Chapter 9: Military-CIA Mind Control, Torture, Pedophilia and Satanic Sacrifice

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Chapter 9: Military-CIA Mind Control, Torture, Pedophilia and Satanic Sacrifice 

Joachim Hagopian

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Scratch the surface history of US military intelligence and CIA covert operations to their so called black projects and pedophilia rears its ugly head at every turn. But it wasn’t until the 1970’s that their grotesque human rights violations were unveiled in a book authored by State Department insider John Marks called The Search for the Manchurian Candidate: The CIA and Mind Control based on then recent declassified CIA documents.[1] Other disturbing, firsthand accounts emerged with CIA whistleblowers Vincent Marchetti and Philip Agee[2] in combination with sobering revelations arising from the Senate Church Committee investigating CIA improprieties and overreaches.[3] Because so much of the CIA’s dubious atrocities committed around the world have already been covered extensively elsewhere,[4] the briefest chronology of the infamous intelligence agency should suffice here.

Typically any national leader in this world who wants to do right by his or her people and be independent of America’s raping and pillaging by the likes of parasitic World Bank and IMF loans[5] along with invading Western multinational corporate giants is targeted by the CIA for subversion and insurrection by CIA-paid and trained opposition, and removed from power by coup, assassination and most often replaced by CIA backed military dictatorships.[6] This horrific pattern across the globe is history endlessly repeated. US Empire has overthrown scores of sovereign governments[7] and against all international law imposed its imperialistic death grip on virtually every country on this planet. Only two nations on this earth are still holdouts refusing to succumb to the Rothschild central banking cabal[8] – Iran[9] and North Korea.[10] No surprise they’re both targeted as longtime US enemies that Empire’s constantly threatened to bomb into oblivion, which would be the second time for North Korea.[11] [12] Now you understand why. This telling fact speaks volumes, revealing everything you need to know about New World Disorder and the CIA’s primary function to bring it about.

The fact that the Rothschild cartel maintains central banks in every country on earth but two, means that it controls or minimally partners with all other nations including both Russian and Chinese oligarchs, dispelling the entire myth of the West versus East dichotomy. Despite the brainwash since World War II that the Russians are eternal enemies of the United States and Europe,[13] the ultimate truth is the New World Order encompasses Illuminati elite busily pushing Oz-like levers of control from behind both the Western and Eastern “Curtain.” These artificial political divisions have always been conveniently manufactured false props promoting two “opposing” ideologies along political-military lines (i.e., Western “free enterprise” “democracies” vs. Eastern “Communist” “totalitarian dictatorships”). The reality is these two opposite systems never existed beyond the abstract and are largely homogenized into one and the same, run by the same global elite. The elitist power structure owning and controlling our planet transcends arbitrary geographical borders, making this so called West vs. East factionalism into two enemy camps forever implanted in our brains pure bullshit, perpetrated by the same usual suspect – the Luciferian, war making, pedophilic elite just to keep ongoing “order out of chaos” tensions alive and well. After all, the masses are far more easily manipulated and controlled when indoctrinated into always fearing and hating the vilified “bogeyman.”[14] The same can be said for “Islam” being the Christian enemy. From the get-go Middle Eastern “terrorists” were secretly created and supported by the Western elite.[15] All our so called enemies are fabricated inventions of the planetary controllers to propagate their endless war of terror in order to keep their polarized, divided and conquered world into fixed enemy camps fighting each other.[16] We’ve all been lied to for a very long time.

But rather than focus on the elite’s international destabilization agenda as a prerequisite to tyranny of a one world government, this chapter will examine in detail the US government’s trauma-induced mind control program that regularly involves sodomizing, sacrificing, abducting and trafficking children globally. The CIA has been deployed chiefly as a private clandestine army for Luciferian worshipping planetary controllers, i.e., the owners of the world’s private central banking system, largest transnational corporations, and through bribery and blackmail, virtually all the national governments.[17] [18] And from the CIA’s genesis in 1947 to the present, it has exclusively served the interests of its masters – the ruling elite.

There are critics of the US intelligence community that refer to it as the US president’s private army.[19] But because so much of both its CIA and military operations have been conducted in sealed tight secrecy with absolute zero oversight, knowledge or control from either the president or Congress,[20] that view is inaccurate. Though black budget operations appear to be run by an independent rogue force, in reality they’re merely a controlled manifestation of the hidden satanic hand that rules this world.

Take for instance the highly controversial Majestic-12 (also called MJ-12, MAJI, the Majority Agency for Joint Intelligence[21]), the government inner circle created by a President Truman executive order in 1947 after the UFO Roswell crash in order to oversee all top secret space phenomena that includes extraterrestrials and black ops programs.[22] Formed on the heels of the 1947 National Security Act that spawned the CIA, MJ-12 was comprised of a dozen exclusive members, half from top government intelligence and the military, and half from the scientific community. Near a half century apart, two powerful Washington insiders, both MJ members, were likely assassinated for the very same reason – daring to defy MJ-12 secrecy by allegedly pushing too hard on ET disclosure – Secretary of Defense James Forrestal in 1949[23] and former CIA director William Colby in 1996.[24] [25] As early as 1954, MJ-12 began excluding even President Eisenhower from this ultra-secret intel loop.[26] And in his 1961 presidential farewell address, recognizing the growing danger posed by an unchecked military industrial complex, Eisenhower warned America of its grave threat to our future liberties.[27] Unfortunately Americans neither paid heed to Ike’s warning nor three months later his successor’s prophetic revelation exposing the shadow government[28] that soon enough murdered him,[29] leaving the perps free to usher in Washington’s increasing lack of transparency, perpetual state of war and the methodical rollout of their burgeoning New World Order.[30]

Bottom line, for centuries Illuminati bloodline rulers[31] behind the British-American Empire (after all, the US is still a British colony[32]) have been funding both sides to virtually every war, conflict and revolution they instigate,[33] insidiously promoting an ideology of cultural Marxism and anti-free market monopolism,[34] while secretly financing and supporting history’s biggest genocidal offenders – Lenin,[35] Stalin,[36] Hitler,[37] Mao,[38] along with smaller scale tyrants – the Shah of Iran,[39] Pol Pot,[40] Muammar Gaddafi,[41] Saddam Hussein,[42] Manuel Noriega[43] and Augusto Pinochet.[44]

Historically, the Council on Foreign Relations as the elite’s US foreign policy gatekeeper exercises far more authority over the CIA than the selected figurehead sitting in the White House.[45] In fact, along with the CFR, all the secret societies mentioned in previous chapters – the Anglo-American Pilgrims Society,[46] Skull and Bones,[47] the Jesuit Order, the Malta Knights, Freemasons,[48] Trilateral Commission,[49] Bilderbergers[50] and the entire Illuminati network[51] all work fiendishly together issuing marching orders to the CIA, Mossad and MI6 to wage their fascist global war against democracy, freedom, peace, truth and justice. One cursory look at the CIA’s beginning and subsequent track record more than proves it.

Again the CIA was formed in 1947 directly evolving out of World War II’s Office of Strategic Services (OSS). What does it tell you when the OSS head “Wild Bill” Donovan and first CIA Director Allen Dulles arranged to protect thousands of Nazi war criminals from all accountability,[52] and with help from the Malta Knights provided our supposed enemy with new personal identities along with high paying jobs heading up America’s most top secret agencies? Through Operation Paperclip, they secretly relocated up to 5,000 scientists and engineers from Germany to America as spoils of war in competition “against” secretly funded US cold war enemy the Soviet Union.[53] As the longest running CIA director ever, American traitor Dulles was fired by JFK who had vowed to abolish the agency[54] only to have Dulles since become the prime suspect in JFK’s assassination.[55] It’s also been determined that 9,000 high ranking Nazi war criminals were also safely transported to South American destinations in Brazil, Argentina and Chile.[56] Through joint CIA-Vatican ratlines extending from the Old to New Worlds, thousands of Nazi criminals were illegally relocated and secretly granted safe haven to escape justice. So with a grand entrance like that, who needs enemies when the CIA already established itself as one to the American people?

