Chapter 52: (Book 5: Chapter 13) Latin America: A World Trafficking Hub for Child Rape, Murder and Disappearing Girls and Women


Latin America: A World Trafficking Hub for Child Rape, Murder and Disappearing Girls and Women

Joachim Hagopian

This final geographical chapter of Book 5  –  with the final entry in the Pedophilia & Empire series the next chapter, Chapter 13 will focus and analyze the nations of Latin America, with a more in-depth examination of first Brazil as both its largest nation in size and population, and world’s 5th largest in geographical land mass and 6th largest in population. The analysis will be a macro-level probe into Latin America’s pedophilia, covering the socioeconomic factors that give rise to its significance and prevalence, including the exacerbating effects of the so-called Covid-19 Coronavirus.

Because Central America suffers most from political and economic instability that directly impact its growing migration population that in turn escalates vulnerability to child and human sex trafficking, due attention will focus on Central American nations with a closing of the chapter delving into this year’s growing crisis on the US-Mexican border. A large section on Brazil and its acute problem in the larger Amazon states, the decades long crisis with Brazil’s street children as a particular hotbed for commercial sexual exploitation of underage children and adolescents, the increasing problem of child sex tourism particularly associated with global sporting events like the World Cup and Olympics, and a statistical analysis of how pervasive child sexual abuse is in the largest Latin American nation. The focus on Brazil’s worst serial sex offender and once celebrity acclaimed spiritual healer John of God will close out the section on Brazil.

The second half of this chapter will be devoted to Mexico as Latin America’s second largest country and its importance and relationship with the United States and the international pedophilia network. The Latin American drug and human trafficking cartels and their significance in the rising levels of violence, especially towards girls and women, the magnitude of corruption, raging turf wars and their major impact on increasing sexual slavery, driven by the growing migration crisis and alarming kill rate of journalists and flagrant human rights violations. All of these disturbing trends and developments are addressed in covering the harrowing story of one courageous journalist’s journey and commitment to human rights activism and exposure of the out-of-control child sex trafficking network in Mexico and its international implications. With Latin America developing into a formidable influence in the world, this macro- and micro-overview of the blight of pedophilia and its highly organized network with international implications, necessitates a comprehensive and somewhat lengthy examination.

Only Russia with by far the biggest in size at over 17,000 square kilometers, then Canada, United States and China (ranging closely from under 10,000 square km to 9.6 thousand square km respectively) to Brazil’s over 8.5 square km, followed by the nation continent Australia at near 7.7 sq. km.[1] Brazil’s ecologically rich in biodiversity as well as natural resources and unique with Amazon the earth’s largest river drainage basin that also includes the largest rainforest (despite its 18% reduction through deforestation).[2] The largest countries in population are China, India (1.44, 1.38 billion respectively), a big drop to US at 331 million, Indonesia (273.5), Pakistan (221) with its higher birth rate recently overtaking Brazil’s 212.6 million residents.[3]

Latin America is comprised of Mexico, the only north American nation in the group, Central America consisting of six nations Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador, Costa Rica and Panama, South American countries Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. Caribbean nations like Cuba and Dominican Republic are also often included.

The largest barriers to a thriving economy and populace in Latin America (or anywhere) is the ever-widening disparate inequality between the wealthy elite and the vast number of people increasingly finding themselves in the grips of poverty,[4] further exacerbated by conflict and violence, includes huge populations of children living impoverished lives automatically rendering them highly susceptible to sexual exploitation. With nearly 4 out of 5 children in Central American countries like Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador living in abject poverty, and Peru near 2 out of 3 kids below poverty level  (near 63%), Paraguay at over half (54%), Dominican Republic (48%), Mexico (42%), and Ecuador (41%) nearing half, and over one-third in Colombia (36%) and Brazil (34%), we’re talking well over 150 million children in just these singled out Latin American nations alone suffering from severe daily impoverishment,[5] which in turn drives an unstable migrant population that make conditions ripe for evil, sick, immoral forces globally to take full advantage through a highly organized crime system engaging in child sexual exploitation and domestic and international child sex trafficking. This analysis isn’t even including historically struggling nations like Venezuela and Bolivia, which do not even release its figures, but if they are added, it’s over half the Latin American nations ranging from 1 in 3 to 4 of 5 children living under the poverty level. And not included here is the poorest of all nations in the Western Hemisphere – Haiti.[6] In Latin America, only Chile, Uruguay and Costa Rica have 1 in 5 or less kids in poverty.

With other Third World continents Asia struggling and Africa the poorest on earth,[7] the globalists’ engineered globalization over the last four decades has only produced more dire circumstances to increase inequality and the unfolding ballooning world crises.[8] Nations where inequality has grown since 1990 is home to 71% of the world population.[9] With the latest estimate that 9.2% of the total 7.8 billion world population is living in poverty,[10] amounting to 724.5 million humans (if the 9.2% rate holds, up from the last count of 689 million), and upwards of near a quarter destitute children from Latin America alone, “Earth, we have a problem.”

This malignancy growing like a cancer, epitomized by the disgraceful situation worsening by the day at the US southern border (taken up at the end of the chapter), is simply a biproduct of this reckless, planned destruction of the human species, magnified by the globalist manufactured Coronavirus bioweapon vaccine causing premeditated coldblooded murder that is global genocide.[11] Duing the first year of the Covid lockdowns, the rich got richer by 54%,[12] widening the disparity between the world’s wealthy and the poor, and as a result, we have global poverty now rising for the first time in 20 years,[13] bringing this nightmarish catastrophe to a head. The relative handful of globalists who create wars, economic depressions, the current plandemic bent on human genocide, are also responsible for scourging our planet with their Satanic Pedophilia Network. But in their frantic haste to bury the truth, they’ve overplayed their hand and pushed us too far, the year of the naked, ugly truth is upon us.[14]

Even the League of Nations, the United Nations failed precursor and the internationalists’ first attempt at One World Government, as far back as 1928 nearly a full century ago, conducted a three-year global study that concluded “Latin America is the traffic market of the world.”[15] Their earth controlling descendants have created the mess we’re now up against. With the preponderance of human trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation of primarily underage Latina girls and women, these same internationalists – the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs, Schiffs and Morgans as financial backers of Marxism,[16] the Bolshevik Revolution and Mao’s reign of terror,[17] weren’t very far off with their 1928 studied calculation. And their vision of a world totalitarian government rooted in Marxist ideology with the current globalist takedown of America now in process, evil earth controllers are currently closing in for the kill before they’re completely exposed and expunged.

Despite gains made in the first decade of the 21st century, Latin America still carries the dubious distinction of possessing the most unequal income distribution throughout the entire world.[18] Again, heavy representation from Latin American children living in poverty, comprised inordinately of indigenous peoples, afro-descendants and the female gender – all targeted groups most victimized by commercial sexual exploitation – socio-economic exclusion and poverty – the two greatest enablers behind rampant commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC).[19]

The covert criminal delivery component comprised of predatory players from organized crime – Latin American drug cartels and their child procuring trafficking criminal gangs, through bribery and blackmail work in conjunction with corrupt, compromised gatekeepers from local, state, national as well as international governmental organizations (primarily from the US), along with their partners-in-crime from the judiciary, law enforcement, child welfare, civil service, private defense and corporate contractors involving security, transportation, education, children’s charity NGOs along with complicit protection from corporate media, all interlock to exploit the growing pathological worldwide demand for adult sex with underage children. Every chapter in this series leads to this same empirical conclusion. Regardless of the corner of the globe, the same prototypical, morally corrosive infrastructure is present.

Central America possesses the planet’s highest rate of violence in the home where helpless women, girls and boys suffer all forms of abuse.[20] Femicide or feminicide is the murder of women and girls committed by current or past partners and boyfriends. The global capital for this horror again is Central America with Honduras  having 6.2 women murdered per 1000 followed by El Salvador with 3.3 by their intimate partner.[21] Battered additionally by devastating hurricanes in 2020,[22] these El Salvador and Honduras numbers were tallied in 2019, prior to both the devastating storm destruction and the globalists’ fake pandemic lockdowns that by design are placing another 150 million additional children under the poverty level by the end of this year,[23] opening up the Satanic elite’s access to even more sexually exploitable throwaway children. That’s why global sex trafficking is the fastest growing organized crime on earth,[24] perhaps the most profitable as well, overtaking the illegal drug trade, although the traffickers of both children and drugs now are most often one and the same via the Latin American drug cartels,[25] in cahoots with today’s complicit globalist-controlled puppets in Washington DC.[26] By the fall of 2020, requests for women’s services and protection support more than doubled in Central America and elsewhere.[27] Bottom line, the off-the-chart rate of domestic violence against women and children globally has skyrocketed everywhere this last year and a half during the Covid-19 lockdowns, which in turn have increased migration traffic, child sex trafficking and cartel coffers…[28] a win-win only for the cartels and pedo-elite cabal, again one and the same.

Once again, to summarize, with the social support and protective services for battered women and children collapsing across the globe during the scamdemic, and domestic violence and feminicide already out-of-control in these countries spiked by the lockdowns, add to this deadly mix the ever-present danger of powerful, ruthlessly violent drug cartels and criminal gangs as primary perpetrators of domestic and international sex and drug trafficking in Latin America into the US, and it’s a no-brainer why such an acute humanitarian crisis is once again raging by Luciferian design at the Mexican-US border with children and women seeking asylum in droves, spurred on by the Biden administration’s psychopathic criminality and brazen puppetry-in-action. The elite criminals behind these crimes against humanity must be prosecuted for all their horror and human suffering they’ve willfully caused.

In Central America, 80% of all trafficking victims are girls and women sexually exploited and abused for commercial purposes.[29] For the last couple decades, underage girls have particularly been targeted for victimization by the organized crime apparatus, drug cartels and criminal gangs, operating especially in Guatemala and its border with Chiapas, Mexico, concentrating on commercial exploitation of younger victims as prepubescent virgins bring in the top dollar.[30] They are abducted and procured not just from Guatemala but other Central American countries as well, primarily El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. The trafficking pattern further south in Costa Rica and Panama is slightly different. Trafficked-in girls and women from Eastern Europe and Colombia join the native sex workers in those countries that service a wealthier clientele amongst a growing population of US expatriates as well as local elites’ perversions.

The malicious, premeditated cabal crimes against humanity with their diabolical draconian agenda, engineering the preplanned fake virus to impose continual global house arrest and severe economic hardship on the entire world population has caused unprecedented levels of crises, far reaching and more devastating than the miniscule, artificially inflated .08% Covid-19 kill rate. The sheer devastation of rampantly rising alcohol and drug addiction, lethal overdoses, suicides, depression, domestic violence, child sexual abuse, mental illness,[31] and homicides have all soared in the US [and elsewhere], rising 28% during the first nine months of 2020 in the US alone,[32] undermining and tearing at every nation’s social fabric, rule of law and threatening impending total economic and societal collapse.[33] The Satanic controllers’ Gates-House of Windsor-Fauci concocted gain-of-function fake viral pandemic and nonstop lockdown control, followed by the Warpspeed bioweapon Big Pharma death jabs mercilessly assaulting humanity like never before, complete with their lethal cocktail mandated vaccine delivery system for their weaponized depopulation reset.

Prior to Covid mess, affluent foreign travelers have driven the booming international sex tourism industry for several decades now. A July 2010 BBC article declares Brazil “is overtaking Thailand” as the world’s biggest pedo-haven destination for sexual predators on holiday prowl.[34] After Thailand, Brazil is considered to possess “the worst child sex trafficking record” on the planet.[35] To make matters worse, male tourists in Brazil tend to be viewed by exploited victims as someone who can potentially offer marriage and opportunity to escape their poverty and poor country, a ticket to professional growth and financial security a la the “Pretty Woman” fantasia. Historically in Brazil there’s a marked colonial bias perceiving everything foreign as desirable and better, thus the prospect of being seen in the company of wealthy European and American outsiders enhances and elevates one’s social status rather than for what it is – the perverted “ugly American” and European predator in search of young carnal flesh.

The BBC sent one of its broadcast journalists to Brazil in July 2010 to expose the booming sex trade of underage prostitution. No sooner is the Briton parking his car in the hot afternoon sun in Recife, a petite little girl no older than 13 approaches provocatively in a skimpy bikini twirling in the latest dance move asking, “You want a program?” codeword for a twirl in bed by the rented hour in a local hotel room around the corner for less than $5 (£).[36] Despite the global recession hitting the rest of the world in 2010, the pristine sandy beaches and exotic allure of Brazil and this vibrant, thriving sex tourism boom defied all ephemeral economics of the day.

The night comes alive with girls as young as 11 strutting their stuff. The BBC journalist engages in conversation with a 13-year old who began selling her body at age 7, bragging that she usually services over 10 clients a night, paying for her and her mother’s crack cocaine habit, adding that she is worried about her 12-year old sister, last seen two days earlier with a foreigner. A couple streets away are the young boy transvestites selling their wares to satisfy the taste of the more kinky-minded. The BBC personnel encounter 12-year old and 14-year old cousins dressed “convincingly” in mini-skirts, blouses, stilettos and heavily applied makeup. The 14-year old explains:

We need to earn money to buy rice and staple foods for our families. Our parents don’t worry about us too much. We tell them when we are leaving and when we’re coming back. And then we give the money to them to buy food. They know how we get the money, we just don’t discuss it.[37]

Per BBC‘s 2010 sex tourism exposé, Brazilian authorities maintained an uneven, sporadic policy of placing underage sexually exploited children picked up during brothel raids around the country at the Centro de Recuperacao Rosa De Saron near Recife. Reportedly operating at full capacity in 2010, the state sponsored charity institution provided rehabilitation services for girls trapped in the cycle of poverty, drugs and forced prostitution. The facility director said that the average age of girls upon arrival was 10 to 12-years old, many with serious medical issues such as early stage cervical cancer. A 12-year old resident who spoke to BBC wanted to return home to live with her mother, but couldn’t because her pimp who’d forced her to work in the streets and brothels, threatened to kill her if she ever attempted to escape. In her words:

I had no choice but to do what he said. I felt I was losing my childhood, I was only nine years old. I was scared. Sometimes if I came back without money for him, he’d hit me.[38]

Though a decade ago UNICEF reported that 250,000 more children just like the commercially exploited, sexually abused children featured in the BBC article, up to 2 million is the figure quoted capturing the full gamut of sexually abused children under 18 in Latin America, estimated by various civil society child advocacy organizations. In 2014 it was reported that the National Forum for the Prevention of Child Labour estimated a half-million child sex workers in Brazil alone.[39]

Similar to Chinese and Asian cultures in general, patriarchal, sexist Latin American societies inherently contain a wide power differential that decisively favors males over females, pathologically twisted to normalize, reinforce and justify sexual abuse of girls and women. Indirectly, Latin cultures increase the vulnerability of children, rationally relegating girls and boys to being traded as family-owned goods. One study found near half of both Brazilian males (44%) and females (46%) believe that “men need sex more than women” and are simply primordially grabbing what “nature” entitled them through sexual violence.[40]

While on the one hand, Brazil and Latin America officially sign off on and support the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child, as noted already the commonly held perception of childhood often has parents expecting children to contribute to the family income through child labor, rendering them more vulnerable to Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE). According to ECPAT (End Child Prostitution and Trafficking) International’s June 2016 Regional Latin America Report, entitled “Global Study on Sexual Exploitation of Children in Travel and Tourism”:

When children are seen as ‘objects and goods’ of a sexual nature, they are not valued or recognized as holders with rights. Thus, adults who should [protect and] help prevent Sexual Exploitation of Children, especially in Travel and Tourism (SECTT) environments, instead become permissive bystanders, or even worse, facilitator-exploiters.[41]

Note this overly familiar pattern found in China, Latin America and wherever impoverished, desperate families are willing to sell off their offspring to opportunistic, predatory highest bidders. Through an intergenerational cycle of family poverty, frequently compounded by parental drug addiction, domestic violence and dysfunctional instability, commoditized children easily fall victim to Commercial Sexual Exploitation initiated by their own families, ultimately the traumatized children also descending into the ravages of self-medicated drug addiction.

