Chapter 46: France: The Pedophile Haven Holdout Still Awaiting Its Age of Consent Law


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France: The Pedophile Haven Holdout Still Awaiting Its Age of Consent Law

Joachim Hagopian

France has always been considered a pedophile’s paradise since, throughout history, it’s among the only nations in the entire world still without an age of sexual consent law. Maintaining that prepubescent and pubescent children can be developmentally capable of providing sexual consent for engaging in sex with adults is morally wrong and realistically reprehensible. Yet France stubbornly adheres to this absurdly destructive notion that in effect protects pedophiles. According to French law:

Rape is defined as any act of sexual penetration, of whatever nature, committed on the person of another by violence, coercion, threat or surprise.[1]

If a victim, regardless of age, is unable to prove in a French court of law that a sexual act involved “violence, coercion, threat or surprise,” then the most serious criminal charge will be a sexual infraction of child abuse carrying a maximum penalty of five years in prison. So in 2017, when a 28-year old man met an 11-year old girl in a park and took her home just north of Paris and had oral and vaginal sex with her, he was initially charged with the lesser crime under the assumption that the 11-year old granted him her legal consent for sex. While sexual acts against children under 15 in France are criminalized, they’re routinely prosecuted as offenses carrying the lighter penalty, unless force or coercion can be proven. The 11-year old victim’s attorney challenged the absurdly lax, insane charge and eventually was successful in overturning it, trying the perpetrator for rape based on the judge’s assumption that the 11-year old minor was not psychologically capable of giving her consent.[2] In another case, a 22-year old man that had sex with an 11-year old girl eight years later was found not guilty of rape on the grounds that the prosecution failed to convince the jury that the sex resulted from violence, coercion, threat or surprise.[3] These baffling, high profile cases spawned growing protests and pressure on the French government to reform its child sex abuse laws and ultimately join the civilized modern world passing legislation for a definitive national age of consent law.

Instead, the August 2018 French law passed ostensibly to stiffen the punishment for perps committing violent sexual acts against children was vehemently criticized for allegedly succumbing to pressure from the pedo-elite’s global agenda to normalize sex with kids. The parliament chose not to impose the legal age of consent into the enacted new law. After changing its penal code amending existing law, in the end, the legislation appeared again to overtly protect pedophiles far more than children. This travesty of justice was coming from a nation whose leader, Emmanuel Macron a Rothschild agent,[4] obviously was installed to promote his pedo-overlord’s New World Order agenda. According to the Rothschild owned and controlled Associated Press, in a May 2018 article:

France’s highest administrative court, the Council of State, warned the government that setting an automatic legal age of consent could be seen as violating an adult’s presumption of innocence and would be therefore declared unconstitutional.[5]

Critics of the law asked what about the children’s right not to be brutally sodomized and too often ruined for life? What about the innocent victims’ right not to have their childhood utterly shattered and destroyed? Anti-child abuse advocates demanded that a law be passed that anyone under 15 cannot provide consent for sex with an adult. Period. In the two cited cases where both victims were only 11-years old, initially the adult perpetrators were not charged for rape but for only the lesser crime of sexual abuse, triggering a wave of national protest and outrage. The government changed the text allowing the judge to consider the victim’s vulnerability, but still explicitly omitted establishing a legal age of consent, worried over the “unconstitutionality” of the adult rapist’s rights.[6]

Despite virtually every nation on earth maintaining a specified universal law prohibiting sex with underage children of a certain young age with clearly defined, enforceable age of consent laws, leave it to French radical progressivism to become the lone exception, placing the rights of adult rapists over the rights of their own children. The French high court rushed to defend the new law’s failure to codify a specific minimum age of consent, with apologists’ attempt to justify the law recognizing the accused’s right to presumed innocence when the age of both accused and victim are nearly the same. In this specific context, when a child closer in age, assessed by the judge to possess sufficient judgment for consent, justifies the high court’s resistance to applying an across the boards, automatic legal age of consent as unfair to the accused’s presumption of innocence. This built-in grey area in most nations is easily circumvented by laws specifically applicable when the age difference is less than 5 years apart. But in France the victim must still prove coercion, regardless of age, in order for a case to be tried as rape.

2018’s new law by design fails to differentiate between the case of an 11-year old girl’s consent to sex with a teenage boy closer to her own age from the case of an 11-year old having sex with a much older adult, classifying sexual intercourse as rape only if an underaged victim “does not have the necessary judgment for consent” (Article 2 of Law 2018-703[7]), with this subjective judgment determined on a case by case basis solely by the presiding judge. It remains a steep slippery slope for a court judge, never educated nor trained in child psychology, to arbitrarily determine whether a child victim does or does not possess “the necessary judgment for consent.” Thus, a violation of consent only applies when the victim is deemed by the judge to possess insufficient judgment or lack of maturity for consent to be granted. So, unlike virtually everywhere else on earth, France still does not have statutory rape laws protecting children when adults choose to have sex with them.

On top of all this, with less than 1% of rape cases against minors even prosecuted in France, psychiatrist Muriel Salmona, who heads a child advocacy group, describes the nation’s refusal to enact an age of consent law a “legal horror,” writing in 2015:

Children are a prime target of sexual predators … They are vulnerable, helpless, dependent and under the authority of adults. It’s easy to manipulate, threaten, and silence them. Because of their immaturity, it is much harder to identify what they have suffered and they are rarely seen as credible when they get to talk…[8] The figures on violence against children are bad for most of Europe. But in France there is a current that tolerates sexual violence against children.[9]

The highly controversial, ambiguously written 2018 French law does extend some benefits to child victims, increasing the statute of limitations for them and prosecutors to file active criminal cases from 20 to 30 years after the victim turns 18, a far longer time period than virtually all US state statute of limitation laws.[10] Punishment of adult sex crimes involving sexual abuse or rape of children under 15 years of age was also increased in both length of prison sentence as well as fines. Drawing additional protest at the height of the “me too” movement, for the first time the French law also imposed fines for sexual harassment on the street if it impedes the victim’s “freedom of movement in public spaces.”[11]

So to summarize, while the French government goes gangbusters criminalizing catcalling street whistlers, it lets its predatory rapists of 11-year olds off the hook, in defiance of establishing a minimum age of consent law that is clearly against the will of 70% of the French population, per a 2018 poll.[12] Instead, if an adult 18 or over has sex with anyone under age 15 in France, the victims, regardless of how much younger than 15, again must demonstrate the offender used coercion or violence in order for a rape conviction. While France gets tough on catcalls, it a holdout permitting predatory rape of children, calling it a lesser crime of mere child abuse. Prioritizing protection of adults’ presumption of innocence in France literally obliterates innocents. So, the pedo-enabling lawmakers in Paris opted to classify sex with a minor under 15 as rape only if, according to the judge, the child is deemed to “lack the necessary discernment to consent,” or if prosecutors are able to prove the sexual act involved violence, threat or coercion.[13] Pathetic! And we wonder why in 2021 there’s still a pedophilic blight on humanity.

Another high-profile case of pedophilia currently spearheading the urgency for France to ultimately nail down an age of consent law and begin robustly moving forward to better protect its children is the fact that on February 10, 2021 the nation’s highest court is hearing what could be a landmark case. A 25-year old Parisian woman the media calls “Julie” maintains that from the age of 13 to 15, she was groomed and regularly raped by 20 firefighters.[14] Widespread protests are in full gear highlighting the need to pass age of consent legislation and be done with the habitual victim blaming so long a part of French culture and the rampant pedo-enabling tolerance hidden behind consent.