So right out starting gate, the CIA has always maintained nefarious intentions. Instead of fulfilling its designated purpose for even existing – serving as an information gathering source to ostensibly benefit the security of all Americans[57] (which it intentionally and consistently has failed [58]), US intelligence services have brutally acted as the world’s fascist destabilizer for the ruling elite, promoting worldwide confrontation, conflict and war. To everyone else’s detriment over the last seven decades, the CIA has only profited the military industrial complex and the banksters, subversively fomenting nonstop coups and wars. Additionally, as an integral part of the current deep state quagmire and diabolical swamp[59] that Donald Trump was expressly mandated by vote to drain,[60] US intelligence not only continues controlling both news media[61] [62] and film industry[63] as key sources of now legalized mass propaganda,[64] it also regularly orchestrates US state sponsored terrorism[65] [66] against American citizens on US soil.[67] [68] No wonder the war hero president Eisenhower fatefully warned us of our dire future while his predecessor Harry S. Truman who originally signed off establishing the Central Intelligence Agency lived to regret it, confiding in his biographer Merle Miller in the early 1970’s:

I think [the creation of the CIA] was a mistake. And if I’d known what was going to happen, I never would have done it.[69]

Yet another brave one of its own, as agency Angola station chief in the 1970’s, John Stockwell is the highest ranking whistleblower to go public before Congress with CIA secret war crimes that he estimated back in 1987 to be the murder of 6 million Third World citizens.[70] Stockwell summarized his former company’s M.O. this way:

It is the function of the CIA to keep the world unstable, and to propagandize and teach the American people to hate, so we will let the establishment spend any amount of money on arms.[71]

Speaking of hate, during WWII Nazi doctors had already been experimenting extensively with mind control research at the concentration camps testing barbiturates and mescaline.[72] Even prior to the close of the Second World War, the US busily had designs to harness German scientific “talent” committing the most despicable human atrocities, shielding Nazi criminals from Nuremberg trials by granting them long term job security while placing them in charge of America’s nuclear and aerospace industries as well as covert federal black operations research and criminal programs.[73]

The most infamous, sadistic Nazi doctor of them all, Dr. Josef Mengele, the “Angel of Death,” who killed thousands at Auschwitz as part of his diabolical experiments,[74] underwent a series of colorful name changes concealing his true identity, from Dr. Black[75] to Dr. Green to Dr. Greenbaum,[76] while developing the most heinous methods in North America for brutally stealing young innocents’ minds and souls. Mengele was granted a free pass via the Nazi-CIA ratline to travel at will globally to multiple locations in South America, the United States and even to old stomping grounds in Europe. Using a dozen or so furnished aliases, the antithesis of the good doctor was repeatedly sighted and continued maintaining contact with MK survivors from across the US and Canada, stretching incredibly to Vietnam and Russia.[77] Even his home addresses in Sao Paulo, Brazil and New York State, 30 miles north of the Big Apple were known. Yet for more than three decades, the Angel of Death “mysteriously” evaded capture, no doubt with lots of help from his friends in high places, protecting him well into his golden years, until 1979 when he allegedly suffered a stroke while swimming at a Brazilian resort and drowned.[78] On at least two occasions Israeli intelligence had tracked Mengele down, but “oddly enough” each time the head of Mossad ordered his field agents to drop the case.[79]

Another evil mad scientist credited as the architect of the MK Ultra and Project Monarch mind control programs begun by Dulles in April 1953 was Dr. Sidney Gottlieb.[80] Like Mengele, this monster was also responsible for a number of innocent people’s deaths. Slipping LSD into the drinks of unsuspecting human guinea pigs was his specialty among others. In 1952 an American in Paris, not Gene Kelly, but a year after that film’s release a 22-year old artist named Stanley Glickman whose Canadian girlfriend was away sat alone at a café when he was invited across the street to join a group of Americans. These straight-laced acquaintances shared conservative views that the liberal-minded artist objected to, and an argument ensued. Just as the annoyed Glickman was ready to leave, the American with a club foot insisted he buy a peace offering drink to make amends for the heated irritation that had just erupted. By the time club foot returned, he’d already spiked the drink with LSD. And within minutes the life of the promising young artist was spinning out of control.

Stanley never painted again, suffered from hallucinations, was given electroshock, and ended up telling his girlfriend to leave him rather than be dragged down by his derailed, highly troubled life.[81] Extremely strong circumstantial evidence indicated that the club footed poisoner was Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, a relatively young psychiatrist at the time who within a year would be authorized by the CIA head to officially abuse hundreds if not thousands more unsuspecting victims like Glickman in their MK Ultra drug experimentation. Proving that crime does pay [as long as you’re connected], within no time at all Gottlieb was running the MK Ultra program for the next 22 years, ruining millions more lives. A sad postscript to the former artist in Paris, upon learning years later that it was the CIA that drugged him and sent him spiraling, through family and a friend’s support, Glickman ultimately sought legal representation, especially when he learned that the MK program architect was the club footed culprit who gave him the drink that ruined his life.[82] The evidence against Gottlieb and the government was overwhelming. But then Stanley’s health rapidly deteriorated and at 62 he died in 1992. His family pursued his case against the government, but to no avail. Yep, national security always protects the guilty at the expense of the rest of us.

Yet another hapless victim whose life was tragically ruined by Sidney Gottlieb was germ warfare researcher Frank Olson.[83] The 43-year old civilian Army and CIA employee was attending a company function at a Maryland retreat in 1953 when Dr. Gottlieb provided Olson and four other employees his favorite icebreaker, LSD cocktails. Twenty minutes later just as the psychedelic effects set in, they were informed that they were experiencing an acid trip. Understandably upset, Olson left the gathering a forever changed man. Shortly after the incident, he threatened to quit over the deceptive harm Gottlieb had caused him. The CIA sent him to see a psychiatrist in New York City and while staying overnight in his hotel room, just nine days after the hallucinogen altered his mind, he allegedly jumped out of a 13 story window to his death. Calling it a suicide and claiming that a company colleague actually witnessed Olson jump out the window, the CIA explained away Olson’s ill-fated end as a sudden onset of suicidal symptoms related to severe depression. Olson’s 38-year old widowed wife, left alone to raise their three small children under 10, had no other choice but to reluctantly accept this cruel outcome.

But during the post-Watergate Church Committee hearings two decades later, the family learned that the CIA had unethically given LSD to Frank Olson just days before his suspicious death. Despite the CIA still insisting Olson suicided, the pedophile US president at the time, Gerald Ford,[84] and his pedophile CIA director George HW Bush,[85] both steeped in mind control criminality and satanic sex abuse, decided buying off the family with a $750,000 hush funded bribe would be their best damage control option.[86]

Nearly a quarter century after Olson’s death, testifying before Congress in 1977, Gottlieb was still justifying his despicably monstrous behavior evoking “national security” as his entitlement:

Harsh as it may sound in retrospect, it was felt that in an issue where national survival might be concerned, such a procedure and such a risk was a reasonable one to take.[87]

Then in the 1990’s a couple decades after that slap-in-the-face lie, Frank’s son had his father’s body exhumed and learned that blunt force head trauma prior to his fall was what likely caused his father’s death,[88] thus confirming either way, that Gottlieb and his CIA in fact killed Frank Olson. With Richard Helms ensuring that the CIA’s most self-incriminating evidence was destroyed by 1973 in order to eliminate all liability and blowback, as always the agency’s countless murders and abuse were conveniently swept under the rug and covered up.

Projects Bluebird, Artichoke and MK Ultra were early highly illegal, secret forerunners to the Monarch program that PSYOPS expert Michael Aquino and his contemporaries inherited in the late 1960’s and massaged with their own demented technological innovations. Artichoke lives on today at Guantanamo and hundreds of illegal secret CIA black site “enhanced” torture chambers around the world still using “truth drugs” and sensory overload.[89] These programs from the 1950’s were guilty of misusing LSD and other drugs to exploit and abuse thousands of nonconsenting US adults and children as human guinea pigs, including unsuspecting bar patrons, hooker-lured johns[90] as well as tapping an unlimited supply source of US military personnel, prison inmates and public health populations (with a racist proclivity for victimizing people of color), vulnerable foreign nationals and captured foreign spies throughout North America, Europe and Far East settings.[91] So a longstanding pattern’s been in place – the same planetary rulers that secretly finance and support the biggest murderers in human history (Hitler, Stalin and Mao) also sponsor Nazi satanic ritual abuse and mind control experimentation on hapless American citizens.

Of course using fellow human beings in the name of “science” as convenient guinea pigs is nothing new. Minus legal consent, the same evil perpetrators were infecting poor black sharecroppers in Alabama with lethal doses of syphilis for four decades straight in the disgraceful Tuskegee experiment, doing the same with Guatemalans in the 1940’s,[92] using racist eugenics laws to force sterilization on thousands of unsuspecting Puerto Rican, Native American and African American and incarcerated women even recently in California,[93] the Army maliciously releasing cancer-causing radioactive gas clouds from black neighborhood rooftops in St. Louis in the mid-1950’s,[94] and for decades testing above ground atomic weapons, willfully harming both the native populations in the South Pacific Marshall Islands[95] as well as Americans downwind from sites in Nevada and Utah.[96] In September 1950 when I was a six month old baby living at Mare Island naval base, a stone’s throw from San Francisco, from Frisco Bay a Mare Island US Navy vessel sprayed biological warfare microbes into the air just to see how a million of us residents would react.[97] Time and time again, the US government premeditatedly harms its own citizens, killing thousands in the process, yet obviously doesn’t give a shit. The list of coldblooded murderous atrocities the racist elite has egregiously perpetrated on us so called “inferior” expendables, has been without limit, conscience or consequence. That pathetic and sad reality must change.

