Chapter 33: The British Royal Family, Pedophilia and the End of a 1200-Year Parasitic Monarchy

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Chapter 33: The British Royal Family, Pedophilia and the End of a 1200-Year Parasitic Monarchy

Joachim Hagopian 

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This final chapter expressly devoted to unveiling the British nation as the planet’s pedophilia epicenter will expose the puppet masters themselves that control all the pedo-puppet components to their obscene Luciferian operation, demonstrating how through hijacking humanity for over a millennium, they’ve been bleeding us dry through their cannibalistic satanic practice of ritual blood sacrifice, torture and systematic child sexual abuse of our most defenseless and vulnerable population. This chapter will show how Britain’s so called royal family imposters and their black nobility Zionist-Illuminati bloodlines have been the earth’s underlying powerbrokers behind all war, genocide, the world economic system of human enslavement, and their globally organized pedophilia trafficking network predatorily feeding off of, sacrificing and destroying our children and how this growing cancerous scourge on humanity must be excised off the face of this earth sooner than later.

This and the next chapter will not mince words tracing the demon seed planted on this earth nearly a half million millennia ago as graphic, over-the-top, hardwired evidence of how this same diabolical, nonhuman, genetically engineered, off-planet hybrid lineage still tragically controls to keep our battered and bruised, and always divided human family dying on our toxically scorched, ecocided earth to this present day. Profound changes are already in process, resisting and opposing the New World Order’s Luciferian control agenda. But our most potent weapon in this epic good vs. evil war of the ages is what the dark forces fear the most – exposure and spread of the truth to slay the dragon of enslavement and death.

Virtually all previous Chapters 18-32 exposing Britain as the world’s epicenter graphically illustrate the most flagrant cases of pedophilia, invariably touching on the royal family’s active hand, including unindicted criminal violations exposing both direct and indirect involvement in every one of UK’s major child abuse scandals. Therefore, a presentation of an encapsulated summary of royal pedophilia will suffice. Once exposure of royal rapists is covered, the next Chapter 34 will trace the royal family’s ET roots in order to explain how humans and their history have both been completely hijacked, owned and controlled over eons of time by the same handful of evil controllers still pulling the puppet strings plundering the earth today. The global establishment can’t handle the truth because it knows that a tipping point of public mass awareness is fast approaching, unveiling the mountain of crimes committed against humanity through the ages by the same genocidal perpetrators subversively entrenched as our planetary overlords and slavemasters, personified and held together by the British Crown’s unjustified, archaic feudalistic monarchy.

Europe is a pedophilia haven and the home of the ancient aristocratic bloodlines that control the planet. Pedophilia is what bloodlines do, feeding parasitically off youth’s energy and blood. As the world’s largest landowner at 6.6 billion acres,[1] one-sixth of the earth’s entire landmass surface, Queen Elizabeth of the Merovingian Illuminati bloodline that originally emerged out of the Near and Middle East[2] is among the supreme movers and shakers today, controlling the power structure behind the globalized mass child sex raping-sacrificing-trafficking network. The Queen of 32 nations and head of the 54 nation Commonwealth where a quarter of the world population resides, is the furthest thing from a mere symbolic figurehead. As earth’s top landowner, the black nobility queen of England is aided by the black nobility Jesuit pope as the third largest landowner behind the planet’s second biggest single landowner, the Wahhabist (compliments of British Empire) House of Saud[3] (at only a little more than a half billion acres or only one eleventh of total British royal turf), together with their legions of secret societies – the Illuminati, Sabbatean-Frankist Zionists, Freemasons, Knights of Malta, Jesuits, Templars, Opus Dei and the Queen’s own Order of the Garter among numerous others, working closely with the global intelligence community, acting as the planetary controllers’ child sex slavery pimps and blackmailers to ensure ownership of all major world leaders as obedient puppet slaves doing the dirty bidding of the Illuminati-Zionist led international crime cabal’s New World Order agenda.

For near a half millennium, Freemasonry rules the British Isles, having roots traced back to escaping Knights of Templar from mainland Europe during the 14th century.[4] Many of the royal family males have been Freemasons over numerous centuries. Both Queen Elizabeth’s husband and father are/were senior members along with her first cousin, the 84-year old Duke of Kent who, until recently, presided as United Kingdom’s Grand Master for over a half century.[5] The Duke’s brother, Prince Michael of Kent is still Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons, and Provincial Grand Master of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Middlesex. The younger brother of the queen’s father – Prince George, was father of the Kent duke and prince, but died when they were young boys. Recall that Prince George was the drug addicted party animal and Nazi sympathizer who died mysteriously in Scotland in 1942 in a suspicious air accident on his way to Sweden (See Chapter 28).

The British royal family is estimated to be worth 30 trillion pounds. Yet she justifies stealing 100 million pounds from over taxed commoners she only holds in contempt. She’s legally fixed it so she’s making a killing through tax-free breaks and insider trading. The royals, like the Rothschilds are also steeped in centuries of profiteering from the African slave trade starting in 1564 with the first Queen Elizabeth I as the Anglican Church’s first Supreme Governor. Both Queen Elizabeth’s and their royal lineage have also profited from the East India Company’s illegal drug trade and opium wars against China and still turning a profit from illicit drugs, still killing and harming millions to this day. Though in 1807 the British slave trade was legally abolished on paper, the covert illegal slave trade only continued operating around the globe and today is larger than any previous time in recorded history. Upwards of near half of human slaves today are children in this fastest growing, most lucrative illegal enterprise on earth. The Crown uses its secret societies to do its bidding and killing, and war and human suffering is the profitable driving force behind Luciferianism. These coldhearted psychopathy diseased non-human creatures actually get off on mass death and human suffering, including blood sacrifice and sodomy of children.

It’s important to note that when the First World War broke out in 1914, the Windsors were the German family Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, changing their name in 1917 in order to conveniently avoid any bad press resulting from British soldiers dying in stalemated bloody trench warfare against the German enemy. Short-lived King Edward VIII was a Nazi sympathizer, diehard Hitler ally and British traitor colluding with Berlin in the bombing of England. The queen herself at 6, prompted by her Queen Mother and Nazi Uncle Edward, in 2015 were all caught on film zealously practicing their Nazi arm salute in loyal alliance to the German fascist Nazis.[6] Then Elizabeth’s husband, Prince Philip for a time lived with an older sister in Germany, schooled as a boy indoctrinated in Nazi Youth groups, with all four sisters marrying German husband princes from black nobility bloodlines, three of whom were prominent Nazi Party officials and SS officers.[7] At barely 15, Philip’s underage youngest sister Sophie was engaged to Prince Christoff of Hesse, nearly twice her age, a German SS colonel and second cousin once removed.[8] Like Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth, Christoff was also a great grandchild of Queen Victoria. Sophie and her SS husband were such fans of their Nazi leader, they even named their kid Karl Adolf.

Fuhrer Hitler actively courted German aristocracy ties with their German Crypto-British relatives embedded as imposters in the “English” royal family. Though the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha deceptively changed its stripes during World War I, the royals could never quite shake their Nazi loyalties from the past.[9] Even in 2005 Prince Harry’s Nazi armband prank worn at a party as his mischievous way of brazenly paying loyal homage to his Nazi-roots created a mini-scandal digging up the family’s buried shameful past.[10]

With both sides of the British royal family, through Queen Elizabeth’s Windsor’s and husband Prince Philip’s Mountbatten lineage, hiding their German Nazi roots behind willfully deceiving surnames and royal title first names, Prince Philip’s family’s name is actually Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg.[11] The royal couple, Queen Elizabeth II and her consort hubby, the Duke of Edinburgh, are second cousins once removed, and both are great grandchildren of Queen Victoria who married her first cousin German Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Prince Albert. The royal bloodline obsession for inbreeding to greedily keep power and wealth within the family leads to both pervasive genetic and mental disorders.[12]

The House of Windsor itself is an illegitimate claimant to the British throne. Looks like one of the many skeletons in Queen Elizabeth II’s family closet may have slipped out when King Richard III’s skeleton was unearthed in a Leicester car park in 2012.[13] Leicester University scientists have since discovered through genetic analysis that on two accounts, Queen Elizabeth’s reign is illegitimate because a break in the DNA hereditary bloodline was found.[14] In 1441 while Edward IV’s “father” the Duke of York was busily fighting in France, his mother Cecily Neville is believed to have been busily fucking around on him, having sex with a local archer named Blaybourne. Though there were whispered rumors in Tudor court at the time, a recent uncovered Shakespeare document confirms that the Duke of York was in France during July and August, confirming Edward IV to be illegit. Even his mother admitted to legal sources that Edward IV was born a bastard. This fact renders every royal reign since illegitimate as well.

A second even more gaping anomaly arose over the genetic disorder hemophilia.[15]  Since Queen Victoria had hemophilia and her afflicted son died from the deadly blood disease over a century ago, not one descendent since has inherited hemophilia, leaving only a one in 50,000 chance that Queen Elizabeth’s monarchy is legitimate.

Scientists have shown that the madness of King George III (and countless other European royals) almost certainly suffered from a genetically inherited disorder called porphyria. Queen Victoria’s granddaughter Charlotte, her mother Vicky and Queen Elizabeth’s 30-year old cousin William of Gloucester killed in a plane crash,[16] all suffered from porphyria.[17] One in two royals is believed to carry the faulty gene that causes the disease and out of that half, about one in ten family members is estimated to show varying levels of porphyria symptoms, that’s one in twenty total and five among any 100 royals.[18] Symptoms include red or purple urine, physical lameness (disabled bodily limb), abdominal pain, skin blisters, nervous system ailments and mental illness. The cause of porphyria most often results from the body’s inability to produce required hemoglobin enzymes in red blood cells.[19] Of course the disorder is not exclusive to only European aristocracy bloodlines, but as the numbers convey, a sizeable percentage experience it.

Though there is no cure, medical treatment can help manage symptoms.[20] With access to the best healthcare in the world, the royal family can no doubt effectively mask symptoms in afflicted family members. Depending on the type of porphyria, blood transfusions and dialysis are often standard forms of treatment for hemophilic porphyria. This may well explain the royal bloodline’s addiction to fresh children’s blood, be it in satanic ritual blood sacrifice or through medical blood transfusion. A fresh supply of children is required. At least in part it also explains why so many royals are mentally and emotionally disturbed, erratic, and exercise gross lack of judgment. The mental disorder of psychopathy is of course also rampant not just among royal bloodlines but in occupants within the highest echelons of power wherein the system itself propagates, breeds and protects psychopaths as a mandatory inner club membership requirement.

In a related matter, cases of royals debilitated by mental illness and/or porphyria and how they’ve historically been treated inhumanely follow. The queen’s first cousins – Nerissa and Katharine Bowes-Lyon – children belonging to the Queen Mother’s older brother, were diagnosed with learning disabilities and with three second cousins were all conveniently hidden away in the same mental institution on the very same day in 1941. This royal purge resulted in “out of sight, out of mind” convenience for the royal family, with discarded cousins eventually dying, Nerissa in 1987 and Katherine hanging on till 2014 at age 87.[21] Queen Elizabeth even went so far as to make sure that the 1963 edition of Burke’s Peerage, an aristocracy lineage sourcebook,[22] was fed lies reporting that the two royal sisters had already died off in 1940 and 1961. This deception was exposed when a private investigator actually found cousin Katharine still alive, wasting away neglected shortly before her 2014 death. Katherine’s caregiving staff refute the lie that the royals faithfully looked after their interests and regularly visited, setting the record straight that none of them either visited nor showed up for their funerals as they’d essentially been falsely disowned in 1940 and 1961. Another Windsor “mutated” defective was Queen Elizabeth’s mildly retarded, partially deaf great-uncle Victor who also happened to be a Jack the Ripper suspect.[23]

These sad cases bear striking resemblance to the disgraceful bloodline patriarch Joe Kennedy ordering the lobotomy on his secret oldest daughter Rosemary, leaving her at 23 with the intellectual capacity of a toddler, subsequently locked away in institutions the rest of her life in family shame.[24] Whenever genetic embarrassments to elite bloodline families come along, throughout history they’re virtually always been cast aside, inhumanely forgotten and imprisoned behind the walls of insane asylums. It’s simply the coldhearted aristocratic bloodline way of dealing with their genetic “blemishes” as inconvenient byproducts of their habitual in-fucking.

Similarly, Prince Philip’s own mother was also institutionalized in Switzerland in 1930 for many years as a paranoid schizophrenic while Philip’s father ran off with a mistress to Monaco, leaving Philip as a young boy to be taken in by relatives, aside from his German sisters, his recently turned “English” Mountbatten uncles George and “Dickie”, the family nickname for Louis Mountbatten. Dickie’s 8-year older brother George was addicted to sado-masochistic pornography, proudly maintaining an enormous collection of family crest engraved photo albums depicting the most memorable highlights of their family orgies that include bestiality, pedophilia and incest.[25] The Mountbatten photo albums are locked away inside a British Museum vault due to their vile, pornographic content. When not brainwashed by Nazism in Germany, young Philip was exposed to the degenerate surrogate parenting of his uncles in Britain. Once his Uncle George died in 1938 at age 45 of bone marrow cancer, pedophile Uncle Dickie assumed full command in Philip’s royal mentorship of the future British Crown consort.

At 16-years of age in 1937 Germany, Philip and Louis Mountbatten attended one of Philip’s older sisters’ funeral after her fatal plane crash. An infamous, inconvenient photograph portrays Philip flanked by his German relatives all decked out in their Nazi regalia. One row behind Philip in the cortege is his mentor Uncle Louis wearing his royal navy uniform. Two years later at 18, Philip was hot to trot after the 13-year old future Queen Elizabeth, but had to wait 8 more years before tying the knot in 1947.[26] Outside of Dickie, Philip’s only family member from his German side allowed to attend the royal wedding was his delusional mother who, believing she was a nun, came dressed for the part.

A year after the Prince Harry armband caper, a book published in 2006 unveiled the royal family ties to the Nazis, including the infamous photo of a teenage Philip and Uncle Louie marching in lockstep with the Nazi funeral procession. The unveiling of the Mountbatten-Windsor treasonous German loyalties and hidden heritage had been resisted, long swept under the rug. But after 60 years of silence, Prince Philip was compelled to comment on his family’s German past. Via the Daily Mail Prince Philip stated:

They [the British royals] found Hitler’s attempts to restore Germany’s power and prestige ‘attractive’ and admitted they had ‘inhibitions about the Jews.’[27]

Notice his third person frame of reference. Calling the Nazis “attractive” with anti-Semitic overtones went over like a lead balloon, not unlike last November’s train wreck of an interview that Philip’s un-princely second son Andrew botched, feebly dodging the truth with the BBC, nervously denying he ever had sex with underage trafficked sex slave Virginia (nee Giuffre) Roberts.[28] But more on the fallen, shameful Duke of York’s criminal shenanigans later in this chapter.

In fact, males from the Queen’s royal family, beginning with her husband to her two older sons, Prince Charles and Prince Andrew, all share an incredulous history of claiming ignorance when it comes to maintaining super close ties to men who serially rape children. But then this sickness really runs deep in the incest infested family history. As already mentioned, the queen’s firstborn Prince Charles and his father Prince Philip share a favorite mentoring uncle in common, the Lord Louis Mountbatten, a confirmed pedophile who helped raise and indoctrinate both father and son into the pedophilic royal tradition. In England it was in fact Dickie Mountbatten who was most instrumental lobbying for the intermarriage merger of the two German transplant blood-related families shortly after the war in 1947. A Daily Beast article emphasized the close bond between Dickie and Chucky:

Mountbatten was a strong influence in the upbringing of Charles. They fondly called each other, ‘Honorary Grandfather’ and ‘Honorary Grandson,’ according to the Jonathan Dimbleby biography of the Prince.[29]

Mountbatten’s German father, Prince Louis of Battenberg, became a naturalized British citizen, also changing his family name in 1917, just like the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas. Born a German prince in 1900, the royal matchmaker Lord Dickie and the son of Dickie’s sister Alice, Prince Philip, born in 1921, both serving as British naval officers fighting during the war against the German enemy that included all their family members in Germany. While serving in the Royal Navy, throughout the war Philip and Dickie along with Dickie’s sister Louise, the crown princess soon-to-be queen of pro-Nazi Sweden, Queen Elizabeth’s uncles – the abdicated King Edward VIII and his fellow pro-Nazi brother Prince George (till his 1942 suspicious plane “accident”) and all their black nobility cousins back in Germany high up in the Nazi government and military, all of them maintained a covert line of communication, fraternizing, aiding and abetting Britain’s enemy, allegedly giving away vital secrets costing Allied troops’ lives.[30]

Hitler even sent a Windsor cousin, the German Duke of Coburg who was actually born and bred British, as his go-between for frequent visitation to Sandringham and Buckingham Palaces. Despite being born in Surry and raised in the Claremont House, the Duke of Coburg, or Prince Charles Edward (1884-1954) was disgracefully hung out to dry by his own family in Britain. He was Queen Victoria’s favorite grandson, Etonian educated and a knight in the Order of the Garter.[31] But when his German cousin, Emperor Wilhelm II, needed to fill a vacancy in the German Empire, Victoria went along with making Charles Edward the Duke of Coburg, named after her husband Prince Albert’s German family, which proved Charles Edward’s kiss of death. At age 16 his cruel fate intervened, uprooting his world sending him off to Germany not even speaking the language. Kaiser Wilhelm II enrolled him at the Sandhurst equivalent, a military academy in Bavaria and by 1914 a married military officer in his late 20s, the British Duke of Coburg was forced to fight on the German side against his country of birth. During the war UK King George V abandoned their Coburg-Saxe-Gotha name and through no fault of his own, the exiled Prince Charles Edward’s destiny was sealed on the wrong side of history. After WWI, cousin King George V stripped him of his British titles, including his Order of Garter, unjustly branding him a traitor.

Meanwhile, Hitler was emerging as the power in Europe and sent the Duke of Coburg off as president of the Anglo-German Fellowship to recruit his British royal relatives sympathetic to the Nazi cause.[32] Of course he found receptive cousins in the short-lived British King Edward VIII and brother Duke of Kent. Heading the German Red Cross during WWII, atrocities were committed. Eventually Charles was captured as a prisoner of war and though exonerated for war crimes, based on his nobility he was judged “an important Nazi.” Stripped of all royal German assets, he lived out the rest of his days a penniless convicted criminal, cruelly disowned by both his own British family and birth nation, only to be airbrushed out of history. He cherished his one possession he’d brought over from Claremont House, his bed from his Surry home back in England. And it was on that bed he died a pauper at age 69 in 1954. His daughter gave birth to Gustav the King of Sweden, but another daughter accused him of sexually abusing her, backed up by her brother. Screwed over by his British Windsor family, the duke apparently kept up the royal family tradition – incestuous pedo-perversion.[33]

In stark contrast, the Duke of Coburg’s year older sister, Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone (1883-1981), lived a charmed life for almost a century as Britain’s revered, longest lived princess and last surviving grandchild of Queen Victoria. She became one of Britain’s best loved royals, the only one to travel by public transport. 90 years apart, she stood proudly on the Buckingham Palace balcony for both Queen Victoria’s and Queen Elizabeth’s silver jubilee celebrations, waving to adoring British subjects while her brother remained forgotten as persona non grata… royal family hypocrisy and injustice on full display.[34]

As part of the plan to avoid war with Britain, the Fuhrer’s right hand man Herman Hesse parachuted into the UK on a mission to collaborate with the pro-Nazi British royalty to incite a coup against Churchill to forge an Anglo-German peace alliance.[35] And Edward VIII was prepared to be on standby in Portugal or Spain to return to the throne. The former king wanted Britain to be bombed by Hitler into submission.

Deemed the black sheep of the royal family, Edward VIII has been outed a traitor by MSM per a German microfilm dossier found by US troops in Germany at the end of the war.[36] But other Mountbatten-Windsor members were also in bed with their Nazi cousins, though the mainstream media refuses to slam them because Lord Louis Mountbatten is portrayed as a national war hero and British history’s longest serving military leader and his nephew Prince Philip Mountbatten is the current queen’s husband. Yet during wartime they and other family members secretly communicated with their German cousins atop Hitler’s Third Reich. Somehow content from that dossier will never be discovered, much less released to the public, in order to spare the royal family accusations of treason. The royals have made certain that all content of correspondence from Anthony Blunt’s retrieved suitcase snuck out of Germany is permanently suppressed, erased from history like Prince Charles Edward.

Recall from Chapter 28 on the planetary overlord and fellow treasonous spy Victor Rothschild, how on behalf of Elizabeth’s father King George VI, just weeks after the German surrender in August 1945, distant relative to the Queen Mother as her favorite palace employee, Rothschild friend and fellow traitor Anthony Blunt was assigned a top secret mission, dispatched to Germany to retrieve the slew of criminally incriminating correspondence from the many German relatives that would give away the Windsors’ ultra-cozy Nazi ties and true treasonous loyalties.[37] Elizabeth’s father King George VI scrambled with Churchill to make a deal with General-turned-President Dwight Eisenhower, whose American troops had taken possession of the critical documents gathered up from Kronberg Castle in Germany by Blunt, and of course ever since, the royals have ensured that the family secrets remain classified off limits and buried from the public.[38]

Due to the royal family’s willful suppression of its own treasonous history for well over a half century, the German-British royals’ loyalty, or more apt their disloyalty, has never been fully called into question. And considering the abdicated British king, his prince of a brother as well as a British Supreme Allied Commander and a royal naval officer the future British royal consort, all maintained open back-channel communications throughout the war with their supposed German enemy, but the fact remains regardless of whether they were family members, it’s still treason. How do you adequately fight an enemy when the enemy’s leaders are family relatives with whom you continue talking to and sharing information? Yet a number of Mountbatten-Windsors did just that throughout the entire war. But what they talked about and shared will never be revealed because planetary controllers control history.

In 1979 when pedophile Blunt was exposed a traitor in Rothschild’s Cambridge spy ring having given away British top secrets to the Soviets, Queen Elizabeth made it clear that Blunt was never to be questioned about his secret mission to recover all the royals’ damaging pro-Nazi evidence. What are they so afraid of? That if the British people ever found out that their royal family are disloyal traitors, the German imposters masquerading as the House of Windsor would become history. That’s why it’s so important that the full truth about this Satanic bloodline ultimately be revealed, even if it takes 2020 eye-opening hindsight.

Back to royal perversions… Edward VIII, his younger brother Prince George Duke of Kent, Lord Mountbatten and Prince Philip are not only traitors but one time or another, all have been accused of indulging their homosexual pedophilic impulses. As teenagers into young adulthood, Mountbatten and Edward VIII were reportedly kissing cousins, involved in a torrid 10-year romantic affair[39] while pedo-Anthony Blunt, illegitimately conceived by the queen’s father King George VI, is alleged to also have been onetime lover to his own half-brother Prince George.

Rather than reveal the real reason – Nazi treason – the former King Edward VIII stepped down from the throne using the fake excuse that his professed love of his life – the twice divorced American Wallis Simpson, prohibited his continued reign. Wallis Simpson was a reputed nympho, afflicted with Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, conceived a male but cut short of transitioning to female prior to her birth. One of their sexual roleplays was for Edward to dress up as an infant in diapers and be pushed around in a baby stroller by mommy Wallis… sick shit, compliments of the Windsor family history.[40] In between promiscuous homosexual romps and acting on pedophilic urges, cousin Lord Louis Mountbatten also chose to marry a notorious nymphomaniac as well.[41] Recall from Chapter 28, wild boy drug addict Prince George the Duke of Kent, his illegit half-brother boyfriend Anthony Blunt and future MI6 head Maurice Oldfield (the latter pedo-pair linked to Kincora child abuse) during early WWII were allegedly arrested drunk, picking up underage boys off the London streets.[42]

Throughout history, the royals’ addiction to incestuous perversion, engaging in countless extramarital affairs,[43] bearing countless illegitimate children,[44] maintaining seedy, blatant pedophilic affiliations and sexually abusing children is despicably rampant as known facts.[45] A September 2004 Telegraph article examines the queen and her consort’s union in “Portrait of a Marriage,” mentioning and quoting Nicholas Davies’ 1994 unauthorized biography – Queen Elizabeth II: A Woman who is not Amused:

‘A shocking world of royal adultery, passion and betrayal’ and stated – as fact, not surmise – that the Duke of Edinburgh’s liaisons with his cousin, Princess Alexandra, with the film star Merle Oberon, and with the Duchess of York’s mother, Susan Barrantes (among others!) were the reason ‘why the Queen banned her husband from her bed.’[46]

Considering the royal family is the head of the Church of England, and British subjects’ taxes pay for all their absorbent weddings, they insult the people of Britain by trashing the sanctity of marriage and fidelity. The queen’s own favorite son Andrew is likely the product of an affair with Lord Porchester.[47] Charles is likely not Prince Harry’s real father as that’s reputedly James Hewitt. There’s good chance that Princess Anne’s daughter Zara Philips’ real father is police officer Peter Cross and on and on it goes.

