Chapter 29: Northern Ireland’s Kincora Scandal: British Intelligence Sexual Blackmail Operation and Cover-up


Chapter 29 Northern Ireland’s Kincora Scandal: British Intelligence Sexual Blackmail Operation and Cover-up

Joachim Hagopian

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This chapter delves into the rampant child sex abuse operating throughout the 1960s and 1970s (and beyond) out of Northern Ireland’s group homes centered around the Kincora Boys Home in East Belfast. The notorious residential care facility operated by state authorities from 1958 until 1980 is alleged to have been responsible for sexually abusing at least 30 boys aged 15 to 18 years of age.[1] In 1981 three senior staff members at Kincora Boys’ Home were convicted of sexually assaulting 11 underage youth, receiving prison sentences ranging from 4 to 6 years. Additionally, some of the abuse victims from Northern Ireland (NI) were reportedly trafficked to London, Liverpool, Manchester and Brighton as well to Amsterdam and as far away as Vienna.[2] But most of the Kincora victims were trafficked to local hotels in Belfast or nearby mansions for sex orgies where they were abused by such VIP pedophile luminaries as royals Lord Louis Mountbatten and Cambridge traitor Sir Anthony Blunt, pedo pals Prime Minister Edward Heath and his child procurer Sir Jimmy Savile, MI6 Director Sir Maurice Oldfield and MI6 Deputy Director Sir Peter Hayman along with a number of other prominent ministers and MPs, such as Sir Enoch Powell, Sir Knox Cunningham and Sir Cyril Smith. All of these powerful, queen knighted sickos were directly involved in both the rape of young boys and subsequent cover-up lasting to this very day. And each of these culprits’ specific involvement in the Kincora abuse scandal will be thoroughly covered in this chapter.

More than any other pedo-scandal in British history, the nation’s security services left their indelible fingerprints all over the Northern Ireland child sex abuse crime scenes, exploiting expendable underage Irish boys as honey-trap bait for sexual blackmail control over loyalist Protestant extremists, as well as Establishment VIPs during the Troubles between Protestant Unionists and IRA aligned Catholics in Northern Ireland. MI5/6 actively recruited top officers in the Irish Republican Army for blackmail in the same way they owned and controlled top NI’s loyalist terrorists.[3] Even founding IRA boss Joe Cahill was an MI6 pedo-tool after honey-trapped by a 14-year old girl in 1970s Belfast.[4] An 11-year old boy from Northern Ireland later placed at Kincora Boys’ Home was trafficked south of the border to Dublin to provide oral sex on a pedophile in a cinema.[5]

During this troubled period and beyond, the power of both UK’s security services and on-the-ground security armed forces amidst a violent civil war treacherously wielded its bloody hand as both imperialistic oppressor as well as VIP child rapist blackmailing operator and pedophilia network protector. Intelligence services are notorious for coordinating sexual blackmail operations around the world in order to gain control over prominent members of the Establishment, particularly within the Anglo-American-Zionist Empire. The CIA, Mossad and MI5/6, though ostensibly acting on orders of their respective national governments, in actuality are the planetary controllers’ personal private army deployed to control puppet politicians and other “agents of influence” to the will of the ruling elite.

Just like the CIA and Mossad counterparts within this Anglo-American-Zionist Empire, British intelligence services have been instrumental in setting up both a nationwide as well as global child sex trafficking network in what became the precursor for the Epstein-Maxwell-Mossad blackmail operation of the 1990s and 2000s. Clearly underage children are misused and abused for the dual purpose of controlling VIP pawns as well as for supplying needed young blood and flesh for ritualistically stealing youth innocence and life force to perversely satiate the Luciferian compulsion for increasing power, longevity and absolute megalomaniacal planetary control. For millenniums this heinous, ghastly practice of child sacrifice through systematic sexual abuse, torture and murder of defenseless children has been a tribal cabal mainstay used by ruling family bloodlines to enhance and rejuvenate the parasitic elite’s life force sustainability over its earthly dominion and control over its enslaved, kept-in-the-dark, misinformed, uneducated masses. Control over the world monetary and political system as well as global news and mass media by a handful of bloodline families like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers has enabled the crime cabal to develop the current global child sex trafficking network serving their ungodly Luciferian addictions into today’s pandemic pedophilic scourge the scale of which has never before been seen on planet earth. Prosecuting the rulers’ pervasive crimes against our children is how we citizens of the world can take back our one earthly home from the destroyers of life for the good of all children and humanity. And with that righteous aspiration and objective, the story of Northern Ireland’s scandal can be told but first current events unfolding presently on the Island of Ireland and British Isles should be addressed.

Since the independent Republic of Ireland and the British nation that includes Northern Ireland have both been members of the European Union, the ensuing years since 2016’s faltering Brexit impasse is still looming ever-so-large over the United Kingdom. But the Britain’s impending EU exit stands to harden the Irish island’s north-south border, further deepening the historic bitter Irish divide. The three year Brexit debate has retriggered old tensions and conflicts that could shatter the fragile 1998 Good Friday peace accord ending the three tumultuous decades of bloody civil war violence, resurrecting the old “bad blood” dispute between the Protestant Irish loyalists and the Irish nationalists in Northern Ireland still struggling for equality and unified sovereignty with their Catholic majority brethren residing in the Republic of Ireland.[6]

This potential destabilizing divisive factor currently unfolding in this already complicated, precarious mix is compounded by the reality that in less than two short years – by Northern Ireland’s national centennial in 2021, more Catholic citizens will be living in that country than Protestants.[7] The historic injustices between NI’s privileged Protestants and poverty-stricken Catholics harboring just below the surface as a brooding, unresolved old wound that Brexit is now only exacerbating with Northern Ireland no longer part of the EU and its southern island neighbor remaining a member.

Meanwhile, incredibly, Northern Ireland has been operating without a government for over 1,000 days now.[8] It was January 2017 when Northern Ireland’s parliamentary Assembly disassembled at Stormont. Initiated by Sinn Fein’s Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness’ purported resignation over the DUP majority party – the Democratic Unionist Party’s mishandled scheme involving the Renewable Heat Incentive, a backfired, much flawed plan to replace NI’s fossil fuel burning energy sources.[9] Nearly a year later after the British voters chose to historically separate from the European Union, in early 2017, DUP comprised of Protestants and the opposing minority Sinn Fein party representing nationalist Catholics in NI were at loggerheads over numerous unresolved issues, including the pending Brexit conflict.[10] The fact remains that the 2007 agreement made between the DUP and Sinn Fein parties to share joint power in a coalition government in the executive branch has not worked at all. A decade later in 2017 – the bribing British government under Prime Minister Theresa May “gifted” the DUP a billion-pound cashbox payoff to buy its support for May’s precariously weak Conservative government.[11] With both her regime and UK nation desperately wanting to stay intact, fiercely opposing to a united sovereign Ireland, and all political parties appearing to want to avert the prospect of another bloody Troubles 2.0, perhaps with May’s bribe the Northern Ireland government agreed simply to shut down in the face of the opposing parties’ apparent incapacity to politically compromise and find mutual solutions, increasingly compounded by the Brexit drama, thus in an absentia vacuum, it appears a decision was made to abandon responsibility for governing Northern Ireland’s affairs by turning its power reigns over to the faltering Westminster government. And that far more “liberal” governing body in London currently under the tenuous influence of Boris “Karloff” Johnson, as of October 21st, 2019 is bringing legalized same sex marriage and abortion rights for the very first time to Northern Ireland, no doubt an emotional irritant to the far more traditional morays of Northern Ireland Catholics. This deeply volatile change alongside no visible Belfast governing body in the face of Brexit imposing hard border restriction affecting the flow of goods in and out of the divided Irish island could potentially deliver such severe strain and conflict that is bound to retrigger open, bloody hostilities existing between the two opposing extremist factions within the Irish Catholic and Irish Protestant populations. With all these interfacing factors converging simultaneously in Northern Ireland that directly impact both the dis-United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, is a perfect storm now intensifying on the divided Irish nations and Britain Isles?

A hardened post-Brexit border between the two Irelands co-timed with Northern Ireland’s changing demographic of an aging Unionist Protestant population holding only a diminishing 48% to 45% majority edge over a fast rising, younger Catholic population destined in next to no time become the majority, long awaited change is undoubtedly anticipated by many of NI’s Irish Catholics.[12] Motivated and driven on so many levels – social, cultural, historical, economic, political as well as religious, Northern Ireland Catholics desire to end the gross disparity of wealth and power, while Brexit may paradoxically offer renewed hope for a one unified independent sovereign island nation of Ireland after many centuries of oppressive British Empire control. But whether this dream will ultimately be achieved at all, much less without the spillage of yet more blood, remains highly questionable at best and most doubtful at worst.

With this dynamic influx reaching a crescendo amidst the ongoing upheaval over new Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s farcical Brexit attempts thus far, looming ever-larger over so many unresolved border as well as economic issues, a complete climate of confusion, uncertainty and dark cloud calamity abound in today’s anything but United Kingdom.[13] And because decades ago so many infamously controversial, powerful child predators atop Britain’s pedo-food chain were historically involved in the Kincora scandal as both perpetrators and suppressors, this particular cover-up is perhaps the most glaringly significant of all of UK’s despicably long reign as the world’s pedophile haven.

For this reason alone, in spite of a number of Kincora survivors still alive, along with two still alive courageous whistleblowing former British military intelligence officers assigned to Belfast in the 1970s,[14] along with a recent NI First Minister[15] and a committee of Westminster MPs, all calling for the Kincora case to be heard at London’s statutory inquiry,[16] former Prime Minister May would never allow it.[17] Or more aptly, her puppet master overlords like the Rothschilds adamantly refused to include Kincora in Britain’s ongoing charade of its entirely bogus “Independent Inquiry,” which by legal national jurisdiction should include Northern Ireland, knowing full well that if the actual truth was ever to come out fully, it could potentially bring down both the royal family (more accurately the now Jewish, once German Nazi affiliated[18] impostor family[19]) as well as the entire British Criminal Cabal Establishment. And just like every other UK pedo-scandal, the five or six “fake” inquiries including the official latest 2013-2017 Historic Institutional Abuse (HIA) Inquiry, all have been designed to cover up and obscure Northern Ireland’s flagrant child sexual abuse, propagating only more boldface lies that can no longer conceal the blatantly obvious filth behind the undisguisable collusion cover-up perpetrated by both Britain’s security services and the Westminster government.[20] Their nonstop lies simply can no longer block out overwhelming evidence of the dark ugly truth.

What began as a civil rights march amongst Northern Ireland’s discriminated against Catholic minority in Londonderry on October 5, 1968, resulting in over 30 protesters injured by police storm troopers,[21] continued for the next thirty years costing 3,600 human lives that included both Irish Catholic nationalists and Irish Unionist Protestants as well as English military occupiers.[22] While a battlefield raged in Belfast over the next three subsequent decades, one decade earlier prior to that incendiary first year of Troubles, back in 1958 the Kincora Boys Home opened its doors and soon became the hub of both a major child sexual abuse scandal and prime source for UK’s Irish-English VIP child sex trafficking network.[23] Its first and only home warden Joseph Mains began sexually abusing boys in his care, joined in 1970 by his assistant Raymond Semple and house parent William McGrath.

The Kincora scandal represents yet another shameful skeleton in the world’s pedo-epicenter closet, yet again demonstrating that institutionalized throwaway children in Britain are ravaged and murdered for the profoundly sick pleasures of the state’s elite – politicians, judges, doctors, senior civil servants, spies, military officers, oligarchs, bankers, entertainers and of course its unholy clergy… and tragically the rest of the Anglo-American-Zionist controlled world invariably follows suit. An ex-MI6 spy assigned to the Northern Ireland surveillance operation during the 1970s stated that he’d been approached by MP Humphrey Berkeley as well as the late author Robin Bryans who both told him pedophile parties were victimizing Northern Irish lads commonly taking place in the south of England:

Both said exactly the same thing, that boys from Northern Ireland had ended up in Brighton as well as London… [adding that Anthony] Blunt used to come to Northern Ireland and at that stage he was under immunity [after his 1964 treason confessional], and I think there was a fear that if action had been taken against [William] McGrath and [his] Tara [loyalist organization] then the whole thing might have unraveled. I think that’s why the authorities shut down the investigation into Kincora and covered up much of the abuse, because of the links to the Cambridge spy ring and, through them, the connections to the British establishment.[24]

Just as Kincora Boys Home is at the center of the Northern Ireland pedo-scandal, former Kincora Home resident victim-turned-survivor and courageous whistleblower Richard Kerr exemplifies the horrid abuse suffered not just at the boys’ home but Belfast’s Europa Hotel and countless other crime scene locations across the British Isles. From age 8 to age 20, Richard was allegedly trafficked and sodomized from Rochdale, Lancaster, Manchester Wolverhampton,[25] Liverpool, Brighton[26] as well as London, including Elm Guest House, Dolphin Square and Europe’s largest gay owned (till its 2008 closing) Philbeach Hotel in Earl’s Court, as the first victim linking VIP abuse in Northern Ireland to the widespread Westminster scandal.[27] Keep in mind that a larger international pedophilia network trafficked both children in care homes and rent boy runaways far beyond London to other capital cities across the mainland like Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and Vienna. A May 1973 AP article alludes to a transcontinental pedo-ring that supplied underage boys to VIP homosexual pedophiles throughout Europe.[28]

Chronically abused in this British Isle network for a dozen years, Richard Kerr told Channel 4 News that two other boys trafficked to London with him his first time in February 1977 later ended up taking their own lives.[29]

Richard confessed:

I was used as a boy toy, a sexual object [by] very powerful people… They were men who had control and power over others.[30]

But before addressing Richard Kerr’s first trip to London at age 15, a look at his earlier, pre-Kincora life that led him to this disturbing outcome is significant. Richard was born on May 12, 1961 in Belfast, Northern Ireland.[31] But by age five he was placed in the child care system on December 16, 1966, followed by a younger brother Alan Kerr, both first personally abused by a key figure in the Irish-English pedo-network – Anglican lay monk Eric Witchell who was to become headmaster at Williamson House in North Belfast. When Richard was only 8-years old in 1969, even prior to his headmaster days, Witchell would sneak into Richard’s room at night and initially molest but soon began sodomizing him, Richard helplessly trapped in the dark, gripping his pillow while biting into his teddy bear enduring the pain. Along with countless others, several years later it was Alan’s turn. At least three of Witchell’s victims would later commit suicide and two more would attempt it. Eric Witchell lived in a church in Liverpool and had his own place in Belfast for frequent Williamson House visits, a half dozen years after the unholy man began abusing Richard at Williamson, in 1975 Richard’s worst nightmare came true when Witchell became its officer-in-charge. During his finals days prior to being shipped over for even more abuse at Kincora, Witchell arranged for Richard to be trafficked to Liverpool to meet him at his church where he proceeded to abuse the teenager under the cover of Christianity.