Meanwhile, today’s daily dose ingesting fluoride,[98] vaccines,[99] GMO[100] processed “dead” food[101] and geoengineering metals raining down[102] on dangerously toxic, morbidly obese, unhealthy Americans[103] is no different. From the get-go the elite’s known it’s harming the masses. By design, the planetary controllers want us dying slow profitable deaths for the ghastly bloated, Rockefeller monopolized US healthcare industry[104] comprising 18% of America’s total GDP (one and a half times more expensive than the world’s runner-up the Netherlands).[105] The globalists’ current depopulation agenda has 90-95% of us humans targeted for extermination within the next several years.[106]

As an additional component of this diabolical endgame agenda, innocent victims of US state sponsored domestic and foreign terrorism are increasing.[107] The latest staged mass casualty event in Las Vegas on October 1st, allegedly the deadliest shooting spree on US soil in American history (58 dead and near 500 injured),[108] [109] [110] surpassing last year’s record-breaker the Orlando false flag,[111] provides skyrocketing proof the globalists are fast and furiously unleashing their WMD arsenal – a soft and hard kill combo[112] – on earth’s current population, maniacally causing the planet’s sixth mass life extinction,[113] and the earth’s first known anthropomorphically caused extinction. Seemingly, the behind-the-scenes puppet master controllers are both homicidal and suicidal.

As the elite’s foot soldiers and executioners, the FBI, CIA and military intelligence are the behind-the-scenes engineers and handlers of so much of this senseless carnage.[114] From the globalist POV, mass firearm possession in America as a constitutional Second Amendment right is what’s holding up the formal rollout of the long plotted one world government tyranny. So their Hegelian “problem-reaction-solution” formula[115] comes in the form of “too many guns causing too much gun violence,” so naturally deep state’s ultimate solution is gun control leading to enforced confiscation. In nations where strict gun control laws have been enacted, England, Ireland, Canada and Australia, the homicide rates actually increased immediately afterwards and then generally flatten out, indicating a resounding failure to reduce rates of gun violence.[116] [117] America’s problem isn’t so much easy access to guns as our culture is so thoroughly saturated, conditioned, desensitized and mind controlled into accepting violence and war as a viable normative option. The elite’s longtime willful sociocultural engineering through 24/7 mass media propaganda manipulating and programming Americans towards conflict and violence poses the far bigger problem.[118]

History has shown disastrous consequences when guns have been banned altogether. Immediately preceding every single genocide from the last century, the offending national governments passed laws outlawing gun ownership amongst the soon-to-be targeted genocidal populations.[119] As a result, in Turkey during WWI, one third of all Armenians, a million and a half, were massacred.[120] After 1929 when guns were banned in the Soviet Union, 40 million fellow Russians were purged by dictator Josef Stalin. Up to 13 million Jews, Poles, dissidents and homosexuals were rounded up and murdered by Nazis during the half dozen years following Germany’s 1938 gun law confiscation. After gun control was established in China in 1935, up to 60 million dissidents were exterminated by Communist Mao Zedong.[121] The same dire outcomes were repeated in Guatemala after 1964, Uganda after 1970, Cambodia during the mid-1970’s, and in 1994 Rwanda.

Further effects of the depopulation agenda involve manufacturing the recent weaponized superstorm hurricanes through Tesla scalar technology destroying our ionosphere while attacking large population centers across America and the Caribbean.[122] [123] Harvey, Irma and Maria arrived also as the vengeful response aimed against Trump for derailing the elite’s coveted UN Paris Agreement[124] based on the fake science hoax of a manmade carbon footprint.[125] Recently the globalists are facing defeat on multiple fronts, and with pedophilia its Achilles heel refusing to go away, their proxy war ally ISIS getting wiped out in the Middle East,[126] the Brexit and Catalan vote for independence as prelude to EU’s disintegration,[127] [128] with each passing day now the ruling Satanists are growing more desperate and frantic to retain control over both their false narratives and crumbling power, so we’re witnessing an aggressive full scale genocide attack against humanity, marking virtually all of us for earthly extinction.

But back to how we got here to this cataclysmic precipice, and the CIA’s contributing role with its black operations timeline, specifically the infamous MK Ultra program’s early 1950’s arrival. MK was bent on honing CIA’s clandestine skills collecting research on drug experimentation, working early with Big Pharma to test LSD and a number of other “truth enhancing,” mind control substances;[129] also “refining” its massive behavior modification agenda through barbaric torture methods that include sexual trauma, system and sensory overload techniques such as sleep deprivation, exhaustion, isolation, starvation, altered pain thresholds, persuasion, humiliation, use of electroshock, lobotomies, and inducing sickness under deplorable inhumane conditions that violate all international and Geneva convention rules and laws.[130] In recent years a multiplicity of these sick variations of hi-tech torture methods have been developed and put to use all over the world.[131] This has been permitted because back in the early 1950’s the precedent was set. The CIA and military intelligence made a secret pact with the US Department of Justice allowing free reign in moral turpitude regarding use of unethical, illegal standards in its human guinea pig experimentation.[132] And ever since it’s been lawless gangbusters on steroids.[133]

Thus from the get-go, black ops was born in “shady deal” secrecy that over time has only grown exponentially shadier and darker with little to no oversight or control from any branch of government. This rogue element operating within the US shadow government with zero accountability enjoys complete impunity and concealment.[134] It generates a vast, bottomless pit of funding wealth from various highly illegal, highly lucrative criminal enterprises – international drug trafficking from the 1940’s to the present,[135] [136] global child sex slave trafficking,[137] arms trafficking[138] and money laundering. And that’s not even counting our hard earned tax dollars brazenly allocated for annual misuse against our self-interests nor the $8.5 trillion the never audited Pentagon has failed to account for.[139]

The British-American Empire originally operating through the East India Company has been history’s biggest international drug peddler for a bunch of centuries now starting with 18th century Asian opium trade.[140] The British financed its colonial rule over India through the heroin trade exporting opium from India to China, igniting the Opium Wars of the 19th century that devastated China.[141] And now under similar circumstances, the phony pretext of a war on terror rambles on for 16 years in Afghanistan as American history’s longest running, no-win-by-designed war, US Empire is still exploiting the ravaged nation (known as the graveyard of empires) for its bountiful record opium harvest[142] and precious mineral extraction.[143] From one century to the next, Anglo American predators remain an imperialistic drug pushing fixture.

With the CIA-military intelligence-Pentagon operating out of Washington, the Malta-Jesuit-Vatican out of Rome, and the central banking launderers out of the City of London,[144] the controllers’ current international crime cabal is the #1 drug pusher, the #1 illicit arms smuggler, the #1 baby sodomizer/trafficker and, with Israel’s assistance, the #1 human organ-bone marrow harvester on this planet.[145] These are the simple lowdown facts that confirm Satanists are ruling and fast destroying both us and our world. But fortunately their run is being challenged like never before.

Early barbaric techniques and applications from unethical CIA research were only further developed and enhanced during Lt. Col. Michael Aquino’s long tenure as a PSYOPS/mind control expert and Monarch trauma-inducing programmer.[146] Use of hypnosis, electroshock, mental and physical torture, drugs, radiation exposure, and rape are a handful of common brainwashing techniques and trauma weapons used to induce in hapless victims Multiple Personality Disorder, now called Dissociative Identity Disorder.[147]

Throughout his four decade long career as a high satanic priest wearing an Army intelligence officer uniform, Michael Aquino has been at the forefront of the CIA-military intelligence MK Ultra program,[148] although in interviews he smugly reminds us that the illegal CIA MK operation ended while he was still in high school, which “official” records specify was the year he graduated in 1964.[149] But the very same month Aquino graduated in June ’64 the head of CIA’s MK Ultra program and Technical Services Staff, Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, simply changed the MK name to MK Search.[150] A decade later CIA Director Richard Helms allegedly destroyed all MK Ultra documents by 1973 just prior to his resignation.[151] What Aquino won’t say is that overwhelming evidence of MK research persisted well beyond 1973, using MK Ultra mind control techniques morphing into name changing sub-programs and projects like Monarch. Yet Lt. Col. Aquino insists that not only was he never part of the MK Ultra program, but has the audacity to claim that Project Monarch is nothing more than an “urban legend.”[152] [153] Bottom line, as a psychopathic propaganda specialist and satanic high priest, lying is a professional skill set that comes with the turf and obviously comes very natural to Mr. Aquino.

