Chapter 42: The NXIVM Scandal: The Sex Cult, Megalomania and Pedophilia Protected by the Pedo-Cabal


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The NXIVM Scandal: The Sex Cult, Megalomania and Pedophilia Protected by the Pedo-Cabal

Joachim Hagopian


This 5-volume book series unearths the global child sexual trafficking, that is the satanic abuse network across the planet. Each major scandal represents merely a tip of the iceberg, the uncovered truth prior to the state’s standard criminal cover-up, leaving the full extent of organized child abuse never seen in the full light of day. But by taking the sum of all these iceberg tips as this exhaustive investigation aims, a bigger picture emerges that connects the global sex trade exploiting children to the highest echelons of power. At the top of this hierarchical pyramid of truly diabolical power and control are the Illuminati bloodlines, the Black Nobility of Europe, most visibly represented by the Rothschilds and European royal families headed by the House of Windsor and House of Orange, and the powerful behind-the-scenes bloodlines that are the puppet masters controlling the top government politicians, entertainers, media, bankers, judges, CEOs, police commanders, generals, the mid-level minions serving as the “governing” body (INO) of policymaking puppets that enforce the dictates and marching orders of their masters. Lucifer’s secret societies actively operating out of Rome, London, DC, New York, Brussels are integral, interlocking components within this global pedo-cabal network.

At the wider base of this power pyramid structure are the supporting players, the gatekeeping trusted lieutenants in this criminally corrupt cabal engine. In the context of the global pedophilia network, these would include the pedo-ringleaders functioning as blackmailing procurers and gatekeepers that actually run the day-to-day child trafficking operations. These are criminal elements within the UN, the EU, major national governments (US State Department, UK Foreign Office), intelligence services (MI5/6, CIA, Mossad), government private contractors (Serco,[1] DynCorp[2]), child foreign aid charities (Oxfam, Red Cross),[3] assorted government and NGOs including child charity, adoption and welfare agencies,[4] including children and family courts,[5] fringe rogue elements within the military (See Book 4, Chapter 4), organized crime down to criminal street gangs. Big Media’s job is to pretend this colossal pedo-cabal doesn’t even exist, and whenever the topic is forced to the surface, ensure that damage control deflects away from the one designated “fall guy” that never fails to emerges from each tip of the iceberg scandal. Whenever pedophilia scandals get uncovered, virtually always the press moves in to focus on only one designated ringleader as the lone “gunman” or megalomaniacal mastermind, the single lone operator, rotten apple, evil villain, sick fuck that gets busted. With every scandal having an identified fall guy, Big Media’s job is to make certain his connection to the wider global network stays buried in media blackout and denial. The idea is through sleight of hand deception, misdirection, disinformation and outright lies to steer all public awareness away from connecting the dots to the much larger, invisible, hidden [in plain sight] organized trafficking network that is both worldwide and pervasively far-reaching.

The designated so-called mastermind heavy behind the Franklin scandal was Lawrence E. King, diffusing public awareness away from the White House and quintessential child raping overlord George HW Bush. The designated fall guy(s) arrested in each of the British scandals was always way down on the totem pole power – John Allen in the North Wales scandal, Kincora Boys Home housemaster William McGrath and his two Kincora cohorts in Northern Ireland, Elm Guest House proprietors Haroon and Carole Kasir, and Dunblane’s Thomas Hamilton the deranged mass shooter. But a media blackout of his pedo-procuring role for VIPs remained off limits, needing to evoke the 100-year rule to ensure the wider pedo-network stay hidden for a century. Only after the famous pedophiles are safely in their graves is it okay to make them infamous, releasing names of UK’s worst offenders like Jimmy Savile and MP Cyril Smith AD. But even then, in the aftermath of the Savile revelations, Jimmy Savile was described as a “lone operator,” albeit with intimate ties to big name royalty, prime ministers, bishops and popes.

In the sports pedo-scandals Coach Sandusky or the US Olympic gymnastics team doctor Lawrence Nassar, UK soccer coach Barry Bennell, always the minor cogs in the bigger wheel that media ensures remain off limits. In other words, it’s always one or at most two demons per the Epstein-Maxwell operation, surgically they always deceptively stay isolated as each scandal’s designated evil lone operator(s). The “unfree” press is never permitted to connect all the dots, however obvious, to unveil the binding ties incriminating all the supporting players that customarily get away with child rape and murder because of their VIP or gatekeeping status, thus other child procurers, traffickers, and major financiers atop the pedo-Establishment are also never held accountable. Global cabal overlords always remain untouched and the scourge continues.

But this never before macro-examination of global pedophilia provides a wider lens and scope perspective to unmask this planetary blight on humanity, shedding the additional light to show that all the scandals are very much interconnected, all belonging to the greater whole that is the worldwide trafficking network, sponsored, supported and exploited by the most powerful people on earth. Pedophilia and Empire exposes the pedophilia puppet masters and overlords behind this worldwide satanic network – the Windsors, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Duponts, Bushes, Clintons, Bronfmans, Wexlers and the Venetian bloodlines protected by their far-removed obscurity possessing even more power and control than the household names.

Because Epstein and Maxwell’s blackmail operation sponsored by Israeli military intelligence in cahoots with CIA and MI6, lured into its international web royalty, presidents and prime ministers, Hollywood A-listers, Fortune 500 CEOs, bankers, top scientists, prestigious university presidents and members of the exclusive elite class, when Epstein finally was re-arrested in 2019, slowly the enormity of Israel’s global blackmail control through Epstein and his partner Guislaine’s power and influence emerged to reveal the larger tip of their pedo-iceberg, complete with its publicly exposed worldwide glacier tentacles.

Similar to the Epstein-Maxwell operation, Keith Raniere’s NXIVM (pronounced NEX-ee-um) also maintained deep Clinton ties. The Albany, New York based self-help organization and their leaders pumped near $30,000 into then New York’s Senator Hillary Clinton’s 2008 first failed presidential run with over a dozen contributions made in 2007 alone.[6] Additionally, NXIVM co-founding president, former psychiatric nurse, hypnotherapist and neurolinguistics expert Nancy Salzman, and NXIVM’s two largest financiers Clare and Sara Bronfman, the Seagram liquor heiresses, are all three members of the Clinton Global Initiative. CGI’s membership is by invitation-only at a cost of at least $15,000 per year.

It was also confirmed in court in May 2019 that Clare Bronfman had curried favor, buying NXIVM influence and protection from primetime pay-to-player Hillary with a bundled donation that illegally far exceeded campaign donor limits during her 2008 campaign.[7] Playing the political game with illicit campaign bribes is an old story in US politics. Additionally, to buy support and protection from the then longtime Republican controlled New York state senate in Albany, NXIVM is also on record having regularly contributed monies, as of 2007 up to $31,600 to the GOP coffers. This is the standard Modus Operandi for enticing government authorities to look the other way, especially when Raniere kept getting caught raping underage girls since at least 1984, but allowed to continue getting away with it for over three decades.[8] How? Bought influence and protection.

At Keith Raniere’s strategic behest, the Bronfman sisters would frequently hire the services of the most prominent politicians in New York State. With NXIVM’s headquarters located just outside the state capital Albany, Raniere and his Bronfman crime family knew they must develop unbreakable political alliances with as many local highly influential fat cats as possible. The senior NXIVM team realized that it would take more than just thousands of dollars spent on campaign contributions, so they took it a step further, actively courting the most powerful state senator in the state. For over three decades, the Empire State senator and GOP state majority leader (1994-2008), the late Joseph L. Bruno who at 91 just died in October 2020, a year after retiring from his potent post in 2008, was hit with federal corruption charges, blurring personal and political interests that embroiled him in controversial trials and appeals for the next half decade.[9] Yet based on recent eulogies, it appears this man was a revered saint.[10] Make no mistake, his “tainted” power endured. A February 2012 article from Albany’s Times-Union disclosed:

The former Senate Majority Leader [Bruno] met with [Nancy] Salzman several times and won campaign contributions and jet rides for Senate Republicans from two key NXIVM devotees — Seagram’s heiresses Sara and Clare Bronfman.[11]

NXIVM also courted Bruno’s Senate lawyer Jack Casey, the former Republican Party chairman of the local Rensselaer County, into becoming a patron as both a student of the NXIVM Executive Success Program (ESP) and NXIVM legal adviser.[12] Former state health commissioner Antonia Novella also became a student celeb. Clare Bronfman hired yet another prominent fixture in New York politics, US Republican Senator from 1981 to 1999, Alfonse D’Amato’s lobbying and public affairs firm, Park Strategies. NXIVM and the Bronfman financiers have also employed the Arkansas based powerhouse Markham Group, public affairs advisors to the Clintons. With all these glowing connections from on high, now you know why Keith Raniere was able to commit crime after crime with total impunity for as long as he did, over three decades, joining the pedo-crowd pattern of virtually every other previous scandal.

Both NXIVM and the Bronfman sisters maintained super close ties to the Rothschilds and the Clintons.[13] That’s an indisputable fact. New York Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is also cozily linked to Keith Raniere and Bronfman’s controversial company NXIVM. Kirsten’s father Doug Rutnik was an NXIVM employee,[14] brought in his future wife (and cousin) Kirsten’s stepmother, high-powered attorney Gwen Bellcourt, who became an actual NXIVM full-fledged devotee.[15] After attending an NXIVM function seated next to the cult president Nancy Salzman, Senator Gillibrand was later caught in a boldface lie, denying she ever heard of the sex cult despite her own father and stepmother’s ultra-deep ties. Through her spokesman, when asked in November 2017 if she knew anything about NXIVM:

[Gillibrand]… never heard of this group until she recently read about them in the [NYT] newspaper.[16]

With Albany Gillibrand’s hometown, never mind her deep family connection, with the Albany Times Union exposing the sex cult as early as 2003, it would be impossible for her to never have heard of NXIVM until the October 2017 New York Times article.[17] The #metoo champion was busted as a liar.

The other New York Senator, the prominent Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, was also a compromised ally by virtue of NXIVM gaining possession of his financial records, again buying off protection through any and all means necessary as the Raniere-Bronfman-Luciferian way.[18] Regardless of who’s in power – Clinton, Gillibrand, Schumer, Democrats, Republicans, it doesn’t matter, NXIVM always successfully curried favor with all these top-powered connections. Yet Big Media’s bread and circus coverage of the NXIVM never delves into the Raniere-Bronfman support from the larger pedo-Establishment that protected the Satanic Child Sex Trafficking Cult for decades. This linkage between child sex traffickers operating with decades of impunity and their always cordial relations with high level politicians “convinced” to look the other way are an established fact in every scandal in every nation.

