Chapter 22: Sir Jimmy Savile and Margaret Thatcher’s Pedo-Love Affair


Chapter 22: Sir Jimmy Savile and Margaret Thatcher’s Pedo-Love Affair

Joachim Hagopian

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Throughout his long public career Jimmy Savile curried favor with Britain’s most powerful elite, from prime ministers to the royal family. As a social climbing Mensa member,[1] he mastered the psychopathic game of ingratiation, invited to spend 11 consecutive New Year’s holidays in a row with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher at the British PM residence Chequers,[2] just three miles from one of his favorite day or late night pedo-hunting grounds, the Stoke-Mandeville Hospital in Buckinghamshire where he raised near half (£20)[3] of his total £45 million for charity[4] in exchange for being able to freely sexually abuse over five dozen victims and screw dead corpses at Britain’s National Spinal Injury Center alone.[5]

One year the Chequers court jester showed up dressed head to toe in Christmas decorations with a large silver bell around his neck. Lady Thatcher turned to her rather uptight foreign secretary and proclaimed:

Jimmy can ring my bell any time.[6]

Word has it that Savile went through every room at the prime minister’s country estate that year writing on notepads his phone number with instruction that in case of emergency, the PM should ring his bell. Apparently such were the never a dull moment frivolities exchanged between these two intimates. Sir Jimmy fondly reminisced about his Christmases past with his Dame Maggie in an Esquire interview:

I knew the real woman and the real woman was something else. The times I spent up there [Chequers] – Denis, me and her, shoes off in front of the fire.[7]

Early on in her ménage-e’ tau, I mean 3-term premiership, a week after his last luncheon date with the Iron Lady in February 1981, a handwritten letter from Jimmy to Maggie says it all. His love note’s nauseating lip-lock was unabashedly dripping off the page:

I waited a week before writing to thank you for my lunch invitation because I had such a superb time I didn’t want to be too effusive. My girl patients pretended to be madly jealous and wanted to know what you wore and what you ate. All the paralysed lads called me ‘Sir James’ all week. They all love you. Me too!! Jimmy Savile OBE xxx O.B.E.[8]

“Sir James” and Lady T would have to wait six more tries and almost a decade later before his knighthood was granted as Savile’s creepy, uncouth nature had her honor committee staff protectively turning down her first five requests, deferring until she was safely out of office. This rather revealing love note was released in late December 2012 after being sealed for 30 years.

Savile closed his gushing confession sharing that all his patients love her, punctuated with “me too” next to his signature and attached OBE credential, the queen bestowed honor finagled back in 1972 through fellow pedophile-murderer the then Prime Minister Edward Heath.[9] Jimmy Savile’s cloying strategy always seemed to work like a charm on Thatcher, but less so on her staff. Per his request, Thatcher donated a half million pounds ($800,000 USD) on behalf of British taxpayers to his Stoke-Mandeville Hospital’s new spinal unit. Her “generous” contribution to his cause, her determination to doggedly nominate him a half dozen times for knighthood and her re-inviting him back to Chequers on countless more occasions solidified their mutual love affair, no doubt motivated by politics than sex. But it shows much weight and power he had over her.

The bulk of the Savile-Thatcher correspondence was withheld, rejecting Freedom of Information Act requests, fueling speculation over what dirty deeds must have transpired between them to cause it to be branded off limits to the public three decades later.[10] But Jimmy and Maggie’s crime cabal “fixed it” for the public not to know, having to wait until 2022 before another heavily redacted bundle gets released to the lowly plebeians.

Sir Jimmy’s love for Dame Margaret (yep, queenie anointed her with an Order of Merit badge upon Lady Thatcher’s resignation in December 1990[11]) never went unrequited. As leader of the opposition party from 1975-1979, Maggie made a guest appearance on his Jim’ll Fix It show broadcast on New Year’s Day 1977 with Savile promising on the air to fix her election two years prior[12] to her becoming Britain’s first female prime minister (1979 to 1990) in exchange for him being her favorite holiday guest the next near dozen years.[13] Her loving tribute to him was expressed on a Savile episode of This Is Your Life:

So many Great Britons have had a touch of eccentricity about them and Jimmy is truly a Great Briton. Miner, wrestler, dance hall manager, disc jockey, hospital porter, fundraiser, performer of good works, Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire and Knight of the Realm, Jimmy, I and millions more salute you. God bless and thank you.[14]

Thatcher selectively omitted his three biggest pastime passions that for years remained an open secret – serial necrophiliac, serial child rapist and most likely serial killer.

And it wasn’t just Thatcher who was enamored with Sir Jimmy, every prime minister since has faithfully paid homage to Britain’s “national treasure,” his nauseating title repeatedly bandied about both before and after his October 2011 death. From John Major[15] to Gordon Brown,[16] Tony Blair[17] [18]and David Cameron,[19] every prime minister after Thatcher also unswervingly kissed his ass. Perhaps that has everything to do with all of them being known pedophiles themselves or minimally known pedophile enablers.[20] It was at PM John Major’s invitation that Sir Jimmy spent the afternoon entertaining the G7 wives in 1991 while husbands carved up the geopolitical chessboard for more rape and pillage plunder.[21]

Savile also spent time with Tony Blair at Chequers and made public appearances together.[22] While war criminal dad Tony joined the Bush-Cheney Zionist gang lying to illegally invade and kill thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians, and mom Cherie was busy as president of Barnardos,[23] a large children’s anti-child abuse charity with a dubious reputation for child abuse[24] (whose CEO urges more babies be taken away from parents[25]) that operated Duncroft School,[26] Savile’s “pedo-sweetshop” for underage girls,[27] their own 16-year old daughter Kathryn in the spring of 2004 tried snuffing herself.[28] Of course just like all his D-notices to suppress the outing of his pedo-filled government[29] or his college cottage days as crossdressing Miranda picking up little boys in public toilets,[30] a news blackout ensured that the people never learned their prime minister’s teenage daughter was attempting suicide. What other skeletons does the Blair family hide in their closet besides being best friends with pedophiles (i.e., entertainers Sir “Kitty”[31] and Sir Jimmy aside from Blair’s own inside political pedo-pal circles)?

During the 9/11 era the child pimping undercover agent Savile dined with Admiral Sir Michael Boyce, the UK Chief of Defense Staff.[32] Sir Jimmy’s long association with the military began in 1966 when the most elite branch of service – the British Royal Marines – bestowed upon him their Green Beret honor, granted only to royals Prince Philip and Prince Charles.[33] The degenerate DJ is said to have been buried clutching his coveted Green Beret cap.

So let’s do a recap, Sir Jimmy Savile was more than chummy with elitist leaders from the military, media, entertainment, royalty, secret intelligence, religion, government, secret societies and the mob, covering every major player operating the globalized pedophilia network. That’s rather telling.

Dame Margaret and Sir Jimmy’s “love affair” was most definitely a royal match made in Lucifer’s Hell. Hidden away in a page 23 opinion piece of the Sunday Times, journalist Janice Turner incisively summed up the essence of their true relationship, coalescing around his Stoke Mandeville Hospital:

But Stoke Mandeville is the most complex story. It is, of course, still about sexual abuse: the 60 reported victims, almost half of them children, the horror put in cool officialese that here his fondness for groping patients beneath bedclothes probably evaded detection ‘as paralysed individuals would not have felt anything below . . . their spinal lesion.’ But this is also about how politics and money gave him absolute power. Savile, the King. And it was Margaret Thatcher who crowned him.[34] (Emboldened for emphasis)

Thatcher’s Conservative Party in the early 1980s was looking for ways to drastically cut social services and healthcare expenditures from the national budget and using Jimmy Savile’s “maverick” celebrity status to streamline privatization for funding National Health Services (NHS) was her party’s preferred choice in a political marriage of self-serving convenience.[35] Given carte blanche keys to the Kingdom’s NHS institutions, Sir Jimmy was kept happy because he wielded ultimate power and freedom to do his predator thing while conjointly serving the queen’s Commonwealth supplying sexual blackmail bait to British politicians and foreign dignitaries, while heartlessly and savagely destroying thousands of defenseless mentally and physically debilitated young lives in the process.

In return for Savile’s services, PM Thatcher, her health minister Kenneth Clarke, assistant health minister (((Edwina Currie))) and their minions in September 1988 pressured Broadmoor civil servants at the nation’s top security penal psychiatric institution to accept the BBC entertainer – like it or not – to head their hospital’s taskforce after the Department of Health suspended Broadmoor trustees following a series of strikes leaving the Thatcher government firmly in control.[36]

As a Broadmoor volunteer since the 1970s holding the title honorary entertainment officer, gradually the DJ assumed a higher profile and by the late 80s was anointed head honcho by Thatcher and her surrogates. That in and of itself is beyond ludicrous, strongly suggesting that he was granted a political favor in exchange for helping her slash her health and social services budget as well as for pimping kids to Lady T’s pedophiles infiltrating her government.

In 1987 a career civil servant that ran the mental health division of the Department of Health and Social Services, the soon to be two time arrested but never charged accused pedophile Brian McGinnis,[37] was instrumental in pushing for Savile’s Broadmoor takeover.[38] McGinnis was later hired as a high powered disabilities specialist despite allegedly sexually abusing disabled children as seemingly another protected predatory sentinel guarding the elite’s pedo-clubhouse.

Then years later when Savile was finally exposed, in chorus with so many complicit others, a defensive (((Edwina Currie))) said she always thought Sir Jimmy was “totally evil.”[39] If that’s true, then why in the fuck did she go on public record in September 1988, fully complicit in Savile’s criminality, and select an individual she was convinced was “totally evil,” who neither held proper qualifications nor the moral character entrusted to seize control over the nation’s top security asylum housing Britain’s most violently insane criminals? What kind of moronic decision maker does that? But then immersed in a four year mutually adulterous affair with the then future PM John Major,[40] perhaps Edwina’s “moralist” outrage and judgment was already seriously compromised, contaminated and impaired. Or more likely her immediate supervisor, UK’s health secretary Kenneth Clarke was morally impaired, a few years later accused himself of sexually assaulting a teenage child actor (covered in Chapter 20). Or for that matter, even Maggie the pedo-lover herself insisted that a totally unfit, “totally evil” yet thoroughly vetted and widely known pedophile should lead the Broadmoor taskforce.

