Chapter 37 – Germany’s Exploding 2020 Pedophilia Crisis


Chapter 37 Germany’s Exploding 2020 Pedophilia Crisis

Joachim Hagopian

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Though unlike other European nations covered thus far – Britain, Belgium and Netherlands, as a federal republic without a formal king or queen, Germany has been less marred by shameful longstanding pedophilia scandals among its prominent elitist class. Whether this constitutes evidence that its elite in the most powerful European nation are any less savage and repulsive in their destroying young innocents’ lives or have simply been more deceitful in not getting caught is still open for question and further inquiry. That said, just in the last several weeks, the German nation’s been rocked by a barrage of breaking bombshell scandals, uncovering both past and present episodes of pedophilic wrongdoing. A 57-page report released in mid-June 2020 based on a study conducted for over a year at the University of Hildesheim resurrected an old buried scandal confirming that Berlin authorities condoned the practice of placing children in foster care with known pedophiles for over three decades.[1] Sifting through thousands of files at the Senate Education Administration in Berlin, researchers found:

A network of actors in the Senate administration and institutions of educational reforms during the home reform of the 1970s tolerated the establishment of shared apartments and foster homes for paedophile men.[2]

But more on this disgusting story that led directly to Germany’s current mess shortly.

The latest scandal breaking at the very end of June 2020 has uncovered 30,000 German suspects currently under investigation in yet another massive nationwide child pornography sweep.[3] The cybercrime unit in the North Rhine-Westphalia region is working overtime in an enormous online probe after a series of recent pedo-busts within this one German state that in 2018 saw 2,500 child abuse investigations alone.[4] The police probe originally began in October 2019 with the first arrest of a 27-year old soldier from a municipality near Cologne convicted in May 2020, given a 10-year sentence and placed indefinitely in a psychiatric facility. From all the electronic evidence seized at his home, it became clear that the soldier belonged to a vast pedo-network, exchanging info on how to get away with pedo-crimes, encouraging each other and arranging to abuse children offline.[5] Another case from the same most populated German state North Rhine-Westphalia last October surfaced after a 43-year old father apparently filmed himself sexually abusing his baby daughter and then began sharing his videos online within this enormous pedo-web network operating inside Germany.[6]

At the exact same time that this gigantic ring was first unearthed, still another separate international pedo-web was busted with over 300 arrests spanning 38 countries that included Germany, Britain and the US centered on a South Korean dark web site that hosted a quarter million sickening videos of graphic child sex abuse involving infants as young as one-year old.[7] Again, this news confirms today’s global nature of rampant pedophilia abuse expanding across the planet.

An even larger internet child porn bust occurred in Germany in June 2017. A dark web platform called Elysium maintained a membership of 111,000 users from around the world that exchanged photos and videos.[8] In March 2019 four German men were convicted of constructing and using one of the largest porn sites ever. Yet the sentences were relatively light, from just under four years to nearly ten years in prison. The pedophile issued the longest sentence was also convicted of sexually abusing two children. The site catered to every perversion – infants and toddlers, girls or boys, fetish choices of sodomy and sadomasochism.

As of July 1, 2020, the North Rhine-Westphalia Justice Ministry has launched a task force to prosecute anonymous pedophiles on the internet. Calling it “deeply disturbing,” Justice Minister Peter Beisenbach stated:

I did not expect, not even remotely, the extent of child abuse on the internet. We must recognise that child abuse on the internet is more widespread than we had previously thought.[9]

To date, out of the 30,000 suspects, just over 70 have been identified so far. Additionally, 44 victims have also reportedly been identified, including a 3-month old baby.

And still another separate German pedophile ring was broken up earlier in the same month of June. A June 6 New York Times article unveils the arrest of 11 people involved in filming their sexual abuse of three victims and selling their “unfathomable images” over the darknet.[10] The three victims, aged 5, 10 and 12, were being horribly exploited by abusing family members that included parents and an uncle. The 11 arrested suspects were identified from encrypted hard drives confiscated in a prior police raid. A 27-year old IT technician from Münster, twice convicted for possession of child pornography, had encrypted more than 500 terabytes of child pornography. The prime suspect’s mother, a 45-year old kindergarten teacher, also became a suspect upon learning she owned the countryside cabin that served as their makeshift child porn studio. The police discovered a video in the cabin of the 5- and 10-year olds being brutally raped and sodomized. One of these victims’ mother was the girlfriend of the twice convicted offender. Social workers had warned family court of the boy’s danger but it went unheeded.[11] As the encrypted hard drives continue to be unlocked, more arrests are expected.

The former chairman of the Child Protection Association in North Rhine-Westphalia, Professor Hans-Jürgen Schimke criticized family court judges for being naively clueless:

The judges have to find reasons to withdraw custody and then tend to believe that the mothers take care of their children and want only the best. This is the biggest and most fundamental problem — that the judges are often inexperienced and do not know the depths and abysses of human existence.[12]

The worldwide pedophilia crisis blighting humanity every year only seems to be growing worse. A UNICEF report released in June 2020 warns:

Half of the world’s children, or approximately 1 billion children each year are affected by physical, sexual or psychological violence, suffering injuries, disabilities and death, because countries have failed to follow established strategies to protect them.[13]

The total number of sexually abused minors on record including child pornography in the German nation of over 83 million people has shot up to well over 20,000 a year. In 2019 there were 15,936, a seismic spike of 1,330 more victims recorded than the year before according to released police statistics in May 2020.[14] The 2019 cases of known child pornography abuse in Germany jumped to 12,262, twice as much as only three years earlier in 2016. In 2018 the child welfare services in Germany were called to intervene over 50,000 times, a 10% increase from the year before. And with this year’s national lockdowns and citizens on house arrest imposed by the worldwide Coronavirus hoax, the numbers are rising even more significantly in both child abuse as well as domestic violence.[15] Records show that 90% of the perpetrators are male and 75% of underage victims are female, and that 175,000 German children are living in either foster care homes or residential group homes supervised by the 550 child welfare offices in Germany. Unlike most nations like Britain and America where Child Protective Services are snatching children right and left from their biological parents often as a pedo-pipeline precursor, Germany’s family court system has reportedly made it extra difficult to remove children from their family homes. Professor Hans-Jürgen Schimke explains:

Against the background of our experience of the times of National Socialism, we have included provisions in our Basic Law [ed. note: the German Constitution] that stipulate that the care and upbringing of children is the natural right of the parents.[16]

