Chapter 51: (Book 5: Chapter 12)- China’s Totalitarian Control, Failed State Policies and Booming Sex Trafficking Trade


Chapter 12:  China’s Totalitarian Control, Failed State Policies and Booming Sex Trafficking Trade

Joachim Hagopian

Just as the early globalists a full century ago, aka the internationalists Jacob Schiff, Averell Harriman, JP Morgan, the Warburgs, Rockefellers and the Rothschild central banksters all financed and backed the Bolshevik Revolution that triggered the rise of the Lenin-Stalin Communist bloodbath regime as their controlled opposition,[1] the same usual suspects from Yale University’s Skull and Bones Society also created the Maoist monster of Communist Red China,[2] who equaled his Russian Communist cohorts’ all-time record,[3] slaughtering 65 million of his own people.[4] Not only was Mao Zedong China’s “Great Helmsman” demigod, groomed and embraced by New World Order proponents,[5] he was also reputedly a rabid child rapist of virgin ingenues as young as 14 with a switch-hitting hardon for young boys as well. The most murderous despots in human history were created by the Rothschild clique, the same Lucifer worshipping controllers that have backed both sides to every war of the last few centuries. And just as they’re behind every war, they are the beneficiary overlords of the global Satanic Pedophilia Network.

Learned directly from Dr Li Zhisui, Mao’s doctor of 22 years who occupied a room next to Chairman Mao’s palatial bedroom, China’s worshipped megalomaniacal tyrant had quite an overactive, promiscuous “private life.”[6] Based on the good doctor’s observations, pseudonymous “Straight Dope” author Cecil Adams in 2014 wrote that Mao Zedong’s “personal [young male] attendants were expected to massage his groin nightly to help him fall asleep.”[7] So even as the old, fat, creepy, perverted doughboy in his later years, believing it would offer him youthful vitality sodomizing underage victims, the AC-DC Mao-Mao was mixing it up every night with his fresh bevy of captive nubiles. Is it really any wonder then that his penchant for perversion lives on, flourishing today as his People’s Republic of China’s pedophilia epidemic? And I don’t mean the fake one from Wuhan that was the Anglo-American-Zionist Empire’s delivery mechanism to vaccinated genocide.[8]

After “COVID-troubled” India,[9] China leads all nations on the planet with the most sex trafficked victims.[10] The 2013 US State Department’s “Trafficking In Persons Report” calls China out:

During the year [2012], Chinese sex trafficking victims were reported on all of the inhabited continents. Traffickers recruited girls and young women, often from rural areas of China, using a combination of fraudulent job offers, imposition of large travel fees, and threats of physical or financial harm, to obtain and maintain their service in prostitution.[11]

With 40.3 million Chinese living abroad,[12] China also ranks highest among all countries of origin, trafficking more slave victims to other countries, exceeding Russia, Eastern Europe, Nigeria and Thailand.[13] These two facts alone heavily implicate China as a major player in the international pedophilia network, despite the controlling Chinese Communist Party’s obsession for insulated secrecy and, by its own design, carelessly sloppy record-keeping. It’s been reported that Chinese women, children and men are trafficked to at least 60 other nations, including the United States. And then there’s the Hunter Biden pedophilia family scandal and how China owns them through bribery and sexual blackmail.[14] News of the infamous Hunter Biden laptop surfaced in October prior to the stolen election where the drug addict pedophile is allegedly beating and raping pubescent little Chinese girls.

A scandal surfaced in Florida when at least a half dozen Asian-themed spas in strip malls were busted for trafficking Chinese women and girls on false pretenses to wind up forced sex slaves. In March 2019 a police raid on the seedy massage parlors hiding in plain sight along Federal Highway in North Palm Beach and southern Martin County nabbed both traffickers and patrons alike, including one by the name of Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots.[15] The law enforcement crackdown links a major human trafficking hub that runs from China to New York and Florida. Again, tip of the iceberg, they’re all over America and world, not even hiding in plain sight.

Eight years ago in 2013, it was reported that the number of slaves trafficked both inside and outside of China totaled between 2.8 and 3.1 million out of an estimated 30 million slaves on the planet.[16] But then as of 2016, that global number jumped to 40.3 million and in China 3.8 million modern-day slaves.[17] So in less than half a decade, China’s enslavement increased by a whopping half million people.

The US State Department’s 2007 Trafficking In Persons Report maintains that domestic trafficking is “the most significant problem in China” with an estimated 10,000 to 20,000 victims trafficked internally each year.[18] From 1991 to 1996, Chinese police reportedly freed 88,000 kidnapped women while arresting 143,000 suspected traffickers in the nation’s booming slave trade.[19] Between 2001 and 2003, China’s police claim to have liberated over 42,000 women and children from kidnapped bondage.[20] International organizations report that 90 percent are women and children, trafficked primarily from poorer rural western provinces to the more prosperous provinces along P.R.C.’s east coast for sexual exploitation.[21]

With 82 million Chinese living on less than $1 a day as of 2013,[22] an additional problem is China’s enormous migrant population of 260 million people, from poor rural areas of China in search of economic opportunity in the urban areas.[23] Migrant parents leaving their 61 million “left behind” children back home, looked after by extended family relatives, or 3.4% left completely on their own, has the population same size as Italy at extremely high risk of predatory gangs, abducting these most vulnerable victims into China’s vast child sex trafficking network.[24] Estimates of 37% of the children in rural China are left-behind kids.

Within a span of 20 days in May 2013, eight different child sex abuse cases were exposed by Chinese media. So many that in August 2013 even the BBC focused on the rash of arrests and convictions of an alarming number of China’s schoolteachers and principals working with children from mostly China’s rural countryside, predatorily victimizing their vulnerable stay-behind students that come from broken homes.[25] A director of a Beijing legal center for young people said that 60% of the sex abuse cases occur in the rural villages and that 70% of the incidents take place at school. It was reported that in Guangdong province alone, where two of South China’s large cities Guangzhou and Shenzhen are located, between 2008 and 2011 a total of 1,700 cases of child sex abuse were recorded.

A wave of more child abuse crimes committed in kindergarten schools in Beijing in November 2017 indicates that it’s not just the rural village teachers hurting children.[26] Public outrage followed exposure of several schools where staff were allegedly inflicting needle marks on children and drugging them with unknown pills. This is the proverbial “tip of the iceberg,” the state-run media letting out what the CCP allows the public to know. The larger organized pedo-network controlled at the highest reaches of power in China will never be revealed by the propagandist press.

A May 2010 Spiegel article entitled “China’s Child-Trafficking Epidemic” highlights the danger for Chinese children:

Experts estimate that between 30,000 and 60,000 babies, children and adolescents disappear each year. They are kidnapped and then sold, often ending up as slaves in workshops and brickworks, or being forced to work in brothels.[27]

According to ABC News in 2009, estimates that up to 70,000 kids are abducted and sold as black market commodities each year, while the Beijing government downplays the problem, insisting only 10,000 kids disappear.[28] Over the dozen years since, the then epidemic has morphed into today’s planetary scourge, as the disturbing number of missing kids has soared in recent years. But Beijing’s tightlipped these days under Xi Jingping. Corruption in China (as everywhere nowadays) is rampant, family clans control local villages, including police, party leaders and representatives of women’s organizations. Though trafficked children are undocumented, bribes paying off officials allow the pedo-crime syndicate to operate nationwide with impunity. The Beijing and provincial governments are complicit in this pervasive lack of birth documentation to track its own population of children, thereby permitting the trafficking network to thrive and the illegal buying and selling of babies and young children to be so profitable and widespread.[29]

Not all child trafficking is for commercial sexual exploitation of girls. The black brick kilns and coal mines of northern China commonly abduct and traffic boys and young men as forced labor slaves where they work long hours, are beaten if they fail to meet their daily quota of a thousand bricks and held captive for years at a time.[30] The famous case in Shanxi province of parents banding together searching the countryside for their missing sons in 2007 captured national headlines in the inspirational black brick kilns scandal. Their families’ persistent efforts paid off for some as over 100 boys and men were rescued and reunited with their families. The local Shanxi authorities and community financially benefiting from the slave camps, actively kidnapped victims and even re-kidnapped them while local police were criminally complicit enablers.

Identified as heavily active in all three trafficking categories – as a key source nation, a transiting nation as well as a destination nation, the People’s Republic of China’s range of human trafficking includes human smuggling of all kinds – victims of forced marriage, victims of the booming global sex slave trade, trafficked infant victims in an illicit widespread adoption scheme operation, child victims for forced begging as well as forced labor victims spread around the globe.[31] The broadly accepted definition of human trafficking as an extreme human rights violation impacts all populations across this planet and is characterized by “force, fraud, and coercion intended for exploitation.”[32]

Long before Mao Zedong’s Communist takeover of mainland China in 1949 and proliferation of his own slave labor camps, the Chinese people have shared “one of the largest and most comprehensive markets for the exchange of human beings in the world.”[33] Dating back thousands of years to the ancient Shang Dynasty (18th to 12th century BCE) to the Han Dynasty (206 BCE-220 CE), China owns a long dubious history committing the egregiously degrading human rights atrocity of owning and enslaving human beings. Though China enacted an abolition law against slavery in 1910, it’s always been on paper only.[34]

According to the Global Slavery Index, the ten nations most guilty of human enslavement today, in descending order are India, China, Pakistan, North Korea, Nigeria, Iran, Indonesia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Russia and the Philippines. These ten countries account for both 60% of all those living under modern slavery as well as over half the world’s total population. Note also that 60% of this list is located on the continent of Asia, 70% if sprawling Russia is included. In all, nearly two-thirds of all trafficking victims on earth are from Asia.[35] China is the Asian kingpin as the most populated nation on the planet, as of the end of May 2021 – 1.444 BILLION people.

