Chapter 45: Italy’s Pedophilia: The Deep State and Today’s War Between Good Versus Evil


Chapter 45 Online

Italy’s Pedophilia: The Deep State and Today’s War Between Good Versus Evil

Joachim Hagopian

The expression “all roads lead to Rome” has been a familiar understatement used throughout recorded Western history – from the Imperial Roman Empire’s remarkable engineering feat literally building an enduring, advanced roadway system to the center of Roman civilization to Rome’s seminally pervasive influence on the entire socio-cultural-history of Western culture and civilization to its lasting impact as home of the world’s largest Christian faith Catholicism. Additionally, recognized as the global geopolitical center of religious power, along with the City of London’s banking and finance control and Washington DC’s military might, Rome is considered among the earth’s power points in terms of historical prominence and influence. Rome is also the capital of a major NATO ally member nation. So, when it’s implicated in stealing America’s 2020 presidential election, its reverberations are both enormously far-reaching as well as potentially world-shattering.[1] And as a still largely untold, breaking story, completely ignored or denied by the pathological liars in mainstream media, Rome and Italy’s unprecedented meddling crime holds a litany of unfolding developments that carry still largely unknown yet profound repercussions and consequences for the entire world.

With Rome housing the Vatican as a separate sovereign foreign corporate entity apart from Italy, similar to DC and the City of London as separate from the US and UK as a concentrated covert consortium of sinister planetary overlord control, Rome provides residence for history’s first Jesuit and likely last pope along with the Catholic sovereign military orders of Knights of Malta, the subversive cloak and dagger Jesuit assassins and Opus Dei secret societies, all major criminal parties long embedded in the earth’s pedophilia scourge and child blood sacrifice dating back a millennium and even beyond (See Book 1). And now unveiled concrete evidence shows the Pope’s active collusion in conjunction with the Chinese Communist Party’s surging influence and bribery/blackmail operations, conspiring with the corrupt pedophile Biden crime family and Marxist leftist Democratic Party leadership to overturn the 2020 US election outcome against incumbent President Donald Trump. Note the common connected satanic history steeped in grotesque criminality of child sodomy on a colossal planetary scale, and that all of these exposed criminal elements and regimes will more than likely come to a disgraceful, scandalous end. In fact, along with the illegitimate pretense of the temporary fake Biden presidency, numerous collusive cabal regimes across the globe are also in a current state of collapse, among them Italy all free-falling like dominoes, spasming in ruinous death throe defeat.

With the unfolding staged theater “pantomime” of the Deep State installed Biden regime and house of cards Rothschild-Windsor centralized debtor enslavement cabal and its cooked-up pandemic phantom monstrosity fast-disintegrating, in recent weeks revelations of America’s null and void Act of 1871 have also resurfaced with a vengeance. Writer-author-common law judge Anna Von Reitz has written extensively on how the UNITED STATES as an unlawful, ill-begotten corporation was spawned from the Act of 1871.[2] The Municipal United States Government’s Corporation’s Act of 1870 and Act of 1871 deceitfully usurped the rights of American citizens, illegally, secretly incorporating the United States with the fraudulent “The Constitution of the United States of America,” replacing our original Founding Fathers’ “the Constitution for the united states of America.”[3] Essentially the Act of 1871 secretly created the private foreign controlled corporation called “the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation.” The American Civil War itself, according to Anna Von Reitz, was “an illegal commercial mercenary conflict” manipulated by Jesuits and Freemasons as agents of the Crown and Vatican. Once the Jesuits murdered Lincoln, with an unpayable war debt and nation teetering on bankruptcy, a series of treasonous acts took place during the Civil War aftermath, paved by committed by members of the Territorial Congress, causing the predatory British government, British Crown (Rothschild controlled City of London) and the autonomous Holy See (the Vatican) to engage in Breach of Trust, turning US citizens thereafter into exploited commodified chattel. Anna Von Reitz asserts:

The Holy See and the Queen and the Lord Mayor [of City of London], all colluded against the limits of the Constitutions [both original and their illicit counterfeit replacement] and used legal chicanery to fleece their innocent employers, the American States and People, blind, under color of law.[4]  

The current foreign interest-driven charade being played out in Washington DC with their Communist Democrat imposters is just more of this same fleecing intended to destroy America from within once and for all. For the last century and a half, the US government has operated not under common law of the original Constitutional Republic but under private corporate international law. Combined with the subsequent Jekyll Island conspiracy resulting in passage of the Federal Reserve Act and never ratified Income Tax Act of 1913 within months followed by the bankers’ orchestrated First World War, for 150 years foreign interests in the British Empire Crown and Vatican have collectively ruled over and controlled the UNITED STATES, Incorporated as their own cash cow corporate entity and militarized global battering ram with the American people as their chattel and war globally deployed foot soldiers. For the bulk of US history, few Americans were ever aware of this diabolical hidden theft. But on the brink of full-blown Communist takeover, it’s suddenly being exposed like never before. Hopefully at this late hour, it’s not too late.

In 2020 crime cabal desperation overplayed its dark hand with the rollout of the scamdemic hoax,[5] the stolen US presidential election,[6] mandated genocidal vaccine agenda,[7] [8] and unprecedented intolerable US censorship, all involving the exact same usual suspects – the controlling foreign interests – City of London and Vatican – forcing patriots and truth seekers the world over to wake the fuck up and realize that this same Marxist-Zionist-Jesuit-Masonic-Black Nobility-Illuminati-Luciferian death cult has been responsible for all wars, economic depressions, political assassinations (Lincoln, JFK, RFK and MLK), viral bio-weapon attacks and planetwide, out-of-control satanic pedophilia scourge. This Vatican-City of London-DC control matrix has enslaved humanity for far too long. Less-than-human, these soulless, mentally defective perpetrators know that their quarter million millennia crime spree enslavement of the human race as their chattel is finally reaching the end. The antidotal cure for all this madness of their dystopian NWO tyranny is truth spreading power as the transformative catalyst now setting us free.