With child sexual abuse now clearly skyrocketing in the Federal Republic of Germany, the national abuse commissioner Johannes-Wilhelm Rörig’s responded:

Sexual abuse [in Germany] is also a pandemic; a pandemic on a dramatic scale.[17]

Criminologist specializing in cybercrime Thomas-Gabriel Rüdiger somewhat counters this perception that pedophilia is rapidly spreading across Germany, insisting that:

What we’re experiencing now is a classic criminological phenomenon: if you start looking for the unidentified cases, then the number of known cases will rise.[18]

Thomas-Gabriel cites the old chicken or the egg phenomenon to dismiss fears that Germany is turning into another lost nation of pathologically addicted, child raping psychopaths or drooling child porn addicts wacking off in front of their pc screens. With the best guess “expert” consensus estimating that only one in 15 or 20 cases of child sexual abuse ever gets reported or known, an increase in policing assumedly will only uncover more known cases, not necessarily that the frequency of abuse is shooting through the roof. As part of the legal system, it’s Mr. Rüdiger’s job to downplay the fear factor that modern day perversions and enormity of the pedo-network are out-of-control.

In addition to beefing up a task force in North Rhine-Westphalia to combat the explosion of child pornography on the internet, in January 2020 the German parliament Bundestag passed a law that allows law enforcement operatives to gain access to the dark web by posting computer generated images that appear as real child pornography, which apparently is a passageway requirement to enter child abuse chat rooms on the darknet.[19] This will allow authorities to gain access in order to ensnare pedophiles in sting operations. The other legislative change has made “cyber grooming” sting operatives posing as children online a criminal offense in and of itself. These measures are a first start in the right direction, but the cybercrime cabal possesses the advantage of a head start years in the making.

With the current pedophilia scourge in Germany spiraling off the rails per June’s pedophilia media coverage, authorities have been forced to acknowledge a highly organized pedo-network that historical evidence clearly shows has been aided, abetted, minimized and concealed by the national government. The federal republic’s criminal complicity for over half a century is only the tip of the partially exposed iceberg. With last month’s disturbing new revelations, more than ever before it reveals the utterly pervasive scope and scale of this larger grim reality that an unchecked, growing pedo-epidemic in Germany is undeniable.

To understand how today’s pedophilia problem evolved, a brief look at Germany’s history may prove incisive. Hitler’s National Socialism movement of the early 1930s that morphed into his Nazi party in the early days was not homophobic at all. Hitler’s Nazi henchmen – head of the SA Storm Troopers Ernst Rohm and his deputy Rudolf Hess were both homosexuals and Hitler’s idolatry of the macho-super Aryan male initially tolerated if not embraced homosexuality.[20] Revelations of The Pink Swastika show that also embedded among the Nazi ranks were homosexual pedophiles,[21] including Ernst Rohm and fellow Nazi officer Dr. Fritz von Balluseck, who secretly collaborated during WWII with the criminally treasonous American sexologist pervert Alfred Kinsey.[22] As the commandant of an occupied Polish town, Dr. von Balluseck raped and reputedly murdered young children. As a doctor he kept meticulous notes and supplied his own personal data requested by Kinsey. Balluseck’s war crimes were tried in Germany in 1956. When German authorities sought copies of Ballusect’s diary from Alfred Kinsey, he absolutely refused to cooperate. The father of the West’s sexual revolution not only proved to be a Nazi wartime collaborator but a loyal friend and colleague to a child raping, murdering sicko. Dr. Alfred Kinsey was also a not-so-secret admirer of the infamous Luciferian pedophile Aleister Crowley.[23]

Recall also that Hitler’s Germany during World War II performed atrocious experimentation on concentration camp victims, studying twin children under the leadership of Dr. Josef Mengele.[24] Then under America’s Operation Paperclip, Mengele was safely brought over to the US and employed by the first and longest running CIA Director Allen Dulles to lead illegal inhumane CIA mind control research for many years.[25] While Mengele operated under the assumed name of Dr. Green, he was still misusing and abusing children in both North and South America right up to his death in Brazil in 1979.[26]

Also speaking of Nazis in South America, recall from Chapter 5 another infamous German Nazi pedophile expatriate, twisted cult leader Paul Schaefer and with Dictator General Peron’s sponsorship, his Colonia Dignidad concentration camp in Chile that in 2019 the German government agreed to pay €10,000 in damages to each of his child abuse victims.[27] It bears a reminder that prominent German pedophiles were key players in recent chapters on the Low Countries’ pedo-scandals as well, from royal princes Bernhard and Claus to major CSA trafficker-brothel owner-porn peddlers Lothar Glandorf and Gerrick Ulrich to the current Madeleine McCann murder suspect, convicted child and adult rapist Christian Brueckner.

Continuing the German tradition of the mad scientists comes Dr. Helmut Kentler, a Hannover University professor who worked with the complicit Berlin Senate from 1969 to 2003, busily playing matchmaker from hell, sending runaway youth into foster homes and the waiting predator arms of known child rapists. Given this historical context, implementing such an egregiously outrageous program perhaps inspired by the likes of his predecessors Mengele and Balluseck isn’t such a shocker after all.

In this same perversely subversive, dark world of academia, such criminal enterprises masquerading as science was perpetrated by Kentler’s American counterpart, the aforementioned Dr. Alfred Kinsey, father of today’s worldwide UN pushed sexual deviance-gone-mainstream-mad-LGBT-sex education-mind control agenda.[28] Together with the allied Frankfurt School of socialist-Marxist-relativism,[29] they were instrumental in spawning the current popular New Age philosophy and world-view of “anything goes.” Under such benignly packaged labels as tolerance and multiculturalism, the militant dogma is fully endorsed by the blindly manipulated global legions of young misdirected social justice warriors running amuck in today’s world. Rooted and camouflaged in the Bavarian Illuminati Order, Jesuitism and the Luciferian Sabbatean-Frankist kabbalism[30] comes the enormously influential German psychologist Dr. Helmut Kentler (1928-2008).[31] Purporting that forcing minors to live with known pedophiles was a splendidly healthy idea, a win-win for both the child raping foster dad and his young boy victims aged 6 to 14,[32] Dr. Kentler convinced more than willing top German politicians in the West Berlin Senate to a heinous three decade long national crime policy of government sponsored child rape despite it being against the law.