In 2008 when only 13 years old a fireman dubbed “Pierre” helped her deal with a severe anxiety seizure that led to his gaining access to her medical contact information, which in turn led to increasingly incessant messages that turned sexual in nature. The grooming soon prompted him to pressure her into undressing during a video call. Pierre then gave her phone number to his fellow co-workers in the fire department also requesting that she strip on video demand for them as well. In response to the coercive abuse, at the time Julie made a diary entry as a cry for help indicating that she was “terrified and paralyzed with fear.” Three of the 20 accused firemen have even admitted to having sex with her, sometimes in groups while still wearing their uniforms. One night in November 2009, when age 14, Julie was brought to one of the men’s homes where he invited two buddies over for a gang bang. The three out of 20 who admitted to sex are the only men charged with a “sexual violence” offense, carrying a penalty of only seven years. None of the perpetrators have been charged with rape that carries up to 20 years in prison.

The three men who admitted to sex with her insist that it was all consensual and that she was always a willing participant, yet barely in her teens. Pedophiles in France are vigorously defended and protected by French law when their attorneys systematically engage in victim shaming, pushing the false notion that child victims really wanted to be violated, dressing seductively and even coming on to the poor adults as “real victims.” And thus, by granting license to raise the myth that the sex is consensual, there is never a case for rape charges unless the child victim proves violence or coercion. Again, as a result, France has remained a sexual pedo-predator haven. Victim advocate Marjolaine Vignola makes the very salient point:

Every stereotype about rape is in this case: the judges and the psychiatrist say Julie is a liar, that she consented to sex with all those men, and that she is lying about being raped because she is ashamed.[15]

This archaically sexist, anti-child culture in France that’s been allowed to rule pedophilia cases forever, must end now with a consent law protecting child victims from rape. No more bullshit! The French Supreme Court better make the correct call or all-out war needs to be declared on this pedophile loving nation. Drastic measures are necessary to bring down the entire pedo-cabal worldwide, starting with France!

Good news! Though no word from France’s Supreme Court yet, this month of February 2021, as the pedo-enabling nation of nations having resisted forever instituting a legal age of consent, France now appears to be finally joining the rest of the civilized world. On February 9th, the French government announced that it would pass law finally setting the age of consent at 15.[16] The breaking news in early January 2021, that France’s foremost political expert, Olivier Duhamel, has been accused of incestuous sexual abuse by claims from his stepdaughter in her recent book disclosing that her twin brother was raped and abused during the late 1980s when they were both 13-years old.[17] This bombshell forced the resignation of the accused, who heads the National Foundation of Political Sciences, the same foundation that manages Paris’ highly prestigious Sciences Po university. Playing the “victim card,” Duhamel tweeted that he is “the target of personal attacks.”  This latest scandal and case with Julie have finally pushed the momentum of the public demanding change in French law over the edge – finally.[18]

This too disturbing to think or talk about topic of pedophilia that was so prevalent as recently as when I first began writing Pedophilia & Empire four years ago, thank God resistance has given way to a new era of truth to usher in the courage to face this deep dark scourge that’s seemingly blinded humanity for millennia. Time to shed light and tackle this abuse head on with Truth and Reconciliation Commissions worldwide.

Here’s a huge historical reason why France has opposed enacting this consent law for so long. Paralleling the sexual liberation of the 1970s and 1980s throughout Western nations, including Britain’s advent of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) and its political movement led by future Blair ministers and Queen Elizabeth’s chief council judge to lower or remove the age of sexual consent in the United Kingdom entirely (See Book 2), France also experienced its own call for recognizing the sexual rights of children under the same sign-of-the-times “sexual liberation” banner. Signed by 69 respected French intellectuals from the arts, philosophy, education, law, medicine and psychiatry, and backed by leading progressive newspapers like Le Monde and Libération, a petition was sent in 1977 to the French parliament, pushing for a complete absence of consent laws in France.[19] The highly respected French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre was a petition signatory as well as co-founder of Libération, the leftist daily, owned in large part by Édouard de Rothschild, son of former bloodline dynasty head until his 2007 death, Guy de Rothschild. David Icke described Édouard’s father Guy as:

One of the most grotesque exponents of trauma-based mind control, indeed the top man according to many of those who have suffered mercilessly under his torture.[20] 

Recall the infamous Satanic shindig held on December 12th, 1972 at Guy’s place, Château de Ferrières, 20 miles outside Paris (See Chapter 1, Book 3).[21] The 1999 film “The Ninth Gate,” all about Lucifer, co-written, produced and directed by pedophile fugitive-from-justice yet welcomed in France – Roman Polanski, filmed occult ritual scenes at Château de Ferrières.[22]

As long as we’re on the topic of France and its love for child rapist Roman Polanski, the French Culture Minister under President Nicolas Sarkozy – Frederic Mitterrand – nephew of longtime French President Francois Mitterrand (1981-1995), took some heat in 2009 for going public in support of “freeing Roman Polanski,” right after his brief arrest in Switzerland for his pedophilic LA conviction-in-absentia at the same time the sitting French cultural minister actually defended his own choice to pay for sex from underage boys in Thailand, having written in his “loosely based” 2005 autobiography The Bad Life:

I got into the habit of paying for boys. All these rituals of the market for youths, the slave market, excite me enormously … the abundance of very attractive and immediately available young boys put me in a state of desire.[23]

Pathetically, this is the nepotistic immoral trash by birthright typically in charge of running our planet. Sarkozy in charge of running the French nation at the time, also used the same word “pathetic,” but not to condemn his minister for his degenerate stand defending an unpunished convicted pedophile or his own pedophilic sex tourism, but to attack the public’s angry backlash directed against his pedo-loving minister. Prior to this 2009 mini-scandal, Sarkozy in an interview had described Mitterrand’s 2005 book as “courageous.”[24] This is 100% blatant, in-our-face, unabashed evidence that child fuckers are running our world.

Speaking of the child fuckers running our world, about 930 km (almost 600 miles) due south of the Rothschild’s crib Château de Ferrières are more occult Satanic Ritual Abuse stomping grounds – Cagnes-sur-Mer, a small city on the French Riviera where Britain’s royal family a few weeks ahead of the grand bloodbath sacrifice ritual of 9/11 had their annual summer vacation suddenly go awry. Recall from Pedophilia & Empire’s Book 2, Chapter 1:

There was a major incident [avoided like the plague by mainstream media] near Cagnes-sur-Mer in southern France close to the Riviera, part of the London-Amsterdam-Cannes-Cagnes-sur-Mer circuit within the larger satanic child trafficking network run by MI6 to serve their gluttonous, bloodthirsty global masters – the black nobility bloodlines. Recall that the British royals trace their family lineage back through the King David-Templar-Merovingian bloodline headquartered in 12th century southern France. Except on this annual “Eyes Wide Shut” family gathering, the sacrificial lambs happened to escape from the former Templar castle grounds. With child victims spilling out into the countryside, British intelligence and local police had their hands full, scrambling frantically to ensure that leakage of the satanic powwow event didn’t unravel to the point of attracting mass media attention. There were reports of royal family members hiding in potato sacks prior to being ‘rescued’ and driven incognito out of the area in armored vehicles.[25]

