Human and Child Trafficking – Big Business! Biden Knows This!


Human and Child Trafficking – Big Business! Biden Knows This!

Creating awareness of human and child trafficking is never popular, and it is a horrid thing to even imagine. That being said, closing our eyes to it and acting as though it never happened only causes the evil to grow more powerful and abundantly. President Trump took action to cut off their merchandising routes and get rid of their coyote holding houses. He assigned task forces to raid their strong holds and rescue children and women who were held captive and enslaved by evil psychopaths that partake in this and find it fun.Trump has agreements with governments in South America and Mexico to stop human and drug trafficking.

Human trafficking is a billion dollar business and Biden has now ended the agreements with these nations to end human trafficking and re-opened the borders. In just one month, he now has thousands of children in holding areas and just announced he needs 20,000 beds for the mass arrival of unaccompanied children. His new Sec. General of Homeland Security has now blamed Trump on the entire mess. But, it’s not sticking…they are being held responsible. Read article: From ‘No Crisis’ at the Border, to a Need for 20,000 Shelter Beds (

Where do these children go after they are (so called) processed? What happens after they get 20,000 beds, then what? Why is Biden allowed to gear up this illegal human and child trafficking mess, complete with narcotics out of Columbia and other nations in South America?

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