Chapter 20: Savile: Occult Death Cult Practitioner of Satanic Ritual Abuse, Necrophiliac & Best Friend of Britain’s Deadliest Serial Killers

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Chapter 20: Savile: Occult Death Cult Practitioner of Satanic Ritual Abuse, Necrophiliac & Best Friend of Britain’s Deadliest Serial Killers

Joachim Hagopian

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Aside from a 1972 sensationalized book on pornography that two-time cabinet minister in the Harold Wilson government Lord Frank Longford authored, based on a just completed fact-finding mission with Jimmy Savile and Cliff Richard,[1] Lord Longford and Sir Jimmy also held in common another strange, obsessive fascination – their creepily close friendships with arguably British history’s worst serial killers – Myra Hindley and her partner in crime Ian Brady.[2] Savile’s close ties with Brady dating back to their killing spree were kept mostly on the low while Longford’s public friendship with Hindley once she was behind bars included his “humanitarian” efforts to rescue her from state bondage that backfired with growing negative media coverage on both Longford and Hindley.[3] Unwittingly, Lord Longford singlehandedly torpedoed Myra Hindley’s hope for parole, not that the coldblooded killer deserved it.

But revealed in 2017, back in 1985 accused but unprosecuted pedophile Leon Brittan serving as Home Secretary in Margaret Thatcher’s pedo-saturated government, approved the pedophilic serial killing duo’s possible prison release as early as 1995 for Hindley and 2005 for Brady.[4] Looks like having so many pedophile friends in high places nearly paid off.

For over a half century the entire British nation has been fixated on the horror of how a young couple in Myra Hindley and boyfriend Ian Brady (who died in August 2017) carried out with such diabolical pleasure and bloodlust the brutally sick Moors murders involving sexual assault, torture and death mostly by strangling of at least two girls and three boys aged 10 to 17 between 1963 and 1965.[5] It’s recently come to light through a recovered letter to a journalist, Brady boasted of killing five more children and further research has uncovered the names of a total of seven additional victims tallying a dozen murders.[6] One of their victims, a little 10-year old desperately screaming for her mother was stripped naked by Hindley while Brady took at least 9 photos of their traumatized defenseless prey, all the while tape recording her last few minutes alive that was later replayed at their trial.[7] It was Lord Longford’s friend Jimmy Savile who already knew and had bought Brady’s child porn photos of young children that likely included their victims even prior to the serial killers’ 1965 arrest.[8]

Yet leave it to devout Catholic Lord Longford to use his powerful contacts in government and high courts to tirelessly advocate for coldblooded Myra’s prison release during the final 35 years of his life till death do him part in 2001 at age 95.[9] Their bizarre friendship is now the portrayed subject matter in a Golden Globe winning 2018 released film entitled “Longford.”[10]

Lord Longford began collaborating with yet another powerful figure – journalist and Observer editor Lord David Astor (yep, from one of the world’s most famous, wealthiest Illuminati bloodline families[11]) also an avid Myra Hindley freedom fighter. For 20 years Lord Astor and Hindley exchanged letters, and both lords conferred on strategizing ways to help the child killing satanic witch be set free.[12] Her sidekick Brady was the occult alchemist tied to Savile occult rituals at the Moors.[13] Why would two prominent Oxford grad Lords Longford and Astor, the upper crust of upper crust, take up such an unholy cause on behalf of what the press was calling “the most evil woman in Britain?” Like attracts like, that’s why. Despite this odd disparity, the media simply passes it off as two misguided liberals in their senior years seeking redemption through saving one lost soul… hardly. Bottom line, these two serial killers and their beloved, famous, respected friends all likely belonged to the elites’ not-so-secret crime cabal network.

As their loyal friend and supporter, Savile visited each murderer in prison and played songs on his radio show encoded in dedicated message as part of a secret occult system that the three utilized to communicate. A longtime Moors murder investigator has concluded that Brady and Hindley were part of Jimmy Savile’s child sex ring.[14] When Savile was asked publicly about the Moors murders, his outlandishly truthful reply was, “I am the Myra Hindley story.”