On top of all this human depravation and suffering, extraordinarily high levels of police and state bribery and corruption also promote collusion with organized crime, widespread acceptance and tolerance of child sexual abuse on a massive scale, fueling the “look the other way” for profit policy that ultimately never fails to thoroughly protect predatory adult sex offenders, particularly those wielding wealth and power around the world. Other than Uruguay and Chile, Latin American nations rank perennially high on Transparency International’s annual CPI (Corruption Perceptions Index) list, with Venezuela, Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala deemed most corrupt in 2020.[42] While often in cahoots with the criminal trafficking network, law enforcement mistreats underage victims as criminals as it’s not uncommon for them to sexually abuse minors as well.[43]

By nefarious design, with the majority of the world’s population now using social media daily (3.96 million, or 51% of global population online for an average of near 2 and a half hours a day),[44] today’s internet-addicted, social media-addicted generations of both children and adults (estimated 210 million addicted worldwide), with the majority of UK teenagers now exposed to pornography via social media,[45] while the global mass media aggressively pushes sexualization and objectification of young girls more than ever,[46] cumulatively all these factors produce very serious, harmful effects on society in every region on earth now.

Combine all the above with Latin America’s cultural propensity to promote precocious machismo hypersexuality in males viewing the female gender as mere objects for sexual conquest and primal urge gratification,[47] acting as an added contributory ingredient, and together they become the driving force behind both the growing sexual violence against females,[48] as well as Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC), the booming global child sex trade and its flourishing worldwide trafficking network.[49] Again, from ECPAT International’s June 2016 Regional Latin America Report:

Mythical and magical properties are even attributed to young bodies, which are believed to rejuvenate and revitalise. There is a belief among men that having sex with a minor not only makes them feel younger, it also allows them to make the minor into a woman or a man. In relation to this, virginity is seen as a valuable asset that can give status to men. Hence, to have sex with a virgin or a young girl (teenager) is highly valued by the majority of men. This contributes to high tolerance towards CSEC, especially with teenagers who appear to be adults or not virgins anymore.[50]

For several decades, countries like Brazil, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Mexico have been used as well-established sex tourism playgrounds by traveling pedophiles from mostly North America and Europe, but also used by domestic and regional perverts too.[51] Mexico’s favorite touristy pedo-havens are Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez.

Brazil hosted the FIFA World Cup soccer championships first in 1950 but then again in 2014, followed just two years later with the Summer Olympics in 2016, and of course its yearly mega-event party-fest – the world-famous Rio de Janeiro Carnival every February. Like America’s Superbowl, an anticipated spike in child sex trafficking is commonly associated with these huge sporting mega-events.[52] The international showcase bonanzas attract millions of tourists and the Brazilian sex trade celebrates billions in revenue, again making Brazil the global pedo-sex tourism capital of the entire world. Driven by today’s supply and demand lust, perversion, poverty and greed, child sex abuse rules Latin America, drawing millions in tourism, not just to kingpin Brazil, but Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama along with Caribbean nations Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Barbados… millions of sexually exploited children used and abused as mere international currency for pathological, hedonistic deviance, spreading like a gluttonous cancer worldwide.

The fact that Latin America is a source, transiting and destination location for sex trafficking only means that the highly organized criminal network is encrusted domestically, regionally as well as internationally.[53] Additionally, the intra-porous borders between nations favor multi-trafficking of not just sex victims but guns and drugs as well. The global expansion and advancement in information and communications technologies (ICTs) have enabled criminal networks to operate more efficiently, less visible to detection and facilitated the worldwide medium by which child pornography has proliferated.

Though national child sex crime records south of the border are extremely sketchy across the board, by both calculated and inefficient design, as noted earlier estimates from those in the know suspect that up to 2 million children between the ages of 11 and 17 are sexually exploited each year in Latin America.[54] And because sex tourism generates such enormous revenue for the local, state and national economies, the political and legal will to investigate and aggressively prosecute criminals is sorely lacking, especially when the criminals are running the country.

Once in a while The New York Times will run a story and actually get it right. Though it will never reveal the elephant in the global room – the Satanic Pedophilia Network – an NYT exposé from October 2020 entitled “No One Is Stopping the Child Sex Abusers,” does delve into Brazil’s horrific, deeply embedded pedophilia scourge not even hiding in plain sight. The piece begins:

Three factors to this crisis of child sex abuse: Impunity, poverty and a deeply rooted culture of male domination.[55]

In the rural Amazon region of Pará State, three times the size of California with an indigenous majority population of only 8.6 million residents, the practice of incest and pedophilia are deeply engrained in the culture dating back to European accounts from the 18th and 19th centuries. The expert on the Amazon’s 19th century history of slavery and child trafficking, Professor Ygor Olinto of the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of the State of Amazon, alludes:

This problem reveals the persistence of a patriarchal society and the inheritance of slavery, in the sense that the child’s body is devoid of rights.[56]

Henriqueta Cavalcante, a nun and anti-child abuse advocate in Pará State, maintains that she constantly brings abuse cases to the attention of police, judges and prosecutors, and has received death threats for blasting against powerful politicians known to sexually assaulted children.[57] Despite prostitution being legal in Brazil, adults having sex with children under age 14 in Brazil is against the law, yet crimes regularly go unpunished or die stonewalled in the courts. And again, victims 14 to 17 reporting they’ve been raped are rarely taken seriously because of the gender prejudice and being of age to “consent.” Social workers and orphanage directors have anonymously disclosed that the legal authorities fail to prosecute out of neglect, corruption or indifference stemming from the machismo culture. Meanwhile, detectives and Public Ministry reps claim that understaffing and a high volume of murder investigations necessarily take priority over child abuse probes. This dysfunctional system readily points fingers at this or that reason that justice is rarely if ever served. Again, the bottom line is lack of political and moral will.

In the heart of the Amazon, the cultural business center of northern Brazil is Manaus, at over 2 million people, it’s Brazil’s seventh largest city and capital of the Amazonas state, whose land mass is larger than the nations of Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile combined. But like Pará State, it too has a dark side. Manaus has one of the highest rates of sexual violence, with a rate of 58.9 out of a 100,000 people suffering abuse. As the city point of arrival in the center of the Amazon River basin, Manaus is a key transiting stop along the human trafficking route. The overt commercial sexual exploitation of underage trafficked girls is evident in the influx of adult bars and clubs.

Brazil’s Amazonia Legal, comprised of nine states containing the planet’s largest tropical rainforest, has registered the nation’s highest population growth of internal migration through surging urbanization. The country’s still untamed, yet shrinking rainforest in the Amazon basin has given way in recent years to heavily deforested urban sprawl.[58] With the population growth in the Amazon doubling the rest of Brazil during the first decade of the 20th century, a fast-expanding sex slave trade has run a parallel course. Built on the familiar broken promises to naïve adolescent girls mostly from rural areas, often escaping abuse from disintegrated families, they can easily be enticed by the false prospect of an exciting, well-paying job.

The criminal con job initially traps victims into an adventurous journey up the big river to sometimes remote settlements where mining camps filled with lusty, horny men slobber over the fresh new meat arriving fresh off the boat.[59] Gas and oil development, mining and lumber camps have also created a growing market and demand for trafficked in underage girls. A whole town ritual is made of deflowering prized virgins, complete with the highest bidder, most often a member of a wealthy landowner family, claiming his prize the following day after auction. Once forced into prostitution, the common story of chasing indentured debts that can never be paid off goes into effect with the meter constantly running to hook and enslave trapped young victims into lengthy bondage, often with coercion and violent torture. Should the girls fall ill to disease like malaria and can’t work, up their debt goes. Drug addiction is used as baited leverage to earn their fix in a vicious cycle of rapidly foreclosed options that never were. Escape attempts from this prosperous pedo-slave trade are met with brutal beatings. Once a girl’s broken spirit and will sets in, often the Stockholm syndrome takes over, as a means of surviving the trauma, victims begin identifying with their captors in robotic submission. Without support, beaten down teenage girls frequently die young, overdose or suicide in this cruel, hellish environment. Disappearing girls and murder are common too.

An illustration of all of the above is the small wealthy, oil-rich city of Coari, with 77,000 residents located 280 miles west of Manaus. This municipality is infamous for its VIP pedophile ring led by longtime Mayor Adail Pinheiro that shocked the nation when it was exposed in 2014.[60] A police taped phone conversation between procuring civil servant lackey Adriano Salan, the city’s Minister of Administration, and Mayor Pinheiro went public:

Salan: She’s a little baby, chief, now I’m looking at her properly, what a baby! Beautiful smile, white, white skin, long hair… makes your mouth water.

 Pinheiro: My God, bring her here to me to see right now![61]

The pedophile ring members infiltrated all the prominent positions on the mayoral staff, city council, judiciary, military police and school system in another classic case of elite pillars of the community not even hiding their crimes as evil child raping predators. Only after the disgusting taped conversation was released did victims and witnesses begin coming forth to divulge the scale of the criminal enterprise. On order of Pinheiro the town kingpin, municipal funds were diverted to pay for sex with girls 9 to 15 years old. The oil and gas giant British Petroleum used to partially finance the pedo-network as a partner owning near half of the local oil company along with Brazil’s state-owned Petrobras. Coari’s royalties from gas and oil reserves is £82 million yearly. With that kind of cashflow at his disposal, and £13 million missing from the public coffers, Pinheiro has been free to buy off everyone and everything he desires.

In 2008 Pinheiro was arrested but resumed his job as mayor once his case case was dropped after only 63 days in jail. Incredibly, the monster got out and was still mayor of Coari, serving his third term until January 2014. For many decades he and his powerful VIP child raping network was allowed to operate openly with total impunity, due to crooked judicial and law enforcement gatekeepers. Kingpin Pinheiro would actually employ his staff to wait outside schools and churches taking photos of young girls so he could handpick his next victims. The devil would then deploy his team to offer expensive bribes including cash, mobile phones, computers, jobs, even houses and land to parents to buy sex with their young daughters. The pig prided himself violating a girl usually only once before turning his attention to his next victim, of course favoring the youngest virgins the most, paying as much as £1000 a shot. A 13-year old girl that was promised by a staff member as a New Year’s Eve gift, ran away to avoid losing her virginity but was beaten up by her mother who sold her off. Another 13-year old forced to have sex was then pressured to recruit other victims for the dick, promising her £500 for each virgin she delivered. Yet another victim raped 20 years earlier reported:

I was just nine. My mother worked as a cook in a boat. I stayed there, playing, while my mother was working. He raped me there right inside the boat. I was terrified, ashamed, I never managed to get that out of me. Today, he wants my daughter. She’s eleven years old, so he is destroying my whole life, because it happened with me, with my own blood and now he wants my daughter too. He is a monster. He thinks he’s all powerful, he persecutes, he oppresses, he forces people to do what he wants, and if you don’t you have nowhere to go, you die of hunger, you have to leave town.[62]

Despite the 2008 arrest and virtually the entire municipality knowing about the malicious criminal network, only after a Brazilian TV program began probing was the taped conversation held by police leaked in January 2014. And only after the national public uproar were authorities forced to finally arrest Pinheiro and 5 other ringleaders from his crime cartel, and transferred to a prison in Manaus. Even with the leadership heads incarcerated, more city evildoers remained in control of the municipal council, the pedophilia network and city of Coari. A resident’s report in November 2014 to the Daily Mail only reveals that the terror in this city from Hell only grew worse:

Things are much worse in Coari. We are being terrorised every day by Adail’s men. People are being threatened and even killed. Our daughters are even more vulnerable than they were before.[63] 

Pinheiro apparently was still calling the shots from his Manaus prison cell, still threatening, killing and buying silence so his case would not be able to go forward. Two of the five arrested with the mayor have quietly been released and living in Coari again, while the other three were transferred to an open, less restrictive jail back in their hometown Coari. Free to leave during the day (just like protected Epstein), these lowlife predators have even been seen frequenting the local bars and nightclubs. Pinheiro himself has been moved to a more comfortable setting in a cell in the Manaus army barracks where he got to watch the 2014 World Cup on television. Brazil is so corrupt that the child rapist honcho is allowed to retain his position as the official mayor of Coari, still appearing on the municipality council’s website. Less than a year in custody and people believed that Pinheiro would soon be a free man to resume his reign of terror raping children in his own pedo-kingdom. Evil appears to have won out, with the pedophilia network threats, murders and bribes getting to the terrorized victims and their families, fearing for their lives, coerced into withdrawing their testimonial statements against their perpetrators.

Justifiably afraid of retaliation and death threats from Pinheiro’s criminal network, those aware of his demonic racket have been forced to cower to his demands. From ECPAT’s 2015 “Global Study on Sexual Exploitation of Children in Travel and Tourism” in Brazil:

One teenage girl was found dead in a motel room in the capital three days after she informed police about the sexual exploitation scheme that involved the Mayor.[64]

It’s been also learned that over the decades an unbelievable 70 investigations were begun on this Coari criminal operation, but all were abruptly halted by police chiefs and federal judges as part of a self-protecting high-powered pedo-network, likely as a strategic defensive move to shield Brazil’s larger national pedophilia network from public exposure. More strategy of insulation and impunity – in response to a parliamentary commission arriving on the scene to interview witnesses in a state inquiry, Pineiro the kingpin decided to declare a holiday for the Coari civil servants and schools, so they could vehemently protest against the “intruders” for trying to rain on their evilly spun parade. The arriving parliamentary members were insulted and shouted down by the angry mob loyally standing up for their rapist mayor and his pedo-court’s impunity.[65] The inquiry lawyer even received death threats. The horror of criminal abuse inflicted on the victims in this one city is analogous to the crimes committed against humanity by the earth’s elite that all through the ages oversee the injustice, the wars, the suffering, never paying for their unspeakable sins in this physical dimension. Karma catches up after death for these subhuman creatures.

There’s a town of hell like Coari, a pedo-kingpin Pinheiro and protected pedo-crime network operating in every state, province, nation in the world. After all, psychopathic pedophiles are entrenched in every level of government, they rule with the power to kill, harass and silence anyone brave enough to challenge their criminality. The worldwide Satanic Pedophilia Network continues to remain untouchable, the child fuckers getting away with murder of countless innocent bodies and souls. The corruption, bribery and sexual blackmail are the weapons used to kill the truth and justice in every nation. The criminal system everywhere is so heavily stacked against the victims, witnesses, victim advocates, journalists and victims’ attorneys committed to the truth. Those willing to put their lives on the line so often pay the ultimate price and sacrifice with their lives. Brave heroic souls committed to holding the evil ones accountable fight a corrupt criminal system in every country, wrought with subversion and perversion of justice, and few ever triumph.

An international sex tourism scandal emerged in Brazil’s Amazon basin in 2010 when an American secret society known as the Royal Order of Jesters, an offshoot of the Masonic Shriners, was busted for its members taking fishing trips with trafficked pubescent local indigenous girls onboard, some as young as 13 (See Book 4, Chapter 3). They’d been hired as houseboat cleaners but as soon as they boarded, they were forced into having sex with dirty old men. Whitehaired Jesters who were doctors, police captains and lawyers back in the States paid big bucks to regularly attend exotic excursions down to the Amazonian tropics, but the catch wasn’t the prized peacock bass gamefish but underage girls to snort cocaine with and sexually abuse.[66] Eventually their kiddie parties in the US came under legal scrutiny as well as their nonprofit tax exemption that paid for their sex tourism crimes.

Yet another high-profile case of gross injustice in Brazil was the political coup executed to overthrow the country’s only female president, Delma Rousseff from the Workers’ Party, removed from office after 6 years in 2016, despite never losing an election. But her commitment to exposing the rampant government corruption and bribery scandal wound up doing her in, along with the country’s economic recession at the time, setting into motion the corrupt senate voting to oust her 61 to 20 as the establishment’s most effective means of damage control.[67] Rousseff’s vice president, Michel Temer, himself under criminal investigation, turned turncoat and led the senate coup. After criticism for selecting all-male, white cabinet members, Temer’s two-and-a-half-year administration as acting president filling Delma’s term was embattled amidst growing unpopularity. Ultimately, he was so tainted that he chose not to run in 2018. Instead, today’s President Jair Bolsonaro was elected.

