Chapter 6: The Jesuits as the Vatican’s Order of Assassins

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Chapter 6: The Jesuits as the Vatican’s Order of Assassins

Joachim Hagopian

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Prior to examining the next chapter addressing the pope and Vatican roles in their Roman Catholic hierarchical stake in Satan’s rule over the earth and the NWO’s worldwide operation pedophilia, much has been made of the Jesuit Order controlling Pope Francis as the first Jesuit pope.[1] The Jesuit black pope[2] and his legions in the Jesuit Order are said to control the “white” pope, the Knights of Malta, Opus Dei, Knights of Columbus and the dozens of other secret societies including the CIA, Freemasons, the Illuminati and their satanic family bloodlines. The devil’s earthly pecking order starts with Lucifer (translated “the light-bearer”)[3] who became Satan the fallen angel, and all of Satan’s demonic, other worldly, interdimensional forces deceitfully deployed as both anti-God and anti-human WMD’s. Summoning dark demonic supernatural forces through black occult rituals dating back to the birth of Cabala in Babylon during the 6th century BC are still being used today for world domination by Satan’s devoted puppets, a handful of powerful sub-humanoid creatures David Icke and many others maintain are descendants of reptilian ET hybrids.[4]  

A most divisive, pervasive online debate pits as the power pyramid kingpins the Jesuit Order[5] vs. Jews[6] represented collectively by the likes of R & R [Rothschild and Rockefeller] bankers, six mass media propaganda moguls,[7] and anti-Semitic police and briber-blackmailers like AIPAC, B’nai B’rith and ADL, and Netanyahu and his transnational Zionist club of Greater Israel all making it a crime to speak the truth,[8] in a pointless exercise of one-upmanship in blame game demonization. These two groups of villainous control freaks – the most powerful Jews and Jesuits – are both running this world as one and the same entity. Under their unifying umbrella Satanism, Satanists deceptively wear various brand name labels, very few being out-of-closet Satanists.  

A fact based history of the Jesuit Order shows that the 16th century founders were Crypto Sephardic Jews who were Illuminati disciples in Spain calling themselves the Alumbrados, whose Talmudic cabalistic occult beliefs elevate men “enlightened” by secret knowledge to earthly god status.[9] The Luciferian worshippers known as the Alumbrados were outlawed in Spain,[10] and one of their soldiers crippled in battle for life, one Ignatius of Loyola during the Inquisition while healing from his war wound decided to reinvent himself and his satanic beliefs, infiltrating Catholicism and proclaiming himself the first Jesuit supreme general in Jesus’s [or more aptly Satan’s] army he named the Society of Jesus, not unlike the greedy private central banksters deceptively calling themselves the US federal reserve early in the last century.[11] Declaring war on Protestant Reformation, the Catholic Church backed his Counter Reformation military order for “Jesus.”  

Sitting atop this demonic human predator food chain is an interbred Roman papal bloodline system operating under the Synagogue of Satan that goes by a host of names – the Jesuits, the Malta Knights, the Illuminati, the royal Windsors and Black Nobility, the Freemasons, the Skull and Bones, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Committee of 300, the Club of Rome, the Trilateral Commission, the Pilgrim Society, Bilderbergers, the Bohemian Grove child sacrifice on-the-altar boys, the list can go on and on. But bottom line, as the planetary controllers, ultimately they all do the bidding of their demonic god Lucifer. The Jesuit general as the black pope and his Jesuit Order work together with the current now Jesuit white pope, the Vatican, ancient Illuminati family bloodlines,[12] and all the above listed secret elitist societies that include as their puppets the CIA, global intelligence community and virtually every government and military on earth. For centuries this handful of Satanists have been enslaving humanity in perpetual war, racial, religious and class divide, economic hardship and depravation in order to maintain its status quo power and control through mass deception and divide and conquer manipulation.[13] The big three religions were invented as a divide and conquer device to ensure control over the masses.[14]  

This chapter lifts the veil of the Jesuit Order or Society of Jesus founded in 1534 by crypto-Jew Ignatius of Loyola (1491-1556), whose society was recognized by the pope in 1540.[15] Within a year after Ignatius’ 1491 birth, Jews were legally expelled from Spain. Ignatius grew up during the bloody Inquisition (1478-1834) when up to 68 million victims lost their lives in the name of God, and even more were tortured and imprisoned.[16] Born into this trauma when over half the Iberian Jewish population was forced to leave, die or convert, roughly 50,000 Jews elected baptism to remain in Spain as Roman Catholic converts known as conversos to avoid further persecution and death.[17] If Christians were killing Jews because they were Jews, to avoid death many converted. But how sincere would be their devotion and commitment to a religion whose violent adherents were busily killing off fellow Jews? Not very. But the Inquisition and pure blood laws in Europe specifically targeted Jewish converts deemed less than 100% faithful to Christianity, which had to be nearly all.  