As another indicator Myra had friends in high places, her story took a bizarre twist in November 2002, when she likely did not die at age 60 as the media reported. Within a day or two of her so called death, Myra Hindley was spotted and identified by a school nurse after Hindley’s car accidentally bumped into hers.[15] When the nurse exclaimed, “You’re Myra Hindley,” the woman responded, “You can’t say that! You can’t say that!” and jumped back in her car and speedily drove off. Jotting down her license plate number, when the nurse reported the incident to the police, they told her to withdraw her accident report and that it if she knew what was best, it never happened. She went to the local paper and spoke to a journalist who then contacted Lord Longford’s son who also alluded that Myra was still very much alive. No death certificate was ever published and her body was apparently “rushed” to cremation. Then location of her supposed “unknown” ashes several months later were reportedly “found” in – of all places – Saddleworth Moor where all her victims were buried.

Also the same year 2013 was when the Moor was implicated as a longtime satanic site where young boys and girls were ritualistically sacrificed and snuff films were recorded for secret distribution to wealthy Luciferian clientele.[16] Hindley and Brady were part of the earlier cult that was part of the larger satanic pedophile operation that Jimmy Savile, MP Cyril Smith and other British VIPs belonged to, which explains why the pedo-cabal might fake Hindley’s death and assist her in assuming a new identity.

Evidence has also emerged that Jimmy Savile was well read in Aleister Crowley’s Thelema philosophy that became the cornerstone of Crowley’s sex cult OTO. Myra the witch, Ian the alchemist and Sir Jimmy the wizard are believed to have participated in black occult rituals together on Saddleworth Moor, the satanic location where most of their murders occurred and bodies lay buried.[17]

Back in the early 1970s Janie Jones was a singer who ran sex party orgies for BBC DJs and executives out of her home with schoolgirl dressed prostitutes supplied by record companies as bribes to entice DJs to play their records over the BBC airwaves, caught up in the “payola scandal.”[18] The police investigation in an early BBC scandal in 1971 must have turned up some pretty explosive incrimination against Savile and others at the BBC because the investigative findings have been sealed for 50 years. With 47 years down and three more to go, more dirt on Savile and the BBC await.

As part of that payola fiasco, in 1974 Janie Jones was arrested for controlling prostitutes and perverting justice, serving three years in prison where she met Myra Hindley and became another member of her twisted flock of devoted supporters.[19] Upon Janie’s release, an angry Jimmy Savile demanded a meeting with her to chastise over her favoring Myra over his boy Ian. Lord Longford, Lord Astor and Janie Jones and others were taken in by Myra’s false contentions that she inadvertently fell under Ian’s demonic spell to blame him in her bid for freedom,[20] and Savile, who personally knew both serial murderers, realized Myra was just as wickedly guilty and evil, if not more than her boyfriend. But as a misogynist, Savile always favored friendships with male serial killers over females. After carrying on about 13-year old girls actually “wanting” it in his warped need to justify his raping young girls, Jones said that Savile then went into “bragging that he knew Ian Brady well” and that it was he who deserved her favor.[21]

Yet more satanic linkage to Savile and his ties to the Moors have also surfaced. A man described as a High Priest of Satan named Michael Horgan regularly organized satanic ceremonies at Saddleworth Moor where children 2 to 13 years of age were drugged, ritually tortured, sexually abused and sacrificed in the same satanic pedo-ring connected to Savile, Brady and Hindley.[22] The ceremonial abuse was often filmed for snuff distribution. Eventually Horgan was jailed in 1992 for 10 years. His own stepson, Michael Roberts, recounted the painful trauma that Michael Horgan sadistically put him through, recalling his molestation at the pudgy, filthy fingers of prominent MP pedophile fat boy himself – Sir Cyril Smith who was friends with Horgan, Savile and a bevy of other pedo-linked powerbrokers. Lots more on this obese, queen-knighted, scum-faced royal lieutenant tied closely to the Westminster pedophile abuse scandal-cover-up featured in Chapter 23.

Before leaving the Longford-Hindley-Saddleworth connection behind, one more telling fact – the porno-serial killer-infatuated Lord Longford’s niece is none other than the child porn supporter, Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) advocate, lower-the-age-of-consent-to-10 supporter Harriet Harman, the longtime Labour Party MP and deputy party leader. Recall from Chapter 2 that when she was legal officer for the National Council of Civil Liberties (NCCL now known as Liberty) from 1978 to 1982, she actively lobbied to legalize child pornography unless it could be proven to harm a child.[23] The NCCL admitted PIE members allowing them to speak at its official functions and use the NCCL platform to promote legalization of incest. As the legal officer for four years, Harman signed documents promoting pedophilia and then when confronted in 2013, flatly denied it, refused to apologize, profusely defended herself against any wrongdoing, claiming to be a victim of a vicious smear campaign, and was willing only to regret PIE’s status as an affiliate NCCL partner.[24] Moreover, her Labor MP hubby and party shadow police minister Jack Dromey was NCCL’s chairman throughout this period in the late 1970s. Also Harriet Harman is a cousin of pedo-enabling former Prime Minister David Cameron who is a cousin of Queen Elizabeth.[25] Pedophilia enabling – if not pedophiles themselves – obviously runs in the family.

