Chapter 48 (Book 5 Chapter 9): Israel, Saudi Arabia & the Gulf States: Global Child Sex Trafficking’s Belly of the Beast

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Chapter 9, Book 5 (or Chapter 48 overall)

Israel, Saudi Arabia & the Gulf States: Global Child Sex Trafficking’s Belly of the Beast

Joachim Hagopian

As an independent journalist a half decade ago, I wrote a widely distributed article titled “Israel is the Organ Harvesting and Human Trafficking Global Ringleader, with Complicit Help from US and Turkey.”[1] Since it still applies today and encapsulates Israel’s primary role and reach as both an organ harvester as well as global human trafficker, and remains highly relevant to Pedophilia & [Zionist] Empire, its full text is reprinted below:

A couple years ago [April 2014], I wrote an article on the growing global problem of human trafficking and expanding sex slave trade.[2] Another related ongoing shameful practice that’s also globally increasing is the harvesting of human organs from war victims and selling them on the black market. This presentation will focus on this deplorable crime being committed regularly on each of the current warfronts and beyond, who the profiteering perpetrators are and the beneficiary nations where organs are trafficked.

With the war in Syria still raging in its fifth year, the Damascus university medical doctor heading the newly formed Medical Forensics department Dr. Hussein Nofal estimates that at least 18,000 Syrians have had organs removed during the war thus far.[3] Since the outbreak of war in 2012, 6.5 million people have been displaced within Syria and another 4.8 million have become refugees forced to flee to neighboring countries like Turkey and Lebanon or 10% have migrated to Europe.[4] With another 386,000 estimated dead, that’s 11.7 million humans in Syria who have violently lost their lives or homes – stunningly over half the total prewar population of 22 million Syrians.[5]

All this tragic human horror only occurs because of an overly aggressive, imperialistic US-Israeli foreign policy creating a path of chaos and destruction across the Middle East and North Africa secretly supporting Islamic terrorists to fight US-Israeli proxy wars to illegally overthrow sovereign national governments like Assad’s.[6] The ruling elite behind the Greater Israel Project,[7] deploys US Empire to manufacture unlawful wars and the subsequent largest migration crisis since WWII to willfully and methodically destabilize the world, generating such dire human living conditions that expedite formation of a one world government.[8]

The all too common human story is that thousands of Syrians unable to find work trapped in inhumane conditions at migrant refugee camps in adjacent countries have opted to desperately sell their organs in order to support their families.[9] Parasitic criminal gangs and international cabal rings opportunistically set up thriving predatory operations, exploiting the surplus of war refugees by organizing intricate organ trafficking networks throughout countries like Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt.

Ironically but also by criminal design, the two closest neighboring countries most powerful in the region that are most directly responsible for the Islamic terrorists and the MENA wars – Israel[10] and Saudi Arabia – refuse to even take in a single refugee from the very same wars they both create and promote.[11] Note that Israel, Saudi Arabia along with third wheel Turkey as part of the US Empire-led axis-of-evil, longtime regional ally and fellow NATO member Turkey received a $6.6 billion bribe from the bankrupted EU to “manage and control” the migration crisis, only to then turn around and unleash yet more waves of refugees pouring into Europe to this day.[12] And it’s Turkey and Israel that both also play the most prominent role in the soaring organ trafficking epidemic as well. But more on that later.

Similar to Syrians, Palestinians in Israel have also been known to donate kidneys and other organs to feed their impoverished children. See a pattern here? Create extreme economic hardship purposely engineered to manipulate desperate parents trying to provide for their families, endangering themselves to give up their own body parts for sorely needed survival money. According to Dr. Nofal, donors in Turkey can earn $10,000 for a kidney while in war torn Iraq the price may be as low as $1,000, whereas in Syria and Lebanon the going rate for selling a kidney is around $3,000.[13]

More than a half dozen years ago, the largest Swedish daily newspaper the Aftonbladet reported that Israel engaged in systematic harvesting of organs belonging to Palestinians killed by the bloodthirsty apartheid government.[14] After the usual anti-Semitic charges from Israel denying such accusations, the Swedish newspaper standing by its original story was then further corroborated by the release of an interview in 2000 with Israel’s forensic institute Abu Kabir head Dr. Yehuda Hiss, who stated that in the 1990’s the institute harvested skin, corneas, heart valves and bones from deceased Israeli soldiers and civilians as well as foreign workers and Palestinians without legal consent from their families.[15] Finally the Israeli Defense Forces admitted the illegal practice, but insisted that organ harvesting ceased in 1999 and that family permission is now legally secured prior to any harvested organs for transplants.

Meanwhile, a number of Palestinian families have registered formal complaints over the years upon observing the returned bodies of their family members conspicuously missing body parts. A pro-Israeli magazine The Forward confirmed that Israel had been routinely stealing Palestinians’ organs for Israeli citizens’ spare parts.[16] Finally, even the pro-Israeli New York Times has called out the Tel Aviv regime for its “disproportionate role” in organ trafficking since 2000.[17]

UC Berkeley professor, anthropologist, activist-author and head of the watchdog group Organ Watch, Nancy Scheper-Hughes, who released the 2000 Dr. Hiss interview, implicated Israel’s nefarious organ harvesting and trafficking program:

Israel is at the top. It has tentacles reaching out worldwide… [Israeli organ traffickers] had and still have a pyramid system that’s awesome… they have brokers everywhere, bank accounts everywhere, they’ve got recruiters, they’ve got translators, they’ve got travel agents who set up the visas.[18]

Hughes has bluntly described organ harvesting as “paying the poor and the hungry to slowly dismantle their bodies.” A 2001 BBC report disclosed that Israel per capita stands as the world’s largest recipient nation for organ transplants, yet is the country with the fewest organ donors.[19] The problem is additionally compounded by the fact that the Tel Aviv government including the Minister of Defense has historically encouraged the practice, only making organ harvesting and trafficking illegal in 2008. For years the Israeli healthcare system subsidized transplant holidays up to $80,000 in reimbursement for organ recipients to travel abroad for transplants. Insurance carriers customarily paid the tab on all remaining costs. Hughes has described Israel’s leading role in the international crime syndicate that is “organized through a local business corporation in conjunction with a leading transplant surgeon, operating out of a major medical center not far from Tel Aviv.” Additional connections include transplant surgeons in Turkey, Russia, Moldova, Estonia, Georgia, Romania, Brazil and New York City.

With Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman originating from the poorest nation in Europe Moldova, it’s no accident as Scheper-Hughes says “hundreds of Israelis have created a production line that starts in the villages of Moldova, where men today are walking around with one kidney.” Despite organ trafficking being a flagrant international violation of law, Israeli crime rings are still actively harvesting organs from the world’s poorest countries.

It’s a crime condoned in large part by wealthier nations like Israel and America, where the affluent can afford to pay “extra costs” to get bumped up on multiple waiting lists for livers, kidneys and corneas. Wealthy nations predatorily feed off poor nations and corruption at the highest deep state levels ensure that the guilty parties are never brought to justice.[20] Frequently the criminal body snatchers end up not even paying poor donors the quoted price promised. It bears resemblance to poachers killing endangered species like African hippos and elephants for their ivory tusks or cutting off shark fins and then leaving the animals bleeding to death. To the traffickers, internal human organs are just another precious commodity worth far more than any donor’s human life.[21]

A 1984 law made human organ trafficking illegal in America. But the first case in the US occurred in July 2009 when an Israeli citizen living in New York, who paid donors in Israel $10,000, was arrested trying to sell them for $120,000 each to three Americans in need of kidney transplants.[22] After making millions trafficking in kidneys, he was not deported because his crime was not deemed “of moral turpitude,” and after the organ peddler served a brief two and a half year prison sentence, he was released in December 2014. The convicted Israeli trafficker carried a gun on him and if he encountered misgivings by a potential donor, the kidney smuggler would allegedly point his finger at the donor’s head simulating he was pulling the trigger.[23] His illegal racket became the biggest corruption case in New Jersey state history as it uncovered a money laundering scheme into the millions. A former state assemblyman, who was the current NJ Commissioner of Consumer Affairs, resigned over his involvement and the supervising FBI agent concluded:

New Jersey’s corruption problem is one of the worst, in the country. Corruption is a cancer that is destroying the core values of this state and this great nation.[24]

Considering how widespread the Israeli crime syndicate rings are that continue harvesting and trafficking organs at will to this day, it appears the US judicial system’s over-the-top leniency, in this case amounts to complicit condoning of the international crime operation and undoubtedly is taken as a greenlight for business as usual by the crime cabal responsible for global harvesting and trafficking of both body parts as well as human slavery. Corruption at the top of the international government crime cabal keeps this sordid criminal epidemic in operation and immune from any accountability, not unlike the obscene profiteering from illegal wars or the international drug trade enjoyed by the US government,[25]  and the most powerful central banks laundering dirty fed drug money.[26] These blatant high crimes are but symptomatic of a decaying, fast crumbling US-Western Empire nearing its final stages of collapse.

Last December another Israeli organ trafficker was arrested by Interpol police at the Istanbul airport.[27] After forty days in Turkish custody, he was extradited back to Israel to face charges. The organ smuggler had made arrangements to tap the large destitute Syrian migrant population in Turkey to coordinate illegal organ surgeries with local doctors in small private hospitals. He already had charges against him for his illicit operations amongst impoverished organ donors in Kosovo, Azerbaijan and Sri Lanka from 2008-2014.[28] He had also placed ads in Russian newspapers in search of potential donors. As is typical, no information or medical follow-up is ever given to donor victims who often suffer complications. For example, one boy in Kosovo was paralyzed after his kidney removal.

Consistent with the evil crime cabal, forces operate in coordinated unison, the US-NATO-EU-Israel-Turkey-Saudi-Gulf State axis-of-evil that is overwhelmingly guilty of not-so-covertly financing, training, supplying and supporting global terrorism in the form of the Takfiri Wahhabis’ Islamic State terrorists (IS/ISIL/ISIS/Daesh/al Nusrah/al Qaeda). And since Russia in support of the Syrian Army have literally blown up the IS terrorists’ main source of revenue funding – stolen oil from Iraq and Syria on its way to Turkey and Israel, the business of organ harvesting and trafficking on that same black market is now becoming big business. Several weeks ago, the Spanish daily El Mondo claimed that the Islamic State terrorists are cutting out bodily organs of captured Syrian and Iraqi soldiers as well as civilians and refugees while still alive for transplants for either their own wounded jihadists or selling them as a needed source of revenue.[29] ISIS is also reported to be killing even its own seriously injured militants for organ harvesting and trafficking. Additionally, the terrorists are extracting large volumes of blood from Mosul prisoners. Personnel at one Mosul hospital claimed that they have witnessed at least 183 corpses with missing body parts. ISIS has set up a medical team with a German doctor said to be in charge that transports fresh organs to the Syrian and Iraq Kurdistan fronts for transplants into wounded terrorists or sold on the black market. The UN Iraqi ambassador last year made these same accusations, reporting that the terrorists have executed a dozen doctors for refusing to harvest organs. It was confirmed when shallow mass graves of mutilated bodies missing kidneys were discovered outside Mosul.

As recent as last November the Palestinian ambassador to the UN once again accused the Israeli regime with harvesting Palestinians’ organs killed in clashes with occupying forces.[30] Then as far back as October 2012 reports that the US backed Free Syrian Army had been engaging in this same heinous practice of kidnapping-murder of Syrian civilians for organ harvesting.[31]

And then it was confirmed by a January 2011 Council of Europe report that once again another US-NATO backed ally, the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), led by the current president of Kosovo, ran a “mafia-like” operation smuggling guns, drugs and Serbian body parts into Europe for profit from the 1990’s through the first decade of this century.[32] Recall that the US and CIA financed and deployed Al Qaeda terrorists as KLA partners-in-crime during those same 1990’s balkanizing Yugoslavia into a half dozen fragmented US puppet states.[33] Instead of being tried and convicted of war crimes, two months ago the Kosovo parliament rewarded Hashim Thaci by electing him as the current Kosovo Republic president with his claims he has “nothing to hide” from the new crimes court in Hague.[34] The Hague disagreed, forcing his resignation in November 2020 to face his criminal past.[35]

Returning to the Turkish-Israeli connection in organ harvesting and trafficking, probably the two most notorious gangsters involved in this despicable crime is a highly skilled Turkish surgeon named Ysef Somnez and the Israeli middleman “fixer” Moshe Harel, with ethnic Turkish ties responsible for matching donor organs with recipients and the electronic transfers of millions upon millions of dollars.[36] Both of these criminals were actively involved in the extensive Kosovo smuggling operations with the Turkish doctor performing thousands of surgeries on both money starved donors from Moldova, Turkey, Kosovo and Russia and wealthy recipients from Israel, the US, Canada and Germany. They also have been indicted in Kosovo, Israel, Turkey as well as by Interpol and despite being international fugitives on the run for nearly a decade with both having repeatedly been arrested and then released in Israel and Istanbul, both managed to elude prosecution to remain at large… more government complicity.

Both Erdogan’s Turkish government and Netanyahu’s Israeli government are known to be extremely lax towards enforcing organ harvesting and trafficking laws, and it’s believed that both nations with US Empire blessings have sheltered and allowed the crime duo to remain free. The Turkish surgeon on both his blog as well as meeting in person with a New York Times reporter in 2011, while sipping Turkish red wine, even boasted that he’s performed over 2,400 organ surgeries and been awarded a commendation letter he’s framed from the Israeli Ministry of Health, thanking him for his life-saving work. Again, instead of being behind bars where they belong, this crime pair are super-wealthy jetsetters, flying around the world living large as psychopathic criminals with powerful friends allowing them to literally get away with murder.

Both Somnez and Harel have cashed in on the Syrian refugee bonanza cutting out Syrian kidneys, livers, hearts, lungs and corneas to make their mass killing in Turkey. Just as Turkey and Israel have bought up the bulk of stolen black market oil from the terrorists they love,[37] so do they profit from stealing human organs from hospitalized Syrian civilians brought to Turkey for treatment. After the surgery, young Syrian victims minus their vital organs are cruelly left bleeding to death. Turkish doctors confirmed that out of the 62,000 wounded Syrian civilians and soldiers treated in Turkish hospitals, over 15,600 of them had internal organs removed and were returned dead on arrival to Syria for burial. The mass murderers Somnez and Harel left their infamous mark in the multibillion-dollar organ trafficking industry in Kosovo, Turkey and Tel Aviv.

