Chapter 26: Raping Hollie Greig – Another Scottish VIP Pedo Cover-up at all Cost


Chapter 26 Raping Hollie Greig – Another Scottish VIP Pedo Cover-up at all Cost

Joachim Hagopian

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Four years after the horror of the Dunblane Massacre, yet another child sexual abuse scandal erupted in Aberdeen, Scotland, marked from the virtual get-go by overt suppression by the authorities that to this very day has yet to be acknowledged, much less fully investigated and prosecuted. Once again we have more unobstructed child fuckers aging out and escaping justice after a lifetime of above the law impunity. And this sordid, wretched cycle just keeps endlessly churning. When one VIP pedophile ring was exposed resulting in a notorious century long blackout to conceal the filth and absurdly shameless falsity of the official narrative, another one seems to quickly emerge demonstrating that pedophilia in Freemason country rules over Scotland forever. Enter the 21st century’s Holly Greig pedophilia scandal that, as unfinished business, two decades later refuses go away, not until the full truth comes out, much to the chagrin of the pedo-cabal that only thrives and survives on living the lie.

Both worldwide mainstream media as well as Scottish media has avoided this story like the plague, ordered from the Scottish gatekeeping law firm on high – ((((((Levy)))))) & McRae – to turn a blind eye and ignore the plight of abuse victim Hollie Greig, a woman with Down Syndrome now approaching 40 years of age this November.[1] But from 1986 to 2000 Hollie was reportedly serially abused sexually from age 6 to 20 by a pedophile ring that included a judge, police, solicitor, accountant, headmaster, nurses and social workers,[2] all subsequently spared from ever being investigated or questioned by police.[3] For two decades now Hollie and her mother Anne Greig have struggled since 2000 attempting to seek justice against up to 22 publicly named perpetrators that include a still standing high court judge (referred to in Scotland as a sheriff).

In 2009 former travel agent Robert Green until his recent death in April 2019 has been Hollie and Anne’s informal legal advisor and chief spokesman, targeted, harassed and jailed three times by the Scottish Establishment for attempting to publicize this gross injustice.[4] Due to both the corrupt Scottish legal system and its historically monopolizing control over the media, the cover-up continues, forced in this last decade to tell the Hollie Greig story on the world wide web. Because of the horrendous hardship and sacrifice Hollie, Anne and Robert have suffered seeking justice, a growing “Hollie’s army” of internet supporters emerged to join them in their campaign to demand Hollie’s abusers be held accountable.

Unfortunately, as a sign of the times, their online anti-abuse credo – “google Hollie Greig” – today no longer applies.[5] Backed by Police Scotland, in 2015 Google began blocking and taking down websites in support of Hollie Greig. The Establishment is determined to eradicate those exercising their free speech and freedom of press rights criticizing and exposing government crime and injustice.[6] Google apparently has also been succumbing to pressure from the ruthless, all-powerful ((((((Levy)))))) McRae for Google’s onetime role in freely providing the internet public platform for the pro-Hollie Greig websites.[7]

In recent years Google Gestapo has declared war on alternative media, busily policing, censoring and purging from the internet the news outlets and social media networks providing more accurate and balanced accounting of the truth than the mainstream media, eliminating alt media’s ad revenue sources.[8] Google, Facebook and Twitter are aggressively censoring all independent accounts and views that don’t fit the narrow corporate media narrative, favoring the six oligarch owned mega-media giants that constitute the global propagandist machine,[9] all reading off the same script as official purveyors of so called truth, when in actuality it’s nothing more than a 24/7 steady stream of fake news, spinning and spewing the latest false flag lies and the official false narrative propaganda.[10] Since truth is increasingly a rare and precious, limited if not outlawed commodity in today’s upside down, full of deceit Orwellian world,[11] one may conclude that the justice for Hollie Grieg scandal might never see the true light of day.

From the 2000 onset of Hollie Greig’s sexual abuse allegations, the cabal Establishment has only dug its heels in, obstructing and subverting justice at every turn, appearing to withhold and destroy evidence while retaliating against the widespread internet exposure of the horrific cover-up that also includes a counter-campaign propagandizing the scandal as a completely fabricated hoax.[12]

Since the central figure in this scandal is a child and now middle aged woman with Down’s Syndrome, which magnifies the emotive response to the alleged plight and persecution of Hollie and her mother Anne Greig, it may be helpful to address this often misunderstood genetic condition called Down’s Syndrome. It manifests when an extra 47th chromosome, specifically chromosome 21 develops at fertilization and those born with this learning disability generally experience cognitive and developmental delays in sitting up, crawling, walking and talking.[13] The relatively rare condition results in one of every 700 births in the US and 1 out of a 1,000 in the UK. This difference may be the result when the abortion rate across countries vary amongst unborn babies with the prenatal diagnosis. For instance, the abortion rate in Britain stands at 90% with the prenatal diagnosis and is less in America. But when and where abortion is a legal option, a vast majority of parents in Western nations choose to abort an unborn fetus with a Down’s Syndrome diagnosis than those choosing to birth and raise children with Down’s Syndrome.[14] This genetic cognitive condition carries distinct physical features although more variance in appearance occurs across those with the Syndrome than those members from the same biological family.

Though learning deficits are associated with cognitive difficulty grasping abstract concepts, and varying degrees of communication deficits, those with Down Syndrome possess a strong capacity for a photographic memory since they generally store memories through the picture making faculty of their mind.[15] This explains why years later Hollie was still able to recall so many of her abusers’ names and where she was abused. Despite having increased risk of a host of physical health issues, the average lifespan of those with Down’s Syndrome has increased dramatically from just 20 years of age in 1983 to currently 60 years old.[16] Essentially, children and adults with this condition experience the same range of emotions as everyone else. Today many individuals are educationally mainstreamed, attending regular public school programs, many go on to college, hold down jobs, marry and live independent so called normal lives. While males and couples with Down’s Syndrome are virtually infertile, about 50% of mothers with Down’s Syndrome with a non-syndrome male partner are able to bear offspring with a 50% chance her child will also have the condition.[17]

It’s been often said on the internet, especially pertaining to Hollie Greig as well as the generalized Down’s Syndrome population that they do not lie. According to renowned experts Dr. Brian Chicoine and Dr. Dennis McGuire, this is generally true, as the expression goes “what you see is what you get,”[18] as compared to the population-at-large where deception is increasingly more the rule than exception. However, because the spectrum of positive and negative traits and behaviors is so varied across both this special population as well as the general population, deception can be observed in individuals with this condition as well, but likely less often. If anything, the wide range of varying human abilities, character and personality traits, virtues and flaws, strengths and weaknesses possessed within the general population are also diversely present within the Down’s Syndrome population.

After researching the Hollie Greig story, this writer has found anomalies and unanswered questions on both sides. But what stands out the most is the long known pedo-Establishment in Scotland’s refusal to investigate Hollie’s alleged claims but instead its nonstop response to censor, suppress and attempt to silence the alleged abuse is indisputable, strongly suggesting that pedophilia is still being hidden. This chapter will attempt to objectively ferret out what is more likely the truth than what is not. There appears to be solid evidence of Hollie Greig’s abuse and pervasive cover-up, but also weaknesses to some of Hollie and her mother’s claims as well.

The alleged abuse and Establishment cover-up will be fully explored and evaluated on its own merits along with claims supporting a possible hoax. Ultimately this presentation will leave it up to the individual reader to decide for him or herself what is deemed most valid, reasonable and true. The focus will be on what is most discernable and plausible while openly acknowledging inconsistencies and constructive criticism levied against the Hollie Greig campaign. The latter half of the chapter will hone in on the incredible deception and oppression of a fascist government bent on concealing the truth at all costs about pedophiles deeply entrenched in both the Scottish as well as British legal and political Establishment. Every UK scandal amply demonstrates this basic proven fact.

During this last decade a bitter, toxic feud has been waged on the internet battlefield between the loyal Hollie aficionados brigade and those who’ve supposedly abandoned ship based on subsequent alleged information that’s emerged contradicting Hollie and Anne’s original allegations. However much complexity and controversy this story generates, it’s important to keep in mind that it involves the exact same corrosively corrupt-beyond-repair UK-Scottish legal Establishment that was criminally operating throughout the Dunblane Massacre and Magic Circle scandals flourishing in the 1980s into the 1990s.[19] The flagrant Thomas Hamilton VIP pedo-scandal-cover-up featured in Chapter 25 predisposes the plausible believability of the Hollie Greig injustice attracting legions from the so called Truth Movement seeking long denied justice for the hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of child sex victims and fatalities throughout the pedo-infested British Isles that obviously extend well beyond to today’s global trafficking crisis.

For that reason, those who dare even question the official justice for Hollie storyline are immediately branded unholy Hollie traitors in the Truth Cause, subjected to threats and harassment, both on and potentially off the internet. With Robert Green’s passing in April 2019 and virtually no substantive progress in actually attaining justice with the two warring camps essentially having played themselves out, the Hollie Greig campaign has gone quiet in recent years, despite the out of control pedophilia scourge still afflicting our planet more than ever.

Whereas all 25 previous chapters presented thus far in this A-Z pedophilia monster sourcebook have consistently maintained the singular perspective of a clearly defined delineation between child sex abuse victims and their vile VIP perpetrators as the opposing difference between good vs. evil, this chapter uniquely departs from the rest in that it doesn’t so neatly fit into that same clear-cut, discrete pattern. Since there exist some weaknesses in Hollie’s story as a victim and a flood of doubt in the Scottish-UK government’s flat denial of abuse and its obstinate refusal to respond fairly to allegations, demonstrating a gross mishandling of justice that only exacerbated and enflamed the two divisive enemy camps… so much so that one has to question if the pedo-crime cabal has been exploiting the Hollie Greig case as a psyops designed to weaken, divide and conquer, and ultimately destroy its eternal enemy – the truth. This dichotomy in turn only confuses, obscures and muddles the entire spectrum of child sexual abuse to the extent that those responsible for the scourge can opportunistically cast doubt in questioning the accuracy and truth behind all accounts of this global pandemic. But that would be a grave disservice and grossest injustice to the millions of child victims who desperately need the full truth to come out, along with proactive protection, support and understanding that we citizens of the world can both offer and demand. Always pursuit of the truth must be our guiding light in the quest for justice.

From the 2000 get-go, the UK pedophilia Establishment has heavily invested in overtly suppressing the Hollie Greig scandal with widespread media blackout enforced by heavy-handed defamation threats and anti-harassment orders, undoubtedly to ensure that powerful guilty parties remain untouchable. Scotland’s government and criminal justice system’s reactionary overkill to punitively stamp out justice and truth seekers is extremely telling, making it fair to rightfully construe it as plausible evidence that the Establishment has much to hide, regardless of claims the Hollie Greig case is pure fabrication. If the Hollie story was all made up lies, then what’s to really hide? The Scottish state’s tyrannical actions of suppression speak far louder than its feeble, false words of denial.

Meanwhile, the overall bigger picture that an off-the-rails pandemic of a globalized child sexual abuse trafficking network is simultaneously flourishing yet through near daily connect-the-dot exposure appears to be unraveling at approaching breakneck speed. The egregious truth of rampant sexual criminality by the elite is being flushed out and forced into the open clear light of day like never before. The days are numbered of the international crime cabal freely operating forever on the wrong side of history and humanity currently in increasing desperate cover-up mode. The truth is now prevailing, finally gaining the upper hand against the dark forces of deception, forcing the hand of justice to finally be dealt. The handful of planetary controllers commonly referred to as the ruling elite or cabal comprised of royal bloodline families are largely satanic child sodomizers and murderers that have been raping both our children and earth for centuries with complete impunity. Only if we recognize and confront this dark truth, those days can finally come to a close.

But passively awaiting forces for good to make the necessary positive change to happen won’t get this formidable task and daunting challenge of eliminating the cabal’s sodomy network accomplished. It requires actively spreading the truth to educate, inform and empower citizens of the earth as a growing force for good to galvanize as committed activists uniting behind this ultra-righteous global cause to reach approaching critical mass. As a human species, it’s now high time for us to take charge with full collective responsibility to protect our children from those who for millenniums in open secrecy have been granted the license, liberty and privilege to systematically harm, silence and destroy our innocents. This scourge must be brought to an end and it’s up to all of us to make that happen.

In order to fully grasp this particular scandal, including efforts to criminally cover it up, the Hollie Greig story will largely be presented in chronological order, but where relevantly applicable and pertinent, more recent unfolding events, information and developments will also be integrated and interwoven throughout.

Hollie Mackie (her original name by birth) was born on November 23, 1979 amidst UK’s changing political landscape to an oil rigger father Denis Charles Mackie and wife Anne (nee Greig) Mackie in Aberdeen, Scotland’s third largest city behind Glasgow and Edinburgh, in the northeast corner with a population under a quarter million residents. When Hollie was born, for the first time in history, Britain had just elected its first woman as Prime Minister in Margaret Thatcher. On an unprecedented scale, up to one third of her heavily infiltrated government ministers were homosexual pedophile men that acted out their sickness on underage boys primarily from group homes trafficked to notorious sex orgies held at Elm Guest House, Dolphin Square, Islington and Lambeth and the greater London vicinity. And it is indisputable fact (confirmed in Chapter 22) that throughout the 1980s, pedophilia scandals and cover-ups were ongoing throughout England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Jersey Island, Amsterdam, Brussels, Europe, North America, and the world-at-large ever since. Previous chapters have detailed this widespread growing network of child sexual abuse spreading its cancerous tentacles outward from the planet’s pedophilia epicenter. Within this historical context and backdrop, Hollie Greig’s personal story of horrific abuse runs a parallel micro-course to the macrocosm of the growing worldwide pedo-trafficking network. A 20-year old Hollie first told her mother in May 2000 that her father had been sexually abusing her since the age of six in 1986.[20]

Allegedly threatened by her father that if she ever told, Hollie, her mother and her dogs would all die, Hollie apparently kept this most disturbing, terrorizing family secret from her mother Anne Mackie for 14 straight years.[21] But very much related is the family tragedy that occurred just six days prior to Hollie’s 18th birthday on November 17, 1997, a mere year after the national Scottish tragedy of the nearby Dunblane mass murder and subsequent obscene, century long cover-up. According to Hollie’s mother Anne, her brother Robert “Roy” Greig who was Hollie’s beloved Uncle Roy had already bought his niece a bracelet and was planning to host her big #18 birthday party.[22]

In 1989 Roy Greig purchased a house in his name and generously invited his entire family to live with him, including his mother, Hollie, her much older brother Greg, Hollie’s mother Anne and Hollie’s father Denis Mackie. As an oil rigger Anne’s husband Denis was often away for weeks and months at a time, working on both nearby rigs in the North Sea as well as international sites thousands of miles away. The same year that Roy bought the home, the family’s solicitor Ian McDougall of Grant, Smith law firm had drawn up Roy’s will, ceding an interest to Roy’s mother though she died five years later in 1994.[23] That same year 1994 Anne found out that her husband Denis was sleeping with prostitutes in Singapore but solicitor McDougall talked her out of seeking a divorce. A few months later in 1995 Denis granted McDougall full power of attorney to begin hiding their joint marital assets from Anne. Then in November 1996 just one year prior to Roy Greig’s death, McDougall arranged that the house deed be transferred over to Roy, Anne and Denis. With McDougall having appointed himself sole executor, the property was mortgaged for £50,000 with a life insurance policy to cover in full if any of the three co-owners died. McDougall arranged for Roy’s £50,000 life insurance policy to be transferred to Denis’ bank upon Roy’s death.

Meanwhile, six months before Roy’s untimely demise, pedo-enabling war criminal Tony Blair had just won a landslide victory to end 18-years of Tory control over the UK government. While the dust hadn’t yet settled from the painful shock of 16 slaughtered schoolchildren in nearby Dunblane resulting in the world’s strictest gun control laws, at that point the most recent pedophilia cover-up involving Freemasonic pedophiles operating within the Scotland and UK governments had barely scratched the surface. In 1997 Judge Cullen’s 100-year rule covering up the Dunblane disgrace was not even yet known to the public.

On a cold, rainy, windy night in mid-November 1997 on an isolated road off the main highway just outside the Aberdeen city limits, Anne’s 53-year old big brother and affable pub manager Robert “Roy” Greig was alleged to have committed suicide, igniting his car and himself on fire, though there was no suicide note nor any known indication that Roy would want to abruptly end his life.[24] Anne was very close to her 6-year older brother who protectively looked out for both her and his niece Hollie, both of whom he loved dearly. From the outset of her brother’s untimely death, Anne was suspicious, thoroughly convinced that Roy would not take his own life. Yet for many years, official documents about the strange circumstances behind Roy’s demise were purposely withheld from her. That alone raises reasonable suspicion.

But before delving further into the highly questionable circumstances surrounding Roy’s death, another fatality from a stationary car fire occurred just three years prior to Roy’s, and only 8 miles away. The striking parallels between these two incidents are worth exploring as the Grampian Police and Fire Brigade also failed to adequately investigate that earlier notorious tragedy as well. In 2011 the now 60-year old former nurse – Malcolm Webster – was convicted of murdering his first wife Claire Morris in 1994 and attempted murder of his second wife in 1999 in New Zealand.[25] Despite a number of fires and incidents of insurance fraud that left a trail wherever Webster went, Grampian authorities never treated them as suspicious, never connecting a pervasive criminal pattern almost as if he was being protected. Grampian Police and Procurator Fiscal had apparently shielded this murderer for 17 years until overwhelming pressure mainly from New Zealand Police compelled the re-opening of the case. Ultimately Scotland authorities, the exact same ones that insist to this day that Roy Greig’s death was not due to foul play, shamefully could no longer cover-up Malcolm Webster’s murder of his first wife. Webster premeditatedly pretended to veer his car off the road to avoid a phantom motorcyclist at near midnight on a country road not far from Roy’s place of death, then lit his car on fire with his wife inside.[26]

Malcolm Webster came from a privileged family with a long history of high ranking police officers in England and Scotland and a mother who was a nurse. It eventually would be proven that Webster slowly drugged two wives and girlfriends, poisoning them as part of his grooming for murder by arson method. Wife Claire was constantly sedated prior to her death and on that fateful night, Webster arranged for her to be overly sedated and asleep in the reclined passenger seat when he intentionally drove off the road in a pre-marked location decided on just days before, doused her and his car with canisters of petrol he kept behind his seat and set the car afire, making it appear an accident to several witnesses that were driving that same road that late night.[27] Though the car did not end up engulfed in flames from any impact with a tree, the investigators officially assigned had never dealt with car fire deaths before, carelessly “assuming” it was a tragic accident despite several fire department personnel at the scene accurately questioning the circumstances and suspecting it was intentionally staged. But when they attempted to convince senior officers, they were shut down.

Even as a boy scout, his peers called Malcolm “Pyro” for his early compulsive arson habit.[28] Webster was a pyro-maniacal sociopath who cunningly acted out his twistedly deranged pathology using mostly women of wealth and arson to slowly poison and murder for insurance fraud gain. At 30 while a nurse in an Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates children’s hospital, within six months he was forced to resign under suspicion of murdering three young patients all dying from similar heart attacks.[29] Malcolm Webster is an evil predatory killer who benefited from his superficial charm, privileged position and good family name along with high-end social contacts from established Scottish elite families to escape and avoid paying for his lengthy murderous crime history of over two decades. With his father a Scotland Yard police superintendent, Webster remained a free man living a lavish lifestyle lethally preying on women of wealth he used and abused. The scoundrel also impregnated a 15-year old minor who he abandoned as soon as she aborted his child and another victim who later committed suicide.[30]

After attempting to murder his second wife Felicity Drumm in New Zealand with the same sick M. O. used on his first wife, in July 2000 the NZ police contacted Grampian Police updating Scotland that Webster had warrants for arson and drugging his wife and a pending case of Felicity’s attempted murder.[31] Australian Police in Perth suspect that Webster fled from New Zealand to Australia after the failed murder attempt on wife #2 and may have killed a 24-year old woman in another suspicious car fire death in January 2000.[32] Yet even after Grampian went over criminal files placed in its lap from abroad, the Scottish police and then Procurator Fiscal Elish Angiolini unbelievably still pretended everything seemed too coincidental to be interconnected. Talk about being blind or hopelessly corrupt.

