Movie on Satanic Pedophilia Updated 17 Feb


20210217: Videos posted:

Mirror: The Absolute Depravity & Destruction of the Democrat Pedo Cult

Mirror: Sound of Freedom [Official Trailer]

20210212: Videos posted:

Mirror: Jane Doe in Conversation with David Whitehead

Satanic Empire 3: Vennie Kocsis Raw

Satanic Empire 2: Cathy O’Brien Raw

Satanic Empire 1 – Joachim Hagopian Raw

Low budget high value. Sean Stone, son of Oliver Stone, is the producer, interviewer, and narrator.  $1000 donations deductible for US taxpayers gets screen credit as a co-producer. Follow our progress at this single link for all three movies we are doing in next 30, 60, 90 days. Donation links at the URL.


As of 20210206

Sean Stone hired as executive director. Author Joachim Hagopian has approved (and provided much of) below plan of action. No updates planned for next week or so.

Pedophilia & Empire Interview List (Bold Links to Raw Video)

Bernard, Ronald, Illuminati whistleblower
Boghave, Sheri de
Di Noto, Father Don Fortunato anti porn priest
Farmer, Maria, Epstein victim
Feldman, Cory, actor, pedo-whistleblower
Giuffre, Virginia, Epstein victim
Hagopian, Joachim
Hutsebaut, Carine author Child Hunters
Jones, Kaya, singer, ex-Pussycat Dolls, whistleblower
Kocsis, Vennie
Louf, Regina (BE)
Lucas, Anneke, child abuse survivor/advocate
Maloney, Bill, UK pedo-whistleblower
O’Brien, Cathy
Rice, John Paul, Hollywood film producer
Rothstein, James Det. (retired NYPD)
Steele, Robert
Stefano, Tammi, Child Advocate
Stone, Sacha
Wedger, John, Former London Police
Wong, Wilfred, British SRA expert
Wood, Lin, attorney with insider info

Pedophilia & Empire Preliminary Story Board Key Points

  1. Brief coverage of all major pedo scandals in US, UK, Europe, Australia, Middle East, rest of world to include sex tourism
  2. Growing enormity of scourge, 40 million trafficked slaves, more now in all of human history
  3. History of child sex abuse/blood sacrifice practices from Anunnaki ancients to modern times secret societies
  4. Oper. perps: government (all levels), Churches, Justice System, police, military, security services, mafia/gangs, MSM, Hollywood, NGO/charity, child welfare system, education, private contractors like DynCorp, SERCO, Halliburton in defense/security/transportation
  5. Pedo cabal overlords: bloodlines behind global pedo network also behind all war, economic depression, false flag terrorism, Wall Street theft
  6. Pedophilia – Luciferian cabal tool for VIP ensnarement/blackmail control politics, Hollywood, MSM, CEOs; Epstein/Maxwell tentacles
  7. Satanic Ritual Abuse/adrenochrome harvesting on industrial scale, rituals summon demonic interdimensional entities/possession, sodomy
  8. Subterranean black ops include breeding, adreno-harvesting, rape, torture, mind control, blood sacrifice in DUMBs in milabs; spec ops rescue
  9. Why do elite favor Satanic pedophilia? Not just the Catholic Church – goes back centuries

Pedophilia & Empire Prior Recommended Videos

  1. An Open Secret on Hollywood pedophilia
  2. Bill Maloney is coming back
  3. Chief Counsel Robert David Steele on Pedophilia State of the World (London Seating, 2018)
  4. Conspiracy of Silence on Franklin scandal
  5. Corey Feldman Opens Up About His Plan To Expose Hollywood Pedophiles | TODAY
  6. Cutting Edge: The Child Sex Trade
  7. Deliver Us from Evil
  8. Di Noto, Father Don Fortunato anti porn priest
  9. Dutch Banker Exposes Global Pedophile Network
  10. He was a satanic pedophile, he raped me and saved me from ritual murder
  11. Hunger Games Producer comes out on Child Trafficking and Pedophilia
  12. Jimmy Boots Rothstein on PizzaGate
  13. Lin Wood Entire World Controlled by Pedophile Extortion and Blackmail Schemes
  14. Marc Dutroux: Monster of Belgium
  15. Music Industry Insider Speaks Out! Kaya Jones and Stefan Molyneux
  16. Pedophile Satanic Elites Exposed
  17. The Church: Code of Silence
  18. The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan
  19. The Kingdom’s Dirty Secrets (Jehovah Witnesses)
  20. Watergate Pedo Book with NYPD Detective Jimmy “Boots” Rothstein