In a 2007 Extreme Abuse Survey soliciting respondents who were ritual abuse survivors, 234 from the US and 83 from Canada admitted that they had been used in government mind control experimentation, and of the total 1,471 respondents, over half were born after 1964.[154] The majority of 147 answered “yes” to the survey question asking in 2007 – a mere decade ago – if they were still being abused by mind control handlers against their will. So despite whatever program name changes or alleged terminations, it’s undeniable that the government abuse and its torture and trauma methods to this day remain ongoing, only far more advanced in technology. There exists very strong evidence confirming that MK Ultra mind control and its twin variant, the Monarch trauma-based mind control program, have only thrived during Aquino’s entire tenure as a US Army mind control expert, and unfortunately is still very much active today.[155]

The significance of the mind control program named after the Monarch butterfly relates to its capacity to learn where it was born (i.e., its roots) that generation after generation it passes on through genetics to its offspring.[156] Nazi Illuminati scientists glommed onto prizing genetics as their surefire formula for producing the “perfect” Master race. Since knowledge and intelligence are inherited genetically, the key for mind control researchers was locating parents of the Illuminati persuasion where secret special occult knowledge could be passed onto their children with the ability to dissociate. Occultists from the West sought ancient secret practices from Indian yogis and Tibetan monks where dissociation skills could be learned and passed down through generations. Intergenerational Illuminati families learned to perversely evoke this capacity in their children through abusive torture and pedophilia.

The idea is to viciously and systematically induce such extreme and severe trauma on programmed children from age one and a half up (also applied to adults though not as effectively) in order to cause the personality to have to break off or dissociate from reality, in effect fracturing and splitting it into either a secondary or alternate personas in the slave’s psyche, that’s then programmed and activated at will by the handler’s gestures and trigger code-words.[157] The core personality then becomes unaware of its alters, thus able to pass lie detector tests and for years and even a lifetime trapped as an on cue tool of enslavement serving the diabolical interests of Illuminati Satanists. For survival sake alone, mind control victims must compartmentalize trauma in order to be able to function daily as the torture and sexual abuse otherwise become too much for the fragile human mind to handle. Inducing amnesia becomes the sinister system’s prescribed coping mechanism for trauma overload and shock.

Through dissociation the state of unawareness of other alter personalities benefits and protects abusers from exposure while creating disparate Jekyll and Hyde personalities in victims that can range from saint to programmed monster. While a slave’s front personality displayed daily to the outside world may be all smiles, appearing “normal” and well-adjusted, it hides the altars that bear the brunt of hurt, anger, anguish and fear. But in mind control victims Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that typically results from experiencing severe trauma is carefully insulated and masked by systematic programming. And if young victims are driven to complete insanity, i.e., not amnesic enough to sufficiently block out and bury their excruciating pain and suffering, they’re simply quietly disposed of as unusable, highly expendable system rejects, either murdered or done away with in ritual sacrifice, or programmed to suicide.[158]

Extensive personality assessment of mind controlled infants has always played a huge role in determining each child’s strengths, skills and aptitudes as well as weaknesses and deficits,[159] which in turn determine the specific semi-annual “treatment” goals of the mind control programming and ultimately the professional function the slave will later serve.[160] On the West Coast this early Monarch programming was chiefly developed and led by Dr. Mengele the Angel of Death himself while Dr. Ewen Cameron ruled rollout on the East Coast.

Inherited from Mengele’s Nazi concentration camp experiments were scientific records detailing how far the torture and trauma of a child can go prior to causing death. 1950’s reports of mind control training at the China Lake Naval Weapons Center near Death Valley California describe batches of babies in the thousands locked in cages that deliver high voltage shocks as trauma used to split personalities.[161] After days of mercilessly being shocked in cages, each young child is then brutally raped to ensure that disassociation occurs. As if that’s not traumatic enough, workers in black robes regularly engage in ritual child sacrifice ceremonies in front of the hundreds of caged children forced to witness their young peers being stabbed to death on a marble altar.[162] The government pedophiles hired to torture little kids on such a mass assembly line scale were/are mostly civilian, many of whom come from intergenerational Illuminati families where these despicable atrocities are family tradition.

The science of flashing colored lights as trance inducers intricately timed with the electric shocks inside the cages accompanied by auditory mind control messages such as “Love me, love me not,” imprinting the dualistic, binary messaging that characterizes the mind control process of polarized extremes and life uncertainty from one moment to the next as integral programming components that facilitate forming dissociative alters. Multi-generational Illuminati family member Cisco Wheeler, whose programmer was Dr. Mengele in the California desert, recounted a ritual where the Angel of Death would walk down the row of caged children with a daisy in his hand, plucking the petals in synch with the “love me, love me not” mantra and as the last petal fell to the ground with the “love me not” cadence, he would murder the child in front of him right there on the spot.[163] This perversely sick method was the doctor’s way of “trauma bonding” with the spared children. Though the 5-year old Cisco at the time couldn’t know it, as an Illuminati slave whose great uncle was General Earle Wheeler, the drug pushing commander of the Vietnam War, she was being programmed by Mengele and his assistant her father to also become a mind control programmer.

Three standard torture scenarios are systemically utilized to traumatically create multiple personalities: 1) being literally locked in a small space, pit or cage with spiders and snakes (creatures that universally produce phobias), 2) forced to kill, cut up and eat other children, and 3) forced immersion in feces, urine and blood.[164] These and many other horrific traumas by age 4 or 5 are repeatedly thrust upon innocents to induce DID. Being deprived of food and water, placed in solitary confinement while kept in the dark for many hours or days is also very common. Programmers are big on near death experiences, coming just short of drowning kids in water and burying them alive in sand as a couple more of their favorites. From his concentration camp days, Mengele perfected the “scientific art” of near death torture, suspending victims either in ice cold water or upside down for protracted periods of time causing the brain to reverse pain-pleasure sensory feedback. This particular torture technique – being hung upside down, is used to program beta sex kitten slaves to inversely experience and desire sadistic rape as pleasure.

Sexual abuse is regularly inflicted on a child within the satanic ritual context for more powerful, dramatic effect. For instance, the child rapist’s semen ejaculation is the “black magick” that seals the deal, the climactic ending of that programming session.[165] Another ritualistic aspect is timing the trauma on a child’s birthday so that each and every year thereafter reliving the programmed trauma becomes regularly reinforced. In short, every kind of twisted, sick, sadistic shit imaginable and unimaginable goes into this methodic torture and trauma done to extremely vulnerable young children.

The China Lake MK site is but one remote, secret military installation in the desert much like Nevada’s Area 51, the epicenter “Dreamland” of black ops devilry in the West.[166] [167] Though mind control sites range from Ivy League facilities (Harvard, Columbia and Cornell) to Montreal’s McGill University to large state mental hospitals across the US and Canada (St. Elizabeth near DC a favorite CIA assassin breeding ground[168]), the bulk of today’s massive daily satanic ritual abuse and child sacrifice are carried out at scores of top secret underground Military Intelligence locations called milabs. Numerous military posts have long been armed guarded havens for mind control programming.[169] But also every kid’s utopia – Disneyland and Disney World – for years have also been providing the perfect stage set props and cover for afterhours MK programming. Walt Disney himself was an upstanding Illuminati Freemason.[170] Similarly, mob controlled Las Vegas is a hotbed for satanic activity and mind control programming. A few miles outside the Vegas strip slave auctions have been regularly scheduled where blue-eyed 11-year old girls go for over $50 thousand. Overseas centers in Europe that include both a heavy-handed CIA as well as Jesuit Catholic presence where mind control programming is prevalent are located in Germany and Switzerland (also home of CERN, a potential “interdimensional portal”[171]) – the German Black Forest, Frankfurt and Berlin as well as Swiss cities Zurich and Basal, known Illuminati bastions.[172]

In addition to his seminal work exposing the satanic system of bloodline families, Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler also wrote a book entitled The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Mind Controlled Slave, a comprehensive account of Monarch mind control that specifies in detail how mind control operations are run.[173] Babies and small children were/are transported by plane, train and automobiles to the secret government torture labs. With children recruited from a number of sources, Springmeier’s unveiling the China Lake pedo-torture chamber refers to the unholy partnership between the federal intelligence agencies and the Catholic Church, a running theme of the worldwide pedophilia epidemic:

The Jesuits were active in this part of the child procurement. Catholic adoption agencies (which are many), nuns who get pregnant, third world parents, and parents who will sell their children were all sources of children for programming. When one thinks about how many corrupt people there are and how many towns and cities are on the West Coast, and how many children are produced by Satanic breeders, illegal aliens and other parents who’d rather have the money than children and the reader begins to realize how procuring batches of 1,000 or 2,000 children was no problem for the Illuminati working through intelligence agencies such as the CIA, NIS, DIA, FBI, and FEMA.[174]

From the vast unlimited pool of the near million missing kids every year in the US and 8 million worldwide[175] – runaway kids from broken homes, vulnerable children trapped in this nation’s long broken and too often maleficent Child Protective Services system that oversees foster care and residential group homes, global refugee centers, children’s relief organizations, Catholic schools, the Illuminati family network, the source list is really endless for the perpetrators to prey on victims for mind control, satanic sacrifice and rape. It’s Big Brother’s Big Business bonanza on the grandest Luciferian stage. A later chapter will be devoted to the global child trafficking infrastructure.