Apparently Camilla Parker-Bowles wasn’t the only adulterer Prince Charles used to cheat on his wife Diana. From another secret affair comes a now 71-year old Welsh born Toronto woman and her Prince Charles’ love child – a 35-year old illegitimate Canadian son named Jason.[48] His mother Janet alleges she carried on a 16-year affair with Charles from 1976 to 1992, spanning his estranged marriage to Diana. Janet claims that during trysts at Sandringham and Balmoral Castle, Queen Elizabeth found out about their relationship and reports have surfaced that she has threatened to deny Charles the inherited Crown. As of 2017 when this story broke, Janet was seeking a paternity test to confirm their love child.

Yet another inconvenient “love child” claimant desiring a paternity test, insists that he’s the offspring of Charles and Camilla.[49] A 53-year old British born engineer adopted by an Australian family is taking his claim to high court. The alleged parents were seen together as teenagers in 1965 and Camilla is further alleged to have “disappeared” for 9 months afterwards. Another little bastard belonging to Charles and Camilla awaited a far more diabolical fate, but more on that scandalous part of their demonic saga later.

Chapter 29 exposing the Northern Ireland scandal already established proven links between Lord Mountbatten and Kincora boys trafficked south across the border to his summer estate in the Republic of Ireland for sexual abuse. As last Viceroy of India and after its 1947 independence, its first governor-general, the Earl Mountbatten of Burma was notorious for raping little Indian boys from the peasant class while his Jewish heiress wife Edwina (whose great grandfather was banking financier Sir Ernest Cassel) was having sex with India’s first Prime Minister Nehru.[50]

Lord Mountbatten was also implicated in the Playland amusement arcade scandal in Piccadilly Square where homeless, so called rent boys were preyed upon during the early to mid-1970s.[51] In September 1975 five men were convicted, each receiving 5 or 6 year sentences. Among them was one highbrow Etonian named Charles Hornby who occasionally had Prince Charles as his dinner guest.[52] Suddenly a little more than a year later they were all mysteriously released from prison in a blatant cover-up to protect the rich and powerful. It’s been nearly wiped clean from history because numerous members of the elite were involved, including Lord Mountbatten, which was revealed in his biography published a half dozen years after his death.

Dickie and Edwina Mountbatten were the sleaziest, most promiscuous couple known amongst all modern degenerate royals.[53] Yet outside procreating two daughters, even Dickie admitted they hardly slept in the same bed together. New Zealand researcher-author of Hitler was a British Agent,[54] Greg Hallett has called both Lord Mountbatten and Prince Philip pedophiles.[55] Both Prince Philip and Prince Charles were “looked after” by their surrogate father, pedophile uncle who “royally mentored” them, i.e., more than likely broke them in as genetic royal perverts. And it’s a scientific fact that child victims often identify with their adult familial abusers and grow up to also become child abusers.

A long history exists of allegations against royal family members sexually abusing underage children. A former Metro Police officer in March 2015 came forward to state that an investigation of a pedophile ring in the late 1980s revealed that a member of the royal family was implicated.[56] But as always when VIPs are guiltily caught red-handed, the police probe is suddenly aborted for “national security” reasons. So many high crimes have been committed by those in high places, conveniently covered up under the phony pretense of that same overused, totally unjustifiable excuse of “national security” than any other.

Another case reinforcing contention that royal family members are pedophiles comes from the likely murdered 65-year old former MI6 spy, journalist and author James Rusbridger. Found hanging in his home in February 1994 just a week after MP Stephen Milligan’s similarly strange autoerotic asphyxiation (See Chapter 23), an account of Rusbridger’s bizarre death scene states:

He was dressed in a green protective suit for use in nuclear, biological or chemical warfare, green overalls, a black plastic mackintosh and thick rubber gloves. His face was covered by a gas mask and he was also wearing a sou’wester [hat]. His body was suspended from two ropes, attached with shackles fastened to a piece of wood across the open loft hatch, and was surrounded by pictures of men and mainly black women in bondage. Consultant pathologist Dr Yasai Sivathondan said he died from asphyxia due to hanging ‘in keeping with a form of sexual strangulation.’ Rusbridger was allegedly starting work on a book about the Royal Family.[57]

Rusbridger was extremely critical of both the UK government and the monarchy, especially the royal family’s fleecing of British taxpayers.[58] Moreover, according to Scallywag Magazine, the investigative journalist had been about to disclose “material from within the royal family.”[59] Insiders are certain both Milligan and Rusbridger’s so called suicides were coldblooded murders for knowing too much. It’s remarkable how easily and frequent it’s been for the murdering pedophilia protectors to keep getting away with neutralizing all the truth tellers that pose a threat. They can be MPs, ex-security services, authors (John Costello), journalists (Danny Casolero) princesses (Diana), news presenters (Jill Dando), investigators (Gary Coradori), even former CIA Directors (William Colby), Defense Secretaries (James Forester) and US Presidents (JFK), every one of them insiders who vowed to speak up and tell the truth. This is the tragic, all too common fate and reality that evildoers remain in power and control by simply eliminating their opposition in mobster-style assassination ad nauseam. Let these truth tellers who gave their lives not die in vain, nor all the victims, the millions of innocent ones who deserved a better life than the tragic hand dealt them. We owe all of them our collective efforts to eradicate pedophilia.

An unnamed royal family member was again alleged to have raped a young courtier in Buckingham Palace. In November 2002 a half dozen years after Diana’s ritual blood sacrifice and on the heels of her butler Paul Burrell’s acquittal over charges that he had pilfered 310 of her personal belongings from her Kensington Palace apartments, he was rescued by the queen herself, claiming Paul had previously mentioned in 1997 to her that he was “safekeeping” some of her items.[60] But right afterwards two thirds of the British people polled saw through it, believing that Queen Elizabeth lied in order to cover-up more of her family dark secrets from public exposure, timed just prior to the butler taking the witness stand. However, the transparent royal ploy didn’t work as immediate fallout from the acquittal followed.

Former palace valet George Smith alleged that he’d been raped by a “trusted” aide to Prince Charles and witnessed another sexual “incident” between a royal family member and another palace employee.[61] Once Burrell dodged a bullet in court, he secured $468,000 payoff from the Mirror in a “tell-all” deal. Other sour grapes tabloids began slinging arrows against Burrell as a spurned homosexual. Quite an intriguing soap opera those royals weave of bread and circuses fodder for the easily tantalized consuming masses, no doubt mere diversionary machinations to prevent deeper sinister disclosures about those lovable royals from oozing out, exposing the unsightly emperors in birthday suits left at crime scenes all over the palaces.

Speaking of which, the plot thickened with the unveiling of a “red tape” recording apparently made by Diana of George Smith’s admission that he’d been raped.[62] Shortly after Lady Di’s demise, her Spencer sister Sarah McCorquodale found a box containing the controversial tape along with letters and a ring from one of Diana’s lovers, alleged biological father to Prince Harry, James Hewitt. But the box and contents soon turned up missing. In January 2001 police searched the butler’s home resulting in “the butler did it” charges, though the butler wasn’t in possession of the still missing red tape. Having been employed as a palace footman and valet for 11 years till 1997, in response to newspaper articles George Smith went public in November 2002 with his rape confession. His allegations triggered an anonymous denier’s countercharges that Smith was a story changing alcoholic. Amidst all this swirling royal subterfuge in late 2002, recall from Chapter 28 that Butler Burrell told the press of his December 1997 meeting with the queen where she stated:

Be careful, Paul. No one has been as close to a member of the Royal Family as you have. There are powers at work in this country of which we have no knowledge. Do you understand? [63]

The queen was warning him of “dark forces at work” that could threaten him, for knowing too much about “the family Firm” and how it operates just like the mafia. As the stomach turns… again, more bread and circuses misdirection from perennial titillating teaser People Magazine diverting public attention away from the royals’ real crimes of blood sacrifice and murder.

Dueling banjos, competing in the soap opera froth, produced more headlines. Not to be outdone, the king of gossip, the National Enquirer published an update of the above squalid cloak and dagger story in July 2019.[64] Alleged rape victim-ex-valet George Smith who accused longtime Prince Charles aide Michael Fawcett of raping him, died mysteriously at the early age of 44 in August 2005. Privately George had consistently maintained that Fawcett had invited him to his home and they drank beer and champagne prior to Smith falling asleep, reporting that when he awoke, he was bare-bottom naked feeling the dreaded evidence he’d been sodomized by his creepy predator host Fawcett. A November 2002 New Statesman article weighs in:

… evidence certainly suggests that it wasn’t investigated properly at the time. And as each new revelation emerges, a picture builds up of a royal household in which some gay men expect to be immune from the processes of the law, their crimes covered up, their victims silenced, or paid off.[65]

As of July 2019 George Smith’s family is calling for the case to be reopened, asserting that the rape victim never recovered from the assault and subsequent 2003 whitewashed inquiry that allowed Michael Fawcett to walk free for “insufficient evidence,” no doubt due to the accused being Prince Charles’ favorite all-time, indispensable aide. Prince Charles has said of his trusted longtime employee Fawcett:

I can manage without just about anyone, except for Michael.[66]

“Insufficient evidence” and the “national security” mantras are standby wheel-turning cover-up devices deployed ad nauseam by the pedo-Establishment in order to let guilty perps live above the law. Once again, another victim ends up in an early grave without any justice while the perpetrator lives high off the hog. To this day Fawcett’s business services to Prince Charles alone – running the prince’s charity foundation and organizing his parties, bring in a hefty near half million dollars annually after a $630,000 severance package as Charles longtime, most trusted aide. Twice Fawcett was forced to resign, yet Charles then turned around and rehired him with promotions.

Rumors of a gay future king in the 71-year old Prince of Wales have been circulating for a half century now. According to George Smith, his accused rapist Michael Fawcett was spotted having sex with Prince Charles when George entered the prince’s bedroom one morning to serve breakfast.[67] Tabloids of course feed off this kind of prurient bullshit all the time, but based on historical fact, a long line of Windsor males has been consistently outed as homosexual pedo-predators, gravitating in their close orbit other hardcore child rapists as both mentors and intimate friends.

A June 3, 2013 the sensational tabloid Globe ran the “risqué” headline “Prince Charles Is Gay!” followed less than three years later revealing photos of Charles kissing a very young man with the racy headline “Gay Prince Charles Caught with Boy Toy” in another Globe May 19, 2016 edition.[68] For what it’s worth, the gossip rag Enquirer announced in December 2019 that Queen Elizabeth decided that the only royals who can save the sagging, scandalous-prone monarchy is Prince William and Duchess Kate.[69] Both articles proclaim that a disgusted Queen Elizabeth is determined to make her successor not her irreversibly tainted first or second born sons but her favorite grandson Prince William,[70] who’s the odds on favorite to not only be the next British king but the antichrist as well.[71]

Joye Jeffries Pugh, Ph.D., a researcher-author with a doctorate in education, has even made a case for Prince William actually being a clone of Jesus from a DNA blood sample taken from the Shroud of Turin, and that he will be the international crime cabal’s antichrist.[72] Short of advocating her hypothesis as gospel truth, it’s worth examining further to draw one’s own conclusions.[73]

For many years those “dark [occult] forces” that Queen Lizzie Bizzie referred to[74] and is a big part of, have been methodically setting the stage for the ascendancy of King William. The possibility of William turning out to be the antichrist amongst many convinced observers defies popular belief.[75] But again, hidden forces have been at work for a very long time preparing us to accept William as a viable world leader. His carefully cultivated, crafted image as the one reasonable, responsible, down-to-earth royal Windsor to ascend to the throne has been meticulously engineered. With the heavily promoted positive media image and benign reputation of both William and his always supportive, gracious, stand-by-her-man “commoner” wife, Kate Middleton restores the fairytale luster that every little girl can grow up dreaming of one day becoming a queen, as long as she finds her perfect prince first. From the Express:

As Kate Middleton prepares to marry a prince, her family biographer explains why their remarkable rise from the most humble background is a triumph of social mobility.[76]

… One scripted for the lowly masses to keep buying into the “rags to riches” dream myth, though Kate’s great-great-great grandfather may have been a 19th century coalminer, according to another Express genealogist:

[The Duchess of Cambridge] can claim direct blood ties with every crowned head of Europe and the majority of the British peerage.[77]

We knew there had to be a catch. Her “distant” nobility descendant can be traced back to Henry Percy, the 3rd Earl of Northumberland (1421-1461). Also turns out that Will and Kate are 14th cousins once removed, and that they, along with both his parents Charles and Diana, are related to Yorkshire Ripper (oh that Sir Jimmy), I mean Yorkshire knight named Sir William Gascoigne who died in 1487.[78] The William-Kate royal marriage breaks family tradition to mark the first time in British history that an heir to the throne is not marrying a foreign princess or titled British aristocracy, just one with a teeny weeny trace of blue blood in her big toe.

Despite all the hype, the coalminer’s granddaughter isn’t so common after all, but the royal fairytale romance propaganda plays so well to the world audience. MSM’s 24/7 portrayal of Kate’s respectability, humility and selfless service to the greater Commonwealth endears her to throngs of admirers wherever her royal duties take her. In contrast to that controversial royal American “troublemaker” Meghan, this one fits like a glove, another Diana minus all her drama of course. It’s nothing more than an occult magician’s sleight of hand deception, using the magical mythical fairytale dust to cover up the dark evil forces propelling us off the cliff towards worldwide collapse as the necessary precursor for one world government and a single, unifying savior-type leader to rescue humanity from doom and gloom. Enter our hero, antichrist King William.

That said, even the appearance of William and Kate’s perfect marriage may be illusive. As of April 2019, the rumor mill of royal infidelity hit fever pitch, prompting their lawyers to warn tabloids to back off.[79] During the preceding year numerous publications were featuring insider scoops that Prince William was cheating on his pregnant wife with the also married former model Rose Hanbury. Both 33-year old Rose and her 58-year old husband David Rocksavage, the 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley, shared mutual play dates with their children living just three miles away, and both couples were extremely close friends… until under the heavy cloud of gossip hovering over Kate allegedly forced William to sever all ties to an otherwise intimate, close friendship.

It’s impossible to say one way or the other whether Willy boy got caught, afflicted by the catchy Windsor adultery bug, embedded in virtually every single royal marriage throughout history. Especially during this last year, with so much scandal already rocking the royal family to its very foundation, seriously jeopardizing the future monarchy’s survivability, Kate and William had no choice but to be good actors playing out their assigned role on the world stage, at least appearing to be in love as a happy royal family couple in order to quell more bad publicity, gnawingly undermining the Crown’s very existence. Too much is at stake riding on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s fairytale marriage to fall apart now.

Induced birth by C-section, Prince William was born on the summer solstice,[80]  June 21st, 1982,[81] on the longest day of the year immediately following a solar eclipse, a day occultists like the royals faithfully worship their ancient Sun God as a critical pagan holiday (i.e., peak time for blood sacrifice of children).[82] Princess Diana herself, used solely for her breeding purposes, carried the House of Stuart bloodline allegedly linked to Merovingian-King David-Jesus lineage,[83] which will be used to justify establishment of a Judaic royal throne, not just over Europe but entire world per the secret society Priory of Sion.[84] At four months pregnant with Prince William, a depressed and love-starved Diana desperately threw herself down a flight of stairs,[85] knowing she was carrying the one destined to be King, Messiah and leader of the New World Order.[86] A decade later in 1991 Diana recorded audio tapes explaining her melodramatics as a cry for her husband’s attention, but his reaction accused her of crying wolf, that her histrionics were aimed purely at manipulation, and he refused to allow it to get in the way of his scheduled horse ride. But a genuinely alarmed Queen Elizabeth instinctively knew what was at stake, and that Diana was struggling with misgivings over being the deliverer of the NWO’s future antichrist.

In her 2009 Christmas message, Queen Elizabeth announced:

The Commonwealth in a lot of ways is the face of the future.[87]

An October 2015 article declaring the truth that the younger generation of the royal family “are all Jews” astutely stated that prior to Harry even meeting his future African American wife Meghan Markle:

Royal rumour has it that Prince Harry is under great pressure, especially from the Queen, to marry a black woman to help promote the racial genocide of the indigenous British people through mass immigration, cultural Marxism and Zioncorp promoted miscegenation.[88] 

William is the only living royal who can claim the Merovingian lineage of every English king.[89] He married a “commoner” also possessing traces of the Merovingian bloodline. And as the son of a Jewish mother (whose own mother’s maiden name was Roche), Prince William was born a Jew who married another Jew. Diana’s Jewish mother was unhappily married to a heavy drinking Earl Spencer and cheated on him with banker-publisher-Rothschild cousin Sir James Goldsmith, and out came Lady Di nine months later.[90] What are the odds that Kate Middleton’s mother’s maiden name is also Goldsmith?[91] And Sir James had two daughters marry Rothschilds[92]… an unholy trinity of House of Rothschild, House of Goldsmith and House of Windsor, all coming not that long ago from Germany, making one big fat Jewish wedding of a happy Jewish royal family to deceitfully rule the world. A royal insider had this to say about the British monarchy turning Jewish:

An insecure immigrant Royal family who have never felt at ease with the British people, and always more secure with immigrants and outsiders, and an alliance with the richest Jewish family in the world, heads of what is increasingly being re-Christened ‘The Jew World Order,’ who also seek to raise their status, is perceived by the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh as the best guarantor of their family’s future and safety. In short, we will one day see a Rothschild Royal family.[93]

So the Priory of Sion and the Protocols of Zion merge to both get what they came for, in this messianic Jewish royal family claiming the Jesus-King David bloodline to take over the world with one of their own fast tracked to be anointed the antichrist savior in a dangerous, forlorn world. Add the creepy, apocalyptic, end-of-world murals displayed in the lobby of the Bank of America building in North Carolina, the Denver Airport and the United Nations,[94] featuring a blondish young Prince William, William even boldly written on his sleeve, it all becomes all the more compellingly incriminating, damning evidence of what the sinister New World Order hell on earth has in store for humanity.[95]

In May 1995 the Washington Post reported that 12-year old Prince William had a microchip surgically implanted in his right hand for location anywhere on earth if abducted.[96] Some Christians would say it’s the mark of the beast.[97] In April 2008 Prince William was welcomed into the Most Noble Order of the Garter, the world’s oldest surviving order of chivalry,[98] that also happens to be the queen’s secret Illuminati society and parent organization to Freemasonry. William and Kate married on April 29, 2011, exactly 66 years to the day after Hitler married Eva Braun. With three children and his marriage appearing stronger than ever in 2020, William and his happy, smiling, perfect little family seem well on their way to bigger and better things to come, according to destiny’s plan. But who’s running this show? Lucifer or God? The answer is too obvious.

In the face of constant scandal and loss of Crown favor amidst a growing ever-wary public, Queen Elizabeth has come to the realization that her future British monarchy can only survive if such a popular, benign figure as William becomes her successor. As the 1000th knight in the Order of the Garter since its 1348 inception, it’s believed that over this last decade Prince William stands as the ideal candidate for the heady, “wolf in sheep’s clothing” role he’s been preparing for all his life.[99] The New World Order has deemed the prince, for his due diligence and careful on the job training, fit to be king, and in due time, many conclude the NWO choice to be the antichrist.[100]

As mentioned, Kate Middleton’s mother’s maiden name is Goldsmith. In October 2017 her 52-year old younger brother Gary coldcocked his wife unconscious in front of a shocked taxi driver after driving them home from a celebrity auction in London with the couple both intoxicated.[101] His fourth wife Julie-Ann had to be rushed to the hospital and Gary Goldsmith faced an assault by beating charge and was fined £5,000 and given a 12-month community order in November.[102] Apparently the argument in the taxi preceding the violence was over his wife accusing Goldsmith of leaving her for most of the night to use cocaine. After hitting the ground hard and remaining unconscious for about 15 seconds, after his wife came to, she told the taxi driver to call the police. A millionaire with an estimated worth of £30million, Gary Goldsmith has a history with cocaine, fast cars, fast women and a snazzy residence in Ibiza, Spain. In 2006 William and Kate spent a holiday at his Spanish villa worth $8.25 million. A scathing piece in the Evening Standard titled Gary Goldsmith the family’s “black sheep” and worse:

Not to put too fine a point on it: a pimp and drug dealer who lives in a house called Maison de Bang Bang.[103] 

Since so many royal family members are pedophiles, it’s no wonder nor surprise that through the years the royal household has been a longtime magnet attracting scores, if not hundreds of fellow child sexual abusers. Buckingham Palace is in fact at the center of a vast pedophilia network extending to every corner of the 54 Commonwealth nations and beyond.[104] Through its government representatives all taking oaths of loyalty not toward their nation but the queen, the Crown has stacked the deck in the UK and throughout the Commonwealth with agents working on behalf of the queen linked pedophilia network. The most flagrant cases are covered in previous chapters involving Westminster, 10 Downing Street and security services featured in Chapters 19-32. Queen Elizabeth has an uncanny habit of granting knighthood to the worst offenders. The examples that follow will either be prominent pedophiles who’ve enjoyed intimate, highly influential relationships with senior royal family members or are outed, known pedophiles who’ve been busted as royal staff employees or her important appointees representing the queen.

Anthony Blunt, the illegitimate cousin to the queen and monarchy’s longtime royal art curator and pedophile-traitor showing up at the Elm Guest House and Northern Ireland scandal, like Savile, is mentioned in virtually every chapter. The royal family was complicit in protecting all of Blunt’s “bad habits.” Speaking of Elm Guest House guests, aside from Blunt, two other Buckingham Palace employees allegedly partied at the infamous boy brothel – senior palace aide Richard Langley and Commander Michael Trestrail, the Queen’s lead bodyguard.[105] The July 1982 headlines explained that the Met officer in charge of Buckingham Palace security in the face of a serious recent breach when a man wandered into the queen’s bedroom was hardly the basis of Trestrail’s resignation, admitting to carrying on a homosexual affair with a male prostitute.[106] The vast majority of workers in all the royal palaces have a long history of being predominantly gay. With it the established historical norm to hire homosexual servants to the queen, that’s definitely not why Trestrail quit. Add one more puzzling piece via the Scotsman:

It later emerged that Trestrail, 51, had protected the Queen and supervised her security for years, but had only been security vetted some three or four months before his resignation.[107]

Hmm, an unvetted Elm Guest House partaker, compliments of the queen, leads to a ventured guess that pedophilia blackmail might be a closer to the truth reason for resigning, although pedophilia a palace norm too.

According to insiders’ disclosures in recent years, the royal service staff is ruthlessly run by a gay mafia,[108] many of whom are pedophiles as will be demonstrated. For over 50 years William Tallon was Queen Mother’s confidant and master of ceremonies at Clarence House. Tallon and the Mother Queen had a symbiotic love affair of mutual trust and respect, and both shared a fondness for alcohol.[109] At night she allowed her head servant be the rooster ruling the castle roost, hosting gay orgies, having sex on her favorite sofa, picking up underage rent boys in Soho and bringing them back for midnight palace tours and virtually raping younger staff of his choosing at will. “Backstairs Billy” as he was called was a ruthless, petty, campy bully and sexual predator. Prince Charles’ right hand man Michael Fawcett was less campy but the same kind of gay mafia boss. As peas in a pod, Fawcett, Tallon and Tallon’s boyfriend Wilcock all got along swimmingly well but as predation mobsters they cruelly mistreated junior staff in the most abusive, rigidly dictatorial pecking order way. From the poignant New Statesman article:

It was from the royals they learnt that social ‘inferiors’ would not dare to answer back; and absorbed the conviction that they were above the law. There is a mafia at work at the Palace. But it’s the Queen’s, not the queens’.[110]

This insight is hugely significant. The predatory gay-pedo-culture permeating the royal House of Windsor comes straight from the Head of State Crown. That’s why Prime Minister Thatcher’s Parliamentary Private Secretary MP Peter Morrison, like the other pedo-Peter Hayman, wind up so brazenly in all the British scandals. What are the odds that one of UK’s biggest government pedophiles’ sister happens to be Queen Elizabeth’s closest confidant and for over a half century her lady-in-waiting.[111] In 2013 the Queen made Mary Anne Morrison a Dame Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order.[112] Another close advisor to the queen is senior judge Lord Justice Fulford, who during the 1970s actively campaigned for pedophile rights.[113] Recall from Chapter 23 how the oft accused pedophile the late Rev. Ronald Selby Wright was such a close mentor to former PM Tony Blair during his crossdressing days at Fettes. Turns out from 1963 to 1978, the Rev Selby was also the queen’s chaplain in Scotland and one of her favorite preachers.[114] But how spiritually and morally upright can a church leader be if he’s abusing children?