Every major war in the last two decades from Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya to Ukraine has been visited by bloodthirsty body snatching ghouls out to make a grotesque profit. Tony Cartalucci writing for New Eastern Outlook drives home the hypocrisy that the US-led axis-of-evil screams foul play with “human rights abuses” whenever any force (like Russia) attempts to stop the menacing Western sponsored terrorists, yet when the Nazis of Kiev are literally ripping the hearts, lungs and kidneys out of residents in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine, not a peep is heard from that axis-of-evil.[38] Firsthand accounts from eyewitnesses reporting the rampant killing of civilians in the breakaway provinces by organ snatching mass murderers are totally blacked out or quickly dismissed by Western mainstream media. The international airport personnel in Boryspil observed many small aircraft chartered with refrigerators for organ transplant storage. A kidney bought for ten grand, quickly gets turned over for 150 grand. The overlapping crime ring fingerprints of the same greedy body snatchers from Israel, Turkey and Kosovo keep surfacing whenever and wherever investigators begin poking around on every warfront.

The barbaric crimes of a multibillion dollar gangster business sanctioned and protected by the likes of Israel, Turkey and the United States is yet one more crime against humanity committed daily by the mass murdering cabal. Rather than accept the evils of global slavery and organ trafficking perpetrated by power and profit driven psychopaths with total impunity, the corrupt, criminal victimization of preying on and murdering poor humans to keep a few rich humans alive is morally reprehensible. The perps need to be held accountable while their victims need justice. [END of MAY 14th, 2016 ARTICLE.]

Over four years later, a September 2018 Haaretz article states the obvious, referring to a 2015 EU Parliament report:

Israel played a key role in the [organ] trade that developed in Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Kosovo, the United States, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador and Colombia.[39]

But then the Israeli newspaper quickly counters that since the nation’s Parliament Knesset passed a 2008 law banning the buying and selling of human organs, the Haaretz claims that Arab Islamic enemy nations Egypt and Lebanon have replaced the Jewish State as the world’s most villainous organ snatching leaders. However, many would beg to differ, like notable author-historian Alison Weir, writing in the Washington Report on Middle Eastern Affairs in November 2009:

Israeli organ harvesting – sometimes with Israeli governmental funding and the participation of high Israeli officials, prominent Israeli physicians, and Israeli government ministries – has been documented for many years.[40]

Whereas my original article was posted in May 2016, less than seven months later the richest man in the world Jeff Bezos’ own Washington Post opted to publish an article featuring “the politics behind the organ trade.” Yet it too conspicuously avoids mentioning Israel as an illicit player in the international organ trade, instead choosing to spread the harvester blame to Egypt, China, Pakistan, Philippines, Turkey, Kosovo and South Africa, merely listing Israel among other affluent recipients:

Patients typically come from the rich countries of East Asia (e.g., Japan and Taiwan), the rich countries of the Middle East (e.g., Saudi Arabia and Israel), as well as the United States and Western Europe.[41]

Perhaps because the author of the Washington Post article is a prominent professor of government at Israel’s prestigious private college, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, might explain why he grants Israel a free pass omission for its highest-profile organ trafficking status. As revealed in my May 2016 article, it’s important to note that per capita, Israel ranks #1 as a recipient nation in organ transplants, yet it’s been consistently reported to be the lowest among donor nations, similar to its Middle East Zionist war and terror policy responsible for displacing more MENA refugees than any time on earth since WWII, yet obstinately refusing to accept any refugees that it creates.[42] Meanwhile, the Zionist-Luciferian globalist agenda, bent on destroying whatever remaining affluence is left in Europe and North America, is the engine nefariously driving these current global migration crises involving record numbers,[43] [44] with a little help from puppet friends like Uncle Joe Biden, the senile pedo[45]-president-imposter[46]

Israeli exceptionalism entitling “God’s chosen people”[47] to be genocidal while breaking every international law, fully shielded by its weaponized “anti-Semitism” label,[48] and expanding anti-hate speech laws criminalizing free speech and truthtellers,[49] is in itself pure racist abomination of God’s natural law.[50] The MO of the Rothschild controlled Jewish State is to willfully, premeditatedly orchestrate conflict in the Middle East and around the globe to use the Rothschild-controlled DC battering ram in the form of US military ground troops deployed to fight and die in “Greater Israel Project” wars,[51] where, as of a half dozen years ago, four million darker complexioned Muslims have perished.[52] With the elite’s fake pandemic lockdown, impending global economy crash and war drums pounding ever-louder (again),[53] the Satanic pedo-elite’s Achilles heel has never been more fully exposed than at this present crossroads moment. Time to stop its genocidal agenda by enforcing existing laws.

The Israeli lobby AIPAC and ADL control politics in America. Former Georgia 6-term member of Congress, Cynthia McKinney, is living proof:

These pro-Israel people like pledges: they tried to force me to sign a pledge of loyalty to Israel. When I refused, it was trench warfare, hand to hand combat every day I was in the Congress, and the U.S. people never knew that I was fighting to remain independent for them. To make real peace and to find real justice. Here, they have the whole of the U.S. government making pledges to them!!! Unbelievable.[54]

Israeli special interests own the United Kingdom as well. Recently retired House of Lords peer Baroness Jenny Tonge, a longtime outspoken critic of Israel’s racist policy against Palestinians, told the Jewish Chronicle that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) assigned to help Haiti immediately after the January 2010 earthquake should be investigated for alleged organ trafficking.[55] Cabal puppet, then leader of the Liberal Democrat Party Nick Clegg, promptly sacked Jenny from her post as her party’s health spokesperson. Jenny then boldly stated how Israel’s powerful global influence keeps politically correct politicians muzzled, in total obeyance for fear of the A-word:

A lot of European countries and Germany in particular, are terrified of ‘antisemitism’ levelled at them.[56]

As is the case virtually every time another false flag occurs, right at the time of the Haiti earthquake, Israel was already holding its very first international emergency preparedness live drill focusing on healthcare systems response, begun the day prior to the deadly 7.0 quake in Haiti.[57] What are the odds of that? Or put another way, was it a natural occurring event or a premeditated manmade event,[58] like Fukushima?[59] In any event, the IDF was Johnny-on-the-spot within hours on Haitian ground, not unlike the opportunistic Clintons infamously pilfering a quick, cool couple billion dollars from the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Within days Slick Willy was on the spot heading Haitian relief efforts. Meanwhile, Secretary of State wife Hillary was back in DC heading US foreign policy,[60] dictated to her by the Council on Foreign Relations.[61] Recall a few days later the Clintons sent Sephardic Jewish Dominican American Jorge Puello Torres to Haiti as “legal advisor” to bail out their girl-on-the-ground Laura Silsby, caught red-handed at the border trying to unlawfully traffic 33 Haitian kids out of the country. Shady Puello was wanted by the law, his common law wife already in prison, and actually ended up serving prison time for child sex trafficking himself, but was also repeatedly bailed out having worked for US Military Intelligence, the Drug Enforcement Administration and Homeland Security.[62]

Jenny Tonge must have touched a really raw, sensitive nerve, insinuating Israel was opportunely cashing in on its booming trafficking trade, helping themselves to both Haitian organs and Haitian kids. Last year Jenny hit the bullseye calling Israel the “puppet master” of the United States. When raw truth keeps pouring from the lips of a rare, honest politician, even rarer sitting atop the lofty House of Lords, especially if criticism centers on calling out the Zionist overlords, eventually the silencing ante gets raised. Jenny Tonge was suspended from her Liberal Democrat Party and 10,000 signatures online were collected demanding her resignation. Turning 80 in mid-February 2021, she decided it was time to retire from the shady world of politics anyway, assuring that her anti-Zionist activism would continue.[63] A month prior to her retirement, the feisty octogenarian truthteller pissed off more minions when she blamed the rising tide of anti-Semitism found on British university campuses on:

illegal actions of the Israeli government[64]

Simple cause and effect.

Is it really all that strange that all Caribbean roads lead to the Clinton Foundation, DC, City of London, Rome, Hollywood, Tel Aviv, Pizzagate, Epstein-Maxwell Israeli Mossad-MI6-CIA intelligence operations, private military contractors, the UN, Satanism, Scientology, Freemasonry, Illuminati, Zionism, the Ancient Mystery Religions, occult ritual abuse of children, sex, drug and organ trafficking, ritual murder and permanent war. The common link? All are death cults manifestations designed to use deception to shape, manipulate and control their mind-controlled initiates’ belief system and behavior. The biggest reason Hillary Clinton deleted all her emails was to protect the US government-operated underground [literally] global child sex trafficking network paid for by a black budgeted organized crime industry and American taxpayers. But as former NSA Bill Binney whistleblower and former CIA officer Robert David Steele say, “We have it all.”

Reciting this recurring book theme, wherever you find war zones, you find an unlimited supply of displaced war refugees. As a prime example, the insanely immoral, now full decade long Zionist war against Syria, to illegally overthrow President Assad, has killed from near a half million to upwards of 600,000 people,[65] and as of 2017 already caused over half of Syria’s population to flee their homes, amounting at the time to 11.3 million displaced Syrians. Again, as of 2017, out of this enormous, most vulnerable war refugee population, according to a University of Damascus study, more than 18,000 Syrians have had their organs harvested, abducted or sold, dead or alive to Syria’s hostile southern neighbor Israel, benefiting from these crimes with both the most means and motive.[66]

Between Israel’s genocidal war policy at home against Palestinians where organ extraction has routinely been barbarically practiced at least since the 1980s,[67] and fully exploiting refugees from its engineered MENA wars, there’s overwhelming evidence that Israel, by hook or crook, still remains the reigning world champion for human organ trafficking. With Zionist Israel owning virtually both the US/Western government[68] and US/Western media,[69] even the Zionist Jewish family owned [since 1896] The New York Times[70] in an August 2014 article, 6 years after Israel outlawed organ trafficking, dared admitting:

A Times analysis of major [organ] trafficking cases since 2000 suggests that Israelis have played a disproportionate role.[71] 

Ya think? A quick search of “organ trafficking” on The Times of Israel website openly reveals that since 2012 at least two dozen articles are displayed on the computer screen exposing Israel’s incessant preoccupation with black market organ trafficking.[72] As of January 2018, even the mockingbird-Zio controlled WaPo ran an article admitting major organ profiteers from a large Israel-Turkey-Kosovo organized crime network were still being apprehended, a full decade after Knesset supposedly criminalized human organ trafficking.[73] All this overwhelming, highly incriminating evidence fully exposes Israel’s deep rabbit hole of ongoing illicit human organ trafficking. Slightly lesser known is the fact that the Jewish State has also been covertly operating with near total impunity as a major white slavery-sex trafficking kingpin as well.

Where you find the global war zones and human organ trafficking, without exception, you also always find human/child sex trafficking, with Zionism the equal opportunity promoter behind all three. So, at this point, it should come as a no-shocker that Israel is just as guilty as sin in this godless, most egregious, also outlawed-on-paper-only domain as well. After all, its occult, cabbalistic, cannibalistic Canaanite-Khazarian Mafia roots have been ceremoniously getting away with child blood sacrifice rituals against the innocents for millennia (See Book 1).

About now is when I’m compelled to interject the oft-repeated caveat that I’m only against Zionists, Zionism, Israel’s genocidal occupation by its apartheid government and war crimes against Palestinians and humanity, but I’m not against the Jewish people or Israeli citizens, or the Jewish religion (except Talmud worshippers’ racist anti-goyism[74]). If you’re still having trouble pointing the finger at humanity’s true nemesis and their Zionist Satanic world takeover, aside from referring to their Protocols of Zion playbook, the fact is Mossad assassination squads boast more kill notches on their gun than even its CIA partner-in-crime.[75]

We must know who our true enemy is. If we don’t, anyone perceived as the cabal enemy, in this case the one national leader who dared call out the Coronavirus scam as total bullshit, populist Tanzanian president John Magufuli, suddenly, suspiciously dies at age 61.[76] Now who has the most motive and proven track record to snuff this guy than the Zionist Satanic cabal for being courageous enough to speak the truth? His abrupt demise is meant to send the loud and clear message to every other world leader, showing what happens to anyone with the balls to break rank and defy the New World Order.

Speaking of knowing our true enemy, it’s critically important to remember that America’s most infamous pedophile-child sex trafficker in its history – Jeffrey Epstein, for most of his adult life was also duly employed by America’s #1 enemy – Israel. Israeli Military Intelligence also employed superspy Robert Maxwell as well as his daughter, Epstein’s partner-in-crime (or more apt his handler) Ghislaine Maxwell, incarcerated since July 2020 in a Brooklyn jail cell awaiting trial in July. The presiding Manhattan judge in the Maxwell case on March 18, 2021 ruled in favor of many transcript redactions on account of the details being so “sensational and impure” for public consumption.[77] Both the US and Israeli intelligence community including MI6 all have the dirty goods on anywhere between a third up to a half or more of all the politicians in the armed encampment that still encircles US Congress. Through bribery and sexual blackmail, that’s how Israel has long entrapped and owned the US government, not as a US ally, but as an open secret snake-in-the-grass enemy.[78]

Also from Book 4, Chapter 7, recall how Robert Maxwell, Mossad and his daughters were instrumental in facilitating Israel’s backdoor access technology to steal US secrets across both public and private sectors, including energy, technology, science, military, security, finances, thus the catapulted ascension of Israel’s tech industry supplanting even Silicon Valley as the world telecommunications technology leader.[79]

Remember the USS Liberty! On June 8, 1967 off the Gaza coast, 34 US Navy crewmen were murdered in cold blood by Israel’s unprovoked air attack.[80] Remember that for decades Israel stole US nuclear secrets and material sneaking to produce its own not-so-secret nuclear warhead arsenal, lying through their teeth all the while, then when given an ultimatum by US President Kennedy to cease and desist its nuke development or have US support cut off,[81] a few months later JFK was also murdered in cold blood, with the Jewish State an implicated prime suspect.[82]

Less than a year prior to 9/11 and less than a month prior to the US Supreme Court stolen November 2000 election favoring the Bush-Cheney ticket, on October 12, 2000 a hole was blown in the hull of the US naval destroyer the USS Cole while refueling in Yemen, killing 17 more American seaman and injuring 39.[83] In the lead-up to 9/11, the Israel-US 9/11 co-conspirators used incidents like the USS Cole explosion and the lethal October 2001 anthrax scare to convince the world that the Saudi terrorist leader Osama bin Laden and his Al Qaeda terrorist network was at war with America. Recall that Osama and Al Qaeda were proxies owned and operated by Zionist Deep State traitors. The truth is that treasonous US neocons, many dual Israel-first citizens from the Project for a New American Century, calling for their “new Pearl Harbor” and the Rothschild controlled Zionist Jewish State of Israel were the real perpetrators at war with America because they were responsible for murdering Americans in all three attacks. John O’Neill, the lead FBI investigator and foremost expert on Osama and Al Qaeda, sent to Yemen right after the Cole incident, concluded that Israel did it. O’Neil had come to believe that “a Popeye cruise missile specially configured and launched from an Israeli Dolphin submarine” was responsible.[84] Israel’s Mossad espionage teams are masters in “black propaganda” deception, executing false flags aimed at creating conflict, in this case between the US and Al Qaeda.[85] Leaving Yemen to spend the Thanksgiving holiday in America, when John attempted to return to further his dot-connected leads pointing to Tel Aviv, the US Ambassador to Yemen, Jewish American Barbara Bodine, blocked O’Neill’s return.[86] Currently a professor at Georgetown, the Jesuit university, Bodine’s ambassadorship in Yemen was completed a mere twelve days ahead of the 9/11 attack. Bodine wanted John O’Neil to ditch his bodyguards, tipping him off of another possible Mossad assassination in-the-making. Bodine’s boss was Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, the Jew who justified on national TV killing a million Iraqi children. Growing more nervous over where O’Neill’s investigation was leaning, Albright went to fellow Jew FBI Director Louis Freeh. Once Freeh and Albright’s heavy-handed pressure was brought to bear to sabotage his probe, O’Neill realized dark, subversive forces were lurking against him.