Aside from the Moors abuse and killings and occasionally wearing the number 666 on his marathon runs, even more conclusive evidence indicating that Jimmy Savile was a Satanist is a 1975 incident in a candlelit basement room deep in the bowels of Stoke-Mandeville Hospital. Savile is alleged to have worn a hooded robe and mask during a secret satanic ritual ceremony that involved the beating and raping of a 12-year old girl patient.[26] She was led into an out of the way room where Savile and several other hooded, masked adults joined in to participate in the satanic ritual abuse, frequently repeating “Ave Satanas,” Latin for “Hail Satan.” The victim recognized Savile because of his distinctive voice and blond hair sticking out from the side of his mask.

Similar to arrangements at Broadmoor and Leeds Infirmary, Savile enjoyed his own living quarters at Stoke-Mandeville where he volunteered as a porter from 1965 to 1988 and sexually assaulted at least 60 patients, volunteers and visitors with nine informal complaints and one formal complaint registered between 1972 and 1985.[27] An 8-year old brain damaged girl in a coma suffered abuse at the demon’s hands. Another 8- or 9-year old whose relatives worked at the hospital was repeatedly raped 10 times at the hospital.

Five years later in 1980 another abuse victim at the time 21-years of age reported that Savile dressed in similar ceremonial wizardly garb this time played the leading role in a satanic ritual after an orgy party held at a wealthy private London residence.[28] The victim described her ordeal to the Express:

I was brought in to a dark cellar and made to stand in front of three men in a ­circle, with the man in the middle sitting on a throne-like chair in a bright gown with a cigar in his mouth. A man stood on either side in blue cloaks and masks… I was then taken by the man smoking the cigar, who I recognised as Jimmy Savile, to an altar table where I was stripped of my gown and tied to the altar. Savile then climbed on to the table and raped me. Others around him called out Satan’s name and laughed hysterically and were worked up into a frenzy.[29]

Both young vulnerable females witnessing firsthand Savile’s savage participation in satanic ritual torture went to the police afterwards but to no avail. UK’s standard police policy has virtually always been to summarily dismiss all sex abuse complaints against VIPs. Years later each young woman independently contacted the same therapist in 1992 and 1993, both struggling with the long term effects from such an emotionally jarring, scarring, eerily similar experience with Savile’s organized satanic ritual abuse ring.

Once famed pediatrician consultant at Stoke-Mandeville for two decades, Dr. Michael Salmon was also a charity organizer and chief medical director for Dreamflight, a charity renowned for annually sponsoring 300 disabled UK children on a flight to Florida’s Disney World and Seaworld.[30] Dreamflight’s maiden voyage was a 1985 Christmas flight with children on a jumbo jet accompanied by Sir Jimmy Savile. As a twice convicted pedophile guilty of indecent assaults, Dr. Michael Salmon also worked at the BBC and also sadistically abused at least 18 underage girls and one boy with the youngest victim only eight years old, also at Stoke-Mandeville and other hospitals from 1975 to 1989.[31] At 81 in December 2016 when already serving an 18-year sentence stemming from the two prior convictions dating back to 1990, the disgraced former celebrated doctor was convicted for a third and final time just two years after his last one. As a consequence, Michael Salmon will die in prison.

As is so common amongst youth charities, Dreamflight has attracted a number of child predators, including Savile, Salmon and another BBC entertainer Rolf Harris who regularly attended the charity’s pre-flight festivities. One of the doctor’s victims specifically recalls a photo hanging on the wall of Salmon’s office of his son and Savile posing together after the doctor took him to a Jim’ll Fix It broadcast.[32] This confirms the doctor knew Jimmy Savile. Dr. Salmon and Savile shared too many overlapping parallels working at the same hospital during the same lengthy years, linked to the same charity while both were BBC employees and serial pedophiles victimizing underage hospital patients at the same place and time.