NXIVM maintained offices worldwide, which meant outreach to not only local, state and national powerbrokers but international VIPs as well. The former Mexican strongarm president Carlos Salinas is a crime family patriarch whose son Emiliano Salinas was Mexico’s NXIVM founder, NXIVM executive board member and longtime senior lieutenant within the criminal operation.[19] Emiliano was quoted in a 2003 Forbes article, calling Raniere’s program “like a practical” MBA. Another former Mexican president, Vicente Fox’s daughter Cristina was yet another high-end, card-carrying cult member.[20] Between these prominent political crime families entrenched in both Mexico and America, NXIVM was able to wield considerable influence to successfully keep international legal authorities at bay for decades, despite the blatant criminality of ongoing child sex trafficking, pedophilia and racketeering.

If it wasn’t winning favor for protection from prominent figures in both state and national governments, NXIVM was ambitiously seeking support, credibility and a high-status endorsement from one of the most esteemed international religious figures in the world. Master Raniere sent the Bronfman sisters on another mission to aggressively lobby the spiritually renowned master himself – the Dalai Lama, to come pay a visit to their Albany based self-help group, as much to ward off the recurring cult stigma promoted by local press as to gain the worldwide respect, prestige and trust “rightfully” due a unique, irrepressible global avant-garde movement for the betterment of humankind. Sara Bronfman met with the 14th Dalai Lama’s venerable special emissary Lama Tenzin Dhonden and opened her legs for a torrid love affair to lure and secure a visit from His Holiness the Dalai Lama to join forces with NXIVM in a four-day event, culminated by the Dalai’s speech at the 7500 seat Albany Times Union Center on April 9, 2009.[21]

But as soon as the Dalai Lama visit to Albany was announced, a rash of local newspapers all trashed NXIVM, commenting how the Dalai’s coming to meet with the cult leader severely tarnishes the spiritual Tibetan leader’s reputation. No college would even sponsor the event, not even Keith’s alma matter Rensselaer Institute of Technology.

Perhaps the clincher was Schenectady Gazette’s Daniel Weaver scathing assessment:

Keith Raniere has been involved in controversy for the last 20 years. He’s been the subject of lawsuits and investigations. He has initiated numerous lawsuits, many of which appear to be frivolous. He also harasses people…. He is hardly a poster boy for humanitarianism, peace and ethics; and his invitation to the Dalai Lama to speak makes one question the motive of the invitation.…. Raniere has not utilized compassionate ethical methods and solutions to address problems. Keith Raniere has brought anything but peace to the Capital Region.[22]

The negative publicity spooked His Holiness enough at the last minute to cancel the big four-day NXIVM event in Albany.[23] Realizing this egg-on-the-face public embarrassment might carry disastrous long term consequences, Raniere hopped on the Sara and Clare Bronfman’s $11 million 22-seat private jetliner with Nancy Salzman and the cash cow sisters to make their desperate pilgrimage to Dharmasala, India to offer the Dalai Lama not just the original offer of $1 million, but raised it to $2, begging His Holiness to reconsider and make an Albany appearance. The Dalai ultimately agreed to show up for one day in May 2009. Never mind that the Bronfmans would be sitting up on stage next to him while lowly Keith was relegated to a seat in the audience. On May 6, 2009, before a mostly NXIVM audience of about 2,700 onlookers at the much smaller 2800 seat Albany Palace Theater, the Dalai Lama pontificated for near an hour and a half on the topic “Compassionate Ethics in Difficult Times” (accessible on YouTube[24]), referring to Raniere and Salzman as “respected teachers.” At the end of the talk, Vanguard, Raniere’s regal title, got to walk up on stage and ceremoniously receive a Tibetan white scarf of purity from his expensive guest. It was close enough to a full endorsement for NXIVM to run with it, frantically clamoring for a rare dose of positive publicity. While the Dalai Lama made a gestured acknowledgement, there would never be a second meeting between the two or any hoped for collaboration to together save the world. According to the onetime NXIVM publicist turned whistleblower Frank Parlato:

He [Dalai Lama] also clearly suggests that rumors about Nxivm and Raniere should be investigated by the media.[25]

So even though it was far from the full endorsement that Raniere and company proceeded to claim, just the fact that the Dalai showed up for 90 minutes and met Vanguard bequeathing a white scarf worn as the sought after feather in his cap so NXIVM could boast the Dalai Lama validated their master’s brand of “ethical purity,” however false that is. Per Frank Parlato’s, the argument could then be made:

How can we be a cult if the Dalai Lama endorses us? Don’t you see the media reports about us are all false? Who are you gonna trust – the Dalai Lama and Keith or the Albany Times Union and the New York Post?[26]

At the 44:14 mark in the Dalai’s video, he is asked about the confusion of his cancelled initial NXIVM invitation scheduled in April. The Dalai then explained the sequence of events. Upon meeting and talking to Keith and his entourage in India, apparently he was convinced that their motives were ethical and felt it his moral obligation to then show up and address this topic of ethics. Never mind that his visit had anything to do with him accepting $2 million from the Bronfmans. The Dalai also addressed allegations against NXIVM, urging the media to responsibly follow up and ultimately ascertain the truth about all the rumors. In his own words:

As for your sort of work for promotion of ethics, I fully support. Is my moral responsibility, but, at the same time, those allegations you must make very clear. If you have done something wrong, you must accept, you must admit, and change, make correction… [Regarding the media] make clear, and inform public, provided it must be very honest, unbiased, objective, that’s important…I want to tell the media people, ‘please carry continuously, all these spots where you have some doubt, thorough investigation.’[27]

The Bronfman’s $2 million managed to manipulate the Dalai into writing the forward to Raniere’s next book, the 352-page The Sphinx & Thelxiepeia that Amazon still sells in paperback for only $694.95. The forward dated April 2009 was the same month the Bronfman owned Ethical Publishing LLC in Albany released the book, just in time for his May visit.[28]

And as far as how the hot tub romance of canoodlers Sara Bronfman and her monk Tenzin Dhonden went, after he broke his celibacy vow, at its peak their intense love affair was so hot that the enthralled Sara bought her lover boy a home in Albany. After all, it was the emissary monk who saved the day, arranging for the NXIVM honchos to track His Holiness down in India to get him to change his mind. However, just as the 14th Dalai Lama never had anything more to do with NXIVM after his visit, neither did Tenzin Dhonden with Sara, as he was later seen in the company of “other rich heiresses and self-made women of fortune.”[29] However, all his carnal lust in the States may have gone to his head because after 15 years of service, the Dalai Lama suspended his personal emissary in the US on corruption allegations. The accuser was a Seattle businessman and philanthropist claiming Tenzin pressured him to make undue secret cash payments from 2005 to 2008.[30] So as of October 2017, the special emissary of the Dalai’s Trust Fund was temporarily relieved of his duties until the investigation allegedly cleared him of wrongdoing in July 2019.[31]

So, the Dalai Lama gave NXIVM its sought after, albeit guarded endorsement despite all the allegations, piously emphasizing the need for transparency and truth, while urging the press to investigate the cult’s improprieties and wrongdoing. The shameless Dalai took the $2 million to look the other way, giving the psychopath the benefit of the doubt on all those nagging suspicions and accusations that turned out to be true. The Dalai passed the buck to the media to find out whether any were true or not. If His Holiness merely did a cursory online search, he would’ve readily seen for himself that the man he stood on stage with gifting him a white purity scarf was every bit a shady fraudster, serial sexual predator and perhaps even a murderer. By 2009 there was so much dirt already out there, but His Holiness was too bedazzled seeing $2 million in dollar signs $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

By accepting the money, the Dalai Lama only showed himself to be an unethical hypocrite, exposing himself as a sellout. For a mighty cash bundle, His Holiness gave Raniere what he wanted, license to exploit Dalai’s backhanded, watered-down, half-assed endorsement, editing out the part about the press needing to investigate his criminality of course. From 2009 to 2017 Raniere readily countered all his doubters and critics, using the Dalai’s star power to his full advantage, selling both the Dalai’s and his own “ethical” program for a hefty price tag, along with the star-studded power of such powerful other patrons as Richard Branson, Emiliano Salinas, the Bronfmans, the pay-to-play Clintons and a self-serving platoon of political bipartisan heavyweights, while milking his ever-growing Hollywood stable.

For twenty years all this star-powered endorsement offered Raniere the much-needed cover and false bravado to help conceal his protracted, protected crime spree operation from full public exposure until late 2017, when the dam finally broke and a flood of sordid, heinous filth he could no longer pay to hide came pouring out. The guru imposter boasting the world’s highest IQ was thoroughly exposed and disgraced. But the insecure evil asshole never operated in a vacuum. Only through Bronfmans’ “open sesame” bribery was Raniere able to solicit and secure strategic alliances and support from a carefully accrued, highly corrupted power base that in essence protected him, not unlike Epstein, for decades allowing his unchecked criminality to wantonly ruin and destroy countless lives.

Though NXIVM had been called a cult since the early 2000s, and maintained a controversial past throughout its entire existence, despite being exposed by a Forbes article in 2003 just five years into existence, due to NXIVM’s formidable political clout, the legal authorities constantly let the criminal organization off the hook. From the October 2003 Forbes cover story exposé:

Forbes found that some people see a darker and more manipulative side to the would-be guru, saying he ran a cult-like program aimed at breaking down his subjects psychologically while inducting them into a bizarre world of messianic pretensions, idiosyncratic language and ritualistic practices.[32]

Again, as always is the case, if these sobering concerns and troubling issues had been investigated properly way back when, think of how many people who suffered egregiously right up to Raniere’s 2018 arrest would have been spared. Even the Zionist president of the Jewish World Congress, Mega-Group colleague of Epstein financier Les Wexner, and father to NXIVM financiers Clare and Sara Bronfman, after checking out what was consuming his in-deep daughters draining their vast wealth, the now late Edgar Bronfman accurately concluded back in 2003:

I think it’s a cult.[33]

A rift erupted between Edgar and his wayward sex slave daughters over their costly cult involvement. To Edgar, they became a deep embarrassment and source of humiliation during his final decade of life leading up to his December 2013 death.