The current leader returned Brazil to the old chauvinistic politics game as a misogynistic, sexist bigmouth describing the conception of his daughter as a “moment of weakness” and as a lawmaker during a heated argument with a peer, told her that she did not deserve to even be raped by him.[68] This kind of sick, very revealing commentary coming from the nation’s leader empowers likeminded criminals to follow suit and act out. And act out they did, the same year Jair was elected in 2018, Brazil racked up the most rapes in a decade at over 66,000. Similar to Australia’s accused rapist Attorney-General Christian Porter, President Bolsonaro becomes a major part of the problem when the leader of the continent’s largest nation of 214 million people, with one of the world’s highest femicide rates,[69] also is a macho dick. It produces horrendous statistics like this – every hour another four Brazilian girls under the age of 13 get raped and over half the 66,041 rape victims in 2018 were under 13.[70] Mull over those staggering statistics, Mr. Bolsonaro, who’s been widely criticized for coldheartedly underfunding and shutting down desperately needed support programs and services for child sex abuse victims… another national leader who demonstrates repeatedly by his own flagrant, reprehensible behavior that he’s far more interested in protecting the pedophile rapists than the well-being of his own Brazilian children.[71]

Additionally, Brazil joins a notorious list of countries with the low age of consent being only 14, virtually all embattled in a severe pedophilia epidemic – aside from Brazil, other South American nations Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, Ecuador and Columbia along with previously covered in Pedophilia & Empire China, Italy, Germany, Hungary (in Eastern Europe chapter), Myanmar (in last chapter on China), Portugal,[72] and France under so much pressure finally raised its consent to 15 in mid-April 2021.[73]

Like every other nation, Brazil’s prominent pedophiles are granted carte blanche impunity because so many of most powerful figures in the nation are members of the same VIP pedo-club of child rapists and enablers. Meanwhile, in 2019 it was determined that 14% more violations of children’s rights were registered at the Human Rights Hotline than in 2018.[74] 11% of that record number of calls to the child abuse hotline in 2019 were reporting cases of sexual abuse, amounting to 17,000 in Brazil. We know that in 2020 and 2021 the pandemic numbers have to be off the charts.

The city of Fortaleza, the capital of the state of Ceará, home to 3.6 million people, during the years leading up to hosting the 2014 World Cup launched a series of pedo-crackdowns. With a stretch of over 20 miles of fine sandy beaches, Fortaleza has always been the northeast Brazil’s major tourist center. In the 1990s it already had developed a sizeable and open sex tourism trade, and from 2005 to 2010 produced the most reports of child sexual exploitation cases in Brazil.[75] For that reason, during the months prior to the 2014 World Cup, weekly raids of a dozen armored police vehicles, manned with officers carrying AK-47s, conducted sweeps of the city’s red-light district, arresting underage sex workers as well as adult offenders in the streets and brothels. From the October 2010 BBC article, Fortaleza’s secretary of state for child prostitution, Elene Marques, who oversaw the law enforcement operation, proudly reported:

We have shut down many establishments in Fortaleza. Entire streets are now cleared of prostitution. My aim is to intensify these raids in time for the World Cup, targeting the very tourism that encourages child prostitution.[76]

Other Brazilian states were reportedly watching closely and, if proven successful, pledged to follow suit. But for all the moral high ground bravado, the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics came and went, and as noted shortly, the child sex tourism was overtly, flagrantly visible in the streets and commercial sexual exploitation of the next generation of Brazilian youth parading the streets remains ever-prevalent. In the end, the big money, rampant corruption, deep poverty, forever impunity and old sick ways won out. And the multitudes of child victims also come and go, generation after generation.

Brazil’s child abuse epidemic was covered internationally during the months ahead of the country hosting the 2014 World Cup. Dubbed the “highway to hell” and “highway of death,” Federal Highway BR-116 is the main industrial artery heading south from Fortaleza all the way to the Uruguay border, passing through Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and scores of poverty-stricken villages and towns in between.[77] UNICEF has described BR-116 as the world’s most notoriously active highway for concentrated sexual exploitation of children. Young girls are regularly abducted, trafficked to brothels and forced into sexual slavery, enduring beatings and sexual assaults by countless men daily. Meanwhile, police, the business community and high-ranking officials including deputy governors in states across Brazil ignore, deny or secretly support the heinous criminal activity along this notorious deadly corridor. Like the pedo-city Coari, it’s a case where prominent VIPs are in covert partnership with organized crime, sex traffickers and procuring gangs supplying children to the regions’ pedophile rings. The girls are often sold by their parents for money and drugs into the pipeline highway to hell. Victims as young as 12 and 13 were reportedly dying from AIDS and drug overdoses. The more attractive girls at 13, 15 or 16 are seasonably scooped up from their dirt-poor towns and villages by the crime network and trafficked to the cities, often never to be seen again.

During the June 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics, the criminal network forced thousands of girls and boys into the streets, selling their bodies for as low as £1.30 while sniffing industrial glue to stave off hunger.[78] At the World Cup, underage sex workers were fearing for their lives when a month earlier a man refusing to pay for sex murdered a 14-year old girl and dumped her body on the street. The police simply look the other way in this nation that, according to the Mirror, is the seventh wealthiest economy in the world. Mark Williams-Thomas, veteran former London police investigator who helped first expose the Jimmy Savile scandal in the bombshell documentary (See Book 2, Chapter 4), visited Brazil during the World Cup to see for himself the crisis unfolding of throngs of children forced into prostitution on the public city streets. He wrote a scathing article in the Mirror explaining how shocked he was at the openness of the outrageously dire conditions the street kids so matter-of-factly have to endure without protection.

Mark Williams-Thomas spoke to a city police chief, who pretended law enforcement takes Brazil’s pedo-problem very seriously, yet Mark repeatedly observed police officers passively doing absolutely nothing while witnessing blatant criminal activity-in-the-making with the pedophiles hooking up with underage victims everywhere on the streets. Mark said setting up a few closed-circuit cameras would be all the police would need to begin actually cleaning up the in-your-face, state-sponsored mass predation allowed to go on indefinitely in all of Brazil’s cities, in this case Recife, the fifth largest municipality. It’s just more evidence that the government at all levels is in bed with the embedded criminal pedophilia network, the same old tragic story being played out in plain sight virtually everywhere on earth.

The billions of us who take for granted having a roof over our head, a safe place to sleep at night and food to eat each day, none of us know the struggle for daily survival like the street children of Brazil, or for that matter, Haiti, Myanmar, Somalia and on and on of the invisible, forgotten kids living in every single country on earth. As a human species, we have horrifically let our children down in the worst ways possible. We owe it to them to do a better job taking care of them, all of them, providing the necessary nurturing support, caring love and compassion every young child needs to be healthy. One Brazilian street child explains his and others’ lot in life:

We sniff glue because we need to. We steal – watches, necklaces. We don’t have anywhere to eat, we don’t have anywhere to sleep, we don’t have anywhere to stay – that’s why we steal. I steal, I walk around, I sniff glue, and then I can’t do anything. I haven’t got a Dad – he died seven years ago. I have eight brothers and sisters and I can’t really stay at home, so I live on the street. That’s how I lead my life.[79]

From an outdated statistic of 7 million strong in 2007, no doubt Brazil’s homeless children epidemic numbers far worse now as the huge surplus of street children has persisted for many decades. So how do the authorities handle this mounting headache? Based on an Associated Press report over 30 years ago, the police have long made a practice of conducting ongoing periodical purges, in effect, state sponsored mass murder of children by death squads.[80] Deemed too much of a public nuisance for their pickpocketing and petty theft crimes struggling to just stay alive, hundreds of kids are put to death every year, not unlike the dogcatcher rounding up unwanted mutts for euthanasia at the dog pound, or for that matter, today’s killer vaccines to cull the human herd of unwanted useless eaters.

An 18-year old boy described his near-death experience at the sadistic hands of police death squads:

They caught me, took me to the forest, tore off my clothing, left me in my underwear. They pointed a revolver at my forehead, in my mouth, in every hole they could find, and threatened to shoot.[81]

When not exterminating children, Brazilian police are routinely torturing them for information on crime gangs or extorting money as the price of leaving them alone, until the next purge. Conscious of its image displayed before the world in the face of recent mega-events in Brazil, evidence emerged that the police death squads were at it again, actively working overtime to kill a bunch of kids in time to “clean up the streets” for the World Cup and Olympics.[82] A UNICEF report found that 28 young people 18 and younger each and every day in Brazil are killed, twice as many as in 1990 when a law was passed to supposedly protect them. Disgraceful that life comes so egregiously cheap for so many hapless Brazilian youth whose only crime is being born in the ninth richest nation on earth according to a 2020 tabulation.[83] Caius Brandao, the International Child Resource Institute (ICRI) project coordinator in Brazil over a quarter century ago, wrote:

Brazil has highly progressive children’s rights legislation, the world’s largest and strongest movement for the rights of street children and was one of the first countries to sign and ratify the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child. Why, then, does the ever-growing number of murdered children and adolescents seem to have no end? Why, indeed, are more and more Brazilian children dying while society already has at hand powerful tools for the protection of their rights?[84]

When what may eloquently and righteously be expressed on paper to guarantee and protect the rights of children is never implemented in practice, it becomes testimonial evidence against an evil, corrupt power structure that is hypocritical and cruelly deceitful. In a moneymaking, demonically-driven operation, Brazil’s elite, consisting of wealthy merchants and landowners, actually hire at lavishly high wages, moonlighting police officers and military police as their private security force to systematically, cold-bloodedly gun down and massacre the unwanted street children of Brazil, fully protected from prosecution by their wealth and power.[85] This Brazilian application of Luciferian misuse of power graphically illustrates the entire macrocosm of the less-than-human controllers’ ungodly sins against children and humanity.

Under public pressure, occasionally a police investigation nets results leading to prosecution. In October 2017 the biggest pedophilia bust in Latin American history hit international headlines with the arrest of 108 suspects in Brazil’s federal capital Brasilia and 28 states.[86] Exchanging child pornographic material online through the heavily encrypted dark web on computers and cellphones was the common crime. The arrests of retired police officers, civil servants and football youth club directors culminated a six-month joint probe with US and European immigration officials. After seizing hard drives, computers and mobile phones, the internet pedophile ring was also charged with the production of disturbing child sex abuse images and videos of babies and very young children for commercial distribution.

The ongoing police operation called Light in Childhood battling against internet child pornography was rolled out in four phases, the first in October 2017 with those 108 suspects arrested, the second phase of the operation resulted in the arrest of 251 more suspects in May 2018, the third phase in November 2018 arrested 60 and the fourth phase in March 2019 involved over 1500 police officers across 26 states armed with 266 search and seizure warrants in 133 cities.[87] Though Brazil’s law enforcement appears to have made busting online child pornography rings a high priority, but when it comes to dismantling Brazil’s colossal child sex trafficking network, the nation has little to nothing to show by way of major arrests of elite pedophiles, as is the case in every nation that never fully brings to justice those that run the country atop the pedophilia network.

From Brazil’s Ministry of Health comes the following sobering, disturbing statistics released in 2014. Sexual violence is the second most common form of violence against children up to 9-years old, physical violence the most frequent. From among newborns to children up to 10-years old, an average of at least 14,000 cases of domestic, sexual and physical abuse were estimated each year, with two-thirds of the violence taking place in the home.[88] According to Ministry of Social Development in 2006, another even more alarming study involving 314 out of Brazil’s total of 5,564 municipalities (5.6%) during second semester of 2005 alone, revealed that among children receiving services from Social Welfare Centers, 13,240 were for sexual abuse and 2,887 for sexual exploitation.[89]

That statistic seemingly supersedes the first one, essentially asserting that among just 5.6% of Brazil’s municipalities, 16,127 kids were receiving support services in 2006 for sexual abuse/sexual exploitation, which obviously raises the question about the purported 14,000 a year abuse cases throughout the whole country 8 years later. What we do know is the pedo-epidemic over time in Brazil is only growing worse. This apparent discrepancy underscores the widely inconsistent methodology used for recordkeeping by just these two ministries alone, much less across the many various agencies, organizations and multi-leveled jurisdictional domains. The need for uniformity and standardization in data collection becomes essential to know the extent of the problem. But it’s overly clear that protecting children in Brazil has never been a priority at all, at least not for those in power. Many committed advocacy organizations work very hard for positive change, but it’s an uphill struggle the whole way. The pedo-crime cabal rules supreme as the scourge only continues to thrive to this day. Bottom line, the steady supply of throwaway kids is too much the moneymaker for any real substantive change, and old, deeply-rooted bad habits like raping kids as commodities are near impossible to break.

To determine how to solve the monumental task of measuring and learning how deep and wide the problem of child abuse and child democide in Brazil and Latin America actually are, in the face of next to zero accurate recordkeeping, a study published in May 2009 was the first of its kind, attempting to examine the lifetime prevalence of child sexual abuse within a Brazilian population-based sample.[90] A cross-sectional survey was administered between 2002 to 2004 to random household unit members aged 14 and older, residing within 41 census tracts out of a total of 391 census tracts in a southern Brazilian city containing a population of 306,000 residents. 50 2-person interviewing teams were dispatched to the 41 census tracts to randomly selected households, ostensibly to measure the prevalence of hearing impairment within the municipality, with the sex abuse questionnaire nested within the larger survey. The study’s final sample of participants included 1,954 interviewees from 1,040 households with the section of sexual abuse-structured questions anonymous, self-administered, and confidential. Though the nature of sexual abuse can manifest as non-physical contact, the sexual abuse in this particular study was strictly defined as non-consensual, oral-genital, genital-genital, genital-rectal, hand-genital, hand-rectal, or hand-breast direct contact or intercourse.

This Brazilian study’s results showed that 1.7% of the females were abused for the first time prior to turning 12-years old at 3 times the rate compared to 0.5% among the males, with 1.5% of the females at 5 times the rate compared to 0.3% of the males sexually abused for the first time between the ages of 12 and 18.[91] Girls accounted for 80% of the population of self-identified abuse victims prior to age 12, and 84.1% of those abused after 12, compared to the much lower percentage of males. Of the abuse victims, 1 in 3 of the females reported abuse at age 7 or younger, whereas over half of the abused males at 53% reported their sexual abuse first occurred at 7 years or younger. So, amongst this sample, on average little boys were sexually abused at a younger age than the girls. As is consistent with all child sexual abuse research, victims are highly correlated with co-occurring physical abuse as well as more self-reported ensuing health issues, including mental health problems in comparison to the non-abused.

Despite the study’s self-administered, confidentially anonymous built-in parameters, survey participants involved in all research studies generally underreport painful past experience like sexual abuse, out of fear of public exposure, recrimination, shame, or appearing abnormal or deviant, again in spite of the confidentiality safeguards. So these findings of such low percentages of sexually abusive contact amongst minors living in a city in southern Brazil – 3.2% total for females and only 0.8% for males – in real life the rates of abuse are undoubtedly considerably higher. Since the consensus of worldwide sex abuse studies report significantly higher rates, on average 1 in 4 females (25%) and 1 in 13 males (7.7%) experiencing sexual abuse prior to 18,[92] that’s near 8 times higher for females and near 10 times higher for males for the rest of the world than found in this one study. As a whole, Brazilian children are definitely not growing up in so much of a safer environment than the rest of the world. If anything, with 7 million homeless kids living on the streets of Brazil 14 years ago, its rate of child sex abuse is most likely far higher than the world average.[93]

Brazil’s bizarre cult leader known as John of God (Joao de Deus) won praise from the likes of globalist Oprah Winfrey as a formidable spiritual healer and her professed “mentor,”[94] prior to the much darker reality that he is actually a pedophilic predator raping hundreds of girls and women and profiting from running a sex slave farm while trafficking babies around the world.[95] In January 2019 Joao Teixeira de Faria was arrested after over 600 complaints and allegations were registered by women whose age at the time of the alleged crimes was as young as 9 up to 67. Prosecutors claim that his serial sex crimes might be the worst in all of Brazil’s history, aka the Jimmy Savile of Brazil. What a difference a year makes, from his January 2019 bombshell arrest to December 2019’s conviction, the now 79-year old predatory convicted criminal made millions as a psychic surgeon, medium, healer and cult leader guru.

The convicted serial sex offender was sentenced to more than 19 years in prison, and that’s just based on four rapes with many more cases still pending.[96] Made world famous by celebrity devotees like Oprah Winfrey and Epstein associates Bill Clinton and Naomi Campbell,  Oprah featured his controversial “talents” on several of her multiplatform venues,[97] helping the ungodly John of God draw millions from around the globe seeking physical and spiritual healing, at a rate of 10,000 a week clip. Yet hundreds of women including his own daughter allege that he regularly groped and raped females in his private sessions. With more of his crimes slated on the court docket, adding more time to incarceration, John of God will never see the light of day as the malevolent evildoer is certain to die behind bars. This depraved tale took an even darker twist when several days after ungodly John’s arrest, the woman most responsible for his downfall in exposing the rapist, activist Sabrina Bittencourt fearing for her life in Spain, was “suicided.”[98] Spain is the exact same location where on June 23, 2021, the controversial software pioneer John McAfee was also suicide(d), though reported a suicide. Should he suddenly keel over, a few months earlier McAfee informed the world his impending demise would be murder, not suicide. McAfee’s ominous tweet late last year:

Getting subtle messages from U.S. officials saying, in effect: ‘We’re coming for you McAfee! We’re going to kill yourself’. I got a tattoo today just in case. If I suicide myself, I didn’t. I was whackd. Check my right arm.[99]

Accompanying his tweet is a photo of his “whackd” arm, another insider who knew too much about evil bites the dust. Of course, the cabal ensured the timing was synchronized with the news that the US had just gained approval from Spain to extradite him to the US, providing plausible deniability because poor, “depressed John” just couldn’t face the prospect of fighting unconstitutional tax evasion law in America.

