Chapter 1: Introduction to Pedophilia – The Mental Disorder and the Child Sex Abuse Crime

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Pedophilia – The Mental Disorder and the Child Sex Abuse Crime

Joachim Hagopian

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Few other words in the English language conjure up such strong value judgments and emotions as the word pedophilia. The word originates from the Greek “paidos” meaning “child” and “philia” signifying “loving.”[1] Because so many common misconceptions exist over what pedophilia is,[2] and since it’s the central controversial topic of this book, the first order of business needs to define what pedophilia actually is, and attempt to shed light on its most frequent misperceptions. Confusion abounds over whether pedophilia constitutes a mental disorder, a psychological condition or malady, or sexual orientation, and how pedophilia as a disorder should be distinguished from the near universally regarded act of child molestation as a legal crime in virtually every nation on earth.[3]

Considered a psychiatric disorder by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) dating back to 1952 with the first edition of its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) on Mental Disorders, pedophilia has been included in all four revisions since.  According to the latest 5th edition (DSM-5), what was listed in prior DSM’s as pedophilia is now Pedophilic Disorder, falling into the designated paraphilia class of atypical sexual disorders, is the diagnosis assigned to adults who have sexual desire for prepubescent children (deemed 13 years or younger). According to the DSM, the three criteria that must be met in order to diagnose an individual with Pedophilic Disorder are:[4]

  • An individual who has had arousing fantasies about, urges for, or behaviors with a prepubescent child or children.
  • The individual has acted out these sexual desires, or is experiencing significant distress or difficulty as a result of these desires.
  • The Individual is at least 16 years of age, and minimally five years older than the child or children.

By using the words “acted out” in the second criterion above,[5] this generic definition is highly ambiguous since it fails to distinguish between those who act out their sexual desires and impulses through criminal behavior abusing children and those who are attracted to young children but do not act out their desires or urges physically with children. Acting out desires through masturbating and sexually fantasizing about children is not a crime, nor fraternizing and associating with other likeminded pedophiles (unless both are convicted felons). Another ambiguity in the definition of pedophilic disorder fails to distinguish a pedophile who fantasizes while watching child pornography, which itself is a crime, and a pedophile who bodily violates a child sexually. Both are pedophiles committing two separate crimes but obviously the child molestation is a far more severe criminal act that would ostensibly carry a harsher sentence.

However, viewing or engaging in the production or distribution of photos and videos graphically depicting children being brutally molested in the $20-50 billion child pornography industry is definitely a criminal offense.[6] And obviously for the incredible amount of money being made, there must be lots of child porn downloaders committing crimes to feed their sick pedophilic addiction. Inappropriate sexual touching of a child obviously constitutes felonious child abuse. Also a pedophile that profiles children as a predatory stalker awaiting the opportunity to sexually act out prior to the act of molestation is also itself considered a crime. Needless to say, buying and selling children and humans as well as trafficking across state and international borders[7] are despicable crimes and the ones that Illuminati government networks largely operate and control.[8]

So the discerning differential key and society’s ultimate challenge to ensure the protection of children is separating the pedophile who acts out criminally as a child predator from others who keep their desires of attraction to their own inner thoughts and are not expressed either through child pornography nor direct contact with children. Since the latter pedophiles are neither criminals nor predators, they do not pose a threat to society. Obviously through the most judiciously legal and fair means, the pedophilic predator perpetrating crimes against children needs to be identified, segregated and removed from society for the sake of securing children’s safety. Sexually violent pedophiles (SVP’s) that are repeat offenders who clearly cannot control their compulsions to act out against prepubescent children, fully fit the criteria as mentally disordered criminals in need of treatment while posing a clear danger to children for civil commitment at a long-term mental institution.[9]