According to counterinsurgency insiders John Miller, Michael Stone and Chris Mitchell, who wrote the book The Cell covering the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993 up through 9/11[87]:

O’Neill became the first FBI agent ever to be banned from a foreign country by his own government.[88]

The reason is all too obvious. Israel could not be implicated in the murder of Americans, despite the JFK assassination, the stolen nuclear secrets, the USS Liberty, the USS Cole, and especially 9/11. Despite his expertise on terrorism and dedicated investigative track record, the 20-year FBI veteran John O’Neill became such a threat to the Zionist cabal, having uncovered the truth about the USS Cole, that he quickly became the target of a smear campaign and worse. Harassed over bogus bullshit, he opted to resign from the FBI in August 2001 after being offered the head of security at the World Trade Center’s North Tower.[89] 9/11 co-conspirator Larry Silverstein wanted John O’Neill in his North Tower office no later than September 11th.[90] With John arriving at the new office on September 10th, 2001, it was more than obvious that he was conveniently eliminated the following day. It was similar to all those records stored in Building 7 revealing how the Pentagon had lost $2.3 trillion that Defense Secretary Rumsfeld announced on 9/10, conveniently going up in smoke the next morning.[91] Just more signs among the zillion indicating it was an inside job perpetrated by US traitors, Israeli murderers and Saudi accomplices.

Another individual who had an office in the World Trade Center is Jewish American “Saturday Night Live” comedian-turned Minnesota Senator Al Franken, who in late 2017 fell from grace in the #metoo stampede. The rush to judgment compelled him to resign prior to his request for an ethics committee review, and he and 7 other senators urging resignation regret their decisions. In any event, Al is an author of several books, and in one of them – Lies, and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them – he writes on the first page of Chapter 15:

To tell you the truth, I got the Jew call. I had an office in the Trade Center where I used to do most of my writing. The call came from former New York mayor Ed Koch. ‘Al,’ he told me, ‘don’t go to work on the twenty-third day of Elul’ [September 11, 2001].[92]

So, the non-Jew holding truth that would damage the reputation of the Jewish State gets told by a Jew who allegedly had foreknowledge to make certain he’d be there in harm’s way on 9/11, while a Jew among many are warned by other Jews not to show up for work on 9/11. Still think Israel had nothing to do with nearly 3,000 murdered Americans in the deadliest attack on American soil in US history?

The bottom line, Israel is not America’s friend, never was, and never will. And if all this isn’t quite enough incriminating evidence, the infamous war criminal himself, Benjamin Netanyahu, currently facing corruption charges, likely to be reinstalled for yet another round as Israeli prime minister, over three decades ago back in 1990, in Jerusalem’s intel waterhole the Fink’s Bar, gave away his and Israel’s treasonous, backstabbing plan for America, over a decade prior to their criminal role on 9/11[93]:

If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it does not matter what you do, America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.[94] [Boldface for Emphasis]

Also worth noting is a heated conversation during an Israeli cabinet meeting just three weeks after 9/11, when an irritated Prime Minister Ariel Sharon chastised his Foreign Minister Shimon Peres over Peres’s concern about America’s unheeded requests that Israel negotiate a ceasefire with the Palestinians, and how it could potentially sour US-Israeli relations, at which point Sharon angrily snapped back:

I want to tell you something very clear, don’t worry about American pressure on Israel, we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it.[95] [Boldface for more Emphasis]

The Protocols of Zion are alive and well, living and breathing through Israeli leaders. In recent years, Prime Minister Netanyahu is utilizing “the Deep State” meme in his chronic victimization role (that so many Jews are so infamous for) as he cries foul against the subversive “extorted,” blackmail forces out to get him.[96] Though the crooked Teflon man is the longest running Israel leader in its history, the Talmudic hardliner[97] has repeatedly been accused of criminal corruption, fraud, bribery and breach of trust, outlasting all the probes.[98] Outed years ago for his flagrant attempts to subvert justice, suppress and control Israeli press,[99] the Khazarian Mafioso man rammed Corona vaccine jabs into his populace faster than even Operation Warp Speed for election brownie points from the ruling cabal, spelling devastation for his fellow Israeli citizens,[100] but then historically, Zionists possess a self-hate streak that runs mighty deep.[101] Thanks to Trump who brokered Israel’s normalized relations with four Arab nations, the five term PM is now facing the results of his fourth election in two years. Israel’s first sitting leader to face a criminal trial while in office appears to have narrowly avoided being ousted, the March 23rd election leaving him in search of a conservative coalition or potentially a fifth election.[102] Despite his long controversial, criminal past, looks like another rigged close one that will once again retain him as 21st century’s Khazarian mafia head.

In real time, the Zionist-Masonic-Luciferian control over this earth is piece by piece being unmasked and dismantled, causing the treasonous pretenders in DC to squirm mightily in their outright insanity, desperados in unlimited censorship and cancel culture hysteria, outed like never before as low life traitors, enemies of the US Constitution against First Amendment right of free speech and a free press.[103] Things are running amok in Washington these days, as the westernmost edge of the DC-Rome-City of London axis-of-evil corporate control over prison planet implodes on itself.[104] As the searchlight of truth’s been turned on, grotesquely naked Satanic elite cockroaches are frenzily running for their lives, scrambling for cover of darkness.

Let’s take the deep dive plunge into Israel’s own pedo-fingerprints left at multiple crime scenes, both in and outside Israel’s borders. Israel has failed to address its criminal complicity over its own pedophilia problem. Both the trafficked Israeli girls and women abroad, ending up in places like the Middle East’s mecca for modern day slavery – Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, as well as the enormous influx of girls and women from the former Soviet Bloc of Eastern Europe, trafficked into Israel by the tens of thousands. 80% of sex workers in Israel have been brought there against their will as trafficking victims, according to the Israel Task Force on Human Trafficking from a July 2007 Jewish Telegraphic Agency article.[105]

Author Victor Malarek who wrote a book on the topic of human trafficking a decade and a half ago entitled The Natashas: Inside the New Global Sex Trade[106] told an audience in a Montreal synagogue:

Newspaper ads from modelling and employment agencies promise exciting jobs, but the women are duped. They must submit or they are raped, beaten and tortured. There are between 5,000 and 10,000 trafficked women in Israel and more than 200 brothels in Tel Aviv alone. It is a human rights issue the Jewish community knows about. They have a voice and they must use it.[107]

An estimated 20,000 female sex workers are coerced by organized crime each year in Tel Aviv alone. The Knesset Subcommittee on Trafficking in Women released a report in 2005 disclosing that 10,000 to 15,000 girls and women were smuggled into Israel from Russia, Eastern Europe or entered at the Egyptian border during the last four years, and covertly sold at public auctions held in nightclubs and bars for up to $10,000, with law enforcement complicity, and then forced to work 18 hours a day in enslavement. On average, only 3% of what they earned went to them, the rest to their criminal network. Many of the international traffickers are Israeli men. While a police spokesperson maintains:

They (trafficked Women) are very much afraid to come to the police and complain, so the police really can’t do anything.[108]

But with no Israeli law against trafficking until 2006, apathy ruled the day. A legal advisor to a women’s advocacy group said that police playing passive was no excuse since a litany of crimes were committed even without the antitrafficking law – rape, abduction, battery, deceit and theft to name just a few.

In October 2007 an important Jerusalem Post article addresses the growing national crisis of intergenerational child sexual abuse in Israel, particularly in the haredi Orthodox community after a 30% spike in recent months. The nonprofit National Council for the Child (NCC) executive director Dr Yitzhak Kadman alerted:

We are now seeing the negative results of people who were abused as children but who were left untreated.[109]

Kadman reported that 1 in 3 child victims whose sex abuse went untreated are likely to become offenders later in life, and called upon the government to begin providing free therapy to all victims of child abuse in the face of the dramatic increase observed back in 2007. Dr Kadman observed that instead of the usual 15-20 cases per month, his agency was treating 40-45 per month, adding that the growing violence in Israeli society was also a causative factor:

Sexual abuse is not really about the sex but about the violence that surrounds it.[110]

Just over the previous weekend alone, Yitzhak Kadman spoke of security guards at schools, one for kindergarteners, were arrested on suspicion of molesting students and in another case, a 12-year old girl was found naked after having been slipped a date rape drug by two 13-year old boys. A jump from 669 cases of teenage offenders was recorded in 2006 compared to 504 in 2000. Kadman also alluded to both copycat crimes based on the increased media focus as well as more victims coming forward in response to recent coverage of sex abuse crimes. Whereas in the past, haredi rabbis would shame perpetrators by simply forcing them to leave their neighborhoods (not unlike the Catholic Church), but because of the growing awareness of the emerging problem within their community, placing more pressure on rabbis to actually deal with the issue of child sex abuse, the situation even then was significantly changing.

With a 16% increase in overall sex abuse cases during the past half dozen years, Israel’s Welfare and Social Services Ministry in October 2007 had just announced NIS 8 million (near $2.5 million USD) funding for providing counseling services for Israeli child abuse victims. Dr Kadman said cutting loose a little more funding and opening up a few more treatment clinics is far from adequate to properly address the alarming pedophilia crisis emerging nearly a decade and a half ago in Israel. And as will be shown in detail, because the immensity of this growing crisis has largely been swept under the rug by the government, today’s pedophilia scourge in Israel (and around the world) is now unprecedented and off the charts.

Just one year later in 2008, all of Dr Kadman’s hopes of expanding services to meet the growing demands of Israel’s increasing number of sexually abused youth were on the brink of nightmarish disaster, with the country’s only center able to provide comprehensive treatment on the verge of closing. An acute shortage of child investigators holding the special training to interview suspected abuse victims caused the crisis backlog of 700 abused kids in dire need of being seen.[111] Pretty pathetic in a nation that prides itself on advanced education and professional training to allow such an absolutely critical component to basic child care and treatment reach such an extreme catastrophe. Again, misplaced priorities of the government, in Israel specifically the Welfare and Social Services Ministry, were directly responsible for this inexcusable calamity. The Social Services union months prior to the crisis warned the ministry to no avail.

The initial child investigator is the first key component to the screening process to assess a child’s psychological needs based on his or her history, to determine if abuse has occurred, and the subsequent treatment strategy to best suit meeting those needs follows. All other services cannot even commence unless this essential first responder completes the initial assessment. This becomes one more indicator that Israel, like virtually every other developed First World nation examined in this treatise thus far, doesn’t give a shit about its most vulnerable population. Why is this so? The reason is the elite that has sufficient resources to do what is most necessary, refuses to take care of our most precious human resource because children’s well-being is simply not the priority – by diabolical design. Despite many dedicated individuals in the helping professions and NGO efforts to stamp out child abuse, this bottom-line tragic reality that children’s well-being is of low priority to those holding the resources is the consistent finding throughout the world.

In March 2009 after arresting a dozen men connected to an international sex ring operating throughout Eastern Europe, Cyprus and Israel, Tel Aviv police were calling it “one of the world’s biggest prostitute trafficking networks.”[112] Forced into sexual slavery through intimidation and violence to work escort services, the operation was reportedly about to move fulltime to the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, ostensibly due to harsher sentences being handed down by Israeli judges. The leader of the trafficking network was a lieutenant from among one of the top Israeli organized crime families being monitored by law enforcement for years. Links to the Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian mob network run deep.

With Israel’s child abuse rates overtaking America’s by June 2012,[113] and by mid-November 2013 Israel’s leading organization to combat child sex abuse, the National Council for the Child, announcing that “the rate of child abuse in Israel is higher than it’s ever been,”[114] a mere month and a half later in 2014, Israel suddenly lifted all requirements for obtaining visas to enter the country.[115] So, when child sex abuse is at its all-time worst, Israel seemingly by design, facilitates a steep rise in its sex trafficking at its worst rate too. As a highly sought destination nation, in 2014 the Tel Aviv government gave a huge boost to the growing international sex trade, opening up the former Soviet Bloc Eastern European trafficking corridor for the fastest growing organized crime on the planet to thrive like never before in Israel. As a direct result, it was predictably flooded with underage girls and women, trafficked in huge, never before seen numbers from Ukraine, Russia and Moldova (See last chapter).[116] It’s also no accident that back in 2014, the US State Department NGOs also happen to illegally overthrow the Ukraine government and install its own fascist anti-Russian puppet regime.[117] While Israel appeared to be intentionally permitting conditions to worsen for its rising population of abused children, it somehow gets to keep its coveted US State Department “Tier 1 status,” no doubt through the applied motto for nefarious mutual promotion – “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.”