Next in 2002 back in England a fire in a hospital trash bin linked to Webster prompted a Surrey Police sergeant who knew Pyro back in their Boy Scouts days to contact Grampian Police to also warn them that Webster is suspected of committing serial arson as part of his long history, reminding Grampian again of the “burning” suspicion he killed his first wife. So even after – count them – three police forces alerted Grampian about this most dangerous sicko, the police in Aberdeen would still not budge, obviously going out of their way to protect this murdering criminal… not unlike Grampian’s even longer history protecting Denis Mackie. It wasn’t until Webster’s chief superintendent father finally died and increasing pressures from police forces in Scotland (Strathclyde Police), England, Australia and New Zealand did Grampian finally reluctantly give in and reopen the case.[33]

And to come full circle, whose Aberdeen court did killer Webster finally wind up in when first charged in February 2009? The Sheriff that allegedly abused Hollie in her father’s pedophile ring and a year later in 2010 had Hollie advocate Robert Green unlawfully arrested for alerting Aberdeen as a Parliamentary candidate – Graeme Buchanan[34] The alleged pedo-judge allowed Webster to remain a free man during the pretrial phase. No chance can every single one of these strange twists, irregularities and anomalies possibly be rationalized as pure coincidence. At the 2011 Malcolm Webster trial switched to Glasgow, the so called incompetence (or more apt murder cover-up) by Grampian Police and Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini’s Crown Office were fully exposed in humiliating detail. Due largely to Webster’s tenacious second wife Felicity Drumm, her sister and family along with a far less corrupt police force in New Zealand, eventually the killer’s evil ways caught up to him and in May 2011 Webster was finally convicted and sentenced to 30 years’ imprisonment. Ultimately only the Lockerbie debacle surpassed the scale of this case ranking dubiously among Scotland’s longest, most extensive trials in history – spanning 63-days and involving 125 witnesses. Only when forced to reopen the case did Grampian authorities finally go all out to bring belated justice for Webster’s victims spread around the globe, from Scotland, England, US, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Australia to New Zealand… one more humongous blemish on Aberdeen authorities.

During her reign as Scotland’s top law officer, Lord Advocate in charge of all of the nation’s prosecutions, it appears Elish Angiolini went out of her way to avoid prosecuting this killer arsonist. In fact, it wasn’t until she was officially out of office that the infamous murderer was finally brought down. The day after she was no longer Lord Advocate, May 19, 2011,[35] was the day Webster became a convicted killer. Angiolini’s replacement, Frank Mulholland’s first day on the job, Scotland’s most cunning, diabolical killer in modern history was finally put away after over 20 years of serial murder, arson and fraud in over a half dozen countries. Another odd twist, Malcolm Webster and Frank Mulholland were brought into this world on the exact same day – April 18, 1959.[36] Food for thought… irony? Another strange coincidence? With so many twisted turns and anomalies associated with Scotland’s despicable criminal justice system, it’s tempting to think otherwise.

Former Strathclyde Police Detective Chief Inspector Charles Henry called Grampian Police’s mishandling of the Malcolm Webster case “scandalous,” urging the Grampian Police force to launch an internal inquiry into why so many repeated warnings about Malcolm Webster’s crimes were continually given a free pass and ignored for so many years.[37] About as much chance as that happening as the Roy and Hollie Greig cases finally being investigated – like never by the police force that known for protecting murderers and child rapists.

With the Claire Morris murder a relevant frame of reference, proceeding with the dissection of Roy Greig’s controversial fiery demise just three years later evokes the same glaring cover-up dynamics played out yet again by the same Grampian authorities, except with far higher stakes and still no justice. At 10:45AM on November 17, 1997, Roy Greig told a workman he was going out to buy some building materials for the addition to his home then under construction. Apparently that was the last anyone saw or heard from Roy. Since 1989 Roy had been living in the house with his sister Anne, their mother till her 1994 passing, niece Hollie, nephew Greg and brother-in-law Denis Mackie, who on November 17, 1997 was allegedly working on a North Sea oil rig.

According to the website, later that night at 9:49PM emergency services arrived on the scene with flames still engulfing Roy Greig’s car with two alleged witnesses already present.[38] One was allegedly “an unknown nurse” and the other identified as Sylvester Cadger, an Exxon-Mobil North Sea oil rig worker whom Denis Mackie allegedly knew.[39] What are the odds that a fellow oil rigger known to husband Denis Mackie would be driving in inclement weather on a lonely stretch of road just north of Aberdeen and by happenstance encounter a burning vehicle, heroically pull Roy out of his enflamed deathtrap and begin rigorously administering CPR for the next 20 minutes in a futile attempt to save the life of his fellow rigger’s brother-in-law? Like less than a million to one? That in and of itself paints an extremely suspicious picture. Yet the next day’s local headline read “Crash Victim Loses Fight for Life” when of course no crash ever occurred at all. In heavy wind and rain, per the Fire Brigade’s own report, Grampian police investigators were given less than an hour of light by the Grampian Fire Brigade to gather forensic evidence, that’s less than one hour to conduct it’s investigation.[40] And with such windy wet road conditions, the ever-ready initial press release had already wrongly written off Roy Greig’s death as a fiery road crash.

Allegedly seeing the flames from afar, upon arrival witness Sylvester Cadgel reportedly saw a man slumped over in the driver’s seat, opened the door that fanned the flames, pulled Roy out of his vehicle and began vigorously applying artificial respiration. Despite the post mortem autopsy showing that Roy was alleged to have sustained severe damage to his skull, six broken ribs and a broken sternum, it was all chalked up as mere collateral damage at the burnt hands of hero Sylvester Cadger’s overly forceful CPR, soon enough recognized for his bravery and sacrifice with an award ceremony sponsored by the Royal Humane Society.[41] Witness #2 – the mystery nurse – called Grampian Fire Brigade at 9:39PM followed by a phone call to Grampian Police at 9:41PM. At 9:49PM the Fire Brigade arrived to extinguish the fire by 10:01, the same time that an ambulance showed up to take Roy’s lifeless body away to the Royal Aberdeen Infirmary where at 10:40PM Roy Greig was officially pronounced dead. And less than 3 hours later someone in the police department whose name has never been released ruled that Anne’s brother committed suicide.

An anomaly exists between the official narrative that Sylvester Cadgel and the nurse were traveling in separate cars that night and simultaneously converged on the scene while an unofficial account maintains that Cadgel knew the nurse already and were in the same vehicle. Though this difference may seem trivial, in view of the fact that the police refused to release the name of the nurse and implications that foul play may have been involved, obviously this issue looms far more significant, particularly if mystery nurse went by the name of Malcolm Webster. Probably not, as said unnamed nurse also reportedly accompanied Cadgel to his award ceremony written up in the Evening Express as “Car Fire Rescue Man’s Award” on September 28, 1998, also attended by Grampian Chief Constable Andrew Brown, the same Andrew Brown who led the non-investigation of both Roy Greig’s death and Hollie Greig’s sexual abuse. The Grampian Police Chief Constable responsible for both car fire investigation fiascos in both 1994 and 1997 was none other than Dr. Ian Oliver, former Central Scotland Police chief who was well-acquainted with Thomas Hamilton, allowing Britain’s biggest mass murderer a free pass on his watch.[42] Also recall Oliver was instrumental in formulating the toughest gun control laws in the world. His name will come up again later in this chapter.

On November 19, 1997 pathologists Dr. James Grieve and Dr. Dawn Maria Charmers went to work on the autopsy, observing:

Just to the right of the occipital protuberance on the back of the head, an area of swelling. Dissection of the head disclosed an area of hemorrhage corresponding with the area, diffuse cerebral swelling were identified.[43]

In addition to the major head trauma, Roy also wound up with a broken sternum, seven broken ribs and multiple bruises to his upper arms. Does this sound like overly forceful CPR or something more sinister like putting up a losing fight in self-defense? Again according to Dr. Grieve’s autopsy report, It’s alleged that by the time Cadgel arrived Roy was found dead from smoke inhalation inside his burning car. Three years earlier just 8 miles away, Claire Morris was also found in the exact same state having been burnt alive but the same Grampian authorities failing to investigate both incidents, confirmed by responses to FOI requests. Though FOI requests for release of the toxicology report were denied, Dr. Grieve detected carbon monoxide level had saturated 57% of Roy’s blood and soot was found present in his airway, which meant that Roy was alive during the fire (just like Claire).[44] The pathologist also noted that Roy had consumed a considerable amount of alcohol within 30 minutes of his death which was estimated to be at 9:30PM. Though similar to Claire’s death in that Grampian Police maintain that Roy died from an “accidental” engine fire,[45] because a reported hose pipe was also found near the exhaust pipe, police concluded that Roy intended to take his own life, of course apparently it never dawned on the medical examiner Grieve that a hose pipe placed there by someone else other than Roy would automatically make a murder appear to be suicide.

A UK Column article from February 2010 boldly states the obvious:

Informal professional medical opinion so far is of the view that Robert had been severely beaten, had alcohol forced down his throat and then thrown into the burning vehicle.[46]

The alcohol found in Roy Greig was whiskey, a hard liquor Anne says Roy hated and never drank.[47]

On top of all this, in 2001 Hollie Greig allegedly disclosed that two or three weeks prior to Roy Greig’s death, Roy had allegedly walked in on Denis Mackie having sex with his own daughter.[48] Harsh words were exchanged as Roy demanded that Mackie “never touch his niece again.”[49] If  this is true, odds of Roy and Cadger’s “chance” encounter on that isolated stretch of road skyrocketed off the charts, right into the far more than probable realm of foul play. If this account put forth by the Hollie for justice camp is true, it more than sets the stage for Roy Greig’s murder a few days later. In retrospect, Anne felt that Roy wanted to tell her something in the final days just before his death, and that the last thing he’d want is to leave Anne and Hollie at the mercy of a sadistic wife beating pedophile as one more reason Roy would never commit suicide.[50]

Apparently for years since 1997, to no avail Anne attempted to obtain the official documents from authorities on the specifics surrounding her brother’s death. It wasn’t until 2011 that she finally received the Fire & Rescue Service report that conceded that the inclement weather on the night of Roy’s death precluded less an hour of lighting available for the Grampian Police to complete its crime scene investigation including photo evidence of the burnt out vehicle never released.[51] Then only as a result of a 2013 FOI request, Anne found out that Grampian Police had mysteriously changed the death from suicide to accidental without further explanation or documentation to show why. Police would only tell her “it was clear no one else was involved.”

After totally screwing up the Webster car fire murder just three years earlier so close nearby, especially with Denis Mackie’s brother a Webster friend and solicitor Ian McDougall and his fraud (McDougall was later disbarred for fraud in 2015[52]) and the major incident two or three weeks prior with Roy catching the pedophile father harming his Down’s Syndrome daughter, how could any competent, non-corrupted police force be so cocksure that no one else was involved in another bizarre “accidental” car fire death? With an established proven pattern already well in place, in all likelihood, Grampian Police covered up its second car fire murder in three years.

From the moment Anne learned that only a few hours after her brother’s death, the police had already ruled it suicide by 1:30AM, less than three hours after he was officially declared dead, Anne suspected foul play.[53] Yet with never an inquest nor any known forensic testing on the burnt out vehicle, nor a released toxicology report nor the name of the police officer that concluded suicide, nor reasons for his decision, combined with the blinding speed in which police within hours definitively concluded suicide, Anne’s was certain she was not being told the truth. When a fire death occurs, official standard protocol would normally require days of forensic analysis to arrive at a reasonably accurate conclusion. Even Claire Morris’ cause of death was pondered and eventually misanalysed over a number of days after the incident.

The official word from Grampian Police was that her brother died from smoke inhalation while inside his new model Nissan Micra with windows closed, discovered ablaze by the two passers-by. A plastic pipe with tape still attached allegedly located on the ground near the exhaust pipe was believed to have been stuffed inside the exhaust pipe, allegedly causing the catalytic converter to overheat and plastic engine parts to ignite, bursting into flames as the official source of the fiery explosion that took Roy Greig’s life, though changing the death from suicide to suddenly “accidental” with a taped pipe found near the exhaust pipe hardly seems accidental.[54] So many blatant discrepancies emerging years later only reinforced Anne’s well-founded suspicions that the near certain murder of her brother was being covered up by Grampian Police and the Procurator Fiscal, the same criminal tag team that bungled the Claire Morris “accident” was also covering up 14 years of alleged sexual abuse against daughter Hollie perpetrated by a well-protected established pedophile ring operating in Aberdeen. And that’s why Grampian Police never conducted an investigation into either Roy’s death or Hollie’s abuse.

Without an inquest or post-mortem report on her brother, as next of kin Anne was only left with countless questions with answers stonewalled by the authorities. Apparently during the decade and a half since Roy’s untimely death, three different versions of “suicide” were eventually bandied about, depending on which public service agency was providing the “official” word.[55] When official documentation consists of so many discrepancies, yet another warning sign jumped off the page. Within hours after the tragic event, the police maintained Roy did himself in and no others were involved. Such an abrupt, premature declaration with absolute refusal to reexamine ever since is even a stronger indication that police have too much to hide.

Despite being Roy’s next-of-kin, Anne was never allowed access to the medical examiner report drawn up by Dr. James Grieve, an alleged close friend of Hollie’s accused abusers, deceased senior Grampian Police forensic specialist Terry Major and wife Sylvia, who is Denis Mackie’s cousin, two of Hollie’s 22 identified sexual abusers she named in August 2000.[56] A direct quote from respected psychologist Dr. Eva Harding’s February 2003 assessment report on Hollie Greig:

When asked if anyone else had ever touched her she immediately said Sylvia. She explained that Sylvia was her father’s cousin. Surprised at this, I asked her how Sylvia had touched her. She clasped her own breast… She also mentioned other people such as Sylvia’s husband who is a policeman.[57]

Dr. Eva concluded that not only Hollie’s father and brother systematically abused her over many years, but “probably by others who had access to her,” as well, meaning the aforementioned Majors in her report. Let’s fast forward to Hollie Greig advocate Robert Green’s January 2012 bogus breach of peace trial at Stonehaven Court outside of Aberdeen, Scotland where the Aberdeen pathologist Dr. James Grieve verbalized on the witness stand how much he liked and trusted people like Grampian forensic officer Terry Major, his wife Sylvia, Sheriff Graeme Buchanan (all three Hollie accused pedophiles) and Elish Angiolini (their protector),[58] obviously tainting Dr. Grieve’s testimony as favorably biased, particularly in view that he wrongly concluded the 1994 car fire death an accident and in the 1997 car fire death refused to hold an inquest, waited a dozen years before releasing his autopsy report (which he said was Procurator Fiscal’s decision, not his) and has yet to ever release the toxicology report to either the public or Roy Greig’s next of kin.

For years Grampian Police was only willing to tell Anne that her brother’s death resulted from smoke inhalation as an act of suicide by self-immolation, a method that outside a few Buddhist monks protesting the Vietnam War or Chinese occupation of Tibet, remains a relatively unheard of suicide choice in the West, yet an extremely prevalent option to try and cover up murder masquerading as official suicide.

Multiple studies have found that in North America and Western Europe,[59] suicide by fire is extremely rare, accounting for just 1% of all suicides.[60] This fact also raises more questions, combined with the next of kin kept in the dark a dozen years, the autopsy doctor being friends with two of Hollie’s alleged pedophiles as blood relations with the main abuser Denis Mackie and Denis’ also pedo-accused brother – Malcolm Webster’s good buddy Graham Mackie.

Let’s face it, it’s a fact and no coincidence that the exact same Aberdeen authorities looked the other way twice in near identical non-collision, car fire deaths just three years apart near the same place, both made to appear as accidents first in Claire’s eventually admitted by evidence murder and then belatedly Roy’s yet to be investigated most probable murder. There remain far too many common links between the two to simply be ignored or misconstrued as purely random events. Recall how Grampian Police blindly insisted for nearly a decade that Webster’s murder of his first wife and attempted murder of his second were viewed as purely random events. The Grampian Police have earned a deserved reputation as a corrupt, not to be trusted police force based on overwhelming facts that speak for themselves.

Aside from the amazingly similar method of death, by far the most significant link between the 1994 and the 1997 auto fire deaths is Graeme and Gillian Mackie, witnesses in both Webster’s and Robert Green’s trial as Denis Mackie’s younger brother and sister-in-law who Hollie also accused as members of her father’s pedophile ring.[61] Graeme Mackie was an oil rigging supervisor and his wife a school nurse who taught sex education. They apparently were very close friends with both murderer Malcolm Webster and his murdered wife Claire. Gillian stated at the Webster trial that on more than one occasion Malcolm would brag how he had easy access to pharmaceutical drugs at the infirmary where he worked as a nurse while Claire would frequently fall asleep at Graeme and Gillian’s house. Gillian stated:

I didn’t really listen to it. I thought that’s something you would never do. I just thought it was an odd thing for a nurse to say.[62]

Playing all innocent, guess confused nurse Gillian just couldn’t put two and two together. Or maybe it was the 10,000 pounds generously bestowed on the Mackies just two months after his wife died by the 208,000 pound richer widower after cashing in on Claire’s life insurance policy, ostensibly gifted to the Mackies for an extension on their home.[63] Hmm, Roy was having an extension put on his and Denis Mackie’s home too when he died. And then on the night of Roy Greig’s death, his body was taken to Malcolm Webster’s workplace, the Royal Aberdeen Infirmary where he was pronounced dead on arrival at 10:40 PM, almost to the minute half a day after he was last seen leaving his home that morning.

Yet another “it’s a small [Aberdeen] world” “coincidence” is chief pathologist Dr. James Grieve after wrongly ruling Claire’s death an accident seemed confident with the police calling it suicide prior to his even taking scalpel to the body, anything but murder in both nearly identical car fire deaths. Of course Grieve’s quick to say it’s the police’s job to classify a death as murder, he only rules on medical cause of death.

Still another interesting if not incriminating twist is Dr. Grieve’s assistant Geraldine Oakley was a onetime lover and another potential victim of Webster. She testified that after Claire’s death, the killer repeatedly asked her if a second autopsy was imminent and the condition of Claire’s liver tissue[64]. Of course to anyone with half a brain hearing that repeated nervous line of questioning would leave no doubt that Webster murdered his wife. But did Miss Geraldine finally speak up while her boss erroneously declared it an accident? Nope, she waited, like Grampian authorities and Gillian Mackie 17 long years to finally speak up at Webster’s trial. Grieve’s assistant ended up claiming that she actually approached her boss twice to inform him, but both times at the last moment had second thoughts. Why? Was Dr. Grieve that unapproachable?

If she had shared what she knew when she first knew, Webster’s second wife and other future victims would have been spared the trauma, in Felicity’s case her attempted murder as well as the theft of her life savings, stolen by her would-be murderer who is the father of her child. Just like Claire, Felicity was also being poisoned into sedated oblivion. Webster felt brazenly comfortable to bring Felicity over to his close friends Graham and Gillian’s home numerous times in a semi-comatose state, déjà vu murdered first wife Claire. Referring to Claire, the killer would fondly say:

You know how sleepy my little friend gets.[65] [Wink, wink, sorry couldn’t resist]

Again at the trial Mrs. Mackie commented that Felicity would also always be falling asleep during visits. You think it ever occurred to the Mackies that Malcolm the boasting pill procurer was drugging his wives to death? I mean there’s a blatantly clear pattern here and his pals, especially one a fellow nurse, never figures it out? Oh yeah, Malcolm gave them 10,000 in hush money… so mum’s the word.

Again, the same circle of friends keeps showing up on the same radar over and over again. Malcolm Webster is close friends with Denis Mackie’s younger brother Graeme and wife Gillian, also allegedly part of Denis’ pedo-ring. Sheriff Buchanan not only presided over the pretrial hearings of the Mackies’ friend Webster in 2009, but also Anne Greig and Denis Mackie’s divorce. Additionally, Denis Mackie and Graeme Buchanan were personal friends, allegedly sharing the same children in Hollie and other rape victims, and as clients shared the same high-powered law firm Simpson and Marwick protecting them.[66]

During the Mackie divorce proceedings, Graeme Buchanan ensured that Hollie and Anne were isolated and not permitted in his courtroom. Anne’s solicitor helped sabotage Anne’s case. Even respected child psychologist Dr. Eva Harding was not allowed in the courtroom. Obviously with Mackie and Buchanan being friends belonging to the same pedophile ring, a grotesque conflict of interest was completely ignored, even after Anne complained to the Faculty of Advocates, Scotland’s official judicial complaints commission. Anne’s plight was helpless when every organization set up to address and adjudicate grievances and transgressions, be it in the legal system, the law enforcement system, the social services system and the mental health system as well as the political system, from the very outset the long corrupted network of collusion within Scotland’s public institutional systems were stacked heavily against her.