Just as Britain’s worst serial killers – the late Peter Sutcliffe aka Yorkshire Ripper and Myra Hendley and Ian Brady – were all child raping butchers befriended by the most infamous pedophile in British history Jimmy Savile, who was best friends with Prince Charles (see Book 2, Chapter 1), and Belgium with its own infamous fellow pedophile-serial killer Marc Dutroux covered earlier in Book 5’s Chapter 1, directly linked to the Dutroux Affair comes France’s “Ogre of Ardennes” – Michel Fourniret. After raping and murdering a near dozen French virgins, recall that Fourniret escaped northeastern France, moving across the friendly EU border to what he figured his safe zone Belgium where he resumed his multiple decade killing spree lasting from 1987 to 2001.[26] This sicko started molesting underage girls as far back as 1965, yet it wasn’t until 2003 that he was finally apprehended and put away for good, despite serving prison time for priors. As is commonly the case, a well-established connection existed between Dutroux, his notorious boss and police informant Michel Nihoul and Michel Fourniret, and law enforcement.[27]

In fact, celebrated Dutroux prosecutor Michel Bourlet wrote in his 2010 book De jacht op de wolven (The Hunt for the Wolves) how he lamented that it’s the French serial killer Fourniret who he sees as more the one that got away, leaving one of his numerous victims’ bodies a few hundred meters from Bourlet’s home.[28] The Belgian prosecutor asserted that lack of cooperation and conspicuous absence of inter-coordination between Belgian, French and Dutch national authorities resulted in the decades long delays bringing the two state enabled pedo-monsters to justice. Concrete, overwhelming evidence confirms that British, Dutch, Belgian and French authorities have all protected an elite pedophilia network, spanning across the entire European continent and beyond, further aided and abetted by the European Union,[29] NATO[30] and the UN,[31] [32] and that every effort to expose it has been met with a deafening wall of over-the-top resistance at all cost. After all, the pedo-cabal’s very life depends on it.

This pattern of countless missing, raped and murdered girls and boys all over Europe was not the result of random, unrelated events. Just as the Belgian prosecutor alluded to an international connection, in December 2001, France’s most senior prosecutor ordered an investigation into 24 underage girls’ disappearance in the northern Burgundy province during the preceding three decades. This 2001 probe arose after the legal records of nearly all cases involving missing girls and young women in Auxerre from 1958 to 1982, over 100 case files, were suspiciously stolen or destroyed, indicating yet another huge pedophilia cover-up.[33] Again, the same gatekeeping usual suspects – the child welfare system, law enforcement and the judiciary are involved, invariably protecting the same powerful VIP sexual predators and child killers living above the law. Everywhere on earth, this sad story remains the same.

A December 2001 article in the Independent stated:

French newspapers have compared the [Bergundy] case to the ‘Dutroux affair’ in Belgium, in which the alleged paedophile ring operator and child murderer Marc Dutroux appeared to have benefited from official protection.[34]

A replica of the Dutroux scandal and the pedo-scandalous UK, has recurred in France for decades, starting in Auxerre, a picturesque small city of 40,000 residents about 100 miles southeast of Paris, where dozens of girls and young women have been disappearing, later found raped and murdered, or not at all. Auxerre’s idyllic tree-lined streets with its 13th century cathedral and abbey along the scenic Yonne riverfront hardly seem the hub for the darkest Satanic debauchery and evil. But then appearances are often not what they seem, as France has a history riddled with pedo-scandal after pedo-scandal, really no different from the rest of the European “Old World” continent, home to the Black Nobility bloodline overlords.

An obvious and blatant cover-up is the slew of missing women and girls from northern Burgundy. As far back as 1981, gendarme Christian Jambert was the first police investigator to link alleged serial killer Emile Louis to seven disappeared victims between ages 16 and 27 who vanished from 1975 to 1979, all students attending the same special educational center program in Auxerre where Louis was employed as their bus driver.[35] But Jambert’s investigations were suddenly dropped repeatedly and vehemently opposed by prosecutors. Between the judiciary, law enforcement and social services, a conspiracy of widespread cover-up of systematic abduction, rape and murder ensued for several decades. Jambert’s incriminating 1984 report was conveniently “lost” by the Palais de Justice and by 1989, gendarme Jambert was conveniently transferred.[36] Rampant obstruction and subversion of justice manifested through tampered, destroyed and disappearing evidence. Intended sabotage transparently passed off as incompetence constantly reared its ugly head, marring numerous police inquiries into at least 30 missing girls and women from the area. An April 2004 article from The Guardian disclosed that:

Relatives believe that the girls were victims of a high-level sex ring that abducted, raped and murdered more or less at will throughout the 1960s, ’70 and ’80s, and then ensured that all inquiries came to nothing.[37]

Three times the persistent Jambert requested that cases be reopened but each time the protectors of the elite murdering pedophile ring quashed it. Then in 1984 a mutilated 19-year old girl after escaping from a cellar dungeon (reminiscent of Dutroux’s) in a village near Auxerre, found by police aimlessly wandering the streets, divulged that she and two other girls had been beaten, tortured, raped and held captive in chains for up to three months.[38] Again paralleling Belgium’s “Dutroux Affair,” in April 2004 The Telegraph revealed:

A list of 50 clients, rumoured to include several French ‘notables’ who had paid various rates to torture and abuse two naked, bound and masked women, was discovered by police, but this later went missing from a court room in Auxerre.[39] 

In the end, only the husband Claude Dunand and his wife Monique living in the home, both known friends of bus driver Emile Louis, were arrested and served time. A December 2000 Guardian article had this to say about the Claude:

Over 15 years, he locked girls in the cellar of the house, fed them dog food and then invited guests round to torture and kill his victims.[40]

The fact that Claude Dunand and his wife procured as victims only mentally handicapped girls in the care of local social services speaks volumes – an organized criminal network existed between the pedophilic death cult and its colluding partnerships with both law enforcement and social services.[41] Rarely did social services even bother to report missing girls to the police.[42] In 1991, for his part Dunand ultimately did just 10 years of a life sentence while his wife served two years. Yonne region crime reporter Ludovic Berger stated:

Claude Dunand has always said that politicians, industrialists and magistrates were involved but he has refused to name them.[43]

Once again, as always, the Luciferian elite avoids all criminal accountability. While the most powerful bad guys always get away with their heinous crimes against children and humanity, good guys seeking truth and justice most often also fall victim alongside the preyed upon young. After nearly 20 years of tenaciously probing the out-of-control, unsolved disappearances, rapes and murders, the one honest cop Christian Jambert, accompanied by mounting pressure from victims’ families, media and public opinion, ultimately convinced a Paris high court to launch a full inquiry. But just days before Jambert was set to present his overwhelming evidence to a specially appointed team of Parisian gendarmes, the 57-year old police officer was murdered in his basement home in August 1997. Auxerre’s corrupt public prosecutor at the time, Jacques Cazals, was quick to order no autopsy despite conflicting doctor reports, dismissing his spurious demise as suicide from a history of depression, totally made up, bogus lies in order to cover-up the decades long scandal to protect the guilty criminals atop the power pyramid.

No bullet was ever found at the crime scene, nor the red pen used to write the fake suicide note. The rifle placed near the fallen officer’s body and critical documents pertaining to the case, have since also gone missing. Seven years after Jambert’s untimely, highly suspicious death, after increasing pressure from the deceased’s son and daughter along with so many blatant anomalies, Christian’s body was exhumed and in April 2004 an autopsy proved that he was in fact murdered, shot twice in the head with two different weapons from different angles.[44] Cover-up of the investigator’s assassination in order to cover-up the wider Satanic pedo-torture-death cult operating in France was beginning to unravel bigtime.

