Chapter 38: The Pedophilia Crisis in Today’s Scandinavia – Rape and Bestiality Capital of Europe


Chapter 38 The Pedophilia Crisis in Today’s Scandinavia: Rape and Bestiality Capital of Europe

Joachim Hagopian

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Norway’s largest pedophilia scandal-to date hit the headlines back in late November 2016 at the exact same time as the controversy of Pizzagate peaked in Washington DC, exposing the Democratic Party luminaries like the Podesta brothers and the Clintons.[1] The media in Norway announced 51 suspects were under investigation as part of a wider nationwide pedo-network. By late November, twenty were arrested and 31 suspects were identified with more on the way. At a press conference in Bergen, Norway, Western district deputy police chief Gunnar Floystad reported that 20 men in Western Norway had already been indicted with three already convicted but that dozens more across the nation were being probed.[2] This investigation called “Operation Dark Room” had been initiated in July 2015 after the American FBI had hacked into a number of darknet sites and shared information with the Norwegian law enforcement. As a result, the arrest of a 22-year old man that sexually assaulted a 14-year old girl led to a large amount of child pornographic evidence on his computer.[3] A deployed Bergen police unit of 25 fulltime investigators were joined by additional police support from other parts of the country.[4]

Local Norwegian media revealed that more than 150 terabytes of child pornographic abuse material had been seized. As all global internet pedophile networks in the last couple decades have been uncovered, invariably members always meet on the dark web using encryption that provides their anonymity, or so they think. In recent years police have allocated increasing resources to develop more sophisticated technological means such as using Tor to break into and hack encrypted networks.[5]

Perpetrators included parents caught filming themselves abusing their own children with victims as young as infants. Among the reportedly well-educated professional members of this sleazy pedophile ring were schoolteachers, politicians from the Progress Party and Labor Party, lawyers, policemen, engineers, economists and students facing charges that could lead to 15-year prison sentences.[6] One of the alleged pedophiles living with his pregnant girlfriend even made reference to letting other men rape his unborn child.[7] Still others allowed their abuse of their own children to be livestreamed to fellow members. One of the arrested was a municipal council representative that paid others for livestreaming child abuse services.[8] The police investigation learned that there are at least a dozen large companies in the US and Europe that offer live child sex abuse cam services to offenders.[9] It was determined that some of the abused children victimized in this diabolical livestream webcam operation were from impoverished backgrounds in the Philippines.[10] For sickos in front of their pc screens in the West, it’s become Big Business. Back in Norway, its largest police CSA inquiry uncovered a total of at least 300 sexually abused Nordic children.

Operation Dark Room lead investigator Hilde Reikrås stated at the November 20, 2016 news conference:

The material shows the abuse of children of all ages, including infants. The material shows, among other things, the penetration of toddlers, children being tied up, children having sex with animals and children having sex with other children.[11]

Police also discovered several videos filming children being tortured and catalogues containing photos of children that could be ordered on live cam for abuse. Within six months of November 2016, Operation Dark Room led to another 33 additional cases. Crimes included rape, child sex trafficking, production and distribution of child pornography photos and videos and conspiracy to commit sex crimes.[12]

An intercepted dialogue in a chatroom told of how two perps, a 20-year old and 26-year old, planned to randomly abduct a girl around 10-years of age for repeated rape. For a glimpse into these sick minds, a transcript from a local Norwegian news outlet providing details of their online dark web chat stated:

They planned to drag a child at random into a car, drive to a deserted area and carry out the rapes. In order to make sure the child wouldn’t tell anyone about the assault afterwards, they discussed whether they should drug her or threaten her into silence. ‘What do you think about filming’ the assaults, asked one of the men. ‘I really want to,’ responded the other. ‘Me too,’ replied his partner in crime, ‘but that’s a bit scary.’ Then they discussed what to do with the child when the rapes were over: ‘Dump her where we found her? And then burn everything that was in the car?’[13]

Shocked seasoned police officers were sickened and overwhelmed by the sheer size of the pedophilia network operating inside their nation of little more than 5 million people. The police inquiry estimated that 5,000 members accessing the dark web were active account users in this nation’s largest pedo-network, forcing police to prioritize sequential order of arrests based on severity of evidence and access to children. Other than cases involving livestreaming abuse taking place from the Philippines, all the child victims were believed to be Norwegian. The same day timing announcing both the largest pedo-scandal in Norway’s history as well as the Norwegian government donors’ decision to no longer fund the Clinton Foundation[14] amidst the height of the Pizzagate fallout deduced strong speculation of a connection between the two.[15]

As a directly related adjunctive, Sputnik News reported that Western mainstream media outlets such as ABC News, The New York Times and Washington Post all suddenly removed their initial accounts covering Norway’s Operation Dark Room. No doubt this was because MSM has proven to be a major pedophilia enabler and denier, particularly since the Pizzagate scandal was being exposed at that exact same moment. The MSM censorship only demonstrates the incriminating likelihood that the Clinton-pedo DC-Haiti operation is linked worldwide to other pedo-operations. This also explains why Pizzagate was never investigated by police but instead spawned the “fake news” meme immediately weaponized and rolled out within days for the treasonous President Obama signing his final legislation, the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act, paving the way for rampant alt-news censorship and freedom of the press suppression just before leaving the Oval Office.[16] Whatever you think of him, President Trump has correctly labeled corporate mainstream news as Deep State operatives delivering the real “fake news.”[17]

Two hi-tech dark web pedophile kingpins, one from the US and one from Canada, also got together in Virginia in late September 2016 just weeks ahead of the breaking Pizzagate story to meet in person and rape a 4-year old girl. But tracked by international police surveillance, very soon afterwards the duo was caught and ultimately sentenced to life imprisonment, but only after they had created the world’s largest internet dark web child porn site called Child’s Play. In their absence in October 2016, police in Brisbane, Australia took over their massive global website posing as the two then incarcerated pedos that had built and operated the porn site.[18]

Controversy arose when instead of shutting down the online pedo-haven, the Australian police opted to continue running it, posting photos and videos of actual children being abused for the sake of operating a sting operation to ensnare online pedophiles. The fundamental question becomes, is it necessary to take over and run the world’s largest child porn site forum with over a million profile members for nearly a year in order to identify abusers and victims? Australian law enforcement’s Operation Artemis maintains that it was, while a tech-privy journalist from the Norwegian publication Verdens Gang (VG) that exposed the police breaking the law for the so called “greater good” would argue it was unjustified. In the end, under pressure, the Australian police did finally shut down Child’s Play in September 2017, after running it for almost a year. VG portrayed how it wasn’t worth it to a mother in America weeping over her young child whose abuse photos posted online by the police only revictimized her:

My daughter should not be used as a bait. If they are using her images, then she should be paid or compensated for their use. It is not right for the police to promote these images.[19]

Journalists and parents were joined by a Norwegian psychologist who works with offenders and believes the police are contributing to the problem by allowing pedophiles to congregate online where they receive support and encouragement to take it to the next level and abuse children in person, thus normalizing increasingly dangerous and destructive behavior.[20] He asks the following hard questions of the police:

How many abusers do they catch compared to how many abusers they create? And how many children can they save, compared to how many children are harmed by the members being allowed to develop into abusers?[21]

As noted in the last chapter, countries like Germany somewhat resolved this contentious dilemma by passing a law in January 2020 enabling police operatives to post computer generated images rather than actual children suffering from abuse on the dark web. But in sting operations when law enforcement still acts as site administrator, it both provides and supports the convenient meeting place for criminal activity, be it through commercial propagation of child pornography or direct child sexual abuse, and those hard questions posed by the psychologist remain just as relevant, valid and still unanswered.