Then, the very next year in 2015, Israel and Belarus, infamous for its sex trafficking and human rights atrocities, signs a deal to waive all visa requirements between them. No one can claim they didn’t know as Israel’s open border in 2014 had already driven the sex trafficking trade to unprecedented heights. After coming up with a written plan to eliminate sex trafficking in 2013, Belarus reneged, not only failing to convict any violators but even stopped investigating trafficking cases altogether. Knesset member Meirav Michaeli took to social media, admonishing her government for fenagling the no-visa travel accommodation:

Belarus is a central country of origin for human trafficking – women and children, men and handicapped people. It is a poor country with no protection for human rights. The fact is that the US and European countries demand a visa from Belarus. The visa-free agreement with Belarus means the same thing as a human trafficking agreement.[118]

“A human trafficking agreement,” can’t get any clearer than that. Yet despite the warning, Netanyahu’s pro-pedo cabinet in August 2015 went ahead anyway, and as a result, more victims suffered from the next Belarus sex trafficking wave. After the floodgate had been intentionally opened in back-to-back years, ensuring an influx of victimized sex slaves into Israel, in early 2017 Knesset MP Aliza Lavie had the unbelievable audacity to state with Jewish pride:

Israel has come a long way in dealing with human trafficking, and its achievement has been recognized by the US State Department.[119] [wink, wink]

The hubris out of Washington and Tel Aviv is demonic. Right in the middle of the very year Israel opened its borders to pedophiles and traffickers the world over, a June 22, 2014 Jerusalem Post headline boasts:

US Commends Israel for Efforts to Address Human Trafficking[120]

The splashy photo accompanying the article shows PM Bibi Netanyahu, the late President Shimon Peres and then Minister of Justice Tzipi Livni all smiles, happily accepting their coveted Tier 1 award. If you actually believe the US State Department’s annual ranking of Israel on combatting the global human trafficking problem, I’ve got Deep State swampland to sell you. For a full decade the Jewish State has remained a top Tier 1 nation,[121] indicating it has consistently “maintained high standards for the elimination of human trafficking.”[122] In July 2019 the Jewish News Syndicate (more apt Jewish Crime Syndicate?) boasts that Israel’s rating is “leading the world in the struggle against the illegal trade in humans,” touting its Tier 1 status as an exclusive elite club of only 32 other nations across the planet. But this glowing pie in the sky assessment is completely unfounded bullshit and at total odds with the gripping, on the ground reality based on the latest news coming out of Israel. Yet this country Israel does not even bother with a registry of convicted sex offenders and has long held the reputation as a pedo-sanctuary.[123]

To further expose the psychopathic liars and war criminals, 2014 also just happened to be the very first year Israel began monitoring its own internal sex trade, estimating that between 11,420 and 12,730 sex workers were in the country since visa requirements were strangely waived for the next two years running. Out of the total in a nation the size of New Jersey and a population of just 8 million, 1,260 of those “sex workers” in Israel were abused trafficked in child sex slaves, and Israeli organized crime’s booming sex trade in 2014 generated a whopping $308 million. But in just five years, from 2014 to 2019, profits from Tel Aviv’s “Tier 1” sex trafficking industry ballooned up more than three times to $1 billion.[124] In four years by December 2018, the estimated number of sex workers in Israel jumped to 14,000 and the number of sexually exploited children more than doubled to 3,000, in just 4 years![125] With so much of a spiked increase in both victims and profits in such a relative short period of time, clearly this is not making progress combatting the fastest growing organized crime on the planet, nor is it reason to self-promote and gloat over such a boldface lie. The truth is, the pedo-gatekeeping US State Department and notorious Israeli government are slavemaster bedfellows in the global sex slave trade.

A series of ongoing scandals has rocked Israel. It appears that in 2017 pedophiles had infiltrated the nation’s intelligence apparatus with a ring of operatives exchanging child pornographic materials within various security services.[126] In 2010 the third highest ranking officer in the state security agency Shabak was not only caught misappropriating hundreds of thousands of dollars beyond the budget and falsifying records, he was also busted having an affair with a subordinate’s wife.[127] He promoted her, demoted her husband and was only exposed after the wronged spouse filed a formal civil service complaint. The culprit got off lightly with a three-year suspension. Another senior General Security Service official that also couldn’t keep it in his pants with a subordinate attempted to put himself on her promotion committee but was caught and forced to resign.[128] With the Jewish State’s intel services, particularly Shin Bet, run almost exclusively by Orthodox religious, Zionist militant, nationalist leaning fanatics in support of the aggressive settler movement, violence, instability and pedophilia follow.[129]

Then after all that, in July 2018 police arrested a half dozen Russian immigrant suspects as part of a major sex trafficking operation smuggling in young women and girls from the very same culprit Belarus for the exploding Belarus-Israel sex trade, with more arrests reported still pending.[130] The bust involved police from Israel, Belarus and Interpol. The 57-year old Israeli sex ringleader was taken into custody in Belarus. Trafficking victims in Israel were located and also placed in police custody for deportation.

The historic, ignorant stigmatization was to systemically label all trafficking victims wholesale as illegal prostitutes illegally trespassing in Israel from a poor foreign country, treating them as criminals in prison, and deporting them back to their countries of origin, where too often they’re abducted and re-trafficked by the same criminal network (as depicted in the last chapter with Eastern Europeans). Fortunately, today there are dedicated anti-trafficking advocacy groups in Israel that are slowly changing the law enforcement-judicial system culture with how it deals with trafficked women and children.[131] Now victims are awarded work visas, rehabilitation in a shelter for a year, medical care and state funded legal aid and assistance filing criminal and civil lawsuits against their traffickers.

While forces for good are operating on behalf of combatting sexual slavery and forced labor, there are prevailing sinister forces subversively operating throughout the world that are exploiting the largest slave trade in the history of humankind right now. And they’re hiding in plain sight. A strong nexus of an organized criminal network is operating between the former Soviet Bloc nations of Eastern Europe, Russia and Israel, working in collusion with elements in corrupt national and transnational governments, secret societies, intelligence services and the military industrial security complex.[132] It’s through this covert interlocking, multi-tiered infrastructure that the global sex trafficking trade is booming larger than ever before.

While Israel has made some progress through compassionate, very important NGOs making significant, heroic strides providing support services for victims of abuse and trafficking, the head of the serpent that is the overriding power structure behind the modern slavery scourge on humanity remains alive and well, and continues to prosper and thrive. As long as the macro-problem of the ruling Satanic elite maintaining its centralized lethal stranglehold over all major governments through corruption, bribery and blackmail, and controls every monopolized private and public sector industry through economic enslavement, massive oppression and mind control, extreme exploitation and global theft, with the same Satanic bloodlines ruling the earth for millennia as its puppet master overlords, nothing will change. The head of the monster needs to be severed first before substantive transformative change can occur.

Well-connected American businessman Daniel Sunray abused six children between 1998 and 1999 and spent six years in prison paying for his sex crimes committed in Israel.[133] When Daniel Sunray moved to New York City, a US based Jewish advocacy group that combats child sex abuse shared information about Sunray’s past in 2017 warning the Jewish New York City community after Sunray failed to register as a convicted sex offender. The pedophile then solicited the support of well-respected Israeli Rabbi Asher Weiss in Israel touting what a great man Sunray is, and how his new Jewish community should welcome and embrace him, which so emboldened the convicted child rapist that he proceeded to sue Jewish Community Watch for breach of privacy. Influential Jewish pedo-supporters in high places seem to rush to the aid of fellow Jews, regardless, or sometimes I suspect because of their pedo-past. Again, the head of the snake needs to be vanquished.

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin in December 2020 announced special pardons for convicted prostitutes in Israel to wipe their slate clean. The Israeli government’s new focus signed into recent law in 2020 criminalizes men that pay for sexual services rather than punish the sex worker. Israel is the tenth nation to pass what’s been called “the Nordic Model” where the law enforcement focus is shifting to prosecuting customers and pimps rather than the sex workers. The Knesset also allocated NIS 90 million ($27.3 million USD) for rehabilitating sex workers to find another means of livelihood.[134] In President Rivlin’s words:

The law prohibiting use of sex services is a message to the Israeli public, men, women and young people. The message is that women’s bodies are not a commodity. Women’s souls are not a commodity. Sex for pay is not about sexual relations. Sex for pay is an exploitative relationship that has no place in our society – a society that values equality and respect for every man and woman from every sector and every part of our society… Life in prostitution means daily, unbearable exposure to violence, poverty, addiction and exploitation… This is life on the brink of death, on the edge of surrender. To break this cycle of pain, which sometimes seems never-ending, with no horizon, requires enormous mental strength.[135]

Though understanding the plight of sex workers may lead to improvements, especially for those abducted, beaten and controlled by the lucrative, barbaric sex trafficking industry still flourishing in Israel, its effects are merely cosmetic, used mostly for political PR purposes than enacting substantive policy change that will effectively eradicate modern human slavery. Government collusion with organized crime at the highest levels is the real crux of what’s systemically wrong, and nothing will ever change at the top of this power pyramid because as the pedo-empire’s Achilles heel, it would threaten to destroy the Satanic bloodline control ruling over humanity.

With the average lifespan of a prostitute in Israel lasting only 46-years, the compassionate sentiments expressed by Israel’s president may represent a step in the right direction, away from Israel’s otherwise cultural reputation as highly sexist, rigidly patriarchal and overly punitive. While some have ascribed genetic factors to Jews’ “naturally” endowed superior intelligence[136] and inordinate disproportionate wealth and worldly influence,[137] others also use the genetic rationale to account for Jews’ propensity for aggression and testosterone-driven predilection for rape and prostitution.[138] Controversial ground either way as a food for thought offering.

Jewish Briton Gilad Atzmon, the eclectic musician, activist, novelist and incisive Unz Review columnist, raises a related issue to the above in an article entitled “Predators United” grappling with understanding what it is to be a Jewish male, despite such an inquiry’s unsettling, controversial nature. His piece from August 2019, essentially raises the issue of whether it’s nature vs. nurture when it comes to explaining why so many prominent Jews in the last couple years are being outed so prevalently as sexual predators.[139] With front men pals Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein leading the way, Gilad poses the question, is it literally in the blood and simply part of the genetic makeup of the Jewish male to carry such disproportionate propensity to dominate, exploit and violate both the fairer gender and manmade laws regardless of victim age, or does it simply come with the turf of being so rich and powerful with an enormous spectrum of choice to fulfill every whim, fantasy and desire that pushing the thrill seeking envelope can eventually lead one astray? With the bulk of the disgraced and downfallen coming from such high exposure industries as media, entertainment, corporate, academia, finance and political worlds, all fields of endeavor that Jewish men gravitate towards and generally excel at, again it appears the old riddle remains unsolved and unanswered as it seems plausible that both biological and social environmental factors are dynamically at play.

In any event, victims of sexual offenses in the Jewish State appear to be so beaten down by both Israel’s chauvinistic culture and brutal justice system that the records show they report crimes to authorities only 6% of the time.[140] This means that in Israel, when the almost always female victim is sexually violated, this very grave matter 16 out of 17 times gets quickly brushed aside, never reaching legal authorities’ attention as the typical male perpetrator is almost always allowed to get away with it. Add those few cases that do get reported to authorities that actually end with court convictions and the odds of justice ever being served against rapists are virtually zero. An annual comptroller report released in May 2019 shows that 7 of 10 cases that police investigate, fail to result in indictments.[141] Similar to UK’s tough slander laws, odds favor the perps, deterring victims from making public allegations. Another identified problem is the lag time of months and even years between reporting abuse to police and the authorities’ ultimate response. Meanwhile, the child remains at risk if still in the accused’s orbit. Conclusion – sex crimes do pay in Israel as rapists are able to get away with their heinous aggression virtually 100% of the time, making Israel a major haven for sexual predators feasting off vulnerable victims.

As a patriarchal society, the child protective services and family court system in Israel favor fathers, especially when the wife alleges sexual abuse.[142] Often child custody is awarded the abusive father while the mother is gaslit to appear unstable. Jailing the parent desperately attempting to protect her child from the sexual perpetrator is egregiously commonplace. If that’s not diabolical enough, the Israeli top cop has just selected a convicted sexual predator for the important job of liaison with US coordinating joint policing operations.[143] The inverse world of Luciferianism where bad is good and good is bad currently presides as much over Israel as it does the United States.

Though there are countless glimpses of Israel’s pedophilia scandals, because the mainstream media owned by six oligarchs suppresses the global pedo-network’s worldwide public exposure, by design each sex ring bust tends to be marginalized as an isolated event, carefully concealed as tip of a largely unseen, humongous iceberg. One of the significant international pedo-webs that Israel was operating was upended in December 2018, with the arrest of 14 Israeli traffickers caught running a large sex tourism operation out of Colombia, South America.[144] Marketed for high-end businessmen, celebrity clients and a reward perk for recently discharged Israeli Defense Force veterans, this Israeli pedophile ring worked in partnership within elements of Colombian law enforcement, relaying classified intelligence information to help avoid detection from local police. Bribery payoffs and money laundering as well as murder charges were also filed against suspects. This pedophile network centered its operations in the historic tourist town of Cartagena, population almost a million, while back in Israel traffickers recruited and booked VIP Israeli tourists for stays at posh Colombian hotels and hosted alcohol drug infested orgies with trafficked underage children on board yacht trips. Per a December 2018 Guardian article:

On the internet several companies offer ‘sex tours’ of the city, including a three-day trip for $6,000 (£4,700) that promises unlimited sex with up to 60 women on one of Cartagena’s private islands. Another pledges ‘days of sun’ and ‘hours of fantasy fulfilment,’ including a 25% discount to celebrate its 25th year of operation.[145]

Local insiders disclosed that the sexual exploitation and abuse of minors in Cartagena had been out of control for many years, confirmed by the tour company’s ad with its quarter century operation. This sophisticated child sex trafficking scheme drew the biggest policing operation involving the Colombian National Police in the nation’s history. Eventually the international crime network caught the attention of Interpol, suspecting operators of systematically pimping and solicitating minors for prostitution. Colombian authorities simultaneously raided multiple locations beyond Cartagena that included Bogota, Medellin and Santa Marta as well,[146] recovering $47.3 million in asset evidence, exposing the joint trafficking operation of both drugs and more than 250 Colombian and Venezuelan adolescents between the ages of 14 and 17 at various luxury resort hotels, yachts and private residences involving sex with both demented Israeli tourists and locally connected derelicts. Deemed a national security threat, in November 2017 Colombia deported the network leader, former IDF soldier, 44-year old Assi Ben-Mosh (Moosh), after he had expanded his international operation to several other countries – Ecuador, Mexico and Brazil. Moosh remained at large in July 2018 when the police raid across Colombia was launched. Six of the dozen Israeli suspects were arrested along with two Colombians in a sweep by National Police. It would not be until the following year in May 2019 that the fugitive ringleader would finally be apprehended in Portugal.[147]

The so called madame in this sexual blackmail operation was Colombian Instagram model Liliana del Carmen Campos Puello, who lured her underage sex slaves with promises of a modeling career.[148] Sound familiar? Same MO as Epstein, Maxwell, Jean-Luc Brunel and Peter Nygard, all part of the same busted international pedo-network. Also, similar to NXIVM, victims in this scandal were branded with tattoos of their “owners”’ initials. Madame Campos Puello shares the same surname as another notorious trafficker, Jorge Torres Puello, “legal advisor” in the Clinton-Laura Silsby case in Haiti, and guilty of trafficking children throughout nearby Central America. Both Puellos procurers predatorily focused their recruiting efforts tapping child victims from poor, economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. Ghislaine did the same, trolling the other side of the tracks in West Palm Beach. The corruption and collusion in the Israeli and Colombian governments in this case run very high. When Campos the Cartagena pimping madame arrived angry and defiant in the courtroom, she was quoted in the Colombian press yelling:

Stop screwing with my life, because I am going to throw overboard all the politicians who used to hire me.[149] [Again, boldface for Emphasis]

And for keeping her mouth shut, she received an extremely light sentence of just 2 years and 7 months, echoing the Israeli run Epstein case with his yearlong jailhouse sleepovers.

