Chapter 17: The Olympic Umbrella is a Cover for Worldwide Pedophilia Operations Child Athletes, Pedophile Coaches and the Exploited Power Differential

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Chapter 17: The Olympic Umbrella is a Cover for Worldwide Pedophilia Operations Child Athletes, Pedophile Coaches and the Exploited Power Differential

Joachim Hagopian

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98% of the sexual abuse of underage minors playing sports is perpetrated by their coaches and teachers.[1] One study review shows that anywhere from 2-8% of young athletes are sexually molested with girls more often victims than boys,[2] but then males report abuse significantly less frequently than females and up to 90% of all sexually abused children don’t report sex crimes at all.[3] Results from a 2015 US Department of Education study determined that 7% of all middle and high school students were subject to physical sexual abuse by coaches, teachers or other school personnel[4] while a Psychology Today article cites 7% of all minor and young adult athletes are sexual assault victims.[5]

Due to the unique special relationship between a coach and his child athletes, where the power differential is so pronounced with child athletes wanting to impress and please their coach vying for more playing time and successful athletic performance that potentially could lead to future scholarships or stardom, the number of sexually abused children in sports who choose not to report their abuse to parents and authorities is higher than the general population of sexually abused kids. Additionally, blowback for victims who bravely choose to disclose that a popular, respected coach abused them can be highly severe (recall Sandusky victim Aaron Fisher). Teammates, fans and community often reject accuser(s), resulting in being singled out, bullied, ridiculed, harassed and further abused.[6]

For the distinctive reasons applied to the specific context of sports pedophilia, the actual number of abused underage athletes is likely greater than the 2-8% from available reported incidence. Despite these initial research findings, noted lead researcher David Finkelhor at the University of New Hampshire’s Crimes against Children Research Center contends that no large-scale studies to date have ever been conducted to ascertain the accurate number of youth and adolescents sexually molested by coaches.[7] With the median age of the abusing coach at 34 years old, upwards of 96% of these pedophilia crimes against children in sports are being committed by men.[8]

Even prior to the 2011 headlines exposing Penn State Coach Sandusky, amateur sports involving children as sex abuse victims were already plagued with a number of increasingly prevalent, well publicized pedophilia scandals.[9] In recent years the increasing influx of underage girls participating in sports, the traditional predominance of male coaches of female athletes typically oblivious or insensitive to understanding their psychological development, especially the fragile self-image of young girls new to sports, combined with the elevated status of coaches within the youth sports culture, all these trending factors have collectively led to skyrocketing rates of child sex abuse scandals within the sports world.[10] By the very definition of the word “coach,” meaning to instruct, support, develop and direct, confers authority that rewards obedience. Moreover, athletic performance largely depends on the particular dynamics involved in a close, trusting relationship between athlete and coach.

Executive Director Dan Libowitz of Northeastern University’s Sports and Society weighs in on the coach as a powerful mentor:

Isn’t that why you choose a certain coach? The thinking is, this coach is better for the child development of your kid. Whether it’s at camp at age 10 or college at age 18, these coaches become huge in the development of youth. Everyone’s thinking this is the best place for my kid.[11]

But unsuspecting parents automatically assume that a coach taking a special interest to nurture and develop their son or daughter’s athletic talents naturally has that young person’s best interest at heart.[12] And because the vast majority of youth coaches do, and are deservedly esteemed role models and pillars of the community, child athletes easily fall prey as vulnerable targets to the ones who aren’t, the grooming pedophile coaches like Jerry Sandusky. Predatory coaches often ingratiate themselves to both parents and administrators alike in order to meticulously cultivate the “do-gooder” image as their protective safety net and potential barrier to overpower and weaken victim credibility. Furthermore, coaches feeding both parents’ and children’s lofty dreams of future stardom and athletic scholarship tend to inhibit abuse disclosure to outside authorities, be it law enforcement or to even parents themselves.

Three-time 1984 Olympic gold medal swimmer Nancy Hogshead-Makar, a civil rights attorney and Champion Women (and girls) founder,[13] characterizes the unhealthy, abusive dynamic repeated thousands of times between coach and young athlete when boundaries get blurred and violated:

Power of this magnitude is easily abused and fosters a sickness that can turn victims into pariahsA coach abuses a young female athlete, and when it is discovered, team members rally to protect the popular coach, upon whom they’ve hung their hopes of athletic success. The problem becomes the victim, who is pressured to leave while the coach remains.[14]

Nancy addresses another all too common pattern:

The abuse is discovered, but the family wants to shield the victim from the shame of exposure or police involvement, and the club doesn’t want the bad PR. So the coach is allowed to quietly leave the club, only to be hired again to repeat the abuse.[15]

The third and most common scenario is when sexual abuse goes unreported. When successful coaches (like at Penn State) are so lauded and renowned, buffered and armed with such sterling reputations shared by both their community and athletes alike, underage victims may fear the abuse and rejection that would be forthcoming if they dare unveil the ugly truth. In a state of shock, feeling powerless, alone, overwhelmed, confused, ashamed and scared, child athletes can conclude that it’s their fault, or that their only option is to tough it out, learn to “stomach” the abuse, suffer in silence and otherwise repress their sexual trauma, convinced that abuse is but a sacrificial requisite to being a team sport athlete, or the paid cost of striving to reach their lifelong dream to make the Olympics, achieve professional stardom or earn that coveted, much needed college scholarship. Many withdraw and simply drop out of sports altogether without a word. Or if the traumatic shock is strong enough, the victim’s mind dissociates, forming an alter ego separate from the primary personality.[16]

When coaches focus so much on conditioning young athletes’ physical bodies to peak performance, appreciating the aesthetic beauty and grace of fine-tuned athletic excellence while sharing athletic locker room facilities where undressing and showering are normal daily routines, regularly traveling together for competition, perhaps more than any other single profession, male coaches gain exclusive access spending inordinate amounts of unsupervised time with their underage female and male athletes – virtually every afternoon and weekends for months and even years at a time. This professional lifestyle uniquely grants coaches ample opportunity for shared intimacy between coach and athlete that for pedophilic predators becomes too sexually stimulating and tempting to avoid criminal exploitation. A coach innately possessing pedophilic or hebephiliac tendencies and urges, potentially compounded by lack of moral development and/or unmet sexual needs, combined with a child athlete’s craving for positive attention and approval from a powerful adult authority figure, frequently exacerbated by lack of parental involvement, all these co-occurring factors can compel a coach to transgress professional boundaries and sexually offend. It’s why so many minors participating in sports today are at higher risk of sexual abuse than either they or their unsuspecting parents can even imagine.

As far back as 1995, a Canadian study found that near one in four (22.8%) of the athlete respondents on Canada’s national teams admitted that while under age 18 they had sexual intercourse with their coach or a person in a position of authority within their sport.[17] That same University of Winnipeg study determined that sex abuse amidst the national Canadian teams was pervasive across all sports. Responding to today’s plethora of pedo-scandals that permeate the entire sports spectrum, lead researcher Dr. Sandra Kirby in that Canadian study has stated:

It’s [sexual misconduct] not new, but in sports it seems we are doomed to be shocked and appalled all over again.[18]

The frequency of child sexual abuse in sports in Australia is apparently even more alarming. An Australian study of its national “elite” athletes and its regional “club” athletes under 18 indicated that 41% of the female athletes and 31% of the male athletes as minors have been sexually abused.[19] The fact that near half of Australia’s best female athletes and a third of its best male athletes as underage victims are customarily subjected to sexual molestation is astoundingly atrocious and totally unacceptable. With numbers that high operating within national Olympic organizations in so called “civilized, developed” Western nations like Australia and Canada and the larger publicized scandals so rampant in America, the Luciferian reach of the pedo-cabal is once again criminally implicated.

Moreover, studies have determined that the more talented and skilled underage athletes are, the more prone to sexual assault they become.[20] Katherine Starr, founder of the nonprofit advocacy group Safe4Athletes[21] and an underage Olympian swimmer abused by her coach, states that:

The more you’re involved in your sport, the deeper the hooks [of abuse] get. Relationships with a coach are the first relationships athletes have with an adult outside of their parents. This creates deeper pathways, and the hooks go deeper.[22]

The male-dominated, rarified air of elite Olympic coaches already possessing impressive track records for demanding excellence from their athletes are looked upon as authoritarian gods within popular sports culture (i.e., Penn State’s Joe Paterno). Pushing their athletes and teams to the limit and demanding total obedience and submission, pathologically controlling coaches can look upon their athletes as mere possessions, telling them what to eat, when to go to bed, dictating their social activities, controlling to the extreme virtually every aspect of their young lives, including prohibiting or limiting access to overinvolved, so called “helicopter” parents. This over-controlling, disciplinarian, micromanaging style of longtime US Gymnastics coaches Bela and Martha Karolyi restricted parents from their Texas Olympic training camp,[23] the now infamous former Olympic training site where sexual abuse on an industrial scale was perpetrated by their team doctor Larry Nassar. Some of the gymnast victims have gone public verbalizing their contention that their “abusive” authoritarian coaching couple that transformed US women’s gymnastics into a powerhouse condoned Nassar’s abuse, though the coaches claim they were completely unaware.[24] But more on the horrendous US Gymnastics Team scandal later.

Researchers Celia Brackenridge and Sandra Kirby found that young athletes are most vulnerable to sexual abuse when they are knocking on the door to bigtime success at higher competitive levels:

Athletes may be more susceptible to the grooming process which precedes actual sexual abuse when they have most at stake in terms of their sporting careers, that is when they have reached a high standard of performance but are just below the elite level.[25]

Young athletes at the threshold of high achievement competitively striving for scholarships, Olympic gold or reaching the gateway to professional stardom have the most to lose by reporting abuse to authorities. In far too many cases, they risk losing everything in life they’ve worked so hard for as well as risk alienation and harassment from teammates, sports officials and fans alike that remain blindly loyal to powerful perpetrating coaches. So underage victims too often suffer in silence, rationalizing their wrongful violations into normalized acceptance as part of the enduring sacrifice required in order to achieve success at the higher levels in their chosen sport that engulfs their entire world. One former athlete abused from age 12 to 16 described what it was like living with her coach’s abuse driven by their extreme power differential:

He threatened to take all that away. That my teammates would lose everything, too. Everything would be my fault. He threatened his own life if I wouldn’t, in his words, be his girlfriend. And that was kind of, at that point I didn’t really resist anymore.[26]

Aside from the Sandusky Penn State train wreck, this early century’s biggest sports scandals reflected off the public radar and awareness are the extraordinarily high rates of sexual abuse in Canada and Australia, overshadowed by scandals of Olympic certified male coaches and team personnel routinely abusing underage girls performing at elite levels on both the US Swimming and US Gymnastics national teams. But far more than variation among individual sports, this widespread problem is reaching endemic status in all amateur sports that by its very nature is inherently global and systemically wider in scope than any of us can either measure or know. All we’re aware of is that the rate of child sexual abuse appears to be skyrocketing across the entire spectrum of amateur sports.[27]

The Olympic Organization: A Corrosively Corrupt Pedophilia Haven

Prior to delving into the specifics surrounding each of the two humongous sports scandals in women’s/girls’ swimming and gymnastics, a cursory look at the organizational infrastructure of the Olympics movement sheds much needed light on how a long embedded history of pedophilia and its overt cover-up has been promulgated not just in the US, Canada and Australia, but worldwide within the far-reaching tentacles of the Olympic ranks.

At the apex of this structural power pyramid ruling over amateur athletics worldwide that taps the estimated 44 million child athletes[28] is the top political governing body – the International Olympic Committee (IOC) headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland. Its executive board members consist of such notorious powerful elitists as IOC’s “honor member” – the infamous war criminal-NWO guru Henry Kissinger, the IOC president from 2001-2013-turned-current honorary president – Belgian Count and Jesuit educated[29] former orthopedic surgeon Jacques Rogge,[30] along with 100 active members and 41 honorary members largely comprised of European and Middle Eastern royalty that include Illuminati aristocracy bloodlines, prominent former politicians, CEOs, top level bureaucrats and rewarded past Olympic athletes (about 40%),[31] including infiltrators from such powerfully subversive secret societies as Freemasonry, Malta Knights and the Jesuits.[32] It’s worth noting that an inordinate number of IOC members are also career lawyers and judges. Similar to VIPs from the United Nations as a New World Order creation, the IOC is saturated with global movers and shakers fitting the bill indelibly linking them to the global pedophilia cabal that moves the sex trafficking network and violently shakes the innocence out of child victims. It also bears mentioning that although not every IOC member is a pedophile or pedophile enabler, similar to US Congress and other powerful geopolitical organizations, an indeterminable, relative high percentage is.

The Belgian Jacques Rogge relieved Spain’s bloody tyrant Franco’s onetime Sports Minister, Juan Antonio Samaranch as the IOC president who, like his fascist boss’s history-making longevity as Europe’s longest-lived dictatorial regime, ruled the Olympic roost for over two decades (1980-2001).[33] As the newly elected IOC president, Rogge’s first item of business on his 2001 agenda was implementation of the Youth Olympic Games for children aged 14-18.[34] Intended or not, this enormous expansion subsidizing children’s competition worldwide under the Olympics name opened the floodgate to huge pedophilia scandals in the US Gymnastics and US Swimming teams among others. Meanwhile, credited with increasing IOC revenue from $100 to $900 million, Jacques Rogge’s dozen year IOC tenure has been seriously marred by the pedo foothold allowed under his watch to seep into the Olympics Movement with scandal after scandal of criminal cover-ups still rocking national sports teams today.

Rogge’s elected successor in 2013 and current IOC president, a 64-year old German named Thomas Bach, retains Europe’s monopolizing control over the Olympics as 8 of its last 9 total presidents have hailed from Europe, although Kuwaiti Sheik Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah apparently held court over a large bloc of IOC voting members responsible for “engineering Bach’s victory.”[35] Since Thomas Bach’s private business catered to his Arab nation customers, seeking a political alliance with a powerful Arab sheikh high-up the Olympics’ political food chain proved both personally and professionally lucrative and self-serving for the current IOC president. It didn’t hurt also to be the protégée of one Horst Dassler whose father founded Adidas and used his marketing company to bribe countless sports officials, paying out $100 million for the multimedia rights to broadcast World Cup soccer, the World Track and Field Championships and the Olympics.[36] Both the IOC and its affiliate the Federation of International Football (soccer in North America) Association (FIFA) as the world’s two largest international sports organizations sponsor the world’s two largest international sporting events, the Olympics and the World Cup, both racked by a nonstop history of corruption and pedophilia scandals.

Meanwhile, IOC President Bach’s chief Kuwaiti ally, oil-rich Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah was forced to resign in May 2017 as both a FIFA Council member as well as an Executive Committee member of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) for his criminal role in the international soccer federation’s ongoing, deepening corruption scandal. Straddling atop the world’s two largest sports organizations, Sheikh Ahmad continued sitting as President of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) and the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC).[37] Yet per recent release of US Justice Department documents, Sheikh Ahmad is guilty of making shady bribery deals as a power play to gain control over the AFC.[38] But this is nothing new. A WikiLeaks released US embassy cable stated that he was “widely perceived as being corrupt.”[39] But Sheikh Ahmad’s lofty leadership position and kingpin dealmaker in both the IOC and the ruling Kuwaiti royal family from US Empire’s close Gulf State ally kept him from jail and prosecution. After all, royalty always comes with the entitled privilege of living above the law.

However, the Justice Department also implicated the sheikh’s right hand man as yet another bribery co-conspirator – Husain Al Mussalam.[40] While Massalam was already the director general of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) and vice-chairman of international relations within the Kuwait Football Association (KFA), this right hand crook was also promoted as the first vice president of the world swimming federation FINA, also rife with corruption and pedophilia scandals. But in July 2017 yet more damaging evidence emerged when a recording of Mussalam proposing an arrangement of his earning a 10% “commission” for bribery deals made with sponsors worth $40-50 million was leaked to The Times of London and Germany’s Spiegel online.[41] For the two Olympic honchos’ blatant criminality, their nation’s hand was slapped, banning Kuwait from the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics and the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

The legal problems for the world soccer federation began in earnest in 2010 when out of nowhere but cash payouts another little obscure Gulf State Qatar suddenly, surprisingly won its bid or more aptly its bribe into hosting the 2022 World Cup. With the favored US so accustomed to bullying its way, the sore loser decided it had had enough.[42] So in 2011 the FBI and Justice Department, neither known for their moral high ground, began looking into years of accumulating evidence confirming the FIFA corruption bonanza along with its gross failure to internally police its own pack of greedy wolves. In May 2015 the US Justice Department collaborating with Swiss police arrested seven senior soccer officials and the FIFA-gate scandal was born, spawning multiple bribery, racketeering, wire fraud conspiracy, extortion, money laundering, obstruction of justice and tax fraud charges indicting 42 FIFA executives in all,[43] incriminating mostly South Americans, but also Americans such as FIFA’s North and South American Executive Committee member turned FBI informant Chuck Blazer, along with the likes of Kuwaitis Sheikh Ahmad and Massalam (though neither were ever indicted nor served jail time). Based on the corrupt rags to riches tax evader Blazer’s blazingly incriminating evidence supplied to the FBI before dying in 2017, 23 FIFA officials and marketing executives copped guilty pleas over bribes that for many years have regularly determined which nation hosts the coveted World Cup and which television companies were allowed to cover it.[44]

A recent flap over who’s going to host the 2026 World Cup flared up when President Trump tweeted on April 27, 2018:

The U.S. has put together a STRONG bid w/ Canada & Mexico for the 2026 World Cup. It would be a shame if countries that we always support were to lobby against the U.S. bid. Why should we be supporting these countries when they don’t support us (including at the United Nations)?[45]

The irony of it all when organizations like FIFA school the world on ethics that prohibit governments from exerting “undue influence” on host selection, considering FIFA’s long history of choosing where the World Cup is played based on which country bribes them with the biggest payoff. But apparently FIFA draws the line with bullying presidents threatening consequences against those nations daring to back the only other bidder – in this case Morocco, which happens to already have committed backing from Russia, France, Belgium and Luxembourg, several Caribbean, most Middle Eastern countries and virtually all of Africa.[46] The 2026 winner will be announced on June 13, 2018.

The unchecked hubris, total lack of ethics and insular lack of transparency designed to shield perpetrators from oversight and accountability within the multi-tiered, bureaucratic Olympic organizations are completely over-the-top. Though the 2015 Justice Department charges applied to senior FIFA officials, it could just as easily describe the goings-on at all levels of the Olympic Movement organizations, from the IOC to the US Olympic Committee (USOC), International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF), regional and continental associations, to FINA, and a host of other world sports federations, the over 200 national Olympic Committees down to each national sports team. From the filed Justice Department charges report, paragraph 75:

The corruption of the enterprise became endemic. Certain defendants and co-conspirators rose to power, unlawfully amassed significant personal fortunes by defrauding the organizations they were chosen to serve, and were exposed and then either expelled from those organizations or forced to resign. Other defendants and co-conspirators came to power in the wake of scandal, promising reform. Rather than repair the harm done to the sport and its institutions, however, these defendants and co-conspirators quickly engaged in the same unlawful practices that had enriched their predecessors.[47]

Same as the old boss syndrome that characterizes the history of the human race.

In February 2018 even a Panamanian import-export company that manufactured uniforms tried cashing in on the gravy train, pleading guilty of fraud after planning to pay a half million dollar bribe to the subsequently arrested Costa Rican federation president.[48] While FIFA boss from Equator was convicted for money laundering in 2016 and is serving a 10-year prison sentence,[49] Brazil and Paraguay’s that were convicted in a Brooklyn federal court in December 2017 still await their sentences, with another FIFA head from Peru acquitted. Additionally, a Swiss banker from Argentina dirty laundered over $25 million dollars to the now deceased Argentine FIFA president[50] who happened to be the right hand man of five-term elected Swiss FIFA President Sepp Blatter, who was forced after 17 gluttonously scandalous FIFA years to resign in disgrace in late 2015, banished from FIFA for the next 8 years (though after appeal later reduced to half a dozen).[51]

From the Zurich headquarters, in April 2018 the current Swiss attorney general announced his office is still open to gathering more corroborative evidence from his counterparts around the world regarding his own ongoing criminal investigation into FIFA. The AG stated that there are still dozens of pending cases that include a probe into 81-year old Blatter’ alleged impropriety of “disloyal management” based on a questionable payment in 2011 made to his then heir-apparent European Association (EUFA) boss that somehow avoided the legal parameter of a criminal bribery charge, despite the exchange of 2 million Swiss francs.[52] Backstage at a 2013 awards show, the then 76-year old Blatter apparently couldn’t hold his “blatter,” impulsively latching onto the nearest sex object, grabbing the ass belonging to Hope Solo, the twice Olympic gold medal World Cup champion US goalie.[53] This of course came two years ahead of his dethroning, which explains why Hope may have waited to disclose this tidbit to the world during the height of the #metoo movement in November 2017.

In recent years these never ending scandalous incidents represent merely the tip of an Olympic glacial iceberg meltdown. The bottom line, the IOC and its entire Olympic Movement that includes FIFA, FINA, FIG (the gymnastics world federation) and all the other governing sports bodies are all corrosively, irreparably corrupt and scandal-riddled on an unprecedented, industrial scale.[54] Prime case in point where shady corporate, sports and politics worlds meet, take South Korean Lee Kun-hee, head of mighty Samsung electronics.[55] A decade ago he was busted for paying off politicians and judges in 7-figure bribes. Convicted of $7.5 million tax evasion and gross fiscal misconduct, he was sentenced to three years in prison and an $80 million fine. But because crime does pay when you’re the richest man in South Korea who pays off the right people, the then South Korean president Lee Myung-bak pardoned the corporate criminal in order to use Lee Kun-hee’s IOC kingpin status[56] to finagle hosting the nation’s PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics.

Lee Kun-hee was too ill to participate in the Winter Games pageantry in February, so his son and now head of Samsung Lee jae-yong filled in. But like father, like son, he too was caught buying illegal favors and sentenced to five years in prison. Then lo and behold, less than 24 hours before the South Korean Olympics opening ceremony, he won his get-out-of-jail-card on appeal.[57] What are the odds of that? Right on cue, Lee jae-yong was there in person representing Samsung as the too big a sponsor to be denied, propping up the morally decayed, pathetically shameful Olympic Games. And to come full circle on this thoroughly cruddy, muddy merry-go-round, the Samsung pardoner ex-president Lee Myung-bak was just arrested in April 2018 on bribery, embezzlement and other charges, taking dirty money from Lee Kun-hee, the country’s spy agency and others.[58] Meanwhile, also in April 2018, Lee Myung-bak’s successor Park Geun-hye was sentenced to 24 years behind bars for her turn at Seoul’s corruption turnstile.[59]

This over-the-top sleaze comes as a result of a near century of US Empire neocolonialism. After all, what can be expected from a US puppet where Empire divided and killed millions of Koreans and to this day holds the two nations hostage in order to gain propaganda mileage, still aggressively occupying a current garrison of 35,000 US troops[60] and a missile defense system aimed directly at not just North Korea but China and Siberian Russia dually perceived as an offensive capability deployment.[61]

In yet another most recent development in this never ending criminal saga of Olympic moral turpitude, an email exchange between son of disgraced ex-president of the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) Lamine Diack and Samsung was recovered in a recent police raid whereby Lamine’s offspring Papa Massata Diack requested $9.5 million to secure the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Games bid for South Korea.[62] The IOC ethics committee was already compelled in 2015 to dump Papa’s papa Lamine Diack, the Senegalese honorary IOC member[63] after his IAAF was caught accepting bribes to look the other way with dirty drug testing amongst athletes.[64] This came after the Diack senior was deposed as IAAF head in 2011 for accepting millions from the notorious $100 million dollar bribe man himself Horst Drassler.[65] Again, like father, like son, the longstanding Olympic tradition of illicit cash flow giveaways between corrupt corporate generations and corrupt Olympic generations along with political pardons is simply how this cesspool world of the elite works.