The final straw to the NXIVM crime spree came once an October 2017 New York Times article exposed its inhumane branding practice.[34] Several victimized former members were calling for an investigation by the New York state attorney general Mark Abrams. It was publicly released that members were coerced into literally being branded with Keith Raniere and Allison Mack’s initials savagely burnt into their pelvic bone flesh. These were women who had been invited into the NXIVM inner circle otherwise known as The Vow called DOS, an anacronym for the Latin expression Dominus Obsequious Sororium that translates into “Lord/Master of the Obedient Female Companions,” i.e. “slave women.” On the pretext of an initiation ceremony that might include a small tattoo, in March 2017 three naked and blindfolded women were lured into a traumatic, life-changing ordeal. One of them, a successful Canadian actress named Sarah Edmondson, former head of the NXIVM Vancouver office, explained the horrifying experience during an ABC 20/20 interview:

It was worse than childbirth. Imagine a hot laser dragged across your flesh for 30 minutes without anesthetic.[35]

During a ceremonial branding like cattle, according to the prosecutors, Allison Mack would place her hands on the branded inductee’s chest, telling them “feel the pain” and “think of [their] master.”[36] “Feel the pain” is akin to Luciferian high priestess Marina Abramovic’s spirit cooking and her blood dripping dictum “eat the pain.”[37] Satanic ritual elements are embedded throughout the sex cult’s culture and ritual activities that include group chanting. According to an October 2019 Rolling Stone article, Raniere instructed his deputy Allison Mack to tell the branded victims just before instead of after their flesh burn so as not to appear quite so coercive:

Pain is how we know how much we love. We know the depth of our love through pain. When they feel the pain, they think of that love.[38]

Forming the secret NXIVM insider “sisterhood” group called DOS in 2015, in January 2016 Raniere dictated Allison Mack’s script to be laid on unsuspecting initiates, the recorded conversation played as evidence at their separate trials.

Two months after the branding incident, Sarah Edmondson went to the FBI Albany office with her story, revealing that another round of brandings was scheduled within the week, expecting the FBI to immediately raid NXIVM facilities, but nothing happened, and more women were coerced into branded slavery.[39] Sarah armed federal law enforcement with the same evidence used to convict Raniere more than three years later. She joined a growing list of whistleblowers that attempted over many years to mobilize local authorities to finally take legal action against the cult criminals but always to no avail. This confirms the corruption and power that big money through the Bronfman crime family paying off dirty New York politicians could effectively subvert justice for two straight decades.

One of the early ex-girlfriend defectors that was with NXIVM for 10 years as a financial planner is Barbara Bouchey.[40] When she learned Raniere was bedding down board members, she and eight other NXIVM members left in 2009. Within 18 hours, Clare Bronfman served her papers charging Barbara with extortion that legally went nowhere. Her lawyer then learned that Raniere was the one under investigation for tax evasion for never paying taxes,[41] along with other financial crimes but that too went nowhere. Bouchey also found out that in 2014 the US Attorney General’s office had Raniere under yet another probe for potential charity fraud and its Rainbow Cultural Garden international daycares teaching 7 languages to toddlers without a license. More on that dangerous farce in a bit. In 2015 Barbara Bouchey also met with the FBI turning over videotapes implicating Raniere that she’d received from yet another former girlfriend-senior NXIVM staff Kristin Keeffe, who literally escaped from Raniere the year prior. Bouchey informed the FBI about the money laundering from Mexico and hacked bank accounts of federal judges. But still no action was taken against Raniere’s decades’ long criminal operation. For more than a decade Barbara the whistleblower did her best to get the feds and the local state offices to finally shut down the Raniere-Bronfman criminal enterprise, but top-down corruption stymied every effort. In the end, it was the Brooklyn DA office to launch the investigation leading to the prosecution. But every single individual that attempted to bring down NXIVM was bogusly charged and dragged into court by Albany authorities, owned by NXIVM. That’s how powerful and sinister Raniere’s allies were.

NXIVM’s self-improvement seminars and workshops began in 1998 when former registered psychiatric nurse Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere co-founded their nefarious umbrella organization they called NXIVM. In 2002 the con-man Raniere convinced the Seagram heiress billionaires Clare and Sara Bronfman to declare themselves and their fortunes all in, as of 2010 having contributed upwards of $150 million to their diabolical cause.[42] Keith Raniere wasted $66 million of the Seagram girls’ fortune on bad commodities investments, and another $30 million on property investments.[43] The Bronfmans became a menace to ex-members and critics, using millions more on bogus lawsuits for intimidation and harassment, committing perjury, blackmail and forgery. In the last decade with all the bad blood litigation and payoffs that have gone down, the total must be off the charts now as Clare and Sara are to this day committed to still do their master’s nasty bidding.

Initial recruits to his 5-day Executive Success Program (ESP) paid $7,500 to $10,000 each,[44] subjecting themselves to grueling 12-hour “intensives” designed to offer through “Rational Inquiry” the necessary self-insight to recognize how emotional fears and previously hidden unresolved issues held them back from freely pursuing and actualizing their full potential.[45] Essentially, Raniere stole concepts from L. Ron Hubbard’s scientology,[46] neo-liberal influencer Ayn Rand,[47] the forerunner EST (Erhard Seminars Training out of Esalen Institute near Big Sur, California),[48] and cognitive behavior therapy.[49] NXIVM victim turned survivor Sarah Edmondson, who wrote an exposé called Scarred,[50] has stated that therapists weren’t even allowed to join the group due to Raniere’s paranoia that they’d rip off his secrets. Bottom line reality is they’d confront him as the rip-off artist for stealing so many basic concepts as plagiarized rehash of cognitive behavior therapy.

In addition to the two co-founders Raniere and Salzman, another NXIVM senior member arrested was Nancy Saltzman’s daughter, Lauren, who was maid of honor at whistleblower Sarah Edmondson’s wedding. As a master, Lauren invited her slave Sarah into DOS in March 2017. Prior to becoming an official inner group member, every DOS invitee must first submit collateral in the form of nude photos, most embarrassing secrets, assets like property deeds to their homes and large sums of money that the organization would then use against the member as extortion and blackmail if things ever headed south. Once a DOS member, they were also expected to be at Raniere’s beck and call, obligated to sexually service their ultimate grandmaster.

As if that’s not degrading or demanding enough, Raniere’s inner circle was also forced to comply with 500-calorie a day starvation diets because Vanguard preferred his slaves ultra-slim,[51] and also forbidden to remove their pubic hair because master Keith prefers hirsute women. And of course, they must remain celibate and on call for you know who, and also subjected to being awakened every four hours or so as a condition Raniere believed would optimize their servitude. One of his sex slaves became so thin and tired, she stopped having periods. Also, to build his nude photo and child porn collection, Raniere took pictures of a 15-year old girl he enslaved, taking closeup photographs of her vagina for his added jollies and further collateral.

Raniere’s history of predation, sexually exploiting underage girls can be traced back to 1984 when the 24-year old raped 15-year old Gina Melita. After becoming involved in an RPI community theater group, while on a trip he began grooming to seduce the virgin Gina. Within days he was inflicting excruciating pain on Gina, busting her hymen, and telling her:

Well, maybe the next time won’t be so bad.[52]

But whatever less physical pain Gina experienced “the next time,” was eventually magnified many-fold in the emotional pain and strain fought suppressing the ultimate realization that however much she repressed and rationalized, her statutory rape stole her childhood innocence at 15. Now in her early 40s more than a quarter century later, for years Gina Melita has had to grapple with her sexual predator’s abusive effects that still linger right up to her present middle age.

During that same year of 1984 when the monster was statutorily raping 15-year old Gina Melita, apparently he was committing the same egregious assault on yet another 14- or 15-year old sexual abuse victim also named Gina, who fell bigtime under his predatory hypnotic spell, less than two decades later dying at age 33 in 2002. The highly vulnerable, youthful truth seeker Gina Hutchinson on a spiritual quest to find her place in this world was seduced by the parasitic guru, told she was a Bodhisattva whose soul was much older than her biological age.[53] According to Gina’s older sister Heidi:

He had sex with her, became her mentor, had her quit school to be tutored by him, and claimed she was born to be his ‘consort’ and achieve enlightenment as a Buddhist goddess through him.[54]

Cult expert Rick Ross has said:

[Cult leaders] have sex with their followers and it has as much to do with power and control as it has to do with sex.[55]

Yet Gina Hutchinson struggled over the next dozen or more years in an on again-off again sexual relationship with Raniere, repeatedly upset and devastated by his pervasive infidelity. At age 33, just outside a Buddhist monastery located near rural Woodstock, New York, two hours from the Albany suburb of Clifton Park where Gina lived with her aunt, she either committed suicide or possibly was murdered in 2002. She was found dead with a gunshot blast through her head with the barrel of a shotgun placed in her mouth, to begin with, an extremely rare method of suicide for women, which should have been an immediate tipoff. Yet the police report never specified the number of pellets from the shotgun shell found, important because if all 18 were located in or near her body, it would likely confirm she died at the scene. If less, she may have been killed earlier somewhere else and brought there. In deaths where foul play is probable, it’s customary SOP for police to specify the number of pellets.[56] It’s also standard for a forensics lab to conduct gunpowder particle tests on hands and clothing to determine if the gun was fired by the deceased or not. No tests were run on Gina. When cops so hastily write off a death as suicide, specifying the pellet number and forensic analyses aren’t a priority. Again, another instance where law enforcement appears to obliviously go out of its way look the other way, despite Keith Raniere’s known checkered past. Perhaps all those bribes on politicians paid off.

Regardless of how she died, it’s undeniable that Gina’s tortuous life suffered unmercifully at the hands of her psychopathic serial predator, causing her many years, from the tender age of 14 to 33, to be wrought with confusion, pain and anguish, leading directly to her tragic demise at such an early age. By expedient design, the circumstances surrounding her death obviously remain enshrouded in unsolved mystery and anomaly.