Turning to Norway’s neighbor, Sweden’s largest pedophilia scandal took place in April 2017 when law enforcement agencies from seven different regions across the nation launched morning raids against 50 suspects believed to possess pornography involving sexual abuse of children.[22] 17 were arrested in the largest pedophile sweep in the country’s history. The lead officer in the nationwide roundup stated:

This crackdown is the first major operation initiated and executed solely by the Swedish police for this type of crime. The Swedish Police National Operations Department (NOA) has gone through the material and tracked suspects.[23]

But over two years later this largest policing operation ultimately produced just 24 convictions with only nine offenders going to jail while the other 15 were given suspended sentences, probation and/or fines. Ultimately the biggest Swedish bust went bust, and police were criticized for putting on a media show of force with no teeth, in the end netting so few criminals with any serious consequence that never came close to fitting such egregious crimes.[24] Police also admitted that they were unable to trace online pedos due to internet providers refusing to disclose sought after information, again feebly lacking necessary legal authority to put the abusers away.

Meanwhile, similar to the crisis in Germany now, massive proliferation of internet users downloading pornographic material in recent years has prompted anti-child abuse advocates to push for heavier punishment for those caught in possession of child pornography, treating it on par as a rape crime.[25] But it wasn’t always this way. Back in 1969 in Denmark, all legal restrictions were removed from the production and sale of all pornographic material, including child pornography.[26] Thus, throughout the 1970s, along with the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark became the world’s commercial kingpins for the massive proliferation of child pornography. It wasn’t until 1980 that Sweden and Denmark (followed by the Dutch in 1986) finally passed laws even banning child pornography.[27] And now amidst the digital age of social media, according to a Swedish nonprofit organization called Friends, one in three underage girls and one in four boys in Sweden have been sexually harassed online within this past year.

A growing backlash of Swedish citizens believe that the wheels of their government have faltered behind the pedophilia crimewave that’s been allowed to become endemically entrenched in their nation. Thus far in this book every country’s establishment has treated the pedophilia scourge with a seemingly lax, ineffective response, largely acting as a front to protect elite pedophiles and cover-up their scandalous filth. Are the Nordic countries any different? That isn’t to say that police officers working in the trenches aren’t dedicated to removing these child endangering criminals from inflicting widespread harm on children, but invariably at the gatekeeping levels of power in every nation, their efforts are consistently blocked, thwarted and undermined. This bottom-line cold hard fact applies everywhere on the planet.

While all the VIP pedophiles continue getting away with rape and murder of children, virtually all Western European nations are controlled by the globalist agenda of creating multiple war zones around the globe to make conditions ripe for unprecedented mass migration, xenophobia, race and religious strife and conflict, economic austerity and hardship, as well as promote an unstoppable groundswell for an impenetrable globally interconnected child sex trafficking network.[28] Scandinavian countries and especially Sweden in the last decade have been deemed by the earth controllers as prime targets with the ultimate objective of destroying Western Europe’s affluence, causing global destabilization, currently deploying 2020’s Covid-19 scamdemic as their long planned weaponized incendiary device.[29]

As a result, in 2015 Sweden has 162,000 registered asylum seekers, nearly half minors (at 70,000) under age 18, half of which were unaccompanied children (35,000) seeking asylum.[30] These demographics have led to a mounting problem of children, mostly underage girls but boys too, being trafficked, sexually abused and exploited inside Sweden as modern-day sex slaves. Historically as a destination nation, the sex trafficking victims in Sweden have come from Baltic states like Estonia, also nearby Poland, Russia, Moldova and the Balkan countries of Eastern Europe, with the primary traffickers members of organized crime, often posing as victims’ boyfriends.[31] But increasingly since 2015, victims of child sex trafficking in Sweden are arriving from warfronts in the Middle East, North as well as sub-Saharan Africa.[32]

Similar to asylum children in the Netherlands (See Chapter 36), an alarming development has simultaneously surfaced in the last couple years in Sweden. Children housed in Swedish asylum centers have also reportedly gone missing in droves, 5,000 from 2014 to 2018 alone.[33] The Swedish Migration Agency reported that in the first two months of 2018 alone, 223 children vanished. Apparently just like Holland, an organized trafficking syndicate may be sweeping children up, whether the kids have parents or not. Obviously it circumvents minors being sent back to their countries of origin with a strong likelihood that they’re abducted into prevalent trafficking gangs as part of a large highly organized criminal network now operating in Sweden. Meanwhile the Stockholm government has been caught completely off guard without even policy guidelines in place on how children undergoing the asylum process should even be treated.

With over 30,000 unaccompanied minors seeking asylum entering Sweden in 2015 alone, the most of any nation in the EU, they are fair game to Sweden’s expanding pedophilia organized crime network. As a result, in recent years a growing child sex trafficking problem has sprung up, especially among underage asylum seekers from war torn nations like Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Afghanistan.[34] Note they are all victimized failed nation-states as an imperialistic consequence of Anglo-American-Zionist Empire aggression.

Asylum staff admit that the youth and adolescents are being forced by pimps into the sex trade. Grooming adult predators entice and supply the destitute minors with cellphones and gifts. Meanwhile, the allegedly understaffed police in Malmo apparently have other priorities, failing to intervene or investigate. This same organized crime scheme has taken hold in Britain, Netherlands and all of Western Europe.

Lisa Green, coordinator against human trafficking in the Sweden’s southernmost province Scania stated:

It happens all the time. The children are being picked up by different men at strange times outside the accommodation.[35]

A variation of this same dynamic of commercially exploited asylum minors is reportedly being played out in neighboring Finland as well. Underage children from the asylum center congregate at the Helsinki Central Railway Station to sell their bodies and drugs to predatory lawbreaking Finnish adults.[36] Again, the Netherlands, Sweden and Finland represent a mere drop in the bucket of this highly disturbing worldwide trend. The ruling elite’s orchestrated mass migration crisis at Europe’s gateway Turkey,[37] European entry points of Greece,[38] Italy[39] and on into France,[40] including the US border,[41] all have provided lawless fertile ground for the unfolding parasitic feeding frenzy, whereupon thousands upon thousands of unaccompanied minors are being violently victimized and sexually enslaved across the globe.