After almost a quarter century of protection from Auxerre authorities, local bus driver Emile Louis fit the “lone gunman”-designated fall guy profile used as the lowest hanging rotten pedo-fruit to secure further cover-up for the upper echelon criminals that were about to be implicated. After charges of raping his wife and her 15-year old daughter, in 2000 Emile Louis admitted to murdering seven young women and girls in the late 1970s, informing police where two of the skeletal remains were unearthed. But then a short time afterwards, the scapegoated patsy recanted, alluding to victims being abducted, sold as trafficked white sex slaves, tortured and blood sacrificed by an elite Satanic pedo-ring operation. Though murder universally is excluded from all statute of limitation laws everywhere except in France, despite his December 2000 confessions, because they occurred more than 10 years after the crime, essentially, Louis got away with murder.[45] Do you see the all-too-obvious parallel between France’s statute of limitations law for murder protecting the murderers and absence of a legal age of consent law protecting pedophile rapists? And also the common connection between the Satanic torture-rape-death cult defiling innocents in France, Belgium, Holland, UK and on and on, spreading across the globe?

For Emile Louis not to be implicated for more than a quarter century as a previously convicted sex offender is an obvious giveaway of state cover-up and protection.[46] Then, for both the investigating police (minus the one honest dead cop Christian Jambert) and social services responsible for all the missing victims in foster care, to not immediately hone in on foul play as obvious cause for their disappearance, wrongly concluding they were just a bunch of runaways, or more precisely viewed as mentally defective throwaways, is even more of an indicator that as gatekeepers, both law enforcement and social services were working in cahoots, definitely in on the criminal network, dutifully shielding the pedo-elite from all accountability for numerous decades.[47] The story remains the same… everywhere.

In April 2004 when officer Jambert’s corpse was exhumed and murder confirmed, Emile Louis was already serving a 20-year sentence, but was finally about to be prosecuted and imprisoned further on kidnapping charges for the 7 murdered missing girls. In December 2000, Louis’ estranged daughter, rummaging through an old trunk at his home, discovered women’s clothing and contacted police.[48] A coat was positively identified as worn by one of his victims. But with the statute of limitations for murder already expired, Louis was tried for torturing and raping his second wife and raping his stepdaughter, so on those legal grounds, by December 2000, Emile Lewis was finally in custody, arrested, subsequently convicted and in 2003 sentenced to two decades in prison.[49] But at 79-years old, Louis only lasted the first decade, dying in a prison hospital in October 2013. Old Emile was simply the elite’s useful village idiot, prime child procurer and chief lackey for the larger immune VIP network that to this day remains unscathed and unpunished. For many years straight, Claude Dunand and Emile Louis both supplied a steady flow of young victims for the lustfully deranged French elite.

Yet another related high-profile case in the notorious city of Auxerre was the murder of 20-year old Joanna Parrish, an English college linguistics student from the University of Leeds just a week away from completing her eight-month stint abroad as an assistant schoolteacher prior to her return to England, except she never got there alive.[50] She had placed an ad for private English tutoring services to raise a little money for her upcoming wedding and travel plans with her fiancé. The day she was supposed to meet in the town square a father interested in tutoring for his teenage son was her last known activity on May 16, 1990. The following morning Joanna’s naked body was found floating in the River Yonne by a fisherman after having been raped, beaten and choked to death the night before.

When Joanna’s grief-stricken parents arrived on the scene in Auxerre, they were dumbfounded by the lackadaisical investigation of merely going through the motions, despite a stranger’s DNA and hair found on Joanna’s recovered body. For all too apparent reasons, police were neither seeking witnesses nor testing local men’s DNA for a match. Nearly 23 years later, the unsolved murder may finally be one big step closer to being solved.

In January 2013, Thierry Villetard had undergone a trial for raping a 15-year old girl. His former girlfriend in 1990 alleges that on the night that Joanna Parrish disappeared, he returned home with scratches on his face and has since become her prime suspect.[51] Though Michel Fourniret and his ex-wife Monique Olivier were at one time suspected in Joanna’s slaying after Olivier’s confession, several named witnesses identified Villetard as a most likely killer, having boasted of two other murders, one of which occurred nearly the same time and place as Joanna’s.

Auxerre authorities were so used to these abductions, rapes and murders, they were never in a hurry to chase down the criminals behind them because they were the local pillars of society – judges, politicians and noblemen. It’s the same old story found in every continent, nation, state or province and daresay every community around the globe. But with each passing day, these evildoers’ reckoning draws nearer.

As if the Burgundy scandal isn’t staggeringly demonic enough, 300 miles due south from Auxerre in southern France lies the nation’s fourth largest city of Toulouse, with a population close to a half million, where yet another just as egregious Satanic skeleton-in-the closet emerged exactly the same time. From the May 2003 Guardian bombshell headline “Tales of Orgies and Murder Rock France”:

The claims involve white slavery, sado-masochism, rapes, sex with minors, drug dealing and appalling brutality – all in the heart of the government of one of France’s most historic and most civilised cities… Toulouse has been scandalised by allegations that public officials protected a barbaric serial killer charged with murdering prostitutes recruited for orgies in the city’s courthouse.[52] 

In 2003 France’s Justice Minister Dominique Perben was forced to fire Toulouse’s prosecutor-general for covering up the criminal scandal involving senior city officials sexually exploiting and torturing vulnerable underage girls. From 1986 to 1997, an astounding 115 young women and girls reportedly disappeared from the area.[53] Shocking claims surfaced that more “pillars of French society” in Toulouse, paid convicted murderer Patrice Alègre, a policeman’s son, to establish a Satanically driven pedo-sex slave network. In 2003 this colossal cover-up of a criminal enterprise was forcibly reopened under a new investigation. Serial killer Alègre is alleged to have had an affair with Dominique Baudis, long-term Toulouse mayor until 2001, taking over his daddy Pierre Baudis’ mayoral job in 1983 after his father held it the preceding dozen years. Aside from this corrupt nepotism, also noteworthy is that daddy Pierre Baudis and the CIA and Opus Dei-linked founder of Cercle Group, Antoine Pinay, were political allies and that all those secret intelligence organizations are directly linked to the global pedophilia network.[54]

One key witness in the Toulouse scandal named “Patricia,” permanently scarred by three memorable hours of the mayor’s S&M touch, and ultimately forced into hiding for her very life in 1992, maintains under sworn oath that she was a firsthand observer of Patrice Alègre murdering two of his recruited sex slaves, pimped to sado-masochistic orgies he organized for high profile politicians and magistrates taking place at the Toulouse council-owned chateau and even the official Palais de Justice. Another victim that frantically contacted police to inform them that a police vice squad inspector was a member of the white slave racket was strangled to death by Alègre while raping her in front of witnesses to set a clear example of the fate awaiting those who dare to speak out of school. Another 17-year old minor named “Fanny,” forced into slavery in 1990 by Alègre, also witnessed his strangulation murder, but in fear stayed silent until police came knocking on her door in 2001. A September 2003 BBC article states:

Alegre backed up the prostitutes’ allegations, and accused a number of officials, including Mr Baudis, of ordering some of his killings to protect themselves from blackmail.[55] [Boldface for emphasis]

From a June 2003 Guardian exposé entitled “Mayor’s ‘Affair’ with Serial Killer”:

