Chapter 47: Eastern Europe: Western Europe’s Stepsister Is the World’s Sex Trafficking Capital


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Eastern Europe: Western Europe’s Stepsister Is the World’s Sex Trafficking Capital

Joachim Hagopian

During the US-NATO air assault war to literally, illegally “balkanize” the once sovereign nation of Yugoslavia into many pieces under the corrupt Bill Clinton regime of the late 1990s, major US civilian private defense contractors like the notorious DynCorp and the CEO-soon-to-be war criminal VP Dick Cheney’s Halliburton, with UN complicity were caught red-handed, dick-deep around the world, in child sex trafficking. Also recall courageous whistleblower Kathryn Bolkovac exposing DynCorp’s shameful participation in the movement of underage Eastern European girls in the sex slave trafficking in Bosnia with breaking headlines in 1999 (See Book 4’s Chapter 4). DynCorp’s decision to cover-up the despicable sex operation, wrongfully terminating Kathryn Bolkovac’s employment, backfired bigtime as the whistleblower righteously prevailed, eventually vindicated as a public hero in the cinematic release of the 2011 film called “The Whistleblower.”

Also recall the heroically iconic moment of the most Honorable Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney confronting war criminal Bush-Cheney’s Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld at a DC hearing, questioning the US government’s continued contracts with proven human rights criminal organizations like DynCorp.[1] Leave it to the brave women to expose and shame “dicks”’ feeble attempts to cover-up where their dicks should never go, including General James Grazioplene from the West Point Class of 1972, the year ahead of me, belatedly arrested in 2017 (also Book 4, Chapter 4).

The Czech Republic border town of Cheb, with little over 30,000 residents, two decades ago was dubiously dubbed in an Irish Times headline “the child sex capital of Europe.”[2] At the 1945 close of World War II, Cheb’s population, still largely German, had grown to 45,000. But by 1947, with expulsion of ethnic Germans and the 1948 Soviet Communist takeover of Czechoslovakia, the town census had shrunken to one-third. During the near three-quarters of a century since, Cheb’s population has more than doubled to about 32,000 as of 2020. Sharing the German southeastern border with Bavaria, Germany’s largest of its 16 federal states considered among the most affluent regions in Europe, in stark contrast, Cheb has remained relatively poor.

With nearby Bavarian cities Nuremberg and Munich a mere couple hours away, economic disparity between the two EU nations has historically resulted in neighboring Germans driving their BMWs and Mercedes Benzes across the border to Cheb for cheap prices on cigarettes and alcohol during the day, and cheap sex with underage Czech girls and boys at night.[3] With Bavaria only 7 km (4.3 miles) to the west and Saxony 10 km (6.2 miles) north, minutes away at German convenience, readily available for sale are the children of Cheb of all ages, from the toddler “special” to an overflow of teenagers in the streets. The city police remain in denial of any real problem in another pay-to-play to look-the-other-way solution. On borrowed time of a short shelf life, multiple generations of Cheb street urchins ply their trade while addicted to drugs, often contracting hepatitis, syphilis, HIV and an early grave. Additionally, Central and Eastern Europe’s large Roma diaspora population, the darker complexioned nomadic ethnic group originally from the northern Indian subcontinent, make up a disproportionate number of the sexually exploited children of Cheb and Eastern Europe. According to the German sex tourists, Cheb is known as “the Bangkok of the West.”

Despite within days of the 2001 Irish Times article exposing the rampant German sex tourism infested in the border town of Cheb, and the Czech Republic’s ambassador to Ireland’s angry rebuttal, indignantly denying any pedophilic problem,[4] more than a dozen years later in 2014 the BBC published “Paedophilia in the Czech Republic.”[5] Obviously, Czechia joining the European Union less than three years after the so called 2001 Irish Times “hit piece,” never made the Czech pedo-problem go away but only increased it. According to BBC journalist Sanchia Berg and nurse trained antichild abuse activist Katrin Schauer:

The majority of children offering sex are young teenagers [with Czechia’s age of consent 15], but she [Katrin Schauer] and her colleagues have seen far younger children standing by the side of the street, accompanied by adults who signal to passing German cars.[6]

With EU’s internal borderless crossings for years operational, “the town [of Cheb] now attracts paedophiles from across Western Europe.” Journalists posing as sex tourists walking Cheb center streets at 11PM were immediately approached by a pimp trying to sell sex with 9- and 11-year old girls for £180. Even prior to EU membership, Katrin Schauer expressed concerns that Czech children will become easy targets for sex trafficking throughout Europe.

Moving forward in time to a 2019 headline from ECPAT, the global network of organizations combatting child sexual exploitation:

Czechia: Child Sexual Exploitation through Prostitution Reaches New High’[7]

Over the last couple decades, obviously the Czech Republic as a Central European EU nation, whose child population has merely been used as pedo-network fodder for the elite, typifies the growing pandemic with a 25% yearly increase in cases only continuing. The ECPAT’s subtitle to its alarming conclusion reiterates:

‘Czechia: Children as young as three years old are exploited in prostitution’

The trend in recent years is that pedophilia has simply moved from overt, plain-to-see street activity to less visible private apartments, brothels and online advertising, making it harder to be detected. Between 2012 and 2015, the majority of trafficking victims in Czechia were neither adults nor for nonsexual labor, but children, mostly girls, for sexual exploitation. As is the case by global elite design (including puppet imposter Biden’s current southern border design[8]), unaccompanied child refugees from war zones like Syria along with children from residential care are the most prone to becoming sex trafficking victims. And sex tourism in the Czech Republic again has only grown worse while the 2019 report maintains that the government has resisted implementing a plan of action to combat the mounting blight on the nation. In a parallel process, ECPAT in January 2021 says that European Parliament’s inaction continues placing children in even more danger.[9] Make no mistake, that’s only because both the EU and Biden, totally controlled by Satanic pedo-bloodline overlords, want it that way.

The Czech Republic capital of Prague has long been considered the Bohemian sex tourism paradise. Though an entire industry exists selling flesh of all kinds, the city’s underbelly remains selling sex with minors. Recall from Earth’s Pedo-Epicenter Book 2’s Chapter 7, how the complicit British government allowed convicted pedophile Warwick Spinks,[10] one of UK’s most prolific, low life sickos, alleged snuff filmmaker-kiddie porn peddler and European pedo-procurer to escape justice in his slip-away dash back to his familiar safe zone stomping grounds Prague, the sex city sleaze capital of Europe.[11] London-Prague government collusion allowed this murderous scumbag fugitive to remain an unencumbered free man.