With the stench of this moral degradation and decadence oozing throughout the world of politics, business and sport, is it any wonder the Olympic Movement’s trying desperately to prop itself up disguised as the shining unified kumbaya world umbrella when in reality it’s the Olympic bribery-fraud-pedophilia movement? Where moral corruption begins, criminal corruption follows, and where criminal corruption leads, pedophilia cover-ups are never far behind. So whistle while you work as down the pedo-rabbit hole we go.

As the supreme global sports’ governing body, the International Olympic Committee atop the power pyramid overseeing each Olympic sport’s world governing federation, each region’s governing association and each nation’s Olympic Committee, the IOC bears the brunt of responsibility first in turning a blind eye for too many years to both the rampant fraud and corruption as well as for the longest time pretending a pedophilia problem never existed throughout its ranks. The IOC is equally guilty for its long embedded opposition to enacting any anti-abuse policies to protect both its child and adult athletes from further sexual exploitation and harm. To say that those in charge up and down this Olympic crime cartel umbrella have acted with malfeasance, directly contributing to the current global pedophilia epidemic, is a gross understatement. “Olympics, Inc.” is an integral part of the international pedophilia cabal, where once again protecting the Olympic brand while generating billions of dollars in revenue from its sporting events and television rights is deemed far more important than safeguarding children’s health and well-being – another shameful constant observed throughout this book.

The next rung of criminal negligence and culpability for ruining so many scarred child athletes’ lives belongs to the 206 National Olympic Committees (NOCs include every UN member nation plus various territories), chief culprit among them the US Olympic Committee (USOC) that oversees all of America’s national sports teams with headquarters in Colorado Springs commanding an average annual revenue of a cool $230 million.[66] Below the USOC are 47 national governing bodies (NGBs) that cover each Olympic and Pan American sport, many of which are also located in Colorado Springs. Two of these 47 NGBs that are the most notorious pedophilia bastions, the US Swimming and US Gymnastics teams in turn fall under their respective world federations FINA and FIG (International Gymnastics Federation, the world’s oldest international sport organization founded in 1881).[67]

The near four dozen NGBs operate as fundraising sources lending the status of the Olympics label to offer memberships to thousands of athletic clubs and coaches across the country in order to attract the best athletes from very young ages, groomed to participate in the Youth Olympics in sports where younger athletes tend to excel, like gymnastics, swimming, skating and Taekwondo martial arts.[68] These certified Olympic coaches and their clubs at the local levels make up the bottom rung of the Olympic pyramid infrastructure, working directly with 11 million American kids dreaming of Olympic stardom. In addition to the recent US Swimming and US Gymnastics scandals, because soccer is this planet’s most popular international sport and IOC and FIFA govern it, acting in an Olympic guardianship role over all its umbrella organizations on down to the junior soccer leagues, they bear shared responsibility for the hundreds if not thousands of boys in youth leagues in England alone that have been brutally sodomized by predatory coaches taken up in the next chapter. The sheer size and scope of these largest sports scandals are still being exposed today.

While national teams and junior leagues in America and Europe have been shaken to the core in recent years with these major scandals involving Olympic certified coaches sexually abusing underage female and male athletes for numerous decades, the glaring fact remains that their world governing bodies from the IOC, USOC, FIFA, FINA, FIG to the many NGB organizations have been simultaneously engulfed in colossal cases of criminal cover-up of both child sex crimes as well as corruption on an off-the-chart, industrial scale. This rampant lawlessness within all the global sports world’s governing entities indicates incontrovertible evidence that the gargantuan Olympic Movement’s infrastructure tied so closely to royalty and corporate politics is also tied to the global pedophilia network.

Major Pending Child Sex Abuse Cases in US Taekwondo, US Volleyball and Olympic Sports Scandals Overview

As of May 4, 2018 a brand new lawsuit has just been filed in Denver federal district court, accusing two brothers in Olympic Taekwondo, former coach Jean Lopez and three-time Olympic medalist Steven Lopez, along with the US Olympic Committee and US Taekwondo National Governing Body of “sexual abuse, exploitation, and trafficking” of four female Taekwondo athlete plaintiffs resulting from when they were underage girls and young woman over a span of more than 20 years.[69] Significantly, the civil suit also identifies both the USOC and USA Taekwondo as additional co-defendants for failing to protect the victims from two known Olympic sponsored sexual predators profiteering from international competitions for financial gain. In all 40 women have accused the pedo-defendants of sexual abuse. Court filed allegations specify criminal culpability extending to the two additional defendants:

Starting in 1996-97 and continuing until 2018, [the] USOC and USA TKD knowingly participated in a venture to transport and traffic plaintiffs … around the globe to be used for the sexual benefit [of the Lopez brothers, along with unnamed coaches and officials who] will be uncovered during discovery in this case.[70]

This unprecedented legal case opens the floodgate for further litigation if the Denver judge permits it to proceed as is, due to implicating the larger Olympic hierarchy that includes both the US national committee and sport NGB beyond the known serial perpetrators as part of an international child sex trafficking ring. The court filed documents contend that:

By 2006, USA TKD had received written and verbal complaints that Jean Lopez and Steven Lopez were routinely sexually exploiting, assaulting, and raping multiple female athletes that were entrusted into the protection… of the USOC and USA TKD. The USOC knew or was willfully blind that the Lopez brothers represented a clear and present danger to young female athletes.[71]

Aside from the two perps and their NGB, the suit cites USOC’s liability and complicity for knowingly promoting and bankrolling this criminal operation down to paying the coaches’ salaries and all travel costs involved in international competitions over the two plus decade duration. Moreover, the litigation is also calling out the US Olympic Committee for its guilt in effectively covering up the pedophilic crimes:

Ignoring repeated reports of sexual misconduct, the USOC has prioritized commercial success over safety by ignoring and then covering up complaints, deferring and diverting investigations, and continuing to financially support NGBs that tolerate or even facilitate sexual abuse by coaches and others.[72]

The Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act passed by Congress in early 2018 is geared to holding these sporting institutions far more accountable than in times past for long neglecting child safety in favor of shielding offending coaches and officials, offering victims more legal access to challenging the US Olympic Committee’s responsibility to ensure all its personnel are in compliance with Safe Sport specifications and child safety policies.[73] This landmark case opens up liability to the pedo-enabling head honchos atop the massive Olympics organizational pyramid, not just for sex crimes committed by its pedophiles but for exploiting its child athletes as abuse victims within the much larger international crime cabal that operates the planet’s child sex trafficking network.

Though the primary focus of this chapter features the two biggest scandals in US Olympic sports – swimming and gymnastics, pedophilia lurks in every sport at every level. The scandal in youth soccer in England will be covered in the next chapter and section that addresses scandals beyond America and around the globe. But it’s worth a reminder again that a highly important lawsuit is ongoing charging the US Olympic Committee and USA Taekwondo for child sex trafficking and civil suits over pedophilia scandals are currently pending in other sports as well such as junior US Volleyball.


The volleyball scandal is similar to other sports scandals in that a longtime “renowned and respected” coach accused by at least a half dozen victims[74] by the mid-1990s of criminal sexual transgressions allegedly perpetrated during the 1980s was still coaching and held an elite position in the sport right up until earlier this year. For decades Rick Butler has been considered America’s most powerful coach in youth volleyball. But one of his victims, Sarah Powers-Barnhard, a current Jacksonville, Florida youth volleyball coach herself, filed a 2016 civil suit against the AAU for continuing to allow the serial sexual predator to coach at-risk minors.[75] As coaches she even had to face off against her abuser in the 2016 National AAU Youth Volleyball Championships before a nationwide audience at the Wide World of Sports and Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, describing it as “torture.” Sarah’s case is still pending in a Florida court.


Despite the AAU policy that bars coaches accused of sexual misconduct from its membership rolls, until February 2018 in response to Sarah’s lawsuit and increasing public pressure, the AAU finally joined the Junior Volleyball Association as well as US Volleyball NGB in ultimately banning the 63-year old Butler for life.[76] This came after Sarah and other former players have been raising allegations against their abusive former coach for over 20 years, compelling Olympic USA Volleyball to ban Butler in 1995 only to reinstate him five years later in an administrative capacity because he happens to own the Illinois based Sports Performance Volleyball Club that trains elite national players and has won nearly 100 national championships.[77] Under increasing outside pressure from victims gone public and at least two pending lawsuits, finally USA Volleyball has permanently banned him from the sport as of January 2018.


Since the Harvey Weinstein #metoo revelations broke in late 2017, a new age has dawned when powerful sexual predators are being held more accountable by their now more listened to accusers. In May 2018 several of Rick Butler’s victims turned survivors gave their personal testimony before an Illinois Senate panel in support of extending statute of limitation laws in sexual abuse cases, especially where abusers like Butler silence the abused by threatening defamation of character lawsuits against their victims.[78] Also addressed in the hearing was mandated reporting laws and efforts to make the system more accommodating for accusers to come forth and be judiciously heard. Sarah Powers-Barnhard and Julie Romias testified about their abuse, Julie accusing Butler of sexually molesting her while on international trips and, as is typical, threatened the teen with violence if she ever spoke out. Sarah stated Butler began raping her when she was 16, adding that he made her watch porno films so she could “learn” from them.[79] In February 2018 a mother of another Butler abuse victim filed a $10 million class action lawsuit against him, Butler’s wife and his elite sports club.[80] Christine Tuzi claims she was raped at 16, forced to have unprotected sex “hundreds of times” and was impregnated by age 19. Immediately following her abortion, Butler coerced her into masturbating him back at his hotel room.


Among the top kingpins in youth volleyball having coached four Olympic medalists, the child sex predator misused his power and influence to abuse aspiring young elite talent and got away with it for many years through harassment and intimidation threats, all the while avoiding criminal charges to this very day. The class action suit’s attorney told the Illinois legislators at the hearing that the Butler case is part of the much larger “epidemic in youth sports,” alluding to the rampant child sexual abuse raging out of control both nationally and internationally. Additionally, abuser Rick Butler also has longstanding deep ties to the pedophilia enabling Michigan State University, the same one paying a half billion dollars out to its pedophile victims at the hands of former doctor Larry Nassar. Turns out the MSU’s current women’s volleyball coach is a former employee and protégée at Butler’s elite sports facility.[81] MSU Coach Cathy George has also publicly defended the serial child rapist’s reputation. Again, linkage between longstanding pedophiles and pedophile enablers at MSU and Olympic and amateur sports strongly suggest a larger pedophilia network operating amongst birds of a feather flocking together in the same private elitist pedo club. But at least this serial child rapist from volleyball has finally been banned for good and the pending lawsuits will offer financial compensation to a few of his victims. But Rick Butler will likely never serve a day in prison for his hundreds of crimes. Statute of limitations or protection from his pedo club?


Pedophilia cover-ups of operations on a lesser known scale may still yet be exposed showing the pervasive nature amongst countless smaller national Olympic Committees from other countries as well as among the various world sports federations that oversee Olympic sports where underage athletes compete, starting at the local community youth level as well as the international Youth Olympics and on up to the elite national and international levels.

Either abolishing or completely overhauling this gluttonous monstrosity of the global sports criminal cabal from the top on down is absolutely required if corruption and pedophilia are ever to be thoroughly rooted out. Because the US Olympic Committee along with FINA, FIG and FIFA federations are among the largest financially endowed, most powerful and guiltiest of major pedophilia scandal cover-ups abusing thousands of known American and British child athletes over recent decades, the US Swimming and US Gymnastics scandals will be the primary focus covered next in full detail starting with an overview.

At the crest of 2017’s USA Gymnastics Team scandal, a comprehensive article written by journalists Will Hobson and Steven Rich published in the Washington Post last November entitled “Every Six Weeks for more than 36 Years: When will Sex Abuse in Olympic Sports End?” reported that:

More than 290 coaches and officials associated with the United States’ Olympic sports organizations have been publicly accused of sexual misconduct since 1982, according to a Washington Post review of sport governing body banned lists, news clips and court records in several states. The figure spans parts of 15 sports and amounts to an average of eight adults connected to an Olympic organization accused of sexual misconduct every year – or about one every six weeks – for more than 36 years.[82]

And of course that’s just one newspaper’s review of just several states’ reported cases. Just think how many cases have gone unreported over the years in all 50 states and you immediately come to the realization that the indisputable fact is it must be going on every single day. And this is only taking into account coaches and officials within the Olympic umbrella in the US only, not the rest of the world or the much larger non-Olympic sports venues in public and private school systems, the Little League or Pop Warner, informal pickup games at the local neighborhood playground or community athletic field. The bottom line here is, as you read this very sentence, every single second of every single day on this earth, countless children are being sexually abused in every conceivable life arena. And with that sobering, disturbing thought, let us proceed with the largest known Olympic sports pedophilia scandals and their longstanding cover-ups, beginning with the US national swim team.

Pedophilia and the USA Swimming Scandal and Its Shameful Cover-up

No doubt there have been thousands of incidents of pedophile swim coaches forcing themselves sexually on vulnerable underage athletes. Therefore, to highlight the USA Swimming scandal, a sample of a few of the most publicized, notorious cases along with the governing body’s response (or lack thereof) will be presented.

Because throughout human history a certain percentage of the adult population, predominantly male and “guesstimated” to be between 3 and 5%,[83] have always been predisposed to sexual attraction toward children, as a result a minority of children and child athletes have always been victimized by pedophiles and pedophile coaches. In distant times past with nominal public awareness and little to no resources available, child victims were far less apt to report sexual abuse and of course even today far more victims still don’t notify authorities than the smaller number that do. This reality should be kept in mind while considering the high profile cases that we do know about.

Among the first accounts of an American swimmer publicly disclosing that her coach sexually abused her dates back to the mid-1960s with long distance record holder Diana Nyad alleging that her International Hall of Fame Coach Jack Nelson raped her in his home when she was only 14-years old in 1964.[84] At least five or six more times over the course of the next several years Diana Nyad maintains that the 1956 Olympian swimmer and onetime world record holder from Fort Lauderdale, Florida attempted to penetrate Diana in his office, his car and hotel room, insisting on each occasion while sexually assaulting her he’d verbalize how much he loved her. At 22 years of age, Diana finally confided in a teammate, who also admitted Nelson had sexually abused her as well. Together they brought the matter to their previous private prep school Pine Crest where their coach first molested them and was still employed. His contract was not renewed at the elite prep school later that same year but the school administrator decided against reporting their allegations to the police, though years later he’d tell the press he stood by Diana Nyad’s accusations as a credible source.

But just four years later Jack Nelson was busily coaching the US women’s swim team at the 1976 Olympics and during his highly accomplished career spanning over four decades, Nelson coached 30 state high school championship teams, six national championship teams, 40 Olympians, five Olympic medal winners, was named the 1993 Fort Lauderdale “man of the year” and for three decades held a city contract running the instructional coaching program at the esteemed Fort Lauderdale Aquatics Center, home of the International Swimming Hall of Fame.[85] And because he was such a well-liked, famous charmer of a coach (not unlike Sandusky), he managed to dodge Nyad’s nagging accusations as his pedo past only began creeping up on him not long before dementia did him in five days short of his 83rd birthday in November 2014. Nelson was never charged with any crime since his do-no-wrong image, impressive coaching record, Florida state statute of limitations and his corrupt, pedophile-enabling US Swimming NGB all effectively shielded him from accountability.

Aside from allegations first publicly aired on a 1989 talk show against her renowned six time hall of fame coach, Diana Nyad found fame in her own right swimming 27 miles around Manhattan Island, breaking the old record by nearly an hour.[86] And until 1997 she was the world record holder as the only person to swim 102.5 unaided ocean miles over a two day period from Bahamas to Florida. Nyad never publicly mentioned the rapes again until her own 2003 International Hall of Fame induction ceremony speech at Nelson’s Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Center. As an NPR and ABC sports broadcast correspondent and journalist, Diana Nyad also wrote her autobiographical memoir that Nelson’s attorney quickly dismissed as motivation to cash in on her so called “bogus” sexual abuse claims.

Jack Nelson was not only an accused child rapist himself, he also had a history of employing and protecting fellow derelicts and pedophiles as hired swim coaches at his Fort Lauderdale Aquatics Center private school. Brazilian coach Alexandre Pussieldi was both sexually and violently abusive toward underage boys and young men. One of his assault victims filed a police report, claiming that Coach Pussieldi placed a hidden camera in a vent in order to record swimmers taking showers that rented rooms from the coach, even discovering video footage of himself and another young man.[87] Another one of Nelson’s swimmers that he later hired would be publicly defended as a coach in good standing despite previous convictions as a steroid and ecstasy drug dealer who under oath once stated that he had helped a friend incinerate and dispose of a murder victim’s dismembered corpse. Despite his creepy dark past, the late Jack Nelson is still enshrined in Fort Lauderdale’s International Swimming Hall of Shame… oops Fame or more apt Infamy.

To provide a backdrop of how the USA Swimming National Governing Body has become so powerful in recent years, it doesn’t hurt to have Olympic history’s all-time winningest gold medal champion Michael Phelps as its 21st century poster boy capturing gold 23 times over the last four Olympics.[88] And though Michael hasn’t touched the controversial subject of pedophilia in US Swimming, as a victim of depression himself, he has lent his support and clout calling on the USOC to aid fellow Olympian athletes’ transition from their sports careers to life after the Olympics.[89] Thanks in large part to his athletic prowess, US swimmers in each of the last four Summer Games have won over a third of America’s total medal count and at 16 during the 2016 Olympics, the US swim team won more gold medals than the next 10 nations combined in the sport and more than all nations competing in all the Games other than five other countries in the world.[90] With that kind of global dominance in recent years, the corporate sponsors’ millions keep pouring in –  the annual total revenue skyrocketing from $2.5 million in 2006 to near three times that amount at $7.27 million in 2016.

US Swimming currently boasts 400,000 members that include 56,000 athletes joining just within a three year stretch from 2010 to 2013. With golden poster boy Phelps, the sport’s popularity has soared to new, never before seen heights, inspiring multiple generations of young American (and worldwide) pool-goers to grow up dreaming of being the next Michael Phelps. From a 2014 report out of the 340,568 athlete members in this US Swimming NGB, 317,103 are children.[91] That’s near 80% of this Olympic organization is comprised of children. Clearly the history of this Olympic organization’s adult leadership entrusted to nurture the growth of all its athletes, but particularly its 4 out of 5 who are the most defenseless, only goes to show that it least cares about their kids’ safety and well-being. If you want proof, look no further than how it spends its money.

With the priority of winning gold and making millions at all cost, the consequence of maintaining a systemic protection policy harboring hundreds of child rapists has raised the fiscal bar on US Swimming’s legal fees to $7.45 million from 2006-2016, largely in payouts to hundreds of sexually abused minors even surpassing 2016’s total revenue.[92] USA Swimming’s legal cost is ten times that of US Track and Field over this same decade. That’s because pedophiles in US Swimming will sooner act out against child athletes when they feel confident and secure that their criminal transgressions will go unnoticed and unpunished amidst its culture of sexual abuse cultivated by the notorious NGB that regularly adheres to a policy of shielding perps from all criminal responsibility. The sport’s history in recent more than decades confirms this fact.

Way back 15 years ago the head of the US Swimming task force on sexual misconduct, Hall of Fame Coach Richard Shoulberg, wrote in an email in August 2003:

I would hate to see our organization ever in the predicament of the current Roman Catholic Church — protecting child molesters![93]

Three months later after seeing his Zero Tolerance Policy for sexual misconduct watered down by the pedo-enablers by USA Swimming’s executive board, Shoulberg lamented:

I am disappointed on the outcome of the Board. I feel that there are too many coaches still coaching who have destroyed kids’ lives and there will be more coaches in the future who will destroy kids’ lives.[94]

Then in 2005, over a dozen years ago, the then USA Swimming president Ron Van Pool in his annual State of Swimming message urgently and boldly sounded the alarm:

USA Swimming is frightfully behind the curve in this process and there are those who would have us continue to lag.[95]

So many years ago a rare minority of important players within USA Swimming were already fearing the worse, recognizing their sport had a serious problem but leadership in the NGB wasn’t responsive. Yet in 2010 a half decade after Van Pool’s warning when asked in a deposition if he shared his earlier president’s expressed concern to make young swimmers safer from sexual abuse as a shared priority, Wielgus answered:

No, I would not…I would say that has never been our number one goal.[96]

Recognizing the unresolved growing pedo-problem amongst Olympic swimming coaches and their leaders’ systemic criminal cover-up, even US Congress then became involved. Senior Democratic House member serving on the Committee for Education and the Workforce George Miller expressed his concerns in a letter dated July 9th, 2014 to FBI Director James Comey:

US Swimming has failed in a number of instances to fully investigate and take all the necessary steps to protect children when presented with allegations of sexual abuse among its ranks… [urging Comey to] fully investigate USA Swimming’s handling of both past and present cases of child sexual abuse.[97]

Of course we know how Mr. Compromised and Controlled Comey’s investigations are with his not finding anything in Hillary’s thousands of emails “criminal enough ” to indict her on,[98] so no surprise that little has been done in the four years since Miller’s letter. And then it was a mere year later in July 2015 that Comey’s FBI for nearly a year actually sat on knowledge that the US Gymnastics team doctor was molesting young girls, knowingly allowing yet dozens more to be harmed.[99] But then going back to J Edgar’s COINTELPRO the FBI’s always been steeped in sexual blackmail and pedophilia. And in recent decades its function has been to cover-up pedo-scandals. It was the FBI that assassinated the Franklin scandal Investigator Gary Caradori and his son in order to suppress Bush senior’s child raping at the White House (See Chapter 13),[100] not to mention FBI handlers orchestrating all the deadliest false flag terrorism events on US soil.[101] Yet back in 2014 Congressman Miller attempted to seek Comey’s help to eradicate the increasing pedophilic plague preying on America’s most gifted underage Olympic athletes, after his committee confirmed that:

Detailed actionable information [about sexually abusive coaches] has been well known to USA Swimming leadership, yet because of inaction, these predators were allowed to prey with impunity.[102]

Speaking of impunity, this nexus between top sports organizations, the FBI and rampant pedophilia exposes how the elite’s pedo-cabal essentially operates – with complete impunity. In February on the heels of the 2018 Winter Olympics, the Southern California News Group (SCNG) got its hands on thousands of pages of incriminating documents consisting of court records, depositions, emails, letters, internal memos, and press articles that confirm decades of maintaining a culture of sexual abuse within USA Swimming. Interviews were obtained of hundreds of abuse survivors, former Olympic athletes, coaches, safe sport advocates, and US Swimming officials including a number of the NGB financial benefactors.[103] What emerged was that for many decades top US Swimming executives, board members, officials and coaches refused to stop the rampant sex abuse being perpetrated by renowned successful coaches. The US national Swimming executive director, Chuck Wielgus, who ruled over the US Swimming NGB in Colorado Springs for two solid decades from 1997 until his death from colon cancer in 2017, did absolutely nothing to protect child athletes.

