Chapter 11: More US Military, CIA, Private Contractor and UN Perversions Driving the Sex Trafficking Network

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Chapter 11: More US Military, CIA, Private Contractor and UN Perversions Driving the Sex Trafficking Network

Joachim Hagopian

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One Brave Marine Colonel’s Wife’s Disturbing Observations Confirm the Luciferian Network

Seemingly without end, pedophilia in the US military constantly keeps resurfacing. In addition to exposing the CIA and US State Department embassies across the Far East for their blatant abuse of Asian children servicing visiting American VIP pedophiles and hosting US diplomatic perverts, former naval intelligence officer Wayne Madsen also uncovered a vast network of his fellow naval officers in the 1980’s running a stateside child pornography ring, extending from San Francisco and Oregon to Chicago and DC that Secretary of Navy John Lehman covered up.[1] This naval pedo-operation occurred on George HW Bush’s watch as VP and president, in addition to the infamous Franklin scandal (to be covered in Chapter 13) that trafficked in children from Nebraska’s world famous Catholic Boys Town orphanage for “midnight tours at the White House.”[2]

Not to be outdone, when it came Junior’s turn at prez, George W. had his own version of White House “midnight tours” in gay prostitute and multiple internet porn site operator Jeff Gannon whose real name is James D. Guckert. While posing as a fake White House reporter from 2003 till he got busted in 2005, Gannon clocked in over 200 White House appearances, at least 14 sleepovers and 32 visits on days when no press conference was even scheduled.[3] Among Gannon’s numerous gay sites and personas (aside from Bush lover), “Bulldog” was invented to cater to homosexual US Marines.[4] Bush’s intimate link to Gannon and convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff as procuring pimps in an AIPAC sponsored child trafficking and prostitution blackmail ring carried out at DC’s finest hotels – Watergate, Ritz Carlton and the Sheraton[5] provided more than enough evidence to confirm that Washington’s child sex trafficking remained active throughout the entire four decade long Bush-Clinton crime family dynasty right up to today’s Pizzagate-turned-Pedogate scandal. In December 2006 Bush fired eight US attorneys to ward of his own pedo scandal from going public. As a backdrop to all this sordid criminal activity and cover-up comes the disturbing testimony of a wife married to a US Marine Corps colonel who confessed to her his and his nation’s countless dark, down and dirty sins that fortunately for us his patriotic, God-fearing wife could not keep secret.

Kay Griggs, former spouse of retired Colonel George Raymond Griggs, exposed the plethora of perversions and multiple illegalities of US military intelligence operations around the globe through her ex-husband’s criminal exploits as part of the elite’s assassination squad.[6] Colonel Griggs disclosed to her his intimate ties to Henry Kissinger, both Bush senior and junior, Caspar Weinberger, William Colby, Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, as well as dozens of America’s top military brass. In 1998 Kay Griggs described in detailed interviews totaling near 8 hours in length the dark inner world of US Empire’s dirty politics, including the illicit gun running, international drug smuggling, illegal money laundering, systemic pedophilia and rampant homosexuality that goes on regularly at the highest reaches of the US government.[7] Much of Kay Griggs’ bombshell disclosures are verified by either history or subsequent confirmed research, dovetailing consistently with how the Illuminati secret societies operate at the highest echelons of power in government geopolitics, military, banking, education and the corporate world.

Kay’s personal story as a member of an upstanding prominent Virginia family in the Virginia Beach-Norfolk area has deep connections to the US military, military intelligence, her Protestant Christian roots and her local community. Griggs’ first 20-year marriage was to John Garland Pollack III, grandson of a former Virginia governor. Her son from that marriage wed into the wealthy Blum family, a known member of the Pilgrims Society that runs regularly with the Rockefellers.[8] This is the “high society” that combined with her second marriage, Kay continued peripherally circulating and rubbing elbows with all her life, though she would never identify herself as an elite per se, more a traditional-minded, old fashioned patriotic gal who loves Jesus Christ, her family and country above all else in this world… all three longtime targeted enemies of the Illuminati gang[9] her Marine Corps husband was so closely associated with and took direct orders from.

The Pilgrims Society, an American-British elitist organization in which the US branch was founded in 1902, is considered the Eastern Establishment closely related to the most prominent banking families whose members are always educated at the top Ivy League institutions Harvard, Yale and Princeton.[10] Throughout its existence the Pilgrims Society has financed a number of fascist regimes, including such reigns of terror as Spain’s Franco, Italy’s Mussolini, Germany’s Hitler, Soviet Russia’s Stalin and Red China’s Mao, as well as the Japanese Imperial Empire. Under the misnomer of the free enterprise system, its anti-competition, globalized monopoly is anything but free, and true ideology more akin to British Fabianism, Cecil Rhodes and Marxism. A largely unknown globalist New World Order secret society, the Pilgrims possess deep state ties branching out from London, Washington and Brussels.

Notable past and present US members include the likes of David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, current CFR president Richard Haas, Generals Alexander Haig and David Petraeus, former Reagan and Bush Defense and State Secretaries Caspar Weinberger and George Schultz, Vietnam War architect Robert McNamara, Clinton’s former CIA director James Woolsey, and former Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker. As an old wealth bastion of Anglo-American Empire Establishment, the Pilgrims Society operating on both sides of the Atlantic is especially steeped in deep state intelligence and shadow government neo-conservatism. For well over a century concentrated wealth, global power and control are synonymous with the Anglo-American Pilgrims Society.[11]

In her interviews Kay states that her husband Colonel Griggs, a practicing daily alcoholic, used his wife as his confessional during the first three years of their 11 year rocky marriage starting in the late 1980’s. While under the influence, he openly would regularly admit to all his past sins in the name of dutiful service to his country as a military intelligence officer deployed in covert operations around the globe working for the ruling elite.[12] George Griggs’ early military career had him honing his assassination skills in the deadly CIA Phoenix Program during the Vietnam War,[13] the same one that Lt. Michael Aquino cut his teeth (or fangs) on.[14] A few years later Griggs participated in Operation Gladio, the US-NATO joint terrorist operations conducted in Western Europe, Turkey and Lebanon.[15]

Kay learned how the inside world of elite cronyism politics and perverse secret society networks brutally rule this planet through US-NATO Empire’s foreign policy trademarks – neocolonialism, war and terrorism.[16] She names three consecutive top US Marine Corps generals who served as Joint Chiefs of Staff members from 1987-1999 who were also leaders of her ex-husband’s covert homosexual-bisexual brotherhood – Generals Alfred Gray, Carl Mundy and Charles Krulak.[17] Kay Griggs also reveals by name a handful of other mostly bisexual generals and government dignitaries who regularly participated in orgies, pedophilia and homosexuality around the world. Kay even outed Illuminati chairman Henry Kissinger for forcing anal sex on young American soldiers in Cambodia during the Vietnam War, then threatened to have his victims killed if they told.[18]

Kay Griggs spoke of the very same rites of passage for initiates amongst both the Marine Corps officer ranks earning full bird colonel status as well as the Cap and Gown secret society at her husband’s Princeton University alma mater, Yale’s counterpart to Skull and Bones.[19] The initiation ceremonies of all three secret societies are purposely designed to humiliate and degrade fresh newly selected inductees each year, forcing them to take turns from inside an open casket performing acts of fellatio and be on the receiving end of anal sex as part of their sworn to secrecy ritual in return for fast track Faustian keys to the kingdom that catapult their careers as Empire movers and shakers.[20] Those refusing to undergo this Luciferian designed for blackmail control program don’t receive the same favor up the ladder to success, in the same way that one must be a compromised if not a pedophile killer to end up as a top tier puppet to the planetary controllers. The common theme in all these occult, dancing-with-the-devil inductions, be it members joining the elite military brotherhood or Eastern Establishment or 33 degree Freemasonry as future presidents and puppet heavyweights, all are sworn to secrecy (or death) for the same perverse, blackmail-able acts and reasons to ensure lifelong control, loyalty and elitist cohesion.

The military brotherhood ceremony starts off with downing oceans of booze to loosen up initiates for what comes next. Alcohol as an inhibitor-breaker and the intense pressures of obedience within the US military hierarchical chain of command effectively induce submission and acquiescence, breaking down whatever personal moral or repugnant resistance to anal sex and homosexuality one may initially pre-possess.[21] It’s both an act of intimate male bonding as well as experiencing the humiliation as initiates assuming the weaker position to anally accept raw male power and control literally and brutally thrust upon and in them by their “superiors.” It likens back to Nazi Germany with many gay officers in the SS. Like Aquino, sometimes the ceremonial leader even wears a Nazi uniform.[22] When all is said and done, inductees become both controllable and controlling automatons, part of a secret brutal government killing machine. Kay states her belief that these grown men’s emotional development is stuck in adolescence, never quite maturing to adulthood.[23] Though there is probable truth to her supposition, the power and control differential lies at the root of this ritualized male intimacy and closeted, humiliating degradation.

Also keep in mind that many of these initiates have undergone similar ritualized mind control experience occurring at various earlier stages in their life, often beginning in childhood as Illuminati’s “chosen” preppie super soldiers, traversing upwards through the ticket-punching process to the top of the Illuminati food chain.[24] But instead of pledging loyalty and allegiance to God, country and Constitution, which all who serve in government and military must do, even if merely going through the motions, very early on they are engrained and conditioned to strictest loyalty first and foremost to their secret Luciferian, all male, elitist membership[25] promising lifetime power, money, speedy promotion and lifelong protection and impunity from all accountability.[26] The idea is they are so special that their secret membership guarantees them living above the law throughout their lifetime. As a side note, while Yale’s Skull and Bones Society broke tradition a quarter century ago accepting females into its inner circle,[27] elitist schools like Harvard as well as the US military “brotherhood” remain holdout bastions of male bonding.

For the sake of compliance in all their state-ordered bloody transgressions committed throughout their high powered careers, all under “national security” protection, elitist members are assured their sins will always remain secret and go unpunished, a primary perk that’s an absolute necessity for their inner club sanctum’s very survival. It begs the question how many of America’s top leaders are completely controlled by blackmail through secret acts of pedophilia and homosexuality?[28] Be it volitional or chemically induced through deception, alcohol or drugs, insiders maintain that to reach the top, every single leader must submit to this Luciferian rite of passage.