Another overlooked, atrocious horror show in Colombia involved private contractor DynCorp employees and US military personnel raping underage Colombian girls a decade before the breaking Israeli-Colombian sex tourism headlines in 2018. Sputnik touched on this covered up DynCorp blackhole in Colombia:

In October 2004, DynCorp workers at Tolemaida Air Base in Colombia were caught distributing a video showing them sexually violating underage girls from the town of Melgar — a video that eventually made it to the streets of Bogota.[150]

The US military pledged to investigate the criminal allegations that at least 54 underage girls were sexually assaulted by both DynCorp members and US Army soldiers from 2003 to 2007, but a bilateral agreement granted them special immunity from prosecution, according to a classified 800-page report.[151] One of the underage girls sexually assaulted in the child porn video was reported to have committed suicide.[152] Given the legal license to rape without consequence, when the story briefly went public, it was quickly buried. In 2007 the US military-DynCorp pedo-scandal in Colombia was winding down while the Israeli-Cartagena sex ring scandal was just revving up, both briefly overlapped and likely interconnected.

Recall DynCorp in Bosnia from last chapter and Book 4, during the late 1990s under Bill Clinton’s presidency, encapsulated by the Huffington Post in December 2010:

DynCorp, a United Nations and US Military contractor was involved in a sex slavery scandal in Bosnia in 1999, with its employees accused of rape and the buying and selling of girls as young as 12.[153]

So, in spite of the notorious US private defense contractor’s horrific track record in Bosnia, Colombia and Afghanistan, DynCorp continues receiving multimillion-dollar US taxpaid contracts from Washington DC, while immersed in one major pedophilia scandal after the next. This is how the international child sex abuse network operates, sanctioned, supported and shielded by the cover of global governance.

With General John Abizaid the longest running CENTCOM commander in charge of losing both the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars from 2004 to 2007 under the Bush-Cheney regime,[154] and now serving as the US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia,[155] John was also my freshman roommate at West Point in 1969-70. I’ll return to cover a couple of relevant General Abizaid points of interest with him at the helm when it’s Saudi Arabia’s turn to be exposed later in this chapter. My other West Point roommate at the time, Karl Eikenberry,[156] became the head general of America’s Afghanistan War from 2005 to 2007, and upon his retirement, was sworn in by President Obama as US Ambassador to Afghanistan in 2009.[157] As Council on Foreign Relations members and top US leaders in Middle Eastern “Greater Israel Project” wars, both roommates had their share of unsavory scandals under their watchful commands in US military wars destined by design for America to lose.[158] Perhaps the biggest for Karl Eikenberry came while Afghan ambassador – the so-called “bacha bazi” boy scandal. From a leaked WikiLeaks intercepted diplomatic dispatch:

As first reported by the British Guardian newspaper, on June 24, 2009 the U.S. embassy in Afghanistan sent a cable to Washington, under the signature of Karl Eikenberry, U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan, regarding a meeting between Assistant Chief of Mission Joseph Mussomeli and Afghan Minister of Interior Hanif Atmar. Among the issues discussed was what diplomats delicately called the “Kunduz DynCorp Problem.” Kunduz is a northern province of Afghanistan.[159]

A month prior, Afghan Interior Minister Atmar had verbalized his worries face-to-face in an official meeting with his US higher-ups that the lives of DynCorp employees were in dire jeopardy should it ever be leaked that they were partying with “stoned” Afghan cops while fucking around with dancing Afghan boys. Atmar urged Ambassador Eikenberry and company to keep it hush, hush under wraps, and so it was, for a short spell. From a revealing Houston Press article exposing the sick practice in late 2010:

Bacha boys are eight- to 15-years-old. They put on make-up, tie bells to their feet and slip into scanty women’s clothing, and then, to the whine of a harmonium and wailing vocals, they dance seductively to smoky roomfuls of leering older men. After the show is over, their services are auctioned off to the highest bidder, who will sometimes purchase a boy outright. And by services, we mean anal sex: The State Department has called bacha bazi a ‘widespread, culturally accepted form of male rape.’ (While it may be culturally accepted, it violates both Sharia law and Afghan civil code.)[160]

This is why the Obama administration under the transparent globalist façade of “multiculturalism,” strictly enforced official stand down orders for all US troops in Afghanistan to look the other way when Afghan pedophiles were tearing up the insides of howling little boys in pain, with traitorous commander-in-chief Obama’s complicity, free to engage in their “accepted cultural practice,” owning and abusing underage male sex slaves.[161] Obama deservedly caught flak briefly after it was disclosed that an American Captain [and West Point grad] Daniel Quinn and Green Beret First Class Sergeant Charles Martland both intervened to slightly rough up a senior Afghan police commander for predatorily chaining and raping a local village boy to his bed for a week, then beat his mother and when confronted, laughed in their faces.

After both soldiers were officially reprimanded, Capt. Quinn resigned his commission after being relieved of his command and Sgt. Martland was forced out of military service.[162] Marine Lance Cpl. Gregory Buckley, Jr was likely murdered for complaining too loud about an Afghan commander’s sick bacha bazi habit. When this story was partially leaked to the press, Obama was quickly found guilty in the court of public opinion, in his repeated role as bona-fide pedo-enabler,[163] and under mounting public pressure, heroic child protector Sgt. Martland was militarily reinstated.[164] Under Leahy Law, proof that human rights violations automatically requires the US government to cut off all assistance to violators, so Obama knew his laisse faire policy was not only immoral but illegal as well.

Journalist-author Michelle Malkin makes the pertinent point:

A White House bent on whitewashing away radical Islam’s sins against Christians, Jews, gays, apostates, cartoonists, genitally mutilated women and child brides would rather celebrate ‘diversity’ than lift a finger to protect the victims of political correctness run amok.[165]

Under the watch of the Clinton-Bush-Obama-Biden crime family dynasty, with the Bosnian sex slaves exposed, the Colombian sex slave videos caught making the rounds, and the infamous bacha bazi boy scandal in Afghanistan, DynCorp – just like the UN[166] – keeps showing up, raping Third World trafficked kids across the planet again and again and again. If the DynCorp sleazeballs aren’t sleazy enough, yet another incredibly shameful episode in its never-ending repertoire that the media also quickly smothered, arose when dual contractors DynCorp and Global Linguist Solutions (GLS) were both sued in 2016 for mistreating US citizen employees as “slaves.” Hired to serve as translators for US Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) stationed in Kuwait,[167] upon arrival, the workers’ passports were confiscated and used to illegally secure only tourist visas. The linguists were then forced into inhumane housing conditions in “overcrowded, decrepit” tent cities, infested with rats and lice, designed for temporary purposes amidst blistering desert heat.

When a translator complained, a GLS manager actually replied, “Linguists are slaves.” At one point, GLS president Ken Tolleson told them that they “would all be fired and returned to the US to ‘deliver pizzas.’” Eventually those protesting the loudest over their appalling treatment were arrested and forced to sign confessions by Kuwaiti authorities for working without work visas. Their lawsuit states that dodging bullets and artillery shells in combat zones in Iraq was a far better experience than what they received in Kuwait. Of course, DynCorp predictably claimed the lawsuit to be “wholly without merit,” insisting:

DynCorp will vigorously defend against these baseless allegations brought by plaintiffs seeking a payday.[168]

Despite its nonstop track record of disgraceful criminality, DynCorp International still operates in 30 nations around the globe and remains among the top US private defense contractors,[169] each year generating nearly a half billion (from October 1, 2019 to September 30, 2020) from US taxpayers.[170] It’s part of the criminal military industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us about 6 decades ago,[171] currently ruling the world, making it an ever-dangerous place, specializing in the slaughter and maiming of humanity. So, is it all that surprising it’s also part of the global child sex slavery complex?

Returning to the very much related Israeli global pedo-trafficking network, in June 2019 at Ben-Gurion Airport, Israel’s largest, multiple arrests were made of members of a “massive trafficking ring” bringing in thousands of foreign national migrants from the northern Caucasus nation of Georgia.[172] The large trafficking operation involved airport personnel enabling the bypassing of passport processing and control. Police suspect the airport employees were bribed up to $10,000 per person to assist traffickers breach security protocol. The international network had been active since 2017 and obviously involved individuals and agencies operating in Georgia and other nations as well. Reportedly two sets of arrests were made, the first involving 6 airport workers followed two days later with 5 more airport detainees charged in an alleged separate operation, both smuggling in predominantly Georgian nationals.[173] Charges included security breaches as well as financial crimes. Though it was believed the migrants came to Israel for work purposes, it could not be ruled out that some over the 2-year period were connected to criminal activities like sex trafficking and perhaps even terrorism.

Yet another identified problem in recent years is that Israel has become a safe refuge for Jewish pedophiles from the diaspora seeking to escape justice.[174] The sole gatekeeping arbiter in the nation to assess eligibility cases for the Law of Return is the Jewish Agency in Israel and it has a record of failing to vet applicants becoming Israeli citizens because eligibility is based solely on proving one’s Jewish identity through a grandparent. In the last decade alone, at least 55 pedophiles either convicted or under investigation managed to flee their countries of origin and through the practice of Israel’s aliyah policy, qualify as incoming Israeli citizens through manipulating and subverting the legal process to their criminal advantage.

Perhaps the most visible, highest-profile case is Malka Leifer, who committed as many as 74 sexual assaults against young underage girls in Melbourne, Australia for many years prior to emigrating to Israel in 2008.[175] After six long years of legal wrangling, in January 2021 she was finally extradited back to Australia to face trial on 74 counts of rape and sexual abuse. The pedophile convinced a psychiatrist in Jerusalem to drop the extradition charge based on the claim she was mentally ill. But in 2018 she was rearrested for feigning mental illness and ultimately a dozen years after her arrival in Israel, she was sent back to face justice in Australia.

Largely due to the Leifer case, after decades of being a known safe haven for pedophiles, Israel was aware this was a growing problem, yet for decades it systemically placed Israeli children in harm’s way, again demonstrating the Jewish State’s low priority to protect its own children. The Interior Ministry’s Population and Immigration Authority and Jewish Agency have bogusly repeatedly claimed that they’ve run criminal background checks since 2010, but since it’s been confirmed that dozens of convicted pedophiles successfully entered Israel in the last decade, obviously they lied. In February 2021, the Jerusalem Post learned through two credible sources that background checks as standard policy were not implemented until April 2020.[176] This policy change ensuring that a thorough background check is completed on every immigration applicant for the longest time was resisted and hedged. Even now, there exist loopholes that allow the Interior Ministry discretionary power to accept immigrants even with prior convictions. Why? Again, actions speak louder than words, the government continues maintaining corrupt loopholes that render protection of its own children a very low national priority.

Another current high-profile extradition case involves 65-year old Brooklyn rabbi Gershon Kranczer, who after sexually assaulting his own children, escaped from New York in 2010 to the Jewish pedo-haven, that is, until Israel arrested him in January 2020 and gave him the old heave-ho back to Brooklyn court for his long overdue arraignment in mid-March 2021.[177] The former principal of a yeshiva and father of 14 children originally faced charges, along with three of his sons, for molesting four of his daughters over a 15 year period.[178]

After several months on Covid-19 lockdown, in August 2020 Israel’s Association of Rape Crisis Centers revealed that over the previous few months there had been a 41% increase in inquiries involving child abuse and child sexual assault cases throughout the country.[179] One in five children are sexually abused in Israel yet only 6% of the time do incidents get reported to authorities. According to a July 2019 Times of Israel exposé, critics of Israel’s woeful system that so grossly fails to protect its own children maintain:

Political culture, stringent slander laws, inadequate sentencing and a taboo against reporting make it difficult to prosecute suspects.[180]

Pushback against child advocacy/antitrafficking groups and recent pressures brought to bear to change the status quo of this ultra-pedo-friendly system latest wave sweeping over Israel and Western culture, has singled out the Q-Anon movement as a right-wing extremist, conspiracy theorist threat. The powerful Jewish Anti-Defamation League has targeted the group for suppression and criminalization in a posted online primer.[181] In September 2020, Gregory Stanton, president of the Jewish funded Genocide Watch, called out Q followers as a danger on par with “Nazism” and “Anti-Semitism.”[182] Stanton used the fake news platform CNN to warn the planet against the Q movement as a self-proclaimed vigilante pedophile hunter nefariously intent on stamping out child sex abuse, condemning and labeling its misguided effort as a cover for lynch mob lawlessness and tyranny. This is the latest neoliberal attack riding high on its Trojan horse under the guise of antifascism and antiauthoritarianism, designed to condition us into accepting and normalizing pedophilia, rooted in the dogma of Freudian psychosexual theory, parlayed into the next generational wave of post-Freudian cultural influencers, well-articulated in the September 2020 Unz Review:

The Frankfurt School, Wilhelm Reich, and various Jewish social scientists to this day have dedicated much of their professional careers seeking ways to identify and deconstruct the social forces that breed authoritarian collectives [like today’s “Q-cult”] and their desire to resist multiculturalism, sexual license [i.e., LGBT, pedophilia], hyper-individualism, and even wealth inequality.[183]

The international sex trafficking network still flourishing in Israel to this day remains out of control, preying on girls and women from economically disadvantaged backgrounds mostly from Eastern Europe and Russia. In May 2020, a 51-year old former female athlete that represented Israel in international competition before becoming a team trainer was busted for running another trafficking web selling foreign national sex slaves.[184] The ring operated out of Ramat Gan, near the capital district of Tel Aviv amidst the nation’s tech industry and one of the world’s major diamond exchanges. The leader’s husband, one other man and five women were also apprehended in the police raid. The crew was charged with sex trafficking, pimping, money laundering, tax evasion and running a brothel. Initial contact with victims was made via the internet in Russian language, luring them with economic opportunities abroad. Prior to the bust, the sex operation had been active for a number of years.