Throughout the late 1960s and 1970s in the West, the spreading cultural ideology of the sexual revolution, spearheading both the women’s and gay rights movement also pushed the notion that children as sexual beings possessed sexual rights to consensually engage in sex with adults. Under this misguidedly malevolent banner of “sexual freedom,” this same twisted abomination deceptively swept across North America with 1978’s Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) and Europe, infamously giving rise in the UK to the notorious P.I.E. (Paedophile Information Exchange) organization from 1974 to 1984, publicly advocating legal sex with children. This same despicable rationale was responsible for high-level pedo-infiltration of rampant pedo-embedded British bipartisan politics, from such Tory Party luminaries as accused satanic worshipping pedophile-murderer Prime Minister Ted Heath and Margaret Thatcher’s infamous ministerial pedo-brigade, onto Tony Blair’s New Labor ministers and MPs like Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey, Patricia Hewitt, Margaret Oppenheimer Hodge and Peter Mandelson along with the queen’s own legal advisor Lord Justice Fulford, all strong advocates back in the day collectively leading directly to the over-saturation within UK’s child care system of thousands upon thousands of protected child abusers, among them the likes of procurers Peter Righton and Jimmy Savile, all covered in extensively shameful detail in Chapters 18 through 33.

While all those British pedo-operations flourished, in parallel process a plethora of pedo-scandals were also simultaneously raging across the Atlantic in America’s daycare facilities, CIA MK Ultra mind control operations and its related Franklin, Finders and Epstein-Maxwell Mossad scandals. Germany’s version of pedophilia subversion at the highest levels was epitomized by its appalling pedophile-friendly foster care program secretly carried out for over three decades, it too largely buried, ignored and covered up – until now. In this era of the elite’s unprecedented exposure of dark truth, Germany’s dirty laundry is also finally surfacing bigtime in light of today’s constantly unfolding global mafia cabal revelations.

In 1969 psychologist-sexologist Helmut Kentler was director of adult education at the Pedagogical Centre Berlin. His books were bestsellers advocating sex with children.[33] One of them still sold on Amazon entitled Eltern Learned Sexualerziehung (Parents Learn Sex Education) features a front cover photo of naked parents frolicking together in a bathtub with their young son and daughter.[34] In the book Kentler advocates that duty-bound parents bear responsibility to incestuously satisfy their children’s “sexual needs.”[35] With his so called expertise, in 1969 the social scientist at the forefront of the sexual revolution managed to convince the West Berlin Senate to assign three underage boys to three pedophile foster parents, based on Kentler’s word that it would produce “positive consequences.”[36]

Regarding these first three foster parents selected, Kentler would later rationalize:

Three men would do so much to help ‘their’ boys because they had a sexual relationship with them.[37]

The Hildesheim report released in June states:

According to Kentler himself, there were three foster homes near Berlin Zoologischer Garten station belonging to caretakers who had been convicted of sexual assaults on minors. Young runaways were placed in their care in the awareness and even with the intention that the runaways and adult men would have sexual ‘contact.’[38]

During this youth rebelling counterculture movement, the apparent surplus of teenage runaways gravitating to the Berlin station were viewed by the authorities as an unwanted nuisance – throwaway children. Thus, the Senate was quickly won over by the social engineering guru Dr. Kentler, who argued that vulnerable young boys would be “head over heels in love” with their assigned handpicked “boy loving,” boy raping father figures.

This matchmaking madman used his own personal experiment to actually lobby for decriminalizing sex between adults and children of all ages. This early diabolical social engineering experiment playing God using homeless children as pure guinea pigs takes zero common sense to absolutely know for certain beyond any questionable doubt that it would produce a horrific outcome for the hapless youth. Yet from 1969 all the way to 2003 with full knowledge, the top down German government continued sending boys into harm’s way for 34 straight years! All the while using taxpayer funds, these opportunistic sodomizing monsters Kentler selected as foster parents were actually getting paid to rape children… talk about Luciferian. But then the German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) touted that the “Kentler Project” and Office for Children and Youth (Jugendamt) within the Berlin Senate provided much needed relief for homeless youngsters no longer living on the streets nor needing placement in orphanages.[39] Both Berlin Senate officials and vast majority of District Jugendamts were strongly in favor of the union between underage children and known pedophiles. The same Frankfurt daily newspaper pointed out that Dr. Kentler had convinced the Berlin Senate that pedophiles providing care for children “enables social integration.” Personnel from the Youth Welfare Offices subsequently ignored the minors’ cries for help when reporting that they were being victimized for abuse and child pornography.

Perhaps the most revealing and shocking information compiled by the Hildesheim University researchers tasked with the more recent inquiry into this scandal came directly from the victims themselves during interviews documenting their harrowing firsthand accounts. Decades later after years of abuse inflicted on perhaps hundreds of children, two victims Sven and Marco came forth to tell their story, several years ago filing a lawsuit against the state responsible for their abuse. In 1989 and 1990 they were handed over to pedophile foster parent (now deceased) Fritz H., a man with a criminal record personally selected by Helmut Kentler to beat and rape them along with 8 other unlucky foster child victims placed in his not-so-loving “care” from the 1970s until 2003. One of the ten boys under Fritz’s abusive care actually died. Marco laments:

Our lives have been ruined.[40]

Marco said starting at the age of 9, he endured a full decade of Fritz’s physical and sexual abuse until he was big enough to fight back. Abandoned by his parents at age 7, Sven contracted Hepatitis B on the streets of Berlin before he was handed over to abuser Fritz who allegedly videotaped his crimes. Reflecting what he’d gone through, Sven confessed:

You can never get over it.

Why for 34 years this widespread abuse was allowed to occur in the first place has never been properly addressed by anyone or any organization. From its 1969 get-go, the Berlin Senate had signed off on the shameful criminal scheme and yet kept it going while hidden in plain sight for so many decades. In every national child sex abuse scandal, a number of prominent members of the government are invariably guilty in participating in the VIP pedophilia network operating in the US, Britain, Belgium, Holland, and virtually all the major Western nations. With Germany no different, complicit, guilty, unindicted politicians were most definitely involved in sexually abusing children in Kentler’s program as well. Yet their names have all been carefully concealed from the public.