Additionally, one of Salmon’s seriously ill victims at Stoke Mandeville confined to a wheelchair was drugged and gang raped by Salmon and two other men.[33] The girl remembers afterwards being wheeled back to her room by a hospital porter, more than likely Jimmy Savile. This incident with Savile’s satanic ritual abuse involving other hospital staff victimizing yet another Stoke-Mandeville girl, point to Salmon most likely attending that satanic ritual abuse session. These recurring similar events involving both the DJ and the doctor indicate that for years they likely participated in and belonged to the same satanic pedophile ring.

But these uncanny, striking parallels don’t stop there. The female face of the BBC, news presenter Jill Dando, aware of the Savile-BBC pedophile ring, and both her and Jimmy’s longtime friend Sir Cliff Richard were also both Dreamflight patrons just months prior to Jill’s murder.[34] And Queen Elizabeth’s dressmaker Lillian Joyce Burfield and the queen honored Dame Yvonne Trueman, sister of Dreamflight creator and British Airways pilot Derek Pereira, were also both Dreamflight fundraisers as well as Stoke-Mandeville volunteers, all running in the same circles socially and professionally. So many common links appear more than coincidental, fueling high speculation that connects all the dots between already established and confirmed nefarious relationships between the royals, Savile, Harris, Sir Cliff and Jill, child charity work and Stoke-Mandeville Hospital.

A final nail in the elite’s dot connected coffin exposing the wider Savile-Salmon-BBC-Stoke Mandeville pedophile ring is the fact that the primary funder of Tavistock research on torture-induced mind control and dissociative disorder is none other than a Rothschild who also happened to be a close associate of the disgraced Michael Salmon.[35] Even after he was convicted of drugging and raping children, the late entomologist Miriam Rothschild wrote the introduction to Salmon’s 2001 butterfly book. Apparently they both shared an acute interest in butterflies (no doubt over the well-being of children) that extends beyond the Monarch mind control developed at the Rothschild funded Tavistock.

A psychiatrist that studied art therapy practices at Tavistock promoting a style of art depicting sex abused mind control victims called Art Brut happens to run the CrossCurrents Foundation, the major funding source for DC’s 49th most powerful VIP Comet Pizza owner (of Pizzagate infamy) James Alefantes’s Transformer Art Gallery that along with his pedo-pal lobbyist Tony Podesta collect and showcase this pathological “art.”[36] An Art Brut favorite of theirs is former Tavistock abuse victim Kim Nobles whose artwork is prominently featured in both Alefantes’ gallery, his Instagram account and Podesta’s home depicting sexually traumatized children.[37] For decades the Savile-Salmon-Stoke-Mandeville-Rothschild-Tavistock-DC pedophile network has been globally interconnected through powerful bloodline families, their deep pocket foundations, elitist think tanks, university research centers, major research hospitals and large children’s charities as a cherry picked fox guarded pedo-system. And of course all these “benevolent,” renowned institutions in turn work hand-in-hand with intelligence services, government institutions, law enforcement, and mainstream media, all heavily infiltrated by secret society membership covertly operating unchallenged and thoroughly protected worldwide as the pedophilia webbed network.

In the 2001 Theroux documentary, Savile the satanic predator even refers to his bed at his Leeds home overlooking Roundhay Park as his “altar”[38] where sacrifices were frequently made.[39] If you view defiling pubescent virgins as sacrificing a child’s innocence, then his crime scene bed could well be defined in his twisted, sordid mind as his designated satanic altar. No doubt the Satanist conducted ritual abuse there.

So vile Savile was always planting hide-in-plain-sight clues that only make sense in after-death exposure. He claimed to be Myra’s story because they all were practicing the most egregious satanic death and torture rituals that defy every decent human’s sensibilities to even fathom much less grasp. There are those who believe he fashioned himself as another demonic wizard like Crowley, utilizing his black magick powers to cast spells on celebrities, BBC bosses, politicians, royalty, fans and the entire nation in order to successfully cheat fate and evade exposure.[40] The megalomaniac valued freedom at all cost and the power to be able to do, say or get away with anything that momentarily pleased his whim or fancy, never worrying about paying a consequence. In his words:

I am not constrained pretty well by anything. The tough thing in life is ultimate freedom. Ultimate freedom is the big challenge. Now, I’ve got it. And I can tell you that there’s not many of us that’s got ultimate freedom.[41]

During World War II Jimmy Savile was a young man working in the mines of northern England. But as a Mensa member and avid reader of Crowley and the occult, he would freak out his fellow miners. During a TV interview in the 1980s, he boasted:

No-one ever did eight hours down the pit and came back as immaculate as they set off with white shirt and everything like that. They were quite convinced I was a witch.[42]

Jimmy Savile was often photographed in public wearing a wizard’s gown, complete with Crowley’s 11-pointed star symbolizing his satanic cult.