As a typical example of how government officials’ corruption and perversion are protected by the loop-holed system in China, from

On December 20, 2008, Lu Yumin, head of Baihua branch of the local taxation bureau, bought the virginity of a girl student for 6,000 yuan (US$878). Three months later, accompanied by her aunt, the victim reported it to the police. After investigation, the police said Lu had not committed a crime as he was ignorant of the fact that the victim was under 14. The penalty for Lu’s ‘inappropriate behavior’ was 15 days detention as an ‘administrative punishment,’ and a 5,000 yuan [$760] fine.[36]

The local police had the brazen audacity to claim that as long as the offender is unaware of the child’s age and the sex was ‘consensual,’ no crime is committed regardless of the victim’s age… incredible.[37] Because the injustice was so blatant and extreme, the public’s outrage spread throughout the country and the pressure actually caused the case to be reconsidered. Tax collecting child rapist Lu Yumin was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the crime of rape of an underage girl, not under the old loophole offense “sex with an underage prostitute.”

After many years of lobbying by decent Chinese attorneys, child advocates and concerned parents, China’s pro forma legislature, the National People’s Congress, in August 2015 finally changed the language loophole so any sex with an underage child, consensual or not, was rape with the stiffer punishment of life imprisonment or even death.[38] Only begrudgingly has the Chinese government been pushed and prodded in the right direction with changing the laws while at the same time launching aggressive offensives to silence and extinguish all human rights in the nation.[39] And as long as the age of consent law in China remains at 14, minors 14 to 17 being raped are still having their perpetrators received ever-so-light sentences. On the positive slate, a landmark revision to the child protection law signed in October 2020 has gone into effect June 1st, 2021 intended to better protect children at home, school, in public and online.[40]

Among the most egregious rape cases of injustice in China is how Li Xinli, the deputy secretary of the People’s Congress in South China’s Henan Province, was reported to have sexually assaulted more than ten schoolgirls, the youngest only 11-years old.[41] This man, who has been described as an “excellent CCP member,” insisted that the predator only looks for young enough girls to stalk, so he can be assured that they’re still virgins. One of his many victims told the media that Li grabbed her and forced her into the backseat of his vehicle, and then proceeded to viciously rape her. The girl pleaded:

I am only 13. Don’t do this.[42]

Of course, it had no impact on the child rapist, as he cold-bloodedly turned his cellphone camera on before proceeding to record his violent crime, making sure that he also took photos of the girl’s blood as his twisted bounty and gratified payoff. But because he’s an “excellent CCP member,” the scumbag got off in more ways than one, in fact more ways than ten, like VIP pedo-scandals in every country on earth.

Then there’s the notorious case of alleged former firefighter Li Hao, the Marc Dutroux of China who dug underground sex dungeons where over a two-year period he kept his abducted sex slaves between the ages 16 and 24 hidden, like Dutroux ultimately murdering two of them.[43] As a Luoyang Communist Party cadre member in Henan province with influential party links to the establishment, also identical to the Dutroux case, Li Hao appears to have been protected by local and national authorities. But eventually his sordid crimes caught up to find him guilty of murder in September 2011. Targeting his victims in karaoke clubs and nightclubs, also like the Belgian monster, Li Hao pimped his slaves out to a larger network to be further victimized for commercial sexual exploitation, also forcing them to work as sex performers on uploaded pornographic videos.[44] One girl that he pimped out while working outside his dungeon compound managed to escape, call a relative that contacted police. It’s questionable that Li Hao was a firefighter as it was also learned that he was a civil servant inspector in the Luoyang Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.[45] While journalist Ji Xuguang working for the independent periodical Southern Metropolis Daily was in town covering the case, he was actually detained and threatened by security agents, accused of “leaking state secrets.” In so many ways this case smacks of cover-up by higher authorities, uncannily paralleling the Dutroux case as it’s all too obvious that Li Hao was clearly being protected by a larger sex trafficking network where in all likelihood, he procured girls for VIP offenders higher up China’s predator food chain.

Criminal gangs operate directly under highly organized crime syndicates that co-exist with China’s law enforcement as movable working parts within the national pedo-trafficking network. While in virtually every pedo-hub nation, order-following police gatekeepers are installed to customarily look the other way, permitting pedophilia operations to flourish. China is no different. Procuring gangs are busily abducting victims and the crime cartel systematically traffics children and young women for abuse. The cruel depravity in China extends much deeper and higher than just the roving bands of procuring street thugs.

Especially in China, violent gangs are in the procuring market for newborn babies, particularly males. Chinese criminal gangs are known to buy infants that when toddlers are forced to become street beggars.[46] Moreover, these deplorable criminals will resort to willful maiming, breaking bones and cutting off limbs even of small defenseless children, just to gain sympathy for their forced street begging operation. The gangs will feed their young prey just enough to keep them alive, but often fragile toddlers do not recover from their inflicted injuries and are dying at a high rate. The evil captors’ rule of thumb is the worse off they can injure and maim their young trafficking victims to appear, the more money they receive from forced begging.

What does it say when state owned CCTV will spend weeks and even months covering law enforcement’s seasonal crackdowns and show of force of police zealously conducting roundups to arrest street prostitutes and their johns, yet both police and the state media are conspicuously absent in their refusal to even touch the criminal gangs busily maiming and murdering victimized child beggars. It says the Chinese Establishment is in collusion with these murderous gangs. After all, as in all nations, these same criminal gangs also supply child victims for the heinous consumption and perverted indulgences of the most prominent and respected VIP elites – China’s Communist Party officials, both local and national, as well as wealthy businessmen, both Chinese and international. To a great extent, the global Satanic Pedophilia Network is largely homogeneous in its hierarchical makeup and worldwide operation, involving the same power elite and most vulnerable, throwaway children.

Generally across the globe, representatives of the elite live with impunity, far above the lowly manmade laws of which the rest of the plebian population must comply or potentially suffer the gravest of consequences. That’s why whenever the rarity of an arrest occurs of a prominent upper-class member in China, it’s either powerbrokers at the top consolidating their position by taking out their closest competitors or the state-run media has failed to contain or bury a high-profile arrest, and the elite concedes appeasement of the masses with sacrificing a low hanging fruit. Always the sensational media impact of the story takes on a bread and circuses effect of its own, used as sleight of hand misdirection to conceal another potential liability that could expose the criminality of the powerbrokers at the top.

An example of the cloak and dagger powerplay unfolded during the aftermath of Mao’s 1976 death, between his treacherous third wife, the onetime beautiful actress Madame Jiang Qing and her Communist radicals and Deng Xiaoping, who during the bloody Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) was denounced by Madame Qing as “an internationalist capitalist agent” and sent to work as a factory machinist.[47] But after Mao sent him to “rehab,” he was brought back in the fold during the 1970s for China’s recovery in the final years, Mao’s support wavering between the two opposing factions – Zhou Enlai/Deng Xiaoping and his wife Jiang Qing and her radicals, strongly opposed to opening up China to the West. Eventually the Deng/Zhou coalition outlasted all competitors vying as Mao’s successor, and in 1978 Deng Xiaoping, the “brainchild” of the disastrous one-child policy,[48] emerged victorious as paramount leader while Qing and her Gang of Four were publicly tried for treasonous murder in 1980. She was handed a lifetime prison sentence until her May 1991 suicide at 77-years old.[49] Qing’s show trial was televised to a riveted audience, relishing the most hated Chinese woman’s humiliating downfall, found guilty for her deadly crimes committed during the Cultural Revolution. Defiant to the end, during her trial she uttered in her defense:

I was Chairman Mao’s dog. Whomever he told me to bite, I bit.[50]

Because so much graft, corruption, fraud, bribery and blackmail saturate the Chinese Communist Party (as well as the world’s hierarchical power structure), in 2012 China’s next leader Xi Jinping’s rise to power centered on an anti-corruption campaign even prior to his becoming premier,[51] and during his first few years in office bringing numerous longtime party hacks down.[52] But among the very first on Xi’s takedown list was onetime party chief, politburo member and Xi Jinping’s archrival Bo Jilai and his wife Gu Kailai, both offspring of former party revolutionaries dubbed “princelings” by the public for their birthright status.[53] Bo Jilai had been a rising star within the Communist Party, appointed mayor of Chongqing, a city of 30 million residents. Western investments came pouring in with the likes of Coca-Cola and Ford. Mr. Bigtime was headed straight to the top, or so he thought.

Everything quickly unraveled after a British associate rumored to have been laundering money out of the country for the princelings was found murdered, with the police chief seeking aid in the American consulate insisting the British national was poisoned. Bo’s wife Gu Kailai reportedly ended up admitting that she killed the Briton after he threatened her son, and was convicted of murder in August 2013 with a suspended death sentence commuted to life in prison,[54] while a month later husband Bo received a life sentence for corruption and bribery.[55] Bo maintained that prosecutors forced him to admit bribery and that his insane wife was forced into betraying him,[56] implying that both were falsely framed at you know who’s behest. An April 2012 Rothschild-controlled AP account poses the provocative article-ending question:

Is Bo Xilai the dark underside of a party where the privileged elite can abuse power at will — in this case, to the point of murder?[57]

Journalist Wayne Madsen in October 2012 had this to say about Bo Jilai:

Bo, whose business contacts with the George Soros/Rothschild family and Paul Desmarais clique, had raised hopes among the Western vulture capitalist class that Bo was another Mikhail Gorbachev who would bring about an end to the Chinese Communist Party.[58]

Madsen goes on to say that China has a zero tolerance for pedophiles and that its “one-child policy means that parents keep a watchful eye on their son or daughter.” China’s child-baby snatching scourge with so many missing stolen kids hardly means they “keep a watchful eye on their son or daughter.” Madsen’s point about pedophile foreign journalists, US State Department and NGO personnel stationed and recently kicked out of Southeast Asian countries that have since been resettling in Beijing may have more veracity.

