“Sound of Freedom” – Smokescreen for Controlling the Child Sex Trafficking Narrative


The enemy of humanity has successfully deployed the divide and conquer approach for shielding its pervasive criminal accountability and increasing its power and control. The enemy’s strategic use of the dialectic inventing an exaggerated problem that barely exists, just to cause a horrific reaction that the enemy then pushes a readymade solution in an endless cycle to grab more centralized power and control is another go-to standard our enemy masterfully deploys through yet more camouflaged deception as humanity’s enemy are Luciferian masters of deception.

The prime suspects that operate the global trafficking pedophilia network extends far beyond the most public faces of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and royal black nobility families of Europe (i.e., House of Windsor or more aptly House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, House of Orange, House of Bourbon, etc.), the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab, that together effectively own this world through their banking cabal and underworld network operations as profiteering overlords committing the most vile and unthinkable atrocities against children. These controlling bloodlines comprise Illuminati members, the Northern Italian Black Nobility, Khazarian Cabal, Talmudic Freemasonry, Neocon Zionists and Committee of 300.

But this Satanic network is singularly unified by Khazarian mafia families you’ve never heard of, typically ascended from ancient Northwest Semitic Canaan of the 2nd millennium BC, Semitic Phoenicia from the 1st millennium BC and East Semitic Babylon (ancient Mesopotamia in southern Iraq from c. 1894-539 BC) wherein their temples worshiped a pantheon of deities that included occult pagan rituals that regularly practiced child blood sacrifice. The expansive Phoenician maritime trading network during first millennium BC included abduction of slaves throughout the Mediterranean region and beyond. In addition to Babylonian banking, another regional hegemon, the Phoenicians also dominated early banking and commerce, originally developing the pathway to the modern financial usury stranglehold of debtor enslavement, tightly gripping and controlling the world today, rapidly moving towards dystopian one world totalitarian government.

Through the nonstop “problem-reaction-solution” dialectic and mass mind controlling propaganda deception, we’ve collectively been played as duped victims throughout modern history. And apparently once again, cloaked deception appears to once again be rearing its ugly head with the financiers behind America’s #1 box office blockbuster film “Sound of Freedom,” earning over $41.7 million during its opening first week alone in nearly 3,000 theaters across the land.

In interviews this last week, I’ve actively promoted and lauded this film exposing the global child sex trafficking scourge for the first time in any Hollywood production. This unique film drama appears to be delivering much-needed, long overdue public awareness to this tragic plight of sexually victimized children worldwide. I applaud actor Jim Caviezel who plays the lead character based on real-life child rescuer Tim Ballard and his Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) NGO, along with Angel Studios from Mormon county Utah triumphantly overcoming five years of obstacles from the Hollywood establishment vehemently opposing this film’s public release. Why? Because Tinsel Town is the West Coast epicenter for child sex trafficking and adrenochrome industry consumption. A chapter on how pedophiles rule Hollywood is contained in Book 4 of my 5-volume series Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy and the Deep State.

When learning that the richest man in Mexico who eclipsed Warren Buffet as the second wealthiest man in the world in 2007 (just behind serial eugenicist criminal Bill Gates), the telecom tycoon and controlling New York Times stakeholder Carlos Slim, who maintains longstanding intimate ties with the Rothschilds, Clintons and their foundations, reportedly financed this film “Sound of Freedom,” initially I was taken aback, thinking perhaps this is just more manufactured dirt weaponized to tarnish and derail this extraordinary film’s success. I thought this sudden negative publicity intent on undermining crucial progress toward increasing worldwide public awareness of this international elephant in the global room, had to be just more Deep State divide and conquer smear tactics designed to counteract the mounting momentum of this powerful film exposing global pedophilia. But as a journalist and in recent years author documenting the elite’s not-so-hidden, glaring pedophilia network around the globe, it became incumbent upon me as a truth seeker to delve further into these very serious, damaging allegations. The disturbing truth sank in once I saw Tim Ballard admit in an interview that Carlos Slim and son were major contributors.

