iran Contra cocaine for weapons scandal (See earlier Chapter 8) as well as the interrelated Washington pedophilia ring that led straight from Nebraska’s Boys Town to the White House in the 1980s and early 1990s (See Chapter 6 Franklin scandal).


With all this overwhelming evidence fully confirmed and well-documented in earlier chapters, directly or indirectly incriminating the Clinton crime family in all these pedo-scandals, it’s absolutely preposterous to even claim that Hillary is totally innocent in the Pizzagate affair, especially when both she and her 2016 campaign manager John Podesta maintain super close ties with the notorious Luciferian witch Marina Abramovic, who is idolized by her adoring Hollywood fan club, the liberal Adrenochrome-addicted Luciferian crowd (See Chapter 9). The heart of the Pizzagate scandal stems from Hillary and the Podesta brothers’ ties to an alleged Washington pedophile ring involving GQ’s 49th most powerful figure in DC – an indisputable world hub of pedo-cabal power. When all these hard facts are taken into account, along with Hillary’s top donor and benefactor George Soros, the Clintons, Obamas and Bidens as the top Democrats have for years been treasonously selling America out to foreign national interests, culminating in their attempt at a failed stolen election coup now fully exposed,[18] with the bloodline banking crime syndicate behind all this orchestrated chaos and destruction,[19] it appears the Clintons’ and their pedo-cabal’s forever crime spree against humanity may finally be catching up to them at last.

In the meantime, regarding Barack Obama, despite a media blackout in the US, foreign press including an obscure Canadian website called Conservative Beaver reported that Obama was arrested for espionage in Hawaii on November 28, 2020.[20] Meanwhile, for Joe Biden’s part in his election scam, claiming even before November 3rd how he had “compiled the most extensive voter fraud organization in the history of politics,” creepy Joe is reportedly now on house arrest wearing an ankle bracelet under his boot with the fake cover excuse that he was injured.[21] Other reports are claiming that a raid on the Dominion software servers in Germany that were part of the flipping of the cheated election outcome, resulted in the death of five US soldiers and a CIA operative engaged in an alleged shootout. Also, allegedly during the shootout, an injured and arrested CIA Director Gina Haspel is reportedly in custody, currently cooperating with Gitmo authorities. Though these alleged incidents are all highly speculative and potentially mere disinformation, it’s a safe bet that many major developments are going on behind the scenes that the public at this point is unaware of. One thing guaranteed that’s happening, as I write these words and no doubt you read them, an epic war between good and evil is being played out with the highest stakes riding on the eventual outcome. At a time like this, prayer can be a very good response and intervention. Bottom line, it appears that the good guys are winning.


Returning to Pizzagate, beyond all question or doubt, for some time a pervasive international child sex slavery trafficking ring has been operating out of Washington DC with already well-established, fully confirmed, known Clinton ties to Epstein, the Caribbean Islands (including Little St. James and Haiti) and the White House long before Pizzagate opened up the giant DC rabbit hole to a whole new can of Satanic worms.[22] The pizza twist strongly indicated that just a stone’s throw away from the same White House that Trump attorney Lin Wood in November 2020 attested to a series of occupants being satanic ritual abusers, one of the most egregious sex crimes operation committed in the nation’s capital implicated not only the Clintons and Obama administration but as prime suspects, Bill’s former Chief of Staff turned Obama’s legal counsel and aforementioned Hillary campaign manager John “Skippy” Podesta, and his deep pocketed older brother lobbyist partner Tony Podesta. For what it’s worth, Tony Podesta was ranked #23 on GQ Magazine’s list of the most powerful high-rollers in the nation’s capital.[23] John and Tony are greedy partners in a shady cash-for-favors lobbyist firm,[24] deceitfully misnomered Center for American Progress.[25]

The unravelled weak link at the epicenter of this alleged Pizzagate pedophile ring has focused on 41-year old James Achilles Alefantis, owner of the pizza parlor named Comet Ping Pong.[26] By the way, did I mention that this pizza dough spinner was designated the 49th most powerful big-dog in DC? In and of itself, that nearly defies belief to have out of all the heavy hitters in our nation’s capital, a pizza joint operator as the 49th most powerful figure in town. Right away it tells us that James Alefantis is not just another dough boy, but the onetime boyfriend of Democratic Party powerbroker David Brock, self-admitted liar[27] and spinmeister head of the dubious media watchdog group Media Matters. That fact automatically raises Alefantis’ sphere of influence a bunch of notches up the Washington food chain. In a September 2015 article entitled “Hillary Clinton’s Bulldog Blazes New Finance Campaign Trails,” the Mockingbird liberal rag Time Magazine pays homage, touting James Alefantis’ ex-lover David Brock as:


One of the most influential operatives in the Democratic Party[28]


What does it say when top Clinton donor, global insurrectionist crimelord George Soros,[29] year in and year out contributes millions to David Brock’s coffers,[30] including over $20,000 that went to Alefantis’ pizza joint? [31] [32] [33] (out of Soros’ $1 million gifted to Brock’s American Bridge 21st Century PAC[34]).  The illicit non-profit activities that David Brock hid for years provided spurned former lover William Grey (bf just prior to James) to accuse him of “financial malfeasance,” cooking the books of Brock’s Control the Record Hillary Super PAC with a blatant money laundering scheme,[35] threatening to report Brock to the IRS.[36] The spurned lover lawsuit forced David Brock to have to sell his Delaware home to pay $850,000 in a hush money bribe that Brock later referred to as a “blackmail payment.”[37] Both the Clinton “non-profit” NGOs (recall child trafficker Epstein’s alleged founding partner role in the Clinton Global Initiative[38]) and Brock’s shady cut-out creations have been huge money laundering schemes that suggest bigtime involvement in the enormously lucrative, world’s fastest growing illicit trade – child sex trafficking. Additionally, Hillary as a high-powered attorney working for years on behalf of “children’s rights,” may have used her pro bono experience as a convenient entre cover, parlayed into the global child trafficking syndicate.[39]


In addition to their common purse strings and illegal money trails, both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton regularly held fundraisers at the 5037 Connecticut Avenue Comet Ping Pong address, beginning with two Obama phone bank fundraisers during his 2012 re-election campaign,[40] [41]and a 2016 Clinton-for-president soiree, and another Comet sponsored fundraiser at the White House where Obama was photographed playing ping pong with a child.[42] Hillary sent James a friendly personal thank you letter for hosting one of her fundraisers. Documents show that Alefantis gave $10,000 to Hillary’s presidential campaign.[43] Alefantis was also an invited White House guest at least five times.[44] This level of contact speaks volumes in confirming that GQ man ran in intimate circles with the most powerful Democrats in the world. This kind of high-level access doesn’t just happen to any pizza joint owner in America, but the only one with direct links to the most powerful players atop the treasonous Democratic Party.


Alefantis posted an ongoing display on his Instagram account featuring dozens of bizarre photographs of very young children and infants, accompanied by even more bizarre and perverted comments over many months’ duration. As soon as swarms of online investigators on 4Chan and Reddit began linking John Podesta’s pizza-laced emails to James’ Comet Pizza and his creepy Instagram activity, Alefantis quickly switched his account to private. All those WikiLeaked John and Tony Podesta/DNC email exchanges, frequently referencing their pizza/hotdog coded language amongst their close-knit web, obviously shared more than just a love for pizza in common. With direct links to Hillary, Bill and Obama, a body of strong, convincing circumstantial evidence emerged that, when considered in its totality, cannot be simply cast aside as merely overactive imagination.[45] The sheer preponderance of striking evidence conclusively demonstrates the extremely high probability that the most powerful political figures in the most powerful nation on earth are active, card carrying members within a Luciferian worshipping pedophile ring in Washington DC, comprising a larger international pedo-network.

This presentation will tie the myriad of known pieces together that culminates an exhaustive, online plebeian foot-soldier effort by thousands of internet sleuths feverishly uncovering, communicating and exchanging key information points, initially on 4Chan, then on Reddit and eventually on Voat. Originally an alleged FBI analyst, disgusted by the X-rated Weiner laptop content and realizing his own FBI was protecting the pedo-network, in early November 2016 anonymously leaked the following bombshell directly to the public via a 4Chan message board:


The Clinton investigation is now connected to a massive child trafficking and pedophile sex ring operating within Washington, D.C. Over the next few days, and this November 5th, we will be referencing evidence and exposing the Clinton foundations for multiple incidences of child trafficking and sex scandals.[46] 


Touching an extremely raw, sensitive public nerve, or more apt an open wound of pus-filled perversion oozing out of the nation’s capital, where the most powerful movers and shakers on the planet live and work, if widely known and accepted, could have potentially brought down Lucifer’s global crime cabal back in 2016. Within days the internet was all abuzz, floridly digging into and dissecting the leaked Podesta emails and the connected pizza restaurant owned by James Alefantis. Insisting that Pizzagate is totally false, at first all the MSM revisionists ignored the Pizzagate revelations trending atop the internet. But within several weeks the brewing storm could no longer be ignored. The 6 major news outlets all opted at once to launch an aggressive smear campaign to discredit the “speculative” findings, pretending amnesia that the same international crime cabal behind earlier pedo-scandals involving the Clintons – the just discovered Weiner laptop filth, the Epstein-Maxwell sexual blackmail operation, the CIA Finders and the Franklin scandals, all documented with the latter even bringing child victims right to the White House – all fully coordinated and controlled by the US and Israeli intelligence apparatus. So, for the same pedo-Establishment to get caught up yet again in another Washington DC child sex trafficking operation, neither should have come as a surprise nor in disbelief. Let’s face it, as already demonstrated in detail by Rome’s Catholic Church and Britain’s City of London throughout Books 1, 2 and 3, highly organized pedophilia is an established, indisputable fact, regularly practiced in all the established bastions of highest global power. So why would this third identified global power center based in Washington DC be any different? As Book 4 thus far has already proven, it isn’t.


A certain percentage of both Republican and Democrat politicians have long engaged in child sexual abuse, be it with underage minors trafficked to swank late-night DC parties and orgies, or, as in “Eyes Wide Shut,” satanic ritual abuse ceremonies involving torture and blood sacrifice of children, be it at the same private secluded estates or in heavily guarded underground government milabs. With full protection from Washington’s Metropolitan Police, the judiciary, the FBI, CIA, attendant mainstream media and federal government, the exact same cover-up crew in all previous pedo-scandals in America and abroad is guilty yet again. Pizzagate exposure is uniquely limited to circumstantial evidence only, amassed by an internet army of amateur researchers. So, without hardcore victim evidence, with the standard lies it’s been far easier to debunk and dismiss. Additionally, with stand-down orders in place prohibiting any investigation, both police and corporate media predictably launched their full-frontal counteroffensive attack, branding legions of online accusers as misguided conspiracy nuts, with too much time on their hands once again aimlessly barking up the wrong tree.