Europol issued warnings that pan-European organized crime trafficking gangs, part of the larger global network, were specifically targeting underage refugees for child sex slavery, admitting in January 2016 that at least 10,000 refugee kids were already lost and gone missing.[42] The Europol chief of staff cited a continental “criminal infrastructure” preying on the 270,000 children among the million migration arrivals entering Europe in 2015 alone. Aside from inside Europe, the global organized crime network also deploys vicious gangs inside cabal war zones, especially in the Middle East[43] and North Africa, to abduct or buy child sex slaves from indigent parents,[44] not only for sex trafficking but organ and adrenochrome harvesting as well, the other highly profitable, illegal and increasingly in demand international trade commodity.[45]

While Western destination nations among royal monarchies are flooded with refugees, keep in mind that the wealthy Gulf State monarchy nations[46] as well as affluent Israel have refused to take in any refugees throughout this entire migration crisis,[47] while by design, its Zionist wars for the Greater Israel Project singlehandedly caused this grave crisis.[48] All this vile criminal activity only demonstrates why the mafia cabal’s international child sex trafficking network has been catapulted to become the planet’s most lucrative, fastest growing organized crime industry,[49] abducting and coercing through sexual violence perhaps millions of children out of the reported total of 8 million disappearing each and every year.[50] It’s long past the global crisis stage.

Meanwhile, Sweden has been busily issuing deportation orders to thousands of underage children from war zones like Afghanistan, where according to one minor who was denied asylum:

When you leave your house in the morning, you can’t be sure you’ll come home. That’s what Afghanistan is like.[51]

In September 2017 deported children from Afghanistan engaged in a public protest lasting months.[52] While Sweden’s foreign ministry strongly advises its own citizens against traveling to the Afghanistan war zone, the government rejected the Afghan minors’ asylum applications, insisting that the nation where America is still fighting its longest two-decade running opium war[53] was safe enough for them to return. As if that’s not bad enough, the young resolute protestors were also violently attacked with flares thrown at them by the Islamophobic rightwing extremist gang Nordisk ungdom (Nordic Youth).

Let’s face it, every European nation’s asylum centers are a magnet for pedophiles and traffickers, and Denmark is no different. In October 2016 Denmark’s Radio 24syv reported that employees at the Børnecenter Tullebølle asylum center were caught engaging in sexual acts with minors while at least three “high placed” officials in the local Langeland municipality knew about it months earlier.[54] Even more disturbing is the fact that the lurid sexual assaults were filmed and photographed inside the asylum center. If the pedos aren’t working within the system to abuse children, they’re working to use asylum centers across Europe as a direct pipeline for child sex trafficking with thousands of missing children disappearing from these state-run facilities.

Returning to the highly affluent nation of Sweden with its generous humanitarian reputation of accepting the most refugees per capita from other countries has experienced a unique psychological condition among hundreds of its asylum-seeking families since the early 2000s.[55] It seems a minority of these families that have undergone trauma in their unstable home countries like Serbia and southern Russia that move to Sweden applying for residency status but are turned down with orders for deportation, have children that become totally despondent and literally sink into such profound despair that they give up on life, falling into a comalike condition where they appear to be asleep and can no longer feed themselves and unless constantly cared for will die.

As a former licensed clinician, this psychological phenomenon is both fascinating yet devastatingly tragic for the afflicted children and their families. The only known and possible cure comes once the Swedish government grants the family residency. The children clearly do not fake their truly debilitating medical condition as a manipulative and devious means of avoiding deportation. The rate of recovery for each child varies from rapid to slow and gradual to potentially not at all. The victims of this peculiar illness appear to simply be overcome by their family’s present despair combined with their past trauma, and retreat into an unconscious state as an extreme form of self-coping, regressing into a 24/7 sleeping state, at times lasting for years. This medical condition has been given the name Resignation Syndrome. Though this affliction has occasionally occurred in other countries such as Australia, its frequency is extremely rare except in Sweden, and for whatever reason, this condition appears to develop only in certain ethnic refugee families from Eastern Europe and southwestern Russia, which suggests a dynamic etiology derived from both genetic and cultural factors. An excellent 40-minute 2019 Oscar nominated film called “Life Overtakes Me” focuses on several of these families’ emotional hardship and struggle.[56]

In what’s been called “Sweden’s biggest ever child sex case” in terms of number of victims, in March 2017 a 47-year old man was found guilty of sexually abusing at least 110 girls hundreds of times between 12 and 14 with the youngest 10, during a five-year period via the internet.[57] The predator used a fake ID on a number of social media forums like Kik and Skype in order to target his victims, and then “remorselessly exploited the girls’ sexual curiosity to make them strip naked, and used threats to post pictures and films to blackmail them into performing sexual acts on themselves.” The pedophile’s persistent use of threats of publicly releasing naked photos and videos of his victims to further coerce them to endure more of his half decade long cruel and vile hell cost him the maximum sentence of eight years behind bars.

The Swedish media has yet to report any major pedophile scandals involving prominent elite members, unlike so many other European nations. The next largest bust of a pedophile ring consisted of 7 arrests after a several month investigation, executing surveillance, wiretaps and house raids to break up a child pornography web.[58] A Stockholm court ordered the detention of four suspects on possession of child pornography photos and videos depicting severe sadistic assaults on children. Three remained arrested and one remained a released suspect, in all accounting for 8 alleged pedophiles back in February 2017.

Considering the abuse of asylum center minors and that so many disappearing off the radar are suspected to be victims of organized crime, it’s quite odd that the Swedish media has so little coverage of a nationwide pedophilia network as in virtually every other European nation. What it does have is a study funded by the EU conducted by a Swedish professor who shows that rape as a crime is reported far more in Sweden per 100,000 population (46 times) than any other country in Europe, in fact twice as often as the runner-up nation the United Kingdom (23), and four times the frequency of all other Scandinavian nations including Germany and France.[59] But before concluding more rapists live in Sweden, the researcher offered her interpretation of the study’s results:

[Swedish] people are better at reporting [rape] here than elsewhere, the definition of what constitutes rape has become broader, and there is a greater willingness among Swedish women to report rape in relationships.[60]

Amnesty International refutes this argument that it’s only a matter of rape being reported more often than other countries. As far back as a decade ago it found:

Despite the number of rapes reported to the police quadrupling over the past 20 years, the percentage of reported rapes ending in conviction is markedly lower today than it was in 1965.[61]

Just over a decade ago Amnesty International reported that for a so-called progressive nation where women’s rights are highly touted, Sweden has a significantly lower rape conviction rate than Denmark, Finland and Norway. UN rapporteur Yakin Ertürk called Sweden out on its blatant discrepancy:

… between the apparent progress in achieving gender equality and the reports of continued violence against women in the country.[62]