Incidentally, Edwina’s boss Kenneth Clarke under Thatcher was soon promoted by Edwina’s lover John Major to the powerful position as UK’s home secretary in 1992-93. And so like the Home Secretary Brittan a decade earlier, the not-so-great Britain had another gatekeeper fox guarding the pedo-henhouse, failing to act on knowledge that both MP Sir Cyril Smith and Lord were also sexually abusing children, choosing not to rock the boat, Clarke swiftly swept it under the rug.[41] And it was while working his next job as Chancellor in 1994 that Clarke sexually assaulted former child actor Ben Fellows when he was 19.[42] For making his accusation public as a journalist,[43] Ben was subsequently charged with perverting justice but cleared in court,[44] which in effect meant his accusation against Clarke could not be disproven, i.e., was true. But as always, when big wigs get caught committing crimes, they never get charged or serve time.

After reviewing her diary in October 2012, in the heat of the post-Savile uproar, (((Edwina Currie))) declared:

… When you look back, it does suggest he [Savile] was prepared to use blackmail to ensure people did what he wanted.[45]

Aided by hindsight, Currie’s carefully chosen words are aimed at passing the buck in order to minimize her own criminal culpability. Her statement above reveals that as UK’s pedo-pimp commander-in-chief, King Savile’s M.O. was throwing his weight around using blackmail threats right and left to subdue, neutralize and silence perceived threats in order to ruthlessly grab whatever and literally whomever he wanted. For example, to silence his Broadmoor critics, he accused his adversaries of collecting undeserved overtime paychecks and allowing family members not employed at Broadmoor to sublet their housing.[46]

Savile possessed the classic psychopath’s instinctive knowhow for ferreting out others’ weaknesses and liabilities. As Thatcher and the royal family’s designated child procuring kingpin, Savile enjoyed a long successful history of aggressive intimidation and threat of blackmail. So arrogantly full of himself and his unbridled, unchecked power, by the late 1970s when Thatcher assumed Downing Street residency, Savile had become the public face of charity while the undercover saint was covertly running Britain’s sexual blackmail operations. Pedo-loonies had not only officially taken over the asylum, but the nation’s equally insanely pathological government as well. Throughout the Thatcher years sexual blackmail and Zionism reigned supreme.[47]

The bottom line, for decades as UK’s pimping child procurer working “deep-cover” with British intelligence services and police, setting up child pipelines across the nation under the cover of charity with care home operators, social services and city councils, Sir Jimmy possessed the dirty lowdown on every top government VIP pervert in both Thatcher’s top-heavy pedo-cabinet as well as all the compromised and controlled Parliament members from all three major political parties. He was the macro-to-micro go-between national pedo-operative that made things happen, or as he loved bragging:

The thing about me is I get things done and I work undercover.[48]

Savile’s guaranteed protection was fully secured because, under potential threat of mutual blackmail, the VIP child raping club goes to great lengths to protect its own. Additionally, as the loose cannon with loose lips capable of sinking some very powerful ships, Sir Jimmy virtually always got what he wanted. After all, through his blackmail services, the Luciferian Illuminati bloodline families were able to freely implement their Zionist-Anglo-American Axis-of-Evil agenda, making huge strides pushing towards absolute one world government control, so that all their compromised and controlled puppet-stringed public servants simply do whatever they’re told in order to keep their high-end jobs safely enjoying their criminal, above-the-law, opulent lifestyles. If for whatever reason they don’t, they know they or their careers will die sudden deaths like so many hapless BBC employees covered in the last chapter.

It wasn’t just Savile currying favor with Thatcher and her Establishment pedophiles. The predator pecking order food chain has them all beholding to the British bloodline royal family. The Daily Record won on appeal its Freedom of Information Act request to reverse blocking the government’s overt attempt to redact all mention of Savile and the royal family on the same official documents.[49] Despite Britain’s waning freedom of the press and public right to know, in 2013 while it still had a little left, it was learned that via a memo from a Thatcher aide to the PM dated March 1980 that Prince Charles had already agreed to sign on as the Patron of the Appeal backing Sir Jimmy’s Stoke-Mandeville charity campaign, the same one Thatcher got behind. Savile’s public and private liaisons with the royals go back to the late 1960s and early 70s when Prince Charles’ childhood mentor and fellow pedophile Admiral of the Fleet Lord Mountbatten first introduced the BBC DJ to Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth.[50] The Windsors’ unholy alliance and shared intimacies with Sir Jimmy, their nationally treasured derelict whose buffoonery made even the stoic royals appear more human and less coldblooded and scaly, their mutual romance will be addressed in Chapter 24.

At London’s private highbrow Athenaeum Club in 1985, three years prior to heading the Broadmoor taskforce, Jimmy Savile and health minister Currie’s assistant (and McGinnis’ successor in 1988) – Cliff Graham, met with Alan Franey, the then NHS administrator at Leeds General Infirmary (1975-1985),[51] where volunteer porter Savile remained at liberty for decades defiling underage girls, boys and dead corpses alike. At the posh Athenaeum where no doubt many shady VIP deals get hatched, Godfather Savile and sidekick Graham made Franey an offer he couldn’t refuse, joining King Savile’s Broadmoor and in short order leap-frogging him to “top dog” as Broadmoor’s general manager. Just as Savile was totally unqualified to run Broadmoor, so was Franey who had no experience in security, the criminal justice nor mental health systems.[52]

With another cherry picked fox helping to guard Sir Jimmy’s united pedo-kingdom, Savile was bringing Franey along at Broadmoor knowing he’d be beholding to him. Savile shrewdly figured wherever he went, it always helps to install an indebted subservient figurehead puppet implicitly vowing to protect and obey the hand that feeds him.

No sooner was Franey made a Broadmoor executive, in 1986 just two years before Thatcher’s pedo-friendly ministers appointed Savile taskforce commander, a Broadmoor nurse was caught in a pedophile ring operating at the hospital and arrested for photographing pornographic images of children as young as 3 and 5 years of age on the high security premises…[53] yet one more criminal Savile link never investigated. A longtime Broadmoor nurse who aptly described Savile as the lunatic taking over the asylum, also maintains that all the line staff knew the madman in charge was a pedophile and observed how as a pedo-magnet, he had dozens of fellow pedophiles gravitating to him both from within and out of the insane asylum.[54] You’d best believe the king of all pedophiles had to be in deep with any pedo-nurse involved in a child porn business on the grounds where Sir Jimmy not only ruled the roost but also lived parttime.


So knowing a pedophile ring had recently been exposed at Broadmoor where insiders knew the most famous pedophile was a fixture, what does the pedo-infested Thatcher government do? It selects British history’s biggest pedophile ever to become its next head honcho at its highest security criminal psych institution in the country. Makes sense only if with the most brazen impunity, the already existing VIP pedophilia network is intent on expanding its massive operations, signed off by royalty, the prime minister and British intel services.

In 1996 senior NHS executive Ray Rowden who was hired to oversee England’s three top security hospitals claimed Franey bragged to him that back in the 1980s Franey drove Savile around Leeds to the DJ’s old nightclub stomping grounds.[55] Franey and Savile allegedly had met back in Leeds while running marathons together. Rowden added that when he first came to inspect Broadmoor, he confronted Franey over Savile’s free, unlimited access anywhere inside the asylum, including the women’s section where for prurient kicks, Savile brought along his fellow BBC pedophile pal Rolf Harris for a cheap thrill tour during their bedtime strip down inspection.[56] Of course Franey insisted he never went to a nightclub in his entire life and that said conversation with Rowden never happened. Of course it also goes without saying that Franey claimed he had no clue his good old buddy since the 80s who “fixed” him his job happened to be Britain’s worst serial pedophile preying for decades off Alan Franey’s patients at both major medical institutions he ran as senior administrator for over two decades.[57] Franey “ran” Broadmoor until resigning in 1997 amidst a police investigation over yet another possible child pornography ring allegedly operating inside the walls of Jimmy Savile’s high security institution.[58]

Returning to the Athenaeum Club, how did lecherous crude dude Savile ever gain membership at such an exclusive upper crust Establishment organization? He was nominated by the venerable former Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Basil Hume, who also introduced Savile in 1982 to Pope John Paul II to set the stage for Sir Jimmy’s 1990 papal knighthood.[59] Wouldn’t you know it, UK’s top pedo-enabling Church of England and Catholic leaders were also in tight with Savile and Prince Charles – particularly Bishop Peter Ball who also turned out to be a serial pedophile.[60] Again, more on the royals’ pedo-love affair in Chapter 24. With the infamous BBC court jester’s incredible knack for social networking leading straight to the most powerful people in the world, his intimate ties to the pope, the queen, future king and every single prime minister for over a half century based on their mutual shared pedophilic self-interest, more than guaranteed Savile’s untouchable lifetime free bird status.

And due to the entertainer’s fundraising capabilities, Savile was granted unlimited authority and access at virtually any NHS institution, like Leeds General Infirmary and Stoke-Mandeville National Spinal Injury Center where he’d been a longtime volunteer at both facilities. After a roof cave-in, Stoke-Mandeville selected Jimmy as prime architect spearheading both the design and construction of the new spinal unit. Like Broadmoor, Stoke-Mandeville also provided a home away from home to the lecherous kiddie fondling midnight night rambler to fully accommodate his insatiable predator needs. After all, he’d been granted carte blanche keys to the entire British pedo-Kingdom.