Yet more evidence that Sir Jimmy the queen’s knight was a practicing Luciferian death cult practitioner comes from his activities in Scarborough where he and the former mayor Peter Jaconelli ran a local pedophile ring taken up already in the last chapter. Apparently not all satanic rituals involve the wearing of hooded robes and masks, at least not at the end of certain dalliance rituals. With his likeminded pervs, in an underground chamber Savile is reported to have disrobed and danced naked around a flogging post as part of a secret satanic sex “club” in Whitby, Scarborough, where he lived for many years with his mother.[43] Along with a chamber flogging post, other reported features included a painted pentagram, black candles, restraining shackles and assorted S&M paraphernalia.[44] It’s believed that fellow pedos Savile, Jaconelli and other prominent local figures regularly conducted occult ritual abuse in their subterranean chamber. A local insider stated:

Someone once made a recording of what unfolded and that film is still said to be in existence in DVD form. From what I understand this was not much serious Satanic ritual but celebrities and local dignitaries dancing around naked with a Satanic theme going on.[45]

Serious and hardcore or not, this Scarborough scene sounds awfully familiar, reminiscent of the infamous Bohemian Grove in northern California’s Sonoma County where the elite run around naked in the redwoods at their exclusive, highly guarded summer camp for Luciferian puppet presidents and cohorts. Throughout the world the planetary controllers are bonded by their demonic occult rituals in the form of ceremonial torture, rape and sacrificial murder of children, be it in Scarborough, Scotland’s royal Balmoral Castle,[46] Bohemian Grove,[47] Stoke-Mandeville Hospital or underground milabs.[48]

Another related article from the local publication Real Whitby adds that Savile and “The Club” as the locals called it also partook in satanic ritual abuse ceremonies “on the edge of the moors” just outside Scarborough Borough,[49] perhaps similar to notorious Saddleworth Moor. The four decade run of South Yorkshire Police veteran who retired as acting police chief turned Scarborough Council Leader Councilor Tom Fox is accused of knowing of Savile’s longtime pedo-satanic activities in the area yet turning a blind eye. Of course everywhere the Crowley wannabe wizard went during his confirmed near six decade long crime spree, law enforcement, the BBC, government and royalty always had his back because they’re all as guilty as Sir Jimmy’s sins in their demonic sexual blackmail cesspit.

Jimmy Savile’s intimate encounters with satanic killer friends didn’t end with Myra Hindley and Ian Brady. Long before he befriended them, he was close to the ruthless pair of pedophile gangsters – the Kray twins, who ran the Jewish mafia out of London’s East End during the 1950s and 1960s.[50] Sir Jimmy also often bragged about having pals who were IRA assassins,[51] northern England mobsters and other paramilitary groups as an MI5/MI6 operative and Mossad asset. An insider Brian Palmer responding to an article on the Coleman Experience commented:

The police took away masses of paperwork after the death of Jimmy Savile, which was said to have been immediately incinerated, it has been said that a lot of correspondence was in the pile from the ex-Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin whom rumour has it was Savile’s main protector.[52]

But a decade after Brady and Hindley were convicted, Savile may well have been a co-participant in the crimes of UK’s biggest serial killer – the Yorkshire Ripper who murdered and left two of his victims’ bodies on or near Savile’s proverbial doorstep and another corpse discarded at Savile Park in Halifax.[53] Till the sicko’s death, Savile maintained a longstanding, publicized friendship with Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper.[54] In northern England around Leeds from 1975 to 1980 Peter Sutcliffe killed at least 13 women, bludgeoned in failed attempts another 7, and was questioned in 17 other attacks on women involving hammers, his favorite lethal weapon aside from his trusty knife and occasional screwdriver.[55] This monster was reportedly once cheated out of some money by a prostitute and her pimp, setting him on his self-delusional Luciferian mission to eradicate as many prostitutes from the earth as possible. In 1981 he was convicted of the 13 murders and punished with 20 concurrent life sentences. A 2013 appeals court ruling dictated that he would never be eligible for parole as the now blind 71-year old paranoid schizophrenic is destined to die in prison as one of the worst serial killers in British history.[56]