Gina spent her final two nights on earth staying at a motel in Clifton Park very close to her home. She was visited by four very thin women from Raniere’s cult on the first night and then Gina switched the next day to another motel room with a hot tub even though, according to her sister, hot tubs were never her thing. But they’re a known must for Keith Raniere, who always demanded them no matter where he stayed. So, the question emerges, did Gina switch rooms to meet up with the man she loved who loves hot tubs? In her pocket where her body was found near the monastery was her motel key, a bit strange if she was intent on suicide, never planning to return to her motel. Also in her pocket was a Buddha medallion, within several hundred yards of the Buddhist monastery. Investigative journalist Frank Parlato cites irony and more:

Keith told Gina for years that she was the Buddhist goddess Shyama [Green] Tara. And that she would attain nirvana and be able to help others more fully – only after she died. She would have to shed her corporeal body in order to attain her true godhood. Sometimes, he would send her images of suicide for her to look at and comment on. He would take her to movies with destructive death scenes or themes of suicide. He would wax destructive on the virtue of suicide – using his now infamous teachings from his Rational Inquiry module on suicide -– posing the question – ‘Is suicide always wrong? When could it be the right thing to do?’[57]

Another intimate key victim-witness Ivy Nevares in her testimony also mentions how Raniere appeared happy to drive victims to suicide. So, as in the case of another “mentored” victim Kristin Snyder potentially driven to suicide (covered shortly), a situation can be set up where Raniere either conceivably convinces victims to kill themselves or sets them up for murder that unsuspecting authorities might readily conclude as suicide. When Parlato asked a crime scene investigator, if knowing what they now know of Keith Raniere, would police be so quick to rule suicide in Gina’s or Kristin’s case, and the answer was no. Time for a thorough probe into these mysterious deaths.

More than ample evidence exists to empirically confirm that Keith Raniere has been serially grooming and raping pubescent underage girls ever since the mid-1980s. But starting in 1990 and ending in 1991, the sexual predator struck again, engaging in regular ongoing sex an estimated 60 times with a 12-year old named Rhiannon Rogers from Clifton Park.[58] Her mother was employed at Raniere’s Clifton Park Consumers’ Buyline company and jumped at the chance that Rhiannon was hired by Raniere girlfriend-housemate Pam Cafritz at $5 a day to twice a day walk Raniere and Pam’s dog with the additional bonus that the unconventional wizard himself would tutor her daughter in Latin and algebra.

Raniere took a special interest in the perky little blond sixth grader with braces, finishing up at the local elementary school after her parents’ divorce and recent move into the upscale, family friendly Albany suburb. Right away the grooming pedophile partook an immediate interest in Rhiannon, encouraging her to talk about her life, giving her a necklace with a heart-shaped gemstone. The sexual predator spent more hours getting to know her than actual tutoring, wasting no time before commenting how she gave hugs like a child, then lasciviously showing her how adults hug, making pelvic to pelvic contact. And before long, he took her virginity. Initially Rhiannon enjoyed the special attention she received from Raniere and the other women in the house, Pam Cafritz, Kristin Keeffe and Karen Unterreiner, naively figuring that the sex part was just fitting into their exciting adult world. In a February 2012 Times Union article, Rhiannon said:

They told me I was smart and took an interest in me; they let me spend every afternoon at their house. It was exciting to be somewhere where people wanted me. I was perfect picking – insecure at the time… To have someone that mature and that well thought of to be interested in me, it was flattering. I was young, inexperienced, overwhelmed, out of my league.[59]

Rhiannon disclosed that their secret rendezvous were frequent over the next several months, at Raniere’s townhouse in her neighborhood, at his Consumers’ Buyline offices, in broom and janitor closets, the elevator, the risk factor seemed to only excite the kinky boss-man. But after a few months, for her the thrill was already gone. The abuse became debilitating as the 12-year old began not feeling safe at home, skipping school and running away, spiraling downward in alcohol, drugs, truancy and more running away. Two years after her abuse ended, in 1993 as part of her special education program while in residential placement, 15-year old Rhiannon disclosed to a mental health counselor her history of sexual abuse. But without physical evidence, the police wanted to plant a microphone on her confronting her perpetrator but Rhiannon declined, so despite the victim’s word backed by her mother’s corroboration, the police allowed the known pedophile to continue damaging other underage children, no doubt in large part due to Raniere’s high level connections in both the Albany state as well as the federal government.

In the meantime, no doubt due to her abuse at such an early age, Rhiannon’s life as a fragile adolescent continued falling apart, in and out of residential care. Soon she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease, a form of blood cancer.[60] While her young life totally unraveled, Raniere’s annual $33 million business was booming, despite his known serial child abuse and series of illegal pyramid scams he signed an order to not repeat. It doesn’t take much to figure out why the vulnerable innocents are allowed to suffer so much, while Luciferian monsters prosper, due to bought and paid for protection from strategic high-end, sinister alliances.

With his pedophilic instincts well-established on full display, over the span of more than three decades, Keith Alan Raniere’s criminal records prove beyond all question and doubt that he repeatedly raped at least four known girls aged 15 and younger, and perhaps a dozen or more under the legal age limit. Amazingly, all these atrocities were not why he’s currently serving a 120-year prison sentence.[61] That fate came as a result of years of racketeering, fraud, blackmail, extortion, forced labor and sexual slave trafficking, and that’s not including his most probable homicidal crimes.

Keith Raniere is such an extreme, sadistic control freak whose psychobabble charm and ethical humanitarian persona was his transparently masked trademark, hiding in plain sight the evil killer of souls, deriving immense pleasure and gratification inflicting so much unbearable pain and harm on his young and defenseless, targeted victims who in some cases undoubtedly sought ultimate relief through suicide. Such profound levels of Luciferian deception, vile evil and deep-seated comorbid psychopathology tend to be rather rare. But it becomes all the more reason that under the familiar sensationalized glare of mainstream media coverage, focusing almost exclusively on Raniere as the designated lone wacko, albeit surrounded by his supporting cast of subservient female criminals and the reported bizarre novelty connection to the Bronfman girls. Meanwhile, the NXIVM nexus with the Rothschild-Clinton-DNC-GOP and Mexican Salinas crime families as Raniere’s longtime power elite protector-overlords draws next to no MSM attention that invariably refuses to shine light to expose the criminal complicity within the larger Satanic pedo-forces ruling the planet that always shield and protect every pedophilia operation from virtually all accountability – literally for decades at a time, NXIVM no exception.

Finally, after 20 years of incessant NXIVM crimes, in March 2018 federal agents arrested Keith Raniere seeking refuge at a $10,000 a week luxury villa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico after he fled the US in late 2017 when realizing back in America that his shit was finally hitting the fan bigtime.[62] Allison Mack, his #2 lieutenant, the charming, seemingly harmless girl-next-door star of “Smallville” fame, was last seen in tears, frantically chasing after her master as Federales police and FBI whisked him away in handcuffs. A month later in April 2018, cops came pounding on Mack’s door, arresting and charging her also with sex trafficking, forced labor and racketeering.[63] It was Allison Mack who mainly invited women into Raniere’s innermost harem, otherwise known as DOS. With the 2018 arrest and detainment of Raniere and Mack in Brooklyn, the NXIVM headquarters shifted to crisis mode moving close to the Brooklyn jail, shutting down its recruitment operation, and leaving its operations officer and chief financier Clare Bronfman in charge to run the company.[64] Bronfman and a dozen top company slaves took up residency in a Brooklyn Heights quad not far from Metropolitan Detention Center where NXIVM’s #1 and #2 were placed behind bars. By April’s end within days of her arrest, Mack was released on $5 million bail and put on house arrest back in California.[65]

In April 2019, 40-year old Clare Bronfman pleaded guilty to a plea bargain with the following charges:

Conspiracy to conceal and harbor an illegal alien for financial gain, and fraudulent use of identification for her role in the cult.[66]

In addition to making illegal campaign bribes and racketeering, further details of Clare Bronfman’s criminal role were released in May 2019. For close to two decades she used her millions to viciously hound ex-members and detractors as perceived NXIVM enemies, in efforts to silence them as potential threats to her master for speaking out against his litany of crimes, constantly harassing those already victimized with spurious, damaging lawsuits.[67] Devoid of any human empathy and compassion, psychopathic viper Keith and his wealthy minions like Clare venomously ruined many people’s lives during their two decade long reign of terror. Bronfman also helped her master steal members’ private email passwords, engage in illicit surveillance (including her own father), launder money, and pay off debts that Raniere relentlessly piled up, also helping him use his dead girlfriend Pam Cafritz’s credit card. On top of all this, Bronfman also predatorily recruited and groomed sex slaves. Remaining loyal to Raniere even to this day, in late September 2020, she became the first of five indicted female NXIVM defendants to be sentenced, receiving 6 years and 9 months in prison.[68] Just prior to her sentencing, nine women read their victim impact statements, one stating that she witnessed Bronfman over the years descend into a “dangerous megalomaniac.” Another said:

You should feel shame, self-loathing… You should understand there are lives you destroyed.[69]

But a couple weeks later in October, her attorney appealing her case asked that she be released from jail early, claiming that she suffers from a liver disorder and might be too susceptible to Covid-19. Give me a fucken break! For two decades Bronfman showed zero mercy toward all her cult’s victims, yet expects leniency herself based on her questionable health claim?

Meanwhile, somehow her criminal sister Sara Bronfman got away and is hiding out in France with her Libyan husband.[70] According to Frank Parlato:

Today, Sara Bronfman-Igtet is living in Provence, France, operating a Rainbow Cultural Garden experiment school, advancing the Raniere program where babies and young children are separated from their parents and taught by indifferent and poorly educated strangers some seven different languages.[71]

NXIVM’s Rainbow Cultural Garden (RCG) international school program is unregistered, unlicensed and unqualified to teach children from the infancy-toddler stage on up, multiple languages with unqualified, scarcely trained teaching nannies at daycares or coming into the family home, bombarding the kid with a different language every single day 7 days a week.[72] As long as the nannies are working with the young children, the parents are prohibited to even interact with either the nannies or even their own children, unless they happen to speak the language of the day being taught. Frank Parlato and other former NXIVM employees maintain that it appears to be by divisive, subversive design to destroy the family institutional bond, undermining parental relationships with their own children. Cult expert Rick Ross contends that it’s a cloning extension of Raniere to brainwash future generations. Parents reportedly pay $120,000 a year per student for this reckless experiment, using toddlers as hapless guinea pigs for the nefarious agenda of self-indulgent “mad scientist” brainchild, monolingual Keith Raniere. The designated languages are Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Russian, German, Hindi and Spanish.