According to one child victim’s claim, Sir Jimmy’s personal assistant for 32 years, Janet Cope actually walked in on Savile while he was abusing her.[61] But vehemently denying she ever knew of her boss’s predatory sex habits, Janet Cope was apparently also too afraid to say anything, knowing up close and personal her boss’s vindictive, petty and sheer cutthroat power:

Jimmy was untouchable… He controlled everything. He controlled me. Everybody was – I’m going to use the word frightened – of him.[62]

According to Janet, after 32 years of loyal service to the psychopathic rapist, he selfishly used her up too, rewarding her loyalty and valuable service by firing her on the spot with no discernable explanation. But then without a conscience, that’s what psychopaths do.

As the powerful devil incarnate was granted increasing access, power and control over Britain’s NHS institutions, the mutually self-serving Savile-Thatcher tradeoff helped facilitate Iron Lady’s diversion of millions of taxpayer pounds away from providing much needed social services to financing a jingoistic war against Argentina. Attempting to reclaim imperialistic British Empire status, violently holding onto stolen South American islands,[63] the prime minister seized the moment using a British submarine to sink an Argentine ship killing all 323 sailors aboard with the false excuse that it endangered British forces. Bottom line, her security advisor Lord (((Victor Rothschild))) possessed substantial investments in Falklands’ vast mineral deposits that he didn’t want shared with Argentina.[64] The subservient, order following “Iron Lady” simply complied with his greedily selfish, coldblooded demand offering her a golden opportunity to bolster her tough woman persona and vainly resurrect lost empire glory. It was followed a year later with US Empire’s turn to show off its saber rattling might – Reagan’s bogus Grenada “invasion” in October 1983 against a few Cuban foot soldiers running loose on the island[65] where a few American med students who couldn’t get into stateside medical schools were studying.[66]

These rah-rah military campaigns were analogous to the two neighborhood bullies boldly venturing outside their home turf in direct competition to see who was the biggest and baddest global oppressor. The US Empire couldn’t pass up the chance to test out its emerging unipolar hegemony proving it was supreme world policemen and serial nation killer, doing one better than old has-been British Empire in their parasitic neocolonial juvenile jerkoff contest, all the while dutifully working as partners-in-crime as the Anglo-American-Zionist triumvirate, predatorily carving up the entire globe for the carnivorous, pedovore-loving elite’s ravenous consumption.

Embracing her friendship with despotic bloodthirsty Chilean dictator General Pinochet who provided intelligence to Britain against Argentina during her Falkland War, then years later once indicted in 1999 for war crimes, Thatcher protected him while on house arrest in London. Taking tea with him long after out of office, Thatcher was still the best of friends with Pinochet, ever supportive and grateful for the mass murderer’s assistance waging war against his old rival Argentina.[67] Overnight Iron Lady cashed in, winning another war for British Empire bravado while concurrently jumpstarting UK’s war machine industry at the expense of the British people, waging class warfare against them to drastically cut their vital health and social services,[68] in part rescued by the likes of Sir Jimmy’s public fundraising campaigns – in effect, a Luciferian win-win for the earth’s baby raping killers.

While stiff upper lip Thatcher was eagerly cutting off free milk and school lunch programs for poor needy British kids, earning the label “Thatcher the milk snatcher,”[69] the unholy Maggie-Jimmy partnership-in-crime was cemented by her regime that oozed blackmailed pedo-slime. The PM Dame and Sir Jimmy’s convenient love affair on steroids bolstered Britain’s sexual blackmail apparatchik, controlling government policymakers that Savile busily pumped kids to, ensuring that the international crime cabal debaucherously fed its own growing satanic pedophilic network.

After all, Margaret Thatcher’s government was overloaded with pedophiles who couldn’t keep their filthy hands off little boys, comprising upwards of nearly a third of her cabinet.[70] Lady T and Savile mutually benefited expanding Britain’s sexual blackmail pedo-operation already long in place. Working “deep cover” for MI5, Savile the child pimp developed care home victim supply lines to an increasing number of her ministers and MPs just as he did a decade earlier under the fellow conservative pedophilic Heath government. As part of their disgustingly perverse “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” collusion, beginning in 1983 virtually every year Thatcher would feverishly and faithfully promote Savile for knighthood, the same year her fellow Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens provided a pedophile dossier to Thatcher’s Home Office Secretary Sir (((Leon Brittan))) listing pedos in her regime.[71] More on that caper later.

Per Thatcher’s senior advisor, Savile’s “strange and complex private life” posed a serious obstacle to knighthood. Her first five requests were repeatedly rejected by the honors committee chairman due to fear that the uncouth eccentric could bring dishonor to the British Commonwealth’s highest royal tradition.[72] In the AIDS crisis of the eighties, fear of his self-confessed “promiscuity” tainted Iron Lady’s perennial bid for granting him the coveted accolade. But Thatcher’s persistence along with Savile’s nonstop ass kissing eventually paid off as Queen Elizabeth crowned Pimp King Savile his knighthood in 1990, safely waiting a month after Lady Thatcher left office.

Margaret Thatcher’s 11 years at the British helm was a win-win for the Anglo-American Empire as the unholy Reagan/Bush-UK alliance and Apartheid South Africa (her calling Nelson Mandela a terrorist[73]) were all part of the same diabolical cabal. With the universal principle of “like attracts like” operating, fresh out of office Dame Maggie was also soon honored for her nefarious services rendered with both America and South Africa lavishing her with their highest achievement awards. In 1991 crime family overlord pedo Prez George HW Bush bestowed the Presidential Medal of Freedom honor on to Dame Maggie,[74] followed just two months later by South Africa’s racist President de Klerk’s Grand Cross of the Order of Hope.[75] The demonic pedo-love affair continued two months later when the queen stepped in to honor Lady T as Dame of the Order of St. John, an affiliate of the Knights of Malta,[76] joining her Malta Knight Sir Jimmy whose Order is pro merito Melitensi of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.[77] Secret societies, knighthood and intelligence services are all guiltily synonymous with the global pedophilia network showing up repeatedly as the same critical players in virtually every pedo-scandal in the world.

Keep in mind that while Thatcher’s pedophile-saturated government was embroiled in the Westminster scandal, with British VIP vultures feasting on freshly supplied pedo-pipelines compliments of Savile, MI5 and their procuring killer gangs abusing UK’s expendable, most vulnerable population – children trapped in group “care” homes, at the exact same time America’s own Boys Town orphanage pipeline funneled in boys for Reagan-Bush’s White House midnight tours in the Franklin scandal (see Chapter 13), also flourishing as part of the same interconnected Luciferian cabal network. While constantly touting “family values,” child rapists Reagan and Bush and pedo-lover Lady T were busily overseeing massive globalized pedophilia trafficking operations. If you don’t believe she was part of it, a brief gander at her closest cabinet ministers and advisors speaks volumes.

Definitive evidence has emerged that the Iron Lady knew that her own Parliamentary Private Secretary Sir Peter Morrison, her own Home Secretary from 1983 to 1985 Sir (((Leon Brittan))), her own Tory Party diplomat and former MI6 deputy director Sir Peter Hayman, leading Liberal Party MP Sir Cyril Smith as well as Northern Ireland Minister Sir William van Staubenzee were all knighted pedophiles of the royal pedo-order, not to mention her intel operative-goodwill ambassador Sir Jimmy.[78] Archive records show handwritten notes written by Mrs. Thatcher insisting that known PIE member Peter Hayman should not be publicly outed.[79] In addition to his little boy diddling, multiple accused pedophile then 28-year old Sir (((Leon Brittan))) allegedly raped a 19-year old girl while on a 1967 blind date, questioned under caution by police in July 2014 about a plethora of child rape allegations.[80] Sir Leon was also reportedly arrested by customs officials for attempting to smuggle child pornographic images in a suitcase but the elite’s “hidden hand” ensured that story was suppressed as well.[81] Recall that Mr. Brittan was also a VIP name on Mary Moss’s infamous list at the rent boy brothel the Elm Guest House. Additionally from the Daily Star in October 2012:

Police sources in the minister’s home region said there are other unsubstantiated allegations that he was once found trying to abuse the son of a friend.[82]

Time and time again this pedo-cat was free to live out all nine of his lecherous lives. Though outed by multiple accusers in multiple settings, brought in for questioning under caution in July 2014[83] and in March 2015 his homes were raided six weeks after his death,[84] Lord Brittan was never once arrested, prosecuted nor ever punished for his alleged series of sordid crimes. Though unnamed in the above quote from the 2012 Daily Star article, subsequent substantial documented evidence clearly indicates that the Tory minister referred to in both the Star and a February 2013 Mirror piece[85] was Thatcher’s Home Secretary Sir (((Leon Brittan))).

Under police surveillance, in 1986 Brittan and a number of other VIPs were photographed attending Elm Guest House orgies and abusing rent boys dropped off by the notorious child raping and murdering Sidney Cooke gang.[86] But since Brittan’s office was in charge of MI5 and both his office and MI5 centrally control all UK police investigations, the serial child predator had nothing to fear, given ultimate control over the Great (Pedophilia) Kingdom additionally as the lost dossiers gatekeeper as well. This Lithuanian Jew was granted unlimited power as the kingpin fox guarding his own filthy pedo-house of ill-repute.