No doubt the Communist Party Establishment was relieved to put this stinky affair so quickly to bed, so Xi could be anointed with a “clean slate.” Raised in passing in an AFP article, another angle emerges:

A charismatic but divisive politician… exposed deep divisions in the ruling Communist party before a generational handover of power due to start later this year. Bo enjoyed strong public support during his tenure as party chief of the southwestern city of Chongqing for a tough anti-corruption drive, but his Maoist-style ‘red revival’ campaign alienated moderates in the Communist party [Boldface emphasis].[59]

So, it appears a case of high stakes dueling “anti-corruption campaigns” between Bo’s camp and Xi’s camp. The logical question then becomes whose camp stinks more foul than the other? Bo’s anti-corruption stand obviously ruffled lots of CCP feathers, no doubt deep in corruption as an entrenched way of life, and his unwillingness to “play ball” threatened the status quo of the debased culture atop the Commie party. So, the plan quickly took shape isolating a murder case around a conveniently dead foreign national, and pinning it on the ambitious princeling couple rather than risk the pandora’s box of China’s entire corrupt and corrosive one-party system going down in flames, mired in unredeemable high crime sin. This dirty risky business had to be swiftly executed – putting his chief rival behind bars prior to Premier Xi Jingping’s reign as the Mao heir-apparent.

The once high-powered couple’s public show trials were staged theater serving two main functions, one, to let off steam building up in the highly oppressed peanut gallery population tired of criminals at the top getting away with murder, and ecstatically offering them their bread and circus show trial to watch them crash and burn. The second far more significant function – in one fell swoop self-servingly rid the emerging ruling regime behind Xi of its most serious threat and chief rival. As Xi’s anti-corruption purge unfolded, by 2018 Xi Jinping was awarded the nod to continue as top dog a few more years with no term limit, and with 2022 shaping up for him to be crowned the next Chairman Mao dictator.[60]

A third sampling to illustrate the utility of having infamous show trials presented for public consumption and rare visceral gratification was observing spoiled, troubled, entitled Li Tianyi, the 17-year old son of a famous, high ranked singing couple in the People’s Liberation Army get his due in a gang-rape trial that led to his conviction as ringleader and his ten-year sentence in September 2013.[61] Back in February that year, Li and his partners-in-crime, a 23-year old and 3 other minors, met a young woman in a Beijing bar, took her back to their hotel, beat her, forced her to strip and took turns sexually assaulting her. From an August 2013 New York Times article:

Like the recent trial of Bo Jilai, the fallen former politician, the case has become an intensely watched and debated parable about the privileges and limited accountability of the Communist Party’s highborn. And accusations against the woman who says she was raped have stirred discussion about how the Chinese media and courts deal with victims of sexual assault and minors accused of crimes.[62]

As is true in virtually all nations, even though China’s elite are the invisible overlords responsible for its growing sex trafficking epidemic, law enforcement is obligated to make occasional busts of a few child trafficking rings, because one, there are decent police officers in every country appalled by the horrors of systemic child abuse from above, and two, because of the PRC’s PR need for authorities to appear that they’re working hard (as opposed to hardly working) on behalf of public safety to eradicate today’s pedo-plague. A bribery payment to a higher-up CCP official fails to be paid, and allocation of newfound resources for a police investigation to shake up certain lower hanging rotten fruit on the pedo-vine that get “sacrificed” for the sake of public placation.

Here in the 21st century with an incredible number of sick people downloading images and videos of kids being raped and abused around the world, from the official state-owned Xinhua news network a half decade ago, comes the headline “China Destroys Online Pedophile Network.”[63] Some 19-year old college kid in Beijing possessing 400 gigabytes of child pornographic material was the identified ringleader of a large online kiddie porn site involving at least 100 other suspects from 25 provinces across China. The little shit was only sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Little more than a year later Xinhua ran another related story of an anti-pedo-vigilante microblogger known as “Hacker Kevin” with over three quarters of a million followers on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent to Twitter. Kevin received a message from one of his social media followers accusing a man in northern China of being a pedophile.[64] So Kevin did some digging and found photos of the man kissing young boys and chat records of him bragging how he groomed his victims. So Kevin posted it all on Weibo, turned over the evidence to police and the derelict was arrested three days later. The pedo-hunter had already been at it in hot pursuit of child abusers for over a year.

To further illustrate this dual function of letting off public steam over the growing child trafficking problem in China while law enforcement gets to take a bow patting itself on the back, police in China in October 2009 claimed that 2,008 trafficked children that had been kidnapped were rescued in a six-month campaign across the nation, many reunited with their families.[65] The week before, 42 suspects had been arrested for allegedly selling 52 children in northern China. Then in March 2012, the propaganda deliverer CNN reported that China’s Ministry of Public Security broke up a large cross-province human trafficking ring, rescuing 77 children, and adding to the more than 24,000 women and children allegedly freed in 2011 from the brutal clutches of sexual slavery.[66] The Public Security Ministry also took the opportunity to report that police in 2011 had liberated from trafficking bondage a total of 10,680 abducted women and children, while arresting 3,195 trafficking gangs. During the bust in the first week of March, the police sweep in multiple provinces arrested 344 suspects from four different organized gangs, two of which were family-run businesses.

A police officer that recovered a baby for sale in the operation said that couples from poverty stricken rural areas make far more money unloading one infant boy for 50,000 yuan ($7905) than their income from farming for an entire year. He said that a baby girl usually be sold as an “orphan” can fetch 30,000 yuan ($4743), trafficked often to foreign adoptive parents willing to pay the higher price. 3,000 Chinese infants and young children were adopted by Americans in 2012 alone.[67] Selling babies on the black market in China is Big Business, yet another hidden-in plain-sight national vice as a by-product of its ill-conceived one-child policy. PRC’s child trafficking network has become so lucrative, there’s an expression in South China’s rural agricultural province Yunnan:

If you want to make money, you should bear children instead of raising pigs.[68]

Referring to this region, as far back as 2001, a Save the Children publication noted:

NGOs, academics and journalists have consistently identified the Mekong sub-region (including China’s Yunnan Province) as a site in which children are vulnerable to trafficking and other forms of commercial sexual exploitation.[69]

It was revealed that in 2009 in Guizhuo, 80 female infants went for the dirt-cheap wholesale price of only 3,000 yuan each ($316). As a method of making the highly illegal transactions less traceable to law enforcement, babies are often sold to a series of several gangs operating in different provinces.

An added wrinkle to this abysmally disturbing reality is that only selling children is a crime in China. If you’re the buyer, you’re home free,[70] not unlike the systemic police harassment of sex workers around the globe, a sizeable percentage whom are human trafficking victims, while their abusive “customers” and traffickers too often remain untouched.

The People’s Republic of China is also a major destination for countless women and children sold as sex slaves and trafficked in from North Korea,[71] Vietnam,[72] Cambodia, Myanmar, the Philippines, virtually every single country bordering the Asian trafficking kingpin, forced into prostitution or forced brides, in large part again due to China’s failed one-child policy that’s produced a gross shortage of available Chinese females. One estimate predicted by 2020 that there are 30-40 million more marriageable aged men in China than women. A near decade ago, an estimated 20,000 to 30,000 North Korean girls and women were reportedly trapped in sexual slavery inside China.[73] Meanwhile, Vietnamese government officials in 2018 claimed that 75% of Vietnam’s trafficking victims “are taken to China and sold there.”[74] A similar report from Time in March 2019 stated:

Authorities on both sides of the border have failed to stop the trafficking of hundreds of women from Myanmar to China.[75]

Promised decent jobs by traffickers in the impoverished northern border region of Myanmar, a number of displaced Burmese victims reported that they were sold into slavery for $3,000 to up to $13,000, locked up, raped, tortured and forced “to bear children for their captors.”

As recently as six months ago, Reuters ran the article headline “Pandemic Seen Fueling Cambodian ‘Bride Trafficking’ to China.”[76] Girls as young as 14 have been trafficked and sold as sex brides, often to abusive men and crime gangs in the PRC. The Coronavirus SCAMDEMIC this last year has taken a devastating toll on the entire world, with Cambodia’s garment, hospitality and tourism sectors taking a huge hit, enabling criminal procurement gangs to easily move in to fill the desperate void preying on – enticing and/or kidnapping vulnerably impoverished girls and women into becoming trafficking victims.

Five years ago, The Cambodia Daily revealed that out of the 7,000 known Cambodian women in China married to Chinese men, 6,900 were undocumented, rendering them highly vulnerable to being human trafficking victims.[77] Trafficking rings always have their on-the-ground criminal gangs procuring victims in the network pipeline. Once foreign victims are discovered, Chinese authorities typically further mistreat trafficked victims as immigration offenders and/or “lowly prostitutes,” and eventually deporting them back to their countries of origin, while the criminal network operation frequently remains intact. After being subjected to sexual, physical and psychological abuse, confinement, torture and forced labor, victims managing to return to their native countries all too often are inhumanely treated as social pariahs by their own families, communities and nation once back home, adding layer upon layers of cruelly unjust punishment for simply having been sex abuse victims. Consider this ungodly fate of “hell on earth” suffering a mere consequence of the worldwide trafficking network run by the planetary overlords and controllers.

