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When Lin Wood, one of the top defamation lawyers in America talks opening about the possibility that both Mike Pence and Chief Justice John Roberts may be pedophiles who have been blackmailed by foreign powers, the world has changed. Pedophilia, child abuse including torture, and murderous pedophilia have been the most “taboo” topic in the civilized world.

This book, Book 4 in the series, focuses on North America. The United Kingdom, covered in Book 2 and the Rothchilds covered in Book 3, remain the center of the Satanic Ritual Abuse ((SRA) and murderous pedophilia regime, but the “colonies” have been deeply corrupted by the UK and the Rothchilds. Book 5 will focus on the rest of the world including Australia, where the Prime Ministers at the national and provincial levels are richly deserving of measured public scrutiny.

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Pedophilia and murderous pedophilia have — along with bribery and outright extortion (do what we say or die) — been used to control all international organizations including all elements of the United Nations, particularly UNICEF and WHO, and all major financial institutions including the World Bank, the IMF, and all Central Banks that are in fact private enterprises whose primary purpose is to “legally” steal hundreds of trillions of dollars from pension funds and small businesses.

The truth at any cost lowers all other costs. What has changed in 2016-2020 is the Great Awakening. The public now understands, from Australia to Zimbabwe, that the truth is not to be had from academia, the government, media, or non-profits. The truth can only emerge from the Collective Intelligence of the public, in conversation, deeply rooted in the ethical conviction that faith, family, farms, and freedom are central to the human experience.

What has been done to children has systematically and with great impunity subverted human civilization. The Great Awaking in rooted in public appreciation of the crimes against humanity by the Commonwealth governments and their covert partner the USA, and a public commitment to #SaveTheChildren for the future.

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Table of Contents

Preface by Joachim Hagopian

Foreword by Robert David Steele

Chapter 1: America’s Military Pedophilia Scandals – Daycare Scares and “Satanic Panic”

Chapter 2: Military-CIA Mind Control, Torture, Pedophilia and Satanic Sacrifice

Chapter 3: Anatomy of the Luciferian Elite’s Global Child Sex Trafficking Pedophile Operations

Chapter 4: More US Military, CIA, Private Contractor and UN Perversions Driving the Sex Trafficking Network

Chapter 5: The “Finders” Cult: A CIA Front Caught Red-Handed in 1987 Trafficking Child Sex Slaves in Global Operation

Chapter 6: The Franklin Disgrace: US History’s Biggest Pedophilia Scandal and Cover-up inside the Bush Senior White House

Chapter 7: The Jeffrey Epstein Scandal: Anatomy of the Zionist-Illuminati Sexual Blackmail System

Chapter 8: Epstein-Maxwell Zionist Blackmail Operation: Lucifer’s NWO Control Matrix Dissected

Chapter 9: Satan and Pedophilia Rule Hollywood

Chapter 10: Coach Sandusky – Anatomy of a Pedophile Groomer and Penn State U. the Enabler

Chapter 11: The Olympic Umbrella: A Pedophile Haven and Cover for Worldwide Pedo-Operations Child Athletes, Pedophile Coaches and the Exploited Power Differential

Chapter 12: Intro to the World’s Pedophilia Epicenter: United Kingdom and its Soccer Pedophilia Epidemic

Chapter 13: Pizzagate Turned Pedogate: Internet Sleuths Link Clintons and Podestas to Washington Satanic Pedo-Ring that Mainstream Media Labels ‘Fake News’

Chapter 14: The NXIVM Scandal: The Sex Cult, Megalomania and Pedophilia Protected by the Pedo-Cabal

Chapter 15: Canada & Pedophilia: Genocide against First Nations Women and Girls Deconstructed