Queen Elizabeth personally selects the top law officers on the tax dodging Commonwealth haven – the Island of Jersey in the Channel Islands. One of the suppressors that has spent years directly interfering and sabotaging victim-witnesses from testifying about their abuse at Haut de la Garenne children’s home (See Chapter 19), finally closed after a century in 1986, is a queen honored judge and politician. An island infested by Freemasons, the police investigation into child abuse over a decade ago was constantly hampered and undermined, flagrantly protecting VIPs of both prominent island residents as well as infamous visitors from Britain. For many decades from the 1960s to the present, severe child sexual and physical abuse has occurred, including murder, linked to visiting VIP perpetrators like Jimmy Savile and former PM Edward Heath as well as Jersey VIPs like Zionist Senator Wilfred Krishevsky.[115] It’s been documented that Jersey children were also trafficked to Britain as part of the larger pedo-network.

From an in-depth March 2009 article from The Guardian entitled “Home to Something Evil”:

The assembly – made up of the connétables, their deputies and 12 elected senators, many of them multimillionaires – is supervised by the bailiff, Jersey’s highest officer, who is appointed by the Queen, while the task of upholding the law and keeping the hobby bobbies in check falls to the attorney general. These two key posts are currently held by brothers, Sir Philip and William Bailhache, members of one of the oldest and most powerful families on Jersey. 

These two Queen Elizabeth appointed brothers have been key island gatekeepers, seemingly forever willfully obstructing justice. Sir Philip Bailhache was Jersey Attorney General (1986-1993) and Bailiff (Chief Justice), knighted in 1996 and further rewarded with Queen Council honors in 1989, later serving in the Jersey Senate from 2013-2018. But in the 1970s and 1980s when so much of the abuse was raging out of control, Bailhache was Governor of Haut de la Garenne.[116] His brother William was queen appointed Jersey Attorney General from 2000 to 2009 while the police investigation of the children’s home was sabotaged and eventually aborted. These two brothers stand out among the conspiracy of high powered queen supported government officials on the island that effectively cover up the notorious scandal.[117]

Even after an Independent Jersey Care Inquiry, only 5% of the pedophiles have been named with a meager handful convicted while scores of child rapists have gotten away with their rampant crimes. The Jersey scandal implicates the queen’s deep complicity in one of the most corrupt and subverted courses of pedo-justice ever on record with crimes linked to the House of Rothschild. Other royal ties to Jersey and the “fat man” Senator Wilfred Krishevsky are the queen’s cousin Princess Alexandra of Kent and her husband Sir Angus Ogilvy. So we have pedophiles in child procuring Savile, Heath and Fat Man linked to the princess on Jersey and Savile and the same princess again linked at Duncroft Approved School in Surrey. There’s a well-worn pattern here that only grows more incriminating.

Longtime Welsh Labor MP from Cardiff (1945-1983) and Speaker of the House, George Thomas upon retirement was granted the title Viscount Tonypandy. Though he died in 1997 at age 88, allegations were covered up that he had raped a nine-year old boy in the late 1960s and early 1970s after befriending the child’s foster parents who were avid supporters of the Labor Party.[118] Around the time of the abuse, as Wales Secretary of State, Thomas was all in with the investiture of Charles in 1969 as Prince of Wales, helping the royal learn the language for the ceremony, which many Welsh nationalists and republicans criticized Thomas for hypocritically kissing royal ass to the extreme. He especially adored Queen Mother.[119] Bottom line, Tonypandy’s mutual love affair with the royals likely shielded him from any police investigation. Upon the pedo’s death, the queen fondly reminisced:

Like so many people who knew him, or heard his voice, I will remember his warm personality, his dignity as Speaker of the House of Commons, his wonderful Welsh accent and his long and courageous battle against throat cancer.[120]

The viscount’s victim remembered him for his brutal rapes, repeatedly reporting the crimes to the South Wales police to no avail. In 2014 a police apology and belated investigation was impotently initiated as to why no action had been taken earlier. The answer to that question is the same answer to this question. Why are VIP child fuckers always allowed to go peacefully to their graves?

Peter Bick, a 57-year old friend of Prince Philip that shared a mutual interest in carriage racing, was suddenly bludgeoned to death in January 2011 by a sex abuse victim, 27-year old Christopher Hunnisett.[121] Peter Bick had boasted to neighbors that he had raced in Prince Philip’s carriage. Bick’s killer Christopher was first raped by his vicar as an altar boy, which resulted in the clergy’s murder by 18-year old Hunnisett, sent to prison for life in 2002. But an appeals court acquitted the abuse victim in September 2010 upon learning the murdered vicar had sexually abused Hunnisett for years as a boy. The former choirboy was a ticking time bomb, making a target list of what he believed were pedophiles that when a free man he planned to exterminate one by one as a self-appointed one-man vigilante force. Irreversible damage to Hunnisett had already been inflicted, festering eight long years in prison. Upon his release he was bent a mission of revenge against pedophiles and the royal friend Bick happened to be at the top of his list, though other than rumor no apparent evidence at his trial allegedly supported Hunnisett’s claim.[122] But the question still remains, did Bick and the Duke of Edinburgh share more than just carriage racing in common?

Paul Kidd while in his 20s and 30s working as the queen and queen mother’s butler for a decade in the mid-1970s to mid-1980s, all the while sexually assaulted young boys for 30 years at least up to 2006 prior to his arrest, trial and sentencing in 2008.[123] Exploiting his royal status to gain access to grooming boys as young as 13, the derelict audaciously even brought one victim to Christmas tea at the Queen Mother’s Clarence House. Police found over 19,000 images of child pornography on his home computer, some of which he both created and distributed. He was convicted of abusing at least three boys (though no doubt he had many more victims) and sentenced to no less than six years in prison in December 2008. It was clear that Kidd ran an open pedophile ring during his decade tenure with the royal family that of course, as always, claimed total ignorance of his sordid illegal activities.[124]

Just prior to butler Paul Kidd violating kids while running his royal pedo-operation, allegations surfaced by a 16-year old working in the kitchens at Buckingham Palace, indicating that an ongoing pedo-ring was already in place flourishing within the royal household by the early 1970s. The boy’s parents were initially approached by a close family friend who was also a royal staff member that:

… got wind of this after an incident at Balmoral when he [the boy] screamed in the night.[125]

The parents had noticed a change in their son’s behavior soon after beginning his palace employment but, as is typical with abused adolescent boys, he refused to disclose. Ultimately the parents found a note written by their son that read:

What Buckingham Palace did for me was exploitation of the highest order.[126]

According to Home Office files, the boy’s parents contacted whistleblowing MP Geoffrey Dickens for help. A letter written by the mother detailing the complaints wound up on the desk of pedophile Home Office Secretary Leon Brittan, who dismissed the claims outright as unsubstantiated, not warranting further investigation… the typical brick wall of deceitful denial that gatekeeper Sir Leon is infamous for.[127] Another deeply disturbing element to this story is that another high profile pedophile, Sir Peter Hayman, onetime Deputy MI6 Director and Queen Elizabeth’s choice as UK High Commissioner to Canada, had learned through the royal pedo-ring grapevine that the 16-year old was fair game and began aggressively pursuing him to join his staff in Canada. That’s how brazenly open these untouchable predatory sick fucks are.

In 2015 a video went viral of a naked young man desperately climbing out a top floor window at Buckingham Palace to lower himself on what appear as ropes of knotted sheets but halfway down he falls.[128] Per royally controlled press, all the mainstream media outlets claimed it was an internet hoax. Yet no hoax explanation adequately disproved what was clearly observed on film. Within the cultural climate of out of control gay sex orgies, rape and pedophilia running rampant within the royal milieu, someone attempting to avoid being further abused was desperate enough to risk his life trying to escape.

The child sex abuse in the royal household has been shielded and allowed to go on for many years. Lt. Col. Benjamin Herman, a personal assistant or equerry to the queen’s husband Prince Philip from 1971 to 1974, was arrested and charged in July 2014 for sexually assaulting a 12-year old girl while in his late 30s.[129] Then there was BBC entertainer and convicted pedophile Rolf Harris who back in 2005 could do no wrong, unveiling his royal commissioned portrait of Queen Elizabeth at her Buckingham Palace art gallery.[130] Once Harris was sentenced to five years in prison in 2015, after bestowing him with a CBE honor, the embarrassed queen quietly stripped the disgraced Australian born derelict of his knighthood, having been exposed for serially abusing girls as young as 7 including his own daughter.[131] He’s a free man now.

In November 2015, 77-year old Roger Benson who did “high profile work” for many years with Prince Charles’ Youth Business Trust charity was convicted and sentenced to five years in prison for repeated sexual assaults against a 14-year old girl nearly three decades earlier.[132] No sooner had Benson been headhunted for the lofty position of the trust director of operations in Northern Ireland where he worked for the next 14 years,[133] less than four months into his new job interfacing with disadvantaged youth, he began sexually abusing a local girl. Because of his prestigious post working for Prince Charles at his royal children’s charity trust, when the girl reported the crimes to the police, it was simply his word against hers. In all likelihood, Benson went on to perpetrate abuse toward other child victims as well, prior to his 2014 arrest when he called his victim “a malicious nutcase and a liar.” Despite not being listened to in 1986, during the post-Savile era when victims of historic child sexual abuse reported their past trauma to authorities by the thousands, 29 years later with the perp’s guilty plea, conviction, half decade prison sentence and registered for life as sex offender, in 2015 the court finally listened to the 43-year old woman, still struggling with the ill effects, telling Benson, “I feel dirty, damaged, ashamed and rubbish” 29 years later. That’s what abuse does to victims, too often posing a lifetime sentence.

The man in charge of Prince Charles’ public trust for youth from 1977 to 1988 who likely hired Roger Benson was Sir Harold Haywood, the prince’s trusted charity aide implicated as a pedophile himself. While heading the Albany Trust in 1975, he sponsored a Q&A pamphlet with Paedophile Information Exchange members, claiming that pedophiles “represent no special threat to society,” advocating in favor of them working with children.[134] Working more for child predators’ interests than children’s, the queen awarded him an OBE in 1973 and then in 1988 bestowed knighthood for his many years with charity trusts. While Director of Youth Work for over 20 years prior to the prince’s public trust, Haywood worked with the queen’s cousin Princess Alexandra, selecting her husband Sir Angus Ogilvy as president and Jimmy Savile vice president… the same pedo-connection between the royal princess and Savile. Again, the royals knew full well who they were so busy trusting and honoring all those years.

Hubert Chesshyre has lived a charmed life turning 80 in June this year. Educated at Cambridge and Oxford hailing from aristocratic stock, serving the queen for over 40 years as the second most senior heraldic officer in Britain, Australia, New Zealand and several other Commonwealth nations. He’s been secretary to the queen’s very powerful secret society, her Order of the Garter, the Honorary Genealogist to the Royal Victorian Order and Registrar of the College of Arms.[135] He is the author of seven books including the official history of the Order of the Garter. In other words, this dude remains protected. That’s why when it was learned at the IICSA in March 2018 that Chesshyre in 2015 was found to have sexually abused a teenage chorister back in the 1990s, nothing happened.[136] He wasn’t convicted of any crime, no criminal status was placed on his record, and absolutely no consequence came his way, despite the fact that “he was found to have committed the acts in question” in a trial of the facts jury. Adding headaches to police detectives investigating this royal “Cheshire cat” was his repeatedly misspelled name that further permitted him to evade justice.

Virtually it’s a déjà vu case of Lord Greville Janner, a Zionist serial pedophile that was never indicted nor brought to justice because the system found him too far gone with dementia to put him on trial, allowing him to escape justice going to his grave in 2015 without prosecution. Virtually the same situation again is occurring with Hubert Chesshyre because he allegedly had a stroke and now dementia, so despite a trial admitting he committed sexual assault on a minor, which the Janner case never got to, there will be no conviction and therefore no consequence. His victim wrote to all his abuser’s societies and honorary memberships including the Royal Garter, and none of them are willing to remove this criminal’s honorable standing or membership. So once again, another royal pedophile is allowed to slither to his grave, unconsequenced and unblemished since everything stays intact right to the end, and then even after death his awards and honors remain, nothing revoked despite a jury unanimously deciding he is guilty of a very serious crime… sick. And the only reason this still alive man escapes justice is his “royal” standing.

From the queen’s officer of arms turning 80 this year to the queen’s driver behind her chauffeur driven wheels who died at 81, it seems a common occurrence for perverts who rape children but are employed by Queen Elizabeth to escape justice. Chesshyre cat worked for the queen for over four decades, her pedo-chauffeur for two decades from 1972 to 1992. The royal wheels of non-justice turn ever so slowly to allow this particular pedophile Alwyn Stockdale to sexually assault a 9- and a 10-year old back in 1972 and 1975 and not have to pay for his crimes.[137] This royal child abuser sexually assaulted one of the young boys at his Buckingham Palace living quarters and the other in the home of the boy’s relative, also a palace employee. After a man in his 50s told police about his abuse that occurred in the 1970s, it took Met officers 19-months to catch up to the old codger.[138] When the police finally did interview Stockdale, he even admitted his crimes, prompting the lame Crown Prosecution Service after finally receiving the case file in August, to set up a prosecution date for November 30th, 2018. But the former driver to the queen died within the week and thus successfully joined a long line of royal rapists living out their long unencumbered lives escaping justice. This happens way too often to simply be by chance. If child sexual abusers are gainfully employed by the royal family, they rarely if ever have to pay for their crimes. That way the protected royal pedo-network continues unchanged.

In June 2018 Tony Aslett, a 52-year old visitor services warden for Buckingham Palace’s Royal Collection Trust, was sentenced to nine months in prison for amassing 15,000 indecent photo images and video clips between 2009 and 2015 of child pornography on his home electronic devices, with victims as young as 18-months.[139]

Another former butler to the queen, 57-year old Andrew Lightwood, someone his attorney said was “a respectable, outstanding member of society,” exposed himself to a young boy, masturbated in from of him and then began sexually assaulting him, was sentenced to 28 months in prison in July 2019.[140] The boy’s mother reported that he suffers from insomnia, becomes easily frustrated and upset, despite receiving counseling, adding that what the ex-butler did to him “will stay with him the rest of his life.”

Senior Foreign Office diplomat and linguist for 33 years, Robert Coughlin, who in February 1995 accompanied Princess Diana on her visit to Japan, was found guilty in September 1996 of smuggling 109 videotapes of obscene material, 70 of which were child pornography.[141] The 54-year old received a three-year prison sentence. Authorities believed Coughlin was likely part of a wider pedophilia network operating within the diplomatic service corps as convenient cover for production, distribution and sale of child pornographic material.

Retired Scottish railway stationmaster Trevor Francis, whose station was often voted the best floral arrangement on display during his 21 years of service, was recognized in 2012 by the Queen and Prince Charles with an MBE at Buckingham Palace for his decades of community service.[142]  But in reality similar to the royal family, outward appearances are deceiving. Francis lived a Jekyll and Hyde life as a serial sexual abuser. Back in the mid-1970s, he sadistically beat and sexually assaulted vulnerable children under his care at a group home. The predator was known to creep into girl’s rooms at night to viciously sexually attack them. Due apparently to his “upstanding” status per the Crown, the twisted 71-year old pervert received a remarkably light prison sentence of only 9-months in May 2017, forcing the royals in another embarrassing move several months later to strip him of his regal honors.[143]

Cristopher Exley, a 33-year old Met Police Officer assigned to the elite Special Operations Division protecting the royal family, was caught in an undercover sting possessing dozens of indecent images of children, including level four penetration.[144] Believing he was chatting online with a 10-year old boy, the cop let it be known he desired having “naked coffee” with him. But after making contact with another Met officer from the pedophile unit, a police raid on his home found child pornography on his computer in February 2012. Since the officer pled guilty to possession of indecent child images, the prosecutor opted to only charge him with the lesser child porn crime rather than intent to have sex with an underage victim. Likely due to the link to the royal family and the perp being one of their own, Exley was spared jail time.

Another on duty police officer from Royalty and Special Protection Police at a Queen’s tea party parade hit on a 16-year old girl who maintains she repeatedly told him her age, asking for her phone number while he was supposedly guarding the royal family.[145] The young girl in court said she gave it to him because he was a police officer with a gun. Married Officer Andrew Daly then began sending lewd messages asking if she was a virgin. At a hearing, Daly admitted to misconduct. Yet somehow he’s been allowed to keep his job. Apparently the royals have no issue with their police protectors also being married pedophiles.

Another derelict also charged with four counts of making indecent images of children while employed as a Home Office chief responsible for security at Buckingham Palace, other royal palaces and 10 Downing Street. 48-year old David Tracey was arrested, suspended and then fired from his job in November 2012, admitting he had downloaded an incredible 90,000 photos and videos off the internet.[146] He too was also not sent to prison but received a similar light sentence – an order to attend internet sex offender class, a three-year community order, a sex offenses prevention order and a fine. 90,000 files of child pornography yet not one day in jail? Seems crime almost pays for these sickos as long as they’re even remotely connected to the royal family.

Yet another Buckingham palace butler collecting and distributing yet more child pornography sent 33-year old Nicholas Greaves to prison for two years back in July 2006.[147] After employed as a royal footman from 2002 to 2004, he moved on as servant at the private Belgravia residence of Jordanian King Abdullah. He possessed over 450 indecent photos and 15 indecent films on his laptop, some with victims only a few months old and some involving torture. He made several gestures to try and commit suicide. One has to ask how come so many seriously disturbed child perverts end up working for the royal family. Of course the answer is obvious, because the British monarchy is full of sexually deviant predatory child abusers. It’s simply the universal law of “like attracts like” operating.

Of course what’s a pedo-scandal without the holier than thou clergy mucking it up with their raping of innocent children. The predator, Dr. Stephen Palmer, enticed an underage girl into his church under the false pretense to help her with her religious studies in 1975 and 1976, only to pounce on her and cause her nightmares and struggling with suicidal thoughts and attempts for years afterwards.[148] And then the creep goes on to be hired by the queen as one of her chaplains bringing the Anglican ministry that she presides over to serve her monarchy. And though court and karma finally caught up to this 68-year old prick 39 years later with a 39-month prison sentence in July 2015, you know that this girl wasn’t his only victim as child rapists invariably repeat their crimes. And to receive but one-month incarceration for every year his crimes went unpunished is a slap on the hand. Could it be the queen’s hand intervened on his behalf?

This next case looks even more suspect. Queen Elizabeth is a patron of her Church of England charity the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (SPCK). Patrick Gilbert, the Oxford educated secretary general of SPCK from 1971 to 1991 was a close friend of the queen, often attending her royal garden parties.[149] One of the SPCK governors that Gilbert worked with was Sir Angus Ogilvy, late husband of queen cousin Princess Alexandra. Children’s charities, Prince Charles’ buddy Jimmy Savile, pedo-linked charity head Sir Harold Haywood, Jersey pedo Senator Wilfred Krishevsky and this royal couple as the queen’s royal charity patrons keep coming up over and over again and over again, indicating linkage between the royal family and the larger pedophilia network coordinated by the likes of “deep cover” Jimmy.

Serial sodomite Patrick Gilbert was already a convicted pedophile after sexually assaulting two 13-year old boys. Yet his prior didn’t stop him from becoming a who’s who in the Queen’s Church of England, working for at risk children for decades in his queen sponsored church charity. Gilbert became obsessed with an 11-year old boy who began attending dance classes operated by the church trust. The derelict paid for the boy’s ballet lessons, groomed him with new clothes and jewelry, and began a sexual relationship when the victim was 14. For the next four years he frequently traveled with the boy. Senior church officials knew of the abusive sexual relationship yet chose to do nothing, just like the royal family. Yet the crimes were allowed to continue year after year because of Patrick Gilbert’s standing in both the church community and his close ties to royalty. After his November 1991 arrest, the judge gave him a 9-month suspended sentence allowing the VIP to escape justice with no prison time. It’s almost like Jeffrey Epstein’s sweetheart deal except even sweeter. Judge Michael McMullen said Gilbert’s heart condition would likely kill the child rapist if he had to endure the discomfort of a jail cell. Obviously the judge exhibited more concern for the well-being of the perp than the victim. Here the sicko has a prior conviction and he was still allowed to carry on for years without consequence. This is yet another cover-up and disgrace of the entire British justice system.

Reason for calling this a cover-up is this asshole’s crimes have been completely purged from the internet. Had an article in The Sun written by journalist Neil Syson in the early 1990s not been screen saved and placed on or Twitter,[150] this entire travesty would have simply been swept under the rug and effectively erased from history.[151] None of the past media coverage on any other royal palace pedophiles has been deleted from the net. That’s why it’s highly probable that Patrick Gilbert, the Church of England and its church head Queen Elizabeth have a lot more to hide, removing this man’s perversions linked to her church and family from public access. Again, charity organizations are notorious for providing the convenient cover for clandestine pedophilia operations worldwide.

Sticking with the holy roller theme of degenerates, the queen’s once renowned former organist and choirmaster Jonathan Rees-Williams in August 2004 was sentenced to five years and three months in prison for numerous sexual assaults against 5 boys and one girl back in the 1970s and 1980s.[152] He also had 127 indecent images of children on two computers, padding his jail time by just three months. He was forced to step down from his royal duties in 2002 when allegations first came to light. The now 71-year old is indefinitely registering as a sex offender. According to the August 26, 2004 Daily Mail, his crime scenes were:

…in a cathedral organ loft, a church crypt and on public transport as well as at home.[153]

If it’s not a degenerate hiding behind the church, it’s one in military uniform guarding the queen’s castle or yacht. Retired Royal Navy Lt. Commander Douglas Slade cooked the queen’s dinners on the Royal Yacht Britannica.[154] Also a notorious PIE founder and pedophile, Slade was arrested and extradited to the UK from the Philippines in 2016 to face a litany of serial sex crimes committed in Britain from 1965 to 1980.[155] Slade fled to the Philippines in 1985 and grew rich operating a meat supply company in Asia. He built a home overlooking a primary school in a poor section of Angeles City where the 308 pound (22 stone) monster regularly preyed on young local boys. But back in the UK, the child rapist was sentenced to 24 years in prison. The now morbidly obese 78-year old child rapist will no doubt die behind bars.

Yet another Royal Navy Commander, this time the Queen’s harbormaster, honored with an OBE no less, was arrested for both making and storing indecent photos of underage girls as young as 11 on his computer.[156] But 48-year old Tom Herman, father of three, was allowed to keep his job after the Portsmouth Crown Court cleared him of all child pornography charges. You think his royal employer and OBE had any bearing on the outcome?

37-year old royal guardsman Simon Davies and his 44-year old primary schoolteacher wife Fiona Parsons Davies were arrested at their home within two miles from Windsor Castle for both raping a girl under 13 in late August 2011.[157] Apparently in late January 2011 the perps filmed their sexual attacks on the prepubescent girl and then shared it on the internet with fellow members of their pedophile ring. After completing a combat tour in Afghanistan serving with the Household Cavalry Blues and Royals, the same outfit of both Prince William and Prince Harry, they very likely know this child rapist. Three days after the married couple’s arrest came another royal guardsman’s arrest who lives several houses down. Police suspect a larger pedophile ring operating within the royal protection force.[158]

Another soldier, chief warrant officer Stephen Salmon with the Royal Marines, was assigned as a bodyguard on the Royal Yacht Britannica during Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s 1981 16-day honeymoon cruise in the Mediterranean.[159] But prior to his military duty, back in the 1970s after befriending the family living next door, the now 72-year old committed a string of sexual assaults on the family’s daughter Natalie when she was aged 7 to 12. He was married and living in Spain when returning to Britain in 2012, he was arrested, tried and convicted for his brutal crimes. In 2014 he was sentenced to four years in prison. But less than a year later, two more of his victims came forward. At the time of their sexual attacks, they were 6- and 9-years old. But only six more months were tacked on in prison, that’s an additional 3 months each for raping a 6- and a 9-year old.

Another pedophilia scandal also hit the tabloids in 2018, centered on 51-year old ex-paratrooper Wayne Domeney who’d gone on the lam after being convicted of 13 child sex crimes in Birmingham Crown Court. In 2018 his 18-year old stepdaughter waved anonymity to disclose that when she was 12 in 2012 the ex-soldier began raping her for the next two and a half years before she finally told her mother and police, culminating with a 17-year prison sentence in 2018 after two weeks on the run.[160] The media sensationalized the case hyping it with a photograph of the perp shaking hands with Prince Charles, both clad in military uniform prior to reportedly downing Guinness beers together at the local pub. Domeney earned more media mileage claiming he’d had tea with Queen Elizabeth, escorted Princess Diana through a minefield on a visit to Bosnia, helped train Prince William and served with Prince Harry in Afghanistan over a 25-year career spanning tours in Iraq, Afghanistan and Northern Ireland. In 2009 he left the army a diagnosed sergeant major with PTSD. This story was exploited by all the tabloid rags due to the perp claiming he had interaction with every senior royal family member. Bragging to the press about all his royal ties, clearly backfired, probably adding at least a decade onto his 17-year sentence.