Like Fritz and Kentler, because most of their abusers are dead, Sven and Marco ended up with no other recourse but to sue the Youth Senate Department, the official governing body that oversaw the demented program. But despite Hildesheim researchers unveiling small bits of the horrific truth, they ran into a brick wall attempting to gain access to records at both the Senate and Youth Welfare Office that is clearly engaging in stonewalling and undermining the inquiry. The most incriminating evidence was purposely withheld from the researchers’ scrutiny in order to hide who authorized such widespread abuse and how many victims were harmed in this debacle. A willful cover-up is in place to ensure the guilty parties are never held accountable. The complicit prosecutors simply dropped their criminal investigation for the dubious, feeble, less than honest reason that “no individual guilt could be found.”[41] Of course by nefarious design, whenever cover-ups occur, “not enough evidence” is forever evoked as the vile excuse for an outcome. This travesty of justice must end now in this age of exposure of truth.

Marco and Sven cited at least one former head of a Youth Welfare Office, who is known to still be alive, whose criminal involvement in the abusive system was responsible for their placement and life in hell. Yet with their criminal lawsuit now thwarted by a rigged system, committed to continue harboring and protecting the criminal abusers, one of the two litigant victims surmised:

They didn’t want anybody to be named. And they have achieved their goal. They’ve defended the system.[42]

For their wrecked lives, after the latest wave of the German state’s criminal exposure and criminal subversion of justice, the two now middle-aged men who’ve led tormented lives stand to receive financial damages in a civil court, according to one of their lawyers, each up to €100,000 and a monthly pension of €2,500.[43] The Merkel government’s coalition member, the Social Democratic Party (SPD, oldest political party founded in 1863), along with the Left Party and Green Party have all callously argued against granting a financial settlement to the Kentler victims, using the flimsy, self-serving, saved by the bell excuse that the statute of limitations has run out. But their real reason is more than obvious, several decades ago all these “liberal” politicians and their parties spoke openly in favor of sex with children. Hence, they’d sooner bury their sleazy past in order to avoid the “inconvenient” disgrace of having to pay for their crimes. But with so much bad publicity generated by the recent influx of German child abuse scandals, the current Social Democratic Party Education Senator and Youth Affairs Minister Sandra Scheeres reversed her party’s policy, stating in June that the government will negotiate a settlement with the two victims.[44] Numerous other victims will no doubt justifiably begin making many more compensatory claims against the state.

As always, the pedo-criminal system is never actually held accountable. No one will be convicted or serve justice. As never fails, the maggots are once again allowed to cowardly escape, slithering to their graves. One Green Party Member of Parliament, Marianne Burkert-Eulitz, has boldly stated the obvious, accusing the government of intentionally sabotaging the criminal investigation for fear of further public exposure liability. Insisting that the guilty come clean, Marianne maintains:

There were and are [pedophile] networks, they still exist.[45]

Back in the day (1970s and 1980s), the Green Party actually pushed for consensual sex with underage kids. When the political party’s dirty past finally caught up with it in November 2014, the Green Party was forced to publicly apologize for its past sins of openly supporting pedophilia.[46] During a talk show appearance in 1982,the soon-to-be prominent Green Party member in European Parliament, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, flippantly showboating to be clever and cute before his audience, glibly uttered:

When a little girl who is five or five-and-a-half starts undressing you, it’s fantastic. It is fantastic because it’s a game, an absolutely erotic-manic game.[47]

As a lecherous ex-kindergarten teacher with a boner boasting it in public, no doubt later on he wished he’d kept his showboating mouth shut [along with his autobiographical words written in 1975 for posterity], although it never seemed to hurt his high flying career one iota, moving on to serve two half decade terms in the European Parliament in the 1990s and 2000s, and at age 75 today, still very active in politics. Back in 1980 both the Greens and all the other liberal parties in Germany, and Europe for that matter, followed suit. The Free Democratic Party (FDP) also actively supported lowering and/or eliminating the age of sexual consent for children. The FDP comprising part of Angela Merkel’s conservative coalition, at its November 1982 party conference in Berlin explicitly sent out invitations with its printed logo to not only party members but also to gays, lesbians and pedophiles, though the FDP denied it for years until the official archive invitation was embarrassingly dug up.[48] In 1980 even the mad doctor Kentler himself was invited to speak before a warmly receptive audience of FDP parliamentarians, promoting the “success” of his dirty little not-so-secret program. As late as in a 1986 newsletter, the Green Party’s national working group on “Gays, Pederasts and Transsexuals” was sent to every party member in both the German parliament and the Bonn party headquarters, fully embracing pedophilia rights right alongside the LBGT agenda soon sweeping the globe.[49] So there’s no denying it, the liberal left in German politics was literally in bed with children, when raping innocents was still considered politically correct and fashionably hip.

Today in America, the leftist Podesta-Clinton-Obama-Biden-Pelosi-DNC joined at the pedo-groin with the Bushes and the liberal Hollywood media crowd are really no different with their recent Pedogate-Epstein-Maxwell-Weinstein rabbit hole affiliations. For historical context, the German left in the late sixties was barely two decades removed from WWII’s fascist Nazi authoritarianism, so endorsing freedom to the max on every conceivable level including sex with kids was the consequence of a shifting pendulum extreme. So what’s Obama’s $65,000 “hotdogs and pizza party,”[50] his VP Creepy Uncle Joe’s predator paws and lips compulsively mauling every little girl in sight[51] and Tom Hanks et al.’s excuse?[52]

It’s clearly evident that politicians in the German government and Berlin Senate in particular more than tacitly approved and/or condoned child abuse by pedo-foster parents as recently as 2003. Undoubtedly their membership ranks were populated by active pedophiles taking their turn sodomizing expendable victims within a longstanding German VIP pedo-network. They’ve only done a more effective job at concealing it than other European countries covered in this pedophilia exposé so far. Though most of the heyday perps have already died and gone to hell, some still alive who are guilty will likely never be brought to justice, as in every scandal. “Some things never change… ah but don’t you believe them,” the serenading Bruce Hornsby chimes in. New lyrics: Your heyday is over you sick fucks, you’re going down!

In the years prior to his 2008 death, Kentler no doubt felt the tide turning as well, defending himself and his program against potential litigation by vociferously claiming that the victims would become “almost always more seriously damaged” by their abusers being prosecuted than by the abuse itself.[53] What a fucking lie! Giving them a voice that can bring justice to their tortured lives would have just the opposite effect, allowing a welcomed degree of closure and promoting healing, health and empowerment. As long as the pathetic career con man remained alive, he was able to fast talk his way into skirting justice. His reports on his experiment always stressed how successful his program was, conveniently overlooking the glaring irreparable damage he dished out on so many unfortunate youths. After his death, all his reports and life work left in his home were scooped up to obstruct criminal evidence and subvert justice even in death.

