Carine Hutsebaut & Joachim Hagopian: A Conversation About Government Complicity in Child Trafficking, Torture, & Murder


This is again so painful to listen at. I just cannot get used to it. No, not even after more than 30 years. It remains skinless flesh. Salt dropping in.

The day I WILL get used to it; I will be worthless forever. I feel shame, deep pain, anger, impatience, the absolute need to kill, because if I don’t do it, nobody will.

It is painful, but at the same time so powerful of that girl. She is an incredible force. She has the right to spit us in the face. She does. She really does.

You ask: what the fuck is going on here?

I’ll tell you. They are all linked together. EVERY government institution, organization, so-called NGO, police department, justice department, name it… are empty boxes to make the people believe they are taking care of ‘businesses. Sure, THEIR businesses.

How did this happen?

Because we LET it happen. Because we didn’t listen to the right people: the victims. No, we listened to the governmental empty cardboard boxes. We listened to the Mental Health Organization who told us that everything was fine. We listened to the psychiatrists in their white ‘outfits’, talking about one or another invented mental disorder of that victim. We believed the Child Care Organizations filled with COWARDS too afraid to speak out because of fear to lose their fucking jobs. We believed those politicians, the clients. We believe the parents of those children being rented out. It is already in my 1st book: Child Hunters. That is 26 years!

It is also in my book Little Sinners – Church and Child trafficking 20 years! (on the market soon in English. Got my first print today). It is in every interview I had over all those years, all over the world.

Interpol? What a joke! Do you all know who got the top job as general of Interpol when the Dutroux Case broke loose in 1996?! I’ll tell you: General Deridder from Belgium. The one that knew about Dutroux and his acolytes and surveilled them. The one that had to quit because 500.000 outraged people were marching in the streets of Brussels to scream for Justice. Yes, that one. He was promoted to become the head of Interpol in Lyon. He even had the guts to let a young woman who was having practice placement in Interpol send me a fax to ask if she could have a training in my office. To SPY ON ME. I’m not stupid.

The Minister of the Justice Department Melchior Wathelet had to resign also because of the crowd’s anger. You know what happened to him? He became a European Judge in Luxemburg. They all got promoted and got their high jobs in the pyramid. For decades, they have been put in the right places that brought us where we are now.

What is it everybody is waiting for? For me to take a gun and shoot them down myself? Don’t worry, I’m almost there.


You want the ‘smell test?’

Well, buckle up.

Why in the name of God, is it important to hear her testimony at the ITNJ? How many victims do we need to hear? To do what with? Have you any idea how devastating it is for victims to be used to testify and then… silence? Nobody DOING something?! Do you have any idea how many of those victims that testified before the ITNJ I’m still following up because of their distress, their financial catastrophes? With the little means I have.

And what is the ITNJ going to DO with the names? File them somewhere? Where are you going to go with it? To the Court? Yeah, we saw this with the election frauds all over the world and especially in the U.S.

Over here in Europe they still have no clue. They think everything went legally. Look at the elections of the Netherlands last week. Look at the non-elected government in Belgium, the biggest losers are in charge now. They are not elected at all. Look at the European Parliament. NONE is elected! All those have been put there by the cabal because they served their agenda well.

What keeps us from the ITNJ to start building our own prisons? And throw them in? Somebody will have to do it one day. What is keeping us?

We DO have the ITNJ now. Let it judge. Build prisons and lock them up.
I started my own academy with my own financial resources, which is not much, believe me.
My next goal will be an academy to train REAL policemen.

What is everybody waiting for?


I’m to outrageous now to ‘act reasonable’. The time for reason has passed. I’m sorry.


I am with you Carine, everything you say is the cold hard sad and tragic facts. We as a human species have dropped the ball to let the cabbalistic cabal rule supreme for half a million millennia. We were never in charge, always brainwashed in ignorance slaves.

But I also know that the tide is turning. It’s been 4 years since I began writing the Pedophilia & Empire series, and in that relatively short time this topic went from too disturbing to even think about to a genuine public interest to know the depths of what humanity is up against.

Critical mass is close at hand and its through your heroic action in the trenches for so many years and people like us who are making the key difference between ignorant avoidance and building the groundswell of informed, awakened, unifying masses ready to commit revolutionary overhaul amidst this crumbling Satanic pedophilia system. All of us in this quest to educate, inform and empower the public are valiantly making the critical difference. I applaud you and all of us for our collective efforts.

To Robert and Sean’s point, this young woman seems every bit for real to me, and most definitely needs to have her full story told. It would be fantastic if you Sean could interview her. I’d love to know what she’s endured and would write a chapter on her courageous will to survive and get the all important word out.

I have at most one day left before I unleash my latest chapter – an indictment exposing pedophilia in the Zionist Jewish State and its crypto Donmeh Jews running the Wahhabi Saudi Kingdom, because the pedo-cabal has left them both in charge of today’s globalized pedo-network, after having been schooled by the biggest offenders – UK/Europe and US.

What we are doing is helping to awaken and perhaps even save humanity to finally end this scourge of the ages. It comes down to our species’ survival, either we finally begin protecting our children once and for all, or we humans all perish and go down, allowing the dystopic Satanist transhumanist pedophiles rule for a bunch more millennia… do or die time for all of us on planet earth.

I absolutely and totally agree with you on most of your points. We are blessed to witness this with our eyes, our brains, or souls, wide open. And in the meantime, our feet on the ground of a wonderful planet.

We are also confronted with the discrepancies of the level of consciousness of the people living on this earth. It seems obvious now that this here is a school. In schools you also have those differences of levels, from toddlers to university creatures. Some develop faster than others. Others seem to have lived for 5.000 years with the knowledge they gathered in one lifetime.

It is my feeling that we surpassed the critical mass awhile ago. The point is the suppression and the violence used by those very low-level beings we are forced to live with. They kill. We don’t. They can and will stop opposition in a heartbeat. We on the other hand, respect life. Even from the evilest.

We authorized the wild weeds to overgrow our beautiful gardens and now we can hardly see our wonderful flowers because they are overgrown by that evil, underground and above, so visible now.

We thought we should respect them, for they also have their place on earth. We didn’t consider them to kill us.

Without your work and that of many others worldwide, to spread the information, we would not even have reached 1 % of the population. And as I explained to you in the metaphor of the Snowman, and the out of balance of the upper ball: the brain, the middle ball: our emotions and the lowest ball: sexuality, we now see that people can catch up fast thanks to the real information flowing now. That is undoubtably the work of you, Robert, Sacha, Saun and so many others. Not to forget the most important group: the victims. Those courageous creatures who spoke out, knowing the risks they took for their own lives. And that young woman testifying with anger, with frustration, with pain, with disbelieve we hear about life in a container as if they are spare parts.

If Sean would be able to talk to her, please ask her what SHE would like to see done. What would she want us to do to stop the violence immediately? I think she will meanly say what I told you in my previous mail: Go in. Take the victims. Grab the criminals. Put them on trial. Convict them and throw them in jail.
Wouldn’t we all want this?

So, resumed: the awakening is perfect. But HOW are we effectively going to save and protect our children? That is the issue we need to sit around a table for and discuss to how do we take OUR planet back.

It is enough to do research on a legally based level to find out where THEY based their structure on concerning courtrooms, prisons, and everything they put in place to have total control over.

And then we use the same tactics. As the ITNJ has done. Now we need to take the next step. Urgently. Before it is too late.

Indeed: DO or DIE time for each of us.