One more pedophile person of interest indirectly related to the royal family – Reginald Forester-Smith became wealthy as a photographer to the rich and famous back in the 1970s with royal clients Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip along with race car driver Sir Jackie Stewart. But it was his incestuous pedophilia crimes inflicted on his two daughters and another schoolgirl that led to his last eight years on earth spent in prison and his will that became a contested source of controversy.[161] For near 20 years this star photographer in demand sexually abused daughters starting at 9- and 6-years old. Eventually as adults, they reported the abuse to police and Forester-Smith was arrested, tried and found guilty of his decades of abuse in 1999. After filing divorce, two years later their mother died. Then eight years into his prison sentence, the 77-year old wacko also died. For sending him to prison, his last act of hateful revenge against his victimized daughters was through his will, leaving them nothing with over a million pounds going to charity, two-thirds to two cancer organizations. But the 400,000 pounds left to the Girl Guides was ethically challenged by the two sisters, asking that the charity give the money back to the estate.

Incidentally, when the above story emerged, the Girl Guides was in the middle of celebrating its centennial in 2010. After the pedophile ex-military general Lord Baden-Powell had founded the Boy Scouts for males,[162] which is currently in bankruptcy due to too many like its founder,[163] Baden-Powell was asked to come up with an equivalent for girls, which with his wife is the Girl Guides or Girl Scouts.[164]

The mother had been a volunteer of the Girl Guides for years, where she chaperoned girls on camping trips on the family estate’s land. It was during this time every year that Reginald would sexually assault his daughters and another girl. It was through Girl Guides that the pedophile was able to do his damage, so the victims made a public plea appealing to the charity to not accept the gift from their deceased father. The story was splashed across the media but, other than the dilemma facing the three charities that acknowledged the daughters’ request, no further coverage of the final outcome is on the internet.

The three dozen cases presented here of professional pedophiles in official capacity hired by and serving Queen Elizabeth and her monarchy were all caught red-handed. Yet it’s merely a drop in the bucket of the vast number of never caught child rapists historically surrounding the royal family whose job is to follow their every move, catering to their every whim wherever they go, regardless of palace, castle, yacht or travel. It’s important to note that many of the royal staff whose crimes either went unpunished or were treated with excessive lenience were likely deemed of high enough status on the royal pecking order for the monarchy to quietly intervene and protect them from a fair and just consequence fitting their crimes. Only the lowest level of junior staff gets prosecuted, convicted and serve any length of time in prison. Just as child raping MPs never are brought to justice, neither are senior royal staff and of course never a royal family member regardless of how despicable their child sex crimes are. This is a clear discernable fact based on the aforementioned presentation. Moreover, it’s also a fair and accurate assessment to conclude that based on its historical record of normative standard hiring practice policies, the British monarchy has knowingly chosen to permit severe, pathologically disturbed, dangerous criminal predators in its employment while posing extremely grave risk of harm to children. And the most obvious reason is that the royal family itself is comprised of an inordinate number of hardcore child sexual abusers. A royal infestation of sickos has been sponsored by sexually deviant predators within royalty because they’re the born and bred bloodline of inherited planetary overlords secretly behind the massive child sex trafficking slavery trade on this earth that has and still is destroying and murdering millions and millions of innocent, defenseless children.

Next we turn to the long list of questionable, if not seedy pedophilic company that Prince Charles has has chosen to keep as a reflection of who this guy really is. From longtime MP Michael Colvin’s obit in The Guardian:

He [Colvin] was a friend of the Prince of Wales, but a sharp critic of Princess Diana.[165] 

Recall from Chapter 32 that MP Colvin was implicated in both corruption and North Wales pedo-scandal. According to

Five witnesses to child sexual abuse at Bryn Estyn reportedly ‘died in a fire which was said to have been ‘arranged’ by Michael Colvin.’[166]

Apparently there was an “oversight” at Clarence House when Prince Charles sent out his guest list to join the royal family on the barge the Spirit of Chartwell celebrating the 2012 Diamond Jubilee Pageant on the Thames. As of 1986 a court of law ruled Harbinder Singh Rana a convicted pedophile for posing as a doctor to carry out his predatory sexual assaults on children, sentenced to four years in prison.[167] Despite his criminal past, because Rana is a recognized Sikh leader as honorary director of the Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail promoting positive relations in the British Sikh community, raping a few kids in the past never got in the way of a good friendship for the future king. Of course once again the usual claim of ignorance was evoked as the royal excuse for the sex offender’s onboard presence. Prince Charles’s Clarence House spokesperson made no apology for his invitation but admitted had the office known of Rana’s prior conviction, he would never have been invited…. famous last “would’ve, should’ve, could’ve” words come mighty cheap.

More from the prince’s infamously enormous, “oops, I never knew” file comes his shady friendship with yet another high profile convicted child sexual predator – Bishop Peter Ball, involved in a friendship with Charles lasting at least 30 years. Despite being investigated by police for child sex abuse crimes back in the early 1990s, due to Ball’s powerful friends, he was simply issued a caution, which in effect amounts to a “get out of jail card” for admitting guilt. If the same evidence applied to you or me, we’d be locked up for years. But the bishop had the royal family standing proactively behind him, so he avoided prosecution in spite of the mounting clear-cut evidence. Peter Ball must have figured he was immune from the law for having cultivated such key strategic alliances with top Church of England officials including its Supreme Governor Queen Elizabeth and her heir-to-the-throne son Prince Charles. Though he received the police caution in 1993 for “committing an act of gross indecency against a teenager,” apparently it had little to no impact to deter the brazenly ballsy Ball, who chose to continue committing acts of serial sodomy against targeted young boys, often even boasting to victims about his tight friendship with royalty, as if to say “I’m untouchable.” And just like with Sir Jimmy, Charles conveniently pretends he never knew.

Peter and his twin brother Michael Ball began their Community of the Glorious Ascension in 1960. For over a half century, the pedo-cabal system either looked the other way or rushed to his defense whenever victims came forward to report abuse. Despite the dozens of victims, Peter Ball rose through the clergy ranks to become Bishop of Lewes and then diocesan Bishop of Gloucester.[168] Finally, over the decades so much overwhelming evidence was gathered that victims and activists forced the hand of law enforcement and Crown Prosecution Service to finally act, and in 2015, Bishop Ball pleaded guilty to raping 18 underage victims yet was only given a light 32-month prison sentence for his mountain of abuse. Due to such a soft punishment and travesty of justice, the Church of England’s senior ranking clergy, the Archbishop of Canterbury, was forced to launch a new investigation of church complicity. The current Archbishop Justin Welby finally apologized to all the victims and admitted the obvious:

The church colluded and concealed rather than seeking to help those who were brave enough to come forward.[169]

Right up to Ball’s less than 3-year prison conviction, Prince Charles was the child rapist’s biggest defender. Little more than a year after the police caution, Charles wrote in a letter of support:

I wish I could do more. I feel so desperately strongly about the monstrous wrongs that have been done to you and the way you have been treated.[170]

Look at the empathy showered upon his poor little martyred victim. Meanwhile, Charles’ predatory friend is free to continue wrecking boys’ lives for another 20 years. How disgustingly sickening that the future king always seems so caring and loyal toward the worst monsters in the world… unless he’s one himself.  Back in 1993, Charles was pissed at then Archbishop of Canterbury who had promised Charles that he’d restore Ball to “some form of ministry,” but instead the disgraced bishop was forced to resign from the church. Vowing to find the bishop and his twin brother a nice place to live very close to Charles through his Duchy of Cornwall, Prince Charles ended up providing a home they rented from the prince near his royal Highgrove House from 1997 to 2011.

According to Charles, Ball had explained that his 1993 church resignation resulted from an accused “indiscretion” from someone with an apparent vendetta. Charles wrote that he had no idea about the abuse with which his bishop friend “regretfully misled” him. All this information only came to light because the Independent Inquiry on Child Sexual Abuse in July 2018 requested a written statement from the prince related to its probe into Church of England’s institutional abuse. The same year of the 1993 police caution, the prince invited the bishop to give holy communion at his Highgrove House.

After Ball’s caution in 1993, the following year even Queen Elizabeth publicly lent her support to the pedophile, seeking him out at an Anglican event to say in a loud clear voice in front of the gathered crowd, “My love and encouragement, Bishop.”[171] So both the queen and future king went out of their way to show public support to a serial child sexual predator. And again, intelligence services would have kept the royal family abreast of their fond bishop’s deviant proclivity. Even more incriminating is the fact that Jimmy Savile was also a close friend to both the prince and his fellow high profile pedophile in the church.

In 2005 Peter Ball was a guest at Charles and Camilla’s wedding at Windsor Castle, the following year the former bishop spoke at the prince’s father-in-law’s funeral. Clearly, for many decades the derelict ex-bishop and the derelict DJ both remained within Prince Charles’ innermost circle of intimate friends. Not until the 2015 conviction, according to the heir to the throne, did he realize that the police caution was “an acceptance of guilt.”[172] Despite being so close for over three decades, Prince Charles pretended all along he was absolutely clueless. The attorney representing many of Peter Ball’s victims wasn’t buying Charles’ feigned ignorance that this princely man of the world didn’t even know what a police caution was. Guess when you’re so used to living your entire life so far above the law, ignorance is bliss:

Prince Charles had access to the best legal advice that money can buy and, as a man in his position, a particular responsibility to check the facts. It is difficult to see his failure to do so as anything other than willful blindness. His evidence, together with that of Lord Carey, the then archbishop of Canterbury, and other establishment figures who have given evidence this week, will do little to dissuade survivors from the conclusion that the British establishment aided and protected Ball and even now have failed to give a transparent account of their actions.[173]

I second the motion. Under strict state protocol, as the future king of England, any personal friend of the prince who’s a regular guest at his home must have been thoroughly vetted by security services. Thus, just like with intimate royal friend Jimmy Savile, Charles had to have been briefed over these high profile child rapists who repeatedly found themselves under police investigation. Sorry Charlie, you are guilty as charged.

A sister of one of Ball’s many abuse victims who took his own life claimed in a recent documentary that the pedophile’s “friends in high places,” like Prince Charles, “are categorically to blame” for her 38-year old brother’s premature death.[174] And who could argue against her after he was violated at 13 and suffered the next quarter century before it became too much. As is a common fate, the lifelong tortured victim goes to his early grave still a young man while the parasitic perpetrator outlives his victim by a near half century. Disgraced bishop Ball was released from his overly-lenient prison stint in February 2017, and after sustaining injuries from falls in his home, in June 2019 at the ripe old age of 87, another one of Prince Charles’ sexual predator intimates was dead.

Aside from Prince Charles and past Archbishops of Canterbury, yet another Peter Ball protector in high places is the Baroness Butler-Sloss. Recall that Judge Sloss was ex-Prime Minister Theresa May’s first choice to lead (and protect) VIP pedophiles in the anything but “Independent,” Home Office controlled Inquiry for Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA). No doubt Sloss was selected in 2015 on the basis that in 2011 when the head of the Anglican Church asked her to investigate Peter Ball, she went soft on the abuser in order to protect the church.[175] Pedo-enabling Lady Sloss was kicked off her IICSA perch because her late brother, Lord Michael Havers, the pedophile Attorney General under Thatcher, was actually a big part of the problem, as a gatekeeping abuser himself instrumental in the national cover-up (See Chapter 22).[176]

Baroness Sloss was appointed to chair the nation’s official child abuse investigation simply because Theresa May saw her as a safe pair of hands to continue the British government’s longtime, unbroken policy of whitewashing all child abuse. But within a month, her plan backfired and Sloss was forced to resign due to mounting public pressure.[177] Based on both her brother’s and her abysmal track records, Sloss was the last person who’d be fair and objective. So what does May do? She selects never prosecuted pedophile Leon Brittan’s next door neighbor who also was a no-go. We’re on our fourth IISCA chair in five years now, with social work professor Alexis Jay still at the helm moving nowhere fast, dying a slow ineffectual death on the vine, just as the elite intended all along. Jay’s safe pair of hands found no organized pedophile network operating in Westminster involving MPs, PMs and ministers.[178] Nothing to see, just move along. During the Savile post-bombshell years, Britain’s riled up public demanding justice for victims needed to be placated, and the IISCA has done its pedo-enabling, placating duty to keep VIP child rapists out of both newspaper headlines and federal prison. Meanwhile, in plain sight, Britain’s vast child trafficking-rape network quietly lives on, by design out of sight and out of mind.

Next comes the story of the royal family’s worst PR nightmare – its shameless love affair with Britain’s worst all-time child rapist in history and how Sir Jimmy Savile’s incredibly close ties to royalty are best explained by the covered up truth. It all started back in 1966 when the then Royal Marine Commandant, “Dickie” Mountbatten, did the honor of awarding the green beret to BBC DJ Jimmy Savile as the first civilian recipient.[179] Allegedly Savile had completed the 30-mile Royal Marine Commando speed march in less than 8 hours with full 30-pound backpack to earn the symbolic accolade,[180] marking the beginning of a very long and special relationship Sir Jimmy enjoyed over the next 45 years with unprecedented access and inexplicable intimacy with the entire British royal family.

Apparently Lord Mountbatten saw something in the highly eccentric DJ that would prove useful to the royals, so he promptly introduced Savile to Prince Philip that same year. Considering that Savile and Mountbatten shared a mutual common interest as adult men who relished sodomizing young boys especially, the Savile-royal family common bond was quickly cemented. Savile has been proven to be a child procurer for the rich and famous, be they prime ministers (as in Edward Heath), politicians or entertainers. Recall Savile’s own nephew Guy Marsden implicated Britain’s most infamous child predator as a supplier of children at sex orgies inside posh London mansions in the 1960s. During an Esquire interview, in the same breath Savile boasted:

The thing about me is I get things done and I work deep cover. I’ve known the Royal Family for a million years.[181]

Regarding how Savile was readily accepted into the royal circle right after his Marine beret ceremony:

Coming from Lord Louis, who was the favourite uncle of Prince Philip, that was quite something. So obviously I hooked up with the Prince – what was good enough for Lord Louis was good enough for him.[182]

What asshole meant by “what” in the above quote has to be defiling children.

In the 1970s Savile got to know Prince Charles reportedly through mutual charity causes, gradually growing closer throughout the 1980s so that the pedophile became the prince’s intimate confidant, reportedly on the short list to be Prince Harry’s godfather.[183] During the seething “cold war” years of the 15-year royal marriage between Diana and Charles during the latter half, Jimmy Savile played a major role as informal marriage counselor. According to Princess Diana’s biographer Andrew Morton:

Savile’s opinions carry weight in both camps. He articulates opinions that courtiers can only think.[184]

In a taped conversation Diana had with one of her lovers James Gilbey in 1989, she described Savile “as a kind of mentor” to Charles. In her Palace Diaries, former Duke of Wales secretary Sarah Goodall noted a Savile office visit that went beyond working on a shared Stoke-Mandeville Hospital charity together:

Today is a strange day, a middle-aged man with a shock of white hair, dressed in a white boiler suit and covered in gold jewellery, has entered one of the offices… in another capacity altogether – as a marriage guidance counsellor.[185]

Savile was also called in to rescue the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson’s sagging PR image during Andrew and her adulterous years, ostensibly to manage lowering her scandalously high profile. The DJ also finagled Charles’ siblings Andrew and Anne to each appear on separate episodes of Savile’s 20-year run on “Jim’ll Fix It.”[186] It appeared that the child sex parasite had the entire royal family wrapped around his little finger. As reputed child procurer for the royals according to multiple sources,[187] [188] [189] [190] the queen’s “Firm” was highly invested in protecting Sir Jimmy as a means of protecting themselves, since the dirty lowdown Savile had on them served as his own potentially unveiled blackmail threat of guaranteed self-protection.

Though palace staff noted that Savile regularly solicited them for the latest gossip on royal family secrets, again likely as usable insurance in the foreseeable future if necessary.[191] Savile gloated about always remaining so tightlipped regarding his royal superiors, who of course fiercely protected him as well. Regarding his uncharacteristic discretion when it came to the royals, he asserted:

I’m the man who says nothing. Anything to do with matters royal is a no-go area.[192]

Obviously both Savile and the Windsors had/have much to hide and lose should their sins ever become fully exposed.

That said, Jimmy Savile had a knack for speaking in riddle tongue, frequently pushing his bodacious personality close to the limit of unacceptability, in hindsight dropping not-so-subtle truth bomb hints of his deeply pathological nature and sordid crimes in plain sight. An illustration of this Savile dynamic in action, as the procurer of children to the pedophilic royal family, cloaked in “benign” storytelling, he’s seen yukking it up on a national talk show, boasting how he cleverly delivered an underage girl to Prince Philip at Buckingham Palace, receiving belly laughs from his unsuspecting captured audience throughout.[193] On full manic display, his satanic wizardry was at work, masterfully weaving his thinly disguised magic wand of child rape right before our eyes. Once he was exposed as British history’s biggest, most vile child rapist ever, the criminal implications of his encrypted comedic gibberish suddenly become crystal clear.

As the initial shock of Savile revelations wore off, British tabloids began running articles scratching just beneath the surface in efforts to explain the creepy showman’s unprecedented access to the royal family, particularly inside Prince Charles’ bizarro world. Describing how Savile used his wild court jester persona to liven up the deadpan stuffiness of an aging crusty old royal family, increasingly out of touch with the public, apparently brought Jimmy Savile into their intimate fold as a breath of albeit raunchy fresh air. His oddball, ingratiating “charm” is said to have seduced the royals, permitting him a status no outsider ever held, able to drop by the royal palaces at any given time, unannounced and unopposed, mingling freely as much with household staff as senior royals, unchallenged, Savile ruled the roost at Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, St. James’ Palace or Highgate, his power over the Windsor family made it his kingdom, not unlike the BBC studios, Stoke-Mandeville and Broadmoor.[194]

Dickie Arbiter, the queen’s longtime spokesperson in charge of media relations for Charles and Diana from 1988 to 2000 stated his observation of Savile’s all too frequent visits:

He would walk into the office and do the rounds of the young ladies taking their hands and rubbing his lips all the way up their arms if they were wearing short sleeves. If it was summer [and their arms were bare] his bottom lip would curl out and he would run it up their arms. This was at St James’s Palace. The women were in their mid to late 20s doing typing and secretarial work.[195]

Princess Diana’s bodyguard Ken Wharfe commented:

He would turn up unannounced at Kensington Palace. He would bamboozle the police on the gate and just breeze in. He would tell Diana he was on a mission ‘from the boss,’ in other words her husband, but he just wanted to check up on her.[196]

To hear it from Savile:

Royalty are surrounded by people who don’t know how to deal with it. I have a freshness of approach which they obviously find to their liking. I think I get invited because I have a natural, good fun way of going on and we have a laugh.[197]

What made this unpolished derelict DJ from a “lowly” working class background already past his career prime by the mid-1980s so enduringly popular to both the monarchy and public, allowing his bawdy, uncouth crudeness, “naughty” sleaziness and unpredictable, erratic behavior to be so pleasantly indulged, tolerated and even admired by the queen and her taken in family, especially her son Prince Charles? As the “deep cover” cabal operative known for “getting things done,” evidence more than suggests that Jimmy Savile procured children for the royal pedophiles as part of his undercover utilitarian function, providing key linkage between sources of funneled child victims and their VIP perpetrators.

In all probability this bottom line fact is the inherent value to the royals that pedo-Lord Mountbatten most likely first saw in Savile back in 1966 when the up and coming DJ was busily furnishing the kiddie entertainment at the mansion parties. One victim reported that a fleet of Savile taxis would drive up to the care home to pick up and traffic children to the sex parties for abuse. Again, Savile’s own nephew Guy Marsden spoke of him supplying kids to the pedo-elite’s orgies. Working “deep cover” with security services setting up sexual blackmail kiddie honey-traps,[198] “Jim fixed it” alright, so that the UK child care system pipelines were in place trafficking victims to powerful VIP pedophile rings throughout the British Isles, Jersey Island and links across the channel to continental Europe (See Savile Chapters 19-22).

After Savile proved himself a most frequent royal palace guest (similar to his 11 yearend holidays spent with the Thatchers), in 1999 it was finally the derelict’s turn to invite Prince Charles over for dinner at his humble Scottish highland home in Glencoe, where the hired after dinner entertainment appeared as three dancing women dressed in pinafores. The British definition of a pinafore dress is a collarless, sleeveless dress worn over a blouse or sweater, a jumper, most often worn by young girls.[199] With nothing on underneath and decorated with only the letters HRH, it was a provocative gesture by the perverted host making a lasting impression on the prince who wrote in his Christmas card that year:

Jimmy, with affectionate greetings from Charles. Give my love to your ladies in Scotland.[200]

Considering Savile sexually abused at least 20 children in that same cottage that after his death was sold for twice the original asking price but apparently has been left to rot, still begs the question, were the “ladies” Charles was referring to in his Christmas card, grown up ladies or more aptly Savile’s underage victims?[201]

In one of Sir Jimmy’s more than half dozen police interviews spanning his half century crime spree, during his final probe, under caution with Surrey police in 2009, two years before his death, Savile made countless references to the royal family, using his ever-tight bond as a guaranteed buffer against accountability for all his rapes.[202] A released transcript of the interview contained an astounding 96 redacted lines blacked out, making certain all references to the royals were completely censored. Breaching standard protocol, the Surrey police traveled to Savile’s “home” office at Stoke-Mandeville Hospital where he raped the infirm including dead corpses,[203] to question him regarding abuse allegations filed by three former students at Duncroft Approved School for girls. With Queen Elizabeth’s cousin Princess Alexandra, a Duncroft patron and friend of Savile’s, in his 1974 autobiography Savile mentions attending a garden party with the princess at the state run residential facility in Surrey that closed in the 1980s. In that same book Savile even admitted to having sex with a 14-year old runaway.[204] Bottom line, MI5 knew, the police knew, Charles knew and the royal family knew Savile was a child sodomite but loved him and protected him anyway. And we know why. His autobiography states:

With Angus Olgilvy and his super missus Princess Alexandra one feels a great friendship from the off. I am the vice-president to his Presidency of the National Association of Youth Clubs and he is often down with us at headquarters in Devonshire Street, wanting to know what’s happening. Princess Alex is a patron of a hostel for girls in care. At this place I’m a cross between a termtime boyfriend and a fixer of special trips out. Girls in care don’t take kindly to royal rules, protocol and the like, but Alex just steams in, captures them and anyone else that’s around, and steams out.[205] 

As a deceitful goodwill ambassador for children, UK’s #1 sexual predator of all time enjoyed virtually unlimited VIP access and accommodations for many decades at Britain’s NHS and care system facilities. In the police interview the royal name dropper of course denied any wrongdoing while police officers kissed the celebrity’s ass during the near hour long chitchat, heavily criticized for not challenging the guilty as sin criminal’s cocky assertions. Despite 22 Duncroft abuse victims coming forth, no charges were ever brought against either Savile in 2009 or the enabling staff investigated a half decade later.[206] The reason Surrey police so strongly urged Crown Prosecution Service not to prosecute Savile was not from lack of evidence but simply the royal family’s involvement.[207] With the monarchy connection automatically quashed, the scum of the earth was allowed to go to his grave dying “a legend” and “national treasure” two days shy of his 85th birthday, topped off by eulogized tributes led by a deeply “saddened” Prince Charles.[208] The function of security services, police, CPS and parliament render all criminal evidence leading to royalty off limits by media and redacted blackout, destroyed evidence or strict royal privacy laws ensuring the truth never sees the light of day for the sake of defense of the realm.[209] So an archaic abomination of a monarchy can still parasitically get away with murder and rape.

Repeated instances are on record of Charles seeking advice, guidance and assistance from Sir Jimmy, the lifetime bachelor, in response to his marital difficulties with Diana as well as consultation and feedback over selecting personal aides, leaning on Savile for the distasteful task of firing a particular staff that Diana said was a task Charles didn’t have the stomach for.[210] Prior to becoming the royal couple’s private secretary and treasurer in 1990, Charles asked Savile to sit in and essentially co-interview Sir Christopher Airy. In 1988 the heir to the throne asked Savile to become his royal party organizer for a Kensington Palace cocktail party with a group of television producers after a successful ITV telethon.[211] The Prince of Wales leaned on Savile’s sway over the National Health Services, requesting his presence at a Highgate meeting with all of Britain’s health chiefs. After the prince left, Savile threatened the health officials to not piss Charles off or it could cost them their knighthood.[212] The more the future king relied on him, the more the over-the-hill megalomaniacal DJ relished throwing the full weight of his power around.

Doing so much for the Crown secured the legendary child predator boosted status, power and protection. Again and again situations arose where Prince Charles entrusted the Disc Jockey for his constant support, be it handling the prince’s delicate personal affairs like the royals’ disintegrating marriages or important day-to-day royal decisions involving the hiring and firing of key palace personnel to checking the prince’s speeches, all illustrate the enormous significance of the intimate role Sir Jimmy played as Charles’ trusted mentor and life supporter.[213] Though Diana saw through Savile’s self-serving creepiness, especially after licking her hand, the princess’s own observations confirm the fact that the pedophile was super close and extremely influential to Prince Charles.