Incidentally, another assurance buffering Kentler from criminal accountability was the fact that he also served as a police psychologist in the Berlin Senate.[54] Knowing the child sex abuse statute of limitations had expired for the crimes that Kentler was personally responsible for, in 1980 the demented scientist had the audacity to go public with a quote in a magazine touting his experimental program’s early “success”:

11 years ago, I was living in a group in Berlin at the time – 13-year-old Ulrich was brought to me… Ulrich’s advantage was that he looked good and that he enjoyed sex; so he could give something back to paedophile men who looked after him. We were lucky with Mr. Winter (The foster guardian assigned to Ulrich by Kentler). But surely my regular visits had a positive effect. Because relationships between adults and adolescents often suffer from the fact that they have to hide and hide.[55]

Speaking of “hide and hide,” over 1000 files remain hidden in the Berlin Senate Education Administration archives regarding Kentler’s program, apparently deemed off limits to both the Hildesheim researchers as well as all would-be prosecutors. Though the June Hildesheim University report specified that Kentler’s Pedagogical Centre in Berlin was the primary institution coordinating the criminal scheme, it eluded to the likelihood that this reprehensible policy was implemented nationwide throughout Germany.[56] So no doubt lots more skeletons are lurking in the national Deutschland “hide and hide” closet. Meanwhile, the Berlin city government claims it’s clueless about who in city hall or the child welfare department actually signed off authorizing Kentler’s crackpot experiment. What a crock of shit! One big hint – it’s buried in those more than 1000 guarded files that researchers were denied access, clearly for the sake of protecting the yet-to-be-named guilty parties. Obviously the government’s covering its own ass in order to protect the child raping criminals within its ranks, just like governments always do.

Four years ago, knowing their shit would eventually hit the fan, in 2016 Berlin Senators commissioned a public inquiry into the buried scandal. Conducted by Göttingen University, head of the Göttingen research team Teresa Nentwig disclosed:

Men who had been convicted of sexual contact with minors were appointed by the Berlin leadership as guardians. Children and young people had to ‘pay’ for a warm bed, good food and clean clothes, [by] engaging in sexual relationships with their caregivers.[57]

Four years later, the final report has yet to be delivered. However, the preliminary report published four years ago alluded to the Berlin Senate’s resistance to finding out the truth.[58] So the Göttingen team was also unable to access classified records. Requests to navigate the barrier allowed the researchers limited access to review some documentation. But obviously the most incriminating, despicably shocking files were categorically withheld to protect pedophiles and enablers in the government and Youth Welfare Office that knowingly authorized three decades of horrendous abuse. With still too many unanswered questions and too much stalled time proving yet another criminal national cover-up, apparently all the still alive guilty parties responsible for this criminal debacle will remain shielded from all accountability.

Norbert Denef, the German head of Network of Victims of Sexual Violence, himself a child abuse victim, stated:

The concealment of abuse scandals is systematic and there is a lack of political will to really work it all out.[59]

What the Hildesheim report did verify in its June findings was a flourishing pedophile “network across educational institutions,” the child welfare office and the Berlin Senate, where the common link was that pedophilia was “accepted, supported, defended” and subsequently covered up at all cost.[60] That much is indisputably clear. The researchers also determined that many of Kentler’s handpicked pedophiles in his program hailed unsurprisingly from his own whacked out world of academia. As a longtime professor at Hannover University till 1996, his fellow pedo-profs were frequently selected as his pilot program foster parents.

According to a June 15, 2020 article from

They speak of a network that included high-ranking members of the Max Planck Institute, Berlin’s Free University, and the notorious Odenwald School in Hesse, West Germany, which was at the center of a major pedophilia scandal several years ago. It has since been closed down.[61]

Worth a closer look is this once revered Odenwaldschule. The exclusive elitist private co-ed boarding school Odenwald founded in 1910 for a full century was the heralded leader in Germany’s education reform movement. But even shortly after its opening, parents of students refer to incidents of child sexual abuse in their letters discovered in the school archives.[62] The educational institution’s prestige and stalwart reputation, despite its ugly dark tradition, helped conceal the rampant culture of abuse that especially took hold during the sexual revolution of the late 1960s onward. But by the 1970s the school again had become the model for progressive education reform, which continued to facilitate criminal concealment. Apparently the practice of pedophilia remained such a cultural mainstay within its milieu, it permitted the abuse to continue under the radar decade after decade for nearly a full century.

The headmaster and a number of teachers were serial sexual predators that managed to keep a lid on their crimes well into the 21st century. By 2010 more than 130 mostly male students that had regularly been sexually assaulted from the mid-1960s through the 1990s, came forth until enough victims gained the passing attention of journalists, gradually for the first time forcing the scandal out into the open during the late 1990s.[63] Law enforcement would do little though, as every pedophile’s friend – statute of limitations – once again reared its ugly head to trump justice. The initial first wave of media attention faded as exposure of the Odenwald scandal never really gained mainstream momentum until 2010, when the pervasive sex abuse history of Catholic priests in Germany simultaneously finally caught up to them to dominate the headlines. In March 2010, five of Odenwald’s seven board members resigned amid public disgrace,[64] and ultimately the school plunged into such disrepute with multiple lawsuits that it was forced into bankruptcy, closing its doors for good in 2015.[65]

The once highly-respected school counted numerous national luminaries among its distinguished alumni, including philosopher Martin Buber, author Klaus Mann, former German President (1984-1994) Richard von Weizsaker and aforementioned onetime pro-pedo politician Daniel Cohn-Bendit, raising the specter that he too may have been a victim.[66] Shortly after graduating from Odenwald, the 1929 Nobel Laureate writer Klaus Mann penned the story “The Old Man” in 1925, about a school principal who habitually sexually molests underage girls. Again, the question begs answering whether his story was inspired directly by his own not-so-unique Odenwald experience. Bets are on that it most definitely did.