Eventually the serial pedophile was finally prosecuted for several of his countless sex crimes at Williamson House and sent briefly to prison. At 71 years of age now, Eric Witchell has long been a free man quietly living out his golden years in London, never truly paying for his beastly sins against the Kerr brothers or his other victims nor for his pivotal pimping role within the Irish-English VIP pedophilia network. He was a cog in the pedo-wheel in the pedo-pipeline feeding the most powerful demented movers and shakers in Britain, from his Williamson House, the Kincora Home among a number of other residential care facilities like the Shore House and Portoro Royal School where a fresh supply of defenseless victims were easily procured.[32]

Richard Kerr was also abused by other predators in the pedo-chain at Williamson House. One of the most notorious of the perpetrators allowed to continue abusing boys for decades is the infamous child psychiatrist Morris Fraser.[33] Fraser’s child abuse crimes spanning decades were covered up for “national security” purposes. Despite a 1971 arrest for sexual assaulting a 13-year old Belfast boy that resulted in a 1972 conviction, he was permitted to continue working with children and abused and trafficked 3 NI boys to London in 1971. Yet all the health boards, medical professionals and the Royal Ulster Constabulary granted VIP Fraser a free pass, allowing him to continue his career path at the Belfast Royal Victoria Hospital for years afterwards.

The serial predator was again convicted in 1974 of abusing three more boys in America, yet unbelievably he again was permitted to resume his medical practice as a semi-famous child psychiatrist. The New York judge wasn’t even informed of Fraser’s prior 1972 UK conviction.[34] On top of that, Freedom of Information requests on the pervert were turned down to further shield him and the international pedo-network he belonged to. As a VIP member of the Irish-Anglo-USA global trafficking pedo-ring, just like with the politicians that use the “national security” pretense as their means of criminal self-protection and concealment, this sicko was allowed to continue harming children in nation after nation for more than 20 years with virtually no real consequence, including after he was busted yet again in 1992, incurring a brief jail stint for possessing and distributing child pornographic images.[35] By his own volition, three years later in 1995 he finally opted to for retirement, ceasing his child psychiatry practice on his own terms, unaffected by his criminal past of three pedophilia busts in a near quarter century. See what lengths the pedo-cabal always goes to in order protect their own, ensuring that word of their larger global network never sees the light of day?

Less than two years after Fraser’s first 1972 conviction, fellow pedo-networker Witchell sent 12-year old Richard Kerr to Royal Victoria Hospital for a psychiatric assessment. Within a minute into his examination, doctor derelict instructed Richard to pull down his trousers for a closer look and moments later was snapping Polaroids of the naked, perturbed boy.[36] With VIP status, Dr. Fraser was an affiliate member of Northern Ireland’s security services’ honey trap operation, thereby acquiring his “national security” protection for all his child abuse crimes against boys at Williamson House, Kincora Boys’ Home and, according to Richard in 2015, every group home in Belfast.[37] The predator abused boys regularly at countless locations in Ireland, England and the United States. As a foreign national currently residing somewhere in continental Europe, no doubt still protected, unsurprisingly Northern Ireland’s Historical Institutional Abuse (HIA) Inquiry chose to completely ignore the egregious Dr. Fraser saga of protracted, state-sponsored abuse for obvious reasons, despite the ostensible sole purpose of the HIAI to determine if systemic abuse in Northern Ireland ever occurred. Predictably, in January 2017 Judge Hart reached the false conclusion that no organized network of CSA ever existed in Northern Ireland,[38] both avoiding and totally defying tons of clear-cut evidence personified by multiple-convicted free men like Fraser and Witchell.

Yet another guilty child rapist conspicuously allowed to slip through the net, also heavily implicated in the sordid Kincora affair during the early 1970s, was MI5 officer John L. Imrie, employed out of the Northern Ireland Office (NIO) directly under the one man most responsible for the Kincora cover-up – the MI5 on-the-ground NI station chief Ian Cameron (discussed in depth later in the chapter).[39] Having already served under Cameron in Berlin, Imrie was repeatedly connected to the Northern Ireland pedo-scandal, linked by journalist Liam Clarke in a February 1988 Sunday World article naming him n an as one of four senior NIO officials interviewed by police about Kincora. Future London mayor MP Ken Livingstone on the House of Commons floor named Imrie as a pedophile in a confrontational question addressed to pedo-enabling Prime Minister Thatcher. In 1979 Imrie was convicted as a “flasher” indecent exposure charge, caught “cottaging” in London’s seedy Victoria train station toilets on the prowl for rent boy sex. Just as MI5 has resorted to extreme measures to cover-up the Kincora scandal, apparently it also went to great lengths trying to protect yet another of its known guilty perverts.

On August 17, 1979, Private Eye Magazine referred to the Imrie case:

Up until the trial strong pressure was brought to bear by a variety of authorities to drop the charges in the national interest.[40]

On top of all this, right up until 2018, retired MI5 officer John Imrie had been the only known child abuser still alive who was stationed in Northern Ireland questioned by the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) police in connection with the 1980 Kincora abuse probe. As a proven sleazeball with his past history contained in a big fat secret file held in MI5 archives, no doubt it would offer a treasure trove of knowledge into the Kincora pedo-scandal. Unlike MI6 boss Maurice Oldfield whose reputation was so tattered by Kincora exposure that Thatcher was compelled to relieve him of command in 1978, when MP Livingstone confronted her for her discrepant over-leniency towards Imrie, Thatcher was hard put to explain why this confirmed pedophile remained in good standing for many more years on the MI5 payroll. Turns out ever since 1979’s one skirmish with the law was made public, this career MI5 officer after that was granted an extremely low profile from any further scrutiny, quietly living out the rest of his shady life as a sexual blackmailing perv in England till his death in 2018 without ever a request to bear witness over Kincora in either the IICSA, much less Northern Ireland’s HIA Inquiry. Letting him peacefully go to his grave escaping all CSA inquiries only demonstrates further evidence that the UK Establishment never had any intention of unmasking its Kincora pedophilia filth due to it being a VIP blackmail operation run by security services.

Another Kincora player of significance out of the same Northern Ireland Office also interviewed by RUC in the 1980 Kincora police probe was the NI Deputy Undersecretary Englishman named Peter England.[41] This guy was a buddy of notorious pedo-spy Sir Anthony Blunt and largely responsible for British intelligence services in Northern Ireland. The 1988 Liam Clarke piece also stated how Peter England made unwanted homosexual advances on a younger civil servant in the NIO and also how child abuse victim John Louis Baird recognized the senior NIO pervert as his abuser from a photograph. Author-journalist Chris Moore interviewed John Louis Baird who explained that after flashing headlights, he was ordered out of the vehicle and into Peter England’s car for sexual abuse. Additionally, a security briefing document was found in Kincora House with penciled in phone numbers in Peter England’s handwriting, placing him at the crime scene of Kincora boys home.

Richard Kerr’s first trip to London in February 1977 began with a morning phone call to the Kincora Home warden, convicted pedophile Joseph Mains, a friend of another alleged pedophile Maurice Oldfield, the head of MI6 from 1973 to 1978. Recall from last chapter that a drunken trio in their younger days – Oldfield, Anthony Blunt and Prince George VII the Duke of Kent were picked up carousing after underage boys in the streets of London back in the early 1940s. After advisor Lord Rothschild pressured Prime Minister Ted Heath to appoint yet another fellow Zionist gay pedophile Maurice Oldfield as his MI6 director in 1973,[42] per Oldfield’s RUC special branch guards in 1979, the former MI6 chief was observed partaking of his friend Joseph Mains’ care home boys in Northern Ireland.[43] Thatcher had coaxed Oldfield out of retirement to take on the role of security liaison between RUC and British military intelligence in Belfast, although there exists ample evidence that as a friend to Kincora warden pedophile Oldfield had been making occasional visits to Northern Ireland from 1974 to 1979.[44] Kincora abuse survivor Richard Kerr alleged that he once walked in on a meeting between warden Joseph Mains and Oldfield.[45]

During his three years at Kincora, Richard also ran into former MP and UK minister under Harold McMillan and Tony Blair’s mentor – pedophile Sir Knox Cunningham, who helped fund the boys’ home housemaster William McGrath’s paramilitary group Tara. Corroborated by military intel whistleblower Colin Wallace, Knox Cunningham was identified as yet another well-connected child abuser frequenting the home.[46] And according to renowned author of The Dirty Wars Martin Dillon, Cunningham’s pedo-buddy McGrath had been a British intelligence agent since the 1950s. On his trafficked travels, Richard Kerr also encountered notorious pedophile traitor and royal art collector Sir Anthony Blunt in the company of two men that Richard claims abused him.

But after receiving a phone call on that particular February morning in 1977, Kincora warden Mains called Richard Kerr and another boy named Stephen Waring into his office to instruct them to report to yet another fellow pedophile Joss Cardwell, who happened to be Chairman of the Belfast Corporation Welfare Committee, in charge of all child placements in Belfast residential social services care.[47] Joss Cardwell also served as boy procurer for the Irish-English trafficking VIP pedophile network. Note the familiar pattern here of a close knit network of powerful close friends, all sexual predators preying on powerless children in care.

An important side note, a constant theme in all pedophilia scandals is the fact that virtually every key gatekeeping role, from UK Prime Minister (vis-a-vis pedophile Edward Heath), and Minister of Children (recall pedo-enabler Margaret Hodge), to the largest UK child helpline (recall fellow pedo-enabler Esther Rantzen), to UK’s largest child charity (recall longtime UK minister pedophile Peter Mandelson in charge of NSPCC), to popular television youth idol as UK’s #1 children’s charity fundraiser (Jimmy Savile as UK’s most prolific child rapist, MI5 operative and key VIP child procurer) down to the local head of social services (recall Richmond social services director Louis Minster’s name on the Elm Guest House list) to the children’s home operator (recall pedophile deputy head John Stingemore of Grafton Close Home trafficking boys in his care to Elm Guest House along with sharing them with pedo-priest Tony McSweeney), in every single scandal, it’s always the exact same setup… gatekeepers galore, all being fellow child sex abusers/protectors.

It’s important to understand how entrenched the pedophiles in power were/are, especially during the four years Prime Minister Edward Heath was in office from 1970 to 1974 while Kincora was raging out of control. Recall the infamous quote in front of a BBC camera by Heath’s Chief Whip Tim Fortescue (from 1970-1973)[48] in line with the “Dirty Book” tradition that blackmailer Heath himself began while Chief Tory Whip from 1956 to 1959:

Anyone with any sense, who was in trouble, would come to the whips and tell them the truth, and say, ‘Now I’m in a jam. Can you help?’ It might be debt, it might be a scandal involving small boys, or any kind of scandal in which a member seemed likely to be mixed up. They’d come and ask if we could help, and if we could, we did. When you are trying to persuade a member to vote the way he didn’t want to vote on a controversial issue – which is part of your job – it is possible to suggest that perhaps it would not be in his interest if people knew something or other – very mildly.[49]

Fortescue’s predecessor from 1964 to 1970 was Willie Whitelaw who carried on the same blackmail practice, unabashedly admitting it in the same 1995 BBC broadcast:

‘The Dirt Book’ is just a little book where you write down various things you know or hear about people that may or may not be true. I think you could make a very good guess what sorts of things it contains.[50]

With whistleblowing British Army Captain Colin Wallace stationed in Northern Ireland during the early 1970s trying to make waves to expose Heath’s security services’ honey pot blackmail scheme at Kincora, PM Heath installed proven pedophile-enabler-blackmailer Willie Whitelaw as NI’s first Secretary of State from 1972 to 1974. Later Whitelaw was chosen by PM Thatcher to be her Deputy Prime Minister and Home Secretary from 1979 until 1983 when he was succeeded by pedophile Leon Brittan who continued the job of suppressing all Britain’s pedo-scandals while Whitelaw moved on as leader of the House of Lords from 1983 to 1988. As also a known high degree Freemason, virtually synonymous with pedophilia,[51] Lord Willie actually ordered Metro Police to scrap a VIP pedophile probe.[52] Hence, during this pedo-enabler’s 4-year stint as Home Office secretary in charge of both security services as well as all UK police investigations, multiple scandals were thriving under his watch – Elm Guest House, Dolphin Square, Islington, Lambeth, Jersey Island as well as Kincora and of course only continued bigtime under his successor.

As alluded to, Big Willie was briefly busted in the press in 1980 as Thatcher’s Home Office minister caught shutting down a yearlong Metro Police investigation of a pedophile gang (most likely the soon-to-be convicted murdering Sidney Cooke gang), infamous for procuring boys for Westminster VIPs (covered in earlier chapters). On July 7, 1980, Evening News reporter Jeff Edwards revealed in an article that Whitelaw suppressed Met Police evidence of 350 CSA offenses committed by a gang of dozen lowlifes abusing and supplying 40 boys to the UK elite that was passed on to Director of Public Prosecutions.[53] Of course as mentioned in earlier chapters, the DPP in 1980 – Sir Tony Hetherington (1977-1987) – was also a longtime pedo-protector of predators like MP Cyril Smith,[54] also “losing” a copy of the same Geoffrey Dickens dossier given to Brittan.[55] Had Whitelaw not interfered with the police investigation, perhaps scores of young boys’ lives would not have been racked by torture and murder as the hands of this “protected” pedo-gang procuring victims to VIPs. Within a day of publication, Jeff Edwards was then threatened by police with arrest and prosecution for violating the notorious Official Secrets Act used to historically shield the VIP pedophilia network. The detective who leaked the damaging revelation to Edwards was threatened with demotion and severely reprimanded with a fine amounting to a half year’s salary.

During the early 1970s when MI5’s Kincora abuse operation was flourishing under Heath’s premiership, along with Whitelaw as NI’s Secretary, the Northern Ireland Deputy Secretary from 1972-74 was yet another cherry-picked pedophile (just like Heath) – Sir William Van Straubenzee, a longtime MP (1959-1987) and onetime junior education minister.[56] In relative recently “discovered” government files from 2015, Van Straubenzee showed up along with other high profile Thatcher ministers Leon Brittan, and the two pedo Peters Hayman and Morrison as child rapists and active members of “the network.” One of the revealing files linked Straubenzee’s abuse to his time in Northern Ireland destroying the lives of Kincora boys. In addition to being a perverted criminal, he apparently was also a “devout” Christian. But at age 75 in November 1999, this sicko joined the long Westminster VIP list who died without paying for their earthly sins. You can see how Heath stacked the deck by sheer gatekeeping numbers alone how British VIP pedophiles rule while not only the nation’s throwaway children suffer as victims but so do those trying to stop this heinous abuse.