Shortly after the October 7, 2016 WikiLeaks dump,[47] referencing the already established FBI’s 2007 symbols and codewords commonly associated and widely utilized in pedophilic circles and law enforcement investigations,[48] instantaneously social media users were realizing that Podesta and company in the emails were speaking in secret code language.[49] It was clear that their incessant use of the word “pizza” in their emails was not about food, but a mutually shared activity or interest, which quickly made all the sense in the world when the word “child” or “children” was substituted. The 4Chan and then Reddit message boards lit up, drawing thousands of users, busily trying to decipher the leaked Podesta emails, which brought them to the DC pizza shop owner’s strange and disturbing social media entries, piecing the clues together to come up with a dark sinister picture of Comet Ping Pong pizzeria that appeared to serve as a front for a child sex ring. In the eyes and minds of millions on the internet, shaking this tree stood to potentially bring down the cabal. With so much at stake, the cover-up was on.


When vigilant citizens investigating and scrutinizing the Podesta emails, crosschecking them with Alefantis’ Instagram pages, a feasible enough picture emerges of a child sex trafficking operation implicating the most powerful puppets in Washington. And linking Alefantis and Podesta to the Clinton crimes confirmed on the Weiner laptop, and the Clintons’ guilt deeply tied to the infamous Epstein-Maxwell child trafficking ring, a more complete picture of hardcore evidence crystalizes that all the MSM deception and denial in the world can neither hide nor suppress. So, the first statement below in Esquire’s July 2020 issue echoes the reverberations of millions, based on confirmed fact, not just speculation. And the emboldened statement that follows it is totally groundless and out-and-out false:


For followers of the Pizzagate conspiracy, it offered proof of their belief in a powerful cabal of pedophiles who not only traffic kids for sex, but also physically abuse and even murder and cannibalize them in horrifying Satanic rituals. The fact that no evidence supports this thoroughly debunked theory hasn’t stopped Pizzagate, which first went viral in 2016 before making a resurgence in recent months, from spreading [Boldface for boldface lie emphasis].[50] 

Books 1 through 3 and the preceding 12 chapters in Book 4 all prove that from ancient times to the present, a handful of the most powerful people in this world have raped and murdered children in occult ritual with total impunity at will. No matter how many times it’s denied by the Establishment, the overwhelming evidence compiled in this 5-volume Pedophilia and Empire series, clearly shows these diabolical practices are tragically every bit real and going on now more than ever. Thankfully during this 2020 “resurgence,” more people are beginning to realize the both the veracity and scope of this very real pandemic, despite all these feeble propaganda lies, and it’s scaring the shit out of them as it should.


With all his brash, grandstanding bravado exhibited on Instagram for all the world to briefly see, James Achilles Alefantis quickly became the Achilles heel of the Clinton-DNC big wigs’ caught-in-the-act pedo-ring.[51] Despite James promptly switching his accounts to private once the Reddit investigators were exposing him, dozens of highly disturbing photographs along with his and his followers’ equally bizarre, more than suggestive Instagram responses began circulating all over the internet, speaking volumes for the fast-growing, inquisitive worldwide audience busily putting two and two together.

On his Instagram account Alefantis had posted photo after photo of babies, toddlers and young children, all in less than subtle poses suggesting they are of no more value than a secret, stolen, trafficked commodity or pleasure toy for sale.[52] One such photo shows an infant holding packs of euros cash extended in its mouth. Alefantis posted another pic of a baby being held by an adult male with the Alefantis caption “cuteness is serious business.” Another yawning cutie includes a for sale sign reading “German baby for sale $1,200 please do not touch!” with Alefantis’ comment “way overpriced.” Or the photo of his large underground, austere empty basement room of the restaurant that looks like it’s a cold storage unit but has Alefantis’ comments “oh yeah looks like fun,” with his “#murder” hashtag and another’s “#killroom.” Subsequently Alefantes would repeatedly deny the restaurant even had a basement. The guy who wrote the #killroom hashtag indicates on his Instagram account photos that he makes child sized coffins.[53] In that dark context, it could easily double as a torture/death chamber with another comment saying “just rinse it off when you’re done.” Another photo shows a very young girl about 3 with both her arms strapped down with tape and an adult male lurking behind her at the “kid-friendly” pizza shop, suggesting both bondage and torture. Alefantis plays it off as having innocent, light-hearted fun with his niece… a-huh.

For a pizza joint that advertises itself as a local family-friendly hangout where parents come to share pizza with their kids and can listen to music while their young ones happily play ping pong in adjacent and downstairs rooms, the wall murals in the kids’ ping pong rooms and the live after 10PM “adult” entertainment performances totally contradict this “wholesome” kid-friendly, family atmosphere sold in its advertising. Earlier pics reveal large Alefantis mural walls with X-rated themes, depicting adults holding children’s decapitated heads while real kids play ping pong.[54] Under the scrutiny of online investigators, Alefantis quickly had his walls repainted. The place was also said to have secret rooms, a dark basement and eye slits on the wall to see through. On a bathroom door hidden behind secret panels, a sign read “shut up and fuck.” Hardly the kind of wholesome, kids-friendly atmosphere the pizza joint supposedly prides itself on.


Another not-so-subtle giveaway on who the real James Alefantis is and what he’s about can easily be discerned by his choice of photo on his “jimmycomet” Instagram account.[55] Out of the zillions of images out there to choose from to represent himself, James Alefantis selected the bust of 13-year old Antinous, Roman emperor Hadrian’s boy lover. Alefantis posted an Instagram photo of three men arm in arm, the middle one the only poser wearing a top, a sweatshirt with the words printed “J heart L’Enfant,” translated from French broadcasting to the world the over-the-top message that J for James loves infants. Another of his choice pic includes “Moloch Maschine” (machine in German), referencing the ancient Canaanite god Moloch demanding the sacrifice of children. None of these messages are whatsoever vague but clearly express a sick middle-aged man’s fixated fantasies of having sex with kids.

An often booked after hours adult entertainer at the Comet pizzeria was/is? Amanda Kleinman (aka Majestic ape). In a YouTube video of her live show at Comet, she/he (appears to be a crude dude in a blond wig) emphasizes not celebrating Christmas at a friend’s January birthday party but instead celebrating her demon child sacrificing god Moloch again during a bizarre, rambling diatribe promoting euthanasia, joking about pedophilia.[56] This is the after-hours family fare at Comet. Ape’s brother Christopher Kleinman is serving a 43-year sentence for multiple counts of child molestation. This entire low-life group around Comet are all suspect. Another popular Comet band is called Lolitas. It’s so obvious these freaks love fucking little kids, yet the mainstream liars forever say it’s all been officially debunked. Such bullshit. When you get caught sexually assaulting children, as evil as that is, lying your way out of it by pretending innocence is the least of your sins, no big deal, simply a given if you’re protected by the pedo-cabal. In the outcry over unfair treatment, Washington Metro Police Chief Peter Newsham rushed to Comet Pizza’s defense, showing up in person to lend his loyal support for the upstanding James Achilles Alefantis.[57]

In a fluff piece the year before the shit hit the Comet pizza fan, the manager is interviewed by the local TV reporter.[58] He repeatedly emphasizes as the key to the restaurant’s success establishing a bond of mutual trust between staff and customers. It makes little sense for trust to be the keyword above all else when describing a pizza joint. One would logically figure the key to a popular pizzeria would be the quality of its pizza. But if the image of the local family pizza parlor by day contradicts some sick, highly illegal shit going on at night, then trust might make a lot more sense. Placing so much priority on trust between staff and customers to keep secrets of an after-dark double life hiding so much skulduggery then makes a lot more sense. Only criminals, conspirators and those with something wicked in their closet might have everything riding on mutual trust, much like the glue holding the pedo-cabal together.

Strangely, or not so strange, just a couple doors down from Comet is Besta Pizza that had a logo taken straight out of the FBI data base as a symbol for “boy lover” pedophiles.[59] Even more telling is the Besta owner Andrew Kline,[60] a Bill Clinton appointee,[61] working at the Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit at the Department of Justice.[62] Kline is the go-to DOJ prosecuting specialist serving as the federal lead training all US attorneys on any and all nationwide trafficking cases. Without accusing Mr. Kline per se, the pattern found in virtually every pedo-scandal is to have key infiltrated gatekeepers looking the other way as enablers or perps masquerading as child protectors. Across the street from Comet pizza in NW DC there’s an office housing an NGO called Beyond Borders that allegedly works with Haitian orphans. Again, services ostensibly set up for the purpose of helping refugee children, too often operate as a front concealing exploitive criminal activity. Think about it. Haiti’s biggest crime boss thief in history – the Clintons – on record in Haiti rescuing their convicted child sex trafficker Janet Silsby, and likely murdered at the height of the Pizzagate scandal on November 13, 2016, is anti-trafficking journalist Monica Petersen (but more on them both later). All these intersecting red alert lines converge on this alleged Comet pizza pedo trafficking ring, the boy-lover logo of Besta Pizza owner-DOJ anti-trafficking attorney two doors down from JimmyComet, and the potential trafficking Haitian orphan office across the street. Virtually every single establishment on the entire block appears to be part of Hillary’s fanatic fan club, DC branch.[63] Terasol Bistro and Artisan Gallery, another Clinton hangout, displays a close proximity to the FBI heart-shaped girl lover logo. This insulated DC do-loop seems like an ideal set-up for the illegal child trafficking operation financed by Clinton-Podesta-Soros-Rothschild-Epstein-Maxwell, complete with underground tunnels throughout this section of Washington sitting just a couple blocks from the White House.


Another related anomaly at Comet Pizza are several photos Alefantis posted on social media of underground chambers where workers are digging holes in the basement of his other building on Connecticut Avenue. Alefantis also owns Bucks Fishing & Camping restaurant two doors down at 5031 Connecticut Avenue. Despite renovation where digging a hole in your basement requires permits, no record of a permit was issued to Alefantis during the preceding decade under his ownership.[64] Alefantis actually jokes about filling in the dug-out holes with babies. This kind of very sick commentary permeates his Instagram account, attracting likeminded others to do the same. In the minds of thousands of online users, it cemented Alefantis’ guilt as a murderous pedophile. It also fueled speculation of underground tunnels connecting this block of “likeminded” buildings suspected of involvement in the alleged pedophile ring. Finally, James has flip flopped on the issue of having a basement, denying it when it’s in his interest,[65] yet in 2015 caught bragging about storing fresh produce in his basement again when it suits his self-interest.[66] If he is lying about this, no doubt he’s lying about lots of bigger skeletons in his basement.


The extensive underground network of tunnels running underneath the nation’s capital is legendary, including an abandoned subway system.[67] Keep in mind that child sex trafficking, satanic ritual abuse and underground tunnels tend to be a common feature in a number of scandals, from the subterranean world beneath European castles, to the deep underground military bases worldwide, to the LA’s star-filled Westside and McMartin preschool, Epstein’s islands of Manhattan and Little St. James, Wexner’s fortress community near Columbus, Ohio, all have been allegedly active child sex trafficking zones.