Just last month in February 2021 yet another ring was partially dismantled when an Israeli undercover police operation busted ten more traffickers moving victims into the country, again from Eastern Europe.[185] Law enforcement reported that it had compiled substantial evidence indicating that “the operation was active and systemic.” Using online escort services and a fleet of drivers transporting sex workers to and from private customers’ upscale homes, this intricate high-end network involved inside operatives from the Tel Aviv District Attorney’s Office as well as the Tax and Social Security Authority, using legitimate businesses to run its money laundering. This evidence confirms ongoing government collusion with organized crime at the highest levels in Israel is hardly making a dent into this country’s thriving sex slave trade.

With this sobering backdrop reality, a March 20, 2021 Jerusalem Post just published an article revealing that the Religious Zionism party is planning to publicly shame those who make false sexual complaints against others in Israel. Knesset member Rachel Azaria rightfully responds:

As soon as the name of a woman or a child is in the [public] database, it should be clear to you that anyone can freely rape them because they are false complaint filers and who will believe them?[186]

Essentially, this Religious Zionist group appears to be lobbying to protect the pedophiles and rapists, suggesting likelihood they’re ranks are filled with pedophiles and rapists. This insidious development comes less than a week after it was reported that Israel has experienced an alarming if not shocking increase of gang rape against minors, amounting to 10% more cases in Israel than the other 36 nation members of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD comprised of developed European countries along with Israel, Canada, Australia and New Zealand).[187] Again, this reflects a most disturbing upward trend that gang rape of kids as young as 10 are skyrocketing recently in Israel, occurring significantly more frequently than observed in other nations. Men in groups as many as 11 in recent months are sexually assaulting children during lockdown in Israel. This brutal kind of zombie apocalypse-like phenomena under the yearlong global fake pandemic isolation and bizarre mental madness amidst the DNA-altering vaccine assault on humanity (especially with Israel’s highest rate of vaccination) indicates Israel and the larger world have a very serious, unresolved, devastating, fast-spreading sexual predation crisis of epic proportions on its hands.

For a very long time, the consequence of failing to protect children especially in the Jewish Orthodox communities in Israel and the diaspora have been more than apparent. An example in Israel was borne out during the first six months of 2013 when the number of cases of abused children already exceeded the previous year’s total among the ultra-Orthodox Jews in the Israeli city of Beit Semesh.[188] As noted earlier, the rates of child sexual abuse have always tended to be higher in the haredi Orthodox communities, as they’re generally more isolated, secretive, distrusting of outside agencies and clannish in their tribal cultural settings worldwide. Only in recent years have victims from Orthodox communities gradually become more willing to report abuse.

But the backlash against the lone whistleblower within the global Orthodox community against rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg of Brooklyn has been vicious.[189] While visiting Jerusalem, the rabbi went to a holy bathhouse called a mikvah for spiritual cleansing, only to walk in on a Jewish elder busily sodomizing a boy no older than 7. At that point, rabbi Rosenberg decided to go public to try and bring awareness to stop this rampant abuse that has reached the level of an informal, unholy rite of passage in its own right. Estimates within the Ultra-Orthodox population assert that most boys are currently victims of anal rape by their temple elders. For all of rabbi Rosenberg’s outspoken activism, describing it as “a child-rape assembly line,” he is wholly reviled and rejected by his Jewish brethren, regularly receiving death threats. An unidentified assailant threw bleach in his face, sending the rabbi to the hospital for burns and temporary blindness. A fellow rabbi willing to speak only if he could remain anonymous, stated:

He [rabbi Rosenberg] is finished in the community, butchered. No one will look at him, and those who will talk to him, they can’t let it be known. The pressure in our community, it’s incredible.[190]

According to a November 2013 Vice article, this epidemic of “abuse and its cover-up are symptoms of… socially disastrous political control by religious elites.”

In a related problem or symptom, Dr Amy Neustein, a Jewish non-Orthodox sociologist and editor of Tempest in the Temple: Jewish Communities and Child Sex Scandals, has witnessed pedophile husbands in the Hasidic community solicit support and protection from the “the rabbis, the Orthodox politicians, and powerful Orthodox rabbis who donate handsomely to political clubs” with the intended goal “to excise the mother from the child’s life.”[191] Rabbinical courts systematically permanently isolate mothers from their children.

Israel’s likely worst known child sex abuse case a decade ago was self-proclaimed Rabbi Elior Chen, who in February 2011 was sentenced to 24 years in prison for the horrendous abuse heaped on at least eight children, insisting that they eat feces in order to purify themselves for the abuse he inflicted.[192] His followers received 17 to 20 years behind bars. But to this day, prominent Orthodox rabbis in Israel are still defending Chen’s beastly cruelty. In March 2017 Israeli police rounded up 22 Orthodox Jews from Jerusalem and three other cities for sexually assaulting minors and women over the past two years.[193]

An Orthodox Jewish attorney named Michael Lesher wrote a book published in 2014 called Sexual Abuse, Shonda and Concealment in Orthodox Jewish Communities that tackles the perplexing issue of why so many sex crimes in the insular pedo-friendly Orthodox communities are rarely even brought to police attention and, with culpable media complicity, also withheld from the public as well.[194] Rabbis, community leaders and even high level ministers in the national government continue supporting pedophiles in their ranks even when evidence proves their guilt. Israel’s Health Czar Yaakov Litzman, an Orthodox Jew, was caught aiding and abetting a number of the accused as well as convicted sex offenders that were fellow Orthodox community members. Israel’s health minister also sabotaged extradition in several high-profile cases, among them Malka Leifer, clearly lining up on the side of child molesters rather than protecting the health of Israeli innocent children. In August 2019 police even recommended that Litzman be charged with breach of trust and criminal fraud.[195] But instead, the corrupt system allowed the corrupt politician to slide from one ministerial post to another as Bibi’s newly appointed housing minister, resigning on his own terms in September 2020, over his alleged protest of the Covid-19 lockdown, timed with the Rosh Hashanah holiday.[196]

Yet another Brooklyn Jew accused of sexually assaulting children in the 1980s who’s been living life as a free man in the pedo-safe zone of Israel is Avroham Mondrowitz. American child activist Rabbi Yakov Horowitz, who’s been sued for defamation in Israel for notifying the community of another convicted pedophile’s past, explains:

Word on the street is that there are powerful people backing Mondrowitz. Having him successfully avoid extradition will confirm that suspicion in the minds of many. It will also reinforce a horrible message to the public at large and more specifically to abuse victims — unfortunately the one that is prevalent — that the blood of innocent children can be washed away if the molester knows the right people.[197]

The biggest, most shocking pedophilia case in Israel’s history has surfaced this month of March 2021. Still coming to light is the formerly renowned rabbi Yehuda Meshi-Zahav, the 61-year old founder of Zaka, the well-known Israeli emergency response organization. The alleged longtime pedophile was protected by his fame and loyal devotees, despite his lengthy crime spree allegedly spanning nearly four decades.[198] His victims have only just begun coming forth to talk. After an initial half dozen of them shared their horrific accounts in a Haaretz exposé,[199] another ten (and climbing) have subsequently emerged in recent days. Meshi-Zahav is said to have sexually abused men, women, boys and girls, apparently no one was off limits. Despite police investigating him for sexual assault in 2013, ultimately the probe was dropped for apparent “lack of evidence,” an overly familiar tune. An underage victim in 2011, a young woman from the Orthodox haredi community, told Haaretz, “He forcibly undressed me,” then “forced himself” on her, afterwards threatening that he’d send a Zaka squad car to run her over should she breathe a word to anyone.[200]

Though the rabbi denies any and all abuse crimes, he gave up his position as Zaka leader and Israel’s highest civilian honor bestowed on him, the Israel Prize for Lifetime Achievement that he was set to receive. Once again, another nation in cognitive dissonant shock, forced to reckon with another heralded icon turning out to be a monster, an overly familiar story in the annals of the pedophilia saga. It’s been reported that among members of his flock, there were those who knew of his sexual proclivities but chose to remain silent. Pressure to stay tight-lipped can be extreme, especially if the perpetrator is a famous national religious leader known for his altruistic contributions to society.

Every country spawns its longtime sexual predator or two or three, those who remain protected as respected paragons of virtue at the same time their shameful open secrets knowingly linger for years – UK’s Jimmy Savile, America/Israel’s Jeffrey Epstein and his gal Ghislaine, US gymnastics team doctor Larry Nasser, Penn State Coach Jerry Sandusky, and even Belgium’s chronic reoffender Marc Dutroux come readily to mind. Make no mistake, the PEDO-Establishment in all these nations made certain to protect all these vile creatures at the expense of thousands of young victims.

The disparate power differential between established leaders and their helpless child victims acts as a formidable barrier to shield and guarantee powerful rapists from accountability. Too often victims accurately conclude that they will never be heard or believed, facing having to struggle and constantly relive the nightmare of their trauma, enduring humiliation, punishment, rejection, especially when the perp is an established, respected authority figure in contrast with them, seen as “damaged, throwaway goods.” The brutal, child-unfriendly criminal justice system in virtually every nation makes it near impossible, heaping too much overwhelming stress and adversity to navigate, particularly for fragile, most vulnerable children and young people to bear. And then how many brave victims have paid the ultimate price with their lives for having spoken up, resulting in their predators drummed in death threats actually being carried out. With the average number of post-assault years that go by before a very small minority of victims dare to divulge abuse to anyone else, reportedly around 10 long, agonizing years, the vast wider majority never disclose sexual abuse to others, much less intimidating, often unreceptive strangers posing as the legal authorities. The system that’s never supported victims needs to listen and protect them, both before and after the abuse, if this sobering, sad, grim reality is ever to change and justice finally be done.

Several months prior to the re-arrest of Jeffrey Epstein in July 2019, the Haaretz confessed in an April 2019 headline:

There’s a Hole in the System. Israel Became a Haven for Suspected Jewish Sex Offenders

Shifting gears to systemic abuse in other Middle Eastern countries like the Gulf State, the United Arab Emirates, in 2008 the giant American hotel chain Starwood, second largest in the world and parent corporation of Sheraton Hotels, hired 27-year old Australian Alicia Gali to be manager of its luxury hotel, Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort’s spa and beauty salon, located 90 minutes outside Dubai.[201] Prior to her employment, no one told Alicia of the serious danger for a young woman foreigner living alone in the United Arab Emirates. After working at the resort for three months, several fellow hotel employees hatched a premeditated plan to gang rape Alicia Gali. First, they caused her hotel bathroom to overflow at 11 o’clock at night. While maintenance was allegedly dispatched to fix the problem, the rapists knew the only place Alicia could go at that hour was to wait with her laptop at the hotel bar close to her room. After being given a drink spiked with a drug rendering her unconscious, the sexual predators brought her up to her room where they proceeded to violently take turns gang raping her, breaking four of her ribs with massive bruising. When screams were heard, hotel security reportedly entered her room to discover her unconscious with three Starwood employees hovering over her naked body.

But rather than contact police and arrest the obvious perpetrators, hotel staff conspired to keep the incident hushed up like it never happened. Alicia woke up in the late afternoon the next day in severe pain. When she reported that she’d been raped to a senior hotel manager, she was told she still owed payment on her travel to Dubai and the hotel refused to hand over her passport or even transport her to the hospital. This is a very common pattern when foreign nationals come to work in UAE and Middle Eastern countries, their employer customarily takes possession of their passport preventing victims from being able to leave the country, this in itself being a feature of modern slavery. Forced to take a cab to the hospital alone, upon treatment, medical staff encouraged her to report the crime to police.

Though Dubai as the shining pearl in the desert’s infrastructure grew up overnight, advertising the Dubai area as a playground paradise for the rich attracting enormous Western tourism revenue, the UAE is a Gulf State monarchy ruled by strict Islamic Sharia Law under King Sheikh Mohammed, where sex outside of marriage, holding hands or even a kiss on the cheek can land the unsuspecting to jail. When Alicia Gali reported her rape to police, she was thrown into prison, forced to sign a false confession written in Arabic, charging her with having sex outside of marriage (despite being brutally raped) and drinking alcohol (despite it laced with a drug). Neither the multibillion dollar US Starwood hotel chain nor her own Australian government lifted a finger to help Alicia in any way, unmercifully left for eight months behind bars, while wrongly imprisoned as a rape victim.[202] To this day Alicia has yet to be compensated for the wreckage of her young life, suffering from recurring nightmares, severe Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, under heavy psychiatric medication, unable to even afford her ongoing rehabilitative treatment. Again, where Big Business rules, so does Lucifer, delivering false imprisonment, rapists spending less time in jail than rape victims, criminal collusion between US, UAE and Australian governments, and gross travesty of justice inflicting hell on earth to undeserving vulnerable victims.

From last chapter, Bulgarian American documentarian-photojournalist Mimi Chakarova showcased the lives of several girls and women from Eastern Europe, sex trafficked to places like Turkey, Israel, Russia and United Arab Emirates. Vika from Moldova (not her actual name), who Mimi interviewed, told her she was promised a legitimate job in UAE but wound up sexually servicing up to 30 men per day in a city where men outnumber women 3 to 1.[203] Vika’s “johns” were mechanics, soldiers, priests, butchers, tourists, even U.N. personnel, ostensibly assigned to “protect” her. During the making of “The Price of Sex,” Mimi traveled to Dubai to see for herself. From a September 2016 article in the publication The Greater Middle East:

Dubai has been described as the Las Vegas of the Middle East. Emerging as a world business hub in the last decade, the city strives to keep breaking new records: the world’s tallest building, the world’s first seven star hotel, the world’s biggest shopping mall, the world’s largest manmade port. Dubai’s free trade zone is a major enticement for foreign investors, and the boomtown atmosphere has attracted more than 180 nationalities to come live and work here.[204]

The fact that the money keeps pouring in from both foreign investment and foreign tourists, it means that the UAE government simply looks the other way when it comes to Dubai’s unseemly darker side as the sex slave capital owned and operated by organized crime. Though it will egregiously lock up a rape victim for sex outside of marriage, the real criminals – the raping traffickers, pimps and thugs go free to make their millions, even billions. As the outlaws of the world’s wild, wild West, Dubai’s also an equal opportunity mecca for murderous entrepreneurial fugitives like Bangladeshi Azam Khan, who built a trafficking empire, tricking and enslaving thousands of desperate girls and women from his homeland, acquiring ownership of four luxury hotels in Dubai along the way to amassing Tk300 crore (over $3.6 billion USD) until his arrest and deportation in July 2020.[205] His story is only unique in the fact that he was actually caught. With money reigning supreme in Dubai, so does organized crime.

