Chapter 49 (5-10) Evergreen Traffickers Busted in the Suez Canal: The Crime Cabal’s Pedo Empire Is Going Down!

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Evergreen Traffickers Busted in the Suez Canal: The Crime Cabal’s Pedo Empire Is Going Down!

Joachim Hagopian

Children are sex trafficked around the globe primarily by means of air, water and ground transportation. The last chapter exposed the pedophilia in the Middle East, with a particular focus on nations like Israel and Saudi Arabia as global trafficking’s belly of the beast. Southern Israel shares its western land border with Egypt’s Sinai Desert, with just 176 air miles (284km) separating Jerusalem from Egypt’s Port Said, by plane a mere 20-minute ride apart. With northern Saudi Arabia also about the same short distance away from Suez, the southernmost point of Egypt’s famous canal, this crucial nearby waterway acts as a main artery hub of the belly of the beast’s child sex trafficking portal to the rest of the world.

Port Said is the city on the Mediterranean that serves as the north end of the 120-mile Suez Canal, the waterway that is the absolutely essential sea lane responsible for up to 15% of the world’s total cargo and the virtually all of the sea trade between the continents of Asia and Europe.[1]  Not only does the oil from the Middle East get shipped through the Suez Canal to Europe, Asia and all points beyond, but from last chapter, we learned that kids also get shipped to and from all points beyond, most often by sea in sealed steel containers inside the immense cargo carriers a quarter mile long these days.

From March 23 to March 29, 2021, a 400-meter (or about 1,300 feet in length) cargo ship weighing 200,000 metric tons called the Ever Given, operated by the Evergreen shipping company while enroute from China to Rotterdam, Holland[2] (both notorious child sex slave traders) and eventually Baltimore, ran aground close to the south entry point of the Suez Canal,[3] and for six straight days, created a mammoth bottleneck of backed up sea lane traffic, involving at least 437 ships stranded at both ends as well as packed inside the clogged canal.[4] By the way, since 1985, Rotterdam and Baltimore are twin cities on the same child sex trafficking route… how convenient.

Five days after the Ever Given was refloated on March 29, over 100 freighters were still awaiting their turn to enter the canal from the south on their way to the Mediterranean.[5] Stalled, congested traffic had been building up at both the Port Said north end in the Mediterranean Sea and the Gulf of Suez in the Red Sea at the south end, causing the worst maritime traffic jam in history, losing over $10 billion a day, $400-$500 million USD per hour over the course of nearly an entire week as humongous lost revenue for the global shipping industry. Since its so steeped in illicit contraband like drugs and humans, perhaps that’s not so bad.

Over 90% of all global retail trade is legally moved in metal containers aboard these gargantuan cargo ships,[6] with 15% of all world trade passing through this high-volume Suez intercontinental passageway. The company in charge of the Ever Given’s operation and crew, Bernhard Schulte Ship management, revealed that as many as 14 tugboats were deployed to push and pull the grounded vessel while several dredgers for several days removed up to 2,000 cubic meters of sledge per hour from near the stuck bow of the ship. One large metal container out of the up to 20,000 onboard capacity, even without cargo can easily weigh up to 40 tons each.

In 2020, 18,840 ships successfully navigated through the Suez Canal without incident. And since the canal’s opening in 1869, a total of only three other cargo ships in all that time have similarly run aground. After initial reports specified “official sources” were claiming it was due to “engine failure,”[7] MSM’s USA Today attempted to establish the official early narrative via the excuse by Ever Given’s operating crew blaming wind gusts for blowing the container vessel off course, despite it being among the largest and heaviest seagoing cargo ships in the entire world[8]:

The Panamanian-flagged, Japanese-owned, Taiwanese-operated ship became caught in high winds and a sandstorm as it navigated a narrow stretch of the canal March 23. The 1,300-foot-long, 220,000-ton ship turned and the bow went aground on the canal’s eastern bank, the stern on the western bank.[9]