President Trump resisted Deep State pressure to initiate war with Iran and continued drawing down troops from long running wars in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, pissing off his Zionist controllers to no end. But perhaps a president’s biggest offense and fatal mistake infuriating powers-that-be is nationalizing the private central banking of the Federal Reserve with the US Treasury Department.[9] The last US president that avoided starting a new war, and threatened to diminish the power of the Deep State CIA and Federal Reserve was murdered. Though Trump successfully avoided assassination of his life a few times over, the Illuminati-Zionist powers-that-shouldn’t-be used their vicious, deceitful mainstream press, shameless treasonous Democrats and RINO Republicans, engaging in nonstop character assassination at every turn, rendering the populist anti-globalist president the most savagely attacked American political leader perhaps in US history… enough to conjure up a fake pandemic lockdown reversing all economic progress made, and ensuring denial of a second Trump term in office with over-the-top election fraud. So threatened was this evil pedophile-infested cabal that it continues to pursue an unprecedented second impeachment even after treasonously ousting him from the White House.[10]

In the words of an intelligence analyst and former US military officer in a January 23, 2021 State of the Nation article:

No one ever is selected by the puppet master to be the POTUS unless they agree to carry out an essential piece of the agenda.  Once they sign the contract to become President of the U.S. Corporation, they work for the Federal Reserve not the American People.  So, it’s the foreign owners of the FED who always choose the POTUS.  However, that does not mean a POTUS, once installed in the Oval Office, cannot go rogue.  JFK did just that.  So did DJT.[11]

Now you know why the stakes are so high to remove Trump from office for good as the Crown City of London and Vatican (and their host of puppet enablers like former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, Manchurian President traitor-in-residence Barack Obama, MI6, CIA, FBI, EU, and Rome’s US State Department) stooped so low as to commandeer Italy and world’s #1 private aerospace defense contractor – Leonardo SpA, to deploy an Italian military satellite in “Deep Space” to switch thousands of Trump votes to avoid detection in order to overturn the election.[12] [13] [14] As a result of the Vatican and City of London agents Obama and Renzi’s subsequent criminal involvement stealing the US election outright, now exposed, the current Rome government is currently collapsing. Using the cover of the fake pandemic, it was actually Renzi conspiring with Obama to destroy Trump that’s been driving this crisis. As a current senator, the former PM Renzi in mid-January went public to pull himself and his party out of the current coalition government,[15] causing Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte to also resign on January 26.[16] In the meantime, increasingly aware of these exposed criminals losing their grip on power, the authoritarian curtain now opening is emboldening the public like never before. In the face of the Covid-scam, over 50,000 restaurant owners in Italy in unified defiance are reopening their doors amidst another authoritarian lockdown, joining the growing number of fed up Europeans and others around the globe refusing to follow the bullshit cabal orders any longer.[17]

2021 is the year that We the People are collectively witnessing our “Howard Beale moment,” from the visionary 1976 classic film from Paddy Chayefsky “Network.”[18] Waking up to the elite’s insanity on the eve of its genocide agenda, an unprecedented “we’re mad as hell and we’re not gonna take it anymore” is about to finally happen. Among the global population waking up to reality and not already beaten and dumbed down to the point of the walking dead no return, a worldwide surge of populist revolt against the desperately oppressive earth controllers during this year of reckoning is now upon us. Cabal killers are personified by the Davos crowd of the World Economic Forum (WEF). Its latest insult to our lowly plebian intelligence is percolating,[19] in response to WEF’s just released video condescendingly propagandizing why humanity needs the their version of The Great Reset.[20] Its laughably bodacious mantra:

You will own nothing, and you will be happy.

In addition to Italy as America’s backstabbing NATO ally and third big wheel in the EU sabotaging Trump’s reelection, a half dozen other nations have also been accused – China,[21] Switzerland, Germany,[22] Canada (George Soros shares the same Toronto office building space with Dominion Voting),[23] and of course Deep State’s longtime designated enemy faves, Russia and Iran.[24] Seems everybody but the American voters wanted Trump out of office at all cost. A CIA server reportedly seized in the November 2020 deadly US Special Ops raid in Frankfurt, Germany,[25] shows that prior to when vote counting abruptly halted late on election night, before the Dominion machines began flipping votes in all the swing states, the recovered server proves that Trump had already established such a commanding, over-the-top lead, garnering 410 electoral votes in a landslide victory where only 270 votes were needed.[26]

Americans clearly want their incumbent populist president who filled arenas with enthusiastic supporters over the senile Swamp Rat pervert campaigning from his basement who feebly drew audiences of 15 people at his in-person rallies. Yet the scripted mainstream media liars and their mind controlled minions actually keep a straight face claiming creepy Uncle Joe won, receiving 81,283,485 votes, many millions more than any other presidential candidate in US history, and over 7 million more than Trump.[27] To anyone with just half a brain, these numbers simply don’t stack up but smack of stolen election.

With 79% of polled Trump voters believing the election was stolen,[28] and 30% of polled Democrats agreeing, admitting it was either “somewhat likely” or “very likely stolen,”[29] the majority of Americans actually know and believe that Joe Biden is not their duly elected president, but compliments of Deep State and foreign interests, allowed to take office unconstitutionally as the illegitimate leader of their nation. By diabolical design, the earth controllers wish to destroy what’s left of a deeply divided and conquered America because Trump and the US pose the cabal’s biggest final obstacle to its long coveted one world governance.[30] And too many people know about what the most powerful creatures on the planet are doing to our children. The insane left wants to throw the sane in prison camps or murder us.

Per the cited mid-November polls, aware of the reality, the American majority has been forced to swallow this bitter pill, even prior to the overwhelming bulk of voter fraud evidence released, both SCOTUS and swing state Supreme Courts turning their backs on their sworn Constitutional oaths to treasonously rubberstamp the known steal, and the Deep State engineered false flag “insurrection” on January 6th to ensure that the fake electoral count went unchallenged and treasonously certified, again in flagrant violation of America’s Constitutional right to a free and fair election outcome. As the quintessential model of a democratic republic held out to the rest of the world as the shining beacon of liberty and freedom for centuries, unless this travesty of justice is soon rectified, it means that the United States of America is nothing short of a complete hollow sham. And because this fake, pathetically false election result has thus far been allowed to stand, the US obviously can no longer be considered a republic (really since 1871), and this means that every US election in the future will also be a fraud. If we citizens allow this insidiously subversive, ungodly Communist takeover to take hold, George Soros’ color revolution has nightmarishly come home to roost in our no longer America the free. Though the traitors think they’ve gotten away with it, it’s believed that before leaving office, Trump invoked the Insurrection Act and evil Communists will not get the chance to destroy America. The US military will remain loyal to its Constitutional oath to protect the American people from both foreign and domestic enemies.