While Sutcliffe was serving time at Savile’s own Broadmoor high-security psychiatric hospital, thanks to Sir Jimmy, the Ripper enjoyed a morosely twisted celebrity status, especially after Savile tricked former heavyweight boxing champion Frank Bruno into a surprise photo-op shaking hands with the serial killing devil himself as the cunning manipulator smugly looked on.[57]

After a suspended mismanagement of Broadmoor in 1987, the following year Britain’s junior health minister Edwina Currie “selected” the totally unqualified volunteer Savile as the task force chairman of the nation’s highest security criminal psychiatric hospital.[58] His formal Broadmoor documents included his false title “Dr. Jimmy Savile, OBE, KCSG, LLD.”[59] For Britain’s Health Minister, Kenneth Clarke, accused of sexually assaulting a teenager[60] and confirmed pedophile protector,[61] to assign the serial predator in such official capacity demonstrates Savile’s immense power and reach high up into Britain’s Thatcher government (fully covered in Chapter 22),[62] further implicating that a national pedophile enabling network within the UK government was fully operational.

Calling himself “Governor,” the celebrated predator was awarded his own plush office at Broadmoor, his own sleeping quarters, gold plated keys, and full run of the institution.[63] Ensuring that his friend Sutcliffe’s incarceration was a cushy accommodation, even after he killed and left for dead 20 women, Sir Jimmy immediately lobbied for coed access so his buddy could enjoy sex with female fellow inmates.[64] One of Sutcliffe’s nearby cellmates for six years stated that Savile would regularly have tea with the Ripper inside his quarters, locked in spellbound conversation for hours on end.[65] Nurses commented that they heard Savile’s belly laughs coming from Sutcliffe’s room reacting to the Ripper’s sick jokes as the likeminded predators were obviously bonding.[66] The serial pedophile would often boast how he was such a big shot at Broadmoor, able to get 60 violent mentally ill patients, some convicted murderers released.[67] Fortunately, two years after Savile’s death, the court made certain that was not going to happen for the Ripper.

But it turns out that Savile and Sutcliffe didn’t just meet at Broadmoor. Just like the Moors murderers, back in Savile’s hometown of Leeds when the Ripper was still a free man on the loose during his reign of terror, Sir Jimmy was already apparently friends with Sutcliffe.[68] When the murderer was questioned by police, Sutcliffe even mentioned Jimmy Savile by name.[69] Because Ripper victims sustained bite marks on their chests and bodies, the Leeds police even sent for Savile’s dental imprint for analysis. With two of the victims’ bodies discovered so close to Sir Jimmy’s penthouse property and Savile known to have liaisons with local prostitutes, the most famous Leeds resident at one time was considered a suspect and possible accomplice.[70] Additionally, both whackos shared an unquenchable obsession for dead bodies.[71]

Former detective John Stainthorpe worked on the Yorkshire Ripper investigation. Based on tips from the public, the lawman not only confirmed Savile was briefly a suspect, but he also stated:

Child perverts soon become child killers.[72]

Professor David Wilson, head of criminology at Birmingham City University and former prison officer, draws a striking parallel between the known serial pedophile Savile and the known serial killer Sutcliffe:

Both inhabited a world where men were encouraged to take what they wanted by force and where girls and women were seen as things to be used and then discarded. They used sex and violence instead of intimacy to express their inner demons – the need to be powerful and to control girls and women.[73]

The prospect of Savile being a serial killer was so strong that a year after the pedophile’s death another leading criminologist, Dr. Ian Stephen, urged police to investigate Savile as a suspect in cold case murders and missing persons investigations around the nation:

It is possible that he [Savile] upped the game, that he needed to get that buzz from getting away with it, and the question is does he increase it? There is always that risk with people who are sensation seekers, they sometimes get bored and raise it and the possibilities are there.[74]

In 2001 while agitated over documentarian Louis Theroux’s questioning about his pedophile rumors and secretly recording Savile bragging about his criminal exploits as a nightclub boss in Leeds, Savile threateningly blurted out:

I mean, he was having a go to try and get a bit of salacious TV so of course I suddenly drop into Godfather mode. If he wants to die, he can die. He won’t be the first that I’ve put away.[75]

This utterance is both an aggressive threat and outright boastful confession to murder. Yet there’s more.