Furthermore, from the “no surprise” file comes the fact that the Kincora scandal is linked to satanic ritual abuse from multiple sources. Some of the heaviest hitters associated with Kincora sodomy include Prime Minister Heath,[57] MP minister Enoch Powell,[58] royal treasonous MI5 superspy Anthony Blunt (recall his asphyxiation method of torture-murder[59]) and BBC icon Sir Jimmy Savile,[60] all linked to Kincora and satanic ritual abuse. Their alleged Irish-Anglo pedo-network involvement that includes evidence of their connection to satanic ritual abuse follows. Also on the receiving end as another prominent VIP child abuser within the Irish-Anglo trafficking network is MP Sir Cyril Smith, whose larger-than-life 400-pound presence emerges in every single UK scandal. As noted in prior chapters, he too is linked to satanic ritual abuse.[61]

From the Big Picture to the smaller, the systemic model of how the world operates consistently shows that all the most powerful positions in the UK government (or virtually any country in the West) are occupied by cherry picked pedophiles or proven trusted pedophile enablers that ensure every scandal gets buried ASAP. That’s simply how the evilly corrupted, perverse system manages to continue operating with total impunity, remaining in power doing the damage it does for as long as it does. From national to local, this same common thread covers all the key positions in charge of children’s welfare in Britain (and beyond), filled by either pedophiles or pedo-enablers. That’s how their trafficking network operation has managed to thrive, immune from all accountability due to fellow gatekeeping police chiefs, security services and Directors of Public Prosecutions, further buffered by the pedo-enabling owners and editors handpicked throughout the mainstream media as well. With all the bases covered, this is how children are trafficked from one geographical location on the planet to another, both near and far, from local to national to international, fully insulated, fully supported and fully protected by all institutions within the pedo-cabal power grid.

In abuse survivor Richard Kerr’s ordeal back in February 1977, Joss Cardwell was a familiar visitor to Kincora, Richard remembering him wearing a funny hat, regularly taking children out of the home, driving his blue minivan to transport underage victims to be abused at local hotels like Belfast’s Hotel Europa, the Park Avenue Hotel, the Adelphi Hotel in Portrush[62] or the Queen’s Court in Bangor.[63] As a major player in the boy procuring business for the VIP Anglo-Irish sex slave trade and a big wheel around Belfast town as an Ulster Unionist Party councillor serving the important function as distributor of children to area group homes, once the Kincora trio of his pedophile buddies were convicted and in prison, and the RUC called him in next for interrogation in March 1982, Joss Cardwell elected to commit suicide to avoid the possibility of prison time.[64] Or since he knew so much about the VIP pedo-biz, perhaps he was “suicided” from disclosing some of his big boy secrets. He certainly wouldn’t be the first.

At any rate, on that February 1977 afternoon, Cardwell was having a better day, confidently dropping the two Kincora boys off at the Belfast Harbor ferry, sending them on to Liverpool, England where they would meet Michael A. and a man named Derek.[65] Michael A. was familiar to Richard from a previous trip when he took Richard to the Rembrandt Hotel in Manchester where MP Cyril Smith is alleged to have sexually assaulted him.[66] But on this occasion, 15-year old Richard and his friend Stephen were taken to a dwelling near the Lime Street train station in Liverpool where they were ushered downstairs into a basement. Several mattresses were laid out on the floor where five younger aged boys 11 to 13 were kept captive. Such is the life of trafficked child sex slaves.

Richard and Stephen were held there for three or four hours before the pair were brought to the Liverpool train station by Michael A. and a man named Steven J., whose job in addition to escort duties in this Irish-English pedo-ring was also child pornographer taking obscene photos of the child sex slaves.[67] After all, bigtime child sex trafficking and child pornography always go together.[68] The two men and two boys arrived in Manchester where they boarded another train for London. During this final leg, the men had reserved a first class train compartment so that the two pedophiles could get their jollies off at the expense of Richard and Stephen before arriving at the nation’s capital. Upon reaching London, the two boys were separated and Richard was escorted upstairs in the Wimpy Bar in Piccadilly Circus, a favorite pick-up spot for pedos preying on Piccadilly rent boys. A 1983 Scotland Yard investigation of the rent boy trade in Soho’s Piccadilly Circus had to be abruptly shut down by the pedo-Establishment when so many of the “Dilly Boys” under surveillance were attracting so many high profile MPs and judges.[69]

Another sleazy Heath choice served as permanent undersecretary in the Ministry of Defense. Queen knighted James Dunnett (1969-1974) did it ad nauseam with Dilly Boys, until in 1974 it caught up to him, causing his political downfall when a transvestite Dilly boy calling himself Vicky de Lambray stole his checkbook and Sir Dunnett’s name got leaked when the flamboyant de Lambray was prosecuted.[70] Apparently the hustler had quite a list of VIP clients, among them lots of intelligence operatives, including a high profile Russian naval attaché-KGB agent deported for spying in 1982.[71] Unfortunately, de Lambray died in suspicious circumstances in 1986 from an apparent heroin overdose that in a phone call to the Press Association he claimed was injected in him for threatening to expose a drug scandal involving aristocracy. The notorious drag queen did know lots of famous VIP-types and was likely another victim who knew too much.

Back in 1977, Richard Kerr found himself in Piccadilly Circus escorted upstairs at the Wimpy Bar by two thuggish looking characters in charge of the “Dilly Boys,” matching underage victims with prospective pedo-clients. After a brief wait, Richard was ordered downstairs where he met his abuser waiting outside, a well-known television star who ordered him to follow a couple steps behind so as not to arouse suspicion.[72] They walked to a building on a popular London street where the pedophile celebrity opened the door with his key and brought Richard upstairs to a starkly furnished room where the “star” abused Richard in a most degrading way, afterwards handing him £20 and instructing him to return to the Wimpy Bar. Richard later recognized his abuser as a guest star on the popular TV show “Minder.” The popular actor has supported children’s charity, but has also stated that some of those claiming to be rape victims are liars just out for the money. His rape victim that day in February 1977 definitely wasn’t out for the money but simply trying to survive another day as a caste system throwaway in a dangerously fucked up world.

During the Channel 4 interview when Richard Kerr was pressed to answer why he refused to name the names of his VIP abusers, under advisement from his solicitor not to identify any, Richard stated that he still lives in fear of recrimination. But less than three months later on a bold Australia 60 Minutes episode about Westminster pedophilia, Richard Kerr did start naming names. In addition to Sir Cyril Smith, he named former MP Scottish Solicitor General Sir Nicholas Fairburn, Dame Rantzen’s onetime child rapist adulterous lover, and former MI6 Deputy Director Sir Peter Hayman.[73] In his decade long ordeal as an underage trafficked victim within the Irish-Anglo pedo-sex ring, another VIP abuser was MP Enoch Powell, maintaining that Lord Mountbatten, Maurice Oldfield, Anthony Blunt and Knox Cunningham all helped cover-up the Kincora scandal.[74] Back in 2015 when Richard Kerr appeared on 60 Minutes, he had been advised not to name any abusers still alive, like the well-known actor. Another former Tory MP alleged to have sexually assaulted him while a Kincora resident is also still alive.[75] Knowing the risks and dangers of identifying powerful pedophiles not dead, after his years of abuse, and subsequent threats before and after he went public, Richard wants to stay alive and for that reason alone, he’s chosen not to out all his perpetrators.

Among the primary weapons to silence child victims is intimidation, threats and harassment, and too often murder. Or VIPs repeatedly use police to apply pressure and scare tactics to ensure that the Anglo-Irish vice ring and the wider global pedo-slave trade remains hidden underground. Kerr distinctly recalls that on more than one occasion, police and powerful individuals warned him off from talking. Just ahead of the 1981 trial of McGrath, Mains and Semple, while living in England, police barged into his home, rifled through his drawers snatching personal items, then escorted him to the police station, placed him in a jail cell and interrogated him for near half a day. In his words:

First of all, they intimidated me by bringing me to a station and putting me in a cell. They wanted to make it clear that I’m not to say anything. They also said to me that if you tell any lies, if you talk about this, that we can put you away. So at that moment I stopped wanting to volunteer what my experience was in Kincora.[76]

After Richard Kerr’s 16th birthday in May 1977, Kincora warden Joseph Mains arranged for Richard to be working as a bellboy at the world famous Europa Hotel in central Belfast.[77] Procuring employment for the teenager had nothing to do with being supportive or kind, but everything to do with making the decade long, sexually exploited rape victim more readily available for yet more abuse at the hands of visiting English dignitaries and government VIPs traveling to the Northern Ireland capital. Prior to landing his bellboy job, Kincora staff would regularly drive him and his soon-to-be dead friend Stephen to the hotel where they would be plied with alcohol at the hotel’s Whip and Saddle Bar and then ushered to hotel guest rooms to sexually service the perverted whims of their sadistic pedo-masters.

Reflecting back on his dozen years of groomed abuse, Richard told the press in 2015:

I was well-groomed, because of my age, because of my stay in children’s homes since the age of five…[78] They gradually make you feel that you are important, to the point you feel you cannot escape, that you are powerless. Totally powerless. And if you escape, you are in fear. It is like you are being hypnotized.[79]

Richard and his deceased friend both knew they were trapped. Richard recollected:

Because Stephen says, ‘No one is going to believe us. They are going to believe those important men’… If you go to the police, the police are not going to believe you either.[80]

Richard Kerr and Steven Waring were trafficked into London another time when a television star more famous than Jimmy Savile at the time entered the room and selected Steven for abuse, spending the next several hours with him at another location.[81] As he was accustomed fresh off being sodomized, Steven came back very depressed and chose not to speak of the trauma he’d just experienced. As they endured further abused, Richard and Stephen became increasingly resentful of the chronic exploitation. Stephen tried running away from his next group home placement after Kincora, but got picked up by Liverpool police and while sent back on the ferry to Northern Ireland, he allegedly jumped overboard, his body never found.[82] So within months of their first trafficked journey to London, Stephen Waring committed suicide, unwilling to be used and abused as their “boy toy” by powerful evil pigs any longer.[83]

After that, Richard quickly lost interest in working at the Europa Hotel and also made the move escaping Belfast for England. But for survival, he resigned to living the only life he knew as his years of nonstop abuse had only prepared him for yet more abuse. In his words:

I would hang around hotels, get a job as a bellboy – patterns, same patterns, followed me into north-west England, followed me into London, same patterns. And that is all part of the grooming from an early age.[84]

Currently residing in Dallas, Texas, many of the 58-year old’s past abusers obviously were VIPs atop the British power echelon, confirming the existence of an extensively coordinated nationwide pedophilia trafficking network operating across the British Isles, shielded by UK security services for political blackmail purposes. The CIA, Mossad and MI5 have been in this boy business a very long time.

Another Kincora victim, Clint Massey, went on record in February 2015 stating:

In those days [the 1970s], there were loads of people over from London. I have always assumed they were senior figures from Whitehall. I certainly heard English accents… I strongly believe it was an entrapment operation [for the security services]. They hoped to get a handle on the people who visited [NI], to get them to work for them and inform for them.[85]

Unfortunately, soon after becoming a dedicated abuse campaigner for Kincora justice, Clint Massey contracted cancer and died in 2018 at only age 60.[86] Clint was not only denied justice in courts, he also was denied financial compensation as recommended by Hart’s HIA Inquiry due to bureaucratic stonewalling. Too many child sex abuse victims die relatively early deaths, without any justice, suffering lifelong effects of loneliness, isolation, depression, drug abuse and often suicide. In large part Clint and Richard’s painfully harrowing experience reveal not only the saga of the Kincora scandal, but how the entire British pedo-network is still being covered today. Be it Theresa or now Boris, the job of the current prime minister and their IICSA sham is to still protect the pedophile monsters while continue denying justice to so many destroyed, innocent lives. And the reasons the IICSA chair Alexis Jay rejected Richard and other survivors and witnesses presenting evidence at her inquiry are totally lame, citing missed deadlines and bureaucratic loopholes for keeping Kincora scandal out of her whitewash.[87]

Convicted pedophile and MI5 informer-agent William McGrath operated the Kincora Boys Home pedophile ring as housemaster throughout the 1970s, spent four years in prison, released in the mid-1980s and went to his grave in 1992 tight-lipped. As the Kincora warden for over 20 years and actually the main child sex trafficker Joseph Mains spent a half dozen years doing time for his lengthy pedo-crimes while his assistant Raymond Semple spent 5 years in prison.[88] McGrath, the fanatical Evangelist Protestant member of the Orange Order and leader of the paramilitary loyalist group Tara believing he was descended from the Lost Tribes of Israel, early on aligned himself with up and coming Presbyterian Rev. Ian Paisley,[89] the founder of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and longtime MP (1970-2010), rising to become Northern Ireland’s First Minister in 2007-08.[90] During his political ascendancy, it was Ian Paisley who – once the three arrests were made in 1980, sought Richard Kerr out for a clandestine meeting to gravely warn him against talking about the Anglo-Irish pedo-trade, specifically to ensure the English upper brass perps never get mentioned.[91] So the British power players in London got the future leader of Northern Ireland as an accomplice to the crime to play the heavy, the Establishment crime cartel behaves no differently from the organized crime of the Mafia.

Of course Ian Paisley had much to hide, having financed terrorist bombings.[92] Though he never held back his vehement hatred toward Catholics, he closely affiliated with top Protestant Loyalist killers and pedophiles. Reverend Ian Paisley shared a very tight friendship with fellow popular firebrand Pastor Willie Mullan, who committed suicide in December 1980 just months after the Irish Independent finally broke the Kincora story in January 1980, forcing the RUC to finally launch its first publicly known investigation. All others were aborted by higher-ups even before they got started.

That original 1980 article that precipitated the RUC inquiry into Kincora abuse undoubtedly had a major impact on Mullan’s so called suicide since it made allegations that a major cover-up on the scale of Watergate involved abused care home boys pimped out to prominent businessmen for money by a Kincora employee with paramilitary connections, referring to McGrath.[93] The groundbreaking piece disclosed that one boy already had committed suicide and another that attempted was currently living with an elderly homosexual. The major news breaking story also revealed that allegations of abuse first came to light in 1977 when a Kincora boy apparently picked up for child prostitution facing criminal charges was not given any support by social workers:

… Because it was thought advisable to have him locked up where he could not talk.[94]

A senior member of this same crooked Social Services Department also ordered files on certain incriminating cases removed, illegal standard practice in every scandal. Clearly this confirms criminal collusion by the SSD. The newspaper also mentioned that a previous police investigation report that was sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions resulted in no action taken. The article also stated that two Justices of the Peace continued sending boys to Kincora even after the police probe found sexual abuse occurring at the home. So this major headline that first brought public awareness of the Kincora scandal in early 1980 exposed perversion of justice operating on all levels, by social services, law enforcement and the legal system. What’s glaringly missing from the piece is the larger Irish-English trafficking component that would implicate the Westminster government. Though at the time the shocked Belfast MP Gerry Fitt saw fit to immediately demand a national public inquiry in London, as usual, that never happened, though several botched on purpose, cover-up inquiries came later.

Just prior to Ian Paisley’s death in September 2014, in July 2014 a Belfast Telegraph article directly linked Mullan to Kincora abuse, attributing his suicide to his pedophilic connections.[95] Preacher Mullan was also tight with key pedo-network procurers McGrath and Cardwell. In 1972 a pedophile preacher who abused Kincora boys was allowed to walk free due to perjury.[96] Might it have been Willie Mullan? Quite likely. The perjury also withheld incriminating evidence that would have shed light on the unsolved murder in 1973 of 11-year old Brian McDermott. This disturbing information surfaced after files were released due to the 30-year rule, although the file was conspicuously missing that pertained to the perjured evidence that enabled the preacher to escape justice.