Next we’ll examine one of Michael Aquino’s many specialties – standard operating equipment and protocol in mind control programming. Cattle prods or cattle prod wands ranging from 10,000-20,000 DC Volts as well as stun guns ranging from 120,000-200,000 volts have long been standard issue for Monarch practitioners.[176] The satanic high priest Aquino has even brazenly carried his stun gun cane in public that he used to program and control his slaves. And then Queen Elizabeth’s staff has a stun gun tip mounted on it. Cattle prods are usually applied to the buttocks or other muscled areas like just below the shoulder blades while stun guns during programming are most often used at the base of the slave’s skull for either punishment or dissociative purposes after given instructions. High voltage electrical shocks are employed regularly to erase chunks of memory (short or long term) from the brain for programming/reprogramming purposes.

Yet another piece of standard equipment may include electronic bark collars used for obedience and silence training as well as worn by sex slaves when forced into bestiality with wolves and aggressively trained dogs that typically bite the collar when mounting their victims.[177] Again, very sick shit. And to enhance effectiveness of mind control programming, hypnotic cues and drugs are also regularly incorporated into this demonic procedural protocol. At programming outset, a hypnotic drug accompanies a metal band worn around the slave’s head delivering 100,000 volt currency into the brain for 5-10 seconds, causing the body to violently shake similar to electroconvulsive shock therapy. Hypnotic commands are then given and another shock for “good measure” may be applied for 10 more seconds to ensure the programming instructions remain embedded deep into the victim’s mind. This entire session may last only 15 minutes and be conducted anywhere the programmer and his/her briefcase goes, containing the electronic band device and the programmer’s binder that includes the slave’s access codes, triggers, cryptic keys and programs.

In recent years the enormous diabolical MK operation’s been vastly aided in the most sinister ways by advancing technology. Be it thousands of internet sexual predators trolling online across the world 24 hours a day for easy access to hunt down their next underage victims, or miniscule microwave chip implants hidden and embedded in mind control victims’ bodies,[178] or little known, highly sophisticated psychotronic[179] and electromagnetic weaponry[180] that’s augmented and, to a considerable degree, replaced some of the more conventional electroshock techniques as a means of torture and inducing amnesia. Now ELF devices can even plant thoughts in people’s minds without microchips. A relative new technology misapplied with demonic intentions is directed energy now being deployed to artificially sodomize victims or apply electric shock torture to men’s genitals.[181] Our age of automaton machines replacing human beings is no different in the mind control realm as harmonics has largely made programmers obsolete for implanting codes, keys, cues and triggers into slaves.

Be they Western or Eastern, the-powers-that-shouldn’t-be are using microwave radio frequencies to remotely exercise mass mind control over large segments of the global population.[182] [183] How sophisticated and advanced these cutting edge technologies really are, we “mere mortals” may never know. But the general rule of thumb is the leaked info of scraps and tidbits we do manage to attain, is many decades behind what black ops has currently already developed and operationally implemented.[184]

Brice Taylor, a former mind control slave who began recalling her buried tortuous past and lived to write about it after years of healing, was privy to a wholly different world than ours. Her own words from a couple decades ago:

The technology gleaned by the American leaders, medical professionals and scientists was and still is in the form of bio-electromagnetic frequency medicine, genetic engineering, mind control, brain research, near-death experimentation, paranormal/psychic experimentation, remote viewing, time and space travel and other advanced research that make our everyday human understanding look antiquated.[185]

The elite’s bloodline offspring undergo extensive multifunctional programming that also includes systematic sexual abuse and torture as well, but with a noticeably different twist and effect. For obvious reasons, physical signs of abuse are less apparent in those groomed to be members of the upper crust elitist strata.[186] Mind control hierarchy often has them employed to help program other slaves in a relentless self-replication to do harm. But be it a low level mind controlled “peon” slave or an elite slave puppet programmed and chosen by controllers to be the next “leader of the free world,” satanic Illuminati puppet masters always remain on top and rigidly in control.

From day one in their sick Luciferian world, Illuminati members are hardwired, conditioned and brainwashed to believe that they are so far superior to the human masses of regular everyday ilk, that their purebred “nobility” inbreeding, hidden occult knowledge and special mind control programming places them infinitely apart from the rest of us earthlings. Their dogmatic brainwash holds the delusional (yet sacred to them) belief that they are born to play God on this earth, replete in their “divine wisdom and power” to “do what thou wilt”… [as] the whole of [their] Law” per the preaching of their Illumined idol and fellow Luciferian himself Aleister Crowley.[187] The elite seizes upon cultural relativism and amoral subjectivity as a broad stroke rationalization and license that permit the “anything goes” philosophy, that “ends always justify the means” in the clawing ascent to godly status and hereditary entitlement.[188]

Fashioned to view themselves as members of a special super race, imprinted in them early on is only contempt for the average human life, and really all life forms, always gravitating towards the Luciferian dark side to affiliate with likeminded “special” others. Yet members of the satanic Illuminati network are also typically seen and lauded as “pillars” of the community, both civic and church leaders, successful professionals in law, medicine, and education, the town councilman (or US president), church deacon, the PTA president, the Boy Scout headmaster. The army of Monarch slaves within the intelligence community are provided convincing covers complete with “legitimate” dossiers for each of their alters.[189] Appearances are meant to be highly deceiving as what you see is rarely if ever what you get with them.

Like Lucifer himself, the Illuminati elite are cunning masters of deception and are ultra-skilled and careful at covering their tracks.[190] And while so many may appear to us as upstanding, God fearing, moral citizens, within their dark secret satanic world, they regard the rest of humanity as subhuman, vastly inferior objects to be thoroughly exploited, denigrated, tortured and killed, literally relegated as mere sources for their food and sadist entertainment consumption. Thus, trauma induced mind controlled slaves are meticulously programmed to lead double Jekyll and Hyde lives, no matter where they fit on the elite’s totem pole.

Fritz Springmeier asserted that half the therapists in his area in Oregon treating Monarch victims are multiples themselves working for the other side.[191] Fritz also maintains that woman’s advocacy groups and helplines along with so called Christian charity organizations offering support for satanic ritual abuse victims in many cases are actually an Illuminati false front. Their interlocking secret network makes it very difficult for mind controlled, satanic cult members to leave and rather than risk secrets revealed to the public, murder is commonplace. Death threats, continued harassment and rape are still weapons the Illuminati cult holds over those strong enough to risk death by leaving.[192]

As expert infiltrators, agent provocateurs are sent out on undercover missions to discredit, smear and create scandals within opposing organizations. And because Satan’s hold on mass propaganda is so pervasive, professionally paid shills have notoriously saturated independent and social media to undermine the credibility of alternative news outlets with bogus “fake news” lists. Banning the truth is of highest priority in every demonic totalitarian regime. Like their Luciferian brothers the Jesuits and Freemasons, Illuminists are masterful infiltrators at every level and sector. By their demonic design, imposters have been disbursed everywhere to spread lies, confuse the public and obscure and silence the truth.

Illuminati sodomizers are adept at making their abuse so unbelievable, that even when child victims defy threats and warnings and dare reveal the truth to outsiders, especially if they report they were forced to eat another child’s flesh or feces, or drank their urine or blood, and that the abusers were Mickey Mouse or Count Dracula, which satanic pedophiles often will wear outrageous occult or Disney costumes for that very sinister purpose, it’s all over for the poor child. High Satanic Priest and pedophile programmer Michael Aquino appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show in full Vincent Lugosi regalia.[193] Recall from last chapter that “Mikey” Aquino was reported by one of his Presidio victims while abusing her to have dressed up like a woman while his wife was dressed like a man. All too often children’s SRA disclosures aren’t taken serious, cast aside as the verbal ramblings of “overactive imaginations.” The child is then sent right back to the abusers, severely punished with even more brutal rapes and in turn ostracized by their Illuminati family and larger community. Abused children who muster the courage to tell the truth too often learn early on the very harsh lesson that honesty doesn’t pay, which in their satanic world is all too painfully true.

As a member of a multigenerational Illuminati family growing up in the small Delaware town Arden, within shadow distance of the infamous DuPont family bloodline (speaking of inbred insanity[194]), the courageous activist Jay Parker rejected his parents’ dogmatically insane evil. Parker states that when he grew up in Arden back in the 1960’s, 90% of the town’s residents were Illuminati pedophiles.[195] Jay describes a common trauma-induced, satanic rite of passage, foisted on him at age six when his best friend was ritualistically raped and died three days later from septic shock in 1963. At great risk to himself, Jay went to a friend’s home down the street to his token Christian neighbors to report the traumatizing murder in hopes that they would notify the local authorities. The friend’s father did report the crime to the police, but afraid of the town’s powerful Illuminati majority, the police said there was nothing they could do.