The “Jim’ll Fix It” persona made Jimmy the royal fixer in Charles’ life for many years, because as Savile boasted, he earned the reputation for “getting things done” in “deep cover” service to the realm. Based on decades of mounting trust and proven reliance, Charles felt he could count on Savile to get him out of any fix, scrape or jam, regardless of how sticky or tricky. And Jimmy counted on Charles having his back as well. That’s the kind of deep bonded survival trust the prince and pedophile shared, developed over several decades with the aging DJ as the MI5 vetted child procurer for the rich and powerful. The future king grew more confident that, no matter what, Savile would always have his back as well, no matter what, cementing their symbiotic “special” relationship based upon decades of trust and mutually shared tastes and interests that extended far beyond their joint work together in various child charities.

After all, Jimmy Savile filled an emotional void for Charles, especially after violently losing his earliest family mentor and confidant – pedophile Uncle Dickie in August 1979.[214] With the prince’s relationship with his own father Philip always cold, strained and contentious, Charles never quite passed Germanic muster as the stoic, manly kind of future king expected of his firstborn son, at least not by Prince Philip’s Nazi standards.[215] The ingratiating Sir Jimmy was always soliciting, reassuring and never coldly rejecting like his sourpuss father. Charles’ dependence on supportive, trustworthy older male role models from Lord Mountbatten transferred over to Jimmy Savile and Church of England Bishop Peter Ball. But they all shared one thing in common – they were all coldblooded predatory pedophiles to the nth degree. Now what does that tell you about Charles?

And what does it say when papal knight Sir Jimmy is best buds for over three decades with UK’s top religious leaders from both churches. Britain’s highest ranking Catholic Cardinal Keith O’Brien was forced to resign in disgrace in February 2013 after exposure for repeatedly making unwanted sexual advances on young priests, one as young as 18,[216] and both the future king and Savile remaining close loyal friends with Church of England’s celebrity Bishop Peter Ball, the highest ranking convicted pedophile within the Queen’s own church.[217] All these facts speak ever so loud and clear – “birds of a feather, flock together.”

Gifting Savile a box of cigars and pair of gold cufflinks for his 80th birthday, Prince Charles wrote an encrypted thank you message on behalf of the entire British Establishment (pedo-network) that read:

Nobody will ever know what you have done for this country Jimmy. This is to go some way in thanking you for that.[218]

Counting on Savile’s dark secrets staying safe with him, from the get-go Charles always had security services filling him in on the DJ’s “deep cover” work in spite of a minority of royal advisors warning the prince to distance himself from the creepy pervert. But needing Savile’s services and support emotionally, Charles chose not to listen.

Let’s face it, no other single individual on the planet has left such indelibly distinctive fingerprints of “his services” rendered in every major pedophilia scandal in British history from the 1960s right into the 21st century as Sir Jimmy Savile. His name uniquely comes up invariably in virtually every chapter of this book, and, as a result, Savile is a huge reason why the United Kingdom’s the world’s pedophilia epicenter, amply demonstrated from Chapters 19 through 32. With Savile’s far-reaching tentacles uniquely dipped so deep in the darkest bowels of every public domain, from government, health, education, entertainment, charity, religion, military, law enforcement to royalty, Savile was the central spoke or common link to Britain’s growing pedophilia network. And with all his tolerated grand scale abuse perpetrated in plain sight, indefinitely embedded for over a half century, Savile’s criminal services as national child procurer was duly rewarded with a lifetime guarantee of shielded protection by police, security services, the BBC, prime ministers and especially the royal family.

Savile was an untouchable and arrogantly knew it, that’s why everyone on the inside was very well aware of what he was really up to, but in deference to his unbridled evil power, all remained silent until it was safe after death. Savile was a self-described loner who had few true friends.[219] Colleagues who knew him for decades maintain they hardly knew him at all.[220] His sleaziness and self-serving, psychopathic, ruthlessly aggressive nature was secretly reviled and feared by those who got to know him up close and personal. Psychologist Oliver James concluded that Savile was Machiavellian, narcissistic and psychopathic, projecting and acting out his own deep pathology onto innocent victims.[221] Not exactly the fun-loving, altruistic, iconic entertainer generations of British kids fondly remember.

So there must be only one explanation as to why Satanist Savile was so much “revered” and honored while alive, he had the dirt on everybody in power as the kiddie procurer who “got things done” working “deep cover” with security services on expansion of UK’s pedo-network. And for all his efforts, he was made a Malta Knight and Esteemed Friend of Israel.[222] Granted an early OBE from the Queen in 1972 on recommendation from then PM Edward Heath, a child rapist-murderer and fellow Satanist, and then knighted by the Queen in 1990 on PM Thatcher’s 5th nominated go-round only a month after her safely leaving office. Then a month later as the “world’s most Jewish Roman Catholic,” Pope John Paul II, head of the biggest pedo-racket on earth, bestowed papal knighthood on “the saint” who could do no wrong in our upside down Luciferian world. You might consider all these undeserved accolades as Jimmy Savile’s hush rewards, his covert payoff thanking him as much for his many years of pedo-service as his bought, mum’s-the-word, wink, wink silence.

In July 2014 even the cabal-controlled Time Magazine finally got one right with the feature story entitled “England: Land of Royals, Tea and Horrific Pedophilia Coverups.”[223] But mainstream media can only go so far in raising questions about Prince Charles’ incredibly poor judgment, explaining how the future king foolishly succumbed to the evil predator’s charm, but never dare cross the line to actually suggest that Savile was ever pimping kids to the rich and powerful, among them the royals, despite the fact that a number of the Windsor men based on confirmed documented history unrelated to Savile indicate strong likelihood, if not certainty, that they are/were pedophiles. This kind of bottom line allegation, if ever accepted as truth, in a heartbeat would bring down the House of Windsor and end Britain’s more than a millennium monarchal reign. So the controller-owned media will never bite the hand that feeds it.

Meanwhile, the truth’s been staring us in the face for decades, from Lord Mountbatten to Prince Andrew’s unlawfully despicable improprieties to Prince Charles’ choice of “mentors and best friends.” The controlled corporate media can never explicitly state the obvious. But in the case of the worst of the lot – Jimmy Savile, the “all too obvious” remained within our plain sight for over half a century. When it’s all added up, too much credible evidence speaks louder than the British Establishment’s feeble blackout of the truth. When all that is readily available and known within the public domain is taken fully into account, it makes for a formidably persuasive, if not open and shut case. Beyond his crude charm, mainstream media bothering to take on the topic of Savile’s “special” relationship with the royals, always chalk it up to Prince Charles’ naiveté and gullibility. That’s attributing to a far from stupid man the much too feeble and lame an excuse and benefit of doubt that fails miserably to stand up as anything remotely plausible. Bottom line, the propensity for the Windsor men to surround themselves with sexual child predators has everything to do with them being child sexual predators themselves.

The confirmed pedophile Mountbatten helped raise both Philip and Charles during their impressionable, formative years while both were young lads, acting as a significant mentoring role model as well as surrogate father to both. Dickie’s sexual urges to act on his impulses are almost for certain since pedophiles are compulsively driven to repeat their pedophilic behavior, particularly when ample opportunity affords itself. With Charles’ father reportedly a pedophile,[224] and Charles’ four great uncles Prince Edward VIII, his brother Prince George along with Lord Mountbatten and his older brother George Mountbatten all reputed pedophile perverts, and Charles’ brother Andrew’s evidential pedo-leanings, it’s more than fair to assert that Charles possesses a strong genetic predisposition, additionally reinforced experientially by close contact with familial child abusers. Given this reality, it totally fits that Charles’ two closest friends and mentors would be the all-time most infamous pedophile in British history and the most notorious Church of England bishop as UK’s most senior cleric convicted of pedophilia. What are the odds of all that? It makes perfect sense when pedophilia runs so pervasively deep in royal family.

In Noel Botham’s 2004 exposé The Murder of Princess Diana, he writes:

Lord Mountbatten, known affectionately around the palace as the biggest queen in the royal family, had surrounded Charles with homosexuals during the period when he had been entrusted by Queen Elizabeth with her eldest son’s social upbringing. Diana did not like the clique that was similarly intended to be around her two sons and had systematically got rid of over 40 gay members of her husband’s staff by forcing resignations or personally firing them.[225]

When from day one, Charles’ primary conditioning years were inundated by the normalcy of homosexual pedophilia, the long-term effect was to predispose him toward the same behavior, replicating the same dynamic for his sons. But as much as she could, the princess’s protective, maternal instinct sabotaged the overwhelming Windsor male legacy.

But it didn’t stop Charles from gravitating to one pedophile after another, all taking on roles as close confidants and mentors heavily shaping and influencing him, making up for his lack of closeness and accessibility to his own preoccupied, emotionally distant parents. South African writer Laurens van der Post (1906-1996) is considered Charles’ most influential guru and lifelong mentor. The prince even asked the aging van der Post to be Prince William’s godfather. For decades Prince Charles sought out his personal sage for advice and guidance, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher also often relied on van der Post’s counsel for support. And just like Charles, she too grew incredibly close to Savile and was notoriously surrounded and protective of her pedo-saturated cabinet ministers as well (See Chapter 22). But it turns out Charles’ guru was also a child abuser, while in his late 40s impregnating a 14-year old girl who bore him a secret love child.[226] Only after the womanizing “wise man” died did his shameful secret emerge. And then apparently even Charles’ current wife Camilla Duchess of Cambridge doesn’t care if her close friend with whom she travels on a 2005 holiday to Italy is a reputed sadistic homosexual pedophile and VIP child procurer – Derek Laud (See Chapter 30).[227] These people have no shame.

Another pedophile was the science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke. The expatriate author of 2001 Space Odyssey living the second half of his life in Sri Lanka, in 1998 was granted knighthood by the Queen. But reporters from the Mirror went to the Sri Lankan capital Colombo and interviewed him, including men who claimed Clarke had sexually abused them as young boys.[228] In his Mirror interview Clarke as much as admitted he’d taken to enjoying boys for sex, incredibly even justifying his actions as harmless,[229]  though insisting that in recent years his medical issues had prohibited him. But the head of current affairs at the Sri Lankan Broadcasting Company maintained that “just a few months ago” Clarke was sexually active with underage boys.[230] At the time of the controversy in 1998, Clarke insisted that defaming him with such allegations was aimed to embarrass Prince Charles who was the designated royal honoring him. Clarke contacted his lawyer and the Mirror was wrongly pressured into an apology.

In view of the fact that places like Sri Lanka, Thailand, the Philippines and Cambodia are notorious for sex tourism attracting hordes of Western pedophiles, there was an establishment urgency to deny that Arthur C. Clarke was ever a child abuser living abroad, for the sake of upholding his renowned literary reputation, tourism and the Queen’s honors for knighthood. So in the end, it went forward. Bottom line, though a great writer, Clarke was a pedophile who in 2008 died a 90-year old in denial. The hypocritical irony is granting knighthood to known pedophiles has never, ever been an issue for the Queen or Prince. To the contrary, royalty has always cozied right up to child raping knights every chance they ever get.

Turning to Charles’ brother born nearly a dozen years after Charles, Prince Andrew also has a thing for pedophiles. Due to his exposure in the still ongoing Epstein-Maxwell pedo-scandal (See Chapter 14), as of December 2019, Prince Andrew the Duke of York has been relieved of all official royal duties due to the humiliation caused by his unbreakable ties to Jeffrey Epstein. But the cat was let out of the bag more than a half decade earlier with an April 4, 2014 Daily Mail headline:

Bombshell Court Document that Claims Prince Andrew Knew about Billionaire Friend’s Abuse of Under-age Girls[231]

The “party prince” was checkmated from the sleazy start, compliments of his pimping good buddies Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislane Maxwell. Prince Andrew’s innocence of any wrongdoing rings completely hollow in the face of Virginia Roberts’ persistent claims she was forced to have sex with the royal three times.[232] Meanwhile, according to an October 2019 tabloid headline from The Sun, “Prince Andrew admits ‘best friend’ Jeffrey Epstein was Jimmy Savile-style ‘undercover paedo.’”[233]  And then former assigned royal police officers insist that the prince’s alibi, his bogus pizza story, is false,[234] and an Epstein employee-witness on Epstein’s sex slave island Little St. James went public insisting he observed Prince Andrew kissing, fondling and groping underage victim Virginia.[235] In December 2019 yet another damaging witness came forth to report that she was within feet of Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts on the Tramp nightclub dancefloor in March 2001.[236]

The royal bleeding just doesn’t stop. Prince Andrew attended an elite Canadian prep school in Ontario, Canada back in the 1970s as a youngster. In 2008 Andrew went back to his alma mater, Lakefield College School, to publicly honor the Anglican priest who worked there and attended the prince’s 1986 wedding but had died in 2001.[237] Keith Gleed was employed as the Anglican priest at the school from 1974 to 1980, the same years the young prince attended. Subsequent to Andrew’s 2008 tribute, former students have come forth to report that Andrew’s favorite priest was yet another pedophile. At least five of Gleed’s victims prompted an investigation that in 2015 determined that the cleric preyed on young boys throughout his Lakefield tenure. So by historical fact, every single male that Prince Andrew and Prince Charles get closest to and most admire, turns out to be yet another hardcore child sexual predator. Odds?

An additional link between Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein, aside from the royals’ gal pal spy Ghislaine Maxwell introducing the two back in the late 1990s,[238] is film and television producer Tim O’Brien.[239] An apparent mystery man, he’s largely been scrubbed from the internet. Tim O’Brien was a close friend of Epstein, who in turn helped finance some of O’Brien’s films.[240] His most notable Hollywood entry from 1996, “The Boy’s Club,” stars Sean Penn’s deceased younger brother Michael Penn. Tim O’Brien is said to be the prince’s friend since their schooldays at Lakefield together with pedo-priest Gleed back in the 1970s. Since the prince was close to O’Brien since the 1970s who is close to Epstein, it raises the possibility that Andrew may have met Epstein earlier through O’Brien. Though at the time the Duke of York’s private secretary Alastair Watson wrote in a letter defending his boss, it ended up contradicting Andrew’s insistence that he met Epstein in 1999:

The duke has known Mr Epstein since being introduced to him in the early 1990s.[241]

It’s been noted that British articles written about Prince Andrew’s liaisons with the pimping couple from the 1990s and early 2000s prior to Epstein’s arrest are no longer available online. However, an incisive series of dot connecting pieces written by talented journalist Whitney Webb for Mint Press News has managed to access a number of disappearing British media coverage written many years prior to Epstein’s 2006 arrest. Whitney mentions how manipulative the sexual blackmail entrapment of the unsuspecting prince was, based on observations made by friends of the blackmailing duo Jeffrey and Ghislaine in 2001.[242] The articles’ reference Andrew’s travels and his massages where he brought along his own massage mattress. Embedded in the word massage was Epstein’s code word for sex with underage girls.

The senior royal traveled to not only all of Epstein’s pleasure pads but Maxwell and Epstein both joined him on a holiday excursion to Phuket, Thailand. In January 2015 photos of Andrew in 2001 surfaced with him surrounded by topless young girls lounging on a yacht.[243] In fact, the London press reported Maxwell accompanied the prince on eight separate vacations, five of which also included Epstein. Andrew invited his secret blackmailers as his personal guests to his mother’s 74th birthday bash in 2000. An Evening Standard article on January 22, 2001 commented:

Ghislaine is also now organising Andrew’s social life in much the same way, introducing him to attractive women and encouraging his relationships with, among others, lingerie model Heidi Klum and PR girl Emma Gibbs. Indeed Ghis-laine, Epstein and Andrew now appear to have evolved a curious symbiotic relationship wherever Ghislaine is seen with Andrew, Epstein is never far behind.[244]

Less than a month away from 40, divorced for four years, Prince Andrew appeared to be undergoing a midlife crisis and Ghislaine was dubbed in the press as “his fixer.” With the child traffickers taking over his life, the article reflected the very legitimate concerns of the prince’s family and close friends:

His erratic behaviour has greatly upset Buckingham Palace and his ex-wife Fergie. No saint herself in the past, Fergie has been complaining he is so busy clubbing he doesn’t even have time to babysit Princesses Beatrice, 12, and Eugenie, 10.[245]


The two quotations above were printed just 7 weeks before Andrew sexually assaulted Virginia Roberts.


The man who set up the topless girl getaway for the prince back in 2001 is another old friend, the sports equipment tycoon from Monaco Johan Eliasch.[246] In 2002 he and Andrew became business partners, launching Naples Gold Limited under the prince’s fake name Andrew Inverness, registered in the British Virgin Islands by shady financier David “Spotty” Rowland. The prince has a habit of getting his hand caught in the crooked, crumbling cookie jar. Then while trade envoy there was that trip to Libya that Spotty and the prince took to discuss some shady dealings with Muammar Gaddafi,[247] himself accused of having “kidnapped and raped hundreds of girls and boys.”[248] Was there a mutual agenda exploring investment in the global pedophilia network?


A 2001 UK newspaper article even linked Epstein’s business deals to Bill Gates, something the killer virus promiser-deliverer has repeatedly denied, that is until photographic proof shut him up. Since the 1990s, Epstein was always presented in the press as the flashy mystery man, garishly slinging billions around the world. Of course we now know the sexual blackmail-trafficking game raked in gobs of cold hard cash while transparently the pedophile-Mossad agent was disguised as a “property management” mogul, easily enticing corrupt banks like Deutsche, Citi and HSBC to launder his “billions.”[249]

Once again it bears re-mentioning that MI5 vets anyone who even remotely enters the life of a royal family member, so Andrew’s claims of ignorance are pure BS. He knew exactly what he was getting into. Nor was he oblivious as to the life of his close chum Ghislaine and her relationship to her master spy father Robert. The planetary controllers are cocksure of their untouchable status and that any involvement in seedy cesspit operations will automatically be shielded and granted total impunity, brazenly not fearing any public scrutiny or exposure at all. And even though Andrew’s blown it with a permanently disgraced reputation that from now on will only draw public scorn and contempt, due to the cabal’s level of deep state corruption, he still will never be required to either give testimony to the FBI nor answer for his crimes against multiple victims… unless a miracle or revolution occurs first.

A 2003 Evening Standard article is eerily revealing.

Ghislaine has risen, largely thanks to property developer Epstein bankrolling her, to become queen of the billionaires’ social circuit, [adding] Jeffrey only likes billionaires or very young women and uses Ghislaine as his social pimp.[250] [Boldface for bold]

With the above statement, even the mainstream British press appears to be giving away pre-knowledge of the true Epstein-Maxwell criminal operation. Several pre-arrest articles as far back as 1992 state that Epstein was working for intelligence services, including both the CIA and Mossad. Epstein and Maxwell knew each other at least since November 1991 when her father allegedly died, which is when it is said she moved to New York. The couple are pictured together in a New York City tribute to her deceased father, with Ghislaine flanked by Epstein and actor Tony Randall. But the Mossad linked duo had met earlier. Journalist Dylan Howard stated that longtime former Mossad agent Ari Ben-Menashe told him:

The business that Robert Maxwell had was turned over to Jeffrey Epstein almost in a switch before Maxwell died in mysterious circumstances in 1991.[251]

So the Maxwell-Epstein global honeytrap blackmail operation set up by Israeli intelligence and financed by Mega Group Zionist tycoon Les Wexner that began in the 1980s was very likely connected to Craig Spence, the Washington DC pedophile ringleader in cahoots with trafficker Lawrence King’s Nebraska Franklin scandal during the Reagan and George Bush senior era (See Chapter 13).[252] The pedo-torch was simply passed seamlessly from one administration and network pimp to the next as the Epstein-Maxwell operation segued right into the Clinton-Bush junior era. And Trump’s mentor Roy Cohn ran the honeytrap operation on the Eastern Seaboard starting in the late 1950s and 1960s. And in the UK it was a parallel process with the Kray brothers in the late 1950s into the 1960s with Jimmy Savile taking over up through the 1980s joined by the likes of Colin Peters, Peter Righton, the Sidney Cooke gang, John Allen and Derek Laud in the 1980s right into the 1990s. And the sad pathetic tragedy is the globalized child sex slave trade is currently booming larger than ever.

By 2000, an unnamed company with the same business address as Epstein’s financial office on Madison Avenue bought Ghislaine Maxwell’s NYC townhouse for $4.95 million from previous owner Lyn Forester, who that same year married Evelyn de Rothschild to become Lyn Forester de Rothschild.[253] Some sources claim Lyn de Rothschild introduced Epstein to Bill Clinton while others claim since Chelsea Clinton was a friend of Ghislaine, she introduced them to her parents. Though the Clinton camp have attempted to propagate the deception that it wasn’t until Bill was out of office that he and the sex offender hooked up, written evidence clearly shows that Epstein had access to the White House many times beginning in the early 1990s throughout Bill’s presidency.[254] By 1996, the future Mrs. Rothschild was also busy introducing Epstein to the later accused sex abuser Alan Dershowitz, Epstein’s friend and lawyer that in a decade would lead the dream team alongside Kenneth Starr to his sweetheart deal.[255] The same criminal cabal players invariably keep reappearing linking the House of Rothschild and House of Windsor to the global pedophilia operations.

Meanwhile, the still “free as a bird,” co-trafficking Mossad agent Ghislaine Maxwell remains the prince’s pedo-pal even to this day. And just to illustrate this small circle of elitist friends within their pedophilic cabal, a recently released photograph features a trio of sexual predator criminals, depicting the freshly convicted rapist pig Harvey Weinstein,[256] all smiles back in 2006 posing with soon to-be arrested pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and still unprosecuted pedophile Mossad partner-in crime Ghislaine Maxwell, celebrating Prince Andrew’s older daughter Beatrice’s 18th birthday at Windsor Castle.[257] The now 32-year old Beatrice is currently prepping to walk down the royal aisle this merry month of May, arm-in-arm with her forever disgraced pedo-daddy. With Harvey and Jeffrey currently predisposed, don’t bet on “fugitive” Ghislaine crashing the wedding either.

A former royal protection officer recently reported that the close bond between Prince Andrew and Ghislaine had her visiting Buckingham Palace up to four times a day with intimate picnics together on the grounds in view of the Queen’s bedroom window.[258] Constantly staying in contact with one another, as recently as June 6, 2019, Maxwell was sighted together with Andrew at Buckingham Palace, just a month prior to the Epstein re-arrest.[259] The photo of Harvey, Jeffrey and Ghislaine at Windsor Palace is a glancing snapshot representing the unholy Luciferian marriage between British royalty, Jewish Hollywood royalty and Zionist pimping royalty from the Mossad global child sexual blackmail trafficking network thriving today.

In yet another episode of “noose around the neck gets tighter,” the phony Andrew story about pizza time in Woking with daughter Beatrice, then straight to bed at his Sunninghill home like a good princely dad, just got shot to pieces when a respected former protection officer maintains the prince arrived in the early hours of March 11, 2001 at Buckingham Palace.[260] He recalls Andrew yelling, “Open these gates you bloody buffoons!” This strongly corroborates Virginia Roberts-Giuffre’s timeline contention that earlier that night in Ghislaine Maxwell’s upstairs townhouse, the prince had sex with her before his belligerent return to the palace in the middle of the night. Virginia rebutted the prince’s lies for BBC Panorama in early December 2019, convincingly blowing away all doubt of his innocence.[261] Met Police in 2015 briefly “investigated” the allegations against the prince, but by 2016 closed its inquiry, deferring to US law enforcement as lead investigators.[262] We already know who Met’s working for, same as the FBI.

For such a tireless children’s advocate busily founding one child charity after another for young kids suffering across the world, in an interview with Vogue Arabia, Sarah Ferguson gives zero thought for the scores, if not hundreds of Epstein-Maxwell victims.[263] In reaction to the anti-Andrew backlash after his disastrous November BBC interview, all she could talk about was how her ex-husband has been so brutally raked over the coals, calling it “appalling” and insisting that the prince has suffered “enormous pain” over this entire unfair ordeal for her poor little picked on victim of an ex-husband.

Recently The Sun unearthed another damning photo from 2003 showing a smiling Prince Andrew hanging out with former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, himself linked to the Epstein scandal, further showing that the royal prince stayed at Epstein’s New Mexico ranch… establishing yet more proof of the longstanding intimate involvement with the infamous pedo-trafficker.[264] In fact, Epstein’s housekeeper at his New Mexico ranch stated that in 2001 Prince Andrew stayed for three days with “a beautiful young neurosurgeon” supplied by Epstein who wasn’t present, all for the prince’s pleasure.[265]

Another shady revelation that’s come to light is that once Andrew’s affiliations with Epstein got him booted off his cushy government gig as public trade envoy in 2011, the prince has been secretly setting up at least four linked investment fund companies under the assumed name “Andrew Inverness.”[266] Since this information only surfaced in December 2019, critics view it as an obvious ploy to avoid potential scrutiny, especially since he’s got so much to hide. It was just disclosed last October that despite losing his lofty post, Andrew has amassed a fortune of £57million pounds, only less than Charles at £100million and the Queen at £1.6billion.[267] Since these are just the “official” numbers, each one’s individual worth deeply hidden away from all prying eyes has to be way more.