Still another notable attorney and person of interest from the same Deep State DOJ, suspiciously connected to Alefantis who’s also worth investigating further, is the one Instagram member who is in most agreement with all of James Alefantis’ perverted postings – Arun Rao, DOJ’s US Attorney’s office chief in the southern district of Maryland bordering Alefantis’ neighborhood.[68] Like the Besto pizza owner two doors down from James, until November 2017, Rao was the federal prosecutor in charge of overseeing Justice Department cases in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties involving human trafficking, child pornography and criminal fraud. Again, coincidence that all these guys in such close physical and cyberworld proximity all happen to “love” little kids? I don’t think so. The very people high up in Washington whose job is to protect children from pedo traffickers are likely the very same guilty gatekeeping players who actually protect Alephantis and his alleged pedo operations. That’s how sick, corrupt and deviant governments around the globe have become.


After the Clintons left the White House in debt, Doug Band was the Clinton Foundation brainchild that made the Clintons multimillionaires with their corrupt “pay-to-play” Foundation.[69] Doug Band was also a flyer on Epstein’s Lolita Express and named by survivor-witness Virginia Roberts-Giuffre as one of many Epstein friends who was aware of his large-scale pedo-entrapment operation, yet as an accomplice, chose to remain silent.[70] Till December 2, 2020, Doug Band explained to Vanity Fair that he attempted to dissuade both Bill Clinton and later daughter Chelsea from the Epstein-Maxwell spider web. After both Doug Band and Bill Clinton travelled aboard the Lolita Express in 2002 on the tour to Africa, Band insists that he advised Bill to end his friendship with Epstein.[71]


When his own relationship with the Clintons was coming apart in 2011 after near two decades of service to Bill as his closest advisor, Doug Band says he told Chelsea that Guislaine was trouble after she invited her to her 2010 wedding. But according to Band, because Chelsea was growing jealous of the surrogate father-son relationship Band shared with her father, Chelsea asserted herself more into the Clinton foundations as growing tensions and conflict erupted. Band was already expanding his own outside businesses, and due to the bad blood parting of ways in 2012, the now 48-year old shared with Vanity Fair in December 2020 both his anger and appreciation toward his mentor Bill Clinton. Regarding Chelsea’s continued relationship with child sex trafficker-procurer-pedophile Guislaine Maxwell, Chelsea had disregarded Band’s advice to stay clear of her, remaining friends until about 2015, adding his insight into Maxwell’s appeal to Chelsea:


Ghislaine had access to yachts and nice homes. Chelsea needed that.[72]


The Clinton response to the Band dish in Vanity Fair was to accuse Band of selfishly getting rich off the Clinton name, as if they didn’t get filthy rich off of Band, under the guise of philanthropy setting them up for their pay-to-play scam operation. Doug Band shared a side business with billionaire Ron Burkle, another Epstein friend whose son died in 2020. Band’s own pay-to-play consultation service Teneo is also wrought with greedy conflict of interest.


A WikiLeaks released email from long-time Clinton fixer Band, with the subject line “pizza.jpg,” sent on August 8th, 2009 to John Podesta, Huma Abedin and a couple other senior Clinton staff, includes an attached photo of journalists Laura Ling, Eula Lee and her daughter scarfing down pizza,[73] stating:


As John said, it doesn’t get any better than this.[74] 


This email was accompanied by a photograph depicting two Asian American reporters and one of their daughters happily eating pizza. The women in question, actress-TV presenter Lisa Ling’s younger sister Laura Ling and Eula Lee worked for the news organization Current TV, headed by Bill Clinton’s former VP-globalist Al Gore,[75] who reportedly a few years back was caught at an airport carrying a suitcase of his own alleged supply of Adrenochrome. Laura and Eula were on assignment in China along the North Korean border, “working on a story about the trafficking of women,”[76] delving into the plight of North Korean women being sold and trafficked into China, when in March 2009 they “mistakenly” crossed into North Korea, were apprehended by the military and imprisoned, each receiving in June a dozen year prison sentence. After spending the previous 140 days locked up in North Korea locked up, thanks to US envoy Bill Clinton and his all-star entourage to the rescue to negotiate their release, the women arrived back home safely on US soil.[77] Both Clinton fixers Doug Band and John Podesta, Bill’s former Chief of Staff, then Obama’s chief counsel at the time, accompanied Clinton on the mercy mission to North Korea. Real estate heir Steve Bing, a major Clinton Foundation and Democratic Party contributor, yet another friend of Jeffrey Epstein, also foot the bill for the trip, flying to North Korea aboard his 737.[78] Bing was the producer of accused pedophile Tom Hank’s “Polar Bear Express,” and actually paid the Clintons $2.5 million a year just to be their “advisor.” But in June 2020, the 55-year old Clinton cash cow apparently jumped to his death off his 27th-story apartment hi-rise in Century City, CA, at least that’s what the press reported.


The Clintons, Doug Band, Steve Bing and John Podesta were all Lolita Express flyers to their fellow pedo buddy Epstein’s sex slave island. Bing’s 28-year old girlfriend, prior to her 2019 drug overdose, had urged Steve to come clean with what he knew of the Epstein-Maxwell operation.[79] It was speculated that the Hollywood producer was the man behind the Hillary-Huma “Frazzledrip” camera.[80] Was he too suicided for knowing too much?


Within the Pizzagate context, the pizza photo of the journalists allegedly doing a story on child sex trafficking, then the whole affair in North Korea and Clinton entourage all frequent flier friends of Epstein, there’s no doubt much more to this story than just meets the eye – the two happily rescued Americans missing their homegrown pizza with a daughter.[81] Knowing the global pedo-network has only grown in the last decade, with tens of thousands of North Korean women reportedly being sold, raped and sex trafficked in China, according to a May 2019 Independent article,[82] Pizzagate lives on.

Along with Doug Brand, John Podesta expressed ecstasy in a leaked email over the rescued pizza eaters. Thinking out loud, perhaps it was the additional capital raised by Bill’s negotiated heroics in Pyongyang, opening up a new pathway to vastly improve the prospect of a flourishing global child sex trafficking trade in the coming years – specifically from 2009 until the SHTF with Pizzagate in November 2016. In the ensuing four years, the world has now come to realize the bloodline controllers’ pedo-scourge must be taken down.

Paralleling the wall of shame of the Catholic Church, the earth’s pedo-epicenter scandals in Britain and the earlier scandals in America, two of which were active also in the DC area, driving them all are the 800,000 missing children each year in America alone.[83] That number came out of a 2002 study and in the near two decades since has skyrocketed. Another estimate in 1999 stated that over 1.3 million US children went missing.[84] Those outdated statistics even outnumber all cancer deaths by a third. According to these old records, 1 in 92 kids in the US winds up missing each year. With child sex trafficking and slavery on the rise, the current reality is a nightmare. If it’s this perilously deadly for America’s boys and girls, the number of child trafficking victims in the Third World like Haiti, Colombia, Syria, Asia and Africa must be off the charts. Let’s face it, it’s a gargantuan, still largely untalked about human epidemic that Pizzagate forced us to confront, has us struggling to come to grips and ultimately stop. Fully exposing the guilty overlords makes it imperative that we utilize this opportunity to remove the sickos from power who’ve been lording over us for 250 thousand years. Rather than continue in ignorance and silence, the only solution is wiping the slate clean, and purging these diabolical monsters as both children and humanity’s Godsend.


Because pedophilia and child trafficking have been kept so tightly under wraps by the elite rulers for so long, the international crime network engaging in child abduction, child sex slavery and human trafficking, even child sacrifice and cannibalism in Luciferian occult rituals practiced for centuries to this day by secret societies have remain unchecked and, as a result, only grown from bad to worse all over the planet.[85]

Pedo-slavery has become the growing black-eye on humanity everywhere on earth now. Per Book 4’s Chapter 6, the Franklin scandal in the US unfolded throughout the 1980s and into the 1990s, trafficking hundreds if not thousands of underage boys and girls from Boys Town and Omaha area into Washington DC, even late night visits to the White House under Skull and Bones NWO ghoul George H.W.’s watch as pedophilia overlord.[86] Multiply this times 50 different states and you begin realizing that each one has its own Lawrence King or Jeffrey Epstein in it.

In addition to the higher profile Franklin scandal, there was also the Presidio military scandal with known pedophile and career Satanic Army intelligence officer Michael Aquino for three decades (See Chapter 1). The US Army was fully aware of Aquino’s involvement in the Church of Satan as Anton LaVey’s protégé from 1969 up to 1975. After the Satanist left LaVey’s church and declared himself high priest of his own Satanic Set Temple in San Francisco, he spent the next 22 years in the US Army abusing hundreds of children with impunity everywhere he went, and incredibly was never charged for a single crime, despite being identified by multiple victims. He was also involved in Nebraska’s Franklin scandal as well as a trafficking child procurer ordering the abduction of Des Moines paperboy Johnny Gosch (See Chapter 6). On top of all this, President Bush senior used Lt. Col. Aquino with Lt. Col. Ollie North as key operatives in the Iran Contra scandal, smuggling cocaine into the US from Central America. The US government’s MK-Ultra program elevated this now deceased piece of shit as one of the nation’s top mind control experts, outed by courageous child sex slave survivor-whistleblower Cathy O’Brien among numerous other victims (See Chapter 2). Yet this man was fully protected from the highest echelons of power to do his heinous damage for over three decades while “serving” the nation as a decorated Military Intelligence officer. Satanic sex offenders in uniform as federal employees are completely immune from criminal accountability.[87]

As the epidemic of child sex rings becomes even more exposed globally than ever before in history, punctuated by the Clintons’ filthy fingerprints all over the mounting evidence, critical mass in America is currently drawing near. Implications and subsequent developments emerging from Pizzagate have only spread wider across the globe. Meanwhile, establishment rags like the New York Times,[88] Washington Post[89] and NPR,[90] reacting in full damage control mode, feebly rushed to Comet Ping Pong’s defense, accusing the internet of fabricating a wild story, yet failing to cite any substantive facts to disprove Pizzagate, only confirming the Establishment’s desperation as the real source of fake news with its credibility ever since dwindling closer to zero.[91]


It’s interesting how in January 2016 the Washington Post is all in emphasizing the headline “Washington D.C.’s serious sex-trafficking problem.”[92] Yet ten months later it’s in total denial of its “serious sex-trafficking problem” when it comes to a major operation where it doesn’t want you to go. The January article focused on the nickel and dime operators on DC’s mean streets, but dare look at the forces running the biggest child trafficking operation in the United States and it’s suddenly called fake news. And that’s because the Post is in bed with the political DC overlords that control the operation.

If it’s true that our own federal government is behind the epidemic of international child sex slavery, it’s also behind the international drug smuggling trade,[93] illegal arms sales, financing black ops, which explains why Washington DC and Virginia have the highest per capita missing child rate out of the entire 50 states.[94] According to records at the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, kids in Virginia are 4.67 times more likely to end up missing than the kids in the rest of America and nearly three times more likely (at 2.67) than the second most per capita state Florida. Only one other state, the most populated California, that has a population nearly five times that of Virginia, has more children missing. These corroborating statistics clearly reveal the veracity that a trafficking web is headquartered in the Washington DC vicinity. Yet even with these concrete, bottom line facts, still no investigation. Their efforts to cover-up are so transparently lame.