Do you see an overly familiar pattern here? Prominent pedophiles participating in the same pedo-club are insulated from all accountability, an old story in every scandal. Hollie’s own social worker carer Helen MacDonald and her husband Ian MacDonald were accused of sexually abusing her, as were another social worker Eileen Sim and her husband Robert Lynd. Then of course there’s Denis Mackie’s cousin Sylvia Major and her Grampian police officer husband Terry. The Majors friend and neighbor Ann Royal made Hollie’s list of accused abusers as did Beechwood School headmaster Andrew Young who at one time lived with the Majors. Other named pedo-ring members were nurse Carol Low and accountant Atholl Scott.[67] Family friend Wyn Dragan and her husband David Smith were alleged abusers. Aforementioned family solicitor Ian McDougall another pedo-ring member. Per Hollie’s allegations, during a span of 14 years this close knit group of child rapists were alleged to have their way with Hollie and other child victims in a pedophile ring allegedly protected by Scotland’s legal establishment.

Those involved in closest proximity to the Mackie family were most frequently listed as Hollie’s alleged abusers, which fits the common pattern. Over 90% of all child abuse cases are committed by familiar individuals the child knows and trusts who regularly come into contact with their victims.[68] Hence, Hollie’s ring of pedophiles were comprised mostly of family relatives that include a nurse, a police officer, and family friends and their spouses, a family caregiver, family social workers, family solicitor and headmaster.

Pathologist Dr. Grieve’s in tight with accused pedo-ring members, Denis and Graham Mackie’s cousin Sylvia and Terry Major, Sheriff Buchanan and Elish Angiolini. Also turns out that Grampian senior forensics specialist Terry was also allegedly implicated withholding evidence in the infamous Shirley McKie cover-up fingerprint scandal,[69] the shameful frame-up of a fellow cop falsely accused of leaving a thumbprint behind at a 1997 murder crime scene (not Roy’s), eventually exonerated after forensic failures were exposed in 1999, the year Jill Dando was murdered for also knowing too much.[70] Lord Advocate Colin Boyd, implicated in both the Dunblane and McKie cover-ups under growing pressure to resign, left office in 2006, replaced by Elish Angiolini assuming the helm in defense of the realm to cover-up all of Scotland’s future scandals till her departure in 2011. After all, in Scotland’s corrosive, pedo-saturated criminal justice system, that’s what Lord Advocates do – pervert the course of justice.

Incidentally, right after Anne finally received Grieve’s coroner’s report a full dozen years after Roy’s suspicious death, Hollie campaigner Robert Green contacted Dr. Grieve in early 2010, pointing out to the autopsy expert the rarity of suicide by setting a vehicle on fire but the not so rare occurrence of a car fire used to cover up murder.[71] Dr. Grieve was evasive and filed a complaint against Robert and of course was soon enough a prosecution witness at his trial. For numerous decades Dr. Grieve’s expertise specialized in determining people’s actual cause of death, yet he apparently was too stupefied to ever consider murder in either Claire Morris and Roy Greig’s cases. If not part of the criminal cabal, why not?

Publicly outed and chastised for badly botching the first fire death case just 3 years earlier, why would Grampian Police and the Crown Office be so resolutely fixed on refusing to take another look at such a remarkably similar car death just 8 miles away involving so many of the same cast of characters with so many uncanny connections and anomalies? Despite multiple FOI requests refused and decades of efforts to no avail by Anne Greig to reopen both Roy’s suspiciously tragic end and of course her daughter’s chronic sex abuse case, especially given the incident two or three weeks prior when Roy allegedly caught hot-tempered wife beater Denis Mackie engaging in the incest taboo for sick pleasure at his daughter’s expense, the reason the Aberdeen authorities continue to remain immovably determined to never ever examine the two Greig criminal cover-up crimes is all too obvious.

If they did, it would be certain to bring down the Scottish government, since exposing those directly responsible for the cover-up would extend upwards to implicate numerous figures at the highest echelons of power, not only in Scotland but the United Kingdom as well. Scotland’s pedophile establishment knew it could never get away with imposing another 100-year ban used to cover-up the Thomas Hamilton pedo-ring operating in nearby Central Scotland. So just four years after Dunblane, at all cost the crime cabal chose to hide Denis Mackie’s Aberdeen pedophile ring suppressing all evidence, investigations and media coverage while engaging in an overtly aggressive smear campaign and continual cruel harassment to tarnish and destroy the credibility and reputations of Anne, Hollie and starting in 2009, their chief advisor Robert Green, as its effective cover-up strategy to both silence and neutralize the Hollie for justice campaign. The cabal knew it had to go for the jugular, using harassment gagging orders and threats of separating Hollie from her mother and prison for Anne and Robert, throwing Robert in the can several times to prove it as the state’s chosen method to silence and destroy victims bent on exposing government criminality covering up child sexual abuse and murder… really the same old nefarious tactics used in virtually every other pedophilia cover-up.

Since 1997 Anne lodged numerous formal complaints to Grampian Police regarding both the bizarre circumstances leading to Roy’s death, her daughter serial abuse as well as suspected, subsequently confirmed financial fraud. However, per the 2008 Police Complaint Commissioner’s report based on a review of Grampian Police records, Anne’s brother’s death was not the result of foul play, Hollie was not abused (though one statement contradicts) and that no known fraud had ever occurred.[72] Talk about lack of credibility, when cops investigate cops, or politicians investigate politicians, or judges investigate judges, the thin blue line, Brooks Brothers politics line and black robe line always protect each other, and always when they’re Freemasons, pedophiles and pedo-enablers where VIPs at the planet’s epicenter are the likely majority.

The Hollie Greig hoaxter crowd that merely echo criminal Denis Mackie’s grand design, maintains that during the years following her brother’s death, Anne’s mental stability rapidly deteriorated, became increasingly impaired, obsessively convinced that she’d been cheated out of her share of family wealth and that her brother was murdered. Recall both hubby Denis and Anne’s “best friend” Wyn Dragan-Smith accompanying Anne to her general practitioner and afterwards Anne remarking that her own medical doctor “was yet another one of those against me.”[73] During the first half of 2000, Anne reportedly distanced herself, isolating from supposed closest friends and family with Denis and Greg broadcasting from rooftops she was suffering from paranoid delusions. Anne reportedly accusing her husband of having an affair was also thrown in the mix. Without exception, accused rapists in every single scandal invariably launch offensives deploying these same smear tactics to discredit their accusers and victims as their best defense. This strategy always works when the system is stacked against the truth teller and invariably favors far more powerfully connected pedophiles.

Hollie’s army vehemently disputes these contentious, damaging charges as pedo-criminals lashing out with malicious lies to ruin Anne’s credibility and irreparably destroy her reputation. The sinister aim of the guilty is to convince the world that Anne made everything up and planted the allegations in her disabled daughter’s head to go along with it. Those who insist Anne was truly unraveling emotionally, descending into mental psychosis are readily dismissed by Hollie’s supporters as shills, cabal trolls and members of the enemy camp comprised of evil pedophiles only out to protect and defend themselves. According to the hoax believers, one night when Denis and adult son Greg were allegedly attempting to reason with and calm Anne down, in a crazed state of rage, she supposedly bit Greg in the arm and barefooted, wearing only her nightclothes, allegedly frantically stormed out of her house at midnight. Might it actually be because they two men were physically assaulting her for confronting Denis Mackie with his and Ian McDougall’s defraud scheme?

Once big brother Roy was out of the picture, family solicitor Ian McDougall declared to probate registry in 1998 that Roy’s estate was of minimal value. Similar to Malcolm Webster’s fraudster racket, Mackie allegedly depleted Anne’s family’s wealth. A year after Roy died, Anne even received a bill for her brother’s unpaid funeral costs.[74]

After working on the North Sea oil rig the prior 18 days earning £6,000, on April 27, 2000 Denis returned home to find Anne busily making copies of their recent financial records, fully aware that her husband had been scheming to cheat her out of money.[75] She confronted Denis, accusing him and his friend and partner-in-crime Ian McDougall of fraud, trying to get McDougall investigated by the Law Society.[76] Later that summer of 2000 Ian McDougall was also identified by Hollie as a member of her father’s pedophile ring. Eventually years later in 2015 Ian James McDougall apparent life of crime finally caught up to him when he was exposed for stealing funds from clients (besides Anne) and the Scottish Law Society finally disbarred him, prompting the crook to flee to United Arab Emirates, a child murder haunt of Malcolm Webster’s.[77] The public outing of criminal McDougall so many years later was small vindication for Anne.

During the heat of the marital drama on April 27, 2000, Denis Mackie reacted angrily to Anne accusing him of fraud, calling her obsessed and paranoid, demanding that she burn the paperwork. When she refused and attempted to leave the room, Denis and son Greg allegedly proceeded to beat the shit out of her, bruising and breaking her fingers as she tried to get away.[78] Later that same day, Denis and Greg then were alleged to proceed contacting everyone she knew to inform them that Anne was falling apart in the middle of a mental breakdown. At that point as mentioned earlier, Denis and another alleged abuser Wyn Dragan, made the prearranged doctor appointment for Anne to see her GP Dr. Wilson who’d previously treated her for “Mackie-smackie” side of head injuries inflicted during regular episodic bouts of domestic violence. Like the pharmaceutical whores that medical doctors generally are, the GP’s answer was to write a 5 mg prescription of the anti-anxiety med Diazepam, obviously taking husband’s word over hers. One incident of Mackie’s violence allegedly had him tossing a vacuum cleaner into Anne’s room hitting her in the head while asleep, and necessitating an overnight stay at the emergency hospital.[79]

The “Anne Greig is crazy” mantra was all part of Denis Mackie’s alleged scheme to have Anne sectioned and forever branded as mentally ill. That way charges of murder, fraud and a few days later Hollie spilling the beans of chronic child sexual abuse, could all be conveniently swept under the rug as the raving mad banter of a jealous paranoid lunatic of a housewife. And because Denis had high-end friends, a number of them alleged fellow pedophiles abusing Hollie, they quickly closed ranks to do everything in their power to make it happen. Once accomplished, who would even believe a scorned wacko wife and disabled daughter with whom Denis could easily gain sole custody? Hence, his diabolical plan was immediately hatched, having Anne sectioned and put away for good.

On the first of May 2000, Denis and Greg went to see a psychiatrist at Royal Cornhill Hospital to set the stage for Anne to be sectioned.[80] They explained how her mental stability had progressively deteriorated since losing her brother, and how obsessed, paranoid and irrationally combative she’d become. Sight unseen, on solely these two unqualified pedo-desperados’ alleged word, Denis set into motion the silencing of his wife bent on exposing his fraud, murder and his and his son’s sex abuse against Hollie. On May 2nd the alleged pervert husband paid a visit to the offices of Ian Smith law practice and spoke to solicitor Roddy McColl, conspiring to section Anne. Roddy placed a phone call to Royal Cornhill Hospital and spoke to a psychiatrist named Dr. Elizabeth Henderson who never even met Anne yet she allegedly then contacted Dr. Wilson to begin making arrangements to lock Anne away on a section order, just like that.[81]

Hollie carer Helen McDonald also listed by Hollie as her abuser arranged through her manager of Brokerage for Disability Services for Hollie and Anne to move out of the family home into a homeless hostel shelter several offices down from the hairdresser shop owned by Denis’ cousin Sylvia Major.[82] The thick web of conspirators was rapidly closing in on Anne and Hollie. But when visited by social workers from the hospital or the Aberdeen social services, Anne was calm and cool or out and about at the time.

Anne Greig maintains that one tumultuous night of high drama tension in May, Denis beat her up badly, forcing her to flee with Hollie to the overnight hostel. When on May 19, 2000 Anne assured Hollie they would not be returning home, it was then that her 20-year old daughter allegedly became extremely distraught and agitated, verbalizing that they needed to get back to the house to rescue her two dogs before her father would kill them.[83] Upon further questioning, it’s alleged that Hollie finally opened up to reveal that over the previous 14 years, her father had been regularly sexually assaulting her.

The next day on May 19, 2000 Anne took Hollie to the Bucksburn police station where Grampian Detective Constable Alison Durwood and social worker Nicola Foot separately interviewed the mother and daughter.[84] Though they did not record Hollie’s allegations, they made a mental note written up in a later report. On the following day May 20th, Grampian forensic medical examiner Dr. Frances Kelly assessed Hollie and confirmed:

Evidence of previous penetration of Hollie’s private parts.[85]

This determination compelled Dr. Kelly to conclude that Hollie was a credible victim telling the truth that her father had serially abused her. As a follow-up Anne and Hollie returned to the police station again on May 24, 2000 to continue reporting details of the abuse to DC Durward and social worker Nicola Foot.[86] At one point, DC Durwood reportedly remarked that she believed Hollie did not know how to lie.[87]

Individuals with Down’s Syndrome are generally believed to be more honest than the general population-at-large, confirmed both by professional specialists[88] as well as anecdotally by parents.[89] Initial interviews and assessments of Hollie by law enforcement and medical and mental health professionals alike, all five of them unanimously believed Hollie Greig was telling the truth about her years of abuse. The list of strongly documented medical evidence of Hollie’s abuse supported by the written testimony of a half dozen expert witnesses include medical doctors Dr. Frances Kelly (Grampian Police) and Dr. Paul Carter (Beechwood School/Grampian Health), independent psychologists Dr. Jack Boyle and Dr. Eva Harding,[90] and Down’s Syndrome Association mental health specialists Ruth Beckmann and Susannah Seymann.[91] Hollie critics and hoaxers are full of shit claiming there’s no solid evidence that Hollie Greig was ever abused.

Additionally, a report from the Aberdeen Criminal Investigation Division (CID) office specifies that the Grampian Police investigator in May 2000 in addition to other later police inquiries consistently show that they believed Hollie was telling the truth that between 1986-2000, she’d been sexually abused.  Aberdeen Detective Inspector Iain Allen went on record in a 2003 letter to Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority to state that he found Hollie to be:

A truthful witness to the best of her ability and an entirely innocent victim.[92]

The Hollie Greig disbelievers emerging in late 2011 and 2012 point out that Hollie is alleged to have had a boyfriend and likely lost her virginity prior to 2000.[93] But that excuse is hard put to explain how Beechwood School medical doctor Paul Carter diagnosed Hollie at age 10 with perianal warts, a sexually transmitted condition in 1990.[94] Completely ignoring evidence, both the Grampian Police and Lord Advocate’s Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Services (COPFS) maintain that after two investigations into Hollie’s allegations, never was there sufficient evidence to prosecute.[95] That this bogus claim would be made without contacting and questioning explicitly named abusers as defined even by Scottish law fails to constitute an investigation and totally contradicts all the early documented police and medical evidence.[96]

Both the existing cabal and Hollie hoax advocates always deny satanic ritual abuse in the Hollie Greig story, accusing Robert Green of belatedly embellishing and sensationalizing the Hollie story for cheap publicity and scaremongering.[97] Again, the pedo-pushing, arms-drug-child trafficking CIA[98] invented the term “conspiracy theorists,”[99] and the CIA-pedo-saturated False Memory Foundation were behind the phrases “satanic panic” and “false memory” to marginalize, dismiss and ridicule both those abused and those accurately reporting on the global significance and prevalence of mind control torture, child and human sacrifice and demonic ritual abuse,[100] by planetary controllers whose choice of a worshipping god is Lucifer.[101] The highest degreed Freemasons, Jesuits, Knights of Malta, Illuminati, Zionists, occult satanic royal bloodlines and Luciferians, are all interchangeably of one mind and power through absolute tyrannical centralized control assisted by demonic occult ritual child abuse, torture and blood sacrifice murder.[102] The cement that holds all these fraternal secret societies together is their binding oath of sworn self-protection, permeating every single pedophilia scandal and cover-up. And far too many of these shrouded evil shitheads are masquerading as so called respectable and lauded leaders in government, religion, law, law enforcement, military, education, medicine and entertainment. Behind their well-guarded gates and walls they share a monstrous preference preying not only on vulnerable children but especially those disabled and less apt to be heard or believed. In their inverse Luciferian world, the more evil the act committed, the more they’re rewarded. From “Confessions of a Satanist”:

Any form of bizarre sexual congress is explored and encouraged because atrophied tastes need stronger stimulation. Children, the elderly, the mentally retarded and desperate are used at satanic ceremonies throughout the world. The left hand path caters for all tastes and responds to all needs. In Australia and throughout what used to be the Soviet Union Downs Syndrome pornography is an expanding market and an acquired taste. Approximately one new DVD – like The Gangbang of Mary Mongoloid Series (1998-2001) or Downer Syndrome Follies I-II (2001-2003) – hits the underground market every couple of months.[103]

The fact that so called normal decent human beings find the above statements too unbelievable and shocking to be accepted as truth is exactly what the cabal’s counting on. The ruling elite fully exploits the total incredulity and disbelief of the masses unable to fathom that these kind of sick atrocities are widespread. The subhuman controllers smugly know they can continue getting away with such heinous crimes against humanity for that very reason alone. They’ve brainwashed and dumbed down generations of humans to become so oblivious[104] and cynically dismissive that these seemingly unreal reality checks produce little effect, cast off as the rantings of Chicken Little alarmists because so few grasp that such disturbingly dark and depraved practices are commonplace to the extent that they’re now an open secret. But this kind of debauchery so cavalierly written a decade ago is no exaggeration, it’s very real and if anything, is more frequent and out in the open than ever before. Lucifer’s rule over the earth now is brazenly by open deception.[105]

Many of those designated as today’s superstars propped up for mass idolatry in our skin-deep celebrity worshipping culture are their demonically controlled, chosen puppets and play things, used primarily for the cabal’s massive mind control operation, homogenizing the global masses as prepping for one world government.[106] Bottom line, the elite detests us regular ordinary commoners as the “useless eaters” of the world, particularly those of us who are still capable of thinking for themselves, that’s why right now 95% of the earth’s current population is targeted in the genocidal crosshairs for elimination within the coming decade.[107] It’s no secret – cabal globalists have been frothing at the mouth to depopulate the planet for decades. The Armageddon madness to maintain Anglo-American-Zionist unipolar global hegemony[108] that’s behind the West’s hybrid war assault on the powers of the East is one humongous fast kill method currently being orchestrated,[109] another being one of Bill Gates’ killer viruses launched straight out of a Fort Detrick test tube.[110]

But the rulers’ slow kill arsenal is also ratcheting up, its geoengineering raining heavy toxic metals down on us for decades (as electrical conductors also partially for mind control purposes), ingested daily into our food supply, lungs and brains along with nutrient-dead, genetically altered, processed, fast food poison, right on cue for the 5G rollout underway to literally fry us to death.[111] These, fluoride, vaccines the growing list goes on, a mere handful of fatal tools from the cabal’s unlimited soft kill toolbox.[112] As a sign of the times, we’re starting to see far-reaching results. During the last several years running, from the obesity capital of the world – the United States, the average life expectancy has actually been on the decline, combined with a soaring (self-medicating) drug crisis and suicide rates spiking dramatically.[113]  This burgeoning US health crisis is a global trend of things to come. Sorry folks, don’t mean to doom and gloom you to death, but I’m only a messenger. As Betty Davis might say, “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night.”[114] If cognitive dissonance gets too much for you, then go back to your push button pretend world and see where that’ll take you. We’re literally living in a very sick world, controlled by even sicker, evil entities, and it’s time to fight this darkness before the light goes out on planet earth.

Okay, recess in Hell’s over. Back to the microcosm of the Hollie Greig saga. Calling upon his professional social network of high powered friends to conspire against Hollie’s mother to get her sectioned into the mental hospital, Denis Mackie relied upon contacts at Aberdeen council, social services, Grampian Police, Anne’s GP, her Bon Accord Hostel and shrinks at the Royal Cornhill Hospital all working towards putting her away. Anne even detected that she was being followed on a “watching brief” to catch her momentarily off guard to move in for the predatory kill.[115] Very diabolical considering Anne was fighting for truth, justice and her life, trying to expose her husband’s alleged murder of her brother, financial fraud and years of alleged raping of her vulnerable daughter.