Because of China’s strict, shortsighted internal policy limiting one-child per family for near four decades, it’s now the main driving force behind today’s Asian sex trafficking pandemic, victimizing tens of thousands of girls and women, especially from China’s neighboring Southeast Asian countries, regularly imported as sex slaves to fill the demand created by the imbalanced surplus of Chinese men. As far back as two full decades ago, one scholarly paper cited sex slavery as Southeast Asia’s greatest future threat,[78] and with neighbors like China, turns out that statement was prophetic. Negative repercussions rooted in the Chinese Communist Party’s austere one-child policy since the late 1970s have fueled the culturally sexist preference for male births, causing a deplorably high rate of missing little girls, female infanticide and today’s significant gender shortage crisis.[79] Only in China would 1.7 million unwanted, disposable, murdered little girls go missing every year. These crimes against females notwithstanding, concern over its aging population slowing down China’s ascent to global superpower status, the CCP only loosened its 1-kid per family noose to two in October 2015.[80] But that was hardly a fix. Ironically the inhumane one-child dictate was rooted in the NWO’s Club of Rome environmentalism and Malthusian fallacy, not Marxism or Communism. British scientist Matt Ridley got it right:

The solution to the population crisis lay in prosperity, not coercion.[81]

You think the China controllers are beginning to see the light? Nah, but they do see the utter failure and futility of their coercive past ways, facing dire straits ahead with China’s demographic nightmare. So, as of May 31st, 2021, the PRC has decided to raise the limit per family to three children, based on so many more men than women, the large aging population and the recent alarming decline in the number of births.[82] With a fertility rate of just 1.3, far below the level required to maintain a stable population, only 12 million births in 2020 resulted in an 18% drop from 2019.

Chairman Xi Jinping just met with his politburo on an emergency basis and decided dire action is needed to avoid the brunt of an even worsening demographic crisis on the horizon. But China’s rising housing and living costs required to raise additional children have become a mounting barrier for Chinese women and couples to opt to having more than one child. Plus, women are empowered enough now to say enough is enough, refusing “to become lab rats to yet another social engineering” experiment, compliments of the authoritarian state.[83] Thus, critics of this sudden new change in policy see it as “too little, too late” to avert the growing population imbalance that this tyrannical state, in its pathological need for unlimited control over its citizenry, unwisely brought this national disaster on itself.

Reggie Littlejohn, founder and president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, explained at a December 2015 US congressional hearing that China permitting families two [or now three] children still fails to address the core issue of basic human rights:

The CCP is telling women how many children they can have and then enforcing that limit through forced abortion and forced sterilization. … Women who get pregnant without permission will still be dragged out of their homes, strapped down to tables, and forced to abort babies [that they want].[84] Allowing a relatively small number of families to have a second child will not end gendercide or sexual slavery in China.[85]

As a result, nearly half of the Chinese women (or their husbands) of reproductive age have submitted to being sterilized under government family planning pressure, or if caught with a second child prior to October 2015, forced sterilization was the standard punishment.[86] And despite Chinese laws on the books prohibiting sex-selective abortions, with complete impunity, village family planning committees systematically impose abortions on pregnant women for policy violations. Such extreme cruel hypocrisy and severe punitive nature of the almighty State is without limits. Official slogans from the Jiangsu, Sichuan and Yunnan provinces respectively illustrate below just how hideously barbaric China’s militant authoritarianism is:

We’d rather see a river of blood than a single [unauthorized] baby born alive.

Anyone avoiding sterilization must be put in custody. Anyone avoiding sterilization must be punished by bulldozing their house. Anyone avoiding abortion shall surrender their cattle and house.

All villagers must be sterilized once a single villager violates the birth quota.[87]

Be careful what you wish for. Meanwhile, if a wife happens to get pregnant prior to obtaining a permit from the local control committee, she is forced into an abortion. If she refuses, the committee will round up anywhere from a dozen to several dozen family members, relatives and neighbors into detention camps headed by local party officials, and will violently beat dozens of villagers as group punishment for the one woman’s noncompliance, resulting in intense resentment and hatred spread amongst relatives and neighbors – the same old divide and conquer formula that’s worked “wonders” for the psychopathic less than human bloodline controllers for millennia.

The Communist regime is said to regularly boast that it has killed 400 million young female lives from its brutal one or two child policy.[88] Moreover, this insanely inhumane, fanatical state control policy in fines alone for noncompliance has generated a revenue amounting to over a 3 trillion-yuan (or $314 billion) bonus for the state. The tyrannical Chinese government’s gross interference in the personal freedom and sovereign individual liberty of its citizens, is not about to change any time soon. Red China’s provided globalists with their ideal New World Order model now attempting to be foisted on the global population, but encountering a flashpoint of resistance from We the People willing to fight against this Dark Age oppression. If we don’t, this worse than Orwellian nightmare’s coming to a neighborhood near you and me real soon.

With the male to female ratio in China during the early 2000s 120 to 100, and just under 120 males to 100 females today, China’s destined to experience a major gender imbalance for many years to come.[89] It’s been estimated that before this decade ends, there will be 12-15% more males than females in China. With today’s number of male bachelors at 20 million and in 2015 only 6 million unmarried women, lots of loveless, unmarried fates await or are already the everyday reality for millions of single, not-by-choice, lonely, aging Chinese men, with estimates of over 40 million unmarried men by 2040. In a society where marriage confers social status and acceptance, desperate men have hooked up with China’s established organized trafficking network for forced brides and forced sex.

As far back as 2014, a Huffington Post article observed:

Rape in China is also a major social issue confronting women, with women walking the streets in continuous fear of Chinese men. The majority of rapes in China are social rapes, which contributes even more deeply to the persistent fear Chinese women feel regarding their physical and sexual safety.[90]

A December 2004 study of intimate partners in China found that 34% of the women reported that they had been hit during their current relationship.[91] With the skewed male to female ratio producing such a low prospect for so many Chinese men without the stability of marriage and family, millions are being marginalized. As a result, in China’s already sexist, rapist, domestic violent culture, concerns are only mounting over the potential increase in antisocial, violent behavior from men chronically deprived of sex and love, whose unmet needs could spill over into rising sexual violence and drive sex trafficking abuse to an all-time high. Yang Ge, researcher at the state-run China Academy of Social Sciences, predicts that today’s disparities are only likely to grow worse, leading to a future filled with “social dis-order” and conflict, increasing “marital pressure, sex trafficking, sex crimes, and similar social problems.”[92]

If these highly disturbing current trends continue, by 2027 the birth and death rates in China will be the same, and the overall population that currently stands at 1.4 billion plus will begin to decrease. With China’s life expectancy now at 77.1 years, and from 2021 to 2025 an increase yearly of 11.5 million joining the 60 and older crowd, this geriatric pop by 2048 stands to reach 500 million.[93] At that point, the cost of paying elderly pensions and healthcare will pose an extremely heavy if not impossible burden on the nation’s economy. Right now, 38% of the elderly cannot cover their own cost of living or care for themselves, and need additional assistance. On top of that, an aging Chinese society will lack the necessary laborers in a shrinking workforce steadily dropping since 2017, and ultimately capping economic growth.[94] The current retirement age of 60 for men will have to be raised while last December, the government was forced to raise the retirement age of women up to 60.

Between the state’s financial incentive to continue its obsessive population control that generated the $300 billion plus in state revenue resulting from its overly punitive child policy penalizing violators, and China’s equal obsession for rigid, barbaric rule enforcement, with more people in China now 60 and older than 15 and younger, the growing burden of its aging population is contributing to its economic slowdown and decline. All these major changes have been years in the making, causing mass gendercide and a spiked level of sex trafficking and violence against females of all ages. China’s still rigid family policy that was never in its own citizens’, nor nation’s best interest, has led directly to a pandora’s box of demographic nightmare being played out now and into the future that even its 3-child family policy cannot hope to resolve.

In a related matter, to combat further erosion and instability of its coveted “social order” in the face of rising divorce rates, on January 1st, 2021 the Beijing government instituted a cooling off waiting period of one month for those couples applying for divorce. Just days ahead of Beijing’s announcement that families could have three kids, the Ministry of Public Affairs was busily boasting how adding a month to cool off before proceeding with divorce has lowered the nation’s divorce rate by 70% over last year.[95] While many view the month delay as more imposition and infringement on individual freedom, the state media wasted no time celebrating the rule as sound, efficient governance promoting China’s social order and stability. A professor at the China Academy of Social Sciences said it was a step backwards, buying a little more time but “not mending” all the relationships that have already fallen apart to the point of no return.[96] China’s Covid-19 lockdown in early 2020 forced couples to reassess their marital ties, additionally placing many women at risk of surging domestic violence and child abuse (observed globally when the world population is involuntarily placed on house arrest for a year),[97] prompting a significant increase across provinces in the number of couples utilizing the then same day divorce policy that ended the last day of 2020.

Widespread criticism was raised over the cooling off rule’s total disregard for the safety and well-being of victims of domestic violence.[98] Just a week after the new policy was enacted in January this year, a woman nervously awaiting her 30-day period was brutally murdered by her husband. The argument can be made that just so the government can temporarily feel good gloating over a lowered divorce rate in desperation of couples staying together to have more kids needed to bolster its fast shrinking labor force dragging down its economic growth necessary to become the #1 global superpower, tragically a woman had to die. With domestic violence raging as China’s other hidden epidemic, how many more will follow in the gendercide capital of the world?

As a consequence of both economic as well as gender progress for modern Chinese women amidst this traditionally patriarchal society, in recent decades over 70% of the spouses that initially file for divorce are wives. Historically men in Chinese society are permitted to indulge in infidelity while divorced women have been stigmatized in the same way that choosing to postpone or not marry or bear a child at all have been societally frowned upon. In 2009, 2.46 million Chinese divorces went down, nearly twice as many as in 2001.[99] In 2019 ten years later, again nearly twice as many divorces at 4.7 million were recorded.[100] The Chinese sacred cow of social stability is being shattered in the face of the currently unfolding demographic timebomb. Tick, tick, tick…

One explanation for this continual spike in marital breakups is a 2003 law revision that made it easier to untie the knot and call it quits. In order to divorce prior to 2003, couples would be required to submit permission letters from their work units or neighborhood committees. Unwilling to have their dirty laundry so publicly aired, many Chinese couples just grimaced and remained in loveless, miserable marriages. No doubt the rapid growth in available sex services and the improved independent status of women also played a factor. The divorce stigma for them didn’t quite sting as much as values about marriage amongst the younger generations are changing.