Unfortunately this is an all too common outcome as the tight-knit satanic network has infiltrated positions of authority throughout law enforcement, the courts and government across this nation and world from local to state, federal to international levels. After his friend’s death, Jay’s parents quickly took him to a psychiatrist, of course a fellow Illuminati who electroshocked him into amnesia to clear away all short term memory of his best friend’s death. On another occasion a year later Jay was placed in a deep hypnotic, drug induced Monarch trance, only to be “awakened” holding an axe and told that while unconscious, he had just hacked off the arms and legs of the sacrificed 14-year old girl in front of him fast bleeding to death, gurgling and choking on her own blood.[196]

Jay Parker’s shockingly abusive experiences are the kind of outrageously sick, maniacal torture rituals that mind control victims are regularly subjected to. As mentioned earlier, children are often kept in cages, deprived of food and water for extended periods, forced to drink their own urine and eat their own feces. And standard satanic ritual abuse requires them to participate in the killing of other sacrificed children, cannibalizing their flesh, and drinking their blood, by demonic rite of passage making them one of them.

As a five-year old, Parker underwent the common “buried alive” traumatizing ritual where he was lowered into a pit with a casket while his father looming above him dressed in hooded robe as fire and brimstoned God condemned little Jay as never included in the Book of Life. This particular ritual is geared to convincingly brainwash young impressionable mind control victims to identify with, accept and embrace the dark side as their only hope for salvation. When Illuminati Monarch victims or, for that matter, the human masses as mass mind control victims are programmed to worship a false idol god as their oppressor, as in Lucifer, or mind controlled entertainment superstars from music, TV/film, sports industries, or even political leaders as objects of idol worship, then the elite’s already triumphed in its evil-over-good endgame. Seeing through their deception is among our greatest challenges.

Once amnesic memories from their haunting past begin surfacing, and Monarch victims have managed to defy their programmed suicide script, what follows are years of deprogramming and healing of their unconscious mind. After 1999 Jay Parker began his road to recovery and now advocates a particular healing therapy called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) involving what he calls energy psychology.[197] This treatment modality utilizes a combination of acupressure in 9 tapping points from one’s hand, head, to breastbone and underarm where past emotional disruptions can be released while acknowledging the negative emotions and crippling experiences but countering them through repeated phrases promoting self-acceptance and healing. This emotive therapy is a relatively simple integrative, holistic mind-body-spirit approach.

According to Jay Parker, at least 34 million Americans are Illuminati Satanist pedophiles, all programmed mind control operatives serving the elite.[198] Arizona Wilder, another victim-survivor gone public, trained as an Illuminati goddess for her psychic ability in satanic occult rituals to draw and manage demonic interdimensional forces, stated over a decade ago that there are likely 10 million mind controlled slaves in the US.[199] In any event, worldwide there are no doubt multi-generations numbering in the tens of millions that have been and are victims of trauma-based mind control, trained as obedient slaves mindlessly carrying out various nefarious functions as controlled and manipulated cogs in the diabolical wheel for the Illuminati elite.

Monarch survivor Paul Bonacci victimized in the egregious Nebraska Franklin scandal (covered in a future chapter), endured nearly two decades of horrific abuse that included drugs, satanic rituals, rape, torture and murder.[200] [201] In 1999 Paul testified in a civil suit that 17 years earlier Michael Aquino had ordered the kidnapping of 12-year old paperboy Johnny Gosch in West Des Moines, Iowa.[202] Bonacci was forced to lure the boy into the getaway vehicle to become yet another MK victim. Along with scores of other Omaha victims that were frequently abducted from the famous Boys Town Catholic orphanage and brought to nearby Offutt Air Force Base for trauma-based programming, Bonacci and his peers were sodomized by high profile politicians that included George HW Bush in a massive scandal that led directly to both the Reagan-Bush White House.

In 1984 Paul Bonacci was also flown from Offutt AFB, making a pit stop in Vegas to pick up eccentric journalist “Gonzo” Hunter Thompson and onto McClellan Air Force Base in northern California, and finally driven to the elite summer camp for powerful pedophiles – Bohemian Grove, where he was forced at gunpoint to participate in a snuff film that included child rape and another young boy murdered.[203] Gonzo may have later also been murdered as a potential threat disclosing what he knew of these systemic atrocities regularly committed in such high profile places.[204]

Nebraska photographer Rusty Nelson, employed by up and coming Republican Party star Lawrence King, the pedophile Satanist kingpin behind the Franklin scandal, reported seeing King hand a suitcase full of cash and bonds over to a man identified as Michael Aquino in a posh Minneapolis hotel.[205] King told Nelson that Lt. Col. Aquino was part of the Contra arms for cocaine operation with Lt. Col. Oliver North run by the then drug pushing Vice President George H. W. Bush.

Aside from Jay Parker, in recent decades a number of very brave, strong women such as Cathy O’Brien,[206] Kathleen Sullivan,[207] Brice Taylor,[208] Arizona Wilder,[209] Carol Rutz,[210] Fritz Springmeier’s co-author Cisco Wheeler[211] and many more have also emerged from the dark shadows after reclaiming their horrific long lost memories of years of enslaved abuse at the hands of Illuminati Satanists like Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino and so many famous and powerful VIP’s. Two mind control survivors and former child slaves, Cathy O’Brien and Christine DeNicola,[212] provided sworn testimony at a 1995 congressional hearing that demonstrated MK Ultra was active at least until the mid-1980’s, and that both victims identified Aquino among their programmers. Christine’s testimony states that another of her programmers from 1974-76 was the infamous Dr. Green aka Dr. Mengele.[213] Because at times her mind control henchmen failed to lock her cage at night in a room next to the doctor’s office, as a 13 and 14-year old she was able to access Mengele’s programming files and used her photographic memory to record and reproduce a long list of Monarch programs.[214]

After recognizing Lt. Col. Aquino on TV after his Oprah Winfrey appearance in 1989 and scores of sexually abused children identifying him as their pedophile rapist in subsequent filed police reports across the country, additionally at least three witnesses under oath provided testimony also singling out the 38-year career Army officer as their notorious MK Ultra/Monarch programmer and sadistic abuser. Dozens of mind control survivors independently describing the same satanic rituals and torture methods perfectly corroborate the CIA’s own documents released through Freedom of Information requests. The massive amounts of empirical evidence cannot simply be dismissed nor discounted. Mind control afflicting millions of demonically programmed government slaves doing the dirty bidding of Satanists ruling our planet is an undisputable, cold hard fact.

Government whistleblower Cathy O’Brien teamed with a former CIA officer Mark Phillips credited with arranging her 1988 escape and helped to deprogram the former deep state slave.[215] Sadly, Cathy’s hero and life partner Mark Phillips just died this past September 6th.[216] In recent decades both O’Brien and Phillips had boldly gone public disclosing how as a Monarch victim O’Brien was horribly abused as a little girl, starting with her own perverted Freemason, child pornographer father. Circulating naked photos of Cathy through the mail caught the lascivious eye of local Michigan politician and pedophile Gerald Ford, already steeped in drug trafficking, child pornography and the Michigan mob, and later ascending as American history’s only nonelected VP and president.[217] Protected by the 1947 National Security Act, Cathy’s incestuous father was granted immunity in exchange for selling his own daughter into a life of government-run slavery – the Monarch mind control program. Together O’Brien and Phillips co-wrote the landmark 1995 book Trance-Formation of America detailing her many years of abuse and torture.[218]

Pedo Prez Gerald Ford [219] was surrounded by fellow pedophiles, CIA Director George HW Bush, Ford’s Chief of Staff Donald Rumsfeld (if not overtly a child rapist, definitely a complicit enabler)[220] and assistant Dick Cheney, all central figures in DC’s “good ol’ boys” crime club network. A few years later they would comprise the same neocon nucleus that treasonously committed 9/11,[221] murdering 3,000 fellow Americans as their “new Pearl Harbor”[222] in order to launch their preplanned “endless war on terror,”[223] which of course is still ongoing today. As a young white slave, Cathy endured near three decades of sexual assault perpetrated on triggered cue by the world’s biggest child raping powerbrokers, owned by longtime West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd who passed her out on loan to the likes of Ronald Reagan,[224] Henry Kissinger, George H.W. Bush, former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau[225] as well as the Clintons who O’Brien dually served as both their “presidential sex model” (referring to programmed sex service slaves given US presidents and other top elitists), as well as a Clinton cocaine drug courier. As the lustful lesbo witch she is, hungry Hillary sexually assaulted Cathy.[226]

As mentioned another brave, intelligent former slave and survivor gone public with books about her horrendous experience is Brice Taylor (actual name Susan Ford).[227] Like Cathy O’Brien, Brice’s own daughter also named Kelly was also a Monarch program conscript. Brice Taylor’s story is told in her autobiographical exposé called Thanks for the Memories (1999) with her owner the “revered” comedic legend Bob Hope and her primary handler none other than Henry Kissinger.[228] Like Cathy, Brice was not only in constant demand as a presidential model, referred to as the “million dollar baby,” from early childhood to adulthood as enslaved sex toy to Presidents John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.[229]

But Brice Taylor was also a multi-purpose slave, trained to possess a photographic memory. She would be granted access to various secret files and then by rote retain them in her head as a “mind-file,” the term her programmer Henry Kissinger used. Long ago the Illuminati pecking order designated Kissinger as its Council CEO, the select group near the top of the power elite pyramid.[230] One example of the brutal depravity and sickness Brice, Cathy and countless others endure involves the “most dangerous game,” similarly depicted in the film “Hunger Games,” as a naked slave given a head start to then be mercilessly hunted down by a predator and savagely raped and potentially killed. Taylor endured this fate on Bob Hope’s Jordan Ranch at the hands of the particularly sadistic and cruel Satanist George H.W. Bush.[231] Taylor’s decades of slavery varied from being a presidential model to information courier to drug courier to spy and even assassin.