Although in May 2000 Hollie initially disclosed that the abuse perpetrator was her father Denis Charles Mackie, days later she claimed that her older brother Greg Mackie also sexually abused her and that Greg was also abused by Denis Mackie.[116] Too often the abused become the abusers. During the summer of 2000, with help from the Down’s Syndrome Association, Anne and Hollie were able to move from the hostel to a flat of their own. No sooner had Hollie alleged that her father and brother were pedophiles, on August 24, 2000 she was asserting that no less than 14 other offenders had also touched her inappropriately, her father apparently loaning his daughter out to a reported pedophile ring operating in Aberdeen.[117] Aided by her alleged photographic memory, Hollie came up with the names and places of where she was allegedly abused from 1986 to 2000, mostly in the homes of her abusers.[118]

On August 25, 2000, Anne and Hollie returned to Bucksburn station to deliver the latest shocking news that a pedophile ring that included a high court judge in Scotland had been abusing Hollie for years. While Grampian Police Officer Leanne Davidson interviewed Anne, in a separate room social worker Nicola Foot began interviewing Hollie, allegedly calling her a liar and then allegedly injecting a needle of an unknown substance into Hollie’s leg no doubt to disorient her.[119] On the way home Anne noticed Hollie wasn’t her usual self, so she returned to the police station demanding that Hollie be seen immediately by a Grampian medical doctor. Constable Davidson pretended to be locating one but two hours later came back to report no medical doctor was available. The next day Anne took Hollie to her own doctor but by then no traces of the needle injection or drug were detected, although despite Anne pushing for the more accurate blood test, only a urine sample was examined that failed to confirm social worker Nicola Foot’s alleged misconduct.

It was more than clear that orders from above decided there was never going to be an investigation nor enough evidence for Grampian Police to ever arrest her two abusing family members, much less a “venerable” high court judge, solicitor, police officer, headmaster, accountant, nurses and social workers.[120] The handcuffed police never even went through the motions of bothering to contact or interview up to 20 other members Hollie eventually identified among her father’s reputed child raping gang. Hollie also came up with 7 other children she alleged were also abused yet they too were never questioned by police.

Because the pedophiles that Hollie was accusing included “upstanding” members within the Scottish establishment, by the first of September 2000, the cabal switched into overdrive to target and silence Anne Greig once and for all. To intimidate the mother and daughter into stop making waves, based only on the verbal word from the first two named abusers Denis and Greg Mackie that Anne was “paranoid against them,” without due lawful evidence, on September 5th, 2000, Dr. Alastair Palin had Anne sectioned against her will and locked her up in a psychiatric mental ward at Royal Cornhill Hospital.[121] As a victim of the Mental Health Act, in an October 2014 letter to the Parliamentary Health and Safety Committee, Anne Greig lobbied to modify the existing draconian MHA of 2003 to prohibit unscrupulous mental health professionals – sight unseen – to be able to write up lies authorizing unwarranted detainment of innocent citizens, explaining her own horrific circumstances in 2000.[122]

Having worked in the mental health field over a quarter century, observing how Big Pharma turned the psychiatric profession into pill pushing drug whores with the ever growing DSM of mental disorders weaponized to potentially violate every citizen’s civil rights and liberties, the Orwellian Nazi-esque Soviet gulag system is alive and well today as a convenient state tool for eliminating so called unwanted “troublemakers.”[123] Anne Greig lived through this real life dystopian nightmare back in September 2000.

Armed with a section order and a gang of ten thugs in police uniform and white coats, Dr. Palin had Anne literally dragged and drugged out of her home, kicking and screaming before shocked and upset neighbors, pulling her pants down in public, forcibly injecting her with a powerful drug to her buttock rendering her unconscious, in a violently unlawful, traumatic abduction in order to place her on an involuntary 72-hour psychiatric hold at Royal Cornhill Hospital, with traumatized, panic-stricken Hollie helplessly watching her mother taken away.[124]

Waking up with two doctors drawing her blood, Anne learned that Dr. Palin immediately diagnosed her a paranoid schizophrenic.[125] The living nightmare continued for Hollie as well, placed in temporary care with unsupervised access from her father bent on seeking full custody. Fortunately at the time, he was allegedly working on an offshore oil rig. From the psych ward, Anne frantically called a helpline that recommended she not openly resist hospital staff as her best option to regain her freedom.[126] So Anne played the institutionalized game and after a 72-hour hold, she “earned” her release. Anne then had the wherewithal to promptly contact a highly respected independent psychiatrist, Dr. Helen Smith, who gave her a clean bill of health in a full assessment that even the hospital was forced in writing to accept, asserting that Anne was not in the least bit psychotic, mentally disturbed or imbalanced but in stable, sound mental health condition.[127]

Accused pedophile Denis colluding with the sinister system was nearly able to have Hollie’s mother permanently committed and out of the way so that unobstructed predators would be in position to resume sexually exploiting Hollie. And when Anne attempted to find out which sheriff authorized the warrant for Dr. Palin’s section order, her lawyer wrote to the Mental Welfare Commissioner of Scotland for information and was told less than two months after being sectioned that Anne’s psychiatric records went missing,[128] a constant theme in pedo-cover-ups, stolen, lost and destroyed documentation that obviously might later be used to incriminate guilty parties.

In April 2003 solicitor Nicola Smith working for Enable 7, a support organization for the disabled, sent the Grampian Police Chief Constable the results of psychological assessments independently conducted on Hollie Greig by reputable psychologists Jack Boyle and Eva Harding, both claiming that Hollie was telling the truth in their expert opinion, firmly contending that Hollie had been sexually abused.[129] Jack Boyle disclosed that children with learning disabilities are far more prone to being victimized by sexual abusers. And a child with an intellectual disability is a whopping 4 to 10 times more apt to be sexually abused.[130] But Dr. Boyle notes that other than her learning disability, he found Hollie to be “a well-adjusted girl,” never suffering from psychosis or mental illness. Jack Boyle noted as a potential psychological factor within the family dynamic, Hollie’s older brother Greg, who according to Hollie also abused her as well as was abused by their father,[131] was also convicted of masturbating in a public place. Here Hollie’s older brother has a criminal past record for lewd and libidinous behavior in a public place yet when his sister accuses him of sexually abusing her, police wait a full two years to bother to interview him, and then neither arrest nor prosecute him for alleged pedophilic crimes.

Clinical child psychologist and child abuse expert Dr. Eva Harding performed her assessment during two interviews at Hollie’s home in February 2003. Eva also mentions that sexual abusers often begin among family members, in this case father and brother, but frequently extend to members of an organized pedophile ring preying especially on those victims who are disabled and easily dismissed as less credible witnesses.[132] Dr. Eva also states that the then 22-year old Hollie disclosed that she suffered from repeated nightmares involving flashbacks of inappropriate “touching.” In addition to implicating Denis and Greg Mackie in Hollie’s chronic abuse, in her report Dr. Harding even named Denis’ cousin Sylvia Major and her police husband as probable pedophiles as well.[133] Regarding Anne Greig’s violently forced mental hospitalization, Dr. Harding acknowledged that it appears that a network of individuals connected to Hollie’s allegations attempted to silence Anne just 11 days after Hollie named more than a dozen members of the pedophile ring.

Back during Hollie’s school days, Beechwood School Doctor Paul Carter wrote a report in 1990 diagnosing Hollie with a sexually transmitted disease at the age of 10.[134] Then when Hollie was 12-years old, she was observed playing with other children making sexual thrusting pelvic gestures inappropriate for her age, strongly suggestive of sexual abuse. In his report he submitted to social services in 1992, Dr. Carter also emphasized the prevalence of child sexual abuse amongst children with Down’s Syndrome and learning disabilities. Apparently Anne Greig was never notified of this alarming report until finding out from Grampian health records in October 2009. Dr. Carter had moved away in 1992 but when Hollie advocate Robert Green contacted him in 2009, he was very surprised to hear that Anne Greig never received notice nearly two decades earlier. This strongly suggests that again abuse evidence was willfully lost or destroyed, yet another pedo-trademark in every scandal-cover-up.

It’s been revealed that the head of Beechwood School – Andrew Young – was also allegedly part of the pedophile ring that abused Hollie, which explains why Dr. Carter’s 1990 report never reached Anne Greig.[135] Headmaster Andrew Young undoubtedly also made certain that school medical reports revealing that when Hollie was only 9 or 10-years old, she contracted a sexually transmitted disease, were also never passed on to Hollie’s mother.[136]

While another Grampian Police investigation was ostensibly ongoing in 2009, Robert Green re-contacted Dr. Carter again. Dr. Paul said the police never contacted him, again clear confirmation that police investigations were never really investigating,[137] but were being thwarted by gatekeepers in the legal establishment, led by Scotland’s then top law officer Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini.

A September 24, 2003 report from the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the Grampian Police with Chief Constable Andrew Brown’s name on the heading reaffirms the May 2000 medical assessment by Dr. Frances Kelly determined that Hollie’s private parts had been penetrated and maintains that all police investigating officers from 2000 to 2003 confirm that “Hollie had been the victim of penetrative sexual abuse.”

The same 2003 CID document further elaborates:

… There seems a sufficiency of evidence to accept, on the balance of probability, that Hollie Mackie was sexually abused, and that this has included penetration of her private parts… Based on experience of similar cases, it is reasonably safe to say that interfamilial sexual abuse usually commences when the victim is quite young [for Hollie reportedly 6-years old] and most often continues until teenage years. Given that the reason much abuse stops then is the growing ability of the victim to affect what happens to them, abuse may go on for longer in respect of less able victims like Hollie. It might be expected in Hollie’s case that the abuse went on for a period of years… Officers who have dealt with Hollie have taken the view that she was a truthful witness, to the best of her ability, and an entirely innocent victim.[138] 

As many as 14 years in Hollie’s case. From the above investigating officer’s findings, it’s quite clear that Grampian Police fully supported Hollie’s allegations that her father committed chronic sexual abuse of his daughter between 1985 to 2000. Yet beyond an interview under caution, no other action was taken against Denis Mackie, despite police investigators from 2000 to 2003 all admitting he is a most probable perpetrator. So after unequivocally concluding Hollie was sexually abused vy two family members, the very next sentence unbelievably states:

With “further enquiries… carried out, there was never a sufficiency of corroborative evidence to make prosecution of any person viable.[139]

It makes no logical sense to conclude insufficient evidence unless the COPFS intervened, in which case it proves that Elish Angiolini as the Aberdeen Procurator Fiscal in 2000, simply called the case off. After Robert Green’s MP David Mowat lost his bid for re-election in June 2017, he handed over all his Greig files back to Robert. And lo and behold, according to Robert the files contained a letter written by Scotland’s former Cabinet Secretary for Justice Kenny MacAsskill confirming that it was in fact Elish Angiolini who blocked Grampian Police investigations in both 2000 as PF and again in 2009 as Lord Advocate.[140]

How can an arrest or prosecution ever be made if Hollie’s first two named abusers never even had their computers or mattresses brought in for forensic analysis, which is standard police protocol? Instead, Grampian Police merely went through the motions to interview Denis and oddly waited two full years before questioning Hollie’s brother Greg. According to Anne, when Grampian Police finally did interview Greg, police apologized for inconveniencing him in 2002, by then living in Portugal where Madeleine McCann disappeared, promising never to impose on him again.[141] In view of how the police and COPFS have been allowed to openly operate ignoring Hollie’s allegations and all evidence the last two decades, no doubt Anne’s statement is true.

From the Hollie Greig for justice site:

Even though her father and brother were described in a police report as having ‘a predilection for very young girls,’[142] they were allowed to go abroad to Portugal, where they run a business connected called ‘Daisy Chain’ which involves frequent travel to and from South America. The implication of the Crown Office’s claim that ‘a thorough investigation has taken place’ is, therefore, that a thorough investigation does not require those accused by an acknowledged victim to be interrogated, nor does it require their computers to be seized or their homes searched before despoliation of evidence occurs.[143]

Despite the clear consensus of investigating police officers who interviewed Hollie, all concurring that she was a credible witness who was believed to have been sexually assaulted, the end result was “insufficient evidence” and no further action taken. In this one wrong instance, standard British police protocol was followed, upholding the longstanding dubious pattern of UK law enforcement mishandling every pedophilia scandal, always with the same outcome – never enough evidence. UK police are lap dogs to the VIP pedophile higher-ups that permit procurers like Denis Mackie, Thomas Hamilton, Jimmy Savile, Cyril Smith and Peter Righton to evade arrest and prosecution for decades on end.

From the get-go, Grampian Police committed gross dereliction of duty in its failure to investigate Hollie’s claims, as always handcuffed by higher-ups. But the same Scottish legal establishment that shielded Hamilton was also shielding Denis and Greg Mackie and the rest of their pedophile gang. Even Thomas Hamilton’s Central Scotland’s pedo-enabling Chief Constable Ian Oliver during the second half of the 1980s moved over in 1990 to head Grampian Police’s apparent cover-up of the Roy Greig murder until his 1998 forced resignation. When it comes to raping kids in Scotland and Britain, with police in charge either order-following enablers or pedophiles themselves, to this very day nothing has ever changed.

Despite the probable accuracy of initial police conclusions along with a number of psychologists and doctor reports unanimously supporting the belief that Hollie was abused, according to “official” records, these findings were reportedly never forwarded to the procurator fiscal Elish Angiolini for consideration.[144] In fact the Dame has insisted that until 2009 she never even heard of the Hollie Greig case. But again, evidence of letters to Anne from her office shows otherwise.[145] The bottom line, despite both police and professional experts’ consistent view of highly probable abuse along with Anne Greig’s persistent efforts to pressure law enforcement to do its job and follow through on conducting an actual thorough investigation into her daughter’s sexual abuse, fighting for years registering 14 formal complaints, it all proved for naught. The rigged system had long gone afoul and was too heavily infiltrated and stacked against Hollie and Anne for justice to prevail.

Initial findings of probable abuse against Hollie notwithstanding, it was evident that police were stopped from fully investigating crimes perpetrated by members of the Scottish Establishment. The historical precedent had already long been set in both the Magic Circle[146] and Dunblane pedophilia scandals (from last chapter) as well as every other British child abuse scandal. Recall from all the previous chapters how rank and file police officers always maintain their investigations were suddenly aborted by their higher-ups whenever VIPs were implicated. Once again the Crown Office directed by Scotland’s top law officers prohibited law enforcement from pursuing known pedophiles among the legal hierarchy.

Moreover, it’s even been confirmed that for years in Scotland public funds were specifically diverted to finance a slush fund designated to protect prominent solicitors and judges preying on underage children.[147] This is a fact. Funds from this corrupt source may well have paid for Elish Angiolini’s legal services from ((((((Levy)))))) McRae to muzzle the press in the UK from linking her to the Hollie Greig injustice in 2010. The private civil case of Sheriff Buchanan’s botched interdiction order against Robert Green in February 2010 resulting in his illegal arrest was also allegedly paid for with public monies, likely from the Crown Office’s same dirty slush fund.[148] But more details on this important piece of the story a little later.

Predictably, Hollie and her mother were denied a judicial review in 2005 based on false information by the police. Anne contacted the Down’s Syndrome Association for additional advocacy support, and on Hollie and Anne’s behalf wrote a letter to the Enable 7 solicitor Nicola Smith urging reconsideration due to cited inaccurate police statements.[149] Between Anne persistently lodging formal complaints against Grampian Police never properly responding to Hollie’s abuse allegations, supported by the initial police findings and subsequently supplemented by such relief organizations as Enable 7 and the Down’s Syndrome Association, in 2008 Scotland’s Police Complaints Commissioner was ultimately tasked with responding to the litany of Greig complaints.

In his July 2008 report, Police Complaints Commissioner of Scotland (PCCS) Jim Martin quotes the same CID Detective Inspector’s 2003 letter sent to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA):

The position, as far as I can determine it, is that there seems a sufficiency of evidence to accept, on the balance of probability, that X [Hollie Greig] was sexually abused, and that this has included penetration of her private parts. Given that X, because of her disabilities, has been closely supervised throughout her life, the perpetrator is most likely to have been someone close to her who had regular, unsupervised access.[150]

Along with other strong evidence of abuse, that letter helped CICA award Hollie damages compensation. So essentially, Scotland’s Complaint Commissioner agreed with the 2003 Grampian Police findings, that Hollie was very likely sexually abused by her father and brother. But no sooner does Jim Martin concede Hollie has a legitimate case, he proceeds to rubber stamp the Grampian Police’s total mishandling of the case, waiting two years to interview Hollie’s masturbating-in-public, sister rapist Greg Mackie, not bothering to confiscate any computers and failing to complete forensic tests on what would become key evidence as standard police policy immediately following sexual abuse allegations and then never interviewing all 20 of the other named abusers not even contacted by police. So how is Grampian Police’s response to the allegations or Anne’s complaints of total non-action acceptable, claiming it was satisfactory when such blatant omissions from standard law enforcement practice were totally abandoned? The PCCS report belongs in the rubbish bin filed under complete whitewash.

PCCS Martin refused to uphold even a single complaint out of the 14 that Anne Grieig had been raising for nearly a decade while Grampian Police completely ignored Hollie and her plight.[151] Instead, Martin’s gloss-over found that in every instance Grampian Police responded either properly or adequately to Anne’s prolonged battle reporting evidence and legit grievances always to no avail. Martin’s conclusions were the standard cliché – never enough evidence to warrant arrest and prosecution of any suspects, i.e., all 22 of Hollie Greig’s named perpetrators were officially deemed free and clear of the law, again with 20 never having been contacted or interviewed by police. As cruel and unfunny a joke as that is, this disgrace is unfortunately Scotland’s sorry ass excuse for justice.

Meanwhile in January 2009 the Down’s Syndrome Association made known that Hollie was still suffering from a diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder resulting from her protracted years of alleged sexual abuse.[152] This intervention apparently applied enough pressure to reopen the Hollie Greig case, resulting in Grampian Police that same month of January to launch a supposed second investigation after the original aborted one in 2000,[153] compliments of then procurator fiscal Elish Angiolini.[154] But according to Robert Green, despite Hollie recalling full details of her abuse for three and a half hours to Grampian Detective Constable Lisa Evans on September 8, 2009, the 2009 police probe was merely reshuffling papers pretending to go through the motions of an investigation as none of the accused abusers nor witnesses again were ever contacted by police.[155] By January 2010, the Crown Office claimed Grampian’s latest police investigation into abuse against Hollie was completed, concluding not enough evidence:

Crown counsel have considered all the available information and decided that there is insufficient credible, reliable and admissible evidence to justify criminal proceedings in respect of these allegations.[156]

Of course if you refuse to consider existing evidence and refuse to interview any of the accused, never will there be enough evidence to prosecute, that’s simply the Scottish criminal system’s name of the game. Though a year had been wasted faking a mock police investigation to look like all evidence for a case was exhaustively examined yet again, in January 2010 Scotland’s Crown Office refused to release its latest Grampian Police findings (no doubt because there weren’t any), claiming that earlier media coverage from late 2009 linking Lord Advocate Elish to the Hollie case was false and misleading – a total lie in and of itself.[157] In 2009 while the Scottish government pretended to be conducting a police investigation, in actuality it was simply ramping up its case to entrap, ambush and hang the head of the Greig campaign – Robert Green. And within a couple weeks by February 12, 2010, Robert was illegally arrested and behind bars. Details of the state’s vicious conspiracy to destroy Robert Green and the Hollie campaign for justice follow.

The Scottish government’s latest 2010 whitewashed denial of admissible evidence completely defies the fact that the findings of Grampian Police back from 2000 to 2003 found Hollie a credible witness and believed that she’d been sexually abused. With all the evidence compiled from various authorities – from earlier Grampian Police reports to therapeutic experts and disabilities support organizations all asserting the same unanimous conviction that Hollie Greig was sexually abused as a child, in April 2009 the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) followed suit and saw fit to award Hollie a sum of £13,500.[158] Despite no formal charges ever being brought against her 22 named suspects, obviously unprecedented, yet one more definitive authority was recognizing that as a victim still suffering from PTSD effects from pedophilic crimes, Hollie was entitled financial compensation for her suffering.[159] Some have cynically suggested that the CICA settlement may have been an underhanded hush money ploy to entice Anne, Hollie and Robert to take the money and run, i.e., back off and go home. But after years of struggle to be heard, that was not about to happen just when momentum was shifting finally in their favor.

This latest development only helped add legitimacy and weight to Hollie’s case at the same time that supporters around the globe were becoming increasingly committed to the campaign pressing for long-awaited justice. Gaining irrepressible breakthrough and attention worldwide on the internet, the movement exposing pedophilia was here to stay, regardless of the Scottish/UK government’s continued blockade to negate, oppress and make it disappear. In April 2009 News of the World made note of the awarded compensation to Hollie for damages suffered.[160] A couple years later another mainstream outlet, the Scottish Sunday Express ran an extremely rare, fair and accurate Hollie Greig story in July 2011, written by veteran CSA journalist and politics deputy editor Ben Borland.[161] His article divulges how the legal system was under increasing pressure to explain why no action was ever taken against identified abusers despite the medical report and investigating officers from 2000 to 2003:

…were all of the opinion that [Hollie] had been the victim of… sexual abuse in the past.[162]

The piece goes on to cite two English MPs who wrote the new Scottish Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland (now that enabler Elish as of two months earlier was finally gone), calling for long overdue action. Liberal MP for St. Ives in Cornwall Andrew George wrote:

There appears to be a lot of evidence allegations which point in one direction and indicates that this whole case deserves a thorough review. Many of the professionals with whom she [Hollie] came into contact have allegedly failed in their duties or even covered up important facts[163].