This process, minus the sexual perversion component, to a striking degree parallels the rigorous four-year military leadership training program offered at the three US service academies – West Point, Annapolis and the Air Force Academy. As a West Point graduate from the Class of 1973, I was a onetime roommate[29] of two current CFR members[30] who were both Army rising stars, Generals John Abizaid,[31] the longest running commander of both the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars in charge of CENTCOM from 2003-2007, and Karl Eikenberry,[32] Ambassador to Afghanistan (2009-2011) immediately following his stint as Afghanistan War commander (2005-2007). In the West Point class directly behind me were three more luminaries, General David Petraeus,[33] [34] also a regular Bilderberger attendee and onetime CIA director (2011-12) until his fall from grace in November 2012 resulting from his exposed extramarital affair with his young biographer and fellow academy grad from 1996 Paula Broadwell.[35] Also hailing from the Class of 1974 is recent retired Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (2011-2015) General Martin Dempsey,[36] and architect of today’s Orwellian surveillance system,[37] US history’s longest tenured NSA Director General Keith Alexander (2005-2014).[38]

Having been educated and trained in leadership at the same military institution of higher learning as all these Empire warlords, as firsthand witness I can attest to the piss poor quality leadership that’s emerged from West Point for over half a century, bemoaning an abysmal track record of losing all of America’s nonstop wars.[39] But that’s not due to just poor leadership but also by the globalist design to always maintain a manufactured enemy for the benefit of the military industrial complex.[40] With the agenda of global destabilization the priority, perpetual unwinnable wars remain good business for both profit and global control.[41]

West Point as the Brass Factory on the Hudson takes the supposed “best and brightest,” and “cream of the crop” (oft heard expressions) from America’s high schools and prep schools (and to a limited extent, from the world), systematically strips them of their previous identity through a dehumanizing mind control disciplinary hazing system, then begins incrementally rewarding them based on demonstrated compliance and rule enforcement.[42] In effect, this system is predicated on building egos back up shaped and controlled by a rigid authoritarian hierarchy that merely churns out the “best” followers as Machiavellian robots who for X number of years are evaluated and promoted simply based on how well they do what they’re told as order followers.[43] This mechanical, corrupted, by-the-step seniority system both rewards mindless mediocrity and generates psychopathy producing only the best followers – not leaders, strategically and ambitiously navigating up the ladder playing the amoral game of cutthroat politics, ass kissing ingratiation and paper-pushing bureaucracy. Because the rules of today’s monolithic power matrix are identical throughout every corrupt institutional domain, leadership across the boards – not just the military but in government, finance, business, law, law enforcement and education, by design produces only psychopaths. To gain entrance to this exclusive club at the top, you must be a fellow psychopath.[44] This morally bankrupted Luciferian system wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ultimately those who have minds of their own, who may still retain some semblance of inner conscience, integrity, creativity, a natural humane capacity for dynamic quality leadership, either by choice leave the academy during their first two years or their first chance five years out upon completing their post-grad commitment.[45] In recent decades after receiving their half million dollar free ride on tax paid scholarship, the officer retention rates or return on federal investment amongst “the best and brightest” is abysmally low because of horrendous attrition rates,[46] by default, leaving only inferior leaders as “superiors.” Hence, this psychopathic game of seniority spawning today’s admirals and generals is generally devoid of either conscience or morality. With universal principle of “like attracts like,” psychopaths at the top will only allow fellow psychopaths to join their private elitist club. The story of Kay Griggs’ ex who spent almost forty years following orders as a well-paid, highly protected, mind controlled assassin exemplifies these soulless sub-humans atop America’s power pyramid. Only Col. George Griggs as a used and abused assassin must have had at least a tinge of guilty conscience, since he was compelled to drown himself in liquor every day and compulsively use his wife as his confessional.

George Raymond Griggs came from a family of modest means, likely an MK Ultra victim at pubescence separated from his two parents who moved from New Jersey to California, placing young George under the care of his uncle, a military intelligence officer. Griggs would not see his parents for another eight years. In the meantime, he was enrolled in Hun School, a wealthy private prep academy located in Princeton, New Jersey. It was there that Griggs met his lifelong mentor Charles Caddock, the assistant headmaster who George would retain close correspondence with until Charles’ death in 1985. Charles Caddock was a homosexual who became the bodyguard and mentor to three royal House of Saud princes, Mohammed bin Faisal (1937-2017), Saud bin Faisal (1940-2015) and Turki bin Faisal (1945- ) on loan for US education from Saudi Arabia during the 1950’s.[47]

It was at Hun School that George, along with the royals, may have been first introduced to pedophilia by their pederast mentoring headmaster Caddock, all reputedly playing male bonding games running naked in the woods together. Interestingly, based on Kay Griggs relayed account from her husband, two of America’s premier scientists of the 1950’s were invited to the local Princeton parties.[48] Albert Einstein apparently took time off from calculating his relativity and quantum physics theories to show up and blow off steam sexually victimizing young Hun schoolboys. And J. Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb, was known to frequent the Princeton Cap and Gown sex parties.[49] Kay Griggs’ husband also confessed to later running naked through the redwood forest as a Marine Corps officer at Bohemian Grove,[50] engaging in homosexual pedophilia “games” where known child sacrifice takes place as part of a decadent, elitist, Satan worshipping tradition.[51]

Among Charles’ high powered fellow gay friends was a student advisor/programmer Alexander Robinson who also had a US Marine military intelligence background and acted as liaison to the Saudi royal family.[52] Wealthy, oil-rich families from Saudi Arabia have held a longtime tradition engaging in pedophilia, linked directly to the massive global child sex trafficking rings operating today that transport enslaved young children captives from Europe, North America and Asia to the Middle East for pedophile sheiks and princes to use up and throw away.[53] Though questionable whether the Hun experience was the first time that either George or his schoolmate princes were sexually molested by homosexual predators, what seems certain is that Griggs was an MK Ultra mind control victim sexually abused by his programming handlers Caddock and Robinson.

Kay Griggs points out the parallels between alleged Kennedy “assassin” Lee Harvey Oswald and her husband, adding how they even look alike. Like Oswald while still young, George Griggs had been targeted for mind control training to become a government super soldier assassin.[54] Even Presidents Clinton (Masonic sponsored Order of DeMolay in youth,[55] Rhodes scholar, CFR, Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission),[56] Bush Jr. (Skull and Bones)[57] and Obama[58]( CIA bred[59] Bilderberg attendee[60]) as young lads were very likely mind controlled and groomed to assume top puppet power positions as adults.[61] The colonel’s wife believes that those who control the government are grooming emotionally weak boys with strong attachments to their mothers and weak or absent fathers as future power pyramid occupants, carefully profiled individuals who will most easily be brainwashed and controlled.[62] This system that spawns puppet leadership funnels an inordinate number of Ivy Leaguers through its mind control factory, methodically shaped and molded for top government posts.

George Griggs entered Princeton University on full scholarship in 1955 where he was a school cheerleader, soon enough invited into Princeton’s secret Cap and Gown society. Among his fellow Princeton grads also selected to join the Cap and Gown society and attending the same sex parties as Kay’s husband were:

Murdered CIA director (1973-1976) William Colby,[63] [64] Knight of Malta CIA deputy director (1978-1981) and Secretary of Defense (1987-1989) under Reagan-Bush as well as Carlyle Group chairman (1992-2003) Frank Carlucci.[65] [66] [67] It was insiders Carlucci and George H.W. Bush, former CIA director (1976-77), VP (1981-1989), first “out of the closet” NWO president (1989-1993)[68] and member of virtually every major Illuminati society,[69] who were both meeting with their partner the Saudi bin Laden family on the very morning of 9/11 at DC’s Ritz Carlton Hotel.[70] Another active Cap and Gown-er on that fateful day was Bush Junior’s fellow co-conspirator and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, a ’54 grad who Col. Griggs especially admired.[71]

An earlier infamous Princeton alumnus and US traitor was co-founding CFR member Allen Dulles, also a Knight of Malta and Freemason, US history’s first and longest running CIA director (1953-1961) and prime suspect in the JFK assassination after being fired two years earlier.[72] [73] Two more recent CFR-Pilgrims Society-Bohemian Grove attendees”[74] currently still peddling the carbon tax based on the bogus “manmade” CO2 climate change hoax are Reagan and Bush senior’s Secretaries of State (1982-1989) George Schultz[75] and (1989-1992) James Baker.[76] Back in the day they’re also said to have partied down at Col. Griggs’ Cap and Gown pedophile gigs. Schultz was considered a “close friend,”[77] and also a Bechtel president[78] and career company man predatorily neck deep in CIA, chemical weapons, and Saudi oil with his fellow Princeton princes. The Ivies, CIA/military intelligence and Illuminati as a common thread stay constant.

Whether collegiate George knew it yet or not, as an ROTC student on scholarship majoring in the French language, he was being systematically programmed for a career in military intelligence, graduating from the prestigious elite institution in 1959 when he accepted a second lieutenant commission in the US Marine Corps.[79] Under the umbrage of his ROTC training as a French major, 19-year old Griggs was sent off to Rome in 1956 to attend NATO Defense College. Decades later, Col. Griggs would be in charge of NATO PSYOPS in the Mediterranean. Marine Intelligence officer Griggs was a carefully groomed, highly skilled assassin in US Special “black ops” Operations, in wartime first in 1966-67 as a captain deployed in Vietnam’s Phoenix [assassination] Program and later sent to kill repeatedly on every corner of the globe. When his wife questioned him about murdering others for a living, like every brainwashed henchman Griggs insisted it was not murder, not when simply obeying an order from superiors to kill the designated enemy and not when it was professionally executed with complete emotional detachment.[80]

Years later in the early 1980’s as Chief of Staff of the US Task Force in Lebanon, Col. Griggs allegedly assassinated a British double agent spy who happened to be American University in Beirut’s President Malcolm Kerr, because Kerr allegedly objected to US undercover operations taking over and residing in Kerr’s university dormitories.[81] Kay went on to explain that throughout Griggs’ tour of duty in Lebanon, he was cheating on his first wife involved in an affair with an American CIA double agent married to an Arab man who fatefully became Kerr’s successor as university president. Col. Griggs was also part of the covert Bekaa Valley operation in Lebanon, alleged to be privy to pre-knowledge of the US Marine barracks explosion that killed 241 US soldiers in 1983.[82] Other corroborative evidence supports the contention as Mossad apparently knew of the preeminent attack but chose to let it happen in order to enflame US-Arab relations.[83]

Kay Griggs also explained in 1998 that the US was currently waging covert military operations in the Balkan War in Bosnia to train assassins, illegally sell weapons, move drugs and launder money.[84] Covered later in this chapter is the criminal collaboration between the Clintons, NATO, the UN, US military, DynCorp[85] and the mob conjointly trafficking in children and women from other countries into sexual bondage as well as setting up the burgeoning black market trade for organ harvesting and trafficking. Brutally cutting out organs from live, often involuntary war zone donors is the heinous dirty business of prime culprits Israel and the US.[86]

Another key aspect of Col. Griggs’ specialty was profiling and training young boy assassins that involves pedophilia, blackmail, and promises of US citizenship in 5 years along with steady “super soldier” employment. The US Special Ops possess training sites around the globe preparing teams of boy assassins undergoing mind control brainwashing as Empire’s robot killers.[87] Innocent young foreign nationals primarily from poor Third World countries are typically profiled, recruited and “groomed” to psychologically “turn” targeted boys into coldblooded killers. Robert Kennedy’s alleged assassin – the Syrian born Sirhan Sirhan, is believed to have been a programmed Manchurian candidate, set up to take the rap in 1968 for neutralizing RFK as yet another deep state threat,[88] like his older brother, Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X before him. All have been proven to be inside jobs committed by the same Illuminati forces complete with their FBI/CIA handlers and targeted stooges. Little has changed in the power base that runs this world since.

Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana where expatriated Cubans involved in the Bay of Pigs operation and JFK assassination were trained[89] is a major covert training camp in the US for manufacturing these boy assassins. But US Empire possesses these type training camps worldwide in places like the Philippines, Indonesia, Colombia and Panama. During the 1970’s the infamous Cheney-Bush neocon Paul Wolfowitz is said to have worked with Griggs training young assassins in the Indonesian jungle. And Kay Griggs met several of these young boys from places like India, Romania, Dominican Republic and Haiti who were pedophile rape victims under mind controlled contract to the US government for contract killing, in exchange for dutifully sending money to impoverished mothers back home.[90] These boy assassins also fit the same formulaic dynamic – possessing a strong maternal bond minus a paternal influence that’s then paternally fed the surrogate, mind control brainwash as “special and gifted” members of an elite force whose work is deemed critically important for national security interests that will always remain shielded and above the law. She loops her husband in with these vulnerable foreign child victims along with the likes of Lee Harvey Oswald, Timothy McVeigh and Jeffrey Dahmer who she maintains were all preyed upon by this perverse government assassin program. In Kay’s words:

[The military profiles for] strong mother, weak father, no father, poor. Because these guys are looking for security, so they will stay in the military and do anything for that security.[91]

Another key point that Kay repeatedly emphasizes throughout her interviews is that so much of the government’s international movement of drugs, weapons and money laundering (though not stated, organ and child sex trafficking as well) involves a joint partnership between US black ops and the mob. Typically upstanding Yale and Harvard grads become crooked owners of the largest US ports that with mafia ties control the cargo gateways as an integral part of the international crime syndicate.[92] Recall how Dr. Sue Arrigo similarly described the US ports’ illicit trafficking operations.

Kay Griggs cites longtime shapers of US foreign policy brothers Eugene and Walter Rostow, and Eugene’s son Nicholas in charge of the Boston Port Authority as pivotal in bringing in drug shipments.[93] Kay implicated Walter Roscow and former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld (1991-97) in “drug business” in Mexico for years while Weld was once a Bill Clinton nominee for ambassador to Mexico. Having served in virtually every presidential administration since Eisenhower, the Rostows provided the reputable Eastern Establishment cover for trafficking in drugs to the US and outgoing arms to Middle Eastern countries and beyond. Since Walter and Eugene were both aggressively strong Vietnam War proponents and considered international trade experts,[94] and since the CIA and US military both played such a key role during the war in the drug trade from Southeast Asia, Griggs’ assertions seem plausible. While acting as Bush senior’s chief legal advisor on his National Security Council, Nicholas Rostow gained a reputation for ultra-guarded secrecy, withholding documents from Congress and the public pertaining to Bush’s clandestine Iran Contra scandal and illegal arms sales to both Iran and Iraq.[95]

Much of the cabal’s global crime network not only involves organized crime, but its assassination tactics, its blood sworn secrecy oaths (or face blackmail or death), and the pure parasitic psychopathy that doesn’t flinch an eye committing wholesale slaughter of countless human beings comprise one big happy crime family empire run by the likes of the Bushes and Clintons. After all, Luciferians actually get off on the blood and guts they cause to be spilled worldwide.

And so it should come as no surprise that virtually all our world government leaders (politicians, top cabinet and ministry posts, high court judges), and the higher-ups in the military, the CIA/FBI, Mossad and MI6 all work hand in hand with the drug cartels and mobsters to conduct their day-to-day criminal operations throughout the globe. It’s one big, elaborately run, filthy cesspool operation controlling virtually everything on this planet, perpetrated by a miniscule handful of soulless, Lucifer worshipping aficionados who place themselves as gods entitled to live above all human laws as elite members of the same private secret pedophile club. In case you haven’t figured it out, which by this point no doubt you have, that fact is the singular running theme throughout this entire book.

But since Pizzagate broke late last year, their cover has now been busted wide open and their high crimes can no longer be kept secret. President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have both repeatedly vowed to lock up pedophiles. Within several weeks after GOP House Whip Steve Scalise, the third most powerful Republican in Congress, also stated in a public announcement that he’s coming after the pedophiles, he likely took a bullet for it last June.[96] All three now appear to be targeted for assassination as deep state threats. This explains the 2-year desperate DNC and media obsession[97] over the false Trump-Russian meme[98] as their transparent “wag the dog” distraction[99] away from their Achilles heel – their age old pedophilia empire. Sabotaging a potential Trump-Putin alliance and any further exposure of the Clinton-Wasserman-Awan criminal operation[100] are also motives for the DNC “Russians did it” mantra. Meanwhile, another avoidance at-all-cost is uncovering the murderer(s) behind Seth Rich’s untimely death[101] that could implicate John Podesta who’s on record wanting “to make an example” of whistleblowers leaking DNC documents to WikiLeaks[102] that started the Pizzagate ball rolling. But clearly exposure of the crime cabal’s full culpability and cover-up of pedophilia as the scandal of the millennium is deep state’s worst nightmare come true. And right now the walls of lies are rumbling, crumbling and tumbling down on the pedo-perps like never before.

Back to the Griggs’ revelations, in the late 1980’s the divorcee Kay quickly became enamored with the handsome, intelligent Marine colonel she rented part of her Virginia home to, who happened to drive the same model Saab as she, also was fluently bilingual speaking the same French language, and appeared to lead an exciting life as a debonair world traveler in vitally important service to his nation.[103] Plus like George Griggs, Kay’s uncle was also a Princeton grad turned ROTC Military Intelligence Marine officer. With love for men in uniform as her family tradition, and convinced by her faith that it was the divine hand of God that had interceded in bringing them together, after only two months of knowing each other, the divorced pair Kay and George both impulsively opted to take the marital plunge together.

But once she became Mrs. Griggs, George’s alcoholism and loose lips plunged her into his dark sinister world of criminal debauchery and sexual psychopathy. Not only did she begin learning all the sordid details of his dirty business as a mind controlled government assassin, but as a bruised and battered wife and victim of her husband’s episodic domestic violence, Kay Griggs also suffered broken bones, repeatedly had guns pointed at her and her life threatened.[104] Her eventual 1999 divorce and medical records confirm the roller coaster ride of terror through her near dozen years trapped in marital hell.

As a wife of a career military officer who ran in very high circles with all the top generals and Washington VIP’s, and a woman who never took her marriage vows lightly, Kay embarked on playing the dutiful, loyal Marine colonel’s wife. While becoming the repository of shocking secret information that reveals the inner workings of a ruthless, criminal and diabolical US Empire, Kay had also fallen for the common marital illusion that despite her husband’s highly visible warts and flaws, she desperately believed her love could change and heal him, curing his violently deranged torment by bringing him to Christ, and away from the Satanic Illuminati clique that controlled him.[105]

A critical turning point in their marriage occurred while dining with her husband one night at the Camp Lejeune, North Carolina officers club. Kay became the unwitting witness to a bunch of topless dancers as the club’s hired entertainment (at taxpayer expense) for the mostly married male patrons.[106] After observing one of the girls escorting two married officers out of the club, Kay Griggs boldly grabbed her camera from her purse and captured the scene for posterity in photos that accompanied a letter to the officers club manager and commanding post general’s wife. Trying to destroy the evidence, her husband beat her up that night but her quick thinking had safely hidden the camera. Kay’s courageous act to confront the local military establishment on its moral depravity proved successful in removing the topless dancers from the officers club. But amongst the generals within her husband’s brotherhood, it also flagged Kay as a serious “troublemaker” and potential threat to their fiercely guarded status quo perversions and dark deadly secrets. Worst of all, it deemed her the enemy.

Not only did her husband step up his violent abuse after that incident, but over the next several years the weaponized military intelligence apparatchik began relentlessly targeting her for harassment. Frequently her car was tampered with, her home was broken into with items moved about, just enough to play mind games but not enough evidence to prove any actual crimes. Local police would always send a detective who was a 20 year ex-Marine out to Kay’s home, only to condescendingly conclude that she was crazy in attempting to “falsely” report the military’s subtle acts of intimidation and terror.[107] But her persistent fight for justice only led to death threats.[108] Then in December 1995 her husband vanished altogether, though as a military spy-assassin, it wasn’t the first time.