In at least 11 different cases of victims directly registering complaints against sexually abusing coaches, Wielgus and the director of Safe Sport Susan Woessner opted to not pursue investigations or take any action against high profile coaches and officials.[104] Almost a decade ago in response to congressional pressure to clean up its pedophilia act in 2010, USA Swimming instituted Safe Sport to ostensibly adjudicate abuse claims and introduce protective prevention programs to safeguard against continued abuse. With no prior experience, Susan Woessner was hired to run Safe Sport for USA Swimming in 2013. Three time gold medalist, anti-abuse advocate and Georgetown educated attorney Nancy Hogshead-Makar said:

Susan Woessner doesn’t have the background for the job. She’s not a lawyer. She’s never worked with victims of abuse (prior to getting the job). She doesn’t have the professional background to do these types of cases. Susan was somebody hired from within USA Swimming who doesn’t have the expertise for the job.[105]

Nancy Hogshead-Makar once asked Woessner point blank why her US Safe Sport refused to investigate an accused former US Olympic team coach and pedophile who served on US Swimming executive board member and onetime US Swimming task force member on sexual abuse. Woessner’s sorry ass response smacked reminiscent of another longtime criminal Hillary Clinton:

What does it matter? He’s no longer coaching young swimmers anymore.[106]

Under the woefully worthless Wielgus-Woessner watch, perhaps thousands of wounded children have been needlessly sacrificed, and most incredibly, instead of behind bars where they belonged, while it took Chuck’s death to finally stop him, Susan Woessner shamefully remained in charge making underage swimmers more unsafe all the way until February 2018,[107] the same month US Olympic Committee CEO and fellow longtime pedo-enabler Scott Blackmun was ousted. The flimsy excuse Woessner cites as her reason to resign was her kiss and tell confession with controversial Coach Sean Hutchison who himself is still immersed as the accused in his own pedo-scandal having allegedly had illicit sex with his onetime underage Olympian Ariana Kukors.[108] Even after just one kiss, the pedo-enabler might have had a slight conflict of interest in wanting to protect Hutchison amidst subsequent Kukors allegations (covered shortly).[109] Rather than admit the blatant truth that Woessner was forced out because of her too long a history keeping US Swimming an (Un)Safe Sport, having teamed up in co-conspiracy with prevailing Olympic Swimming leadership, she only pretended she was ending abuse while maintaining a consistent record of protecting the swarms of pedo-sharks in US Swimming waters. Wielgus and Woessner’s “looking the other way” is the characteristic trademark common to every pedophilia scandal to date, be it in the sports world or beyond.

But Chuck and Susan aren’t alone. Back in the 1980s, three different head coaches from three different US Olympic sports teams along with a US Swimming vice president were all informed that a world famous swim coach began abusing an American swimmer when she was only 12-years old, and did nothing to stop it.[110] During Wielgus’ 20-year run in charge of US Swimming, he was looped in on three separate occasions about this same predator’s ongoing crimes and also chose to do nothing. But not only did they all look the other way for so many years, but they further rewarded the sick lecher over $40,000 in grants for his owned and operated club, and continued granting him full access to all the USA Swimming facilities, US Olympic and national team events and the Olympic Training Center. Near three decades later only after the serial pedophile pleaded guilty to child rape charges was the Olympic leadership finally forced to ban Coach Rick Curl from the sport… another unsettling reminder paralleling the Sandusky Penn State scandal. Curl’s case will be discussed later.

When scandal after scandal gets replayed in the media of yet another pedophile coach getting caught in action, highly paid morons in US Swimming continue to deny, deny and deny, pretending they don’t see a problem. Take US Swimming executive board member since 1990, US Swimming president from 1998 to 2002 and FINA vice president – Dale Neuberger. In a January 2011 deposition Dale actually stated with a straight face that he was totally unaware of a single case of sexual misconduct within his US Swimming organization.[111] The audacity to sit and lie through their teeth is the reason the entire Olympics administration needs to either be abolished completely.

No surprise that another core of hardcore resisters to any changes that would flip the switch and protect child athletes instead of the child rapists is the American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCS). The Association’s director John Leonard while sitting on numerous US Swimming task forces and committees that determine new guidelines and policies toward sexual misconduct makes his views readily known:

I hate the whole topic.[112]

Because so many longtime coaches have married their swimmers, any reform that restricts coaches from touching or having physical contact with their swimmers has automatically been opposed. Despite coaches so used to having their way with both their sexually exploited athletes as well as their national governing body, under the threat of losing its US Olympics funding (which occurred only because advocacy groups pressured USOC), in September 2013 US Swimming was the last of 47 NGBs to finally make it against the Code of Conduct rules for coaches and even their adult swimmers to date or otherwise engage in romantic or sexual relations.[113] It’s no doubt one of those rules put on the books to placate outside interests but never or rarely enforced.

Advocate attorney-Olympian Nancy Hogshead-Makar addresses the longtime normalized practice so accepted in swimming:

When the organization allows for marriages, allows for the 11-year-old to see her 18-year-old teammate who she thinks is a peer, she thinks they are the same, they go to the same meets, they’re staying in the same hotel, they are working out together, then she sees that (older swimmer) marrying their coach so she thinks this is true love and doesn’t recognize what an inappropriate situation this is.[114]

Meanwhile, during Chuck Wielgus’ two decade reign of power playing out his delegated role colluding with powerful coaches while providing vigil for shielding their Olympian brigade of child rapists from exposure at all cost, no less than 252 swimming coaches and Olympic officials have been arrested and charged by prosecutors or ultimately disciplined for sexual abuse and misconduct of no less than 590 known child athletes under age 18.[115] Despite their denials, all the while board members were well aware of this infestation of pedo-crimes being committed, particularly during numerous US national team trips at competitions around the globe. It’s been uncovered that since 2010 US Swimming even keeps an ongoing list of over 30 “flagged” coaches and officials arrested or accused by police of sex crimes that include child rape and child pornography.[116] Yet US Swimming refuses to ban the flagged pedophiles on its list even after their felony convictions. And then even when their perverts are finally banned, for years US Swimming refuses to disclose to the public their identities on its published list of banned coaches.

Here’s more alarming evidence of how saturated pedophilia in the US Swimming governing body has become – four of the last six years at least 20 of its coaches have been arrested, charged or convicted of the following sex crimes: rape, statutory rape, sexual assault of a 3-year old and an 8-year old, child pornography and secretly videotaping swimmers undressing in the locker room.[117] Blatantly greedy acquisition of more gold medals that bring more gold hard cash literally feeding off the flesh and blood of thousands of sexually victimized cash cow kids has proven far more lucrative and important to the monsters who own and operate the coveted Olympics brand.

On a related matter the US Swimming insurance company run by current and former US Swimming officials gives yearly kickback “safety rebates” up to three quarters of a million dollars back to US Swimming based on its non-filing of civil suit sex abuse cases, in effect offering cashback incentives to squelch pedophilia claims.[118] US Swimming has consistently lagged behind in sabotaging safety reforms long accepted by other sports, refusing to investigate athlete claims even when confronted with incriminating evidence from multiple sources. Bottom line, US Swimming and US Gymnastics NGBs as well as both the US Olympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee are all guilty of criminal cover-up of endemic pedophilia crimes.

Founder of the advocacy nonprofit foundation Safe4Athletes and former Olympian Katherine Starr commented on the longtime US Swimming leader Chuck Wielgus who took in a cool million a year[119] to let pedophiles do their damage:

Wielgus was the gatekeeper and had absolute control of the issue of coach-swimmer sexual abuse. As a result, Chuck could have been a hero and been instrumental to change the dynamic that has haunted so many. But instead he (was) a coward and single-handedly allowed sexually abusive coaching to thrive for decades in the sport, leaving a wreckage of pain that has caused great harm to many swimmers that has lasted a lifetime.[120]

In the aftermath of the US Gymnastics scandal where harm caused by one abuser justifies cleaning house in that sport, earlier this year San Francisco based attorney B. Robert Allard who represents abuse victims reasons that US Swimming should follow suit:

… Certainly it would be appropriate for USA Swimming where we have well over 100 [known abusers]. We are hereby demanding the immediate removal of USA Swimming’s entire Executive Leadership Team, starting with Chief Operating Officer Mike Unger, Managing Director Pat Hogan, Executive Director Debbie Hesse, Managing Director Lindsay Mintenko and especially Safe Sport Director Susan Woessner, as well as its Board of Directors. Only then we can ensure that USA Swimming will have leaders in place who take child protection seriously and won’t turn a blind eye to childhood sexual abuse because of a desire to preserve image and reputation and consequently monetary interests.[121]

The housecleaning still remains unfinished business as Unger, Hess, Mintenko and the Board of Directors remain fixed in their pedo-enabling positions to this day. Only Woessner and Hogan are gone.

Monterrey, California swim coach, administrator and at one time a leading financial contributor to US Swimming Dia Rianda concludes:

This Safe Sport thing is a complete farce. USA Swimming is all about protecting their brand in any way they possibly can.[122] I can’t sell the Olympic dream anymore because it’s (expletive). These people are corrupt and anyone who sits there in a leadership position and allows boys and girls to be sexually exploited, to be manipulated, to be exploited in all kinds of ways just to get that gold medal, it’s wrong and it has to stop.[123]

That US Swimming brand in 2016 alone generated near $40 million of which a quarter went to the fat cat, pedo-enabling administrators and “employee compensation and benefits.”[124] With that amount of hush money at its disposal to plug the ever-widening cracks in the damn from bursting into a full blown scandal that it’s been for decades, the Colorado Springs based US Swimming NGB has spent $132,926 on a local Denver public relations firm called Ground Floor Media specializing in “crisis communication and reputation management.” For pedo-infested swim clubs reeling from abuse claims, this damage control company puts out the “bad publicity” fire. The NGB’s strategy was laid out by a memo co-authored by Chuck Wielgus:

Our strategy moving forward will have the ultimate goal of improving the overall local swim clubs dealing with sexual abuse scandals perceptions of USA Swimming’s Safe Sport Program efforts.[125] [Emphasis MINE]

Yet another hefty investment of $212,068 went to DC’s B&D Consulting, a lobbying company also geared to rescuing organizations in trouble, hired for the expressed purpose of “advancing their objectives within increasingly complex policy environments.” In 2013 US Swimming also doled out another $77,627 to a Sacramento lobbying firm in order to defeat California legislators from passing a law that would have allowed extra time for child abuse victims to file civil suits against companies that employ child sex offenders.[126] Longtime former USA Swimming executive board member Mike Saltzstein admitted:

I think they were well aware that there were a number of swimmers standing in line if (the legislation) went through. It was no small list of people. It would have been financially devastating.[127]

Yet far more devastating is the lifelong damage so callously inflicted on thousands of sexually abused young swimmers over the years. Addressing USA Swimming’s leadership, Saltzstein concluded:

I’m not sure there’s the institutional incentive, intestinal fortitude, guts, if you will, to do what needs to be done. Their attitude is let’s smooth things over. Let’s hide things.[128]

Rather than attacking the root of the problem – too many child raping coaches and officials in their organization, and invest in proactive measures that would stamp out such widespread abuse, USA Swimming prefers sinking its millions into paying so called experts to cover-up its dirty business, defending the image of Safe Sport as the front company “protector” of child athletes when it actually serves the function of protecting its pedo-business as usual. Just as the Penn State pedo-enablers chose to look the other way for decades at a time, so have the Olympic Swimming honchos, absolutely knowing underage girls and boys are being brutally raped and molested. Still with rare exception, neither the offenders’ nor their enablers’ criminal actions rarely if ever are publicly acknowledged, challenged, or consequenced other than by outsiders. US Swimming leadership has forever ensured that the system is not about to change from the inside.

Implementing another damage control mechanism, in three states the Swimming NGB has arranged to pay damages for abuse victims prior to cases ever being filed in court, thus circumventing the legal process.[129] Less litigation means less media to generate bad publicity. At all cost USA Swimming continues choosing to repair its crumbling criminal reputation while maximizing its damage control efforts. No matter how much money it invests to distort, lie, falsify and try to cover up the truth, this NGB’s reprehensible strategy is doomed to fail. Like cockroaches exposed to light, the pedophiles and their enablers try to run but they cannot hide. Another telling fact revealing the NGB’s misplaced priorities, in 2016 it lavishly spent a million bucks for its self-aggrandizing Golden Goggles gala and in comparison only $345,470 on Safe Sport under the pretense of cleaning up its pedo-act.[130] US Swimming’s higher-ups have only used Safe Sport to placate growing outside pressures to protect child athletes as a mere front in its feeble attempt to remove the stained image of “foxes guarding the henhouse,” another running theme in every scandal cover-up throughout this book. The guilty can only continue getting away with their heinous crimes against children as long as they keep filling their top positions with fellow pedo-lovers promoted on the condition that they turn a blind eye.

And now to gain a fuller understanding of the egregious suffering put upon thousands of kids in Olympic sports, several cases will be covered to illustrate pedophilic victimization of young talented girls who began swimming early on with such promise only to be brutally blindsided by predatory coaches subsequently shielded to do only more harm by an evil system protecting its own criminals at the expense of its underage athletes. Laura Weiss was an Indianapolis freshman when her high school coach Chris Wheat began sexually abusing her. In her own words:

I had never even kissed a boy. One afternoon after practice, he asked me to come to his office. He closed the door and that was the first time he molested me and I was 14. I considered suicide many times and I can’t imagine all the other girls that are probably feeling the same way. He told me I would never be allowed to swim again [if she told anyone]. So the blame was heavily put on me to keep quiet.[131]

Frozen in fear, she felt helpless and powerless. Finally, her mother discovered inappropriate text messages sent by her coach. He pleaded guilty to child sexual solicitation and sexual misconduct charges and the registered sex offender was sentenced to a decade in prison but only served 19 months. Light jail time for child rapists in sport is also a very common, big problem. But then that’s also across the boards in Hollywood, Washington DC, Rome, London. Laura Weiss’ conclusion:

I think it’s hard when you see how many girls have been abused and how many coaches have gotten away with it. It’s hard to believe something is going to change.[132]

By age 7 Jancy Thompson had already begun swimming in Bay area pools and with a natural talent and intense work ethic, soon enough she latched on to the American dream hoping to someday swim for her nation’s Olympic gold. As a child pool prodigy, her early dedication came at a sacrifice.

When you’re growing up as a swimmer and a child you’re asked to give up a lot of things. You give up your entire afternoons for training, running, weight training. You’re giving up big chunks of time all the time. You give up the normal life of a kid.[133]

By age 11 or 12 she met her swim coach Norm Havercroft who soon began grooming her for abuse by age 15.[134] But first came the promises to make her an Olympian if she followed his strict recipe [she later concluded] for disaster. But both Jancy’s mother and father were laissez faire parents believing their daughter was in good hands with her coach showing such acute interest in her innate ability as a swimmer. She was in “good hands” alright, and it wasn’t Allstate.

He would touch me, he would put my hands where he wanted me to touch him.

But prior to overt sexual contact, Havercroft began sending pornography, nude photos and videos of himself masturbating, eventually a webcam for cybersex. A full year before her coach began molesting Jancy, a San Jose police sergeant notified USA Swimming that another underage swimmer had reported that Havercroft had sexually abused her.[135] Yet the NGB’s silence only allowed the pedophile to harm Jancy and other victims as well.

Her coach was aggressive, denigrating her publicly while sexually molesting Jancy behind closed doors from 1997 to 2002. His brazen power-on manipulation and control over every aspect of her life had her believing the abuse was merely a normal aspect of her athletic training and development as a competitive swimmer. Other than swimming, she had no identity as his enslaved appendage and naïve underage victim. The prolonged abuse took its toll on Jancy:

I was so fearful of him, I would have nightmares at night.[136]

One of her nightmares literally came true. After Havercroft found out that she had dreamed he was pulling her through the water on a dog leash, for Christmas he actually bought her a dog leash and took delight humiliating her, tauntingly laughing as he walked along poolside tugging on her leash. To survive this level of prolonged torment that lasted five years, enduring alone this sexual and psychological trauma, Jancy dissociated, burying the worst of it in her unconscious mind.[137] Like so many chronically abused underage female swimmers trapped in torturously harmful relationships with their controlling pedophile coaches:

It felt wrong but it also felt right. It felt good. Because, I knew it wasn’t right but he would tell me that this is good… I love you. I care about you. He would just tear me down emotionally… But then he would build me up at the same time to where I needed him to feel good. I needed him to finish my sentence. I needed him to tell me how I should feel and eventually I was just a shell of a person.[138]

As a sophomore swimmer under scholarship at Arizona State University, Jancy’s life had grown so unbearable, she quit swimming altogether, dropping out of college.[139] But leaving swimming and her coach behind was not enough to keep her demons at bay. She felt dead, a walking zombie and shell of a person without an identity, describing it as a deadening death experience. With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a floodgate of flashback triggers of past abuse memories surfaced, sending her into deep depression, experiencing anxiety and a psychogenic symptom of excruciating stomach pain. As her next career move in response to the chronic crimes committed against her, Jancy opted for law enforcement, managing to graduate the police academy.[140] But her unresolved past traumas she’d been running away from for so long chased her relentlessly, forcing her to reckon with the years of severe sexual and emotional abuse.

Jancy learned that Havercroft was also accused previously of molesting a girl not even in her teens who later settled out of court. Finally a brave 14-year old’s story seeking justice against another longtime predator coach Andy King prompted Jancy’s recovery of her past trauma and a committed desire to come clean on behalf of other victims by boldly going public.[141] Through the help of counseling and retaining her attorney Robert Allard, in 2010 Jancy disclosed her accusations against her coach in a civil lawsuit, accusing US Swimming of negligence claiming that the organization’s protective policy toward offenders caused her own abuse.[142] Because Jancy had dared to air US Swimming’s dirty laundry in public, the Olympic organization went full force opposing her suit, expending $3.8 million to vehemently refute her claims in court.[143] Since the prior police investigation of Havercroft led to no formal charges, at one point, incredibly enough, while on appeal the court had even ordered her liable to pay for her abuser’s attorney fees.

However, long before Thompson’s 2010 allegations against Havercroft, even prior to her abuse in 1997, ever since the mid-1990s, the US Swimming NGB had received numerous reports detailing this same coach’s past sexual misconduct from police, swim parents, other coaches and even a broker from the NGB’s own private insurance carrier.[144] Jancy Thompson’s story demonstrates the far too common pattern of victims being re-traumatized after acting on their courageous yet painful decision to fight for truth and justice in a court of law, being subjected to having to relive the nightmare all over again at times with disastrous outcomes. After years of re-traumatization, eventually in 2014 Jancy settled out of court for an undisclosed amount. It has been extremely disheartening for her to endure such a stressful protracted ordeal and to this day still not see USA Swimming place her former coach on its public listing[145] of over 150 coaches and officials banned for life.[146] As recent as 2009 Jancy Thompson found out that Norm Havercroft was still allowed to coach swimming in the Los Angeles area.

A notorious, over-the-top case where US Swimming management typically permits prominent pedophile coaches to continue harming children for many decades comes the Rick Curl case. In the early 1980s when Kelley Currin Davies was still 12-years old her Maryland coach, 34-year old Rick Curl, kissed her for the first time, grooming her for the abuse he would perpetrate over the next four years, first befriending her parents to gain their trust, even staying overnight at their family home under the pretext of taking Kelley to early morning practice, and traveling with her across the country for swim meet competitions.[147] The vulnerable little girl was taken full advantage of, falling in love with her predator coach promising she’d become an Olympic star. Finally, while a student athlete on scholarship at the University of Texas, she confided in her three coaches who would all go on to lead Team USA to multiple Olympic Games. One of the coaches, Mike Schubert, said that in 1987 Kelly told him he shouldn’t report Curl to the police because she and her parents had signed a nondisclosure agreement as part of a $150,000 court settlement they’d made with the pedophile.[148] The legal action was precipitated only after Kelley’s parents read her diary. While rumors of Curl’s sex crimes were widely circulating, the known child molester was selected to several national teams and coached Olympic medal winners from four nations at the 2000 Summer Games.

As a rare US Swimming board member vowing to expose pedophiles in his sport, former Olympian insider David Berkoff wrote in a July 2010 email to another board member:

Denying knowledge of Rick Curl, Mitch Ivey and others banging their swimmers! It’s a flat out lie. They knew about it because we (coaches and athletes) were all talking about it in late 1980s and early 1990s. I was told by several of Mitch Ivey’s swimmers that he was sleeping with (a female swimmer) in 1988… I was told Rick Curl was molesting Kelley Davies for years starting when she was 12 by some of the (University of) Texas guys. That was the entire reason I formed the abuse subcommittee. I was sick and tired of this crap. No one was standing up. No one was willing to take on these perverts.[149]

It took 20 years before former University of Florida coach Mitch Ivey was banned in 2013, only after his misconduct was widely covered in the press. Team USA head coach Mark Schubert alleges that he repeatedly brought Curl’s abuse to Chuck Wielgus’ attention but as always it went in one ear and out the other. Schubert also reported Curl to the second man in charge, USA Swimming assistant executive director Mike Unger, but again to no avail. Three years after informing Wielgus, the USA Swimming boss was asked at a 2010 deposition if he’d ever heard about Curl’s sexual misconduct with any of his swimmers, and of course he flat out lied all the way to his grave:

I have never received any information about that.[150]

Wielgus would use his standby excuse that without a swimmer directly coming forward with a complaint, USA Swimming couldn’t do anything. So in 2011 even after Kelley Davies filed a claim against Curl with the NGB that included a copy of Curl’s signed settlement agreement from the early 80s, Wielgus and his organization still did nothing. Curl was seen at the 2012 Olympic Trials both at pool deck and VIP section with his issued official USA Swimming credential.[151] Meanwhile, the NGB also saw fit to award Curl’s club over 40 grand in grants, three quarters of which came after Schubert notified Wielgus in 2007. In 2012 Kelley Currin Davies even claimed:

The fact that Chuck Wielgus and USA Swimming allegedly tried to cover up for Rick Curl by forcing Mark Schubert to accept hush money in return for signing a confidential agreement is outrageous. If USA Swimming has any integrity they would fire Wielgus and the rest of the staff that continues to protect sexual predators.[152]

And to think that low-life pedo-protector was about to be inducted in 2014’s International Swimming Hall of Fame, but only due to a petition signed and submitted by 19 abused swimmers whose coaches Chuck Wielgus shielded was his name withdrawn at the last moment.[153] It wasn’t until late 2012 after a Washington Post spread outlined Curl’s abuse that began 30 years earlier that USA Swimming finally banned Rick Curl, at the time being prosecuted and in May 2013 was sentenced to seven years in prison.[154] In her 40s, Kelley stated in court that her motivation to come forth years after the abuse was to show what damage chronic abuse causes, suffering from anorexia, bulimia, alcoholism that caused her 20-year marriage to end and a host of other mental health problems. Sadly, her and Rick Curl’s story is common to thousands more unprotected victims and predators shielded by the insulated Olympic umbrella. Though US Swimming’s banned-for-life coaches list is now over 150 and counting,[155] for every name on that list, no doubt scores of unnamed monsters each damaging more child victims over the years without getting caught enough times to finally wind up on that list, totaling many thousands of children whose lives have been forever altered, impaired, and burdened by the beasts who’ve been guardedly protected by this despicable Olympic sport.