During those early days of the Troubles, pedo-enabler Ian Paisley also maintained close ties with lots of other loyalist extremists like the Kincora pedophile protagonist himself – William McGrath. Then there was Paisley’s onetime bodyguard and foremost paramilitary provocateur, another MI5 informer turned agent – the coldblooded homosexual pedophile-murderer-terrorist Robert Dunlop McKeague, who was also leader of the ultra-violent Red Hand Commandos.[97] As early as 1966, McKeague was in league with fellow pedophile Knox Cunningham, the uppity South Antrim MP from 1955 to 1970, as well as PM MacMillan’s Parliamentary Private Secretary in 1959. As a friend of William McGrath, Sir Cunningham was also instrumental as a VIP participant and networker in the Anglo-Irish pedophilia trafficking ring. Whistleblowing author Robin Bryans who was among the first to out Knox’s friend Sir Anthony Blunt as a Russian spy in 1979, wrote this of Sir Knox:

[Cunningham] always liked to appear as the great Queen’s Counsel who knew more than anybody about everybody, especially those in my books and bed.[98]

As is standard pedo-practice, child rapists always resourcefully find ways to slither on to the predatory paths of children, Cunningham’s ticket was becoming chairman of the YMCA National Council in 1949 Ireland. Knox was known to traffic Kincora boys to YMCA events in England.[99] Recall how the Dunblane Massacre murderer-pedophile Thomas Hamilton tried desperately in vain to break into the Boy Scouts but eventually settled for young cadets at Queen Victoria School as his primary victim pool (see Chapter 25). Recall also how fellow Fettes grad Sir Knox was “mentoring” and grooming “Miranda” Blair in Scotland during his private school Fettes-ish crossdressing days (1966-1971; See Chapter 23), the exact same time Knox was busily expanding the pedo-trafficking network throughout the British Isles. The sexual appetite and predilection for little boys amongst UK’s upper class males are pathologically legendary in the Pedo-Kingdom.[100]

In 1966 Robert McKeague raped two of Cunningham’s YMCA boys but no sooner had RUC begun the investigation, it was shut down.[101] From the book Let the Petals Fall by Ulster travel author Robin Bryans, who had his pulse on Northern Ireland’s secret homosexual scene,[102] including his pedo-friends Knox and Blunt:

Knox never hesitated to flex his legal muscles for illegal purposes as a Queen’s Counsel.[103]

Another friend of Knox Cunningham, former Northern Ireland Home Office Minister Judge William Topping, pulled a few strings and got the sadistic murdering McKeague off from that close call.[104] Imagine how many lives could have been saved had the elite not shielded the serial rapist-killer for the next 16 years?

In the late 1960s as the Troubles were beginning to boil over, Northern Ireland Prime Minister Captain Terence O’Neill sought reconciliation with the Catholics, much to bloodthirsty extremists like Ian Paisley, William McGrath and Ulster Defense Association (UDA) leader McKeague’s disdain. So the paramilitary terrorists plotted a foiled assassination attempt on O’Neill’s life in November 1968.[105] As the loyalist bomb expert, McKeague then led a month long April 1969 bombing campaign on electrical and water facilities in Belfast. Concluding that the bombs “quite literally blew me out of office,” by the end of April, 1969, PM O’Neill resigned. He wanted universal suffrage for all of Northern Ireland’s citizens, but the Protestant majority was not ready for equality when hatred of Catholics historically ran so deep.

O’Neill’s parting words:

No solution based on the ascendancy of any section of our community can hope to endure – either we live in peace or we have no life worth living.[106]

Once the first minister was ousted, the next destructive crime spree erupted in August 1969. To ratchet up the Troubles, McKeague led violent arson gangs looting and burning hundreds of Catholics out of their homes with RUC collusion.[107] Clearly serial killer McKeague and religious politician Ian Paisley were working in tandem as Paisley made the false accusation that he had evidence that Catholic priests as aggressors were handing out guns, blaming the Catholics for burning down their own homes due to their stockpiled explosives inside one dwelling that rapidly spread flames to other homes in the area.

Meanwhile, McKeague was arrested for one of his April bombings.[108] At his February 1970 trial, fellow criminal McGrath circulated a false rendition of events that the judge instructed the jury to ignore. But when a bomb exploded just outside the courthouse, that couldn’t be ignored, so fearing for their lives, the jury quickly voted for McKeague’s acquittal.

By late 1969 Paisley had learned that McKeague was a homosexual and along with his reckless abandon, the self-serving loyalist politician Paisley began distancing himself from the dangerous lunatic. Under Paisley’s command, the secret cult-like society of the Orange Order[109] and the Ulster Unionist Party followed suit. McKeague throughout the 1970s was confined to East Belfast. The radical RHC, UVF and Ulster Defense Association (UDA) aligned together to commit extremely gruesome murders and atrocities involving lengthy ritual torture prior to pleasure killings. But because Ulster loyalist kingpin Ian Paisley had pressured loyalist paramilitary groups to oppose McKeague, soon enough a botched assassination attempt made against McKeague by UDA henchmen resulted in the murder of the psychopath’s mother in a house fire caused by a petrol-bomb in May 1971.[110] Just four years later in 1975 in another attempt to assassinate the notorious Red Hand Commando, the IRA tossed a bomb in McKeague’s shop but succeeded in killing a Catholic woman customer and injuring McKeague’s sister.[111]

By June 1972 McKeague subsequently founded his own Red Hand Commando (RHC) army as an Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) satellite.[112] He also turned to the RUC for protection as the compromised homosexual pedophile became an informant to both Ulster police and British Army, all the while committing terrorist strikes against Catholics with the full complicity of both the RUC and UK military.

With his own printing press McKeague spewed out venomous anti-Catholic propaganda in his newsletter fomenting the full blown civil war unfolding. In 1971 he became the only person prosecuted under anti-religious hatred legislation, but again was acquitted for his hate crime. Knowing the rift with Ian Paisley diminished his prominent role in the loyalist movement, McKeague also used his newsletter as a sounding board to vent his wrath against the founder of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).[113]

As the Protestant loyalist fold splintered, the Belfast rioting and bloody violence only grew worse and by January 30, 1972, when Catholic protestors in Londonderry marched against the unlawful internment of innocent Catholics, the British army opened fire shooting 26 unarmed civilians, killing 13 immediately with a 14th dying later from injuries in what’s been called the Bloody Sunday Massacre.[114] This is how British imperialists celebrated their half century rule over Northern Ireland, committing mass murder that opened the floodgate to the bloodiest year (467 dead) of a brutal civil war lasting decades, costing thousands of more innocent lives.

Right afterwards, Her Majesty’s Government then unleashed its rabblerousing Commando McKeague to go on NI television to rename it “Good Sunday.”[115] And like clockwork after purposely ramping up the bloody mayhem, by March Britain dissolved the Irish Stormont government and supremely declared Direct Rule over Northern Ireland.[116]

As an easy target for sexual blackmail by the London imperialists, McKeague increasingly resented UK’s tightening grip and control over both him and his embattled nation “colony,” growing more openly defiant and hostile towards UK politicians led by fellow Kincora pedophile Ted Heath. By the early 1980s McKeague favored independence from Britain altogether.[117] But through most of the 1970s, his most bitter hostility was reserved for Irish Catholics and the IRA, escalating his violence into religious cleansing. Beginning in July 1972, McKeague and Gusty Spence of the larger Ulster Volunteer Force officially entered a formal agreement to work hand-in-hand in their war against the #1 enemy – the Irish Republican Army.[118]

Respected author of Who Framed Colin Wallace? Paul Foot links McKeague to Kincora sexual abuse, corroborated by resident Richard Kerr.[119] Foot also maintains that McKeague is implicated in the vile murder of 11-year old Brian McDermott, whose burnt, mutilated and partially dismembered body was found in a sack on the bank of River Lagan not far from Kincora in September 1973.[120] British Captain Colin Wallace urged British intelligence peers and the RUC to follow up on investigating Robert McKeague as the central nexus linking Kincora abuse and the murdered boy.[121] But Colin’s memo was flagrantly ignored. A high level meeting in 1982 between the UK Minister of Justice at the time, Sir Michael Havers, himself an alleged pedophile and enabler (See Chapter 22) and NI Secretary of State James Prior discussed how 9 years earlier perjured testimony and perversion of justice shielded the suspected child murderer in 1973 and how the RUC became an accomplice to the crime since actual available evidence:

… conflicted with what the RUC had previously [falsely] told ministers and officials.[122]

Additionally, little Brian McDermott was reportedly a victim of satanic ritual abuse per the press reports covering the grim discovery of the body.[123] As a known admirer of black mass and the occult, Robert McKeague was allegedly notorious for his sadistic torture and ritual abuse toward both his sexual and murder victims.[124] It’s been reported that terrorists from both enemy camps – Protestants and Catholics alike – practiced satanic ritual abuse and blood sacrifice.

Renowned psychiatrist Dr. Joan Coleman who co-founded in 1989 the Ritual Abuse Internet Networking Service (RAINS) as both an information and support source for victims of satanic abuse, passed away in July 2018. But with so much to hide, despite constant attack on her organization from mainstream media and usual disinfo suspects, Joan Coleman was among the most respected psychiatrists and courageous pioneers specializing in the study and treatment of ritual abuse.[125] Dr. Joan reported that Kincora boys were trafficked to Birr Castle in the Republic of Ireland in County Offaly, a region controlled by the IRA, and subjected to occult rituals and satanic abuse.[126] An exhaustive and thorough examination of Kincora records might well reveal cases of missing boys placed in care at Kincora. But with lost and destroyed records as part and parcel of every scandal cover-up to this very day, that will never happen.

Built in the 1600s, Birr Castle has housed multiple generations of the Parsons family, beginning with the co-founder of the aristocratic satanic cult the Irish Hellfire Club in 1735 by the 1st Earl of Rosse Richard Parsons, also Freemason Grandmaster of Ireland.[127] Like the British Rothschilds,[128] the Hellfire Club also shares the tradition of setting an empty place at the table for a most welcomed guest Satan himself. The American self-taught chemist turned rocket scientist Jack Parsons, co-founder with Frank Malina of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, was also an OTO disciple that worked with Satanist Aleistair Crowley.[129] He and Ron L. Hubbard of Scientology infamy more than dabbled in the black arts. Frank Malina’s son married Christine Maxwell, an internet search engine pioneer who is publishing tycoon-Mossad-MI6 spy-MP Robert Maxwell’s daughter and older sister of Ghislaine, the Mossad sex trafficking partner to Mossad pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Small world when it comes to security services and the global pedophilia network and what makes the world of the elite go round.

Gay travel author the late Robin Bryans wrote of his notorious Kincora pedophile friends “partying” at Birr Castle, citing how the late 6th Lord Earl Rosse (Michael Parsons) enticed and took snapshots of the young keyboardist Alan Price from the 60s rock group the Animals exposing himself with his two mouth-drooling royal guests Blunt and Mountbatten looking on.[130] Queen Elizabeth’s younger sister Princess Margaret married Lord Snowden whose mother Anne Parsons, was the Countess married to Michael Parsons. Of the above, only 77-year old Alan Price and 93-year old Queen Elizabeth remain alive.[131] The current 83-year old 7th Lord Rosse is the half-brother of the late Lord Snowden who was married to the queen’s sister Anne. In keeping with the small world aristocracy, like the Rothschilds, keeping it all-in-the-family theme, Lord Mountbatten is also a Parson family relative.

Prior to addressing Lord Mountbatten’s abuse of Kincora residents, it is worth noting that Robin Bryant was also an active whistleblower that attempted to stop the widespread child abuse and sex trafficking of underage victims at Kincora and other Irish schools and group homes that were wantonly preyed upon by Establishment VIPs within the Irish-Anglo pedophilia network. Robin outed Anthony Blunt’s pedophilic ways in 1979 when he wrote about how Anthony and Irish landowning aristocrat Peter Montgomery both sexually assaulted the throwaway class of boys in the UK care system at Kincora and Williamson House as well as the upper class lads from Royal Portora School, depending on their whimsical mood and taste. Together Anthony and Peter traipsed around the Northern Ireland pedo-circuit, with Peter known to have trafficked uppity boys from Portora School to the sicko-ring orgies.[132] And Kincora warden-child trafficker Joseph Mains was a member of this circuit as well, and pivotal to supplying underage “working class” boys from the care system to British Establishment VIPs like Montgomery, Blunt, Oldfield and Mountbatten.[133]

Having met back at Cambridge University, Peter Montgomery (1909-1988) was Anthony Blunt’s first lover as they became lifelong friends, frequently visiting each other in England and Northern Ireland. Peter was the son of a general and second cousin to the famous WWII British Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery while Peter himself served as an officer in the Intelligence Corps during and after the war. Peter’s name wound up in the address book of fellow gay – American from New Orleans Clay Shaw, the only person ever prosecuted in connection with the JFK assassination.[134]

Kincora whistleblower Colin Wallace said that he was aware of Peter Montgomery’s sexual habits but “was not allowed to refer to him in my [Colin’s] linking material,” stating that it was likely due to Montgomery’s connection “to a guy [Clay Shaw] who at one time was a suspect in the Kennedy assassination.”[135] Recall from last chapter that Clay Shaw was an OSS employee and CIA operative.[136] So it’s obvious that the aristocrat that Queen Elizabeth appointed as her Deputy Lord Lieutenant for NI’s County Tyrone was untouchable, clearly protected by intelligence services, not unlike Jeffrey Epstein was off limits to former prosecuting US Attorney turned Trump Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta.[137] Fact: top cover-up priority’s always granted the intel community the minute any of their sloppy pedo-operations get exposed, Kincora no exception.




Lord Mountbatten whose family, like the Windsors, also changed from a German surname Battenberg when Louis was 17 while British were still fighting the Germans in 1917, had a father and mother who were naturalized British citizens blood related to the Russian czar Romanov family murdered that same year by Bolshevik Jews.[138] But more on the Mountbatten and royal family history in a later chapter. For now, since earlier references link Lord Louie Mountbatten to the Kincora scandal, the admiral of the royal fleet and Prince Philip’s uncle is the subject of a new book entitled The Mountbattens: Their Lives & Loves,[139] written by respected historian Andrew Lownie who also wrote Stalin’s Englishman about Cambridge spy Guy Burgess.[140]

With the Republic of Ireland’s security services known as the Garda refusing to provide Lownie access to files on Mountbatten, the author was still able to uncover not only the rumors that have circulated for decades on Mountbatten’s sexual predilection for teenage boys. One former Garda intelligence source reported that the last viceroy of India sodomized a 14-year old Indian boy. Andrew Lownie maintains that two years prior to the IRA killing the royal, in August 1977 Kincora warden Joseph Mains drove south from Belfast, Northern Ireland, trafficking at least two boys in his care to Mountbatten’s summer residence at Classiebawn Castle in County Sligo, Ireland.[141] One of those boys abused by Mountbatten committed suicide just three months later, Richard Kerr’s friend Steven Waring.