With last November’s BBC interview only inviting more scrutiny, it appears Andrew’s extravagant spending lifestyle far exceeds whatever legitimate sources of income he may actually still have, which raises serious red flag legal and ethical issues. His annual naval pension amounts to just £20,000 and his mommy’s yearly allowance as a senior royal is £250,000, and that’s been snatched since he’s no longer doing official royal business, yet he spends so much more than his income can possibly generate. Part of how he does it is using people like David Rowland and his family owned Luxembourg based bank for the rich. In November it waNovember ly fis main men beingimes. chable exjoying complete impunity his entireas UK’ property management mogul to launder bils learned that for at least the last decade the prince has been cheating British taxpayers, misusing his publicly funded trade missions to create private income by secretly diverting funds to a hidden Caribbean tax haven while luring his trade contacts to invest in his own tax-free offshore fund.[268] This partially explains how he’s able to live such an opulent lifestyle after being fired from his official UK trade job way back in 2011.

Like his father, Prince Andrew has always been known for sticking his foot in his mouth. With such insensitive, highly revealing remarks as the ones displayed right after the false flag Lockerbie plane tragedy,[269] no doubt feeling put upon as the single royal representative forced to attend the Lockerbie, Scotland aftermath just before Christmas in 1988, longtime royalty journalist Richard Kay commented:

Not only did he upset the people of Lockerbie – where 11 residents were killed on the ground – by declaring that it was ‘much worse for the Americans’ (259 passengers and crew were on the U.S. airliner) but he added that it had been ‘only a matter of time’ before a plane fell out of the sky.[270]

Andrew has a long history of bullying his staff, frivolously chasing hedonistic pleasure at all cost and never really growing up, despite putting in 22 years with the Royal Navy, yet only reaching the rank of commander. Journalist Richard Kay wrote an article in 2001 openly critical in his assessment, asking whether the 41-year old prince in view of his shortcomings was actually up for the task as roving ambassador for British Trade International.[271] Had it not been for the strong lobbying efforts of the power-broking Rothschild agent Lord Mandelson, Prince Andrew would never have stood a chance securing such an important gig as official promoter of British trade in 2001. Pedophile Lord Peter Mandelson (See Chapter 23) first met the prince while Mandelson was heading the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC). Only in the world’s pedo-epicenter would a pedophile prince and pedophile politician be the leading patrons in the nation’s largest children’s charity organization whose primary purpose is preventing child abuse. As likeminded pervs, naturally Mandelson and Andrew swiftly hit it off and became friends. Chalk up yet another pedo friend for the prince. Soon enough, through pedo-pimping matchmaker Ghiz, so were Mandy and Epstein friends.[272] That’s the key in how they keep getting away with it – stack all gatekeeping posts with pedophiles and enablers, with the more pedophiles, always the better for the cabal.

A source claiming to know both Prince Andrew and Epstein well was quoted in a June 2011 Vanity Fair article:

I remember when Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein first became friends, Jeffrey had Andrew put on a pair of sweatpants for the first time in his life. He had him wear blue jeans for the first time. It was Jeffrey who taught Andrew how to relax.[273]

But the same friend called Andrew after Epstein was arrested in 2006 and said:

You cannot have a relationship with Jeffrey. You can’t do these things. And he said, ‘Stop giving me a hard time. You’re such a puritan.’ From there, our conversation descended into a screaming match, and finally Andrew said, ‘Leave me alone. Jeffrey’s my friend. Being loyal to your friends is a virtue. And I’m going to be loyal to him.’[274]

According to the same Vanity Fair article, Juan Alessi, a former Epstein employee at his Palm Beach estate, stated in a sworn deposition:

Andrew attended naked pool parties and was treated to massages by a harem of adolescent girls.[275]

Andrew’s blind loyalty to continue friendship with Jeff and Ghiz, the king and queen of the turn-of-the-century pedo-trafficking empire, resulted in the loss of his prestigious trade envoy position. But during the entire decade as the Crown’s poster boy for international trade, Andrew kept some bad company aside from just Jeff and Ghiz. The prince regularly hosted, wined and dined with oppressive tyrants from Tunisia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, accepting a £20,000 diamond necklace for his daughter Beatrice’s 21st birthday from a convicted Libyan drug and arms dealer.[276] He even sold his Sunninghill mansion in 2007, given to him and Sarah by the queen as their wedding gift, to the Kazakhstan president’s son-in-law for £3 million more than the £12m asking price, listed the previous 5 years without a buyer, after claiming Andrew wasn’t the “fixer” in a £385m deal for a Kazakh oligarch.[277] Three years after losing his function as UK trade envoy, in 2014 Andrew shamelessly flew to oil-gas rich Azerbaijan, kowtowing to one of the most oppressive, corrupt billionaire dictators in the world, Ilham Aliyev.[278] Though this visit was one of his many private trips to Baku, as an envoy he went there another dozen times.

“Airmiles Andy” was repeatedly criticized for misallocating public funds, partaking of too many holidays on the ski slopes and golf courses during his envoy tenure. The prince constantly took gross advantage, misusing his public function designed to increase UK trade, but instead hustled making private business deals with despots from nations around the globe, possessing the world’s worst human rights records. On top of his ongoing pedo-problem, the last straw for his piss-poor on the job performance came in December 2010 when WikiLeaks published a US diplomat’s classified cable based on an October 2008 meeting with the US Ambassador in Kyrgyzstan prior to a meeting with the Kyrgyz prime minister, noting the prince’s “rude” behavior and attitude over the Serious Fraud Office “idiocy” daring to probe a Saudi arms deal. But the royal prince’s pure arrogance and imperialistic hubris shot off the page in his remark:

The United Kingdom, Western Europe (and by extension you Americans too) were now back in the thick of playing the Great Game. And this time we aim to win![279] 

After the pompous ass lost his trade job, and after a near decade of hiding behind feeble palace denials over the Epstein debacle, mounting pressure finally forced Andrew to face the music in last November’s train wreck interview, lying through his teeth, fumbling foolishly and obstinately to defend his choice to stay friends with the infamous pedophile, even laughably claiming his loyalty showed him to be “too honorable.”[280] Everyone watching his disastrous public performance knows absolutely that he was lying. At the queen’s behest, it led directly to his being forced to give up his official royal duties. The queen then gave her favorite son his walking papers, ordering him to move his private business offices out of Buckingham Palace.[281]

Andrew’s “what goes around, comes around” bad karma came home to roost in time for his 60th birthday this year, leaving the unpopular prince without even enough invitees willing to join his pathetic birthday soiree on February 19th, embarrassingly having to send out more invitations for his downsized Royal Lodge gathering.[282] With Andrew’s spiraling downfall causing such humiliating disgrace, destroying the reputation of the royal family Firm, and now with his shady finances exposed, it’s raising questions of how he has managed to continue living such a lavish lifestyle in the face of shrinking revenue sources.

With Andrew’s pedo-buddy laying low since last August, assumedly 6 feet under but perhaps cosmetically incognito in Israel, to fill the void left in his giant absence, maybe Andrew and Ghislaine have hooked up where Epstein left off. That would at least account for both the prince’s inexplicably inflated income and why he and his gal pal have maintained so much contact in recent years. And with all his closest associates busted as VIP pedophiles and pimps, as his next big gig and latest life choice, perhaps he’s taken up child sex trafficking himself since it’s so sinisterly lucrative, not to mention required diet for royal Luciferian rituals. Taking for granted living his entire pampered, spoiled, “princely” life as a royal untouchable, the smug prince arrogantly believes he’s fully protected with guaranteed impunity from all possibility of arrest and prosecution, regardless of how sickeningly deplorable his crimes might be.

What’s most obvious is all the high-end pedophiles compromised and blackmailed by their associations with Epstein are doing everything in their power to ensure that 58-year old Ghislaine Maxwell’s not apprehended, indicted, or apt to spill the pedo-cabal’s rotten beans. The sensationalizing media alleges she’s in possession of pilot licenses to travel by submarine or helicopter for quick, on-the-run getaways,[283] and, via her superspy dad, she’s the “Bonnie and Clyde” darling of Mossad’s Israel, as well as holder of both US and British citizenship. The globetrotting child sex abusing trafficker is indeed very well protected, today reportedly hidden in safe houses inside Israel.[284] Meanwhile, Prince Andrew’s been begging her to come forward to rescue him, denying he’s had any sex with underage girls.[285] But looking out for #1, she’s choosing to remain in hiding. Those who worked for Epstein claim she was the behind the scenes boss and mastermind all along, running the Mossad blackmail operation with the same ruthless, cutthroat style her dad used. He disappeared three decades ago and now it’s her turn.

The damaging news just keeps getting more damaging for Prince Andrew. During his infamous December 2011 visit at Epstein’s NYC pad, the largest residence in all of Manhattan, when he and Jeffrey went for their infamous walk in the park together, allegedly telling the recently jailed sex offender that Andrew just couldn’t be his friend anymore, film footage surfaced in August 2019 showing young attractive women coming and going from Epstein’s place.[286] One of the visitors, Katherine Keating, is the 29-year old daughter of former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating. As Katherine leaves the mansion, the prince smiles and waves goodbye from the doorway. Katherine Keating’s father is one of three former Australian prime ministers named and accused by courageous victim-survivor Fiona Barnett,[287] and equally brave politician Franca Arena who confronted her peers in Parliament with Australia’s large pedophile ring involving politicians, judges, doctors and media moguls, naming Katherine’s father among the ring as well.[288] So what’s the daughter of an accused pedo-prime minister doing at a convicted pedo’s residence? Both she and Andrew have avoided answering that question.

One thing we do know about Ms. Keating, she interviewed Ghislaine Maxwell for Huffington Post in July 2014, showcasing the child pimp’s TerraMar project, a non-profit organization to save the oceans.[289] If Maxwell only put that much effort into saving the children she abused. Instead of referring to her as a pimping pedophile-trafficker, Keating’s fluff piece calls her “a philanthropist.” Huffington Post has since deleted the interview. Six days after Epstein’s July 2019 arrest, Maxwell shut down her “philanthropic” operation TerraMar. As of last October 2019, both Ghislaine and fellow pedo-in-crime, French “modeling scout” Jean-Luc Brunel, were reportedly spotted hiding out in Brazil but vanished soon after.[290]

With all the same usual suspects uncannily showing up on the crime cabal radar screen in a high stakes, deceitful world of what you see is the opposite of what you get, let’s look at how big money, royalty, charity, elite schools and the global pedo-network all work hand-in-hand together. Andrew’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson and their longtime close friend Ghislaine were (are?) very close to Epstein, having both been recipients of his ample cash reserves, the debt-ridden Duchess receiving a loan from Epstein.[291] But with Epstein on the low these days, they’re seemingly tighter than ever with the disgraced, yet apparently substantially richer prince. Both Fergie and Ghiz knew what their “other halves” were doing all those years hanging out with so many underage minors.

Additionally, both Fergie and Ghiz are connected to Street Child charity with Fergie the founder and Ghiz the supporter. They’re also both linked to the high-powered transatlantic investment firm Cantor Fitzgerald, though its New York offices were on the uppermost floors of One World Trade Center (CEO Howard “Lucky” Lutnick said he was taking his kid to school that morning).[292] Cantor Fitzgerald is a major fundraiser for Stowe School which both Fergie and Ghiz are again linked to. To this day the property management company of “Lucky” Larry Silverstein,[293]  the 9/11 profiteer who leased the New York trade towers and got $5 billion richer,[294] and Cantor Fitzgerald are in land development partnership out in Sheldon Adelson’s mafia stomping grounds of Las Vegas.[295] On top of that, Epstein lived at 9 East 71st Street and Lutnick at 11 East 71st Street. Epstein’s history at that address is connected to the property next door.

Another anecdotal coincidence from the redhead – Fergie’s charity Chances for Children also occupied an office on the WTC 101st floor, which happened to be on the exact same floor as Cantor Fitzgerald. Her charity mascot “Little Red,” the Sarah lookalike ragdoll, was found in the rubble intact and nearly unblemished that same day of the 9/11 attack,[296]  similar to how the “lead terrorist” Mohammad Atta’s passport was conveniently found a couple days later.[297] Sarah Ferguson said she was in New York City on 9/11 heading for her office, but due to heavy traffic, was running 20 minutes late when the twin towers blew, and just like her red-headed ragdoll, she was saved by her own little miracle. God bless the royals.

The former head of the London Cantor Fitzgerald office, Lee Amaitis, is current owner of CG Technology, a Las Vegas based Cantor Fitzgerald gambling subsidiary that paid the bulk of $22.5 million in bribery to end an illegal gambling and money laundering investigation.[298] Amaitis’ company also fundraises for another Fergie founded charity Children in Crisis. The Stowe School headmaster, Dr. Anthony Wallersteiner, is the trustee and chair of Children in Crisis, and son of the late Kurt Wallersteiner, business associate of Daddy Maxwell, whom the FBI considered both to be Soviet espionage agents. Robert Maxwell at one time was the Stowe School’s Buckinghamshire MP. In 2018 Anthony Wallerstein attended the wedding of Andrew and Fergie’s younger daughter Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank who also attended Stowe.[299] Headmaster Wallerstein’s sister Rebecca was a lover of boy loving artist Lucian Freud,[300] the brother of pedophile MP Clement and friend of pedo-procuring gangster twins, the Krays. Pedo-enabling former Canterbury Archbishop Lord Carey[301] disclosed at the IICSA that another former Stowe headmaster Jeremy Nichols “had a personal friendship with serial pedophile Bishop Peter Ball,”[302] best buddy to both Prince Charles and Sir Jimmy. The prestigious private coed boarding school for the elite generated some negative publicity back in 2014 when a sex scandal erupted over “pupils having competition to have sex everywhere” in each of the school buildings.[303]

Alumni of Stowe School reads like a who’s who of pedo-movers and shakers.[304] Lord Alistair McAlpine exposed as a pedophile in the North Wales scandal (See Chapter 29), virtually every scandal pedo-Sir Peter Hayman’s name comes up (Chapters 22 and 24), Lord John Sainsbury (See Chapter 30) and Lord Henniker, a Stowe governor, who after Peter Righton’s child porn bust, provided a safe haven for the procuring network pedo-Righton and his convicted pedo-lover PIE co-founder Richard Alston (Chapter 24), brother to foreign diplomat Robert Alston, a colleague of Prince Andrew.[305]

Another private Caribbean island owner and billionaire, Sir Richard Branson, and pedo-pimp Ghislaine herself were both students at the posh Stowe School. NXIVM financier Sara Bronfman sponsored the sex cult co-founder Nancy Salzman and sex trafficking actress Allison Mack to conduct “seminars and wild sex parties” in 2007 and 2010 at Branson’s Necker Island retreat in an overt attempt to entice him to join the pedo-trafficking cult.[306] Though Bronfman and Branson are on friendly terms, word has it Branson was more interested in the sex parties than the seminars. Yet his phone number made the infamous Epstein black book, alongside Tony Blair, Mick Jagger, Peter Mandelson and in all, over 300 powerful Britons and numbers to Balmoral and Sandringham castles were listed.[307] Goes without saying that Prince Andrew and Sarah had multiple listed numbers – 16 and 18 respectively.

Fergie and her two daughters Eugenie and Beatrice have all supported the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund that provides money in crisis zones around the world. But in recent years it’s been determined that humanitarian aid workers in various NGO charities such as Oxfam and the UN peacekeepers have been increasingly brutal in sexually exploiting vulnerable women and children in crisis nations such as Haiti.[308] Often NGO charities serve as deceptive cover or front companies for intelligence services’ sexual blackmail operations like the CIA,[309] Mossad and MI6, actively involved in coordinating interfacing agencies in the global child sex trafficking trade[310]… dirty bidders in the Zionist-Sabbatean-Frankist-Illuminati-Masonic-Jesuit-Luciferian NWO agenda.[311] An awful lot of links going on between Prince Andrew, Fergie, Epstein, Ghislaine, all their charities, Stowe School, Kantor Fitzgerald, 9/11 false flag terrorism and the worldwide pedophilia network, all driven and bound by the same dark forces behind the Luciferian NWO agenda.

Two weeks after pervert Oscar winner Kevin Spacey publicly apologized for making sexual advances on actor Anthony Rapp when he was only 14-years old,[312] with both Spacey and Prince Andrew having spent considerable time in the company of their mutual friend Epstein, it was revealed that in November 2017 it didn’t stop star-struck Prince Andrew from welcoming Kevin Spacey with open arms to his home, enthusiastically volunteering as his private tour guide at Buckingham Palace, letting him sit on the throne and explore the inner reaches within the royal palace, strictly off limits to lowly commoners.[313]

Having already collected an OBE in 2010, in 2016 the former “House of Cards” star was awarded honorary knighthood (only “honorary” for not being born in UK), personally and privately presented by Andrew’s big brother Charles.[314] Spacey’s work in London theater and embracing the global pedo network with rides on Epstein’s Lolita Express and raping young boys (15 accusers as of early November 2017[315]) no doubt made him the apple of the royals’ radar roving eye for attracting pedophiles as best friends. Andy and Chucky’s personal touch once again reflects either their chronically impaired judgment or their contempt for public perception, or both.

In yet another regrettable turn,[316]  Prince Andrew played joker to convicted pedophile BBC host Stuart Hall in June 1987.[317] As if pedophiles Epstein, Savile, Spacey, Hall and Mandelson aren’t quite incriminating enough associations, in February 2020 the latest in the never-ending stream of Prince Andrew’s busted high powered pedo-friends is 78-year old fashion tycoon Peter Nygard, accused of luring girls as young as 14 to his Bahamas mansion, and just like Epstein, promising to make them models, plying them with alcohol and drugs prior to allegedly raping them.[318] The Duke of York and his family stayed at Nygard’s estate near Nassau in 2000, the same year that Andrew and Fergie pulled their daughter Beatrice out of her exclusive Swiss school after its headmaster, a close friend of Andrew’s, was yet another close associate arrested for molesting two children.[319]

Before Nygard’s recent civil lawsuit filed in New York, like Epstein, the Canadian fashion exec appears to have been running yet another Caribbean child trafficking operation. It’s alleged he paid off Nassau police, politicians and Bahamian government officials to look the other way. Why is it that the Windsor boys Andrew and Charles never learn? They just can’t keep away from vile child sexual predators. If it was once or maybe twice, it might be passed off as chance coincidence. But when it’s over and over and over ad nauseam, it points to something far more sinister and dark, leading even a most casual, objective observer to the conclusion that top royal family members must be bigtime pedophiles or involved in pedophilia trafficking. Guilt by association combined in Andrew’s case with plausible accusations from more than one victim, and a sordid, despicable picture is painted of the next supposed heir and the fourth in line to the throne. Incredibly, Andrew’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson doesn’t fare much better. Attending a luncheon in 2016 with the NXIVM sex cult financier Sara Bronfman (heiress from the notorious Zionist Rothschild-linked  Canadian crime family), Bronfman’s cult is also currently being prosecuted for child sex trafficking.[320] And of course the Bronfmans[321] and the Rothschilds share the same family business interests.[322]

More criminal linkage beyond mere happenchance: Epstein’s only investment customer and sole benefactor, the Zionist Mega group member and Victoria’s Secret retail mogul Les Wexner,[323] is married to Abigail Koppel,[324] daughter of Yehuda Koppel, who launched Israel’s first commercial airline El Al in New York. The first El Al airline hostess was Livia (nee Eisen) Chertoff, mother of Michael Chertoff, Israeli national under Bush junior who rose to become America’s second Homeland Security czar. Wexner’s wife’s father and Chertoff’s mother while with El Al both worked together as Israeli Mossad operatives.[325] Co-author of the infamous Patriot Act, Michael Chertoff is a US traitor for his Israeli Firster role in the 9/11 false flag cover-up[326] and using his DHS insider status to make millions in a conflict of interest enterprise securing private contracts to sell and install his company’s full body scanning machines at airports around the world.[327]

Today Michael Chertoff sits on the board of advisors for the Israeli security company Carbyne911 headed by former Mossad agents.[328] Carbyne collects instant data from 911 emergency callers, handy at state sponsored terrorism events like mass shootings. The company’s biggest investors include Jeffrey Epstein, Carbyne’s chairman, Epstein buddy, former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak[329] (frequent flier on Epstein’s Lolita Express as well as guest at both sex slave island and NYC love mansion[330]) and Silicon billionaire and Facebook investor Peter Thiel[331] (owner of a service company supplying children’s blood to highflying customers for anti-aging benefits[332]). So there you have it, Wexner, Epstein, Chertoff, Barak, the Zionist world takeover in a nutshell using pedo-blackmail and wars for Israel to lead the way to our Brave New World turned Orwellian nightmare come true. It’s not in the least bit surprising that the same sleazy Zionist criminals keep creeping, crawling and cropping up time and time again, thriving and prospering off their self-created NWO pedo-cabal at humanity’s expense.

But this trail of criminal thuggery and treasonous deceit parasitically feeding off the not-so-silent or hidden tears of child victims is nothing new. In 1964 Canada, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip touched down for a brief Commonwealth visit to Canadian West Coast Province of British Columbia, and specifically to a Catholic operated residential primary school for the indigenous population. Though the royal couple was at the school for only a few minutes, a group of school pupils and staff accompanied the queen and prince on a picnic outing to a field near Dead Man’s Creek near Kamloops. Witnesses have made sworn statements that “10 little Indians” were selected to leave the picnic area alone with the queen and prince – never to be seen again.[333] Despite this startling fact, apparently so accustomed to living above the law, the British monarchy has never been required to answer in a court of law for this tragic criminal mystery.

Disappearing children and women among the aboriginal tribes of Canada (as well as the US, Central and South America) have become so alarming, painting a bigger, darker picture that demands both authorities’ explanation and justice. Even a Canadian government report in 2019 is calling the thousands of Native American women and girls murdered or missing since the 1970s “genocide.”[334] A survivor of the queen’s school outing, now an aboriginal elder, remarked:

The buck stops at Buckingham Palace. The Queen, and the Pope, are the ones responsible for the genocide their government and churches did to my people. She has to be held accountable. She has the power to help bring our children home, finally.[335]

As the last to see them alive, the British royal couple knows exactly what happened to those lost kids that fateful day but their disgraceful silence has never been sufficiently challenged or confronted legally with any teeth, despite heartfelt letters demanding an explanation. Moreover, a witness who sent a letter to the queen just prior to giving testimony was suddenly suspiciously dead. As the head of the Anglican Church, the queen along with the Catholic pope operated 80 Canadian residential schools across the nation that imprisoned up to 150,000 native children with an appalling more than 50,000 winding up missing or murdered in what amounts to the imperial Commonwealth’s systematic policy of indigenous ethnic purging.[336] The 1964 British Columbia incident with the queen and prince is connected directly to the genocidal policy against aboriginal peoples across the planet. And with so many children missing each year around the globe for so many years, satanic ritual sexual abuse, torture and murder account for millions of forgotten lost souls who were once innocent, vibrant children deserving our failed protection.

This was Canada’s Commonwealth policy from the 1880s through the 1980s, with the last of the school closures not until the 1990s.[337] This inhumane pattern parallels the fate of 130,000 British children swept up in the migrant program banishing orphaned children to mostly Australia and Canada where they were forced into hard labor and horrid abuse from the 1920s to the 1970s.[338] Modeled after the Indian boarding school system in the United States, of the 150,000 aboriginal children rounded up in Canada, yanked from their families and sent to be “assimilated” in residential schools prior to the 1940s, the mortality rate was upwards of near 50% killed.[339] Near half these defenseless kids sent to state-monarchal-church run schools died in inhumane death camps, many willfully murdered under the direct satanic “care” of Canadian and British Commonwealth authorities.

One such shameful example among 31 mass grave sites discovered is the Mohawk Institute, shut down in 1970, where forensic evidence has unearthed hundreds of bones belonging to slaughtered Mohawk children.[340] Witnesses claim that red robed clergy from the Queen Elizabeth’s Anglican Church engaged in satanic torture rituals. Of course similar mass grave sites at residential schools also under the queen’s Sovereign Crown in Jersey and Ireland are also well documented. Again both royalty as well as popes have been granted the sanctified license for wholesale slaughter of children and to this day, there’s been nothing we humans have done about it. In view of the gravity of House of Windsor crimes against both children and humanity on this earth for so many centuries, it’s time we finally hold these demonically driven controllers accountable.

Three years before the royals abducted ten missing indigenous children in western Canada, in 1961 the queen and her princely consort went on another shopping spree to India so that the “warrior” hunter Philip could get his jollies off shooting Bengal tigers as trophy kills along with a rare rhinoceros, both the tiger and rhino endangered species along with killing mother elephants and terrorizing orphaned calves. Several months later ex Nazi-Bilderberg founder-Dutch Prince Bernhardt and “conservationist” Prince Philip co-founded the World Wildlife Fund (WWF),[341] resulting only in more endangered species. WWF raises funds to globally power grab land, push native populations off the soil used for farming. In other words, the WWF has a deceptive track record of doing exactly the opposite of what it advertises. Not only is it a scam causing animal species to disappear at a faster rate, in 2019 it’s been accused of funding paramilitary groups allegedly torturing and murdering innocent people in large national parks and refuges across Africa and Asia,[342] similar to the rape and pillage of UN “peacekeeping” forces.[343] A consistent pattern has emerged – Illuminati royal aristocratic bloodlines behind many philanthropic global organizations ostensibly created to do good, in today’s Lucifer controlled world always do bad.