Since the already mentioned Catholic Church scandal in Germany really took off in 2010, aside from Chapters 4 through 7 already devoted to pedophilia in the Catholic Church, a synopsis of the German Pope Benedict XVI’s tenure, criminal involvement and fall from grace is appropriate. From the very beginning of Joseph ’s run as pope, his papacy was marred in controversy and scandal for his active cover-up role. Within a week after becoming pope, the successor of the very popular Pope John Paul II, was hit in April 2005 with his first incoming bombshell. It was exposed that when Cardinal Ratzinger headed the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith back in May 2001, he sent a confidential letter to every bishop in the church ordering that Church’s jurisdiction over all allegations of child sex abuse perpetrated by clergy be handled internally within the church and never involve outside law enforcement, not only for the duration while victims remain minors, but extended for an additional 10 years after their 18th birthday, in effect rendering all child raping priests above the law.[67]

Ratzinger proved to be a huge part of the Catholic problem, simply covering up abuse after abuse, allowing priests to avoid defrocking while protecting them as they continued abusing children. While still the beleaguered pope, the truth in Germany finally emerged in 2010 about the Catholic Church’s long history of abuse. In late January 2010 the story broke regarding 30 former students at Berlin’s prestigious Jesuit Canisius College, a Catholic high school, once the former headmaster priest admitted he had abused students from 1975 to 1983.[68] Within weeks the number of victims coming forward across the country to address Catholic school pedophilia swelled to more than 100. From 1946 to 2014, a total of 3,677 sexual assault cases of German children committed by clergy was tallied.[69] The majority of victims were boys 13 or younger. More than one in four cases involved altar boys.

During Joseph Ratzinger’s entire 8-year papacy from 2005 to 2013, he was blasted for his criminal obstruction of justice and nonstop cover-up during his entire career in the Catholic Church.[70] He became the iconic villain and official face of the Catholic Church’s long disgraceful legacy of destroying innocents over the centuries. He was forced into early retirement, the first time a pope resigned in near 600 years.

On July 1st, 2020, the now 93-year old Joseph Ratzinger lost his 96-year old brother Georg, a longtime Bavarian priest who died in Regensburg.[71] Even Georg Ratzinger was tainted as head of the acclaimed Regensburg choir from 1964 to 1994, when in March 2010 former choirboys reported that sexual abuse including “naked beatings” had gone on for years.[72] From Italy at the time, Georg claimed ignorance, which one witness responded that it would be “inexplicable” that the head of the choir never knew.

Perhaps the biggest, most luminous reason for Germany’s huge pedophilia cover-up is Chancellor Willy Brandt. That same year that Helmut Kentler’s Pedagogical Centre opened in 1965, the future Chancellor of the German Democratic Republic Willy Brandt (from 1969-1974) was the Berlin mayor, presiding over the Senate that in turn presided over the pedo-program. The years that Brandt was Germany’s top leader marked the first half decade Dr. Kentler sent boys to be abused by selected pedophiles. The mayor-turned-chancellor not only knew about it, he strongly supported Kentler’s sexual predator program, and was duly rewarded with the Nobel Peace Prize in 1971, ostensibly for improving relations with East Germany.[73] But let’s face it, a long history of rewarding pedophiles and pedophile enablers atop governments is an often repeated historical fact.

Breitbart mentions that the June Hildesheim report names three other high-profile politicians who also gave their complicit stamp of approval to the illegal grotesque project:

The report did point to three former Social Democrat Berlin senators — the Senator for School and Education Carl-Heinz Evers (1922-2010), the Senator for Youth and Sports Kurt Neubauer (1922-2012), and the Senator for Labour and Social Affairs Kurt Exner (1901-1996) — for having a particular ‘hand’ in the scheme.[74]

Note that all three are dead and gone. Some who knowingly sent children to be harmed are still alive, hidden by deep state cover-up, still needing to be flushed out to face justice.

In recent years only one politician has gotten into trouble over pedophilic behavior in Germany. In November 2013 a young rising star within the Social Democratic Party – Sebastian Edathy, a 44-year old of Indian origin as a member of the lower Bundestag house, was caught downloading child pornographic images on his government issued computer.[75] He was forced to resign and faced the prospect of a trial for possessing child pornography. However, a deal was struck in February 2014 on the opening trial day to suspend proceedings with admission of guilt and payment of a of 5000 euro fine.[76] Reported rationale for dropping the case seems arbitrarily bogus. The photos ultimately were technically ruled not indecent enough under existing rule of law to proceed with prosecution, although after the fact, parliament supposedly changed the child pornography classification to include the type of content he had downloaded. It had all the markings of a sweetheart deal made special for an elitist puppet pedo to stay out of jail. It also resulted in a minister’s resignation for leaking the charges to the media.

A new subtler, more devious surge of the same permissive “anything goes” dogma from the radical bygone era of the 1970s and 80s remains to this day entrenched in the German government. In 2009, a year after Kentler’s death, the German Federal Health Education Center, a subsidiary of Germany’s Ministry for Family Affairs, distributed millions of two 40-page instructional booklets entitled “Love, Body and Playing Doctor,” targeting parents of children 1 to 3 years old and 4 to 6 years old, explicitly still promoting incest and pedophilia.[77] A sample for fathers of infants and toddlers:

Fathers do not devote enough attention to the clitoris and vagina of their daughters. Their caresses too seldom pertain to these regions, while this is the only way the girls can develop a sense of pride in their sex. The child touches all parts of their father’s body, sometimes arousing him. The father should do the same.[78]

The Polish daily newspaper Rzecpospolita maintained that the two 40-page booklets were required reading in nine German regions. Thus, a mere decade ago the German state was still making incestuous pedophilia mandatory reading for its citizenry.[79] And we wonder why there’s a pedo-scourge in Germany raging out of control right now?

Prior to publication of the pamphlets, the German Federal Health Education Center as an arm of the government even went so far as to consult child psychologists, educators and parents, subsequently receiving 93% positive feedback.[80] So this strong vote of confidence would have us believe that it’s not just the “progressive” sexually liberated staff at the Education Center itself that’s buying into this dangerous pedo-propaganda. Equally bonkers are the educators that teach this kind of garbage to kindergarteners as mandated Kinsey influenced sex education material, alongside the “anything goes” child psychology professionals and the ultra-progressive German parents, all in wholehearted agreement, no different from their pioneering idol, the “good Doctor” Kentler encouraging adults to freely engage in sexual relations with children of all ages. It’s no fucking wonder that Germany is currently overwhelmed and drowning in a flood of out of control pedophilia scandals.

Another primary example contributing to Germany’s national pedo-crisis is Pro Familia, the Federal German branch of the International Planned Parenthood Federation. Pro Familia published a sex education book called “Love, Cuddle, Cuddle. Aids for Dealing with Childhood Sexuality in Preschool,” currently used in North Rhine-Westphalia where all the worst scandals in Germany are currently shocking the nation.[81] The book offers a series of interactive sexual exercises and games for preschool children, that’s 3- and 4-year old kids, as well as between children and adults with the aim of becoming comfortable with nudity and body touching. One game has as its goal for a designated “butt assessor” to identify each group member by approaching their bare “butt” from behind, although any body part can be interchangeably used to assess. Another game involves “children painting the genitals and body regions of their parents in the body outline.”