With Gardai personnel posted at the castle logging in all visitors, it’s no wonder why the Irish security services refused to cooperate with Lownie. It would confirm that Kincora boys were trafficked not only to England but also to the Republic of Ireland, corroborating what both Dr. Joan Coleman and Colin Wallace have claimed as well. Especially during the Troubles, MI5 would be certain to alert Garda when Mountbatten would leave England each summer. Lord Mountbatten was found to be charming but reckless, a nightmare for security services. But in August 1977, his car broke down and Garda provided a tour of its headquarters while his vehicle was quickly repaired.

Andrew Lownie was able to access a far more cooperative FBI for its files on Mountbatten, which describe him as “a homosexual with a lust for young boys.”[142] Ever since Mountbatten became Supreme Commander of Southeast Asia during World War II, the FBI in February 1944 began keeping tabs on the royal VIP. Information was also obtained from Mountbatten’s longtime chauffeur Ron Perks who said that while Louis was NATO commander of Allied forces in the Mediterranean, he was a regular at “an upmarket gay brothel used by senior naval officers” near Rabat in Malta. The FBI also consulted with other members of nobility to record their observations. Baroness Decies, Elizabeth de la Poer Beresford thought him unfit and unsavory:

She states that in these circles Lord Louis Mountbatten and his wife are considered persons of extremely low morals. [Also he] was known to be a homosexual with a perversion for young boys… His wife Lady Mountbatten was considered equally erratic.[143]

Back at Classiebawn Castle in August 1977, first Mountbatten’s toupee wearing butler discreetly ushered Steven Waring away for about an hour to a building not far from the castle. The second Kincora boy who Andrew Lownie calls “Sean” in his book was also led to the same building where in a darkened room Sean remembers an oar hung on the wall. 16-year old Sean was struck by Mountbatten shame, embarrassed by his own deviant, unacceptable behavior:

[Mountbatten] undressed me and gave me oral sex. I was there about an hour. He spoke quietly and tried to make me feel comfortable. He was one of those men who wanted attention, wanted you to chase him… I think he felt some shame. He said very sadly, ‘I hate these feelings.’ He seemed a sad and lonely person. I think the darkened room was all about denial… He grabbed my hand and put it on his chest… I only recognized who he was when I saw on the news that Lord Mountbatten had been killed.[144]

Andrew Lownie also wrote of other August 1977 sexual encounters with another 16-year old boy of South Asian ethnicity he calls “Amal” who was not a Kincora resident though he may have been in the company of another Kincora boy. Amal recalled how he was taken from Belfast on four day trips that summer in 1977 to the harbor town of Mullaghmore about 15 minutes from Classiebawn Castle where each time he joined Mountbatten in a hotel suite for about an hour. Amal’s recollection of his experience with the Lord:

He [Mountbatten] was very polite, very nice. I knew he was someone important. He asked if I wanted a drink or candy. He told me he liked dark-skinned people especially Sri Lankan people as they were very friendly and very good-looking. I remember he admired my smooth skin. We gave each other oral sex in a 69 position. He was very tender and I felt comfortable about it. It seemed very natural. I know that several other boys from Kincora were brought to him on other occasions.[145]

Even the mainstream press recently covered the sensational splash made by Andrew Townie’s latest exposé on the loves and lives of the “lovable” Mountbattens. After all, the couple invited gossip with the Lord’s infamous line:

Edwina and I spent all our married lives getting into other people’s beds.[146]

But the MSM tabloids dare only to scratch the surface of this royal pedophile’s depravities with hints that Lord “Dickie” Mountbatten had a thing for young boys is akin to Donald Trump’s 2002 notoriously glowing tribute to his buddy at the time – Mossad child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, referring to the pervert’s particular preference that “many of them are on the younger side.”[147] Similarly, all of Prince Charles’ favorite uncle’s gay friends, including Noël Coward, Terence Rattigan, Ivor Novello and fellow pedophile Tom Driberg would kiddingly call him as “Mountbottom,” wink, wink.[148] Yet with all this cheap thrill titillation, a most conspicuous omission missing from the latest wave of mainstream coverage mostly celebrating the predator’s life was any mention of Mountbatten’s serial sexual abuse of Kincora youth in MI5’s covered-up sexual blackmail operation. God forbid that the public ever actually find out that the CIA, Mossad and MI5/6 are the protecting pimps for the royal family sickos or the derelict prime ministers and perverted presidents of the world, or that the 21st century blight on humanity is the ruling elite’s massive, unprecedented, child sex trafficking pedophilia network destroying millions of defenseless children’s lives around the globe.

Though the British royal family males have long been known for being closeted homosexual predators, they welcomed their very first openly gay same sex royal marriage in 2018 when the queen’s cousin and Lord Louie’s 55-year old nephew (yep, related to both sides of the royals), Lord Ivar Mountbatten as the lucky “bride” was given away by his own ex-wife to his airline steward groom… talk about keeping it all in one big happy royal incestuous family.[149]

In the same Irish County Offaly where the notorious Birr Castle’s located lies the undisputedly most haunted and demonic castle of them all in Ireland – Leap Castle.[150] The chieftain clan the O’Carrolls took possession of the thirteenth century massive stone fortress in the 17th century. Thousands of ghost sightings, including a foul smelling, half man half beast haunting the tower stairs combined with a long history of family treachery, betrayal and murder, and hundreds of skeletons found in multiple secret dungeons have tainted this sinister castle with a reputation harboring dark, malevolent forces. Many owners and occupants have encountered misfortune and tragedy. The nearby Birr Castle Contess, Lady Alison Rosse (wife of current 7th Lord Rosse), an archaeologist who is said to dabble in exorcisms and black arts, believes that the Leap Castle grounds sit on powerful ley lines that carry enormous evil energy. Alison Parsons admitted to being a bit unnerved during the exorcism.

Since it’s been asserted that Kincora boys were abused at Birr Castle by a credible psychiatrist expert on satanic abuse, it’s worth a look at what satanic ritual abuse actually entails. The Urban Dictionary definition defines it as the psychological, sexual and/or physical assault forced on an unwilling human victim, and committed by one or more Satanists according to a prescribed ritual, the primary aim of which is to fulfill the need to worship Satan.[151] The practice of satanic ritual abuse (SRA) of children, the disabled, the unborn and newborn infants as well as animals are all common victims of sadistic torture, ritualized sexual abuse and sacrificial murder committed by cults, covens and high degreed secret societies, often disguised as so called upstanding citizens – royalty, religious leaders, politicians, judges, police, generals, entertainers and professionals from all walks of life. As masters of deception and secrecy, by day they pass themselves off as pillars of society and community frequently as practicing “devout” Christians or Jews, or invisible Freemasons or multigenerational Illuminati family bloodlines, but in remote confines most often at night, they’re up to no good, enthralled in rituals and literally feasting on children’s blood and hearts. This ungodly evil is as real as the planetary controllers.

In addition to Dr. Joan Coleman’s testimony, other satanic cult researchers and numerous firsthand accounts have corroborated widespread allegations of satanic cult activity in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland as well as throughout the British Isles, despite mainstream resistance to even acknowledging its existence.[152] Additionally, Dr. Coleman maintained that Kincora whistleblower Colin Wallace also knew about the abuse at Birr Castle and allegedly reported it to a social worker to no avail.[153] Sadly, due to overt government suppression and the elitist propaganda machine, the global masses have largely been brainwashed into not accepting the fact that child abduction, satanic ritual abuse and blood sacrifice are all very real while simultaneously saturating and desensitizing the general population with nonstop gothic blood and gore, shock and awe horror that carries its sinister agenda. It’s paradoxical that by design, satanic symbolism in mass media is fully drenching in saturation yet the elite’s mind control over the masses effectively keeps the general population in complete denial and ignorance.

The insidious, debasing process of normalizing pagan ritual and the black arts has the media industry not even attempting to hide its blatant satanic symbolism, imagery and demonic themes.[154] Yet the controllers have the masses convinced it’s only in the movies. Tell that to “Eyes Wide Shut” director Stanley Kubrick who made it his life calling to understand the corrupt depths of power and secrecy. He barely finished editing his final film before the crime cabal very likely offed him.[155] Was he getting too close for comfort exposing the elite’s dark occult and satanic rituals as portrayed in his final offering, or was taking on pedophilia as his next film project what got him dead?[156] Or was it his outing NASA on its fake lunar landing? Or a combination therein? Enquiring minds really want to know, because that’s the kind of world we live in.

One Irish investigative writer documenting the plethora of missing children cases connected to ritual abuse around Ireland (north and south) is Jim Cairns, regarded as the Ulster satanic cult expert. During the Troubles in August 1994, the former electrician was forced to flee Belfast, resettling in Kilkenny, Republic of Ireland after he allegedly was targeted for abduction and murder by the Ulster Volunteer Force.[157] He came to realize that his ex-wife was involved with the IRA and belonged to “a pseudo-Christian sect” that was actually a cover for a satanic death cult. But the author of Disappeared off the Face of the Earth (2003)[158] found that satanic cults pretending to be “born again” Christians in Kilkenny were also flourishing and again Jim’s life was harassed and endangered by local Satanists when they realized he was determined to expose them.[159] Jim has concluded:

That is the one thing that the IRA and UVF have in common, membership of this satanic cult.[160]

Like Dr. Coleman, Jim’s sources have supplied him with numerous firsthand accounts of widespread satanic ritual abuse. But he states that it’s been historically kept hidden and under wraps for so long because the satanic cults have long infiltrated the top power echelons of government, religion, law, law enforcement, the media and the arts, i.e. key gatekeepers are effectively able to shield their satanic ritual activities of systematic child sex abuse, torture and human sacrifice from the public that’s been manipulatively convinced it doesn’t exist.[161] The press in Ireland simply omits and censors the satanic element right out of all news reports while the stone cold reality is missing children and child murders are frequently the result of underground satanic cult networks. Meanwhile, Cairns points out that masquerading as “Spiritual Ireland,” the occult, paganism and witchcraft are being mainstreamed and completely normalized alongside the unending flood blood of the horror genre in film, TV and music. Satanic pornography in global media entertainment is increasingly brazen and overt in every popular medium (See Chapter 15 on how Satan rules Hollywood).

There’s good reason the authorities’ official narrative is that satanic ritual abuse is a myth and doesn’t really exist, just like they lie claiming there’s never been actual evidence of VIP pedophilia rings.[162] When the authorities are Luciferian child sodomizers, of course they’re living a lie every single day. But with Jeffrey Epstein saga, dead or alive, pedophilia is rampant and run by the puppet masters behind the Anglo-American-Zionist Empire. Even mainstream news outlets were forced to confront the bottom line reality that the world can no longer remain blind to the international crime cabal controlled by the Rothschild-Rockefeller-Bronfman-Wexler cartel. The totality of this book fully exposes this massive globalized pedophilia machine driven by the same malific forces behind Artificial Intelligence and transhumanism.

A courageous mediator between Protestant paramilitaries and their victims during Northern Ireland’s Troubles, the late Rev. Roy Magee told Jim Cairns that the popular Ulster Unionist MP Robert Bradford was assassinated in November 1981 because:

He found out that the rich and the powerful were involved in satanic activity.[163]

The MP’s murder as well as Loyalist Robert McKeague’s continual destructive exploits will be further elaborated shortly. Rev. Magee also insisted that the Kincora victims were subjected to satanic ritual abuse, and that he knew that the perps were “top civil servants” … people like Oldfield, Hayman, Blunt and van Straubenzee immediately come to mind.[164] These dark occult practices link Kincora to both Westminster and Northern Ireland’s ritual sexual abuse and sacrificial murder of children.

In June 2014 the Durham Anglican Church Bishop, Reverend Paul Butler, approached the Operation Fernbridge police to report that the deceased Conservative MP Enoch Powell (1912-1998) was allegedly involved in satanic cult abuse after details were passed onto him by Monmouth Bishop Rev. Dominic Walker.[165] During World War II Powell served as a military intelligence officer. Young parishioners confessed to Vicar Walker back in the 1980s that as minors they had been victimized by Powell and an “unknown number” of other MPs involved in satanic cult ritual, including Welsh MP Leo Abse who died in 2008 at 91.[166] Two other MP ministers whose names were withheld were also given over to the ongoing police investigation.

Powell, the Tory MP from 1950 to 1974 from Wolverhampton South West and an Ulster Unionist Party MP South Downs in Ireland from 1974 to 1987 was also the former Health Minister under Tory PM Harold Macmillan (1960-63). But the divisive politician was most famous for his controversial anti-immigrant “Rivers of Blood” speech in 1968, which in effect ended his ascending career arc in British politic prominence when the next day party chair fellow pedophile Ted Heath fired him as shadow secretary of defense.[167] But from Rivers of Blood to blood sacrifice and ritual abuse, Powell’s interests and passions apparently included a not-so-closeted worship of a Luciferian god that was part of his lifelong homosexual pedophilic pursuit. Actually references to satanic MP allegations have remained in the public domain from a 1985 trial of self-confessed ex-Satanist Mainwaring Knight depicted as a con artist in the press.[168] But a far more credible source is respected journalist-author-documentarian Tim Tate’s 1991 book Children for the Devil: Ritual Abuse and Satanic Crime (Methuen Publishing, 1991).[169]

While the satanic sex abuse allegation toward Powell was made by only one accuser to Rev. Walker, Kincora survivor Richard Kerr also alleged the powerful MP sexually abused him as well. On a summer day in either 1973 or 1974, with Richard still living at Williamson House no older than 12 or 13, he was trafficked with other boys to Northern Ireland’s largest amusement park Barry’s Amusements 50 miles from Belfast.[170] MP Powell met up with the group and discreetly ushered Richard away with him to a nearby Portrush guest house. According to a June 2018 Village Magazine piece, once inside the room:

He [Powell] sat him on a chair and then lifted him onto the bed and placed his head on the pillow. Next, he undid his shorts. After this he threw him on top of his chest and started to abuse him. Kerr wasn’t shocked at what was happening since he had been violated by countless men by this stage; nor was he unduly surprised when Powell began to beat him with a leather belt and buckle. The abuse involved a variety of other acts of degradation including oral sex and masturbation but no penetration. Powell smiled a lot during the encounter, he recalls.[171]

That was not the first abusive encounter with one of the most influential British politicians of the 20th century. A few years later while working as a 16-year old bellboy at the Europa Hotel, a Belfast beehive of VIP pedo-activity, one night Richard was approached by an English accented friend of Powell’s who was drinking in the hotel bar and told Richard to report to a room upstairs a half hour after the bar closed. The MP was waiting for him in his hotel room and ordered a quick blow job and masturbation, minus the belt buckle beating this time.[172]

Jim Cairns asserted in a 2004 interview that satanic activity “is endemic at present.” The cult writer stated:

These secret societies believe that we’re coming to the ‘end of times’ and they’re celebrating. It’s very likely top levels of the police force are involved. I don’t believe any of those top police commissioners get to that level unless they are connected in some way. I also wouldn’t be surprised if there were large numbers of clergy in Northern Ireland who proclaim to be Christians but are most certainly of the other persuasion, they’re Satanists.[173]

Jim Cairns has researched and written extensively about the globalized effort through the FBI, the RUC and the Republic of Ireland’s Garda police force have enacted a sweeping unified policy to deafly ignore satanic cults, ritual abuse and ritual trauma-based torture, murder and seriously downplay the number of missing persons (especially children) connected to globally organized and coordinated satanic cult activity.[174] Again, he acknowledges that the national police forces have been heavily infiltrated by practitioners of the black arts and secret societies, covering up widespread murder and mayhem in the US, Britain and beyond. Based on his own firsthand experience in both Irelands, Jim cites many from the evangelical movement and “Born Again Christian” sects as covers for devil worshipping satanic cults.