But when a ruling class has been free to rape and murder children for centuries at will with total impunity,[10] while child sex predators from mostly an underclass are the only pedophiles scrutinized, demonized and put away for life, this obviously is neither a just nor satisfactory solution. Largely to appease growing public alarm and wrath over rampant child sexual abuse globally,[11] the current hypocritical two-tier policy of granting carte blanche for the worst offenders systematically destroying thousands of children’s lives each year[12] while a lynch mob vigilante force amongst the panic stricken public is gunning for overkill against those unable to afford dream team legal representation like billionaire Jeffrey Epstein is unacceptable.[13] A decade ago Epstein lawyers browbeat and pummeled down then weak and unethical US prosecutor then rewarded current US Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta to issue the billionaire his sweetheart deal – a get-out-of-jail card,[14] after raping dozens of underage girls while working for Mossad to incriminate dozens of high profile politicians like the Clintons in a blackmail scheme to maintain Zionist control over Washington.[15] That’s hardly the answer either. Yet up till now, that’s status quo business at the top of the pedo predatory food chain.

A half dozen years ago, 100,000 of the 500,000 registered sex offenders in the United States were reportedly missing and unaccounted for, that’s one in five convicted rapists remaining at large,”[16] free to strike again harming yet more innocent victims. And similar or worse situations apparently exist in the UK,[17] Australia[18] and worldwide where no registered list of pedophiles even exist.[19 Despite registries’ introduction in the US two decades ago, controversy still lingers over whether state sex offender data banks made public actually defeat their intended purpose. Critics contend that they are the prime driving force causing offenders to go missing while abuse advocates maintain they do increase public child safety. Several studies suggest that sex registration is effective in lowering recidivism but public notification may be increasing crime.[20]

There are several types of pedophiles based on the object of their attraction:[21] those who favor boys only, those attracted to girls only, or those who are attracted to both boys and girls. A common myth holds that a pedophile who abuses boys is a homosexual.[22] Many offenders abuse children of both genders and some are attracted to adult women as well. The designated exclusive type pedophile is only attracted to young children whereas non-exclusive pedophiles are attracted to both children and adults. A number of pedophiles assume “normal” lives, hiding their deep dark secret from even their spouses and families. Still other pedophiles only engage in incest with family members – most often their own children, or stepchildren. Incestuous parents are not always pedophiles either. They may seek sexual gratification with a child in closest proximity for lack of an adult sex partner.[23]

Hebephilia[24] is yet another type of paraphilia that the DSM-5 workgroup tried pushing through as an extension of pedophilia attraction, but reserved for children in pubescence aged 13-14, although some publications maintain a wider 11-14 age range.[25] In any event, it was adamantly opposed by too much resistance within the psychiatric and psychology fields that are unwilling to declare a mental disorder for having sex with puberty aged kids that culturally and biologically are developing sexually faster these days having already arrived at childbearing years. The Psychiatric Times lambasted the DSM committee for even considering the proposal, citing the sexual allure of the Calvin Klein ads using models in puberty as well as a reminder that the historic age of sexual consent around the world (even the US) until recent times had been 14 as reasons not to classify it as a mental disorder.[26] The article author, Dr. Allen Frances, openly admits that adult [men] lusting after 13- and 14-year old adolescent girls is perfectly normal, though still a crime to physically act on.

If hebephiliac was listed in DSM-5 as a mental disorder, forensic psychiatry that provides expert witness court testimony in child molestation trials would have been directly impacted, potentially putting hebephiles away for life in mental institutions. Adults having even consensual sex with a 17-year old is committing a statutory rape crime in most US states. Thus prison time for adult defilers of early adolescents is still the legal consequence, with or without the hebephilia diagnosis. In the end, due to such stiff opposition and heated controversy, the DSM workgroup chose to forego making “hebephiliac disorder” yet another official diagnostic entry. But in another article Dr. Frances alludes to some sneaky fine print in DSM-5 pertaining to a pedophilia definition that includes arousal from “prepubescent or early pubescent children.”[27]  This mental disorder loophole imposes the forensic concern of having to commit sexually violent pedophiles (SVP’s) [i.e., a convicted rapists of early adolescents] confined to a mental institution the rest of their lives. Dr. Frances objects on both ethical and constitutional grounds that according to him in nearly all cases the rape offender of a pubescent aged adolescent does not suffer from a mental sexual disorder and therefore does not warrant a lifetime sentence in an insane asylum, believing it would be a travesty of justice. Of course with far more conviction, the same can be said for the raped pubescent girl or boy, regardless of the offender’s length of stay at either a prison or mental institution.