With her life in grave jeopardy, for life insurance leverage, Kay wisely secured her husband’s diary, full of detailed incriminating secrets revealing his longtime involvement in nefarious government crimes and sexual perversions. At one point frantically searching for her husband, she ended up notifying General Jim Joy that she had the full lowdown on both him and his sick brotherhood.[109] Under severe duress and overt attack now, she fled her home for Washington DC under the protection of senior White House correspondent, the legendary Sarah McClendon (1910-2003),[110] who for the next six months took her under her wings as an emergency house guest. According to Kay Griggs, the savvy, feisty veteran White House reporter since FDR ultimately saved Kay’s life, advising her to go public in 1996 with her shocking story as the best means to stay alive. In 1998 this led to the two hour edited version “Sleeping with the Enemy” (though a later YouTube posting compiled near 11 hours of Griggs interviews with that same title[111]) and the near 8 hour unedited series of interviews[112]with Rev. Rick Strawcutter in Michigan.[113]

The following year Kay managed to divorce Col. Griggs.[114] But the divorce court was stacked heavily against her from the start, presided over by a civilian judge who was a former Army Judge Advocate General (JAG) lawyer. Kay explained that the US courts have been infiltrated by ex-military JAG’s assigned military divorce cases to ensure that “dirty government secrets” remain concealed, especially in nasty divorce court proceedings with axe-to-grind wives against abusive husbands and the military. Kay explained that the government was bent on ruining her financially and psychologically, and revealed how anyone – either military personnel or their spouses, who dare publicly object to evildoing and pose a risk to disclose damaging secrets, are customarily done away with – committed to insane asylums or literally murdered. Kay is certain her Marine Corps hubby assassin bumped off his first wife.[115] We know from the past that even high powered whistleblowers who threaten to blow the lid off crime cabal government secrecy – like JFK or Defense Secretary James Forrestal,[116] are assassinated. In Forrestal’s case after being involuntarily committed to Bethesda Naval Hospital mental ward, he was violently thrown out of his 16th floor hospital window in 1949. His only “crime” was insisting on sharing the UFO truth with the American public.

After the inside job of 9/11[117]perpetrated by these same Zionist criminals that her ex-husband lauded and worked for, assisted by Israeli and Saudi governments, it had become more than clear to Kay that if the same evil cabal is willing to cold-bloodedly murder thousands of fellow Americans, we are all in their crosshairs. So in 2005 Kay Griggs resurfaced, deciding to do an interview update with Jeff Rense,[118] naming more criminals in the Bush regime responsible for 9/11 that her ex-spouse intimately knew and was friends with. The courageous whistleblower wife, now in her mid-70’s is living a quiet life in seclusion in the same Virginia home she shared with her Marine colonel husband, who as of 2005, was retired from the service, remarried and residing in New Hampshire.[119]

More recent requests attempting to interview Kay apparently have gone for naught.[120] Now in her golden years, she may be choosing to stay private, having already unloaded all she knows. In the past she learned firsthand that telling the truth automatically places one’s life in danger. So at this point she may be done with taking on more risk. Perhaps she may have also been told that if she continued disclosing Empire crimes, she’d definitely meet with an untimely violent end. Fortunately for us, two decades ago she laid bare the naked ugly truth, bravely leaking an extremely vividly dark yet extraordinarily clear picture that’s been subsequently confirmed over and over again by overwhelming corroborative evidence. Her warnings urgently compel us to take action against the planetary controllers. If not, the child raping and killing Illuminati bloodlines[121] and their legions of pedo puppets and hired guns are turning our earth into a living hell, centrally controlled by their one world government, one world religion (worshipping Lucifer) and their New World Order’s absolute tyranny.

And Those Military Perversions Continue…

In keeping with this Satanic brotherhood of influential US military officers who more than dabbled on the dark side, and long before Col. George Griggs or for that matter young Satanist Lt. Michael Aquino entered the Army officer corps in 1968 to spread his Luciferian brand throughout the armed forces, there was Office of Naval Intelligence officer L. Ron Hubbard of Scientology infamy who, prior to founding his own bizarre cult in 1947, teamed up with NASA rocket scientist Jack Parsons as fellow disciples of Aleister Crowley’s Ordo Templis Orientis (OTO).[122] They both reputedly signed on as firm believers in Satan’s power, complete with using Crowley’s prescription for drugs and black magick to evoke dark spirits in occult rituals to help do their bidding. And it was Crowley who openly advocated pedophilia as a means of channeling demonic forces to increase one’s personal power and earthly strength.[123]

And if our military higher-ups and their lame now former commander-in-thief Barry Soetoro haven’t been diddling children themselves, they possess a lengthy record of covering up pedophilia and condoning those who do. Case in point – in 2012 a Pentagon-issued 75-page Army manual was made mandatory reading and compliance for all American soldiers serving combat tours in Afghanistan while specifically blaming them for the violent attacks being committed on them by supposed friendly, US trained Afghan security forces for being “too insensitive” to their Islamic culture.[124] The manual prohibits US troops from bringing up certain taboo topics like pedophilia, much less criticizing or opposing it. Because the practice of Afghan adult males engaging in sex with little boys apparently has been a common cultural norm and custom there for centuries, US troops are supposed to look the other way in deference to “multiculturalism” tolerance and acceptance should they encounter pedophiles abusing children in Afghanistan… more blatantly blurred wrong vs right boundaries from apologetics rearing their ugly globalist head.

It should be noted that retired Marine General John Allen, Trump’s current Homeland Security chief, was the top US military commander in Afghanistan at the time and to his credit, refused to sign off on that pro-pedo Army manual, unlike Obama, his Secretary of Defense (Jesuit educated former CIA director) Leon Panetta[125] and my West Point Class of ’74 peer, then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Irish Catholic Malta boy Gen. Martin Dempsey.[126]

That 2012 Army manual was issued just after Marine Lance Corporal Gregory Buckley Jr. phoned home from Afghanistan for the final time before he was murdered by another green-on-blue attack,[127] the term used to describe the influx of Afghan security forces turning their weapons on the US troops training them. During that particular year 2012, 44 Americans in uniform lost their lives by that very method, accounting for 15% of 2012’s combat deaths among coalition forces in the Afghanistan War.[128] According to Gregory Buckley Sr., shortly before his son’s death, the anguished corporal complained to his father, making direct reference to little boys being sodomized within earshot:

At night we can hear them screaming, but we’re not allowed to do anything about it.[129]

Acclaimed professor and author Amitai Etzioni criticized both the George Bush and Barack Obama administrations for “continuing to ignore massive pedophilia in Afghanistan.”[130] He noted that in 2001 when the US illegally invaded the graveyard of empires, “pedophilia had been largely suppressed” by the then Taliban government. Yet under the 16 years of America’s imperialistic military occupation propping up Kabul’s ineptly corrupt US installed puppet government, pedophilia’s been allowed to flourish (just like the opium bumper crops[131]) for over a decade and a half now.

In an April 2010 PBS Frontline episode entitled “The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan,” Afghan journalist Najibullah Quraishi stated:

In an Afghanistan ravaged by war and poverty, an ancient tradition has been secretly revived: Young boys sold by their families to wealthy merchants and warlords, taught to dance and entertain, and used for sex.[132]

Wealthy pedophiles in Afghanistan typically either abduct young homeless boys off the street or prey on the poorest families buying them from destitute parents. The underage boys are forced to dress up in women’s clothing, providing entertainment, copulation and social status for status competing molesters. If a child should resist, he is simply killed by his master. After covering last chapter’s despicable pedophilic practices of the US government in its mind control program and Washington’s long operating massive child sex trafficking network, a striking parallel exists between powerful elite pedophiles in Afghanistan and their pedophile counterparts in North America and Europe… birds of a feather.

Though the practice of “bacha bazi” (translated “boy play” being anything but play for the boy) has always remained unlawful on the Afghan books, since US removal of the Taliban government from power in late 2001, it has never been enforced because Washington is fully complicit in its pedophilia endorsement since so many of the child rapists are among America’s puppets serving as either US trained Afghan security force commanders and government officials in Empire’s constant lost cause of trying to keep territory from Taliban control. And with at least a third to near half in Washington practicing pedophiles themselves, of course it’s no surprise that US policy encourages sodomy of boys as young as 11 in Afghanistan when they’re busily committing the same egregious atrocities en masse against kids right here in America.

Etzioni wrote:

My review of numerous dispatches from Afghanistan found no sign that U.S. diplomats and generals are doing anything to get the Afghan government to protect these children.

In vain Etzioni urged psychopath Obama[133] to deliver the following ultimatum to the Kabul government:

We shall neither finance nor protect a regime that refuses to act against large-scale sexual abuse of children.[134]

Yet in the end the Obama regime only enforced its unethical, spineless non-intervention policy.

A couple years ago, Washington’s complicit support of Afghanistan’s pedophilia strictly prohibiting US soldiers from interceding came to a dramatic head when it was revealed that West Point graduate Green Beret Captain Dan Quinn and Sergeant 1st Class Charles Martland were punished for paying a visit to confront an Afghan police commander after he brutally sodomized a local young boy.[135] Additionally the boy’s mother was beaten by that same Afghan pedophile after she initially reported to the Americans that her son had been abducted, chained to the pedo’s bed and kept as his sex slave for two weeks. When Quinn explained how the US trained Afghan police commander must adhere to a higher standard of conduct and in response the child rapist kept laughing in their face, the two Americans shoved the pedophile to the ground, roughing him up, bruising his ego more than slight marks left on his wretched, sorry-ass body.

But nonetheless when the Afghan commander reported the incident to US authorities, the captain and sergeant were promptly picked up the next day and relieved of their duty. When an officer is relieved of his command, his career is essentially over. So Cpt. Quinn was in effect forced to leave the Army while the Special Forces sergeant had to fight to remain in the service. The civilian Quinn asserted a very poignant observation about US hypocrisy:

The reason we were there is because we heard the terrible things the Taliban were doing to people, how they were taking away human rights. But we were putting people into power who would do things that were worse than what the Taliban did – that was something village elders voiced to me.[136]

Had public outrage over news that the military’s shameful response was to kick Sgt. Martland out of the Army not created such a public relations nightmare for Obama and his Pentagon, the bronze star decorated warrior with a conscience who’d honorably served his nation for 11 years would’ve been involuntarily discharged. But last year after spending the last half decade in total limbo since that incident, the Army finally was compelled to reverse its position.[137]

While US government and its mainstream media whores desperately continue covering-up the global pedophilia epidemic, pretending it doesn’t exist, an internal memo within the Ottawa government obtained by the Canadian Press earlier this year paints a far more honest and sobering picture. An internal briefing note to Canada’s public safety minister openly admits that the nation’s law enforcement agencies are unable to keep up with the skyrocketing online child pornography industry of “epidemic proportions” (memo’s words).[138] With insiders essentially alluding to their inability to protect vulnerable children north of our border, you can bet the situation in America is at least equally dire or likelier even more out of control.

Look at the Pentagon alone. Not only do they issue pro-pedo orders to its troops, but our supposed top military leaders acting as our nation’s first-line defenders are pedophiles themselves, vast numbers busted consuming and downloading on their government issued computers “unbelievable amounts” of child pornography. As far back as over a half dozen years ago, a whopping 5,200 cases were initially uncovered and then to this day remain systematically covered up.