But L’Express reported that a judicial inquiry in Toulouse, closed to the public, had been told that Mr Baudis, a former TV newsreader, was known as Nénette and had met the killer at a city hotel for sado-masochistic sessions. A former call girl, “Patricia”, told magistrates that she had been “offered” to Mr Baudis by Alègre at a Toulouse flat where she underwent three hours of torture that left scars. L’Express says she described Mr Baudis as Alègre’s lover.[56]

Again, these orgies were used as part of a VIP blackmail entrapment operation as well. A number of magistrates, politicians [like Baudis] and high society degenerates were once again heavily implicated in this sleazy, bloody Toulouse pedo-chapter, but as always, were never prosecuted. But in 2002, the orgy ringleader Patrice Alègre wasn’t so lucky. He began serving a life sentence for five murders and six rapes while his onetime boyfriend, the vindicated former mayor, got to roam free until April 2014 when four days shy of his 67th birthday, he suddenly keeled over no doubt from excessive bad karma. For the same reason that Epstein buddies as gatekeeping kingpin pedophiles like Peter Mandelson and Prince Andrew took turns as chief trustees of Britain’s largest children’s protection charity NSPCC (See Book 2), the compromised Toulouse ex-mayor with a penchant for S&M orgies with underage girls and serial killers was selected to head France’s broadcasting standards and promote a reputation as an anti-pornography champion.[57]

Despite Dominique Baudis facing allegations of rape himself in 2003 as mayor of the city at the heart of this murderous pedophilia scandal,[58] Baudis’ political influence, well-connected global clout and ultra-friendly alliances with every single French president kept him safely immune from prosecution, sitting on a litany of powerful elitist executive boards, think tanks and secret societies.[59] With its 30-year mayoral family dynasty ruling over France’s fourth largest city, from Giscard D’ Estaing (1974-1981), François Mitterrand (1981-1995), Jacques Chirac (1995-2007), Nicolas Sarkozy (2007-2012) to François Hollande (2012-2017), every single French president had the Baudis family’s back no matter what.

Aside from Baudis and culture minister Frederic Mitterrand, Boudis’ 2001 successor as Toulouse mayor also is known to have had sex with minors, in this case while Sarkozy’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Philippe Douste-Blazy was caught on holiday hosting orgies with defenseless little Moroccan boys. Recall that Morocco is a favorite pedo-party mecca for another set of British ministers, onetime UK defense minister Michael Portillo, his boy-friend Peter Lilley and their sadistic pedo-sidekick Derek Laud (See Chapter 7, Book 2). So former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the notorious pedo-enabler, was humiliated yet once again, embroiled in another pedophilia controversy, once his bigmouth ex-education minister Luc Ferry in May 2011 went public airing the elite’s dirty laundry on a television journalist chat show outing an “unnamed” fellow Sarkozy minister:

If I let his name out now, it’s me who will be charged and doubtlessly convicted, even if I know that the story is true… I have testimony from cabinet members at the highest level, state authorities at the highest level.[60]

Ferry stated that a former minister “traveled to Morocco for orgy with little boys,”[61] and that Ferry was given full details by those atop the French government, “particularly by the prime minister.” Though [the] Ferry didn’t quite have the “cajones” to specify which Sarkozy minister it was, the next day former Le Figaro editor and BBC deputy director general Thierry Desjardins boldly did, writing in his blog:

… When he was Minister of Foreign Affairs, Douste-Blazy held a special evening just in his hotel suite at the La Mamounia Marrakech, it had degenerated, the participants at the party had broken everything in the suite and pulled the curtains, the Moroccan police had to intervene, the hotel management had to send the bill to the Quai d’Orsay, and that, in the end, it was the king of Morocco who paid the bill. For several weeks Douste was met in the chamber of the Assembly with chants of ‘La Mamounia! La Mamounia!’ Everyone knew the tastes of the Foreign Minister, former mayor of Lourdes and Toulouse, who did not speak a word of English and confused Taiwan with Thailand. But there must be limitations because today Douste-Blazy is enjoying the good life at the United Nations. We hope for his sake that Americans are less sympathetic with certain ‘leanings’ than Moroccans and French.[62]

Regardless of whether Mayor Dominique Baudis, Ministers Mitterrand or Douste-Blazy had a predilection for orgies with little boys or girls, kinky bouts of sado-masochism or occult blood sacrifice rituals, be it with serial killer boyfriends or enslaved, sometimes murdered underage children, prominent French politicians’ perversely treacherous, not-so-secret ways always remain safe from prosecution. Why? Because the French pedo-Establishment – just like the British and American pedo-Establishments – always remain committed to protecting their own for their very survival.[63]

And as such, every French Republic president’s administration over the last half century, including Rothschild banker-turned-presidential puppet Macron (who as a 15-year old schoolboy fell in love with his 36-year old French lit teacher whom he soon married),[64] contain chalk full of ministers, close senior advisors and spouses possessing the dirty little habit of raping children, be they publicly accused or not. But like Baudis, Mitterrand and Douste-Blazy, to the man all are systemically protected from paying the piper by the decadent, morally decayed international Pedo-Empire.[65] This book series proves beyond all question or doubt that the elite’s very tangibly real global pedophilia network is exploited for entrapment purposes by selected powerful individuals within both public and private sectors, as controlled puppets of their puppet masters, the Luciferian Black Nobility bloodline families of Europe.

Next, we turn to the highest profile French politician who in 2011 was the odds-on favorite to win France’s next presidency – Dominique Strauss-Khan (aka DSK). But the fact that he was caught in the act as yet another alleged rapist while managing director atop the International Monetary Fund (IMF), abruptly ended his lofty rank as one of the most powerful men in the entire world. Prior to his IMF ascendancy, serving two stints as both the former French finance minister and minister of industry and foreign trade during the 1990s, Strauss-Khan’s life as an attorney, economist and politician epitomizes the rise and fall of one ambitious elitist degenerate Freemason who simply buys his way out of jail repeatedly. Though poised and favored to beat Sarkozy in 2012 as the leading Socialist Party candidate for president, it all unraveled once 32-year old Guinian immigrant chambermaid Nafissatou Diallo working at Manhattan’s luxury Sofitel Hotel accused Strauss of rape in May 2011. Though semen found on the maid’s shirt proved a DNA match and medical forensics showed vaginal bruising, due to the mismatched power differential, the case quickly became a sham as the accuser was placed on trial and the accused got off on contrived, irrelevant technicalities.[66] It turns out that the sex crazed perv had sex with three other women that same weekend that he sexually assaulted Nafissatou Diallo.[67] Once again, money, power and perversion rule over truth and justice. Despite hardcore evidence of rape, prosecutors were instructed from on high to throw out the case.