The American Psychiatric Association committee that published the DSM-5 in 2013 also came under heavy fire when it initially described Pedophilic Disorder as “a sexual orientation,”[28] or “sexual preference,” immediately interpreted by many conservatives as a transparent attempt by the liberal left to legalize and normalize the act of pedophilia, a salient topical and pressing issue[29] that will be addressed in the next chapter. Despite APA’s poor choice of words initially, in no way is pedophilic disorder simply a lifestyle choice or volitional preference. Understandably, critics charged the APA with intentionally trying to normalize, decriminalize and otherwise minimize the heinous criminality perpetrated by pedophilic disordered child rapists. The APA was forced to quickly change its online DSM wording, but too late for hardbound press, replacing the word “preference” with the word “interest,” accompanied by a public statement retracting its questionable choice of diction as “an error,”[30] and reiterating the serious nature of child molestation and child sex abuse as a felony crime committed by pedophile offenders.

A common misperception is to believe that pedophilia is the same as child molestation.[31] Pedophilia is the deviant condition of being attracted to young children, not the criminal act in and of itself. But here is perhaps the least understood fact of all – not all pedophiles are child rapists. Some never act out their desires through physical contact with minors. A leading pedophilia researcher, Dr. James Cantor, believes that a large majority of pedophiles never offend against children.[32 Another researcher, Dr. Hubert Van Gijseghem, states that many experts maintain that only 20% of sexual abusers are pedophiles.[33] If these experts are correct, many law abiding pedophiles are being wrongly persecuted by millions in society out of ignorance who simply lack accurate information and truth. It’s always easier to possess strong empathy for child victims than it is for adults who are different, misunderstood and unjustly scapegoated. A support organization and website called Virtuous Pedophiles helps pedophiles who agree that harming children sexually is reprehensible and support each other’s resolve not to act on their attraction. They resist the temptation and many of them pose no threat or danger to children.[34] From the website – “Yet we are despised for having a sexual attraction that we did not choose, cannot change, and successfully resist.”

As alluded to by both research findings and the quote above, pedophilia is an unalterable condition, a biological predisposition that one is born with. Hence, the consensus amongst researchers is that pedophilia is indeed a sexual orientation from birth, similar to homosexuality, which up until a few decades ago was also deemed a mental disorder.

Pedophilic disorder manifests as an onset in males at puberty.[35] Though according to US Justice Department, 96% of pedophile offenders reported to law enforcement in 1999 were male,[36] other studies have found that as many as 20% of the offenders of young boys were actually female and 5% offending girl victims were women.[37] Child sexual molestation perpetrated by adult women also tends to be less reported since society grants the nurturing bond of maternal love a far wider parameter when it comes to physical contact with children, reinforced by the common misperception that virtually all child rapists must be men.

Another factor making boy victims of adult women far more sensationalized in the media and different from girls molested by men is illustrated in the classic teacher-boy child relationship – the common myth that a 13 or 14 year old male is not a victim at all, but just the opposite – a fortunate beneficiary experiencing his “rite of passage” compliments of the mature “hot babe” who shows him the sexual ropes.[38] This theme’s often been exploited by the “Mrs. Robinson affair” in films like “The Graduate” and “The Summer of ’42” as well as illuminated by the infamous 20 year old case of former teacher Mary Kay Letourneau’s scandalous affair and marriage with her onetime 12-year old student turned longtime husband and father of her two youngest children, now their young adult daughters.[39]