In addition to busting the Catholic Church pedo scandal wide open in 2002, the Boston Globe broke the Pentagon story in January 2011 determining that the Defense Department had failed to complete its internal investigation of 1,700 more cases out of the total of 5,200 initially submitted by the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency way back in 2006.[139] The DoD Inspector General in early 2011 assured the Globe that its ongoing, “very thorough” investigation would leave no stone unturned regarding the 1,700 still uninvestigated “stonewalled” cases. We’re talking hundreds if not thousands of Pentagon employees, all with above top secret clearances paying with our tax paid dollars during their work hours to gawk at their government issued computer screens graphically displaying children getting raped, additionally setting themselves up as easy blackmail targets while risking our national security. And what does the Inspector General do but sit on this shocking reality for over a half decade. For all the IG’s “thorough work,” when everything was said and done, all of two DoD employees, both private defense contractors at that, were prosecuted.[140] There’s something horribly wrong with this picture.

So you may ask has the Pentagon porn problem finally been fixed? As recently as last year, the Pentagon’s Defense Security Service Director Daniel Payne proclaimed, “The amount of porn I see [on government devices] is just unbelievable.”[141] So with that disturbing confession 10 long years after 5,200 cases of Pentagon porn were discovered, the Pentagon security director himself admits the amount he’s still finding is “unbelievable.” What does that tell us? It clearly confirms that Luciferian worshipping pedophiles in the seat of US military power are hardcore pedo addicts still getting their sick jollies off at the expense of thousands and thousands of ruined children’s lives, and still getting away with their sordid, unaccountable, felonious crimes. This is but a symptom of the demonic perversions in Washington and indeed the criminal satanic cabal running this entire world.

And it’s no different in Rome, Brussels, London or Hollywood either. The scandalous United Kingdom government long involved in pedophilia up to its Savile-loving, oversized royal ears, and “accidentally on purpose” lost over 100 enormous sized files on its “ongoing” child rape investigations.[142] All the major Western governments including the Vatican have been repeatedly proven guilty as sin sodomizing little kids on an epic scale and then proven equally guilty engaging in nonstop cover-up. The dark ugly truth is that the Luciferian elite controlling this planet is comprised of child rapist-murderers despite whatever feeble cover-up and denial attempts they continue to spin. But these diabolical gatekeepers will never fully stop exposure of their horrendous crimes against our children and humanity. The earth controllers’ atrocities have now reached critical mass, the point of no return with too much gaping, overwhelming evidence oozing forth daily for the perpetrators to effectively sweep under public radar anymore. Their Achilles heel is now staring us in our face and it’s past time we finally do something about it.

While more than a few noteworthy cases of mid-level officials entrusted with defense of our nation have been busted as criminal pedophiles, the power behind global child sex trafficking still remains untouchable. But as more low to mid-level arrests are made, especially once a Truth and Reconciliation Commission materializes, ferreting out those at the top in charge of the global operations is now within our grasp. In the meantime, last year the US State Department’s Director of Counterterrorism, Daniel Rosen, was caught and convicted twice committing sex crimes, first for stalking and voyeurism targeting his female neighbors and then in 2015 for soliciting sex and sodomy from a Fairfax County police sting operation officer posing as a 14-year old girl.[143]

In another case America’s top nuclear scientist, Dr. David O’Brien, responsible for monitoring global nuclear activity at Patrick Air Force Base’s Technical Applications Center, was convicted of using his Air Force computer to download videos of children as young as 3 being sexually abused and tortured.[144] Watchdog investigator Lori Handrahan writing regularly for compiled a slew of serious cases involving armed forces personnel convicted of pedophilia crimes that raise a threat to our children as well as both our national and international security.[145]

Though insider voices from within the matrix drop occasional truth bombs, America’s MSM scarcely if ever covers them in its vain effort to keep America’s “silent majority” forever silent, kept in the dark and the last to know. One such rare display of honesty arrived in a 2015 BBC interview when the assistant director of the FBI’s Criminal Investigation Division, Joseph Campbell, openly admitted:

The level of pedophilia is unprecedented right now.[146]

Over two years ago, well before the Pizzagate/PedoGate scandal captured the internet world, a high level FBI insider was stating that America’s problem of child pornography and child sexual exploitation was reaching an “almost epidemic level.” At this point, only those still stuck in the dinosaur age watching their nightly fake stream television news remain oblivious to what’s going on. The rest of us are awakening or already wide awake in the clear light of day recognizing that child raping Luciferians control our planet and that our greatest responsibility is to protect and bring overdue justice to our children – past, present and future. It’s not an exaggeration to say that survival of both the human species and our earth hang precariously in the balance.

Another shameful black mark on the US military – as of 2015 there are more convicted pedophiles sitting in military prisons than rapists of adults as child sex offenders now constitute the largest inmate population.[147] When asked to comment on why so many child rapists are behind military bars than any other type criminal, the pat Defense Department answer is because the military judges and juries find pedophile crimes so intolerable they systematically enforce much longer sentences.[148] Yet the exact opposite is true, compared to civilian courts, far longer imprisonment time is imposed on civilian child molesters than soldiers who rape kids.

State and federal laws for sex crimes against children carry mandatory minimum sentences while the military courts walled off from public scrutiny grant pedophiles in uniform secret plea bargain deals often resulting in a far briefer prison sentence. Also, whereas convicted civilian sex offenders once out of prison are routinely monitored on state and federal registries publicly posting their home addresses, child rapists in the military have their privacy tightly guarded as if more important than public safety. The standard military response to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests is to customarily deny information. The US Constitution permits any citizen free access to public courts and requests for legal files in order to maintain open accountability. But in stark contrast, the military court system is cloaked in guarded secrecy where even if FOIA information is granted, it takes months or even years to obtain.

In short, without any oversight, the military justice system appears to go out of its way to protect the rights of its pedophiles far more than their own child dependents in military families. A reminder that in the military daycare scandals at both West Point and the Presidio, not one perpetrator was ever prosecuted and served time for molesting and raping hundreds of children attending those facilities. The confirmed higher incidence amongst military veterans of compulsive sexual behaviors that include pedophilia,[149] combined with increasing rates of child abuse in military families observed since 2008, including a 14% spike in 2014 alone,[150] underscores the rising risk of children growing up in military families falling victim to increasing military pedophiles in its ranks.

Another case in point to illustrate how the military justice system favors pedophiles over the well-being and safety of military kids, especially if the pedophile’s a full bird colonel. Meet Col. Daniel Hunter, the Camp Lejeune, North Carolina operations officer till last summer and highly decorated 36 year active duty Marine Corps officer, accused in July 2016 of sexually assaulting a six-year old daughter of one of his subordinates four times in a two week period.[151] A civilian or even a soldier of lower rank charged with such a serious offense would normally be locked up in prison while awaiting trial, but not Colonel Dan. Known to be a heavy drinker with his own wife admitting he’s an alcoholic, the colonel was even accused of offering alcohol to his 6-year old victim, her twin sister and their 10-year old sister. After a four month investigation, in November last year Hunter was formally charged with sexual assault of a minor. But it wasn’t until an adult female friend of the colonel and his wife reported in January this year that a drunken Hunter allegedly sexually assaulted her before the colonel was finally sent to the brig. The 10-day court martial trial in September found him guilty of sexually assaulting the six-year old girl, discharged him from the service and sentenced him to only five and a half years in prison. Obviously that’s an extremely light punishment compared to the mandatory minimum of fifteen years if he were a civilian.

Yet another US Marine Corps lifer (24 years on active duty status) and not-so-dandy Dan was caught directing dozens of live online videos of children forced to engage in sex acts with each other. A couple years ago 44-year old Chief Warrant Officer Daniel E. DeSmit, father of three, spent $36,000 during a six year period viewing and producing vast amounts of internet child pornography for fellow pedophile consumption.[152] The Naval Criminal Investigative Services (NCIS) found DeSmit’s emails describing his preference for prepubescent girls as “the best experience” and bragging of his vacation exploits in Thailand having sex with 8 and 9-year olds. Despite the military judge sentencing him to 144 years in prison for multiple counts, the child rapist will only do 20 behind bars thanks to a secret pretrial plea-bargained agreement that military law kept hidden from even the judge. With good behavior, DeSmit could wind up serving just a third of his sentence – about 7 years. In civilian court, the judge can override too lenient pretrial arrangements but not so in the military. On top of that, the US Air Force even with FOIA requests, does not release pretrial agreements. When AP requested the investigative report from NCIS, as is typical in military cases, it was turned down. Only after appeal was the report made available.

While in recent years the Pentagon’s been busy trying to put out fires raging with its sexual assault epidemic amongst our fighting men and women,[153] most of the adult-to-adult sex crimes are homosexual rape of men (though it’s not so much about sexual preference as vicious raw power and rageful, violent control).[154] The fact remains 14,000 out of the 26,000 reported sexual assaults within the military in 2012 involved male victims, which is pretty remarkable since male victims report rape even less frequently than the one in three women who do.[155] I’ve written extensively on this ugly topic exposing rape in the military, and no more is it out of control than at our nation’s prestigious, “cream of the crop” service academies like my alma mater West Point, though the Air Force Academy spawns more rapists (per student population) than any other institution of higher learning in the entire United States, more than Penn State and more than West Point and Annapolis combined.[156] That’s a very telling, very grim reality when so many of our leaders in charge of fighting our nation’s wars are actual rapists.

Speaking of West Point, it’s recently come under a wave of harsh criticism for its apparent corruption and lowered moral standards, triggered by a controversial social media photo posted by an Army second lieutenant. The pic shows the defiant 2016 West Point graduate as a cadet holding his hat to the camera with the words inscribed “Communism will win” as a supposed gesture of support for the defiant NFL football kneelers over the national anthem protest.[157] In response, a West Point instructor’s scathing letter to the WP superintendent then went viral enflaming even more controversy. Adding insult to injury, my alma mater has now just disgracefully rewarded war criminal and pedophile George W. Bush with the Sylvanus Thayer Award, “given to a citizen… whose outstanding character, accomplishments, and stature in the civilian community draw wholesome comparison to the qualities for which West Point strives.”[158] Does that make you puke or what? But then when virtually every US president in the last half century have been accused of being pedophiles by a number of credible Monarch sex slave victims, the lack of moral standards in the US military and West Point should come as no shocker at all. Case closed – our government and military are run by Luciferians.