As a young man prior to becoming the first official Jesuit superior general, Ignatius had been a member of Spain’s Illuminati Luciferian branch – the Alumbrados that preached that humans are capable of becoming divine gods in both wisdom and power through disciplined pursuit and practice of secret occult knowledge.[18] Initially during the first three decades of his Jesuit Order, Ignatius openly welcomed his fellow crypto-Jewry into his secret militant Catholic fold.[19] As a successful and ambitious merchant and banking class, seeking freedom from persecution, many Marranos families (crypto Jewish converts in Spain) infiltrated Christian gentile society by strategically interbreeding with European nobility and, like Ignatius, also rising to stardom through the Catholic Church hierarchy. Over the millennium numerous popes, kings and queens in Europe have been and still are crypto Jews.[20] 

Ignatius was born and lived his entire life during the dark and dangerous Spanish Inquisition. Up to a million Muslim Moors (Moriscos) and 200,000 Jews (Marranos) in Spain converted to Catholicism under centuries of blood purity laws and mob violence barbarity.[21] Suspected of secretly retaining their original faiths, whether they were or weren’t, many became victims of yet more brutal persecution. Spain hurt itself inducing a brain drain of 800,000 Jews who fled the anti-Semitic nation during the Inquisition. In 2012, the Madrid government attempted to make amends by offering Spanish citizenship to those whose Jewish Sephardic ancestors had left.[22] However, this free entry back into Spain centuries later was not extended to the hundreds of thousands of Islamic Moors who also escaped for their life and understandably Muslims have demanded reciprocity.  

A sizeable percentage of crypto-Jewry in Europe must have developed an intense, seething hatred towards their Christian executioners issuing wave after wave of purging pogroms, murdering and imprisoning millions of Jews, Muslims and Protestants, eventually banning all non-Christians. Thus engrained early in Ignatius’ psyche, he ultimately sought ways to survive by adopting a chameleon-like appearance, showing one side outwardly as a wise and benign spiritual leader that inwardly concealed another far sinister darker side entirely. Thus through tactics of deception, infiltration and unrelenting subversion, Jesuits were trained to gain the upper hand that eventually would lead to victory and opportunity for revenge and retribution against all enemies, be they Christian oppressors or loathsome Protestant or Muslim infidels. In this way, despite setbacks, the Jesuits persevered, gradually infiltrating and overtaking the Catholic Church.[23]  

Forming a Catholic society that superficially espouses the love of Jesus proved an effective ticket for Ignatius’ worldly power ascension. In order to avoid risk of prejudice, Jewish Jesuit founders Ignatius and Francis Borgia took a hardline stance against fellow Jews using an attack dog approach. In 1593 the Order issued a law prohibiting Jews from entering the Society of Jesus, and removed those Jesuits already members that hadn’t yet completed their final vow.[24] But after 30 years of open enrollment, many crypto Jews that had attained their final fourth vow remained. To save themselves, their M.O. was to viciously turn on their own kind at least publicly. Surviving the Inquisition spawned the no-brainer rationale of sacrificing a few of your own to save your own skin. Secretly they would spend years plotting revenge to both perceived and real enemies, be they “fellow” Catholic oppressors, or Protestant, Jewish or Muslim infidels. Loyalty and expedience demanded a capacity to cunningly, fluidly change colors, living by the credo that ends always justify the means.[25] In their violently twisted world, personal safety and security could only be achieved through subversively gaining unlimited godlike power and control on earth, fanatical, disciplined application of the mindset “kill or be killed,” and freedom from oppression and ruin could best be earned through assuming the role of oppressor-killer as secret benefactors of Luciferian wisdom and devotees of crypto-Satanism.  

Some scholars contend that the Society of Jesus evolved directly from the defunct Templar Order (recall that they too were founded by cabbalistic crypto-Jews). After being disbanded by the pope two centuries earlier, a number of Templar Knights in Spain were absorbed into two Spanish military orders, that of Calatrava and the still active Order of Montesa,[26] eventually emerging in 1541 as the Jesuit Order co-founded by St. Francis Borgia, the third Jesuit “black pope,” and great grandson of Spain’s King Ferdinand II of Aragon on his mother’s side and great grandson of Borgia white Pope Alexander VI.[27] The Borgias have long been a powerful Illuminati papal family of mixed Spanish-Jewish bloodline.[28] The militantly extremist, subversive nature of the Jesuit Order quickly became its trademark, explicitly laid down by the founder’s cunning, wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing represented by Ignatius’ unethical instruction below: 

Nor will it contribute a little to our advantage, if, with caution and secrecy, we foment and heighten the animosities that arise among princes and great men, even to such a degree that they may weaken each other. But if there appear any likelihood of reconciliation, then as soon as possible let us endeavor to be the mediators, lest others prevent us. 