Another dedicated investigative researcher who has been persistently working to inform, educate and alert the UK public of the pervasive danger and prevalence of satanic ritual abuse for over a quarter century is barrister Wilford Wong.[175] In his words:

Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) exists in Britain and is a growing problem, harming and destroying the lives of an increasing number of children and vulnerable adults because the UK authorities are simply not taking this crime seriously.[176]

All these years later the Establishment is desperately trying to cover its Luciferian tracks to negate, dismiss, ridicule and ignore the demonic elephant in the room. And a large part of the global pedophilia scourge is interwoven and connected with satanic ritual abuse at the highest political, economic and religious levels. That’s obviously why such great lengths have been made to suppress the truth. They know that the jig is up.

Yet another piece to this growing jigsaw of planetary perversion is the church establishment itself, also deep into satanic ritual abuse worldwide. With the rampant pedophilia network historically so entrenched in all of Britain’s religious institutions, the Protestant, Catholic and Anglican Churches, this part of the pedo-crisis story on the island of Ireland will be further taken up the end of this chapter.

Back to more bloody SRA Irish evidence from the Troubles. Within the Ulster Volunteer Force ranks emerged the notorious Shankill Butchers, the “most prolific gang of serial killers in British history,” responsible for 19 murders in the Shankill area of Belfast from 1975 to 1982.[177] Jim Cairns may have been the one abductee-to-be who got away. This Unionist death squad would patrol Catholic populated streets, randomly select victims (including two Protestants mistaken for Catholic) to kidnap, beat to near death and then slice throats with a butcher knife that Jim Cairns believes was committed on specific days according to the satanic calendar utilizing blood sacrifice methodology.[178]

In May 1977 Gerald McLaverty was abducted and taken to an unused doctor’s office on Shankill Road where both his wrists were slit vertically so as to drain his blood as if collected for satanic ritual.[179] McLaverty’s body was left for dead in a nearby alleyway. One of the gang members, Bobby “Basher” Bates alleged to have heard God’s voice upon instant conversion to born again Christianity, no doubt the same Christian sect that secretly worships Satan. Clinging to life, Gerald McLaverty was later found and rushed to the hospital where he remained in intensive care for the next six days, eventually recovering and naming 8 of his would-be killers. He specifically insisted that one of his attackers claimed they were “from the RUC.” That might explain why the reign of terror was allowed to last so long, until an eyewitness lived to identify the murderers. Some of the gang members reportedly escaped justice.[180] Hmm, might they be members of the RUC? And of course just as in the Kincora affair, RUC reputedly “disappeared” key documents in a transparent cover-up attempt of its own alleged involvement and criminal collusion with UVF terrorists.[181]

A final point, who led the 2000 man strong Shankill Defense Association? None other than black arts aficionado-terrorist Robert McKeague himself, forming it in 1969 to defend his Shankill home turf.[182] And a few years later the MI5 agent was covertly defending (and protecting) his Shankill Gang’s satanic turf war atrocities. Keep in mind that the black arts and occult knowledge survived the millennium with their cabalistic roots practiced by Crusading Knights of Templar’s heretical, “pissing on the cross” brand of closeted Christianity (See Chapter 4) and then Freemasons’ Luciferianism that’s thriving today in an upside down world of deceit, debt slavery and divide and conquer plunder.

That same year of Brian McDermott’s satanic-like slaying – 1973, McKeague was rearrested ostensibly for armed robbery and some of his deadly paramilitary activities. While in prison, he bragged how he’d never be prosecuted for his multiple crimes because “he knows too much about some people.”[183] His “some people” obviously being Her Majesty’s royal cadre of kiddie-fucking knights – starting with her own husband’s mentoring Uncle Louie Mountbatten, her royal art curator Sir Anthony, Prime Minister Teddy Bear Heath, MPs and ministers Cunningham, Powell and Smith, MI6 head honchos Oldfield and Hayman and of course royal friend and primetime child procurer Savile – all piggish partakers at the feeding trough of the Irish-Anglo child sex slave trade. It bears reminding that way back in 1966 it was Lord Mountbatten who holidayed in Ireland every summer from 1949 to 1979 and first introduced British history’s most prolific pedophile to the royal family,[184] and as covered in earlier chapters Savile reportedly was an MI5 operative and suspected procurer to the royals and top politicians like Ted Heath.

So even if lowlife McKeague as fellow MI5 asset if not agent and “most important Loyalist terrorist of the late 1960s and early 1970s”[185] and close associate of fellow MI5 agent McGrath didn’t quite know about every single one of these powerful Kincora pedophiles above and their demonic death cult activities, through the MI5-loyalist intelligence grapevine, McKeague would had to have known about most or all of this top tier inner club of infamous VIP Establishment sodomizers.

Army intel whistleblower Colin Wallace was busily connecting up all available dots back in 1973-74, urging both the RUC and the press to do their damn jobs and thoroughly investigate the rampant, out of control sexual abuse and heinous child murder:

We should do everything possible to ensure that the situation is not allowed to continue. The youngsters in these hostels almost certainly come from problem families, and it is clear that no one will fight their case unless we do. Those responsible for the murder of Brian McDermott must be brought to trial before another child is killed, and if it can be proved that there is a connection with this homosexual group [referring specifically to McGrath and McKeague], then the RUC must be forced to take action irrespective of who is involved.[186]

Kincora warden Joseph Mains regularly trafficked Kerr and other residents to the Park Avenue Hotel in Belfast, typically pimping boys to visiting VIPs as well as local creeps like McKeague and his likeminded lieutenants.[187] By 1976, MI5 was able to capture McKeague on film engaging in illicit sex at one of these hotels, reportedly using it to blackmail and recruit him to become an MI5 agent, not just informer. Also on May 1, 1976, McKeague’s RHC made a daring raid behind enemy lines to the Republic of Ireland and senselessly killed 47-year old forestry worker Séamus Ludlow. More evidence that McKeague and his men were protected by both NI police and British intelligence is the fact that the RUC withheld crucial evidence that would’ve convicted the four later identified terrorist gunmen.[188]

RHC continued their murderous campaigns throughout the late 1970s into the early 1980s. When on August 27, 1979 alleged Kincora abusing pedophile Lord Mountbatten and his family were blown up by an IRA bomb on his leisure boat off County Sligo in Ireland near the NI border,[189] in tit for tat revenge, McKeague launched a foiled plot to assassinate prominent Republic of Ireland Prime Minister (called Taoiseach) Charles Haughey and his family in 1981 on his yacht, again with MI5 full complicity.[190] In fact, Red Hand Commandos were even given the popular Irish politician’s itinerary to know his scheduled whereabouts that summer.


Finally, once the Kincora bombshell broke in the media, and the three pedos were arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned, Robert McKeague’s protection by British intelligence was wearing thin, and with so much attention focused on Kincora, it completely dried up. Ultimately his barbaric, treacherous ways had finally caught up to him and not even the slimeballs at MI5 were interested in bailing his ass out any longer, especially with him making it known he was ready to go public to blow their entire sleazy blackmail operation in Northern Ireland right out of the water.[191] In January 1982 RUC detectives questioned McKeague about his Kincora involvement.[192] Concerned about going back to prison, he purportedly attempted to secure witness immunity in exchange for revealing VIPs who also enjoyed raping Kincora boys. And just like that, by January 29th, John Dunlop McKeague was history. To quote a famous Freddy Mercury song enormously popular at the time:

And another one gone and another one gone, another one bites the dust [who also knew too much].[193]

Rather than have the loose cannon spilling the [cabal] pedo-beans to the world, yet again it was quickly arranged that he be taken out, this time by the Irish National Liberation Army (INLA). So on January 29, 1982, just days after police had interrogated him, Robert McKeague was assassinated in his shop, a fatal crime scene for a third and final time. It was learned that the hit on McKeague did not come from INLA leadership. The two terrorist gunmen masquerading as the Irish National Liberation Army were reportedly undercover officers from RUC Special Branch and British intelligence taking direct orders from MI5.[194] As long as agent McKeague played the dangerously useful idiot for the United Kingdom, for decades he was freely permitted to terrorize, murder, maim and sexually abuse in totality thousands of victims without consequence, but as soon as he presented more liability than assessed worth, in defense of the realm, Robert McKeague was silenced as his repeated threats to sing like a canary to avoid jail time bought him a one way ticket to hell.

For three straight decades politician Ian Paisley and his onetime allies William McGrath and Robert McKeague as hardcore, pro-unionist band of blackmailed, hate-mongering thugs operated a slew of radical loyalist paramilitary groups that constantly engaged in assassination and murderous bombing campaigns targeting IRA enemies but mostly killing innocent Catholics.[195] It’s believed that MI5 agent McGrath knew of Ian Paisley’s direct involvement in acquiring illegal arms shipments deployed in loyalist terrorism on Belfast streets and blackmailed Paisley for protection and silence throughout the 1970s.[196] Though Paisley was not a pedophile himself nor directly part of McGrath and McKeague’s Irish-English VIP pedo-ring, he became aware of both the rampant sexual abuse and its wider scope as an MI5 sexual blackmail honeypot machine involving both fellow Unionists as well as top British Establishment figures, but self-servingly he chose political expediency over intervening to try and stop it. Paisley went to his grave in 2014 still feebly denying what was irrefutable, desperate to protect his otherwise eroding reputation and legacy.

Resting on daddy’s past laurels, son Ian Paisley Jr. inherited his father’s MP Parliamentary seat in 2010 and proceeded to repeatedly exploit his privileged position, annually racking up the highest tax paid expenses out of all 650 Westminster MPs this past decade.[197] Self-entitlement abounds in the Paisley family, but so does hate and bigotry. Junior accidentally let his tongue slip, admitting he was “repulsed” by gays and lesbians, calling homosexuality “immoral, offensive and obnoxious.”[198] This is the man whose father knew children in his own constituency were being horribly sodomized, yet chose to not lift a finger to help them, instead possessing such hypocritical audacity as to shamelessly exploit their plight by coming up with his Democratic Ulster Party slogan “Save Ulster from Sodomy.” And this is the same party that provided Theresa May’s lifeline in 2017 for nearly losing her premiership. Since the DUP couldn’t save her pedo-enabling bony ass, Brexit finished her off.[199] Ding dong, the wicked witch… But on the eve of Boris Johnson’s apparent Brexit deal, the current British prime minister is still beholding to Paisley’s DUP as NI’s largest political party, seeking support and approval.[200]

After the Irish Independent finally exposed Kincora abuse in 1980, the RUC finally had no choice but to take action, arresting the previously protected trio of abusive group home staff in charge of the boys.[201] All three were convicted of child sex abuse crimes committed against 11 boys for offenses that only took place inside the home, like Jeffrey Epstein never actually prosecuted for child sex trafficking charges since, again like Epstein, intelligence services ran the blackmail operation, in collusion with RUC and UK government to maintain the cover up, with the entire focus exclusively limited to issuing a lenient consequence for the three staff harming less than a dozen boys at their workplace.[202] And as is another standard in pedophilia scandals, to ensure the focus never extends to MI5 and Westminster, suddenly people started dying from “suicides” and outright murders. Mullan, Cardwell, McKeague and Rev. MP Robert Bradford are merely the tip of the iceberg.

A Kincora related November 1981 murder that shocked Northern Ireland was the violent death of Ulster Unionist MP Reverend Robert Bradford.[203] Once the Kincora administrators William McGrath, warden Joseph Means and assistant Raymond Semple’s trials were done and out of the way, MP Bradford intended to drop a major truth bomb, having uncovered the security services-VIP cover-up that would have had catastrophic ramifications for the UK pedo-Establishment. If the crime cabal could eliminate low life McKeague as a looming threat for potentially bringing down the pedo-Empire, a clean-cut holy man and upstanding Member of Westminster Parliament ready to blow the lid off Kincora was deemed of highest threat, knowing full well his impeccable credibility and squeaky clean reputation could never be effectively challenged nor smeared. Colin Wallace had heard that Rev. Bradford was digging into the Kincora rabbit hole during the months preceding his untimely death.

MI5, desperate to silence the whistleblower-to-be, beat him to the punch, shooting the messenger prior to his delivered message. With MI5 again hiring so called provisional IRA assassins to pull it off, in broad daylight while the MP was meeting with constituents at a community center, three killers dressed as painters walked in not even wearing masks, confident they’d remain protected, and violently aborted Robert’s life at age 40.[204] With the case still conveniently classified as unsolved four decades later, the killers were correct, brazenly certain they’d get away with it, despite an eyewitness identifying one of the gunman as a British agent.[205] So just like the JFK assassination, 9/11 and countless other high profile terrorist tragedies, the Bradford murder was yet one more inside job.