Another recent high profile headline of a swimmer accusing her coach of child sexual abuse is the previously mentioned Ariana Kukors vs. Sean Hutchison case. Emboldened by the #metoo movement and prompted to come forth with her own story in the face of the Larry Nassar case, in January 2018 another victimized swimmer Ariana Kukors went to police in her native home state of Washington to claim she was sexual assaulted at age 16 by her decade long coach she’d met at age 13. Investigators searched the 46-year old coach’s Seattle apartment in response to Kukor’s allegations that he sexually exploited her as a teen and took explicit nude photos of her at age 17.[156] Because of the international swim meets they both attended, Homeland Security is also participating in the ongoing investigation. From the time that the 31-year old Sean Hutchison met the gifted young swimmer, his described behavior fits the classic sexual predator profile, allegedly grooming her from age 13, asking her at 15 if she was wearing underwear as the lead-up to his first physical sexual contact at age 16 that she maintains over time only grew more and more coercively abusive. In her words:

He began by having me sit on his lap when we were alone, then progressed to kissing me in elevators, and touching me over my clothes. I’d never been physical with anyone before but I now found myself alone with him, engaging in sexual acts and trying to hide my embarrassment when he sat in the women’s locker room and watched me shower.[157]

As a young girl she felt overpowered by her Olympic coach’s male authority, and with him becoming increasingly manipulative and controlling, and emotionally and sexually abusive, for years she felt a hostage forced into living the lie of denial in constant fear of being exposed and confronted by rumors from her friends, teammates and family. Ultimately the penile penetration arrived as his “gift” to her for her 18th birthday, though before that she says every form of sex had already occurred for several years running. In 2011 after a Washington Post did a gossip piece spreading the rumored couple’s story around the world, USA Swimming finally, reluctantly had a private investigator call over the phone ask 19 questions that of course she denied, quickly closing the half-assed inquiry concluding no sex had occurred. And to this day, the rising star coach of the 2008 Olympic team remains in complete denial, claiming sex never occurred until after she was of legal age.

Despite enduring the shame and horror of a tormented personal life, her athletic talent carried her to a record breaking performance at the 2009 world championship in Rome. Reaching the pinnacle of success three years later earning a spot on the US Olympic team, the years of abuse had her “sneaking” into the 2012 London Olympics. Her lackluster Olympic performance failed to win a medal largely because she was burdened daily by her exiled coach back home in Washington, who remained in constant jealous contact, demanding each day that she send him nude photos of herself.[158] When the swimming portion of the Summer Games was over, Hutchison made certain the now retired swimmer was on the next flight home, only to be locked away in his 21st floor apartment that only he had a key, still paranoid of rumors about their relationship. Fast becoming a desperate, over-controlling “monster,” she attempted to break away as their increasingly strained relationship grew more volatile till she finally ended it at age 24, but not before learning throughout their twisted marathon affair that Hutch had a crutch, maintaining another girlfriend on the side that he claimed was for “public decoy” purposes.

Currently 28 years old, having taken years to recover from her entangled decade long abuse, Ariana Kukors can now look back on her protracted damaging ordeal with an objectivity she never had during those years held hostage:

It is so painful in this moment to look back on the shell of a person he turned me into. Because in that moment, I was programed to think that I trusted this man. And not only did I trust him but I relied on him to help me achieve my dreams.[159]

Ariana says her reason for coming clean finally in 2018 to speak her truth is her attempt to reach out and potentially save others who may be just as vulnerable to falling victim as she once was:

… For the sake of the little girls and boys whose lives and futures hang in the grasp of a horribly powerful and manipulative person. That they may not have to go through the same pain, trauma, horror, and abuse. That their parents, mentors, and guardians are better able to spot the signs of grooming and realize its tragic consequences before it’s too late.[160]

Attorney Robert Allard identifies this all too familiar behavioral pattern that pedophile coaches deploy in pursuit of their prey:

The coach normalizes sex with them. And he uses the carrot of Olympic glory to get what he wants. So yes, it’s all about manipulation, it’s all about grooming, and it’s all about controlling the child’s brain to get her to eventually agree to a sexual relationship that she might think is normal.[161]

There are literally hundreds of cases out there of known pedophile coaches having abused underage girls and thousands more unknown. Among the most egregious cases involving a coach that was allowed to move from one location to the next for over three decades harming dozens of girls aged 10-17 because the swimming governing body (that certified him back in the 1970s), at least two police forces, children’s protective services, and countless swim clubs all dropped the ball.[162] Former head coach at San Jose Aquatics Club Andy King may be among the most horrific of hundreds of these notorious abuse cases.[163] Among dozens of his victims was a 14-year old East Bay girl who had an abortion after impregnated by the predator coach but never told anyone. Years later in connection with another 14-year old’s complaint, San Jose police interviewed her after King had serially molested scores of underage swimmers at multiple swim clubs up and down the West Coast covering a span of 31 years. The San Jose DA prosecutor summarized the case:

The red flags should have gone up when King was only massaging girls behind closed doors, traveling alone with girls to away meets, taking girls to dinner, sailing on his boat and buying them gifts. The warning signs were everywhere… [But] unfortunately, King fell through the cracks in the system: Two law enforcement investigations and suspicious conduct observed by swim coaches, parents or boards who did not adequately supervise the defendant.[164]

For abusing so many girls throughout the 1980s and early 90s in California, in January 2010 the 61-year old King received a prison sentence of 40 years. But because of so many failures in the system that typically protect abusers far better than its victims, the derelict was allowed to relocate to Washington State where in the mid-1990s he continued his sexual assault rampage. Three years into his incarceration, one of his victims from Whidbey Island was awarded $1.5 million in damages in a civil suit brought against her town’s park and recreation department after the local police investigation in 2000 failed to make an arrest based on her reported allegations.[165]

Only in the face of the high profile US Gymnastics doctor scandal has US Swimming taken any action against any of its enablers. Along with Safe Sport director Susan Woessner’s long overdue forced resignation in February 2018, also announced that same day was Ray Hogan’s ouster, another perennial opponent to sex abuse reform.[166] It was Hogan as the managing director for club development who in 2010 removed from the NGB website without approval the US Swimming executive board’s 2004 Child Protection Program that included background screening for employees and volunteers.[167] Never intending to implement, Chuck Wielgus didn’t bothered hiring a Director of Child Protection as the program was eventually scrapped. At a deposition that same year 2010 when Wielgus was asked who at USA Swimming has the most knowledge about the Child Protection Program, Chuckie boy’s bodacious answer was Hogan the very man that killed it.

Pat Hogan was one of the NGB members who married (and later divorced) his child athlete whom he claims he began dating once she turned 18 a year after he began coaching her. Compromised from the start, birds of a feather always flock together. In a related incident that also contributed to Hogan’s forced retirement, in 2010 he provided a glowing recommendation for an already accused coach in Orange County California, Everett Uchiyama, to continue working with children at a Colorado Springs country club while the disgraced coach’s wife worked for Hogan in Colorado Springs.[168] For all his sabotaging efforts to protect pedophiles, Pat Hogan would retain his job for another 8 years earning a cushy annual salary of $273,653. With that kind of anti-child protection leadership in charge, people like Wielgus, Woessner, Hogan and their ilk (too many still embedded) should’ve never been hired, much less fired years ago.

Hidden within this Olympic umbrella’s pervasive culture of child sexual abuse is subtle semantic nomenclature habitually and unanimously utilized by officials, coaches and sports personnel, always referring to children competing in their sport as athletes. Longtime sexual abuse prosecutor Victor Vieth tasked with assessing US Swimming’s anti-abuse program articulated this discerning observation:

Constantly, it didn’t matter who we were talking to… They always called them athletes.’ We really wanted them to focus on, youve got 320,000 children in your organization, and you need to see them first as children before you see them as athletes. There really was the mentality of the possibility that this could be the next gold medal winner at the Olympics, and that mentality was not just among the coaches and the people running the groups; it was among the parents themselves.[169]

Another gaping systemic loophole protecting pedophile coaches is the lack of a standardized Code of Conduct between the nation’s NGB sport like USA Swimming and its world sport federation, in this case FINA. Accused of molesting 1972 gold medalist Olympian Deena Deardurff-Schmidt from age 11-15, longtime Coach Paul Bergen is still allowed to not only retain his renowned position in the International Hall of Fame but continue to coach underage swimmers in the US and abroad as long as they’re on other national teams.[170] How can a global sport federation like FINA that governs all international swimming teams not have Safe-Sport Specific Codes or policy guidelines that universally apply to protect all child athletes in all nations? But then as long as these obvious loopholes exist, pedophile coaches – like pedophile priests – can just keep floating from one location to the next doing evermore damage.

Yet another big part of the systemic problem is that the US Olympic Committee and its numerous NGBs operating from their centrally located Colorado Springs headquarters remain so resistant to change is they heavily rely on a single go-to Colorado Springs law firm that worships the legalistic mindset of minimizing liability (i.e., protecting its own Olympic umbrella personnel and organizations) rather than protecting child athletes.[171] As long as both the attorneys and Olympic leadership possess a CYA/damage control mentality and focus as the basis of how Olympic organizations do business, children as a secondary priority will always suffer and remain at high risk of abuse. Like US Swimming’s top officials, the notorious legal representation delivered by the highly powerful law firm of Bryan Cave also needs an immediate termination notice.

Nancy Hogshead-Makar points the finger at this international law firm Bryan Cave with an office strategically located virtually next door to US Olympic headquarters and most of its NGBs as a huge part of the abuse problem in Olympic sports. In a nutshell:

The problem with the USOC and USA Swimming and a lot of these other NGBs is they get their legal advice from Bryan Cave. Their eye is all on legal liability, as opposed to what would make it safest for kids.[172]

Instead of working to protect child athletes, the firm strongly defended US Swimming’s longstanding policy to keep the banned coaches list confidential until a legal challenge with mounting media pressure forced a reverse in policy.[173] Bryan Cave lawyers were also instrumental in arranging with several states hush money payoff settlements with attached non-disclosure agreements for abuse victims as an unscrupulous ploy to circumnavigate the legal system and thus avoid unfavorable publicity for its pedophiles it so vehemently defends and protects. Still another legal tactic protecting pedophiles is taking full advantage of the fact that the majority of child abuse victims with so much to lose never come forth to report their abuse, providing an across the board Olympic policy to summarily dismiss “suspicions” from accusers and witnesses as merely “hearsay.”

Moreover, the same legal “liability” minds have been regularly employed to represent two thirds of the total 47 NGBs as well as serve as the US Olympic Committee’s longtime independent counsel.[174] Demonstrating just how “independent” Cave attorneys are, chronic pedo-enabling USOC CEO Scott Blackmun is a former law partner at Bryan Cave on its executive committee until 2009 who in 2008 defended US Swimming in a case filed by an abuse victim.[175] Again, it’s another example of the inner club of pedo-foxes placed in charge specifically to guard the defenseless child henhouse, a worn-out theme that keeps child rapists safely raping. Their brilliantly warped “legal expert minds” got it all wrong. They rationalize enacting safeguards to protect kids will be construed as an admission that there’s an admitted problem that will only open up Olympic organizations to more liability rather than understand that they save gobs of their greedy cash flow not paying out so much in damages and defending against so many abuse cases, not to mention the efficacy of simply doing the right moral and legal thing by protecting children. Seems these “bright” legal minds have been touched by Lucifer’s “light,” yet another scandal constant and central running theme throughout this A-Z pedo-book. Those that work to protect abusers instead of the abused are definitely worshipping the wrong god.

Predictably, the biggest and most vocal opposition to making the sport safer for child athletes comes from the coaches themselves. John Leonard, the executive director of the American Swimming Association of Coaches (ASAC) doesn’t mince words voicing his objection to his coaches being required to attend mandatory training on child sexual abuse prevention:

Educate about what? Does anyone need education to know what a pedophile act is? The only education that needs to take place is parents having the courage to go to the police… The statement was made to me that ‘Protecting athletes from sex abuse is a core function of USA Swimming.’ That’s utter nonsense. The core business of USA Swimming is build, promote and achieve… The core business of the family is to keep our children safe.[176]

And finally for some good news, a huge first step milestone finally moving in the right direction to change the culture of abuse was achieved in Washington DC – of all places – when both the Senate last November and the House in January 2018 passed the Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act.[177] Little more than a week before the start of the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, bipartisan legislation finally made it mandatory for all amateur sports organizations, including the Olympics and college athletics, to report suspected child sexual abuse within 24 hours to local or federal law enforcement, or a child-welfare agency designated by the Justice Department or otherwise face committing a federal crime for failing to report. For numerous decades therapists, teachers, doctors and childcare workers have long been mandated reporters of suspected child sexual abuse as should every person employed in a job, field or profession that works regularly with minors.

Forever worried over risk of liability, protecting undeserved reputations and maximizing gold medals and profits as their bottom line priorities, heartless, psychopathic sports organization executives, administrators and their legal teams have made it their agenda to knowingly shelter and defend hardened sexual predators in their midst for numerous decades, just like at Penn State and Second Mile, protecting child rapist(s) over the health, safety and well-being of thousands of kids. Now the final holdout refusing to mandate reporting laws falls within the “spiritual and moral” realm of the Catholic Church where the Pope and his Luciferians at the Vatican still resist making their legions of priests and bishops mandatory child sex abuse reporters.[178] Another inconvenience the pedophilia scandals in the sports world are causing for the Catholic Church to squirm is a current Michigan bill aimed at increasing the statute of limitations for child sex abuse victims.[179] After passing through the Michigan senate, the Catholic lobbyists have been out in full force successfully stalling the bill in the state house.[180] Again, proof of worshipping the wrong god.

In February 2017 victims from the USA Gymnastics Dr. Larry Nassar scandal met with Senator Diane Feinstein, helping to pass her sponsored bill that President Trump signed within the year.[181] The law makes mandatory implementation of proactive child athlete safety measures, provides supportive legal and psychological services and includes authorizing litigation for collecting both statutory and punitive damages. Rather than force sex abuse victims to report their allegations to the Olympic national governing body (NGB) with its horrific history of cover-up, this law designates an outside, independent entity – the US Center for Safe Sport for investigation and resolution of all child abuse claims.

As an example of the systemic resistance, after US Safe Sport was forced on the USOC by Congress in 2014, dragging its heels, it took the USOC three years for US Center for Safe Sport to be finally operational, opening its Denver office doors in March 2017 as the so called outside independent investigator responsible for all NGB abuse claims.[182] The exceedingly well-financed Olympic Committee’s feeble excuse for the long delay – “difficulty” coming up with the initial $25 million startup funds. Despite the enormous wealth behind the US Olympic Committee, the fact that the US Center for Safe Sport is both underfunded and understaffed to meet its designated, dauntingly ambitious obligation appears just another set-up for intentional failure to keep its child athletes safe.

If the Safe Sport entity created in 2010 by the US Swimming NGB to ostensibly serve the same function with its abysmal track record is any indicator, the US Center for Safe Sport is doomed to failure. By sinister design, selecting pedo-enablers in key top positions like Chuck Wielgus as the NGB’s chief executive and Susan Woessner as the Safe Sport director is yet another illustrative example of the foxes guarding the henhouse, and a definite set-up for failure for changing US Swimming and the Olympics’ systemic culture of scandalous abuse and cover-up silence. Woessner’s half decade tenure proves the very critical point that Safe Sport is only as effective as the leadership running it. Her agency was never independent but completely subservient to US Swimming’s CEO Wielgus and his patented culture of pedo-enabling abuse. It also highlights yet another systemic flaw and major hurdle to tackling child sexual abuse. Up to this point the USOC has granted each NGB the autonomy of opting for its own Safe Sport (or not) that invariably always answers to NGB higher-ups. US Swimming demonstrates that this approach has failed mightily. So the big question is whether the US Center for Safe Sport really is an outside, independent entity apart from the Olympic pedo-enabling umbrella? Before child athlete victims and all child athletes can trust this designated investigator, it needs to prove that it truly is an actual objective pro-child protection organization and not just more of the same masquerading sham.

Instead of bringing all sports worldwide under one Code of Conduct umbrella requiring every national Olympic committee, every sports federation and every regional association along with every NGB in every nation to be required to meet the same stringent safe sport standard aggressively protecting all child athletes globally, currently the bureaucratic morass is a nightmare where nothing is systemically coordinated or standardized. And like so much of what’s dysfunctional and destructive today, it too seems by malefic design to protect the status quo that only continues to shield and perpetuate widespread abuse.

Abuse is abuse, be it on a worldwide scale or within one sport in one country or one sports club, and uniformly enforced anti-abuse measures applied worldwide is the only solution to this global pandemic problem. But because the pedo-cabal on a global scale always prevents holding the pedophiles in high places accountable, at this highly corrosive juncture in human history, to implement this remedy takes on a pie in the sky notion that’s out of touch with today’s cold, hard, ground-level reality. Cleaning house can never be accomplished unless that housecleaning takes place on a planetary-wide scale that necessitates removing from power and control the elite rulers that own and operate this entire international crime cabal system. Ultimately that’s the only answer to what’s been plaguing humanity for millenniums. Addressing that all-important, monumental task (outlined in this book’s Epilogue) is every decent human being’s most pressing challenge on this planet.

Returning to the micro-level analysis, instantly resistance across the boards amongst various national sports governing bodies arose when in 2012 the US Olympic Committee spoke of requiring background checks for all NGBs, all club employees, coaches and volunteers in response to external pressures from Congress and child advocacy groups.[183] The pushback from virtually all quarters within the dysfunctional Olympic umbrella was formidable. Intimidated USOG executives claimed that their power was limited in enforcing policies they knew would be openly resisted and not complied with at the local level. Some NGBs insisted that the “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work for them, and NGBs like US Swimming and US Team Tennis opted to develop their own “customized” programs… but “customized” unfortunately for US Swimming meant succumbing to entrenched pedo-interests. Others would evoke the rationale that the cost of imposing background checks at $20 per person on all its clubs and members would lose sponsors and much needed revenue.

Granted, the nature of both bureaucracy as well as individuals used to operating with complete autonomy is to reactively oppose and defiantly challenge virtually any and all pressure to change. But the above litany of excuses are all lame and totally unjustified since status quo means kids continue suffering abuse in off-the-chart numbers. The so called Olympic umbrella ultimately needs to do what’s right by children – period! And it is the responsibility of its leadership at the top of this pyramid to impose its will and authority on all of its stratified tier levels, entities and affiliates down to the local club and coach level to clean up its filthy act and protect its millions of child athletes within its operations. All these years later this problem still persists because the will at the top of the Olympic food chain has always been either too pedo-carnivorous or too pedo-friendly.

Despite the heavy blowback, under pressure from US Congress, the US Center for Safe Sport was created in 2014 ostensibly to ensure that the Olympic NGBs begin complying with stricter standards for child abuse prevention, more effective detection and independent investigation. Based on the March 2012 revised joint USOC-Safe Sport Handbook, criminal background screening checks were delineated as required standard policy for all 47 NGBs that include down to the local level of every athletic club employee, coach and volunteer over age 18.[184] Even though background checks have long been standard practice since the mid-1990s in youth community athletic programs for children participating in amateur sports (outside the Olympic umbrella), apparently it took till 2014 for the USOC to finally see fit to implement background checks amongst all 47 NGBs.[185] Just how strictly enforced Safe Sport policies are remains highly questionable though, based on so many unsafe sports still not operating on behalf of child athletes’ best “safe sport” interests.

In any event, leave it to the known pedo-enablers and pedo-perps within the US House of Representatives to pass a bill by an overwhelming 406-3 margin only after it surgically removes funding for the US Center for Safe Sport, leaving it still in need of funding sources, which as previously noted has posed a serious impediment to it even getting off the ground.[186] One cannot help but ask is this the tactical loophole chosen by a pedo-infested, sexually blackmailed, compromised United States Congress to nefariously sabotage the law from actually protecting children? It bears repeating, the US Center for Safe Sport is far too underfunded and understaffed to realistically and independently investigate the high volume of child sexual abuse cases. And we still don’t know if it’s truly independent.

Additionally, on the positive side, the 2018 congressional bill judiciously extends the statute of limitation laws to 10 years after turning 18 or 10 years after victims realize that they were abused.[187] This latter point is enormously significant since child sexual trauma is so often repressed in childhood and memories of abuse are not fully recoverable until victims reach adulthood (despite what the pedophile-ridden False Memory Foundation purports; see Chapter 2). This child protection act also stipulates the legal precedent of empowering victims of sexual abuse as well as child pornography to hold offenders accountable in both criminal and federal civil courts. Additionally, other than a parent or guardian or in an emergency situation, as an added safeguard, the bill also prohibits an adult employee or volunteer belonging to a youth athletic organization to be in a room alone with a minor unless another adult is present.

In addition to required background checks and mandated reporting, another surefire way to lower sexual abuse rates for underage female swimmers in USA Swimming is to hire more women coaches at the higher competitive ranks. Though the total number of 20,000 coaches in US Swimming are close to an even gender split, the disparity at the national team level (considered Olympic pre-trials) is pronounced, only 12% of the coaches for the most recent 2017-18 team are female.[188] Additionally, at those top competitive elite levels, virtually all the head coaches are men. And since over 93% of the banned coaches are also men (near three quarters of them for sexual misconduct), and 94% of pedophilia crimes are committed by males,[189] it makes total sense to kill two birds with one stone – reach gender parity at the elite levels where child athletes are most preyed upon, and thereby keep young female swimmers safer both in and out of the now shark infested water.

In the lead-up to the House passing the mandated child sexual abuse reporting law in late January 2018, recognizing that the pedo-endemic in sports isn’t going away, the US House Energy and Commerce Committee informed current USA Swimming President and CEO (since June 2017) Tim Hinchey in writing that his National Governing Body is under investigation along with its other pedo-riddled cohort:

The abhorrent abuses associated with USA Gymnastics, as well as allegations in 2014, when 19 swimmers said they were sexually abused by their coaches, may raise concerns about whether your organization has sufficient mechanisms to protect your athletes from abuse and mistreatment. Accordingly, the Committee is seeking information from USA Swimming because of the role it plays in overseeing swimming and protecting all of its athletes.[190]

Along with letters sent to USA Gymnastics, USA Taekwondo and Michigan State, the congressional committee also requested that Hinchey and his US Olympic Swimming NGB answer the following three critical questions by February 9, 2018:

When was USA Swimming made aware of sexual abuse allegations in 2014, is USA Swimming aware of any other sexual abuse allegations within the swimming community, and does USA Swimming have policies and procedures in place to properly report, handle, and investigate sexual abuse when it has been reported to them?[191]

With so many in US Congress out and out pedophiles or sexually blackmailed pedophile enablers themselves, it’s a bit like the pot calling the kettle black for the House of Representatives to summon the top sporting officials in the US Olympic Committee to a May 23rd, 2018 hearing to answer for “the potentially pervasive and systemic problem of sexual abuse across the US Olympic community,” the voiced concern of the two congressional subcommittee co-chairs.[192] But if it puts the Olympic umbrella on notice to clean up its pedo-act or face harsh consequences (a good start would be abolishment), then it’s a good thing. But my question is, who’s going to clean up Congress, or the entire US pedo-government, or for that matter the international pedo-cabal? Truth and reconciliations commissions as a starter perhaps. In any event, the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee is questioning USOC’s acting chief executive Susanne Lyons and Kerry Perry, the current President and CEO of USA Gymnastics, USA Swimming’s CEO Tim Hinchey, chiefs of both USA Taekwondo and USA Volleyball as well as a representative from US Safe Sport.