Finally, Let all with such artfulness gain the ascendant over princes, noblemen, and the magistrates of every place, that they may be ready at our beck, even to sacrifice their nearest relations and most intimate friends, when we say it is for our interest and advantage.[29]  

Devoted Catholics “in the know” quickly explain the letters IHS in the Jesuit logo as simply meaning Jesus in shorthand originating from the Greek letters “iota”, “eta” and “sigma.” Others who examine deeper equate Catholicism as a dark sinister offshoot of Babylonian and Egyptian paganism, and to them the IHS stands for the Egyptian deity triad of Isis (female protector representing the well-endowed black magick power of the eldest daughter of the most ancient Egyptian god Saturn), Horus (the son of Isis symbolizing god of the sky, kings, power and wisdom) and Set (god of the desert, disorder, war, often represented by Lucifer; killer of Isis’ husband Osiris, uncle to Horus whom he battled and lost his Egyptian kingdom) derived from the same pagan Egyptian deities also worshipped by the Luciferian Templars and Freemasons.[30] Like the Illuminati, Freemasons, the Templars and the Malta Knights, the Jesuits are steeped in black arts and all of these secret societies worship under the same demonic false god within their Synagogue of Satan.  

To reach the “professed” status of a fully ordained Jesuit priest having taken the Fourth [and final] Vow (beyond the Jesuit brother as temporal coadjutor), literally decades of additional study and prayer are required. Education [i.e., propaganda] was and is the prime component to the Jesuit mission designed as the Catholic Church’s potent answer to the Protestant Reformation movement sweeping through Europe, diminishing the Church of Rome’s authoritarian power. And within a century after the pope endorsed the Jesuit Order, by 1640 over 500 Jesuit institutions of higher learning were already established.[31] Jesuit schools and universities have continued proliferating throughout Europe, America and the entire world indoctrinating 3 million Jesuit students worldwide. Over the centuries the Jesuit Modus Operandi has been infiltration and control of worldly affairs through spying, blackmail, assassination, and covert military black ops and intelligence operations.[32]  

The cunning nature of Ignatius taught his army of Jesuit priests to gain the upper hand and confidence of nobility for confessions, using acquired vital information to their advantage. Jesuits would manipulate their followers into having their sins absolved by banishing all Protestants as heretics.[33] They became masters at pitting groups against another and placing themselves as needed arbiters. Their skillfully aggressive tactics toward a pliable population quickly paid off. Initially during its first century the popular new Order’s ranks swelled so that by 1710 they were 19,000 strong. By 1749 there were 22,000 Jesuits.[34]  

But also by mid-century, the Jesuits’ ruthless, contentious power grab and constant infiltrating, undermining and stirring up conflicts had kingdoms and governments alike banning the Order altogether, starting in Portugal in 1759, France following in 1764, Spain, and even Sicily and Naples by 1767, Austria by 1774 and Russia in 1786.[35] With the Society of Jesus outlawed virtually everywhere but Rome, the anti-Jesuit domino effect forced the notorious Jesuit assassins to retreat and align with more tolerant Protestant Britain and Prussia since southern Europe and its New World colonies had all had enough of Jesuit troublemaking.[36] The Illuminati Hapsburg-Jesuit control over Europe was finally waning with the 18th century Bourbon reemergence, particularly in Spain under King Carlos III who took a strong moral stand against both the barbaric Inquisition and the treacherous Jesuits.  

Jesuits in Spain and Portugal’s New World colonies of Latin America were accused of fomenting insurrection, stealing both wealth and land from the crown,[37] providing ample additional motivation to abolish the Society of Jesus. The subversive Order was never a welcomed presence in the United States either. Other than Britain, over the centuries virtually every European country banished the malevolent Jesuits one time or another. From 1555 to 1931 a count of 83 nations, city-states and cities expelled the Jesuits.[38] 

 So much mounting pressure was on the Vatican to do something to stop the aggressive Jesuit usurper, in February 1769 Pope Clement XIII (1693-1769) was set to dissolve the Jesuit Order but fell ill the night before and died, his final words, “I am dying… it is very strange to attack the Jesuits.”[39] Then incredibly, his successor Pope Clement XIV (1705-1774) by papal bull ended the Jesuit Order in 1773. But a mere year later his last words on his deathbed were:   