But the wind factor was media misinformation in order to cover up what really happened. The consensus from local villagers in Manshiyat Rugola astutely point out that other ships in the same convoy navigated through the same wind condition without disaster as have thousands of ships previously encountering much more severe windstorms. Capt. Paul Foran, a marine consultant and veteran of salvaging operations, also legitimately asked:

I am highly questioning, why was it the only one that went aground?[10]

In other words, both laypersons and experts alike were not buying the hot air excuse that the biggest, heaviest vessel in the entire convoy was mysteriously blown off course by a moderate wind gust. Lt. Gen. Osama Rabie, chief of Egypt’s Suez Canal Authority that oversees the canal’s operation, officially debunked the phony wind explanation, explicitly stating on March 27, 2021:

Strong winds and weather factors were not the main reasons for the ship’s grounding. There may have been technical or human errors.[11]

Yet the deceivers among the crew and officials from the Evergreen alleged trafficking outfit both maintained the lie that winds were to blame. Wonder why only the guilty ones felt compelled to be deceptive. Oh yeah, that’s what the guilty do in every single pedo-scandal, without exception – lie.

By Monday afternoon March 29, 2021, after six days stuck in the muddy sandbar, the giant container ship was freed, but proceeded only to Great Bitter Lake where it was “set to undergo inspections.”[12] Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi had ordered removal of some of the ship’s containers.

Sayed Sheasha, a Suez Canal Authority consultant, said that on March 31 an investigation began probing whether the ship’s captain responded to the instructions from the Suez Canal Authority prior to the ship running aground:

We asked for the ship’s data – the black box contains all the information from the start of the crisis until the end.[13]

But General Rabie disclosed that initial demands requesting the Ever Given captain turn over the ship’s black box and accompanying documents were being resisted.[14] Until both the investigation is completed along with a billion USD be forfeited by the cargo ship owner as well as the ship operator as compensation to Egypt, the ship will not be going anywhere, according to the April 8th Wall Street Journal.[15]

Meanwhile, via the tracking data from, the Ever Given still sits idle in Great Bitter Lake,[16] and the fate of its 25-man Indian crew has yet to be determined.[17] But Evergreen, which operates the Ever Given, has gone on record stating that it is not responsible for any cargo delays. Major litigation is already in process. On April 1, 2021, Luster Maritime and Higaki Sangyo Kaisha, the two Japanese companies that own the mammoth 2018 Japanese built container vessel, have sued the company leasing the Ever Given – the Taiwanese based Evergreen Marine Corp.[18]

Though opening the Ever Given containers reportedly led to the alleged grim discovery of over a thousand both dead and alive children, Mainstream Media obviously will never report it.[19] But a number of alternative news sites began presenting a string of uncanny anomalies strongly suggesting the Evergreen shipping operation was intentionally set up to be trapped and caught red-handed inside the Suez Canal, transporting children and nukes among its thousands of shipping containers six stories deep.

If there was nothing to the claims that the grounded container ship was caught sex trafficking children, why would such MSM standard bearers like Newsweek a mere day after the grounding make such a big fuss, desperately attempting to debunk and demonize Q and the entire pedo-cabal story? Newsweek:

Some supporters of the radical [Q] movement are suggesting the 400-meter-long Ever Given currently stuck in Egypt is being used to abuse children on behalf of the cabal of pedophiles that they believe runs the U.S. Others claim the children held captive on the ship will be revealed to the world live on camera, justifying their beliefs.[20]

When they weren’t, the cabal-controlled MSM was quick to gloat, in so many words, “see, I told you so, all those conspiracy nuts got it wrong once again,” not unlike the so called “debunking” of Pizzagate, which turned out to be real. From a March 30th International Business Times article:

The incident has now fueled a wild conspiracy theory claiming that the likes of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are involved in a human trafficking operation.[21]

Fact: The initial attempt at an “official narrative,” that high winds blew the ship off course was superseded by a growing consensus that “human or technical errors” may have been the primary cause.

Fact: The ship captain was not cooperating with investigative authorities.

Fact: Dubious official debunkers like and Snopes along with Newsweek, USA Today and IBT all reflexively jumped on the anti-QAnon bandwagon to ridicule and discredit claims of a sex trafficking interdiction by Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) without offering any proof.