A 15-minute video widely circulating now on the internet distributed on Rumble makes the case that this blockbuster drama “Sound of Freedom” is irreparably tainted by bad blood financing it. A link to this video called “The connection between NCMEC, Polaris, Clinton Foundation, Sound of Freedom, and the Flynn network” is here. Credible journalist Greg Reece also weighs in on this with a 5-minute video here.

NCMEC, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the nation’s largest and most influential child “protection” organization, quotes around protection because this organization has notoriously been deemed to provide a convenient cover for further child sexual exploitation, child trafficking, and the Deep State cabal’s ever-growing pedo-network, similar to how appointed pedo-club gatekeepers atop America’s Child Protective Services and family courts are also identified as big part of the problem, not solution. As a licensed therapist for decades working with abused children within Los Angeles County’s Department of Children & Family Services, the largest county Child Protective Services in the nation, I learned firsthand how our thoroughly broken CPS system systemically fails to protect or operate in the best interests of children and families.

In recent decades on a national scale, our child welfare, juvenile justice and family court system has been flagrantly hijacked by forces deliberately eroding parental and family rights, wrongly removing children for profit from their parents and systematically placing them in harm’s way. The state is using the foster care system, juvenile justice system and adoptions system clearly for both profit as well as a criminal pipeline to the child sex trafficking network, when so many cases show their nightmarish failure at keeping children safe. My own experience demonstrated that the incidence of child abuse in foster care is far more prevalent than in the care of biological families at large. Moreover, the vast majority of up to 90% of sex trafficking child victims have open cases with Child Protective Services. For example 86 out of 88 rescued children from a trafficking ring in Connecticut were from child services, another study in New York state found 85% were CPS cases. This proves the taxpaid services for protecting youth are failing miserably and though it may partially be attributed to high caseloads and incompetence, it’s more by malevolent design when increasingly pedo-gatekeepers are placed in charge. This growing trend and crisis worldwide need to be addressed as the fascist state is increasingly at war against families, children and parents.

Flashback to July 27th, 1981 when parents John and Revé Walsh’s 6-year old son Adam was discovered missing and believed abducted from a Sears department store in a Hollywood, Florida mall. Based on sworn testimony after Sears deposed Jim Campbell, Adam’s godfather, who was living with the Walshes at the time carrying on an affair with wife Revé, Sears defense attorneys used Campbell’s testimony after the distraught couple attempted to sue the retailer for financial damages for alleged negligence. Campbell maintained that both John and Revé Walsh were regular users of both cocaine and marijuana. In 1983 the couple dropped their lawsuit against Sears to avoid any damaging negative publicity exposing their less than honorable lifestyle with rampant infidelity and active drug habits that would harm their “upstanding” reputation. According to a June 15th, 1996 prisonlegalnews.com article:

Sears attorneys produced evidence that 6-year old Adam had been left in the store by himself by his mother for at least 90 minutes before he was abducted.  

The above information based on Sears documentation directly contradicts the official story given police by Revé Walsh, who maintains she briefly allowed young Adam to watch a few older boys playing the game Atari in the toy department a few aisles away while she shopped for a lamp. But upon the mother returning “approximately 10 minutes” later, Adam was nowhere to be found. According to history.com and the “official story”:

Investigators learned a teenage security guard had asked the older children to leave because they were causing trouble. Adam, reportedly a timid child who might have been afraid to speak up, followed one of the older boys out and didn’t tell the guard his mother was in the store.

Two weeks after Adam went missing, his alleged severed head was reportedly found in a drainage canal more than 130 miles away in Vero Beach while his body was never recovered. Then over two years after Adam Walsh was allegedly abducted, imprisoned serial killer Ottis Toole confessed to Adam’s murder, also implicating his fellow serial killer-lover Henry Lee Lucas, infamously called the “Confessions Killer” for making bogus claims of murdering thousands of victims across America. At the time of Adam’s abduction on July 27th, 1981, Lucas was not in Florida but serving time in jail in another state.