 Alas, I knew they [i.e., the Jesuits] would poison me; but I did not expect to die in so slow and cruel a manner.[40]  

With the pope legally shutting down the Jesuit operations worldwide, as a sneaky alternative means continuing the Jesuit mission of world takeover, three years later and two months prior to America’s Declaration of Independence in 1776, yet another crypto Jew, Jesuit trained Adam Weishaupt secured Rothschild financing to found their new Bavarian branch of Illuminati. Author of The Secret Terrorists and the Enemy Unmasked Bill Hughes explains yet another application of how the Jesuits infiltrate likeminded secret societies:  

Weishaupt established the [modern version of the] Illuminati specifically to be a front organization behind which the Jesuits could hide. After being [formally] abolished by [Pope] Clement XIV in 1773, the Jesuits used the Illuminati and other organizations to carry out their operations. Thus, the front organizations would be blamed for the trouble caused by the Jesuits.[41] 

Two years later the Vatican in an Edict of 1778 declared war on the US constitutional republic, calling America an abomination of sin that must be destroyed by any means possible.[42] The Jesuits’ extreme reputation advocating violent overthrow and cutthroat treachery had worn thin in both Europe and America. Shunned virtually everywhere, the Jesuits were forced to secretly align with Freemasons in Prussia and Britain.  

Meanwhile, joining a growing consensus, Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) recognized the Jesuits for what they were: 

The Jesuits are a military organization, not a religious order. Their chief is a general of an army, not the mere father abbot of a monastery. And the aim of this organization is: POWER. Power in its most despotic exercise.  Absolute power, universal power, power to control the world by the volition of a single man. Jesuitism is the most absolute of despotisms: and at the same time the greatest and most enormous of abuses.[43] 

But as soon as Napoleon was defeated in 1814, the imprisoned Pope Pius VII upon his release promptly restored the Jesuit Society. Reacting to the news, in 1816 former President John Adams (1735-1826) wrote his friend Thomas Jefferson stating: 

Their restoration is indeed a step toward darkness, cruelty, perfidy, despotism, death . . . I do not like the appearance of the Jesuits.  If ever there was a body of men who merited eternal damnation on earth and in hell, it is this Society of Loyola’s.[44] 

US Revolutionary War ally French General Marques de Lafayette (1757-1834) saw the writing on the wall about the Jesuits: 

It is my opinion that if the liberties of this country – the United States of America – are destroyed, it will be by the subtlety of the Roman Catholic Jesuit priests, for they are the most crafty, dangerous enemies to civil and religious liberty. They have instigated MOST of the wars of Europe.[45] 

The Jesuit forte has always been infiltration and revenge, dating back to the collusion between Pope Clement V and France’s King Philip to abolish the Templar Order in 1312. The ideological affinity for Gnosticism and the occult that the Jesuits[46] hold in common with the Templars originated in their own traceable roots linked to the enduring Templar influence.[47] The Jesuits inherited the Templar rivalry against the Malta Knights that also played a hand in the demise of the Temple Order. So the revengeful motive to subordinate the Maltese was inherently built in. Then later in 1773 when another round of suppression issued by Pope Clement XIV was enforced in most of Europe dissolving the Jesuit Order, revenge toward Clement came in the form of the poison cup.[48] The Society of Jesus made secret deals with Protestants in England in order to survive the continent’s widespread Jesuit ban[49] and eventually the Jesuits seized control of the Vatican once England defeated Napoleon in 1814 and ever since they’ve never relinquished their unequalled power in Rome but only extended it across the globe.[50] 

Less than a half century later another war to instigate and exploit came along. During the American Civil War the pro-Jesuit pope in power – Pope Pius IX – along with Rothschild bankers strongly supported the South in its secession fight against the North, writing a letter to Jefferson Davis designed to incite rebellion amongst Catholic northerners to join the Confederate cause against Lincoln in another holy war.[51] The Catholic Church had always profited from and subsidized the slavery trade and the Jesuit Order historically opposed liberty movements using its divide and conquer method to destabilize sovereign governments in Mexico, Spain and France. In its effort to break apart the American Republic, the Vatican had propagated lies that President Lincoln was born a Catholic, had been baptized by a priest, and become a demonized heretic and apostate that by canon law should be killed. And because murder endorsed by the pope who literally called himself infallible was not considered a sinful crime at all, the Vatican clearly intended to inspire a fanatical Catholic assassin to kill for God, not unlike the Crusades. In fact, Jesuit assassins had plotted an ambush of Lincoln in Baltimore, but privy to the plot, the president foiled their plan traveling hours ahead of his original schedule.  