Per a police detective that worked on the Elm Guest House case, others frequenting the VIP brothel shindigs included the other untouchable “deep cover” procurer himself Sir Jimmy Savile and the other prolific serial child rapist kingpin that Thatcher also knew about – MP Sir Cyril Smith.[87] Also recall from Chapter 20 that for years co-owner of the Elm Guest House Haroon Kasir had boasted that Sir Jimmy was his best friend.[88] At least 16 VIP politicians, an entertainer (aka “Kitty”), Sir Peter Morrison, a high court judge, a high ranking policemen, an MI5 officer and royal art collector, double agent spy and British traitor Sir Anthony Blunt were all identified as avid partakers in this child sex ring bonanza where all the partying pervs knew each other well, knowing also that the bulk of their victims were supplied by Savile’s procuring gang of brutal murderers led by Sidney Cooke.[89]

Speaking of murder, files that the police had lied about, claiming they were destroyed, suddenly resurfaced in 2017 to indicate that the other Elm Guest House owner, Haroon’s 47-year old wife Carole Kasir, may well have been murdered in 1990 to keep the dossiers she’d collected on VIP rapists hidden from the public.[90] The so called insulin overdose explanation from her original inquest failed to examine the needles found next to her in bed. Standard toxicology tests were never performed on her body, her longtime GP believes she did not commit suicide and the pathologist maintains that she “did not die from natural causes.” North West Leicestershire MP Andrew Brigden and others are calling for a fresh new inquest into Carole’s suspected murder cover-up.

Child abuse advocates are also demanding a new investigation into evidence that young Irish boys from Kincora Boys Home were trafficked in as victims at both the Elm Guest House and Dolphin Square orgies as well as to cities in Europe,[91] confirming a wider international pedophilia network that also corroborates claims that Savile pimped care home kids nationwide from England to Northern Ireland to Wales and beyond. Current PM Theresa May’s farcical “independent national inquiry” refuses to even look at Northern Ireland’s Kincora scandal, much less the UK pedo-network connections to global child trafficking.[92] She and the elite she represents at the world’s pedophilia epicenter have too much scum to hide, like the royal family’s involvement at Kincora Boys Home scandal in both Prince Charles’ boyhood mentor Lord Mountbatten[93] and Sir Anthony Blunt.[94]

This rabbit hole goes deeper as the Elm Guest House scandal also has yet more links to the international pedophilia network. Abuse victims claim that foreign VIP dignitaries were brought in from Belgium and other places in Europe, landing at Royal Air Force Northolt just outside London to violate the trafficked in British rent boys.[95] This clearly implicates the British Royal Air Force as an accomplice to VIP high crimes as part of the major pedophilia operation run by the power-broking European pedo- Establishment.

On top of all his, the highly frustrated law enforcement insider maintains that his investigative team was about to arrest all the VIP sickos involved in the Elm House scandal when the day prior to the scheduled roundup, “superiors” ordered their police operation disbanded immediately,[96] an overly familiar and consistent outcome whenever members of the pedophilic elite get caught red-handed. The detective said the original whistleblowing victim vanished right after reporting the abuse to the police, an equally common fate amongst those young people courageous enough to immediately reveal VIP crimes committed against them to the authorities.[97] Powerful child rapists never fail to go free while their victims either disappear, commit suicide or suffer the lifelong effects from child abuse, especially when neither given a voice nor a shred of justice. So many precious, innocent lives lost and ruined by so many evildoers hiding behind fame, wealth and power held up on a false god pedestal clearly is Lucifer’s way.

So the Elm Guest House police probe discovered links to 10 Downing Street, Parliament and even Buckingham Palace. For ten straight days in October 1982, even all the mainstream newspapers had a flurried field day – the Daily Express, The Times, The Guardian and The Sun – without naming names busily running story after story reporting the Savile-government connected VIP pedo-scandal.[98] But soon enough it all came to an abrupt, squelching halt. After fellow pedo Attorney General Sir Michael Havers threatened a libel suit against the press protecting his own criminal ilk, the story died a week and a half later after just scratching the surface, exposing the VIP child raping network involving the most powerful figures in the British government. But the pedo-genie can never be put back in his bottle no matter the ironclad efforts sought by sickos in charge to suppress the ugly truth of the horrific crimes committed by the powerful pedo-cabal establishment. The anguished police officer working the investigation stated:

It wasn’t that we ran out of leads but it reached a point where a warning to stop came. It was a case of ‘get rid of everything, never say a word to anyone.’ It was made very clear to me that to ­continue asking questions would ­jeopardise my career.[99]


After his police operation was shot down, the former detective checked the file containing all the diligent work collecting the incriminating photos and carefully documented evidence on Brittan and his VIP pals.[100] But the file was empty of both photos and all the high profile pedophiles’ names were missing – proof that the establishment in cahoots with the lowly Metro Police were guilty of another major criminal cover-up.


Would-be jailbirds of a pedo-feather, never fail to flock together in the Savile-Thatcher VIP pedophilia network. Cases in point – Freemason PIE member clockmaker Keith Harding who appeared alongside Sir Jimmy on his Fix It Christmas episode would also entertain VIP pedophile guests regularly showing up at his London shop,[101] among them (((Leon Brittan))), Cyril Smith and fellow MP Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe who became embroiled in a scandalous case of attempted murder of his former gay lover.[102] But little boy lover Thorpe threatened to tell all he knew to the world, promptly securing his not guilty verdict.[103]


It was former Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe who kept showing up at the rent boy orgies sponsored by the gangster Kray twins back in the 60s that BBC DJs Savile, Freeman and Denning along with music maestros Jonathon King, Joe Meeks and Beatles manager (((Brian Epstein))) were regulars, that is until police chiefs caught wind of Thorpe and a few other prominent MPs’ presence and shut it down as too high a risk.[104] That was prior to the more flagrantly open days of Thatcher’s 1980s when British intelligence and police chiefs along with the usual VIP suspects from government in both UK and Europe were all joining in on the kiddie gangbanging rapes at places like Elm Guest House and infamous Dolphin Square. All these lecherous, treacherous VIP perverts belonged to the same pedo-club yet not one of them ever paid for their child abuse crimes that included occasional murder before dying of old age. And a few are still hiding out waiting to die after living their “good life.” Only the low hanging predators like Denning is still in the slammer[105] while King’s been in and out.[106] But the likes of Mr. Undercover and his MP Johns belonging to the VIP uppermost tier have always managed to successfully live like unholy gods above all the manmade laws they make for only us to abide by.


Yet another queen-knighted minister in Lady Thatcher’s cabinet caught frequenting the Elm Guest House was Scottish Tory MP Sir Nicholas Fairburn who got away scot free after repeatedly molesting and raping his close friend’s 4-year old daughter,[107] in addition to raping Elm House kids and carrying on an adulterous affair with Dame Esther Rantzen, the notorious pedo-loving queen as BBC ChildLine-NSPCC pedo-cabal gatekeeper.[108] It’s no accident that the names from the same flock of pedo-foxes keep resurfacing again and again at the same crime scene network.


In 1986 (same year Rantzen started her ChildLine), Thatcher’s bodyguard and former detective chief inspector Barry Streven told his prime minister straight out that many of her key cabinet members were full blown child abusers.[109] Yet knowing her closest advisors and confidantes were harming innocent kids never stopped Lady T or Queen Elizabeth from shielding and rewarding knighthood to all the worst offenders – Savile (after 5 failed tries), Sir Cyril Smith, Sir (((Leon Brittan))), Sir Nicholas Fairburn, Sir Peter Morrison, Sir Peter Hayman, Sir Jeremy Thorpe and on and on we go. Every one of Thatcher’s incoming cabinet ministers as well as the queen’s knighthood recipients are all thoroughly vetted by UK’s security services whose job is to keep close running tabs on the who’s who of VIP child molesters occupying high places within the nation’s long established blackmail system. So ignorance is no excuse. It’s an indisputable fact that royalty and political leaders favor their child rapist friends over the well-being of their nation’s own children and aiding and abetting child rapists has always been their unprosecuted crime (among a litany of others). So by law Dame Maggie and Queen Lizzie were/are also criminals.

Moreover, it’s also intelligence agencies’ equally important task to ensure compromised and controlled pedophiles are guarding their United pedo-house Kingdom at every level – from the VIP politicians, to their senior civil servants, from law enforcement and high courts to the media. All are overpaid, totally controlled and protected criminals as long as they continue stand vigil guarding their pedo-peer clubhouse.

Thatcher’s home secretary Brittan at age 43 was the youngest UK law enforcement chief since fellow pedophile Sir Winston Churchill assumed the helm before WWI.[110] Since numerous victims at sex parties held at Dolphin Square and Elm Guest House accused Sir (((Leon Brittan))) of being a child molester,[111] in 1983 Brittan made sure that the 40-page dossier listing himself and his fellow minister peers and MPs as child rapists given him by Tory Party MP Geoffrey Dickens was intentionally “lost.” Incredibly also in 1983 the Scotland Yard submitted to Brittan a separate second dossier exposing 15 prominent VIP PIE members and Sir Leon “misfiled” that one too.[112] Brittan proceeded to “lose track” of (i.e., destroy) all evidence that would’ve sunk both him and the British Establishment once and for all. Thus Sir Leon became the principal presiding over the infamous Westminster pedophilia cover-up more fully detailed in Chapter 23.

Goes without saying that British intelligence services already had the lowdown on all of these dossier listed perverts but as child pimping handlers and blackmailers, many pedophiles themselves, working “deep cover” with the likes of Sir Savile, for decades throughout the West the power business has always been about controlling top politicians through sexual blackmail,[113] and with adultery and homosexuality gone mainstream, it’s degenerated into misusing children as their cannon fodder kiddie bait on a massive scale. This cold hard fact speaks volumes as absolute proof that to reach the highest echelons of power in this world, be it in the UK, America, or the entire Western world and beyond, you must already be either a certifiable pedophile yourself or a thoroughly compromised, pedo-enabling, heartless, psychopathic, sniveling snake in the grass.

Savile’s Mossad controlled US counterpart is Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations member (see Chapter 14).[114] For purposes of maintaining their absolute impunity over the long haul, to be invited into this diabolical inner sanctum, pathetically it means you must already be one of them. Their earthly dominion controlling fallen angel Lucifer wouldn’t have it any other way.