On the other hand, male survivors of early child sexual abuse in a very real way have a more difficult time coping with sexual trauma.[40] The “macho male” conditioning that pressures males to always feel the need to be in control as the “stronger” of the two sexes, never allowing themselves to be vulnerable or shed tears for fear of being perceived as weak, this societal brainwash acts as heavy gender baggage that makes successfully working through sexual trauma all that much more of a challenge, compounded by the reality that males are far less apt to even seek help through support groups or therapy,[41] much less even confide in disclosing past abuse to others. Older abused boys and men are far more prone to acting out their internal anger and shame through violence toward self through suicide, or becoming drug addicts, or violence directed toward others, ending up in prison, potentially committing even rape and murder in a maladjusted desperate attempt to regain a feeling of control over their body and lives. Fear of being judged gay or a child molester keeps males from admitting they’ve ever been sexually abused.

With a mental health career spanning over a quarter century, I can vouch for the emotional scars causing child abuse victims to typically struggle with chronic low self-esteem, shame, self-loathing and self-blame, suicidal impulses, and severe lack of trust issues carried over into adulthood that manifest through major barriers in forming healthy intimate love relationships as well as creating work related problems.[42] The longitudinal effects of unresolved childhood trauma become a lifetime sentence and never-ending burden that victims take to their early graves twenty years ahead of their non-abused peers.[43] Even 17 years after a single sexual assault, one in six adult victims were found to still suffer from PTSD symptoms of flashbacks, nightmares and anxiety years later.[44] An extremely young fragile child victimized by sexual trauma at such an early developmentally formative, critical stage can rarely fully recover.

A cursory glance at the rising suicide rates across all generations, but especially amongst children, the highest in 30 years,[45] along with institutional trauma settings such as hospitals, women’s shelters, courts and prisons, all give sobering pause, contemplating the devastating impact that child sexual abuse around the world ravages. Meanwhile, because this same world has failed so miserably to protect our children, each child rapist has been allowed to keep destroying hundreds of more innocent lives – 260 on average – before getting caught.[46] With children our future, we absolutely must stop this egregious, self-replicating cycle from exponentially destroying the fate of humanity that’s now hanging in the balance. Our pretending this global epidemic threatening the future of humanity doesn’t really exist by simply keeping our heads in the sand because child rape is just too emotionally overwhelming and shocking to even think about is no excuse. Our silence or running away only makes us part of the problem. The purpose of this book is to inform, educate and ultimately empower us to take constructive and decisive action together so that we can collectively end these horrific crimes against children.

The following paragraphs address a few more important statistical facts about pedophilia. Somewhat surprising findings are that near one in four (23%) pedophilic offenders are under 18, meaning that their victims were at least five years younger, and near half at 40% of offenders of victims under age 6 were juveniles themselves and 39% of the reported cases involving victims aged 6-11 were committed by juveniles.[47] With the typical male offender already molesting children by age 15, three out of four convicted pedophile rapists are under the age of 35. Highly correlated with the breakdown of the American nuclear family unit,[48] as far back as the mid-1980’s a dramatic spike was observed in the number of cases involving kids raping kids.

Younger child victims are very rarely molested by strangers (under age 6 only 3% and 6-11 only 5%) as 89% of all child sexual assault cases involve acquaintance relationships such as caretakers or family members.[49] Another important fallacy to understand is even though a small number of child abuse victims become pedophilic perpetrators, an overwhelming percentage of both male and female pedophiles were sexually abused as children.[50] On a related note, in a 1991 survey of state prison inmates in America, those convicted of raping children were significantly more apt to be child victims themselves than those sexual offenders that victimized adults.[51]

That same 1991 state prisoner survey showed that whites comprised 70% of America’s state prison population convicted of child molestation whereas only 40% of those convicted of violent crimes against adults were white. Again from that same study, 2 out of 3 of all the convicted rapists reported that they had included children as their victims as well. The 1991 survey also found that about 10% of violent offenders against child victims received either a lifetime or death sentence yet the average sentence of 11 years for child rapists was less time than the average sentences received by rapists of adults.[52] So raping a child results in less punishment than raping an adult. Again, confirmation that in America less value is placed on the life of an unprotected child than adults. Is it any wonder we’re amidst a global epidemic of trafficked in child pedophile victims?