Tory MP for Bury David Ruffley in his letter to Mulholland called the case “appalling.” Borland’s article even mentions the wife of reputed pedophile former PM Gordon Brown –((((((Sarah Brown)))))) – among 3000 “friends” on Hollie Demands Justice Facebook page. Between the early documented evidence, the internet phenomenon attracting over 28,000 justice warriors in “Hollie’s army,” and progress towards increasing exposure in mainstream media, clearly the Scottish pedo-Establishment was growing fearful that too much mounting public pressure brought to bear on the case could force exposure unraveling the cover-up of Scotland’s pedophile elite.

Hence, early in 2010 the crime cabal moved into high gear launching an aggressive, multi-pronged assault on the Hollie campaign, repeatedly arresting, prosecuting and imprisoning Robert Greig starting in February 2010. In 2009 the Shropshire council went to work plotting and conspiring with its local secret family court to cruelly take Hollie away from her mother and carer Anne.[164] Undoubtedly co-opted by the government, in 2012 an anti-Hollie Greig hoax campaign was launched with several anti-Hollie websites pumping out negative publicity in efforts to undermine the Hollie for justice campaign’s credibility and growing momentum.[165] Critics challenging Hollie’s allegations of 14 years of continual sexual abuse by a 22-member pedophile ring made counterclaims pointing out serious discrepancies in the Hollie narrative.

Hollie’s allegations of abuse especially after naming abusers should have been followed up immediately by police, but never were. And that’s where the weakness of this corrupt legal system in Scotland, already long saturated with child sexual abusers validating the high probability of Hollie’s claims and initial police findings.[166] The fact remains – before it even got started, a police investigation in Aberdeen was aborted, just like countless times over by British higher-ups on the predator food chain, and then effectively buried ever since. That’s the real story that’s never been adequately answered by the government, proving only that it still has tons of criminality to hide. Nor have the hoax disciples answered why the government has failed so miserably to ever follow through with anything close to a real investigation.

When the fever pitch of the online justice-for-Hollie phenomenon was revving up a decade ago, in August 2009 from outside the Greig residence in Shropshire, England, suddenly a gunshot reportedly rang out, fired with the bullet allegedly bouncing off Anne and Hollie’s window.[167] For their own safety, in October 2005 the mother and daughter had fled Scotland for greener pastures south of the border as their escape route from alleged eminent danger and threats reportedly looming over them back in Aberdeen once Hollie reported her allegations to the police.

But with the then recent breakthrough of the mainstream press in 2009, the now defunct News of the World covering Hollie’s awarded compensation from CICA in April and Robert Green vigorously campaigning to increase media exposure of the Hollie injustice, perhaps the tradeoff of higher public visibility meant incurring greater risk of violent repercussion. The peanut gallery from the Hollie hoax campaign might assume the bullet was likely a figment of an opportunist in search of a headline’s imagination to raise much needed publicity in order to breathe new life into the campaign gaining a wider mainstream audience and growing sympathy from the public.

Robert’s immediate response to the alleged shot fired at the Greig residence was to fire off a letter to both the leader of Scotland, Scottish National Party First Minister Alex Salmond, and Grampian Chief Constable Colin McKerracher, warning each that should physical harm ever come to either Hollie or Anne, they would be held personally responsible after years of authorities ignoring their plight.[168] No doubt as a CYA consolation, on September 8, 2009 two police personnel were dispatched from Grampian to interview Anne and Hollie in separate rooms in Shrewsbury, England. Robert was allowed to take copious notes with door ajar sitting within earshot of Hollie’s three-and-a-half-hour long testimony, reliving and renaming her alleged perpetrators, reporting that she handled the stress and strain remarkably well, demonstrating courage, composure and tenacity.

Five months later while Robert was incarcerated in Scotland, Grampian Police crossed the border into England to raid Robert’s home in Warrington, stealing his computer, including all his notes of Hollie’s 2009 police interview and confidential documents belonging to Anne and Hollie Greig that were never returned, a clear violation of law.[169] The pedophilia cabal was threatened by the Hollie Greig campaign gaining momentum and legitimacy, and therefore felt compelled to step up its subversive offensive to aggressively shut it down.

This repeated tactic of police sent in as storm troopers to raid a private citizen’s home in order to gather up, hide and destroy all incriminating evidence rings true in virtually every pedophilia scandal. Recall last chapter’s Queen Victoria School housemaster-whistleblower Glenn Harrison’s home was broken into and his documentation of criminal evidence was also stolen. Anti-child abuse campaigner Mary Moss’ residence was invaded by Metro Police to confiscate the dirty goods from the Elm Guest House scandal. Over and over we see these same criminal perversions of justice being endlessly perpetrated so that the sodomizing elite can retain its power and control to continue raping and pillaging children along with everything else on this planet.

If the authorities aren’t violating those seeking truth and justice with home invasion robberies, they’re illegally breaking down doors of their homes to ransack, trash, harass and intimidate rape victims and their advocates, ultimately to terrorize and silence them to cease and desist exposing the VIP pedophile network. With the Hollie Greig campaign taking off on the internet and beginning to generate interest from the wider media in interviews and newspaper articles in 2010, especially after Robert Green’s February arrest in Aberdeen, on June 3, 2010 it was Hollie and Anne’s turn as police broke down doors to their home in Shropshire, ransacking it and confiscating computer and documents, that several days later were returned under threat of legal action.[170]

It may be helpful to fill in relevant events and developments that led up to the Greig house break-in. Once the Greigs settled in England in October 2005, they were given initial support from Shropshire social services. But because the Hollie for justice movement was creating an unwanted global spotlight, risking full exposure of the widespread pedophilia network operating across the United Kingdom, with puppets like Scottish pedophile Gordon Brown[171] followed by pedophile enabler David Cameron[172] as British Prime Ministers, the Empire Establishment thuggishly fought back, taking subversive steps to quash the Hollie Greig phenomenon from spreading any larger.

Fresh out of prison after three months in an interview on Edge Media TV in April 2010,[173] even the Down’s Syndrome Association (DSA) that for a full decade had been completely supportive of Hollie, recognizing she was still suffering from PTSD symptoms of recurring nightmares and flashbacks, suddenly turned against Hollie and Anne as well as the Association’s Information Officer John Smithies. Robert Green gratefully acknowledged the DSA loyalty from both John and Susannah Seymann:

Both Susannah and John told me that they were well aware that Down’s Syndrome children were being subjected to sexual abuse on a considerable scale, especially in Scotland, which is why the DSA was keen to support my efforts on behalf of Hollie.[174]

But in late October 2009 after preparing a press release ready to publicly embrace the Hollie campaign, stressing how the disabled are commonly singled out and preyed up for sexual abuse, John Smithies was abruptly terminated by the Association’s CEO Carol Boys.[175]

With Women’s Aid and the DSA initially assisting Hollie and her mother to relocate to Shropshire in 2005,[176] after 10 years of DS Association’s strong advocacy, suddenly Carol Boys pulled the plug with her betrayal of Hollie Greig. By April 2010, John Smithies’ DSA information officer replacement – Stuart Mills – threatened the Shropshire council over the Edge Media interview with a negligence lawsuit for failure in its “duty of care” to Hollie, stating:

Psychiatric Advisor Professor Tony Holland concurs with the view of the DSA’s Information Team that the [Edge Media TV] interview was abusive and highly inappropriate.[177]

Again, powers-from-on-high were applying undue pressure to stop Hollie in her tracks from ever attaining justice. With this shot across the bow by turncoat Down’s Syndrome Association, the Shropshire council hurriedly met in secrecy with the local family court to move toward taking Hollie away from her mother, even colluding with a high court judge at London’s Royal Court of Appeals.[178] Social worker Helen Ogilvy who originally endorsed Anne as Hollie’s paid carer suddenly wrote a report recommending that the family court take over making decisions for Hollie, thereby usurping her mother’s legal and parental role and rights. Per the interpretation of the latest treachery afoot from the Hollie Greig for justice website:

Hollie does not have the capacity to understand the consequences of making false allegations, which are potentially worse than the trauma, fear, hopelessness, suicidal feelings she would suffer from being separated from her mother.[179]

Taking the stand that Hollie lied about her sexual abuse, acting as judge, jury and executioner, the powers-that-should-never-be actively plotted court action in Scotland to take out Robert and court action in England to take out Anne in their two-pronged judicial attack to overcome and vanquish the growing “problem” from getting too out of hand. In a secret family court session held on May 12, 2010 behind Hollie, Anne and Robert’s back, Mrs. Judge Hogg ordered that:

The continued [Hollie] campaign would be a contempt of court resulting in the imprisonment of the defendants [Anne and Robert] if Hollie’s medical records are disclosed or if she attends events where her history of being sexually abused by influential Scottish Paedophile rings is discussed.[180]

This court move was intended to be the death blow to the Hollie for justice campaign. Three years later this same senior family court judge would resign in disgrace after delivering a literal death blow to a hapless 6-year old, granting full custody to her violent father with a criminal past who caused head injuries to daughter Ellie Butler at only 7-weeks old.[181] Judge Hogg “took unwarranted steps” to reunite Ellie with her abusive father resulting just eleven months later in the father beating the little girl to death. This is the same judge who undoubtedly “in defense of the realm” plotted to derail the Hollie Greig campaign by separating mother and daughter.

With Scotland’s persecution against Robert Greig for his “breach of justice” an abomination of justice costing Scottish taxpayers a million pounds,[182] a similar movement was afoot in England against the Greigs, to inhumanely separate a Down’s Syndrome daughter from her caregiving mother, and threaten each with incarceration should they choose to continue their fight for justice.[183] The criminal cabal’s maltreatment of Hollie and Anne boiled over with the June 3rd, 2010 debacle. Again, a half dozen local police officers and Shropshire council agents unlawfully invaded Hollie and Anne’s home to vandalize the place for several hours, and confiscate their computer, family photographs and documents, again to overtly intimidate and silence them as well as take possession of potentially incriminating evidence.[184]

A saboteur by the name of Greg Lance-Watkins, who never so much as even met Anne or Hollie, is alleged to have initiated this home invasion by contacting Shropshire council members and West Mercia police to report that Hollie and Anne were missing.[185] Though police then contacted Robert Green who assured that they weren’t, the Gestapo storm troopers went ahead with their raid anyway while Anne and Hollie were simply away on a brief holiday visiting friends.[186] The break-in vandalism committed on their home was extensive as described on the aangirfan website:

The modest property was effectively vandalised, all interior as well as exterior doors and locks smashed, curtains torn down, drawers and cupboards tipped onto the floor, the burglar alarm control box ripped apart, the freezer unplugged so that the food it contained was lost and the outside windows plastered with those horrible police stickers that are virtually impossible to remove.[187]

To make this viciously executed state crime perpetrated by Lance-Watkins in collusion with the Shropshire council and local police even more appalling, causing Hollie and Anne to feel totally violated and unsafe in their own home, certain confiscated items from their home like family photos suddenly appeared on Lance-Watkins website.[188] Having in effect stolen confidential records and information belonging to the Greigs, Lance-Watkins reportedly began harassing Hollie supporters in a gesture suggesting potential blackmail. As a likely paid government spook, the pedo-cabal again knows no limit in violating victims’ human rights.

It was all too obvious that the big guns had given the order to destroy the Hollie Greig campaign by any and all means necessary. Scotland’s Lord Advocate and the Hollie Greig accused pedophile Sheriff Graeme Buchanan went to work to both squash any more media exposure covering the Hollie case while simultaneously executing the illegal arrest on a botched interdict order secretly issued by Judge Buchanan himself.[189] Only it was never legally active since it was never properly served prior to Robert’s arrest. Nonetheless, in Graeme Buchanan vs. Robert Green, Sheriff Buchanan’s hired private law firm, Simpson and Marwick, same legal representative as Denis Mackie’s (note how this alleged pedo-ring in particular so often travel in the same social and professional circle),[190] incredibly charged Robert for Buchanan’s interdict services costing over 7,500 pounds that even included Robert’s surveillance.[191]

The case was based on alleged defamatory statements made by Robert during online interviews in previous months, coupled with a November 18, 2009 Aberdeen Press & Journal article publicizing Hollie Greig naming the pedophile ring and so called Grampian Police investigation with quotes from Anne.[192] Though the front-page headline originally read “Down’s Syndrome Woman Names Paedophile Ring Hollie tells Police she was Abused by Sheriff,” Buchanan didn’t sue the newspaper but chose to cut off the head of the anti-abuse dragon, Greig advisor Robert Green. And again, while detained over the weekend in Scotland in February 2010 on a bogus breach of peace charge, Grampian Police raided his home in England stealing his computer and valuable documents, some confidential documents belonging to Hollie and Anne.[193]

Whereas for Robert’s January 2011 trial, Angiolini’s Crown Office lined up a total of 61 witnesses to testify against Robert, 9 of whom were Hollie’s accused abusers professing how their lives have been shattered, of course Robert’s request for Angiolini as his key defense witness was denied.[194] Buchanan misused his influence as a judge at public expense to deploy Angiolini’s Crown Office as his front, having Robert’s whereabouts monitored without his consent amounting to stalking, then claim he’d paid Simpson & Marwick out of pocket for interdict services, but because it was unlawfully issued, used Crown Office to file a trumped up breach of peace charge, and then on top of all that, insisted that Robert pay for Buchanan’s private law firm services, in other words, manipulate Robert into paying for his own illegal arrest on trumped up charges as yet another one of Scottish shameful shams of injustice.

With the criminal Scottish legal system entangling two Englishmen in loyal support of Hollie Greig, Robert Green for the next several years was continually harassed and punished with repeated groundless incarcerations, the victim of a home invasion robbery at his English residence, with the same basic treatment brought against 65-year old pensioner Tym Rustige, arresting him in his English home for “cyberstalking” Lord Angiolini who, according to trial observer Paul Malpas, perjured herself on the witness stand as did a half dozen police witnesses.[195]

The rest of this chapter demonstrates just how low the Scottish legal system sinks to in its criminal collusion to commit cover-up of alleged pedophilic crimes against Hollie and thousands of other children. In February 2010 the UK Column boldly pointed out how based on her past track record, the top Scottish law officer Elish Angiolini as Lord Advocate passive-aggressively dealt with resurfacing implications that she’s been a pedophile enabler:

For those of us following the Hollie Greig case, it is particularly shocking that when challenged about the lack of action from Scotland’s prosecutors and the police, instead of a statement from the Lord Advocate [Elisha Angiolini] stating her position, a persistent stream of threatening letters from a Mr Callum Anderson of Scottish law firm, ((((((Levy)))))) & McRae have been issued on her behalf.[196]

Elish Angiolini was cowering from the fact that she has played a crucial part in allegedly stopping police investigations into the Hollie Greig abuse and gross subversion of justice while serving as the Grampian region’s procurator fiscal in 2000 and again later as Lord Advocate from 2006 to 2011 and beyond. But even long before all that, while employed as the Crown Office senior policy writer back in 1991, she wrote a paper undermining common and statutory laws in order to shield the then Scottish legal establishment embroiled in the Magic Circle scandal where powerful judges and prosecutors were caught red-handed participating in the Scottish pedophilia network victimizing underage boys (covered in the last chapter). From a March 2012 UK Column post:

Towards the end of March 1991 – and as a direct consequence of ‘Operation Planet’, and prosecutions relating to acts of sodomy upon teenage boys – an internal study paper was produced by The Crown Office that sought to establish a rationale for, and the extent to which, the protections offered by Common Law could be circumvented, and statute law ignored. The author of that paper was the (then) Senior Legal Assistant at The Crown Office, Elish McPhilomy (now Elish Angiolini).[197]

As a key pedo-cabal protector from the get-go, not unlike her fellow Labor Party Dame, the Barking [dog] MP Margaret Oppenheimer Hodge, Elish Angiolini’s name keeps coming up over and over again – from another March 2012 article this time from the Scottish Law Reporter:

Former Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini’s role in Magic Circle report now under spotlight the role of Dame Elish Angiolini DBE QC (born McPhilomy) in Operation Planet, the 1990’s drive by Lothian & Borders Police to investigate, capture & convict some of the top personalities in Scotland’s legal world who were involved in conspiracies to commit sexual offences with other men and under age boys has resurfaced in the media amid scrutiny over the failure of the Crown Office to prosecute anyone in connection with abuse claims made by vulnerable children [like in both procurer Thomas Hamilton’s VIP ring but especially the Hollie Greig scandal] in the Aberdeen area… Legal insiders, now aware of the recurring media interest in the scandal aim to lift the lid on just why several of Scotland’s most senior judges & law officers escaped prosecution for a series of activities which included ‘drugging young males,’ ‘kidnapping young male residents of care homes for sexual activity’ and ‘perverting the course of justice.’[198]

No wonder the upstart lawyer shot straight to the top of the predatory food chain. She’s been a pivotal force in Scotland’s long legal tradition preserving the judicial elite’s carte blanche to commit pedophilia crimes and get away with it:

Senior judges, prosecutors and solicitors, some of whom are still serving in Scotland’s legal establishment today were accused by Police of running a child sex ring for their own pleasure. However, no one from the legal world ever faced justice for their activities, partly because attempts at prosecuting many of those involved failed, after what Police insiders claimed at the time was a deliberate policy by the Crown Office to throw the cases.[199]

Case in point: Grampian Procurator Fiscal, Elish Angiolini apparently developed a habit of letting cases “take too long” coming to court, resulting in pedophiles going free. Fresh off the related Dunblane-Hamilton-QVS pedo-ring, the Hollie Greig allegations and alleged Grampian Police probe shutdown, in May 2001 the case of a 7-year old boy’s alleged rape collapsed due to delay.[200] Also in 2001 presiding as Aberdeen PF, Angiolini was caught once again protecting none other than Hollie’s accused VIP abuser – Sheriff Graeme Buchanan, who let a 20-year old man that admitted he’d raped a 10-year old girl also walk free.[201] Angiolini took the public blame in this disgraceful case offering the lame excuse that the pedophile was spared prison on the recurring technicality that the case was held up from coming to court,[202] three years too long under her leadership.[203]

Because at that exact same time the “Honorable” Judge Buchanan was dodging Hollie’s allegations, had the Dame not stepped in to write the public letter of apology to the 10-year old girl for this gross injustice covered by such mainstream press as The Telegraph creating quite a major controversy in Aberdeen, and had the truth become known that an already accused pedophile judge let a fellow pedophile go free, Judge Buchanan would have been ruined, but most importantly, the Hollie Greig pedophile ring and subsequent cover-up would’ve been blown wide open way back in 2001. Public pressure would have forced the hand of Angiolini and Grampian Police to fully investigate the Hollie Greig case and the alleged Robert Greig murder.

See how doing repeated favors of writing key legal papers and apology letters and using stall tactics to cover for the Scottish pedophilia network long embedded in the legal establishment earned Elish brownie point capital that catapulted the queen honored Dame straight to the top of the Scottish gatekeeping pecking order?

It turns out that wasn’t her cohort Sheriff Graeme Buchanan’s first time that he let an alleged fellow child abuser walk away from his courtroom a free man, and it wouldn’t be the last. The judge who Hollie accused as one of her near two dozen child sex abusers apparently has quite a long history of ultra-leniency toward child sex offenders. In August 1998 Buchanan protected a senior social worker employed by Aberdeenshire council arrested on more than one charge of indecent, lewd and libidinous behavior allegedly committed between 1979 and 1994.[204] Recall that Hollie named social workers among her father’s pedophile ring.

Again in February 2000 Judge Buchanan caused outrage after four days of trial, abruptly throwing out a case on another technicality (i.e., an “unfairly” obtained police interview) involving sex with an abused underage girl with severe learning disabilities whose mental age was only 7 and a half.[205] Guess you can now see why Buchanan has the distinct tendency to rule more in favor of professional child abusers over disabled victims. In yet another case in May 2006 a man who admitted to taking photos of naked girls as young as 8 in poses having sex were discovered in the pedophile’s computer containing 300 downloaded child pornographic images.[206] Yet this child pornographer never served a day in prison, given only probation, compliments of the accused pedophile sheriff who is unbelievably still a working judge today.

