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We have begun PRINT production — a five-volume set that will help our President educate the American public first, then other publics as to the deep Satanic pedophilic nature of most of their leaders. Each volume is 8.5 x 11 full page size, with the footnotes displayed on the pages rather than as endnotes. Each book has its own index. This is a PhD-level reference work highly relevant to the campaign to take down the Deep State and the Satanists, Pedophiles, & Secret Societies that Torture Children and have cheated hundreds of generations of humanity of their inheritance.

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Book 1: A Quarter Million Millenia of Human Enslavement, Child Rape and Blood Sacrifice from Antiquity to the Modern Catholic Church

Preface by Joachim Hagopian

Foreword by Robert David Steele

Chapter 1: Introduction to Pedophilia – The Mental Disorder and the Child Sex Abuse Crime

Chapter 2: Deception of the Ages: How Humanity has been Ruled by ET Slavemasters for over Quarter Million Millennia [originally chapter 34]

Chapter 3: Tracing from Antiquity to Today the Ruling Elite’s Pedophile Bloodlust for Children

Chapter 4: The Secret Military Order of the Templar Knights: Satan Worshipping Pedophiles

Chapter 5: Crimes of the Millennium Committed by the Sovereign Military Order of Malta

Chapter 6: The Jesuits as the Vatican’s Order of Assassins and Subversion

Chapter 7: Papal Sins of the Vatican – Satanic Pedophilia Abuse and Church Cover-up

Index [Print Not Online]

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