The FBI contends that only 1-10% of all the incidents involving child molestation even get reported to law enforcement.[53] Though an exact percentage cannot be determined, based on anonymous survey studies, an estimated 3-5% of the general population are believed to be pedophiles.[54] Contrast that figure with the percentage of US presidents and Congress members who are pedophiles and that number shoots upwards from a third to a half as estimated by several recent government insiders, though many result from being ensnared by a CIA/Mossad run deceptive pedophile blackmail system that’s also been operating worldwide now for numerous decades.[55]

Speaking of Washington’s dirty trick politics, in the face of the controversial Pizzagate scandal that broke last year,[56] and many other confirmed documented scandals involving pedophilia and prominent government leaders in recent decades,[57] the now unavoidably recognized major human problem of child sex trafficking and its global implications as a widespread epidemic, make it incumbent upon this ambitious endeavor to offer a sound and accurate introduction to this all profoundly important subject matter that provides a clear and basic understanding of what pedophilia and its worldwide ramifications engender.

After the historic path of homosexuality moving from longtime mental disorder to today’s social acceptance as a mere “sexual preference,”[58] and APA’s embarrassing “oops” moment in 2013 attempting to likewise slip in pedophilic disorder as a “sexual orientation” and preference, their cultural parallels are now visibly working overtime to destigmatize and normalize pedophilia. With that in mind, a brief look at homosexuality’s metamorphosis is relevant. Since 1973’s DSM-2, homosexuality was officially removed[59] as a psychiatric mental disorder,[60] having gradually come to be viewed as a normal variant within the normative range of human sexuality, believed to also be predetermined biologically from birth. Its wide acceptance today, especially among younger generations, means that LGBT members can honestly be who they are, no longer forced to live in the closeted shame pretending to be someone they’re not fearing harassment and persecution. Though some religions and individuals persist in holding onto sectarian or personal beliefs and moral judgement that engaging in homosexual acts constitute an abnormal, pathological sin, as of June 26th, 2015, the US Supreme Court granted the same legal marital rights to homosexual couples previously reserved only for traditional heterosexual marriage.[61]

As a longtime clinician and licensed Marriage Family Therapist, I agree that homosexuality should not be viewed as sexual deviancy or as a pathological disorder merely because the majority of humans are heterosexual, and that sex between two consenting adults – hetero or gay, is nobody else’s business. In my opinion gay couples or any LGBT combo thereof should be afforded the same basic legal rights and social privileges as married men and women, again affirmed two years ago by the Supreme Court.

But beyond that level of social equality and legal justice, I also maintain that people are entitled their own personal opinion as well as freedom of expression regardless of their particular pro or con position on homosexuality, despite the fact that these days, we’ve seen our First Amendment free speech rights usurped and destroyed by militant Politically Correct Gestapo thought police[62] quietly deployed and backed by the deep state New World Order agenda aggressively attacking our national sovereignty,[63] constitutional rights, our individual sovereignty, religious rights, our family as a sovereign institution along with our parental rights. Everyone, regardless of position, whether socially accepted by consensus or not, has the right to think and speak his or her mind. Sadly, already in the early twenty-first century, America’s disappearing freedoms one by one are being eliminated.[64]

