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The Print Edition in Five Volumes

Each volume is 8.5 x 11 full page size, with the footnotes displayed on the pages rather than as endnotes. Each book has its own index.

This is a PhD-level reference work highly relevant to the campaign to take down  the Deep State and the Satanists, Pedophiles, & Secret Societies that Torture Children and have cheated hundreds of generations of humanity of their inheritance.

Publishing Plan:

Book 1: A Quarter Million Millenia of Human Enslavement, Child Rape and Blood Sacrifice from Antiquity to the Modern Catholic Church

Foreword, Chapters 1-8

Book 2 The United Kingdom – The World’s Pedophilia Epicenter

7 Chapters 33, 19-24: Total pages: 445 out by early November

 Book 3:The Rothschild Illuminati Bloodline and Ties to More British Scandals

8 Chapters in all – 27, 28, 25, 26, 29-32 Total pages: 507 All chapters already written out by Christmas

Book 4: North America’s Shameful Pedophilia Scandals Exposed Like Never Before

10 Chapters 8-14, 39, additional chapters to be written NXIVM, Canada Total pages: 320; also Hollywood & Sports World Pedophilia (Chapters 15-18) including Adrenochrome (to be written); Total pages over 500 Out by Christmas

Book 5: Pedophilia Operations in Mainland Europe, Australia, Middle East and the Rest of the Planet

10 Chapters 35-38, 40-42 Estimated Total pages: 230 PLUS Rest of World including Australia; approximate Total pages: 500 Out by Spring 2121