Book 5: Epilogue: What We Can Do to Fight Back and Save Our Children


Epilogue: What We Can Do to Fight Back and Save Our Children

Joachim Hagopian

After a four year, three-month journey in search of facts around the globe, writing this massive Pedophilia and Empire 5-book series as an A-Z single sourcebook of information and knowledge, exposing all the most solid, indisputable, public domain evidence of the worldwide scourge of pedophilia, from antiquity to current modern times, is finally coming to an end. Abominable crimes against humanity have been committed nonstop by the so-called pillars of society, our “elected” leaders, from local to national, shrouded in secret society membership protection, with their puppet strings pulled and controlled by the Luciferian elite of royalty and black nobility bloodlines, caught cannibalistically gorging themselves in systematic Satanic Ritual abuse, torture, blood sacrifice and slaughter of innocent children by the millions, committing the most evil crimes imaginable inflicted on the earth’s most vulnerable population with total impunity for far too many millennia. But due to an awakening of the global masses, these endless crimes against children, humanity and enslavement of the human species, with the shockwaves of dark truth unveiled, their impunity is coming to an end.

The crime cabal perpetrators are and will be held fully accountable. Again, with continued lockdown control as their hoped for guarantee to prevent We the People from assembling any organized worldwide solidarity movement to stop the destroyers of sacred life, for our very species’ survival, we must actively resist and oppose their diabolical lockdown control and tyranny, otherwise we face centuries of Dark Age feudalism ahead, or possibly even the extinction of the human race. With utmost urgency, it’s “do or die” time on planet earth. We must all become activists for life, love and the pursuit of happiness, justice and liberty for all, not just the Satanic elite.

The big question then becomes how do We the People become activists for the preservation and sanctity of all life that foremost includes protecting all of our children. With history confirming the most vulnerable children are those without parents to adequately protect them, our broken child welfare system, entrusted with the responsibility of safeguarding them, needs to be totally revamped to eliminate the childcare gatekeepers from pipelining them to the global pedo-trafficking network. We also need a complete overhaul of the child and family court system around the world that wrongly breaks up and destroys families with nefariously unfair and unjustified bogus reasons. Thirdly, we need to ensure that the criminal justice system no longer protects the child rapists but truly upholds and protects the rights of all child victims. This means not just highfalutin ideals sitting on a piece of paper but never implemented in the real world. This too will need a whole new paradigm that protects both children and adult child abuse survivors to make it safe for them to come forth in reporting their abuse as well as safe for them to be heard not only for the sake of serving justice owed them, but as survivors entitled the necessary support to move on from their past traumas in order to heal and thrive.

Statute of limitation laws for child sexual abuse crimes must be abolished. Justice for the perpetrators must also be served by their due processed prosecution and conviction, and subsequent fair punishment meted out for all their egregious offenses, and that means for all criminals, especially those in high places. The unjust two-tiered justice system must come to an end now. Furthermore, the age of consent in many nations where it’s still too low, needs to be raised so that the issue of consent in cases involving all minors under 18 can prevent the adult rapist form escaping justice with low-age consent laws misused as legal loopholes.

We the People must also become activists directly involved in our local community school boards and town and municipal councils, as activism beginning at home is the only way we can take back our communities from centralized diabolical forces, bent on destroying the family unit as well as religion and spirituality, used to effectively confuse and soften up the population to an anything goes relativism, propagated by the current education system from pre-school false dogma through the Marxist-socialist-communist university level. Actively involved parents and adults need to take control over what’s being taught in their local schools. Much damage producing generations of young people turned adults suffering from sexual identity disorder is a direct consequence of the toxic garbage brainwashing our extremely young population of children over the last several decades. Starting from pre-kindergarten, a malevolent sex education agenda applied worldwide by the globalist elite has inflicted needless confusion and despair on countless individuals and families. A balance between upholding the individual rights and respect toward the LBGT community can be compatibly maintained with the binary biological nature fundamental to the human species. After all, we are born either male or female, comprised of a varying combination of both masculine and feminine traits and qualities. The controllers’ agenda misusing deceitful mass media propaganda that inculcates harmful extremist programming into the developing brains of multiple generations of the homogenized-molded global masses needs to cease.

The last thing the Luciferian controllers want is an informed, educated human population that possesses the capacity for critical thinking, that sees past and transcends the elite’s failing divide and conquer strategy, deceitfully misused forever to maintain its status quo power and control over the human population. Hijacking humanity’s capacity to live with fundamentally divine sovereign rights, the malevolent controllers have arrested human evolution and progress toward spiritual growth and enlightenment. The controllers are soulless, psychopathic, not even fully human entities, far outnumbered a million to one by individual humans possessing a heart and soul to recognize the importance of love as both an innate human endowed instinct and guide to a healthier and happier human population. The controllers have long utilized their esoteric occult knowledge, their self-proclaimed “superior” intelligence and birthright elitism to continue subjugating, deceiving, controlling and harming our human species from reaching its full potential. That must end now.

The controllers know that the Great Awakening is raising the energy vibrations of actual humans on the earth and realize their grip of enslavement and absolute tyrannical, oppressive control over humanity is fast coming to an end. That’s why the manufactured fake pandemic, its deadly bioweapon vaccination agenda and permanent lockdown mandates are currently being enforced, because the million to one outnumbered elite knows that their jig is up, that their days are numbered as We the People are asserting our human rights and will no longer tolerate the criminal elite’s wanton crimes against both our children and humanity.

We shall utilize both advances in cyber-forensics as well as Truth and Reconciliation Commissions to hold the high-powered yet no longer protected criminal cabal cannibals fully accountable. By simply extending enforcement and prosecution of existing laws to the hitherto untouchable, unreachable members of the elite, stripping the tried and convicted criminals of their assets, We the People can channel and restore those assets and resources unlawfully stolen, applying them toward the betterment of both humanity and planet earth, our God-given home, as mindful, humble earthly stewards. For the first time in recorded human history, We the People have the opportunity to restore the cleansed earth and heal the damage done to earth inhabitants with the knowledge, sacred wisdom and compassionate love endowed us as a richly diverse human species from the cradle to the grave living under God’s natural laws. Earthly paradise is within our grasp, starting with the long overdue protection of our children. Protecting our most precious resource – children, is the unifying force that will save humanity.