That’s why several years later in 2009 when the Greig scandal resurfaced, refusing to go away, then as Lord Advocate, Angiolini again brutishly plunged into a damage control offensive to suppress the near bursting dam of evidence, utilizing Scotland’s big guns of ((((((Levy)))))) & McRae allegedly at taxpayer expense. By 2009 the justice for Hollie campaign was receiving a massive boost of support from the internet when her story went viral at the same time that journalist Robert Green joined the justice cause as lay legal advisor and media advocate. Unable to shake the sins of her past, Scotland’s sitting Lord Advocate was boldly accused by Robert Green of ordering Hollie’s original 2000 Grampian Police investigation closed, also pointing out her record of obstructing and subverting justice for Hollie and other victims ever since.

The Dame suddenly found herself facing a cyberstalking lynch mob of angry justice warriors signing up for Hollie’s army in droves, daily flooding Angiolini’s computers and mailbox with hundreds of outraged letters and hostile emails. So in a panic, Angiolini contacted the go-to killer of Scotland’s “free press” – lead solicitor Peter Watson as the power behind the ((((((Levy)))))) McRae law firm controlling all major media outlets in Scotland. Recall last chapter how this infamous firm repeatedly played a subversive criminal role protecting pedophiles in the media broadcasting industry[207] with whom procurer Hamilton supplied porn and QVS boys in the Dunblane tragedy.[208] ((((((Levy)))))) & McRae also misrepresented families in both the Dunblane and Lockerbie travesties.[209] So why wouldn’t it show up again as the same shady usual suspect in the Hollie Greig scandal? Nothing happens by pure accident, especially in Freemasonic Scotland.

The law publication The Firm was forced by the ((((((Levy)))))) McRae “Firm” to apologize twice for daring to even remotely insinuate that Angiolini just might be connected to the Hollie Greig case.[210] An article that was published in The Firm on November 17, 2009, the dozen year anniversary of the alleged Roy Greig murder, referred to Anne Greig calling for an investigation into the role that Elish Angiolini as Grampian regional procurator fiscal in 2000 may have had in the decision not to prosecute named perpetrators. The Firm retracted the story after ((((((Levy)))))) & McRae threatened to sue, forcing the publication to maintain that the 2000 Grampian Police report on the Greig allegations sent to the Procurator Fiscal made no reference to a pedophile ring and that the decision not to prosecute was made prior to Angiolini taking over the office of regional PF. Later it was determined that the decision to drop the Greig case was made on July 20, 2000, the day prior to Angiolini being appointed PC… what a difference a day makes, and how convenient for the Dame.[211] It’s a preposterous claim that she would have neither no knowledge of the case nor any role in shutting down a Grampian Police inquiry.

Yet Aberdeen procurator fiscal Stephen McGowan in January 2010 did his subservient duty to reiterate that his boss Angiolini had no knowledge or say in the 2000 disposition of the case not to prosecute.[212] Yet Anne Greig possesses a letter dated July 12, 2001 sent by Angiolini’s Procurator Fiscal office to her solicor Yvonne McKenna regarding the Hollie Greig case, proving Angiolini a liar.[213] Robert Green maintains that he and Anne hold official correspondence from Angiolini directly confirming her involvement in both 2000 and 2001.[214] McGowan also stated in a letter to Anne Greig that based on the 2009 Grampian Police investigation and his PC report, the Crown Office decided there was not enough evidence to move the case forward. When the accused are never even contacted by police, of course there’s never enough evidence. Meanwhile, along with defiant refusal to honor FOI requests to release 2009 Grampian Police findings, the Crown Office proclaimed a point blank statement attacking Hollie’s credibility, which refute all the early police findings indicating that Hollie is a credible witness:

Historical allegations of sexual abuse made by a 30-year-old woman in Shropshire have been thoroughly investigated by Grampian Police. Crown Counsel have considered all the available information and decided that there is insufficient credible, reliable and admissible evidence to justify criminal proceedings in respect of these allegations.[215]

So undoubtedly with Lord Advocate’s stamp of approval and directive, the Crown Office threw out the case again in 2009, concluding Hollie’s allegations simply do not hold up, that they’re neither credible nor reliable. Of course that’s the stance the Hollie hoax crowd contends, which may well be the creation of the Establishment’s plausible deniability meme. But from the get-go to today, never even questioning the accused demonstrates that the government is afraid of what might be revealed if an actual thorough investigation ever does take place. And for that reason, if left up to them, it never will. A genuine independent public inquiry, unlike the IICSA[216] and Scotland’s sham,[217] is the only chance that justice can ever be achieved. Instead the Scottish government wastes millions of tax paid pounds to ensure that the case gets dead and buried. And with nearly 20 years of nonstop cover-up and Robert Green now literally dead and buried, pretty much so is the Hollie for justice campaign. And with the pedo-establishment still remaining fully in control of both Scotland and the UK, the monsters once again appear to be getting away with it, evading all punishment and justice… modern history’s sad, shamefully predictable outcome of every single pedophilia scandal to date. But the truth will not be suppressed and the cabal days of total impunity are numbered.

Back in early 2010, to quell the populist pedo-backlash from taking root in Britain, the ((((((Levy)))))) & McRae heavies sent letters threatening costly defamation suits to both The Firm and UK Column for simply running stories on the Hollie Greig case.[218] In effect, all media publications in Scotland and the UK were strictly prohibited from reporting on the Hollie Greig case or mentioning any of Hollie’s named abusers and enablers, totally censoring Scotland/UK’s anything but “free” press.[219] With the Lord Advocate in charge of the government agency that hires the most lawyers in all of Scotland at her disposal, Angiolini still chose to go outside her domain to secure the legal services of the notorious private firm that as the VIP attack dog historically threatens lawsuits against all media that even dare mention Angiolini’s name nefariously linked to the Hollie Greig injustice.[220]

As if it’s not oppressive enough for Scotland’s top legal officer to allegedly misuse public money to employ a private firm to shut down the national press while reportedly shutting down police investigations into pedo-crimes involving her friends for years,[221] it turns out that Scotland’s number two officer, Justice Secretary Kenny MacAsskill, is also joined at the ((((((Levy)))))) McRae hip. MacAsskill not only served his apprenticeship for “The Firm,” as a solicitor he also was a ((((((Levy)))))) McRae employee for a considerable number of years.[222]

So in effect, the two most powerful government law officers in Scotland were both in bed with the most powerful private law firm, that at will controls, dictates and censors the Scottish media while maintaining an ultra-cozy client relationship with Police Scotland no less. On top of all this damning evidence of a conspiracy cover-up at the top of the criminal justice system, ((((((Levy)))))) & McRae also has represented Hollie’s accused pedophile judge Graeme Buchanan[223] as well as the nation’s First Minister Alex Salmond himself.[224] Talk about a ruthless sham of a justice system, a toxic cocktail of enbetted conflict of interest rules over Scotland by incestuous bedfellows intoxicated with unlimited power bent on concealing the legal establishment’s demented lust for violating defenseless children. Meanwhile, hypocritically Scotland pretends it’s a democracy when in fact it operates every bit like Stalin’s Soviet dictatorship from the gulag death camp era eliminating perceived threats to the regime’s totalitarian control.

In valiant yet vain effort to dig at and uncover the truth, The Drum newspaper has used multiple FOI requests in its attempt to determine if Elish had covertly finagled the public into footing her hefty ((((((Levy)))))) & McRae legal bill in order to defend her own personal reputation as Lord Advocate.[225] And predictably when asked, ((((((Levy)))))) McRae refuses to admit whether it represented Angiolini as private citizen or Lord Advocate. But when Scotland Information Commissioner Kevin Dunion turned down FOI requests, in effect, he too was subverting the public interest and right to know whether its hard earned tax money was misused to cover-up powerful pedophiles and enablers. But when Angiolini as the nation’s head prosecutor also thumbs her nose refusing to comply with Kevin Dunion’s FOI requests as the Queen’s Commissioner in charge of information, what does that say? The timing could not have been more insulting with the nation’s top law officer flagrantly in violation of the law while summoned by the queen to be anointed in her knighthood crowning ceremony.[226] Angiolini and her Crown Office’s blatant refusals to answer mandated FOI requests with her May 2011 resignation ensured that the public will never know if it’s been forced to pay off Angiolini’s personal legal debts, citing the pathetic excuse that the Lord Advocate is/was “the head of the system of investigation of deaths in Scotland.”[227] What the fuck does that have to do with who paid for her damn hush money? To quote the cliché, you can’t make this shit up. They say there may be something “rotten in Denmark,” but compared to masonic Scotland, hands down, it can’t get any more putrefied, rancid and rotten.

Since the media gag order imposed by Angiolini through ((((((Levy)))))) McRae, other than the internet, the Scottish people have had virtually zero access to even know about the Hollie Greig case. After Hollie’s lead campaigner Robert Green decided to run for the Parliamentary seat in South Aberdeen, using the 2010 election as an ideal platform to spread the word about Hollie’s injustice, on the Friday morning of February 12th while walking to a rally to kick off his campaign as a bona fide independent Parliamentary candidate, he suddenly was apprehended by two plain clothes Grampian Police officers swooping in on what turned out to be a false arrest.[228] For the first time in known Scottish history, an authorized viable candidate running for a seat in an upcoming British Parliamentary election was forcefully removed from meeting his prospective constituents attending his campaign.[229] That Buchanan as a mere officer of the law usurped the fundamental democratic process is an affront to every sovereign British citizen’s right to elect a representative to Parliament.[230]

Sheriff Graeme Buchanan was clearly in close cahoots with the on-the-ground arresting officers and central to the so called interlocutor breach that was the basis for his arrest. But Robert had left his home in Warrington the day prior on February 11th for Aberdeen, before Buchanan’s interlocutor notice was carelessly, illicitly left at Green’s residence postbox, never properly served. Thus, initial grounds for Robert’s detainment was under an unlawful pretext. Had he been served in England, he would have known better than to enter Scotland and would have thereby avoided arrest.

After realizing their mistake, Grampian Police and the Crown Service then colluded to deceitfully withhold knowledge of their fraudulent charge from Robert, arbitrarily trumping up their breach of peace violation in its place, which of course is of such an ill-defined, nebulous nature that it’s misused to fit almost any so called crime.[231] The police illegally refused to grant Robert his basic human right to legal access to an attorney, knowing that legal representation would have readily recognized the state’s gross liability and would have been legally bound to release him. But instead he was kept in solitary confinement for four straight days until his Monday morning arraignment. Robert returned home Monday evening only to then find out about his illegally unserved interlocutor and false arrest. The Scottish legal authorities then went on record to falsify documents to cover up their crime:

Mr. Green was cautioned and detained in connection with terms of Section 14 of the Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995 in relation to a breach of the peace [Boldface for emphasis].[232]

Again, it was police and Crown Service that engaged in criminal misconduct, not Robert Green, who was simply planning to hand out leaflets informing uninformed Aberdeen citizens about alleged pedo-ring members Hollie had named still living amongst them in their Aberdeenshire neighborhood. The selected judge presiding over Robert’s case, Sheriff Bowen, refused Robert a trial by jury knowing the weak charge would never stick. So trial by hanging judge would determine Robert’s fate, with the Lord Advocate’s cohort handing Robert the maximum sentence of one year in prison. Plus, in spite of personally knowing both co-conspirators Sheriff Buchanan and the Lord Advocate as both friends and colleagues, posing a flagrant conflict of interest that would legally mandate any reputable judge to recuse himself, Sheriff Bowen carried out his kangaroo court in the costliest breach of peace trial in Scottish history.[233]

Midway through the fiasco it was learned that for 10 years Angiolini and Bowen had served on the Northern Lighthouse Board together, both resigning within 24 hours of each other, yet Bowen deceitfully withheld that inconvenient truth.[234] After all, the precedent was long set routinely violating the laws of Scotland that never stopped the legal VIP club of elite sickos from committing an A-Z catalogue of crimes with total impunity, especially against kids – a little conflict of interest, no big deal. So what if a miscarriage of justice against Robert Green denies him and Hollie their legal human rights.

The same Grampian police force that clearly committed a dereliction of duty never properly investigating the pedophile ring that allegedly abused Hollie, ends up throwing in prison to silence the man trying to rectify this gross injustice. And the man in charge of Grampian Police – Chief Constable Colin McKerracher – of all things is the Chairman of the North East of Scotland Child Protection Committee (NESCPC). From its mission statement:

That the core business of the NESCPC continues to be about ‘child protection’ as opposed to the wider ‘protecting children’ agenda but that there should be links with other agendas such as Getting it Right for Every Child. ‘Child Protection’ is the recognition of, and response to, concerns that a child or young person is suffering or likely to suffer from significant harm.[235]

Again, the hypocrisy and deception in the UK are boundless. Recall from last chapter Ian Oliver was Grampian Police Chief Constable from 1990 to 1998, during the bulk of the years Hollie was being abused by her father’s Aberdeen pedophile ring. He and Colin McKerracher have been faithful attendees at Deeside Evangelical Fellowship Church.[236] It’s a controversial Christian fellowship where reportedly a number of pedophiles and pedo-enablers regularly attend. God was not likely on Ian Oliver’s mind when the married 58-year old began his adulterous affair with a 26-year old wealthy millionaire’s wife with two children that first blossomed in the Deeside church pews.[237] But Oliver’s professional troubles blossomed bigtime when he and his young mistress were filmed making out in a car park in her plush Aberdeen neighborhood near her home while supposedly his police force was bungling the case of a missing boy later found murdered by a pedophile and top cop lost his job.[238] As chief constable of Central Scotland Police, Oliver admittedly knew pedophile-VIP child procurer-child murderer Thomas Hamilton. What is it with this senior police commander and pedophile murderers? Or for that matter their adulterous affairs, with the latest Glasgow chief constable just busted naked with his mistress in a car during broad daylight also going at it in a car park. If anything, it says these guys are as sexually compromised as pedo-judges and pedo-politicians. So no wonder no VIP goes to jail for sex crimes.

Meanwhile, Ian Oliver’s son, Craig Oliver went from being a BBC journalist to suddenly Prime Minister David Cameron’s head of communications. When three Sky news crew members outside the Royal London Appeals Court for the Hollie hearing in March 2012 said they were prohibited from covering the Hollie case, and with the mainstream news blackout in all of Britain, it spawned speculation over whether Craig Oliver may be involved.[239]

Another link exists between the Dunblane scandal characterized by Freemasons from Thomas Hamilton to Lord Cullen, and the Hollie Greig scandal. At Robert Green’s unfair trial, on April 30, 2010 at an early hearing a couple months after his arrest requesting a final denied request to campaign for an MP South Aberdeen seat, Robert was sitting in the witness box to observe:

In my elevated position in the witness box, I was able to see Crown Prosecutor Stephen McGowan pass an A4 size document in black and white to Sheriff Patrick Davies, covered entirely by the commonly used square and compass symbol of Freemasonry.[240]

Does this mean that Green’s Crown Office prosecutor Stephen McGowan and Robert’s judge Patrick Davies are Freemasons? It begs the question. Another dubious connection leaning in that direction is Lord Angiolini and Sheriff Davies colluding to suppress evidence in favor of ((((((Rothschild)))))) owned Shell Oil in a lawsuit resulting from a Shell breach of safety accident that killed a couple North Sea oil riggers.[241] Bloodlines, Freemasonry, pedophilia and crooked lawsuits favoring Big Oil are all birds of a feather…

Bottom line – the Scottish judiciary establishment consisting of prominent solicitors, judges, top law officers (personified by Elish), and the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Services (COPFS) that the Lord Advocate reigns over is historically steeped in indisputable pedophilia cover-up.[242] Yet as another notorious queen honored Dunblane resident and Privy Council invitee (just like last chapter’s Lord Robertson), Elish Angiolini is also friend and colleague of the alleged Hollie Greig VIP abuser Graeme Buchanan, though she denies ever knowing him.[243] The Grampian ex-procurator fiscal fast tracked to Scotland’s top law officer appeared to have suppressed and destroyed tons of pedophilia evidence as well as illegally prohibited legitimate law enforcement probes into Hollie Greig and, not so astonishingly, let off numerous other pedophiles in cases involving perps from her law profession.[244] The Lord Advocate through the Crown Office is alleged to have also set up slush funds with tax paid monies to illicitly provide payouts for protecting their own staff criminality in ongoing cover-up maintenance.[245] So no surprise Lord Advocate allegedly used public funds to pay for her hired guns to defend “her honor” against cover-up allegations once again rearing their ugly head in 2009 and 2010.[246]

The Lord Advocate had wasted no time to sic the lynchpin law firm on anti-abuse campaigner Robert Green in an overt display to muzzle him from outing her as a pedo-enabler, resorting to simultaneously threatening defamation lawsuits to Scotland’s unfree press and bogus anti-harassment charges against Green to imprison and gag him from fully exposing her by speaking the truth by internet and media that fully incriminated her.[247] Even without warrant, Robert’s across the border home in Warrington, Chelsea, England was raided by Grampian Police and his computer, important documents and investigative evidence were stolen from his residence once again in the longest running, most expensive breach of peace case in Scotland’s shameful history of at least a half million pounds, all to desperately cover up the criminality of the nation’s legal mafia.[248]

To add insult to injury, nine of Hollie’s accused perpetrators, including Sylvia Major, her father’s cousin, testified as state witnesses against defendant Green at his trial.[249] Another relative on Hollie’s list of accused abusers testifying at Robert Green’s trial was none other than Hollie’s aunt by marriage Gillian Mackie, a key witness fresh off her friend convicted murderer Malcolm Webster’s trial.[250] Yet another pedophile ring member – former Beechwood School Headmaster Andrew Young – allegedly perjured himself at Robert’s trial over Dr. Carter’s “missing” medical reports on Hollie that never were sent to Anne Greig. When asked by Robert’s attorney, Sylvia Major admitted that at one time Andrew Young resided in her home.[251] As [alleged] child rapists go, the mutual friends and relatives comprising Denis Mackie’s pedophile ring were a rather tight-knit group of likeminded pervs.

Others in the criminal justice system like Lord Advocate Angiolini called to be a witness for defendant Green of course ignored his request.[252] Yet she reportedly testify as a prosecution witness in the trial against another courageous English Greig campaigner Tym Rustige, of course without opportunity for cross examination. Tim ended up sentenced to nine months in jail.[253] Something’s very wrong when those seeking justice for abused children are the ones put behind bars while those allegedly guilty of child abuse and subversion of justice are granted the power to help put them away. But then something’s already terribly wrong with a legal system that for decades permits child abusers to walk free while their victims suffer lifetime sentences of pain without justice.

Case in point, in February 2012 just when Robert Green was beginning a yearlong prison sentence for trying to right an egregious wrong, Scottish big wig oil executive Liam Gibson caught possessing 50,000 images of child pornography was spared from spending even one day in jail, receiving just three years’ probation and 150 hours community service.[254] This convicted pedophile owns Gibson Marine, a global company that transports oil rigs around the world to oil fields. The Exxon-Mobil, Shell and BPs of the world must make their killer profits. Ya think Gibson knows riggers Denis Mackie and Sylvester Cadger?

Moving onto pedophile attorneys directly protected by enabler Angiolini,[255] in January 2009 Scottish Legal Aid Board Chief Douglas Haggerty was caught and charged soliciting sex from an underage boy inside a Glasgow store bathroom.[256] Haggerty not only got to keep his job, he also was never jailed nor prosecuted… another child abusing top legal professional getting off Scot free.

As Lord Advocate’s Crown Office deputy, in 2005 Stuart MacFarlane was apprehended by police in a public place having sex with a prostitute.[257] His response to getting caught? He assaulted the two arresting officers, allegedly putting them in the hospital. With Angiolini to the rescue, she promptly dropped the case, using MacFarlane’s excuse that he suffered from mental problems after serving as a reservist in Iraq. How does a mentally ill man become Procurator Fiscal and her depute? With pedophilia a mental illness as well, in December 2012 MacFarlane was caught with 15,000 child porn images on his computer in a shed at his residence he called “Dad’s Den.” This perv was granted 300 hours of community service while twice dodging prison sentences, confirming he clearly has been protected by the Scottish pedophile club. With abused girls on his computer ranging in age from 3 to 14,[258] he also possessed an enormous collection of 268 videos. His pedophilic contraband involved children posing alone, being sexually abused by adults and sex with animals. This is the sicko mentality shielded by those in higher echelons of Scottish legal establishment.