Clearly the ruling elite’s overt agenda, using its go-to formula to divide and conquer[65] is busily creating such dissention, disunity, conflict and turmoil on this planet in order to establish dire enough conditions to facilitate a one world government[66] and one world religion[67] promising to “save us all” in order to completely enslave and control the global masses under a tyrannical centralized system of feudal totalitarianism. As such, the elite’s design is also to ensure that homosexuality, the entire LGBT PC agenda and pedophilia are incessantly infused into one “social justice” movement in the mind of the masses. Following the “success” in recent decades of the elite’s massive social engineering experimentation on humanity,[68] nefariously miseducating and manipulating generations of both males and females with massively blurred gender role and identity confusion,[69] we’re now witnessing a similar propaganda media blitz intending to normalize pedophilia as simply another “benign” life choice, deceptively on the heels of the LGBT movement.[70] Chapter 2 will delve much deeper into this all important topic.

Meanwhile, as mainstream media continues to lie and deny the existence of a global pedophilia epidemic and its extensive child sex trafficking networks operating worldwide,[71] taking delight in calling Pizzagate fake news,[72] the public isn’t buying it, coming to realize that many of our most powerful figures in government[73] on both sides of the Atlantic,[74] in the courts, corporations, banks, military, law enforcement, the intelligence community, communications media and the saturated entertainment industry[75] are either practicing pedophiles of the Luciferian persuasion[76] or are heavily compromised and controlled through the demonic elite’s extensive pedophile blackmail system.[77] The aim of this book is to fully expose this pedophile elite’s very dark, perverse web as the most expedient means to urgently protect our children while bringing down the pedo-crime cabal once and for all.[78]

According to research compiled over two decades ago, it was estimated that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually victimized as minors.[79] A more recent finding asserts that now one in three girls and one in five boys is sexually molested.[80] Multiple reports are now coming in from around the world, in places like Africa,[81] India[82] and Europe,[83] all confirming that child sexual abuse is surging,[84] including online child pornography,[85] to become a worldwide epidemic today. We must take a decisive stand now to stamp out this growing scourge, first by educating ourselves as to the extent and pervasiveness of the problem, and second by becoming proactive activists committed to positive change that includes taking steps to protect children from further exploitation and abuse, helping victims of all ages heal, while eradicating this malignant network of child rapists operating behind a millennium of sealed off impunity and previously impenetrable power.[86] Through Truth and Reconciliation Commissions, we can unveil the truth to usher in a peaceful revolution that will forever end the pedo-blackmail system that has controlled our politicians over this last century.

As a mental health clinician, I worked closely with hundreds of minors who are mostly incest pedophile victims turned courageous survivors. Drawing from my gratifying years of experience helping to heal emotional wounds of their trauma, I possess a lifelong passion and commitment to do what I can do to help one person at a time to heal this planet from centuries of criminal abuse perpetrated on our most vulnerable and defenseless population. As a therapist I spent way too many trips going to children’s court only to not be heard while fighting to protect my child clients from further abuse by a thoroughly broken child welfare system that’s failed to keep kids safe for far too long,[87] at times knowingly and willfully endangering youth to suffer additional mistreatment and horror that haunts them for the rest of their lives.

In the same way as a cadet and academy graduate I never endorsed West Point’s failed leadership training program that merely produces the most avid order followers and robotic enforcers,[88] as a mental health therapist I never endorsed the sanctity of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorders as “every diagnostician’s so called bible.”[89] It’s neither an accurate nor fair account of classifying mental illness nor categorizing mental disorders, but merely an artificial social and political construct elevated to an undeserving pedestal status, given far too much credence to pseudo-science dogma for sole benefit of the medical and psychiatric establishment and institutionalized hierarchical corruption.[90] In this morally bankrupt system, a few degrees and credentials provide the power differential license to exploit and harm others. Armed with their educational brainwash, far too many psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists are trained to systematically psycho-pathologize and misjudge those perceived in any way “different,” “deviant,” “abnormal,” “pathological,” “crazy,” “insane,” “negative,” or “bad,” as a subgroup of so called mentally ill humans to recklessly conduct unscientific and inhumane experimentation on as their human guinea pigs,[91] with unproven theories and ineffectual dogmatic practices, prescribing harmful, even lethal drugs that straightjacket emotions, and smother symptoms and ultimately the very life out of their patients, never getting to the underlying, buried causes of dis-ease. Overmedicated America has more citizens dying from opioid overdoses than from cars and guns.[92] So Big Pharma’s been spreading its global reach overseas to Eastern Europe, testing new drugs on a whole new population of human guinea pigs to save costs and cut yet more corners on safety.[93]