Turns out only 13% of rapes reported in Sweden even proceed to prosecution, much less conviction. With so many cases dropped, Amnesty International concluded that “in practice, many perpetrators enjoy impunity” in Sweden. Its National Council of Crime Prevention estimated the actual number of rapes in Sweden to be near 30,000 and if that’s accurate, only 5-10% of all rapes actually get reported. Sweden has earned the shameful reputation as the rape capital of Europe with 63.5 rape cases per 100,000 people, per capita over twice as many as the US according to the latest 2020 World Population Review.[63]

But in recent years neighboring Denmark now appears no different despite also cultivating an image of gender equality. Again, according to a 2019 Amnesty International report:

Women and girls in Denmark are being failed by ‘dangerous and outdated laws’ that fail to meet international standards, while an ‘insidious culture of victim blaming and negative stereotyping’ only adds to the problem… Flawed legislation, harmful myths and gender stereotypes have resulted in ‘endemic impunity for rapists.’[64]

Currently across the boards in Nordic countries, not only in Sweden and Denmark but in Norway and Finland too, despite the levels of rape and sexual violence seemingly rising higher, all the Nordic nations’ justice systems are failing their rape survivors, according to the Amnesty International report in April 2019.[65] In a separate report released the same month by Statistics Finland, during the first quarter of 2019, the child rape and sexual abuse cases shot up by 28% over the year before.[66] Sexual predation is only growing worse. If Scandinavia fails to protect its adult women from rapists, and Finland with only a 1 in 6 conviction rate of its reported rape cases, these nations are even more abysmal in their failure to protect children as recent statistics confirm.

Instead of Swedes being so much “better” at reporting rape, it seems in actuality they’re only better at getting away with it. When members of the elite in Sweden rape children, hardly a word gets spoken on this dark little subject. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that the last time someone of any public stature or influence attempted to even expose Sweden’s pedo-elite network, he never reached his 29th birthday. The popular DJ, music producer and musician known as Avicii – Tim Bergling – died young, after he vowed to publicly unveil the truth about what he knew of a powerful elitist pedophilia network, but instead was likely murdered on April 20th, 2018 in Muscat, Oman.[67]

Avicii produced the music video “For A Better Day,”[68] released in September 2015 about two and a half years before his death. It tells the story of children sexually abused by an elite pedophile ring. After escaping, they come back years later as the adult executioners, avenging the horrors they were once forced to endure, methodically eliminating all the high rolling perpetrators one by one. It was reported by friends who allegedly knew Tim best that he was committed to exposing an elitist pedophile network. With a mother a well-known Swedish actress, and his instant success and early fame at age 22 in the music industry, by age 26 with his music video on pedophilia coming out, it makes logical sense that Tim Bergling had very likely encountered plenty of evidence of child sexual abuse or he never would have made the video in the first place.

But just like his fellow music industry stars Chris Cornell and Chester Pennington, who both died mysteriously in 2017 less than a year before him, after they too, through their own personal experience, brought public attention to the plight of pedophilia.[69] After all three clearly demonstrated commitment to exposing the plague, all three highly popular young men abruptly and suspiciously were cut down in their prime with their deaths quickly, conveniently ruled suicide. A pattern of untimely deaths involving entertainers who vow to divulge the dark Luciferian world permeating their entertainment industry among the power elite, suddenly all dying within a year from suicide, only gives credence to the widely held conviction that they were all “suicided”… echoes of the Jill Dando and Princess Diana syndrome.

North America has NAMBLA, the UK had PIE, the Netherlands attempted a political party platform for its pedophiles, and protected by its constitution, the Danes formed the Pedophile Group founded in 1985. All of these insidious organizations attempt to make sex with children legal, calling pedophilia a lifestyle choice and sexual orientation. After a TV-2 airing of a documentary in 2000 where an undercover journalist infiltrated Denmark’s Pedophile Group for a year, a 60-year old pedophile member of the Group was arrested for his criminal exposure sexually abusing boys.[70] The program resulted in calls for the pedo-organization to be banned. But because the Danish constitution guarantees citizens’ the right to set up an organization, politicians refused to take action to ban the Pedophile Group, citing that the precedent was set after politicians unsuccessfully tried to have a bikers group banned. Weak-kneed MPs and ministers only agreed to call for a police inquiry to determine if the Pedophile Group broke any laws, but otherwise refused budge pushing for a ban. Eventually when the Danish Attorney General began investigating the Pedophile Group, it opted to formally disband four years later in March 2004.[71]

As a barometer of how prevalent trolling online pedophiles are in search of their vulnerable prey, back in 2008 a 26-year old Danish journalist posted old photos of herself on a popular social media site posing as a 13-year old girl named “May.” She was surprised by the overwhelming response – a horny horde of dirty old men were hot-to-trot on her trail, including a 53-year old Copenhagen police chief, a 43-year old naval officer, a 72-year old retiree and a 35-year old software engineer reassuring her he’d already had sex with another underage girl.[72] During the six months her profile remained online, she was approached by over 100 brazenly open men, all pushing to have sex with a still prepubescent. The journalist wrote of her experience for her newspaper, explaining:

Many men began chatting with ordinary questions about my hobbies. But then they got more and more personal, and wanted to meet up.[73]

After soliciting when May’s mother would be out, the Copenhagen police chief was in for the surprise, if not shock of his lifetime when he showed up at her door only to be greeted by a team of newspaper reporters. The public-at large was joined by both child protection services and politicians demanding that the police immediately set up undercover sting operations.

In another case according to a February 2017 RT article, a 70-year old man ordered online 346 children to be raped in real time, livestreamed from places like the Philippines into his home in Denmark.[74] The anything-but-great Dane would spend no more than $40 each time for his pay-per-view entertainment, ogling little kids in Third World nations being savagely sodomized by sexual predators. Ultimately, he was charged “with 346 counts of participating in sexual assaults or rapes of minors” after his arrest in February 2016 in a Copenhagen suburb. It took prosecutors and cyber-police a full year just to gather up all the evidence in this “historic scale case.” The spokesperson from the Danish National Police Cyber Crime Center stated:

As far as I know we’ve never had a case in the whole world in which one person is charged with so many assaults.[75]

Ordering online pay-per-view child rape provides no legal evidence in a court of law unless it’s recorded. In a similar case in March 2015, 10 people were arrested but 9 were released immediately for lack of evidence.