As an Illinois attorney in 1853, Abe Lincoln represented a priest named Charles Chiniquy in Urbana, Illinois who had dared to confront the Jesuit archbishop of Chicago’s corruption and criminal activity. A conspiracy of slander to frame and destroy Chiniquy was promoted by an unscrupulous Jesuit priest but Lincoln, with the help of a last minute witness, was able to successfully expose the nefarious plot.[52] Charles Chiniquy left the Catholic Church, ended up Lincoln’s confidante and advisor on the subsequent threat of the Jesuits’ violent retribution, and ended up writing the exposé Fifty Years in the Church of Rome where he presents an irrefutable case that the Jesuits were responsible for assassinating Lincoln using their fanatical Catholic patsy John Wilkes Booth to do their bidding.[53] Chiniquy passionately warned Lincoln in person that Jesuit conspirators were determined to take him out, reminding the president of a number of other previous historical assassinations – the two Pope Clements, Admiral Coligny, Henry III, Henry IV and William of Taciturn, all committed by Jesuits.[54] Two more victims of the Jesuit assassins were back to back Russian czars Alexander I and II during the 19th century for expelling the Society of Jesus from Russia. During the Civil War, Alexander II also supported President Lincoln and the United States, directly opposing the Jesuits, England and France’s efforts to divide America.[55]  

Lincoln co-conspirators Mary Surratt and her Jesuit son John Surratt[56] had a couple priests living in Mary’s DC residence holding regular meetings amongst Catholic clergy up to ten in the home, confirming a direct link to the Jesuit Order and the Vatican. It turned out that every arrested assassination conspirator was Catholic. John Harrison Surratt managed to escape to a Montreal where two Catholic priests took him in and with others arranged his transport to Europe under false identity where Surratt enlisted as a Papal Zouave, the pope’s own infantry force from 1861-1870 to defend the Papal States in military resistance to a unified Italy.[57] Surratt was arrested in his Zouave uniform in Egypt and sent back to the US to face trial for both murder and conspiracy to kidnap Lincoln, resulting in a hung jury. He was then retried for engaging in rebellion but the case was mysteriously dropped.[58] Despite overwhelming evidence of Surratt’s guilt, more than likely the Jesuit controlled Vatican interceded to protect him from punishment, unlike his mother and three other accomplices who after a military tribunal were swiftly hung within three months after Lincoln was shot.[59] In contrast, John Surratt’s civilian trial released him as a free man able to live out his life until his natural death in 1916 at the ripe age of 72. 

Additionally, in a recovered letter from 1864 John Wilkes Booth wrote to another conspirator less than a year before Lincoln’s death words that eerily resemble the Extreme Jesuit Oath (which almost word for word is the exact same blood sworn oath taken by Knights of Malta and Knights of Columbus) prescribing specific weapons used to subdue their enemies, “the poisoned cup, the strangulating cord, the steel of the poniard or the leaden bullet.”[60] Booth’s letter makes reference to “the [poisoned] cup failed us once and might again,” indicating one past failed attempt (besides the Baltimore incident) to kill the president. Moreover, one of the conspirators was a pharmacist very familiar with “poisoned cup” potions. Also while Booth attended Abe’s second inauguration, he carried and planned to use a knife (“poniard”) for murder but ultimately settled a few months later on a .44 caliber “leaden bullet.”[61]  

Over one stretch in time, from 1841 to 1865, the Jesuits were successful in assassinating three out of four US presidents in Benjamin Harrison, Zachary Taylor, James Buchanan (all through poisoning) and Abraham Lincoln with only Buchanan surviving.[62] Tired of losing its leaders to Catholic assassins, the US government broke off relations with the Vatican in 1867. In all up to seven presidents have likely been murdered by Jesuit-Illuminati henchmen.[63] Andrew Jackson was fortunate enough to have an assassin’s gun jam and defeated the Rothschild central banking scheme that Harrison, Taylor, Buchanan and Lincoln also resisted but each but one paid for it with their life. Lincoln refused to pay for war with banksters’ loans and came up with Treasury printed Greenbacks as his novel solution and Kennedy set in motion a plan to strip the Federal Reserve of the power to supply money returning it back to the US Treasury Department, and both were likely killed for it.[64]  

After refusing to provide air support in the Cuban Bay of Pigs disaster, John Kennedy then further pissed off the military industrial complex recalling advisors from Vietnam that would have averted war in Southeast Asia.[65] Then he signed his own death warrant firing his evil CIA Director Allen Dulles[66] and was preparing to overhaul the CIA.[67] And Kennedy’s plan to clip the Feds’ wings threatened the Rothschild-Rockefeller-Morgan private central banks was three strikes and he’s out. Prior to his murder, JFK spoke of the monolithic shadow government commonly referred to today as deep state. Knowing their history, President Kennedy was likely talking foremost about the Jesuits as well as the Malta Order, the Masons, the CIA and the bloodline bankers when he stated: 