Even more revealing revelations have surfaced in recent years. A military intelligence officer admitted to the now deceased Rev. Roy Magee that RUC Special Branch and military intelligence both knew three days in advance of the planned MP’s assassination.[206] Back in 2007 when this disturbing news emerged, the former Methodist president and Belfast councillor from Robert’s same church and political party, Jim Rodgers, called for reopening the unsolved murder case, of course to no avail. Robert Bradford’s friend Jim Rodgers added:

At the time of his murder, it has been rumoured Robert may have been set up, not by the Special Branch but by British intelligence. There were also a number of names put forward suggesting involvement in the killing, but no one has ever been brought to book. We need to get to the bottom of this and put it to rest.[207]

Though the reason the military insider believes British intelligence purposely failed to intervene and let the murder of a standing MP happen was to protect MI5 infiltrators in the IRA, it goes much deeper and wider than that. Shortly before his death, the peacemaking cleric Magee confessed that MP Bradford was killed because:

He found out about the activities of the rich and powerful in Ireland.[208]

Enter 29-year old Belfast reporter and first time author Lyra McKee, who having grown up in Belfast during the still turbulent 1990s, chose to focus her brief journalistic career writing about the Troubles. Her book five years in the making, Angels with Blue Faces, uncovers the shrouded mystery behind what’s most likely the MI5 murder of Belfast MP Robert Bradford on November 14, 1981, just weeks ahead of William McGrath’s trial due to begin in December.[209] As a Belfast native raised in a foster home, with a half dozen years in UK Parliament behind him, Methodist Minister Robert Bradford had been probing into the Kincora scandal for some time, having allegedly discovered the Anglo-Irish pedophilia connections to Westminster and was planning to raise hell exposing British intelligence services’ Kincora honey-trap linked to so many of his political colleagues in the pedo- Establishment.[210]

On the night of April 18th, 2019, a masked gunman opened fire allegedly toward the police during a riot in Londonderry, Ireland where vehicles had been set on fire and dissidents were throwing fire bombs.[211] Lyra the journalist was standing with others in a crowd next to an armored police Land Rover taking photos when a volley of 10 shots were fired, one striking her in the head as apparently the only fatality. Shortly after she died, the new IRA claiming responsibility apologized upon learning she’d been “accidentally” shot.[212] This tragic irony strikes too close to Robert Bradford’s grim murder committed also by IRA hitmen as MI5 hired guns. This was no fluke accident as in all probability Lyra McKee was purportedly murdered by the provisional IRA acting as the same MI5 hired gun. Timed just weeks ahead of her well-publicized book release that was also set to blow the lid off Kincora’s MI5 connection to the Bradford murder 38 years earlier, according to Village Magazine:

[Lyra McKee’s exposé] threatens to capsize the most gargantuan cover-up of dirty tricks in the history of British Intelligence.[213]

Again, the eerie parallels between the two murders of two brave truth diggers ready to reveal such closely related controversial truth near four decades apart renders the “random circumstance” of her demise highly questionable and over-the-top suspicious. Her apparent murder was a warning shot across the bow to other would-be truth tellers to let sleeping dogs lie, leaving past government foul play forever buried in cover-up.

Because for many years rumors had been swirling around the Beast of Kincora (as McGrath was dubbed by police), partially promoted by McGrath’s own loose lips boasting he was working with British intelligence, in combo with his homosexual indulgence for Kincora boys, it made him and his Tara both prime targets for MI5 blackmail, along with a host of other loyalist paramilitary groups like the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF), Red Hand Commandos (RHC) and the Ulster Defense Association (UDA).

During the aftermath of the Jimmy Savile bombshell, under growing nationwide pressure to finally look into Britain’s chronic, never ending, concealed child sexual abuse scandals, under public pressure each nation within the United Kingdom was forced to launch its own “official” inquiry into the pedo-epicenter’s rampant historic child sexual abuse and nonstop cover-up. Northern Ireland’s Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry (HIA) was set up by Northern Ireland’s Assembly in 2012 and began operating in January 2013, culminating with retired Judge Sir Anthony’s Hart’s January 2017 report released the day after Trump’s inauguration to ensure it was buried in the back pages of The Guardian on page 14 and page 22 of the Independent.[214] The HIA Inquiry cost NI citizens £13.2million, hearing 493 witnesses out of the 526 applicants for remittance. All victim witnesses were 55 and over in age covering a span of abuse since Northern Ireland’s beginning in 1922 up to 1995.[215]

The internet publication Spiked actually had the audacity to hail this inquiry as the model for how national inquiries should address past child sex abuse crimes.[216] The HIA Inquiry lacked statutory powers to force all the major players – British security services (with its top leaders Oldfield and Hayman implicated), the London government (PM Edward Heath, numerous UK ministers and MPs) and royal family (Lord Mountbatten and Anthony Blunt), though by 2013 virtually all of these sickos were long gone – but some of those most responsible in security services and the government for continuing the prolonged cover-up were/are still alive but conveniently allowed to escape scrutiny and justice, never required to answer under oath for their indisputably illicit acts of criminal subversion. This fact in and of itself confirms that the HIA pedo-probe was yet another “official” sham, designed to neither have the teeth nor the will to get to the bottom of the abuse or the decades of a protracted cover-up. It merely placated the passing public interest aroused by the shocking Savile revelations, as always protecting the criminal British Establishment (i.e., same old, same old). The Spiked article written by pedo-enabling, “leading human rights barrister” Barbara Hewson made sure to include a quote from her revered HIA Inquiry’s bottom line finding:

We are satisfied that Kincora was not a homosexual brothel, nor used by any of the security agencies as a “honey pot” to entrap, blackmail or otherwise exploit homosexuals.[217]

A total lie. As an aside, just to show who she protects, Hewson advocates lowering the age of consent to just 13.[218]

The Hart Report also defends security services’ unlawful decision in 1973 to withhold informing Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) that pedophiles at Kincora were abusing boys, allowing more young victims’ lives to be harmed and destroyed for 7 more years right up to Kincora Home’s 1980 closure. Furthermore, per the quote below, Hart’s whitewash unequivocally and explicitly denies that MI6 Head Maurice Oldfield as well as other infamously known VIP pedophiles ever abused Kincora boys:

There have been frequent allegations that various individuals, including Sir Maurice Oldfield, a former head of the Secret Intelligent Service who was later the Security Coordinator in Northern Ireland, and a number of named and unnamed Northern Ireland Office Civil Servants, and unnamed business men and other prominent figures, resorted to Kincora for sexual purposes. We are satisfied there is no credible evidence to support any of these allegations.[219] [Emboldened for emphasis]

Lies, lies and more state sponsored lies.

Abuse survivor and eyewitness Richard Kerr knows firsthand that Hart’s conclusion is totally false, sizing up the scandal this way:

The Kincora story, in a nutshell? It is about people in power who tried to use boys like myself to gain leverage over others for political reasons during the Troubles.[220]

Not only did MI5 permit the Kincora honey-trap abuse to continue unreported to Belfast police for a near decade, it also actively blocked potential police investigations into the Kincora abuse from even starting.[221] Evidence also confirms that both RUC and MI5 withheld crucial evidence that may have solved Brian McDermott’s grisly murder, instead they chose to protect the guilty and destroy any and all incriminating evidence. Finally, intelligence was complicit in suppressing documentation showing a close friend of McKeague’s was the prime suspect in the McDermott murder who two years earlier in 1971 beat a rap for raping a boy from Bawnmore because leading Loyalists provided him with a false alibi.[222]

Former British Army Captain Colin Wallace stationed in Northern Ireland from 1971 to 1975 maintains that despite some of his British Army intelligence contacts including his immediate superior officer wanting the Kincora scandal fully exposed and stopped, the highest ranks did not.[223] Wallace ran into a brick wall of resistance from MI5 that for years consistently sabotaged and sealed off public exposure.[224] Though Wallace and his immediate supervisors may have done the right thing, ultimately senior chain of command military officers in defense of the realm apparently succumbed to demands from security services and Westminster Establishment to protect the UK cabal, collaborating and colluding in the cover-up. Rank and file police officers within the Royal Ulster Constabulary also made attempts to investigate the pedophilia but were thwarted by higher-ups in both the RUC Special Branch and MI5.

Through no fault of his own, Captain Wallace failed in his attempt to entice either the RUC or the media in 1973 to look further into child abuse allegations against William McGrath, or the connection through Robert McKeague to the child murder. In early 1973 Colin Wallace put out a press release stating that McGrath was using “a non-existent evangelical mission as a front” for pedophilia, even furnishing the Kincora phone number and address.[225] But since neither the police nor press followed up by orders from the top, ever-cognizant that his tour of duty in Northern Ireland was winding down, on November 8, 1974 Colin again wrote an urgent memo to his Army chain of command, labeled under “Conclusions and Recommendations,” stating that:

[It’s] very difficult to accept that the RUC consistently failed to take action on such serious allegations unless they had specifically received some form of policy direction. Such direction could only have come from a very high political or police level… We should do everything possible to ensure that the situation is not allowed to continue. The youngsters in these hostels almost certainly come from problem families, and it is clear that no one will fight their case unless we do. Those responsible for the murder of Brian McDermott must be brought to trial before another child is killed, and if it can be proved that there is a connection with this homosexual group, then the RUC must be forced to take action irrespective of who is involved.[226]

Unfortunately, Colin’s plea fell on deaf ears. Leaders from Northern Ireland’s Protestant Unionist political community, the British Army, both British security services and RUC all perverted justice “in defense of the realm,” in order to ensure that the British nation’s sexual blackmail operation as well as its ongoing cover-up continue to this very day. Moreover, competing and opposing factions within all these organizations often subversively worked at cross purposes. The bottom line, minus Captain Colin Wallace, fellow British Army intel officer Captain Brian Gemmell and a handful of others, top brass in British security forces within the Defense Ministry as well as UK’s intelligence agencies colluded with each other to shield high profile figures from investigation and prosecution. We’re talking the highest-end politicians, members of the royal household, and top senior intelligence and military officers, senior civil servants and police commanders, including such famed pedophiles as Mountbatten, Blunt, Oldfield, Heath and Savile.

The Troubles were a very complicated, treacherous, stormy, dark period in Northern Ireland’s history, stemming from the deep-rooted conflict between the Protestant Irish majority that largely views itself British loyalists led politically by the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) and Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) versus the mostly Catholic nationalist minority loosely represented by the Sinn Fein Party and the Irish Republican Army fighting to break free of a (dis)United Kingdom in favor of a United Ireland. Meanwhile, a strong British presence of both military security forces and MI5 and MI6 security services were heavily deployed in a 38-year military occupation in Northern Ireland, as subversive handlers infiltrating through sexual blackmail control over various loyalist paramilitary organizations of extremists like homosexual pedophiles William McGrath and John McKeague.

Within the larger pedophilia network, Joseph Mains, Raymond Semple, William McGrath and Robert McKeague lured fellow Ulster loyalists in Protestant paramilitary groups, members of the Orange Order as well as Unionist Parties to the nearby Belfast hotels for both local and visiting predators to defile trafficked care home boys from Kincora and other Northern Ireland child care facilities. It’s important to also point out that despite most of the pedophilic focus centered on the “Kincora Beast” – housemaster McGrath during the 1970s, it was Joseph Mains who throughout the 1960s and 1970s was the Kincora warden and man in charge, both sexually abusing as well as pimping the boys to his close VIP friends like Maurice Oldfield.[227] Thus, it was Mains who was the key player in the Irish-Anglo pedo-ring.

In addition to gaining both intelligence through compromised informers and control over their paramilitary groups, the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) as now the largest, most powerful political organization in Northern Ireland[228] was also among MI5’s favorite targets.[229] From the DUP’s founding leadership of Rev. Ian Paisley in 1971 to 2008 as NI First Minister, despite a nearly executed MI5 assassination plot against him in 1974, Paisley and his party remain up to this day a fixture in both NI as well as UK politics even beyond his 2014 death. In 2017 Prime Minister Theresa May barely held onto her Tory government only by coalition courting NI’s Democratic Unionist Party with its 10 MPs comprising the fifth largest party in the UK Parliament.[230] With sexually compromised Kincora members of the tainted DUP now in their 60s and 70s, perhaps still active in party politics, the May now Johnson-DUP coalition still looms as one more reason for continued Kincora cover-up.

Both the UUP and DUP have long been the primary political arm representing Northern Ireland’s Protestant loyalists throughout the 30 bloody years of Troubles when Irish unionists and Irish nationalists violently battled it out in bitter enemy camps, engaging in deadly daily acts of terrorism and counterterrorism from 1968 to 1998. Even the British occupiers for 38 years[231] were guilty of deploying death squads in the form of an elite controversial undercover Military Reaction Force that committed wanton acts of terror and murderous atrocities against unarmed Irish Catholic civilians with impunity.[232]

Within all this unstable, chaotic turmoil, the Kincora scandal operated as the centerpiece of the underground Anglo-Irish pedo-pipeline throughout the first dozen years of the Troubles. Completely unraveling the Kincora cover-up would most definitely expose the British Establishment at its most diabolical rotten core, opening up a Pandora’s box that would risk the UK elite’s complete downfall, disgrace and ruin if it was ever fully exposed, which is exactly what this parasitic, maggot infested pedo-epicenter nation needs. Hence, cabal puppet Theresa May would not even touch Kincora with her 10-foot IICSA broomstick, knowing that granting full subpoena power to force all guilty government parties to testify under oath would be certain to reveal the entire morally bankrupted, irreparably corrosive UK system… anything to keep up the pompous pretense, singing the praises of their [Luciferian “god] Save the Queen.” The global London-Brussels-Rome-Washington pedo-cabal needs a total leveling through long overdue Truth and Reconciliation Commissions rooting out the criminal controllers at the top.

Demonstrating how much a threat former British military intelligence officer Colin Wallace posed in his efforts to seek justice, Wallace was framed and falsely imprisoned on bogus manslaughter charges for ten years (prior to it overturned on appeal in 1996),[233] all directly because of his valiant whistleblowing attempts to expose UK’s evil pedophilia network starting since the early to mid-1970s. Years later in February 2015 a semi-vindicated Colin had this to say when Kincora survivors were self-advocating as witnesses to be heard in London’s IICSA:

There is now irrefutable evidence that previous inquiries were deliberately engineered or manipulated to mislead parliament by concealing the role of government agencies in covering up the abuses.[234]

Back in early 1972 while employed as the British Army Intelligence Senior Information Officer and psychological warfare expert attached to the Information Policy Unit stationed in Northern Ireland, Colin Wallace first learned from a social worker that Kincora boys on more than one occasion had reported that they’d been sexually assaulted by housemaster William McGrath who was very active in local Ulster politics.[235] She had already contacted police to no avail and insisted her name remain anonymous since senior members from her social services department were also in on the abuse ring, an extremely familiar scenario present in virtually all pedo-scandals. By contacting Capt. Wallace, the distressed social worker hoped that the Army could apply pressure on the RUC to investigate.