Since prostitution is against the law in this Muslim nation, whenever law enforcement does intervene, it mainly arrests and deports sex workers, not the gangsters. With money overflowing, morality is an ever-scarce commodity. Girls and women from all over the world abound here, many as sex slaves. Yet Dubai as one of seven UAE emirates will not permit unsightly streetwalkers, maintaining a veneer of surface respectability. With prostitution officially a crime, girls for sale found in the city’s countless nightclubs and brothels are generally left alone. Back alleys are where foreign migrants working in UAE get their rocks off.

Not every sex worker is a slave though, some operate independently, obviously making substantially more money than cashier girls employed at the local Dubai shopping malls or for that matter any job in their economically deprived home country. For instance, a Siberian blonde said she earns more in one night at $140 USD per hour than the mall cashiers make during an entire month.[206] Another woman that Mimi Chakarova ran into in Dubai was from Azerbaijan, claiming she lived with her “boyfriend” who would regularly keep her locked up in his apartment to keep her services to himself. The next time Mimi saw the woman, she had her front tooth knocked out by her “loving” man. When asked what happened, she nonchalantly reported, “We got into a fight, he punched me,” like it was no big deal for women from abusive backgrounds where it’s almost the norm for men to be violent.

In addition to filmmaker Mimi Chakarova’s astute firsthand observation and a number of international media accounts exposing the United Arab Emirates government complicity, allowing the sex trafficking epidemic to so brazenly flourish, a separate independent investigation by a Greek channel Vouli crew also confirmed Dubai’s out of control affliction for trafficked in foreign nationals, both for forced labor as well as for sexual services. According to the publication Emirates Leaks in an October 2019 article:

The white slave trade, which relies on selling women for money and bringing them into prostitution, is thriving in the UAE.[207]

Especially among its domestic workers suffering slave-like conditions, at least 80% of the UAE’s population at any given time is comprised of foreign nationals. Despite promoting itself among the “most developed countries in the world,” this Persian Gulf nation’s human rights record remains glaringly obscene, with its brutal crackdown on dissidents, widespread detainee abuse and allied aggressor role partnering in war against Yemen with the biggest Gulf State monarchy, Saudi Arabia.[208]

United Arab Emirates has developed alright, in all the wrong ways. Aside from its longtime ultra-cozy relationship with fellow sleaze nation Saudi Arabia, UAE’s normalized relations with the other MENA powerhouse Israel since September 2020 has resulted in UAE pumping a $10 billion investment fund into Israel’s economy across all sectors.[209] This powerful pro-Western contingent within the Middle East represents expansive Zionist Khazarian mafia tentacles reaching deeper into the global cabal under the façade of normalized Arab-Israeli peace relations. Meanwhile, the shifting geopolitical chessboard is aimed to mask normalized advancing occupation of the Greater Israel Project at Palestine, Lebanon and every other poor Arab nation’s expense. Teamed with UN “peacekeeping” forces, Israel’s currently prepping for another expansion war at its northern border against its longtime adversary Lebanon.[210]

Speaking of human rights abuse, Dubai’s billionaire Crown Prince, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, who doubles as UAE’s prime minister and triples as its vice president, is at war with women in his own immediate family.[211] His sixth wife Princess Haya, Jordan King Hussein’s daughter, managed to successfully flee to England after her husband’s threats over questioning his cruelty toward his adult daughters, winning her custody battle for their two young children in UK court. But unfortunately, two of the Sheikh’s older daughters aren’t so lucky. Their repeated escape attempts have failed, and Dubai’s disgraced royal control freak of a father kidnapped Shamsa and Latifa as his hostages, and to this day, allegedly beats and tortures and imprisons them under lock and key by his megalomaniacal control. In an effort to break their spirit, he keeps them heavily sedated in oblivion on psychiatric meds, implicating mental illness when all they want as grown adult women is their personal freedom. The UAE leader even manipulated and colluded with UN high commissioner for human rights Mary Robinson to deceptively claim Latifa was being treated well, in effect, branding her a troubled psychiatric patient.[212]

Not seen in public since 2018, it’s gotten so bad that the United Nations recently requested that the UAE show Letifa’s proof of life. In a video smuggled out of captivity, Sheikha Latifa states that police have threatened to shoot her if she doesn’t “cooperate”[213]… very sad, pathetic and damningly barbaric that in the 21st century, this public spectacle of brutality and abuse by royal birthright is allowed to play itself out before the world… disgusting and agonizing to passively watch from afar, analogous to slowing down to observe a car wreck to see how close the bleeding victim is to death. If the leader of the nation enslaves his own family members, how can the country be expected to be any different with nearly 90% of its population foreign nationals, many of which are trafficked into the country to be forced into sex enslavement or forced labor. Bottom line, UAE and Dubai benefit from slavery and have little incentive to change.

Turning to a slight variation on the pedo-slavery theme in the Middle East, wealthy older men from the oil-rich Gulf States maintain a traditional holiday, regularly taking a month off during the summer to travel to the poorer nation of Egypt to partake in a monthlong rape of an underage Egyptian girl as his paid for “summer bride,” the euphemistic term for being sold as a sex slave by your own family for a month.[214] The 1,750 euros come in handy as it’s two to three times the annual family income that motivates parents to consent and convince their daughters to take one for the team. Typically, girls may start out as extremely young virgins fetching a huge cash payoff. The girls are promised luxurious presents and clothes to entice them to consent. Poor families use daughters as cash cows every summer, “marrying” them off one year to a man from Saudi Arabia, the next year to another strange man this time from Kuwait for a lot less – 600 euros since the summer bride is no longer a virgin. Egyptian attorney Ahmed Moselhy, who consults NGOs in human trafficking and prostitution cases, puts the phenomenon in a cynical but accurate perspective:

The families here in the surrounding area usually have eight or more children. Every daughter equals a car or a new story on the house.[215]

In homes with families having to make due on less than $2 a day, the selling off of their daughters becomes addictive, where each girl must endure this shameful practice for many years in a row. This form of sex tourism can earn families up to 100,000 euros depending on the girl’s beauty, age, virginity, duration of “marriage.” With extramarital sex forbidden in Islam, this cottage industry has lawyers that make the temporary arrangement non-binding and legal, with the convenience of contracts sold in bookshops. For the buyer it’s regarded as a clean, uncomplicated affair that weighs little on conscience. The comedized sex slave as the victim pays in flesh, her well-being and forever tarnished reputation. At 28-years old, still unmarried and living at home with her father and stepmother who put her up to this chronic abuse, one girl who endured this degrading ritual for eight straight summers had this to say about her first encounter and her parents for branding her damaged goods in the eyes of society:

I was still innocent. I still believed in love. The first night was just awful. Afterwards, I had psychological problems… I no longer fear them, but I hate them. Especially my father. Why did he allow this to happen?[216]

The ever-widening gap between the rich and poor in this world is the engine that drives this desperation, cruelty and horror.

Under what is known as the kafala system in the Middle East, 2.8 million women from Third World nations work as domestic maids in private residences in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Lebanon.[217] Kafala means “to take care of” or “to guarantee.” While foreign maids take care of their Arab families, the guarantee is their Middle Eastern employer is free to dictate and control their lives, 2.8 million domestic workers with an iron fist. From the get-go their passports are confiscated for control purposes. The Middle Eastern male as head of household too often abuse their power, exploiting, raping, beating and blackmailing the women under their employ. Obviously, there are plenty who undoubtedly are decent men who treat their maids with fairness and respect, but again, the power differential and patriarchal authority of Middle Eastern societies carries the license with impunity to inflict a nightmarish reality that endangers the lives of thousands of helpless women and girls. With the kafala system a social custom that takes precedence over labor laws, Amnesty International articulates the systemically unchecked injustice to so many helpless workers:

An inherently abusive migration sponsorship system, which increases their risk of suffering labour exploitation, forced labour, and trafficking and leaves them [migrants] with little prospect of obtaining redress.[218]  

Under mounting pressure from Amnesty International, some of the Gulf State nations agreed to adopt more transparency and accountability from the Middle Eastern sponsor or kafeel, who is normally the household employer, requiring him to comply with and uphold basic human rights and labor laws. Despite so many war stories of unspeakable crimes of abuse,[219] because of the poverty in so many poor nations in Africa, South Asia and elsewhere, many women continue to arrive in hopes of achieving a better life for themselves and their family members back home. But disparities remain all too common, such as providing formal contracts written only in Arabic that the domestic worker cannot comprehend, yet is forced to sign.

Perhaps the worst-case scenario of migrant workers in the Middle East has been unfolding in Qatar, slated to host Fifa’s 2022 World Cup championship, frantically attempting to build up the necessary infrastructure from scratch. During the last decade to date, 6,750 migrant workers from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have lost their lives in the process, toiling under the most austere, inhumane conditions.[220] It took Qatar until 2018 before it finally passed a law for the first time providing legal protection of rights for its over 2.5 million domestic workers and laborers. As of March 2021, out of a total population of 2.9 million, upwards of near 90% are foreign nationals with Qatar’s majority population (as of 2017) 1,230,000 Indians, comprising nearly half of the people in the country. 92% of the nation’s population live in the capital city Doha. Qatar is both a transit and destination for trafficking in forced laborers and domestic workers, mostly from South Asia and Southeast Asia with a smaller number arriving from Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, Jordan and Syria.

A major strand of the global human trafficking slave trade network is the Mumbai to Dubai pathway that extends beyond to other Middle Eastern Gulf States like Saudi Arabia and Israel.[221] From economically disadvantaged source nations in South Asia, local and regional procuring gangs often employ women recruiters, guaranteeing and promising the unsuspecting, first-rate jobs in the wild, wild West of Dubai, Middle East and Europe. Again, as the world’s fastest growing organized crime, slavery is Big Business.

Now for a mini-history lesson featuring the Big Daddy of all the Gulf State monarchies – Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam. Under the tutelage/manipulation of 18th century British Empire, ideologue master of the “divide and conquer world” to pit the Arab world against itself, Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab, founder of Wahhabism, was a descendant of the Donmeh crypto-Jews of Turkey, devout followers of kabbalist early Luciferian Sabbatai Zevi, the 17th century Jewish messiah imposter (See Book 1, Chapter 3).[222] By British design, Islam became fractured with the rise of Wahhabism as the so-called Islamic reform movement in what emerged in 1932 as the British supported Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.[223] With the discovery of oil reserves in 1938, the demand for Big Oil on the eve of man’s deadliest Big War bringing unlimited wealth to the royals, the British Empire had elected to back the House of Saud as Sabbatean crypto-Jews bent on exporting Wahhabism throughout the divided Shi’a-Sunni Muslim world, the same extremist brand of Islam backed by today’s so-called Islamic State terrorists.[224] Thus, per the House of Saud, what is taught in the mosques of the Saudi holy cities of Mecca and Medina as true Islam, is simply Wahhabi extremism, weaponized by the British Empire to divide and conquer the world’s Muslim population.

Just as the Babylonian Talmud is worshipped by many Khazarian Jews, radical Islam as embodied by the Saudis’ Wahhabism and its distorted interpretation of the Koran, is akin to the Islamic version of the Jewish Babylonian Talmud. Both represent aggressive intolerance and hostility towards non-believers, not unlike militant Christian extremists, all three are rooted in and share the same ideologue of supremacy and fanaticism. Also note how in Chapter 1 of Book 3, the British Empire spawned the House of Rothschild’s Zionist State of Israel as well, and how ever since their British-engineered inceptions, Israel and Saudi Arabia have been two peas from the same Sabbatean pod, stalwart Middle Eastern crypto-Jew allies and, through heavy infiltration and subversion, both fake allies of the United States as well.

King Faisal is quoted in a September 17, 1969 Washington Post article, announcing how much affinity the Saudis and Jews have for each other as part of the same family tree:

We, the Saudi, family are cousins of the Jews. We entirely disagree with any Arab or Muslim Authority which shows any antagonism to the Jews; but we must live together with them in peace. Our country (Arabia) is the Fountain head from where the first Jew sprang, and his descendants spread out all over the world.[225]

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s founder and first king – Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud (1875-1953), was quite the begetter, utilizing his 22 wives to sire 45 sons and too many to count daughters that according to strict Wahhabist belief, don’t count as much anyway. Women are there to pleasure the man as his breeder for his royal legacy. And polygamy has been a sacred way of life since Allah, with each Saudi king having plentiful wives and concubines. And with the oil wealth gushing forth, it didn’t take long for all six successor sons of the prolific kingdom founder Saud to live up to the lavish, extravagant lifestyle that diametrically opposes the stoic Wahhabi Sharia Law. But hypocrisy never got in the way of House of Saud decadence.

The London Times has reported:

Executions in Saudi Arabia are prescribed for murder, rape, drug smuggling and child abuse, and carried out in public outside a mosque after prayers on Fridays. If the Saud family abided by its own laws there would be many Saudi princes who would meet the fate of beheading. Hypocrisy is rampant in Saudi Arabia.[226]

The first son to take the throne in 1953 upon his founding father’s death, King Saud bin Abdul Aziz, was removed and forced into exile by his half-brother King Faisal for plundering the family’s oil wealth (excessive by even royal family standards), his incessant womanizing and gambling, living out the rest of his life till 1969 in Britain and Europe. He is alleged to have fathered 115 children from hundreds of beautiful young fertile girls and women. His 115th and youngest child, born in 1965, is Princess Basma bint Saud bin Abdul Aziz, a divorcee living in England with three of her five children.

The August 1, 2005 BBC obituary of the fifth Saudi ruler – King Fahd – reads:

King Fahd (1921-2005) ascended to Saudi throne in 1982. He had a reputation as a playboy in his youth, with allegations of excessive womanizing, drinking and gambling… Indeed, it is claimed that he once lost more than $6m in one night at the Monte Carlo casino. There was a joke that new Cadillac made-to-order cars were dumped as soon as their ashtrays were full. King Fahd himself amassed a personal fortune estimated at $18bn.[227]

Then there’s the Viagra pill popping King Abdullah bin Abdulaliz at 92 who reportedly was knocking on the centenarian door prior to keeling over at just months shy of turning 100 in 2015.[228] A WikiLeaks release mentions him not letting age or giving up on “romance” slow him down. Romance can hardly be considered when defiling underage girls, regardless of age.

The gluttonous Saudi royal family numbers over 15,000, every one of them living off the fat of their oily land, compliments of their birthright to plunder their Kingdom. This kind of filthy rich ways gives way to sloth and gluttony, overinflated sense of self-importance and obscene levels of excess and entitlement demands. Critics point to the Saudi culture’s top heavy misogynism committing gender genocide against females, who cannot leave home without a male chaperone or open a bank account without male approval, that just recently gave the right to drive a car. Saudi Arabia is still stuck in the Stone Age where the hapless are literally stoned to death in the public square. And if a woman gets raped, she’s the one who pays the price, for dishonoring her family she gets treated to a bloody death by stoning.