Aside from Mr. Hinchey directed to respond in writing to Congress’ above questions, otherwise, other than a letter professing to be earnest about cleaning up the abuse in his unholy USA Swimming house,[193] and signing onto a brief to-do list that his board members came up with as their plan of action, the USA Swimming chief has kept a pretty low profile since taking over the mess his deceased pedo-enabling predecessor left him. To Hinchey’ credit, immediately upon receipt of a letter from attorney for abuse victims Robert Allard demanding the resignation of two notorious members of US Swimming’s pedo enabler club – Woessner and Hogan – Hinchey had them resigning in February. Though still early, other than that biggie, little else of any substantive import has changed. But based on a statement Hinchey made about being open to wanting to hear from abused athlete survivors, 49-year old Sarah Ehekircher stepped up for a meeting with head honcho Hinchey himself on May 1st.[194]

Back in the late 1980s Sarah was groomed by her Houston coach Scott MacFarland and sexually assaulted at age 17.[195] After Woessner’s Safe Sport blew off Sarah’s coach accusations in 2010, after convincing the US Center for Safe Sport to readdress her case, and a meeting with Hinchey under her belt, Sarah Ehekircher will not only be holding US Swimming and US Safe Sport to task, but she’s currently been talking also to congressional investigators at the US House Energy and Commerce Committee about “the Olympic sized problem.”[196] Incidentally, as an aside further exposing the sexist, pedo-enabling head of the coaches association John Leonard, beyond each time he opens his mouth to put his foot in it, working under Leonard at ASAC in 2004, Sarah Ehekircher maintains he engaged in hardcore sexual harassment toward her.[197] Her meeting with the USA Swimming director was Hinchey’s first test beyond the pedo-enablers’ resignations and rhetoric to show whether he’s for real or not. After his shameful organization has delivered so much abuse upon abuse to so many unjustly wronged accusers, how Mr. Hinchey handled his May meetings with Sarah and Congress and how he proceeds from here on out will go far in determining whether USA Swimming’s entrenched culture of child sexual abuse is still entrenched or not.

Longtime advocate Nancy Hogshead-Makar’s response to this year’s congressional inquiry into US Olympic sports:

We just heard 160 survivors address their abuser, Team USA’s doctor in gymnastics. Knowing the true cost, it is gratifying that Congress is looking within the Olympic sports movement and see another sport with over 100 Larry Nassar-types in a single sport; USA Swimming. That’s a much bigger scale of abuse, one worthy of inquiry. In my position as head of an organization that advocates for girls and women in sport, I hear the pain too many swimmers have suffered. There are still too many abusive coaches who are still coaching and still in the Hall of Fame. Almost as bad; ethical coaches who have been blackballed for advocating for athletes, for doing the right thing. They’re offended by a culture of coaches that regularly go to strip clubs in the evenings after a day of competition, offended by the sexualization of young girls, but powerless to stop it.[198]

San Francisco attorney Robert Allard stated:

It’s about time. USA Swimming’s leaders have known for literally decades about dozens of pedophiles no different than Larry Nassar who have been roaming pool decks for prey across this country and did not do a damn thing about it because they were blinded by the massive amounts of money they basically extorted from amateur athletes. Countless lives of young swimmers have been ruined as a result of being sexually abused by these known predators. These leaders have redefined what it means to ‘cover up’ for child molesters. Yet, to our knowledge, not one single USA Swimming employee has received any adverse employment action of any kind and no board member has been removed from office. Personally, I hope heads roll and criminal arrests are made. There are a lot of people sitting in Colorado Springs with considerable blood on their hands. It is high time to clean house and insert a totally new leadership core within this National Governing Body which as presently constituted is corrupt to the core[199].

And right on cue, one big head atop US Olympics did roll. In its feeble attempt to symbolically clean up its act, succumbing to increasing outside pressures, 8-year US Olympic Committee CEO Scott Blackmun was finally ousted three days after the February closure of the Winter Games for his pedo-enabling track record failing to protect child athletes from pedophile coaches and Olympic officials.[200] The USOC claimed Blackmun quit his lofty post due to health reasons. But excuses like “health problems” or “desire to spend time with family” are typically given when head honchos resign in thinly veiled disgrace from entrenched high perched positions. But as this dawning age of exposing sexual predators gains momentum, jumpstarted by last October’s Hollywood Harvey downfall, at long last historical pedo-bastions of child rapists and their enablers like the Olympics are piece by piece being dismantled. Since the 1990s Blackmun has been a permanent fixture atop the Olympics Movement to suppress efforts to rid pedophilia, serving as the US Olympic Committee’s general counsel, as acting CEO and law partner in USOC’s go-to “legal department” firm Bryan Cave, all prior to his near decade long run as US Olympics Chief Executive Officer from 2010-2018.

Here’s what Olympic anti-pedophilia crusader Nancy Hogshead-Makar had to say about Blackmun’s downfall:

Let the Olympic movement take note. The money and USA’s total medal count under Scott Blackmun will be forgotten. Blackmun’s career will be defined by his unwillingness to protect children and athletes from sexual abuse within club and Olympic sports. Blackmun didn’t merely happen to preside during the great Larry Nassar devastation, he created the underlying conditions for Nassar’s evil to thrive. Like Blackmun’s good friend Chuck Wielgus, Blackmun’s legacy will be that he intentionally blocked athletes from getting help when they reported abuse.[201]

Though the US Gymnastics scandal became Blackmun’s last straw that broke his pedo-enabling back, even before his long overdue exit, for years the USOC CEO protected a slew of US Swimming NGB pedophiles. Attorney Robert Allard’s turn to weigh in:

In 2013, I, on behalf of the countless swimmers who were molested by their swim coaches, literally begged and pleaded Scott Blackmun to get involved in the governance of USA Swimming which had proven to be rotten to the core and utterly unable and in fact unwilling to protect children from pedophile coaches. In essence he smugly told me to go ‘pound sand’ and that in his view ‘USA Swimming is making a sincere effort, backed by real resources and real people, to address the misconduct that exists not only in their sport, but in society at large.’ I later learned that he was close friends and had longstanding business relationships with many high level executives of USA Swimming. Right then and there I knew he was nothing more than a member of the ‘good old boys’ club and could not be relied upon to create a safer environment for amateur athletes. His departure is very much necessary in order for parents to start having confidence that when they entrust their children to the care of amateur sporting organizations, every effort will be made to protect them from pedophiles. With Blackmun now gone, it is imperative that the USOC put someone in charge who places the safety and welfare of athletes as its first priority.[202]

The Larry Nassar Scandal within the Larger USA Gymnastics Pedo-Debacle and Massive Criminal Cover-up

From the damage control files comes another feeble “too little, too late” gesture in the longtime pedo-enabling USOC,[203] USAG[204] and MSU[205] announcements that that they’re funding support services to the hundreds of Dr. Nassar victims in the wake of the US Gymnastics catastrophe. Where were they years ago when abused victims’ claims were all falling on deaf ears? Behind this newfound pledge to “protect the children” is a self-serving desire to save themselves by rebuilding their tarnished images. As part of this image enhancement strategy, the US Olympic Committee is also doubling its funding for the US Center for Safe Sport as the “independent resource” for Olympic abuse prevention and abuse investigation after Congress elected to un-finance Safe Sport when passing its mandated reporting law. In efforts to appear to be cleaning house, the Colorado Springs Olympics leadership also canned a few “bad apples” in Blackmun, Woessner and Hogan along with USA Gymnastics president Steve Penny in March 2017[206] and his entire USAG executive board in January 2018.[207]

But that’s just scratching the surface. While true safe sport and child abuse advocates laud their forced resignations as an essential first step in the right direction, ridding a few powerful figures within the enormous Olympic criminal cartel still leaves hundreds if not thousands of guilty, likeminded pedophile-enablers and pedophiles still actively and deeply entrenched doing further damage to children within the worldwide Olympic umbrella.

Irvine, California attorney John Manly who has represented many of the US Gymnastics victims echoes this sentiment:

This is a positive development. It happened because of the courage of the victimized athletes to speak out. However, those responsible for the toxic atmosphere of turning a blind eye to sexual abuse and assault of athletes at the USOC and many sport national governing bodies remain in place. There needs to be a full and independent investigation, overseen by Congress, to hold those responsible accountable for allowing so many athletes to be victimized.[208]

Dubbed as history’s all-time biggest sex abuse sports scandal ever[209] belongs to USA Gymnastics with its malevolently manipulating team physician Dr. Larry Nassar sexually abusing 265 confirmed female athletes (and one known male gymnast[210]) during a disgraceful quarter century stretch prior to his arrest in December 2016.[211] Nassar also treated and abused hundreds of athletes as a sports medicine doctor at Michigan State University. Both US Gymnastics and Michigan State University as institutions including the US Olympic Committee that governs the USA Gymnastics NGB are all more than guilty of criminal misconduct and criminal cover-up, knowing for years that child athletes were being irreparably harmed. Had it not been for the Indianapolis Star newspaper (Indy Star) breaking this horrendous sports scandal on September 12, 2016,[212] along with two brave former gymnasts that contacted the paper – Rachael Denhollander and Jamie Dantzscher, who knows if the biggest child sexual assault case in the history of sports would even be known today if left to the pedo-enabling devices of the Olympics organization or MSU?

A medical doctor entrusted to care for young athletes instead violated their trust for decades fondling and fingering female breasts, vaginas and anuses of thousands of victims while his employers as equally entrusted institutions looked the other way in double betrayal of underage girls and their families. The now 54 year old former doctor turned life sentenced Tucson Penitentiary inmate[213] took full advantage of his own world renowned reputation where families sought him out feeling honored and special just to have a medical expert with such impeccable credentials treating their child… or so they thought.

In 1986 while still a medical student at MSU, Larry Nassar was hired by USA Gymnastics as an athletic trainer. Just two years later as a volunteer Nassar began his longtime collaboration working with youth gymnastics coach John Geddert who would eventually rise to become the 2012 US Olympic Gymnastics team coach.[214] Geddert is now under investigation for his part in the criminal cover-up. But more on that deeply pathological pedo-enabler shortly.

Under the pretense of doing medical research as an MSU med student, in 1992 Nassar sexually molested a 12-year old girl in both a gymnastics facility as well as Nassar’s apartment.[215] So it’s on public record that the Olympic employee pedophile continued committing sex crimes at a minimum for nearly a quarter century. Yet US Gymnastics and MSU both claim they never knew of their employee’s serial crimes until 2015 – one humongously sick lie. With his first known incident of sexual assault violating a prepubescent girl not even out the starting gate as a medical doctor, it wasn’t until 1993 that Larry Nassar received his osteopathic medicine degree as a doctor from MSU.[216] A year later in 1994, Dr. Nassar notched his first future Olympic medalist under his pedo-belt in 12-year old Jamie Dantzscher’s first among many molestations over the next half dozen years, all because she was referred to him for lower back pain treatment.[217]

In 1996 just prior to the Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Larry Nassar received a promotion as the national medical coordinator for the USA Gymnastics team. Meanwhile, his rising star collaborator and his wife John and Kathryn Geddert opened their Twistars USA Gymnastics Club.[218] Both the Gedderts and their Twistar Club will also later be charged in civil suits for failing to protect child victims.

1997 was a big year for professional milestones as Nassar’s two longtime institutional partners-in-crime elevated him to US Olympics Gymnastics team physician as well as Michigan State University assistant professorship. 1997 was also the year that future Olympic coach John Geddert learned from a parent about his friend and partner’s questionable medical treatments that included inappropriate sexual touching.[219] This critical information came to light per a 2017 lawsuit contending that Geddert not only refused to investigate the incident but continued recommending Nassar to other athletes. Keep in mind that a full 15 years before Geddert was the US Olympic team head coach, he knew the doctor was abusing his own underage gymnasts.

Coach Geddert and Dr. Nassar were inseparable, both professionally and socially. It was the future Michigan State University women’s gymnastics coach Kathie Klages who first introduced John Geddert to Larry Nassar while all three worked at Great Lakes Gymnastics club together.[220] John Geddert was in Nassar’s wedding party in 1996.[221] Yep, as is typical, the pedophile married a grown woman who has somehow managed to keep herself out of the headlines.

The Twistar gym owner Geddert’s coaching style operates by fear and intimidation, known for yelling, throwing things in disgust and rage, and bringing his young gymnasts to tears, or withholding water until they perform to his liking.[222] Cut from the same abusive cloth as the Bela and Martha Karlokyi old school of hard knocks and insults, creating the ideal dynamic for the softie groomer Larry to flourish in contrast as the girls’ seemingly safe, nerdy but nurturing healer-medicine man, offering much needed refuge from the stoic hell on earth imposed by their whip-cracking taskmasters. The smooth pedo-operator was always supportive and consoling, thus easily able to convince so many of his even shy child victims that his “touchy-feely” approach to his medical treatments was standard state-of-the-art medicine from a highly reputable doctor who they automatically assumed “always knows best.” The surrounding punitive, authoritarian, cultural milieu in gymnastics confused young girls too afraid of the consequences should they ever dare to speak up.

Together both Geddert and Nassar ascended the same fast track pathway to success in Olympic US Gymnastics, almost as if their dual destiny was guided by fated external forces (i.e., the pedo-cabal players promoting them). While Nassar spent the next couple decades riding the crest of US Olympic success and soaring popularity of the sport, Coach Geddert became the most decorated gymnastics coach in Michigan history, coaching over 50 national team members including one of 2012’s “Fierce Five” Olympians Jordyn Wieber.[223] Despite being selected as the US gymnastics team head coach for the triumphantly successful 2012 London Games, the turbulent months leading up and right after that Olympics threatened to end Geddert’s so called storied career.

He twice had known physically violent run-ins with females, one a young coach that worked in his gym that he accosted in the Twistar parking lot and another an 11-year old gymnast who claims he “stepped on her toe, grabbed her arm and pushed her into the wall.”[224] The “she said-he said” legal faceoff on both cases finagled him from facing any criminal charges. Turns out at least four police reports have been filed on Geddert for assault since 1986.[225] His long record of rage and violence reflects deep-rooted issues of anger and a controlling, volatile nature that instantly turns abusive, regularly lashing out verbally, emotionally and physically toward vulnerable females, creating the safe haven for his doctor buddy to sexually deliver the final kind of abuse with impunity in a one-two wallop of a crippling poison punch.

A prepubescent Nassar victim who trained as a gymnast at Great Lakes gym commented:

Part of what enabled this is John broke little girls’ spirits and bodies, and Larry was there to fix them.[226]

One of Nassar’s victims treated for back pain in the small training room at Geddert’s Twistar gym stated in the court record:

All I remember is him [Nassar] doing the treatment on me with his fingers in my vagina, massaging my back with a towel over my butt, and John walking in and making a joke that I guess my back really did hurt.[227]

Even with the towel obstructing the pervert’s digital penetration, making light of the situation strongly infers knowledge on the coach’s part that he knew exactly where his doctor friend’s probing fingers were sexually abusing little girls, especially since a parent in 1997 had already complained to him about Nassar. Coach Geddert was known to walk in unannounced in both Nassar’s little training room as well as the girl’s locker room while they were changing.[228] He made joking comments that if gymnastics didn’t work out, there was always a job waiting for them at a local strip club since they could climb a pole so well. He also remarked about their developing bodies, referencing their wearing pink and black leotards that resembled Victoria’s Secret models. His sexually harassing commentary in and of itself was a warning sign that children weren’t safe.

Girls coached by John Geddert have attempted suicide, been forced to routinely train while injured, risking permanent damage and even paralysis.[229] His sadistically brutal methods, demands and constant temper tantrums, berating his gymnasts to extreme abuse, though not so flagrantly unlawful as Nassar’s, but also severely damaging. Yet he too rose to the pinnacle of success as the bigtime gold medal winning Olympic coach. But it wasn’t until Nassar’s victim impact statements delivered at his sentencing hearings by Nassar’s and the coach’s victims in January 2018 that John Geddert’s name came up loud and clear that he too was a chronic criminal abuser whose karma had finally caught up to him.

One victim Lindsey Lemke proclaimed to the world during her impact statement that Geddert deserved to be behind bars with Nassar. Another victim Makayla Thrush said Geddert many times told her at age 10 that she should kill herself. After his physical and emotional abuse pushed her while not fully recovered resulting in her career ending injury did she eventually try killing herself.[230] Izzy Hutchins felt excruciating pain in her lower right leg. The coach didn’t want to hear it, figuring she was just faking to get out of her workout. When Izzy turned to Geddert’s wife saying she couldn’t walk, he yelled for her to get out of his gym. He followed her into the locker room, his face inches from hers screaming that she was “a fucking spoiled brat.” After wiping his spit from her face, a hospital scan later that day showed she’d been suffering for over a month from a broken fibula.

During an exercise another 12-year old girl Baily Lorencen fell 8 feet onto her head, but the coach insisted it was just a muscular injury, failing to mention it to her father when he came to pick her up that night. Unable to get up from the couch several hours later, she was rushed to the hospital with a C2 neck fracture.[231] Two years after that while in back pain she fell on her face doing a tumbling pass, angering Geddert who ordered her to do wind sprints. Later at the hospital she prayed her back was broken just to prove to her sick coach that her injury was real. Her prayer was answered, and even after a year wearing a back brace her L5 vertebrae still remained fractured.

Another gymnast Brittany Aragon said training under Coach Geddert meant you were constantly insulted and humiliated. If her performance wasn’t perfect, he’d yell one of his favorite threats – he was going to “beat her like a red-headed stepchild.” At 5’3” and 113 pounds, by his standards, she was too heavy. So he’d have her climbing a rope to the ceiling using only her arms, running lap after lap, and hang from a bar lifting her toes to her fingers. In 2012 she overdosed in a suicide attempt on valium leftover from an old injury.[232] While in the hospital, it was Larry Nassar who interceded, writing her saying she would have to formally apologize to her abusive coach in order to get back into the club.

US Gymnastics received a number of complaints about Geddert’s tirades and overly punitive coaching style, prompting the organization to hire a private investigator in 2014 to look into his record of abuse.[233] However, not surprisingly USAG gave him a free pass to continue his terror. Geddert is currently under investigation for child abuse and also facing lawsuits. So closely tied to Nassar and also clearly criminally abusive, once the above Nassar-Geddert victims publicly disclosed the coach’s abuse at Nassar’s sentencing hearing, finally in January 2018 US Gymnastics was compelled once again by outside pressure to suspend him. Immediately afterwards Geddert announced his retirement and his wife took over running his Twistar gym. The coach’s story is a painful, shameful bookend to the Nassar tragedy. The lesson – if US Gymnastics coaches and personnel aren’t sexually abusing their underage gymnasts, too many are busily abusing them physically, verbally, emotionally and mentally. Cruel sadism masquerading behind old school discipline is also pathologically embedded in the wider world of sports’ culture of abuse and silence.

Aside from becoming an MSU professor and USA Gymnastics team physician, 1997 should have also been a red flag for more of Nassar’s earlier sex crimes, supported by his two lifelong loyal coaching accomplices who always had his back. A 16-year old high school student injured at an MSU youth gymnastics event claimed after her medical appointment that she was sexually assaulted, and after informing her high school coach, he instructed her to report it to the MSU Coach Kathie Klages.[234] The molested underage gymnast in 1997 was warned by Klages of “serious consequences” should she insist on reporting it further.[235] So now near two full decades before his arrest, both the Olympics and MSU gymnastic coaches were fully aware and criminally complicit, knowing they had a serious child sexual predator in their midst (similar to Joe Paterno). But Klages and Geddert both chose to continue raving about their medical saint performing miracles on their innocent little girl athletes that they systematically fed straight into the defilers’ evil ungloved clutches.

Like Geddert, Klages has much to hide. Again in that same eventful year of 1997, after asking another gymnast who’d seen Nassar at his office if the doctor had performed procedures that included digital vaginal and anal penetration, when the underage girl said yes, per court documents “Klages told (her) that there is no reason to bring up Nassar’s conduct.”[236] She also is on record speaking to the mother of another abuse victim and trying to convince her that Nassar’s vaginal technique was a proven sound medical treatment. And finally, as recently as December 2017, still standing by her pedo-man, the by then deposed MSU pedo-enabling coach told the mother of a current MSU gymnast that the child pornography found on Nassar’s computer was actually planted by the FBI. These incredibly incriminating facts alone portend a much larger pedophilia enabling operation than the familiar “lone gunman” wacko theory. Though karma has yet to fully bite Coach Geddert or Coach Klages in the ass, after 27 years as the MSU gymnastics coach, Kathie Klages’ mouth finally caught up to her as well, costing her job in February 2017.[237]

A year later in 1998 Nassar began abusing the 5-year old daughter of his supposed family friends, first exposing his penis but the next year came the molestations that would haunt her to this day.[238] Years later when 13-year old Kyle Stephens finally informed her parents, Nassar convinced them to dismiss her version of events, creating extreme conflict and tragic strain on the entire victimized family.

The following year 1999 when an MSU athlete with a hamstring injury was sexually assaulted, she was rebuked, condescendingly reminded by her cross country coach that Nassar was “an Olympic doctor” who “knew what he was doing.”[239] In 2000 after a sexually abused MSU softball player informed three college athletic trainers and another MSU staff about what she felt was abuse, she heard the same old worn out song:

She was fortunate to receive the best medical care possible from a world-renowned doctor.[240]

Also in that same year 2000 in Sydney the pedophile would travel for a second of five consecutive Summer Games with the US Gymnastics team abusing his share of underage Olympian athletes along the way, but not before first sexually assaulting 15-year old US Gymnastics team member Rachael Denhollander.[241] Several weeks after the hometown newspaper of the US Gymnastics headquarters, the Indianapolis Star (Indy Star), issued a scathing indictment of the NGB’s notorious history for its widespread sexual abuse in August 2016,[242] it was Rachael Denhollander who bravely went to the MSU police to file her criminal complaint against Nassar regarding the 2000 incident that ultimately brought his pedo-operation finally to a halt. A day later on August 30, 2016, for the final time, MSU suspended the predator from all doctoring duties pending the outcome of the latest police investigation. The following month in September 2016, Michigan State University terminated him as an associate professor of Osteopathic Medicine. Rachael’s action against her abuser is credited with ceasing his near quarter century sex crimes. Rachael astutely understood the toxic dynamic:

You don’t get someone like Larry Nassar, you don’t get a pedophile who is able to abuse without there being a culture surrounding him in that place.[243]

Though relieved to have put the abuser away for life, she remains unsettled that the larger institutional pedo-enablers around him have yet to be brought to justice:

I am greatly disappointed that we have finished the criminal proceedings without seeing any responsibility taken by the institutions that let this happen.[244]

As far back as 2004, Nassar was discovered soliciting and receiving child pornography – yet another crime of which the sicko would later be convicted.[245] That same year 2004, when a 17-year old scoliosis victim walked into Nassar’s office for treatment and after the predator inserted his ungloved fingers into her vagina and massaged her breasts for a few minutes, she too walked out a PTSD sex assault victim for life.[246] After the mother and daughter reported the abuse to the local Meridian Township Police, the first of several law enforcement investigations, Nassar used a power point presentation to con his slick ass out of legal troubles, explaining how it was a valid medical treatment and no charges were made, freeing him up for the next dozen years to resume abusing hundreds if not thousands more underage girls.