An October 2010 CNN article cites the following additional contributing factors leading to divorce:

Ideologues blame it on fickleness that comes from social-climbing, gold-digging, unsatisfied sexual or romantic desire. Still others attribute it to indiscriminate adoption of Western values and ‘bourgeois ideas’ of materialism and egotism.[101]

Paradoxically, at the same time that the enforced 1-child rule went into effect, the PRC had only recently opened up the nation to foreign trade. Once globalist kingpin David Rockefeller sent his Illuminati titan Henry Kissinger and first US President Richard Nixon to visit China’s first post-Mao Premier Zhou Enlai during the 1970s, eyeing China’s near infinite slave labor pool, with bloodline dynasty blessings for robust Western investment and fast-track modernization, subsequent economic prosperity in China rapidly followed.[102] What was China’s gain though was America’s loss, accompanied by deindustrialization and the gutting of the once rock-solid US manufacturing base – by Luciferian design.

Red China’s growth period was also accompanied by a booming sex industry. With a 2000 UN estimate of 4 to 6 million sex workers emerging as an integral part of the expanding national economy,[103] by 2010 the China Daily reported the number of sex workers had swelled to possibly over 10 million.[104] In recent decades educated urbanites work as call girls in escort agencies at private residences, plush five star hotels and high-end nightclubs while often college students serve as karaoke bar hostesses catering to the elite international and domestic business class as well as prominent political party officials. China’s booming economic growth since the 1980s has proliferated the readily available sex services found in a wide array of venues, at saunas, massage parlors, hair salons, karaoke bars, nightclubs, hotels, streets, parks, the full gamut of a large sex worker population servicing the sexual needs of Chinese males from the wealthy to the working classes. This abundant sex trade has given rise to the growing infestation of China’s notorious sex trafficking industry where abducted girls and women both from inside and outside China are being victimized on a massive scale. The majority of China’s sex workers have been part of the migrant population from poor rural areas with limited formal education moving to the big cities. In fact, so many young migrant women leaving their rural communities have left a lopsided surplus of bachelor men in their home villages, further propelling China’s flourishing supply and demand sex trafficking market.

The child advocacy NGO Save the Children in a 2001 published report called “Children in the Sex Trade in China” states:

The crime of ‘fornication with underage girl’ (the age of sexual consent being 14) rose dramatically between 1979 and 1987, and that in 1985, 1986 and 1987, a total of almost 30,000 people were charged with this crime.[105]

But this same 2001 Save the Children report draws an erroneous conclusion:

Notably absent from reports on CSEC [Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children] in China is any suggestion that ‘paedophilia’ or the prostitution of pre-pubertal children represents a widespread problem.

Based on all the overwhelming evidence documented in the Pedophilia & Empire chronicles covering nations around the world, the above presumption to me appears to be a prematurely drawn 2001 fallacy. After North Korea, Communist China is the most closed off, ultra-secretive, highly-censored nation on earth where honest and accurate information has never been free-flowing. The innermost criminality committed by China’s most powerful players is rarely revealed or leaked out to its near billion and a half citizens, much less the rest of us 7.8 billion on this planet. From the most centralized and controlled nation on earth, any embarrassing criminal truth about its elite will rarely if ever be forthcoming.

In researching this chapter, the media coverage of scandals involving China’s sex trafficking, rape, and the organized pedophilia network among the elite was sparse to begin with, but noticeably missing was virtually any coverage on these topics within the last five years or so. The government under Xi Jingping is more tight-lipped and closed off than ever regarding its concealment of its child sexual abuse network. Absence of exposure does not in the least suggest China has cleaned up its act, it’s simply been more effective covering up its pedo-elite’s sordid perversions. Under Xi, child sex abuse advocacy groups have actually come under attack by the centralized Beijing government.[106] Xi’s and China’s human rights record is among the very worst in the entire world. How horrific the pedophilia plague in China is no one can really know, because whistleblowers and witnesses disappear, never to be heard from again. Say one word against the Communist Party government in China and you’re either locked away or murdered, the value of human life becoming ever-so-cheap.

One exception of a relatively recent Chinese global sex trafficking operation involving four countries was reported by the Epoch Times in January 2019. The international trafficking ring operating in the US, Canada and Australia with direct links to China was broken up by the FBI in 2019.[107] Using ads online for escort service, both women and girls recruited from China were sex trafficked to multiple locations. Six Chinese suspects from the various countries were arrested on racketeering charges.

That piece was the rare exception of more recent news out of China, and only because it involved at least three destination countries was it shut down and covered in the press to begin with. China’s extreme ironclad and thus far successful totalitarian effort toward maintaining a rigid national policy of total non-transparency and concealed secrecy serving as the global elite’s ideal model for one world governance, has effectively, conveniently covered up its “pedophilia problem” amongst its elite. All the state-owned and operated Chinese media outlets are absolutely controlled by the centralized Communist government and therefore spew out only the preapproved propaganda, again the same fast track that the globalists currently have America’s moving at breakneck speed towards. So, to infer or claim that the Chinese elite has little to no interest in the systematic sexual abuse of prepubertal children is a prematurely misleading conclusion to arrive at, even if it was only 2001 pre-9/11 odyssey.

Also, any nation that promotes a longstanding one-child policy resulting in the coldblooded murder of nearly a half million unborn and newborn babies and little girls,[108] it’s hardly a stretch along the continuum of evil to sodomize prepubescent kids with a few “Hail Satans” thrown in. In recent decades, China’s co-existing baby smuggling trade has sprung up as another reprehensible, inhumane and highly illegal Big Business industry, spurred on again by sexist China’s hideous population control policy. From a 2009 Topical Research Digest series assessing Human Rights in China, an article entitled “China’s Infanticide Epidemic” states:

The majority of the modern Chinese population identifies with cultural norms, fierce state loyalty, stigmas, and social constructions of gender that condone female infanticide... Chinese women’s reproduction is utilized as a feature of socialist modernization, a sacrifice for the good of the state, [resulting in] female infanticide, sex-selective abortion, drowning, and the withholding of health care and nutrition [as] only a few consequences of the restrictive one-child policy. [109]

Here is another very alarming, horrific consequence caused by such misguided and inhumane state policy. In March 2003 in South China’s Guangxi province, to the shocking dread of the nation, 28 unwanted baby girls just 2 to 5 months old were discovered for sale, packed like sardines inside suitcases found on the back of a bus by police.[110] One infant had already suffocated to death and others were blue near death.

Rather than single out China’s babies on sale despite being the worst perpetrator, selling infants and small children is and has been Big Business the world over. Recall the underground international black market comprised of unscrupulous doctors, nurses, midwives, social workers, medical clinics and hospitals in the UK, Ireland, US (and around the globe), willfully deceiving hapless mothers and couples, telling them that their newborn babies had just died, only to sell their healthy infants to waiting adopted parents, often in the US.[111] From an August 2013 Telegraph exposé, a victimized Chinese mother whose doctor swindled her out of her precious baby, explained:

When she came to us, she said our baby was dying. I thought it looked healthy but I believed her because she was the doctor and we had a good relationship with her. She said normally they would throw the baby in a well, but in this case, she could arrange an old man to come and collect the baby and we just needed to pay her 50 yuan (£5).[112]

By its one-child edict, both local and national Chinese authorities are complicit in China’s disgraceful baby trade.[113] In the West this sinister, criminally cruel racket had its heyday from the late 1940s, 1950s into the early 1960s with preyed upon unwed mothers bearing illegitimate children. According to a 2014 Irish Times article, up to 15% of illegitimate Irish babies were deceitfully snatched and sold to both legal and illegal adoption agencies in America – with full State complicity.[114] In a related matter, recall that the current Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, the heavily compromised, accused pedophile John Roberts,[115] allegedly acquired his two children trafficked from Ireland to South America through an illicitly brokered Jeffrey Epstein deal.[116] Black market baby snatching is yet one more, still largely unknown international trafficking venue, diabolically commoditizing innocent, helpless newborns. Through criminal medical practitioners[117] or outright infant abduction in China,[118] this despicable trade in babies and young children often brazenly sold online,[119] has flourished, exposing the burgeoning black market operation where in some places baby boys sell for up to 100,000 rmb (£10,500, $16,000) while less wanted, disposable girls go for only half that price.

In fact, the all too common, preferred practice in China is acquiring an infant illegally online rather than through legitimate channels of an orphanage or adoption agency. Sadly, numerous orphanages and adoption agencies in China are also an integral part of this sordid black market. In 2005 six orphanages in Hunan province were busted selling 1,000 babies in a three-year period acquired from traffickers in Guangdong province.[120] A 2016 investigation by the state-run Beijing Times encountered classified ads like the one below on the popular social media platform WeChat, placed by parent networks and middlemen, including criminal trafficking gangs:

Baby girl, delivery expected at the end of October. The parents have decided to give up the child because of unexpected family events; we can provide legal documents. Don’t respond to this message if you are a human trafficker or if you cannot provide a child with kindness.[121]

The above reference to human trafficking indicates that a highly organized China network is embedded that regularly procures babies by internet orders. The “we can provide legal documents” is false advertising as it’s against the law for newborns to be sold through online transactions. Also, so-called prospective parents seeking to adopt a baby from internet services do not register their child with any authorities as the buying and selling of infants is a thriving underground business in China. As another reprehensible consequence of the Communist state’s restricted one-child policy, and a complicit, made for profit state mechanism, families attempting to abandon their children, discarding unwanted female babies or without the means or motive to care for them, will often choose to sell their infants and young children as commodities via the internet classifieds, rather than utilize the services of formal state-run orphanages.