A Windsor male rite of passage is hunting and killing as much wildlife species as possible, the royals’ notorious lethal hunts typically kill scores or hundreds of birds, foxes, rabbits at a time along with many other hunted species, including the human species, just for the sheer sport, power and bloodthirsty thrill of killing animals.[344] The whiff of blood in the air is the royals’ “Apocalypse Now” moment of “smells like victory.” Despite having Diana their mother, who frowned on the needless bloodbath slaughter, without her, William and Harry have each reportedly become zealots upholding the royal Windsor male tradition of mass kills. And the public paying for these abominable bloodbaths of pure gluttony and overkill are supposed to admire these people?

In November 1962, Prince Philip made a trip to Bohemian Grove, infamous stomping grounds in the California redwoods where child blood sacrifice and ritual orgies are reported amongst mostly US elite, but British royalty of course are always welcomed.[345] Referring to his Bohemian rendezvous, a quote from, showcasing a summary of the royal philanderer’s many conquests:

The rich and powerful sometimes made their way to the nearby town of Guerneville, where 10 bars were enhanced by call girls. According to Manu Kanaki, who operated one such establishment, Northwood Lodge, Philip was a visitor and was seen in the company of the girls.[346]

Prince Philip has another association that’s proven to be dubiously embarrassing and suspect. An accredited partner of the Duke of Edinburgh awards program happens to be with Indian guru Sai Baba who claims he is the reincarnation of God in spite of decades of allegations that he sexually assaults youth. Yet the Duke of Edinburgh happily sends 200 kids from Sai Youth UK to India on a humanitarian medical mission in honor of the cult leader’s 80th birthday.[347] Based on history of past affiliations, some might suspect the royal connection is a front for a child sex trafficking operation.

The queen’s deceased younger sister Princess Margaret back in her wild and free, younger days also ran with some shady characters, like London gangster John Bindon.[348] She held court on her own Caribbean Island playground of Mustique. The infamous £500,00 London’s Lloyds Bank heist on Baker Street in September 1971 allegedly ended up in possession of some rather compromising raunchy photos of Prince Margaret. On Mustique she was known to party hardy with sex, drugs and rock n’ roll, entertaining pop star icon from the Mamas and Papas John Phillips,[349] who raped his daughter Mackenzie at 19 and proceeded with a consensual incestuous affair for the next decade.[350] Another close loyal friend was writer Gore Vidal,[351] whose half-sister and nephew claim was a pedophile.[352] Again, the company one keeps is a telling reflection. A year after her centenarian mom and drug addicted Phillips died, Margaret also ran out of steam at 71 in 2002.

In keeping with this Luciferian theme, as the world’s largest landowner, Queen Elizabeth’s Windsor clan largely controls the world food supply, owning a cartel of about 10-12 multinational corporations that assisted by another three dozen companies.[353] This cartel is responsible for global food production, distribution and sale of the earth’s total food source output. While tens of millions are dying of hunger and starvation each year, Queen Elizabeth and her controllers could easily stop it in a flash but of course choose not to. Instead, the elite increasingly maintains a policy of global austerity and impoverishment. Mass population control is far more manageable when people are hungry, living in fear, uncertainty and ongoing shortages brought on by endlessly induced crises. Plus, controlling the earth’s human food supply can easily become a highly effective means of depopulation, which tops Prince Philip’s wish list.

In recent years the enigmatic Windsor clan have been at it again, changing their stripes, this time moving 180 degrees away from their confirmed German Nazi heritage to spawning the next generations of King of the Jews. Through Judaic law carried through maternal lineage, all the Windsor men – from Prince Charles to his son Prince William, both married and have offspring through Jewish wives and mothers. Once the now almost 94-year old queen dies, the next King will be the longest serving heir apparent – currently 71-year old Prince Charles, that is if he’s not bypassed in line to the throne due to lack of popular support in Parliament and amongst British commoners.[354] A growing majority of the Crown’s subjects desire Prince William as their next king rather than the aging, stodgy, “politically opinionated,” unpopular senior citizen. Additionally, Britons have never forgotten how Prince Charles cheated on his globally adored first wife Princess Diana with fellow adulterer Duchess Camilla.[355] They’ll never forget his sickening desire to be Camilla’s tampon while still married to the “People’s Princess.”[356] In any event, beginning with William and then William’s successor, his older son Prince George, if the British monarchy lasts that long, the next royal reigns for generations to come will be by no accident ruled by Kings of the Jews.

Just like the other King of the Jews – the Jewish House of Rothschild they’ve been merging with, the British royal family emerged in recent centuries also from Germany as a prominent Royal Black Nobility bloodline, historically also purposely keeping their bloodline power within the family through practicing intergenerational incest. After all, if their DNA’s spread too thin, the myth that “all men are created equal” might actually turn out true, and Lucifer only knows, that would never work in their satanically driven, war-ravaging, debtor slave, divided and ruled, demonically controlled regal world.

This chapter thoroughly dissects this highly dysfunctional and equally controversial British royal family, from its traditionally inbred history full of sexual deviance and perversion, right up to its intimate close ties to the planet’s two most infamous Zionist pedophile pimps of all time – Prince Charles’ mentor and confidant (and selected marriage counselor) Sir Jimmy Savile and now thoroughly disgraced younger brother Prince Andrew’s “no regrets” pal, the Mossad blackmailer pedophile Jeffrey Epstein[357] and their despicable key roles spanning the last half century in the global child sex trafficking trade, both exposed for procuring underage children for the world’s most powerful, Zionist blackmail controlled, degenerate VIP scum of the earth. By both their undeniably intimate associations alone, and Andrew’s all but prosecuted underage child sex abuse history, this chapter lays out the high probability that most of the senior royal family males are or have been pedophiles. It simply runs in this satanic family’s blood. Further, this chapter also exposes how humanity has been hijacked and enslaved by these subhuman pedophilic black nobility imposters that have controlled the human species for a mind boggling near half million millennia by willfully falsifying our birthright human history.

In typical Orwellian doublespeak deception, laws that are ostensibly passed to make government more transparently open and accountable to public taxpayer scrutiny contain a special hidden clause buried in small print that when it comes to the royals, they’re once again exclusively exempted and entitled even more secrecy than ever before.[358] Clearly this latest draconian move is designed to cover-up the royal family’s known direct connections to the most infamous pedophiles on the planet – Sir Jimmy Savile and Jeffrey Epstein. All communication between the most senior royal family members, including their staff, and the government is completely off limits now to the public.[359] Additionally, as it is, the British monarchy holds the power of consultation on any potential legislation prior to parliamentary vote that could affect royal self-interests, by law it must first be run by the queen and Prince Charles for their veto power and input.[360]

After passage of the Freedom of Information Act of 2005, resulting in Queen Elizabeth caught attempting to divert tax paid funds explicitly allocated for the poor and needy to heat her own plush Buckingham Palace in the winter, new secrecy laws went into further effect sparing her embarrassment for unconscionably fleecing her taxpaying subjects out of their hard earned cash for her own selfish purposes.[361] But even worse, recent secrecy laws effectively seal off protection of pedophilic royalty raping underage children. The queen has it in writing that under the guise of her Sovereign Crown, she enjoys immunity from any and all prosecution and is fully exempt from all accountability for violating any and all British laws.[362] She and her royals’ unlimited sense of entitlement, like all VIPs, has always granted them permission to live above the law. Born into absolute power, deference and godlike power, not for their ability or accomplishment, but simply by their bloodline right of ownership over planet earth, is obscene and criminal. That’s how they keep their peace of mind, able to legally get away with murder and blood sacrifice, after torturing and sodomizing children in cannibalistic satanic rituals. But more on that favorite royal pastime later.

As the queen alluded to in her last annual Christmas broadcast, with photos of Prince Andrew, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan all conspicuously absent from her royal desktop, she acknowledged 2019 was a “bumpy” year for the Windsors.[363] The Queen’s personal favorite son Andrew’s pedo-fall, or more apt leap from grace based upon his disastrous November 2019 BBC interview, combined with the queen’s near 99-year old husband, a Freemason for the last two-thirds of a century,[364] and the longest living male royal in British history, Prince Philip’s hospitalization just before Christmas for a medically serious precondition after last year’s car accident and police probe made for an extremely rough and tumble year that had to be excruciatingly embarrassing and humiliating for the crusty, proper old queen.[365]

Then there’s the publicly aired feuding between grandson princes William and Harry,[366] climaxed in January with Harry’s decision to relocate to Canada with biracial American wife Meghan Markle who never quite fit in as a Windsor, and their rejection of the royal life in their so called Megxit circus.[367] With their official resignation as senior royal family members, and the couple’s litigious lawsuits against the media,[368] including a recent court defeat,[369] the ongoing royal high drama casts an already divisively dark, foreboding shadow on the future of a most uncertain, seemingly dying monarchy. As a last vestige throwback to Middle Age feudalism, perhaps the enslaved human race has finally outgrown its blind servitude to the British Crown’s 1200-year monarchy.

The press has recently reported that Andrew, fresh from nursing his own wounds spent a week in January consoling the aging queen who fell ill after their long “bumpy” year,[370] undoubtedly due to the nonstop royal stress and strain, witnessing both her family and Crown fall apart before the world’s eyes. After 77 straight years of annually attending an affair at the Woman’s Institute at Norfolk, the queen suddenly took ill, having to cancel a half hour prior to her scheduled engagement on January 23rd.[371]

Seems the unending royal scandals are beginning to take their toll on the aging, fragile, wary queen. Current gossip’s going around among tongue wagging odds makers after increasing her 1 in 5 chance to 4 in 6 odds Queen Elizabeth will be abdicating her throne prior to the end of 2020.[372] That said, in December 2019 Queen Elizabeth dispelled rumors of her stepping down upon her 95th birthday in June 2021.[373] It’s been reaffirmed she plans to keep her vow as Britain’s monarch till death do her part.

But in damage control mode for many months, the exhausted, run down queen who hadn’t been seen publicly in two months, long past pissed at the lot of the lame royals, especially holding contempt for Harry and Meghan. She wants them banished and gone ASAP, feeling they’ve hurt her family Firm long enough.[374] The little ingrates are on their own.

As the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan branch out on their own, the Queen has put her foot down about them not cashing in on their “Sussex Royal” brand. As petulant children, they defiantly sniped back at ruling grandma’s hardline approach with their website[375] statement on February 21, 2020:

While there is not any jurisdiction by The Monarchy or Cabinet Office over the use of the word ‘Royal’ overseas, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex do not intend to use ‘Sussex Royal’ or any iteration of the word ‘Royal’ in any territory.[376]

Harry and Meghan are also crying foul, never having felt welcomed into the Windsor tribe,[377] bitter over their perceived unfair, harsh treatment by the queen compared to other royal couples and members:

While there is precedent for other titled members of the royal family to seek employment outside of the institution, for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, a 12-month review has been put in place.[378]

In tit for tat entertainment, let the royal brand of petty little bread and circuses play on, till we all get so sick and tired of their bullshit that humanity finally wakes the fuck up and makes them all commoners.

But meanwhile, incredibly for the last 67 years, wary Queen Elizabeth has been the British head of state, head of the British Crown’s constitutional monarch, head of the Anglican Church and the 50+ British Crown Commonwealth of Nations. Far from the propagated myth that the longest running monarch in British history is but a “figurehead,” that commonly held deception by design is analogous to America’s Federal Reserve being part of the US government when the Rothschild private central bank controlling America’s money supply is neither “federal” nor “a reserve.” Another hidden historical falsehood is that the so called “sovereign” nation of America earned its independence upon winning its Revolutionary War when in fact it still secretly remains a British colony.[379] Seems if the queen owned Royal Crown’s not covertly in control, by more calculated deceit, it’s the Rothschild’s Crown with the separate sovereign City of London Crown. By following the money, the City of London Crown truly owns the world, including America.[380] As will be explained shortly, the off-planet, earth controlling, sneaky, lying bastards have managed to own and control the human race from its very first breath – literally.

So much shocking truth has been carefully and methodically concealed from us for a very, very long time, really from the very beginning. The ruling elite has willfully denied us Homo sapiens species knowledge of our own human history as archeological finds that don’t fit neatly into the Darwinian control matrix to this day have been suppressed, attacked or ignored.[381] Bad science rules this corrupt world of academia and the body politic because dishonest, evil gatekeepers have always been in charge. Just one prime example is the scientific “dictatorship” claiming that human-caused rising CO2 levels are exclusively responsible for the so called global climate change crisis when in fact it’s been decades of toxic geoengineering poisoning the planet that’s the real culprit along with EMF weather modification that’s behind the current climate upheaval. The government cabal, its “scientific” establishment and corporate media are the elite purveyors of deception as only through trickery and deceit have ruling bloodlines kept the masses in check and completely in the dark as the necessary means to retain their tight megalomaniacal power and control over the earth’s population for hundreds of millennia. But more on this woefully odious suppression of human history and the bottom line hidden truth in the next chapter.

As much as any single institution today, the British royal monarchy epitomizes what’s gone most wrong on planet earth. To hyper-glorify the public lives of the most visible of all elite Luciferians in such favorable, saccharine spin and façade, media propaganda spun 24/7 follows the family’s every move, what they wear, how they comport themselves, and hang on their every word. As the darker truth about them continues to emerge, the powers of deception are having to work overtime to paint a positive benevolent image that the global masses will still readily accept, without vomiting over the nauseatingly dripping duplicity. Two such Oscar winning Hollywood films, “The Queen” and “The King’s Speech” are made to resuscitate the stale, cold image of Queen Elizabeth’s monarchy. The mass media propaganda ministry is all about shaping and molding public opinion by portraying the royal family as caring and deserving of public worship and taxpayer support. So in desperation, the NWO propaganda machine continues endlessly churning out dozens more television series and films on the royals in overtly transparent and feeble attempt to negate and erase history, hiding their ever-emerging darker reality.

As more of their ugly shit gets exposed, you can see the cabal’s publicity machine’s frenzied, uptick tempo of glossed over bullshit is flimsily designed as necessary window dressing to hideously cover-up the royals’ Luciferian agenda. As if further embellishing and glamourizing the commoditized, artificially manufactured brand of the Windsor “mystique” will stop the shockingly naked, appalling truth from coming out. The latest episode of the emperor’s new clothes cannot possibly shield them or their pedo-crime cabal any longer. Cultivating their benignly magnanimous, if not heroic, totally fake image and reputation as worldly do-gooders, pillars of humanity, ambassadors of goodwill and universal charity, honorably upholding tradition as a “stabilizing,” benevolent global force for good, this completely false image projected 24/7 by the cabal propaganda machine cannot possibly save them as truth will prevail.

Just like the decaying criminal institutions of the Catholic Church and the Rothschild controlled global economic enslavement system, the Crown is the artificially manufactured institutionalized glue holding their house of cards power structure together, in the face of its crumbling, corrosive, demonic core rapidly unraveling. In order to hold onto their power, they are stepping up their destructive permanent war agenda, planet-wide ecocide, spiraling global economy collapse, increasing spread of fear, infectious diseases, injustice, poverty, globalized pedophilia and human genocide. We are amidst their war on humanity. Rather than work towards reducing these mounting life-threatening killers, the black nobility bloodlines epitomized by the Windsors are our planetary destroyers, our true executioners in worship of Lucifer parasitically feeding off all human suffering.

Throughout this book the royal family pedophiles have been referred to as subhuman. Some who have come into close contact would even say nonhuman. It was first reported in the Inquisitr in May 2014 that Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed he had witnessed Queen Elizabeth shapeshift from human to reptilian form upon meeting her during D-Day’s 70th anniversary. Putin was hardly the first to accuse the queen of being a reptilian. Princess Diana confided in her confidant, healer Christine Fitzgerald that the Windsor family is not human, calling them “lizards,” confirming their reptilian form.[382] Former MK Ultra mind control sex slave and Illuminati High Priestess Arizona Wilder described conducting ritual occult ceremonies for the elite. She maintains that she witnessed George HW Bush and Henry Kissinger as well as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles actually shapeshift during ceremonies.

At one secret ceremony a visibly drugged Diana was forced to attend a few weeks prior to her marriage to Prince Charles, she witnessed both the queen and Charles shapeshift. A few years later after Charles was caught cheating on his wife with Camilla Parker-Bowles, Diana wrote in a note to her butler Paul Burrell ten months before her death that she feared that Charles would have her vehicle’s brakes tampered with,[383] a la Princess Grace Kelly’s demise. Sharing her concerns with close others, Diana predicted her own assassination at the murderous hands of the royal family.

Former Illuminati insider Arizona Wilder stated that reptilians she observed in satanic rituals are generally of beige or brown color, stand 7 feet or taller, and possess a long hairy tongue, claws, a tail and scales that ethereally disappear into one another.[384] Wilder stated that when reptilians sleep, they will often shapeshift back into their natural nonhuman form. She asserted that Princess Diana no doubt knew that her husband was reptilian as when she underwent monthly menstrual cycles, the presence of blood would also automatically cause the royal lizard to shapeshift. As a result, female palace employees reportedly aren’t permitted to work while menstruating.

In June 2016, during BBC2’s primetime coverage of Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday celebration parade, apparently thousands of observers adamantly claimed they saw Queen Elizabeth shapeshifting on live TV, immediately causing a Twitter uproar where the hashtag #reptilianqueen instantly skyrocketed as the most commented topic of the hour turned day prior to Twitter abruptly scrubbing it from the net like it never happened.[385] At the same time, someone at the queen’s own website actually addressed this remarkable phenomenon that so many viewers had witnessed on live television. On her official website[386] appeared the following subheading: “Queen seen by her subjects in a different form.” The word-for-word content of the amazing announcement is below:

The Queen has ruled for longer than any other Monarch in British history, becoming a much loved and respected figure across the globe. Her extraordinary reign has seen her travel more widely than any other monarch, undertaking many historic overseas visits. Known for her sense of duty and her devotion to a life of service, she has been an important figurehead for the UK and the Commonwealth during times of enormous social change.[387] [Emboldened Emphasis mine]

Earlier this week the Queen was seen by thousands of people in a form they are not acquainted with. We seek to reassure the public that the Queen is still their Queen, and remains the respected and loved figure they have always known. While she may not be human, she is a devoted leader and Monarch, and she believes her subjects will grow to accept her and her family for what they are.[388] [Again boldface because this is an incredibly revealing royal admission, followed by the Queen’s own personal statement]:

I pay tribute to the commitment, selfless devotion and generosity of spirit shown by my millions of human subjects and I fully expect them to digest this news in a mature and humble fashion. Nothing has changed. Together we shall march on.[389]

Apparently realizing the stunned reaction of a fully informed world knowing Queen Elizabeth is a nonhuman reptile should that news spread around the world, again just like the fleeting Twitter frenzy, the above bombshell disclosure on her website quickly disappeared never to be seen nor heard nor commented on ever again. As if it never really even took place, it must’ve been some holographic dream, an apparition, figment of delusional people’s imagination, buried deep in the subconscious, under a heap of fast-fading “here today, gone tomorrow” memories. But fortunately hundreds of quick thinking observers did capture screenshots of the queen’s “coming out” party, confirming what a growing number of us already suspected. Queen Elizabeth II is a coldblooded reptilian, a child eating, adrenochrome drinking, scaly, creepy alien from down under – not her Commonwealth colony Australia, Hell would be much closer in accuracy. But in this case, down under refers to the subterranean environment where the bulk of her fulltime fellow reptilians are said to call their home in the underground caverns within the earth’s interior. Other advanced races of ETs like the fair- haired Nordics, are also reportedly inner earth inhabitants. Greys are allegedly smaller ET’s, malevolent but subservient to the reptilians. Michael Mott, author of Caverns, Cauldrons and Concealed Creatures,[390] encapsulates the alien dwellers of the subterranean world:

They are mostly reptilian or reptilian humanoids or ‘fair’ and Nordic; they are telepathic with superior mental powers; they can shape-shift and create illusions; they want to interbreed with humans and need human blood, flesh and reproductive materials; they have advanced technology; they have the secret of immortality; they can fly, either by themselves or with their technology; they mostly have a malevolent agenda for humans; they cannot survive for long in direct sunlight; they have been banished from the surface world or are in hiding from surface people and/or the Sun; they want to keep their treasures, knowledge and true identity a secret; they covertly manipulate events on the surface world; they have surface humans working for them through the priesthoods, cults and secret societies; they have a putrid smell like ‘sulphur and brimstone.’[391]

All around the planet ancient passageways and tunnels to an inner hollow earth have been documented.[392] No accident that so much of the elite’s occult satanic ritual abuse, MK torture and sacrifice of children on a massive scale occur in bulk volume in the thousands of black budgeted Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) around the globe, the notorious Area 51 Dulce base in Nevada and in the California desert the China Lake facility being prime examples.

After Illuminati whistleblowing former priestess Arizona Wilder performed satanic ritual sacrifices for the royal family, she stated:

There are changes going on in the Earth that seems they’re [reptilians] not able to hold their shape like they once were able to and people see them shapeshift more and more and they need the blood to try and maintain it. I believe there is a time coming, because of what I’ve been told, when they are not going to bother having to hold that human shape as they had to before and they want that time to come.[393]

The above statement goes far in explaining the Queen’s rosy optimism over her subjects accepting her nonhuman status. Aside from Arizona Wilder, another MK Ultra survivor – Cathy O’Brien – in her Trance Formation of America autobiography accused other infamous public figures of being shapeshifting reptiles. Cathy maintains that her six-year old daughter was repeatedly raped by the late pedophile President George HW Bush who she said shapeshifted in Cathy’s presence, explaining to her that he was a member of the Draco Anunnaki reptilian race that had taken over the earth but kept it secret due to the capacity to take on the human form.[394] Cathy also encountered reptilians among close presidential advisers from Reagan to George HW to Clinton. Cathy wrote how she caught the Jesuit educated brothers William and Robert S. Bennett shapeshifting when they unveiled their multidimensional superpowers. Bill Bennett as an MK mind control programmer proclaimed:

Being alien, I simply make my thoughts your thoughts by projecting them into your mind. My thoughts are your thoughts.[395]

With literally millions of other mind control victims across the planet, Cathy O’Brien’s been a courageous spokesperson disclosing the evil power and control of the CIA’s MK Ultra program, exposing pedophile presidents and their cabinet members, apparently feeling boldly at ease to reveal top secret revelations, confident that Cathy was destined to either be killed by her aging out planned obsolescence as a used up slave or smug in their belief that as a victim of Dissociative Disorder, her programmed amnesic state would hold, blocking all memories indefinitely. Fortunately for her and us, it didn’t and instead their cocky misjudgment failed and has backfired on them. Sent as prototypical sex slave prototype and spy to service another president, this time Miguel de la Madrid, Mexico’s leader from 1982 to 1988, in her book Cathy writes:

De la Madrid had relayed the ‘legend of the Iguana’ to me, explaining that lizard-like Aliens had descended upon the Mayans. The Mayan pyramids, their advanced astronomical technology, including the sacrifice of virgins, was supposedly inspired by the lizard aliens. He told me that when the aliens interbred with the Mayans to produce a form of life they could inhabit, they fluctuated between a human and Iguana appearance through chameleon-like abilities. ‘A perfect vehicle for transforming into world leaders.’ De la Madrid claimed to have Mayan/alien ancestry in his blood, whereby he transformed ‘back into an Iguana at will.’[396]   

Illuminati indoctrinated, sexually abused, tortured and mind controlled slave trained to be an Illuminati goddess priestess, Arizona Wilder is actually Jennifer Ann (nee Nagel) Kealey. She met David Icke while he was gathering information researching his seminal tome The Biggest Secret published in 1998. As Jennifer Ann Kealey writing from her blogsite in June 2011, she refuted her earlier interviews with Icke, alluding to being programmed at the time to disclose what she revealed.[397] Naturally it’s led to speculation over whether she was forced to recant her earlier testimony under death threats as those who share Illuminati secrets and attempt to leave their Illuminati past behind are often either murdered or harassed into oblivion. Sadly, it appears the latter fate may have befallen her as just last December 2019, Jennifer Kealey’s whistleblowing husband Glen, who bravely exposed deep corruption at the top of Canada’s Mulroney government during early 1990s,[398] according to Jennifer, was poisoned to death.[399] The Canadian government had banned her from even entering Canada to be with her lawful husband.