In recent years the Pentagon has had its hands full facing increasing pressures from Congress to fix its rape problem or else turn over its military justice system (aka the good old boys club) to civilian jurisdiction and authority, which would instantly inject a modicum of currently nonexistent transparency and no doubt produce more equitable and just outcomes. In 2013 the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff blatantly lied in his Senate testimony causing the crucial vote to change the system to fail by only a few votes.[159] A bipartisan Senate majority is actually in favor of modifying existing reporting procedures but not quite enough for the needed 60 votes.[160] Currently victims must report crimes to their chain of command boss who then decides whether to prosecute or not, rather than to an independent body of qualified legal experts of military lawyers. For years now the top military brass has resisted change, scrambling feverishly to implement cosmetic changes in massive gender education and sensitivity training programs to project the illusion that its self-policing efforts have paid off and improved its despicable track record. But with the military sexual assault rates still remaining high and nearly the same, in recent years even less victims are now willing to come forth due to the largely condoned hostile recrimination. Just as the Pentagon unethically enforced its “look the other way” policy amidst rampant pedophilia in Afghanistan, its pedophilia epidemic now raging within its own ranks eclipsing the number of rapists of adults with even more child rapists appears to have caught both Congress and the Defense Department off guard, and once again looking the other way. This current situation is horrendously unacceptable.

Again, this pathetic reality cumulatively just adds more mounting evidence that the US military is an infested cesspool sanctuary not-so-secretly brimming with protected pedophiles. Just ask another infamously unpunished pedophile colonel – Luciferian high priest Michael Aquino.

As Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey’s onetime “left-hand” man,[161] Michael A. Aquino proudly boasts that his open worship of Satan never once posed any problem or threat to the equal opportunity US Army.[162] In fact, hailing as the Army’s own prince of darkness leading and recruiting fellow servicemen and women into his own Temple of Set coven,[163] as the go-to expert on satanic dark forces and occult religions, in 1992 the US Army requested Aquino to literally write the book on his brand of Satanism he calls Setism. That book is the official Department of Army Handbook for Chaplains, and listed under “other groups,” Aquino authored the “Temple of Set” section,”[164] widely circulated to every Army chaplain and Army base on this planet for the sake of educating, fostering and promoting acceptance of all officially designated religions, extending respect, equal status and legal religious rights to those openly worshipping Set aka Satan as an alternative option. Of course in addition to Setism, also officially included are Satanism and Wicca whose founding principles are also largely rooted in rejection of monotheistic religion. Just like the Vatican, is it any wonder that our armed forces and Pentagon are also rife teeming with satanic pedophiles, lustfully jerking off to children being sodomized and ritualistically sacrificed in snuff film porn? Sorry folks, this is our sad, pathetic reality we must squarely face today if there’s ever going to be a child-safe tomorrow.

The fact is the FBI, CIA and military intelligence (in cahoots with Mossad, MI6 and other foreign intel agencies) are the Luciferian elite’s principal handlers – per their marching orders busily destroying America and Europe while orchestrating both state sponsored global terrorism[165] as well as state sponsored global child sex slave trafficking,[166] in addition to the other highly lucrative international trafficking of illegal weapons,[167] body parts[168] and drug smuggling operations.[169] War zones are always ripe, fertile ground for providing the predatory, bloodthirsty elite enormous moneymaking opportunity through these illegal demonic enterprises. Just behind counterfeit, pirated goods that include illicit arms ($923 billion-$1.13 trillion USD annually), drugs ($426-652 billion) and human trafficking ($152.1 billion of which at least $99 billion come from the sex trade) rank as the world’s most profitable, diabolical businesses.[170] As another shady partner-in-crime in these Luciferian cesspool operations, the underworld mafia always skims its cut off the top, but our corrupt governments, the CIA and world’s largest Rothschild owned money laundering banks are the primary cabal players illicitly divvying up the trillions of dollars made every single year. Yep, that trillions. After all, war means easy money and increasing power for soulless planetary controllers – both in profits made and bloodshed spilled.

Since the Vietnam War drug smuggling and stolen oil provide sufficient profit motive for nonstop US war. As an example, America is still fighting its longest running war in its history in Afghanistan where 90% of the world’s heroin is now produced, 40 times the amount prior to US invasion.[171] That’s why the US and British coalition forces are still deployed in that “cash cow” war zone in order to safeguard the poppy fields that annually generate an added $50 billion surplus bonus.[172] So what if they’re causing an unprecedented epidemic of opioid deaths around the world?[173] All the better say the Luciferians in charge. In addition to the $59 billion already on the 2015 books allocated as the annual black ops budget paid for by US taxpayers,[174] by far the largest source of its unlimited spending revenue comes from the illicit global drug and slave trade markets financing such black ops programs[175] as DARPA research, top secret DUMBs, milabs (as sacrificed children killing zones), and the covered up trauma-torture mind control, aerosol geoengineering and secret space programs[176]… all using highly advanced, other worldly technologies as pure evil military WMD’s threatening the survival of every life form on this planet.

Generating $100 billion worth in obscene annual profits is the wholesale trafficking of almost one million babies and children across international borders each and every year.[177] In this postmodern slavery age, sadly there are far more slaves now suffering in this world than any other time in human history, up to 46 million,[178] near four times the total number of African and their descendant slaves from 1525-1866.[179] And at the epicenter of all these most heinous criminal operations on earth is the owning, sodomizing and systematic slaughter of countless innocent children as Lucifer’s favorite, crown jeweled Big Business.

Even the much maligned (deservedly in some cases, most not) President Trump gets it:

You go back 1,000 years, where you think of human trafficking, you go back 500 years, 200 years, 100 years, human trafficking, they say — think of it, what they do – human trafficking is worse now, maybe, than it’s ever been in the history of this world.[180]

And Trump’s head of Homeland Security General Kelly got it back in 2014:

Tens of thousands of sex workers, in many cases adolescents, come into the United States every year through these [international criminal] networks to serve the sex industry.[181]

What they both know but aren’t ready to publicly admit is that shadow government factions like the CIA and Kelly’s own military are at the forefront of these international criminal operations.

Regarding the Vegas massacre, after all the multiple shooter eyewitness accounts at different hotels, always changing timeline discrepancies, mysterious witness deaths, all cell phones and IPads taken on the night of 10/1 wiped clean by FBI and massive pre-event MGM (parent company of Mandalay Bay Hotel) stock selloffs (not unlike 9/11) are among the way too many anomalies clearly pointing to yet another flagrantly staged false flag.[182] With unfolding developments ever since the “suicided” patsy Stephen Paddock allegedly did his damage, the shooter is now said to have been a CIA operative, after confirmation emerged that he was a licensed pilot and owner of two planes. In Florida he also was a Morton Thiokol employee from 1985-88 when the company responsible for the faulty O-ring on the shuttle booster rocket failed causing the infamous deadly 1986 Challenger disaster.[183] Afterwards Morton Thiokol shares flatlined and was subsumed by America’s largest defense contractor Lockheed Martin. Years later Paddock went back and purchased a home in a gated community in nearby Melbourne, Florida in 2013 and sold it two years later. Paddock moved on to work as an accountant also at Raytheon and several other DoD black budgets.[184]

But the current internet buzz now in overdrive is fueled by evidence the so called “lone gunman” flew to Phoenix where he’s speculated to have arranged a gun cache pickup that he transported in a credit card rental back to Nevada days prior to the shooting, earlier than reported.[185] Further conjecture over his Paradise Ranch business in nearby Henderson, Nevada being a front organization that flies children from the Philippines to “transitional homes” on the West Coast is leading an army of online sleuths to the overhasty conclusion that Stephen Paddock was a CIA/ATF gun running/drug smuggling/child trafficker.[186] According to many so called conspiracy theorists, the man who lavishly paid hookers to indulge his rape fantasies was deemed a loose cannon knowing too much about clandestine government operations… becoming the perfect Oswald patsy. As Paddock’s only company on record started in 2004, Paradise Ranch is claimed to be “a joint venture with the Philippine Children’s Fund of America,” a charity headquartered in Sacramento, California. PCFA historically supplies disaster relief to needy children in the Philippines, originally opened in 1991 serving Amer-Filipino child victims left behind after the Mount Pinatubo volcano closed US Clark Air Force Base in Angeles City.[187]

Like so many districts adjoining US military bases, Clark had gained a seedy reputation for prostitution and child trafficking. However, Paddock’s Paradise Ranch in Nevada may have zero connection with the Philippine Paradise Ranch that actually does partner with the PCFA. But news has now broken that Paddock’s brother Bruce was arrested on child pornography charges in North Hollywood, California a few short weeks after the October 1st massacre,[188] the apparent culmination of an ongoing FBI investigation begun prior to the Vegas shooting. Bruce Paddock is said to be singing like a jailed songbird, disclosing that brother Stephen was running “a child trafficking empire,”[189] vindication for the conspiracy crowd. Bruce is seeking immunity for squealing like a pig in exchange for all he knows. This development comes weeks after the VOAT folks had already concluded that Paddock was a CIA child trafficker… especially since his life partner grew up in the Philippines. Internet dot connectors are going hog wild, though the alleged Paddock Paradise Ranch link to the Philippines may still be a bit premature and tenuous.

With 1.3 million United States armed forces occupying over 90% of the world’s nations (177 in all),[190] US Military Intelligence, CIA, organized crime, State Department and Defense Department along with a relative small minority of US soldiers, UN troops and private military contractors all collectively run massive child sex slave trafficking operations in and around many of the near 1000 US military bases worldwide.[191] And they’re most active in abducting, abusing and moving massive numbers of children across international borders where US troops are most concentrated in deployment. These entail the active war zone hotspots[192] like Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan and Ukraine, along with longtime traditional Euro-allies Germany, Italy, UK and Spain as well as South Korea[193] and Okinawa Japan. Other smaller yet sizeable US military contingents are dispersed in Poland, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Jordan, Israel, Bahrain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, Guam,[194] and the Philippines, that is until its gutsy, politically savvy President Rodrigo Duterte recently had the nerve to order “Yankee go home!”