When Colin relayed the information to another intelligence officer, he explained that Colin should “leave it alone” as it was already being handled by “other people.” At that point Colin Wallace assumed that another intel unit was already on it and at least temporarily thought little more about Kincora. But in the summer of 1973 the issue of McGrath’s homosexual pedophilia once again arose and per Colin’s boss General Peter Leng, Capt. Wallace briefed the press about McGrath’s illicit activities. Also that same year, Colin learned more about McGrath’s Tara group:

The PSYOPS unit had acquired a significant amount of additional information about Tara, [becoming] aware that a number of prominent Tara members were closely linked with the Rev Ian Paisley.[236]

On October 28, 1973, Ian Paisley’s missionary council secretary Valerie Shaw informed Paisley that McGrath was sexually abusing underage boys.[237] Paisley paid lip service to a promise to intervene but again chose complicit silence, despite it becoming an increasing liability in his political career. He was likely blackmailed by McGrath to look the other way in order to keep Paisley’s own shady involvement with illegal arms dealing and terrorist bomb attacks against Catholics under wraps.[238] At one point MI5 even plotted to assassinate the ambitious reverend. After asking at least 7 times what Northern Ireland’s foremost loyalist leader was going to do about stopping the child abuse, by 1982 Valerie Shaw had grown so disgusted realizing that the supposed religious leader would put his own career ahead of the lives of boys suffering from his unconscionable silence that she held a press conference herself publicly exposing Paisley. Like the social worker that contacted Captain Wallace, Valerie Shaw also reported McGrath to the Royal Ulster Constabulary, but again because MI5 prevented law enforcement from investigating, nothing happened. When confronted publicly with Valerie’s bombshell in 1982, the fast talking cleric politician used the same kind of double talk to absolve himself of any responsibility just as the security services did, claiming Valerie never said his onetime close associate McGrath worked at Kincora Boys’ Home… very lame, also adding:

I regret Miss Shaw didn’t go to police [knowing full well that she already did].[239]

Paisley also feebly told the press that he prohibited McGrath from attending an Orange Order service at his church. Yet for all his so called high-minded distancing from a known pedophile, it didn’t stop the rev from officiating McGrath’s daughter’s wedding in 1976.[240]

As part of MI5-military intelligence covert joint Operation Clockwork Orange during the early 1970s, originally launched to smear Harold Wilson’s Labor Party and the IRA during the Troubles,[241] manifesting in Northern Ireland as sexual blackmail targeting Loyalist paramilitary leaders and their clandestine organizations. In so doing, from its outset, MI5 chose to cover up the scandal, keeping it concealed to this very day. But despite its criminal subversion of justice protecting monsters while sacrificing innocent boys’ lives, because such powerful pedophile figures atop the food chain were involved, the UK government and royal family included, ever since the UK’s been living a lie for over a half century.

Colin Wallace’s superior officer Major General Peter Leng had advised Wallace in 1973 to alert the press about McGrath with intention that the press would investigate and expose the pedo-ring.[242] After MI5 interceded to suppress this information and effectively block any possibility of a police or media investigation, Colin Wallace wrote and released his memorandum in 1974 confirming that intelligence services were fully aware of the Kincora abuse. That document was even included as page 82 of the 265 pages that Colin Wallace submitted to Judge Hart’s HIA Inquiry that was even included in Sir Anthony Hart’s Report.

On top of that, Hart’s Report on page 237 of Chapter 28 claims that MI6 assured him that:

[MI6 did not] use homosexuality to pressurise an individual, but because homosexuality would make others vulnerable to blackmail it would be of interest.[243]

Meanwhile, Dick White, the solely unique individual in British history who served as Director-General of first MI5 then MI6 and who in the early 1970s was sitting on Heath’s Cabinet as the overall Intelligence Coordinator. White explained to his biographer that MI6 regularly engages in sexual blackmail in its operations, specifically citing Cyprus Archbishop Makarios’ homosexuality used against him (through bugged phone conversations by Peter Wright) in order to force him to sign a 1959 agreement to curtail Cyprus independence and the granting of British military bases on his island.[244] Moreover, it’s become common knowledge that homosexuality and more prevalently now pedophilia are constantly misused for sexual blackmail purposes to control VIPs in power around the world. So it’s absurd that Judge Hart in 2017 would accept the MI6 lie that it never engaged in blackmail in the Kincora scandal. Once again, just like Dunblane’s Lord Cullen (Chapter 25), in defense of the realm, Sir Hart simply did what he was told, deny that British intelligence ran a sexual blackmail operation in Northern Ireland abusing underage victims in state care settings.

The original source who first told Ian Paisley’s missionary council secretary Valerie Shaw about McGrath was another Kincora whistleblower Roy Garland,[245] at one time until 1971 his second in command of McGrath’s Tara unit. Garland has since gone on to become a longtime Irish news journalist. In his efforts to spill the rotten beans, as early as 1972 Roy Garland had reported McGrath to the RUC as well as Ms. Shaw, and finally in 1975 turned to another military intelligence officer Brian Gemmell.[246] But like Colin Wallace, when Brian Gemmell began following up on Roy’s allegations, also digging in pursuit of intelligence on both Tara activities as well as Kincora staff’s criminal activities, it was senior MI5 officer working undercover as “political advisor” – Ian Cameron – who belligerently ordered him to immediately cease and desist his probe into McGrath, Tara and the lurid Anglo-Irish vice ring.[247] Two other men had approached Brian Gemmell about the home’s abuse as well, one Evangelical Christian Jim McCormick and an Englishman settled in Northern Ireland, James Miller, working for both military intelligence and MI5.

Though Brian did his best in Northern Ireland to alert authorities, for decades he lived with the guilt of feeling he’d not done enough to stop the abuse and spare victims like Richard Kerr. The 2015 Channel 4 broadcast included a cathartic moment for both Richard Kerr and Brian Gemmell when they met in person with the camera rolling.[248]

Among the near half dozen previous Kincora inquiry whitewashes prior to Hart’s latest, the same top MI5 officer on-the-ground in Northern Ireland in the 1970s – Ian Cameron – obviously operating in defense of the realm, ensured that key evidence was withheld or lost, effectively halting any internal inquiries as well as any RUC probe, and additionally made certain that key whistleblowing witnesses like Colin and Brian were never called in to testify at any subsequent inquiries.[249] It was chiefly Ian Cameron who sabotaged and shut down both Captain Colin Wallace followed by Captain Brian Gemmel’s efforts to investigate and expose McGrath and Kincora, though he apparently had help from his boss John Jones, having worked together earlier in the Berlin security services office. It was John Jones in Northern Ireland who led MI5’s F Branch in charge of counter-subversion, acting as the likely handlers of blackmailed and controlled loyalists like McGrath and McKeague.[250] When the media attempted to get answers from Ian Cameron, again MI5 interceded to ensure the mystery man was nowhere to be found.

At an earlier Kincora inquiry, Cameron falsely accused Colin Wallace of leaking info on McGrath to the press without prior authorization in 1973. But General Leng is on record authorizing Wallace’s press release. More than any other single individual, with assistance from boss Mr. Jones, it appears that Mr. Cameron obstructed the most justice in order to effectively cover up the Kincora scandal.

With Hart’s HIA Inquiry, MI5 and MI6 got to methodically cherry-pick all documents sent in to manipulate and ensure that the retired high court judge had plenty of distorted, false, misleading or extraneous information to review,[251] conveniently circumventing live witnesses from intelligence services ever having to testify under sworn oath.[252] The state strategy was to overload the inquiry with 26 boxes of hundreds, if not thousands of documents,[253] yet the bottom line is the most crucial and no doubt incriminating archived files stay locked up till 2085.[254]

A year after the Hart report was released, Britain’s National Archives admitted that at least one Kincora file has been withheld even from the HIA Inquiry despite all assurances from both the UK government and security services claiming all relevant Kincora evidence would be made available to Judge Hart. Again, this constitutes more evidence that smacks of obstruction of justice and controlled whitewash. But then as recently as September 2019, it’s been released that not just one but at least 19 other files directly related to the Kincora scandal will be closed to the public. Identical to Scotland’s Dunblane sham of a cover-up where evidence is closed for a full century, one Kincora file will be withheld from the public until 2085 and another dozen until 2065 or later.[255] This fact indisputably proves that the British Establishment is hiding its criminal sexual abuse in Northern Ireland, flagrantly subverting justice once again with a nonstop cover-up till long after generations of perpetrators’ family members are long dead.

Since we’re referring to abuse that took place from 1958 to 1980, the Kincora scandal is following the lead of the Dunblane whitewash also with a full century of non-disclosure protection of the guilty (See Chapter 25). Because this exact same travesty of justice is working so well in Scotland, incriminating evidence in Northern Ireland is also being denied public access for a full century for the exact same absurd, totally inexcusable reason – to protect “victims’ privacy rights.” Thus, holding back “sensitive personal data” becomes both appallingly shameful and equally pathetic that the British government stoops so deceitfully low and then is permitted to get away with such obvious, in-our-face criminal defiance of the law. As the sodomy epicenter of the world, Britain never ceases in showing us why.

Additionally, in spite of Judge Hart’s knowledge that the Ministry of Defense had destroyed all PSYOPS files at the British Army Headquarters in Lisburn, NI in 1981, which should have tipped any fair-minded inquirer of the more than strong likelihood a longstanding cover-up exists, Hart falsely concluded that the British Army did not know about the Kincora sex scandal until 1980.[256] Page 88 of the Hart Report reads:

We are satisfied that it was not until 1980 [after the media exposed the Kincora scandal] that MI5, SIS, the MoD and the RUC Special Branch became aware that [William] McGrath [of Kincora] had been sexually abusing residents of Kincora when that became a public allegation.[257]

Yet one of the documents sent to Judge Hart was written by Information Advisor Hugh Mooney to the British Army’s commanding general in Northern Ireland prior to Mooney’s NI departure in December 1973. It explicitly states that Colin Wallace kept pushing the Kincora pedophile connection:

I do know he [Colin Wallace] mentioned it. He was dropping it in and feeling his way. He kept pushing it. But I could never understand why. I thought it was totally irrelevant to our concerns. I did get the feeling he was pushing this.[258]

Despite so much compelling evidence pointing to British Establishment’s clear complicity and willful obstruction of justice in its Anglo-Irish pedo-network cover-up, no doubt the queen knighted Sir Anthony Hart simply followed orders (just like Dunblane’s Lord Cullen) to conclude in his report that Colin Wallace was the liar, preposterously maintaining that Colin’s memorandum must have been a later forged document falsely back dating it to 1974. In order to allow the criminal cabal to live the lie another day, the truth teller Colin Wallace gets thrown under the bus yet again, as if being framed on a bogus murder charge and imprisonment wasn’t enough, in 2017 he was branded a liar while powerful aging child sodomizers invariably live out their long unencumbered lives above the law, never having to pay for their egregious crimes, just as in every other scandal before and after covered throughout this book.

In response to the bogus Hart Report, Colin states that none of the 265-page documentation he supplied to the HIA Inquiry was new. Yet in the two inquiries prior to the latest, despite the same documents also held by the Ministry of Defense and other government agencies, the MOD and other agencies never made them available to the earlier inquiries, indicating they further engaged in cover-up. On top of that, much of the evidence Colin Wallace submitted to the Hart inquiry was so heavily redacted or omitted from the HIA report, even parts that were included in previous inquiries, showing that the latest “inquiry” made sure that even less of the truth this time becomes known to the public.[259] The system continues not just insulting but assaulting our intelligence as well.

Colin points out that what’s most flagrant and alarming is the fact that crucial Army Intelligence files on McGrath and his Tara have gone missing once the British Army handed over what was left of its files to MI5 in 1989. Also consistent with every pedo-scandal to date, more “lost” evidence disappeared between 1989 when MI5 took possession of the files and January 1990 when then Prime Minister Thatcher admitted her “Ministers” had “inadvertently misled” Parliament about Colin’s case in the MI5 Kincora cover-up.[260] On top of that, Colin asserts that the entire volume of files from the Army’s Clockwork Orange project that Colin personally submitted to his superior officers upon leaving the Army have also gone missing. Was MI5 senior officer Ian Cameron up to his dirty old tricks again? Or does criminal destruction of evidence go even further up the chain of command? My betting money’s affirmative on the latter.

In a failed attempt to hold guilty parties accountable, Kincora victims sought an actual statutory inquiry that would forcibly pry the truth out into the open. After Theresa May rejected Kincora from inclusion in the British state’s Independent Inquiry, ex-Kincora resident victim-survivor Gary Foy led an unsuccessful appeal for a judicial review,[261] stating in February 2015:

If we had had a proper inquiry in the 1980s, then I wouldn’t have to relive this again today. MI5 and MI6 cannot be allowed to hide things, and I believe everything needs to be brought out into the open. I find it heart-wrenching that security men could have been behind the abuse or involved in it … Because they were in positions of authority or supposed to be protecting the state, they get away with it.[262]

Gary Foy and other Kincora victims’ solicitor Kevin Winters added:

The allegations of our clients and others have been in the public domain for years; the role of state has been alleged for a long time. There is now an opportunity for the truth to be uncovered for our clients to be able to move on with their fractured lives. This opportunity is possibly being lost because of the UK government’s fear of being exposed to impunity and straightforward corruption and criminality against innocents used as pawns in a cynical political exercise. This is about state agents in a very dark episode of the conflict in the North of Ireland.[263]

Even Amnesty International weighed in:

There are longstanding claims that MI5 blocked one or more police investigations into Kincora in the 1970s in order to protect its own intelligence-gathering operation, a terrible indictment which raises the spectre of countless vulnerable boys having faced further years of brutal abuse.[264]

In August 2014 even pedo-enabling First Minister Ian Paisley’s successor, NI’s then First Minister Peter Robinson was hounding for transparency from PM David Cameron just three weeks after pedo-enabling Cameron’s infamous last words to “leave no stone unturned…”[265] from one Cameron cover-upper to another. First Minister Robinson wanted all MI5 files on Kincora opened up and subject to thorough investigation by the IICSA, calling the rumors of MI5 turning its back on abused boys a “national scandal” in and of itself.[266] But even Northern Ireland’s supposed top leader’s demands for truth and justice was completely ignored by the UK government ordered to protect the realm.

Thus, key abuse survivors like Richard Kerr along with all the key whistleblowing witnesses Colin Wallace, Brian Gemmell and Roy Garland unanimously opted out of testifying at Sir Anthony’s Historical Institutional Abuse scam because without statutory clout to compel MI5 witnesses, they knew it would result in just the latest cover-up installment.[267] An indignant, affronted Judge Hart disagreed, claiming a total lie that:

The inquiry has powers of compulsion which it does not hesitate to rely on if necessary.[268]

Right judge… it’s statements like the above along with your wholesale denial that VIPs ever raped Kincora boys and MI5 ever colluded to pervert justice that make you a laughing stock as just another queen knighted pedo-enabling clown in defense of the Luciferian realm. Like always, the British government’s false narrative is batting 1000% in cover-up lies with its national pedophilic blight continuing to this day.

A disappointed but unsurprised Colin Wallace concluded:

Overall, I believe the Inquiry has been a wasted opportunity to establish the full facts relating to this matter and I feel the victims have been let down yet again, as they were by previous Inquiries.[269]

Again, always the same old sad pathetic outcome with the same VIP kiddie fuckers going to their graves unscathed, living like gods above the law while permanently victimized “throwaways” die early deaths from life-killing effects from unanswered abuse and unspeakable pain. How long are we citizens of the world going to passively sit by, complicit in this grossest of all human injustices when the cold hard facts keep screaming in our face the ugly truth with every single passing scandal and cover-up? This millennium scourge on humanity cannot be allowed to go on, especially since the international crime cabal is now well into committing human genocide and planetary ecocide. Humans are being targeted for mass execution on the way to the Luciferian slaughterhouse. With alarm bells sounding louder than ever, complacently we’ve been on snooze control for far too long. If we continue to ignore this dire, 11th hour, 59th minute reality much longer, virtually all of us will soon be perishing in the earth’s first known anthropogenic mass life extinction event through “biological annihilation” (and 6th all-time) that the scientific community keeps warning us is already well underway.[270]


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