Moreover, 10 clinicians assessing the same client presenting the same problems/symptoms invariably will come up with 10 different diagnoses based upon each’s own preconceived notions and familiar biases as interrater reliability is zero.[94] What does this tell you? Psychology and psychiatry are not like the natural sciences or even medical science where in the lab and under the microscope certain scientific laws and formulas are precisely consistent, easily replicated, proven and confirmed. But when it comes to the complexity of the human mind, based on a few minutes or even a few hours of behavioral observation, clinically assessing and diagnosing is about as unscientific and subjective as you can get.[95] Consequently, clinicians misdiagnose patients most of the time, and since their entire treatment rests on an accurate diagnosis, patients are mistreated with the wrong drugs that do damage (since psychiatrists are generally owned by Big Pharma as glorified drug pushers).

On top of this blanketed pigeonholing system that gets it wrong so much of the time operating exclusively from a DSM “bible”[96] that with each revision adds scores of “newly discovered” mental disorders so that more human guinea pigs can be drugged for profit,[97] every single psychiatric diagnosis is based solely on a formulaic assessment interview and limited observable behavior (with most shrinks in my experience typically spending all of five to ten minutes per patient). External human behavior is derived from a whole host of internal dynamics based on an interplay of thoughts and feelings drawn from multilayered factors that include sensory input and processing, early childhood conditioning, any past trauma personality, individuality, learned experience, genetics, situational determinants and biochemistry that together at any given moment can act as various causative agents. But relegating everything to a quick biochemical fix is a hit and miss operation that utterly fails to grasp the complexities of the human mind and spirit. The half empty lens of abnormality and impairment is the wrong approach. The glass as half full perspective offers a more positive, strength based, integrative and holistic focus that assists clients build a stronger social support system and produces far better outcomes and prognoses.

Worst of all, the pervasive stigmatization,[98] particularly prone in Western societies, being mislabeled[99] as mentally ill is so far reaching, ethically and morally unjustified and emotionally crippling, it renders whatever small merit the failed psychiatric diagnostic system as not worth the colossal damage caused to millions of people branded with mental illness. That this “convenient” diagnostic classification system has been insidiously co-opted, financially exploited, thoroughly corrupted and diabolically controlled by the cancerous giant pharmaceutical industry[100] known as Big Pharma represents an abhorrent WMD abomination against humanity. It’s a total betrayal of the Greek physician and original oath author Hippocrates’ axiom “first, do no harm.”[101] Finally, pertaining to those afflicted with pedophilia disorder, currently there exists neither an effective drug nor an effective cure,[102] remedy or treatment that eliminates the typically overwhelming compulsions driving so many pedophiles to repeatedly reoffend.

Short of the barbarity of lobotomies (performed rarely if ever now)[103] and surgical castration which ended in 1975, and even chemical castration though female hormonal injection has proven ineffective,[104 none of these treatments alter the hardwiring of the mind that controls what a pedophile is most attracted to, so the fact remains that no treatment has yet been discovered that to any significant degree reduces the high recidivism rates of this condition.[105] According to the California Department of Corrections, over half of all convicted child rapists in the California penal system end up raping more children within a year after their prison release, and within the first two years 77.9% are back behind bars.106] One statistic even states that over 90% of convicted pedophiles will be arrested again for the same offense after their prison release.[107] Many researchers like Dr. Kantor and his colleague Dr. Michael Seto concur, citing a much lower recidivism rate of just 10-15% for convicted first time offenders.[108] The Harvard Medical Publications website reported that one review specifies a much wider range of 10-50%, due to research variance in how recidivism is defined, pointing out that some studies use any previous offense followed by a molestation conviction as recidivism whereas others more aptly choose in their data base only repeated sexual child abuse offenses.[109]