Another disturbing trend, the number of missing Virginia kids without even photos posted on file has skyrocketed in 2016 when Pizzagate erupted, up from just 8 in August to 74 in November 2016. And 3 out of 4 child victims of sex trafficking are already in the child “protective” services (CPS) system. What does that tell us? Our own governing agency assigned to protect and keep kids safe is doing exactly the opposite. But then if in fact it’s the government that are the human traffickers, again that explains why.

One child advocate who recognized the rampant abuses committed by CPS is the late Georgia state senator Nancy Schaefer.[95] She made such a ruckus, exposing systemic child kidnapping destroying so many families, forcing unwanted national attention to the growing mistreatment of children in social services care, that one night in March 2010 she and her husband were in all likelihood murdered.[96]

The “official explanation” ruled it a homicide-suicide case with her husband falsely blamed for killing his wife before turning the gun on himself. But those who knew the couple know differently, and maintain that she was receiving death threats. Sadly, exposing the heinous wrongdoing of a criminal system carries no higher risk than death by “suicided.” With so much money involved, exposing the ugly truth about pedophilia is a very dangerous business.

There’s a truism that says the company you keep, says a whole lot about you. Applying this principle to the Clintons, the Weiners, Jeffrey Epstein, James Alefantis and the Podesta brothers, it doesn’t reflect very highly on any of these dark shady characters. What’s increasingly clear by the Clinton-Podesta WikiLeaks data dump is that as partners-in-crime they’re all intimately in tight with each other.[97] A number of photos on the net show James Alefantis and Tony Podesta chummily posing together, several at Comet Ping Pong during Tony’s 73rd birthday party in October 2016.[98] Clearly these dudes are good buddies.

But the Podesta boys have another very close friend they invite to dinner for both entertainment as a so called “performance artist” as well as a Satanic chef concocting strange brews they call “spirit cooking.” Enter high Wiccan priestess Marina Abramovic.[99] Her brand of spirit cooking mixes together such “delectable” ingredients as fresh human breast milk, human semen and swine blood (simulating human blood, though she’s known to use menstrual blood and perhaps blood from pre-menstruating humans). The woman is 74-years old but doesn’t look a day over 40. With the antiaging elixir of youngblood scientifically proven to rejuvenate old tissue as a “fountain of youth,”[100] combined with her sworn passion to live forever (or at least 116 like her great grandmother),[101] and her status as a high Luciferian priestess of the black arts, it gives pause. According to former Japan Times Weekly editor Yoitchi Shimatsu:


Her [Abramovic’s] invitation of Clinton operative Tony Podesta to a blood-semen ‘spirit cooking’ dinner is not about art experience but represents a very dangerous ritualized prelude to political murder.[102]


What Marina and the Podesta boys call performance art when demonstrated in public, she herself calls occult rituals conducted in the privacy of their own homes or such venues as Comet pizzeria’s “after dark” hours. Her “religion” is cut from the Aleister Crowley Thelema mold, with the “do what thou wilt” mantra, mixed with Tibetan Black Tantra. Born in Serbia in 1946 and raised under Communism, on her mother’s side of the family is the French bloodline the House of Capet, known for satanic blood ritual.[103]


During the early 1980s, Abramovic fell under the Dalai Lama’s spell, learning “phoa,” the practice of pre-emptive assassination of enemies.[104] One of her more infamous photos is her satanic pentagram, her bare cut-up torso dripping in her own blood.[105] Long ago her fascination and obsession with death has her embracing the dark side ever since. But like James Alefantis back during the Pizzagate stampede, as recently as October 2020 a Guardian article portrays Abramovic as a martyr victim, harassed to this day by those “crazy conspiracy theorists,” jumping to conclusions that she’s a Satanist.[106] The corporate media’s job is always to defend elite Luciferians, and belittle and ridicule those who see evil for what it is, as the gaslit crazies that should rightfully be shunned and demonized. In their reversed world, good is bad and bad is good. At the end of the day, conditioning the brainwashed masses into accepting satanic pedophilia as normal and good, and those repulsed by it as intolerant bigots akin to the conservative racist Trump camp.[107] Again, all part of the larger coup agenda. In the meantime, Abramovic is revered by the same Luciferian elite connected to child sex trafficking and the satanic global pedophilia network.


In one of her satanic instruction videos, Marina is filmed painting the following words in blood on a wall:


With a sharp knife cut deeply into the middle finger of your left hand, eat the pain.[108]


Speaking of which, since November 2016 a photo circulating the web casts a devilishly smiling John Podesta, dutifully exhibiting for the camera his sliced bandaged middle finger of his left hand with the number 14 in his right open palm and the fish symbol drawn on his left palm, juicily inviting cryptic occult speculation.[109] The symbols in Podesta’s palm, the fish and 14, go back to the ancient Egyptian deities Osiris, cut up into 14 pieces by his evil brother Set, with his penis the missing 14th body part eaten by a fish. Barack Obama also has a photo of himself with a prepubescent white girl, where Obama is standing behind her embracing her shoulders, and lo and behold, he too wears the “mark of the beast” band-aid on his cut left middle finger, no doubt after eating his slice of pain as well. Hollywood and political puppet elites dabble or immerse themselves in Luciferian occultism, and Marina Abramovic is their worshipped goddess. Ask Jay Z, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga or James Franco. With all so ecstatic in her photo-op presence, Hollywood, the Podestas, the Clintons, and their worldwide child sex abuse network shows no shame, paying public tribute to their Satanic High Priestess.

So, in April 2020 on the day Jesus was crucified, Luciferian Bill Gates’ Microsoft, partnering with Marina Abramovic, in a Good Friday launch of its newest cyberworld product, fell flat on its face.[110] Trying to mainstream their satanic goddess whose made her living out of blood, murder and cannibalism created such a backlash that the ad was immediately pulled. The public isn’t buying what the elites are selling, in the name of art, their mind-controlled brainwash normalizing Satanism and satanic ritual abuse. Yet MSM blamed the failed launch on “right wing extremists,”[111] the same targeted group including QAnon supporters that the FBI is bent on locking up as public enemy #1.[112] Meanwhile, all year long Antifa and BLM are unleashed to freely wreak havoc and lawless terror in US cities while the rest of us remain on strict house arrest lockdown over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. In 2020 the upside-down Luciferian agenda’s in our face.

Strong evidence indicates that just like the Clintons, the Podesta brothers are also pedophiles that participate in Luciferian “spirit cooking” rituals with Marina Abramovic. Tony Podesta possesses mural paintings plastered all over the walls of his home depicting minors in S&M bondage[113] and Katy Grannan photos of naked teenagers.[114] He also owns a grotesquely sculptured bigger than life-sized one ton bronze replica called “Arch of Agony” of an actual macabre photo of one of serial murder-cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer’s headless victims that Dahmer forced into an odd post-mortem pose. Of course, JimmyComet on Instagram brags about it with his admiring #artenvy friends in awe.[115] Again, pure glorification of the most vile and perverse aspect of humanity celebrating cannibalism and murder.

In another John and Tony Podesta email exchange, John shares that he is “seated with the kids so a little wired,”[116] referring to children sitting next to him on a plane, using “wired” as an odd choice of words,  or even if a typo error meant to be “weird,” to describe feeling either “wired” or “weird” seated next to children almost infers a state of arousal befitting a carnivorous pedophile. Weird any way you look at it.

Between their demented so-called art and the infinite email references to pizza obsession encoded in pedo language conferring sex with underage children, supplemented by Alefantis’ obsessive fixation for babies for sale in his pizza shop photos, complete with his kid-unfriendly pizza parlor’s wall murals and flyers depicting pedophiliac predators raping infants, this kind of graphic imagery perversely plunges far beyond any suggestive realm of “twisted art” tastes, transgressing deep into dark, lurid, hidden in plain sight acts of criminal pedophilia. Pizza and pedophilia simply do not mix, except in the deranged twisted world of fellow derelicts.

Speaking of “birds of a feather,” aside from Alefantis, John and Tony Podesta have maintained long term friendships with at least three infamous, convicted pedophiles as well – disgraced ex-Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives Dennis Hastert, once the fourth in line as president,[117] As young men in their early 20s, both Tony Podesta and Dennis Hastert participated in the People to People Student Ambassador Program where in 1965 spending three months together in Japan. Like the Clintons, the Podestas were reputedly friends with the world’s most infamous convicted sexual offender Jeffrey Epstein.


Sigmund’s grandson, British writer, broadcaster, chef and UK MP Clement Freud just happened to be out of town, but he reportedly permitted his fellow pedophile buddies the Podestas to stay at his million-dollar estate only a third of a mile away from where little 3-year old Madeleine McCann was abducted in May 2007. In the months right after her disappearance, Clement Freud befriended the McCann parents, twice inviting them as his houseguests and keeping in touch right up to his death in 2009.[118] An FBI insider confirmed that the Podesta brothers were staying at their fellow pedophile Fred’s place when little Maddie disappeared on May 3rd.  The most compelling piece is that police sketches of the McCann suspects match both American brothers vacationing just minutes walking distance away.[119]  The striking resemblance of the two police sketches is uncanny. Even Tony Podesta’s mole on his forehead matched the mole in the police drawing. Just what do you think the odds are of that? But because the Podestas are protected, no action has been taken to follow up.


If this hasn’t convinced you they’re pedophiles, perhaps the most incriminating circumstantial evidence levied against them came from Breitbart News founder Andrew Breitbart. His Twitter statement dated February 4th, 2011:


How prog-guru John Podesta isn’t household name as world class underage sex slave op cover-upper defending unspeakable dregs escapes me[120]


A year later Andrew was dead. No autopsy was ever done on his body which should have set off alarm bells for a 43-year old man believed to be in good health to suddenly keel over and die, especially having outed among the most powerful figures in Washington as the capital’s pedo-operation ringleader. Andrew’s dangerously true allegation is what very likely caused his death one year later. So, on top of all the other evidence indicating John Podesta was/is a pedophile, here a newsman in-the-know is calling him out years before Pizzagate. This warrants an investigation into Breitbart’s death as well.


Other sudden deaths followed of even younger, more famous men, one in particular directly connected to John Podesta, were also given the standard cover-up lie of suicide – Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington. These two rock stars, Chris from Soundgarden and Chester from Linkin Park were best friends and both had learned of the global pedophile network and their own music industry’s satanic culpability, and both died only two months apart, Chris in May and Chester in July, on Chris’ birthday no less, July 20, 2017. The clincher is Chester Bennington was almost certainly John Podesta’s illegitimate biological son.


John Podesta is a Deep State mover and shaker high up in the Democrat-Hillary camp as a Roman Catholic, former Jesuit Georgetown University professor and Trilateral Commission insider.[121] Thus, he was the perfect candidate for United Nations Secretary General, Ban ki-Moon to select Podesta as a key globalist operative to help spearhead the UN program, Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL), the New World Order plan for the earth’s future.[122] Under the auspices of the UN, John Podesta employed Chester and his band Linkin Park as PR for launching the latest New World Order platform.[123] In all likelihood, Chester was a victim of MK-Ultra programming, including heavily using LSD.