Still another illustrative sample that explains why Germany woke up suddenly in June to its endemic pedophile crisis. Germany and in fact Europe’s most popular teen magazine, Bravo, with its target reader age of just 10 years old and up, publishes in every issue photos of nude underage girls and boys.[82] This graphic over-saturation of sexualized youth in numerous countries would constitute legal parameter violation of their child pornography laws. Yet in Germany and Western Europe at large, again it apparently has long been the operating accepted norm that effectively blurs the sexual boundaries between adults and children.

In contrast to this far-reaching trend toward mainstreamed sexual freedom for all ages at all cost, Canadian author, lecturer and essayist on faith and culture, Michael O’Brien, astutely comments:

The wiser and deeper position of most civilizations recognized that children need a period of innocence. Now the state, the German state, is encouraging destruction of this state of innocence. This is consistent with the materialist philosophy that sees all moral norms and all truths about human nature as repressive. Pleasure and their distorted concept of freedom are their only guiding principles.[83]

So in recent decades with this open push for “pedosexual” acceptance breeding pedo-promiscuity as the culturally embedded backdrop and daresay national sexual norm, in full accordance with Kentler and the Berlin government’s sexual blurring between children and adults, another significant contributing factor of today’s child sex abuse problem in Germany is the fact that under current German child pornography law, it’s never even been considered “a serious crime,” listing it as a mere “offense,” punishable by no more than a one-year jail sentence.[84] North Rhine-Westphalia Interior Minister Herbert Reul recently stated:

Child abuse cannot be punished like shoplifting. It is murder. Not physically but emotionally. Anyone who molests children must be punished as a criminal, fullstop.[85]

Only after the nation was jolted by multiple child sex scandals hitting at once in June 2020 did Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht finally announce that the government will fast-track stricter consequences for both child sex crimes and child pornography.[86] But prior to the recent events that brought on the growing public outrage and pressure, Lambrecht was on record only opposing levying heavier punishment toward child rapists. The typical “whichever way the wind blows” politician insists that only now should sentences for such “disgusting crimes” involving sexual violence against minors be punished with up to 15 years prison sentences followed by preventative detention.[87] The minister’s sudden sense of righteous indignation fails to cover up her years of obvious hypocrisy that belies the truth that actions, or lack thereof, speak far louder than any of her latter-day moralistic pious words.

One move in the last decade and a half that Germany has pioneered and developed that I believe holds positive merit is proactively providing outreach services treating pedophiles seeking psychological help and treatment as an important proactive measure for child sexual abuse prevention.[88] Prior to acting on impulses and violating child abuse laws, support services should be made available for law abiding pedophiles struggling not to offend.

Of course this intervention for non-offending pedophiles underscores the even greater need to step up services in every phase and aspect for both child abuse victims of all ages and children at-risk, from providing necessary multimodal treatment services addressing with the complex array of CSA issues and symptoms to vastly improving, if not overhauling, law enforcement and judicial services for the benefit of aiding victims. Abused children need to be listened to, provided much needed support, guidance and protection, not revictimization by a broken, fucked up system designed only to protect the powerful child rapists at the victims’ further expense. The current legal system is universally set up to protect elite criminals, ensuring they are never brought to justice while history has consistently demonstrated that abuse victims are considered expendable.

Reportedly the largest child abuse scandal in German history was tried in a criminal court of law from late last June to early September 2019, convicting two men, ringleader 56-year old Andreas V. and 34-year old Mario S.[89] Over 40 victims aged 3 to 14, mostly girls but boys too, were sexually abused at a rundown campsite in the northwestern German town of Lüegde for crimes committed from 1998 to 2018. The two convicted offenders also exploited victims through child pornography generating a sizeable online income from filming and photographing their abuse and selling it on the dark web. Andreas V. who faced 298 known criminal offenses alone was sentenced to 13 years in prison while his accomplice received a dozen year sentence. Privacy laws in Germany protect the sexual perpetrators, withholding their surnames from public identification.

In a separate trial in July 2019, a 49-year old man named Heiko V. living in a neighboring town was convicted of aiding and abetting child sexual abuse and granted a 2-year probation sentence and mandatory therapy.[90] Heiko’s punishment was much lighter than his accomplices since he was detained for seven months while his participation was limited to live webcam involvement only, although he was found in possession of 11,000 videos and 31,000 photos. All three convicted men confessed to nearly all their charged crimes that incredibly totaled over 1,000 offenses.[91] As the pedophile ringleader, Andreas V. was the permanent campsite resident who used his family’s camper van as his criminal base of operations for allegedly up to three decades where police confiscated 10 computers, 40 hard drives, 9 mobile phones, over 13,000 files on 15 terabytes and 400 additional data carriers. This was a massive child pornography operation on the dark web involving a much wider pedophile network of criminal consumers that likely extends to establishment protection.

As a campsite employee, Andreas regularly groomed and enticed his family prey offering pony rides, hosting birthday parties and supervising quad bike rides. Unsuspecting parents entrusted him as a caring adult willing to take a community interest in their children by voluntarily providing supervised organized recreational activities. Despite the persistent rumors over the years, few had a clue about the heinously sick crimes being committed inside his cluttered camper van amidst the idyllic setting of the surrounding Lüegde Forest within the North Rhine-Westphalia state.

One witness claimed that Andreas began abusing her in 1991 when she was only 11-years old, two years after her family moved into the campsite with their camper. Andreas befriended her father and for a strange, unknown reason her father permitted Andreas who had his own camper to sleep over in his 11-year old daughter’s bedroom. After a while the abused girl finally told her father she didn’t want their guest to sleep in her room anymore because “he touches me.” Her father refused to believe her and the abuse only continued. The victim explained:

If you are not believed as a child, you give up hope at that age of 16 or 17. So, I kept silent for all those years. I did not tell anyone.[92]

This case has triggered public outrage over not only the dozens of victims during a three-decade crime spree, but also what amounts to the authorities’ gross failures to detect and stop the long-term abuse. Despite warning signs of rumors that incessantly swirled around Andreas V. for many years, apparently they were ignored in this small community by both the local police as well as the youth welfare office that granted Andreas V. a foster care license to parent a 6-year old girl that he serially abused and used as predatory bait to lure other victims into his diabolical orbit. A social worker under criminal investigation allegedly learned of the abuse, then went back and altered records to cover-up culpability, facilitating the issuance of the pedo’s foster care license.