In January 2007 prominent married personal injury lawyer Ian Donnelly insisted that a prostitute’s daughter be under 11 years of age for a proposed threesome.[259] The alarmed prostitute contacted police after walking back into the room and catching Donnelly whacking off while holding a photo of her young relative. 320 porn images were found on his home computer of girls aged 7 to 15. Angiolini was reportedly blamed for his ultra-light sentence for delaying his paperwork records as an apparent oft-used excuse to allow child raping creeps she favored to walk free [déjà vu 2001].[260] His punishment, zero jail time of course, three years’ probation and 180 hours’ community service. Donnelly was even able to keep his attorney job within his pedo-fraternity. Again, in Scotland the sexually deviant legal community enjoys complete impunity with never failed protection from the likes of the Lord Advocate. It’s so widespread in the UK because infiltrated establishment pedophiles have been historically guaranteed to get away with their appalling crimes against children for a very, very long time.

With fascist police state Scotland conveniently locking up the Greigs’ advisor Robert Green in Scotland, next it turned its diabolical focus to checkmating Hollie and Anne Greig south of the border. On March 2, 2012 the central cabal court – the Royal Court of Justice in London held a hearing with the mother and daughter.[261] In so many words, Shropshire Council essentially had declared that Hollie’s disability suffering from Down’s Syndrome rendered her legal competence in question and unreliable. Masquerading as a move to uphold the disabled woman’s human rights, it really smacked of discrimination and stigmatization as a deceptive Orwellian tactic to shut down her campaign for justice. Hence, Shropshire Council was appealing to the London Royal Court’s jurisdiction to in effect usurp Hollie’s autonomous right that justifies her campaign to seek justice led by Robert Green and Anne Greig on the grounds that they were using undue influence to coerce and exploit Hollie beyond her limited capacity and therefore urging the Royal Court to step in and intervene on her behalf to “protect” her. With hundreds of pro-Hollie protestors on the scene and thousands more watching on the internet, the Royal appeals court chose not to even hear the case, deferring it back to a local “secret” lower family court to rule, which in itself was ominous considering the plot to separate mother and daughter originated in that court. One of Hollie’s accused abusers, Sylvia Major, was there to intimidate, sitting directly behind Hollie and then lying about it later.[262] When Hollie saw her, she appeared terrorized and began crying before regaining her composure.

In the Scottish court taking the witness stand in Robert Green trial was Grampian Constable Lisa Evans who had interviewed Hollie in Shrewsbury in September 2009 confirming that outside Denis and Greg Mackie, none of the other 20 accused pedophiles were ever even questioned by Grampian Police.[263] In February 2012 Robert was convicted for what amounted to handing out leaflets to inform the Aberdeen public about Hollie and sentenced to a year in prison on top of a strict gag order forbidding him to ever speak to the press about the Greig case again. Arrested and imprisoned three times, denied bail, denied legal aid and denied a trial by jury on each occasion was clearly meant to teach him and others like him a most harsh lesson in Scottish (in)justice – don’t fuck with the kiddie fuckers that control and rule over Scotland and for that matter, the entire planet.

Why would Grampian Police go to the trouble of twice traveling 700 miles south to arrest Robert Green a second time or raid his Chester home after his first arrest in Scotland on an illegally arrived at breach of peace offense yet fail to search prime pedophile suspect Denis Mackie’s home back in 2000 when he was allegedly interviewed but never jailed? And why wasn’t alleged pedophile Mackie’s computer and mattresses ever confiscated and forensically examined, permitting the culprit to subsequently remove all incriminating evidence? These questions were asked in a FOI request that Grampian Police refused to answer.[264] When Scotland police are directed to harass, imprison and steal property of the man seeking justice and truth, closely supervised and orchestrated by Scotland’s top law officer and her Crown Service while an alleged  pedophile ring of child predators remain free and on the loose to continue abusing to this very day, something is very diabolically wrong with this disturbing picture.

Robert Green’s second arrest in late February 2014 was allegedly for breaking a so called non-harassment order issued by former Lord Advocate arresting him at home in England, bringing him back to a Scottish prison in Perth for the next 96 days without trial prior to being placed on house arrest, reporting three times a week to Cheshire Police for close to another year.[265] His systematic persecution only shows that cruelly singling out the most well-known anti-child sex abuse campaigner in the world was to make an extreme example out of him in order to deter any other would-be justice warriors from ever following in his footsteps.

Robert believed he was arrested for placing public pressure on First Minister Salmond by mandated law to answer Scotland’s Information Officer via FOI requests on when Salmond first learned of the Hollie Greig abuse case. The other reason was calling out the Lord Advocate’s record of blatantly protecting pedophiles in her law profession, aka the Magic Circle’s longtime impunity as well as blogging about a preponderance of judges and police officers as members of a sex fetish organization in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen known as the Violate Club where scenes of mock rape and bestiality are acted out.[266] Outing the perverted legal elite was strictly prohibited and would not be tolerated by the Scotland fascist state. Robert Green learned that while he was denied legal aid and forced to pay for his defense out of pocket, Lord Advocate Angiolini brought a civil anti-harassment lawsuit against him paid for out of a tax paid slush fund by her Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service.[267] Even as late as November 22, 2016, Brian Gerrish of the UK Column reported:

Robert Green has received a communication that shows he’s still being pursued by the Scottish state. This time they’re chasing supposed court expenses – court case run by the Scottish government while trying to make out that a private individual was responsible. But they are now threatening to send bailiffs to his Chester home.[268]

Less than two and a half years later, Robert Green was dead. In effect, during his final years Robert was both fleeced and harassed into oblivion with a draconian gag order prohibiting him from speaking out against not just Hollie’s but all child sexual abuse cases to the extent of denying him his human rights to freedom of speech as well as limiting his internet access in what amounted to an indefinite state of siege and persecution. Is it any wonder his health eventually deteriorated, constantly hounding him with relentless threats and debts? We live in an upside down world where those committed to doing good are singled out and severely, inhumanely punished by an evil cabal comprised of psychopathic sickos.

Though the Hollie campaign saturated letters alerting hundreds of members of both the British and Scottish governments as to the urgent need for seeking justice on both her and all child abuse victims’ behalf, virtually all cowardly turned their backs on Hollie. 130 out of 130 MSPs in Holyrood shamefully turned a blind eye to the plight of Hollie. A rare exception in the House of Commons is MP Graham Brady from Altrincham who also attempted to enlist Hollie support from his colleagues.[269] Other former MPs who’ve shown interest in trying to help Hollie achieve justice are John Hemming, Michael Moore (Scotland’s Secretary of State 2010-2013) and Mark Simmonds, in addition to Robert Green’s own Warrington South MP David Mowat.[270] Robert Green’s MP responded to the Scotland “Justice” Minister Kenny McAsskill’s smug remark:

It is right that Robert Green is in prison.[271]

While Robert Green awaited his second breach of peace trial in 2014, MP Mowat demanded an apology, pointing out that for a nation’s so called justice minister to prejudice the case before it’s even prosecuted only proves that Robert Green was to once again be denied justice. As a strong advocate for his constituent, David Mowat has written many letters on behalf of Robert Green, including to current First Minister Nicole Sturgeon, recognizing that both he and the Greigs have never received their due justice.[272] Also recall that MPs Andrew George and David Ruffley also advocated for Hollie as well. Robert Green also thanked Brexiteer Nigel Farage  for his support as well.[273]

But a mere handful out of 760 politicians in the House of Commons possessed the courage to support the Hollie Greig cause, knowing so many of their colleagues are either actively enabling the scourge or actual child rapists themselves. Finally, though motivated in part by partisan politics, the Scottish Labour Shadow Justice Minister, MSP Graeme Pearson, believed that Hollie deserved an investigation. Per a letter written by Hollie campaigner Tym Rustige to the now First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon, MSP Pearson urges:

… The Hollie Greig sexual abuse scandal is a judicial anomaly that requires a full investigation and pledging that an Operation Yewtree / Fairbank style inquiry would be initiated in such if his Labour Party ever achieve a Parliamentary majority.[274]

For having exposed the filthy truth about Scotland to the world, the desperado pedo-elite was truly out for blood, determined to crush Robert’s spirit and spunk with ultimately a sledge hammer shutting down his freedom and free speech along with his justice for Hollie Greig movement. But making a martyr out of Robert Green only highlighted one gross injustice after the next, calling increased attention to the global pedophilia scourge and the sadistic lengths the Establishment resorts to silence and cover up. The overly reactive totalitarian cabal’s response had the immediate effect of increasing the number of anti-child sex abuse activists around the world fighting for Hollie and all child abuse victims’ rights everywhere. Right about that same time in late 2012, the shock of Sir Jimmy Savile’s six-decade long crime spree also hit the United Kingdom, publicly focusing the issue of justice for the hundreds of thousands of child abuse victims like Hollie reporting in droves their pedophilic crimes perpetrated against them to the police.

Even the post-Savile uproar forcing Metro Police’s Operation Yewtree (see Chapter Chapter 19), which ended up a witch hunt netting a handful of mostly has-been perverts and zero ministers, lords and MPs, in March 2013 Operation Yewtree allegedly decided to investigate the Hollie Greig case since Scotland had dropped the ball.[275] But then as always, that too led nowhere, a reminder that the United Kingdom pedophilia Establishment covers up scandals in Scotland as well (see last chapter).

For the next several years the crime cabal’s overkill strategy to punish and neutralize Robert Green and his Hollie campaign carried an obscene price tag of near £2m in misspent tax money to mete out Robert’s cruel and unusual punishment in police operations, imprisonment and prosecution. Clearly the Establishment went out of its way to demonstrate what happens to those willing to speak truth to power, even if it further exposed Dame Angiolini and her pedophilia network she so loyally protects.[276]

As recently as June 2018 Elish Angiolini was further implicated for her obvious conflict of interest when appointed to investigate police complaints while historically so intimately tied to “The Firm” ((((((Levy)))))) & McRae that in turn was so closely linked to its longtime client Police Scotland.[277] The incestuous nature of this criminal syndicate operating within Scotland is nauseatingly despicable and atrocious, an outrage to every fair-minded person on the planet. On top of that, it’s also been revealed that in recent years Elish has received huge public cash payments of at least £604K for writing a handful of reports for the Scottish government and the City of Edinburgh council:

On policy areas which in reality have seen little change over the years, and are mainly used by ministers for PR purposes.”[278]

The Scottish pedo-establishment has yet to begin paying for its countless treasonous crimes against its citizens, from graft and corruption to pedophilia and murder. Let’s face it, Angiolini’s entire career has been built upon keeping pedophiles in Scotland’s legal establishment out of jail. In effect, Elish Angiolini carved out her niche working on behalf of the criminal interests of the power elite. As such, she’s been duly rewarded as Scotland’s only solicitor (not a judge) and first woman to reach the highest law positions in the land as both Solicitor General (2001-2006) and Lord Advocate (replacing Lord Colin Boyd from 2006 to 2011), additionally the first female appointed Lord Advocate in 500 years.[279] A month after becoming top law officer, the highflying trailblazer made history yet again when she became the first solicitor invited into the Queen’s exclusive Privy Council as a chosen cabal mover and shaker. In short, Angiolini’s stalwart performance protecting Scottish VIP pedophiles fast tracked her straight to the top of the power pyramid, her lofty perch guaranteeing that all her alleged crimes remain shielded from all accountability.

As is standard queenly practice, right after completing her dastardly service as Lord Advocate for the Commonwealth cabal, this staunchest, hardcore defender of the Scottish ruling pedo-elite was handsomely rewarded in 2011 when Her Majesty paid tribute to her contribution, knighting her as Dame Elish. In anticipation of the public outcry and backlash that her distinguished DBE award from the queen would trigger, a rare exemption had to be made to forego releasing the nominating person’s name.[280] That’s how loathed she is by the public.

As if her hidden hand granting her golden keys to the queendom weren’t enough, Elish Angiolini is also the only Lord Advocate in Scottish history personally invited to serve in back-to-back Scottish governments under both First Ministers Jack McConnell and Alex Salmond.[281] It wasn’t so much that Alex Salmond and Elish were buds, after all, she was a Labourite and he was the longtime leader of the Scottish National Party. So it was more a matter of keeping your enemies closer. Upon stepping down as Lord Advocate, no doubt for effectively protecting so many criminal VIP creeps, in August 2011 scandal-prone Salmond then made Mrs. Angiolini and fellow pedo-protector and Lord Burton bully Lord Fraser his ministerial advisors to officially ward off incoming complaints just to keep Scotland’s leader afloat from going to prison.[282]

Announcing her resignation as Lord Advocate at the annual Sexual Offenses Conference in Glasgow on October 1, 2010, Angiolini stated:

I can think of no more fitting occasion to announce that I will stand down from office at the next election… This decade [referring to her ten years as Solicitor General and Lord Advocate] has been a time of great change for the Scottish prosecution system, during which we have worked together with other agencies across disciplines to build a justice system which better serves victims and witnesses, and deals more effectively with serious crime.[283]

A fitting occasion at the Sexual Offenses Conference alright, to rub salt in the raw wounds of every victim like Hollie Greig raped by the Scottish VIP pedo-club she so fiercely protects. Like typical politicians do, First Minister bullshitter Salmond paid obligatory tribute to his Lord Advocate:

Among her many achievements are reform of the courts system and a much-needed new approach to tackling sexual crime.[284]

She tackled sexual crime by throwing the world’s most famous child sexual anti-abuse campaigner in prison three times and for many decades aided and abetted hordes of powerful pedophiles walk free from their sexual crimes. But her approach to sexual crime has been anything but new because Scotland’s legal establishment has long held a tradition sodomizing young Scottish kids and getting away with it. So sorry Alex, nothing new either on her watch or yours.

In addition to deflecting Salmond’s complaints from turning into another scandal, there also was the farce in 2011 of the First Minister’s missing or destroyed evidence regarding his answer to the simple straightforward question of when Salmond first learned of the Hollie Greig case.[285] Scotland Information Commissioner Kevin Dunion had to threaten Salmond with contempt of court after violating the deadline for a response. With only the law magazine The Firm running the story due largely to media censorship control, it turns out the Salmond spokesman feebly claimed the records were nowhere to be found as they were either lost or destroyed… where have we heard that one before? Similar to abuse records being lost or destroyed in every single pedophilia scandal to date, the cabal never fails to roll out this same deceitful, cowardly tactic, regularly deployed in nonstop cover-up at the world’s sodomy epicenter.

Of course Alex Salmond wanted no part in this sordid affair of a little Down’s Syndrome girl serially abused sexually for years and years, allegedly by the likes of an Aberdeen pedo-ring within the Scottish establishment. Salmond’s predictable response as First Minister to avoid it like the plague hoping it would eventually die out and go away on its own is a mere given. This “First Minister mini-scandal” was used by publicity-seeking Robert Green to shine light on the Hollie cover-up. It’s standard practice for any matters addressed to the First Minister involving criminal justice to go straight to the Crown Service to handle.[286] But it was theater for his legions as yet another slap in the face to Hollie injustice. Since UK gagged MSM from daring to even mention the Hollie Greig case, Robert saw it as his holy mission to break into widespread mainstream media coverage as the surefire vehicle to put mounting pressure on the government to investigate Hollie’s case. The First Minister and his “lost records” faux paus was Robert’s latest drama demonstrating how avoidant and guilty Salmond’s pedophile-shielding regime had become.

An interesting twist, the Scottish top dog Salmond (or as of 2014 former top dog) and current Aberdeenshire resident now finds himself an accused rapist undergoing prosecution in 2019 to face multiple count charges of both sexual assault and two attempted rapes.[287] A permanent fixture in Scottish and UK politics, Salmond was the leader of Scotland’s top political party the SNP for more than two decades and an MP and MSP for three decades. But with his career plagued by one scandal after the next, it appears his criminal ways may have finally caught up to him. Wonder who he pissed off in the UK Establishment… oh yeah, he’s the guy who staked his career on leading the losing 2014 cause (with a 45% minority vote) trying to break Scotland away from the un-Great-full-of-it-Britain.[288] The Queen and her Privy Council Dames[289] and Lords like Robertson (“Scottish independence would be cataclysmic for the world”[290] [i.e., their N World O cabal]) want no part of this uppity Scottish National Party separatist. Hence, they’ve thrown him under the bus to teach Salmond and any other would-be independents the costly lesson of bucking the UK Establishment. And who are his Crowdfunded high priced attorneys? Who else but the ((((((Levy)))))) McRae law firm.[291] After all, it’s not like Salmond’s the only alleged rapist defended by Scotland’s attack dogs in the morally broken pedo-saturated government cesspit, but he’s the only ex-national leader in UK history to possibly be facing serious prison time while still alive. Perhaps his “complaints defender” Elish Angiolini never had his back after all.

If it’s not Scotland’s top judges, top law officers and top politicians embroiled in sexual scandal, it’s the top law enforcement officers. The latest sex fiend in Scotland’s perversion capital of Edinburgh is 48-year old Chief Superintendent Gareth Blair caught naked on May 21, 2019 by his own officers in broad daylight in a parked car screwing a woman definitely not his wife.[292] A member of the public apparently called in to complain about a couple “in a state of undress.” Similar to former Grampian Police Chief Ian Oliver (1990-1998) from last chapter forced to resign at 58 after being photographed kissing a young millionaire’s wife in an Aberdenshire car park, these pedo-protecting police pervs just never learn.

Turns out Edinburgh’s top cop adulterer is right in stride with his entire nation as in one year from 2017-18 to 2018-19 (11,092 to 12,487), sexual crimes in Scotland leaped by an unprecedented 13%. The increase the year before was the previous record high of 5.2% (10,822 total).[293] With Scotland’s sex crimes soaring and its conviction rate (by fixed design) lowest in all of Europe at 2.9% (England and Wales not much better at 6.5%), these latest statistics demonstrate that the situation at the global pedophilia epicenter has only gone from bad to worse.[294] But then all this negative news about sexual crime should come as no surprise. Scotland is just living up to its title since as part of the UK, it’s planet earth’s modern day version of Sodom(y) and Gomorrah. The good people of Scotland and the United Kingdom need to revolt against their perverted leaders in power who for so long have only brought shame and disgrace on their nation as either pedophiles themselves or pedo-enablers. It’s Lucifer’s blackmail game to control the world.

Hollie Greig is but one high profile case of pedophilia nightmare in Scotland. Gross injustice against countless others who attempt to hold accountable the Scottish pedophiles with connections is shamefully commonplace. One such case in 2014 is that of Brian Docherty in Glasgow who reported to Police Scotland that he was approached by a pedophile trying to literally buy his 5-year old autistic son for 25,000 pounds.[295] Again disabled children and their families are viewed by the crime cabal as an easy target favorite for victimization. An aristocratic Viscount friend of the pushy pervert warned Brian if police were contacted, he would sic social services on his family and put him through hell.

Police Scotland not only failed to investigate the reported pedophile, but without ever having contact with the Docherty children, police sent a report to social services falsely claiming Brian’s children were being abused by their parents, falsifying the children’s health records with egregious lies. Brian and his wife escaped Scotland with their children for Ireland for refuge but Police Scotland used Interpol to flag them down. Scottish police and social services then sent the false family records to Ireland and the Irish police abducted their four children and placed them in foster homes. After months of this nightmare destroying an innocent family simply for trying to get a pedophile off the streets back in Scotland, finally a decent, uncorrupted Irish judge ruled in favor to reunify this brutally traumatized family. This kind of horror story is repeated all across the world where a pedophilic mafia working within law enforcement, social services and secret family court systems punish those courageous enough to tell the truth about the sickos in charge. Again, Lucifer is fully in control.

It’s also important to note that the children in Scotland’s care institutions that include group homes, orphanages and special schools have historically been just as preyed upon and abused as in the rest of the British Isles. Scotland’s Child Abuse Inquiry is currently hearing testimony of victimized adult witnesses describing their horror stories they endured as children. Their lives have been torn apart by sadistic satanic ritualized abuse at drunken sex orgies run by Catholic priests involved in trafficking rings throughout Scotland and Ireland.[296] Sisters of Nazareth nuns operating homes in Aberdeen and three other facility locations in Scotland from 1933 to 1984 subjected thousands of young boys and girls to torture, humiliation and sexual assault of “utmost depravity.”[297] While the Scottish inquiry has concentrated its historic focus on abuse and murder of children in care settings for two years,[298] like the official inquiry in England, it will not seriously tackle the rampant abuse by top politicians and judges as these government operated inquiries will not touch the VIP Establishment, never have and never will as long as they’re sponsored by the likes of Westminster and Holyrood.

Whether Hollie mistakenly accused a sister of Judge Graeme Buchanan named Evelyn who apparently doesn’t exist,[299] there remains tons of overwhelming incriminating evidence and a slew of unanswered, conspicuously avoided questions that confirm unlawful government interference and cover-up to the nth degree in order to conveniently write off the Hollie Greig phenomenon as a smoke and mirrors hoax fabricated by “mommy dearest.” There is no doubt that the anti-Hollie hoax campaign has been co-opted and subsidized by the pedo-Establishment taking full advantage of exploiting any and all inconsistencies found in Hollie’s story, personally attacking and maligning the credibility of Hollie, Anne, Robert Green and their supporters.