Destroying the family of course has been a centuries’ old primary objective by Illuminati, Communist and Socialist ideologues to willfully break up families as the covert viable means and method by which the authoritarian state can usurp parental authority, increasingly undermining and supplanting both parents’ influence and control over the youngest population as a critical future control mechanism. Various Trojan horse applications like this are currently widespread as part of the New World Order agenda. That this dogmatic indoctrination is even allowed to operate illegally in 11 different locations across a number of nations, in the US from New York City, Albany, Miami, Los Angeles to Sara Bronfman run schools in both France and London, to Spain, Mexico, Guatemala and Thailand, with zero oversight is incredulous. Plus, the curriculum was created and closely monitored and controlled by the infamous mega-criminal currently doing life behind bars, who neither has the educational nor professional background or qualification to practice such a controversial, potentially harmful, totally untested and unproven doctrine. According to a December 2017 article in The Sun, it’s of grave concern to the UK watchdog Ofsted, the education inspection board that expressed its intention to intervene in Britain. Perhaps due to the Bronfman name leading the British RCG branch, Ofsted has yet to close the doors to the London office.[73] In June 2019, an Ofsted representative clarified that since the London RCG program is based out of private homes with parents present, it falls outside Ofsted’s jurisdictional authority.

In 2007, megalomaniac Keith tried the program out on his firstborn son as his first infant test case, that is until 2014 when the boy and his mother Kristin Keeffe escaped with police escort from the madman’s vengeful control.[74] Anecdotal feedback from parents, observers and experts have stated that at too early an age, it jumbles the brain where the outcome can be quite harmful. Individuals have ended up unable to speak any other language but their native one, and some even maintain that a hodge-podge word salad from mixed languages renders the victim’s capacity to communicate a literal train wreck. Even from prison Keith Raniere and from her French resort Sara Bronfman to this day apparently continue doing international damage to children as the Rainbow Cultural Garden LLC program has yet to be shut down in most locations, though RCG offices in Miami[75] and Monterrey, Mexico have reportedly been closed.[76] As of an August 2019 piece in the Daily Caller:

RCG schools that operated in the U.S. have all ceased operation or, in the case of its Miami franchise, local authorities shut them down for operating as an unlicensed child-care facility.[77]

Clare Bronfman financed Rainere’s child/human trafficking operation, bringing both undocumented children and women mostly but not exclusively from Latin America to the United States. Some of these women were given a few hours training before serving as unqualified teacher-nannies in the Rainbow Cultural Garden program both in unlicensed daycare facilities as well as clients’ private homes. This child/human trafficking component of Raniere’s operation strongly implicates the Bronfman-Clinton-Rothschild connection to the larger global pedophilia network and obviously needs a deeper dive investigation.

In the case of the NXIVM scandal, many parallels can be drawn between this pedo-trafficking, mind control sex cult and the Epstein-Maxwell operation, though on a significantly lesser scale in terms of entrapment VIP outreach and purpose. That said, this self-help organization promising the tools to transform its members’ lives in quest of fulfilling their human potential has attracted nearly 20,000 paying customers, all buying into that largely undelivered promise from its 1998 inception up to 2018, when its self-imploding downfall finally brought it and its leader down for good.[78] But here’s the most significant striking parallel, both NXIVM and Epstein scandals were both pedo-trafficking operations involving the same major key players, namely the Bronfman, Rothschild, Clinton crime families, with the added Mexican Salinas crime family, along with Hollywood and Democratic Party VIPs, essentially drawing virtually all the same top powerbrokers behind the Epstein-Maxwell scandal. From its outset, an important distinction is that Epstein and Maxwell ran an intelligence sexual blackmail operation for the global intel community, whereas NXIVM began and ended as a self-help business, likely drawing minimal or certainly far less involvement and attention from major security services agencies.

Yet another unabashed globalist friend of child trafficker Epstein (whose name’s in his infamous black book[79]) and fellow Caribbean private island owning billionaire Sir Richard Branson, was overtly recruited to become another pro-NXIVM elitist booster.[80] In 2007 and again in 2010, NXIVM senior officials descended on Branson’s Necker Island, renting his pad out as the location for two big weeklong intensives by day and party bashes by night. Longtime Branson friend Sara Bronfman and sister Clare, Nancy Salzman, daughter Lauren, Smallville actresses Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk were all in attendance staging seminars to woo Big Cheese Branson into becoming another big-name NXIVM star power member.

Additionally, the psychological profiles of the two main villains – Jeffrey Epstein and Keith Raniere, share a plethora of striking similarities in common by way of character, skills, pathology and criminality. Both have been touted as gifted, especially in math and science acumen, as part of their artificially created, cultivated image as two super intelligent, highly charismatic individuals possessing insatiable appetites as both predatory pedophiles and exploitative serial sex criminals. Both falsely promoted an aura of wizard-like power as mind control operators over their vulnerable prey, both targeting and preying on young troubled attractive females. Both used the flash and prestige of their externally financed super wealth, power and success to entice and groom their targeted victims, one financed by Zionist Mega Group founder Les Wexner and the other by Zionist Mega Group member Edgar Bronfman’s two daughters.

Both men were/are hardcore control freaks, compulsively manipulative, sadistic and cruel to extreme end. Both can be characterized as hardcore narcissistic manipulators that derived immense pleasure from inflicting horrific amounts of pain, suffering and degradation on their victims. Both are truly demented misogynists, certifiably diagnosable with both psychopathic and pedophilic mental disorders, both being pathological liars and total frauds that deceitfully promoted a glamorous false image and reputation meant to cover up and conceal their deep-rooted criminal psychopathology. And both were ambitious and socially adept at attracting the same powerful and corrupt benefactors in the Bronfman, Rothschild and Clinton crime family cabal. Both prided themselves on not partaking of drugs or alcohol, a common formulaic vice used by a high percentage of sexual predators, although Raniere allegedly drugged his underage prey on at least one occasion. For both it took decades of their continual criminal wrongdoing before they were eventually “caught” by legal authorities, despite mountains of criminal misconduct for decades, indicating the common pattern that their money and power bought off corrupt authorities to look the other way. And lastly, both Epstein and Raniere could be characterized as Luciferians, enticing likeminded powerbrokers’ support and protection from the same godless ilk, regardless of whether they formally practiced satanic occult rituals or not, though both showed signs.

Pertaining to Keith Raniere as a Luciferian, one of his favorite literary pieces is John Milton’s “Paradise Lost,” where the main character is Lucifer.[81] He even had an NXIVM course called “The Fall,” patterned after Milton’s Lucifer. But the smoking gun confirming the cult leader is Luciferian is his proposed patent application to determine if a Luciferian can be rehabilitated, using a series of presented stimuli with measured physiological responses elicited from the test subject.[82] An amazing thing, in defining the various characteristics of what a true Luciferian is, Keith Raniere completely describes himself to the T:

A Luciferian is a person, who commits destructive acts. A Luciferian is a type of sociopath. He has severe behavioral problems that are masked by good psychological adjustment. He appears on the outside to be sane but he is not. A Luciferian is fundamentally unhappy and feels enmity toward others but has learned that, for him, pleasure can be had from achieving his selfish desires such as destroying material objects or relationships, and causing others pain, distress, or unhappiness. A Luciferian realizes his desires by any means—without consideration for others and without remorse. A Luciferian is a person lacking in conscience and loyalty to others. He commonly employs manipulation and deceit to achieve his desired end and is therefore capable of acts that could be highly destructive to those that interact with him. A Luciferian, therefore, typically experiences pleasure or gratification in situations where ‘normal’ people would be repulsed or disturbed.[83]

Spoken like a true Luciferian, it takes one to know one. Ironically, Raniere viewed Luciferians in his life as those disruptive, so-called destructive NXIVM members whose damage to his reputation and company was caused by their “moral breaches” committed upon choosing to betray their grandmaster with sole intent to bring harm to both him and his secret criminal Luciferian organization. Raniere and his closest devotee slaves actually believe that they are the empowered righteous zealots or morally superior chosen ones (smacking of Elders of Zion), endowed with the special wisdom and knowledge necessary to uplift and transform humanity. This inversive Luciferian logic exploits and preys on young idealists wanting to improve themselves to make a better world. Through classes offered in the lower rung of the Executive Success Programs, having attracted the most actively enrolled members participating in a 5-day introductory seminar, many former customers have felt that they actually did benefit and gain from their more minimal, peripheral NXIVM involvement, rationally recognizing their irrational emotional baggage was what largely held them back. But at that rudimentary level, they were not privy to the special “advanced” knowledge only accessible to those spending thousands more, and investing in increasing levels of commitment, predicated on recruiting others in an illegal pyramid scheme as a function of advancement.

But the few highest levels at the top of the glorified pyramid scheme, for NXIVM females it’s DOS, the secret society created in 2015 masquerading as a women’s empowerment sorority where members are demarcated as masters and slaves with full utmost devotion and sexual submission to Vanguard himself as their grandmaster. Each DOS member was under obligation to recruit six more slaves before they too could rise to master status. With an estimated 50 DOS members, this familiar pyramid structure actually resembles all other known secret societies, hierarchically stratified with highest degrees/levels of power and privilege at the apex, by its inherent nature containing the fewest, most select members imbued with the most authority, privy to sharing the most secrets and benefits. At the highest levels of the Catholic secret societies, Knights of Malta, the Jesuits, Opus Dei and Knights of Templar, as well as Order of the Garter, Freemasonry, the Illuminati, Skull and Bones, including NXIVM, Luciferianism appears to be the one shared, overlapping ideologue common to virtually all these perfidiously destructive secret societies that all share the global pedophilia network in common.

Extensive media coverage has followed the prosecution of the main NXIVM players, with cult leader Raniere’s 6-week show trial in June 2019 followed in October 2020 with his 120-year sentencing. Fifteen of his victims testified against him, unveiling gruesome stories demonstrating his plethora of cruel and sadistic maltreatment crimes. His supporting cast of five women who followed his criminal lead, his NXIVM deputy, actress and slave procurer Allison Mack, his financier and operations manager Clare Bronfman, co-founding partner NXIVM president known as Prefect Nancy Salzman, Nancy’s daughter Lauren and NXIVM bookkeeper Kathy Russell were all indicted, all pleading guilty, opting for plea bargain deals for lesser punishment but definite jail time.