This chapter covers additional information that’s allegedly emerged about the Ever Given cargo from a litany of copy & pasted alt news sites and social media that, if true, provides a compelling body of circumstantial evidence (immediately poopooed by corporate media fake news), supporting the ultimate conclusion that the Evergreen Marine Corporation, the shipping carrier that leases and operates the Ever Given cargo ship, is part of the cabal’s global fleet of Evergreen container ships serving as major suppliers of sex trafficked children. According to

Evergreen Line operates the fourth largest container fleet in the world, with over 190 ships by capacity of approximately 850,000 TEU [Twenty Foot Equivalent unit].[22]

According to alt sources over the last couple weeks, the Ever Given was allegedly busted for carrying a shipload of child sex slaves, inhumanely confined within its sealed metal containers, reportedly resulting in 1,366 children found dead and another 1,245 children rescued still alive by US Navy Seals.[23] Unconfirmed reports maintain that with Egypt’s consent and covert cooperation, US Special Operations Command units of Navy Seals were deployed to remotely hack into and control the Ever Given’s computer system in order to intentionally cause the vessel’s bow to wind up lodged in the canal’s eastern sandbank just 3.6 miles from the south Suez entrance, immediately thrusting the global media spotlight that would necessitate a thorough, methodical inspection of the ship’s full cargo inside its over 18,000 containers, allegedly holding both trafficked children as well as nuclear WMD bombs.[24] The objective of this “white hat” interdiction was twofold – to prevent nuclear detonations in the Middle East intended to ignite WWIII with war against Iran and show irrefutable documented evidence exposing the direct link between Hillary, the Clinton Foundation, the Zionist Satanic cabal and its worldwide child sex trafficking operation, unveiled on the highest visible world stage.

During the weeklong Suez clog that trapped hundreds of ships in and around the canal, the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier and destroyers returned to the Middle East, hovering nearby the Suez Canal entrance in the Red Sea while from the Mediterranean side the Russian Navy appeared on vigil at the Port Said north end of the canal, allegedly operating jointly to crush a hole in the global trafficking child sex slave trade. Exercising its show of force, finally on April 3rd the US Navy warships passed through the reopened channel and will remain in the Middle East.[25]

As a related aside to the Evergreen theme, Obama’s communications director and State Department spokesperson and imposter Prez Biden’s current press secretary, Jen Psaki, is also the founder of Evergreen Consulting LLC in Washington DC.[26]

While husband Bill was president, First Lady Hillary Clinton’s Secret Service codename was Evergreen.[27] The grounded ship Ever Given’s call sign is H3RC, containing Hillary Rodham Clinton’s full name initials HRC. The known links between the Clintons, their “pay-to-play” Foundation, Haiti, convicted child trafficker Laura Silsby, convicted pedophile buddy Jeffrey Epstein, soon convicted Ghislaine Maxwell, Lolita Express, Pizzagate and child sex trafficking are all thoroughly, exhaustively documented (See Book 4). It’s also been observed that among the tugboats dispatched to assist the refloating efforts are MOSAED and BARAKA1, overly-transparent references to Mossad and Obama, also both heavily linked to all of the above pedophilic phenoms. Is all this just by some weird unexplainable coincidence, or more realistically, is something far more sinister and wicked lurking here?

Perhaps another strangest and telling anomaly – just prior to its entry into the Suez Canal, while still in the Red Sea, according to, the Ever Given “charted a course that suspiciously looks like a massive phallus.”[28] A spokesperson for the maritime website alluded to the ship’s data being accurate, conclusively adding:

There is no room for some kind of conspiracies or false data.[29]

In other words, it’s not by random accident nor purely coincidental that a ship charts the cock-n-balls navigation route next to an ass to graphically signify the S-O-S sodomy alarm, then an hour or two later once inside the canal, the big dick-maker in the water suddenly droops sideways, clogging one of the world’s most traveled global trade waterways, again not by happenstance.[30] Clearly this ship’s extremely bizarre movements unquestionably indicate actions that would never be voluntarily taken by any vessel under normal circumstance. The movement of the Ever Given on that fateful Tuesday morning of March 23, 2021 was definitely involuntary, controlled by an external source outside the ship, most definitely by special alliance force of Navy Seals, US Marines and Army Corp of Engineers.[31]