In October 2016 yet another high-profile case shook Denmark. A Scandinavia-only pedophile ring was busted when a 33-year old man from the Baltic Sea island of Bornholm was caught running a Nordic language only internet porn site on the dark web.[76] The prosecutor at the man’s trial stated that the pedophile admitted to not only operating the Scandinavian website DanBB, but also an administrator at the notorious The Love Zone, part of the global pedophilia network. With over a thousand worldwide members required to submit new child porn material on a weekly basis in a pyramid scheme for greater access, The Love Zone was among the world’s largest child porn sites run by one of Australia’s biggest pedophiles in history – Shannon McCoole, a child care worker supervisor that for years abused and filmed his abuse of babies and youth in state care, now serving a 35-year sentence.[77]

Before leaving Denmark, the huge landmass of Greenland as a onetime Danish colony in 1979 was granted home rule status and in 2008 the Greenlandic government became an autonomous territory within the Kingdom of Denmark. Due to the frigid climate within the Arctic region, the total population of just over 56,000 inhabitants is confined to the southwest coast with its capital of Nuuk. The indigenous people of the island, the Innuits, comprise 88% of the residents, the rest are mostly Danish or other Europeans.

The residents of Greenland reportedly have a major problem with incest and pedophilia. Nearly one in three have suffered child sexual abuse and the culture of silent predation prevails, causing the abuse legacy to continue from one generation to the next.[78] Suicide, alcohol, drugs and poverty all are co-occurring factors accompanying the blight of pedophilia. In certain remote small villages, nearly half the residents under 60-years old have been sexually abused. A public health study from April 2019 specifies that among those born between 1975 to 1979, 43% of these Greenlanders were sexually abused. Among those born after 1995, the number has dropped to 20%, but still at epic one in five numbers.

As long as we’re touching on pseudo-Nordic Greenland and its pedo-crisis, the other not quite as remote northerly island also heavily influenced by Scandinavian heritage, the independent nation of Iceland was in the news three years ago over a pedophilia scandal that collapsed the coalition government.[79] During the preceding fall of 2016, the prior prime minister was forced to resign in disgrace for his shady offshore dealings in the aftermath of the leaked Panama Papers scandal. The October 2016 election resulting in Bjarni Benediktsson becoming prime minister, despite his name also on the Panama Papers list.[80] Benediktsson formed a coalition with the narrowest of a majority shared with two other parties. But then since taking office in January 2017, Benediktsson was soon caught red-handed withholding a political favor from the public, specifically finagling a pedophile friend of his father to clear his tarnished sex offender record. When the one political party holding only three parliamentary seats learned of the corrupt move, it quit in protest and the fragile coalition government by September 2017 fell apart, forcing yet another October election.

But Iceland’s 2017 pedo-crisis proved a minor blip on the politics scene compared to what the nation of 320,000 citizens suffered for years in the post-2008 financial meltdown. Iceland smartly let its corrupt politicians and private banks fail without a bailout, convicted its crooked bankers and nationalized its bank, proving to the rest of the world its road to recovery and solvency was precipitated on a no bailout rejection of reserve central banking and ousting crooked criminals in finance and government.[81] At least most of them, upon the October 2017 election, Bjarni gave up his prime minister office to Iceland’s second woman occupying the top spot – Katrin Jokobsdottir. But to this day, Bjarni Benediktsson retains both his former position as minister of finance and economic affairs as well as leader of the Independence Party since 2009. And that may well be because he hails from one of the wealthiest, most powerful families on the island. A former prime minister bearing his same first and last name was his great-uncle.

Bjarni’s father’s child raping buddy eventually got his clean slate despite the temporary upheaval it caused the country. The case of this well-connected degenerate was not just some fluke or anomaly but part of a huge recent spike in pedophile cases in Iceland like never before. According to the Reykjavik Grapevine in February 2013, Iceland’s Director of Prison and Probation Authority Páll E. Winkel announced:

There has been a staggering increase in the number of pedophiles behind bars in Iceland over the past decade, and [that] does not include the high number of accused pedophiles awaiting trial.[82]

In just one year from 2010 to 2011 the number of child sex abuse cases in Iceland jumped 30% higher.[83] A Reykjavik University study found that one in four Icelanders before turning 18 are victims of child sexual abuse with 35.7% of the girls and 17.8% of the boys reporting abuse.[84] Like every Nordic nation, Iceland has a major pedo problem.

Scandinavia’s scandalous pedophilia pandemic experienced in the first couple decades of the 21st century spans across the boards, effecting every northern European nation. Always the natural question becomes, is there more incidence of child rape or are more cases being reported? From my overview analysis, it’s a combination of both, along with many complex factors. For numerous decades by design, the elite has been guilty of engaging in diabolical social engineering,[85] and, through the vaccine agenda, flagrant and willful human DNA altering,[86] and with nefarious intent through cultural and moral relativism, insidiously undermining the global masses’ universal sense of right and wrong, blatantly normalizing pedophilia through mass media mind control brainwashing. While creating nonstop worldwide destabilizing political and economic crises, chaos and breakdown in social civility, through divisive identity politics and wreaking havoc to polarize ideologies, nations, ethnicities, races, religions, genders and families through 24/7 miseducation and propaganda, the planetary controllers are utilizing every deceptive Luciferian means to divide and conquer an increasingly enslaved, traumatized human population with its genocidal endgame. It is within this global milieu and context, the grip of the worldwide pedophilia network appears to be more far reaching, and in some places thriving.

Turning to the overlooked, almost forgotten Nordic nation of Finland, its worst pedophilia scandal in history broke not long ago in late March 2019. Though it involved only five known suspects living inside Finland, for fourteen straight years, from 2004 to 2018, they regularly drugged, raped and abused at least six local boys from 6 to 15 years of age, while filming, photographing and at times livestreaming their horrific crimes.[87] The ring commercialized and exchanged its produced child pornographic material with a larger international pedophilia web involving members from 17 Western nations.[88] The chief investigator described the ringleader as “a prominent member of society.” The police investigation only began after the pedophile group in Finland had somehow been allowed to continue operating their crime ring for an extended period of 14 years, and the only apparent reason their operation came to an end was because Finnish police received a tip from law enforcement from another country. This fact is somewhat astounding and suggests that that prominent society member may have had assisting authorities looking the other way, as so often is the case. The near decade and a half of amassed evidence seized in the raid contained 75-100 terabytes that included 412 hours of video and over 4,000 photos, including a snuff film sent to them from outside Finland. Their abuse also contained elements of torture, satanism and Nazism, all known elements common to a certain “prominent” elite.

Another anomaly is the fact that the only media attention given this biggest pedophilia case in Finland’s history came at the end of the police probe when all evidence was handed over to the prosecutors back in March 2019. Nearly a year and a half later on the web not a further word from the press about the trial outcome or prison sentence of these five pedophiles. Might that reason also be related to satanic ritual abuse perpetrated and led by the so-called “prominent member of society?” Or the fact that Finns who rape in general possess an already well-established track record of getting away with it? Inquiring minds everywhere attempting to discern the lowdown truth have the right to know. Or has another nation’s criminal justice system covertly let Finland’s worst child rapists go free?