Apparently the Philippine leader had enough of the CIA supporting ISIS in his southern island of Mindanao aimed at a regime change and drumming up drug business in Duterte’s antidrug war.[195] After drawing closer ties to China and Russia, in November 2016 the Filipino maverick said he wants all remaining US troops numbering about 600 removed by November 2018.[196] With not many foreign leaders daring to stand up to the US Empire as the world bully-policeman-executioner, CIA assassination is always not far from Rodrigo’s mind.[197]

… With a Little Help from their NWO Friends – Private Civilian Defense Contractors and UN “Peacekeepers’” Perversions

An exponential number of unscrupulous private civilian contractors busily bilking billions in recent years from American taxpayers, replacing the now outsourced US military, thanks largely to Bilderberger Pilgrim himself General David Be-Tray-US-Petraeus,[198] have also repeatedly been caught red-handed trafficking and raping child slaves in their global orbit. One such notorious hired mercenary company is Blackwater aka Xe aka Academi,[199] owned and operated by Erik Prince who’s become an unofficial backdoor Trump foreign policy advisor[200] and brother to his holy roller rich sister who’s our Secretary of Education – Betsy DeVos – currently destroying the once constitutionally secularized public education system.[201] But rushing off to fight secret wars to illegally kill unarmed civilians in foreign countries isn’t Blackwater’s only crime, the infamous company has long been implicated in child sex trafficking as well.[202] Similar to allegations made by respected journalist Seymour Hirsh,[203] a former Blackwater employee seeing for himself firsthand asserts that Erik Prince fashions himself:

A Christian crusader tasked with eliminating Muslims and the Islamic faith from the globe.

The former private contractor contends that Prince willfully dispatched likeminded zealots to the Iraq war zone to:

Take every available opportunity to murder Iraqis.

Recall back in 2007 that four Blackwater guards (deployed in Iraq to protect State Department personnel) cold-bloodedly massacred 14 Iraqis. Those four are currently doing serious time (30 years to life) for their crime.[204] But after two years in appeals court, in August 2017 a three judge panel recently overruled on a technicality their 2015 sentences, ordering a new trial for each of the murdering convicts.[205] As if killing unarmed civilians en masse wasn’t enough, charges that Blackwater regularly engaged in gun smuggling and child trafficking and child prostitution were contained in two affidavits filed in 2009 by ex-employees who maintain anonymity due to their lives being threatened.[206] They claim that others prior to testifying in previous grand juries against Blackwater were murdered. Despite such serious and highly likely true allegations, the US government continued rewarding Blackwater with a new million dollar contract the following year.[207] But Washington paying only lip service to anti-trafficking laws is nothing new,[208] especially since it’s been the very same Western government cabal that’s been guilty of regularly committing child trafficking and systematic raping and murdering of innocent children all along.

Halliburton, Dick Cheney’s former company renamed KBR (Kellogg, Brown and Root) shortly after he became vice president,[209] as if a name change would hide the fact that nobody noticed that once Illuminati Cheney[210] went from CEO to this nation’s VP suddenly Halliburton was riding high on multibillion dollar, no-bid gravy train contracts in all the US war zones – near $40 billion in Iraq alone[211] as well as Afghanistan and soon enough America too, converting old closed down US military posts into future FEMA concentration camps for US citizens.[212] But there exists one too obvious reason why all these shady global mercenary predators keep changing their names. It’s no different from why Mujahedeen became al Qaeda that morphed into ISIL, ISIS, Islamic State and Daesh,[213] and Jabhat al-Nusra suddenly became Jabhat Fatah al-Sham,[214] to confuse and obscure the truth that they are all doing Lucifer’s work, wanting to avoid constantly getting busted for their massive maiming and killing, raping and enslaving children and women, and wreaking destructive havoc everywhere on earth that they operate.[215] [216]

The old expression “you can change your name, but not your stripes” comes readily to mind. Again, it’s a matter of perspective as to who the real terrorists are. The terrorists behind the terrorists are always American[217] – as much as the US military occupiers waging secret wars around the world in over 134 nations are,[218] or the drone attackers safely sitting in offices half a world away[219] or the American bombers always dropping their lethal payloads,[220] or the private US contractors who on foreign soil are also doing far more harm than good. The up to 30 million dead at the hands of US Empire just since WWII,[221] the even more wounded and millions more family victims of those dead and wounded, all too painfully know exactly who the real terrorist is, having slaughtered over a million times more humans than all the so called Islamic terrorist groups the US ever created combined, despite delivering more than enough incentive to becoming US hating terrorists. But then that’s all part of the demonic globalist agenda, not only to keep the “war on terror” going indefinitely by recruiting a constant fresh supply of avengers seeking payback, but ultimately to spread as much instability, conflict, hatred and violence to every corner of the earth as satanically possible.[222]

Aside from the likes of Blackwater and Halliburton, there is one US private contractor that in particular stands out as the worst worldwide offender that we so far know about, bringing repeated terror to women and children in every distant land it’s been deployed – the pedophile-will-travel cavalcade known as DynCorp. And as tag team partner-in-crime, the Rockefeller globalist creation the United Nations has proven just as perversely guilty as the so called UN “peacekeeping” forces are anything but. Like Col. George Griggs and his ilk, men trained in arms to kill tend to be the biggest child rapists and global trafficking murderers on earth, especially in unstable war zones where the US Empire carries both a sick wartime culture and tradition of “anything goes.”

DynCorp International began in 1946 as an aviation company evolving and expanding over the decades into operations support and training, security and intelligence, international development, and maintenance of both aerial and land vehicles,[223] generating 96% of its $3 billion a year revenue from the US government.[224] In recent decades its infamous theatre of operations include such global hotspots as Afghanistan, Angola, Bolivia, Bosnia, Colombia, Haiti, Iraq, Kosovo, Kuwait and Somalia. Everywhere DynCorp goes, it seems its pedophile employees have played a hand in raping young children in operation of global sex slave trafficking rings.

After Bill Clinton’s NATO bombs obliterated parts of Bosnia, Serbia and Kosovo in the mid and late 1990’s in the globalist fracture and destroy method of “balkanizing” the former Yugoslavia (a favorite US Empire pastime as well as Greater Israel Project divide and conquer strategy, replicated subsequently in places like Libya, Iraq and Syria among others[225]), by 1999 DynCorp was fully entrenched in Bosnia, ostensibly to provide security and aircraft maintenance services. A DynCorp aircraft mechanic with a moral conscience named Ben Johnston reported that his co-workers were raping girls as young as 12 as victims of a child sex trafficking ring.[226] [227] A DynCorp supervisor even made a video of his raping two women. Johnston was soon fired for his whistleblowing but countered with a RICO racketeering lawsuit. In June 2000 an internal investigation was finally launched. When all was said and done, a handful of DynCorp child rapists were quietly fired and sent home but not one arrest or prosecution followed.

The reason is obvious. Should any of the guilty face prison time, for shorter sentences they would certainly make plea bargain arrangements that would implicate what they know of their higher-ups’ involvement. And these global networks of pedophile trafficking rings are overseen and operated by some of the most powerful people on the planet – like the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Clintons and Bushes. Thus, pedophiles even at the lowest levels, if connected to the elite and their governments, remain protected from punishment and the guilty invariably go free. But as some of the bigger players fall from the tree such as Hollywood’s barbaric mogul Weinstein, more will be exposed and humanity will ultimately turn the corner. And that day is fast approaching.

After Nebraska police officer Kathryn Bolkovac went to work in Bosnia as a contracted UN International Police Force human rights monitor whose position was arranged by UN contractor DynCorp, she also independently brought this same depraved crime operation to her supervisors’ attention and was unlawfully canned by DynCorp.[228] Kathryn had discovered that high ranking officers within DynCorp, the US military, the UN peacekeeping forces and the US State Department were working hand in hand to forge documents and facilitate with Serbian mafia the illicit transport of sex trafficked young women and underage girls into Bosnia.[229] At great risk to her own safety, Kathryn Bolkovac also courageously filed a successful wrongful termination suit, and after co-writing a book,[230] her story was featured in the 2010 film “The Whistleblower” starring Rachel Weisz.[231] Directly related in this same region is the booming illegal operation of organ harvesting and trafficking. Predatory child and organ trafficking rings flourishing in all the global war zones translate automatically into Illuminati Big Business.

Kelly Patricia O’Meara delivers a powerful indictment against DynCorp and the UN in her incisive account for Insight Magazine:

Dyncorp forged documents, trafficked women, aided illegal cross-border transports and tipped off sex club owners about imminent raids. Bolkovac also described how UN police, NATO troops and humanitarian, NGO employees were “regular customers.”] Bolkovac uncovered evidence “of girls being beaten and raped in bars by their pimps while peacekeepers stood and watched.” Even one UN policeman who was meant to be investigating the sex trade: “paid £700 to a bar owner for an underage girl who he kept captive in his apartment to use in his own prostitution racket.” Ultimately, the company fired the eight employees for their alleged involvement in sex trafficking and illegal arms deals. Madeleine Rees, the head of the UN Human Rights Commission office in Sarajevo, was: “… in no doubt that trafficking in women started with the arrival of the international peacekeepers in 1992.[232]

Again Dr. Sue Arrigo’s revealing observations (detailed in the last chapter) of how the CIA and UN peacekeeping forces from the 1992 Bosnian get-go were in total collusion – trafficking children out of the Balkans – provides strong corroborative testimony. In the face of President George W. Bush’s lip serviced “zero tolerance” policy against human trafficking issued in 2002, amidst the child sex abuse scandals in Bosnia and around the world by the likes of DynCorp, Halliburton and Blackwater, and the continued contracts brazenly granted to these most guilty offenders, finally in 2005 the Pentagon was pressured to develop a proposal prohibiting private defense contractors from engaging in sex trafficking.[233] But then the military industrial complex lobbyists promptly squashed it, in effect, giving the greenlight to resume business as usual continuing US government sponsored child sexual slavery trafficking rings.

Status quo means child rapists and traffickers working for DynCorp, the UN, the State Department and any USAID NGOs as foreign nationals all enjoy diplomatic immunity[234] and therefore a license to continue sodomizing and trafficking child and women sex slaves. Once exposed, the criminals at worst get sent home. Not one child rapist was ever jailed or prosecuted. These sad, telling facts only prove that powerful pedophiles are running the global child sex network with complete impunity.