The John of God story serves as a cautionary tale in the earthly devil’s dominion that what famous and powerful icons tout as good and benevolent, in actuality turns out to be Lucifer in disguise. Not yet fully exposed is mainstream media’s refusal to even touch pervert John’s international connections linked to his baby-child trafficking operation selling babies for up to $70,000 each,[100] and the larger global pedophilia network, because it would further implicate the Luciferian elite, viz-a-viz Oprah & Company. The baby dealers living in North America, Europe and Australia selling to affluent would-be parents, also conveniently facilitated the Western pilgrimages daily arriving and paying top dollar for a moment of their guru’s wisdom and healing. John of God’s criminal network was enormous. So, it’s no accident that Oprah spent years promoting Brazilian history’s most infamous serial rapist of girls and women of all time. And this isn’t the first time Oprah’s been caught cozying up to sickos. She owns a downright nasty track record for hanging out with notoriously rotten pedo-fruit – all accused pedos and rapists – Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, Ted Turner, Bill Gates, Harvey Weinstein, even allegations she’s on Epstein’s flight logs.[101] Just like Prince Charles’ mentors for decades – Jimmy Savile and Anglican bishop Peter Ball, and Prince Andrew’s super close ties to America’s most infamous pedophile Epstein, none of this is coincidental, they’re all immersed soullessly deep in the elites’ systematic rape of children worldwide. Then there’s the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls located in “rape haven” South Africa, where half the children grow up sexually abused by age 18.[102] In 2007, the scandalous Oprah brand of “model school for disadvantaged girls” exploded onto the world centerstage when one of her dorm matron’s was caught physically and sexually abusing at least seven of her adolescent girls, all part of the same Satanic club.[103]

Speaking of whacked out Satanic cult leaders, a related blast from the Pedophilia & Empire past is Book 1, Chapter 5’s exposé on another malevolent, heavily involved in pedophilia trafficking, aided and abetted by the black pope’s Sovereign Military Order of the Malta Knights, featuring the Nazi pedo-cult leader Paul Schäfer’s Colonia Dignidad in Malta Knight dictator General Augusto Pinochet’s Chile. With assistance from the Vatican-Nazi ratlines operating in South America, in the mid-1950s the sicko Jewish Nazi tyrant trafficked German children with his flock of German followers to the Chilean countryside where a decade later, through assistance from close friend Pinochet and the CIA, Schäfer was able to found a cult serving as a cover outpost for drug-induced MK-Ultra mind control torture nestled away in the foothills of the mighty Andes. By the 1970s not only was Schäfer known to be raping young boys on a nightly basis, he was assisting Pinochet with built-in torture chambers for the despot’s discardable political prisoners, all behind the friendly veneer confines of an agricultural commune with “Christian values.” For decades his criminal abuse was protected by Pinochet, the Maltese ratlines and the CIA, evading arrest for 8 years while on the run. Once Pinochet was removed from power, Schäfer was convicted by absentia of numerous felonious crimes in a Chilean court, and eventually at 83-years old in 2005, karmic law caught up with him, ending his plush gated community lifestyle outside Buenos Aires. He sat in a Chilean prison the last 5 years of his sorry-ass life, dying at the ripe old age of 88 in 2010.

Prior to leaving Brazil to unearth Mexico’s very active role in today’s pedo-crisis, it’s worth a brief mention of other Latin American pedo-scandals already covered earlier in previous Book 5 chapters. Recall on the Iberian Peninsula that Latin American girls and women comprise nearly half of the total sex workers servicing men in Spain, the brothel capital of the world, many of whom are entrapped and trafficked in as sex slaves. In 2006, 70% of the sex workers in Spain were migrants.[104] A 2009 study found that by 2008, up to 90% of the sex workers in Spain were migrants, with 49%, more from Latin America than any other region. Sex workers from Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Dominican Republic were represented.

Also of note from Chapter 9 exposing Israel, the joint Israeli-Colombian child trafficking network, heavily catering to the perverted interests of Israeli veterans from the military and intelligence, flourishing for years in the seacoast sex tourism city of Cartagena. Also recollect that just several years earlier, the notorious pedo-contractor DynCorp and US military soldiers stationed at a Colombian air base from 2003 to 2007 were also busily trafficking and raping underage Colombian girls until their operation was busted and quickly buried with a bilateral agreement for special immunity granted and 98% scrubbed from the internet.

And now onto Mexico, not a pretty picture as conditions for children are perhaps even worse “south of the border.” Members of the VIP pedophile network operating in Mexico have historically lived above the law. 99.9999% of the time, their evil crimes escape justice. Punishment is cruelly dished out systemically to those seeking accountability. Fortunately, there is the extremely rare exceptional case when the brave honest warrior takes on battling the powerful criminal forces and actually win in a court of justice, despite the overwhelming odds against them, and the living hell brought to bear on the outspoken righteous of the world. One hero for truth and justice has prevailed in Mexico despite the ample sacrifice and hardship. Journalist, child, women and human rights activist and author Lydia Cacho wrote the explosive book published in the spring of 2005 called The Demons of Eden: The Power that Protects Child Pornography (Los Demonios del Edén, el Poder que Protege a la Pornografía Infantil).[105] She has courageously exposed the Mexican pedophilia network, naming names of the perpetrators that include prominent businessmen and top politicians.

Illegally taped incriminating phone conversations taking place in 2004 were released to the public in February 2006 through the media, implicating two prominent politicians from the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Veracruz state Governor Fidel Herrera and Emilio Gamboa, head of the party’s bloc in the lower house of Congress, and Cancun hotel owner Succar Kuri and wealthy Puebla businessman, Mexico’s “Denim King,” Kamel Nacif.[106] Until 2000, the corruption-infested PRI had been Mexico’s ruling political party for 70 years since 1929.[107] Nacif, already a well-established Mexican citizen, happened to meet the fellow Lebanese Succar Kuri at the immigration office in Mexico in 1975 when Succar was about to be deported. But as the successful international businessman with far reaching influence, Nacif pulled a few strings to obtain Mexican citizenship for his new fellow Lebanese friend.[108] And so the marriage made in hell was born between the crooked, warped politicians and the crooked, warped Lebanese-Mexican businessmen.

Because Lydia Cacho’s book outed their VIP pedophile ring and its operation producing and distributing child pornographic material online, Lydia Cacho was targeted for retribution that has included multiple death threats and attempts. Central to the criminal operation were the two wealthy Lebanese-Mexican businessmen Kamel Nacif Borge and Jean Succar Kuri, who Lydia alleged sexually exploited underage girls for both prostitution and pornography in the luxury resort Cancun, among other locations, catering to an elite clientele of pedophiles.[109] Because the pedo-ringleaders were protected by the politicians and legal system, Nacif and Succar were never investigated nor arrested by authorities in Mexico. After the revealing tapes went public, Nacif filed a defamation of character lawsuit in July 2005 again author Lydia Cacho. In Mexico, unlike other countries, a defamation case could be filed in criminal court as well as civil. So, for uncovering the lowdown truth about the criminal scandal, Lydia had to defend herself from going to jail… again, the age-old familiar pattern of attacking the witnesses, victims and truthtellers to protect the child rapists. At her own expense Lydia had to hire attorneys that were clearly working against her. Nacif used his millions to hire a team of lawyers and his influential clout to sabotage and gaslight her at every turn. The wimpy judge refused to even allow Succar’s name to be mentioned. But Lydia finally waited her turn to cross-examine Nacif herself and craftily provoked him into giving himself away, angrily shouting words that were highly self-incriminating.

Lydia Cacho’s story of what happens to bold truthtellers is covered in a revealing 4-chapter online chronicle entitled One Woman Cracks the Pedo Elite, also in her own detailed account in the book titled Infamy: How One Woman Brought an International Sex Trafficking Ring to Justice:

Lydia Cacho could be killed because she is now pushing further yet – following the trail from her local Pedo Elite to top-level networks trafficking girls, the global suppliers – the Russian, Albanian, Italian, Japanese and Chinese mafias, the Latin American drug cartels, – the international Uber-Patriarchy itself, that is – owners and operators of the international recreational assault market, reaping billion dollar profits in what has increasingly become the global sex-trafficking of girl-children.[110]

In recent decades the international pedo-market, especially in Latin America, has brazenly shifted from adolescent, barely-legal young women to literally little prepubescent girls. And leading this promotional market change with online infomercials is the Russian mafia pushing hardcore little girl-child porn. The global internet demand has been pivoting to younger and younger victims as multinational dealers in the child sex trade exploit a wider age range that includes four-year olds for despicably bigger profits.[111] As a disturbing parallel marker, a May 2019 Rio Times article reveals that in Brazil, the majority (51%) of sexually abused children are under six-years old.[112] How pathologically pathetic and shocking is that?

Lydia Cacho grew up raised by a feminist mother and by age 16, Lydia was running workshops on women’s rights. She and her mother founded a women’s rights organization and Lydia landed a job as an editorial columnist reporting on women’s issues at the Cancun newspaper La Cronica.[113] Lydia founded an organization for feminist journalists that has grew to wide a membership of 600 across the Spanish-speaking world. She was invited to address the United Nations Assembly focused on the status of women in Mexico. She began a radio talk show called “These Women,” delving into the challenges that women face as victims of domestic violence, rape, and child abuse in the ultra-patriarchal society of Mexico. Her platform for women has touched a resonant chord that expanded into a feminist newspaper and later television program, both called “This Mouth Is Mine.” A stream of desperate battered women seeking help were arriving at Lydia’s radio and TV studios. The brutal caveman laws of Mexico in the 1990s gave males a free pass to beat up females as long as their bruises healed within 15 days.[114] After 10 years of lobbying, finally in 2007 Mexico emerged from its Stone Age to officially make violence against girls and women against the law. Lydia was compelled to open up a battered women’s shelter in Cancun for abused women and girls. After her popular 5-year program run on TV, suddenly it was cancelled because discussing birth control on TV in patriarchal Mexico was considered “obscene” an anti-Catholic.

In 1999 a rapist followed her into a restroom and violently raped Lydia, breaking several bones and ribs while dislocating her arm and hip.[115] Lydia learned later that the rape was an ordered hit by Quintana Roo state Governor Mario Villanueva (from 1993 to 1999), who as a fugitive within two years would be arrested, convicted and in prison for his organized crime ties linked to cocaine trafficking.[116] After healing, Lydia embarked on opening a high security shelter for battered women and abused girls. The men beating on women and girls in Cancun were macho violent elite – mafiosos, drug lords, politicians, cops. The perps felt threatened by Lydia’s upstart advocacy and soon the first of many death threats came in, starting with an arms dealer with high-end political ties. The women at the shelter were victims of domestic violence, forced prostitution and human trafficking. The shelter eventually expanded to serving 30,000 women a year. Only three other women’s shelters existed in Mexico as the male backlash for rescuing victims of violent criminals became their latest targeted victim. A drug dealer who raped his children and wife showed up with two of his thugs, all armed with automatic weapons demanding his wife be released. It was not the first assault on the shelter and wouldn’t be the last.

In October 2003 a 19-year old named “Emma” (pseudonym used by Lydia) whose actual name is Edith Lorena Cetina Encalada, made headlines disclosing that since age 13, her sister since age 8 and cousin at 9, were all being victimized and exploited by multimillionaire Succar Kuri, who ran a pedophile and child porn ring out of resort hotels and properties across Mexico, including the 59 villas he owned in Cancun.[117] The Lebanese born businessman owned retail businesses at the Mexico City airport and regularly trafficked children both in and out of Mexico, withholding their passports and travel documents. Kamel Nacif, also a multimillionaire sweatshop apparel magnate, was Succar’s protector, helping him launch his international child sex trafficking network in Mexico. Owning retail businesses in eight Mexican tourist destinations, including restaurants, clothes shops and jewelry stores, Succar used his multi-businesses to conveniently launder millions generated from his massive pedo-porn network.

Succar’s onetime sex victim-turned criminal accomplice wife Gloria Pita made death threats to Edith Encalada and her family if she refused to publicly retract her statement. Edith found the courage to release an expanded report with authorities three days later stating that Succar Kuri used her and other underage girls for sale, some never seen again after being trafficked across borders to Succar’s business friends and high-profile politicians, including state senators, congressmen, governors, police officials, members of the Mexican prosecutor’s office and Federal Police Bureau Undersecretary. The next several days a number of girls came forth with allegations that Succar began sexually assaulting them at age 4, 5 and 6.[118] Neighbors also notified police of Succar’s constant pool guests being such young girls. Cancun law enforcement did what they do best, looked the other way. Eventually acting on a search warrant, the Federales police found an envelope of obscene pornographic photos of him with literally hundreds of little girls along with videos the predator made to capture his crimes for profit on the burgeoning internet child porn black market. The cache of videos mysteriously disappeared but were soon found in Cancun police possession for sale at $40,000 USD each.

Deep-rooted corruption and criminal collusion between Mexico’s municipal, state and federal police agencies and its organized crime cartels specializing in disappearing bodies, drug, arms and human sex trafficking and money laundering on the current unprecedented, out-of-control scale has rendered the nation a lawless failed state.[119] Therefore, Mexico is richly fertile ground for a booming pedophilia trafficking network with worldwide links. And with Cancun commercially expanding as a regional and international tourist mecca since the early 1990s, enter Jean Succar Kuri the hotelier magnate from Lebanon to fill the growing supply and demand in the thriving child sex trade to an international elite clientele.[120] Local, state and federal police and governments protected Succar as sick, demented patrons and secret brotherhood criminals or enablers. From his Cancun base of operations in the corrupt state of Quintana Roo in the Yucatan Peninsula, Succar trafficked extremely young girls to Baja California, Veracruz, Chiapas, Puebla, Mexico City and Juarez, where scores of girls and young women either disappeared or were found tortured and murdered.

The Quintana Roo state Attorney-General’s Office held a press conference, releasing photos of the girls, the names of their mothers, and the Cancun press ran photos of their homes and claims that the girls “sexually provoked” Succar, blaming the mothers for handing their daughters over.[121] Another case where both the legal authorities and the media go out of their way to protect VIP pedophiles and criminalize their victims. The day prior to his scheduled arrest, either the state governor or state Attorney-General’s Office tipped Succar off to flee Mexico for safe refuge in his homes in California and Arizona. Within a week after Edith went public, fearing for her and her family’s life, she contacted Lydia desperate for help. Edith’s child advocate attorney had arranged for her to be wired and filmed having lunch with Succar to capture on tape evidence of his sick crimes that were about to be aired that night on the television news.[122] Edith was frantic, convinced that her entire family would be killed. Edith begged for Lydia the journalist to contact the station and not have the video aired. But it was already too late as they watched the bombshell broadcast of Succar bragging about raping four-year old girls two days before the fugitive escaped. From the mouth of a monster:

Because that’s the risk you take when you go to some lonely old fuck’s house, it’s all part of the risk… All that’s allowed. For instance, I say to Lesley, ‘Bring me a girl who’s four,’ and if she says, ‘She’s already been fucked,’ and I see if she’s been fucked already, then I see if I’m gonna stick my dick in her or not. You know this is my weakness, it’s my kink, and I know it’s a crime and it’s not allowed, but it’s so much easier this way because a tiny little girl like that doesn’t stand a chance because you can convince her really really easily, and then you fuck her. I’ve been doing it my whole life… They all bleed with me, my wife bled, a bunch of different housemaids I’ve fucked bled. Plus they don’t bleed because they’re virgins, they bleed because they’re really small.[123]

The next day Edith and other girls that had reported pedophilia and been taken away from their mothers by pro-pedo social services, all the girls and their mothers were admitted to Lydia’s shelter together, receiving trauma therapy and support. Lydia raised money for Edith to relocate to Mexico City with a job in news production and supportive protective services. Several weeks later Lydia received a phone call from Succar telling her she would be killed for meddling in his life.[124] Two days later US Marshals Service contacted Mexican police to inform them they had located the notorious violent predator. Mexican police then stalled, waiting two months before sending the paperwork that authorized US to arrest him on February 4, 2004. Not trusting Mexican authorities, the US judge in Arizona wisely elected to keep Succar in prison in Chandler, Arizona. In July 2004 a fellow inmate reported that Succar had hired two inmates to kill Edith, Lydia and the advocate attorney, who withdrew from Edith’s case. More on international pedo-kingpin Succar Kuri later.