A Texas Ranger task force was formed around Lucas’ confessed crimes to expeditiously close numerous unsolved cases, sloppily taking his false word at face value, and as a result, Lucas was given preferential treatment only reinforcing more of his fake confessions. In 1998, then Texas Gov. George W. Bush, who never revoked the death penalty for anyone ever, uncharacteristically suddenly commuted Lucas’ death sentence to life in prison, likely to avoid further scandal. Similar to Henry Lee Lucas in the early 1980s, Ottis Toole also began lying over bogus murder crimes he didn’t commit, then recanting his earlier Adam Walsh confession. Additionally, Toole led police to where he claimed he’d buried Adam’s body, yet after an exhaustive search of the location, it was never found.

Despite the fact that for many years, “experts remain skeptical about Toole’s involvement” in Adam Walsh’s alleged murder, based on sketchy, extremely questionable evidence from a known chronic, murderous liar, on December 16, 2008 law enforcement declared that Ottis Toole was Adam Walsh’s murderer. Thus, Hollywood, Florida police concluded Toole the killer based on ever-flimsy, scant circumstantial evidence and a short time later in 2009, 28 years after Adam Walsh disappeared, the case was finally closed as yet another likely fabricated, “solved” murder case.

The Walshes ended up having three more children after Adam was reported dead, starting with their first daughter Meghan born in 1982. Two decades later Revé would file for divorce from John in July 2002 and over the next 9 years the couple would battle it out, ultimately reconciling their differences in 2011, mutually choosing to remain married largely out of convenience. After all, they had to present as the perfect couple a few years later to grab their grandchildren in yet more family treachery against their older daughter, forced to defend her own good name as both mother and daughter by publicly exposing two abusive parents she still loves.

Their estranged elder daughter Meghan Walsh turning 41 this year undergoing skin cancer treatment, has been forced to disclose John and Revé Walsh as opportunistic, cruel, venomous parents, if not monsters, after using their dubious fame and power as “upstanding” and “heroic” citizens “fighting” for children to malevolently steal Meghan’s own three kids away from her by making up malicious lies, enforcing a system that wantonly violates Megan’s parental constitutional right to due process. Meghan’s vengeful parents exploited their political clout to fuly weaponize the brutal child “protection” system that they helped create. in Vero Beach against their own gaslit, libeled and abused firstborn daughter, gaining full custody over Meghan’s three stolen kids. John and Revé Walsh are carrying out a globalist agenda to destroy families worldwide, starting with their own daughter’s family. In June 2022, Meghan had just given birth to her third child when her parent vultures swooped in behind CPS and police take away her 5-day old newborn.The damage done to this totally defenseless infant withholding the love and care of her own biological mother is criminal and just as child sex trafficking must be stopped, so must state kidnapping and destruction of American families. This is a global war to destroy our children and families, pushed and polarized by militant transgender dogma masquerading as “diversity.” Again, we are at war against evil forces.

Anti-family court child activist-advocate Francesca Amato in 2021 launched her own federal lawsuit against notorious corrupt upstate New York Judge Anthony McGinty for routinely, wrongfully awarding children to abusive fathers, including Francesca’s son. Last year Francesca Amato interviewed Meghan Walsh who spoke openly of her horrendous ordeal and personal struggle against her famously powerful parents. She also disclosed that she was recently contacted by and met a transgender person claiming to be her long-lost brother Adam Walsh. This added shocking twist is currently unfolding to verify whether it’s true. If so, it further implicates dark forces at work within this conflicted family drama. Was Adam Walsh swept up into a secret MK ultra system used as a victim in a nefarious anti-family agenda to streamline the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children through the Reagan-Bush government?