In June 2011 and again in January 2014 the US Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) received federal Title IX complaints from two of Nassar’s MSU student victims asserting that the university failed to respond properly to their sexual assault allegations.[247] OCR found MSU guilty of violating federal guidelines for failing to respond within specified time limits. The refusal by MSU personnel to take appropriate immediate action upon learning of sexual complaints and confusion over protocol regarding who is mandated to file sexual assault reports to various law enforcement agencies among academic departments also resulted in serious noncompliance issues with Title IX policy guidelines, thus the OCR declared the MSU campus a hostile environment for sexual violence against females. After its lengthy investigation, on September 1, 2015 the US Department of Education charged MSU with failing to respond to multiple sexual abuse complaints in both a prompt and equitable manner, causing and contributing to the ongoing “sexually hostile environment.”[248] Yet a federal agency declaring that thousands of MSU co-eds were sexually in danger amidst a hostile, unsafe campus had absolutely zero impact on either the serial predator’s ongoing crime spree or the university responsible for protecting its student body.

2011 was also the year that the US Olympic Gymnastics head coach John Geddert heard directly out of the mouth of then 15-year old Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney telling him and others riding in the car back to their hotel that:

Last night, Larry was fingering me.[249]

By that time two decades into his nonstop serial sex crime rampage, fingering little girls’ vaginas had long been the doctor’s favorite criminal pastime. Though upon hearing this startling admission, McKayla said “people gasped” in the car, nothing further was made of her Olympic-shaking bombshell, least of all by the pedo-enabling guilty coach Geddert. Also sitting in that car was another sexually abused future gold medal gymnast Aly Raisman, who during an April 2018 NBC Dateline interview backed up her fellow teammate’s shocking claim, saying Coach Geddert “just said nothing.”[250]

That’s because for the previous 14 years before that incident, Geddert had said nothing, knowing all the while his pervert friend was abusing the very same athletes that he was coaching. That’s how much he cared about his athletes. Yet he did nothing to stop the beast. Keep in mind that McKayla dropped this truth bomb over a half decade ahead of the serial pedophile’s arrest, prior to hundreds more victims that would have been spared from lifelong harm had Geddert or someone in that car with half a conscience done the only humane, righteous thing. Their collective silence constitutes criminal abuse in and of itself and John Geddert and the rest of his pedo-enablers up and down the Olympic predatory pedo-food chain need to pay for their reprehensible crimes against children. The Olympic culture of pedophilic abuse, complicit silence and criminal cover-up once again won out over any momentary shock or pangs of guilt – if any – that anyone sitting in that car experienced for their subsequent criminal non-action.

McKayla Maroney’s first sexual assault occurred two years earlier in 2009 when she first competed for a spot on the US national team, training at the legendary coaching couple Martha and Bela Karolyi’s Texas ranch outside Houston. As the national team’s physician, the predatory doctor instructed McKayla while slipping his fingers inside the 13-year old’s vagina for the first time that it was a legitimate and necessary medical procedure.[251] Afterwards the gymnastics MD further brainwashed the future Olympian at the Karolyi Ranch with this king-sized rationalization. Per McKayla’s account:

He said that nobody would understand this and the sacrifice that it takes to get to the Olympics. So you can’t tell people about this. I actually was like, ‘That makes sense. I don’t want to tell anybody about this.’ I didn’t believe that they would understand.[252]

Like virtually all Nassar’s abuse victims, McKayla stayed silently frozen in fear of how to move forward from this heavy burden of sexual trauma dumped on her at the tender age of 13.

In the NBC Dateline interview, McKayla Maroney described training at the Karolyi Camp as highly abusive, with her fellow gymnasts referring to it as “Torture Camp.”[253] For decades the Karolyis ran a very intimidating training program whereby if anyone dare object or criticize over the way they were treated, they were immediately banished off the team. Parents and visitors were never allowed. Withstanding daily verbally and emotionally abusive attacks was simply a built-in part of the couple’s old school regimen imported from Iron Curtain Romania where they turned Nadia Comaneci into history’s first 10 scoring gymnastic celebrity whiz kid legend. Name calling was commonplace, taking the form of being called “fat” when deemed overweight by the coaches’ stringent standards. In this highly touted, legally sanctioned concentration camp, Dr. Nassar would play the role of “good cop” as a grooming counterpoint to the Karolyis’ harsh, disciplinary “bad cop” style, again reflecting familiar shades of the Sandusky-Paterno dynamic. To get on the girls’ good graces, Nassar would frequently sneak in gifts like food and snacks to the hungry athletes kept “starving” on their strict low calorie diet. But his compassionate, seemingly nice guy persona was part of the predator’s grooming process.[254] McKayla stated:

They [the Karolyis and their staff] used to say ‘what happens at camp, stays at camp.’ And, I mean that right there’s a great big red flag.[255]

What Sandusky was to legendary coach Joe Paterno in his fall from grace, Nassar is to the Karolyis, forever staining their once renowned legacy and impeccable reputation. They too were interviewed by Dateline with the chance to defend themselves before their now legions of critics casting dispersions on them. The longtime gymnastics legends are currently being sued by at least two of their former gymnasts.[256] One is Jamie Dantzscher. Years ago the bronze medalist at the 2000 Sydney Games was the first to publicly criticize the Karolyis’ cult-like abusive power and caught enormous flak for it, but now completely vindicated.[257]

Another 2005-2010 USA Gymnastics team member abused by Nassar, Mattie Larson, in her lawsuit also accuses the Karolyis for turning “a blind eye to the perpetrator Nassar’s sexual abuse of children at the Ranch.”[258] With Mattie’s attorney John Manly referring to the Karolyi Ranch as a “house of horrors,” when the gymnast was 15 dreading to have to leave on a flight the next morning to the official US national team training site, Mattie intentionally bumped her head on the wall to feign an accidental injury just to avoid the abuse awaiting her in Texas by her abusive team doctor and her abusive team coaches.[259] These Olympians believe the Karolyis are less than honest in their denial that they had no clue that a sexual predator was lurking in their midst, given free rein and access to the girls’ bedrooms at all hours of the day or night.

In the same way that the controlling Coach Paterno is said to have known virtually everything that went on with his team and inside the Penn State locker room, allowing his pedo-assistant coach free lifetime access to football athletic facilities (including after retirement) where most of his sex crimes were committed, the same could be said for the over-controlling US Gymnastics taskmasters at their “torture camp” with regards to their version of “good cop” pedophile-employee as well. The parallels between these two horrific scandals are eerily striking. Perhaps that’s because they’re both manifestations of the same global pedophilia network run by the same international crime cabal.

The worst single episode amongst McKayla Maroney’s chronic years of sexual abuse also arrived in 2011, just prior to her disclosing that bombshell to her coach in the car. In fact her telling Geddeck about Nassar had everything to do with the US Gymnastics team’s trip to Tokyo for the world championship.[260] To sleep on the plane, Dr. Nassar gave the 15-year old McKayla a sleeping pill. The next thing she remembers was waking up in the pedophile’s bed in a Tokyo hotel room “getting a ‘treatment.’” It was that incident that McKayla for the first time realized she was not receiving the doctor’s medical treatments at all but was being sexually abused by a highly manipulative, malicious and deceitfully perverted criminal. In her NBC interview she explained:

I thought I was going to die. He went, like, overboard that night. I was bawling, naked, on a bed. Him on top of me. And I thought I was gonna die.[261]

The discipline of a highly trained Olympic athlete is schooled in pushing all pain aside, be it physical, emotional and/or sexual, in deference to competition and performance. Despite being brutally fingered and savagely violated just hours earlier, remarkably McKayla came through in top form in Tokyo and was crowned the world gymnastics vault champion.[262] Traces of CIA Monarch mind control torture, inflicted child sexual abuse and forced mind dissociation can be found in the experience of these abused elite child athletes. Amazingly, they are able to compartmentalize and thus temporarily store away their psychic pain to the extent that it fails to interfere with their masterful athletic performance.

In the April Dateline broadcast, McKayla Maroney declared that the gymnastics team doctor stunningly molested her “hundreds of times”[263] while over the years also taking hundreds of photos of her to add to his gargantuan child pornography library.[264] In an FBI September 2016 raid on his home, over 37,000 pornographic images were discovered on Nassar’s hard drive depicting children as young as six being raped, molested and digitally penetrated. McKayla believes that Nassar has shared with fellow pedophiles on the internet photos taken of her while the doctor was sexually abusing her.

While for two decades US gymnasts were forced to regularly submit to Dr. FeelBad’s mandatory “treatments” if they wished to remain on the team or compete in the next Olympics, their chronic serial abuser was revered amongst the world’s finest MDs as both an Olympic team doctor and MSU sports medicine expert. Well-insulated and protected for a quarter century by his powerful institutions, the sexual parasite never ran out of fresh young meat to exploit and ravage. Maroney stated every time she ever saw Nassar, he never once failed to sadistically violate her, ending up “hundreds of times” because the monster was granted 24 hour a day unlimited access to her and her teammates’ training camp bedrooms and hotel rooms.

And because Nassar’s serial pedophile operation was Olympically sanctioned and shielded by three powerful institutions – the USOC, USAG and MSU – for a span of two and a half decades prior to arrest, the fiendish doctor was allowed to continue harming victims into the thousands, mushrooming into the largest known pedophilia scandal in all of sports history. But it wasn’t just a one man operation by a long shot, at minimum it was a four major institutional operation (including the FBI’s criminal stonewalling of its year plus investigation) that continued indefinitely to regularly promote, feed and protect the medical monster. Like every single pedophilia scandal, only with help from high places was this central antagonist able to inflict so much damage and pain on so many lives for so many years. Typical mainstream media apologists such as the Washington Post carefully frame this scandal as simply “warning signs missed.” But that’s just another collusive spin to cover up the very real larger pedophilia network operation that involves the planetary pedophile elite.[265]

Speaking of collusion from high places, the heavily edited NBC Dateline piece also conspicuously cut out an interview segment where two-time Olympic captain Aly Raisman called out one top Olympic executive – USA Gymnastics Senior Vice President Rhonda Faehn – for her part in the cover-up since Aly herself knows that Faehn was informed by her teammate Maggie Nichols and Maggie’s personal coach in June 2015 about the doctor’s widespread abuse.[266] Not to be denied, the next day outspoken Aly took to Twitter to announce NBC’s blatant interview omission, soon enough naming the culprit who like the rest of the accomplices did nothing once she was told, other than running to her pedo-enabling boss USAG chief executive Steve Penny. Critics of NBC maintain the censorship took place in order to protect the network’s own corporate self-interest as the official exclusive Olympic television sponsor over the years perennially enjoying some of its highest ratings covering US women’s gymnastics events. After all in the Luciferian world, you don’t offend or bite the hand that feeds you.

This carefully “edited oversight” is yet another example of just how corrupt major cabal players from the corporate media and corporate sports world nefariously are, constantly colluding as symbiotic partners-in-crime. This kind of subtle deception relegates NBC to the status of mere kiddie porn peddler, exploitatively squeezing every last drop of its news media responsibility into flashy, splashy, high rating soundbite headlines… which again reveal the fact that it’s never a one man operation but always a much larger, deceptively hidden, globalized pedophilia network.

Last October 2017, the #metoo movement inspired McKayla Maroney to bravely emerge from the shadows to announce that she too suffered from Nassar’s abuse from age 13 to near her 2016 retirement at age 20.[267] A mere year after the Tokyo trauma, at the 2012 Olympics in London, during the emotionally charged, most critical time of her young life at age 16, performing and earning silver and gold medals on the world stage for her nation, her team doctor was administering his latest dose of chronic abuse on the Olympian known for wearing the scowl at her medal ceremony. Less than a year earlier she had boldly told her Olympic coach and other officials what Nassar had been doing, but her desperate cry for help fell on deaf ears. In retrospect, with all that she must have been experiencing at the time, it’s perfectly understandable why she would exhibit her iconic look of facial disgust. Incredibly, four of the “Fierce Five” gold medal winners at the London Olympics admit they were all sexually abused minors victimized by their team physician.[268]

As psychologically bruised and battered sexual abuse victims are, primed and polished athletes, even child athletes, have it in them the power to transcend their abuse to reach their young lifelong goal, and neither McKayla nor Aly nor Gabby Douglas nor Jordyn Wieber were about to let a slithering sicko criminal playing charlatan doctor in an equally sicko criminal Olympic organization stop them. It’s nothing less than a testimonial to the strength of the human spirit to triumph over evil.

In January 2018 the latest victim-turned-survivor winner to out the predatory Nassar and his predatory Olympic system is the gold medal star of the 2016 Rio Olympics Simone Biles.[269] A corrupt and evil system that so flagrantly misuses and abuses children as sacrificial lambs in its insatiable lust for medals and money is ill prepared for the truth-exposing strength and courage belonging to this latest class of gold medal winners demanding accountability from the rest of the pedophile enabling accomplices still entrenched in power.

At the height of the #metoo movement in late 2017, 21-year old McKayla Maroney wisely wrote on her Twitter account:

People should know that this is not just happening in Hollywood. This is happening everywhere. Wherever there is a position of power, there seems to be potential for abuse. I had a dream to go to the Olympics and the things that I had to endure to get there, were unnecessary, and disgusting.[270]

What’s also disgusting are the hypocritical responses from the very organizations that for years protected the serial pedophiles permitting them to do such widespread damage against McKayla and so many others. After US Gymnastics said that it admired McKayla Maroney’s courage, its disingenuous statement blabbered on:

We, like so many others, are outraged and disgusted by the conduct of which Larry Nassar is accused. We are sorry that any athlete has been harmed during her or his gymnastics career.[271]

If US Gymnastics was so “outraged,” then why in Hell didn’t anyone from USAG step in and stop the many years of sexual abuse? Oh yeah, I just said it, because they are all in Hell as Luciferians. The fact is, US Gymnastics attempted to silence McKayla as one of its most famous, potentially vocal Olympians, forcing her back in 2016 as soon as she retired into signing a non-disclosure agreement in exchange for her financial settlement to pay for her much needed therapy and legal bills (both compliments of USAG’s criminality).[272] The NGB’s silencing campaign backfired because McKayla spoke out in October 2017 revealing her years of chronic abuse and then in December 2017 she again went on the offensive filing a lawsuit in California against USAG, USOC and MSU for engaging in a cover-up marathon and gross failure to protect her and others for decades after first learning Nassar was a sexual predator.

Additionally in California, it’s against the law for a confidentiality agreement to take place in a sexual abuse case. Her attorney at the time – feminist opportunist Gloria Allred – set up her illegal arrangement. The bottom line, as part of USA Gymnastics’ continued desperation to preserve its systematic cover-up and irreversibly tainted image, the Olympic governing body paid McKayla hush money to keep Nassar and their organization out of the headlines. That’s hardly looking out for child athletes or being sorry for all the harm it caused. McKayla’s attorney John Manly, representing her and scores of other victim athletes against USAG, USOC and MSU, explained her forced predicament accepting the 2016 payout:

I want people to understand that this kid had no choice. She couldn’t function. She couldn’t work. They [USA Gymnastics] were willing to sacrifice the health and well-being of one of the most famous gymnasts in the world because they didn’t want the world to know they were protecting a pedophile doctor.[273]

It took model Chrissy Teigen to offer paying McKayla’s $100,000 fine for breaking her agreement to stay muzzled[274] before USA Gymnastics finally relented from its threat to legally go after her,[275] realizing the horrendous blowback from all the negative publicity that would result should USAG press the issue in court. Just to show its true colors, while US Gymnastics was expressing how sorry it is for its criminal role harming McKayla and so many other child athletes, at the exact same time it was introducing motions in Michigan’s US District Court to dismiss McKayla’s and 92 other victims’ lawsuits against USAG.[276] The Olympic organization’s hypocritical hubris is beyond words.

Michigan State University was also named as an additional defendant in Maroney and others victims’ lawsuits because it too knew about the pedophile’s long history of serial offending while permitting Nassar to continue seeing (and harming) patients even while the perp was being investigated for 19 months by MSU police in 2014-15.[277] The university knowingly allowed at least another dozen more known victims to be molested while his previous sexual misconduct was being investigated by its own policing agency. This highly incriminating evidence surfaced during a joint MSU-FBI inquiry in the spring of 2017. The university uses as its feeble excuse that inquiry after inquiry failed to produce enough evidence for the Ingham County prosecutor’s office to charge Nassar, so each time he was permitted to return to work after an ever-so-brief suspension. That brings up another point in this criminal cover-up of gigantic dimensions from a broken legal system that only demonstrates it protects pedophiles. Again, more help from high places that once again only exposes yet another crack in the pedo-cabal wall… more evidence that pedo-foxes in the legal system guarding the pedo-cabal henhouse is a constant throughout every single pedophilia scandal in history.

Reacting to McKayla’s disclosure of abuse last October, another of the many pedo-foxes – the US Olympic Committee – chimed in with its phony concern, claiming it was “sickened” by Nassar’s abuse and “heartbroken” by McKayla’s account. USOC then proceeds to tell the boldface lie of the century:

Each doctor working with our athletes undergoes background checks including an evaluation of medical licensure actions. Unfortunately this predator was not identified by any organization during the time in question.[278]

Background checks on US Gymnastics club employees weren’t even initiated until 2007, a full decade and a half after Nassar’s first accuser came forth to report his abuse.[279] Additionally, there’s so much blatant evidence of gross liability at both MSU and US Gymnastics on the charge of negligent retention during Nassar’s two decade plus employment while they both were aware that a growing record of complaints from dozens of victims and parents were accumulating.[280] Documentation of Nassar’s reported crimes can be found in multiple law enforcement agencies, the medical licensing board, child protective services,[281] gymnastics clubs, the MSU athletic department, the university administration as well as within both Olympic organizations the USOC and USAG, all the way to the US Department of Education. Yet not one of these “official” entities designated to protect the well-being of minors did a damn thing to stop the nonstop sexual violence unleashed upon thousands of his needlessly wounded victims.

Aly Raisman was spot on with her no-bullshit assessment of Olympic organization leadership:

Their biggest priority from the beginning and still today is their reputation, the medals they win and the money they make off of us.[282]

The governing body’s longstanding cover-up of the doctor’s abuse finally began taking a fatal hit on June 17, 2015. That’s when US Gymnastics could no longer ignore the incoming abuse complaints registered by Nassar’s parade of accusers. Former USA national team member and 2015 world champion gymnast Maggie Nichols and her personal coach Sarah Jantzi reported an incident after Nassar sexually assaulted Maggie while treating her for back pain training at the US Gymnastics Karolyi Ranch.[283] Coach Jantzi overheard 15-year old Maggie talking to her teammate Aly Raisman about the bizarre treatment at the hands of the team doctor.[284] On June 17, 2015 Sarah Jantzi took her concern directly to US Gymnastics senior vice president and women’s program director Rhonda Faehn who then immediately contacted USAG President Steve Penny. Coach Jantzi and Maggie’s mother Gina were then called in to meet with Penny, who assured the mother that US Gymnastics would take the matter to the police and that “her daughter’s concern” would be handled judiciously. According to the complaint, Gina felt:

Steve Penny discouraged [Gina and her husband John Nichols] from reporting Nassar’s conduct to law enforcement and pressured them to keep the matter quiet.[285]

Penny was giving them the classic runaround, lying to them at every turn that his organization was contacting law enforcement. But instead of reporting the allegations to police authorities which is mandated by law in both Texas where the abuse occurred as well as Indiana where the liar was lying, the NGB hired its own private investigator still hoping it could smell things out and “fudge” over the evidence.[286] Finally when the investigator interviewed a third gymnast on Friday July 24, 2015, she recommended USAG contact the police.[287] Always so courteous to not want to bother the FBI over the weekend, the NGB waited till the next business day on Monday July 27th before finally speaking to an FBI agent. Of course the FBI was criminal in its handling of the case as well, waiting nearly a full year before interviewing Maggie Nichols and other victims, allowing Nassar from July 2015 to December 2016 to molest at least another 40 girls and one boy prior to the pedophile’s arrest.[288] Not only is the FBI guilty of criminal negligence, but stonewalling for so much time smacks of yet another sign of major cover-up and coordinated collusion between the federal government and Olympic organizations and MSU to ensure that the larger pedophilia operation had time to tie up loose ends and seal off any traceable bread crumbs. The goal is to always set it up where only one designated sicko goes down so that the larger sicko network remains spared and unscathed.

So the Olympics gymnastics NGB waited a full five weeks before it finally notified law enforcement. US Gymnastics would then be caught willfully lying, claiming it informed the FBI immediately. This disgraceful organization also failed to notify MSU and the Twistar gym where the Frankenstein monster continued seeing and molesting more underage patients. Perhaps USAG working with its fellow partners-in-crime already knew they knew, so why bother. Over a year later MSU finally fired the pedophile in September 2016.[289] USAG defended itself contending that it was not legally obligated to inform his other employers. Tell that to the last abuse victims Nassar was still molesting at MSU in 2016. Attorney John Manly on this issue:

Who allows that? Who allows a physician to be put back in a clinic treating children while under investigation for sexually abusing children?[290]

A larger, coordinated child sexual abuse network, that’s who. In desperado damage control mode, the deceitful audacity of USA Gymnastics seems egregiously boundless, releasing its “conclusive” finding after receiving its hired PI’s report:

The information that Maggie and later a second athlete provided was important, but did not provide reasonable suspicion that sexual abuse had occurred (Emphasis MINE).[291]

So even after the complaints in 2015, Penny and his USOG were still blatantly denying Nassar was sexually abusing athletes. Between the unfolding developments further implicating both the pedophile’s guilt and the NGB’s criminal cover-up guilt along with more damning articles posted by those pesky Indy Star reporters revealing the rampant damage over many years throughout the sport perpetrated against its underage athletes by an army of US Gymnastics personnel (as well as non-USAG personnel), the pedophilia scandal could no longer be suppressed. By the time Indy Star announced in September 2016 that both former club gymnast Rachael Denhollander and former Olympian Jamie Dantzscher decided to go public, disclosing that each had filed separate lawsuits against both Nassar and USA Gymnastics, the burgeoning scandal was simply too big to continue sweeping under the rug.[292]

After years Jamie Dantzscher’s abuse had her suffering from depression, anxiety and self-medicating her pain, in July 2016 for the first time, the 2000 Olympic bronze medal winner finally disclosed her deep dark secret that was behind her painful life. Likewise, ever since her sexual trauma in 2000, Rachael Denhollander felt like damaged goods, like it was all her fault. But ultimately after reading one of the Indy Star exposés, she felt strong enough to courageously step forward to tell her harrowing story.