Random House publishers sent a male journalist to gather information on the Succar story for a book. After Lydia suggested they collaborate, she described what happened next:

We met to go over the information I had: an index of the investigation that included hard data on money-laundering, international sex-trafficking, child pornography rings, several powerful politicians involved, and a couple of assassinated girls.[125]

But once the writer saw what he’d be getting into, and the famous powerful politicians, he concluded it was too dangerous and opted out, leaving Lydia to go solo on writing the book about the “demons” in her sex tourism paradise Cancun. As she neared completion of her manuscript, a tool from a state senator’s office walked into her news office with a suitcase full of cash worth $1 million USD, the favorite method in Mexico that gets things done and keeps things quiet. But Lydia wanted no part of it. A former senator named in the book who was just appointed Federal Police Bureau Undersecretary Miguel Ángel Yunes Linares invited Random House editors to a meeting and told them in so many words to drop the book or else. When they politely refused, the future Veracruz state governor threatened the editors.[126] In lawless Mexico, threatening to kill someone or hiring someone for murder is not even a crime.  Mexico is also among the world’s worst offenders for murdering journalists who try and tell the truth. From 2000 to 2020, over 100 writers have been assassinated, only two nations at war – Syria and Afghanistan – kill more journalists.[127] Lydia recounts:

By the time the book was ready. I had already survived several death threats, an assassination attempt, and a couple of car chases with gunmen trying to scare me to stop my investigations. And deep inside me, no matter the risk, I knew it was something I had to do.[128]

Mexico’s Anti-Drug Czar, Jose Luis Santiago Vasconcelos, maintained a fierce reputation fighting the cartels, yet he too was not without suspicion.[129] But as a stalwart supporter of Lydia Cacho, he had intervened on several dangerous occasions when Lydia’s shelter was under attack by armed gunmen demanding their battered women or Lydia come out, and the Czar’s agents were able to diffuse the volatile scene. Under so much pressure with threats and close calls, the Czar assigned four of his special agents as her bodyguards along with an armored vehicle for the launch of her book.[130]

For a few months Lydia lost contact with Edith. She resurfaced in Los Angeles with Succar’s lawyers after convincing her to go on national television and retract her earlier statements about Succar and his criminal operation, and actually made claims that Lydia’s book was full of lies. Still desperate she’d be killed, like the Salvadoran girl who disappeared about that same time and allegedly murdered by Succar, sadly Edith seemed to still be under her slavemaster’s control. The other girls and shelter staff were reportedly demoralized by Edith’s apparent flipflop betrayal. Lydia fell ill and was hospitalized in critical condition with pneumonia and kidney failure.[131]

Edith Encalada has periodically conferred with the press, as recently as December 2018 badmouthing Succar, his wife Gloria Pita as well as Lydia Cacho, feeling that all three have used her for their own selfish aims. In June 2018 as the main accusing victim behind pedophile Succar Kuri’s downfall, the now 38-year old singer held a press conference expressing her grave concerns that the “Monster of Cancun” might be transferred back from his current maximum-security prison to a lesser one in Cancun.[132] Her public appeal failed to stop authorities from letting Succar come home to a less secured Cancun prison. While it’s been reported that Edith betrayed Lydia, Edith has also felt betrayed by Lydia, using her story to write three books to make her own story. In the press conference, Edith stated:

Unfortunately, I was also revictimized by the pseudo activist and pseudo journalist Lydia Cacho, who for more than 14 years has spoken for me, for the victims, when it is not her responsibility or concern or part of this matter… [Lydia] has stolen the information from the victims’ files and psychological therapies to publish them in her books… I remained in a kind of legal kidnapping by her CIAM Cancun institution for more than four months, where the lady took me and brought me to speak with deputies and senators, to ask them for subsidies for CIAM Cancún, subsidies that she obtained for more than five million pesos, another subsidy for more than one and a half million pesos… Lydia Cacho is a fraud, I could not talk about these issues, nor did I dare to talk about these issues, because I had a lawsuit against her, which was a moral damage lawsuit that has caused me irreversible [harm].[133]

Edith contends that Lydia puts on a convincing front that she truly cares about child sex abuse victims, but instead has only forged a career seeking fame from exploiting them.[134] Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in the middle ground, in between both women’s allegations and claims.

No sooner had Lydia recovered from Edith turning against her and her health scare, upon her return to work at the shelter, in December 2005 Lydia was suddenly surrounded by several vehicles with Puebla state license plates blocking her entrance into the shelter parking lot. At gunpoint, a bunch of men told her she was under arrest. Despite beating the criminal defamation charge already in a court of law, Nacif had conspired with Puebla Governor Marin to arrange with Puebla law enforcement her abduction and false imprisonment 1018 km (633 miles) away in Puebla, a 20-hour drive across five states. While thinking they were hitmen ordered to kill her, Lydia was warned:

Don’t resist. Journalists sometimes get killed by stray bullets.[135]

The first stop was less than 15 minutes away, the Quintana Roo state attorney-general’s office in Cancun. Ordered to sit in a chair, a Cancun police officer recognized Lydia and whispered for her not to go with these men as they intend to kill her. A couple minutes later a member of the board of directors at Lydia’s shelter loudly stated the attorney-general had not signed off on any arrest order and that she was going to speak with him immediately. It was later learned that the Puebla state Governor Mario Marin, a member of the Pedo Elite, called the attorney-general informing him of Lydia’s arrest and transfer to Puebla. The abductors then grabbed Lydia’s arm to briskly whisk her out of the building. As they passed down the hall towards the exit, Lydia recognized her shelter staff, lawyer and bodyguards. She yelled for them to follow her as she was likely going to be killed. Grabbed by her hair, the abductors quickly manhandled her to a waiting unmarked vehicle, pushed her into the backseat and sped off to the nearest Puebla jail hundreds of miles away. Lydia noticed one car in front and at least one behind, the latter would later be traced as one of Kamel Nacif’s vehicles. Lydia began screaming:

This is illegal! This is a kidnapping! You didn’t let me see my lawyer! I need my medicine! I never saw an arrest warrant! … ‘I closed my eyes and thought, My God, they’re going to kill me, they’re going to disappear me…’[136]

Comandante José Montaño Quiroz sat up front with the driver Jesus Perez, who swung his arm with a gun back against her head, yelling:

Just shut up, bitch! You’re with us now!

Upon reaching the main highway, two of the three other vehicles waved goodbye. On the long road trip Montaño kept wavering between being courteous and respectful and then flying into a rage:

Why’d you mess with Kamel? Why’d you have to go poking around in the bosses’ lives? What do you want to go writing about their business for?

As the two Puebla police agents chain-smoked the entire way to Puebla, Lydia suffered a bronchitis attack, hacking, choking and coughing for hours. During the long trip, the goons sadistically tortured and had their way with her. Lydia recounted in a later interview:

They had their guns in my mouth and in my genitals. I was handcuffed and they made me lie face-down. As they drove through the night, they undressed me and took turns sitting on me.[137]

When she resisted, Perez struck her with his pistol, fracturing her rib. Lydia would later write a book called Infamy, describing in detail the terrorizing ordeal she was forced to endure. The police thugs repeatedly joked about throwing her into the ocean, and at one point stopped the car and spoke to men in the trailing vehicle that alluded to going for some shrimp cocktail while Lydia was convinced that she was about to die. Montaño and Perez debated whether to shoot or drown her in the Gulf of Mexico’s Campeche Bay.[138] Just as Perez was about to hurl her into the ocean below, Montaño received a godsent call from his boss, Governor Marin, apparently changing his original order from murder to Puebla Jail, sarcastically informing Lydia, “You’re famous, ma’am. You’re on TV now.”

From the moment they left Cancun many hours earlier, Lydia’s friends and family were busily alerting the media and human rights organizations, among them Amnesty International, the World Organization Against Torture and the Inter-American Press Association, about Lydia’s kidnapping to draw immediate worldwide attention to the crimes being officially committed by the Mexican state of Puebla at the behest of pedo-gangsters Nicef and Succar on behalf of their ultra-powerful international pedophilia network. As a result, Governor Marin was besieged by human rights organizations, diplomats and journalists demanding Lydia’s freedom.[139] The global spotlight pressure saved Lydia’s life from becoming one more murdered journalist.

Just prior to their arrival at the Puebla Attorney-General’s Office building, Montaño took the wheel while two female officers replaced Perez, joining Lydia in the backseat to make it appear as though they’d safely accompanied her on the long trip from Cancun.[140] At the top of the steps, cameras and media were swarming everywhere, including Lydia’s family. Inside the building a new set of aggressive agents took over, ordered to get mugshots and escort her to an interrogation room with a two-way mirror. Lydia was being tortured for writing the book exposing Mexico’s pedophilia network and now had to pay for her “defaming” crime, having her head banged against the wall repeatedly.

Next the President of the Puebla State Human Rights Commission entered the torture chamber and demanded that Lydia sign a form stating she’d been well-treated by the authorities, but Lydia refused to sign. A woman senator next came into the room and embraced Lydia, whispering, “They want to kill you. It’s the Governor of Puebla,” at which point Lydia began sobbing in tears.[141] For her display of compassion, this veteran senator of 30 years from the same political PRI party as Governor Marin, was expunged from her party ballot and her career abruptly, unjustly cut short. From behind the two-way mirror, the Puebla police chief that had just witnessed Lydia’s head banged against the wall, announced that she would be going to the local jail.

Because Lydia was running a high fever, she was taken first to the infirmary where she was told by an inmate that she’d be in prison a long time because Puebla kingpin Kamel Nacif controlled the state government. The inmate disclosed she’d been in jail for six months because she’d complained about his abuses at Nacif’s sweatshop factories, so he threw her and others in jail. In fact, Nacif had his own sweatshop inside the Puebla Jail, enslaving inmates at will. He and another sweatshop owning associate exploited prisoners at their textile factories. Lydia would soon learn that Nacif trafficked women from as far away as China for slave labor to work at his sweatshops in Mexico, signed off by his friend President Vicente Fox,[142] the same president whose daughter alongside another Mexican President Carlos Salina’s son were high-ranking members within the infamous, Bronfman-financed sex cult NXIVM, caught trafficking in underage Mexican sex slaves to the US for currently incarcerated founder Keith Raniere (See Book 4, Chapter 14). A female guard at the infirmary directed Lydia to a special holding cell where female inmates held her down while taking turns gang raping her, afterwards beating and torturing her, carried out by the Puebla State Attorney General Blanca Laura Villeda Martinez, ordered by Kamel Nacif.

Next in the parade of degradations, insults and criminal injustices came Judge Rosa Celia Perez Gonzalez to her holding cell, claiming upon her order she’d been detained, demanding that Lydia sign a false statement retracting all her book contentions. Knowing Succar Kuri would become a free man, released from his Arizona jail if she signed, again Lydia refused. The judge waited till the banks were closed on a Saturday afternoon to set an especially high bail amount – $10,000,[143] because it was her intention to keep Lydia locked up for as long as possible.

After the judge left, Lydia’s family was allowed to visit. Within a short time, Lydia’s family, friends and supporters were actually coming up with the outrageous bail set by Judge Gonzalez. Worried, for further instruction, it was later determined that the judge contacted Puebla’s Superior Court Chief Justice who then contacted Governor Mario Marin who then contacted Kamel Nacif who then contacted the actual kingpin overlord himself, Succar Kuri, the man who raped, supplied and sold 4-year old girls for the heinously sick pleasures of the international elite. Having met bond, Lydia was free to leave her jail cell, but not without conditions. Over the next year, she was obligated to report once a week to the Puebla Jail over a thousand kilometers from her Cancun home, she must submit whenever summoned, day or night, to psychological and medical examinations and that she was subject to re-arrest at any time. According to a February 2006 The New York Times article:

She [Lydia Cacho] said that state officials had gone so far as to threaten her with beatings and rape when she was released from jail.[144]

It’s come out that prior to her release from jail, Lydia was tortured and raped by both police and prison inmates on the bogus arrest charge of defamation against a pedophile trafficker as the vengeful Nacif and Succar were out to destroy her a second time in civil court. And if Lydia lost, she would be back in prison. If she won a second time in civil court, the Puebla Attorney-General, the same woman who allegedly arranged her gang rape, vowed to ‘see to it personally’ that she’d get ‘locked away’ for a long time. Mexico’s diabolical (il)legal system was resolutely determined to destroy Lydia Cacho as Mexico’s biggest threat to its pedo-empire and biggest child advocate fighting for justice.

Before even meeting Lydia, her assigned Puebla defense team quit. Next came her lawyer who failed to show up in a court hearing because, as Lydia learned later from the person who referred him, that instead of crapping his pants with a bad bout of diarrhea at home as his given excuse, the night before he was crapping his pants reading her book and that day going over the evidence, too afraid to admit he was too chicken shit to even show up at court. At least her Anti-Drug Czar friend came through supplying an armored vehicle and four special agent bodyguards. In addition to Puebla’s governor and legal system conspiring against Lydia, 30 Mexican leaders that included 5 other governors, 2 senators and the Federal Police Bureau Undersecretary also joined the witch hunt to remove her as their #1 threat for exposing their pedo-cabal.[145] Lydia filed a countersuit alleging that her civil rights were violated with her arrest, jailing, rape and torture.

After a particularly brutal beating that nearly killed her, Nacif’s wife began taping her husband’s phone conversations and released to a newspaper and radio station in February 2006 a recording of Nacif and Governor Marin congratulating themselves after Lydia’s detainment.[146] Governor Marin tells Nacif:

I just gave a bump on the head to that old witch…[147] I finished nailing that fucking bitch yesterday. I told her that in Puebla the law is respected. I sent her a message; now let’s see how she responds.[148]

The bump on the head refers to the torture and rape in the Puebla Jail that witch Lydia Cacho suffered as a punishment for outing their pedo-network. Marin boasts how he had Lydia arrested and thrown in jail to be raped by “nutcases and dykes.” The tapings were deemed inadmissible in court due to being illegally attained from “an anonymous source.” Another leaked tape between Nacif and his fellow sweatshop associate, Nacif’s friend suggests that Lydia Cacho should get raped by her fellow prisoners while in jail, and Nacif replies that he already arranged it. The same two in another chat are raving about Judge Rosa Celia Perez Gonzalez, with the associate saying, “She is a true brother to us, a thousand times over.” Nacif thanked Judge Gonzalez with an all-expense paid vacation to Las Vegas. And in an earlier taped recording between Nacif and Succar, Nacif places an order for two little girls “to fuck,” one being the same Salvadoran girl that wound up missing that Succar tells his attorney he killed.[149] Succar’s wife, Gloria Pita, who prepped girls for her hubby to rape while taking photos and videotaping, delivered a death threat to Edith and her family. Though an accomplice to her husband’s crimes, Gloria Pita has never been arrested nor charged.[150] Meanwhile, Nacif’s wife, who secretly released the damaging taped recordings of her husband, would eventually escape from her abusive spouse, enter Lydia’s shelter and eventually leave the country. Upon release of the tapes in 2006, many citizens called for Governor Marin’s resignation with 40,000 demonstrators taking to the streets in protest.

While there was so much concrete evidence against the protected pedophiles walking free and easy, Lydia Cacho’s death threats surged with release of the tapes, as well as her support and fame. Mexico can hardly be called a democracy and its justice system is totally corrupt (as around the globe). It’s up to the crime victims to have to investigate and dig up evidence as police and even state attorney generals don’t conduct investigations unless the governor calls for it. And when the governors are owned by pedophiles, subject to blackmail and bribery, again, investigations will not generally take place. Everything falls on the victim to investigate, present evidence as well as be responsible for both securing the witnesses and paying for all costs.[151] Again, with a legal system making it virtually impossible for the victims of crime, especially the poor, to seek and achieve any real justice, the protected criminals with money are always able to get away with murder, pedophilic rape, you name it. And this abysmal reality is pretty much universal.