But the VIP sex maniac wasn’t done yet. Right after the May 2011 rape charge, it was learned that a 22-year old journalist named Tristane Banon, goddaughter to DSK’s second wife, was sexually assaulted in 2003 by the brute as well. Though DSK even admitted guilt to the police, due to the 3-year statute of limitations, it prevented the case against the disgraced powerful rapist from moving forward.[68] Then, according to a February 2015 article in The Guardian, DSK was yet again exposed in the Hotel Carlton scandal in the northern French city of Lille near the Belgian border, “accused of aiding and abetting prostitution by having group sex with paid women brought to him in Europe and the US by businessmen friends.”[69] While IMF director-general headquartered in Washington, Strauss was regularly serviced sexually by an international prostitution ring moving girls from Belgium and France to the US with group sex orgies in DC, New York City and Paris. A woman known as “Jade” called her encounters in the French and American capitals with Strauss and company “carnage.” From the testimony of “Marie-Anne S.,” flown into DC from Belgium, comes detailed allegations of a “gang rape” at the W Hotel near the White House in December 2010:

He [Dominique Strauss-Khan] used force. He was holding my hand, he pulled my hair, he hurt me. I weigh 50 kilos [110 pounds or 7.5 stone], he’s heavier than me.[70]

Accompanied by three other men as co-defendants in a criminal complaint of aggravated pimping, when Strauss attempted to force her to submit to anal sex,[71] her refusal angered the kingpin, so used to getting what he wants when he wants. His victim recounts:

I refused and told him no, I don’t want to. I made it clear that I did not want to, several times out loud.[72]

The other three accomplices in the hotel room were the former police chief of Lille, Christophe Lagarde, businessman David Roquet and Strauss friend and businessman Fabrice Paszkowski, owner of a medical supply company. As owner of a subsidiary to the giant construction firm Eiffage, Roquet against her will pinned Marie-Anne’s wrists down as the IMF beast brutally, mercilessly buttfucked her from behind. The twisted globalist kingpin was known to derive sheer added pleasure intentionally hurting his weaker prey both physically and psychologically. These men of power and means are repulsive pigs knowing they can rape and pillage people and planet with complete impunity, another built-in perk to their demented cheap thrills. They all were definitely aware that they were committing “aggravated procurement in an organized gang,” illegally running a transnational pimping operation trafficking sex slaves across borders, pimping young women [and likely underage girls] as fake “secretaries” from Belgium and France, headquartered in Lille, fraudulently using corporate coffers to fund their travel itineraries that included Paris, New York and Washington DC for wild “soirées privées.”[73]

That very same fateful weekend in May 2011 that DSK violently assaulted hotel worker Nafissatou Diallo in New York, Roquet and Paszkowski had just trafficked in their girls from France and Belgium. But they obviously were not quite enough to fill the predator’s insatiable appetite for flesh. What emerges here is the prototypical predator profile, becoming so compulsively fixated, driven by such extreme sense of entitlement and ownership over a woman’s body, as a sex object commodity for the ravaging, that coming out of a shower in his Sofitel Hotel room, DSK was simply reacting criminally to his own pathological carnal urges and impulses to grab and rape for conquest, a shocked, unsuspecting maid during another one of his overly indulgent, addictive weekends, full of nonstop animal criminal lust.

Similar to the Toulouse scandal, many of the Lille victims were also sadistically abused by deranged elitist men taking sheer delight, forcibly inflicting pain and scars on their prey during their champagne filled gang bangs. Jade, a young mother of two small children to feed, felt desperately trapped into the slave racket. She had successfully managed to leave the dirty business behind for three years when the sensationalized media feeding frenzy of the 2015 Strauss-Khan court case plunged her right back into the fray as a trial witness. Jade reflected on her difficult past:

You have to be damaged, in terms of body and self-esteem, to get to that point of abandoning your body and profiting from it. It’s not easy money. It’s quick money but it’s not easy money. The scars, the marks, the cigarette burns, the smells, the comments of clients, all that comes back.[74]

With the charges carrying a punishment of up to 10 years in prison and a fine of €1.5 million ($1.7 million USD), despite 13 men charged in the Lille case, their repeated criminal assaults against the passed around women amounting to violent gang rapes ended with DSK and his dozen fellow predators all acquitted.[75] The well-connected head of Hotel Carlton public relations, Rene Kojfer, who acted as chief coordinator got off scot free. He was responsible largely for recruiting financially desperate young women into the trafficking web pipeline, catering to the perverted sexual needs and kinky compulsions of the elite class. Even Kojfer’s childhood friend, Belgian brothel owner Dominique Alderweireld, known as Dodo the Pimp who supplied most of the victims from his brothels in both Belgium and France, also walked away a free man. Virtually every one of these main players in the Lille network, including Strauss-Khan,[76] were all Freemasons, [77] another recurring theme throughout virtually every Pedophilia & Empire scandal.

The Hôtel Carlton de Lille trial heard testimony from women like Jade who had been sexually abused as underage girls, pimped out to wealthy businessmen for lunchtime orgies where they were served as “dessert.” With a straight face throughout the trial, Strauss-Khan conned the court pretended he had no idea that the seven women were paid prostitutes who were part of a larger globally organized sex slave trafficking ring where he and his sleazeball friends lustfully forced themselves on their sexual prey.[78] Again, another trial where the defense simply blames and shames the victims, with the judges maintaining they could not find any evidence of laws being broken and the frequent sodomy gang bangs (3 in DC alone), NYC, likely in Vienna and Madrid as well,[79] were all conveniently ruled beyond French court jurisdiction. The 3 judges simply viewed DSK and his ilk as true blood libertine Frenchmen just out for some harmless fun, after all, “boys will be boys.”

Within the sex web that girl procurer Kojfer weaved and operated, at 70-years old he met an 18-year old on the street, and proceeded to groom her for the circuit. After having sex with her, surveillance showed him excitedly bragging about his latest recruited conquest on the phone with a prospective client:

It’s a school girl, 18. A bombshell. I can’t give you the ‘dossier’ [code for girl] straight away but I’ll put it aside.[80]

According to an October 2011 Daily Mail article:

A judicial Inquiry into prostitution at Carlton Hotel, in Lille, was opened in March amid claims underage girls were involved.[81]

It’s a certainty that the 18-year old wasn’t the first nor last teenager and likely underage victim that Kojfer procured and trafficked to his high-end clientele like Strauss-Khan. Strong suspicion persists that pedophilia was an integral element within their criminal sex ring operation.[82] In the end, Strauss-Khan and his crew beat every rap in court, with his power and influence keeping him out of jail time and time again. His biggest consequence was that his raunchy criminal exploits cost the man turning 72 in April the French presidency and his shattered reputation, wallowing deservedly in a permanent shit-can of affluent disgrace.

French feminist writer Christine Delphy told BBC Newsnight in June 2015 after the mass acquittal:

Most people said it [DSK’s US arrest] would have been stifled [in France], he would not have been arrested, because people love the allowances we make for rich and powerful people. In fact, there is impunity from the police, from the justice, from the media. Powerful men will not be convicted.[83]

In effect, Christine is alluding to the sad, pathetic reality that Frenchmen from the elite class get away with virtually everything committed under the sun against women and children alike, from rape to torture to murder, anything goes for powerful men in France, or for that matter any nation on earth. But as dark fades to light, the pedophilia scourge on this earth will no longer be blindly tolerated.

Within two months of the bogus pro-pedo rape verdict of the Lille trial, France’s widespread pedophilia crisis shot right back into the global headlight headlines with Newsweek picking up yet another breaking story in April 2015:

Information passed to Newsweek has revealed that global horror over child abuse and its concealment by the Establishment, hitherto focused squarely on the UK, now needs to be widened to France as well. Thousands of children in French schools have been sexually abused by paedophile teachers, an international NGO has claimed, accusing the French education authorities of a decades-long ‘cover-up.’