For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence – on infiltration instead of invasion – on subversion instead of elections – on intimidation instead of free choice – on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly-knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.[68] 


The link between the central banking system, the Jesuits and assassinations aren’t just limited to killing presidents. Evidence indicates that the Jesuits sank the Titanic to eliminate formidable competition openly opposing their agenda of a Federal Reserve System and their preplanned world war.[69] It’s been documented that the British Jesuit Provintial met with and ordered the ship captain, a Jesuit temporal co-adjutor, to purposely sink the ship. After building the Titanic, Jesuit JP Morgan invited the three most important, powerful adversaries on the ship’s 1912 maiden voyage across the Atlantic – Benjamin Guggenheim, Isador Strauss (Macy Department stores) and John Jacob Astor, the wealthiest man in the world.[70] At the last minute JP canceled and all three of his guests perished along with 1520 other murdered victims. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 moved forward unencumbered by opposition while the bulk of Congress had already left for the Christmas break and the Jesuit elite enslaved America.[71] The Federal Income Tax also passed that year was more globalist gravy theft. According to plan, less than a year later World War I was triggered.  

This wholesale slaughter of human beings using cloak and dagger subversion has been repeatedly perpetrated on the world stage as both Jesuit oath honored tradition and historical fact diabolically right up to this present day. Fast forward over a half century later to former Jesuit priest Alberto Rivera’s (1935-1997) observations: 

The higher I went in the Jesuit Order, the more corruption I saw within the institution.  I was invited to attend a secret black mass by high-ranking Jesuits [including Superior General Pedro Arrupe] in a monastery in the northern part of Spain.  When I knelt to kiss the ring of a high official, I saw a symbol on that ring that made my blood run cold.  It was a Masonic symbol [the compass and the square]!  A thing I hated and I had been told to fight against it . . . I found out the Jesuit General was also a Mason and a member of the Communist Party in Spain.[72]  

Spaniard Alberto Rivera converted to Protestant Christianity by the late 1970’s and for the rest of his life bravely went public exposing the sinister Jesuit agenda to rule the world through infiltration, systematically crushing any and all resistance by any and all means necessary.[73] After one “poisoned cup” attempt to permanently silence nearly killed him, four years later the assassins from Jesuit hell neutralized another poisoned cup fatality at age 61 for daring to reveal the full satanic lowdown on the Jesuit and Catholic criminal organizations.[74]  

Meanwhile ex-Catholic Bishop Canadian Gerard Bouffard took up the truth gauntlet where Rivera left off, also confirming that the Jesuits and Vatican are Luciferian NWO rulers of this world. [75] The former bishop who was the communication liaison between the pope and the Rome Jesuits stated that the infamous Jesuit superior general otherwise known as the black pope is actually the white pope’s puppet master and that white Pope Francis controls the Illuminati. As of last October for the first time in history the black pope and white pope are both Jesuits, also for the first time are both from South America. Venezuela’s Arturo Sosa Abascal replaced Adolfo Nicolás Pachón as Pope Francis’ secret boss.[76] The Vatican secretly plays the good cop-bad cop game – while the “white pope” publicly prays for world peace, behind the scenes the “black pope” is busily inciting and exporting more war, conflict and terrorism to every corner of the globe. 

As a Vatican insider, former Bishop Boussard corroborates the mounting evidence diligently compiled by both researchers and observant men throughout history that conclude that hidden in plain sight behind their benign “godly” robes are the most despicably dark and vile planetary controllers that have ever walked this earth. The now born again Christian Broussard maintains that having already infiltrated virtually all religions and governments, the Jesuit Order’s main objective is now controlling world leaders in order to foment global conflict into world war destruction to finish off the United States, the Middle East, Israel, Christianity, Islam and Judaism with most of the world, clearing Satan’s path toward totalitarian tyranny of one world government. In Gerard Boussard’s own words: 

People can’t imagine how evil and how much destruction they have caused and will cause while, at the same time using the perfect cover of hiding behind black robes and professing to be men of God… I know firsthand that the Vatican controls and monitors everything in Israel with the intention of destroying the Jews… They destroy everything from within and want to bring about the destruction of the Catholic Church, as well, in order to usher in a one world religion based on Satanism. This is also seen in the way priests worship in the Mass, actually worshipping the dead. Also, signs of Satanism are seen in many outward symbols, customs and vestments displayed by the Church.[77] 