Molested when he was 7, he was raised in Arizona by a mother who was a nurse and father a police officer that investigated child abuse cases for a living.[124] With his parents divorced when he was 11, Chester’s sexual abuse continued until he was 13, all the while afraid to disclose his abuse to anyone for fear of being judged gay and/or not believed. By the time he later told his father, Chester opted not to press charges, learning that the abuser had also been a victim.


The successful lead singer also became an actor, inadvertently engaging in predictive programming when in 2010 he was featured as a tortured murder victim in the horror film “Saw-3D.” In 2012 Chris Cornell and his wife Vicky founded a charity to help protect at-risk children that Chester Bennington joined and jointly supported. Here’s some odd twists – the Linkin Park logo looks very similar to the FBI “boy lover” logo and Besta Pizza’s logo, strangely paralleling the even more amazing likeness in appearance between Chester Bennington and John Podesta.[125] The rock star pair of Chris and Chester began probing the satanic global network, confronting it first in their own MK-Ultra controlled music industry with King David Geffen’s unholy dominance, then extending it to the wider political realm of the satanic cabal’s pervasive worldwide use of child abuse and human trafficking.[126] As they dug deeper to learn more, the pedo-cabal increasingly viewed Chester and Chris as two expendable loose cannons that could do potential far-reaching damage with their global universal appeal, threatening the entire pedophilia Establishment, especially when Chester likely came to realize that his own biological father savagely lurked among the satanic beastly overlords. Thus, they too died by fake doorknob hanging, both shabbily, brazenly passed off as mock suicides that few who knew them ever would believe.


Chris and Chester joined the long line of murdered would-be pedo-cabal exposers, aside from the aforementioned ballsy Andrew Breitbart and brave Georgia state senator Nancy Schaefer’s more overt efforts, falling into the “suicided” deep hole that over time, only grows deeper, darker and wider. Pedophilia and Empire has exposed countless of these so-called mysterious, suspicious deaths of decent individuals who were all assassinated for knowing too much about the pedo-blight gripping humanity and appeared committed to exposing it. Pedo-cabal assassin squads are routinely dispatched to eliminate such threats, becoming as of late so blatantly loose and overt with so many suicided deaths by doorknob. That’s how arrogant they are now, not even trying to hide the depths of their evil anymore. Princess Diana in 1997 (unmasking the royal family and its pedo-crimes; see Chapter 1, Book 2), BBC insider Jill Dando in 1999 (See Chapter 5, Book 2), Franklin investigator Gary Caradori in 1990 (See Chapter 6, Book 4), English researcher Max Spiers in 2016 (poisoned for investigating pedophilia within US military),[127] as well as a number of other brave journalists exposing the pedo-crime cabal, like Gary Webb in 2004 (Iran-Contra cocaine-for-weapons),[128] Michael Hastings in 2013 (probing CIA and NSA crimes)[129] and Danny Casolaro in 1991 (uncovering the vast criminal network called “The Octopus”).[130] Again, the list is endless.


Then there’s the case of whistleblowing activist Aaron Swartz, the 26-year old computer programming whiz kid and Reddit co-founder who, in 2012 was falsely framed, and then in January 2013, suicided for outing the same notorious MIT Media Lab, later caught accepting convicted pedophile Epstein’s laundered million in bribes.[131] Additionally, implicating both MIT and Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates in Epstein’s pedo-web, on behalf of the blackmailer, Gates secretly laundered $2 more million of Epstein’s money to MIT in October 2014.[132] Little more than a year and a half earlier, Aaron Swartz exposed the elite international network of pedophiles with the deep links to Epstein that included MIT Media Lab founder and chief from 1985 to 2000 – Nicholas Negroponte (brother to former UN Ambassador John), and Newsweek Tokyo bureau chief Bernard Krisher, and their well-connected pedo-ring of MIT-Ivy League academia VIPs, senior US State Department personnel, and Western pedo-expats living in the world’s sex tourism capital Southeast Asia.[133] Since these high rolling pedos Negroponte and Krisher are still free men, this rabbit hole needs further investigation, especially since Aaron Swartz’s official cause of death – another suicide by belt hanging, joins today’s all-time favorite cabal kill method. No good deed goes unpunished.


Yet another graphically eerie, very difficult piece of incriminating Pizzagate evidence against John Podesta to hear is a three-minute recording of an adult with a voice that sounds identical to John Podesta’s, sadistically tormenting a truly anguished young girl.[134] The adult abuser is demanding his victim call him “father.” When the child first calls him “Skippy,” Podesta’s alter nickname, the enraged perpetrator raises his voice, screaming at the traumatized child, demanding he be called father. Also, at one point the child calls him John, again giving away Podesta’s identity a second time. With so much evidence, corrupt enabling police on orders from on high will not move. This highly disturbing video will trigger abuse victims and is extremely upsetting to any human with a heart. Voice analyses allege that the voice on tape belongs to John Podesta. The victim is clearly being physically assaulted in what appears to be a torture chamber speculated to be at Comet Pizza. In an email from Tony Podesta to John with the subject: “Last night was fun,” Tony writes:


Still in the torture chamber[135]

This is a likely reference to the same “torture chamber” (possibly at Comet) where the recording of the tortured child allegedly by John Podesta took place. With so many factors all pointing to Podesta guilt, these two Deep State powerbrokers were insulated by the Clintons, Obama, and even Tony Podesta’s wife Heather, who was on the board of the Washington DC Police Foundation.[136]


Though there appear dozens of Podesta-Clinton emails that are red flags of something sinister lurking behind the thin blue pedo line, the following WikiLeaks released email to John Podesta and other Clinton players from a fellow DNC insider who happens to be a step-grandmother apparently pimping off underage grandchildren, obviously forgot to throw in the “pizza” as their standard codeword cover:


We plan to heat the pool, so a swim is a possibility. Bonnie will be Uber Service to transport Ruby, Emerson, and Maeve Luzzatto (11, 9, and almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment, and they will be in that pool for sure.[137]


When all of this massive amount of very damaging information is taken into account, however circumstantial, it’s really a no-brainer to accurately conclude that such aficionados of the black arts as the Podestas in context with their wider circle of DNC known pedophile friends, John and Tony right along with Bill and Hillary are all accused Luciferian worshipping pedophiles that so far, continue to evade all accountability. If John Podesta has been wrongly crucified in the court of public opinion, based on what appears so incriminatingly suspicious, why has he chosen through the years to remain virtually silent on this topic? Perhaps because anything he says could be used against him in a criminal court of law. Knowing both the Podestas and Clintons’ scandalous common history and their warped sexual preferences amongst their warped network of friends, the only logical explanation is that they’re both two sets of peas spawned from the same Luciferian pedo-pod. Yet all these years later, they still walk free.

Let’s look briefly into John Podesta’s crime boss Hillary’s past. Both Obama and Hillary’s ideological mentor, Saul Alinsky, dedicated his 1971 book Rules for Radicals to “the first radical known to man – Lucifer.” Hillary paid homage to her admired Luciferian guru in her 92-page Wellesley College thesis.[138]

Then there’s former FBI Agent Gary Aldrich who as an astutely trained White House observer was stationed in the Clinton residence from 1993-1995 during Bill’s first term in office.[139] Aldrich was so distraught by what he witnessed, it compelled him to write a book to warn America about the Clintons’ grave misdeeds that seriously endangered national security. Of particular concern when considered in the context of Hillary’s history of dark occult involvement, Agent Aldrich went into detail to describe how the First Lady chose to decorate the famous Blue Room Christmas tree in both 1993 and again in 1994, using ornaments that featured nude fornicating figurines, “crack pipes hung on a string,” ornaments made of “syringes, heroin spoons and [marijuana] roach clips.”[140] He also noted that Hillary included “Five Golden rings – sex toys known as ‘cock rings.’” The FBI agent summarized Hillary’s bizarre, anti-Christian holiday exhibit on full public display this way:


So many of the ornaments didn’t celebrate Christmas as much as they celebrated sex, drugs, and rock and roll.[141]


Many observers would say she openly embraces and celebrates Lucifer. In an Infowar interview with Alex Jones, long-time Clinton insider Larry Nichols stated unequivocally that:


Bill told me that she was going out there [to Los Angeles], she and a group of women, and she would be a part of a witch’s church. Man, when Bill told me that, she could have hit me with a baseball bat. I tried to point out to him, ‘Do you realize what would happen if that got out?’ Of course my job was to make sure it didn’t get out. Now I don’t know the day, if Hillary still partakes in the witch ritual, I don’t know that I even know what the ritual was. But for the better part of many years, Hillary would go quite often, whether it was regularly once a month, or maybe once every couple of months, she would go out on the weekend simply to be a part of it.[142]


Others insist that Hillary is a fifth degree Luciferian witch belonging to various covens. Famed Watergate journalist Bob Woodward wrote that Hillary Clinton conducted numerous séances inside the White House, contacting her idol Eleanor Roosevelt.[143] Hillary’s spiritual consultant Jean Houston would take issue. In any event, Houston would apparently guide Hillary through a new age exercise imagining herself doing what Eleanor Roosevelt might do in her place.[144] In a June 10th, 1996 column, Hillary admitted to communing with Eleanor’s spirit. In a public speech honouring Franklin Roosevelt in 2012, Bill Clinton said that while Secretary of State was traveling back from Peru, she contacted him to remind the audience that Eleanor requested Bill mention that Hillary talks regularly to the dead.[145]


In Bill’s My Life memoir he writes that he and Hillary had the opportunity in 1975 to participate in a voodoo ritual in Haiti where dead spirits took possession of participants’ bodies.[146] Clearly for many decades Hillary the Luciferian has been an avid practitioner in black magic occult that undoubtedly goes far beyond secret curses and hexes to sudden suspicious deaths of dozens of Clinton associates and foes – as of 2019, 71.[147]

That first Clinton trip to Haiti was followed 35 years later by their infamously greedy return to rip off the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere for a couple billion dollars after the deadly January 2010 quake that killed 300,000 Haitians.[148] According to attorney and human rights activist Ezili Dantò, as the UN envoy in charge of $6 billion in humanitarian relief offered to rebuild Haiti, Bill Clinton saw to it that less than 1% of that money went to the Port-au Prince government.[149] Speaking of the Haitian rip-off, Hillary gave her brother Tony Rodham a sweet deal with controlling interests in a goldmine company in northern Haiti that’s only swindled more precious assets from the Haitian people. But the nefarious mining company’s primary purpose has been called a mere front for the Clinton child trafficking ring… as right after the earthquake Haitian children went missing in droves from hospitals.[150]

… which brings us to yet another damning Haiti connection in seedy character Laura Silsby, a convicted child trafficker who was caught attempting to kidnap 33 Haitian children out of the country.[151] Silsby is supposedly the former director of a phantom “New Life Children’s Refuge.” Yet the vast majority of children she was holding at the time of her arrest in 2010 had both parents alive. Leaked WikiLeaks emails show that Huma Abedin constantly funnelled all emails directly to Hillary concerning Laura’s Haitian enterprises. Emails as far back as 2001 link Silsby to the Clinton Foundation and Hillary’s chief of staff and known perjurer Cheryl Mills, confirming that for years Hillary had a personal stake in Silsby’s trafficking affairs.[152] Leaked emails from Hillary herself demonstrate that she protected the child trafficker from prosecution, arranging legal counsel for her and the 10 others arrested. The real kicker is that the attorney who defended Silsby is a convicted sex trafficker himself. Again, birds of a feather… one WikiLeaks Clinton email even goes so far as to discuss prices for trafficking child cargo.