As a successful Hollywood actress, Allison Mack at age 23 in 2006 was initially brought into NXIVM by her fellow Smallville cast member, Vancouver actress Kristin Kruek, who eventually left NXIVM in 2013.[84] Before Kreuk left, she was a member for seven years, ending up a certified coach. According to NXIVM whistleblowing publicist Frank Parlato, for years Kruek remained among the top Hollywood recruiters. Another Tinsel Town celeb affiliated with NXIVM is longtime actress and Dynasty star Linda Evans. To this day, former Battlestar Galactica star, Canadian actress Nicki Clyne remains a hardcore sex cult devotee.[85] Feeling guilty for having first introduced her daughter to the group, yet another Dynasty star Catherine Oxenberg went public, concerned over 29-year old India Oxenberg’s safety as a branded, sexually abused, brainwashed slave during her seven-year stretch, the last two in DOS.[86] India initial attraction to the group was its “scientific approach to personal growth,”[87] or more like pseudo-scientific.

Another women’s sub-group under the NXIVM umbrella’s multi-level marketing schemes was j’ness, touting female empowerment. Actress Kristin Kreuk’s 7-year journey into this miasma for several years had her poised as the prime Hollywood recruiter in the organization, with her accessory rank wearing a two-striped yellow sash equivalent to a coach’s coach in the company’s hierarchy.[88]

By the way, these colored sashes used in NXIVM to distinguish a discretely defined ranking system of hierarchical power among the organization staff is identical to Ricky Dearman’s Hampstead satanic pedo-cult where members also wore different colored plastic dildos when sodomizing their child victims according to strict color-coded rank (See Book 3, Chapter 7). Interesting that both top dog sickos in each cult chose the same non-color white to distinguish themselves over and above everyone else within their color-coordinated pecking order flock.

The formally regimented NXIVM hierarchy also shared strong parallel with military organizations. If a higher-ranking member enters the room, everyone’s supposed to stand up as if to attention. Special handclasps and bowing to the master were also devised to delineate and bow down to the stratified power differential, revealed in an October 2003 Forbes article entitled “Cult of Personality.”[89]

The 2003 article cites a court decision in January 2003 where the judge ruled in favor of longtime girlfriend Toni F. Natalie against Raniere for constantly harassing her, destroying her business and manipulating her to give up her 10-year old son to the father, while claiming it was her destiny to carry his child that would alter the course of history, a familiar line he frequently used on multiple victims. He sent alleged ex-Mossad private investigator Juval Aviv to check up on and further harass her, followed by the FBI and Raniere’s inner circle. Frank Parlato wrote:

They reportedly broke into her house to recover letters Raniere had written to Natalie about his visions for her bearing his child, plus tapes, documents, records, and photographs, including one of Raniere, allegedly with a bow tied around his erect penis.[90]

Toni believes that through mind control, Raniere had actually brainwashed her. The jealous, obsessive sadist emerged every time Toni attempted to leave the maniac. During her repeated rapes, her young son was just steps away in another room.[91] Yet all of this disturbing past profiled in detail by the popular national publication Forbes back in 2003, largely went totally unheeded for the next decade and a half.

Though Raniere’s cult was plainly unmasked just five years in, again due to Bronfman Big Money interests, bailouts and bribery ties to powerful government VIPs internationally, the child trafficking cult not only survived but thrived for another 15 years, in spite of so many red flags, not to mention Raniere for two decades continuing to violate his New York state signed order prohibiting him from running another illegal pyramid scam operation. Obviously, protection from high places allowed this criminal Luciferian to continue for another 20 years.

In the 2006 two-day introduction to j’ness in Vancouver, the workshop where Smallville actress Kristin Kreuk recruited fellow cast member Allison Mack to first join NXIVM, grandmaster Vanguard went all out to impress and super sell his brand to new celeb recruit Allison Mack,[92] sending all his big guns to wine and dine the next Hollywood showpiece trophy. In addition to the Bronfman girls being there, NXIVM president Nancy Salzman introduced the basic core concepts and ate meals with Mack so that by the end of the second day, she had convinced Allison to fly to Albany for a closer look, a fast-track first without having to undergo the standard weeklong intensives required of all others before her.

As an insider Susan Dones ran the NXIVM facility in Washington state and taught classes in Ireland and Mexico before exiting the program in 2009. At the 2006 j’ness workshop, according to field coach attendee Susan:

Saltzman talked about how women have been raised to be monogamous and how men’s general nature is to be more polygamous, to spread their seed. They were introducing the idea of polygamy, but with a soft sell, laying the groundwork.[93]

Covered in a May 2018 piece in The Hollywood Reporter, Susan Dones maintains that Nancy Salzman told her repeatedly:

‘The world wasn’t ready’ for Raniere’s radical ideas about polygamy, incest, sociopathy, and power.

This purely sexist, misogynistic, insultingly grotesque view of both the “subservient” female gender while espousing such antisocial taboos and vulgarities by the sex cult guru himself never stopped Kristin Kreuk from becoming the premier Hollywood star recruiter over the next seven years, apparently for a time even out-recruiting Allison Mack. Another j’ness member and former DOS sex slave Sylvie, who became the first witness to testify against Raniere at his 2019 trial, asserts that j’ness taught that women are “fundamentally self-absorbed, narcissistic and manipulative,” and that Raniere saw the female gender as the actual victimizers posing as victims.[94] Though Kristin Kreuk claims she left NXIVM in 2013, she was allegedly spotted attending one more NXIVM event in 2014 at a Clare Bronfman owned Fiji Island resort. So, long before the DOS was formalized a year later in 2015, a wide consensus of insiders knew perfectly well that master Keith regularly had sex with a rotating bevy of inner club harem slaves that included Allison Mack among numerous others. Another insider writing in disclosed:

Kreuk claims to know nothing about Keith’s abuses toward women but she knew about J’ness’s anti-female rhetoric [as far back as 2006] and still brought other young women into it… Nxivm was competitive. It pitted the members against each other for who could recruit the most, get the most publicity, make the most money, etc. Acting is one of the most ferociously competitive industries out there so, naturally, these actresses jumped in swinging.[95]

Obviously, there are those inside the organization that maintain that actress Kristin Kreuk isn’t nearly as innocent as she claims, making her first public statement, avoiding addressing her 7-year active NXIVM involvement until several months after Raniere and her onetime co-star Mack were arrested:

During my time [in NXIVM] I never experienced any illegal or nefarious activity.[96]

Though it’s unfair to loop her into DOS or even insinuate she had sex with Raniere, her ignorance of any nefarious illegal activity is highly questionable, and doubted by insiders. Kreuk sensed it was becoming increasingly dangerous for her career, so she shrewdly opted out in 2013 or 2014 and for the next several years kept her mouth shut, likely knowing far more than she ever let on.

This chapter flushes out the chronological timeline of this international sex cult, led by its misogynistic guru, guilty of having women forcibly branded with his initials using a cauterizing pen as his enslaved harem members, while engaging in child sex trafficking, forced labor enslavement, pedophilia, child pornography, racketeering, extortion, blackmail, wire fraud conspiracy and even suspected murder, along with the organization’s wider connections to the Satanic pedo-power elite.

Other than a mere mention in passing with the litany of other charges, mainstream media coverage of the NXIVM crimes has downplayed and minimized its child sex trafficking operation primarily through the US-Mexican border but victims from Mexico were also smuggled into the US through Canada as well. With a drug cartel crime family boss doubling as the former Mexican President Carlos Salinas, who in 1988 only won because of Dominion rigged electronic voting fraud, the exact same method used to steal America’s 2020 election,[97] and Salinas’ son Emiliano serving as the NXIVM founder in Mexico until 2018, corruption along with drug and human trafficking have always been their crime family bread and butter.

So, it’s important to once again mention the link between the child sex trafficking desert encampment discovered outside Tucson, Arizona in June 2018 (See Book 3, Chapter 2 for more details) where NXIVM, the Bronfmans, the Rothschilds and the Clintons are all directly implicated on the expansive Arizona tract of desert land owned by Mexico’s Cemex Corporation, central to the main US border trafficking corridor.[98] Essentially, onetime cult insider-whistleblower Frank Parlato believes that the Clintons, Chuck Schumer, Kristen Gillibrand and other Democrats as supporters and protectors of NXIVM are involved in human trafficking, sex slavery and Satanism.[99]

On August 26, 1960 Keith Raniere was born to a ballroom dancing instructor mother and an advertising executive father in Brooklyn, New York. When Keith was five, his middle-class family moved out of the city 40 miles north to the suburb Suffern, New York where young Keith spent his public education years as an only child of two parents who argued a lot and divorced when Keith was 8. Keith’s deep-rooted insecurities manifested early during his childhood years. His classmates report that he was a braggart, constantly claiming he was the smartest kid in the school (later morphing into the Guinness book claim he was smartest in the world sharing the highest IQ with one other person). He was a lonely geek who felt compelled to grandiose delusions in efforts to impress his peers and win their respect and favor. Apparently, his early braggadocio managed to win only one other docile friend in primary school. Particularly cruel to girls, Raniere would seek vulnerable female classmates to prey on their perceived weaknesses and shortcomings. His third-grade classmate Janet Plaut asked if she could take a look at flies placed under his and his only friend’s microscope. Years later she vividly recalled the incident like it was yesterday. Upon looking at the microscope, in her words:

I said ‘I don’t see anything Keith, there’s nothing there.’ And he goes ‘There is but you’re just too stupid to see what it is.’ I said I’m not stupid and then he goes ‘oh yes you are, you’re one of the stupidest people I’ve ever met. You’re so stupid nobody wants to be your friend.[100]

Cruelly public shaming shunned cult members would become one of his controlling cult trademarks later on. As “uncool” as he was in his over-the-top need for positive attention and adulation, and always the shortest boy in class, he fixated on making the most attractive girl his girlfriend, but was repeatedly rebuffed.[101] The one girl he had an undying crush on that soundly rejected him may have inadvertently contributed to Keith Raniere developing his misogynistic complex, a compulsive need as an adult to literally possess and own multiple sexual partners as his female slaves, predatorily recruiting girls as young as 12 in his harem. As his guru power increased in adulthood, he would insist that the 15 to 20 concubines in his cult kingdom stable be faithfully committed to only him. As NXIVM master after its co-founding with Nancy Saltzman in 1998, he eventually took on the pretentious title demanding all his slaves and disciples call him Vanguard.