Within the Monarch mind control slave system, a small rotating circle exists between slaves and their masters. While still in high school in the 1970’s on her family’s summer vacation to Wyoming’s Grand Tetons, Cathy O’Brien was brought along to pacify the sadistic whims of Ford’s White House Chief of Staff Dick Cheney, who used his oversized, weaponized penis to savagely rape and bloody her as her turn to “play” the dangerous game. In the Rocky Mountain wilderness the naked teenager was hunted down like an animal only to be raped and tortured by her demented, dick-flogging captor Dick.[232]

Cathy’s high school graduation “gift” from her sick father was literally selling her off to her new master, the all-powerful Democratic West Virginia Senator Richard Byrd. Her father’s payoff was an enormous defense contract that instantly made him a super wealthy man with his demented criminality securely protected by the old standby “national security interests.” Daddy’s pimping and selling his daughter off to the most powerful satanic evildoers on earth proved to be a very lucrative enterprise.

A few years later while in her mid-twenties during the early 1980’s, Cathy O’Brien’s owner Senator Byrd sent her for more mind control torture training at Fort Campbell, Kentucky where she met her newly assigned programmer Michael Aquino.[233] Cathy concurs with longtime Bay area activist Mae Brussell that Aquino is a “professed neo-Nazi” enamored with Heinrich Himmler’s occultism so much so as to inspire Aquino’s satanic church named Temple of Set.[234] That said, O’Brien maintains that her programmer’s only displayed “satanic power” came in the form of his high voltage stun guns he used on her regularly. According to Cathy, Aquino’s mind control programming was administered with “high tech” efficiency, quickly erasing her previous handler’s influence. Describing Aquino’s functional role:

Programming me according to Byrd’s specifications as his “own little witch” for sadistic sex, covert CIA drug muling, blackmail, and prostitution operations.[235]

There would soon be more programming torture sessions with Aquino on other military posts and a NASA flight center all in the state of Alabama. The NASA indoctrination gave Aquino access to the latest techniques at the time, like “sensory deprivation tanks, virtual reality, flight simulators, and harmonics.” Aquino also began utilizing all the latest mind control modalities on Cathy’s daughter by age two, with sexual assault and stun gun torture shattering her mind prior to her base personality even having a chance to form.[236] To this day both mother and daughter carry the physical and emotional scars of Aquino’s “handiwork,” with her daughter institutionalized much of her life in mental hospitals.

Cathy’s master Byrd showed up at the NASA site to impart more twisted and demented preferences to be programmed into his sex slave. While in Alabama, Byrd and Aquino also collaborated coming up with the idea to use Cathy to make two instructional porno videos for newbie programmers with a pair of local cops moonlighting as film pornographers, one flick entitled “How to Divide a Personality,” the other film called “How to Create a Sex Slave.”[237] Very sick people in charge of our planet.

Because military intelligence officer Lt. Col. Aquino circulated in and out of multiple career assignments amongst a myriad of governmental agencies, universities, military and civilian programs, both secular and sectarian settings, he was the ideal mind control programming expert to act as liaison, pimping mind control slaves through deep state’s vast twisted matrix of federal civilian and military criminal organizations and occult groups.[238]

After being prostituted out to the African American country music singer Charlie Pride by her local handler, a country western circuit ventriloquist, upon learning about this her twisted white master Senator Byrd took out his racist wrath on Cathy, as if it were her fault, whipping and bloodying her to a pulp. Finally to stop the bleeding, he ordered her to take a cold shower. But moments later while Cathy lay dazed and injured on the bathroom floor, Aquino then happened to show up with Cathy’s traumatized toddler daughter crying hysterically. Jarred instantly alert upon hearing her daughter’s frantic screams, Cathy opened the bathroom door to observe the monster Byrd molesting her overly-traumatized two-year old daughter and the other lustful monster Aquino fiendishly disrobing to join in.[239] This is just one episode amongst millions who every single day somehow endure amongst many who don’t the endless nightmare of nonstop unimaginable suffering inflicted on victims of high powered government run sex slave trafficking operations.

Several years later after George W. Bush Jr. took his turn thrashing up Cathy’s bruised and battered daughter’s body so bad while Dick Cheney sadistically raped Cathy again, in a déjà vu of the preceding Byrd-Aquino scenario, on trauma overload, Cathy grew so distraught that she became unresponsive to her handlers’ cues, in a non-functional state to “entertain” the visiting Mexican president scheduled the very next evening.[240] With figurehead Reagan the sitting president at the time, the Illuminati crime cabal spearheaded by the George HW and sons’ drug cartel,[241] was busy working with the president from Mexico on a joint secret Juarez-El Paso open border drug smuggling, south to north mainline drug corridor. Cathy O’Brien was in such bad shape emotionally, she had to be rushed to the Monarch go-to programmer Michael Aquino again for some last minute emergency repair. He took her to his old satanic pedo stomping grounds at the Presidio and using a few hypnotic cues, put her into deep trance, placed her in a sensory deprivation tank, and essentially patched her up as damaged, yet still usable goods. Cathy was approaching 30, which for many becomes the dreaded drop off point, when their sex slave expiration date as an expendable commodity kicks in, and they’re often killed or programmed to suicide. But due to last minute Aquino black magick, the next night in a Malibu, California mansion, Cathy played hostess delivering her scripted welcome message and fulfilled her sexual duty pleasing the Mexican prez, and just like that, Bush’s Juarez deal, like his dual-running cocaine Contra affair, was greenlighted.

Cathy O’Brien’s shocking claims have never been legally challenged by any of her unpunished, famous pedophile criminals beyond Washington’s feeble denial. In the same way CIA directors Bush senior “ended” CIA’s Project Mockingbird in 1976 (after being exposed by the Church Senate committee)[242] and Richard Helms “ended” MK Ultra in 1973,[243] after exposure by former slaves, both Mockingbird and MK Ultra only submerged deeper into deep state’s underground swamp.[244] The true reality is that the CIA has never stopped controlling the US-Western press since the Cold War 1950’s,[245] and along with Mockingbird, mind control slavery and pedophilia trafficking rings are bigger than ever now.[246] Just like Barry Soetoro aka Obama signed an executive order officially outlawing the Cheney-Bush-Rumsfeld CIA enhanced torture rendition program, it actually continued under an obscure fine print window.[247] Government criminality has an inevitable way of seeping deeper into underground oblivion, out of sight and out of mind, yet remains more active than ever, submerged safely away from public radar beneath the visible tip of the proverbial iceberg.

A longstanding SOP pattern of deception in our Illuminati run shadow government is to publicly and officially say or do one thing, and then covertly, secretly do another. Don’t think for one minute that for seven long decades now the CIA’s MK Ultra or its Monarch variants hasn’t been covertly churning out multi-millions of generational armies of “super soldiers,” presidential sex models, brainwashed, mind controlled superstars,[248] child breeders and sacrificial child lambs, be they serving the elite’s agenda as unleashed trained assassins,[249] terrorists, shooting spree mass murderers, spies, entertainment propagandist tools or sex slaves,[250] abused, tortured and ritualistically slaughtered babies and young children at one end, and at the other easily discarded, once used up, like onetime allied dictators turned neutralized expendables, all victims under the same controlling twisted thumb of the Luciferian elite.[251]

As a highly organized hierarchical tag team, the CIA is a front for the Illuminati, and historically the CIA in turn is highly proficient at setting up fronts.[252] Military posts including numerous deep underground military bases where perverse, wholesale crimes are far more easily concealed, along with a number of NASA facilities, university research centers and hospitals are common MK Ultra and Monarch programming breeding grounds. A wide array of system operatives recruit children from pedophile parents threatened with prison sentences or send sex slaves as honey traps for blackmailing parents, especially ministers. For centuries millions more have been born into this demonic world to Illuminati parents.