As alluded to earlier in the chapter, the irony of this French pedo-phenomenon is illustratively not lost on France’s current president and First Lady, who as Macron’s teacher had sex with the adolescent schoolboy. Add the LGBT agenda that is rammed down the throats of parents and kindergarten age kids the world over, tampering with their childhood innocence and their natural, healthy child development, and as a result, France has a headteacher blindfolding two six-year old students, then forcing them to give him a blowjob as part of the school curriculum’s new workshop  entitled “experiencing new tastes”… aka different strokes for different folks.[84] This same 45-year old headteacher with a 2008 child porn conviction also admitted to raping nine other pupils. France is in a state of crisis with authorities apparently looking the other way to allow many convicted child sex offending teachers to remain in the classrooms with vulnerable young children. With child victims’ attorney Marie Grimaud warning that this is only the “tip of the iceberg,” the founder of Innocence en Danger, an NGO dedicated to child abuse victims, Homayra Sellier has gone on public record:


The ministry of education has covered this [hiring convicted pedophile teachers] up for years. The government has never been inclined to listen to these stories.[85] 


Again, it’s because the French government has clearly been led by pedophiles and pedophile enablers. From the nation’s top leadership on down in France, a culture of pedo-normalization by diabolical design has increasingly seeped in during recent years. Attorney Marie Grimaud maintains that teachers who speak out against the pedophilia in the educational ranks are silenced and punished by directors and local officials with threats of defamatory litigation or even terminated from their jobs, while accused teachers most often are allowed to stay at the school or, like the Catholic Church, are quietly transferred to do more harm to children in another community. Again, we’re living in a Luciferian upside-down world where those typically in charge are covert gatekeepers with a demonic agenda. As pointed out in previous chapters, the ruling elite’s agenda to normalize pedophilia is graphically illustrated by the French film “Cuties,” with its worldwide release on Netflix last year, peddled as “softcore kiddie porn.”[86]

Yet another shamefully shocking pedophilia scandal took place in Angers, a French city of 150,000 residents less than 200 miles (300 km) southwest of Paris in western France. Though child sexual abuse through incest is the most common type of pedophilia, only in the case of ultra-secret Illuminati Luciferian families and communities does a situation arise like the one in Angers in late July 2005. It became the largest child abuse trial in France’s long history, convicting 62 of 65 accused suspects of child sexual abuse against 45 children between the ages of 6 months and 14-years old. 39 men and 26 women were sentenced up to 28 years in prison for their pedophilic crimes committed from January 1999 to February 2002.[87] With 250 witnesses, the trial lasted 5 months over the course of 93 court hearings.

Sadly, the guilty were predominantly comprised of the victims’ own parents, grandparents and their acquaintances in a working-class neighborhood of Angers, disgracefully misusing their children for sex in exchange for small amounts of money, food, alcohol and cigarettes. The two men issued the longest 28-year prison sentences were the organizing ringleader accused of raping and abusing 15 children and Philippe V., who raped three of his own grandchildren, stating during the trial that he “didn’t give a damn” about his own children. In 1991 Philippe V. was already convicted of raping his own son, Franck V., who in July 2005 after raping 12 kids including his own, received an 18-year sentence. But an April 2005 Time Magazine piece covering the breaking scandal showcases an added twist. Where you find organized pedo-rings, even in poor neighborhoods, you also find opportunistic elite ready to ritualistically get away with more child sodomy:

Police are still searching for a group of men, who the children say arrived at Franck V.’s apartment in suits and ties, with their faces hidden behind masks — a striking contrast to the largely uneducated, unemployed defendants who fill the courtroom in rumpled sweatshirts and scuffed sneakers… Much like the pedophilia scandal that rocked Belgium in 1996, Angers is awash in suspicions that a wider ring of wealthy customers was among the child rapists, and is still at large.[88]