Still unconvinced that Prime Minister Thatcher and Sir Jimmy’s love affair was a pedophilia front for the global cabal’s pedo-network? In July 2014 a onetime Tory Party insider and little boy procurer himself for Tory VIPs became a pedophile namedropper outing yet more ministers from Thatcher’s notorious cabinet.[115] In addition to the aforementioned handful, former Tory activist Anthony Gilberthorpe said that Thatcher’s Education Secretary Sir (((Keith Joseph))), Minister of State Social Security Sir Rhodes Boyson, Attorney General Sir Michael Havers and another still serving as MP today were/are abusing rent boys that Gilberthorpe supplied at sex parties.[116] Joseph and Boyson are even listed as PIE members in the second dossier given to Brittan in 1983.[117] Yet with all this undeniable evidence, they either go to their graves unblemished or are still serving in government unblemished.

As illustration of the unbelievable hypocrisy exhibited by these elite pedophiles, the knighted Sir Rhodes Boyson was a raving homophobe claiming that being gay was “unnatural” and “biblically wrong.” Yet privately it never stopped him from attending drug sexed orgies homosexually ravaging little boys while mouthing to the press such classic, ignorant, bigoted lines as:

If we could wipe out homosexual practices, AIDS would die out.[118]

Eventually at 87 so did he in 2012, of course unpunished and unexposed for his lifelong sins “against nature.”

Anthony Gilberthorpe went on to state that as a friend he also personally informed Margaret Thatcher that many of her closest right hand men were using more than their right hands to savagely violate underage boys at Conservative Party orgies. But Anthony the whistleblower naively failed to realize that Iron Lady was already well aware she was surrounded by carefully placed, thoroughly vetted sexual predators having received multiple “tips” from multiple other inside sources.

Gilberthorpe elaborates further:

I outlined exactly what I had witnessed and informed her I intended to expose it. I made it very clear to Mrs. Thatcher most trusted ministers had been at these parties with boys who were between 15 and 16. I also told her of the amount of illegal drugs like cocaine that were consumed.[119]

But Gilberthorpe fails to mention to the prime minister when he planned to expose all those pedophiles, as apparently he safely chose to withhold this damaging information from the public until years later after Thatcher and virtually every one of his identified VIP sickos had already died off.

As if all this isn’t incriminating enough, just a year later in July 2015 yet another “discovered” bone was thrown to the citizens for mass consumption to reveal that again in 1986 MI5 chief Sir Anthony Duff sent a letter “informing” the prime minister that prominent MP Cyril Smith was a pedophile.[120] The notion that the head of British intelligence responsible for coordinating UK pedophilia blackmail operations would disclose in a letter that a single member of the House of Commons from an opposing party just happened to be a flaming pedophile is an affront to our intelligence when we know that the Thatcher government was by design swarming with meticulously infiltrated child molesters and rapists galore.

This is the British establishment’s cunningly deceptive methodical strategy to minimize the pedo-scandal in the post-Savile era, unwilling to admit even half-truths, instead choosing to trickle it down to one-one thousandth truths in piecemeal fashion. But the far more significant bottom line issue here is that the Duff letter serves as yet one more among numerous sources unequivocally confirming that Maggie the pedophile lover knew all along that creepy crawling degenerates of the worst order had saturated her government. Based on Duff’s written assessment below, it’s made perfectly and assuredly clear to all involved that from both head of UK intelligence to prime minister and all her pedo-filled cabinet members:

At the present stage… the risks of political embarrassment to the government is rather greater than the security danger.[121]

In other words, the ongoing, unchecked grave risk to their nation’s children being permanently scarred and damaged was never even part of the equation. In his warped mind, saving the government from public embarrassment was a much greater priority than either their welfare or national security’s (i.e., foreign Zionist or Soviet interests controlling Britain’s government through blackmail was deemed less risk). This telling disclosure reveals the pure evil and wickedness that guide all of these major power players’ every move and why a satanic spook like Jimmy Savile was so usefully important to them. For a very long, long time, since the Babylonian Baal worshipping, satanically ritualized practices of pedophilia and child sacrifice (see Chapter 3) along with sexual blackmail have always been how this world has operated atop the subhuman pedo-food chain.

In another overt, incriminatingly explosive episode demonstrating that Thatcher engaged in a massive, widespread cover-up to conceal her hardcore pedophile ministers within her cabinet, in 1982 Maggie was joined by her then Home Secretary Willie Whitelaw, a senior ­policeman and an MI5 officer to discreetly meet with one of her top ministers, a rising Tory Party star being groomed at the time for higher office, to warn him to be more careful in his personal taste for little boys.[122] But the press’s watered down version includes this Thatcher quoted admonishment:

You have to clean up your sex act.[123]

Give us a break! Like making sure her pedo-crew would ever stop raping little boys was ever really even close to a priority during her entire 11-year reign. Instead the “warned” minister, knowing full well he could safely continue acting out his sickness living above the law, he ignored his boss and was again observed four years later in a Scotland Yard sting operation still soliciting sex from underage lads at the Victoria Railway Station.[124] Of course because Standard Operating Procedure for UK police has always protected and ignored pedophilia in its VIP ranks, police politely requested the serial child rapist to not hang out at railway station toilets anymore. This information came to light after an inside Scotland Yard source in 2014 disclosed the story to the Sunday People. Again, proof that by careful Luciferian design, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was surrounded by hardcore pedophiles, brazenly lurking in complete impunity inside her den of iniquity at the very heart of the British government. And you can bet that nothing has changed since, except that in 2018 the pedo-cabal remains not only alive and well but bigger, more powerful and more protected than ever.[125]

A brief glimpse into Thatcher’s earlier life growing up raised by her strict Methodist lay preacher father Alf Roberts[126] proves very illuminating. Little Maggie adored her neighborhood grocer patriarch, who also possessed quite a notorious reputation within the community as a pervert groping any underage girl he could get his paws on.[127] While pitying her mother and older sister for their more maternal, traditional ways,[128] Margaret admired the strong work ethic of her frugal, “puritanical,” intellectual dad who instilled in her ambition, hard work and austerity alongside repressed inner conflict between self-righteous, holier than thou hypocrisy and arrogant pride overcompensating her closeted embrace of sexual deviance and wicked predation. As her father’s favorite, perhaps she herself was a pedophile incest victim. Similar to Dame Rantzen who alleged being molested as a child by a family member,[129] this dynamic goes far in explaining such strong attraction, affection and tolerance towards so many known child predators like Savile and all her gay pedophile gang atop her government. More gatekeeping female pedophile-loving dames standing guard for their pedo-cabal that’s in turn treated them so well.


As a former MP hailing from Finchley, the one district containing the largest Jewish constituency[130] in a nation with an overall population of less than half of 1% Jewish,[131] Prime Minister Thatcher filled upwards of 25% of her cabinet with Jews.[132] Several were accused pedophiles like Brittan and Joseph. Others like Sir Leon’s foreign minister cousin Sir (((Malcolm Rifkind))), later parliamentary committee chair presiding over Mossad run British intelligence[133] [134] and adulterous Jewish princess (more Rantzen echoes?) (((Edwina Currie))) who appointed known predator Savile to head Broadmoor are more pedophile enabling apologists. Another Jewish minister (((David Young))) whose proud Lithuanian father bragged:

One son deputy chairman of the government, another [Simon] chairman of the BBC — that’s not bad for immigrants.[135]

Yet another Jewish minister (((Michael Howard))) went on to become the Conservative Party leader but not before working with the (((Rothschild))) City of London shepherding through Thatcher’s hated poll tax,[136] leading to today’s shameful inequality mess where the top 10% of British wage earners pay less of their income to taxes than the poorest 10%.[137] Thanks to her and Howard’s poll tax, outside one other among the world’s developed nations, UK has suffered the worst inequality gap between the rich and poor.[138]

Additionally, the most powerful Jew in the Thatcher government was Lord (((Victor Rothschild))) as her security advisor. Thatcher selected, or more likely (((Rothschild))) selected her as his puppet prime minister, and then the head of the bloodline family’s banking dynasty controlling the Bank of England was entrenched throughout the 1980s as her closest security confidante.[139] But (((Rothschild))) was also a Communist and the fifth and actual leader of the treasonous KGB Cambridge 5 spy ring consisting of gay pedophile Anthony Blunt, longtime British intelligence operative and art curator for the royals who were fully aware of both Blunt’s treason[140] and degenerate taste for little boys.[141] Other Cambridge spies were the 1951 Soviet defectors Guy Burgess who introduced Blunt to the gay pedo-lifestyle along with fellow defector Donald MacLean and Kim Philby,[142] who the Mossad helped flee to the Soviet Union in 1963.[143]

After Blunt recruited (((Rothschild))) to the KGB while at Cambridge University in 1936,[144] (((Rothschild))) wound up a very close friend to Prime Minister Churchill throughout WWII, providing updated intelligence to Stalin throughout. In 1940 it was (((Rothschild)))’s turn to invite Blunt into MI5.[145] Over the course of the next half century, until his death in 1990, (((Victor Rothschild))) and his four fellow KGB traitors working in MI5, MI6 and the British Foreign Office (that controls MI6) gave away critical allied atomic and nuclear secrets to the Soviets. During the 1980s along with Home Office Secretary Brittan, double agent Lord (((Rothschild))) used his immense influence to oversee MI5 and MI6 operations[146] and is believed instrumental in leaking nuclear secrets to the Israelis as well.[147]

Additionally, Savile and one of his early protectors Blunt were both pedophiles with enormous kiddie appetites, both intimate with the Windsor family, both worked undercover for MI5, both were instrumental in setting up blackmail operations throughout the British Isles extending blackmail pedo-rings to top establishment VIPs, and both maintained strong loyal ties to both Israel and Jewish banking family patriarch-spy-Thatcher security advisor (((Victor Rothschild))).[148] Sharing a mutual vested interest in the global pedo-blackmail-trafficking apparatchik, the links between Savile, Blunt, (((Rothschild))) and the royal British bloodline that feed both the parasitic pathology of pedophiles and the obvious control mechanism over compromised puppet politicians, these same sexually deviant Zionist traitors’ names keep popping up all the time. It was definitely no accident the planetary controllers made certain their Dame Margaret Thatcher as Britain’s first female prime minister stack the deck with controllable pedophiles fervently loyal to Zionism during Iron Lady’s near dozen year premiership.