Right after mentioning the possibility of Adam being alive still, Meghan Walsh then brought up the highly publicized Johnny Gosch story in a possible parallel process to her own brother. Johnny was the 12-year old West Des Moines, Iowa newspaper boy allegedly abducted in September 1982 and likely CIA MK-ultra mind controlled as a child sex slave. Paul Bonacci, a fellow child sex slave victim awarded $1 million in damages for his long-term abuse during the Nebraska Franklin scandal, has insisted that America’s MK ultra head honcho, pedo-scandal prone, pedophile-Satanist- career US Army officer Lt. Col. Michael Aquino was part of a secret government kidnapping mind control program that forced Paul Bonacci to assist in Johnny Gosch’s 1982 abduction. Now missing for nearly 41 years, his mother Noreen stated that her mid-20s son had escaped from his sex trafficking captors and visited her once in 1997, maintaining that he is still alive. She also said two years after her son’s kidnapping, Noreen recognized Johnny in a photo with then pedophile-trafficking overlord, Vice President George HW Bush. Also, further speculation surfaced over pedo Bush’s son President George W. Bush’s homosexual favoritism toward White House reporter Jeff Gannon, conjectured to be the adult version of Johnny Gosch.

In any event, while the official story has John Walsh and his wife heroically channeling all their grief into selfless, passionate child advocacy for young crime victims, first sheparding through the Missing Children’s Act of 1982, two years later they founded the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) signed into existence by President Ronald Reagan. Then exactly a quarter century to the day after the alleged Adam Walsh tragedy, on July 27, 2006, President George W. Bush signed into law the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act, creating a comprehensive national database of convicted child sex offenders, strengthening federal penalties for crimes against children and providing funding and training for law enforcement personnel to improve fighting against crimes involving sexually exploited children through the Internet.

Meanwhile, a half dozen years after his son’s apparent abduction and murder, John Walsh became the host of “America’s Most Wanted,” the popular long-running docudrama series aimed at capturing fugitive suspects with 772 episodes aired on Fox Television from 1988 to 2011. Keeping the family business enterprise going, a John Walsh-Fox offshoot called “In Pursuit” has both John and his son Callahan Walsh still chasing down the “bad guys” per a January 2022 Fox News clip. In an August 2000 New York Post interview, asked what he’d be doing if he wasn’t a leading advocate for missing children the prior 19 years, Walsh stated that at the time of his son’s disappearance, he was a hotel executive owning his company involved in a dream project he’d spent over 10 years developing, “building a $26-million hotel on Paradise Island in the Bahamas.”

But with his family tragedy, John Walsh stated that he had to walk away from his highly lucrative, successful career building resort hotels in order to fully dedicate himself to the daunting task at hand, tackling the colossal 800,000 missing children in America each year and estimated annual 8 million missing youth throughout the world through his groundbreaking innovative advocacy work, establishing both the National as well as International Centers for Missing and Exploited Children. For its highly lauded, invaluable contribution, every year the US Office of Juvenile Justice (OJJ) hands over $38.7 million taxpaid dollars to Walsh’s National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, providing our nation’s database clearinghouse tracking missing kids both domestically and his ICMEC internationally.

The only glaring problem is, all this lavishly taxpayer funded, highly upgraded, multitiered, multiple agency nexus to find missing kids, tapping its massively sophisticated technologicies over the last four decades has been an entirely ineffective, complete failure in lowering the rate of missing children and widespread incidence of child sex trafficking. In other words, the system has been an abysmal flop because the pedo-network’s bigger than ever. Rates of abuse and missing youth have proliferated to five times what it used to be. Why? Let’s take a closer look at who’s been in charge. Attorney Ernie Allen has been the longtime head of both NCMEC (1989-2012) and ICMEC (1998-2014) spanning a quarter century, yet his success at combating missing and abused children has been atrocious. But then let’s examine one of his ICMEC board members and the ICMEC founding sponsor, multibillionaire Richard Branson, and Branson’s links to America’s most infamous child sex trafficker-rapist-sexual blackmailer in US history – Jeffrey Epstein.

Ernie Allen spent almost a full week in late July 2007 showing his buddy John Walsh’s UK counterpart, the grieving father Gerry McCann after his 4-year old beauty pageant daughter Madeleine was abducted and likely murdered. The Madeleine McCann mystery was immediately taken over by British intelligence almost to cover up near certainty she was a sexually trafficked abuse victim. Then there was the strange timing of the Podesta brothers John and Tony vacationing at convicted pedophile MP Clement (Sigmund’s grandson) Freud’s manor within a couple minutes of where the McCann’s were staying during their Portugal holiday, and the remarkable resemblance the police sketch of Madeleine’s suspects to the pedo-linked Podesta boys. Then it became public knowledge that Clement Freud became friends with the McCann parents. It’s one big Satanic family of sexual predators, caught up in so many noncoincidental loose threads that crush all odds of pure coincidence.