The now 58-year old Jessica Plaut from California and onetime elementary school classmate, summed Keith Raniere up this way:

Really he was a lone wolf. I think his father was a hard-driving man and his mother was an alcoholic, which made her an easy target. I think that’s where Keith developed a deep-seated hatred of women. And I think he spent his life trying to take away women’s power because he felt powerless.[102]

Another revealing school episode a couple years later involved a girl who mistakenly shared confidential information about her sister. Via an October 27, 2020 article from the local press where Raniere went to school, the Rockland County Business Journal:

According to her recollection, Raniere had told her: ‘You know, it’s like I have this little bottle of poison I can hold over your head … I just don’t think your parents or your sister would be very happy if I told them.’ She claims Raniere ‘would call me sometimes and say, ‘Little bottles, little bottles.’[103]

By high school the sadistic lone wolf turned lover boy actively playing the field, reportedly telling numerous girls how special they were and how he was devoted to only them. His narcissistic come-on used the manipulative cover of his superior intelligence and artificial effort at empathy to show how he uniquely understood them like no one else. As a psychopathic pedophile, he was extremely skilled at honing in on young, vulnerable girls within his social orbit. His lawyers’ submitted document describing Raniere’s “difficult” childhood carries on about how during his adolescent years he selflessly had to care for his ailing, alcoholic mother suffering from a bad heart condition that ultimately led to open-heart surgery and her death when Keith was only 18. This document submitted prior to the judge’s 120-year prison sentence in October 2020 failed to garner any sympathy, mainly due to its flagrant bullshit factor.[104] The two attorneys’ submitted biography was simply their copy and pasted version, unwittingly failing to edit out pronouns like “our,” allowing any reader to easily figure out it was simply a glowing account written by Raniere himself.

Keith Raniere is a first-class fantasist, claiming to speak in full sentences at age 1, reading books by age 2, a state judo champion and musical prodigy aby age 12,[105] learned to play seven musical instruments, earned three degrees in math, biology and physics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (though genius wound up with only a bachelor degree and little more than lowly C average GPA of 2.26).[106] Ultimately in 1989 the hustler fenagled Guinness Book on a fake take-home test to grant him the title “Highest IQ” at 240. From the very get-go, this extremely flawed and dangerous man was a narcissistic, psychopathic con-man and fraud, willing to lie, cheat and steal, and do almost anything to get what he wanted, while promising to revolutionize and improve the world through his “ethics-based” self-help organization, all the while insatiably lusting after money, power, fame and adulation from his growing flock of followers, displaying every mark of the beast along the way.

Cult expert and deprogrammer Rick Ross raised criticism over Raniere’s NXIVM methods as “expensive brainwashing” in a 2015 article in the Niagara Falls Reporter. In response, Raniere and NXIVM spent Bronfman millions in litigation in efforts to silence Ross. Raniere procured the services of a former Israeli spy to conduct counterespionage against NXIVM’s targeted enemy Rick Ross for exposing his criminal sex cult.[107]

An extract from Raniere’s own affidavit explains:

It was at the age of 12 I read The Second Foundation by Isaac Asimov and was inspired by the Concepts on optimal communication to start to develop the theory and practice of Rational Inquiry.[108]

Asimov’s book inspired Raniere to seek and gain emotional mind control over others as the key to his acquisition of power. Other early sources of strong influence to Raniere were hypnotism, MK-Ultra mind control as well as scientology. Though he claims to have created his own advanced tools to self-knowledge and empowerment, essentially Raniere ripped off conceptual theory already laid out by Satanist L. Ron Hubbard, tenets of neurolinguistic programming, cognitive-behavioral psychology, and a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Seemingly his “uniquely creative,” uplifting program for the betterment of humanity is a complete plagiaristic fraud, just like Raniere himself. From the very beginning, his outrageously overpriced “change the world movement” was nothing less than a dressed-up pyramid scheme strictly out for the betterment of Keith Raniere in terms of obsessively gaining power, money and control over his flock of misguided cult slaves. As a rip-off artist and con-man, Raniere stole and preyed upon the hard work and creative talents of numerous others, from both inside[109] as well as outside his cult, narcissistically claiming it his own genius to grandiosely do the greater good for humanity. But nothing could be further from the truth.

In late January 2020, seven months after Raniere was convicted of all charges, over 80 former NXIVM members are listed as plaintiffs in a massive class action lawsuit filed against the cult leader and his organization as victims of his sex trafficking, forced labor and barbaric medical experimentation.[110] Among the plaintiffs are Sarah Edmondson, 6-year girlfriend in the early days Toni Natalie and filmmaker Mark Vicente against defendants Raniere, both Bronfman sisters, mother-daughter duo Nancy and Lauren Saltzman, Allison Mack and NXIVM bookkeeper Nancy Russell. Lawsuit allegations maintain that Raniere and his NXIVM used a “pseudo-scientific hodgepodge of psychotherapeutic methods” to willfully mislead under forcible duress innocent customers and members. The plaintiff’s lawyer Neil Glazer asserted in a written statement:

NXIVM preyed on earnest, intelligent people who wanted to better themselves and the world through what they thought to be a humanitarian undertaking of unprecedented scope.[111]

One victim who submitted her victim impact statement via a recording at Raniere’s sentencing hearing is Ivy Nevares, who co-authored several of Raniere’s books, was his number one girlfriend for several years running till he trashed her into his used and abused pile, yet still leading her to believe he planned to sire her child.[112] He cited her “moral breaches” for not respecting his preference to remain slim enough, despite Ivy starving herself on a 400-calorie a day diet and grueling daily physical workouts, while he busily gorged himself on pizza with hot sauce and chocolate cake. Knowing Raniere desired women with very long hair, for letting hers grow a foot longer than her 5’3” height, he responded by shunning and ridiculing her in front of others. For years she remained faithful to him while behind her back, Raniere mocked her publicly, his women acting as his psychic assassins carrying out his cruel orders to further punish and reject her for her moral failures.

A running theme among his onetime favorite former girlfriends is his incessant promise to have them bear his firstborn child. His early obsessive love object Toni Natalie often heard that promise. Then women in his growing harem like Ivy Nevares and Lauren Saltzman spent 17 years hearing that same empty promise before each was cast aside. Both now are likely to never have a child. In her impact statement, Ivy was told that Raniere was hoping that Ivy would commit suicide, “gleefully” asking onetime girlfriend-housemate Kristin Keeffe, who did bear his firstborn child and eventually defected as another of his victims:

Do you think Ivy’s gonna try to commit suicide?[113]

Frank Parlato wrote:

Ivy makes a fascinating revelation, that may hold a key to the death of Gina Hutchinson and possibly Kristin Snyder. He seems to have enjoyed the idea of getting a woman who loved him to commit suicide… His joy came from ruining the happiness of others and destroying his enemies – and also, and perhaps he loved this better, destroying those who trusted and loved him.[114]

In answer to Raniere’s accusation calling Ivy a “rootless flower” for never showing enough gratitude for all the supposed strengths and skills he “nurtured” to give her, she responded:

I am a flower, but you were NEVER my roots. You were the poison in my water.[115]

The first woman to speak at Raniere’s October 2020 sentencing hearing was Camila, one of the three Mexican sisters that Raniere was simultaneously having sex with while they were all still teenagers. The now 30-year old Camila was robbed of her youth at age 15, locked into a secret isolated world of shame, fear and pathological control for the next dozen years.[116] She has been left with an eating disorder, multiple physical and emotional scars including being branded with Raniere’s initials, a suicide attempt, a cervical precancerous condition from HPV virus and a lifelong struggle dealing with the pervasive effects of horrific long-term abuse and enslavement. Upon learning of her suicide attempt, Raniere selfishly responded:

Do you know how bad it could have been for me [due to her underage] if you had killed yourself?[117]

At his October 27 sentencing hearing, Camila courageously confronted the monster:

As I stand here, the gravity of what he did to me becomes more and more clear, and I fail to understand it sometimes. He hid his abuse behind ideas and concepts of nobility, but there is nothing noble about abusing a child, abusing his authority, and taking advantage of me, my mind, my body, my spirit, my trust. He demanded loyalty, but was loyal to no one but himself. He left me weak, confused, and completely unarmed. He claimed to build me up, to love me selflessly, yet, he kept me blind and lost, controlling everything around me, including my perception of the world and myself.[118]

Daniela is Camila’s 5-years older sister. Right after Daniela turned 18 in 2003, the predator had sex with her. Within a couple years when she became pregnant, one of Raniere’s girlfriends, the now deceased Pam Cafritz as his then fixer saw Daniela, an undocumented Mexican national, through an abortion. Though at the time Daniela believed Pam was sheltering her through the difficult process out of care, she later realized that Pam was simply protecting and shielding her master Keith from potential liability. Not long after her own abortion, Daniela and Pam accompanied an impregnated Camila to the same doctor’s office for her turn to kill the life growing insider her. It was also Daniela who was cruelly shunned by Raniere and his organization because she admitted to kissing a boy her own age. As a moral breach and sex slave, Raniere punished her mercilessly, beginning in 2010 confining her in complete isolation in a single room for 18-24 months from the rest of the NXIVM community.[119]

The family also learned that their oldest sister Marianna Fernandez, currently residing in Mexico, endured two abortions with Raniere, and upon her third pregnancy, in August 2016 was given permission to birth Raniere’s second son, now 4-year old Kemar. When Raniere was arrested in Puerta Vallarta in March 2018 hiding in the closet, he was living with Marianna and their 7-month old son. The ravaged Fernandez family has been torn apart by the evil cult leader after maliciously pitting members against one another with Marianna and their father Hector still blindly loyal to Vanguard.[120]

Keith Raniere may also be a murderer of a number of his female NXIVM followers and living companions. It can’t be pure coincidence that all his aging out former girlfriends, all living at the same residence with Raniere, all contracted cancer near the same time.[121] A sister of one of the deceased women who happens to be a nurse believes that the cult leader poisoned her sister Barbara Jeske and the other housemates. A hair sample collected from one of the four women Kristin Keeffe tested high in barium and bismuth levels. A documentary called “The Lost Women of Nxivm” also came to that same conclusion. Raniere has a history of growing tired of his older, aging girlfriends and being a pedophile-on-the-prowl for new flesh to lord over, it was out with the old and in with the new. All four who lived together in their house near Albany along with all their cats became ill with 63-year old Barbara succumbing in 2014 and 57-year old Pam Cafritz dying of cancer in November 2016. Apparently, the other two housemates Kristin Keeffe and Karen Unterreiner survived. Barbara Jeske’s sister, moved into the home to care for her dying sibling six weeks prior to her death and observed how insanely controlling Raniere was, not permitting Barbara to take pain relieving medicine, locking up access to the refrigerator and arranging to ensure that Barbara’s will was changed.