In the same way that years ago, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) developed hacking mechanisms by which to remote control moving vehicles, out of that same DoD research came the US military capacity to take over control functions of a ship.[32] US military intelligence had been monitoring the movement of the Evergreen fleet of container vessels for some time, aware of their diabolical purpose, serving up children on a cannibalistic platter for the Satanic pedo-elite. A couple weeks earlier the Europe to Asia leg to China had trafficked infants and children for Adrenochrome harvesting while the return trip was loading up teenagers and young adults as sex slaves. At one of the narrowest sections along the canal within the first hour after relinquishing control earlier upon completing the dick and balls guided tour in the Gulf of Suez, the Ever Given crew appeared back on course, again believing they were once again in full control. But at the strategic moment and place, the Navy hackers plunged the ship’s bow right into the canal bank at full speed.

Trafficking of drugs, illegal weapons, human organs, Adrenochrome, and hapless child and adult slaves mostly by global ocean freight carriers as highly valued black market commodities are routinely used and abused around the globe, quietly under the radar without proper inspection by design, illicitly raking in trillions annually for the international crime cabal. As a result, the predatory, adreno-wired pedo-elite stays younger to hunger and crave for only more insatiable power and control.

This Suez incident represents an enormous milestone in the systematic takedown of the Deep State pedo-cartel, and with the world watching the ship floundering for a week, the global public is moving one connected dot closer to realizing the growing scourge of child sex trafficking is every bit tragically real, and that is absolutely why the mainstream press so swiftly and reactively came down on any possibility that Hillary and company could be at it once again. But this time, the awakening population sees through the official paid liars and deniers as complicit, pedo-protecting fellow criminals.

The website was not joking when it made this April Fool’s Day claim:

The Japanese-owned, Taiwanese-operated ship of Evergreen Corporation was actually co-owned by Walmart and the Clinton Foundation – known for it’s international child trafficking ring. The children were said ordered out of magazines like Wayfair by pedophiles who paid big bucks for certain abused children.[33]

Under predictive programming, so notoriously common in “The Simpsons,” an episode of the television series “Dexter” from 15 years ago shows the serial killer whose pastime is seeking revenge to smite other serial killers, reliving a past déjà vu experience. As a former trafficked sex victim himself at around 5-years of age, Dexter the adult is seen breaking into a cargo terminal yard where while standing in front of an Evergreen container, it triggers a flashback to when as a boy, he was rescued from an infamous Evergreen container by a police officer.[34] Sad commentary that so many years later, even more children are being regularly kidnapped, held hostage within the bowels of Evergreen shipping vessels, and to this day are still being trafficked and abused throughout the world in unprecedented record numbers like never before. That’s why this latest Evergreen reincarnation in Egypt and the entire planet must be exterminated once and for all.

Predictive prognostication by Q – exactly three years to the day before Evergreen clogs the canal, on March 23, 2018 Q drops “Define EVERGREEN. When do you call a plumber?” Answer three years later, when the Evergreen ship is stuck blocking the canal, time to call US Special Ops as plumbers to clean up the Deep State cesspit putrefying the entire world.

Yet another non-coincidence – all three Evergreen cargo vehicles, a big rig truck by land, a plane by air and big ship by sea all crash at the same time. Impossible odds of three nonfatal accidents busting Evergreen’s worldwide trafficking operation by every available mode wide open, all at once for all the world to see.[35] Thank you Special Ops alliance forces for saving the children and giving us optimism that the good guys really are winning. It uplifts our spirit to know that it’s true, empowering all of us to unite and do our active part to eradicate the disease of child sexual abuse.

During the Epstein incarceration heating up in July 2019, CNN’s Jake Tapper responded to a tweet that said, “This is all going to get so much worse,” with this cryptic response – “Evergreen.”[36] Time’s running out for the bad guys.


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