In recent years, Spinks is not alone. A boomtown of commercial sex tourism exploiting underage boys in the Czech Republic has significantly increased older men arriving in droves from Scandinavia, Britain, Germany and Austria as lustful perps.[12] Another recent trend is that the Czech nation has shifted from a country of origin to one of transit and destination. Minors from Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Belarus, Moldova, Slovakia, Bulgaria, China, and Vietnam are in transit typically trafficked to Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Denmark. Meanwhile, trafficking victims for labor exploitation arrive in Czechia as a destination from Ukraine, China, Vietnam, Moldova and Belarus.

Since Czechia entered the European Union in 2004, it’s no accident that ever since, “the ministry [of Labour and Social Affairs] has annually registered more than 1000 cases of abused children,” noted a December 2007 article in the Czech publication Ceske Noviny.[13] A Prague Radio International broadcast on this same topic in July 2007 announced that “The Number of Abused Children in the Czech Republic Skyrockets,” referring to the fact that the country observed an astounding spike of 16% from the preceding year.[14] 2004, again the same year Czechia became a member state within the now 28 nation globalist EU monstrosity, in a country with a population of just 10 million, 10,000 children were reported missing.[15] Another study determined that 350 children in institutional care had gone missing, an increase by an alarming 85% from two years earlier. By now it should be common knowledge that kids in state care facilities around the world are at the highest risk, sought after by an entire system of gatekeeping predators, and sucked into the pedo-pipeline linked directly to the global child sex trafficking network, from the village recruiter to queens, popes, presidents and prime ministers. The Satanic elite occupies every nation, state, province and district throughout the world as cannibalistic, adrenochrome thirsty, parasitic murderers of the innocents while posing as “pillars of society,” all the while hiding in plain sight, protected by their inner psychopathic club of occult secrecy and deception.

With documented pedophilia on the rise in the Czech Republic as a brand-new EU member, a year later in 2005, several high-profile legal cases followed suit, “illuminating” the obvious reason why, because the child rapists getting caught are avoiding prison time with super-lenient sentences and acquittals. This of course sends the wrong message to would-be child abusers that chances of doing time for acting out their perversions are minimal and worth whatever low risk involved. The head of Czechia’s Children at Risk Fund, Marie Vodičková, pointed to the very dangerous precedent being set:

It suggests that the Czech Republic is not prepared to punish abusers and by so doing protect children from molestation, despite the fact that it is obliged to do so by the Convention on the Rights of the Child. I would say that the punishments meted out by Czech courts for sexual abuse of underage children are the most lenient in the world.[16]

A review of all the child sexual abuse cases prosecuted in Czechia since the 1990s shows:

50 percent of suspects are found not-guilty, thirty five percent are given a suspended sentence and only 15 percent of them actually go to jail.[17]

This means that out of all the cases that get reported, we know from past records in every nation that very few actually proceed to trial, but among those few that do in the Czech Republic, only 1 in 7 suspects goes to jail for sex crimes against children. When also taking into account the fact that at least 9 out of 10 children never report abuse to adults, much less the legal authorities, if you’re a child rapist, the reality is you have virtually a 100% chance that you will be able to get away with fucking up a child for life. With those kinds of odds, is it any wonder there’s a pedo-scourge cursing humanity like never before right now? No doubt this is just more proof that we’re living in a demonic, upside down world that is up to us citizens with a conscience to radically change by holding the criminals fully accountable.

Again, the universal trend seen from mass media to judicial court systems across the world – the outrageous crime and harm carried out by molesting and raping children is insidiously no longer being viewed as a crime by the propaganda spinners attempting to shape our reality, and the legal gatekeeping “experts” in charge of meting out so called justice. The Satanic elite’s in-our-face agenda to normalize and accept child rape is very plain to see. And it’s everywhere. Yet the vast majority of the public still knows that sexually violating our most vulnerable population on earth is pure unadulterated evil. Regardless of their Satanic mind control brainwash, it’s not working, and never will, thank God.

Turning to the nation Romania, yet another former Soviet Iron Curtain satellite that only overthrew its 24-year Communist dictatorship to execute despot Nicolai Ceausescu in December 1989 right after he murdered 4,000 peaceful protesters.[18] Unlike some of the other post-Soviet bloc nations in Europe, continued corruption and poverty have sent 5,600,000 Romanians packing, seeking greater opportunity abroad, versus the 9,200,000 who choose to remain behind, where the paradox of economic growth and developing infrastructure coexist with a stunted, beleaguered middle class and still sizeable population stuck in poverty.[19] Meanwhile as of 2020, Romania’s political system remains Europe’s most unstable, with nine governments in the last ten years. While Czechia may be Europe’s child sex capital with cities like Prague and Cheb, Romania remains Europe’s undisputed sex trafficking factory.[20]

At the start of the year 2000, 120,000 women and girls in Europe were trafficking victims, 45% from Romania and Europe’s poorest country Moldova while 7-11% were from Ukraine and 3-5% from Russia.[21] A 60% majority were sold into slavery by their own family as opposed to coerced by force or deceived by boyfriend from hell-turned-pimp. By 2010, the number of trafficked females across Europe rose to 140,000, largely due to an influx of victims from outside Europe, like South America, Africa and East Asia. While most post-Soviet bloc nations experienced a reduction of trafficking victims by 2010, the Balkans led by Romania then Bulgaria were supplying 32% of all prostitutes working across Western Europe. Romania clearly leads all other countries as Europe’s top exporter of sex workers. A 2014 European Commission report found that Romania and Bulgaria provide 61% of all the women and girls sex trafficked annually in EU nations. A 2018 report determined that nearly half (44%) of all trafficking-related prosecutions in EU countries involved Romania as the source nation. The latest report from Europol and Eurojust specifies that 7 out of 10 female victims of Europe’s sex trafficking network come from Romania. Poverty and hardship drive the slave trade where underage Romanian girls too often are deceived and manipulated into Europe’s flourishing meat market trafficking web.