As just one case in point, it was left up to Lydia to have to chase down the camera footage at the Merida toll booths to prove that female police officers never accompanied her on the 20-hour trip from Cancun to Puebla as part of the evidence to prove she was sexually assaulted by Montaño and Perez.[152] And it’s Lydia who would have to pay fees for each step in the process of attaining the needed footage. Paying for an attorney to sort through all the legal technicalities and requirements would result in exorbitant costs. Her first attorney failed to submit documents in time prior to the judge’s decision to refuse her evidence. Another lawyer said he would need to have a team of at least four attorneys. And because the trial was in Puebla, that would require purchasing four roundtrip tickets once a week for 8 or 9 months to travel back and forth from Cancun, not to mention lodging, meals. Justice is expensive and virtually impossible. Her adversaries ensured that she was scheduled on the docket to appear in Cancun, Mexico City and Puebla all in the same day. Her wealthy enemy’s strategy was simply to wear Lydia down both physically and financially. Kamel Nacif said on one of the tapes:

I’m going to (take Lydia Cacho to court) over and over again, – until she begs for forgiveness.[153]

State workers on next to no notice at all would require her to drop everything to attend frequent medical and psychological examinations. Additionally, the court-appointed evaluators were not there to listen or support her since their agenda was to defend the state that pays for their salaries, therefore their role was to gaslight her as an unstable overly ambitious personality out to seek fame and glory. In Lydia’s words:

The authorities use all means necessary to make sure victims fear and distrust the (evaluator), so the (evaluator) can then report that ‘the victim was uncooperative, because he or she was unable to establish a relationship of trust with the examining psychologist.’[154]

Similar to the sentiment expressed by Australia’s MK-Ultra sex abuse victim Fiona Barnett at her national press conference in October 2015 (See Chapter 11, Book 5), stating that the childhood trauma was not nearly as abusive as the response from authorities as an adult trying to report her past crimes to seek justice, Lydia drew the exact same conclusion:

[I was] no longer able to tell which was more traumatizing for me – what the agents had done to me, or the systematic abuse on the part of the authorities who were trying to prove no crime had in fact been committed.[155]

The response that abuse victims receive from authorities the world over in every nation is always the same, abuse piled on top of more abuse to dishearten, discredit, dismiss and silence.

When Lydia received notice the day before having to testify against Kamel Nacif, she knew she needed to face him without fear. Inspired by the response one of Succar’s child abuse victims at her shelter said as an answer to what she might say to the man protecting her abuser, the girl replied, “No more corruption.” The shelter had a bunch of shirts printed up which read, “No More Pedophiles. No More Corruption. No More Impunity.” Armed the next day with her all-important message on her shirt and bolstered by the support of the 40,000 protesters that were supporting the cause to end the pedo-network, Lydia arrived in the courtroom ready to confront her nemesis.

Face to face for the first time, Nacif could barely contain his rage, and he went flush red reading the words on Lydia’s shirt. The scared judge felt visibly threatened by Nacif and his lawyers, sweating and trembling, not allowing victim testimony transcriptions as evidence. The judge also prohibited the name Succar Kuri to even be mentioned, absurdly insisting that his case and this defamation suit had nothing to do with each other, handcuffing Lydia’s capacity to prove no defamation occurred. The judge’s restrictions placed Lydia in an impossible double bind situation. Meanwhile, the arrogant Succar was so brazenly cocky as an untouchable with impunity, he bragged from his jail cell in an interview that Nacif contributed $300,000 USD toward his legal defense. When it came time for Lydia’s cross-examination of Nacif, in her words:

I asked him calmly, watching as his eyes darted away from mine every time I attempted to hold his gaze, why he was funding the defense of the pedophile Succar Kuri. And though the Judge would not allow the question to stand, the businessman’s lawyers could not stop their client from leaning forward towards me in his seat, like a panicky bull readying himself for the charge, snarling, ‘Goddamn you fucking lady.’[156]

His answer was all that was needed to demonstrate he was protecting the pedo-ringleader. When it came time for Nacif’s character witness, his sweatshop associate to take the stand saying what a great guy Nacif was and how he’d never stoop to those disgusting things written about him in the book, Lydia’s comeback:

[I asked] him if he considered it an example of upstanding behavior to have ordered the prisoners at the jail to rape me and beat me. To the utter shock of all present, his white skin turned crimson as he spat despotically, and replied, ‘That rape was never carried out in the end.’ 

The reactive fool gave himself away, “effectively admitting criminal collusion.” A few months later in late September 2006 came Lydia’s final chance at proving her case for no defamation. As the courtroom was settling in at the start, Lydia walked over to Nacif leaning against the wall and calmly told him:

Kamel, every time you look in my eyes, all those abused girls will be looking back out at you.

This flustered him with such disbelief and rage that she strategically set a timebomb ticking off in his head. When it came time for Nacif to sound off on how Lydia’s book defamed him, he said that her public statement that he raped children caused over 100 sexual harassment claims by his sweatshop workers and that this caused him to lose export contracts. Yet with all his lawyers preparing for this day, he foolishly had no documentation to back up his claims. When it was apparent that he was unable to prove “the millions in losses,” he completely lost it, lashing out in rage. When it was over, Lydia sought the company of her shelter girls, writing:

For years, these girls and women believed their rapists to be untouchable, all-powerful beings. Now their tormentors were human, plain and simple, and standing up to them was a woman just like them… We are all Lydia Cacho,’ the mother of one of the girls said to Lydia, lovingly. Lovingly, Lydia replied: ‘And Lydia Cacho is all women. We are in this together.’[157]

On January 2nd, 2007, they were all assembled back in the courtroom to hear the judge’s verdict. He threw the case out, the judge declaring that Lydia Cacho proved that no defamation against Nacif occurred. This was an enormous victory for the underdog victims of the world whose voice is invariably trampled on and silenced by an unjust and cruel anti-child system that crushes their dreams and hopes of ever obtaining justice and seeing their perpetrator go to prison. Lydia championed children and victims everywhere.

But the rattled pedo-cabal players could not accept defeat. So, in 2008 Nacif was at it again, this time filing defamation in civil court. Likely out of partial guilt, then 24-year old Edith wrote Lydia informing her that Nacif’s lawyers had her sign an agreement in English which she did not comprehend in exchange for money. Edith Encalada testified in person against Lydia, with Necif’s case this time resting on their claims that Lydia’s book exposed their affairs that “rightfully” should have remained private, and therefore Lydia and her publishers owed them substantial compensation financially. The claim also challenged Lydia’s credentials as a journalist, which was absurd but she had to bring in as witnesses a parade of upstanding peers to defend her professional reputation. The case stagnated, eventually winding up at the Supreme Court to adjudicate.

Again, Kamel Nacif and his and Succor’s elite pedophilia network once again went down in flames as another tremendously significant triumph for abuse victims, journalists that report the truth, and democracy itself in Mexico. As an oligarchy where the power of special interest corporations and their ruling class of oligarch owners’ sway and dictate government policy and decision-making through corruption, bribery and blackmail, placing the interests of the public’s need to know over that of the elite was a first in Mexico. Again, Lydia’s case changed history as Mexico abolished defamation as a criminal charge. Only through civil justice suits and courts will it have its place. As of 2013, no more jail time for violators of defamation but financial compensation only. A big catch is that state law supersedes federal, so whether the 31 Mexican states adopt this law into state practice and law would remain to be seen. Nonetheless, as an unprecedented win for both freedom of the press as well as a serious blow against the evil international child sex trafficking network, Lydia became a hero for all of humanity.

When Nacif’s wife leaked those incriminating taped conversations in February 2006, it was Lydia Cacho’s turn to go on the offensive, charging Governor Marin and Kamel Nacif for ordering her unlawful arrest, her sexual abuse and torture during that harrowing 20-hour road trip to more abuse in Puebla. Also facing human rights violation charges in her lawsuit were their two female lackeys – Puebla Judge Rosa Celia Perez Gonzalez for authorizing Lydia’s abduction and detention, and Puebla Attorney General Blanca Laura Villeda Martinez for arranging her jail torture and sexual assault. Sufficient proof in those disgusting gloats and the admitted bribes on the phone alone should have clinched another legal victory. But because violating human rights was never codified into Mexican law, despite their ample existence in the country controlled by drug and human trafficking cartels, abundant corruption, murder, bribery and blackmail, Lydia’s case was navigating never before traveled, uncharted waters in yet another first for the champion goddess of human and child rights. One more first, Lydia was the first woman in Mexico’s history to bring a case before the Supreme Court. So, undaunted, against all odds, Lydia pressed on for justice, in her words:

My lawyer was clear in his forewarning that I had no chance whatsoever of winning the case, or even having it investigated properly.

Lydia Cacho’s unprecedented lawsuit attempted to hold the four criminal defendants accountable for their wanton abuse of power, influence peddling, criminal collusion, federal corruption, abduction as well as torture and rape in revenge for her having exposed Governor Marin’s and Kamel Nacif’s links to the international pedo-network. The undemocratic Mexico also never allows criminal charges to even be filed against its “god-like” governors, just like Queen Elizabeth and her clan are immune from redress of all their crimes against children and humanity. From its very outset, her suit was a David vs. Goliath slingshot longshot. And by legal loophole extension, no doubt immunity to the rest of the criminals would be applied.

To ensure the upstart woman’s libber heroine doesn’t take over patriarchal Mexico, the ultra-threatened pedo-cabal had to resort to sneaky, underhanded, lowlife tactics to ensure her power and winning ways finally get defeated. So just four months after her hugely important lawsuit was launched, Lydia’s most complete and convincing case file was stolen. Lydia wrote:

It was the most complete, extensive dossier regarding my case in existence, and if it were to fall into Governor Marin’s hands, he would have access to the names of my key witnesses.[158]

And it only took the Supreme Court a month later to seize advantage, announcing that Lydia failed to provide sufficient evidence to hear her case. But all was not lost. Lydia explains:

To my complete surprise and that of my lawyers, the Supreme Court ruled 7-3 in favor of widening the scope of the inquest.

As part of its widening scope, a subset of the Supreme Court formed a Special Investigative Commission led by Justice Juan Silva Meza, to carry out an extensive probe into the criminal conspiracy against Lydia, who happily commented:

This is historic. This is monumental. The Mexican Supreme Court is saying it will dare to investigate public servants who collude with organized crime to shut journalists up.

The Commission covertly ordered 21 wiretaps on all the main player defendants, including both Marin and Nacif’s wives and heard testimony from brave child sex victims that hadn’t been bribed with hush money or given death threats to silence them. At great risk, twenty-three courageous individuals stepped forward to speak truth to power. On June 26, 2007 the Commission released their findings. Lydia’s take on this important occasion:

What a surprise was in store for us!’ For the very first time in Mexican history, a full and thorough investigation of human rights and women’s rights had been conducted by the highest court of the land.

Justice Meza read aloud:

[The Governor and his associates] conspired to apprehend and torture Lydia Cacho, whose journalistic work uncovered a network of political and financial forces supporting and protecting child pornography and pedophilia rings.[159]

Another historic moment in Mexican history, setting the precedent that governors are not gods. But it would be premature to open the champagne. A wimpy unnamed justice cowardly delegated a court clerk to read that the Court should withhold its ruling “until such time as the rules for reaching a determination have been decided upon.” Through Judge Meza was literally taken aback, ultimately it was Mexico’s evil Pedo-Establishment reasserting its power, albeit anonymously through a lowly clerk. Governor Marin’s attorneys wasted no time brazenly telling the press that the majority of Supreme Court Justices had heeded their warning to protect Mexico’s status quo impunity for governors that was still the nation’s law. Needless to say, Lydia and even Judge Meza were devastated by this undermining of the Commission’s findings based on hardcore evidence.

By late July 2007 the Special Investigative Commission on Lydia Cacho’s abuse of power probe released its findings in writing. In it Justice Meza stated:

Journalist Lydia Cacho did not go far enough in her book. The journalist’s book does not begin to tell it all.

A Special Prosecutor working for federal authorities told the press in March 2006:

Lydia Cacho never realized just how far-reaching (Succar Kuri’s) network was.[160]

Asked if all the child rape and child porn rings work together, the Special Prosecutor responded:

Very probably. And not only at the national level, but on an international scale as well. In the Succar Kuri case specifically, it is a large-scale network… (M)ultiple international connections have been shown to exist. More than were previously thought.

For the first time Mexican authorities confirmed Lydia Cacho’s book on the demons in Eden was true:

Succar Kuri was kingpin of an international child rape and child porn network, running ‘sex tourism’ operations in Mexico for men to rape children. His extensive money-laundering likely linked him to organized crime.[161]

Drawn from years of pursuit of the dark truth, including her own firsthand experience, Lydia Cacho readily admits that the sheer reality of the pedo-scourge afflicting Mexico is far worse than even she or anyone can definitively know, concluding:

The complicity in Mexico between child sex rings and the business and political elites goes beyond what we can even imagine. What we have just seen is only the tip of the iceberg… The number of Mexican politicians and businessmen involved in child pornography and sex rings would shock us if we knew the real extent of the phenomenon.[162]

Governor Marin was so nervous over his fate with Lydia exposing the shady truth that he actually used taxpayer money amounting to 3.5 billion pesos to feebly attempt to upgrade his public image.[163] But he’d been watched by a number of agencies from both Mexico and the US. America’s Drug Enforcement Administration, Interpol and other law enforcement agencies were well-aware of Marin’s taxpaid embezzlement and front companies to acquire an enormous fleet of helicopters and planes, with his son the cutout owner living the high life in Wels, Austria in the eastern foothills of the Alps, a playground for the global elite. The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) intercepted large sums of undeclared cash onboard Marin’s aircraft in transit to Texas and Florida, in all likelihood linked to organized crime. Marin was busted hiding a cartel boss evading arrest and obviously his head was deep in the bowels of the drug cartels. His planes have also been used in child sex trafficking. One Mexican underage victim disclosed that three trafficked American girls from Florida were brought into Mexico on a plane owned by “a Governor.” Interpol has reported that “(Governor Marin) is known to have a penchant for underage women.”[164] His ties to Nacif and Succar and their global pedo-network is heavily documented and indisputable.

Moreover, the Merida Initiative, an intelligence collaboration between the US, Mexico and Central America ostensibly set up to fight organized crime, money laundering and drug-trafficking, all know about Governor Marin’s criminal activities and sexual proclivities. A military general assigned to Merida Initiative intelligence explained to Lydia that Marin possessed ‘a history of protecting pedophiles,’ but when Mexico’s President [Vicente Fox in office from 2000 to 2006] was notified, he did absolutely nothing.[165] US intelligence as well as intelligence services in Central America and Mexico all have long been aware of Marin being eyeball deep in child sex trafficking, yet they do nothing but observe. It took one ballsy female journalist from Mexico to take on the international pedophilia cabal network.

Let’s face it, every president in Mexico since at least the 1980s has been compromised as either an enabler of both cartel drug and child sex trafficking or a pedophile themselves. Incisive investigative journalist Daniel Hopsicker asserts:

Every recent Mexican President—including Carlos Salinas, Vicente Fox, Felipe Calderon, and Enrique Pena—have presided over that country’s drug trade.[166]

And where the drug trade is presided over, so is the human trade in flesh. After Pena comes the current president since 2018, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. An April 2021 Federalist article quotes former Trump Ambassador to Mexico Christopher Landau:

López Obrador has tried to avoid open conflict, and instead adopted a laissez faire attitude towards the cartels.[167]

… which essentially means according to Landau, that up to 40% – close to half of all Mexico – is totally controlled by the drug cartels, and that Obrador, by not taking an aggressive stance against them, is acquiescing and therefore it’s business as usual for cartels, boosted of course by Biden’s open door trafficking policy, drugs and children pouring into the US like never before. All over the world, presidents and prime ministers are figurehead puppets, bobbing to the dictates of the criminal cabal made up of the organized crime cartels and syndicates, royalty, secret societies and dynastic bloodline elites actually in charge.

But back to the real fighter of child sex abuse trafficking, all of Mexico was glued to their television for the unprecedented live announcement of the Supreme Court decision on her case. With the cameras rolling, Justice Meza spoke first:

The violation of the human rights of the journalist Lydia Cacho as a result of the concerted actions of the Governor of the State of Puebla and the authorities of the State Attorney General’s Office and the Court of Justice of the same has been irrefutably established.[168]

The next three that spoke after Meza agreed, guilty as charged. But the last six Justices all ruled in favor of the pedo-crime cabal. Despite the overwhelming evidence, 6 out of 10 remained “unconvinced” that either Marin or Puebla law enforcement abused their powers. The final two to speak were women, one conservative and the other a feminist Olga Sanchez Cordero. Yet even the feminist ruled against Lydia, claiming her crimes against her weren’t serious. The majority Justices go on camera and claim they actually believe that arresting an innocent person on false charges, charges already proven false in a prior criminal court of law, having state law enforcement agents sexually abusing and torturing her while in their custody, and a state attorney-general and judge arranging a gang rape and torture in prison, only to then have the highest court in the land deny any abuse of power ever took place by colluding state authorities is such an atrocious affront to every human being’s intelligence and fundamental sense of right and wrong. But then this is Mexico where more journalists are assassinated than any other country on earth not currently at war. The Mexican government shamelessly makes no attempt to conceal the fact that it’s a mere appendage of the drug/human trafficking cartels that own it. A person close to Governor Marin’s attorneys told Lydia that they paid the justices off. Even the so-called feminist traitor Olga Sanchez Cordero admitted that she cowardly bowed under to “extreme political pressure.”[169]

While so many atop Mexico’s power structure want Lydia Cacho disappeared, dead and out of the way, it should really come as no shock that Mexico’s Supreme Court would rule in late November 2007 that Governor Mario Marin did not violate Lydia Cacho’s civil rights, detaining her on defamation charges.[170] The lies and injustice live a long life in Mexico and the world. The 6-4 ruling came after Judge Meza’s Commission had concluded that at least 30 named public officials conspired against her. After the court decision, a disappointed Lydia lamented journalists would be inclined to censor themselves because:

The Supreme Court has ruled that corrupt politicians always have more power than the victims of crime.