The Jesuit Order has been forced to pay off enormous amounts in lawsuits awarded child abuse victims at its many schools. A half decade ago in the Northwest and Alaska a huge settlement of $166.1 million was reached to compensate over 400 sexually molested Native Americans, the third highest settlement in Church history.[78] Only two Southern California Archdioceses had to pay out more, $660 million to 508 victims in LA and $200 million to 144 victims in San Diego.[79] And like all the Catholic abuse charges, protection of Jesuit priests by Jesuit higher-ups over the well-being of more child victims seems standard policy. Case in point, Donald McGuire who when parents reported to another well-known priest in San Francisco that McGuire had abused their 16-year old son, the Chicago Jesuit authorities sent the pedophile through a brief psychiatric hospitalization program before sending him back to prey on other children for the next nine years.[80] Though ever typical, this reprehensible non-response actually violated California state law requiring those who work with children to be mandated reporters of sexual abuse of minors to law enforcement. Eventually McGuire was convicted in federal court of sexually assaulting two boys and is now serving a 25-year prison sentence.  

Similar to the Order of Malta Knights with its charity hospital work around the world, the Jesuit website advertises such holy platitudes like “we seek to ‘find God in all things,’” dedicating “ourselves to the [Ignatius coined phrase] ‘greater glory of God’ and the good of all humanity.”[81] And with 16,378 current members listed as of 2016, today the Jesuit Order is the largest Catholic male religious order.[82] Though its peak membership in 1977 of over 28,000 followers has fallen dramatically in recent decades, its seemingly invisible power has only strengthened.   

From the 1534 outset, Ignatius of Loyola emphasized indoctrinated education and propaganda as a key strategy to expanding growth and spreading power internationally. The proof of his successful strategy is embodied in the 28 American Jesuit colleges and universities that have become a primary drafting pool for high powered government posts and offices.[83] The widespread Jesuit education tentacles extend to 189 institutions of higher learning in 40 countries and another 362 secondary schools in 55 nations dispersed around the world.[84]  

As a sign of increasing Jesuit power in the 21st century, a subversive invasion by Jesuits into Washington’s deep state oligarchy has creeped into focus. The astounding number of US presidents, vice presidents, congressional members (now comprising over 10% of today’s 115th Congress),[85] high court judges and key cabinet heads who are graduates of Jesuit institutions is incredible.[86] Jesuit trained and educated Donald Trump attended the Jesuit Fordham University for two years prior to transferring to Ivy League University of Pennsylvania.[87] For near half a millennium now the Jesuits have shrewdly been operating schools that educate the ruling class elite. So within that historical context, no real surprise here.  

Though in American history only two Catholics served as either president or vice president – Malta member JFK[88] and child fondling dirty old Maltese man Joe Biden,[89] in contrast, just in the last decade alone, the US Supreme Court has undergone a monumental radical shift from a virtual all Protestant court near the turn of this century[90] to now a Catholic majority with an Opus Dei implant sitting atop as Chief Justice John Roberts along with Opus Clarence Thomas with another third now Jewish. Cutting a secret deal with Pope John Paul II in an overreaching ploy to break up the Soviet Empire in 1980, after 113 years Malta Knight Ronald Reagan reestablished diplomatic relations with the Vatican as the first American president to purposely surround himself with obedient pope-serving Maltese vassals.[91]   

A parallel course this century has similarly unfolded in the top US military ranks with two back-to-back Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff devout papal-obedient Irish Catholics. Martin Dempsey is a Malta Knight[92] and his successor General Joseph Dunford attended Catholic high school and colleges at St. Michael’s College as an undergrad and the top Jesuit institution Georgetown for his graduate study.[93] None of this is a random fluke. Deep Jesuit state infiltration in Washington over just the last few years should be a major eye-opening Luciferian NWO wake-up call. And the correlational pedophilia pandemic led by the Synagogue of Satan Catholic Church wielding complete blackmail puppet control is also no accident. 

Infiltration of governments and militaries of the world is but one effective Jesuit strategy seizing global control. Owning the controlling shares to the Bank of America as the 2nd largest US bank and a large stakeholder in Wells Fargo the 3rd largest is another.[94] At one time the pope owned three large American banks. [95] In fact the Catholic Church claims ownership of the Western world from Europe to the Americas.[96] Just as the Rothschild dynasty has been granted the title of guardians of the Vatican Treasury[97] with an unprecedented earthly fortune amounting to half a quadrillion bucks[98] (more than half of the earth’s entire wealth),[99] the Luciferian worshipping family[100] also bankrolls the world’s financial center, City of London’s Bank of England cabal and the Queen’s vast holdings.[101] But rest assure the Jesuits have infiltrated the world’s wealthiest organizations owned by the world’s wealthiest families like the Rothschild, Morgan and Rockefeller families.[102] Together they’ve been working overtime to undermine America’s Constitution to destroy our freedom, national sovereignty and America itself. 