Mind control victims who’ve outlived their purpose, or regain lost memories and want to leave or risk exposing the criminal operation, are routinely murdered. Also programmers often subliminally insert suicide cues and commands for expendables to self-destruct.[253] With every resource at its built-in fox-guarding henhouse disposal, Satan worshipping planetary controllers literally consume a considerable portion of the world’s 8 million missing kids each and every year. With the pedophile elite’s bloodlust appetite for children so brutal and voracious, it feeds and invigorates not only its own power and strength but also enlivens and supplies surging energy, strength power as well as portal access entry for demonic interdimensional forces seeking human host possession.

Malevolent mad scientist labs or more aptly the underground milabs are Aldous Huxley’s brave new world factories producing alphas (initial programming that includes installing photographic memory), betas (sex slaves), deltas (assassins), thetas (psychic killers able to cause aneurisms), gammas (trained deceivers), and Omegas (suicide programming).[254] Just as the Nazi elite sought to develop the perfect Aryan race, Operation Paper Clip’s Nazi roots still permeate the present Illuminati MK Ultra/Monarch machine,[255] utilizing brutal barbarism with the most scientifically advanced breakthroughs still searching for the master race.[256] Largely unbeknownst to the public, the controllers are deploying transhumanism and AI technology to refine their methodologies and techniques that enhance and maximize human intelligence, strength and a wide array of specialized skills and talents.

In addition to hypnosis, drugs, torture and creating multiples as means of enhancing memory and brain function, a more recent method of brain stem scarring has also been discovered to increase intellectual prowess. Just as weight lifting tears muscle tissues that when mended become strengthened, scarring the reticular formation of the brain stem was found to strengthen and increase brainpower. Though many slaves are injured or die in the process, entire generations of mind controlled, electronically scarred brain stemmed “whiz kids”[257] are now in place employed and conducting high level supercomputer research in universities, hi-tech giants and defense department agencies like DARPA, NSA and CIA, all working to promote New World Order MK Ultra micro-level control over the unsuspecting macro-masses. According to Arizona Wilder, an even darker, far more sinister picture has emerged within the 14-level underground military base underneath Area 51 where she claims to have witnessed DNA from various animals cloned with human DNA to produce tragic outcomes of monstrous mutants.

Vietnam veteran and retired Special Forces Captain John McCarthy once told the late activist-author Michael Ruppert:

MKULTRA is a CIA acronym that officially stands for “Manufacturing Killers Utilizing Lethal Tradecraft Requiring Assassinations.”[258]

A brief list of extremely likely MK/Monarch programmed assassins[259] includes JFK “lone gunman” assassin Lee Harvey Oswald,[260] RFK “lone gunman” assassin Sirhan Sirhan,[261] satanic cult murderer Charlie Manson,[262] mobster Whitey Bulger,[263] Reagan’s would-be assassin John Hinckley Jr.,[264] John Lennon’s assassin Mark David Chapman,[265] Waco cult founder David Koresh,[266] Oklahoma City bombing patsy Timothy McVeigh[267] and Catholic anti-abortion clinic murderer John Salvi[268] comprise the shortlist of MK Ultra/Monarch “super soldier” assassins, trained specifically either to be patsies or to carry out heinous acts of violence for the shadow government crime cabal. Many so called “lone wolf” psychos used as stooges blamed in regularly staged mass killing spree terrorism on both US and European soil are programmed mind control alumni. Recent alleged Vegas shooter senior citizen Stephen Paddock could be the latest programmed assassin/patsy.[269] What’s too obvious is Paddock was not acting alone. Only deep state possesses both the means and motives to carry out these horrific events on such a global scale, as brazenly transparent and sloppily executed these false flag operations are.

An even longer list of suspected MK Ultra/Monarch entertainer slave victims (primarily actors and musicians), many of whom suffer from program-induced Dissociative Identity Disorder, include sex icon Marilyn Monroe,[270] another blonde sex goddess ex-Church of Satan member Jane Mansfield, “Cuckoo’s Nest” writer Ken Kesey,[271] serial rapist Bill Cosby,[272] Truther comedienne Roseanne Barr,[273] and musicians Kurt Cobain,[274] Michael Jackson,[275] LaToya Jackson,[276] Britney Spears,[277] Whitney Houston,[278] Miley Cyrus,[279] Mariah Carey,[280] Beyoncé Knowles,[281] Rihanna,[282] Taylor Swift,[283] Katy Perry,[284] Lady Gaga,[285] Justin Bieber,[286] actress Amanda Bynes,[287] actors Shia Lebeouf,[288] the twinning Corey’s the late Corey Haim and Corey Feldman,[289] comedian Katt Williams[290] and golfer Tiger Woods.[291]

Demonically mind-controlled, sexually-charged female singer “sex kittens” slaves[292] are typically elevated to superstar status (regardless of talent level) if they make for highly influential social engineering pawns[293] to spread to younger generation global masses a scripted lowest common denominator message and theme that incessantly touts sexual promiscuity, gender confusion, chaotic violence and diabolical perversion through subliminal as well as overt satanic imagery and sound, in effect acting as Illuminati transmitters of satanic mass mind control. Media propaganda constitutes mind control on a mass consumption 24/7 basis. Fallen Hollywood kingpin Harvey Weinstein’s predatory exploits finally caught up to him. But the rancid smell of pedophilia reeks in Tinsel Town and the layers of hypocrisy unraveling now will lay bare lots of Harvey’s to come.[294] After all, Lucifer’s been controlling Hollywood[295] long before the CIA grabbed the horny reins.[296] Their marriage made in Hell promises to be the next showstopper. But that topic will have to wait for a future chapter.

Author and scholar Henry Makow makes the astute observation:

Society is being subjected to the same type of trauma-based programming using constant war and atrocities that include Auschwitz, Hiroshima, the Kennedy assassinations, Sept. 11 and Abu Ghraib. We are being collectively desensitized on the one hand, and programmed to focus on sex, violence, trivia and empty social rituals on the other.[297]

In what’s referred to as the 1992 Greenbaum speech,[298] author, researcher and psychologist Corey Hammond summarized the purpose of MK Ultra and Monarch programs:

My best guess is that they want an army of Manchurian Candidates, tens of thousands of mental robots who will do prostitution, child pornography, smuggle drugs, engage in international arms smuggling, do snuff films, and all sorts of other very lucrative things. These Manchurian Candidates will do the bidding of their masters, so that eventually the megalomaniacs at the top believe they can create a Satanic Order that will rule the world.[299]

A quarter century later, they more than got what they wanted. After delivering his alarming message, Dr. Hammond never pursued research or even spoke of the Monarch program ever again,[300] strongly suggesting death threats likely silenced this shocking reality from ever reaching mass public awareness. The powers-that-shouldn’t-be know full well that if the people knew what evil their leaders were committing, as Bush senior once admitted, they’d all be hunted down and strung up on the nearest lamp post. Now that we know, it’s time to act.

Amongst the elite, their satanic brainwash has them convinced they’re the only ones on this earth entitled to living “the good life,” and with access to secret occult knowledge, highly advanced technologies that include transhumanism[301] and nanotechnology, they insist eternal life is in the offing and within their grasp,[302] regardless of how inhospitable or uninhabitable they’ve turned our ecological habitat at the earth’s surface. With luxury living in subterranean cities and highways down below and active space colony havens up above, delusional or not, their long in place survival contingency plans exist whether they trigger a nuclear holocaust for the rest of us or not.

Author of Illuminati in America John Coleman concludes:

Given the ghastly mind-control experiments constantly being conducted by the CIA, and its past connections to fiendish monsters like Dr. Cameron and Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, it does not take much to conclude that the CIA follows satanic roads.[303]

Investigative reporter Anton Chaitkin maintains that the Monarch trauma-induced program is nothing more than:

The production of a horde of children in whom the soul is crushed, who would spy, whore, kill and commit suicide.[304]

“Scientifically refined” satanic ritual abuse has been perpetrated for seven straight decades now on generation after generation of our most vulnerable population, we’re talking tens if not hundreds of millions of innocent human lives starting in infancy lost and ruined along the way. Every single day our youngest innocents are being fed into this pedophile machine. Systemic victimization of children from every corner of the globe is today’s “brave new world” nightmare a la Luciferian-style. As demonic hosts for too many years, the planetary controllers have been parasitically feasting off our kids fresh off assembly line slabs at milab[305] slaughterhouses, compliments of intel USA. Through these CIA-MI mind control factories,[306] the satanic calendar that calls for gorging equinox/solstice holidays ensures a fresh daily batch of our innocents are devoured by power demons living both on and off the planet, only adding strength to their globalized control. Their Luciferian system that’s created this Hell on earth for so many must be blown up and the scourge of systemic pedophilia erased before the Satanists completely destroy our precious, sacred, only home we have. The day of reckoning is here and now. We have no choice but to slay the demonic dragon.



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