Still another from Thatcher’s inner circle that stood accused of pedophilia crimes was her Chief of Defense from 1982-85 – Lord General Edwin Bramall, who served years earlier under royal pedophile Lord Mountbatten. Metro Police Detective Superintendent Kenny McDonald found Bramall’s accuser Nick a highly credible source from 2014-2016, disclosing on record:

Nick has been spoken to by experienced officers from child abuse teams and experienced officers from murder investigations. They and I believe what Nick is saying is credible and true.[149]

Still alive and kicking turning 95 in December 2018, as of 2016 the old accused pedophile soldier was no longer considered a suspect because suddenly the police did a 180 reversal and publicly concluded that Nick’s (and undoubtedly others’) allegations were somehow false.[150] The Establishment rules dictate that only dead monsters can be accused and believed, but dare call out any famous still alive pedophiles and the system makes mincemeat of them. Why were Nick’s allegations deemed so credible by the top cop for two years running and then abruptly declared false and discarded? Several police officers are also under investigation that worked on the failed £2.5 million fiasco Operation Midland that netted zero pedophile arrests, based on compiled accuser Nick’s allegedly bogus allegations,[151] sending the loud and clear message to both accusers and police to not even think about going after the VIP child rapists.

This unsettling development is more pedo-Establishment pushback, a psyops designed to place doubt and second thoughts on future victim accusers.[152] Lots of propaganda mileage to be gained here from making false allegations against one “innocent,” distinguished, highly decorated famous old war hero, then declare the accuser dishonest and under arrest, vindicating the victimized VIP ala Sir Cliff. Like every other child sex abuse inquiry, investigation and police operation into historic UK child abuse, despite numerous victims implicating powerful VIPs as their abusers, always the outcomes remain the same – “not enough evidence.”[153] Not one minister, MP, military general or intelligence chief has ever been prosecuted, much less found guilty. Yet all the compiled evidence over the years is overwhelming.

Meanwhile, thousands of alleged victims and witnesses have emerged in recent post-Savile years providing incontrovertible evidence for arrest and prosecution sharing identical or similar corroborating accounts against the same identified VIP perps. Once the Savile scandal broke, both abuse that occurred recently as well as historic abuse reporting have soared, in just one year rising to over 31,000 reported cases, up by more than a third from the year before.[154] Just based on media reports and police records alone, back in the 1980s thousands of British children in care homes were systematically trafficked around the UK and abroad, regularly abused by Britain and Europe’s elite at many places, particularly Dolphin Square and Elm Guest House as well as dozens of other locations around the British Isles, Amsterdam and Brussels. Yet VIP convictions remain zero. The indisputable fact that the Establishment has historically shut down police investigations, wilfully destroyed or lost evidence, obstructed justice, chronically using the lie of never having enough evidence to prosecute every single powerful pedophile that’s been accused (other than the minor BBC has-beens that can be counted on one hand), the fact that all the major politicians never go to jail proves beyond any question or doubt that the cover-up only continues.

It’s sickening to know that so many victims have reported abuse to authorities yet UK’s pedo-foxes infiltrated into government, police, Crown Protection Service, social services and the media have successfully closed ranks to tightly guard their pedo-henhouse, effectively blocking the truth from fully coming out, resulting in countless VIP perps never brought to justice. It’s the same old despicably disgusting story – evildoers in high places abuse their power that allows them to forever get away with unimaginable, sordid perversions simply because it’s their granted privilege as elitist members. As the truth spreads amongst us citizens of the world who outnumber members of the VIP pedophilia club a zillion to one, our message is we’re coming after you and your days of impunity are numbered.

Just like Jimmy Savile, Ted Heath, Cyril Smith and all the rest, virtually every accused VIP pedophile is permitted to safely live out their lives to the end, rotting away in their graves, or better yet, roasting in eternal hell, after never spending a single day in prison for all their heinous crimes. By design, overly stringent UK libel laws protect VIP criminals[155] – made even more pedo-friendlier with Sir Cliff’s July 2018 court victory[156] (covered in last chapter), striking a major blow against both freedom of press and freedom of speech. And now morphing into Cliff’s law, interchangeably synonymous with LIVING ABOVE THE LAW, it’s designed to further seal off protection for perpetrators at the top. It delays if not eliminates unwanted exposure of prominent pedo-monsters until they’re all safely buried in the ground from natural causes despite a lifetime of committing the most debaucherously unnatural transgressions.

Back in the 1980s when even mainstream newspapers dared to cover pedophilia ring arrests, after four ringleaders were caught and convicted, the Daily Telegraph crime correspondent admitted in a February 1989 piece:

Despite the convictions, police believe there is still a flourishing pedophile network in Britain, with a sophistication said to resemble the Mafia.[157]


Of the four men convicted and sentenced, the one considered highest in rank was Colin Peters, an Oxford trained former senior advisor at the British Foreign Office,[158] which exercises control over MI6 operations.[159] For sodomizing young boys and pimping them to VIPs, he received only a 6-year sentence. Interrogated during the pedo-ring investigation was at least one senior member in the House of Lords, a West London vicar and a number of other government officials. Like always, VIPs at the higher levels avoid prosecution with the overly familiar excuse specified in the Telegraph:

But the police did not have sufficient evidence or manpower to pursue their suspicions.[160]


Code word: VIPs are high enough on the British Establishment food chain to be immune from arrest. The pipeline procurers that did go to jail were bottom dwellers feeding off runaways, junior soccer league players, a probable an MI6-Savile-Barry Bennell (see Chapter 18) link. Another source was one of the convicted pedo-ring operators owned a cleaning company business and would regularly advertise want ads in local newspapers for potential recruits. The Telegraph article went on to explain a familiar theme found throughout the global child abuse trafficking network on how boys as young as 9 get:

Passed around its [pedophile] members for sexual degradation and, when the attraction faded, abandoned to a life of prostitution, drugs, and petty crime… The boys were tempted off the unfamiliar London streets with promises of food, accommodation, money, and a sympathetic ear. Some were plied with drugs, including cocaine, and sexually assaulted while under their influence.[161]


Police in Italy, UK and the US found links between Colin Peters’ UK pedo-ring and the international network. A wealthy businessman in Italy, Allesandro Moncini, arrested in the US in 1988 for attempting to procure an underage girl for satanic ritual abuse served just three months in prison for smuggling child pornography.[162] Italian investigators working in America believe they uncovered “a most exclusive ring of international pedophiles.” Recall that the Vatican secret societies and P1 Masons work hand-in-hand together with bankers and organized crime in Italy, Europe and far beyond.[163]


The satanic ritual abuse of trafficked children around the globe is perpetrated on victims of what experts maintain is a highly organized, sophisticated, interlocking network run by Illuminati, Freemasons, Malta Knights and Jesuits among other infiltrators operating at the highest levels of national governments, the intelligence community, law enforcement, organized crime, the military and mainstream media. A mind control-child abuse victim turned courageous survivor-activist, Australian Fiona Barnett who as a child was passed around globally and raped by presidents, prime ministers, Reverend Billy Graham and a number of the world’s most powerful men, has this to say in her International Tribunal of Natural Justice (ITNJ) testimony[164] recalling her firsthand experience and direct observation:


Child trafficking is run as a single integrated world operation. This operation is coordinated by the CIA in collaboration with British and Australian intelligence services. Retired NYPD Detective James (((Rothstein))) was appointed to the first US taskforce to investigate this child trafficking operation which, he found, went all the way up to the White House. Detective (((Rothstein))) found that the CIA were behind a blackmail operation in which child prostitutes were used to honeytrap and compromise politicians, military brass, top businessmen, and key government officials… Luciferianism is arranged according to a hierarchical structure which vaguely resembles a caste system. At the very top sit 13 family dynasties including the Rothschilds and the British Royal Family. These are recognised by the cult as demi-gods. Below these sit approximately 300 Luciferian bloodlines who are generally high IQ, although this tends to have been watered down in some families due to intermarriage. Below this group sit the commoners who can never attain higher status because they lack the desired bloodline.[165] (boldface for emphasis)


Other than her oversight not mentioning the Mossad-Zionist slant in the global pedo-operation, her insider insights accurately explain how the Luciferian pedo-cabal works.


Also it’s important to note that Thatcher’s Westminster scandal was flourishing at the same exact time that George Bush’s CIA Finders Cult (Chapter 12) and Nebraska to Washington Franklin scandals (Chapter 13) were also in high gear. The UK branch of this vast interconnected worldwide pedo-network was fronted by Prime Minister Thatcher, ravenously participated in by her derelict political cronies she fiercely protected and largely run by Savile and his British intelligence services coordinating procuring gangs like Colin Peter, Peter Righton and Sidney Cooke’s recruiting from the streets and group homes. But only this lowest rung of pedophile traffickers are ever subject to busts and actual jail time. The rest of the low-lifes in this heinous operation remain insulated and unreachable from their elitist, thus far impenetrable perch.