Had Trump been permitted four more years to finish the job, draining the Deep State swamp slime, the now exposed Satanic pedophilic empire knows that its jig would have been up. To get away with treason and the façade of their Truman show fake presidency, the MSM and Big Tech’s fake news lies and out-of-control censorship is now reaching an all-time high, or more aptly an all-time shameless low in their inversed Luciferian world, knowing they must hide the ugly truth at all cost. By the day, the crime cabal is growing more frantically desperate and oppressive.[31] With truth-telling currently being criminalized as domestic terrorism, as in every totalitarian regime throughout history, we’ve already reached that marker.[32] Fully armed with the overwhelming truth, it’s time for our nation’s freedom lovers to fight back for our very lives against all this insane tyrannical floundering mess.

Since Trump invoked the Insurrection Act in January days ahead of the fake inauguration, secretly placing the US military in charge, once the cabal’s demonic lie has been exposed enough to the just waking up crowd, joining the already thoroughly pissed off American majority, the critical mass tipping point will be reached. Refusal to recognize the illegitimate pretender posing in his fake Oval Office,[33] millions of patriots are aligned in loyalty with the US military in defense of our Constitution and republic, and the decisive move will be shown to the world that roundup of the traitors has already begun taking place, for obvious stealth reasons under the radar. Though it’s never coming fast enough for many Americans, watching the goal post timelines keep getting pushed back after each frustrating, disappointing, crushing delay, the military’s greenlight is a function of the public reaching that necessary critical mass level, where the ensuing backlash of military taking action under martial law to arrest and proceed with tribunals will be publicly accepted by the vast majority of citizens and any ensuing reactionary violence from the Antifa/BLM Marxist left will be minimized in a relatively bloodless successful countercoup. Strategic timing is everything in this precarious balancing act.

Italy’s Vatican backstory presented here will lead up to this current crisis, sitting at the precipice of global tyranny or global liberation that currently hangs in the balance. During the last several years, numerous raids have been conducted by the Swiss Guard, the Vatican gendarmerie unit in response to ongoing investigations at the sin-infested Vatican. In early July 2017, the Swiss Guard raided Pope Ratzinger’s old apartment belonging to Monsignor Luigi Capozzi, secretary to one of Pope Francis’ closest advisors, Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmiero, a prominent member of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), considered the most powerful institution within the Catholic Church.[34] Police were called to break up a cocaine-filled homosexual orgy after loud noises were heard late into the night coming from Capozzi’s apartment inside what’s called the Ex Sant’Uffizio Palace, home to dozens of high-ranking cardinals located walking distance from their jobs next door at the Roman Curia in Vatican City. Apparently disgusted cardinal neighbors grew wary of the commotion and traffic from the steady influx of young strapping party boys at Capozzi’s pad and called police.

Cardinal Coccopalmiero runs within the CDF the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts, the canon law experts of the Catholic Faith. This disgraceful raid comes on the heels of the week prior when the pope’s finance czar Cardinal George Pell left Rome to face pedophile charges back in Australia. As concluded in Book 1 of the Pedophilia & Empire series, leaders of the Catholic Church are both infiltrated and infested with Luciferian predators feeding off the flesh and blood of the innocents.

Doing damage control, right after the embarrassing gay party scandal went public, Pope Francis replaced the powerful Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, conservative German Gerhard Muller appointed by Ratzinger, with Muller’s deputy, fellow Spanish Jesuit Archbishop Luis Ladaria Ferrer.[35] Clerical abuse survivor Marie Collins, after resigning her post in March 2017 on the Vatican Commission for the Protection of Minors, explained that her biggest resistance came from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’s position of “denial and obfuscation.”[36] Jesuit Archbishop Ladaria is a member of the notorious Masonic Swiss Lodge known as “the Mafia of San Gallo,” a subversive leftist wing of the Vatican, instrumental in not only Bergoglio’s selection as Pope Francis but also now the leftist takeover of the Catholic Church.[37] See how parallel Jesuit-Masonic leftist, globalist, pedo-enabling movements coalescing in both Rome and DC would easily join forces conspiring to remove one of their biggest threats Donald Trump to one world government and one world religion?

A nonstop litany of Vatican scandals center around not just the pedophilia scourge, but the Holy See’s shady financial acquisitions, pervasive corruption and fraud as well. Mired in an unholy sea of endless controversy, the Vatican’s criminal tribunals have been busily prosecuting at least a half dozen known senior papal officials, also forcing resignations that include the Vatican security chief and pope’s bodyguard.[38] An October 1, 2019 raid on the Holy See’s Secretariat of State, the Catholic Church’s central governing office, documents and electronic devices were seized after suspected fiduciary crimes committed by the Vatican Bank. What are the odds that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and US Attorney General William Barr just happen to visit the Vatican within hours after that raid? … just a few weeks after the infamously staged suicided Epstein affair… a small dark pedo-world.

The Vatican Treasury is notorious for its money laundering schemes accompanying such profitable organized crime endeavors as drug, gun and child sex trafficking.[39] Speaking of which, illicit Vatican Bank improprieties have also been linked to the mafia-ridden Masonic Propaganda Due (P2) Lodge, Iran Contra, the BCCI bank scandal and arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, all taken up in detail in Chapter 8 of Book 4. The history of the P2 Lodge is treacherous, from its mafia ties and links to the Vatican Bank scandal, to P2’s connection to the Opus Dei secret society, the CIA, Operation Gladio terrorism, and multiple assassinations (including Pope John Paul I in September 1978 and failed attempts on his successor Pope John Paul II in the early 1980s).[40] The Catholic Church is steeped in secret criminality.

Early in his papacy, Pope Francis hired the Crown Lloyd’s of London auditing firm ostensibly to avert such public exposure of these messy, out-of-control episodes of corruption and unsightly scandals that have come to plague the Luciferian Vatican now for decades. Recall from Book 3 that the Rothchild banking dynasty as principal City of London proprietor, nearly two centuries ago was anointed Guardian of the Vatican Treasury.[41] Again, so much sinful overlord overlap exists when it comes to the most sordid crimes against humanity that have been kept hidden for so long. But times are a-changing.

