Do We Need a New Flag? Or Just a Cleansing of the Trash?


Endorsing a Call for the New American Flag

Gregory Hood

Unz Review, 22 June 2021

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ROBERT STEELE: The fastest way to understand my perspective rooted in both being a former spy and creator of the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity and also the top non-fiction book reviewer in the English language is to watch my 90-minute lecture and contemplate the meme below.

Most of these people are neither evil nor stupid — they have simply been brainwashed, bribed, or blackmailed. The Deep State has taken over all of our institutions — including the two-party tyranny and the League of Women Voters. The ethical, non-violent, open alternative is Constitutional Counties and #UNRIG Election Reform along with the weaponization of NSA against traitors, elite pedophiles, and Wall Street criminals as well as all the federal, state, and local officials whom we know to be in collusion with traitors, pedophiles, and criminals.  This is easier to do than most might realize.

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