Again like clockwork, in all pedo-scandals child abuse victims, their supporting witnesses and advocates are always targeted, criminally dragged through the mud to be silenced through ruthless character assassination and, if need be, murder by assassination, of course always made to appear as natural deaths and suicides, yet another heinous trademark found without exception in every single pedophilia scandal and cover-up. In evildoing – to protect its abusers – again the pedo-elite knows no limits.

With British authorities on both sides of the border subverting justice right and left, targeting the Scottish refugees in England and the English campaigners in Scotland, it’s an important reminder that the pedophilia Establishment in Scotland and Britain is one and the same interconnected entity that is brazenly real, never ceasing after VIP child procurers like Thomas Hamilton, Jimmy Savile or Elm Guest House operator Carole Kasir were conveniently out of the way. The political and legal machinery behind such pervasive corruption and collusion to hide the filthy truth of widespread child sexual abuse throughout the British Isles has never stopped operating for even one minute. Powerful masonic and non-masonic pedophiles in Scotland living above the law continue to harm vulnerable children. After Hamilton went down, other pedophile child procurers seamlessly went on supplying VIP bloodsuckers with more young flesh and blood. After all, Denis Mackie was not only allegedly abusing but also allegedly passing and pimping his daughter out, procuring Hollie for his pedophile cronies a full decade prior and up to four years after Thomas Hamilton’s demise.

Perhaps the biggest blow to the Hollie for justice campaign is the fact that there are individuals named on Hollie’s abuser list who apparently do not even exist.[300] One of the named abusers – Evelyn Buchanan, according to Hollie is the sister of Sheriff Graeme Buchanan where she and other children were allegedly transported by minibus to be abused in her home.[301] Yet if detractors’ claims are true, that Graeme Buchanan doesn’t even have a sister, nor a sister-in-law named Evelyn, then it constitutes a serious blow to the credibility of the Hollie for justice campaign. And as far as the other children Hollie named as fellow victims, several whose parents are among Hollie’s named abusers, all seven are alleged to have either denied they were ever abused altogether or stated that they were either too old or young to have been children during the specified time of the alleged abuse in question. Additionally, no rebuttals to answer these specific counterclaims ever appeared on the pro-Hollie sites which may easily be taken as an admission that Hollie’s allegations at least in part are untrue.

A few holes in the Hollie Greig story have provided sufficient ammo for countercharges that Hollie’s mother is no less than a Munchausen-like fantasist having misled, coerced and otherwise exploited her vulnerable daughter into passive acceptance of what appears to be Anne’s personal vendetta based on an alleged history of paranoid delusions against those from her past that she perceives mistreated her. Until a thorough investigation takes place, which at this point appears highly unlikely, all we’re left with is a full decade now of unproven slings and arrow accusations loosely and viciously hurled back and forth over the internet until eventually the next flavor-of-the-year scandal emerged… like the Madeleine McCann and Hampstead cases taken up in coming chapters.

Then came semi-mainstream articles like the Vice‘s Chris O’Neill piece in December 2012, condescendingly titled “Is There a Masonic Pedophile Ring Terrorizing Scotland’s Children?,” besmirching those crazy, always gullible “conspiracy theorists” ready to jump on the “Truther” Movement bandwagon for any melodramatic, sensational cause,[302] vis-à-vis the resurrection of the wild 1990s satanic panic “hoax” as applied to both the Hollie Greig and Hampstead cases.[303] These kind of stories take away from the fact (yes fact) that there really are a masonic pedo-rings in Scotland, proven by Dunblane just four years ahead of Hollie’s bombshell. Belittling victims and their supporters only makes one appear to be either misinformed, or a pedophile enabler or even worse. Propaganda hit pieces are just what the VIP pedophiles order and regularly have on delivery in every scandal cover-up.

The thoroughly controlled Scotland press is typified by media enablers such as journalist David Leask’s June 2012 piece published by the ((((((Levy))))))-McRae controlled Herald. This one titled “Dame Elish in Court to Stop Web Harassment,” painted the cabal pedo-gatekeeper as the poor little viciously maligned  victim.[304] The one year removed Lord Advocate incurred “spurious” accusations by Robert Green, blaming her for the 2000 Grampian police probe that never got off the ground and that in 2009-10 she was utilizing anti-harassment laws she and her Justice Minister MacAsskill expertly crafted to put internet brutes called cyber-stalkers like Robert Green and Tym Rustige behind bars.

As mouthpiece for the bought and sold Scottish MSM, just five days later David Leask was at it again with an even more damning indictment entitled “One Devastating Fantasy: The Impact of an Internet Scandal,” with the subheading “Seven children labelled victims, 22 tarnished lives, a business forced to close, and a nation’s reputation tarnished.”[305] With the criminal pedo-cabal controlling police, politicians, judges, child welfare system and the media especially in Scotland, only official false narrative versions of the Hollie Greig story have been allowed, where the victims and their advocates are vilified and destroyed as wickedly demented fantasists, while the actual criminals and VIP child rapists are nauseatingly portrayed as the “true” victims. Again, all this only confirms that it’s an upside down Luciferian world where white is black, black is white and deception rules. George Orwell said there’d be days like this.

Another weaponized shill for the cabal is the professed former true believer in the Hollie holy crusade, one aforementioned Greg Lance-Watkins, who actually without permission was the first to post on his website Hollie’s list of the accused perps and fellow victims.[306] After subversively infiltrating the Hollie campaign to gain trust, Watkins had the mendacity to express a sense of betrayal-turned vicious vendetta against Hollie, Anne and Robert Green, so much so that after initiating the Greig house raid in 2010, in 2012 he launched his own anti-Hollie hoax site.[307] Between raiding and damaging homes, stealing/destroying evidence and lengthy court action lawsuits with imprisonment, the other cabal weapon is using false propaganda to systematically attack and destroy whatever prospect Hollie once had of attaining justice.

Overtly attempting to recruit Hollie detractors, planting seeds of doubt that the entire Hollie story fails to hold even a shred of any evidence of truth, Watkins (any relation to disgraced pedo-rocker Ian?) is either an unstable malcontent with nothing better to do or another hired gun as a cabal provocateur. After all, the UK pedo-Establishment has a long history of deploying security service stooges and spooks as saboteurs and disinformation assets. And from the beginning in 1997 with Roy Greig’s suspicious death, continuing with Hollie’s 2000 allegations of named abusers and Anne’s abduction and sectioning as a mental patient, complete with withheld or disappearing records, the Scottish criminal justice system has engaged in nonstop criminal perversion of justice. The Greg Lance-Watkins show in full spook regalia was on full display during that June 2010 raid on Hollie and Anne’s home in England.

The anti-Hollie campaign has showcased accused abusers Sylvia Major and Wyn Dragan making out that they’ve been innocent victims of Anne Greig as the crazy, vengeful, spurned wife with a paranoid axe to grind against all her past friends and family,[308] it doesn’t mean Hollie was never sexually abused by a pedo ring consistently covered up by the Holyrood-Westminster elite. Again, too much evidence shows both criminal subversion and obstruction of justice from the top of the power pyramid to never allow the Hollie Greig allegations to be properly and fully investigated by either an actual police inquiry or better yet, an independent [of government] public inquiry, obviously far removed from the Lord Cullen dog and pony horror show.

Let’s be clear, the ruling pedo-elite has always been masterful at utilizing the divide and conquer strategy throughout the ages to pit people and groups against each other to neutralize potential threats as an effective means of increasing its power base.[309] This latest “divide and rule” application targeted Hollie’s army of over 28,000 supporters strong in order to save its own skin through concealment and cover-up to ensure that the Hollie for justice movement failed. This is where saboteurs like Greg Lance-Watkins come in handy as disinfo agents to actively recruit detractors, arguing that no real conclusive evidence ever actually existed from the very get-go.

The anti-Hollie campaign dismisses the doctor and police claims that only go so far to admit Hollie experienced penetrated sex at some point in her life prior to May 2000, falling short of sufficient corroborative evidence required by Scotland law for prosecution and conviction.[310] But police and doctors’ unified probability that father and son harmed Hollie warranted an investigation that never came, more than justifying an objective, thorough independent inquiry as the only plausible answer to ultimately rule out whether sexual abuse ever occurred or not. So what’s the Scottish legal system and all these naysayers afraid of, with no investigation for two decades now? All we get are nonstop feeble lies claiming multiple “thorough investigations” have already been completed without ever contacting 20 of Hollie’s named abusers.[311]

The hoax crowd seizes on the notion that the now deceased Robert Green as Anne and Hollie’s unofficial legal advisor during this last decade was no more than a fraudulent opportunist and arrogant windbag who sought to sensationalize and exploit Hollie Greig by making a name for himself. And as the Hollie’s army pied piping general, he’s accused of stringing along thousands of supporters, misleading his legions with promised smoking gun evidence that prior to his 2019 earth departure never quite materialized. This public character assassination of Robert Green fails to acknowledge his sacrifice and dedication in simply calling for an open, honest public inquiry into Hollie’s claims since the system grossly failed her and thousands more like her by never prosecuting the powerful sickos that always live above the law.

Though Robert’s been unfairly maligned by both a disabolical legal system and the Hollie hoax campaign, his showman personality for drama at times admittedly undermined his credibility, like insisting by virtue of her Down’s Syndrome diagnosis that Hollie cannot lie. That was an exaggerated, foolish statement.

Another much larger case in point, during the summer of 2009 Robert Green was accused of dishonesty in his adamant insistence and self-righteous indignation that the BBC had willfully reneged on its contractual commitment,[312] allegedly included formal commission approval to exclusively publicize the Holly Greig story in a series of documentaries with promised BBC Scotland radio and television broadcasts.[313] Robert insisted the respected BBC journalist Mark Daly buckled under corporate pressure from his bosses that threatened his job should he and his colleagues continue the already signed agreement.[314] Though there remains a slim possibility as the BBC has proven never to be an advocate for bringing pedophiles to justice (see Chapter 21), Mark Daly felt compelled to confront Robert Green live on the air on a rather lively Tony Rodgers radio broadcast. Daly wanted to set the record straight and clear his name, insisting that he and his BBC collaborators concluded that there just wasn’t enough solid documentable evidence for them to proceed with verifiable, sound journalism.[315]

Daly pointed out how Hollie naming individuals that allegedly abused her who don’t even exist seriously undermines her credibility and unfortunately casts doubts and dispersions on all her other allegations as well, fair or not, enough for legitimate journalists to opt to back away from even an initial project granted a provisional commission – provisional being the operative keyword.[316] Additionally, Robert Green refused to consent to publicly release a taped conversation Mark had with him explaining his changed position because it more than likely would have publicly exposed Robert as a liar.

Rather than address the reporter’s articulated explanation on radio, initially all Robert could do was angrily demand an immediate apology to Anne Greig before he’d consider even talking to Mark. Ultimately a heated three-way conversation toward the end of the program did occur where Mark disclosed that he actually saw the Roy Greig autopsy report and concluded that Anne’s brother was not murdered. Mark challenged Anne on her unwavering contention that her brother’s death was due to foul play, ending up not with a fractured skull but a more minor injury – a contusion to the back of the head that along with a broken sternum and fractured (not broken) ribs are consistent with injuries commonly sustained during overly forceful CPR.[317] On his blog afterwards Robert Green reasonably questioned how Mark could have obtained the coroner’s report from the police while Roy’s next of kin, kept in the dark the last dozen years, was still awaiting her copy, finally arriving several months later on New Year’s Eve 2009.[318] Perhaps it’s a job perk for working for the notorious government sponsored, pedophile-ridden BBC. Mark also brought up the unpleasant topic for Anne that her brother at the time of his death was allegedly facing criminal embezzlement charges at his workplace shortly after being suspended from his job.[319]

Mark conveyed solid reasons for not moving the project forward, exposing serious weaknesses in Hollie’s allegations, with her mistakenly naming nonexistent people and other victims too young or old, and any reasonable listener would come away respecting his professional decision to not continue the story. Though Mark Daly believed that Hollie was likely abused, the other allegations involving a large pedophile ring left him incredulous with enough justified suspicion to understandably call it off. Despite the inherent weakness in Hollie’s case, I believe there’s still far too much evidence that warrants a never before done investigation that would prove what amounts to strong likelihood of another UK cover-up concealing probable foul play with Roy Greig as well as a highly protected pedo-ring in Aberdeen. Scotland’s notoriously corrupt legal authorities along with its long established history of pedophilia cover-up indicates that Hollie was very likely abused by more than just her protected family members. In any event, by the end of the broadcast, the Hollie Greig campaign took a major hit in lost credibility.

Mark Daly summarized it this way:

One thing I’d say here is that this case, I can’t ever see this case getting to court unless some new evidence comes forward. But like I said before, the one allegation that did hold water has been washed in a deluge of these other, slightly fantastical allegations and I just wonder that when this fever and the emotion dies from this campaign, when no success is attained, when no newspaper will publish, that when the stream eventually runs out, who’s going to be looking after… who’s going to be looking out for Anne and Hollie then? Will Robert Green still be?[320]

Less than a decade later as of April 11, 2019, Robert Green is now dead and gone. Hollie Greig’s most vocal, fearless and tireless 73-year old spokesman eventually got beaten down by the system in his final years of relentless thrashings in and out of Scottish courts and prison turnstile at the hands of an overly vindictive, oppressive, toxic government out for blood to cover-up more of its pedophilia. In recent years, mother Anne and daughter Hollie have gone quiet. As the fervor exposing the post-Savile-Westminster-Holyrood pedo-nexus fades into the sunset, unfortunately so has the Hollie Greig campaign for justice. The flavor of the month and year cause for fickle justice warriors to stay fighting for a Scottish woman with Down’s Syndrome turning 40 in November this year appears over and spent.

Political vultures exploiting Hollie from both warring camps have viciously played out their self-serving axe-to-grind agendas, picked the bones dry and left little life in what appears to be a long past fragmented, now nearly deserted and decimated Hollie for justice campaign. Meanwhile, personified by the cabal representative and Queen’s Privy Council insider Elish Angiolini as a diehard protector of the Scottish pedophile legal establishment remaining still firmly in place, as in every scandal the VIP pedophilia network appears to have outlasted and won the long war against victims and their proponents. And sadly, Mark Daly’s words now ring hauntingly prophetic and true. Despite the unfortunate outcome that Hollie will unlikely see justice any time soon, I hope that she and her mother have somehow managed to reconcile their past hardships and have transcended to healthily living their lives out in peace and happiness.

According to Hollie-the-hoax proponents, so called investigator Robert Green and a few other high profilers including anti-establishment activist David Icke who’s been outing pedophilia and satanic ritual abuse for decades,[321] UK Column’s Brian Gerrish[322] and operator behind the Hollie-demands-justice website Belinda McKenzie,[323] quiet for five years now, have all been unfairly labeled snake oil salesmen for their continued diehard support in what’s been relegated a losing cause.[324] Hollie detractors allege a deceptive history of exaggerated, mistaken or outright fakery initially propped up that’s been blindly co-opted by the worldwide internet “Truther” Movement” has finally run its divisively embattled course and as Daly predicted is now out of steam. They insist the Hollie campaign’s been top-heavily resting on an inherently weak, house of cards foundation. Though obviously a flawed campaign, I disagree since the pedo-system’s only gotten away with it by criminally burying the truth nonstop, wasting millions of tax-paid money that should have been spent cleaning up and getting rid of the VIP child fuckers.

Hollie’s seeming defeat may be viewed as a temporary loss for child abuse victims everywhere, but in the name of truth and justice, armed with a growing awareness of an international pedo-cabal more than ever before in history, the long war against it has really just begun. Sooner than later, truth and justice will prevail. The British government has far too much to hide to continue its concealment and the “new evidence” Mark Daly referred to that’s necessary to move the case forward I maintain already does in fact exist. But the current regime and a certain oblivious segment of the population as always refuse to face the compelling vastness of overwhelming circumstantial evidence to deal with truth for all too obvious reasons. More information and evidence would automatically emerge if an inventory of what is presently known is openly acknowledged, providing the impetus to facilitate further unveiling and unraveling of the Scottish VIP pedophilia network that’s part of the UK network that’s part of the world network.

But herein lies the crucial obstacle and problem. A safe environment protecting victims of sexual abuse to come forth to report pedophilia committed by Establishment VIPs has never been secured, not in the UK nor US nor anywhere, ever.[325] All the institutional entities set up in place that are most responsible for protecting children, be it law enforcement, judicial, political, educational or child welfare system, like Hollie’s alleged pedo-ring for example, members from all these professions allegedly raped her. The very people entrusted to keep kids safe are the mainline abusers and enablers in every pedophilia scandal. The pedo-system only protects itself, not children who are systemically violated and betrayed first by the sexual harm that carries debilitating lifetime effects and then by never receiving any justice the rest of their often shortened lives. Regretfully, that’s where the most challenge and work still remains, taking care of the millions of at-risk children as well as the hundreds of millions of already abused children and now adults. This human stain is monumental in scope.

As long as subversion of justice continues to rule in the pedo-playground of the United Kingdom and the world beyond, represented at its worst by Scotland’s morally bankrupt criminal justice system, status quo will always remain intact and scandals will only continue to come and go, aided and abetted by public amnesia, ignorance and apathy. That’s the whole purpose of this book. With all this colossal evidence amassed, we can no longer shut our eyes in horror, pretend it’s not there or look the other way. Knowing that pedophilia is a planetary-wide scourge, we owe it to our children everywhere to do everything in our power to eradicate it once and for all, destroying the criminally flourishing global network before it destroys us.

Alabama just passed a law making chemical castration of convicted pedophiles mandatory for offenses against children under 13.[326] That’s just short-term knee jerk reactivity that fails to address the far bigger complex problem while setting up poor child rapists to be testosterone-free while loopholes in the larger worldwide corrupt criminal justice system would permit the rich kiddie fuckers a free pass. These overly simplistic gestures may fulfill an immediate emotional gratification of doing something to stop the scourge, but will have little to no impact on the global sex trafficking network that’s grown into the world’s fastest, most lucrative illegal industry.[327]

An actual independent public inquiry into the Hollie Greig case, not the IICSA scam nor its Scotland counterpart, but a real honest open inquiry conducted by an entity outside the current political system, if ever allowed to fully investigate Hollie’s case for family murder, fraud and sexual abuse denied for over two decades, along with exposing the pervasive cover-up and subversion of justice Scotland’s been hiding would eventually bring the truth to the surface. The evidence that’s been there for a long time needs to be unblocked by the controlling gatekeepers, no longer kept buried and suppressed by the corrosively diabolical legal system historically protecting establishment pedophiles not only in Scotland but virtually all nations as pedophilia has been allowed to metastasize today into a malignant worldwide scourge.

If there was ever any truth in Hollie and her mother’s accusations, Grampian police would not have found Hollie’s testimony credible, which it did, secondly, independent medical doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists would never have unanimously supported Hollie’s sexual abuse claims, which they did, and Hollie would never have been awarded £13,500 from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority in spite of no arrests, which it did. Fourth, if the Hollie Greig claims were nothing but pure fabrication, then long ago it would’ve also been in the best interest of the government to have simply exposed and publicly proven it a hoax once and for all, which it never did. Instead, it chose to do just the opposite – constantly connive and conspire to subvert, obstruct and hide from the truth, behaving just like a guilty criminal party desperate to avoid the truth at all cost right up to this very day. If nothing else, Scotland’s two decade long obstinate refusal to expose Hollie’s allegations as a hoax only shows that the Scottish-UK Establishment still has plenty to hide, and as always, has chosen to criminally commit nonstop cover-up and obstruction, as replicated in every other British post-scandal to date during UK’s shamefully long despicable history.

The bottom line is that laws of justice as practiced in Scotland and the UK are an inversely applied perversion. Criminals with connections are always permitted to continue carrying out their crimes unobstructed, however heinous, while defenseless victims, especially with learning disabilities, and their supporters are relentlessly vilified, persecuted and perpetually denied justice.

Next stop in our world pedophilia tour moves to another UK nation of Northern Ireland, where the Kincora Boys Home scandal raged out of control during the turbulent 1970s and 1980s at the height of the IRA separatist war against the UK unionists, the British security services misused institutional care home boys as baited meat for blackmail control over sickos on both warring camps… yet another shameful chapter from the world’s pedo-epicenter.


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