A few months after the October 2019 raid on the Holy See, in February 2020, the office and home of the former bishop that headed the Secretariat of State administration was also raided over his nefarious high crime involvement.[42] Four months later on June 20, 2020, it was déjà vu all over again with yet another police raid, this time on the Vatican’s maintenance and restoration department in charge of St. Peter’s Basilica, again confiscating documents and computers over yet more charges of corruption involving awarding of building contracts.[43] A few months after that in November 2020, Vatican police were invading the home belonging to a father of the longtime senior administrator at the Secretariat of State, hauling off a cache fortune of stashed gold and silver coins, medallions and thousands of euros in cash.[44]

For decades now immersed in bigtime scandal after scandal, from child sodomy on a global network scale to global theft on a grand scale, the criminal pope, his Satanic Vatican and wayward Catholic Church appear ceaselessly rocked in karmic retribution and exposed accountability.[45] From May 2019 to within a month after last November 2020’s latest police raid, the Italian intelligence,[46] national government and the Vatican, along with Obama and his Deep State conspirators, have all been increasingly implicated in eliminating the threat of Trump’s 2020 reelection.[47]

Then several days after the fake January 6th DC riot, falsely blamed on Trump supporters when Soros’ Antifa mercenaries “stormed” the Capitol building,[48] on January 11 President Trump issued an emergency declaration in anticipation of the January 20 inauguration, triggering insiders to assert and patriots speculate that Trump did sign the Insurrection Act of 1807.[49] As part of the Q Anon Psyops, the day before on January 10, a notorious disinfo site called reported that in Rome, Pope Francis was arrested on 80 counts of child sex trafficking and fraud.[50] Of course, this is the same site that in late November 2020 also insisted that traitor Barack Obama was indicted on espionage charges in Hawaii.[51] The daily barrage of hopium claims insisting that “the good guys are winning” in the war between good and evil is out of control. But for what it’s worth, former Navy Seal Michael Jaco stood by his statement that the child trafficking pope is in custody.[52]

Regardless of whether the pope’s been arrested or not, what looms as imminent and indisputable is that the Zionist-Illuminati-Vatican-CCP-Democrat Party led Communist insurrection conspired to steal America’s heart and soul through election fraud has been designed to keep Trump from a second term in the White House. Then, after the exposed fake Biden inauguration charade,[53] with 30,000 military troops still stationed in the armed barbed wire prison camp of Washington DC, Congress bizarrely decided to adjourn and not do business until the first week of February,[54] while from his “Oval Office” basement, Uncle Joe signs daily Executive Orders banning reference to the scamdemic as a “China virus,”[55] and cancelling safeguards against a Chinese EMP attack on the US power grid.[56] Is he a CCP Catholic controlled Satanist puppet or what? Before his first week as fake president is even up, he signed 33 Executive Orders and Executive Actions while just days before the stolen election he said:

You can’t [legislate] by executive order unless you’re a dictator.[57] 

By his own definition then, the dementia-stricken, demented imposter president is a dictator.

Much has been made of the dark Masonic Luciferian foundation[58] of the 10-square mile Washington DC as Satan’s capital,[59] the western-most point within the unholy trinity of earth evil (aside from Rome and City of London).[60] Meanwhile, blackouts in the wee hours of the morning at the White House and Capitol building bring intense nocturnal military activity in and around the armed DC encampment, fueling hi-octane speculation of roundup arrests of hordes of VIP traitors…[61] More hopium wishful thinking? Or is “something happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear” … yet.

Turning to another ongoing angle from the Edward Bernays’ file that exposes the demonic pedo-elite, in the same vein that 2020’s Netflix-released French film “Cuties” provoked widespread public outrage, depicting hypersexualized 11-year old girls twerking on stage to the predatory delight and lecherous arousal of pedophiles everywhere,[62] 2020 also saw Italy’s cinematic entry “Anni Amari” celebrating the life of one Mario Mieli (1952-1983), who at age 30 committed suicide.[63] Despite his struggle with mental illness and his open propensity for sex with children, the known pederast has since been embraced by Italy’s LGBT community and lauded as his nation’s pioneering homosexual rights proponent. Controversy erupted not only over concern that the film promotes sex with underage children, in 2017 unbeknownst to Italian citizens, the film was also largely financed by them at their taxpaid expense. Though like a number of European countries, the legal age of sexual consent in Italy is just 14, critics justifiably maintain that the biopic flick sends the wrong message to its audience, the same message concertedly pushed by the international pro-pedo-elite to insidiously normalize pedophilia. This vile, over-the-top social engineering machination so widespread today through propaganda arts are intended to perversely undermine the global population’s sense of morality. This all-important topic is more fully addressed in Book 5’s final chapter.

Be it through overt films or art displays, in recent months another in-our-face sign literally using MK-Ultra images to normalize and justify pedophilia in artsy-fartsy Italy is a grand mind control art exhibit in the city of Cremona featuring one of the pedo-elite’s favorite artists-in-residence Nicoletta Ciccoli.[64] Plastered on dozens of billboards (43 in all) stretching for miles on end (20 km/12.5 miles to be exact), throughout the northern city in Lombardy are Nicoletta’s giant twisted depictions of Monarch-programmed little girls in symbolic settings, all unmistakably involving Satanic rituals and child abuse. Through symbolism the Satanic elite continues rubbing the public’s face in this sick shit as overt mind control programming to accept pedophilia as the hip modern norm, from the Satanically driven entertainment industry to the Castle Art production of a fake Oval Office set.

Not far away in Rome for over two decades, brave insiders like Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo and Father Malachi Martin have brought worldwide attention with their allegations of Satanic activity observed firsthand inside the Vatican (See Chapter 7, Book 1).[65] The countless parallels between Satanism and Catholicism are indeed striking – the black mass and Catholic mass are said to go hand-in-hand. The common practice of bloodletting through flagellation, common use of ceremonial chalices, red candles, incense, chanting, hooded black and red robes in rituals, the common collar worn by priests, the common Eye of Horus symbology dating back to Egyptian deities, the crucifix, gargoyles, hand signs, prayer circle, serpents and on and on we go. Then there’s the blatant Satanic serpent imagery found at the pope’s Audience Hall theater – a dead ringer for the same viperous serpent posing as Satan in the biblical garden of Eden. Satan is alive and well in Italy as the Satanic headquarters of the world.