A very much related story that also came out of Haiti in November 2016 is the mysterious death of young journalist Monica Petersen, working for an anti-human trafficking organization.[153] She was allegedly piecing together evidence connecting links between Hillary’s brother Tony’s mining company in Haiti, the Clinton Foundation’s board of directors and the Clintons’ child sex trafficking ring, especially once the Pizzagate story broke in October 2016. Meanwhile, Monica’s family was kept totally in the dark with no explanation of her death. One report specified that Monica committed suicide with an alleged note yet friends and family never having access to it disagree, insisting that Monica would never commit suicide. At least one of Monica’s friends has gone on record suspecting that she was murdered for uncovering yet more damaging evidence that threatened to take down the Clinton crime cabal.


Like any Mafioso crime family, the death trail around the Clintons just grows larger. The Clintons are suspected of multiple murders of both “friends” and enemies, spanning back to their early Arkansas coke running days[154] to silencing the murdered DNC leaker Seth Rich in August 2016 while on her way to stealing her party’s nomination.[155] Again, the murder trail around the Clintons just keeps growing and growing. These criminals need to be brought to justice now.

Hillary Clinton’s bloodlust for naked power at all cost has become her widely accepted signature trademark. An FBI agent called her “the anti-Christ personified.”[156] Given the universal principle that like attracts like, it’s a natural fit that John Podesta was destined to become Bill Clinton’s White House Chief of Staff and her campaign manager. More apropos in this case, evil attracts evil. The late Andrew Breitbart pinpointed Podesta’s deep interests in child smuggling operations and lo and behold, Hillary’s connections run even deeper in trafficking defenseless kids. The indelible Clinton ties leaving their dirty fingerprints all over countless crime scenes, especially in their Haiti scandal and child sex trafficking linked to Haiti, Epstein’s Little St. James Island and Washington DC are all well-exposed tips of their diabolical iceberg pedo-glacier.


As one of only a handful of independent journalists writing about Pizzagate four years ago, I was far outnumbered by the MSM swarm of debunkers gaining momentum, blasting Pizzagate as a totally unprofessional and dangerous online vigilante force, dubbing all Pizzagate attention and coverage as the quintessential “fake news” driving an already mentally unstable crowd off the lynch mob deep end. Clearly the Establishment was exploiting Pizzagate as a PSYOPS in order to provide the required ammo to launch its massive campaign for widespread censorship, particularly after the staged stooge arrived with assault weapon in tow shooting up Comet Pizza.[157] Former Infowars journalist Kurt Nimmo wrote:


It [Pizzagate] was used by the establishment to discredit the alternative media, specifically Infowars and Alex Jones.[158]


Within two days after 28-year old North Carolinian patsy Edgar Maddison Welch drove up to DC on December 4, 2016 to shoot a couple rounds off inside Comet Ping Pong, immediately as a journalist who regularly exposed false flags (which it’s no accident that far more occurred on Obama’s watch than Trump’s), I wrote an article for with the following title:


Was the Pizzagate almost-shooting a deep state false flag? If not, it sure was conveniently used to further demonize alt-media and ‘fake news’[159]


A couple days after I posted my article, I was contacted by a journalist from the Rothschild owned Associated Press, out to write a “hit piece” on us wayward, gullible “conspiracy theorists,” who, after the gunman incident, stubbornly adhere to the mindset that it was another government staged false flag. Citing the fact that false flags always have a designated patsy posing as the “lone gunman” to do cabal bidding, I explained that Edgar Maddison Welch may well have had an FBI handler as the state’s false flag actor, this particular crisis actor even having prior acting experience. Patronizing AP reporter Ben Nuckols wrote in his article:


But to true believers, the absence of proof is just another sign of a conspiracy and a well-orchestrated cover-up.[160]


Nuckols quotes a Syracuse University professor that authored a book on A Culture of Conspiracy:


When you get to conspiracy theories like this, they’re closed systems of ideas. They’re constructed in such a way that there isn’t any evidence you can present to someone who believes them that will lead a believer to change his or her mind.[161]


These assholes are guilty of the very thing they accuse so called conspiracy theorists of – a closed mind. Based on their preconceived supposition that all conspiracy theorists maintain false beliefs, automatically writing off those of us who may not agree with the official narrative as, by definition, misguided believers in groundless, unsubstantiated claims of nonsense.


A more accurate assessment is official narratives put forth by the government-MSM corporate propaganda machine are invariably lies, at least a very high percentage, because if the truth be told, again it would risk exposing government or media incompetence, corruption, or some other form of intentional or unintentional wrongdoing. Why? Because today’s oligarchic governments never operate or serve in the best interests of the people voting them into office but essentially serve the interests of their puppet masters that bribe or blackmail them to simply do what they’re told. This is how today’s governments operate. So, they are simply actors on a political stage, disingenuously playing a fake role, pretending to represent their constituents, when in fact as owned puppets, they really represent and serve their oligarch masters. Granted, there may be slight variation and occasional exceptions to this general rule, but again, they’re a very slim minority. Even a Princeton-Northwestern University study came out a half dozen years ago concluding that the United States government is an oligarchy, not a democracy, serving the special interests of the oligarchs far more than those of its own citizenry.[162]


So, who are these actual fools when smugly wallowing in their own sense of self-rightness, entrenched in their presumed truth, at the expense of those they relish putting down in a smear campaign to discredit dissenters for simply questioning the official narrative that is more often than not false? Again, the CIA invented the term conspiracy theory to easily dismiss thinking individuals who questioned and challenged the false narrative of Lee Harvey Oswald as JFK’s lone gunman assassin.[163] These journalists and professors that marvel at pontificating exposure of conspiracy theorists’ follies are hard put to explain that often conspiracy theories have turned out to be true,[164] which means their fundamental prejudicial assumption that conspiracy theorists are always wrong only proves that it is they who are the actual fools rigidly holding onto their own feeble, false beliefs. They too appear to be serving their masters as arrogant shills and apologists in deference to the official liars. AP’s Nuckols is a knucklehead.


As if the Pizzagate gunman was following cabal orders as patsies always do, Edgar Maddison Welch just happened to fire rounds off inside the pizzeria, one bullet shot into Comet Ping Pong’s computer,[165] allegedly destroying its hard drive that just may have contained potentially incriminating evidence. In effect, young Edgar killed two troublesome birds with his one false flag stone. Turns out Welch, who reportedly once lived in Haiti,[166] is a movie actor apparently turned Pizzagate crisis actor with several IMDb film credits.[167] His father owned a film production company and has been an executive at an anti-child abuse non-profit called Protect-A-Child. The CCTV cameras outside Comet Pizza were functionally inoperable on the day of the incident due to the cameras bizarrely turned away from the pizza restaurant. This comes straight out of the false flag playbook, be it Epstein’s jailcell “suicide,” the London bombings, the Westminster bridge attack, virtually all US school shootings, always the CCTVs stop working, fail to record, are confiscated, kept secret, or get turned off prior to the event. They never seem to be working properly because it’s all just government-operated staged theater.


With way too many anomalies to be purely coincidental, the Comet Pizza gunman joins this ever-long list, possessing all the trappings of yet another carefully staged, choregraphed event as more state-sponsored theatrics with both the most means and most motive to deceptively seal the deal, definitively declare that “fake news” endangers the public and pass the pre-planned, unconstitutional, sweeping censorship legislation (like the Patriot Act after 9/11) just days afterwards, under the guise of ensuring public safety by instituting an across the boards ban on every internet source deemed dangerous, too provocative “fake news.” And just like clockwork, right before the traitor left office in December 2016, Obama signed a law giving notorious websites like Snopes the wide gatekeeping berth and licensing power to decide what is false or too dangerous for public access and consumption.[168]


Thus, the floodgate to massive censorship oppression was nefariously opened, using the catch-all categories of falsity and “hate speech” as arbitrarily applied criteria to eliminate citizens’ capacity to access and know the truth. The six-oligarch owned MSM outlets and handful of Silicon Valley tech giants, both controlled by the despotic, draconian, authoritarian government, found their answer, follow the already existing Chinese Communist Party (CCP) model to enact the tightest surveillance security state control in history over the entire enslaved world citizenry.[169] While rampant internet censorship constitutes an assault on dissenters, free speech and the free press, by 2019 the FBI took it one step closer to declaring all-out war against those who disagree with their official lies. For the first time, a May 30, 2019 FBI Intelligence Bulletin identifies “fringe conspiracy theories” as a potential domestic terrorist threat.[170] This totalitarian push is to criminalize dissent, locking individuals up for their dissident beliefs that may be critical or challenge government/media lies and oppressive authority, or even criticizing Zionism or Israel’s apartheid policy are becoming more dangerous, unconstitutional, anti-First Amendment developments taking place now in not just America but throughout the world.


Treasonous President Obama slipped in a hidden clause in his 2013 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) whereby he made it legal for corporate media and Big Tech giants to intentionally lie to the American people.[171] So, knowing that they are only able to control their upside-down world through the most insidious, subversive deception, the Luciferians are eliminating the people’s access to the truth by passing one law to censor designated “fake news,” so that the 6 MSM Leviathans as actual fake news peddlers keep monopolized control over the 90% flow of all news and information,[172] just to avoid going under because everyone knows by now the NYT and CNNs of the world are the true purveyors of fake news. And then to bolster their nonstop barrage of propaganda lies, Obama sneakily signs another law that makes it perfectly legal to deliver as much fake news lies and disinformation to Americans as possible. And now their over-the-top attempt to take down our constitutional republic through any and all means necessary to usher in their Marxist dictatorship agenda,[173] destroying the global economy with 2020’s fake pandemic[174] and fake election result is currently being completely exposed to the entire world.[175] These Satanic pedophilic traitors will pay for their ungodly crimes.


There was one brave television journalist, a news anchor at an Atlanta CBS affiliate, Ben Swann, who boldly presented a near 6-minute segment that was actually a fair assessment covering the key points to the Pizzagate story.[176] Ben actually asked why isn’t law enforcement following up with an investigation? Immediately afterwards he was taken off the air, all his social media accounts were closed and he was fired, forced to seek employment elsewhere.[177] In the end, Ben returned to his old, less mainstream, more “objective” network RT, where he still works today. It’s a very sad commentary that an American TV journalist with integrity must work for a Russian company today. The message was delivered loud and clear – if any broadcast journalist working within the six mainstream media outlets decides to actually break ranks and report unscripted fake news, for a change trying to tell the truth or actually ask reasonable questions, you will be silenced. Always, it’s the same old story.


Through their Hegelian formula of “problem, reaction, solution,” today’s series of state-inflicted crises, ratcheting up one after another, has earth controllers rapidly moving to establish their centralized one world government tyranny as their “final solution.” It’s a rush to the finish line knowing the people are fast waking up. Stealing the sacred sovereignty of America’s democratic republic through its fraudulent election coup is their final last gasp step to their final solution. At the end of 2020, humanity currently sits at the most important crossroads in recorded history, either we fight back with all our might now, or we are forever doomed as an enslaved human species by a diabolically wicked, genocidal pedo-cabal.