A 2013 report from the online edition of the state-run People’s Daily revealed that unscrupulous greedy staff at some hospitals and orphanages prefer the illegal for-profit venue, selling unwanted babies without involving the bureaucratic red tape complications of birth certificates, police, state run adoption agencies or legitimately run orphanages.[122] China’s culturally inbred society has parents preferring to have a healthy boy who will have the means to look after them when old, and since China offers meager social welfare services for the elderly and orphanages generally have only either disabled children or the “wrong” gender available for adoption, pathetically in China, childless couples are almost forced to turn to online black market services to acquire healthy baby boys.

Because of the gender bias favoring males, the kidnapping victims in China are usually boys.[123] Be it babies or youth, male abductions most frequently are trafficked and sold to another family to be raised as their newest addition. Teenage boys are most often kidnapped, trafficked and sold as forced labor slaves in kilns and coalmines. Underage girls and young women are most often trafficked and sold as modern sex slaves or forced marriage sex slaves. The excruciating anguish and pain parents endure after losing their children is made worse by the fact that they will very likely never see their young stolen children ever again. Few children reunite and many abducted when young will not even remember their biological family, truly a tragic situation, all brought on by the CCP control freaks.

In 2012, CCTV reported that up to 90% of the children living in Chinese orphanages are disabled, another reason for the illicit trade of children.[124] Impoverished families in China that don’t place their cognitive-impaired children in state-run care facilities, sometimes are known to keep children shackled and chained in squalid conditions, feebly claiming it’s for their own safety. A headline from the Daily Mail tabloid a decade ago read:

Chained up with the Dog: The Chinese Boy Kept as Slave by Uncle[125]

Orphanages in China are inadequately funded by the government so that adopting children from orphanages that charge prospective parents exorbitant fees, drive many in China to the black market. One parent that adopted a child from an orphanage, after a year had to give up that child because the orphanage found overseas parents in France willing to pay a higher price.[126] Three Chinese families whose parents were unable to afford the stiff fine for having more than one child, had their daughters taken away and sold to prospective parents abroad. It’s gotten to the point where it’s cheaper to buy a boy illegally than to legally adopt a girl from an orphanage.

Having adopted three children from China with his Chinese American wife, American Brian Stuy as owner and founder of,[127] an online company that looks into adopted Chinese children’s past history, states:

I would say that fraud or trafficking is involved in more than three-quarters of all adoptions from China.[128]

Trafficked Chinese babies and children and the shoddy, corrupt Chinese “under the table” adoptions system is virtually a taboo topic both inside China and out in large part because it’s such a Big Business. China’s international adoption program running since 1992 caters 80% of its babies to American couples. But it too has dipped into the black market.

The local CCP family planning officials, hospitals and orphanages collude to make shady deals on the black market to generate additional greedy profit. This corrupt, highly unethical system is a broken mess and has created an inordinate demand that has driven child sex trafficking in China through the roof, not to mention an abduction and trafficking network moving thousands of victims in (children and women) from neighboring Asian countries. Between the cultural sexism embedded in Chinese society favoring males and the absurd and extreme draconian controls imposed by China’s authoritarian government that has enacted disastrous policies that it robustly enforces, the consequences of abandoning or killing baby girls has long been standard normalized practice, and corrupt, illegal black market sales of defenseless infants and children as bought and sold merchandise end up the horrific result.

Another national scandal erupted in April 2020, raising increased public debate and scrutiny involving China’s broken adoptions system. High-powered lawyer and oil executive Bao Yuming was exposed for having been sexually abusing his 14-year old adopted daughter, her pseudonym Li Xingxing, since 2016.[129] In the beginning over a period of sixth months, the slick pedophile had charmed and groomed both Xingxing and her mother into trusting him as an excellent adoptive father in an “informal,” illegal adoption arrangement. But not long after Xingxing was living with Bao, he began his sexual assaults on the naïve girl who had just turned 14. The predator attempted to normalize incest with videos and explained that it’s very common in many countries. Eventually Xingxing went online and a granny doctor dialogue window popped up on her screen that enabled her to ask questions about her “lower body pain” that led to her disclosure that she was being raped by Bao. She followed instructions and reported her case to police in 2019.[130] Once again the story raised the issue of China’s too low an age of consent and improving the safety and protection of minors from rampant sexual abuse.

For a closer examination of what it’s like to be kidnapped and trafficked in China as an underage bought and paid for sex slave, the story of 12-year old Yang Yun (alias name) was accosted in her rural village by a woman and an accomplice right outside her school in 2011. The woman angrily threatened the frightened child:

If you don’t come with me, I will beat you every time I see you. You will not have any more good days in your life.[131]

Physically coerced into a car in the outskirts of the northern China coastal city of Yingkou, Yang Yun and seven other young schoolgirls were corralled in a similar manner and taken to an apartment where they were stripped, beaten and locked away in a room. Over an 18-day period in September 2011, the girls were trafficked to a series of hotels and repeatedly raped by four men, one a retired local CCP official and other local village bureaucrats. Upon each traumatic encounter, men would pay the two kidnapping traffickers up to up to $270. The girls were beaten into submission, forced to watch each victim be sexually assaulted while awaiting their turn. The criminals involved were never charged with kidnapping, trafficking, or even raping underage child victims but simply “engaging in sex with underage prostitutes.” Shaming, blaming and criminalizing young helpless victims as “prostitutes” is a typical global response when these child sex trafficking operations rarely reach courts or media. This loophole purposely allows adult offenders to avoid the fact that sex is nonconsensual. The same sinister strategy historically deployed all over the world intimidates and stigmatizes innocent victims so much that they most frequently drop any legal case for prosecution. It’s a go-to weapon in the pedo-arsenal used to silence child rape victims and protect predatory adult rapists. If nothing else is learned from this comprehensive chronicling of child sexual abuse scandals around the globe, the one sobering bottom line fact is that the highest echelons of criminal power not just in China but every nation on earth are never brought to justice.

According to a February 2016 article in Foreign Policy:

In the end, six of the girls received $1,575 each, one girl got $3,042, and Yang Yun, who was reportedly raped at least three times, was compensated $4,563.[132]

But because the wording of China’s sex crime called them prostitutes, none of the girls wanted the case prosecuted and the village fuckers with a little cash in their pocket got away with repeatedly raping little girls. This scenario is just what the Beijing owned and operated state media control apparatus was willing to report. And that’s only because local bloggers drew initial attention to the public.[133] What the centralized regime has been unwilling to report is the sexual servicing of the degenerate higher-ups within the provincial and national governments. It’s deemed safe enough to release an occasional report about a rural village operation, but totally taboo to cover, much less uncover, the larger pedophilia network operating inside China.

The incidence of adults having sex with underage minors (meaning minors 13 or younger since China’s age of consent is only 14) has been steadily on the rise this last decade. More from the February 2016 Foreign Policy article:

There were 176 cases of underage sex crimes between the years 2000 and 2004 with 240 people sentenced, but in 2009 alone, authorities arrested 175 people in relation to underage sex crimes.[134] 

In an interview with Foreign Policy, veteran women’s rights activist Feng Yuan stated:

It’s an ugly problem fueled by the traditional belief that taking a girls’ virginity is like getting a trophy. Men are willing to pay large sums for the opportunity.[135]

China never even bothers keeping an official record of sex offenses against children. That in and of itself says volumes. One can only imagine if the reported numbers are this low in a country with a population of near a billion and a half, for every case that goes to trial, there has to be thousands upon thousands of child rapes that never go anywhere beyond the private ruins of countless victims’ lives over the years.

From 1995 to 2001 prosecution cases for prostitution rose by 23%. Meanwhile, from 2000 to 2006 men in China soliciting prostitutes decreased while from 2001 to 2015 the overall number of prostitution-related cases fell by two thirds.[136] As the Chinese sex trade has skyrocketed during the last couple decades, the number of arrests has declined. Even with an aggressive anti-prostitution campaign launched in 2010, cases have still steadily fallen. According to Pan Suiming, the honorary director of the Institute for Research on Sexuality and Gender at Beijing’s Renmin University, the reason is that after 2001 law enforcement was no longer able to take its cut from the penalty fines associated with prostitution crackdowns as all fines were transferred to the state. Thus, without financial incentive to keep the crackdowns going, police began significantly reducing arrests. Professor Suiming concedes that since the Communist government will not legalize prostitution any time soon, he hopes progress can be achieved if police and society continue to take a more sympathetic, less judgmental view towards sex workers.

According to Human Rights Watch’s 2013 article entitled “Abuses against Sex Workers in China”:

Women [speak] of arbitrary fines, of possession of condoms used as evidence against them, of being detained following sex with undercover police officers, and of having almost no hope of winning remedies for rights violations by clients, bosses, or state agents. Sex workers also face high risks of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.[137]

Health workers from local offices of China’s Center for Disease Control coerce and force HIV testing, break confidentiality and regularly engage in mistreatment of sex workers, all violations of the right to health as defined by both Chinese and international law. A policy of heavily publicized crackdowns by police promote abuse from both law enforcement as well as extortion from criminal protection rackets. Sex workers are forced to forego carrying and using condoms during the police raids and harassment.

Police and prosecutors in China automatically make the prejudicial, erroneous presumption that if the rapist wears a condom, by definition he cannot be a rapist, that sex had to be consensual. At least that was the legal fate of 28-year old teacher Zhou Qin in Guizhou province.[138] In China young female staff at various workplace settings are often assigned by their boss the role of hostess to socially entertain prospective clients, in this case a middle school principal at a banquet. Alcohol flows at these social functions. Banquet attendee, city rural land resources manager Wang Zhonggui, offered Zhou Qin a ride home on May 17, 2011. But instead he drove her straight to his office, locked the door behind him and proceeded to sexually assault her. The next morning when Zhou Qin reported that she was raped the prior evening, she was told by police:

This is all something you did to yourself, and you don’t want to make it public now. Think of your reputation. I will keep it secret for you.