Incidentally, Karen Unterreiner met Raniere as a young RPI coed, away from her family for the first time back in the mid-1970s. Years later in 1989 she helped him cheat on his take-home IQ test as the smarter woman behind his inflated intelligence, then served as his chief financial officer for both his Consumers’ Buyline and NXIVM companies. She was with Raniere longer than any of his women for over 40 years as a major power player in all his illegal multi-level marketing schemes.[122] Apparently to save her own skin, she smartly turned state witness for the prosecution against Raniere and his not as smart co-defendants.

Two years after Barbara Jeske’s cancer death, in 2016 it was Pam Cafritz’s turn, dying of renal cancer. The daughter of prominent Washington DC socialite couple, the late William and Buffy Cafritz, Pam was loyal to Raniere going back to his Consumers’ Buyline days in the 1990s as another of his criminal enabling life partners, knowing Raniere intimately for the final 30 years of her life. Aside from Jeske, Unterreiner and Cafritz, also living in the home and stricken with cancer was Kristin Keeffe, the first woman to give Raniere his firstborn son, now 14-years old. Kristen mysteriously came down with kidney cancer but managed to recover and with her son, safely escaped from Raniere’s deadly clutches to a hidden location. Kristin once wrote:

All the worst things you know about NXIVM are true but there is so much more horrendous things going on… including… psychological and sexual abuse and imprisonment of multiple illegal aliens.[123]

Kristin is yet another witness admitting that NXIVM was a cover for a major child sex trafficking operation.

Independent forensic scientist Jason Kolowski who journalist Frank Parlato consulted, stated that toxic levels of barium and bismuth are commonly associated with kidney and renal cancer, speculating it may have been from rat poison. Recall that “boy wonder” claimed to have majored in biochemistry at RPI and was allegedly forcing his “ailing” housemates to take a strange brew called “do-do balls” that Raniere claimed would boost their immune system. Barbara’s sibling nurse believes it contained the toxins that caused cancer that killed her sister.

Moreover, another key development while the cancer spread throughout the household (except to Keith of course) is the fact that Raniere made certain that both Pam’s $8 million and Barbara’s $3-4 million estates all went exclusively to him. After Pam died, Raniere was reportedly still living off her wealth, illegally withdrawing cash and making purchases using the dead woman’s checks and credit cards up to the time of his arrest in Mexico in March 2018. Whistleblower Frank Parlato along with a growing consensus of NXIVM insiders believe it too improbable that by mere chance all four women and their four cats he was living with all came down with cancer around the same time. On top of all this, two more mysterious deaths that were ruled suicides raise even more suspicion of foul play, Alaska resident Kristin Marie Snyder who at the time of her death claimed to be pregnant by Raniere, and Gina Hutchinson, who had stated Raniere had sex with her when she was 14 or 15. Adding them to the already suspicious mix, it makes for a most improbable series of events that warrant a formal police investigation.[124]

The unsolved mystery of Alaskan resident Kristin Snyder’s death in February 2003 begs further probing.[125] The veteran search and rescue volunteer and outdoors enthusiast Kristin was living with her domestic partner in an alleged stable lesbian relationship. As an NXIVM follower taking classes in both Alaska and Albany, right at the end of her life Kristin had discovered she was pregnant by Raniere. The 35-year old was still being “mentored” by the cult kingpin himself in what appears to be Raniere’s quest as self-acclaimed scientist to use his “black magic alchemy” to turn a lesbian into a heterosexual. But apparently his mind-fuck experimentation went deadly wrong. The NXIVM trainer reported that Kristin was behaving increasingly psychotic in her class at an Anchorage hotel and asked Kristin to leave the grounds around 4PM on February 7, 2003. However, the truth was Kristin was upset over how her mentor Raniere had abused her as a guinea pig making her pregnant. Once she left that NXIVM class, Kristin was never seen again. A couple days later her truck was found 130 miles away at a resort where she was known to go kayaking. With her truck keys still left in the unlocked door, two handwritten notes were discovered on the front seat of her vehicle stating:

I was brainwashed and my emotional center of the brain was killed/turned off… Please contact my parents… if you find me or this note. I am sorry… I didn’t know I was already dead.[126]

A missing kayak stored in a nearby shed was used as rationale that she purposely selected an old kayak that would sink when tipped over in open water. Neither her body, kayak or paddle were ever found. By design, police complacency left too many loose ends, rushing to declare her death a suicide while Raniere alluded to several dubious outcomes insisting Kristin had faked her own death and was still alive. In any event, lots of odd, unanswered questions remain unsettled that both Raniere and authorities chose to suspiciously leave unsolved. But given the history of both the sex cult leader’s crimes and legal authorities always looking the other way, again Kristin Snyder’s death may well have involved foul play. Kristin’s close friend Susan Dones stated:

If she [Kristin] wasn’t murdered, there are people within NXIVM who were culpable for her suicide. Her partner asked for help and they just said she was seeking attention and there was nothing wrong with her. They should have taken her to the hospital. But they didn’t… Those bastards did nothing for her. Nothing.[127]

Additionally, a half dozen years later a video recorded by Susan Dones was leaked in 2009 showing Raniere responding to two cult followers questioning him on NXIVM internal problems. Seemingly to intimidate and perhaps silence them, Raniere appears to brag:

I’ve had people killed because of my beliefs — or because of their beliefs.[128]

So at least four women, all former devotee girlfriends and/or sexual victims, died under highly unusual, suspicious circumstances.[129]

It turns out Raniere’s total lack of respect and utter contempt if not deadly hatred toward women he used up was only matched by his lack of respect and utter contempt for the rule of law. His business model from one business enterprise to the next always fundamentally remained the same illegal retread that got him into legal trouble in the 1990s. In 1990 Raniere began a company called Consumers’ Buyline, a multi-level marketing ploy that was nothing more than a glorified Ponzi scheme.[130] By mid-1990s, it had grown exponentially, raking in $33 million a year, boasting 150 employees in its Albany suburb Clifton Park office, including 250,000 signed up sales representatives across the country. But to avoid prison in 1996, Raniere and two of his girlfriend-schemers, Pam Cafritz and Karen Unterreiner, were forced by the New York State Attorney General’s office to sign a consent order to never get involved with “chain distributor schemes” again. Even though the shyster was clearly let off the hook, agreeing to pay only a fine (of which he only paid 25%) without any admission of guilt for committing “fraudulent, illegal, and deceptive acts,” with an additional 20 other state attorney generals across America investigating his unlawful Ponzi scheme, his clearly illicit business model had forced him to close up shop.

Yet within a year or two the criminal was already back at it again, violating his signed commitment to avoid future pyramid schemes, using the same unlawful business model a year later in 1997, with his misnomer he called Innovative Network. And by 1998 through NXIVM, he repackaged this same illegal practice, merely peddling different wares or services, again restricting his employees’ income solely based on recruiting new enrollments. So, after signing his get-out-of-jail card in 1996 on the promise never to engage in pyramid schemes again, he defiantly went ahead anyway, only this time while he got away with breaking the law for a full 20 years, somehow managing to thrive, staying in business for two full decades. How could this possibly happen? Despite ongoing negative publicity outing him as a cult leader fraud, using Bronfman bribe money, Raniere and his criminal operation were clearly shielded from scrutiny by the same elite power structure that covers up all pedo-scandals and allows pedophiles with high connections to escape justice. Like Epstein and Maxwell, it took decades before they were eventually stopped.

Moreover, Keith Raniere joins a long list of extremely dangerous, disgraced cult-leading guru wackos like murderer Charles Manson, Jonestown’s mass-killing Jim Jones, Heaven Gate’s homicidal-suicidal leader Marshall Applewhite, state murdered Branch Davidians’ David Koresh, Japan’s subway murderers Aum Shinrikyo, the controversial Rajneesh cult as well as L. Ron Hubbard’s mind-controlled Scientology cult.[131] Virtually all these deviant criminal organizations were covertly subsidized and supported by the CIA. Was Raniere also? If so, all the more reason his criminality was shielded so long.

Despite the fact that in June 2019 Keith Raniere was found guilty of all charges in a jury deliberation lasting less than five hours, a group of at least eight of his diehard loyalist women from his DOS sex cult sorority have gone public in defiant support of their master, among them Canadian actress Nicki Clyne, former “Battlestar Galactica” star married in 2017 to Allison Mack, who in December 2020 just filed for divorce,[132] another Canadian actress Linda Chung among other professional women with successful careers in law, medicine and business. Word is that Raniere instructed Mack the slave to marry his and her DOS slave Clyne so the Canadian could legally defy US immigration laws to stay in America. Mack still awaits her sentencing of up to 40 years while still on house arrest out in California.

Meanwhile, from inside his Brooklyn prison cell, Raniere has remained in communication with his disciples, still issuing demands while playing the martyred victim of a grossly unfair US justice system. Prosecutors maintain that Raniere has “demonstrated a complete lack of acceptance and responsibility for his crimes,” instead only holding his victims, prosecutors and judge in contempt.[133] In a phone conversation from his cellblock in April 2020 while awaiting sentence, Raniere instructed one of his followers:

What we have to do also is get scrutiny on this judge, get some pundit who is willing to speak out about what this judge is saying, which is crazy and the judge needs to know he’s being watched.[134]

Meanwhile, after receiving 120 years behind bars as of October 28, 2020, the 60-year old has shared with journalist Frank Parlato the fear that he’ll be killed in prison.[135] His loyalist women continue their public protest, insisting that both the branding and sex with Raniere were strictly on a voluntary basis and that he is innocent of all charges and a victim of a very flawed unjust system.[136] During the pandemic, these diehard cult disciples danced outside his Brooklyn jail to show committed support and loyalty to his cause. The hardcore pro-DOS slaves even launched their own website –, expressing their dissident point of view to a world that has both them and their “benevolent” master all wrong.[137]

The mainstream media has superficially covered the NXIVM scandal focusing exclusively on the bizarre sex cult leader and his brainwashed flock, avoiding the bigger picture reality that the same powerful evil forces behind Epstein and Pizzagate are also behind NXIVM as yet another child sex slavery trafficking operation. The final Book 4 chapter follows, exposing the Commonwealth nation of Canada’s genocidal pedophilia trafficking web perpetrated for centuries against the First Nations people.


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