The high court’s lead dissenting and equally disappointed Judge Meza verbalized his findings:

There was an agreement between authorities in Puebla and Quintana Roo to infringe on the rights of the journalist. I have the conviction that in a democratic state of laws there is no place for impunity.[171]

Lydia Cacho has been deemed such an enormous threat to Mexico’s corrupt power elites that they had her tailed, her phone tapped, her whereabouts tracked 24/7. There were spies working for Governor Marin relaying confidential private information back to him. Succar Kuri even had the criminal police duo Montaño and Perez living at his Cancun residence staking out Lydia’s every move. Again, to the pedophile mafioso running the world, Lydia Cacho is enemy #1, not the police or politicians entrusted to serve and protect the public, they’ve been routinely bought and sold for centuries.

Another first – in 2010 the four justices that did stand up for Lydia, ruling against Mexico’s elite pedo-network, actually published a book laying out their version of truth in support of Lydia. Never before has the Supreme Court, especially dissenting judges on a monumental case, ever written a book about their decision. But they felt compelled because they found the mafia’s influence and control over their own  Supreme Court extremely disturbing. The four Justices declared in The Ways of Power: The Lydia Cacho Case:

The journalist’s fundamental rights were seriously violated… The authorities under indictment are protecting and promoting pedophilia and child pornography networks.[172] [Emphasis all mine]

Now back to the global pedo-king of Mexico, Lebanese-born Saccur Kuri. He remained locked up in an American jail while the US judge needed reassurance that the corrupt cartel-owned Mexican government wouldn’t set his ass free as soon as he lands on home turf. Finally, Saccur was extradited back to Mexico after over two years in the US to finally face prosecution at his federal trial. On July 5, 2006 he arrived at his new home, a minimum-security prison back in his old stomping grounds in Cancun. His cushy accommodations allowed his sons and grandsons free access to come and go without as much as a search. Sex abuse victim Edith also reportedly visited Succar several times at his luxury “prison” suite. Rumors of an impending jailhouse break had authorities moving Succar from the low-security suite to a medium-security prison in Chetumal. A few days after Succar’s transfer, over 100 inmates broke out of the minimum-security prison in Cancun, but without their “Epstein of Mexico.”

After a barrage of heavy breathing hang-up calls, likely the pedo-monster of Cancun himself, a Chetumal prison special agent sent Lydia the heads-up that her life was in danger, that Succar sent out 2 inmates as his assassination squad to exterminate Lydia. The agent faxed a sketch of her home drawn up by Saccur as part of the inmates’ instructions. At the same time that she found out, so did Mexico as the murder plot was plastered all over the morning headlines.

After a year in a Mexican prison awaiting trial, on May 3, 2007 finally the day had come for witness Lydia Cacho to confront the “monster of Cancun” face-to-face in a courtroom. Succar was being tried on child pornography charges with eight of his victims having already testified against him, backed up by actual videos of Succar raping them in an open and shut case. But as is so often also the case in the universal criminal justice system that supports the sex offender more than the victim, Succar was not on trial for rape of defenseless little girls but simply “corruption of minors.”  For over 12-hours with no break for even food or drink at Mexico’s highest security prison, Altiplano Maximum-Security Prison, Lydia sat in a small hearing room just six feet away from Succar Kuri sitting behind bars separating the two, watching his grimacing, contorted face throughout with flashes of Hannibal Lecter. As soon as he saw Lydia’s “No More Pedophiles. No More Corruption. No More Impunity” shirt, he gestured to his attorneys and the judge ruled it “offensive to the prisoner,” ordering her to cover it up. Though Lydia had anticipated her trial testimony would be about the girls he victimized receiving trauma-care treatment at her shelter, it regressed into something else entirely, with echoes of blame the victim. Lydia wrote:

There was one particularly critical moment when I even found myself asking the Judge if I was making this appearance as a witness who knew the raped girls or, rather, if this was a trial being held against me for having published The Demons of Eden.[173]

Despite the degrading witch hunt atmosphere during Lydia’s marathon courtroom testimony, she did manage to address the girls’ egregious abuse and that many of the victims had been subsequently given death threats while some of the mothers accepted money from Succar’s attorneys in exchange for their silence. After 11 and a half hours of Lydia on the witness stand, while the judge stepped out momentarily, the enraged demon of Eden repeatedly assured Lydia he was going to kill her if it was the last thing he ever did. Lydia Cacho would later recall her afterthoughts:

Back in the SUV, for the almost two hours it took to drive back to the Mexico City [Airport], I sat next to my bodyguard with my face turned towards the window and cried inconsolably. Nobody but those young souls who had lived under this cruel man’s yoke could know what it was like to submit to his psychological tortures. I was acutely moved by these young girls and their bravery… Even in their darkest hours, after the nightmares and the mood swings, the girls insisted they would tell me the entire story on one condition: that I would try my best to make sure Succar Kuri and his accomplices would not rape or sell another girl as long as they were alive… And I promised… If they’re not giving up, I thoughtnobody else has the right to give up either.[174]

Five days after receiving more death threats from Saccur Kuri, the armored SUV she was a passenger in began swerving uncontrollably because the lug nuts had been hacksawed nearly off. Lydia filed attempted murder charges with the Office of the Special Prosecutor for Crimes Against Journalists. Three months later on a Friday night she was summoned to convene on Saturday without her lawyers for a mental health examination while the SUV and lug nuts still sat in the Special Prosecutor Office parking lot never touched or analyzed. Puebla Attorney General Blanca Laura Villeda Martinez, the vixen that arranged the rape and torture of Lydia in prison, sarcastically stated she sawed off the lug nuts herself, producing no response or investigation. The gaslighting harassment and murder attempts on Lydia’s life from her powerful enemies continue unabated. It was around this time that Lydia noticed many of her so-called friends were distancing themselves, afraid of repercussions of even being seen in her presence. Meanwhile in August 2007, the Cancun judge sentenced Succar to just 13 years in prison and a ridiculously low fine of 85,837 pesos while Lydia in late 2007 was diagnosed with cancer and her uterus and ovaries were removed. Doctors told her that the stress was literally killing her, causing early stages of multiple organ failure.[175]

In May 2010 a group of military men led by a police officer attacked the shelter with assault weapons, claiming the shelter was holding his wife and son against their will after he tried shooting the wife. With assistance from Quintana Roo’s Attorney-General’s Office, another enraged cop out of his mind laid siege of the shelter for several hours. The CCTV cameras got badge numbers and loads of documented evidence. A federal police commander was dispatched to the scene, noticed their weapons and some of the gunmen in police uniforms and left, claiming they were probably “members of the Zetas or some other cartel.” Eventually the Quintana Roo Attorney-General convinced the attackers to back off and the wacked out husband cop was suspended for a week. Not long after that, the same Attorney-General admitted that 70% of Cancun’s police force was infiltrated by the drug cartels.[176] The bloody cartel power grab was on in Mexico, in this last decade reaching the point of not even bothering to pay off government officials. While their power of controlling the country has expanded to unprecedented heights, throughout Mexico. Femicide has become an off-the-chart epidemic now in Mexico as thousands upon thousands of mostly girls and women are being murdered and disappearing at record, never before seen rates.[177]

Seems more and more countries are experiencing this same alarming phenomenon, each with their own dubbed “highway of death.”[178] Earlier in this chapter Brazil’s was covered and in the Canadian chapter in Book 4 British Columbia has its notorious highway of missing people, mostly indigenous women and girls. In Mexico between the industrial center of Monterrey and the border city of Nuevo Laredo in the neighboring state, 50 people have disappeared so far just this year alone, along the 135-mile (220 km) stretch of highway. Up to half of the missing are suspected to be American. Speculation has it that a resurgence of competing cartel turf wars could now be targeting Americans as well. Mexican citizens are reminded of the cartel drug wars raging between 2006 and 2012 and fear another round is currently unfolding. The major difference this time around is that the cartel gangsters in the last drug war focused on murdering each other but now innocent people appear to be randomly victimized. It holds true in the northern Mexican border town of Reynosa where on June 19, rival cartels drove through the streets indiscriminately shooting at bystanders, killing at least 15. The wave of bloody violence and inexplicable disappearances and likely abductions is erupting with unprecedented frequency these days.

Because of this rising lawless danger of Mexico’s out of control crime sprees and murder rates, especially directed at girls and women, nearly all the women’s shelters have been driven out of business, just trying to maintain staffing amidst battle fatigue conditions has become near impossible. Lydia’s shelter was among the few refuges left but it too became a fatality during the recession and been turned into a training center for the prevention of violence against women and girls.

Several months later while her commercial flight landed, Lydia passed out and was diagnosed with the same agonizing illness that slowly killed her mother – autoimmune disease. Her life mission to expose the truth about the worldwide pedophilia scourge afflicting our planet, while dodging enemy bullets, rapes and torture, along with navigating through a total of 4 grueling trials, while as a journalist continuing to write books and manage her crisis shelter, Lydia Cacho’s commitment to do the right thing has taken a heavy toll on her exhausted mind and body, so much so that the now 58-year old fighter for justice opted for peace of mind, living in another country outside Mexico in exchange for less fear of assassination.[179] Relocation was deemed necessary after Lydia’s home was broken into on July 31, 2019, and journalistic material again was stolen related to her investigation into pedophilia in Mexico.[180] Nor did the death threats cease.

Yet that same year in 2010, after years of research and learning more in-depth about the global crisis of human trafficking, Lydia Cacho published her 5-years in-the-making, next book: Slavery, Inc.: The Untold Story of Human Trafficking (Esclavas del Poder), alongside preparing an educational curriculum for children to learn how to spot traffickers and pedophiles. Through her travels to 141 countries, with various NGO assistance, she had mapped out the largest trafficking routes on earth – from London, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan to the Afghan border with China, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Japan, Hawaii, Los Angeles, and of course the Latin American sex trade routes.[181]

On August 31, 2011, the Appeals Court Judge for the Succar Kuri case summoned Lydia Cacho to tell her personally his decision:

The sentence, which the victims as well as the perpetrator will have formal access to as of now, is 112 years in prison. (Succar Kuri will pay) a fine of 527,174 pesos, and will also be required to pay 320,000 pesos in damages per victim, a figure designed to allow to cover the costs of their therapy, future studies, and any health problems resulting from their trauma. In other words, he will be required to pay 2.5 million pesos. I made the decision to sentence him for each individual case because the law allows me to do so, and because of the seriousness of the crimes… I wanted these girls…to understand that this Court recognizes their bravery and that these crimes have been substantiated beyond all doubt.[182]

A number of legal developments have ensued since the judge ordered the demon of Cancun to die in prison. Quite a number of other arrests and prosecutions of criminals operating within the system have gone down to this very day. In 2014 A federal police agent came forth to reveal that he and others received direct orders from the Puebla Attorney-General’s Office, demanding:

[Agents] fuck Lydia Cacho up, you know, – beat her up or kill her.[183]

It was enough to issue search warrants for arrest on the two Puebla police agents Jose Montaño and Jesus Perez in 2014, nearly a decade after their crimes were committed against Lydia Cacho. According to a February 2021 article in Newsy Today:

Jesús Pérez Vargas, the other Puebla policeman who detained Cacho, has been a fugitive since 2014, when the arrest warrant was issued against him.[184]

While Pérez may be protected or dead or successfully hiding out somewhere these last 7 years, for crimes perpetrated against Lydia 16 years ago, Comandante José Montaño Quiroz wasn’t so lucky. After the former Puebla police chief Montaño was arrested on December 11, 2014, he was convicted of torturing Lydia after her false arrest a dozen years earlier and sentenced to 5 years and 3 months in prison in October 2017.[185] Had Governor Marin not called off the hit in 2005, Montaño and Perez would have been guilty of murder. Once warrants went out for their arrests in 2014, more death threats against Lydia were reported. But word is that the Quintana Roo governor eventually dropped police pursuit for arrests as evidence emerged that Governor Marin made a call thanking his fellow governor. At the appeal hearing Montaño’s sentence was increased to 6 years, adding 9 more months than the original length.[186] At Montaño’s 2017 trial, Lydia explained the unfolding events during that infamous road trip with the two Puebla police agents years earlier:

When Montaño was arrested for torture and I had to confront him in court over the course of five hours, I could still smell his breath from a distance. When the Judge asked me to explain the sexual torture I had endured on that infamous road trip, I broke down in tears, but Montaño laughed…[187]

Essentially, the governor deployed his two-man death squad to murder Lydia while masquerading as “legal” police officers, proving once again that the governor is no different from the mafia godfather sending his organized crime henchmen out to do his murderous dirty bidding. There is absolutely no difference and just because it’s the cartel owned and controlled lawless state of Mexico, the identical underworld machine is active in every nation’s government on earth. In this Luciferian system, the good guys are destined to never be placed in positions of power and influence, be it in law enforcement or politics or virtually any other powerful sector, because the pathological infrastructure has long been completely infiltrated and commandeered by psychopathic pedophilic killers and psychopathic enablers.

In recent years Lydia Cacho has at least received belated vindication for all her sacrifice and hardship. After the United Nations Human Rights Committee formally recognized her human rights were violated in August 2018,[188] in January 2019 President Obrador’s administration publicly apologized for her 2005 arrest. The UN Council’s passed its first ever resolution rebuking Mexico for its gross human rights violation. With an ultimatum of 180 days to respond, the momentum appears to slowly be shifting, perhaps more than cosmetically turning the tide against the VIP pedophile impunity in Mexico. We the People must demand accountability from the criminals that we outnumber a million to one.

On April 16, 2019, a Quintana Roo judge issued the arrest of all the masterminds behind the unlawful arrest and torture of journalist Cacho, the only problem is all were nowhere to be found.[189] The biggest “mastermind” missing pair were “Denim King” Kamel Nacif and former Puebla Governor Mario Marin. Other alleged VIP pedo club standouts still out there roaming free are Miguel Ángel Yunes Linares, in 2005 the Federal Public Safety Secretariat and from 2016 to 2018 the Veracruz state governor.[190] During the 2016 campaign race for Veracruz governor, the two top candidates competing against each other were cousins Hector Yunes Landa accusing the winner Miguel Ángel Yunes Linares of pedophilia.[191] Other pedo-affiliates were former Veracruz Governor Fidel Herrera Beltrán (PRI 2004-2010) that Forbes named among 10 most corrupt Mexicans linked to Zetas cartel[192] and lower House PRI Party chief Emilio Gamboa. Virtually every one of Forbes’ “10 most corrupt Mexicans” as well as accused “mastermind” pedos in Succar’s network are from Mexico’s 70-year ruling PRI Party. But with no arrests among the “mastermind” big boys, Lydia’s response to the President Obrador’s apology drew this poignant reply:

We want all and each one of the masterminds on trial.[193]

The first big step towards getting her wish finally happened. After more than a decade and a half since the plotted arrest, torture and rape of journalist Lydia Cacho in December 2005 at the behest of pedophile ringleaders, karma and manmade law converge on former Puebla Governor Mario Marin (from 2005 to 2011) the first week of February 2021, proving that Mexican governors are no longer possess god-like impunity when they commit criminal acts. Activists are heartened by movement toward long overdue justice and the fresh opportunity at the prospect of unmasking Mexico’s highly organized elite pedophilia network, the one Marin was part of that undoubtedly is the same one still operating today. Marin was taken into custody in Acapulco and brought to a jail in Cancun, the same one his longtime pedo buddy Succar Kuri calls home – the Benito Juárez Social Reinsertion Center (Cereso).[194]

In 2019 a judge in Quintana Roo state issued a warrant for Marin’s arrest but he had already taken flight as a fugitive from justice. Another central player that tried to escape justice is the ringleader’s primary protector, businessman Kamel Nacif. When the arrest warrants went out for Governor Marin and Nacif in 2019, the Lebanese-Mexican was quick to take flight, fleeing to his ethnic origin Lebanon. But in May 2021 Nacif was arrested.[195] Lydia Cacho testified against him at a Lebanese court and returned for his recent hearing on June 15.  His February arrest overturns the bogus 2006 Supreme Court decision that falsely claimed there were no human rights violations or abuse of power in defiance of overwhelming evidence. According to the press freedom organization Articula 19, if convicted, Marin could be sentenced up to a dozen years in prison. At 67 as of June 28, 2021, Marin’s ploy to sidestep prison was turned down by the judge, not taken in by his sob story citing kidney impairment and high risk of Covid-19. Current interior secretary Olga Sanchez Cordero was the Supreme Court Justice and feminist who ruled against Lydia’s lawsuit, later admitting that she folded under “extreme political pressure.” Weighing in on this year’s Mario Marin arrest, she stressed the importance of the presumption of innocence to maintain his fair trial. What was fair about her denial of evidence against the journalist the first time around? She has as much credibility then, which is zero, as she does now. Governor Mario Marin’s two handmaidens – Puebla Attorney-General who arranged the prison rape and torture, and the Judge who signed off on Lydia’s arrest as order-following underlings of the masterminds, have yet to be arrested for their more prominent roles.