Amidst concurrent investigations by the FBI, MSU police, Department of Education and the Michigan state attorney general’s office, still protecting its own reputation as well as its predator, in September 2015 USA Gymnastics facilitated Nassar’s quiet retirement as its team physician. In August 2016 Nassar publicly revealed on Facebook that he wasn’t at the Rio Summer Games because he retired from US Gymnastics, using the excuse he was running for a seat on his local school board – that is until a month later word got out via Indy Star again of his MSU termination in view of ongoing multiple criminal investigations. Meanwhile, his long run of managing to avoid jail finally came to an end when arrested in December 2016 on charges of child pornography and sexual criminal conduct against a child less than 13 years old.[293] Six months after Indy Star outed the pedo-monster, his diehard protector who so vehemently had defended him, USAG boss Steve Penny was forced to resign in March 2017, but not before receiving a generous million dollar severance package for all his diehard efforts to criminally uphold the shameful reputation of his Olympic organization.[294] In May 2018 Michigan State University reached a settlement sum of $500 million of which $425 will go to the current 337 claimants of Nassar sexual abuse and the remaining $25 million will be disbursed to any potential future victims.[295]

In the end, when tip of the iceberg child raping scandals ultimately do get exposed, the longstanding pattern is for the same scripted mega-media giants to all quickly place blame exclusively on one sole predatory monster (vis-à-vis Nassar and Sandusky), again to ensure that, by wag-the-dog design, protection of the larger globalized pedophilia crime network remains fully intact, still unknown to the public and immune from all further exposure and accountability. By diabolical design, this systemic one-two policy of non-action and cover-up in turn ensures that the global network of child sexual abuse only continues to grow each year in order to destroy millions more children’s lives on an unprecedented, massive, industrialized scale. As interlocking elements, mass media and the sports industry routinely work covertly together in tandem to suppress the deeper, darker truth from ever reaching the light of day, thereby avoiding the risk that their entire evil cabal operation gets exposed wide open – which unabashedly is the explicit aim of this A-Z pedophilia sourcebook. All the glaringly gory details of evidence are there for all to see.

Be it every type of scandal or so called terrorist false flag operation, the official MSM narrative is always deceitfully and formulaically rolled out by the crime cabal to shield the shady truth of its own criminal guilt from the public. But what’s making the crime cabal increasingly nervous these days is knowing that on an unprecedented scale, citizens of the world are finally detecting the 24/7 lame-stream news propaganda machine for what it is – the world’s largest source of “fake news.” The waking masses are coming to realize that for a very long time the planetary controllers, through deployment of divide and conquer tactics deceptively spread through mass media, they manufacture and perpetrate conflict after conflict throughout history, manipulatively and willfully pitting one group against another, bringing war, death and destruction to every corner of our globe. These murderous culprits as members of this same ruling pedophilia cabal are now exposed and frantically running like cockroaches for cover of darkness as we the people shining the searchlight of truth on them are fast approaching critical mass. We will no longer sit idly by in passive ignorance tolerating the wholesale slaughter of our innocents nor destruction of our planet. Now armed with the truth, we’re fighting back and they’re running scared.

Joined by hundreds of other victim turned survivors, two celebrated insiders are also fighting back – the courageous 22-year old McKayla Maroney and equally courageous 23-year old Aly Raisman, each filing civil suits not just against their molester but also are separately suing the US Olympic Committee, the USA Gymnastics NGB and MSU, for all of them knowing untold numbers of young girls were being systematically victimized for years at a time, yet they chose to do nothing to help or stop the abuse. In Aly’s words:

After all this time, they remain unwilling to conduct a full investigation, and without a solid understanding of how this happened, it is delusional to think sufficient changes can be implemented. Meanwhile, thousands of young athletes continue to train and compete every day in this same broken system. I refuse to wait any longer for these organizations to do the right thing. It is my hope that the legal process will hold them accountable and enable the change that is so desperately needed.[296]

Unfortunately in far too many cases, the legal system has been shown to be just as broken. But we are turning the tide. Out of a total of 265 girls and young women victims with 160 having already sued Larry Nassar, 156 of them showed up in person for his sentencing hearings, dramatically confronting their abuser eye-to-eye.[297] It’s important to realize that the thousands of Nassar abuse victims each have family members who are also victimized, forced to witness the suffering of their loved ones. One was a mother who lost her daughter to suicide, believing her doctor’s abuse led directly to her spiraling death. From Donna Markham’s testimony:

We got in the car (after a session with Nassar) and she started bawling and I said, ‘Chelsea tell me what’s wrong,’ and she said ‘Mom, he put his fingers in me, and they weren’t gloved.’ I said, ‘Chelsea I was right there in the room,’ and she goes, ‘You couldn’t see what was going on, mom.’ And she said, ‘He hurt me.’ She quit gymnastics the following year, when she was 13, because she went to a meet here in Lansing… and he (Nassar) was there. And she fell off of every apparatus. She did horrible, and she said ‘I can’t do this anymore because every time I see him I just flashback to what happened in his office.’ She made bad decisions. It affected her social life. She started running with bad crowds, she got into drugs, and she never really recovered the person that was my best friend. For my daughter it became a serious, serious bout of depression. So in 2009 she took her own life because she couldn’t deal with the pain anymore. It will be 10 years in March that I lost my baby. She was 23 years old. And every day I miss her. Every day. And it all started with him.[298]

Though every victim’s story is unique, sad, gut-wrenching and tragic, confronting the monster face-to-face in January 2018 was empowering for survivors struggling to overcome their years of pain that this wretched little man in an orange jumpsuit cowering before them inflicted. But confronting their sexual predator to verbalize the profound impact that his abuse had on each of their lives was therapeutic for transitioning from victimhood to empowered survivor.

Recall Kyle Stephens, the little girl forced to endure a half dozen years of ongoing abuse that the parents as family friends with Nassar had trouble believing her belated accusations. The family conflict took a tragic turn once the non-believing father ultimately accepted the fact that his daughter never lied to him about Nassar’s chronic abuse. He was so riddled and tortured with guilt that he ended up committing suicide.[299] In the words of his daughter and only non-medical abuse victim:

Without my knowledge or consent I had engaged in my first sexual experience by kindergarten and had joined an overwhelming statistic of sexual abuse victims. You used my body for six years for your own sexual gratification. That is unforgivable. I’ve told counselors your name in hopes that they would report you. I have reported you to child protective services twice. I gave a testament to get your medical license revoked. You were first arrested on my charges, and now, as the only non-medical victim to come forward, I testify to let the world know that you are a repulsive liar and that those treatments were pathetically veiled sexual abuse. Perhaps you have figured it out by now, but little girls don’t stay little forever. They grow into strong women who return to destroy your world. Your Honor, there is no time that Larry Nassar can serve that will give me back those years with my family.[300]

The fact is no less than 14 Michigan State University officials including the MSU president were informed of Larry Nassar’s chronic child sexual abuse during the preceding 20 years prior to his arrest.[301] After Nassar pleaded guilty to 10 first degree counts of criminal sexual conduct with victims as young as 6 in November 2017, a month later in December he was sentenced to his first 60 years in prison on multiple child pornography charges.[302]

On January 19, 2018, after a 5-hour meeting, the Michigan State University Board of Trustees gave their president Lou Anna Simon their thumbs up,[303] backing her to remain president despite her and over a dozen other university accomplices all caught looking the other way to allow decades of abuse. Their misplaced solidarity of support for child abuse enabling proved short-lived. Less than a week later within hours of Nassar’s January 24, 2018 conviction on 7 counts of criminal sexual conduct in the first degree, the first immediate fallout struck their fearless leader with her announced resignation in the face of mounting pressure from students and faculty.[304]

Speaking of enablers, by the end of January 2018, looking to cover its own sorry ass, the pathetic US Olympic Committee demanded that all 21 members of its US Gymnastics board of directors resign (or be disowned as an Olympic NGB) for its “inaction” in the face of the Nassar cover-up.[305]

Meanwhile less than a week later on February 5, 2018, the presiding judge in the Nassar case wasn’t buying sicko’s claim of remorse after his forced-fed parade of intense impact statements personally delivered by 156 of his victims. Of course Nassar’s cause wasn’t helped by his 6-page handwritten letter to Judge Rosemarie Aquilina complaining about her forcing him to endure the three day “media show” facing his victims.[306] The pedophile also showed his true colors once again defending his “medical procedures” as true science. So for good measure, realizing he is clueless in recognizing the colossal harm he’s done, the judge tacked on another 40-125 years onto his up to 175 year death sentence, punctuated by Judge Aquilina’s final comment that his next judge will be God.[307]

In the Nassar aftermath, seems nothing can stop the bleeding as the following month of March saw the twisted pedo-plot only thicken with a second MSU honcho let go, only to also wind up behind bars. Turns out that Larry Nassar’s boss who oversaw the MSU sports medicine clinic where he worked so many years is also a flaming sex pervert. Dr. William Strampel was arrested in late March on charges of sexual harassment as well as collecting nude selfies of young women on his work computer.[308] Per the criminal complaint, this 70-year old senior citizen was busily targeting his own female med students barely out of their teens to “harass, discriminate, demean, sexually proposition, and sexually assault,” violating his statutory duty as both a public officer and MSU’s “distinguished” dean of the college of Osteopathic Medicine.

Dr. Strampel came to law enforcement’s attention for his failing to monitor and enforce the stricter protocols imposed on the pedophile Nassar after multiple sex abuse complaints. But discovered on this latest MSU perv’s office computer was at least 50 selfie photos containing a graphic display of university co-eds in the nude, semi-nude, showing their genitalia, sex toys and pornography. The derelict used his powerful position at MSU to coerce targeted female medical students to send him their naked photos online. The now disgraced dirty old man is also accused of grabbing young tail on the dance floor of his school’s annual gala ball as well as at his scholarship dinner. Is this aging sex fiend just part of the larger MSU pedo-society similar to the one found in high academia circles at MSU’s Big 10 rival Penn State? Circumstantial, connecting-the-dots evidence down this pedo-cabal’s rabbit hole seems to indicate yes.

Both MSU and all the US Olympic organizations – USOC, US Gymnastics, US Swimming, US Taekwondo, US Skating, IUS Volleyball, all consistently and repeatedly drop the ball for decades at a time in their gross failure to safeguard thousands of underage athletes because their obvious priority is protecting both themselves and their sexual predators in biggest sports sex scandals in history. Multiple law enforcement investigations also grossly mishandled case after case, allowing hundreds more victims to suffer while preventing more criminals from exposure, and not just coaches or doctors but a pedo club network amongst the ruling elite. Just as in the Sandusky case, when larger institutions flagrantly know egregious crimes against children are being committed for decades yet no action other than protection of pedophiles occurs, the law enforcement-legal system through criminal stonewalling delay tactics further shield the larger network of unexposed, unpunished criminals perched in even higher places. All this speaks volumes confirming the existence of a much larger symptomatic, systemic, cultural plague that historically continues to shield the global pedophilia network from any and all accountability.

The question must be answered – why did they choose to ignore the growing epidemic allowing the sexual abuse to continue so long? Like the Sandusky/PSU/Second Mile pedo-operation that was also permitted to sexually and emotionally scar countless children for decades, besides the one singled out as the Dr. Frankenstein monster, there is also an inner elite private club of VIP pedophile monsters engaging in a far larger Olympic child sex trafficking ring that’s still being covered-up. One pending lawsuit filed as recently as May 2018 deeply implicates the involvement of both the USA Taekwondo NGB as well as the US Olympic Commission in an international child sex trafficking ring operation. Between the two other enormous decades’ long Olympic team scandals in US Swimming and US Gymnastics and the many smaller scale scandals across all the sports, the so called Olympics umbrella is nothing more than a cover for the global child sex trafficking network we already know exists. But even removing Larry Nassar out of the Olympic pedo-equation, USA Gymnastics has always been a safe sanctuary for sexual predators.

It’s important to realize that Larry Nassar is just one sexual predator within USA Gymnastics that harmed many child victims. Unfortunately there are many more Larry Nassars lurking in every Olympic sport. Identical to the other notorious NGB that also harbors countless pedophile coaches in USA Swimming, so goes US Gymnastics. A series of major exposé articles boldly published by Indy Star reveals scores of pedophile coaches working within US Gymnastics in recent decades that have sexually abused up to thousands of underage child athletes in its sport as well. Scanning the nation’s police files and court case records along with interviewing 115 coaches, athletes and club owners, in December 2016 the enterprising trio of investigative journalists who broke the Nassar story at Indy Star[309] had come up with a tally of 368 underage gymnasts who claim in the last 20 years they were sexually abused by a coach, club owner or US Gymnastics official.[310] That’s another victim every 20 days and we know that it’s a gross undercount since the vast majority of abuse incidents never get reported, especially in a competitive sport where so often the victim is the only one punished for disclosing. University of Pennsylvania researcher-advocate and CEO of CHILD USA Marci Hamilton warned that the actual number of victims is at least three to five times higher than the 368 count.[311]

Just like in US Swimming, top USAG executives have willfully withheld and failed to report widespread allegations to authorities while adhering to policies that protect criminal coaches rather than their athletes.[312] Also following the same identical pattern as its other guilty Olympic counterpart, USA Gymnastics customarily dismisses multiple warnings about predator coaches calling them “hearsay,” refusing to follow up on either reporting to law enforcement much less initiate internal investigations, but simply allows serial child molesters to continue their unchecked mobility and freedom to harm more victims.

A handful of high profile cases are presented here. But keep in mind thousands of these cases are known and thousands more remain unknown. One of the more notorious cases involving Coach William McCabe in Georgia shows that US Gymnastics discarded four dire warnings as simply “hearsay” over a seven year period while the rabid serial pedophile repeatedly moved from club to club and state to state preying on countless underage girls.[313] He would openly and brazenly brag about his latest abusive exploits in pursuit of little girls. A gym owner in 1998 complained to US Gymnastics that McCabe “should be locked in a cage before someone is raped.” Less than a year later, the predator was caught striking again. All in vain, a number of alarmed club owners reported McCabe’s out of control abuse to USAG but to no avail.

Lisa Ganser, mother of one of McCabe’s potential next victims wisely took her concerns with the coach’s emails sent to her 11-year old daughter to the nearest FBI office. McCabe was subsequently arrested and charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse to minors, in addition to videotaping girls in the shower and posting it on the internet.[314] He pleaded guilty in 2005 and is currently doing 30 years in the state pen. Confronted with USAG’s stonewalling complicity, Lisa Ganser and her daughter also decided to file a lawsuit against US Gymnastics for its criminal part in knowingly sitting on so much overwhelming evidence that needlessly caused a number of more victims to be molested. This chapter’s unifying theme is that every Olympic organization at every level regardless of sport, totally disregards accusers’ and witnesses’ allegations that systematically protect the predators operating under the Olympic brand name label. And despite this shameful criminal history, other than issuing endless empty platitudes and unfulfilled promises, neither US Gymnastics nor US Swimming nor the US Olympic Committee have still not made safety of its child athletes a priority. Nor have they owned responsibility for their criminal actions.

Then there’s UAG’s 2010 National Women’s Coach of the Year Marvin Sharp who coached Olympians at the national level. Within a year after his award, US Gymnastics received a detailed warning that he was touching kids inappropriately and taking explicit photos of them.[315] Four long years and many victims later, in 2015 only after receiving word that he was taking more explicit pictures of a 14-year old gymnast who’d been his student for three years and was caught shaving her public hair did the NGB finally contact the police. After he was charged in federal court in Indianapolis, that same year he cowardly committed suicide inside his jail cell.[316]

A long list of complaints over the years accumulating on Coach Mark Schiefelbein that US Gymnastics kept hidden away was only obtained through a court subpoena after the coach was arrested when his 10-year old victim’s family contacted Tennessee police.[317] He’s serving 36 years for 7 counts of aggravated sexual battery and one count of aggravated sexual exploitation of a prepubescent minor. Another pervert coach, James Bell, with another thick complaint dossier locked away in the Indianapolis US Gymnastics vault left a trail of police reports across the country. Forcing himself on top of an underage gymnast starting in 1990 in Oregon and the following year sticking his hand inside the shirt to pinch a 10-year old’s developing breast, yet out West this guy still somehow managed to avoid arrest. Bell also had other sexual misconduct allegations filed on him five years prior to his 2003 arrest after a former employer reported him to Rhode Island police for molesting three underage girls. In 2004 he then went on the lam until once again apprehended and charged for sexual abuse in 2015. With this serial pedophile on the loose for well over a decade, one can only imagine how many more victims across the country have been marred for life, all because US Gymnastics stingily holds onto its criminal policy of refusing to report crimes to law enforcement.

If you’re thinking déjà vu here, with USA Gymnastics perps no different from the USA Swimming perps, discerning that the exact same shameless pattern exists in each sport, you’re absolutely correct. Long before Dr. Nassar hit the headlines, a whole slew of US Gymnastics coaches were already known to be raping little girls and as fugitives pillaging their way across the nation while USAG headquarters sat back keeping their records confidentially hidden and secret while far more victims were harmed, refusing to share records with law enforcement until years later after their protected hordes of serial sex predators would eventually get busted. And the issue of coaches with mile long pedo-complaints or even child molesting coaches with court convictions somehow avoiding the US Gymnastics banned coach list runs a parallel identical course with the US Swimming debacle.[318] In every which wrong way, these two criminal NGBs demonstrate the same old, same old, serving as pedophile havens for child rapists. The entire criminal Olympic organization needs to be abolished.

Again, Nancy Hogshead-Makar summarizes what’s wrong with the Olympic brand monopoly on international amateur sports:

The Olympic sports movement is a pedophile’s dream set-up. Families are expected to give complete control over to the coach, often times banning parents from watching practices. Emotional abuse is considered ‘motivation,’ and there is almost no coaching oversight from sport governing bodies like US Soccer. To make matters worse, the US Olympic Committee’s official legal position is that the organization doesn’t protect athletes from sexual abuse, that removing pedophiles from the Olympic movement isn’t their job.[319]

The Chuck Wielgus of US Gymnastics – former USAG head Steve Penny (another forced resignation fatality caused by the Nassar fallout) and his sport have insisted on pretending they’re the gold standard of child athlete safety, so full of themselves pontificating how much they care about the well-being of their athletes and the great lengths they go to in order to keep them safe… blah, blah, blah ad nauseam. Their criminal cover-up actions speak much louder than their false, do-nothing words. They too have a long history of using hush money with non-disclosure agreements as a precondition to settling claims and thereby keeping their epidemic abuse tightly under wraps.[320] They too have a long history of engaging in obstruction of justice, withholding incriminating evidence about their army of pedo-predators from both law enforcement as well as at-risk children and their parents as the next potential victims. These longstanding facts belie all their phony hot air bluster. They are the pedo-cabal’s guardians at the gate, hired criminal protectors of the Olympic pedophilia network not any different from the rest of the major cabal players.

Here’s why Shelley Haymaker, an Indiana attorney representing child abuse victims, says US Gymnastics “sickens” her:

USAG may not have been the hand that ultimately abused these innocent children, but it was [and still is] definitely the arm.[321]

Indy Star won a case in a Georgia court in August 2016 to unseal depositions and release of USAG’s sexual abuse complaint files on 54 coaches that the NGB had been protecting.[322] Though USA Gymnastics appealed, in October the Georgia Supreme Court upheld the earlier ruling ordering the documents to be made public. Yet as of the beginning of January 2017, the criminal NGB outfit was still fighting and resisting, still bent on containing the growing scandal that Nassar blew wide open.

Despite its desperate stonewalling attempts to plug up the growing cracks in its cover-up dam, systematically silencing the abused with either hush money or simply ignoring them till they go away, while withholding tons of criminal complaints exposing legions of pedo-coaches’ and pedo-Nassar crimes from both law enforcement and the public (spearheaded by the trio of muckraking Indy Star journalists), US Gymnastics has found itself in a losing battle, overwhelmed and beaten by the rising tide of forces pushing for the truth to come out.

Pedophilia Lurks in Every Sport


Echoes of the exact same dynamics keep recurring ad nauseam in every Olympic sport – disempowered child victims who rarely get heard are being chronically harmed by longtime powerful abusers protected by their governing parent organizations always “caught” looking the other way for decades at a time, never really holding the perpetrators accountable.


And it’s not just Olympic sports riddled with these pedo-scandals, professional sports hold their shameful share as well. The storied franchise of the high-powered Boston Red Sox Major League baseball team knew of its clubhouse pedophile doing decades’ worth of untold damage to countless kids, with longtime owners Tom Yawkey and his wife on down in the organization knowing yet loyally protecting and keeping this sicko gainfully employed, all the while hiding their shameful dark secret from the rest of the world.[323] For three straight decades from the 1960s until 1991, the Red Sox clubhouse manager was raping young African American boys off the street from the team’s spring training site in Winter Haven, Florida to Boston, and no one said a word until finally the horrific truth was quietly exposed in 1991.


This chapter has addressed the pedophilia scandals in the sports world that we know about (with UK’s soccer scandal reserved for the next chapter). But sadly there are likely many more remaining hidden in the closet that we still may never find out about. What we’ve learned is that no sport from the amateur to the professional level is immune. Pedophilia scandals and their cover-ups are the cancerous scourge that’s plagued humanity for far too long. Today’s light of truth brings opportunity to end this monstrous plague. Next we explore if sex trafficking of children and young women to all the major sporting events is fact or fiction.


Do Major Sporting Events like the Olympics, World Cup and Super Bowl Cause a Surge in Child Sex Trafficking?

In addition to winning lots of medals and protecting its pedophiles along with its Olympic brand reputation at all cost, based on past actions, the US Olympic Commission and its 47 NGBs’ true goal is to make lots of money pimping and sexually abusing its little girl-super athletes within its own international sex trafficking ring. Wait, but that’s not all. With top world sporting events like the Olympics, FIFA’s World Cup and America’s Super Bowl drawing millions of sports fans from around the world to host cities and billions more tuning in to watch on television, might the highly organized global sex trafficking network opportunistically move children and young women to these worldwide events as yet another sports industry dirty little secret hidden in its shameful criminal underbelly? A number of anti-trafficking experts, politicians, media accounts and victims themselves believe it’s true. After all, behind arms sales and drugs, human trafficking is this world’s third largest criminal industry[324] and alarmingly the fastest growing.[325]

First, it’s worth redefining what sex trafficking is as a form of modern day slavery:


The recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, obtaining, patronizing, or soliciting of a person for the purpose of a commercial sex act, in which the commercial sex act is induced by force, fraud, or coercion, or in which the person induced to perform such act has not attained 18 years of age.[326]


Former 2006 World Cup insider and French national team coach Raymond Domenech expressed his shame connected to a

sport so closely linked to human trafficking:


It is truly scandalous. People are talking about women [and children], importing them to satisfy the base instincts of people associated with football. It is humiliating enough for me that football is linked with alcohol and violence. But this is worse. It is slaves that will come and be put into houses. Human beings are being talked about like cattle, and football is linked with that.[327]

Using tourist visas, traffickers and pimps smuggle their sex slaves into host nations masquerading them in large numbers as sports fans. In the source country where the young sex slaves are recruited, the child procurers for these sex trafficking rings typically either abduct or promise poor, unsuspecting young victims well-paying jobs in the host nation of the sporting event.