About here is where I must evoke the recurring caveat that there are plenty of good people who are devout Catholics just as there are good Freemasons, and even FBI and CIA agents. It’s the institutional leadership at the top playing pedophile gatekeeping roles who are pure evil and have sold out to Satan. Again, there are many good Catholic priests as well, appalled by their Church’s horrible legacy of abuse and cover-up.

One such Italian priest who has dedicated his life work to combatting pedophilia from the trenches of the Dark Web, assisting law enforcement in bringing offenders to justice, is Don Fortunato Di Noto, founder and president of the non-profit organization “Meter on the side of children.”[66] He is also a member of the Scientific Committee of the Postal and Communications Italian Police and professor at the Superior Institute of Bioethics and Sexology of the Pontifical Salesian University of Messina. His work involves tracking down unspeakable images of kids being raped, tortured and murdered for profit. He comments:

Sometimes the violence reflects a form of slavery, sometimes children are tied up, chained. It seems to tell a horror film, but it is reality. The pre-eminent role of Europe and America, continents of wealth, opulence, but also of profit on illicit material remains unchanged.[67]

Don Fortunato’s 76-page 2019 Meter Report uncovered 4,006 videos and 7,646 photos and 1,077 web links of child pornographic material displaying infant victims from newborns to age 2. The number of photos of children age 3-7 was 1,321,969, age 8-12 was 5,742,734, age 13-17 was 7,100,000. The increase from the year before doubled the number of victims, indicating the epidemic is growing from bad to way worse in a single year.

Don Fortunato cites the nefarious genderbending agenda of social engineering, the LGBT brainwashing that includes sex education into preschool and kindergarten grades as part of the diabolical elite’s transparent effort to normalize pedophilia.[68] Though he has helped rescue and assist 1,721 children during his 17 years in the trenches, Don Fortunato alludes to the virtual pornographic realm of child exploitation being but a microcosmic mirrored reflection of the total scourge operated by the International Deep State. He points to the horrors of the child welfare system snatching children from parents and destroying families.

Institutionalized youth systemically funneled into the global pedophilic network, often becoming victims of a demented elite consisting of pathological pedophiles as well as ensnared, compromised puppets blackmailed in politics, finances and entertainment. The mammoth system of secret deep underground military bases (DUMBs) where black ops child breeding, captive enslavement, MK-Ultra mind control, adrenochrome-harvesting on an industrial scale, Satanic Ritual Abuse, blood sacrifice and trafficking millions of child victims are all ongoing for decades, both above ground as well as below, through the cabal’s underground facilities and tunnels within Deep State’s subterranean transportation system.[69] The enormity of this still largely unknown blight on humanity is beyond our limited comprehension. But it most definitely does exist, far beyond the lies that dismissively label it conspiracy theory.

Another priestly endeavor worth noting is a video gone viral of an honest “Priest’s Warning from Rome.” While walking the streets during the night of January 3rd, 2021, an honest and brave priest opens with:

We’re living in a very dark age and the people need to know the truth. I’m going to tell you in English what is really going on. It’s called the Masonic [add Zionist to this equation] takeover of the world.[70]

His 10-minute diatribe exposes the Satanic deception and its genocidal agenda. Of course the evil of child sexual abuse within the Catholic Church has gone on for centuries, shamefully kept under the radar until the Boston Globe’s Spotlight journalists in January 2002 began publishing a series of headline articles to break the scandal wide open.[71] But in the near two decades since, the world’s largest Christian Church has only proven more of a disgrace. Pope Francis’ predecessor Benedict aka Ratzinger was forced to resign in humiliation for his despicable role as the Church’s cover-up fixer for years. Sadly, since the Jesuit war criminal from Argentina took over in 2013 as head of Roman Catholicism, child sex abuse has only gone from bad to worse as he too has sheltered pedophile priests and bishops from consequence.

The latest record from 2018-19 shows the number of allegations of child abuse against clergy has tripled from the year before.[72] And that’s just in the US alone. Incredibly, after all this time and damage done, in Italy under Pope Francis, there are still no statistics of child abuse cases and the media remains complicit in this silence.[73] Instead, from the pope with each passing year, it’s the same old rhetoric, passing the buck onto other perps besides the ones he’s responsible for allowing to only increase their level of abuse, and refusing a zero tolerance policy for enablers just like himself. As long as the despicable policy of no mandated reporting to law enforcement of child sex abuse crimes, it stays status quo and more children are hurt. The pope only feebly tries to spread the blame, in his words onto “primarily parents, relatives, husbands of child brides and teachers.” So, as a result, this vile scourge has not slowed down whatsoever, but only accelerated under his reprehensible Luciferian guided leadership as Jesuit enabler #1. But then when Satan worshipping pedophiles are in charge, what else can we expect? The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child gave both Italy and the Church a failing grade on protecting minors from sexual abuse.

Let’s look at another gaping, often overlooked factor that by design also contributes to pedophilia, in Italy and many other nations. With neuroscientists in recent years determining that the human brain is not yet fully developed until the age of 25 in the prefrontal cortex area,[74] having to do with decision-making and sound cognitive judgment, and with so many European nations in particular maintaining such a relatively young age of sexual consent at just 14, Italy is among 14 Europe countries alone that share this legal standard permitting lawful sex between adults and 14-year old’s allegedly giving consent.[75]

This is just plain wrong and very sinister. As a longtime mental health clinician who worked with sexually abused youth for several decades, 14-year old children are ill-equipped, both mentally and emotionally in their psychosocial and neurological development to make an informed legal decision when predatory adults are busily taking advantage of their disparate power differential. Thus, pubescent adolescents are in no position to render sound legal judgment for consensual sex with a much older adult. It amounts to criminal child rape even if money is exchanged in what’s historically referred to as child prostitution. This term in itself is an improper misnomer that carries highly inappropriate and unfair value judgment. Adults acting as traffickers, pimps or “johns” (rapists) are the only benefactors profiting exclusively from child sexual exploitation, certainly not the child victims. The pedo-friendly system too often loves to play blame-the-victim game, and that’s totally morally wrong.