Moreover, this scandal takes on striking eerily dark similarities with the also three-decade long Kentler scandal that again involved child welfare offices’ complicity assigning children to yet more suspicious pedophile foster care parents. Also hidden in plain sight under law enforcement nose is its apparent unwillingness to investigate and arrest the perp over the protracted time period. In 2016 a father observed Andreas groping children at a birthday party and reported it to the police, but no action was taken. When asked why police never followed up with the allegation, the prosecutor’s lame response:

All evidence is being pursued and taken seriously.[93]

On top of that, key evidence confiscated from the crime scene just weeks later was mysteriously “lost” while in police custody. An aluminum suitcase and a black folder filled with discs suddenly disappeared from the police evidence room.[94] Only three of the discs had been looked at by police and none of the missing evidence was backed up. The Westphalia state’s interior minister called the police operation “a disaster” and, in the end, the local Detmold police had to be taken off the case for so many egregious anomalies, replaced by special federal investigators brought in. And then the ultimate kicker after so much overlooked evidence, the longtime child predator was allowed to become a foster parent to his next 6-year old victim. And while under consideration in 2016, the Youth Welfare Office learned that Andreas V. had twice been reported for “child endangerment” that same year, yet went ahead anyway with the foster placement.[95] That’s criminal. Between the police and Child un-Protective Services, it’s no longer a case of gross negligence or incompetence. Again, just as in previous chapters, the colluding system regularly acts as a criminal accomplice, enabler and protector of the scummiest creatures on earth.

A second report outing the pedophile resulted when Andreas V. showed up at a job center looking for work with his foster daughter when she remarked how she could no longer stand the smell of men.[96] The employee at the job center notified the local child welfare office and according to local media, in a joint meeting, Andreas even admitted that his foster child “turned him on.” Yet still no apparent police investigation.

The witness abused in the early 1990s who came forth spoke for her entire community when she said:

I have had enough about the lies. The police. The youth welfare office. The evidence that suddenly goes missing. So many children suffered sexual abuse here – children who are now psychologically scarred, for the rest of their lives. I know because that’s what happened to me. That’s why I’m speaking up now.

An attorney for several victims had this to say about the suspicious missing evidence:

Why are CDs disappearing? Who was on those CDs? Is someone being protected? We have to ask these questions. I suspect there are still many other connections.[97]

Long about now the wary German public cannot help but suspect that authorities have conspired with and protected yet another king-size criminal operation. And then no sooner did last year’s notorious scandal in North Rhine-Westphalia finally begin dying down, literally within days a slew of yet more outrageous pedo-scandals broke from the same region, shaking Germany throughout the first half of 2020. Citizens have to be speculating, if not already concluding, that Germany is no exception to the general rule, like every other nation examined in this global overview exposé, it too has been a covert hotbed within the highly organized larger mafia cabal network involving all the usual suspects – the government, judiciary, security services, police and child welfare, all subversively partnering with elements of organized crime.

At the same time, sociologically today’s national crisis in Germany has been many decades in the making, insidiously brainwashing generations of German people into subliminally accepting and complacently ignoring its child rape epidemic, avoided like the plague right up until June 2020. Through its pro-pedophilia policies and lack of transparency, the dark forces within the German state have deliberately manufactured today’s crisis, for over a half century planting the seeds of acceptance in the name of sexual liberation and social engineering, that now has Germany reaping its bountifully shameful harvest – an avalanche of sicko citizens destroying the lives of the vulnerable young on an unprecedented massive scale. Keep in mind that thousands of abused children grow up and a certain considerable percentage do unto others what’s been done to them, so what we’re seeing now in Germany is the likely snowball effect of multiple generations of pedophilia quietly spread like cancer from one generation to the next.

A 2016 parliamentary commission on Germany’s child abuse pandemic finally came out in April 2019 with its report, not long after the campsite scandal broke as the nation’s worst pedo-debacle in history. The commission findings essentially blamed the entire German society for its deafening silence while sweeping the growing national problem under the rug. To a great extent, it dovetails the paragraph above. Head of the commission Sabine Andresen stated:

Instead of believing and supporting them [abuse victims] to end the abuse, they were isolated or given part-blame for the abuse.[98]

The majority of the 1,700 people who came forward as witnesses, submitting 292 written reports or testifying during the 857 hearings during the commission’s 3-year inquiry, 56% of the testimony involved sexual abuse within families. With familial abuse the primary focus, a grossly incomplete picture emerges when the governmental and institutional abuse gets left on the backburner with only 17% of its focus. Neither the deeper social engineering factor propagated by the ruling elite to willfully condition Germans into normalizing and accepting pedophilia nor the major cover-up by the ruling elite in government, judiciary, law enforcement and child welfare system was ever investigated by the commission in any depth. Paralleling this view is a statement made by the 2012 ECPAT International Global Monitoring report:

The phenomenon of child prostitution [child sex trafficking network] in Germany has received little attention by the Government and has not yet been thoroughly investigated nor analyzed.[99]

Make no mistake, currently more than ever, this is exactly what the earth controllers want and intend, through mass media propaganda molding and manipulating the global masses into further normalization of pedophilia under the social justice umbrella of the LGBTP for pedophilia agenda. Wrapped in the benignly “righteous” banner of “inclusiveness,” tolerance building and another group’s “human rights,” German society and society at large around the world are deceitfully being conditioned to acknowledge and accept “Minor Attracted Persons” (MAPs) exercising a mere lifestyle choice and sexual orientation rather than a sinister crime that destroys young people’s lives.[100] In today’s oppressive, digital book-burning era, pro-pedo social media gatekeeping giants Facebook[101] and Twitter are quick to ban pro-peace sentiment yet fiercely defend the “rights” of pedophiles on its platforms to openly discuss and advocate raping and harming children.

We are currently living in a perversely inverse world where mass media’s relentless pedo-normalization propaganda machine is nothing less than blatant public enticement to submit to the pedo-elite’s earthly “god” Lucifer’s ungodly will. The sanctity of institutions like marriage, family and spirituality in reverence to our Universal Creator are insidiously under 24-7 attack in a brutal genocidal war against humanity and God. Arm yourself with the truth, the Divine Creator and civil disobedience, resist and fight back.



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