Alleged Savile victim, 46-year old Georgina Martin, maintains that Jimmy Savile began sexually assaulting her when she was just 13, and continued allegedly having his way at least 20 more times over the next three years.[76] Near certain that Savile impregnated her at 16, she contends that her now 29-year old daughter is Savile’s. While the mother and daughter want a DNA test to confirm whether the daughter’s father is Savile, neither claim they seek financial compensation. Georgina stated that as soon as she told Savile she was pregnant, he angrily wanted nothing more to do with her. Another impregnated 16-year old victim was instructed by the infamous rapist to threaten suicide if not granted an abortion.[77]

During Georgina’s three year sexually abusive relationship, Georgina maintains that she learned extremely disturbing information about Savile that police would still find useful:

He told me so many warped secrets and let me in on things I now realize are significant to detectives ­investigating what he did. I have tried to blot it out of my mind, but I can’t. I know more about him than the police know. He was obsessed with death and with the Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe. He would always tell me how he had to be careful, especially with the ‘birds.’ When we went out in his car he would point out spots where dead bodies had been found and claim the Ripper had not been working alone. He told me he had been questioned by police after the body of a young girl was found near his home covered in bite marks [just like Georgina admitted he gave her]. Jimmy said they had made him hand over a sample bite mark. But he was always bragging about how he was protected and had people who looked after him.[78] [Emboldened text added for emphasis]

In yet another possible murder at the hands of the “national treasure,” in June 2014 a man claiming he was sexually abused by Sir Jimmy as a boy in the 1960s while living at Roecliffe Manor, a convalescent children’s home in Leicestershire, stated that he saw Jimmy Savile dragging off a girl from the group home that turned up the following day dead.[79] Also two alleged suicides of female patients victimized by Savile at Broadmoor in part can be attributed to Britain’s most prolific pedophile.[80]

As the Jimmy Savile scandal broke in late 2012, stories from firsthand accounts of the Satanist’s love of dead bodies also began circulating. Just weeks after the bombshell of the ITV Savile Exposure doc, BBC DJ colleague Paul Gambaccini whose office in the 70s was next door to Savile’s, on a Radio 5 interview declared Sir Jimmy was a necrophiliac.[81] He said he’d heard about the claims in the 1980s. Paul cites certain news outlets as hypocrites for bragging they knew of this disturbing side of his pathology ten years earlier but remained silent. Gambaccini then questions how Savile was knighted by the queen when every sir gets vetted by MI5. That all these insiders were all too aware of Savile’s despicably deviant crimes yet poured accolades on him right to the end only goes to show that the VIP pedos in power were simply protecting one of their own.

In his many decades as a porter at Leeds General Infirmary and Stoke-Mandeville Hospitals, Sir Jimmy maintained unsupervised free access to the morgues, at Leeds from the late 1970s to the mid-1990s[82] and at Stoke-Mandeville as early as 1954, just three years into his volunteer position there.[83] His celebrity status and psychopathic nature ensured befriending the hospital chief mortician so that his inordinate amount of volunteer time spent down there hanging with the dead was never in question. It also came out that he bragged about his necro-exploits to other hospital staff. A former Broadmoor nurse maintains that Savile claimed he performed sex acts with the bodies, performing oral sex on them and placing fresh pre-rigor mortis corpses into lewd positions for sick pics. The nurse expounded:

He [Savile] was saying that they used to put the bodies together, male and female, and he also said that they took photographs and also that he got involved in some of the photographs.[84] (Emboldened for emphasis)

Note the plural pronoun “they,” meaning that Savile engaged in these perversions with others, implicating again especially with distribution of photographs, the probability of a wider necrophilia ring. Another witness reported that Sir Jimmy noticed him peering at his bulbous rings on his hand and then boasted:

‘D’you know what they are? They are glass eyes from dead bodies in Leeds mortuary where I work and I love working there, and I wheel the dead bodies around at night and I love that.’[85]

A night porter witnessed Savile wheeling a just deceased 4-year old’s body into the Stoke-Mandeville morgue. A former therapist said that he had been told that sicko Savile was caught in the act:

Trying to have sexual intercourse with dead bodies in the hospital mortuary.