Yet another very recent high-profile case was reported in early June 2020 involving a Finnish suspect allegedly using social media sites to initially make contact to procure at least 30 female victims aged 8 to 14 throughout Finland.[89] So we go from a criminal ring raping boys repeatedly for 14 years to one single pedophile going up and down the country raping at least 30 underage girls at will. The suspect was arrested in early spring after police received tips both domestically and internationally. Evidence from the police investigation has recently been turned over to the prosecutors. Let’s see if this case receives continued coverage or not. If media blackout follows like the last case, there’s a serious cover-up going on in Finland.

Though in April 2019, Finland raised its maximum sentence for child sexual abuse from 4 to 6 years,[90] considering the gravity of the crime and dire lasting impact on abuse victims, a mere half dozen years’ incarceration still seems excessively lenient, and based on recent cases and trends, totally ineffectual as a potential deterrent as well.

Still another outrageous injustice was committed by Finland’s Supreme Court, for upholding the original conviction of mere aggravated sexual abuse rather than grant the prosecution request that 23-year old asylum seeker Juusuf Muhamed Abbudin be declared guilty in 2016 of aggravated rape, for having sexual intercourse with a 10-year old girl.[91] Instead, the rapist was sent to prison in 2017 on a 3-year sentence and is now getting out of jail despite raping a 10-year old girl that Finland’s top court chose to ignore. This grossly lax, abominable sentence understandably triggered calls for stiffer punishment in Finland for pedophilic crimes.

By far the most volatile pedophilia scandal still rocking Finland to its core hit the headlines in late 2018. The unraveling situation in Finland is identical to the decades long Pakistani grooming gangs’ abuse and rape of British Caucasian girls (See Chapter 32). Islamic migrant grooming gangs whose members were born in Iraq and Afghanistan, via the Anglo-American-Zionist Empire warfronts, appear to be operating just as robustly with apparent impunity in Finland. Dozens of the refugees in Oulu, the largest northern Finland city of 200,000, have been meeting up with Finnish girls aged 10 to 15 on social media websites and local malls where they wine and dine, and otherwise groom the young girls into predatory victimhood.[92] Though the story of the migrant pedophile ring in Oulu first broke in December 2018, the same crisis has been unfolding in Helsinki and the other cities across Finland, and for that matter, all the Nordic countries.

Despite the British grooming gang scandal exposed for a near decade, and migrants’ rapes of teenage girls in Sweden skyrocketing by 51% in the last four years alone,[93] Finland has reacted in shock to its current crisis.[94] In Sweden by 2018, 58% of all rape and attempted rape convictions were committed by foreign born immigrants. Migrant crime is the huge pink elephant in the Euro-room. The blatant failures of complicit politicians, police, judges and child welfare departments throughout Britain, Sweden, Finland and Europe-at large, have once again allegedly turned a blind eye because it’s politically incorrect to accuse Muslims of wrongdoing in progressive “multiculturalism-bred” Western Europe without being labeled “racist” or “Islamophobic.” At least this is the overly familiar mainstream media rationale. But it goes far more sinister and deeper than just that superficially inadequate and misleading explanation. Long ago, the Luciferian elite targeted in its crosshairs the West’s large middleclass prosperity, national autonomy, the family unit and clash of civilizations using the Christian vs. Islamic divide and conquer battle lines for total conflagration and obliteration of said entities. The agenda is always the same, one world dictatorship.

Of all four Nordic countries, Denmark is the only one holding the dubious distinction of falling from tier 1 (nations actively combatting human trafficking) to tier 2 as a nation deemed not doing enough, per the last two annual Trafficking In Persons Reports compiled by the US State Department based on Denmark’s gross failure to convict even a single human trafficker.[95] So not only does Denmark’s criminal justice system as a constitutional monarchy fail to hold rapists of women and children accountable, even their sex traffickers are getting away with their heinous crimes. These kinds of woeful national statistics cited above beg for deeper analysis in search of the true underlying causes for this alarming evidence for drastic cultural and moral decline.

It turns out Nordic countries like Denmark, with its population of little more than five and a half million people, are among the most atheistic nations on earth. In fact, all four countries rank high in this non-believer category. According to the 2020 World Population Review, outside of China’s 90% non-believers, Sweden’s population at 73% ranks as the most atheistic nation in the world, followed by such high in pedophilia monarchies as Britain (69%), Netherlands (66%) and Belgium (64%), Norway at 62% and Denmark at 61%.[96] See the strong and direct correlation between people who do not believe in a Prime Creator and the enormously high incidence of unprosecuted child rape?

Another extremely relevant fact is that these same Nordic countries ranking so high on atheism also literally get high on bestiality. Yep, the Danes, the Finns and Swedes have also historically accepted this beastly practice of having sex with animals as legal “as long as the animals don’t suffer,” if you can believe that absurd nonsense.[97] Sweden, a nation of just over 10 million people, finally made bestiality illegal in 2014,[98] at which point Denmark with almost six million residents became the world capital for bestiality, attracting a notable sex tourism crowd for this very purpose,[99] until it too finally outlawed this disgustingly perverse practice in 2015.[100] But apparently the Finns still think it’s okay (along with Romania and Hungary).[101] Bottom-line – these alarming “anything goes” facts transparently indicate that Scandinavian countries have also spawned an unacknowledged, largely concealed epidemic of child sexual abuse. Another pertinent fact, disturbing results were found in a research study that explored the extremely strong correlation between juvenile sex offenders and their propensity for committing acts of bestiality. According to the study’s authors:

Studies of adult sex offenders appear to support the co-occurrence of sexual offenses against humans and animals among some offenders. The data suggests that juvenile animal offenders should be considered a sub-group of sex offenders in that 23 of 24 juveniles (96 percent) who admitted to bestiality also admitted to sexual offenses against humans.[102]

The above scientific conclusion is dramatically borne out by real life cases. In 2014 while the Danish parliament pondered passing its anti-bestiality law, a woman in New Mexico attempted to murder her roommates after getting caught having sex with their dogs,[103] and a Catholic priest in Canada with a history of bestiality was convicted of pedophilia crimes against children from the Inuit tribe.[104] It’s a no-brainer, atheistic nations having an aversion to God that historically tolerate and allow sex with animals also grossly fail to protect women and children from sexual violence committed by its mostly unindicted, protected rapists and traffickers. That’s the depressing reality operating in northern Europe.

For further insight into these disconcerting dynamics so prevalent in the Nordic monarchies, a look at their figurehead royal families may be helpful. Since members of Europe’s black nobility bloodlines including the royal families of Britain, Netherlands and Belgium have all been heavily implicated as both alleged VIP pedophiles as well as pedo-cabal overlords within the global child sex slave trade, not to mention being parasitic leeches living off taxpayer funds (UK $107m, Dutch $49m, Belgium $15m),[105] it becomes imperative to also explore Nordic royalty to determine if it too profits from destroying and murdering innocents. Norway royals also pose an expensive burden on their subjects, equal to the House of Orange’s $49m, while Denmark at $12m and Sweden’s $8m are slightly more modest tax moochers. Since their regal Euro counterparts covered already are steeped deep in pedophilia, examining their lesser known royal cousins to the nearby north is essential to our analysis.