Even before she became PM, no doubt Thatcher had accepted as a precondition to her storied rise to historic glory that it was her cabal duty to “appoint” her heavily MI5 vetted cabinet intentionally flooded with flaming pedophiles. After all, her biggest holiday guest was Britain’s biggest pedophile ever. In the UK the precedent had already been set a full decade earlier with Savile as “deep cover” pimp supplying victims for another compromised Tory Party prime minister who happened to be a PIE linked brutal child rapist and coldblooded child murderer.[166] Edward Heath had been strategically planted by his Luciferian puppet masters to secretly strip Britain of its national sovereignty, coercing it into what would become the European Union monstrosity.[167] As saber rattling warmongers on steroids, both the Reagan/Bush and Thatcher role was to facilitate transference of Western oligarchic wealth out of UK/Europe/US as foreign investment largely into Asia, ushering in the next wave of neocolonialist theft in the longtime overexploited, conquered Third World, while introducing permanent austerity and hardship to the everyday British/US household trying to eke out daily survival in an increasingly hostile world on the brink of economic disaster.[168]

From across the pond back in the 1980s, Maggie’s chosen counterpart cutout Ronnie Reagan, for all intents and purposes, was replaced a little more than a month into office by a “wayward” bullet[169] when his opportunistic CIA directing VP, crime family pedophile-drug overlord Daddy Bush moved in.[170] Once the Luciferian controllers had their perfect US-UK-Zionist puppets in place, using their old divide and conquer standby, they heightened tensions in the Middle East, engineered the bloody Iraq-Iran War, promoted jingoistic expansion wars abroad, and created an emerging enemy called “war on terror” using Islam as scapegoat. Finally, they set the stage for the military industrial complex to become the driving force behind imperialistic Anglo-American-Zionist Empire aggression that’s been ravaging the planet ever since.[171]

Maggie, Ronnie and George simultaneously ushered in the death of the US[172] and UK middle classes[173] to deliver austerity and hardship overseeing a Fortune 500 exodus overseas for cheap Third World slave labor in order to gut the domestic manufacturing sectors. One in four manufacturing jobs disappeared within Thatcher’s first term alone.[174] And to ensure the undoing of America and UK proceeded as planned, sexual pedo-blackmail reigned supreme, producing compromised robots who smile on cue for the camera while their puppet masters celebrate in orgiastic satanic ritualized gluttony their New World Order fast closing in on absolute control over the masses during the home stretch of their depopulation plan called human genocide.[175] Pretty despairing picture unless we stop the Luciferian sodomizers from raping and destroying our entire planet, now in the 11th hour and 59th minute.

Years after Bush senior and Iron Lady did their damage decimating US-UK affluence and sovereignty in favor of rich-poor inequality and globalization, the NWO architects then installed their two bisexual cottage boys “Miranda” Blair and George W[176] for their turn to drive the world closer to the edge. With Bush-Cheney’s treasonously masterminded, neo-conned “new Pearl Harbor” vis-a-vis 9/11 false flag as more dirty bidding for (((Netanyahu)))’s Greater Israel Project.[177] By elite design, the Anglo-American-Zionist axis-of-evil then launched its ambitious, willfully destructive 7 nation in 5 year takedown plan,[178] demolishing Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Lebanon and Afghanistan into failed states. A decade and a half later still raging unfinished wars in Syria and Afghans’ “empire graveyard” for heroin pushing[179] at the precipice gateway to the 7th and final vowed nation to vanquish Iran, a diabolically twisted suicide pact is now plunging humanity off the Armageddon cliff.[180]

Once the Anglo-American-Zionist pedo-axis manufactured its perpetual state of war in the Middle East and North Africa,[181] the NWO architects engineered[182] the earth’s largest displaced population in history as of 2014 and a year later the worst refugee crisis since WWII.[183] Flooding millions of Muslims into Europe and North America under the euphemistic Trojan horse guise of “multiculturalism,” just to jack up the cultural, racial, religious divide and conquer violence and upheaval, bankrupting the euro[184] and EU[185] with Italy now at the breaking point,[186] like dominos ultimately crashing the global economy just as elite controllers trigger the West versus East WWIII showdown,[187] the crime cabal is closing in on destroying the West and creating such dire, turbulent, desperate global conditions that offer the excuse to bring on the long awaited one world government as humanity’s only “salvation” for survival. This is the child fuckers’ nearly accomplished endgame as its sleight of hand answer to its Achilles pedo-heel.

The post-Savile revelations in recent years once again placed unwanted spotlight on the Achilles heel again, especially the notorious Thatcher government and the Westminster scandal cover-up, featured partially in a book co-written by Labor MP Simon Danczuk exposing one larger-than-life, villainous character, the over 400 pound (29 stone, 12 pounds or 190kg[188]) gluttonous pedophile Sir Cyril Smith.[189] Hailing from the same Rochdale district, Simon Danczuk was elected the same year the rotund Sir Cyril died in 2010. I July 2014 Danczuk asked the aging (((Leon Brittan))) what happened to those missing dossiers from the 1980s.[190] Unfortunately exercising a gross lapse of moral judgment in 2015, the married Danczuk was caught sexting a 17-year old girl a-la (((Weiner))) style,[191] completely self-sabotaging whatever legitimate voice he may have had to further expose the pedophilia network. The Labour Party suspended him and when he announced he would run as an independent in the 2017 general election, a woman accused him of rape. Chalk another victory up for the pedophilia cabal subduing yet another potential threat.

The October 2012 Savile exposure inspired Labor leader MP Tom Watson to take up the cause that MP Geoffrey Dickens initiated three decades earlier to once again call for an actual real police investigation looking into the pedo-infested British Parliament and prime minister office, forcing the then pedo-enabler Prime Minister David Cameron to begrudgingly initiate the latest “pseudo-probe” to placate public interest. With his dramatic October 24th, 2012 confrontation on the House of Commons floor, MP Watson demanded UK’s prime minister and police:

Investigate clear intelligence suggesting a powerful pedophile network linked to Parliament and Number 10.[192]

Dramatically caught off guard, Cameron halfheartedly pledged to look into the matter after pretending he didn’t grasp which 10 Downing occupant Watson was referring to, knowing full well it was Margaret Thatcher.[193] Of course it could’ve been Edward Heath, Gordon Brown or Tony Blair or even himself, as Cameron knew every UK prime minister over the past half century was/is a pedophile or pedophile protector. And as a cousin of PIE supporting Harriet Harman and 5th cousin to Queen Elizabeth herself,[194] a loyal pedo-enabler to the end, three years later it was David Cameron in October 2015 self-righteously striking back, imploring anti-pedophile crusader Tom Watson to “examine his conscience.”

After Watson dared to mention Lord (((Leon Brittan)))’s alleged pedophilia (without even bringing up his infamous “lost” pair of pedo-dossiers), instantly Watson became an easy target having the nerve to call for a new investigation nine months after accused pedophile Brittan’s death.[195] The ensuing drama played out once again before the House with Cameron and his indignant fellow pro-Brittan pro-pedo-defenders demanding Watson’s resignation, yelling “shame, shame” after Watson reiterated the need to revisit investigating government pedophilia on behalf of the thousands of victims never heard nor ever given any true justice. The UK pedo-Establishment never fails to jump on the political bandwagon to demonize every rare MP who’s ever been bold enough to try and hold his powerful pedo-peer majority accountable. Watson’s righteous proposal obviously hit way too close to home for VIP child rapists.

In 2014 Home Office then under current Prime Minister Theresa May admitted to 114 pedo-related files gone missing or destroyed.[196] Using the “never enough evidence” mantra, by design, the pedophilia epicenter of the world appears incapable of honestly holding establishment pedophiles accountable. Hence, Operation Midland ostensibly set up in late 2014 to investigate the alleged Westminster MP pedophilia scandal collapsed for “lack of evidence.”[197] Though both Operations Midlands and Fairbridge were ostensibly set up after Savile died to investigate government VIP abuse, both probes shamefully failed to arrest a single Elm Guest House or Dolphin Square VIP… some things never change.

Then Metro Police’s onetime key witness “Nick” whose accusations between 2012 and 2014 of widespread abuse and alleged witnessing three boys murdered deemed “credible and true,”[198] by top cop himself suddenly was charged with the crime of perverting justice with so called “made up” lies.[199] This latest legal development is meant to frighten off victims from ever coming forth. So the government pedophiles once again remain fully protected and unreachable. And with Theresa May’s floundering national “independent” Inquiry hoax into child sexual abuse that doesn’t even include Northern Ireland’s MI5-Savile[200]-Mountbatten-Heath-Blunt linked Kincora Boys Home scandal, nothing ever changes.[201] Because all these biggest names in British pedophilia were all such major VIPs directly linked to royalty striking at the heart of the over-the-top UK pedo-cover-up, Prime Minister May will never dare allow the Kincora scandal into her pathetic whitewash.

Incidentally, a former detective probing early Jimmy Savile crimes angrily maintained that fellow pedophile, royal historian, MI5 double spy and traitor Sir Anthony Blunt successfully blocked police investigations into the infamous BBC DJ,[202] just one more indicator that Savile was an employed MI5 operative. Of course for Soviet spy Blunt’s confession of treason, as a member of the “hidden elite,” in 1964 Blunt was granted full immunity from prosecution as both a pedophile and national traitor, and protection from public exposure for another fifteen years.[203] This allowed Blunt to freely travel to Northern Ireland often to sodomize yet more boys from Kincora and other group homes in the area, again completely without fear of exposure or arrest.

According to the late British intelligence insider Anthony T. Stokes, Victor Rothchild, Anthony Blunt and many other Establishment VIPs practiced satanic ritual abuse and murder at black magick orgies, specifying that Blunt asphyxiated child victims causing their bodies to contract to heighten the orgasm for the sodomizer.[204] Jimmy Savile was right at home in this element. This is the above the law club of monsters ruling our planet that ensure protection of their own.

A former MI6 agent assigned to surveillance of right wing loyalist extremist groups in Northern Ireland has reported that British intelligence was fully aware of both illegal arms trafficking as well as child trafficking sex abuse but looked the other way not wanting to blow its cover or “tread on the toes” of Ulster Constabulary.[205] The ex-spy claimed a sophisticated international pedophile ring trafficked boys from Kincora Home to London, Brighton, and abroad to Amsterdam and Vienna. The simple reason nothing was done to intervene to save the exposable children being sodomized is that it was a British intelligence operation to traffic children to gain sexual blackmail control over politicians both domestic and foreign.[206] For many, many decades now, multiple child sex slaves have been moved around the globe through the massive worldwide pedophilia network primarily coordinated through the international intelligence community, particularly the CIA, Mossad and MI5 and 6.