So, anytime that minors under 18 are involved in sex acts with adults, due to all these overriding, highly relevant factors, it’s still rape, regardless of circumstance. Apologists typically raise the historical context of marriage at a much younger age in the past, or cultural relativism as another favorite, or individual maturation levels, or arbitrary consent law variance, all are often conveniently used as rationalization for child sexual exploitation. Again, rape is rape when it comes to older adults having sex with minors and children. Therefore, in Italy, Austria, Germany, Portugal, Hungary and nine other nations in Europe and other places around the world where the consent laws remain far too low, these countries typically become enabling havens for sexual predators, spawning the diabolical multibillion-dollar sex tourism industry, victimizing at least 2 million children around the globe.[76]

Even more disgusting is the fact that Italy’s Roman Catholic Church unconscionably uses lower age of consent laws to, in effect, repeatedly rape child victims – after men of the frock defile innocent children in droves, the Church denies victims financial compensation under the lame loophole excuse hiding behind pedo-friendly consent laws,[77] as well as unfair pedo-enabling statute of limitation laws.[78] Justice is abhorrently further obliterated when Supreme Court justices like the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg are on record advocating legal age of consent be lowered to 12. On page 102, Ginsburg wrote in her Sex Bias in the U.S. Code published July 1977:

A person is guilty of an offense if he engages in a sexual act with another person, . . . [and] the other person is, in fact, less than 12 years old.[79]

With Rome’s key criminal role interfering in the US 2020 presidential election,[80] the decadently twisted liberal left, embodied by the likes of Ginsburg and sexually blackmailed Chief Justice Opus Dei Catholic traitor John Roberts and the Chinese Communist Party-controlled illegitimate Catholic Biden regime[81] (with videotaped blackmailed son Hunter Biden’s laptop containing graphic rapes of prepubescent Chinese girls),[82] lowering or eliminating the age of consent to make pedophilia globally legal and acceptable clearly remains an ongoing sinister 24/7 objective of today’s Lucifer controlled pedo-cabal.

The world’s nations with the youngest age of consent laws operating to Ginsburg’s liking are African nations Nigeria at 11 and Angola at 12, along with the Philippines also at 12, with several other African nations set at just 13.[83] As a direct result in the Philippines, sex tourism including online live stream broadcasts of child rape of even infants and toddlers catering to international pedophiles is infested as a major growing problem today, yet Philippines’ prepubescent age of consent undoubtedly both fuels and shelters the rampantly brutal pathological exploitation of children.[84]

In Italy an 11-year old girl from a disadvantaged background was taken in by a 60-year old social worker who took advantage, initiating a sexual relationship with the prepubescent.[85] A police raid on his home found them naked in bed together. After being convicted and issued a five-year prison sentence, in 2011 upheld in the appellate court, in 2013 Italy’s Supreme Court annulled the two lower court decisions because the couple conveniently claimed to be in “a romantic relationship,” with the 11-year old telling authorities that she loved the 60-year old geezer. One of the Supreme Court judges told Russia Today that the sexagenarian and preteen “shared a genuine emotional bond that could justify the carnal union between the two.”[86] Clearly, this case absolutely sends the atrociously wrong message, granting sexual predators both license and impunity to act out their “carnal” urges on their prey, while the system criminally and grossly fails to uphold its sanctified duty to protect children.

Essentially, the highest court in the land is irresponsibly equating criminal acts of pedophilia with love. How can this 11-year old child, whose brain hasn’t even chronologically reached midpoint in its full development, yet realistically give rational consent? The erroneous presumption that a prepubescent can give legal consent to a man a half century older is not unlike a 5-year old deciding he or she is born the wrong gender and consents to a loaded, irreversible pathway towards sex change surgery. Yet these abominable social engineering disasters are occurring with increasing regularity. That society is shackling young kids into even making these egregiously premature, life-altering decisions is cruelly absurd and categorically pathological, even diabolical. But then in Lucifer’s world, it’s perfectly unnatural, where up is down and bad is good.

With this kind of outrageous legal precedent set, it’s no wonder child sexual abuse is on the rise in Italy, according to a published study in the American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology.[87] Additionally, already with Italy’s lax consent law that protects adults having sex with 14-year old minors as long as it’s called consensual, this court decision only blurs the lines even further in favor of opportunistic child rapists. Plus, how could any functional child welfare authority, responsible for the very care and protection of children, permit one of its own social service workers to “take in” a ward of the court into his home in the first place? The entire system on every level breaks down in this case, grossly failing to protect the vulnerable child. Judges are a huge part of the problem, as both gatekeeping enablers and pedophiles themselves in the global pedophilia network, which segues into the next case in point.

Currently with so much upheaval in process worldwide, and Italian tentacles reinforcing the “all roads lead to Rome” mantra, an examination of major pedophilia scandals in Italy confirms that the scourge only runs deep and wide. One eye-opening glimpse into the heinous underworld nexus of Freemasonry and Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) comes the case of entrepreneur Alessandro Moncini from Trieste, Italy, a northeastern seaport city on the border of Slovenia near Croatia. The newspaper La Stampa dubbed the city of Trieste “the capital of the Masons,” which Moncini is reputedly a leading member of the local Propaganda Due (P2) Lodge, nefariously linked to both mafia and pedophilia.[88] Alessandro Moncini also hails from a very prominent Italian family that owns the international chain of Moncini Tires. As a wealthy elite class Satanist, Alessandro reportedly got/gets his rocks off raping, torturing and even murdering little girls.[89] Born in 1942, Moncini was still a teenager when he began making a name for himself on the Italian auto racing circuit, later becoming president of the World Association of Automobile Clubs and the Rotary Club.

As an illustrative example of how the global Satanic pedophilia network operates with virtual impunity from all accountability worldwide, the Moncini case is both very telling and thoroughly disgusting. Police detectives from Trieste investigating Moncini’s activities in America believe he was part of a “most exclusive ring of international pedophiles.”[90] The jet-setting businessman from such a well-connected family would simply place a call to his main man in America to conveniently arrange for a young girl to victimize, at times engaging in Satanic rites of blood sacrifice, other times for his own private sadistic pleasure, depending on his whim.