Unlike the three earlier British, Belgian and Dutch royal families taken up in Chapters 33, 35 and 36 respectively, a cursory internet search of online public domain material on the Scandinavian royal families shows far less known involvement in today’s pedophilia scourge, other than by association. Recall the queen of the neutral nation Sweden as the sister of notorious pedophile Lord Mountbatten, acted as a secret WWII go-between for the UK and their royal relatives in Nazi Germany, justifying allegations of House of Windsor aka Saxe-Coburg-Gotha’s treasonous collaboration with the enemy, not to mention the traitor and former British King Edward VIII’s overt support for Hitler.

On the more modern front, again by association, in December 2019 immediately following Prince Andrew’s disastrous BBC interview sidestepping his crimes with Epstein, embarrassing royal links between the Norwegian Princess Mette-Marit and Jeffrey Epstein also surfaced to bite the bleach blonde sitting princess in the ass. She was compelled to apologize for her meetings from 2011 to 2013 with the disgraced pedophile-trafficker-blackmailer after his widely exposed conviction.[106] Evidence emerged that she met him in the United States as well as Norway on “multiple occasions,” using as her excuse that she was unaware of the “seriousness” of his crimes, very lame echoes from Prince Andrew’s echo-chamber that hasn’t exactly reverberated so well for him either. It turns out that the heir to the Norwegian throne, hubby Crown Prince Haakon, has also met Epstein.[107] For Princess Mette-Marit in December 2019 to actually utter the following words to the press in her self-defense amounts to preposterous pandering to the public at its shameless worst:

I would never have had anything to do with Epstein if I had been aware of the seriousness of his criminal actions. I should investigate Epstein’s past more closely, and regret that I did not.[108]

The fact is the entire elite world wholly embraced registered sex offender Epstein just as they continued embracing British “socialite-philanthropist” fellow trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell, conveniently overlooking the fact that she too was a pimping child molesting blackmailer for Israeli military intelligence. Yet from Hollywood to the tech world to high finance world of money laundering,[109] to top universities to top politicos to top royalty, after his jail stint the global elite still welcomed the infamous child fucker with open arms, conducting shady NWO business in the highest elitist circles of the earth’s power Establishment.[110] What does this tell us? It says the planetary controllers are child fucking pedophiles.

Fact: Right when the Norwegian princess decided to begin meeting with Jeffrey Epstein in 2011, headlines broadcast all over the world that Prince Andrew, embroiled in controversy in July 2011 over his choice to infamously continue his friendship with the convicted pedophile, was forced to resign as UK trade envoy.[111] Now we’re supposed to actually believe Princess Mette-Marit had no clue Epstein was a criminal degenerate when it was plastered all over the European news that same year?

Another fact, even if she was oblivious to the big news in 2011, all royal families have as their own private army their nation’s intelligence services that are dutybound to conduct vetting on every person that a senior royal family member comes in contact with. As major players in the global pedo-network, each nation’s security services are fully aware of each other’s sexual blackmail pedo-operations, so there’s no way in hell the Norwegian royals could have been ill informed of the despicable Epstein saga, especially after the convicted felon was a released jailbird. For the crown princess to play ignorant, not knowing what this extremely high profile sleazeball was all about is an insult to even the most stupid person’s intelligence. It’s more than fair to say that this is simply more incriminating evidence, confirming the longtime unholy marriage between child sodomy and royalty, at the very least, guilt by a most certain and known association. And then to boldface lie to the world in order for her to cover her tracks, pulling her own lame version of a Prince Andrew denial, is shameless, strongly suggesting, if not revealing, that the Norwegian monarchy is likely a guilty party too.

In keeping with this same Epstein “hush-hush” thread running deep up Norway’s elite annals, prominent former Oslo government minister-longtime diplomat Terje Rød-Larsen and his International Peace Institute (IPI) received no less than a whopping $600,000 from Epstein in the 2-year period 2016-17, fully twice as much as the embattled MIT accepted.[112] Though IPI made certain that the Epstein connection was well-hidden from all its reports and website, buried in its tax records was the giveaway. Yet the dodging Terje refuses to even discuss the Epstein bombshell, prompting Norwegian journalist-editor-author Harald Stanghelle to deduce:

Terje Rød-Larsen appears as an important piece in the money laundering of sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.[113]

The Epstein-Norway-Clinton pedo-plot thickens. In addition, Norway’s former Christian Democrat Prime Minister Kjell-Magne Bondevik also admitted to knowing Epstein through his philanthropical tentacles. In early November 2003, Bill Clinton hitched a ride with Epstein on the Lolita Express per one of his 26 flight log romps in order to meet PM Bondevik in Norway to facilitate his pay-to-play Clinton Foundation bribery scheme with the Oslo government.[114] Bill also made sure to dine with Norway’s King Harald and his royal family. Believing that Hillary would become the next US president, for years Norway had been one of the Clintons’ biggest loyal donors, giving away hundreds of millions in kroner.[115] Again, the peak of the Clinton-linked Pizzagate scandal and Norwegian history’s largest pedo-scandal along with Norway’s cutoff of further funding of the Clintons’ pay-to-play operation all went down the exact same day in late November 2016. Another Epstein-royal-Clinton-“I never had sex with that woman/girl” dot connection?

Speaking of connecting dots, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were frequent guests and friends of not just the House of Windsor or Norway’s royal family but also the Swedish royal family, the House of Bernadotte as well. In fact, Epstein’s close links to Swedish socialite celebrities goes back to the early 1980s.[116] The Miss Sweden of 1980, Eva Andersson, boldly moved from Sweden to New York at age 17 to soon become a top runway model for Ford Modeling Agency. Another notorious Epstein partner-in-crime – modeling scout Jean Luc Brunel – also worked for the Ford Modeling Agency. Brunel once sent Jeffrey a trio of French 12-year old girls as a birthday gift to defile,[117] and was outed as an accused serial rapist on a 1988 60 Minutes episode. Eva Andersson dated Jeffrey Epstein for several years in the early 1980s even prior to the pedophile’s hook-up with the Mossad superspy’s daughter Ghislaine. Brunel, their bevy of underage models including model-girlfriend Eva Andersson, all lived at the infamous East 66th Street Manhattan apartment building complex owned by Epstein’s brother Mark.[118] Eva went on to become a medical doctor and director at her own Andersson-Dubin Breast Center in New York, where in 2012 Sweden’s Queen Silvia paid a visit. As Silvia’s daughter Princess Victoria’s onetime nurse, Eva maintains close ties with the entire Swedish royal family, attending the christening of Victoria’s daughter.

