Religious Zionism plan criticized for ‘protecting rapists, pedophiles’


Religious Zionism plan criticized for ‘protecting rapists, pedophiles’

The Religious Zionism party drew public backlash over the course of the week in response to their plan to address false complaints that some fear may have wide-reaching, negative repercussions, according to Israeli feminist news site Politically Corret.

The section was later removed from Religious Zionism’s site, Politically Corret reported.

Religious Zionism’s plan was intended to combat false complaints, and includes a number of steps including forcing those who file complaints about sexual or domestic violence to affirm that they are aware of potential legal repercussions of filing a false complaint and forming a national registry of “false complaint filers.”

The plan states that these steps, and others, would greatly reduce the number of false complaints filed, creating a healthier, more just society.

Some expressed concern that the real repercussions of the plan would include preventing women from reporting sexual offenses against them when only 6% of sexual offenses are reported to authorities in Israel, according to the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel, who cited information from Israel’s Public Security Ministry.