How prevalent is rape and sexual abuse, especially amongst children in China? Again, in a chauvinistic culture where sex – regardless of circumstance, is a private, almost taboo matter, few if any statistics are maintained in such a closed society, led by CCP’s penchant for secrecy that makes it impossible to know the extent of sexual assaults, especially sexual abuse of minors in China. A now somewhat outdated study administered in 2003 by two Peking University health scientists joined by an Australian academic used a survey adapted from prior research in Australia to measure depression, self-esteem and risk behaviors in Chinese adolescents in four provinces in China. Out of a total student population of 3,261 11th and 12th grade students aged on average 17 from Hubei, Henan, Hebei, and Beijing provinces, 2,300 students completed the study’s anonymous survey.[139] Results showed that the frequency of any unwanted sexual experience prior to age 16 among females was 16.7% (1 in 6 girls) and 10.5% (1 in 10 boys). While only 1% reported unwanted sexual experience to include penetration (i.e., rape), 7% reported at least one physical contact abuse (8.9% female, 5% male). No surprise that those abused were more depressed and suicidal, drinking alcohol more often than those not reporting abuse and females reporting abuse were associated more with anorexic and bulimic behavior while abused males more toward anger and violence. Though these risk findings are comparable in results from studies involving minors from Western nations, this study found “substantially less penetrative and physical contact abuse in China.”[140]

Again with China’s age of consent only 14, it means that adult predators having sex with minors 14 to 17 years of age can avert prosecution through loopholes. Moreover, China again failed to protect underage boys between 14 and 18 under its arbitrarily enforced law in 1979 making both prostitution and soliciting prostitution illegal. Existing law lacked a consistent definition of sexual assault. The 2015 amendment outlawing solicitation of underage females fails to protect underage males between 14 and 18. The wording of the penal code revised in 1997 remains problematic:

Whoever whores with a girl under the age of 14 shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than five years and shall also be fined.[141]

This prejudiced view shames the underage victim while implying consent. Additionally, with a focus on solicitation, it diverts accountability for the actual crime of rape as offenders manipulate advantage seeking lighter sentences. From a September 2013 Epoch Times article:

The [1997] new law can be understood this way: If an official rapes a young girl of less than 14 years old, this is not considered to be the crime of rape. Instead, the crime is classified as that of visiting an underage prostitute. Such an evil law can only be found in China.[142]

Despite China’s Supreme Court in 2013 defining what constitutes sexual assault of a minor, it fails to address child sexual abuse in the form of distribution of obscene pornographic material and other non-physical offenses excluded from the umbrella of sexual assault. It also falls short, providing excusatory allowance for the offender not knowing the true age of the victim.

A 2015 amendment to China’s penal code removed the lesser offense soliciting an underage prostitute, leaving the crime of child rape the sole adjudicated issue carrying a stiffer prison sentence. The amendment also replaced the wording of an indecent assault victim from “woman” to “others,” thus including indecent assault against underage boys and girls 14 to 18. The change in penal code closed the offender’s loophole claiming unawareness the victim was under 14, calling it rape regardless. However, existing current law does not punish repeat offenders. Too many holes remain in the system, begging the need for an entire new law pertaining to sex with underage minors.

Rape cases are rarely prosecuted in China, favoring and protecting the child rapists over the child victims, especially if the rapists are local or national Communist Party officials, as is common for VIPs throughout the world.[143]

As far back as September 3, 2013, the Epoch Times running a provocative exposé article outing the fact that “Young Girls Become ‘Special Supply’ for China’s Powerful” led with:

Nowadays in mainland China, all food is poisonous, and all matters are polluted. Even rivers, wells, and ground water have all been polluted. In response to this situation, “public servants” of the People’s Republic of China, including central and local officials at all levels, have expanded their own special supply systems of food to protect themselves and their families. The special supplies refer to the specific farms, vegetable-growing centers, and food companies that specially provide vegetables, meats, eggs, and the like to the officials… After the CCP gained power in 1949, the system of special supply was nationalized. After Deng Xiaoping’s reform and opening up took hold around 1980, this system was also reformed and opened. That is, officials at all levels have used their power to infinitely expand and enjoy their special needs.[144]

The special needs of the powerful elite extend to at will raping and sodomizing little girls in China. In a 20-day period in May 2013, the media covered eight sex scandals involving school principals, teachers and government officials. Of course in every single case, Beijing’s China Central Television (CCTV) predictably denied that any of the locally reported child sex crimes were ever committed. Whereas the Chinese people believe this latest flurry of widespread incidents represent just the tip of the iceberg, China’s official media, police and government authorities accused the press reports with breaching the nation’s “harmonious society” and the “China dream.” Some of these demented child sex abusing perpetrators actually believe in a Chinese superstition that drawing blood from virgins’ busted, bleeding hymens actually attracts good fortune and opportunity for promotion.[145] Meanwhile, the year before in 2012, prominent members of the National People’s Congress from Yongkang in Zhejiang province were involved in raping a young girl. And two years earlier in both Guizhou and Zhejiang provinces, it was reported that VIP Communist Party officials and wealthy businessmen were again sexually abusing girls 13 and younger from the same apparent pedophilia ring. Impunity leads to repeat offending.

Turning now to China’s atrocious human rights record, under Chairman Jiang Zemin’s leadership (1989 to 2004) emerging right after the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre extinguishing China’s democratic movement, a decade later China launched its roundup and detention camp imprisonment of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners. The spiritual movement loosely based on Taoism and Buddhism was deemed a dangerous cult and fearing infiltration, from 1999 to the present, the Beijing government under Jiang Zemin and his successors have been subjecting practitioners to wholesale slaughter, with live organ extraction, and inhumane brainwashing through systematic torture, rape and murder.[146]

In January 2011 Zemin’s successor, Hu Jintao, met Obama at the White House. The cruel twisted irony was that Obama the 2009 Nobel peace prize winner had already proven himself a war criminal while China’s Nobel laureate writer and peace and human rights activist Liu Xiaobo was tragically wasting away in a Chinese prison since 2008 until his death in July 2017 at age 61.[147] By the time hypocrite Obama was exchanging banalities with Hu Jintao in January 2011, staying cowardly silent on China’s human rights violations,[148] China’s leading human rights attorney Geng He had already been “disappeared” after being tortured in custody for speaking out about the Falun Gong travesty still raging under both the Jintao and current Xi Jinping regime.[149] Since Premier Xi Jingping’s arrival as China’s emerging leader in 2012, human rights have deteriorated even worse. It’s been reported that just since the summer of 2015, over 300 human rights lawyers and activists have been detained, summoned by police or disappeared.[150]

When Obama, steeped $60,000 hot dogs deep in the Podesta-Clinton-Epstein-Maxwell-Haiti/Caribbean to Washington pedo-pizzagate trafficking pipeline, met with both Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin in June 2013, mum was the word yet again regarding their alleged human rights and trafficking violations. But Hillary’s State Department successor – John Kerry – had just downgraded Russia and China from Tier 2 to the lowly Tier 3 status on its annual Trafficking In Persons Report, accusing them both of making even less progress than the year before to eliminate the blight of human slavery in their countries.[151] The 2017 report on China cited lapses in state laws against human trafficking and ongoing state-sponsored forced labor despite Beijing’s formal announcements it had been halted.[152] Accompanying globalist Skull & Bones-man Kerry’s June 2013 announcement that China and Russia made the State Department’s Tier 3 shit list, the CIA front masquerading as the MSM rag The Atlantic[153] published an article sensationally entitled “A Fascinating Map of the Worst Countries for Modern Slavery,” with its gleefully added subtitle:

China, Russia, and Uzbekistan are among the countries that face sanctions for their lack of progress on human trafficking[154]

China is definitely a global hub for child sex trafficking, but bottom line, so is the United States, yet it’s always self-ranked as a Tier 1 nation. Again, it’s another case of “the pot calling the kettle black,” with China and Russia lumped in amongst the rest of America’s perennial enemies – Iran, North Korea, Cuba. Other Tier 3 nations for trafficking in humans from the latest 2020 report include Afghanistan, Algeria, Belarus, Burma, Burundi, Comoros, Eritrea, Lesotho, Nicaragua, Papua New Guinea, South Sudan, Syria, Turkmenistan and Venezuela, along with “special cases” Libya, Yemen and Somalia.[155] Though it may be true that these countries are not adequately dealing with their human trafficking problem, it must also be said that virtually this entire list consists of nations the US has either invaded militarily to rape and pillage into failed state oblivion, or are on US Empire’s shit list for resisting Pedo-Empire’s rape and pillage operation.