Juan Sánchez Moreno, commander of the city of Puebla’s Attorney-General’s Office in December 2005 when journalist Lydia Cacho was unlawfully detained and tortured both in transit to Puebla and in the Puebla jail, was convicted in January 2020.[196] As the second individual convicted over the Lydia Cacho torture, Juan Sánchez Moreno also received a 5-year, 3-month sentence behind bars and a paltry fine of just 12,133 Mexican pesos (approximately US $644).

Incidentally, the same week Mario Marin got arrested, he hired a law firm to sue Lydia Cacho for allegedly inflicting moral, psychological and economic damage to several minor players in the scandal.[197] All three were employees at the Puebla Attorney-General’s Office in 2005 – Alejandro Rocha Laureano, commander of the then Puebla Judicial Police, today the Ministerial Police, and two female police agents under Laureano acting as Lydia’s fake “escorts” up the steps of the Attorney-General’s Office building – Verónica Chávez Cruz and María Irene Arteaga Rangel. Alejandro Rocha Laureano was arrested in December 2018 “for his probable responsibility in the crime of torture.”[198]

The Puebla Judicial Police Director, Adolfo Karam Beltrán, who ordered the female cops to switch places at the Puebla border with the still wayward torturer Jesus Perez, is currently another runaway with a warrant for his arrest also issued in 2019. Despite his unknown whereabouts, as of May 2021 and until further notice, Adolfo Karam Beltrán’s arrest warrant remains in effect.[199] The reason for its still active status is that an investigation has yet to determine his level of participation as potential intellectual author of the torture against the journalist.

Finally, an October 2017 article from the Polish publication Outriders states:

Mexico is the infamous leader among the world in sexual abuse, physical violence and the killing of children under the age of 14. Despite that fact, 25 out of 31 states in Mexico do not consider paedophilia a serious crime, and suspects may leave prison after paying a minimum bail set at the remuneration of 3 to 200 working days. According to the report of the Mexican Senate, the country also ranks first in the world in the distribution of child pornography.[200]

With Mexico leading the global pack in all the above horrific crimes, they only become more magnified with its shared northern border with the United States, and the cartels operating under impunity boosted by today’s child trafficking boon. This chapter’s concluding focus is on this expanding catastrophe at the border. From 1990 up until 2010, Latin American nations consistently produced the world’s largest migrant populations seeking a better life elsewhere as immigrants in other nations,[201] with 51 million calling the world migration magnet – the United States, their new home.[202]

But with Obama’s wars in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, the Anglo-American-Zionist Empire’s war machine unleashed millions of displaced refugees fleeing the Middle Eastern-North African war zones that were Empire’s preplanned creation, bringing about the worst migration crisis on the planet since WWII, by globalist intentional design, flooding Europe and North America.[203] After all, the one world government endgame requires complete decimation of middle-class affluence on the planet’s two targeted wealthiest continents.[204]

Imposter President Joe Biden and imposter Vice President Cameltoe Harris’ open border policy has a record high of over 170,000 illegal immigrants on average pouring into America each month.[205] As designated “border tsar,” VP Harris has avoided visiting her crowded domain, yet she fumbled her way to Mexico and Guatemala in June 2021. While angry Guatemalan protesters greeted her with signs to “Go Home” and “Trump won,” the Guatemalan president publicly blamed Biden for the border crisis.[206] Ostensibly Harris was there to discuss the elephant in the room’s root cause when it’s simply her and Sleepy Joe’s open border agenda, having promised amnesty to 11 million illegal immigrants residing in America already,[207] using US taxpaid dollars to fly the latest incoming arrivals allegedly to their illegal alien relatives in the States. The bonus prize of free healthcare eligibility and other government giveaways have long beckoned invited hordes crossing the border. Meanwhile with forked tongue and crossed fingers behind her back, Harris in Guatemala feebly, laughably tells Latin Americans “not to come.”

Washington’s illegit regime’s disastrous border policy is providing a financial boon for the Mexican drug cartels, currently raking in an incredible $20 million per day, making it more profitable for them to smuggle humans rather than drugs, especially with 70% being minors – perfect candidates for the international child sex trafficking network. Just like the Obama years, Barack surrogate Biden is in cahoots with the drug cartel traffickers delivering children directly to US immigration officials and Homeland Security that then traffic them inside the US.[208] Proof came in May 2021, when hundreds of unaccompanied trafficked teenagers were spotted by an alert local Chattanooga, Tennessee TV crew, secretly flown in the dead of night to Wilson Air Center before boarding buses for unknown parts.[209] An editorial from the local Chattanoogan asks the fake president to address raised suspicions that the Biden regime is actively involved in international child trafficking:

The fact that the federal government failed to provide the required notice to state and local officials suggests that those responsible for this exploitive chain of events don’t want to be publicly called out. Why is that? If there is nothing to hide, why not be transparent about it?[210]

While the repeatedly alleged pedophile Biden[211] was US Vice President, in December 2013 he and the Obama administration were already accused of complicity in child trafficking as reported by Breitbart:

A United States federal judge has accused President Barack Obama’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) of being complicit in helping Mexican drug cartels and felons inside America smuggle illegal aliens into the country.[212]

During Obama’s final year in office from 2015 to 2016, the number of reported human trafficking cases in America spiked in that one year alone a whopping 26.3%.[213] It’s no wonder when throughout the 8-years that Obama and Biden were in office, they maintained a disgraceful DHS “catch and release” policy,[214] which in turn led to their 2014-15 border crisis involving thousands of unaccompanied Central American kids bottlenecked at the border.[215] At taxpaid expense, DHS was caught red-handed flying children smuggled across the border by convicted felon traffickers to illegal immigrant relatives’ homes already in the States. So it’s déjà vu all over again.

In July 2014 writing for the alt-news website Global Research, seven years ago I duly noted:

Since 2011 simultaneous effects from US foreign policy in the [Central America] region have only promoted more drug trafficking as well as child trafficking in the form of the massive proliferation of children from Central America (currently 73% from Central America while just 25% are now coming from Mexico) crossing the Mexican border into the US unaccompanied by adults. Just five years ago these percentages were nearly reversed when only 17% of unaccompanied minors originated in Central America and 82% were from Mexico. These four co-occurring developments, the US militarization of the region, nonstop increasing flow of drugs into US, the intensifying, out of control drug cartel-gang violence and influx of young children pouring into the US are all interconnected and intentionally driven by US foreign policy. Either by calculated design or minimally by complicity, America has thousands and thousands of children crossing our border.[216] 

As mentioned earlier, the child sex trafficking border pipeline has been booming for decades. The Clinton-Haiti-Epstein-Maxwell-Podesta-Obama-Soros-Pizzagate-NXIVM connection (See Book 4) along with their open border child trafficking policy as a matter of established record, not once, not twice, but over and over and over again, says everything one with eyes half open needs to know. Although President Trump signed two executive orders targeting human trafficking and made a serious dent in curtailing this confirmed international sex trafficking operation,[217] what progress was made under Trump is now being lost, reversed by the international crime cabal’s compromised,[218] China-controlled puppet, Creepy Uncle Joe.[219] [220] [221]

An article was published by the Latin American Post as recently as October 2020 with the title warning of “The Increase of Prostitution in South America.” The sale of sex and the trafficking of humans for sex are symbiotically virtually one and the same when organized crime is involved, and all increasingly engage in the commercial sexual exploitation of children for Big Bucks. From the Post article:

Human trafficking has become another factor that has motivated the increase in prostitution, and what is more worrying, more and more minors are being forcibly involved, through deceptive offers and coercion… The majority of victims of human trafficking for the prostitution market in Central America and the Caribbean are girls. 80% of the victims of human traffickers in Latin America are women and girls, the vast majority ending up in the hands of sexual exploitation networks. The Secretary General of the UN, Antonio Guterres, includes poverty, in addition to armed conflicts, natural disasters and forced displacement, as a cause of the increase in human trafficking, mostly as part of the sex market.[222]

Reading between the UN Secretary-General’s lines above, forced displacement resulting from a growing number of cabal-induced armed conflicts in the region [coming to one near you],[223] including recent outbreaks of drug cartel turf wars,[224] and the co-occurrence of natural [or unnatural?[225]] disasters, within already impoverished, economically poor nations long steeped in corruption and inequality, make for an explosive breeding ground to bolster the existing organized pedophilia crime network, operating in collusion with the US government-crime network, fronted by the Biden-Harris puppet regime, but controlled by a CCP-backed global takeover of the US.[226] The perfect NWO mix is thus created to boost the unhampered child sex abuse trafficking operation worldwide, while, under the pretense of the globalists’ fake Covid-19 and fake climate change agenda,[227] the draconian ghouls are now calling for permanent, nonstop lockdown control over humanity.[228] Using this deceitful ploy as their cover to keep the masses blindly imprisoned, locked away in their home stalls like cattle awaiting the slaughterhouse cull, the fully unencumbered international child sex trafficking network is then free to provide endless supply of flesh and blood adrenochrome and fresh body parts for cannibalistic consumption and Satanic ritual sodomy, parasitically stealing and feeding off the life force of defenseless innocents… all for their Great Reset, so we can all be so happy.

Migrants from Latin American nations, especially Central America and Mexico, are swarming the US border since Biden took office in January 2021, trafficked to the United States by drug cartel gangs and coyotes, delivered straight into Biden-Harris’s open arms and their over-burdened Border Patrol, ICE, DHS, HHS and now even FEMA. Biden’s controllers have ensured collusion with the biggest organized crime cartels of Latin America, including the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas. By globalist design, the open border policy, fast undoing Trump’s hard-earned progress to finally seal off and secure the US border, feeds right into the expanding power of organized crime operating covertly alongside intelligence services within the international sex trafficking network infrastructure that is the criminal cabal.

The Trump policy had arrivals routinely caught at the border immediately expelled back to Mexico where they would lawfully await response to their filed asylum application. Just like the FBI and capitol police on January 6th, 2021, migrants are now being ushered in and advertised within 72 hours released in the US and promptly issued I-862 forms, notices to appear before US immigration courts.[229] This gives impoverished families in Latin America more than enough incentive to send their kids northward to the “promised land,” only many of them don’t survive, disappearing along the way.

But over 78,000 migrants showed up in January at the border, twice the number of the preceding January under Trump, then over 100,000 in February and the total keeps climbing to 170,000 each month ever since. It has led to disastrous overcrowded conditions and an inhumane humanitarian crisis with facilities and tents filled to over twice their unsafe capacity. Internal government estimates are bracing for a record 2 million migrants entering America illegally by the end of the fiscal year – June 30th, 2021.[230] The US border authorities have been ordered to skip administering DNA tests, thus allowing traffickers to pose as children’s fake parents among the 2 million undocumented, unvetted migrants, suddenly, conveniently unconcerned about the spread of Covid-19 or other communicable diseases or health issues. In opposition to Biden’s insanely destructive policies intent on destroying the US, a group of GOP senators have introduced the “End Child Trafficking Now Act,” which mandates DHS to deport all illegal immigrant adults that refuse the now suspended DNA test and a 10-year prison sentence for adults busted as fake parents or guardians at the border.[231]

Biden is gleefully happy to print up more fiat currency out of thin air, creating hyperinflation, raising taxes in the first major hike in 30 years,[232] bilk the already financially strapped American citizenry to pay for millions of illegal immigrants, footing the bill to put them up at hotels and flown everywhere across the country, all at taxpaid expense. The illegit imposter in the White House is simply following his globalist orders to demolish the United States as soon as possible, before critical mass amongst its angry citizens reach the boiling point, demanding to hold criminal controllers and their puppets accountable.

Jaeson Jones, retired Texas Public Safety Department captain, told the Daily Mail in March 2021:

They [the drug cartels] control everything on both sides of that [Rio Grande] river and communicate back and forth daily on encrypted radios. Remember that every Mexican citizen that you see crossing the river is worth 2,500 bucks. If they’re Venezuelan, Guatemalan or Honduran they paid $3,000. If they’re Chinese they paid $5,000. If they’re Middle Eastern or Russian they paid $9,000. If you’re a higher value commodity they make sure you get over at a quieter spot.[233]

Attempting to cope with the mess the White House created at his border, Texas Governor Greg Abbot painfully states the obvious:

The Biden Administration has been an abject failure when it comes to ensuring the safety of unaccompanied minors who cross our border. President Biden’s refusal to address the border crisis is not only enabling criminal actors like human traffickers and smugglers, but it is exposing innocent unaccompanied children to illness and potentially unsafe living conditions.[234]

Recently retired after 30 years, Tucson Border Patrol Chief Roy Villareal explains:

Trafficking is a multibillion-dollar industry. A lot of these vulnerable populations use their life savings. Some are essentially indentured servants and they’re working off this debt for a long period of time. In other cases, some of these migrants are asked to transport narcotics or some form of crime to work off a different part of their debt.[235]

Migrant families and especially unaccompanied women and children from South and Central America and Mexico invariably fall victim enroute to the United States by a drug-human trafficking cartel system that exploits their vulnerability and desperation for a better life, only to turn it into a living hell. From an April 2021 New York Post article:

Teresa Ulloa Ziaurriz, director of the Latin American branch of the Coalition Against Trafficking International, estimates that a shocking ‘60 percent’ of Latin American children who set to cross the border alone or with smugglers ‘have been caught by the cartels and are being abused in child pornography or for drug trafficking.’[236] 

Michael P. Conlon, assistant special agent in charge of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) New York, who oversees efforts to monitor and break up the trafficking pipeline from Mexico to New York City, states his observation:

They are held in apartments in Queens against their will and driven from appointment to appointment to have sex with men. They see 15, 20 men in an evening and all money is handed over to the trafficker.[237]

The US open border policy is clearly providing an enormous boom to the drug cartels and their sex trafficking network, enabling them to significantly expand their powers of operation and control, both inside and outside America. Meanwhile, taking full advantage at $20 million a day in profits from carte blanche human trafficking operations at the US border, the drug cartels are also being allowed to pour drugs, gang members and hardened criminals through porous, less populated border corridors where the overstretched and overwhelmed US Border Patrol Agency cannot possibly monitor, much less control their entry.[238] In other words, Biden is knowingly allowing the crime cartels to use the staged flooding of children at the border as decoys for drugs and cartel criminals to gain entrance without fanfare or notice. The more money the powerful cartels make, the more money in bribes and blackmail go to controlling corrupt politicians and law enforcement throughout Latin America and the US in a vicious, truly diabolical cycle of evil. As a captured, blackmailed and bribed globalist puppet himself, Creepy Joe has only been fraudulently installed to strengthen the global pedo-network’s reach as part of an insidious takedown of America by the international crime cabal fast-stepping its way to One World Governance.

At the same time, Chinese Communist Party oligarchs have already staked claim on Hollywood, it’s been exposed that they’re also buying up vast stretches of land on both sides of the southern border,[239] including a Communist Chinese general buying 200 square miles of borderland in Texas,[240] posing a growing security threat as a potential military staging area.[241] Also, unidentified highspeed drones are evading US police and border patrol helicopters,[242] reportedly caught surveilling top-secret US military installations inside Arizona.[243] Speculation has it that China is increasingly spying on sensitive US national security sites for nefarious purposes. These recently unfolding developments are both ominous and disturbing, and signs that are likely part of the rapid global takedown of the United States of America from both traitors within and enemies without.

The final chapter in Book 5 that follows will unveil the Satanic elite’s agenda to normalize and decriminalize pedophilia, letting all the child rapists off the hook. The overt visible signs of the pedo-cabal’s insidiously diabolical plan are everywhere. We must never let that happen but hold evildoers accountable as the best protection for our children, now and in the future.


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