That also explains why in 2005 when the heroic former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney grilled then Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on why the US continues to award multibillion dollar contracts to known pedophile companies like DynCorp, the flabbergasted war criminal Rummy hemmed and hawed unable to answer.[235] Despite all the horror stories surrounding DynCorp through the years, it remains among the top dozen defense contractors to this day, and as recently as last December, was awarded a new $94 million contract with the US Navy.[236] Cynthia McKinney also nailed Rumsfeld on his $2.3 trillion admission of unaccounted for taxpayer dollars on 9/11 eve[237] ($1 billion of which DynCorp lost training Iraqi police[238]; but the all-time unaccounted for waste total has now risen to a whopping $10 trillion[239]) whose records were conveniently lost the very next day when false flag insider WTC lease owner Larry Silverstein gave the order to “pull” Building 7 for a preloaded demolition.[240] That decision to pull led to a $4.6 billion insurance payout for “easy money” Larry[241] after his barely-on-fire, 47-story WTC 7 collapsed at free fall speed in an unbelievable 6.5 seconds,[242] a full 23 minutes after the BBC reporter had already jumped the gun on her scripted pre-announcement.[243] The Washington cabal’s house of card crimes just keep free falling under the crushing weight of its own ceaseless lies.

Yet another shameful incident involving DynCorp occurred in June 2009 when the boss in charge of DynCorp training Afghan police recruits hired underage Afghanistan boys to engage in lap dances for drug-taking DynCorp employees at a company soiree.[244] As previously noted, in this pre-Islamic Afghan tradition bacha bazi serves underage boys 8-15 years old dressed in scantily clad girls’ clothes wearing makeup to dance for older men who then take bids buying the boy for anal sex.[245] But in this case instead of the pedophiles being Afghan men protected by an age old custom, the pedophiles were once again more American mercenaries from DynCorp protected by Hillary, caught engaging in pedophilia only because WikiLeaks released a cable exchange between the Kabul interior minister and the State Department confirming the scandal and cover-up. Again, the sexual perversion was allegedly videotaped, and again, a few hands got slapped and ordered to go home without arrest.

In an intercepted email to Hillary from her chief of staff and go-to scandal fixer Cheryl Mills, she describes some of the action:

DynCorp employees putting dollar bills in the boy’s waistband, just as a stripper would a stripper’s garter.[246]

Secretary of State Clinton and Mills, who defended Bill against impeachment, actively downplayed to conceal the incident as they customarily do. Of course worthy of another reminder as fellow pedophiles the Clintons rescued convicted child kidnapper Laura Silsby in Haiti in 2010, arrested for attempting to traffic 33 Haitian children across the border.[247] Laura now works for the company that issues Amber Alerts for missing children. Again, all bread crumb trails lead to the same perps guarding the children’s henhouse each and every time. That’s how they’ve managed to get away with raping and trafficking kids for so long without a real consequence. But times are-a-changin’.

Take for instance, a notable recent DynCorp vice president from 2012-2015 – one James Grazioplene, a West Point grad from the class of 1972 (a year ahead of me) who later earned a couple stars as a general, was charged in April 2017 with six counts of repeatedly raping at least one minor in 1983 and 1989.[248] After retiring from the Army in 2005, he worked in the Pentagon as director of force development in the Joint Warfighting Capabilities Assessment. For this high-up Pentagon pedo to suddenly 30 years later get arrested, he had to have pissed off somebody even higher up on the power food chain since he’s a retired general and because record shows everyone who rapes at DynCorp or in the US Army always gets a free pass, much less face prosecution for a three decade old crime.

DynCorp and the US Army just can’t seem to keep their hands off children. In addition to harming the public health of the Colombian people with poison aerial spraying, 54 underage girls in one town near the post where both US military and DynCorp workers were stationed from 2003 to 2007 were gang raped by both private contractors and US soldiers.[249] Additionally, the sexual assaults were filmed and disgustedly sold as pornography. Though the Army claimed an investigation would take place, they lied as diplomatic immunity/impunity was once again the outcome with no arrests nor punishment ever handed down to the dozens of pedophiles.

Another horrific offender that goes around the world regularly raping children with impunity is the United Nations as an integral part of the global child trafficking system. In April 2017 AP reported that 134 UN “peacekeepers” from Sri Lanka were busted for operating a child sex trafficking ring between 2004 and 2007 in Haiti with the only consequence that they too were sent home otherwise unscathed and unconsequenced.[250] Between 2004 and 2016, over 150 allegations of sexual assault in that same Clinton raped nation were committed by UN troops from Bangladesh, Brazil, Jordan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Uruguay and Sri Lanka. Records show that UN soldiers imposed “transactional sex” on 225 Haitian women and children, meaning that for the needy to obtain food, medicine and clothing, they must submit to rape.[251] UN peace-destroyers from Pakistan even sodomized a young mentally handicapped boy for five years.

We’ve repeatedly seen how the Clintons, the State Department, the CIA, companies like DynCorp (also heavily present in Haiti and every war zone) and swarms of predatory NGO “charities” work together with corrupt local government officials and organized crime elements to run their global, well-greased, sodomizing machine. With so much buffered protection, these heinous crimes virtually always go unpunished and, just like hordes of pedophile priests, the monsters remain free to violate more defenseless victims elsewhere around the globe. For many decades the pattern has been a pervasive constant.

UN whistleblower Anders Kompass has uncovered horrific abuses by UN troops forcing victims into bestiality, raping children as young as nine and engaging in mass murder in the Central African Republic. In 1987 a large pedophile ring and child pornography photo studio in possession of over 1000 photos were discovered in the basement of the Belgian UNICEF headquarters in the pedophile paradise Brussels.[252] In that scandal the UNICEF Belgian office head Jozeph Verbeek and 13 other derelicts were arrested including a former British Justice Ministry official.

A 2005 UN internal report listed the following nations where UN abuse scandals were observed – Sierra Leone, Liberia, Bosnia, Cambodia, East Timor and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).[253] A cursory look at just one of these war zone hotspots reveals the same global dynamic in all of these ravaged nations. With decades of ongoing war in the embattled DRC, a multitude of notorious perpetrators, among them USAID and UNICEF tasked with reintegrating child victims while UN mission peacekeeping forces ostensibly support the Congolese army against neighboring invading Ugandan and Rwandan militias covertly led by CIA and DIA operatives.[254] But both sides are rampantly guilty of raping children and women as a weapon of war and equally guilty of child trafficking for both sex and child soldier labor. The root of these longstanding hostilities is over Congo’s mineral rich turf filled with blood diamonds and gold, copper, col-tan and cobalt, and powerful Western parasites greedily, violently stealing natural resources from another poor, thoroughly exploited Third World nation victimized by the elite’s artificially induced cover of divide and conquer conflict amongst a host of competing diabolical players and interests. But all of these brutal actors share one thing in common – by design they are all predatory foxes playing out their sinister roles as mere cogs incessantly caught raiding the Luciferian pedo-wheel henhouse.

In the dozen years since the 2005 UN report, there have been over 2,000 more documented cases of UN soldiers sexually abusing children and women.[255] In an Ivory Coast town a Save the Children poll determined that 8 out of 10 girl minors stated that they were regularly raped by UN troops.[256] Just like the US offenders in and out of uniform stationed abroad, neither the UN nor the rapists’ nations of origin hold the violent criminals accountable due to diplomatic immunity. So there exists zero incentive for these horrendous sex crimes to abate much less cease. These heinous atrocities perpetrated by UN peacekeeping missions worldwide just keep going on and on without an end in sight. And it’s all because a very corrupt globalist system continues to support, cover-up, protect and perpetrate rampant global pedophilia and sexual exploitation of women and children on a global scale.

In July 2016 the insidious infestation of the elite’s multipronged globalized strategy to normalize raping children took another giant step closer to fruition. The United Nations “Human Rights Council” is first of all led by Saudi Arabia, the most egregious human rights offender on the planet,[257] still practicing the stoning of women[258] to death for adultery,[259] raping trafficked child sex slaves galore,[260] and honor killings for rape victims.[261] And women are put in prison for leaving their home unescorted by a male chaperone,[262] or running for their life out of a burning building without their “headscarves and abayas.”[263] Saudi women are just now for the first time being allowed to drive a car.[264] But last year led by Saudi Arabia the UN Human Rights Council voted 23-18 (with 6 nations abstaining) in favor of appointing a UN czar[265] to globally enforce the normalization of homosexuality, transgenderism and pedophilia as human rights.[266] The globalist UN agenda pushing radical sexuality as an international human right is designed to subversively pre-empt religion. It’s ludicrous since the LGBT cause has never been an international human right whereas freedom of religion certainly has been a universal right for many years. Though this “new age” crusade is being promoted under the guise of protecting LGBT rights, in actuality its covert objective is clearly to demonize and outlaw traditional sexual morality as a “hate crime.”[267] Through the Rockefeller-created United Nations, the elite’s institutionalized power being overtly misused to nefariously promulgate pedophilia as a simple victimless, adult life choice has come to represent yet another among countless deceitful ploys to justify and protect its systemic sacrifice of the innocents.

Meanwhile, fortunately for humanity thousands of victims and whistleblowers have been courageously exposing this demonic, twisted yet intricate interlocking dynamic behind these widespread sex trafficking operations at the highest reaches of global power. The cabal’s most guilty culprits include international governance by the UN, national and continental governments (US, EU, UK and virtually every other nation’s governing leadership), military forces from the US, NATO, UN and many other countries, the international intelligence community led by Mossad, MI6, CIA and FBI (now operating globally under counterterrorism domain), international organized crime, international and national law enforcement and judicial court systems down to state/provincial and local municipal levels as well as child welfare systems, top Fortune 500 energy and arms industries, and of course all the biggest central banks for illegal money laundering. All these most prominent pedophile players parasitically feed off missing children’s flesh and blood as bloodthirsty, insatiable Illuminati monsters controlling our planet. Keep in mind that these same governing entities control all illegal international arms and drug smuggling industries as well as the enormously lucrative globalized organ harvesting-trafficking trade. Though there may be countless good human beings serving in all these organizations, far more than the relatively miniscule Luciferian minority in control, only the demonic puppet soldiers at the top and the powerful family bloodline puppet masters behind them comprise the scourge that’s committing wholesale slaughter of our children while fast destroying both us and our planet. Now that we know the dark truth, it’s time to take action to protect our children and mother earth while we still can.

Chapter 12 explores what happens to the throwaway children falling through the cracks in this diabolical system when the CIA’s Finders scandal is dissected from the late 1980’s just a few short miles away from the Boys Town rape victim midnight tours at the pedophile Bush White House. The Franklin scandal will then be covered in Chapter 13.


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