The corrupt EU’s internal border policy facilitates easy passage of trafficked minors from one EU member nation to the next. With prostitution legal in Italy, it’s among the top transiting and destination countries for trafficker profiteering.[22] 15,000 Romanian minors are estimated to be ensconced somewhere on the Italian peninsula, controlled by Romanian organized crime groups similar to the Mafia, or likely working together with the Italian Mafia, and no doubt Rome and the Catholic Church.

For every bust made and underage sex slave freed, two more victims are forcibly or voluntarily recruited in Romania. Both law enforcement and the judicial system in Bucharest as well as Rome still treat victims as criminals and the notoriously low conviction rate is invariably delayed and bureaucratically mired in collusion to favor the trafficking network. Incidentally, barely noted are the Romanian boys trafficked to Rome.[23] Underage boys are trafficked throughout the continent for sexual exploitation as well, just at a lower percentage. Across the boards, the system seriously fails trafficking victims in not providing protection services, frequently causing minors to be revictimized. In the last half decade alone, at least 300-800 missing underage victims have been identified on record, having suffered at the hands of a brutally violent trafficking network. Of the 100,000-120,000 sex workers in the streets of Italy, Romanians comprise 22% of them, only Nigeria has more at 36%. But of the 20,000-30,000 Romanians whose bodies are sold in Italy, over half are underage sex slaves.[24]

According to public records, there are about 3,500 brothels in Germany and 400,000 sex workers.[25] In 2018 the vast majority elected to not register under Germany’s new Law for the Protection of Prostitutes. Only 32,800 women registered, and 26,600 were foreign nationals. Over one-third of the total (11,400 or 35%) were Romanian, followed by 6,200 or 19% German, 10% (3,200) Bulgarian and 7% (2,400) Hungarian.[26] Of course, these statistics only account for adult women 18 and older choosing to register and work legally in Germany’s registered sex houses, not those working the streets or as independent escorts nor the large number of child victims trafficked into the country every year.

According to Spain’s Minister of Interior, nearly half of its sex workers are Romanian. In April 2012, The New York Times reported that of the 400,000 total sex workers employed in Spain, 90% of them were foreign nationals trafficked to “the paradise of prostitution.”[27] Again, Romania supplies the most at 36%, followed by Dominican Republic (13%), Spain (12%) and Brazil (11%).[28] From a March 2020 article, most of the Romanian sex workers in Spain are:

Victims of violent abuses and tortures, kidnapped by criminal gangs in their home cities.[29]

As a nation, Romania ranks 11th in the world per capita of prostitutes, with 80 out of 10,000 residents, or about 158,000.[30] About half are ethnically of Roma origin. Collusion between Romanian authorities and the nation’s criminal network has become so dire that the US State Department in the Bucharest capital downgraded Romania’s country level from one to two in its failure to combat sex trafficking and provide victim protection.

A relatively recent murder case and cover-up captured world attention back in the summer of 2019. While hitchhiking home on July 24, 2019, 15-year old Alexandra Macesanu was kidnapped. After being raped but managing to escape, she frantically contacted police three separate times, begging:

Please come quickly, I’m scared. I think he’s coming back.[31]

Her last words from the final call pleaded:

Please stay with me on the line, I’m really scared.

Per an audio transcript, the police officer taking Alexandra’s final call, Vasilica Viorel Florescu responded:

I can’t stay on the line with you, miss, I have other calls. Stay there, a police car will come without fail, in 2-3 minutes … what the hell, calm down, the car is en route.

Officer Florescu said he answered 2 of her 3 calls. But instead of taking 2 to 3 minutes to reach her as he promised, his fellow officers didn’t show up for another 19 hours, after incredibly obtaining a search warrant and then claiming they had trouble locating the house for nearly a full day. In the meantime, her rapist did return to murder her, ultimately burning her body. Ghorghe , a 65-year-old mechanic from Caracal, was finally taken into custody, admitting to killing both Alexandra and another 18-year old girl last seen the previous April. Atrocious anomalies and subsequent allegations of cover-up in the case clearly implicate a wider human sex trafficking ring involving powerful people,[32] a worn-out theme throughout this Pedophilia & Empire saga.

In a nation where churches outnumber its schools, the piece offers insight, drawing on the nation’s overall moral decline:

The shocking truth is that Romania became Europe’s sex trafficking factory also because of cultural reasons. The Romanian media admits it: well-known prostitutes and escorts are VIPs, they are often invited on television programs and shows, their social media accounts are followed by tens of thousands of people, especially youth and the public morality is increasingly tolerant towards prostitution. A rising number of Romanians have started to see them as ‘smart girls’ that have found a way to make money. Bucharest’s city center is now full of striptease clubs, sex shops, and underground sex houses.[33]

You’d best believe that the Satanic pedophile elite possesses an agenda to intentionally lower humanity’s capacity for discernment, morality, compassion and empathy. The planned in advanced fake pandemic is a clear example. The pedo-cabal’s Coronavirus PCR tests nefariously identify our own Chromosome 8 DNA to provide false positive testing to wrongly diagnose Covid-19.  And the mandated rollout of the DNA-altering nano-tech (non)vaccines specifically targeting Chromosome 8 to nefariously lower human intelligence and immune system capacity is foul play proof.[34] The demonic objective currently being executed is nothing less than eugenic genocide and dehumanization of survivors through mind control, AI, transhumanism, robotics and nanotechnology,[35] backed up by a growing chorus of qualified scientific experts exposing the fake scamdemic.[36]

In the case of Romania, perhaps a combination of inducing both moral degradation and intergenerational impoverishment are to blame for Romanians’ particular penchant for supplying the European continent’s with the most trafficked sex victims. A 2019 study determined that 49% of trafficked women and underage girls are “sold” by their own family members, often parents, but also another 9% are unwittingly “enticed” into the slave market by intimate partners, malevolent pimping boyfriends.[37] Exploiting the most vulnerable humans for financial gain and power is simply embedded and inbred as a way of life by psychopaths, be they the lowly raping and recruiting gangsters on the street or the blueblood gangsters raping and running the planet, both working the same Satanic system.