In addition, both John Podesta and Tony Podesta are friends with the elites’ favorite Satanic priestess, “Spirit Cooking” Marina Abramovic per Podesta WikiLeak emails indelibly tied to the very real Pizzagate scandal which in turn exposes both the Clintons and Obamas’ 60,000 hotdogs flown in from Chicago. The Podesta brothers are also good friends with yet another disgraced pedophile politician, none other than former GOP House Leader Dennis Hastert. Afterall, pedophilia is bipartisan uniparty cause. Again, there are no coincidences. Let’s link yet another pedo-trail to the Podesta Group, which is the brothers’ PR consultant firm that obtained a contract with Amber Ready (not Amber Alert), a cellphone technology that creates a database of children throughout the world stored in cellphones. Also, Podesta relative Brian Podesta with ties to the Clintons served as a senior analyst at NCMEC. These very high profile pedophiles have been placed in charge of advancing the invasive mega databse technologies that render more missing kids susceptible to more child sex trafficking. How very convenient this all becomes for the insatiable appetites of the elite child rapists.

After child trafficker Laura Silsby was apprehended at the Haiti-Dominican border right after the huge 2010 Haiti earthquake with 33 Haitian children in tow, the Clintons quickly intervened on her behalf to reduce her charges and sentence. Silsby’s Clinton arranged attorney was soon arrested for his involvement in human trafficking. Laura then used her married name to attain employment with Amber Alert, the emergency alert service for immediate notification of missing children. A convicted child trafficker lurking behind enemy lines as an employee of a national alert company designated to protect and rescue missing children is nothing less than subversive enemy infiltration. But then when pedos are in charge, what else can you expect?

In 2009 the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) had entered a partnership with the Polaris Project, a nonprofit NGO also funded by taxpaid dollars from Health and Human Services, ostensibly working to combat sex and labor trafficking in North America by creating a vast dataset that captures how human trafficking operates. With the Polaris Project the internal operating machine behind the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and National Human Trafficking Hotline, as a Global Initiative member, Polaris provides the entire apparatus on paper to reduce and prevent child sex trafficking but doesn’t. Its internal documents read like Orwellian doublespeak, not unlike Agenda 2030 sustainability, yet judged by its concrete results, trafficking has skyrocketed while all the perpetrators atop this pyramid scheme remain unreachable, again thanks to their added insulated protection dome impugning the global pedo-network from all criminal accountability.

But with known partners like the Clintons immersed so deeply in child sex trafficking in multiple pedophilia scandals spanning decades, the Epstein-Maxwell entrapment operation and the Pizzagate DC network, again it’s no different from their gal pal Silsby working behind enemy lines to protect the pedo-alert network. Or letting the gatekeeping predators inside what’s supposed to be the safe inner sanctuary designated to protect our most vulnerable population. This same dynamic permeates as a constant theme throughout every single scandal within the global pedophilia network. This is how these criminals remain above the law. The case in point is the Clinton Global Initiative showcasing the Polaris Project blueprint entitled “Building an Anti-Trafficking Approach Replicable Worldwide.” It sounds good and looks good on paper, but it’s all an optical illusion to in fact shield the dark underworld perversion that it secretly protects. It’s eerily similar to King Charles and Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset’s catchphrase to “build back better” its dystopian vision of a Brave New World [Disorder] that for people stripped of ownership of everything except insect meals, it’s living hell on earth.

A half decade after they first got together, the Clinton Global Initiative and Polaris Project were at it again, promoting the Global Modern Slavery database directory connecting abuse victims with supposed worldwide services. As First Lady in 1999, Hillary Clinton launched the first meeting of the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children with UK First Lady Cherie Booth Blair, Tony’s wife. Richard Branson’s mother was the founding ICMEC board of director member until 2005 while Branson was selected ICMEC founding sponsor. Both past and present ICMEC board of director members virtually all come from Big Pharma, the biotech industry and the Big Banks. See how the pedo-gatekeeper roles are invariably filled with pedophiles and their enablers atop the food chain?