Even after Eva Andersson married billionaire hedge fund manager Glenn Dubin, Eva and Jeffrey remained very tight friends to the extent that Eva and Glenn’s three daughters’ godfather was none other than the infamous child sex trafficker himself. Hubby Glenn Dubin also became a close pal and business partner with Epstein, remaining so, even after his conviction.[119] According to Eva’s chefs Rinaldo Rizzo and his wife, in late 2004-early 2005 a distraught 15-year old Swedish girl arrived at the Dubin residence accompanied by Epstein and Maxwell, instructed by Eva to sit on a barstool in the kitchen. According to Rinaldo’s deposition, the Swedish girl was visibly shaking and upset, explaining that she was Epstein’s “executive personal assistant.” But when Rinaldo said she looked too young for such a job, the girl allegedly broke down in tears. Upon further query, it became clear she had been sexually abused as a sex slave on Epstein’s St. James Island. As soon as Eva Andersson-Dubin walked into the kitchen, the girl shut down, at which point Eva volunteered that the underage girl would be employed as her new “nanny.” Rinaldo also claimed that about a month later, he and his wife were aboard a Dubin owned jetliner headed to Sweden where the underage girl was dropped off at an airport.

This testimony certainly incriminates the Dubins’ involvement with the Epstein-Maxwell criminal operation. And this 15-year old was one of the lucky child slaves who apparently got away. Per some of the victims, enslaved girls who didn’t work out reportedly went missing.[120] Also Epstein built an ornate satanic temple on his Caribbean island, complete with an underground tunnel system.[121] It’s been speculated that occult satanic ritual and possibly child sacrifice were practiced.[122] As if that’s not criminal enough, according to the sworn deposition of Virginia Roberts-Giuffre, alleged underage victim of Epstein, Maxwell and Prince Andrew, right after her initial “training,” Epstein pimped her out to have sex with her first VIP – Glenn Dubin.[123]

Also, in 2005 demonstrating that Ghislaine and Eva were well-acquainted friends is a photograph of them happily posing together at Bette Midler’s 60th birthday bash at the Waldorf Astoria. And as proof that the Dubins were thick as thieves with the Epstein-Maxwell duo, Epstein’s only client Les Wexner as the Zionist Mega Group co-founder who allegedly funded the Epstein blackmail operation,[124] gave free reign for the Dubins to make themselves at home on a Mediterranean cruise aboard Wexner’s prized possession, his 316-foot super yacht. The bewildered ship captain stated that Wexner never ever allows guests to use his luxury liner without him being present. The Dubins are indubitably deep up the power pyramid.

The other prominent Swedish woman who remained a longtime friend of Epstein’s is Barbro Ehnbom, a high-flying Swedish born New York socialite-business executive in both high finance and pharmaceutical industry. For all of Epstein’s philanthropical giving, a July 2019 Daily Beast article reveals:

Epstein was even awarded ‘Best Male Support’ at the conclusion of the Stockholm School of Economics’ ‘Female Economist of the Year’ scholarship ceremony. Nordic Reach quoted the scholarship’s founder, New York-based executive Barbro Ehnbom, who said the ‘Best Male Support’ designation was created ‘to honor a specific Friend who was extra helpful and supportive during the previous year.’ The article then listed ‘New York City Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’ as the 2002 recipient.[125]

Barbro sponsors the annual scholarship for students at her alma mater, the Stockholm School of Economics. Ehnbom’s career background includes working as a securities analyst from 1979 to 1981 at L.F. Rothschild before starting Duhaan Groupe, Inc, her own financial planning company. Barbro Ehnbom created a platform called “Barbro’s Best & Brightest” that recognizes and supports women’s business achievement, particularly in science and medicine.[126] An “invitation-only exclusive network,” it’s designed for Ms. Barbro to play VIP “role model, mentor and promoter” to the elite’s designated up and coming stars.

Even prior to meeting her future husband Swedish Prince Carl Philip in 2009, the swimsuit model-turned-reality TV star Sofia Hellqvist met her mentor Barbro Ehnbom as one of Bro’s “Best & Brightest.”[127] Sofia’s big break arrived posing nude with a large snake wrapped around her for the Swedish men’s magazine Slitz in 2004. Ehnbom saw talent in the flesh, and apparently in tight with the Swedish royals and allegedly assigned as Sofia’s mentor, Ehnbom began grooming the future princess on her newly elevated station in life. Barbro also attended the prince and princess’s “traditional ceremonial reading of the banns of marriage.” The royal couple showed up for Ehnbom’s annual Swedish American Life Science Summit in Stockholm in 2011. Barbro Ehnbom is also a loyal patron of Queen Silvia’s anti-child abuse charity the World Childhood Foundation,[128] spotted at the Queen’s 2015 Foundation Thank You Gala. Ehnbom has a sister who was Swedish ambassador to Australia.

Of course, both Swedish socialites in Epstein’s life, Eva and Bro, for years have hobnobbed at the same social and charity events in the same New York-Stockholm high society circles. Ehnbom hosts the annual Swedish American Life Science Summit as she moves in the exact same Brave New World Order venues as Jeffrey Epstein, connected with eugenicists Bill and Melinda Gates, biotech guru Steve Burrell, Harvard’s founder of Human Genome Sciences Dr. William Haseltine and MIT’s Media Lab Prof Dr. Canan Dagdeverin, one of “Bro’s Best & Brightest”… in other words, all the same post-conviction Epstein bribery sources operating without a moral compass willing to greedily accept the registered child sex offender’s dirty money.

One of the Harvard recipients of the pedo’s $30 million bribe was mathematical biologist Martin Nowak, introduced to Epstein by Larry Summers, then Harvard president, later promoted as Obama’s Treasury Secretary. Nowak’s colleague who co-authored many research papers with Nowak, in retrospect after the truth came out that his projects were funded by Epstein, had this to say, not about the infamous pedophile but his lifelong Swedish chum:

If what you say is true, if all this is a blackmail honeypot operation and if it involves mind-controlled slaves, there’s one person who I can think of that even back then when I was oblivious to all of this gave me the creeps. A friend of Jeffrey’s named Barbro Ehnbom. She’s a Swedish business woman who sponsored all these beautiful highly educated women she called ‘Barbro’s Best and Brightest.’ The way she introduced them and talked about them, it was like she was a madam. Who is this lady?![129]

This Barbro Ehnbom is an eerily similar cabal cutout to another madam-like figure present around so many of the British pedo-scandals, BBC fixture and Child Helpline founder, gatekeeper Esther Rantzen.

Hidden in plain sight yet again is the endemic blight of child sexual abuse raging out of control in northernmost Europe. Though the Scandinavian pedo-scandals appear slightly more concealed in their embeddedness within the elite’s power structure, with far less overt public exposure of politicians and royal family members outed as child rapists, it’s more probable that the reticence and propriety of the Nordic way has obscured the veil from being drawn yet. Regardless, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Greenland are all immersed in a pedophilia crisis, not unlike Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Britain. Europe’s being torn asunder by the vile spread of raping the innocents.


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