Shifting from this micro-familial sociological factor to a macro-criminal sociological perspective, moral depravity, corruption and complicity are so endemic in virtually every nation that sex trafficking offenders and VIP pedophiles always remain above-the-law untouchables. Trillions generated in black budget profit worldwide are used partially for systemic bribery and blackmail entrapment control of the designated puppet class (i.e., prime ministers, presidents, politicians, CEOs, entertainers, bankers) to maintain status quo impunity protecting the booming global sex trafficking industry as the Satanic driving force behind not only the earth’s current pedo-scourge but also its perpetual war, planetwide ecosystem degradation, human genocide, debt-based enslavement, mass propaganda and pervasive miseducation lies. Elite pedophilia is simply the ancient occultic glue that still binds together this weaponized arsenal of crimes against humanity century after century, with a 21st century synergistic effect kicking in.

A revealing November 2020 Guardian article sheds light on the plight of Romanian women and girls forcibly abducted or deceitfully recruited to work abroad seeking a better life, only to find themselves trapped by criminal gang organizations preying on their sexual enslavement and exploitation of the trafficked girls and women in the United Kingdom during the Covid-19 scamdemic lockdown.[38] These criminal trafficking operations have taken advantage to utilize the pandemic as a convenient cover to move more underground and out of sight. Otherwise, it’s been business as usual as each brothel across Britain, so often filled with Romanian sex slaves, bring in over £1m in profits each year for the criminals. Outside the small amount of money sent home to their families, if permitted, sex victims make virtually nothing from the harshly earned fruits of their indentured labor going straight into the pockets of their traffickers while they’re forced into a perpetual state of bondage and control.

A 2020 report written by organized crime expert Radu Nicolae, President of the Syene Centre for Education located in the Bucharest capital, interviewed over 20 convicted Romanian traffickers serving time in several Romanian prisons. Radu stated:

They target young women, as young as possible, and primarily minors …  because clients pay more and come more often for young girls. What was striking and obvious was that these men do not have any empathy for other human beings. They treated women like animals – objects to make money from – and so they could not see they were doing anything wrong.[39]

Again, from the lowly street recruiter to the palace blueblood cannibals, as psychopaths, they all lack empathy. Radu explains the bleak conditions back home in Romania that set the stage for worse things to come:

If you are raised in a family where your drunk father is beating you and might even rape you, then meeting a man with a luxury car that promises a dream life abroad is tempting. They don’t realise that the nightmare they experience in Romania is better than the nightmare in the UK. They just want to escape the hell they are living in.[40]

Radu Nicolai’s report outlined the ruthless business model used to control and profit off procuring and exploiting young female victims trafficked to UK, Italy, Spain and Germany:

At the bottom are highly skilled local recruiters operating in largely poor, rural areas in Romania who are paid around €500 (£450) for every woman they recruit, often spending months grooming 10 to 20 women at a time With each prostitute making between £500 and £700 a day from servicing multiple ‘clients’ [in the UK], their pimps can rake in £12,500 a month – or £135,000 a year – from a single girl. This business model was very rewarding as clients would pay up to £500 for odd services and £200 for normal services.[41]

Not all recruiters are men or boyfriends. Some are girlfriends, godmothers, or victims themselves pressed into service by the criminal trafficking gangs. Cristina Huddleston, a trafficking victim support specialist, accompanying UK police on brothel raids, states:

Around 90% of the women she [Cristina] works with were recruited through the ‘boyfriend’ model but ended up being sold into larger criminal operations.[42]

Once a sex slave, in addition to sending a modest amount of money home each month, Elizabeth Flint, another antitrafficking consultant working with victims in the UK, added:

They are kept under control by the real or perceived threat of violence, emotional blackmail, fear of the authorities and shame.[43]

In late October 2020, British MP Diana Johnson called the UK “a pimp’s paradise” for sex traffickers, similar to this writer calling the UK the world’s pedo-epicenter, recognizing the “national scandal” that warrants a sense of urgency to combat the problem of modern slavery in her country:

This is a trade, it’s a business model that we are wanting to tackle.[44]

The Labor MP from Hull was set to meet jointly with Romanian politicians. After all, three quarters of the trafficking victims in the UK are Romanian,[45] and nearly half (at 43%) are children under age 18.[46] With global child sex trafficking and human and child slavery are at an all-time high on the planet, police raids of brothels in Leicestershire and Northumberland alone show that up to 86% of the victims are trafficked in from Romania.[47] According to a December 2020 article in The Sun, the latest European Commission report alarmingly emphasized:

10 times more children are being smuggled out of the country than the last time they analysed the figures, in 2016.[48]

As a reflection of this out-of-control, planetwide child sex trafficking blight, amidst the worst migration crisis since WWII, an October 2019 EU study reported that 7% of all children living inside EU member nations came from other countries.[49] Just under two thirds (4.3 million) of the 6.9 million children are nationals from a non-EU country, most from war zones in Syria, Afghanistan along with transit nations Morocco, Turkey and Albania. The 2.6 million children originally from other EU nations were mostly from Romania and Poland. Displaced children growing up in a foreign country, exposed to host nation residents having a very different culture, speaking in foreign tongue, presents formidable hardship in and of itself on minors. But the horror stories of 10,000 missing migrant children in Europe reported in January 2016 by the BBC implicates likely foul play abduction, pipelined straight into the global child sex trafficking slave trade.[50] The fact that since 2016, ten times more kids have admittedly been smuggled to yet another country should serve as the shocking wakeup call, spelling a bleak future awaiting the human species when it’s so miserably failing its most vulnerable and defenseless population. Again, similar deteriorating conditions at the US border under the illegit Biden regime have retriggered yet another humanitarian border crisis not since Obama days that feeds right into the Satanic abyss of the globe’s 8 million missing abused children each and every year.

The 2020 US Government’s Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report faulted the Romanian government for a second year in a row for its lack of progress fighting human trafficking and human exploitation, citing decreased law enforcement efforts resulting in less investigations, prosecutions and convictions for trafficking.[51] Also reported were lack of proactive measures to prevent trafficking or protect victims. Children under 18 represent a whopping 50% of all trafficking victims in Romania.[52] Only Romania and Ireland are on the Tier 2 Watch List out of the 28 member nations in the European Union. Kids in state institutional care, some with disabilities, as well as Romani children in general, both remain specific vulnerable targets in the trafficking web. Perhaps in response to the published criticism, within weeks Romanian police announced three different busts of trafficking rings within four days of each other in early July 2020. But historically, the resistance and lethargy displayed over many decades by virtually all governmental agencies throughout the world to truly cracking down to eradicate the systematic global abuse of children, simply placates public, media or world pressure with a temporary intervention to take the heat off and revert systemically right back to status quo protection of the pedo-cabal.