Again, the well-dressed visiting crowd, slumming it in the rough neighborhood, was johnny on the spot to indulge their sick perversions, yet like always never fearing a consequence for their vile sins. Only the low class incestuous pedos, grubbily engaging in such sordid illicit activity for a little pocket change, food or their favorite vices, had to seriously pay for their despicable crimes (though Frank V.’s hostess wife Patricia doing 16-years pocketed €1,200 a month). One of the defense attorneys said nearly all of the accused were abused themselves when they were children. Though never an excuse, it offers somber insight into how this dreaded cycle of abuse continues intergenerationally.  With internet child pornography growing into a more gargantuan billion-dollar illness each and every year, and sickos from each nation driving the industry, a 40-year old Frenchman from Bordeaux was arrested in July 2020 as one of the 10 most wanted dark web child porn peddlers on the planet.[89] The prosecutor said that he was not only a kingpin distributor operating multiple sites to thousands around the globe, but he also opted to play “an active role in the production of child pornography pictures and videos” as well, apparently filming himself incestuously assaulting and raping child members of his own family. French police investigators from a specialized anti-violence unit working jointly with EU’s Europol police agency successfully identified the criminal for arrest and prosecution.  Of course over the last quarter century, the internet child pornography business has exploded like a mushroom cloud across the entire planet. A special French task force out of Nice was tracking and honing in on online violators as far back as 1996. In March 1997 in its first major sweep across the nation, 250 men were arrested as members of a well-organized national child porn network. According to a March 1997 New York Times article: For four months, the police said, they watched exchanges on sex sites of Minitel, the state-owned on-line service, obtained codes of access to mailboxes and, through arrests, gradually found extensive address lists of suppliers and buyers.[90] Another ongoing development affecting the entire continent of Europe is the globalist engineered migration crisis of millions of refugees from North Africa and the Middle East, pouring into Europe the last half dozen years. By Luciferian design, the consequence of this crisis has enflamed the epidemic of child sexual abuse in numerous countries including France. The largest migrant camp in the nation along the northern French coast dubbed the Calais Jungle sits the illegal 9,000 populated refugee camp, in September 2016 erupting in controversy when unpaid charity volunteer workers of both genders were accused of sexually exploiting camp refugees that included underage minors.[91] The information was first revealed on a Facebook account called Calais – People to People Solidarity. But the acerbic allegations of volunteers engaging in sexual relations with migrants have driven a contentious wedge obliterating whatever solidarity once existed among French workers assisting refugees. The entry on the page read: Female volunteers having sex enforces the view [that many have] that volunteers are here for sex. This impression objectifies women in the camp and increases the risks. Sex from a person who is in a position of power or influence, in such a one-sided affair, especially where it is perceived that aid or better aid can be gained from it, that it is, and can be defined as sexual abuse.[92] These allegations instantly created a hornet’s nest of angry backlash comments, criticizing the post as “patronizing and paternalistic with added sexism and racism.” A response from one woman on the site stated: I find the assertion that women choosing to have sex encourages rape quite frankly disturbing. Recall that this issue of sexual exploitation has been a growing problem at asylum centers in Scandinavia, Netherlands, Germany and in fact, across Europe, fueling the pipeline for child sex abuse trafficking, linked directly to the elite’s deliberately manufactured migration crisis.   The other ongoing pedophilia crisis found in every nation is the blight of horrific damage caused by the Catholic Church. With upwards of nearly half the French citizenry identifying itself Christian, and the vast majority Roman Catholic, as in most European nations, French children have gravely suffered at the hands of predatory pedophile priests. But it’s the equally disastrous response by the so-called leaders of the Catholic Church from the pope on down to the archbishop dioceses that are truly so baffling and reprehensible, across the boards sweeping child sex abuse under the proverbial carpet, as if out of sight, out of mind.  In March 2016 French Prime Minister Manuel Valls lashed out at France’s Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, urging him “to take responsibility for his actions.”[93] Barbarin was sued for his covering up years of abuse committed by notorious pedophile priests like Bernard Preynat, having learned of his abuse as far back as 2007-2008, yet failed to take any action. Preynat preyed on boy scouts in his charge from the 1970s to the early 1990s while leading the Saint-Luc Scout Group on numerous summer camps and trips abroad. Though Preynat admitted his crimes, once a police investigation was initiated in January 2016, Cardinal Barbarin’s sole public response has been a request to allow justice to take its due course and that the fallen priest’s presumption of innocence be respected, otherwise only a deafening reticence from France’s Catholic leadership. Understandably for Preynat’s victims, evidence of cover-up followed only by the cardinal’s passive, avoidant course of inaction, was deemed wholly inadequate, only adding insult to their long-held injury. Bertrand Virieux, now a cardiologist and one of three victims in an open letter to the press announced: By retreating into silence, our cardinal has lost all credibility. That’s why today we call on Pope Francis, in whom we trust.[94] Big mistake – misplacing their trust in the Jesuit pope, who’s taken the exact same protective stance of criminal complicity as the French cardinal toward Catholic pedophiles on their watch. In public bandwagon support of victims, Prime Minister Valls urged: It’s up to Cardinal Barbarin to take responsibility, to speak up and to act upon it. To be clear, it’s not just compassion we’re after, we need action, we need gestures.[95] … actions and gestures that hypocritically never come from either Rome or Paris. Every nation has its Jimmy Savile, its worst, most prolific pedophile on record. In March 2020, a 69-year old retired surgeon, suspected of raping at least 349 children over a 30-year crime span, went on trial behind closed doors in the western town of Saintes.[96] Prosecution of disgraced doctor Joel Le Scouarnec, is believed to be the biggest pedophilia scandal in French history. He was arrested in 2017 after a young girl living next door told her mother that the pervert had exposed himself and molested her. A search of his home led to child pornographic material on his computer and detailed accounts of his prolonged child sex abuse career from 1989 to 2017.  As always, the press paints the picture of the pedophile surgeon as a diabolical wacko acting alone, with never a mention of any larger Satanic pedophilia network. Yet doctors, lawyers, judges, politicians, CEOs and other elite professionals (aka “pillars of society”) commonly comprise membership in occultic secret society organizations, regularly garbed in masks and black mass robes, engaging in systematic ancient occult Satanic Ritual Abuse, torture, sodomy and blood sacrifice of children. With Western Europe the home of the infamous Black Nobility families, along with aristocratic bloodline dynasties originally emerging from Italy, spreading to Switzerland, Germany and France, they all share a long history as the hub of Satanic cult worship practiced throughout the ages. France is home to the Franks and their Merovingian Illuminati Satanic bloodline,[97] descended from ancient Israel’s tribe of Dan,[98] having covertly morphed as imposters to claim the British royal crown (See Chapter 1, Book 2).[99]  The German Welt News Channel (formerly N24 Network) produced a highly informative documentary featuring three very young French children, two girls and a boy who were forced by a parent into Satanic Illuminati cult rituals where each were sexually abused while witnessing both animal and even children murdered in blood sacrifice rituals, all with cameras rolling for the waiting snuff film market.[100] A 10-year old girl named Deborah told her stepmother that her mother had brought her to a house in the Annemasse region of eastern France near the Swiss border, where she was raped, photographed and filmed. Deborah identified five of her abusers in photos and even led police to the crime scene. Her mother served only six months and the owner of the residence where ritual abuse and murder occurred was eventually sentenced to five years in prison.[101] A number of children from Annemasse and as far as Paris over 250 miles away, were victimized by the same Satanic cult, generating enormous profit peddling snuff film flesh, blood and gore to the elitist Luciferian network. To watch a child die, evil sickos pay from 25,000 to a million euros.  Recall earlier Chapters 1 and 2 in Book 5 on Belgium and Holland respectively, and specifically the Dutch Zandvoort network where, according to The New York Times, in July 1998 police discovered in a Zandvoort apartment an enormous cache containing “thousands of digital images stored on computer disks, as well as hundreds of addresses of suspected suppliers and clients,” often from Israel, Ukraine, Britain, Russia and the United States [102] This landmark case was promptly covered up by authorities in the Netherlands, Belgium and France because its interconnecting tentacles exposed Europe’s entire Satanic pedophilic underbelly. For tipping the police off to enable the unprecedented bust, Zandvoort whistleblower Marcel Vervloesem was subsequently harassed, jailed and medically assassinated in prison by the Belgian government in order to ensure his silence and seal the deal on another international pedo-cover-up. Yet images and snuff videos of children from UK, US, Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Holland as well as from France’s Annemasse, Angers, Burgundy and Toulouse regions were all found on Zandvoort CD-Roms.[103] While parents and their children recognized and identified themselves as well as other child victims in Zandvoort photos, the abusers were rarely if ever pursued or prosecuted. The elite made certain that the Dutch scandal was buried immediately after the story broke. Outside of an initial Dutch Justice Ministry official reportedly fired for downloading pornographic material on his work computer, the investigation was quickly halted and no elite pedophiles were ever exposed or consequenced.  Yet caught with their pants down, torturing, sodomizing and slaughtering children as young as infants, a large number of elites were allowed to escape justice yet again. The incisive, connect-the-dot aangirfan website quotes a Belgian mainstream newspaper actually implicating the international Satanic pedophilia network, caught red-handed operating in the joint Dutroux-Zandvoort scandals: Newspaper, LE SOIR, opined in an editorial that [the Dutroux trial] Judge Connerotte had to be removed ‘because he was unwilling to refrain from subpoenaing major U.S. diplomats and high government officials, as well as key figures in the Dutch and Portuguese pedophilia cases.’… The names found on the computer disks reached into the highest levels of politics and society in the various countries and institutions.[104] But perhaps in 2021, the tide appears to finally be turning. Last year a criminal case was filed against longtime French author Gabriel Matzneff, the elite’s so-called literary genius celebrated for over a half century, championing his unabashed pedophilic lifestyle as a work of art. But as of February 2020, the good times of unconditional support and public acclaim appear to have vanished, now that one of his victims, Vanessa Springora’s written account entitled Le Consentement (Consent) has been published,[105] depicting her lifelong struggle and depression resulting from Matzneff, nearing a half century old, grooming her at age 13 to begin raping her at age 14.[106]  Between France’s no consent law a license to rape children finally being changed and Gabriel Matzneff no longer protected and regarded as the avant-garde darling of the literary elite, egregiously promoting the sanctified sexual abuse of children with his trial slated for September 2021, the nation’s reigning pro-pedophilia culture may finally be over. An anti-child abuse advocacy group called l’Ange Bleu has stepped up to legally challenge Matzneff’s flagrant pedo-advocacy stance he staked his claim to fame on as ultimately harmful to children. The expatriate Matzneff is literally hiding out somewhere on the Italian Riviera, angry and bitter he’s been thrown under the bus by his elitist fan base that until now, has forever worshipped him. Like former French culture minster Mitterrand, in 1974 Matzneff wrote in a piece, boasting of raping 8-year old Filipino boys. Later this year, this 84-year old predator, still defiantly proud of his shameful past sexual exploits, will face up to five years in prison, if he lives that long. The world has ultimately awakened and will no longer tolerate child sexual abuse, especially by the so-called “pillars of society,” still believing they’re entitled to live above the law. Those days are over!


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