Epstein’s infamous “little black book” of course contains the contact number for the Virgin Airlines and Virgin Records proprietor and ICMEC board member Richard Branson, a fellow Necker Virgin Island owner just a few miles away from Epstein’s Orgy Island, with multiple links to Epstein Mega Group financier’s Les Wexner’s Victoria Secret, including entre into the model industry. Using the promise of a modeling career to prey on underage girls is the number one lure predators like Epstein and busted Canadian fellow trafficker-Caribbean Island owner fashion mogul Peter Nygard use to hook many a sex trafficking victims into their seedy orb of influence for criminal sexual exploitation. Branson has faced allegations of sexual assault as a fellow club member of island-hopping pedo-predators. Plus, Richard Branson’s Necker Island hosted a couple of near weeklong retreats for the predatory sex cult NXIVM. Then he lied afterwards, claiming he thought it was for his friends the billionaire Bronfman girls, the one sister Claire still doing prison time for financing NXIVM. So, is it a surprise Branson’s on the board of directors of the one agency in charge of tracking missing and exploited youth internationally? Hardly.

Yet another hi-tech entrepreneur billionaire Peter Thiel as a co-founder and largest shareholder of Palantir Technologies specializing in mega data analytics intelligence listed NCMEC as a major client. According to a May 18th, 2023 New York Times piece, Thiel is also linked to Epstein’s datebook having likely met with the pedophile repeatedly. An August 2016 Vanity Fair article title states “Peter Thiel wants to inject himself with young people’s blood.” The NCMEC, children’s blood and Epstein nexus all tied to this one high roller does not bode well for the safety of children.

Then as long as we’re on notoriously shady pedophiles, in 2016 John Walsh gave, of all people, fellow cokehead Hunter Biden the Hope award for anti-child trafficking on behalf of his deceased brother Beau, despite Hunter being directly implicated as both a pedophile himself like his politician father and their undeniable links to child sex trafficking in Ukraine and elsewhere, like the US. As soon as he stole the last presidential election, Joe Biden immediately tore down Trump’s wall and opened the unprecedented floodgate to drug and human trafficking cartels’ joint US booming criminal industry operation on America’s southern border, with the recently outed US Homeland Security’s gross failure to losing over 85,000 unaccompanied children allowed into the US, becoming victims of the deliberately designed, out of control child trafficking epicenter for missing and exploited children. Where was the NCMEC/ICMEC when you need them the most? Essentially the elephant in the room has always been that we have pedo-gatekeepers turning over trillions in dirty profit from global organized crime and the US government under totally compromised and controlled Imposter-in-Thief Biden following his Satanic masters’ orders has never made it a bigger scourge than right now.

Yet another shady pedo-gatekeeper endorsed by Tim Ballard’s Operation Underground Railroad is actor Ashton Kutcher as founder of THORN, a digital anti-human trafficking software company. Recall the actor holding back crocadile tears at his 2017 congressional hearing, talking about human trafficking, and promoting his THORN software bankrolled by the likes of Palantir and Google to allegedly rescue over 6,000 trafficking victims. Ashton was a pal of the late Senator John McCain, whose wife said everyone knew what Epstein was all about yet were either complicit, looking the other way, or part of the global sex trade currency busily using child slaves themselves. McCain’s Arizona is a notorious child sex trafficking state and with McCain’s alliance with pro-sex trafficking Islamic State terrorists and likeminded gatekeepers Kutcher and ICMEC/NCMEC head honcho Ernie Allen both sitting on the McCain Foundation’s board of directors, they all knew exactly what Epstein’s livelihood and function was for decades, because they’re all in on it together.

All of these handpicked gatekeepers are the parasitic predator foxes guarding and devouring the child henhouse right before our very eyes, all by Satanic design. And though “Sound of Freedom” appears noble for expanding global public awareness over the worldwide blight of this unforgiveable human stain, some of the shady financiers of this film are determined to limit and control the narrative, carefully shielding their criminal accountability at the top of this predatory food chain – the bloodline overlords.