Romania’s eastern border is shared with Europe’s poorest country, Moldova, where in 2013 the average monthly salary was just £170 ($235 USD).[53] Wherever poverty and hardship are at their worst, so is human trafficking as the primary exported by-product. Moldova has a long history of conquerors – Romans, Huns, Tatars, Ottomans, Mongols, Turks and Hungarians have all had their turn. This tiny nation the size of Maryland, presently home to just two and two thirds million people, is known the world over for its beautiful young women and girls as well as for its enriched agricultural breadbasket producing quality wine and tomatoes.[54] Stunning Moldovan girls have been coveted and trafficked for services by the likes of Turkish sultans since the early 1800s.[55] Aside from its Romanian neighbor, Moldova as a country of origin for supplying trafficking victims, also taps its most lucrative, valuable resource as a carnal commodity and global human currency – its young female population for predatory financial and sexual exploitation bigtime.

On the geopolitical chessboard front, though in 2003 Moldova was the “the first former Soviet state to start the process of joining the European Union” per a BBC article,[56] apparently two decades later it’s still waiting while regional neighbors Romania and Bulgaria were accepted in 2007. Within Moldova’s de facto eastern border is the breakaway region Transdniestria, the sliver of land along the Dniester River comprised of a Russian-Ukrainian majority. Further complicating this contentious fractionalized political landscape, despite Moldovans speaking Romanian as its official language and between world wars Moldova being part of Romania, the poorest nation in Europe has struggled mightily just to remain a sovereign, independent nation with its own sovereign culture.

The breakup of the Soviet Union brought devastation to Moldova.[57] While social programs for women and jobs were fast drying up, the instability of the political and economic vacuum was quickly filled by the proliferation of parasitic organized crime groups. Two decades ago, the UN anti-crime chief declared human trafficking the fastest growing, most lucrative organized crime on the planet,[58] and the corrosive, diabolical marriage between organized crime and the Chisinau government melded to feast off its own insatiable greed, power and corruption. Moldova is but a microcosm of the macrocosm that is the Satanic global empire.

Both internal sex trafficking within its border as well as trafficking abroad to other nearby Balkan states,[59] along with Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and the Middle East (Israel, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates) are the most trafficked destinations.[60] But also increasingly throughout this current decade, an exodus to affluent Western Europe has been unfolding, especially to the UK, Germany and Italy, becoming a growing problem posing a very real existential threat to Moldova’s existence as both a people and nation. As a former Soviet republic with upwards of a half million Moldovans working in Russia,[61] traversing the recent crossroad trend moving from Russia to the West, the ever-growing Moldovan diaspora ranging from 800,000 to 2 million has created an acute domestic labor shortage and serious brain drain, especially medical doctors, leaving an aging, unskilled, impoverished, shrinking population back home in Moldova.[62] But the tragic fate of so many girls and women, now for decades generations beaten and raped into captive submission, even murdered as sex slaves abroad, is by far the worst, most cruel, unimaginable fate. We must save all those enslaved, both literally and financially.

Just as the globalists’ manufactured war zones around the globe supply an easily accessible, steady black market for trafficking drugs, weapons, children and body parts, the sheer destitution in poverty-stricken zones like Moldova are no different. In 2002, 80% of Moldova’s citizens were living below poverty level, forcing 25% of the working age population to seek employment abroad. According to Moldova’s National Bureau of Statistics, in 2008 alone, 25,000 Moldovans that included men primarily for labor and women and children for sexual exploitation, were trafficked to other countries. With the planet’s problem of slavery growing worse each and every year, seven years ago in 2014, an estimated 800,000 children and women were “tricked and trafficked into a life of beatings, rape and torture every year.”[63]

A Washington Post article from November 2002 featured the desperation that so many Moldovans face in providing life-saving medicine and food on the table for their family members, fueling the booming black market trade in organ harvesting and child sex trafficking.[64] Thousands of Moldovans have given up one of their kidneys, some voluntarily and others by force, after the promise of a job in Israel but winding up on the operating table in Turkey. Israel is the world’s leading organ harvesting and trafficking ringleaders, with Turkey’s partner-in-crime complicity.[65]

This landlocked ex-Soviet republic surrounded by Romania and Ukraine, Moldova faces a population crisis that jeopardizes its very survival as a future nation. Since its population peaking in 1990 approaching independence from the Soviet Union the following year, in the less than 30 years since, the number of people living in Moldova has plunged from 4.33 to just 2.68 million, sustaining an unbelievable drop of over 38%.[66] That’s almost half the population, dead or elsewhere. The bi-causal result has been unprecedented, off-the-chart political turmoil, rampant corruption and wide-spreading poverty, driving the Republic of Moldova into becoming the European black-market hub for child and human sex trafficking,[67] per capita worse than even Romania. E. Benjamin Skinner, author of the 2008 exposé entitled A Crime So Monstrous: Face-to-Face with Modern Slavery, estimated that between 1991 and 2008, 400,000 Moldovan females fell victim to the evils of human trafficking,[68] forced to have sex with up to 12-15 men per night.[69] Again, for such a large percentage of such a small national population to shrivel up and be so tragically abused, it can only happen when collusion in partnership between the criminal Chisinau government and the criminal international trafficking network involving other governments’ complicity both perpetuate and protect this heinous modern slave trade.

Transdnistria’s capital newspaper, The Tiraspol Times, ran an article in April 2008 reporting on British police raids of brothels freeing “a group of girls from Moldova,” disclosing:

Human trafficking rings operate with impunity in Moldova, where they are for the most part under government protection and where a number of local government officials are involved as participants behind the rings. Due to a climate of impunity, no government officials have ever been charged with human trafficking and prostitution offenses in Moldova.[70]

VIP impunity is the running theme throughout this Pedophilia & Empire series. It’s universal and global.