On March 18, 1988, the 46-year old pedophile was arrested upon landing at Kennedy Airport in New York and transported to Los Angeles where he was prosecuted for sending three parcels by mail of child pornography in 1986 and 1987, a decade ahead of the internet age. The photos depicted a 10-12-year old girl and other youth being raped by adult males.[91] After undergoing a trial that found him guilty of importing child porn and receiving a one-year sentence, Moncini was incarcerated for a total of less than three months before being released.[92] Without exception, Pedophilia & Empire has consistently shown that as long as suspects are deemed Very Important Persons (VIPs), even if Masonic Satanists who rape, torture and murder children, every nation’s criminal justice system 100% of the time either looks the other way entirely or delivers a mere token, slap on the wrist punishment. This standardized elitist rule automatically bestowing get-out-of-jail cards as a birthright to the rich and powerful must end now!

Because of Moncini’s influence and stature with accolades of support arriving from Italian local and national politicians, judges, attorneys, bankers, Catholic bishops, amounting to 36 sterling testimonials from fellow Masonic friends from the overlord class, California Judge Ronald Lew went soft, leniently allowing the hardcore twisted criminal off way too easy. It so angered law enforcement officers that they leaked to the Italian newspaper La Repubblica several revealing taped phone conversations, indicating solid evidence that Satanist Moncini partook in brutal torture, sodomy and blood sacrifice of young girls.[93] One would think that having Moncini on tape essentially admitting and bragging about Satanic blood sacrifice would render it an open and shut case. Yet all seven wiretapped conversations by police apparently were ruled inadmissible as evidence by Judge Lew, which is pure insanity.[94] Even possessing and importing child pornography carries a sentence of up to 30 years, yet Moncini the Italian VIP did less than three months. This bullshit has to change as well.

As a sample of ungodly perversions this sicko was into, below is a transcript extract of just one conversation with notorious American porn king child procurer Anthony Crowley, possibly a disciple of his “Uncle Aleister” of O.T.O. infamy, who also advocated ritual sex abuse with little boys he allegedly murdered.[95] In the dialogue below, Moncini uses the word “animal” to refer to a 10-year old Mexican girl during an apparent routine inquiry to procure a trafficked sex slave victim for his next trip to the States:

Moncini (M): What can I do to this little animal?
Crowley (C): Everything.
M: Can I chain her?
C: Sure.
M: Whip her?
C: Yes.
M: Can I make her eat shit?
C: I don’t know.
M: Can I piss in her mouth?
C: I think so.
M: Also stick nails in her nipples?
C: Yes.
M: And if the little animal gets broken or hurt?
C: Just make the traces and the body disappear.
M: What will it cost me?
C: $5,000. [96]

Moncini went on to explain that the prior spring he had already enjoyed a similar episode with a “rented” young Brazilian girl while on a trip to Rio, adding that it was not satanic sex because the victim was allowed to survive.[97] When Italian police raided Moncini’s residence back in Trieste to discover a large collection of child pornography, he was never charged because in Italy possession of child porn isn’t even a crime!

What was discovered in the Moncini case way back in the late 1980s is the existence of a large transatlantic Satanic pedophilia network operating amongst the elite throughout Europe and America, consisting of billionaire entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 CEOs, high level politicians, entertainers, judges, generals, police chiefs, royalty and Illuminati bloodline VIPs. And the other major takeaway from the Moncini scandal is that it demonstrates that the ruling elite protects itself from all accountability and forever been getting away with unspeakable egregious crimes against our most vulnerable population. A January 1989 Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) article specified the most obvious truth about this case:

Pedophiliac rings are often fronts for procuring children for cults that practice satanic black masses and rituals, including child sacrifice.[98]

Over three decades later, the above statement rings tragically truer than ever. Again, the Moncini scandal taking place in the late 1980s involved an elite global network of international pedophiles. At the exact same time another child sex abuse ring was busted in Britain. Recall from Chapter 8, Book 2, Oxford educated British Foreign Office dignitary Colin Peters was busted for pedophilia a second time and convicted on February 2, 1989, heading the London wing of the same international pedo-web.[99] In 1987, the year before Moncini was arrested, Peters was also caught running the largest pedophile ring in British history that included 150 underage boys. The press described its operation as a “Mafia-like conspiracy” after one of the arrestees, too frightened to testify, claimed that the ring “was more powerful than the Mafia.” At least one known member of the House of Lords, a West London vicar and, according to the Independent, “highly placed civil servants and well-known public officials” were called in for police questioning and implicated,[100] but as soon as VIPs are discovered to be involved, in Britain they’re never indicted – bar none.

Colin Peters, the senior Foreign Office leader of this enormous London branch of the international pedo-network, had been arrested in Italy two decades earlier in 1967 for sexually abusing boys aboard a boat off Naples. Peters and a colleague, early in their careers on diplomatic assignment, were both arrested together but rescued from prosecution by both their boss. Colin Peters must have figured he was infallible, a protected-for-life VIP as he was bold enough to sign his name on the infamous Elm Guest House list in the early 1980s (See Book 2, Chapter 8). Back in Naples in the late 1960s, Colin Peters allegedly procured child victims for celebrated British expatriate writers like poet W. H. Auden and his friends on the Island of Ischia, and rather than risk an international scandal, the entire affair was swiftly swept under the proverbial carpet by none other than UK Minister for the Arts, Baroness Jennie Lee. Moreover, the Naples crimes are locked away in a vault until 2056, that’s how much “Great” Britain wants to avoid a scandal tarnishing their “boy loving” literary legends.

Bailed out after arrest first by the pedophilic elite in Naples, and then a second time after leaving his pedo-signature at Elm Guest House in the early 1980s,[101] an emboldened if not cocky barrister Colin Peters, believing he was one of the anointed ones fully protected by pedo-empire, ended up the “Mafia-like” boss twenty years later, procuring 150 boys for London VIPs in Britain’s biggest pedo-ring to date… quite a series of life accomplishments for the Foreign Office big wig and now VAT tax consultant turning 78 in May 2021. The UK Metro Police discovered links between the Peters operation, the US-Italian Moncini case and even the Far East. But lead detectives in Operation Hedgerow complained they were grossly underfunded and understaffed as reason the international VIP Satanic pedophile network was never further investigated. But as always the real reason was the high command in UK, US and Italy opted for cover-up, never delving further in Britain than Peters sentenced to eight years behind bars, along with about twenty other low level UK criminals.[102] Law enforcement never bothers to follow up on all the international tentacles linking VIP derelicts the world over, not in the 1960s or 1980s or ever, because members of the Satanic Pedophilia Establishment always live above the law, on earth as it isn’t in Hell where they’ll all be sooner than later.