Again, the US State Department’s own horrendous track record has proven it’s guilty as a major pedo-network player, so its annual ritual of branding nations it doesn’t like or control with the “Tier 3 shame-and-blame” label as the world’s worst sex trafficking bottom feeders, must be taken with a grain of salt. But additionally, as the world’s sole superpower, the US also gets to throw its humongously saturated hubris weight around, unilaterally issuing economic sanctions against its favorite designated enemies Russia and China. It certainly is no accident that the nations least under US Pedo-Empire’s control are predominantly targeted as the world’s worst sex trafficking offenders. Russia’s foreign ministry human rights delegate nailed it when he responded that the annual report’s ratings are based strictly on how friendly or unfriendly various nations are with the US.[156] The Chinese counterpart, a foreign ministry spokeswoman stated:

We believe that the US side should take an objective and impartial view of China’s efforts and stop making unilateral or arbitrary judgements of China.[157]

Tons of evidence confirm that China is the abominator of human rights on a demonic scale with its standard policy of rounding up all dissidents and killing detainees at will regardless of public exposure or potential consequence… like well-known Chinese human rights advocates Geng He and Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo. The facts are in from eyewitness testimony, the CCP has been committing wholesale genocidal slaughter against a number of minority groups, especially persecuted religious practitioners Falun Gong and ethnic religious Uyghur Moslems in west China’s Xinjiang province. For decades Communist China has been undeterred in carrying out its murderous, brutal policy of exterminating millions of its own Chinese citizens and defying all condemnation from the rest of the world, demanding it cease and desist its barbarism. On top of false imprisonment and systematic torture of millions of victims, China’s flagrant policy extracting and harvesting their organs, an estimated 90,000 each year, is one more nail in its Luciferian coffin. Though China lied in 2014 assuring the world that it would stop its practice of stealing cut up hearts and lungs out of its prison population, in June 2019 China Tribunal chairman Sir Geoffrey Nice QC in London summed up the presented evidence:

The conclusion shows that very many people have died indescribably hideous deaths for no reason, that more may suffer in similar ways and that all of us live on a planet where extreme wickedness may be found in the power of those, for the time being, running a country with one of the oldest civilisations known to modern man. There is no evidence of the practice having been stopped and the tribunal is satisfied that it is continuing.[158]

In April 2021 China the world’s worst human rights violator was in the headlines yet again for its state sponsored forced organ harvesting. In 2020 the state-run media had reported the arrest of four doctors involved in the illegal extraction of a deceased woman’s liver and kidneys.[159] This widely publicized story focused on four apparently unethical, greedy physicians reportedly operating on their own was intended to show the 1.4 billion Chinese people that any nasty rumors about their government being the world’s chief organ snatcher (rivaling Israel) were categorically false. But a state-run hospital where one of the arrested doctors worked was already known for its state-sponsored organ procurement. The CCP was caught red-handed attempting to use its media to spin the false narrative that it is individual doctors in isolated cases that are guilty of organ extraction and it’s the Chinese authorities that are diligently working extra hard to stop these criminals in their tracks. Once again, another one of China’s deceptive propaganda ploys blew up in Beijing’s face.

In other topical news, June 4th, 2021 marked the 32nd anniversary of the Tiananmen Square bloodbath, where the People’s Liberation Army in cold blood killed hundreds, perhaps thousands of peaceful student protesters along with their burgeoning democratic movement gaining nationwide momentum back in 1989.[160] The oppressive Beijing government has made every effort to erase that unforgiveable debacle from history as a taboo to even mention in China.

A US News & World Report article documented Beijing’s revisionist take on the events 32 years ago:

China on Friday issued a rare acknowledgement of the landmark massacre at Tiananmen Square 32 years ago, saying it successfully ‘aborted’ an attempted revolution akin to uprisings in Eastern Europe and that it has been vindicated by its subsequent economic progress.[161]

Brazenly, proudly boasting in-our-face of their heinous crimes is all we need to know about the CCP controllers and their agenda for the world. Their Gestapo-like nightmare reality is a reminder that China’s surveillant police state is the model that the One World Government Satanists are hell bent on inflicting on the entire global population. Only in the once autonomous, independent mainland metropolitan oasis, the Far East’s historical financial hub of Hong Kong, has yearly commemoration of the tragic massacre 32 years ago been kept alive in China. It’s taboo everywhere else in China. But this year and last year the disgusting CCP regime has engaged in a persistent reactionary crackdown over the ongoing Hong Kong protests as an indicator that China’s centralized despotism lockdown is a permanent condition – everywhere.

When prominent activist barrister Chow Hang Tung, the vice chairwoman of the Hong Kong Alliance that every year organizes the vigil acknowledging the sacrifice of the Tiananmen freedom fighters, she was arrested this year along with a number of others.[162] China unleashed 7,000 police officers on the scene to enforce the ban on the anniversary protests for the second year in a row, again using the excuse of the fake Coronavirus and unlawful assembly that can result in a five year imprisonment, threatening to round up anyone in Hong Kong daring to pay tribute or public acknowledgement of events 32 years ago. Fortunately, defying the pigs’ orders, hundreds of brave peaceful demonstrators did show up with lit candles to walk the perimeter of the police cordoned off park.[163]

Even Hong Kong, the former British colony known for its high-end nightclubs where women from all over the world flock to search for their Pretty Woman sugar daddy, have lots of trafficked girls and women. Many are trafficked and controlled while working the clubs by their mamasan pimps and the mafia that runs them. Triad gangs, part of the Chinese transnational crime syndicate, entice girls from the Philippines, Thailand, China, Indonesia and poorer nations with high-paying Hong Kong jobs, then upon arrival on a travel visa are forced to become sex slaves.[164] Their operations are worldwide as Chinese triad gangs were reported to traffic children and women into both Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland[165] for commercial sex as well.[166]

The Hong Kong brothels and bars are meat factories where underage girls and young women service up to 30 men a night for HK $50 each, almost all going to the mamasan and pimping gangsters, forever in indentured debt to their crime boss owners.[167]  Even at the high-end nightclubs of Hong Kong, sex workers are legally paid as hostesses for lots more free-flowing cash from rich patrons, but they too are owned. The top clubs attract celebrities, politicians and CEOs that buy sex from call girls, many of whom are high-class sex slaves literally owned by the club syndicate. It’s extremely competitive and the trapped human commodities resign to being in it for the money until their club allows them to leave.

The atrocities being savagely executed against the Uyghur minority (until recent years Uyghurs were Xinjiang province’s ethnic majority[168]) have been under deathly attack, not unlike the Israeli apartheid government’s genocidal war against Palestinians, egregiously removing them by lethal force from their native homeland Palestine. From a June 2nd, 2021 Foreign Policy article:

The world may finally be waking up to the horrors of the genocide being committed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) against the Uyghur people in China. The parallels between the CCP’s treatment of the Uyghurs and the Nazi Party’s treatment of Jews and other minorities are undeniable [conveniently omitted is the closer parallel – today’s Israeli apartheid government’s mistreatment of Palestinians], from implementing mass sterilization of Uyghur women to interning Uyghurs in concentration camps and forcing them to perform slave labor in Chinese factories.[169]

Ample evidence has emerged of systematized sexual violence and rape against the Uyghur women and girls as well.[170] The Foreign Policy piece rightfully confronts China using its hosting of the 2022 Winter Olympics to opportunistically gloss over and cover up the Chinese Communist Party’s appalling state war annihilating human rights. Because of China’s elevated global prowess and pressure to silence critics with negative repercussions, its evil human rights violations against the Uyghurs has largely been muted. Just ask the cowardly NBA, or for that matter, the Olympic Committee and its Olympic sponsors Coca-Cola and Nike for their cowardly, acquiescent silence. To show that the China-controlled US Democratic Party,[171] led by treasonous Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi,[172] isn’t really controlled by China, she is now calling for a diplomatic boycott of next year’s Beijing Olympics.

China claims its 181 “reeducation centers” in Xinjiang holding two million Uyghurs and other minorities are to combat extremism (sound familiar?) and benignly provide vocational training for its citizens. Yet according to a report released in January 2019 by Agence France-Presse (AFP):

But earlier this year, one of the local government departments in charge of such facilities in Xinjiang’s Hotan prefecture made several purchases that had little to do with education: 2,768 police batons, 550 electric cattle prods, 1,367 pairs of handcuffs, and 2,792 cans of pepper spray… Thousands of guards equipped with tear gas, Tasers, stun guns and spiked clubs keep tight control over ‘students’ in facilities ringed with razor wire and infrared cameras, according to the documents.[173]

In concentration camps, China has been busily exterminating targeted minorities inside its borders. After Communism’s 125 million 20th century blood sacrifice via Red China and Soviet Union, the People’s Republic of China’s economic and military ascendancy today towards full global dominance and absolute crackdown on all dissidence and human rights under its massive surveillance state,[174] may mark the latest era of Communist reign of terror wielding planetwide power and influence today.[175] After all, China is the globalists’ quintessential model for New World Order’s pathway to One World Government and centralized, technocratic, ironclad control over an apocalyptically enslaved, culled down masses.[176] With China having already conquered Hollywood as the global propaganda mind control mill,[177] and vying next to control Silicon Valley’s Big Tech giants,[178] China’s cunning stealth making big strides advancing to overtake the US in the new space race,[179] as well as seizing critical geographical ports on every continent, forecasts strategic military dominance literally over the entire earth.[180] Meanwhile, the evidence is clearly in, it’s a done deal – the CCP takeover of the US Democratic Party and its pivotal role in stealing America’s 2020 presidential election through rampant voter fraud,[181] in order to install a thoroughly compromised, bribed, blackmailed and controlled, dementia-ridden puppet perv Sleepy Uncle Joe,[182] allows CCP’s flagrant draconian domination over today’s insane Luciferian Washington DC tyranny. Red China is now posing a grave threat to humanity’s freedom and liberty the world over.

China’s surging powerplay expansion onto the world stage with its Belt and Road Initiative,[183] timed in pre-planned collusion with the Satanic globalists’ “Great Reset,”[184] amidst 2021’s rollout of UN Agenda 2130,[185] is designed to facilitate increasing centralized totalitarian lockdown control over the entire planet like never before. With their orchestrated Wuhan, China outbreak in 2020 after Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci’s exposed viral gain-of-function investment,[186] the Coronavirus biowarfare vaccination scheme is currently executing human genocide on an unprecedented massive global scale.[187] With the JFK[188] and Princess Diana assassinations meticulously plotted and executed,[189] along with the unleashing of 9/11[190] and the Corona Scamdemic,[191] all are the alchemical makings of Planet Earth’s Satanic Ritual Blood Sacrifice.[192] But with the cat now out of the bag, the Divine Light of truth always conquers evil and darkness.

Next and final stop exposing the global Satanic Pedophilia Network is Brazil, where children have been commoditized for decades as exploited sex slaves.


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