Antitrafficking activist and author Stela Brinzeanu grew up in rural Moldova when it was a Soviet republic.[71] At age 18, Stela was fortunate to study abroad, moving to Britain. But back in her village, she noticed young girls, some even children, suddenly go missing for no apparent reason at the time. Stela recounted:

I remember a girl from my village disappearing and no one knew where she had gone. It didn’t take long for the community to start gossiping. They said she had gone abroad to work as a prostitute in Turkey or Italy but no one knew for sure. When she returned a few years later, she wasn’t the same person we all knew and she refused to talk about where she had been. She spent her days walking to and from church.[72]

Stela learned that many of her nation’s peers had been enticed on false promises or sold by parents or “boyfriends” and trafficked abroad to be resold in other countries as sex slaves. To alert the world about this growing epidemic, Stela wrote a fictional novel published in 2014 called Bessarabian Nights.[73]

According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), 40% of the trafficked victims it assisted suffered from domestic violence prior to recruitment abroad and 2 out of 3 were recruited from the poorest, rural areas in Moldova.[74] In other words, predators never fail to seek out the most vulnerable to victimize in order to maximize their impunity. It’s been found that 90% of Moldovan trafficking victims report having experienced prior domestic violence at home, acting as motivation to prompt them to leave, escaping their already battered lives left behind, but unfortunately trading one violent abuser for countless others.[75] IOM repatriation specialist Irina Arap states:

Many children, nearly every third child in Moldova, grows up without their parents, as parents go abroad to find jobs.[76]

Without parents this vicious cycle increases their risk of being trafficked. The horror stories from the battlefield fought between good and evil become endless. Dr Viorel Gorceag, who for years worked at a Chisinau shelter with victims, pointing out how 90% of the trafficked girls and women are so damaged upon return home that they desperately need both medical as well as intensive psychological services:

There was a case, a girl coming from Italy where she was used to make porno movies. This girl came back with schizophrenia. Only our psychologists know the true story.[77]

The abject poverty, destitution, depression, alcoholism, incest, suicide, government corruption at every level, lawlessness, violence, all driving domestic and international sex trafficking, is tearing Moldova’s civil society to shreds.[78] But in this last year, by the numbers, the Satanic elite’s engineered Covid-19 pandemic is formulaically spreading this same utterly bleak breakdown and obliteration of civil society to countless other nations around the world, all by Luciferian design, leaving no continent immune, prepping humanity for the “Great Reset,” the World Economic Forum’s version of dystopia on earth.[79] It’s now or never time for the world population to rise up and fight against the evil’s doom and gloom.

Another illustrative, nightmarish case of a sex trafficked Moldovan girl identified in the British press as Katya (not her real name) captured the headlines in 2011.[80] First abducted from her rural village at age 14, Katya was trafficked and sold and re-trafficked and resold from one country to the next for seven straight grueling years – in Italy, Turkey, Hungary, Romania, Israel and the UK. While still a teenager suffering abuse at age 18, UK immigration officials, fully aware she was a victim of repeated rape and violence for four years as a trafficked sex slave, concluded that she would not face any real danger in Moldova, so they sent her back. Within days she was tracked down at her village by the criminal gang. According to an April 2011 Guardian exposé:

She was gang-raped, strung up by a rope from a tree, and forced to dig her own grave. One of her front teeth was pulled out with a pair of pliers. Shortly afterwards she was re-trafficked, first to Israel and later back to the UK.[81]

Challenging UK immigration law in court for endangering her life with a decision resulting in the horror that caused her to suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Katya filed reems of exhaustive evidence:

… Explaining how she was targeted, captured and intimidated, reveals the sophisticated methods employed by gangs trafficking vulnerable woman from eastern Europe, Africa and the Far East.[82]

Her long nightmare began while only 14 years old, living with her mother, she and a friend were invited to a birthday picnic. When they arrived, they were knocked unconscious, blindfolded, driven to Romania, put on a dinghy to cross a river into Hungary, and dressed in dark clothes at night, forced to walk through a forest to cross another border into Slovenia, and eventually smuggled into Italy where Katya was sold to two different men. She managed to escape and take refuge inside the Moldova embassy in Milan, where she learned she was pregnant. She chose to return home to give birth, but her traffickers found her, beat her, raped her brother, and killed the family dog as punishment for informing Italian authorities of her sex slave ordeal. In addition, she learned that her friend had been drugged and thrown off a seven-story building by her traffickers in Israel. If girls complain or refuse to work, often they’re exterminated, and written off as a loss.[83]

All this trauma as still a young teenage girl paralyzed Katya in fear to succumb to tight criminal control, afraid if she did anything to upset her murderous captors, her family members would be killed. Once her aunt agreed to take in her daughter, still a captive slave, she was next sent to work in a nightclub in Turkey, then trafficked to a London brothel. She was never allowed money, always confiscated by her pimps, frequently locked up for days at a time and always accompanied by a trafficker. The brothel was raided by London police, but leery of providing information that might risk further harm to her family, she remained relatively reticent. Meanwhile in detention, the police unwittingly allowed her free-as-a-bird trafficker to come and go, visiting her a total of nine times, each occasion used to intimidate and threaten her all the more. Still underage, UK immigration was fully aware she’d been a chronic trafficking victim for several years, yet callously sent her home to Moldova anyway for the next cycle of violent abuse and torture to begin yet again.

At age 26, Katya’s civil suit charged UK immigration officials’ errant, inhumane decision to send her back into harm’s way in Moldova:

… A violation of her rights under article 3 (the right to freedom from torture and inhumane and degrading treatment) and article 4 (the right to freedom from slavery and servitude) of the European convention on human rights.[84]

This recurring pattern and policy to systematically remove trafficking victims from host countries, only to repeatedly be re-trafficked, needs to cease immediately. Katya’s grisly landmark case awarding her an undisclosed settlement in compensation for all her damages provided impetus for the system to change British law to better protect victims. But the antitrafficking charity Poppy Project that supported Katya and victims like her was defunded by the UK government while Katya’s case was in litigation. The charity reported that 21% of the trafficking victims it helped had already been sent home and re-trafficked, just like Katya. The charity spokesperson Sally Montier stated:

Worryingly, we are seeing an increase in women who have been identified as victims of trafficking but who are in the process of being removed.[85]

So, despite Katya’s very telling, highly egregious case, the British government slashed funding of a much-needed agency helping victims while increasingly repeating the same costly mistake it was forced to pay damages on. In a nutshell, one step forward, two steps back characterize the official policy of government complicity that in effect shields the global criminal network and fails to protect sex trafficking victims the world over, which also explains why none of Katya’s countless traffickers during her seven years a slave were ever arrested. Katya had concerns that her younger sister back in Moldova would be the next victim in the crosshairs of the same still active trafficking network. With Katya not optimistic that her case would have any impact on officials treating trafficking victims with more sensitivity, her final words, grounded in cold, hard reality, say it all:

If the government cared, it would not be closing the Poppy Project. They don’t care.[86]

The 2019 US State Department Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report for Moldova disclosed the very crux of the problem in making a dent against this worldwide plague of modern human slavery. Of course as noted in earlier Pedophilia & Empire books, the US State Department owns a rather spotty track record itself, having repeatedly been caught operating at the heart of the global pedo-trafficking operation,[87] [88] [89] so it’s the “pot calling the kettle black” with its annual declarative judgments put out on every other nation in the world, as if its own “shit don’t stink” begs criticism for its unbridled hubris. In any event, little to no progress can be made when, according to 2019’s US State Department TIP report, reveals:

In January 2018, a court convicted the former deputy director of Moldova’s human trafficking-specialized law enforcement body for accepting bribes in a trafficking-related case and sentenced him to four years in prison; his case remained pending in the appeals court.[90]

Again, more hubris to go around. As long as the gatekeepers aren’t exposed, it’s simply business as usual around the globe. But fortunately, a tip-of-the-iceberg anomaly occasionally occurs. Meanwhile, the latest 2020 US State Department TIP report credits the Chisinau government with making significant recent efforts and progress to reduce human trafficking, though Moldova still has a Tier 2 ranking for not meeting minimum requirements for eliminating trafficking in the country.[91] This latest Moldova assessment is based on increased number of prosecutions and convictions of traffickers observed, allocation of more funding for victim services and initiation of a center to serve and address the issue of male trafficking victims.

Again, the bottom line is that traffickers rarely go to jail, which only emboldens their criminal enterprise. As is the same old story on a global scale, corruption in law enforcement and the judiciary impeding prosecution and sabotaging outcomes of cases involving state officials’ collusion is ever-pervasive. Traffickers are systemically allowed to continue intimidation of victims with state’s complicity and utter failure to protect child victims, despite an increase in reporting crimes and identifying victims. The very people assigned to protect the most vulnerable population in every nation on earth are guilty of using their power for personal gain in the systematic global child procurement, transport and exploitation of their most defenseless citizens because they are loyal to and answer only to the Satanic elite that owns and controls them while running this world. All the Eastern European nations have been used and abused by the planet’s unholy puppet masters to be the central battleground between the East and West, using the manufactured, divisive Cold War where pedophilia, modern slavery, organized crime, economic disparity and ideologue manipulation and control are simply their weaponized by-products.

Romania shares a southern border with Bulgaria. Perhaps the dark diabolical world of human trafficking is most graphically depicted in an award-winning documentary by Bulgarian American photojournalist Mimi Chakarova. Growing up in a small Bulgarian village till age 11, years later Mimi went back, retracing the steps of three Eastern European victims that also led her undercover to Greece, Turkey and United Arab Republic.[92] Her film project captures the harrowing story of enslaved countrywomen who she follows and eventually earns their trust to agree to be interviewed. With hidden camera rolling over a ten-year period, Mimi gathers the horrific visceral evidence involving risky, death defying situations until “The Price of Sex” was completed and released in 2011.[93]

A January 2016 Newsweek article entitled “Ukraine’s Shame: An Epidemic of Human Trafficking,” exposes that the Zionist US puppet’s despicable history of pedophilia and sex trafficking:

Ukraine remains one of Europe’s most notorious sources of human trafficking. Since 1991, more than 160,000 men, women and children have been exploited for labor, sex, forced begging and organ removal, according to a mid-2015 report from the International Organization for Migration.[94]

With Soros, Obama and Hillary’s State Department woman-on-the-ground – Victoria Nuland, famous for her “fuck the EU” outcry, while staging their illegal coup, overthrowing Ukraine’s democratically elected government in February 2014, Cold War II recklessly moved the world one giant step dangerously closer to nuclear self-annihilation.[95] Installing Kiev’s rabidly antagonistic anti-Russian regime, surpassing all predecessors in corruption and lawlessness, forced Putin’s hand to swiftly protect Russian interests on behalf of both his critically strategic Crimean naval port as well as the ethnic Russian majority living in Crimea, swiftly voting to overwhelmingly be annexed by Putin’s Russia. The overt Zionist-US Empire aggression has also caused a costly civil war in Ukraine in its eastern most provinces where a half dozen years later ethnic Russians are still fighting for their independence. All the while, the cabal was keen on installing US missile launch pads 10 minutes away targeting Moscow’s ground zero. So, who’s the real aggressor?

Meanwhile, adding to the $2 billion USD spent already to keep the civil war going, in early March 2021 the Pentagon announced another $125 million in military aid to Ukraine as part of a $275 million package deal.[96] Not by accident, it comes just in time for the ominous flareup of the continuing war to escalate.[97] Over the past seven years, the Western fake news has held an extended orgasmic field day, jumping on the propaganda bandwagon, calling the 2014 coup a revolution, action in Crimea a Putin invasion/occupation and the bloody Donbass civil war costing over 13,000 lives that it caused,[98] Putin’s assault against Ukraine’s sovereignty on its way to NATO-EU membership.[99]

As long as paying for ongoing wars takes priority over combatting child sex trafficking, the sex slave trade only continues to grow. Bottom line, it’s been the planet’s Zionist Satanic pedo-controllers using the Washington DC battering ram once again to do their dirty bidding, deploying their usual go-to suspects, the pedo-puppet Bush-Clinton-Obama-Biden crime family to stoke the doomsday flames throughout. That way, another war zone has free rein, trafficking guns, drugs, organs and small children under the cover of Pedo-Empire proxy war against designated villain Vladimir Putin. This M.O. is how the modern slave trade increasingly flourishes with more slaves on today’s planet than ever before.[100]

True to the Western false narrative script, that same Newsweek article in 2016 blamed:

Russia’s continued aggression in eastern Ukraine… for… having diverted the [Kiev] government’s attention and resources from meaningful anti-trafficking collaboration.[101]