In a 1990 interview with Q Magazine, Savile spoke of his volunteer work as a Stoke-Mandeville porter:

One of my jobs is to take away the deceased. You can look after somebody, be alone with somebody, who has lived a whole lifetime, and I’m just saying goodbye and looking after him. That is a privilege and an honour. Some people get hold of the fact that Jim likes looking after cadavers and say, ‘Aha, Jim’s a necrophiliac!’ I’m not a necrophiliac.[86]

Famous last words… A vicious satanic ritual abuser of children and pimping procurer to the powerful, serial predator of anything that moves, and even the lifeless that can’t move, big or small, young or old, male or female, it never mattered as long as his victims were the most vulnerable, infirm and defenseless. Ever on the prowl, he was always ready to pounce. Savile’s rapturous best five days ever were admittedly spent alone with his rotting corpse of a mother he called Duchess.[87] Savile’s penchant for partnership-in-crime with his best buddies Ian, Myra and Ripper and their mutual fascination for making dead bodies makes him their likely accomplice and co-murderer.

With the binding thread that runs through Satanism, Luciferianism, 33 or higher degreed Freemasonry, the Illuminati, and the other numerous elite secret societies is systematic ritual child abuse, torture and sacrifice. Not surprising is a revealing photo at Sir Jimmy’s funeral showing an inordinate number of freemasons in attendance.[88] Demonic infiltrators cherry picked to occupy enough top positions in government, military, media, law enforcement, judiciary, education, entertainment, religion, business, organized crime and social services guarantee that VIP pedophiles continue getting away with child rape and murder. Jimmy Savile was a unique common link straddling virtually all of these interlocking institutional components to UK’s pedophilia network. Savile was also a British intelligence operative.[89] In his words:

I am like a sewing machine needle that goes in here and goes in there, but I am also the eminence grise: the grey, shadowy figure in the background. The thing about me is I get things done and I work under cover.[90]

Psychologist Oliver James points out that Sir Jimmy Savile possessed the dark triad of personality characteristics – psychopathy, Machiavellianism and narcissism.[91] Savile utilized his shrewdly keen intelligence to figure out others’ weaknesses in his compulsive need to exploit, shock, control and hurt powerless victims. Devoid of emotion other than anger, he had no capacity to feel compassion or empathy toward others. His world revolved completely around him, and his grandiose need to inflate his own self-importance and ruthless power over others universally drove his every action motivated by a self-serving means to an end, using his “tireless” charity fundraising to predatorily access children buffered by a firewall façade of philanthropic benevolence. Savile’s quirky “charm” ingratiated himself to VIP elite, facilitating alliances with prime ministers and future kings, predicated by a Luciferian pact based on sexual blackmail secrecy, a conditional, self-serving loyalty to Lucifer and self-preservation, and insulated, above-the-law firewall protection.[92]

The massive compilation of evidence of his “deep cover” damage and depravity that this monster got away with is incredible. His reign of terror was appalling, a nonstop incriminating history of circumstantial pieces to a nightmarish puzzle that together forms a composite whole – a lifetime substantiation that something wicked and foul this way came. His contribution to the British VIP pedophilia network has wreaked untold damage in the depraved business of torturing, abusing and murdering kids’ souls and lives, not to mention those ill-fated victims who crossed paths with UK’s most infamous, bloodthirsty serial killers that invariably became Savile’s best friends. This creepy court jester performer had next to no real or close friends as many who knew him best hardly knew him at all. The famous showboat, eccentric loner possessed far reaching social tentacles that afforded him unbridled access to the royal palaces, the halls of government and every entertainment stage. But the more one digs into the demented, diabolical Jimmy Savile, the more it appears by his closest company that the nation’s most prolific serial pedophile was also a serial killer. As pathologically belligerent and twisted as he was in his psychopathically driven Luciferian marathon of a crime spree, consumed by dead corpses, killing and killers, and compulsively mauling young flesh galore, live or putrefying, from plentiful firsthand accounts, it seems fair to conclude that Sir Jimmy, the national treasure, participated in murder with the Ripper, possibly the Moors duo as well as possibly on his own. After all, he himself proudly proclaimed to the world:

I am the Myra Hindley story.

Next comes what happens to those who know too much. Anyone inside the BBC [or out] that learned of Sir Jimmy’s colossal crimes, the pervasive BBC cover-up and Savile’s procuring child victims to princes and prime ministers, became a lethal liability threat to the cabal and were silenced one way or another.


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