In violation of antitrust law, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Reddit and YouTube increasingly prohibit anything that falls outside their narrow little confines of leftist neo-liberalism bullshit as all the social networks are now gatekeeping platforms with MSM monopolizing the flow of information and, in the process, destroying constitutional free speech rights. Thus, fearing the “internet lynch mob” was getting too close to exposing A-list pedophiles like the Clintons, Podestas and Obamas as puppet ringleaders within the larger global network, thousands of citizen journalists gravitating daily to Reddit to share info, ask questions and exchange ideas to better alert, inform and educate an awakening public one day in late November were suddenly shut out. Thus, with the pedo-Establishment realizing too much of its dirty laundry was being unmasked, risking increasing exposure, Reddit abruptly pulled the plug, closing its subreddit Pizzagate hashtag.[178] Fortunately, it was immediately replaced by Voat[179] as the next online hub for sharing research findings and the investigative truth movement continued until this day.[180] A year later in November 2017, boosted by regular QAnon drops, it too is currently under attack, targeted, smeared and demonized in the same way by the same mainstream media hacks as a dangerously influential proponent of “fake news.”[181]


Not unlike gaining secret electronic backdoor access with voting machine software technology like Dominion to flip millions of votes from Trump to Biden to steal the fraudulent 2020 election, every day Silicon Valley is utilizing more algorithmic tweeking for online censorship, denying both the public’s right to know and access truthful news and information sources. Today’s over-the-top growing oppression and suppression is being used by the controllers to quell the potential worldwide uprising that would most certainly erupt if world citizenry ever finds out about all the cabal’s crimes against humanity, especially its egregious worldwide pedo-network crimes against children, the elite’s Achilles heel.

The Great Awakening among the masses is currently terrifying the planetary controllers because the elite realizes that knowledge is power and in the people’s hands, it means it will lose power and control, and be doomed. Hence, the controllers are doubling down their efforts, frenziedly targeting the entire internet, and using Communist Red China as their ideal template for subversive state censorship, surveillance and draconian lockdown control. With this unprecedented level of censorship in the West, a thoroughly corrupt and broken reactionary authoritarian system, in the face of the world population’s awakening from a quarter million millennia of enslavement sleep, is presently crumbling like a house of cards. Much to their dread, the elite will be unable to retain absolute control as anti-trust laws will break the monopolizing Big Tech and MSM chokehold with innovative new alternatives to replace them.[182]


The globalists’ efforts to eliminate America’s First Amendment rights of a free press will also fail. The time-honored, albeit lost American tradition for honest investigative journalism is rebirthing in a dawning new age of truth and transparency while the obsolete false propaganda mill – The New York Times and CNN dinosaurs – are fading fast. The elite’s desperate push to morph our current system into a regressive Soviet-like, state-controlled media run by a few corrupt fascist oligarchs at the top came dangerously close to fruition. But the controllers’ brass ring, their wet dream of sheer, tyrannical, centralized control embodied by the likes of Stalin, Mao and Hitler’s murderous dictatorships, is out of their reach as the world is currently experiencing an awakening of truth. We the people will not allow state operated propaganda ministry to lull us back to sleep so an authoritarian world dictatorship intent on committing more egregious crimes against humanity via premeditated mass democide willfully reduces the global population to a half billion as their Georgia Guidestones promise. Nor will we permit centralized media control (run by six oligarchs[183]) to continue erasing and falsifying their revisionist crimes by deceptive design to protect the guilty any longer.


As much effort the fake news Establishment and Marxist controllers desperately attempt to cover up the overwhelming pedophilia evidence, the cabal’s attempt to overshadow and obscure the Pizzagate-turned-Pedogate movement in 2020 with its proven hoax scamdemic, merciless draconian lockdowns, phony, dehumanizing, ineffectual masks, capped by a stolen US election, has citizens around the world nearing critical mass tipping point. The treasonous Marxist coup financed and run by Rothschild agents like George Soros, the CCP and corrosively rotted out, co-opted Democratic Party have overexposed themselves in gluttonous criminality, creating a backlash of blowback and opposition that’s mobilizing the people to fight back against this now clearly identified, evil globalist enemy. Essentially the cabal has absolutely no way to stop its ugly dark truth from being fully uncovered and spread widely amongst the global masses that will rise up in unified rebellion to challenge and reject the status quo enslavement and protect our children. Hence, the criminal Establishment is aggressively pushing back with nonstop lies and unprecedented censorship in a desperate, reactive countermeasure to shut down information and knowledge of its despicable crimes and the subsequent growing populist revolution now taking hold.

This Pizzagate turned Pedogate presentation ties the myriad of known circumstantial pieces together that culminates the commendable, remarkable efforts collectively made by thousands of internet  sleuths who feverishly continue connecting the dots, openly communicating and exchanging vital information that spreads like wildfire on the internet as the first major pedophilia scandal experienced in real-time within an unstoppable cyberworld bubble. Thus, MSM Establishment attacked it with a volley of venomous pushback ridicule and disdain, manifesting still today through media’s demonization of QAnon. Touching a raw nerve in their Achilles heel, it’s caused an open wound of pus-filled perversion oozing out of the nation’s capital ever since, where some of the most powerful movers and shakers on the planet live and work. It’s the career politicians and entrenched Deep State technocrats who are the protected child sexual abusers. If the people realize that so many of their leaders in government are satanic sodomites, it would instantly bring down the global crime cabal, and give rise to the Great Awakening’s own new and improved reset.

It speaks volumes that everyday citizens must resort to function in the role of investigative detectives working the internet trenches 24/7 to break wide open the “story of the year” in 2016 (outside of Trump’s election victory), rather than the nation’s law enforcement apparatus performing its duty, enforce existing laws and respond to clear-cut violations by conducting thorough, unbiased criminal investigations. The fact that the FBI flatly refused to follow through with any investigation and chose to withhold and suppress incriminating evidence only confirms that the FBI is no more than a complicit criminal accomplice, part of the larger systemic problem, within a perversely diabolical system operating illicitly with unchallenged impunity, protecting the guilty child fuckers atop the predator food chain. Reddit’s shameful attempt to undermine and thwart the citizens’ online investigation, the MSM whores’ own failure to investigate and expose along with law enforcement and the judiciary’s gross failure based on quashed evidence to probe, indict and prosecute only prove that the conspiratorial criminal justice system is completely and willfully remiss in its duties and broken beyond repair. Meanwhile, the criminal Establishment is currently in a growing state of panic and desperation, terrified that under clear light of day the truth is spreading, and like cockroaches the elite is running for cover of darkness.

The MSM minions’ labelling Pizzagate “fake news” in their arrogant denial illustrates the subversive collusion between the fake Mockingbird press and America’s Deep State shadow government, in recent years having co-opted internet giants Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube and Reddit, given marching orders to remove all traces from the World Wide Web the criminal truth’s further exposure. The hipster liberal rag Rolling Stone published a 2017 article “Anatomy of a Fake News Scandal.” Its subheading:


Inside the web of conspiracy theorists, Russian operatives, Trump campaigners and Twitter bots who manufactured the ‘news’ that Hillary Clinton ran a pizza-restaurant child sex ring[184]


With one broad stroke, a stoned-out Stone rolled all up in one paper its condescendingly “clever” putdown, starting with the pejorative kiss of death aimed to skewer the rabid “conspiracy theorists,” the proven fake “Russians did it” mantra, right-wing Trump deplorables and Twitter bot provocateurs as the postulated sources behind the “fake” Hillary-DC pedo-ring. MSM’s full force of Pizzagate pushback was “hatched” immediately following True Pundit‘s bombshell disclosure on November 2nd, 2016, revealing that sickened NYPD insiders reacted to the graphic display of child raping evidence stored on Weiner’s laptop that included evidence of frequent Clinton trips to Epstein’s Orgy Island[185]… not to mention the also previously exposed 2010 Clinton-Silsby episode, caught red-handed and convicted trying to traffic kids out of Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.[186] Once these facts were released just ahead of the election, MSM plunged into damage control overdrive to feebly discard Pizzagate s “fake news.” Claiming a real world disconnect between Hillary and her pizza joint owner who as the 49th most important DC VIP was close friends with both the Clintons and Podestas, a fundraising campaign donor, an ex-boyfriend of David Brock who Time Magazine described as “one of the most influential operatives in the Democratic Party.” Yet we’re supposed to actually believe that Hillary Clinton and James Alefantis’ Comet Pizza have no direct connection to pedophilia perversion? It takes zero stretch of imagination to tie these two together. The real stretch into fantasyland is denying any connection exists.


Moreover, right after the True Pundit bombshell was published, it was retired Military Intelligence (MI) General Michael T. Flynn who on Twitter provided the Pundit link but not before letting the world know what Pundit just said about Hillary:


U decide – NYPD Blows Whistle on New Hillary Emails: Money Laundering, Sex Crimes w Children, etc… MUST READ[187]


Obviously, Michael Flynn senior spent decades as a government insider – the highest-ranking MI commander and Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) director working directly with President Obama and State Secretary Hillary, had complete inside access to learn of the Clintons’ pedophilic involvement with both Epstein and the DC child sex trafficking trade. As Trump’s National Security Advisor, Mike Flynn was and is fully aware that the US government is heavily infiltrated with lots of compromised and controlled pedophiles, entrenched in halls of power posing a very real threat to US national security due to their obvious sexual blackmail liability. The Deep State pedo-cabal simply could not permit General Flynn to threaten its full-scale worldwide entrapment operation, and make his awareness of the Clinton pedophilia publicly known. To teach him and anyone a lesson who speaks out against such powerful pedophiles as the Clintons and Podestas, General Flynn became Deep State’s priority #1 target for political assassination in a treasonous conspiracy by Obama-Clinton-Biden-Soros to overthrow the newly elected President Trump. Just three weeks into his brand-new job, Trump’s National Security Advisor was illicitly ambushed and took a Deep State bullet for America.[188] As the once fallen warrior now exonerated on total rebound, General Flynn is out to even the score against the satanic pedophile criminals embedded in Washington’s Deep State cocoon.


Just two months before losing his important White House gig, the former DIA director’s son Michael Flynn Jr. also lost his job working for the Trump transition team. Both father and son were targeted by the Obama-Biden-Hillary camp as serious threats to their infested satanic child sex trafficking cartel, thriving for decades under Bush-Clinton crime family dynasty with deep links to the Epstein-Maxwell sexual blackmail operation. In early December 2016, right after the “lone gunman” Edgar Maddison Welch shot up Comet Pizza and MSM accused his father of fueling the conspiracy theorist “witch hunt,” as a loyal son, Michael Flynn Junior tweeted:


Until #Pizzagate proven to be false, it’ll remain a story. The left seems to forget #PodestaEmails and the many ‘coincidences’ tied to it.[189]


In a Luciferian world, truth tellers tell the truth at their own peril, invariably becoming casualties of the war between good and evil.