Blame it on the Russians… for Ukraine’s systemic “shameful” rape of children. Yet another twisted propaganda lie to hide the exact opposite truth, that illegal US aggression in Ukraine violently paved the way directly to war that’s displaced 2.7 million Ukrainians,[102] which in turn opened up unlimited opportunity for black market trafficking of all war zone commodities, including the trafficking of child flesh. Satanic Manchurian President Obama, his Satanic Muslim Brotherhood CIA Director John Brennan, the Satanic Priestess Hillary and Satanic Uncle Pedo-Joe, all falsely use the “blame the Russian meme” nonstop in order to cover up their own litany of crimes[103] – including the WikiLeaks Podesta emails,[104] illegal surveillance against Trump and General Michael Flynn,[105] their manufactured and escalated wars against Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen and Ukraine,[106] creation of ISIS, promoting the world’s fastest growing organized crime – human/child sex trafficking,[107] four years of false impeachment claims against the Trump presidency,[108] twisting Trump’s legit phone call to Ukraine president about Biden family nepotism-bribery-blackmail-cover-up crimes,[109] topped off by Trump’s stolen election as the biggest unconstitutional coup in US history.[110] Satanic traitors them all.

A February 2016 Guardian article features what it calls “Ukraine’s longest-running crisis – endemic human trafficking” as Europe’s second poorest nation behind Moldova, still fanning the war zone flames.[111] As the source destination for so many Ukrainians desperately seeking a better life beyond their border, victims fall for the false promises of predatory traffickers exploiting them for sex and labor, most frequently headed for Germany, Russia, Belarus, Poland and Israel.

Aside from poverty, special populations like children in institutional care, or those with disability are a favorite vulnerable target for victimization the world over. A June 2015 report called “No Way Home: The Exploitation and Abuse of Children in Ukraine’s Orphanages” was released after a three-year investigation found that Ukraine as a trafficking hub exploited children for sex, child pornography, labor and organ harvesting.[112] Pedophiles, pedo-peddlers, pimps and traffickers gravitate to residential institutions. What does it say when Ukraine’s own national government is at a loss for determining the number of their at-risk kids in their own state care homes? It says that anywhere from 82,000 to 200,000 may be the next trafficking rape victims served to VIPs by birthright like Hunter Biden. Disabled children are viewed as damaged goods whose lives don’t matter enough not to harvest and sell their extracted organs, always with the bonus of having a nearby war zone handy as well. Among these most vulnerable throwaway kids, always a certain sizeable percentage suddenly one day go missing, most often raped and murdered. Those aging out of the system at 16 are pounced upon by predators literally waiting outside the gate. The revenue-stream even extends to “volun-tourism” and orphanage vacations when unregulated virtual free access is granted to both the well-intentioned as well as the mouthwatering sexual predators and traffickers. You can easily see why according to a June 2015 Huffington Post article:

Governments, faith-based groups and churches, aid agencies and volunteer tourists, who donate cash and goods to orphanages or build and refurbish children’s homes and other institutions, may be inadvertently funding human trafficking.[113]

That’s why no one knows if 82,000 or 200,000 at-risk victims are living in Ukrainian child care facilities.

Little has improved in recent years. As recently as April 2020, the national police of Ukraine arrested members of a criminal organization serving as a baby-mill for trafficking and selling newborns to Chinese nationals.[114] According to Minister of Interior Affairs, Anton Herashchenko, a Kiev fertility clinic was criminally operating as “a supermarket for the sale of newborns.”[115] The racket contracted with Ukrainian women to arrange false marriages with foreigners and enter surrogacy programs, falsify the paperwork to then sell their babies to the fertility clinics that sold to Chinese nationals who trafficked infants allegedly to single men in China for $50,000 each. But who really knows, considering more children than adults are trafficked inside China. 140 foreign national suspects in the Ukraine were under investigation after 11 police raids of clinics, homes and cars recovered five crying newborns aged from 2- to 6-weeks old about to be shipped out on orders.

Because Ukrainian surrogacy is unregulated and legal, selling infants on the black market has rendered Ukraine the world baby trafficking hub for more than a quarter century.[116] Cases of unscrupulous doctors officially declaring newborns in Ukraine dead and then selling them to couples abroad in America and elsewhere date back at least three decades. Recall that Chief Justice John Roberts and his wife acquired their adopted children through Jeffrey Epstein’s assistance after they were similarly trafficked from Ireland to South America.[117] That’s when they’re not being harvested for adrenochrome.

Hungary’s capital Budapest has pejoratively been dubbed the “Bangkok of Europe,”[118] and as a fellow eastern European nation, its women and children have also been sexually exploited, suffering a similar fate as the Czech Republic, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria and Ukraine, as well as other victimized nations within the region, all at the hands of the same Satanic pedophile elite. Its story, along with Kosovo,[119] Latvia, Poland, Belarus, Croatia, Serbia, Albania and all the rest of the smaller countries in this part of the world, for brevity sake, won’t be covered. But rest assure that the same demonic forces from Rome, City of London, Brussels, Washington DC, New York City and Hollywood, as the world’s Satanic power point headquarters, are just as guilty controlling and wreaking havoc in all these geographical locations as well.

Aside from poverty, corruption and government complicity fueling the globalized criminal sex trafficking slave trade, another thus far unmentioned huge piece that’s made this modern blight on humanity the most profitable, fastest growing organized crime on earth, is men’s dicks. Sexual slavery thrives only because so many grown men, programmed to be slaves to their own biological urges, are controlled completely by their penises as paying customers in every city and nation on earth. If men evolved, improving their relations with women, they wouldn’t need to seek out sex for money.

But then the Luciferian controllers have artificially exploited this age-old “battle between the sexes,” through perverse social engineering to drive an unnatural, ungodly wedge between males and females, as well as children and adults, diabolically undermining and destroying the fundamental family unit as the binding bedrock institution of the ages, systematically targeting to further undermine and destroy the masses’ moral values and religious and spiritual faith in our Divine Creator, along with the sanctity and blessing of love.[120] Everything the Satanic elite lacks, it’s determined to destroy. As a human species under constant attack 24/7 in this near midnight hour of darkness, armed with the truth and love of God, we the people must never let this happen. Our very survival depends on it.

As this thematic tome finally leaves Europe to traverse and expose the earth’s real pandemic – pedophilia – next stop will be the Middle East, uncovering its operations in Israel, Arab Gulf States like Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, as well as more of the West’s Zionist induced failed state war zones – Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia.

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