Jennifer Rohmhildt, an executive director of a Greek anti-trafficking women’s advocacy group offers her insight into this global sex trade that automatically exploits underage mostly female victims for peak profits during major international sporting events:


Trafficking is a trap. And an event like the World Cup or the Olympics is the bait. Pushed by poverty, pulled by hopeful dreams of life in the West, and exploited by opportunists, women suspend disbelief and their better judgment and gamble on a better life.[328]

While these worldwide athletic spectacles that generate billions of dollars’ worth of revenue increase criminal opportunity to also exploit and profit from a surging supply and demand market for trafficked in human beings as a coldblooded global commodity, more than one third children, they also create a global platform for raising public awareness and bolstering anti-human trafficking efforts. As an example, the UK based charity It’s a Penalty partnering with Cathay Pacific, HSBC Bank, the South China Morning Post and other affiliates in conjunction with major sporting events has launched a sexual child exploitation awareness and anti-trafficking campaign to inform and educate the public.[329] Loopholes in the laws in Hong Kong have exacerbated the human trafficking problem, but in the words of It’s a Penalty’s chief executive Sarah Carvahlo:


It is a global issue, it’s not just happening in Hong Kong. That’s why we’ve got the support of Australia for the Commonwealth Games, South Korea for the [2018] Winter Games and America for the Super Bowl.


Through its initial efforts with a short film documentary shown on airline flights and at Brazil’s 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic venues, It’s a Penalty has expanded its operations to include providing 24-hotline numbers for reporting child sexual exploitation during all major sporting events, receiving 11,252 calls during Brazil’s 2014 World Cup and 5,051 during its 2016 Olympics.[330]


The 2004 Athens Olympics and 2006 World Cup in Germany were among the first of these major international sporting events where during the preceding days leading up to the games an estimated influx of 2,000 trafficked in children and young women were anticipated in Greece[331] and multiple media accounts hyped that number up to 40,000 imported sex slaves in Germany to service the voracious sexual appetites of attending sports fans and global tourists, over 75% being men.[332] With prostitution legal in both of those hosting nations, the speculated estimate in Germany proved to be grossly overinflated with German sex workers (including internally trafficked children) accommodating whatever increased demand may have resulted. But then the 2008 Beijing Olympics in China where prostitution is criminalized also appeared to produce no overt or significant spike in sex trafficking. That said, the number of identified trafficking victims in Greece nearly doubled in 2004 from the year before and a 24% decrease was observed the year after the Olympics.[333] Anecdotally, a young Russian woman abducted and trafficked into Greece for the Olympics stated:


I was worn out, literally used up and spat out… During the games I saw hundreds of men… who thought that a good day was watching sport, drinking and having sex. We [victims of trafficking] were just part of the entertainment.[334]


The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver located so close to the US border along with Canada’s less restrictive immigration laws, Vancouver’s normally high demand for commercial sex services and an organized crime presence would all seemingly place children at greater risk for sexual exploitation and child sex trafficking during the Winter Games.[335] But again it apparently didn’t. A similar outcome resulted at 2010’s World Cup hosted by South Africa despite the false predictions ranging from 40-100,000 trafficked in prostitutes, supported by such risk factors as the area’s high crime rates, economic inequality, lack of both anti-trafficking laws and experience hosting major sporting events and relaxed visa laws during the event.[336] During the 2012 London Olympics an increase in the trafficking of children and young women from Eastern Europe, especially Romania, was reported in the media but never verified. Another confirmed phenomenon associated with every Olympic and World Cup host city prior to the major sporting events is the displacement of thousands of usually low income families for stadium and infrastructure development projects that both invite human labor trafficking for site construction as well as increase the poverty level of the displaced population that in turn significantly raises the risk of child sexual exploitation.[337]


Brazil’s back-to-back 2014 World Cup followed closely by the 2016 Olympics is a case in point. An estimated quarter of a million poor people were forcibly removed from their homes in the slums or favelas to make way for the major sporting events.[338] With well over a million foreigners attending the World Cup and another million tourists for the Olympics just under half foreign,[339] the nation’s widespread poverty in Rio and beyond unfortunately supplied more than enough human resource to meet the swelling pedophilic demand of the visiting sports-sex tourism crowds attending the two sporting event extravaganzas. No need for sex slaves to be flown in from abroad when they’re already embedded in such abundant supply living just minutes away from the Olympic Village and all the sporting venues. Rio’s elite wealth and exotic tourist beach attractions exist in stark contrast literally next door to the bleak world of abject poverty, daily violence and extreme child sexual exploitation already rampant in the country.


At least a half million children are estimated to be sexually exploited in Brazil, considered the second biggest trafficking nation in the world according to the women’s rights group CAMTRA.[340] Poverty has parents commonly selling off their children to pedophiles and little girls being offered to sexual predators as winning raffle prizes.[341] It’s become normalized, especially in small impoverished villages and towns in the countryside. With 43% of the traffickers women, girls as young as 8- and 9-years old are fair game, especially for truckers along the notorious BR-116 highway that runs from Rio to Brazil’s largest city Sao Paulo where the World Cup and Olympic soccer venues were played. Brazil’s rampant corruption of politicians, local mayors and judges are all among the biggest pedo-profiteers having turned Brazil into both a major source as well as destination nation for child sex slavery and international pedo-haven for the sleazy sex tourism trade linked to the larger global pedophilia network.[342]


Yet another sound argument maintains major sporting events do cause a rise in human trafficking, but it’s long before the games begin, pointing to the plight of the thousands of migrant workers turned slave laborers shipped in to Sochi, Russia for the 2014 Winter Olympics and 2018 World Cup and Qatar for the 2022 World Cup.[343] These enormous construction projects required to create the necessary infrastructure for major sporting events built from the ground up invariably attract forced labor trafficking with labor slaves often trapped in inhumane, dangerous conditions over protracted periods of time incurring a significant death toll.


Frequent assertions have been made that sex traffickers’ biggest payday in the United States is the annual Super Bowl, though during the last decade this contention has been hotly debated and empirically challenged. The 2018 Super Bowl in Minneapolis expected a surplus of a million visiting fans to the city of little more than 400,000 residents. In preparation, the metro police beefed up its presence working with 23 other law enforcement agencies, closely monitored online sex sites, introduced online sting operations as well as checked local hotels and strip club hangouts for potential trafficking victims.[344] While the anti-trafficking group Polaris was staffing its 24-hour hotline, its CEO Bradley Myles told Reuters:

All this is, is a one-day snapshot into what otherwise is a 365-day problem. The same traffickers that are committing trafficking during the Super Bowl [are] going to wake up in the morning on Monday and do the same thing.[345]

Reuters immediately follows this quote with:

Big sporting events, from the World Cup to the Olympics, regularly trigger a panic over an influx of sex-trade workers, with many being victims of human trafficking (Boldface emphasis mine).[346]


A caveat insertion seems relevant here. Owned, operated and controlled by House of Rothschild money, both Reuters and Associated Press are the two largest monopolizing international newswire services that daily circulate their newsfeeds to thousands of media outlets throughout the world.[347] Since the Rothschilds’ central banking system centered in the City of London as well as every central bank located in every nation on earth but one (the so called “pariah nation” North Korea),[348] as chief financier for the global pedophilia cabal,[349] it’s highly implausible that Reuters would dare expose the true scope and size of today’s global child sex trafficking network. Thus, the above quoted statement could easily be read as a testimonial to not biting the hand that feeds it. Reuters would naturally propagate the “myth” that all major sporting events “trigger a panic” over phantom “skyrocketing” levels of child sex trafficking rather than admit the truth that they do create opportunity for increased child sexual exploitation. And though the trafficking increases may not appear off the charts based on the next to no current means available for accurate tracking, the most watched sporting events on our planet do increase profitability of associated legal as well as illegal businesses. And you better believe that the global child sex traffickers as part of an elite, top tier pedo club network would rather have us think more kids brought in to be abused at the Olympics or Super Bowl is all purely overblown, exaggerated media hype rather than anything real or substantial.


That said, a strong vocal critic of the media driven “hype” alleging the influx of sex traffickers surrounding each NFL championship game comes from the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women, a nonprofit anti-trafficking coalition group operating out of Thailand that’s published a 2011 report called “What’s the Cost of a Rumor?” used as a primer for not buying into the annual Super Bowl hype.[350] It contends that sporting events become police task force opportunities to squander fiscal and manpower resources primarily invested in online sting operations with undercover officers posing as young girl prostitutes and would-be traffickers looking for johns. Then at the end of the day, using this charade for PR purposes, police departments and anti-trafficking task forces then conduct press conferences boasting about their limited trophy arrests that in actuality has virtually no impact on the global human trafficking network operating 365 days a year. Police representatives from past Super Bowl cities unanimously concur that no sudden spikes are observed either in the days ahead, on or right after the Super Bowl with either adult prostitution arrests or sexually exploited minors.[351]


Right after the big game gloss, the focus is then customarily put away for another year. Also the myth erroneously conflating adult prostitution with human sex trafficking gets misused in the mix as an enormous waste of taxpayer dollars mostly for show and tell purposes, opportunistically exploited by self-serving agendas of politicians, law enforcement agencies, sensationalizing media outlets, prostitution abolitionist groups and a few anti-trafficking organizations eager to get their message out any chance they can.


Just prior to the 2017 Super Bowl, a nationwide trafficking sting operation is said to have netted over 750 suspects in 15 states, 29 trafficking pimps and 723 customers jailed in the largest sweep in the 13 years law enforcement’s been keeping track of Super Bowl arrests.[352] Over 100 arrests were in Houston alone where the game was played with a grand total of 6 minors and 86 adults rescued nationwide.


Kate Mogulescu, the director of New York based Legal Aid Society that works with trafficking victims has this to say:


Police could better spend their resources. Police have other types of investigating resources, including community engagement (and) if the only interaction that victims of trafficking can expect to have with police is by virtue of raids, stings… that creates the biggest barrier.


So when someone in the know working in the trenches is stating that law enforcement’s big nationwide sweeps in its sting operation raids pose the worst barrier to actually helping victims and making a difference in reducing the global trafficking operations, she is saying that it’s grossly counterproductive in waging the larger battle to end modern slavery. The few saved victims are typically used as trophy statistics at press conferences to prop up and justify widespread sting operations as law enforcement’s only M.O. to combat the human trafficking problem. Police sting operations and raids are worthless in terms of their next to no impact on eradicating the planetary-wide slavery epidemic and its gross failure to help the remaining millions globally still trapped as victims as well as purely from a cost-effective analysis. In every way it’s clearly the wrong approach. But then like lots of things, it’s more than likely that way by design.


On a personal level for those slave victims still locked in a world of terror, when cops charge in like gangbusters with guns drawn for battle, the criminals only become more prone toward violently acting out against their victims, endangering their lives all the more. When on high alert, pimps/traffickers reacting to aggressive law enforcement interventions like police raids will increase their beatings, psychological torture and sexual abuse toward their held hostage captives, erratically escalating to more severe levels. Plus the Stockholm syndrome is also commonly present where victims, for survival sake, tend to align, identify and side more with their abusers than the police as the so called rescuers. To trafficked underage abuse victims, law enforcement raids in sting operations cast police increasingly as feared, not to be trusted, adversarial, ever-dangerous threats, hence “the biggest barrier.”


The annual drill of hyped up, misplaced priorities in effect diverts both precious and limited resources as well as much needed attention away from the far bigger problems of gender and economic inequality, global poverty, gentrification and population displacement that by elite design pose underlying causal factors at the growing impoverished local levels giving rise to global human trafficking and child sexual exploitation, not unlike the many by design war zones.[353] And that’s not even including the near zero impact it has on the very real epidemic of human trafficking with 4 out of 5 modern slaves being women (51%) and children (28% with 20% girls, 8% boys),[354] and reaching pandemic crisis as more slaves shamefully exist in today’s world than ever before in human history.[355] In other words, the bottom line is the biggest single beneficiary of these hyped up sting raids is the international pedo-cabal itself, because the day after the Super Bowl, it’s largely back to normal business as usual for another 364 days of the year with its massive worldwide operation remaining totally unaffected, fully intact, still remaining hidden off public radar, yet continuing to flourish and grow every year as never before. Since the big Super Bowl winner is the crime cabal itself, it’s very likely the primary force behind this enduringly ineffectual urban legend ritual and its equally ineffectual sting operations.


You may be asking yourself how this so called urban legend got started. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, traffickers brought in 10,000 prostitutes to Miami for the 2010 Super Bowl to make an easy quick cash payload.[356] That pronouncement then led to the following year when Texas attorney general soon turned Governor Greg Abbott making the bold claim that the Super Bowl is America’s “single largest human trafficking incident,” which ever since set the stage for this ongoing seasonal debate.[357] A number of anti-trafficking advocacy groups initially agreed with Abbott, since basic supply and demand metrics would logically lead to this same conclusion. Plus shining light on this near taboo topic of pedophilia and child trafficking offered an all too rare and important opportunity to pass up for anti-trafficking/anti-slavery groups. But Abbott’s prediction just before his Dallas Super Bowl that according to Forbes resulted in “133 underage arrests for prostitution” out of a city of 1.3 million residents with hundreds of thousands more visitors hardly seems prophetic or true.[358] But just the same, the city was ready.[359]


But wait, if the 133 underage sex slaves arrested as the victims of the bad guy traffickers end up behind bars for prostitution, how would that be then touted as an endorsement of the false notion that the Super Bowl is a slave trafficking magnet? A huge part of the problem is the historically abusive treatment underage victims systemically receive at the hands of America’s punitive law enforcement and broken legal justice system that labels them “prostitutes” rather than human and child trafficking victims, methodically thrown in adult prisons or held indefinitely in juvenile detention while awaiting prosecution as adults in what amounts to a horrendously cruel process of re-victimization.[360] Also note the vast difference between the rather grandiose 2010 Super Bowl estimate of 10,000 trafficked in prostitutes compared only a year later to the paltry 133 arrests in 2011. Either way, little good ever ends up the outcome of emotionally reactive, knee jerk responses. Nonetheless, Abbott’s pregame proclamation was apparently well-served, like clockwork regularly catching the nation’s attention every Super Bowl Sunday thereafter, creating a one day or pregame weeklong national anti-trafficking policy with ineffectual, counterproductive police interventions solely based on a false, never proven hypothesis of one politician’s bogus claim. But then that’s how corporate media regularly colludes with the international crime cabal to cunningly obscure and shield the global child sex trafficking network from further public scrutiny, accurate awareness and potential accountability.


And every year ever since we hear recurring echoes reverberated at another politician’s or police task force press conference that insists on keeping this worn-out urban legend still alive. Just three years ago it was yet another Texas politician’s turn to continue propagating the myth when Senator John Cornyn repeated the governor’s mantra:


The Super Bowl has one of the highest levels of human sex trafficking activity of any event in the country.[361]


Cornyn’s remark was later clarified by his staff to apply only to the host city. But the latest results from an Arizona State University study released then completely refuted his misleading presumption. The study found no discernable difference between the numbers of sex ads posted at online websites just prior to the 2014 Super Bowl hosted in New York and non-host city Phoenix, the percentages 84% and 80% respectively.[362] Moreover, the myth killer was the number of ads in New York in the host year was less than half of the following year’s total when it wasn’t hosting the game, while Phoenix ads did increase from the non-host year to the host year.[363] Hence, the research results failed to link any connection between the Super Bowl and increased sex trafficking activity. Additionally, this research was methodologically flawed in its attempt to extrapolate a sex ad as evidence of trafficking. Also the saturated presence these days of law enforcement posting online sex ads of would-be traffickers and underage sex workers in its massive nationwide sting operations (that along with sex ads only increase over time) would further contaminate the internal validity of this study. All this shows is that due to the clandestine status and nature of the global criminal sex trafficking network, neither the current measurement mechanisms nor, more importantly, the current political and economic will exists to accurately and precisely measure the increasing population of children being trafficked, raped and murdered around the world. The international pedo-cabal wouldn’t have it any other way.


On a related note, in recent years where so much adult service sex advertising has been widely used online by sex workers, pimps and traffickers in the commercial sex trade, the website was recently shut down by the pedo-enabling FBI in April 2018. At the same time its co-founder was arrested and charged with 93 criminal counts including soliciting prostitution and money laundering.[364] Of course in its abrupt absence, plenty of other adult service websites are busily filling the void.


Linda Smith, a former Congresswoman and president of the nonprofit anti-trafficking organization Shared Hope International[365] was called in as a consultant to assess Indianapolis for its “preparedness” prior to its 2012 Super Bowl. She gave the Indiana capital a D grade, labeling it “a hub city for prostitution” based on the nonstop flow of its transient major sporting event populations constantly passing through.[366] The city is the home of both the NFL Indianapolis Colts and the Olympic pedophilia haven the US Gymnastics national governing body. On top of that, each and every year this apparent trafficking hub is also the host drawing large numbers for the most famous US car racing event the Indianapolis 500 as well as the March Madness Final Four college basketball tournament championship. So if there was any merit to the notion that major sporting events increase child sex trafficking, this busy “prostitution hub” with the D grade would be it. Linda Smith explained:


When we look at traffic patterns across the county, most of the girls we speak to have been moved in and out of cities for large sporting events. First off, I told them their city was broken.[367]


Linda faulted Indianapolis for its treatment of underage trafficking victims as criminals most often tried in court as adults for prostitution. Appraising the city’s legal system, it too left much to be desired regarding its policy classifying and prosecuting the crimes of buyers and sellers of children. Linda Smith worked with the governor and attorney general to fast track tougher anti-trafficking legislation passed just in time for the 2012 Super Bowl.[368]


As an adjunctive aside regarding the state of Indiana, it’s worth noting that the global elite’s company man for president if and when Donald Trump is impeached, taken out and/or removed from office, native Indianan US Vice President Mike Pence as former state governor has a shrouded, muddy history connected to the crime cabal with all his congressional records sealed until December 2022.[369] He has good reason. Though he wraps himself in red, white and blue Christian fundamentalism,[370] the freshman Indiana congressman was a dutiful Bush-Cheney 9/11-anthrax false flag insider,[371] thrusted years later onto the Trump ticket via a visit from Illuminati president Henry Kissinger.[372] Mike Pence has publicly stated, “I will model my vice presidency after Dick Cheney.”[373] Additionally, multiple sources have linked him to the Bush-Cheney-Clinton pedophilia network,[374] including engaging in satanic ritual child sexual abuse and child sacrifice.[375] And as home of the USA Gymnastics, Indiana remains a hub for the pedo-network.



If America’s top Olympic officials are in any way involved in organized sex trafficking of its child athletes or pre- and postgame sex slaves at its venues, routinely moving them across state and international borders for numerous decades, with at least one pending lawsuit already asserting this very contention with child athletes, it opens up a much wider examination and scrutiny to determine if the International Olympic Committee, the top of the pyramid monopoly franchise controlling world amateur child athletics, may also be a special subset within the larger planetary child sex trafficking network… only this one wears the coveted elite “Olympics brand” label. The power of this pyramid scheme is just as corrupt and no doubt just as pedophilia-saturated as the sexually blackmailed, thoroughly compromised global political system whereby virtually only pedo-puppet leaders of the world like the Bushes, Clintons, Obama, and Trump are preselected by the planetary rulers to do their evil bidding. Concealing his share of underage sexploits, the prospect that wrecking ball Trump’s just another compromised pedo-stooge figurehead installed and controlled by the same Zionist neocon puppet masters will be taken up further in the PedoGate update chapter.

Meanwhile, thoroughly established, irrefutable evidence confirms that this private pedo club of adrenochrome addicted planetary controllers is comprised of major top players from aristocratic and royalty bloodlines, secret societies, central banking, religion, government, the military, intelligence community, organized crime, high courts, law enforcement, child welfare and global charity organizations, media, entertainment and Fortune 500 corporations. All secretly working in synch together as foxes guarding their global pedo-henhouse, they are the globalized pedophilia cabal.

One common thread shared between the pedophilia scandal in Hollywood and all the sports scandals is the predatory groomers’ promise of fame, fortune and glory to entice vulnerable little kids as their victims by stoking and preying on their biggest hopes, dreams and aspirations. Of course another common thread is that this dynamic in the sports and entertainment industries is worldwide today. The globalized interlocking structure of this massive child raping network has its top level partners-in-crime centrally located in global centers around the world – London (banking), Brussels (continental government EU and military NATO), Rome (Catholic Church), Washington DC (military), New York (global governance UN, media and finance) and Los Angeles (media entertainment) all-encompassing national, continental and international hubs of control containing all of the above cabal players. So why wouldn’t the pedo-cabal’s worldwide amateur sports branch headquartered in Switzerland (IOC) and Colorado (USOC) tapping into 44 million athletic kids globally not be included? The facts as we move down the rabbit hole all indicate it already is.

Beyond question or doubt on top of what we currently know, deductive reasoning and logic would also conclude that top elite echelons within the planet-wide sports industry as birds-of-a-feather must also be active fellow pedo-participants. After all, what intrinsically binds and bonds all of these intertwining, overlapping, corrosively criminal elements is their worship of the same ungodly, demonic power of Lucifer. At this juncture in human history, evidence is far too incontrovertibly overwhelming to continue ignoring Lucifer’s current ownership and control over this earthly dominion. At this late hour, ignorance and blindness continue at our own peril and self-destruction.

This chapter has demonstrated that all the international, regional and national sports organizations from top to bottom, global to local, are also steeped in this pedo-pandemic as well. In short, the elite’s Luciferian machine that’s been ruling over this earth for centuries is in fact the hidden-in-plain-sight pedophilia cabal. Yet with the Pandora’s Box of scandals busted wide open over this last quarter century alone for all the world to finally see, on full display under the spotlight these primetime crime players’ guilt has been outed and their savagely grotesque, perverse nakedness exposed like never before. For the sake of our defenseless children, now that we know what’s been going on right under our noses for so long, it’s high time we begin rescuing children from their slaughterhouses and finally hold these satanic evildoing baby killers accountable. Like their pedophilic overlord George HW Bush once confessed (in so many words), “If the people knew what we’ve been up to, they’d hang us from the nearest lampposts.” By George you’re right, you old gizzard lizard widower you! Your New World Disorder’s coming after you while your cold blood’s still pumping from your puny little heartless heart. You and your kin owe us citizens of the world one huge karmic debt to pay off for your lifelong human genocidal crime spree from JFK to 9/11 and far beyond.

And on that note, get ready UK, Europe, Australia and pedo-rings stretching to all four corners of this earth, because now that we the people are finally onto you, we’re coming after all you child murdering rapists as well, starting with unraveling your exposed pedophilia cover-ups operating geographically outside America as this book’s next section of chapters.


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