A short list of top Fortune 500 companies controlled by Jesuit interests include American Airlines, TWA, Anheuser Busch, AT&T, Bell Atlantic, Boeing, Cigna, Coca-Cola, Daimler Chrysler, Exxon, Ford Motor Company, General Electric, Hewlett-Packard, Home Depot, May Company, McDonald’s, Motorola, Philip Morris, Price-Waterhouse, Rite Aid, RJR Nabisco, Sony Corp. of America, Texaco, United Parcel Service, and Walt Disney Company.[103] With all these corporations in the Jesuit back pocket pouring millions into politician coffers through legal bribery, Rome’s Society of Jesus easily controls its Washington puppets. The Vatican owns billions of shares in huge transnationals like Gulf Oil, Shell, General Motors, Bethlehem Steel, General Electric, International Business Machines, and TWA. Keep in mind the Church of Rome’s vast fortune is all tax free as well. When the Catholic hierarchy pretends to worship Jesus who shunned materialism and wealth while the Catholic Church itself is the biggest financial power on earth, in the face of the ever widening gulf separating the 1% rich and the 99% poor, the institution’s moral depravity and hubris is grotesque and obscene.[104] 

A final word on secret societies bears mention here, be they official Catholic militia orders or non-Catholic organizations like the Masonic and Illuminati orders that are less obscure about worshipping their true “god” Lucifer. All have the same nefarious mission[105] to deceptively infiltrate other religions, denominations, other secret societies, large businesses, government agencies (whether elected or appointed), militaries, think tanks, and educational institutions for the exact same common purpose – to increase their power in order to bring about one world government and one world “religion” (called Satanism) through global destabilization and destruction by way of military war,[106] manmade disease (i.e., biological[107] and/or chemical warfare[108]), climate change (manmade based on hoax[109]), habitat loss,[110] famine[111] and economic collapse.[112]  

Media and governments warn these catastrophic problems and mounting threats are unavoidably real even though they’re orchestrating by the numbers every one of these pending disasters. For countless decades they’ve been dogmatically pushing the Malthusian lie that the earth’s resources cannot possibly sustain the current and future global populations[113] and therefore the ruling elite covertly justifies its coldblooded policy of depopulation through a combination of both slow kill and fast kill methods.[114] Thus, the planetary controllers have willfully and systematically degraded our natural environment to dangerously toxic levels that induce disease and illness as viable slow death eugenics.[115] This planned debilitation of humans’ physical and mental health and well-being combined with 24/7 mind control programming through effects of mass media and propagandized public education have been misused to intentionally dumb down the global population[116] so that citizens of the world are too stupid to figure out that we are all being targeted as casualties of war, a human genocidal war waged by a select handful of a sub-human species comprised of deranged psychopathic murderers who detest us so much that they want 90-95% of us on this planet dead sooner than later. Just last month Pope Francis called for an emergency meeting with world leaders on November 2-4 to discuss how they can accelerate their agenda to kill us.[117] After all, their credo has always been the “ends justify the means,” and their endgame scenario[118] a thoroughly culled and controlled half billion pop of robotic slaves, so they’re fiendishly working overtime in a race against time. They desperately fear that every single day more and more of us humans who still have functioning brains are figuring out, mostly through the internet, the elite’s mass murdering agenda. The rulers are deathly afraid we will rise up, throwing off centuries of shackled chains and, as NWO devil incarnate George HW Bush once envisioned out loud, we “will chase [him and his fellow Satanists] down the street and lynch [them].”[119] 

One final point seems relevant here. A century after the crypto-Jews established the Jesuit Order using infiltration, deception and subversion as their infamous modus operandi, recall that a couple more ambitious crypto Jews came along in the 17th and 18th centuries claiming similar cabalistic roots while ascending to fake messiah heights as the Sabbatean-Frankist movement flourished in Europe and Eurasia utilizing the exact same M.O. as its means to godlike power. The amalgamation of the Luciferians ruling the planet today represents a remnant of Sabbatean-Frankism along with the rest of the secret societies discussed. With the lowdown exposing the far-reaching evil possessed by so many of these pathological players, the next chapter deals with how as Satanists, the popes, the Vatican and their covert armies have all played a major criminal role in today’s pedophilia epidemic that also oversees international trafficking of illegal drugs, weapons, human organs and children around the globe as spoils of their manufactured wars for both satanic bloodlust and trillions in profit. And as guilty as they all are as child rapists and killers, they’re equally guilty of misusing their unbridled power to cover up with near total impunity their massive sins against both our innocents specifically as well as humanity at large.  


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