Scores of NGO charities are actually run by nefarious players that in the name of helping and protecting children, are in fact covertly destroying families, breaking them apart, and criminally serving as a direct pipeline to the epidemic of missing children and child sex trafficking as part of the highly organized worldwide pedophilia network. Operating within this insulated underworld of the international criminal cabal are local municipal, county, state, federal, up to the international level, multilayered governmental organizations including the United Nations, US State Department, DHS, US Transportation Department, DOJ, FBI, CIA, virtually all levels of law enforcement, the family court and criminal justice system as well as organized crime are all major operative elements within the world’s biggest organized crime enterprise allowed to flourish more than ever today. In fact, at near 40 million, there are far more slaves than ever before in human history, way more than all the centuries it was legal.

Rather than the oft-quoted $150 billion annually generated from human trafficking, the actual raw numbers of this dirtiest of dirty black operations are well into the trillions. And the largest central banks in the world, controlled by the Rothschild-Rockefeller bloodlines are the primary money launderers enabling and supporting this immense fastest growing industry sexually exploiting trafficked child slaves, that also includes trade in their manufactured adrenalized blood, their harvested organs when they get “used up,” and the enormous profits from the booming online child pornography industry. Clearly, this combined evil racket of unthinkable crimes done to our children surpasses all other forms of organized crime on this planet. If over a half dozen years ago, the estimated transnational organized crime was estimated into the trillions, the profits are far larger now, particularly with the US open border wide open for the third year in a row.

Currently America’s largest bank , the Rothschild affilate JP Morgan Chase that knowingly money laundered millions if not billions for Epstein for a dozen years is still fighting an embattled lawsuit brought before the New York City federal 2nd District Court by the US territory the Virgin Islands, where Jeffrey Epstein’s Little St. James Island was notorious for child rape and ritual blood sacrifice. Just last Saturday July 15th, the Caribbean Island territory is demanding $190 million from JP Morgan Bank. With decades of multiple copies of Epstein-Maxwell videotaped entrapment sex crimes hidden away as evidence catching hundreds of the most powerful elites on earth raping children, not one of their pedophile customers from royalty to presidents and prime ministers to superstar entertainers to the richest global tycoons have ever been indicted or spent one day in jail for their sordid crimes against children still awaiting long overdue justice. This must absolutely end.

This “Sound of Freedom” drama is brought to us by the very pedophile culprits behind this “out of control” epidemic totally within their control. When so much money goes into combating the horrid trafficking industry, but it only grows exponentially larger and larger, then we know it’s deliberately designed that way. The film is good for increasing initial awareness, but awareness must extend all the way to the bloodline controllers responsible as the head of the pedo-serpent snake.


Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate, former Army officer and author of “Don’t Let the Bastards Getcha Down,” exposing a faulty US military leadership system based on ticket punching up the seniority ladder, invariably weeding out the best and brightest, leaving mediocrity and order followers rising to the top as politician-bureaucrat generals designated to lose every modern US war by elite design. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In Los Angeles he found himself battling the largest county child protective services in the nation within America’s thoroughly broken and corrupt child welfare system.

The experience in both the military and child welfare system prepared him well as a researcher and independent journalist, exposing the evils of Big Pharma and how the Rockefeller controlled medical and psychiatric system inflict more harm than good, case in point the current diabolical pandemic hoax and genocide. As an independent journalist for the last decade, Joachim has written hundreds of articles for many news sites, like Global Researchlewrockwell.com and currently https://jameshfetzer.org. As a published bestselling author on Amazon of a 5-book volume series entitled Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy & the Deep State, his A-Z sourcebook series exposes the global pedophilia scourge is available free at https://pedoempire.org/contents/. Joachim also hosts the Revolution Radio weekly broadcast “Cabal Empire Exposed,” every Friday morning at 6AM EST (ID: revradio, password: rocks!).

Joachim’s Bio and articles can also be found on The Government Rag.