Just like the Vatican and Catholic Church, the royal crown, the UK government, the BBC and entire British Establishment’s long been completely taken over by Luciferian demons. For the pedophilia crisis endemic inside the putrefying United Kingdom to ever effectively be ameliorated, much less eradicated, the entire government needs to be scrapped and totally replaced from ground zero on up. The US and virtually the entire Western world are in the same pathetically depraved dire straits. But since we know that will almost never happen, a good place to start would be to at least replace Britain’s antiquated, grossly unfair, abominable family court system.

As it’s existed, the UK’s secret closed court system has been in the diabolical business of systematically breaking up and destroying British families, removing children en masse from parents without justifiable or due cause, and unmercifully sending them to be further abused in institutionalized “care”[207] that serves as the child raping pipeline for the international sex trafficking trade. By sinister design, this enormous systemic flaw in Britain has allowed the vitally fundamental social institution of family to be obliterated, literally killing both children and parents alike, customarily placing kids in peril within the very broken system set up to protect them, just as my own direct experience as a child therapist in America confirmed.[208] In keeping children safe, like the one in America, the British child welfare system has only proven to be a failed abomination that like its larger government needs drastic overhaul.

This same diabolical dysfunction and process currently gripping both the US and UK’s child welfare systems is largely the same worldwide. But then for a very long time the international cabal has also insidiously been at war with the basic family institution, particularly the diminishing nuclear family unit as an impediment to the cultural (((Marxism))) inherently behind today’s neoliberal movement embracing one world government totalitarianism.[209] In 1786 Illuminati funder Baron (((Rothschild))) and founder Adam Weishaupt concurred, the basic family unit along with religion and national sovereignty were identified as the primary enemies obstructing their path to centrally controlled tyranny and coveted prize of one world government.[210] Weishaupt also articulated the key value of strategically deploying sexual blackmail as the Illuminati’s “ends always justify the means” Modus Operandi.[211]

In 2013 newly appointed President of the High Court Family Division Judge James Munby went public stating that the most drastic legal matter that British judges deal with today is the pervasive removal of UK children from their families.[212] Judge Munby has called for a more transparent and open family court system that doesn’t place gag orders on parents from being able to talk to the press. Munby also wants to reform the system to make both the court decisions available to the public as well as the identity of judges, social workers, attorneys and expert witnesses. In the past too many parents with legitimate grievous complaints have been unjustly imprisoned for calling for public scrutiny in family court cases where gross miscarriage of justice is systemically perpetrated. But the wall of resistance to Sir Munby’s proposed changes that support the status quo of institutionalized child abuse and the prevailing pedophilia epidemic still rigidly persists.[213] Paradoxically, family court has used strict confidentiality laws to ostensibly “protect” the anonymity of children as its primary justification for secrecy when in fact it’s been tearing the institution of family apart for systematically placing children at far greater risk of harm.

Another despicable misdeed willfully imposed by Justice Secretary Jack Straw in April 2009 intended to strengthen the blight of British pedophilia impunity was his unilaterally changing British law to prohibit children in group home care to the basic human right of speaking out against abuse or maltreatment received while trapped in the closed off, insulated child welfare system.[214] Step by step in the face of increasing exposure of the ongoing Savile-Westminster scandal, the elite has closed ranks to busily construct systemic barriers designed to muzzle and frighten victims and seal off the no longer free press from unveiling the filthy truth.

Because of the proliferating exposure of Savile related abuse along with so many other high profile pedo-scandals like Pizzagate/Pedogate in recent years gaining traction in growing citizens’ awareness of the ruling elite’s global child sex trafficking epidemic,[215] as mentioned previously the pedo-cabal in the UK has aggressively pushed back with two enormous court victories culminating in the same month of July 2018. The prospect of placing alleged abuse victim “Nick” behind bars for so called false allegations of a murderous Westminster pedophile ring lends the pretext for officially proclaiming the entire British VIP scandal an exaggerated myth and total hoax.[216] Then days later Sir Cliffy destroys what little freedom of the press is left, rendering its future capacity to report on and investigate high profile pedo-suspects impotent.[217] No doubt these days UK’s pedo-elite are celebrating in their mansions as these recent relatively unknown monumental setbacks validating VIP pedophiles’ above-the-law immunity from justice only embolden the powerful British Establishment to commit yet more crimes against innocent children.

This sad reality must change and we the people as protectors of our children must make it happen. A good place to start is advocating for truth and reconciliation commissions, supporting organizations like the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ), presently gathering testimony from victim-turned-survivors[218]

With the cabal’s designated blackmail “specialists” Jimmy Savile and working in cahoots with the global intelligence community, joined by popes, corrupt churches, royalty, organized crime and their infiltrating satanic secret society allies, each dutifully play out their respective roles facilitating sexual blackmail pedophilia operations to gain absolute control over puppet politicians worldwide.[219] Figureheads like Maggie, Blair and Cameron along with their US counterparts the Bushes, Clintons and Obamas serve as chosen (not elected[220]) public face pedophile overlords while behind the scenes their Luciferian bloodline masters quietly pull their order-following strings.[221]

Sir Jimmy Savile is linked to both abusing and pimping kids at virtually every major group home scandal in Britain. From Jersey Island’s Haut de la Garenne[222] to Elm Guest House,[223] he was there. From Islington[224] to North Wales Bryn Estyn[225] where 650 children from a total of 40 group homes were sexually assaulted,[226] from Northern Ireland’s Kincora Boys Home[227] to Surrey’s Duncroft School for Girls, Jimmy was there doing his thing.[228]

One big orgiastic demonic death cult dance uses the elite’s flourishing child sex trade booming larger than ever today[229] to own and control the planet and their minions through sexual blackmail[230] carried out with an accompanying permanent war against humanity agenda[231] that includes spreading global destabilization, deploying military wars around the world, using both fast and soft kill eugenics,[232] increasing covert psychotronic warfare[233] and nonstop disinformation propaganda and mass mind control.[234]

All this while the planetary controllers’ collapsing, unsustainable global economy now shuddering in death throe implosion,[235] has been orchestrated to tighten the neo-feudal grip of their debtor slavery system[236] along with unprecedented global habitat destruction[237] that’s fast leading to earth’s sixth mass life extinction and first by a demonically executed human genocide.[238] Meanwhile, depopulation doomsday globalist Bill Gates has recently been at it again, frothing at the mouth to raise alarm over the impending “30 million dead” pandemic from infectious disease,[239] doing his nefarious duty to prep humanity for forced vaccination[240] amidst false flag biological warfare terrorism,[241] like AIDS[242] and Ebola[243] launched out of a Fort Detrick Petri dish.

Just in case it somehow escaped your attention, it appears that to even be considered qualified for such regal honors as British royal knighthood, you must already be a card carrying member of the VIP pedophilia club first. That way, every compromised politician holding higher office is subject to sexual blackmail and control by elite fascist Anglo-American-Zionist interest.[244] To the pedophilic puppet masters and their sexually blackmailed, controlled politicians throughout the world, it’s never been about sworn oaths of loyalty towards any one country or one’s country of citizenship, not with Israeli first dual citizens comprising the embedded neocon core still running Washington, or when a handful of Luciferian families from a few nations (most notably yet not exclusively from the West)[245] are pulling the international cabal strings rapidly bringing mounting geopolitical conflict, polarization, destabilization, uninterrupted war, financial hardship, economic disparity[246] and psychological trauma worldwide.[247]

In the meantime, widespread battlefields of war and overcrowded migrant camps caused by all the manufactured global conflict provide the ideal cover and setting for trafficking illegal arms,[248] illegal drugs,[249] illegal child sex slaves,[250] illegal body parts[251] and illegally laundered trillions into the pedophilic elite’s international crime coffers,[252] which in turn are used to finance the deep underground military bases,[253] secret deep space program and limitless, deep pocketed CIA-DARPA black budgets[254] and black ops[255] that include Frankensteinian research into genetic engineering across species interbreeding,[256] Artificial Intelligence,[257] transhumanism,[258] robotics,[259] mass mind control,[260] advanced technological warfare[261] amongst numerous other unknown, dangerously destructive, nightmarish developments. As Luciferian masters of secrecy and deceit, all participants involved are betrayers of their constitutions, their governments, their nations, the entire human race, our planet and our One Creator.[262]

In recent years the NWO movement towards the coveted one world government and Luciferian one world religion has accelerated its collision course in a race against time[263] while the ruling elite’s hourglass to materialize such dire, deplorable and extreme conditions risks running out of time. The elites’ desperate timetabled mission through increasing geopolitical instability, global turmoil, massive censorship (especially targeting the worldwide web), draconian oppression and tyranny[264] is intended to thwart critical mass from taking hold when enough informed, educated and empowered, pissed off citizens around the globe ultimately unite in solidarity[265] to demand the planetary controlling pedophiles finally be held fully accountable for all their crimes against both children and humanity. That day is soon approaching… if the enemy elite doesn’t unleash their Armageddon and nuclear winter agenda first.[266]

Chapter 23 exposes the full gamut of the widespread UK government pedophilia scandal and its never-ending cover-up that’s been allowed it to flourish for far too many decades. By self-serving design, the criminal concealment of pedophilic crimes has enabled Establishment VIPs to always live above the law due to designated pedophile foxes always guarding their pedo-henhouse through centrally controlled, fully sabotaged police investigations and totally bogus “independent” child sex abuse Inquiries never leading anywhere, co-opted by the pedophile-infiltrated, thoroughly corrupted government, high courts, security intelligence, social services and mainstream media. Sadly, the pedo-cabal at the earth’s epicenter – not so Great Britain – remains a fully operational, thriving criminal enterprise to this very day.


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