With no actual successful treatment that effectively controls a convicted offender’s temptations yet developed to date, I say better to err on the side of precaution and prevention for the sake of saving more children from a life of suffering and despair. Another way of putting it, the danger of high risk pedophiles addictively, habitually acting out their sexual impulses, desires and fantasies by continuing to molest children far outweighs reoffending pedophiles’ individual rights to freedom even if they’ve served their time. Recall the finding that the average convicted pedophile keeps raping children 260 times until he or she gets caught and removed from harming more children.[110]

The fact that so many pedophiles keep repeating their crimes relentlessly until they do get busted and incarcerated means that as a society sooner than later we must urgently do a far better job identifying, apprehending, convicting and removing pedophile criminals from all access to children. From the Illuminati government leaders to the judges to the police to the child protective services to the schoolteachers, priests and pastors, to the coaches, the caregivers down to the incestuous family adults, it’s always the pedophile-foxes guarding the defenseless youth henhouses. This is how the global pedophile operation has been allowed to flourish through the ages. But the masses are finally beginning to wake up now. And we will no longer tolerate this evil system devouring and destroying millions of innocents.

For those pedophiles whose condition is less severe and have always managed to control their sexual impulses and never inappropriately touched a child, they need to be commended for maintaining a perfect record of self-control against the odds. It’s important to know and understand the plight and struggle of the innocent pedophile too. Despite not harming any kids, just because they are pedophiles who have no choice over their attraction for children, society embodied by the uneducated masses lacking awareness and understanding, is all too eager to play judge and jury in lynch mob mentality to punish them for crimes they never committed. They must hate their life predicament, and often hate themselves because they’re so reviled by the culture they live in. As innocent law abiding citizens, their fate is to endure life from the shadows of shame and secrecy with love never fulfilled.[111]

Researchers need to determine how these pedophiles who never hurt children effectively cope with their affliction and begin utilizing their identified strengths and coping skills to treat other pedophiles to discern if true rehabilitation is even possible. Of course those pedophiles with more severe symptoms no doubt will be unable to utilize the same coping skills and interventions that have proven effective for those with less severe cases.

Before closing this introductory chapter, a couple more important points bear brief mentioning here. The plethora of hard facts presented were all based on pedophiles who decades ago had been caught, convicted and serving prison sentences for their crimes against children. During the ensuing years since, child sexual abuse has skyrocketed globally. Additionally, the offenders from those studies and their numbers compiled so long ago were all extracted from the then prison population. US inmates – both then and now – reside in a nation that contains only 5% of the world population yet incarcerates 25% of the planet’s prison population[112] with inordinate numbers (59%) of people of brown and black color,[113] preponderantly from lower socioeconomic classes and backgrounds. In contrast, the bulk and thrust of this book’s focus centers nearly exclusively on pedophilia amongst the 1% elite population that virtually owns and controls this entire planet, including the international crime cabal government responsible for operating the global trafficking network, raping and murdering hundreds of thousands of child sex slaves each year.

This presentation is intended to shed light on the dark hidden sinister world of the elite. The planet’s most powerful child rapists tell a wholly different story that warrants our attention in the remaining chapters that unveil the diabolical misuse of children to enhance both their physical vitality and strengthen their satanic power ruling over the earth and humanity. At the end an epilogue will lay out the strategic plan that we empowered citizens of the world can implement, designed to both bring down the evil crime cartel and its heinous operation destroying our children. Through both educated awareness and mindfully committed action, light overtakes darkness and goodness prevails over evil.


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