The first major child pornography scandal to shake Italy to its core came in 2000. A mail order business in Russia dubbed by Italian press “the Supermarket of Horrors” was sending videos, CDs and DVDs in the mail to thousands of child porn customers in Italy.[103] 1,700 Italians were being investigated for having bought pornographic material via the internet. Eight Italians and three Russians were arrested by the time the story broke in late September 2000. Horrid content found on snuff films were sold showing children graphically being tortured to death. The sicker the content, the higher the price. Because this was the first pedophilia scandal of its size and nature to shock the people of Italy, media news bulletins and newspapers devoted days of coverage and pages of print devoted to the decrepit story. For many Italian citizens, it came as a rude awakening and jolting shock that their fellow Italians could be so evil. From a front-page editorial in Milan’s newspaper Corriere della Sera:

From our comfortable seat in life … we never could have imagined that thousands of well-off adults, integrated and even cultured, find pleasure in seeing children tortured and killed.[104]

The scandal even sent shockwaves in parliament as well, quickly turning a political hot potato. The state television broadcaster RAI ran graphic footage during primetime news hour of a supine positioned adult forcing a naked boy to sit straddling him.

Parliament members locked in heated debate demanded resignations at RAI since the state broadcaster was viewed as the propaganda arm of the ruling center-left coalition, resulting in two RAI editor-in-chiefs and three journalists’ resignations. In defense, the Communications Minister said an investigation was already initiated to explore potential criminal charges against the RAI journalists. Politicians are so full of shit as they’re typically immersed dick deep in sodomy and blackmail. Former prime minister, media mogul and opposition party leader Silvio Berlusconi, whose television channels chose not to show the sensationalized footage, nonetheless opportunistically milked the political football for all it was worth:

What happened is absolutely unforgiveable![105]

Less than a year after hypocrite Berlusconi sounded off in self-righteous indignation over the pedo-scandal, he was back in office as Italy’s prime minister a second time. But the third time was anything but a charm – reeling from one criminal charge after the next – corruption, tax fraud and yep, fucking a minor, he was forced to resign in disgrace in 2013. Finally parties in 2010, after one too many “bunga bunga,” the prime minister was caught paying for sex from a 17-year old Moroccan girl and by 2013, the 76-year old pervert received a 7-year prison sentence, with added time for using his political influence to cover it up.[106] The crook has been repeatedly convicted of numerous crimes in lower courts, but always in such a corrupt system, he finagles his way out on loopholes. In 2014 on appeal, his 2013 sex conviction was overturned. As of 2019, after a half dozen years out of office during all his shady criminal trials, the now 84-year old Teflon man is back in politics as a member of the corrupt, pedo-loving EU Parliament.

In every nation internet child pornography has become a major problem, and like the global child sex trafficking network, its reach and brutality appear to only be growing more heinous. In July 2020 Italian police busted a child porn ring on a well-known instant messaging platform that featured “horrifying content, depicting actual sexual violence where victims were often newborns.”[107] With more than 50 people under investigation, acting on dozens of search warrants, a law enforcement sweep of suspect homes netted just three arrests but “huge quantities of pornographic material depicting minors.”

The year before in June 2019, in Italy’s northern city of Reggio Emelia, police arrested 18 people, including the mayor of nearby Bibbiano, doctors, therapists and social workers in a vile scam operation where so called professionals convinced vulnerable young children that their parents had sexually abused them in order to sell the children for cash to foster parents.[108] A network of carers involved in the scheme even used such horrific methods as electroshock to implant false beliefs in youths’ minds that they were abused. After the police probe began in 2018, it was learned that the child welfare criminals working with kids from troubled family homes had passed themselves off as caring professionals. It was also learned that some of the foster parents that had bought children ended up sexually abusing them.

With the criminal unmasking of all the earth’s bedrock institutions of power and control, including Rothschilds’ City of London, Europe’s black nobility bloodlines, Zionist-Illuminati elite and their dominion over the global satanic pedo-network, all demonically intertwined, earth shaking changes are now in progress. Current events are spelling the end for not only Rome’s current national government crashing, but the Roman Catholic Church itself, the Zionist Khazarian Mafia rooted permeated throughout the West as well as the demise of America’s treasonous, obscenely rigged two-party duopoly of Democrats and Republicans. Finally, the overambitious globalist Marxist-CCP subversion is now exposed. The moment of reckoning is at hand.

Despite a common criticism that Canadian geopolitical analyst Benjamin Fulford is a chronic “hopium” deliverer from Japan, at times he makes statements that are spot on, as in his February 2nd, 2021 report:

Communist China is run at the highest level by the Khazarian Mafia headquartered in Switzerland [one might also argue City of London, Rome, DC and throw in Israel as well]. Remember, Communism was a Jesuit invention and the P3 Freemasons who run the Jesuits say they report to an alien entity known as the Black Sun.[109]

Prepare for the global financial reset, hopefully not according to the dictates of the Old World Disorder’s crumbling Rothschild/Khazarian Mafia controlled usury debtor system, but according to an emerging, decentralized, meritocratic federation, freeing a hijacked humanity from its quarter million millennia enslavement and arrested evolutionary development, ushering in a revolutionary age of prosperity, compassion and spiritual good will. 2021 is the year marking the unprecedented bumpy road transition enduring formidable growing pains that will eventually spawn the birth of a new blessed era free of Lucifer’s deathly grip on humanity. This year of transition to a new and improved system will be anything but smooth, with the Satanic Old World Disorder’s (SOWD) long embedded seeds of destructive resistance at play, thrashing about in response to unstoppable positive evolutionary change, characterized by SOWD’s retaliation as it collapses in karmic defeat, akin to the water dissolving the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz. In the end light overcomes darkness, and God will prevail over the forces of evil, and the earth will no longer be the Devil’s Dominion.


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