The content of Arizona Wilder’s interview disclosures with David Icke has been independently corroborated by multiple sources. She told David that while coordinating Illuminati satanic rituals as a priestess, she witnessed Presidents Lyndon Johnson, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and George Bush senior along with Illuminati globalists Henry Kissinger, Jay Rockefeller (brother of David and Nelson), Clinton Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and former GOP House Speaker Newt Gingrich amongst numerous reptilian shapeshifters in attendance.[400] She also stated Bill and Hillary Clinton, George W. and Jeb Bush had also attended satanic rituals though she never observed them shapeshift. David Icke has encountered numerous others also claiming that they’ve seen Hillary Clinton, Henry Kissinger and George Bush senior as reptilians. It’s believed to be common enough that sensitive, psychic individuals can attune to an energy frequency beyond the five physical senses of the human form to detect reptilians allegedly walking among us.[401]

The former Illuminati priestess also claimed experience conducting satanic ritual ceremonies in Europe at a number of occult locations such as Stonehenge, Westminster Abbey where the queen’s coronation took place in 1953, the Queen Mother’s old haunt Glamis Castle and Balmoral Castle, both in Scotland with the latter the seasonal royal family residence from July to October. Arizona maintained that she witnessed the following royal family members shapeshift into reptilian form during blood ritual child sacrifices – the Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Prince Andrew and the queen’s deceased sister Princess Margaret, in addition to Guy de Rothschild and Tony Blair.[402] Arizona Wilder stated that during child sacrifice rituals, animalistic beasts in the royal family lusting for blood would often fail to restrain themselves prior to the end of the rituals. Wilder witnessed the Queen Mother, Elizabeth II and Prince Charles all tearing open the jugular and devouring children’s flesh, unable or unwilling to hold their human form prior to the ceremony’s completion.

Arizona Wilder name-dropped a surprising Illuminati ritual attendee – the Anunnaki-Nibiru author himself Zecharia Sitchin, calling him a “dis-informer.” David Icke added that Sitchin “tried warning me off from investigating the reptilians.” So even though Zecharia singlehandedly put ancient Sumer’s Anunnaki records on the public map so to speak, he did not want the ET race that he alleged had created humans to be associated with the reptillian Anunnaki brand of villainous earth controllers because according to Arizona Wilder, Sitchin himself was one of them.

In late 1970s prior to Charles’ marriage to Princess Diana, Illuminati insider Arizona Wilder claimed that Charles impregnated Camilla Parker-Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall, but his firstborn child was sacrificed in a satanic blood ritual. The whistleblowing priestess said that the royals drink blood from their own jewel embedded goblets stirring the blood with daggers as a phallic symbol while wearing blood red or purple robes with Merovingian design. To hold their human form, these reptilian predators must have a steady diet of adrenalized blood from ritualized child rape, torture and sacrifice of infants and young children.[403] To meet the rising demand, it’s why abduction of missing children, secret cult infant breeding, and global child sex trafficking are all off the charts.

Arizona Wilder asserted that in late 1980s while Diana and Charles were still married, at both the Balmoral Castle and at the Mothers of Darkness Castle in Belgium,[404] the priestess overheard billionaire Mohamed Fayed and the Queen Mother (whom she described as “cold and cruel” while Diana called her downright “evil”[405]) speaking of an arranged future marriage between Fayed’s son Dodi and Princess Diana. In other words, as a fellow Illuminati who fraternized with the royals at blood sacrifice rituals, Mohamed Fayed was prearranging a decade earlier Diana and Dodi ending up together while she was still married to the future lizard king. This statement illustrates how virtually all major future events are long planned out in advance, plotted behind the scenes years prior to them unfolding. That’s how the cabal operates, there are no accidents, not with the biggest earth events involving humans.

Though a number of insiders have cited the head of the House of Rothschild (currently the 4th Baron Jacob) as the recognized Illuminati head honcho, Arizona Wilder insisted that this title known as Pindar in the Illuminati hierarchy (which means Phallus of the Dragon) belonged to Marquis de Libeaux, who may actually be a code for a Rothschild. Arizona stated in Icke’s The Biggest Secret about the second in charge:

The Queen makes cruel remarks about lesser initiates, but is afraid of the man code-named ’Pindar’ (the Marquis de Libeaux) who is higher than her in Satanic rank. Pindar, apparently, bears a resemblance to Prince Charles.[406]   

Arizona Wilder even went so far as to maintain that the Pindar de Libeaux is Charles’ real father and that the Marquis’ chateau in the Alsace-Lorraine region of eastern France contains an underground dungeon with an entrance to where menstrual blood is stored for handy ritual use among glowing green rocks that turn the blood black.[407] She also said that the entrance leads to the earth’s warm interior where reptilian eggs are incubated. Arizona went on to say that full-blooded Anunnaki Reptilians live far longer than 100 years and that they will choose to inhabit a younger cloned body with shapeshifting capacity as a means of prolonging life. With all the blood drinking and cloning, the queen mother herself lived to be 101 and the shapeshifting queen’s now near 94 with her hubby pushing 99. The inner royal circle has their ancient occult secrets for staying young and they all seem to involve blood.

Princess Diana’s close friend and healer for the final decade of her life in a recorded conversation with David Icke had lots to say about the royals, beginning with little old royal lady herself the Queen Mother:

The Queen Mother … now that’s a serious piece of wizardry. The Queen Mother is a lot older than people think. To be honest, the royal family hasn’t died for a long time, they have just metamorphosised. It’s sort of cloning, but in a different way. They take pieces of flesh and rebuild the body from one little bit. Because it’s lizard, because it’s coldblooded, it’s much easier to do this Frankenstein shit than it is for us. The different bodies are just different electrical vibrations and they have got that secret; they’ve got the secret of the micro-currents; it’s so micro, so specific, these radio waves that actually create the bodies. These are the energies I work with when I’m healing. They know the vibration of life and because they’re cold-blooded, they are reptiles, they have no wish to make the Earth the perfect harmony it could be, or to heal the Earth from the damage that’s been done. The Earth’s been attacked for zeons by different extraterrestrials. It’s been like a football for so long. This place is a bus stop for many different aliens. All these aliens, they could cope with anything, including the noxious gases. They’re landing all the time and coming up from the bowels of the Earth. They looked like reptiles originally, but they look like us when they get out now through the electrical vibration, that key to life I talked about. They can manifest how they want to. All the real knowledge has been taken out and shredded and put back in another way. The Queen Mother is ‘Chief Toad’ of this part of Europe and they have people like her in every continent. Most people, the hangers on, don’t know, you know, about the reptiles. They are just in awe of these people because they are so powerful.[408]


Arizona Wilder also mentioned this about dear old grandma Windsor:


I have seen her sacrifice people. I remember her pushing a knife into someone’s rectum the night that two boys were sacrificed. One was 13 and the other 18.[409]


Here’s her observation of Queen Elizabeth during a ritual:

I have seen her sacrifice people and eat their flesh and drink their blood. One time she got so excited with blood-lust that she didn’t cut the victim’s throat from left to right in the normal ritual; she just went crazy, stabbing and ripping at the flesh after she had shape-shifted into a Reptilian… As far as enjoying the killing, enjoying the sacrifice, and eating the flesh; they’re some of the worst of all of them. They don’t care if you see it. Who are you going to tell, who is going to believe you? They feel that is their birthright and they love it. They love it.[410]

The British royals regularly practice satanic occult rituals that include torture, rape and child sacrifice in their own castles like Scotland’s Balmoral, or in Belgium as well as other places in Europe, particularly around the satanic holidays. At some point during the summer months of 2001 ahead of 9/11, there was a major incident near Cagnes sur Mer in southern France close to the Riviera, part of the London-Amsterdam-Cannes-Cagnes sur Mer circuit within the larger satanic child trafficking network run by MI6 to serve their gluttonous, bloodthirsty global masters –  the black nobility bloodlines. Recall that the British royals trace their family lineage back through the King David-Templar-Merovingian bloodline headquartered in 12th century southern France.[411] Except on this annual “Eyes Wide Shut” gathering, the sacrificial lambs happened to escape from the former Templar castle grounds. With child victims spilling out into the countryside, British intelligence and local police had their hands full scrambling frantically to ensure that leakage of the satanic powwow event didn’t unravel to the point of attracting mass media attention. There were reports of royal family members hiding in potato sacks prior to being “rescued” and driven incognito out of the area in armored vehicles. How many victims were sacrificed before all hell broke loose is unknown.

These are the vile monstrous animals we’re mind controlled to place on a pedestal and look up to. Again, because so many of these claims come off as scenes from a second-rate sci-fi blood and gore horror flick, so incredibly unbelievable, the villainous elite opportunistically utilize this fact to their advantage, knowing the masses will never accept this dark, grimmest of realities. The incredulous nature of these shocking accounts permit the queen’s own 2016 confession on her website admitting she’s not even human to be excused and quickly forgotten, a fleeting blip on a computer screen or just more unbelievable hoaxers from internet fringe attempting to pass off another conspiracy nut-job.

After the CIA’s master stroke for Lucifer inventing that ever-useful label – “conspiracy theory” – to cast doubt on all those willing to question authority’s false narratives,[412] every chance it gets, the CIA controlled Mockingbird MSM delights in taking potshots at conspiracy theorists,[413] particularly proponents of the reptilians from outer space. In 2009, in honor of the 40th anniversary of the lunar landing that the murdered film director Stanley Kubrick claimed was an insider hoax job, aside from that conspiracy theory,[414] Time Magazine examined, or more aptly mocked nine other high profile cases including 9/11. Targeting David Icke’s claim of the reptilian elite was its final 10th object of public ridicule and scorn:

They are among us. Blood-drinking, flesh-eating, shape-shifting extraterrestrial reptilian humanoids with only one objective in their cold-blooded little heads: to enslave the human race. They are our leaders, our corporate executives, our beloved Oscar-winning actors and Grammy-winning singers, and they’re responsible for the Holocaust, the Oklahoma City bombings and the 9/11 attacks … at least according to former BBC sports reporter David Icke, who became the poster human for the theory in 1998 after publishing his first book, The Biggest Secret, which contained interviews with two Brits who claimed members of the royal family are nothing more than reptiles with crowns.[415] 

Fact: Multiple accounts of cannibalistic Illuminati satanic rituals involving adrenochrome drinking Luciferians, often in high places from bloodline families are known child sodomites and child sacrificing murderers. Both ancient occult and modern science know and confirm that “young blood counteracts and reverses pre-existing effects of brain aging at the molecular, structural, functional and cognitive level.”[416] Hence, the royals and Illuminati leaders have reversed the aging process by engaging in satanic blood sacrifice of children, cannibalism and blood drinking for millenniums. Two prime examples of our national leaders being pedophilic Luciferians are US President George H W Bush and UK Prime Minister Edward Heath, both allegedly also reptilian shapeshifters,[417] who’ve been mentioned throughout this book. And David Icke was hardly a fool for calling this pair of evil assholes out while they were still both alive, yet they never dared suing him because it was true.

Returning to further debunk Time Magazine‘s feeble denying mockery: The Holocaust and both World War I and II were all financed and engineered by black nobility bloodlines like the Rothschilds in order to create the Jewish State (See Chapters 27 and 28), and the Bush family that helped finance Hitler was joined by plenty of others like the German Windsors who were fellow Nazi supporters. Prominent Zionist organizations worked in direct partnership with Adolf Hitler for a half dozen years leading up to WWII to facilitate German Jews to peacefully emigrate to Palestine. But Victor Rothschild and his family turned their backs on the hapless Jews remaining in Europe to become Holocaust victims, calculatingly written off as a forever source of sympathy, weaponized anti-Semitism silencer, but most of all as the necessary bargaining chips to establish the Rothschilds’ very own Jewish State as King of the Jews.

Hollywood titans behind the early major film studios were fellow Jewish Luciferians and much has been documented of the Hollywood pedo-gay mafia elite preying on children at sex orgies and belonging to satanic ritual cults (See Chapter 15). Both the 9/11 attack and the Oklahoma City bombing were planned false flags with the Clintons, Bushes and Cheney all known pedophiles involved in the plotting, execution and cover-up of both democide tragedies. Time goes on to list identified reptilian members – “Queen Elizabeth, George W. Bush, Henry Kissinger, Bill and Hillary Clinton and Bob Hope” and how they’re linked to Freemasonry and Illuminati. Uh-hah, their crimes have all been exposed in preceding chapters.

After taking a hard look at reality, it’s Time Magazine that’s in fact the real fool for so blindly, blatantly protecting the pedo-crime cabal, of course all the while in total complicity. Its fascist Time-Life founder in 1923, Henry Luce, like the Bushes, a Yale Skull and Bones member initially financed by Rothschild agent JP Morgan, has proven to be linked to both CIA and its Mockingbird press.[418] And since 1923 it’s all too obvious whose side Time’s been on. “Time is on my side,” the hell it is Mick Jagger, only if you’re one of them, which you’ve been reported to be.[419] If you’re not, time is of the essence to drain this Luciferian pedo-cesspit of the world.

To those with an open enough mind to actually do their homework, researching history beyond the dogma of endless false narratives, it’s not hard to find skeletons galore in the royal family closet. Queen Elizabeth’s clan personify the most public face of the bloodline elite covertly up to no good like no other on this planet. Let’s take a brief look at her consort, the queen’s husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Behind the Malthusian overpopulation myth,[420] Philip shows his true eugenicist colors in a 1981 People Magazine interview explaining his wish to cull the human herd:

Human population growth is probably the single most serious long-term threat to survival. We’re in for a major disaster if it isn’t curbed – not just for the natural world, but for the human world… We have no option. If it isn’t controlled voluntarily, it will be controlled involuntarily by an increase in disease, starvation and war.[421]

War, disease and starvation are the royal cabal’s way of dealing with the falsehood of his so called problem. What he truly thinks of humanity was next revealed both in a 1984 book and again reiterated in 1988:

In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation.[422]

After the deaths of Princess Diana and her lover Dodi Fayed at the hands of the royals, at her 2008 inquest, Dodi’s father claimed their assassination hit was ordered by the Prince of Edinburgh, calling Philip a “Nazi racist.”[423] The owner of the Paris Ritz Hotel and Harrods stated that Diana had told him in July 1997 – two months prior to the Paris “accident,” that she feared that Prince Philip and Prince Charles wanted to get rid of her. Also in 1995 she shared with her divorce attorney Lord Mishcon that the royals were plotting to murder her by way of a car accident. At the time of her death, Prime Minister Tony Blair “happened” to be staying with the royal family at Scotland’s Balmoral Castle.[424] Strong evidence indicates that Diana’s untimely death in the tunnel hitting the 13th pillar was both a planned occult blood satanic sacrifice as well as eliminating a growing threat to the royal family.[425] Diana had become increasingly aware of the “dark forces” lurking not only inside the family’s palace and castle walls, but strong evidence exists that her phone calls were bugged and she was being closely monitored by security services in the final weeks of her life.[426] At her inquest, electronic surveillance expert Graham Harding testified that he’d discovered a bugging device in her Kensington apartment wall in 1994. So it appears definite in the last few weeks of her life she was being monitored. During a surge of IRA violence in the mid-1990s, Diana turned to her personal friend Rodney Turner and joked:

If it’s not the IRA, it’s my husband.[427]

It’s extremely likely that Princess Diana had learned of the royal family’s pedophilia involvement and, similar to BBC presenter Jill Dando’s 1999 murder for intending to blow the whistle on Savile and the BBC pedophile network (See Chapter 21), Britain’s two most beloved goddesses paid for knowing too much with both their very lives violently snuffed out.

Again, Diana confided that the royal family is not even human, calling them lizards. If Philip and Charles could have the mother of Charles’ two supposed sons, a future King of England’s own mother murdered, what does that say about Philip and Charles? Based on Prince Philip’s wishful statement about his being reincarnated “a killer virus,” the accused Nazi racist would just love nothing more than to wipe out 95% of the earth population, which is the unanimous wish and agenda amongst his fellow controllers – the world’s 15th biggest landowner Ted Turner and 21st century’s richest man Bill Gates,[428] who for years has been predicting sooner than later a killer virus would eliminate “over 30 million in six months.”[429] At a TED2010 conference, Globalist Gates let the truth slip out:

First we got population. The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.[430][Boldface for EMPHASIS]

After matter-of-factly proclaiming a decade ago that he wanted more than a billion of us dead, and repeatedly predicting millions of us dying from a super-virus and ensuring he owned the coronavirus vaccine patent a few months prior to its worldwide outbreak,[431] it’s now pretty obvious not an accident that both the Deadly Virus King and the Deadly Vaccine King have all but made good on their bucket list promises with this “Corona” (Spanish word for “Crown”) virus spreading rapidly across the globe.[432] Nor an accident that it conveniently be ushered in time for the Chinese New Year of the Rat to provide sleight-of-hand instant diversionary relief away from all the media’s feeding frenzy headlines of the imploding royal family meltdown to the deadly bio-warfare disease,[433] said to have been contracted by humans from either reptillian snakes or vampire bats.[434]

Based on these facts and by both their past words and misdeeds, one can fairly surmise that both these admitted overpopulation eugenicists[435] are most likely behind this latest Crown Killer Virus. The Freemason Prince married to the Queen and bio-warmongering Billionaire Bill have us targeted in their crosshairs for elimination, both aligned with the infamous NWO black nobility bastion the Club of Rome.[436] It has spearheaded the “green agenda” credo, hijacking the field of science, in recent years having turned it into nothing more or less than weaponized Orwellian junk science[437] [438]:

The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.[439]

In the latest episode of the “like father, like son” “green agenda” hoax comes Prince Charles’ obsession over climate change, kicking off the new year by introducing his 10-point climate plan at the global elite’s annual soiree in Davos, Switzerland,[440] where he melodramatically declared:

Climate change the greatest threat mankind has ever faced.[441]

You mean it’s not your daddy’s killer crown virus going around causing lockdown fever? For the first time, the 2020 World Economic Forum (WEF) theme “tackled” climate change, highlighted by a photo-op when the future King met the Swedish showgirl, teenage climate change sensation herself Greta Thunberg.[442]  The “green agenda” poster child is doubling down this year in her role as Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” and another of the elite’s weaponized tools, fully exploited to promote the bogus CO2 bogie man leading to carbon tax like Corona’s leading to mandatory vaccines, all designed to strip away more of our disappearing individual rights – in Davos putty in the hands of the world’s largest capital investment funds and the world’s central banksters all in saluting attendance at this year’s gala event.[443] Bad science[444] gives way to Big Business and global tyranny while control over the weather/climate and heavy metals ingested into the geoengineered lungs, brains and bloodstreams pissing on every earth inhabitant spells deadly prognosis for all of us.[445] Greta and Charles will never ever talk about the real climate-changer – the biggest elephant in the gas chamber room.

One more point on the Great Game changer, within a few weeks prior to the China coronavirus outbreak, the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation actually were running a simulation exercise on the same coronavirus that Bill secured the vaccine patent on a year earlier.[446] Whenever the elite decides to do another practice drill on anything, run for the hills because we now know a false flag’s coming next. No doubt about it, the viral killer is here right on schedule, brought to you by our sponsors – the royals, the world’s richest man and their WEF fat cats. The super-elites are not our friend.

In a related Windsor theme, if the new killer virus came to life from bat shit, the shapeshifting blood drinking Prince Charles once boasted “Transylvania is in my blood.” The Prince of Cornwall is a proud direct descendant of one of the most murderous, sadistic figures in European history – Prince Vlad III, ruler of Wallachia.[447] Vlad made a practice of inviting dinner guests over, then impaling them as his prisoners-of-war as his guests of honor, gleefully watching them flail about on wooden spikes to their agonizingly painful deaths in his war against Ottoman Muslims during the mid-to late 15th century. This very real historical vampire was the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula character based on Vlad the Impaler’s bloodthirsty lifestyle and dining practice. In his native Wallachian language, the modern connotation of Dracula means the devil and no one personifies the devil more than Vlad III. The meaning of Dracula in Vlad’s day pertained to dragon, as he was born into the Order of the Dragon,[448] a secret society variation on the royal reptilian theme.

In as much as pedophiles are child-stealing energy vampires, and often literal vampires being cannibals seeking their next adrenochrome fix, it’s hardly a stretch that an accused shapeshifting lizard prince from England directly related to Dracula would have as one of his closest friends, Britain’s all-time most prolific predatory pedo-vampire devouring children and dead corpses alike – Sir Jimmy Savile. No wonder Charles would feel such profound affinity and identification pulsing through his bloody veins with his favorite ancestor of all-time – the bloodthirsty vampire prince, prompting England’s future king to purchase not one but two 400-year old homes just to be close to his blood curdling grandpappy idol.[449] And to crown it off, in April 2017 the great-grandson 16 times removed was officially honored with the royal title of “Prince of Transylvania.”

The queen relies upon a yearly government sovereign grant, for 2018-19 of £82 million.[450] This absorbent cost (close to $100 million USD) of maintaining the ever growing British royal family has become an increasingly contentious boondoggle fleecing amongst overstretched UK taxpayers footing their high-maintenance royal bill, and after their latest debacle of a year, the financial burden for their upkeep is wearing mighty thin with each unfolding scandal. With a protected pedophile for a disgraced favorite son, a grandson and wife suing British newspapers, and bitter internal disputes publicly boiling over, the gluttonous dysfunctional crime family is looking more like undeserving dead weight to overworked, stressed out Britons barely able to feed their own families. As early as nearly a decade ago during the queen’s silver jubilee, the Daily Telegraph raised this salient point:

Bloated royal families are fine when you run a quarter of the world… not so good when you are in charge of a diminished, austere Britain, grappling with recession in the early 21st century.[451]

With 54 Commonwealth of Nations under Crown authority and a still bloated royal family in 2020, I’d say it’s never “fine” to allow such nefarious theft, earthly rape and plunder. The argument that the Queen generates a huge surplus of tourist revenue falls flat as Buckingham Palace does not rank as Britain’s top tourist attraction, that belongs to the British Museum.[452] Then when the well-known tourism agency VisitBritain was asked for details providing any impact the monarchy actually has on British tourism, it failed to give any evidence supporting the idea that the royals boost UK’s tourism industry.[453] With the royals more than ever before exposed as a bad investment and unworthy high cost expenditure, add to the mix Prince Charles constantly writing letters to ministers flexing his muscle to push his own political agenda as typified by his Davos 10-point climate plan, and Harry and Meghan with last summer’s Vogue magazine collaboration focusing on “forces for change,” it’s prompted a growing backlash of critics accusing the British royal family of far overstepping its boundaries. A Sky News interview of Spiked Online editor Brendan O’Neill just fired a shot across the bow:

Let’s remember – we fought a civil war in this country and had a revolution in this country in the 1640s and the 1680s to get the royals out of political life and to make them this kind of decorative constitutional family… Once the Queen’s reign is over, the future of the Royal Family will be called into question precisely because of the behaviour of people like Prince Charles and also Harry and Meghan.[454]

The recent development has royal historian Carolyn Harris pressing the alarm button, maintaining that the Meghan-Harry show spewing chaos and conflict is on the verge of inciting a larger revolt among Commonwealth nations against the royal family.[455] Both Canada and the queen have proclaimed they will not be footing the bill for the Windsor renegades’ enormous £20m security costs while living in Canada.[456] Dissension within the ranks may foment rejection of the Crown and monarchy altogether. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles are growing more nervous by the minute that their 1200-year reign of tax paid, freeloading gravy train ride may soon be over. God forbid they all pay their own way as it’s looking like even God won’t save the Queen. If anyone does, it’s Lucifer his fallen angel.

Even prior to this last year’s speed “bump” into royal oblivion, polls in Canada showed near 2 out of 3 citizens from that Commonwealth nation are wanting out.[457] Most Canadians want the monarchy to end once Elizabeth finishes her reign. As far back as 1999, Australians voted to shuck the monarchy,[458] but the then Prime Minister John Howard sabotaged the referendum.[459] Time is approaching for a new head of state in the Commonwealth nations.[460] With a whopping royal pay raise of 41% from the preceding year, Britons are growing tired of footing the bill on a bunch of royal derelicts sponging off cash-strapped taxpayers.[461] Indeed, Andrew’s embarrassing criminal behavior alone is placing the royal family’s future in jeopardy.[462]

Let’s face it, in 2020 it’s long overdue to pull the plug on the earth’s most powerful and destructive feudal monarchy system that has no rhyme nor reason in this day and age to still be lording its burdensome parasitic authority, degenerate power and sinister control over its thoroughly exploited, constantly lied to subjugated subjects, especially considering the evildoing in totality that the royals have historically over so many centuries gotten away with. It’s time to abolish this disgraceful predatory dinosaur from the Dark Ages that’s been nothing short of a cancerous “killer virus” on not only the United Kingdom but Commonwealth of Nations and world at-large. It’s time for the people to throw off their shackles of this archaic remnant to finally take humanity out of feudalism and slavery as an obsolete, corrosively corrupt, morally repugnant elitist institution at its Luciferian core – the Windsor clan, reputedly comprised of reptilian sodomites and baby killers disguised and propped up 24/7 as the benign do-gooders of the world when they in fact are among the prime destroyers of the world. Their dozen millennium run is finally reaching the end.

The next chapter exposes planetary controller lies that have kept humanity in bondage for an astounding near half million millennia.


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