While DIA chief in 2012, General Flynn had strongly advised President Obama against subsidizing al Qaeda soon-to-be ISIS terrorists fighting against President Assad in Syria and, once retired, after Islamic State mercenaries invaded Iraq in June 2014, capturing Iraq’s second largest city Mosul, in 2015 Flynn went public criticizing the Obama administration.[190] With Obama, Hillary as his Secretary of State and his CIA director John Brennan constantly overriding General Flynn’s intelligence warnings, they supported Al-Qaeda jihadists in Libya’s illegal Muamar Gaddafi assassination, sent heavy arms secretly through Benghazi to Syria, resulting in the US Ambassador and 3 Americans’ murder, and armed Islamic State in Iraq and Lavant (ISIL) against Assad. With their disastrous, treasonous policy helping terrorists spread like a cancer across the Middle East – by intended design no less, the retired general linked them to “jihadism” and the Muslim Brotherhood. After all, Brennan is in fact a Muslim,[191] Barack Hussein long rumoured one,[192] and Hillary was in love with one [Huma Abedin] raised and educated in Saudi Wahhabism and the Brotherhood.[193] As Obama’s DIA chief from 2012 to 2014, Flynn’s repeated warnings went unheeded, clashing with Obama over the very real probability that the ambitious CIA-trained Islamic State, harboring aspirations to expand its area of operations, would attempt to establish an Islamic Caliphate across the Middle East. But the US traitors Obama, Hillary and Brennon were hell bent on completing the fellow traitors Cheney-Bush neocon regime change agenda,[194] taking down Libya, Iraq and Syria, misusing malignant ISIS terrorists as their secret proxy war allies.[195]


Though Obama fired Flynn in 2014 for “mismanagement and temperament issues,”[196] the real reason was Flynn kept telling the truth that Obama didn’t want to hear. Since General Flynn saw Obama, Clinton and Brennan’s “willful decision” to ignore him as indication that the US Commander-in-Chief and his closest foreign policy advisors were actually supporting the enemy terrorists, and Obama knew that Flynn’s honesty could be a serious liability to Obama in the future. Therefore, within 48 hours after Trump’s surprise election victory, Obama repeatedly warned the President-elect not to hire Flynn.[197]


Because the Flynns are US patriots, unafraid to speak the truth to treason, it’s their priority to embarrass and expose powerful traitors like Obama, Clinton and Brennan. After only 24 days on the job as Trump’s National Security Advisor, Flynn was bogusly framed for allegedly lying, initially to Vice President Pence, but eventually to the FBI. But the truth is at Obama’s behest, the FBI that went out of its way to maliciously defame both Flynn and Trump with the made up bogus story of Russian collusion as the convenient cover for traitor Obama’s illegal surveillance on Trump and his team, based on a false dossier that Hillary Clinton had paid British intelligence for. Talk about a convoluted criminal conspiracy with the Clinton-Biden-Obama traitors in illegal partnership with Britain, which like Israel, is not America’s friend. It was also speculated that Michael Flynn was privy to a list of high-profile Washington pedophiles and atop that list was Vice President Mike Pence’s best friend and political colleague. Pence himself has been implicated as an active Deep State agent within the pedo-network. Incredibly, this same VIP network of pedophile criminals were also largely behind the 2020 election fraud. Deep State treasonous elements within the Democratic Party, RINOs, DOJ, FBI, CIA will eventually all be in prison for fraud, pedophilia and treason.


After suffering political assassination and persecution over this last four-year travesty of justice, once the truth finally emerged of Flynn’s innocence with the help of his attorney Sidney Powell, that Flynn was falsely targeted on a conspiracy of lies, Trump eventually was in position to grant Mike Flynn his long overdue full pardon the day before Thanksgiving 2020.[198] Aside from outing Obama and Hillary in so many words as traitors and pedophiles, these vengeful pedo-cabal powerbrokers were especially motivated if not obsessed to take out the Flynns because as ethical patriots, both father and son were increasingly brazen in their courageous priority to expose the VIP Washington pedophile network. Hopefully, Trump will rehire this much maligned, now vindicated security expert to help gather the necessary forensic intelligence evidence to prosecute their sick asses.


With gushing admiration, Time Magazine called Hillary’s response to Michael Flynn’s February 2017 resignation “pointed,” as she retweeted her long-time advisor Philippe Reines on Twitter:


Dear Mike Flynn & Mike Flynn Jr., What goes around COMETS around. And given your pizza obsession…[199]


Hillary prefaced her advisor’s childish antics with:


Philippe’s got his own way of saying things, but he has a point about the real consequences of fake news…[200]


Time, Hillary and her hatchet man’s gleeful gloat will come back to bite all three in their pedo-loving asses when their pedophilic Deep State Empire crashes and burns… and it will when the full cesspit of truth comes out. Flippantly, deceitfully branding the truth as “fake news” while censoring and demonetizing honest internet outlets and websites in recent years, Big Tech and mainstream media have created such a backlash and acute crisis-in-confidence amongst the populace that it’s reached the point of no return, where enough American and world citizens are finally so fed up with all the nonstop lies and bullshit over the pandemic and now fraudulent election that they’re no longer buying the elite’s propaganda brainwash and criminal madness, that for far too long misshaped and manipulated our very perception of reality. Obviously, the actual source of fake news has historically been the CIA-fed distortions and lies via the Washington Post, New York Times and CNN.[201]

The Pizzagate scandal threatened to expose the most appalling and perverse criminality atop the globalized pedo-food chain and, in one fell swoop, potentially bring down the existing NWO international crime cabal that owns, operates and controls virtually all human affairs around the globe. So of course, just like the Flynns, it too had to be instantly put down and thoroughly debunked.


It’s time we smite the cabal dragonhead to vanquish this demonic monstrosity once and for all, ultimately liberating long-suffering humanity from its genocidal stranglehold. As citizens of the world we must rise up and come together in unified solidarity behind protecting our children in the name of God, truth and justice, demanding fundamental change as we clean house on earth, drain the swamp and root out this overwrought, infested evil, holding those most guilty and responsible fully accountable, starting with full disclosure of the Pizzagate story, which is essentially the Epstein-Maxwell story, which is the Franklin story, which is every British and European pedophilia story, because the perps in all of them are the same bloodline controllers and their puppet minions. The entire system needs overhaul.

Honest renegade elements within the New York FBI offices and the NYPD grumbled loud enough to threaten to blow the lid off the Clinton pedophile cover-up based on the trove of incriminating evidence found on Weiner’s laptop.[202] Patriots within the US intelligence community had seen enough with heir-to-the-presidential crime family throne selling America out to the highest foreign bidders. They were responsible for many of the WikiLeaks data dumps, represented by long-time State Department insider Steve Pieczenik. His YouTube videos announced just days ahead of the election that a peaceful countercoup was underway to remove the Clinton crime machine from taking power.[203] WikiLeaks released hundreds of John Podesta emails, and the shocking revelations began emerging a few days prior to Americans voting on November 8th to make Donald J. Trump their next US president, much to the polls, pundits and Hillary’s shock.[204] Ever since, the Soros-Rothschild-Clinton camp has been plotting and executing one treasonous coup attempt after the next, nonstop for more than four years now.


So Pizzagate was the last pre-election October surprise. This year’s October surprise was the release of Joe Biden’s son Hunter’s videos, outing him on a drug binge having violent sex with a 10-year old Chinese girl.[205] Of course, the not such a surprise in November is the Democrats over-the-top exposure of their Zionist-Luciferian-Marxist-CCP-Soros-Antifa/Black Lives Matter conspiracy to steal the election from Trump with a failed treasonous coup to overthrow America’s democratic republic currently in process. Bill Gates’s scamdemic-mandatory vaccination-ID2020-one world government control agenda also has been fully exposed as more crimes against humanity and the Rothschild Black Nobility crime cabal finds itself presently on the run, knowing their draconian version of the global reset has been upended, opposed by sovereign citizens still asserting their rights as a sovereign nation. But the war between good and evil is far from over.

Democide, the systemic willful murder of innocent people by their own government, killed an incredible six times more humans in the last century than all its military wars combined, and that included world history’s two deadliest wars on record.[206] Thus, we citizens have been our governments’ expendable targets in the crosshairs for a very long time. Decades ago we were deemed “useless eaters” by the likes of Clinton’s globalist guru Henry Kissinger,[207] who proposed “justifiable” wholesale slaughter of residents in Third World nations,[208] personally seeing to it during his tenured Nixon years that over a million Southeast Asians were murdered and thousands more in his 1973 Chilean coup.[209] Henry the Illuminati kingpin and fellow war criminal Obama get rewarded with Nobel Peace Prizes. Kissinger and fellow war criminal Madeleine Albright, along with 9 other fat cat VIPs, just got dumped in a better-late- than-never Trump purge of globalists sitting on the Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board.[210] Is this housecleaning Trump’s version of finally draining the swamp? Is he openly resisting elite’s agenda to cull the human herd down to just half a billion people from the current 7.6?[211] A secret Luciferian network has controlled human affairs that include the financial debtor-theft system, endless wars, monopolized stolen energy technology, with a nonstop parade of presidential puppets[212] and puppet controlling CFR advisors for over a century in America and for several in Europe.[213]

Throughout their reign of terror known as human history, deep in the shadows beyond our view, the powers-that-shouldn’t-be have been freely engaging in ritualistic human sacrifice and murder, violating in the most monstrously vile ways our defenseless children, all the while managing to effectively keep their evil demonic savagery hidden from us – that is until now! It’s high time that we the people, all the decent family loving citizens of the world, learn how our so-called world leaders have betrayed us in their incessant slaughter of the most innocent among us for far too long. The Podesta-Clinton-Soros-Bush-Rockefeller-Rothschild bread crumb trail of the ruling elite are clearly identified demonic criminals who are now naked and terrified that we the masses are finally waking up to learn the truth about their rotten, filthy, pathologically sick lethal habits. With the truth as our power and God as our guidance and strength, we must bring justice and peace to this troubled planet before these nonhuman animals kill us all. A truth and reconciliation commission must be brought forth immediately to begin official investigation to hold these evildoers accountable for their genocidal sins, so that humanity can be liberated from their absolute malignant control once and for all. We now face both the opportunity and challenge to take down these life-hating, love-hating, God-hating creatures before they do us more irreparable harm.

The next chapter is also a Clinton related pedophilia scandal, which even lends more credibility and clout to their not-so-fake Pizzagate connection, batting 3 for 3 now with active participation in the Epstein-Maxwell saga as well as in recent years the notorious NXIVM sex cult scandal coming up next. In fact, with the Bronfman crime family as the sex cult NXIVM’s financiers, and the Rothschild bloodline sharing a business partnership with the Bronfmans, and NXIVM, Bronfmans and Rothschilds all major Clinton Foundation donors and Clinton Initiative members, seems it’s one big happy pedo-crime family. If you’re still unconvinced that Pizzagate’s not a hoax, you’re either a CIA-mind controlled, fully brainwashed skeptic and should stop reading in disbelief, or your mind’s open enough to turn the page to Chapter 14.


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