The Kingdom of Saud is among the worst human rights violators on the planet.[229] So what does the One World Government wannabe – the United Nations – do in this upside-down Luciferian world? In September 2015 the United Nations selected Saudi Arabia to be in charge of UN’s human rights panel.[230] Journalists are targeted all the time for either extermination or imprisonment for speaking the truth or saying anything remotely perceived as disrespectful towards the king or crown prince or especially Allah, you’re as good as dead. Case in point, the nephew of the onetime richest man in the world, arms-drugs-likely small children trafficker (who ran with traffickers Jeffrey Epstein and the Maxwell clan) Adnan Khashoggi, his nephew, the WaPo journalist Jamal Khashoggi, was assassinated at the Saudi embassy in Turkey in 2018. While the case remains unsolved, evidence implicates the next king of Saudi Arabia, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman the untouchable prime suspect.

While strict Saudi Wahhabi custom forces women in the country to be covered up from head to toe with only their eyes visible, any Saudi woman who insists on breaking the sexist taboos is subject to persecution. Divorced princess Sara bint Talal bin Abdulaliz went public in 2012, seeking political asylum in the UK for herself and four daughters, convinced her life was in danger back in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, based on her defiance of Sharia Law and her embrace of Western values, in dress, culture and freedom.[231] She maintains that she was assaulted by a Saudi embassy official grabbing her arm as the target of a “well-orchestrated and malicious campaign of persecution.”

Saudi women are oppressed and pressured to cover up their bodies so as not to arouse men’s sexual urges and compromise their religious zeal and resolve to honor and obey Sharia Law, Saudi males belonging to the ruling elite class can regularly gorge themselves silly at their alcohol and drug infested sex orgies, sodomizing very young children just flown in from Third World countries. A WikiLeaks data dump of US diplomatic files focuses on a Jeddah prince’s Halloween party oozing of drugs, booze and trafficked in sex workers.[232] But when Saudi women publicly display the same carnal urges abroad in defiance of strict Wahhabi fundamentalist custom, Saudi newspaper Ash-Sharq rebuked the females in a scathing attack. Saudi princes behaving badly, murdering girlfriends, moving drugs and sex slaves around the globe using diplomatic immunity as their cover, fully protected by US Empire oil interests is obscene.[233] The “do as I say, not as I do” ironclad edict enforced and imposed on the monarchy’s 34 million subjects is sheer epic hypocrisy. And it’s only because the earth controllers hijacked and enslaved humanity, keeping it addicted to fossil fuel technology so long that’s still affording the Saudi royalty and kingdom its worldly position, power and wealth, though overindulged, misused and abused through Saud’s crassly decadent opulence and carnal perversion.


Per US Marine intelligence officer Colonel George Grigg’s brave honest wife Kay, her Princeton educated husband attended both Hun School and Princeton University with three of the Saudi princes. Per Chapter 4 of Book 4, recall how Hun, the private boarding prep school at Princeton, was mentored by a couple of pedophiles Charles Caddock and Alexander Robinson, who both preyed on Kay’s hubby as well as the Saudi royal brothers as underage adolescents undergoing their initiation into Ivy League perversions.[234] Also, to bypass Senator Church’s congressional oversight committee in the 1970s, CIA director George H.W. Bush, former CIA director Richard Helms and the notorious CIA operative Ted Shackley set up illicit clandestine operations with Saudi Arabia’s intelligence chief, Sheikh Kamal Adhan, King Faisal’s brother-in-law treated by the king as a favorite son.

King Faisal’s youngest son, Prince Turki bin Faisal Al Saud, Adhan’s nephew, was groomed to succeed Adhan while just a boy being educated in the ways of the world by top leaders of the US intel apparatus. Pedophile Daddy Bush, the notorious pedo-overlord (aka Franklin scandal), along with veteran CIA operatives Ed Wilson and Frank Terpil, who coordinated kiddie-entrapment operations in DC connected to Roy Cohn’s NYC blackmail ring,[235] all of these pedo-Empire linked men took a special personal interest in the “education” of Saudi Prince Turki, well aware he was destined to become his uncle’s successor. So, early on in the Saudi boys’ development they learned all about pedophilia firsthand, first as likely victims and then as catered and sagaciously indulged global pedophilia overlords. In 1982 a Miami judge authorized a search warrant on Prince Turki’s penthouse to determine if he was holding Egyptian sex slave Nadia Lutefi Mustafa against her will. But because of his clout with then Vice President Bush senior, his diplomatic immunity status prevented any further action against him.

By the June 1972 Watergate break-in, pedophilia was already the sex entrapment staple, and the fumbled intelligence led break-in was all about retrieving the pedo-records stored at the Democratic National Headquarters inside the Watergate Hotel.[236] Decades later alias DC Madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey was allegedly assassinated as a criminal liability under Bush Jr’s watch while part of the same blackmail operation busily entrapping compromised politicians at the capital.[237] From the Epstein-Maxwell case to Pizzagate, a legacy going back 70 years involving many of the same inner circle-jerk players, crime families and alphabet organizations was part of the same indoctrination process that elites all over the world regularly indulge in, patterned after the criminal pedo-network in the US and UK. The City of London-Rome-DC-NYC-Brussels pedophilia empire has deferred responsibility for operating today’s modern sex trafficking slave trade to the Zionist Sabbatean Jewish State and the Crypto-Jew Sabbatean Saudi Kingdom. The House of Saud epitomizes their inner club perversions.

Additionally, there exists irrefutable, overwhelming proof that Zionist Israel, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf State monarchies and prime suspect the United States (as the globalist militarized puppet nation), with complicity from NATO and Western Europe, covertly financed, trained and supported the entire Middle Eastern terrorist movement,[238] set up to be the next designated enemy after the Soviet Empire breakup in 1991 per the cabal destabilization agenda.[239] Without an enemy for the permanent war-making machine of Washington DC and its City of London-Rome axis of evil, the ruling elite had to manufacture its next designated enemy to at least temporarily replace the Red Communists of Russia and China, the Cold War itself being of globalist design. Thus, since the late 1970s, President Carter’s National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski was hard at work with the CIA supporting Osama bin Laden’s Mujahedeen fighting against the Soviets in Afghanistan throughout the Reagan-Bush years, and again a decade later during the divide and conquer balkanization war on Yugoslavia.[240] The globalists’ Gladio-like “strategy of tension” in Eastern Europe allowed the former Soviet Iron Curtain to become missile-bearing aimed at Moscow NATO puppets on Russia’s doorstep while the Golden Crescent’s opium smuggling trade route opened up wide, side by side with today’s human organ and booming 21st century child sex trafficking trade.[241] The ideal outcome for Satanic One World Government aficionados, closing in on the traditional Cold War 2 enemies while the MENA axis-of-evil (Israel-US-Saudi Arabia-NATO) continues busily wreaking havoc in the Middle East and North Africa. Their strategy of tension is working like a charm.

While grooming Osama bin Laden to play the role of 9/11 patsy, all the while his Saudi bin Laden family was a longtime business partner of US pedophile-Prez George Bush senior and his Carlyle Group, enjoying breakfast together at the DC Hyatt Regency while New York’s Trade Center towers came vaporizing down on the morning of 9/11,[242] and while all air travel was still grounded in the US for days afterwards, it was the bin Laden family in the loaned lone airliner flying the sky safely back home to Saudi Arabia.[243] Using Osama and his 15 of 19 Saudi “hijackers” as their false flag demons, Ambassador Prince Bandar and Saudi royals all did their job on 9/11 just like the PNAC White House neocons and Israel’s laughing boys celebrating in the Jersey park. So, the Bush-Cheney “new Pearl Harbor” delivered the biggest, most deadly false flag in modern history on 9/11 so the neocon traitors’ could secure both their “War on Terror” and prewritten anti-constitutional Patriot Act at home,[244] using their creation of Al Qaeda/ISIS terrorists as secret Middle Eastern proxy war allies for US Empire, Greater Israel Project and Gulf State pals led by Saudi Arabia. Given this historical backdrop, it’s not such a big leap to fast forward to the Saudis’ enormous expanding role in the global child sex trafficking network.

The House of Saud from Saudi Arabia, the House of Sassoon from Iraq, the House of Rothschild from Europe/Israel, the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (fake Windsor) from Britain (and Germany) and House of Rockefeller from USA, these (among other less visible Illuminati Satanic bloodlines) are the less-than-human, psychopathic, Luciferian bloodline dynasty families that have collectively ruled over planet earth for the last few centuries or longer. As a result, again by purposeful Satanic design, all the nations of the world are now facing unprecedented levels of corruption, deception and evil. The battle between good and evil over the historically controlled Satanic dominion of the earth is raging like never before. Bearers of the truth, blessed and guided by the Divine Creator, will transcend today’s imbroglio of lies, brainwashing mind control, divisive identity politics and cancel culture suppression and madness spewing forth in last gasp death throes from the ever-visible dark forces, desperate to hang on to what’s left of their diminishing earthly power and control.

Stephen Schwartz, Jewish American historian and author of 2002’s Two Faces of Islam, astutely describes the Saudi royal family:

Their tastes led them to taverns, casinos, brothels … They bought fleets of automobiles, private jets, and yachts the size of warships. They invested in valuable Western art they did not understand or like and which often offended the sensitivities of Wahhabi clerics. They spent as they wished, becoming patrons of international sexual enslavement and the exploitation of children.[245] [Boldface for EMPHASIS]

Perhaps the most damaging evidence confirming the above comes from royal insider Princess Amira Bint Aidan Bin Nayef, former wife of Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. The princess alluded to young girls from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Djibouti, Somalia, Nigeria, Romania and Bulgaria regularly trafficked into the country for the Saudi princes’ sick pleasures.[246] She revealed despicable royal secrets to the French newspaper Le Monde, maintaining that slavery in Saudi Arabia comes in various forms, committed in secrecy only for the benefit of male members of the expanded royal family. The princess stated that the Saudi elite prey especially on the buying and selling of orphans and institutionalized children from poor nations, including white slaves from Eastern Europe. The young Asian domestic workers are often exploited as both sexual and forced labor slaves. The princess is quoted asserting:

They have turned the city of Jeddah into a slave market where underage girls are being exploited for noisy sex parties involving drug and alcohol abuse… One of the main reasons why this keeps going on is that the members of the so-called Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (Saudi Sharia police) tend to keep away from the matter, fearing they might lose their jobs, should they intervene.[247]

The princess’ former husband, multi-billionaire businessman Prince Alwaleed was placed on house arrest at his luxury suite at Riyadh’s Ritz-Carlton for over two months in November 2017, as part of an anticorruption sweep at the behest of Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.[248] Reportedly 500 members of royalty, ministers and businessmen were detained and 1000 were questioned, some hospitalized after being interrogated, beaten and tortured.[249] Even Prince Bandar bin Sultan, alias Bandar Bush, was reportedly arrested, possibly over the infamous Yamamah arms deal with the UK. Prior to the November purge, an earlier roundup targeted clerics, writers, economists and public figures. Yet another arrestee was Bakr bin Laden, Osama’s half-brother, Bush family friend and proprietor of the Kingdom’s largest construction firm.[250] While the royals lived lavishly abroad and hired the bin Ladens to build their many landmark palaces at home, the bin Ladens became both their go-to homebuilders as well as their creditors. Speculation has it the Crown Prince has tried to remove all potential opposition in stride for when he takes over for his aging 84-year old father King Salman. In any case, Prince Mohammed has humiliated powerful royal family members, freezing their assets in his unprecedented purge that undoubtedly has recklessly increased the number of enemies bent on avenging his assault.

The 2017 mass arrests were as much a show of force as any radical shift to clean the muddy cruddy Saudi pedo-swamp. And of course, in all probability, the trafficking, raping and enslaving of thousands of youth remains unaffected by this supposed cleanup. Upon the Kingdom lifting Prince Alwaleed’s restriction, during an interview with Reuters, he denied any wrongdoing, and simply agreed to pay off the government in fines.[251] The attorney general stated the prince did violate laws but negotiated making amends through reaching a settlement. He was among 95 establishment figures released after reaching similar arrangements with prosecutors, while anywhere from 90 to 200 suspects remain in detainment, some tried, convicted and imprisoned. With the government anticipating upwards of $100 billion raised in revenue from this cleanup operation, the crackdown on corruption appears more like the Kingdom’s extortion scheme to extract readymade elitist wealth in the face of continued low oil prices than any real substantive change or major ethical reform. With a net worth of $17 billion, despite charges of money laundering, bribery and extortion, Alwaleed’s payoff of a few million in fines means very little, and by early 2018, it was back to business as usual for him.

With an Arabian newspaper fluff piece in December 2012 glorifying Prince Alwaleed’s latest purchase of the world’s first customized A-380 super jumbo Airbus tagged “the flying palace,” or his still vacationing at Cannes in his designed football field length superyacht called Kingdom, wonder if he’s still attending those trafficked in kiddie orgies that his ex-wife truth-bombed about. After all, in September 2011 a Spanish judge reopened a rape case against him after earlier allegations he’d assaulted a 20-year old model onboard his Kingdom was corroborated by results of a forensic test on her urine coming back positive for his sperm and the sleep sedative Nordazepam. The victim had testified she’d been raped after her drink was spiked – guilty as charged.

Lo and behold, two close relatives of King Salman and his son the Crown Prince were arrested in a failed coup attempt in March 2020.[252] The king’s brother Ahmed bin Abdulaziz al Saud and the king’s nephew Prince Mohammed bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz al Saud were accused of treason for plotting to overthrow reigning father and son. With both alleged traitors also having served as former interior ministers and at one time each was in line to be king, their expected fate will either be death or life imprisonment. As a token illustrating Prince Mohammed bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz al Saud’s shady tactics while Saudi Interior Minister, former French police investigator Fabrice Monti asserted that the Saudi minister threatened to cancel major business deals between France and the Saudi Kingdom if a French narcotics investigation continued to focus on a particular Saudi prince as prime suspect.[253] Saudi sex trafficking rings set up Umra visas for supposed religious pilgrimages to Jeddah for women in other Muslim countries as a cover to then force women into sexual exploitation and sexual slavery. Underage girls from Morocco and South Asia are frequently targeted by criminal sex trade networks in Saudi Arabia. Other source nations where girls are recruited are Sudan, Ethiopia, Thailand and Philippines.

Another overt indication that pedophilia runs deep in royal families is the soon-to-be next king of the Saudi desert, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman himself approached the already discussed disgusting Dubai Sheikh Maktoum to arrange another despicable child marriage.[254] Maktoum already criminally keeps two of his adult daughters under lock and key hostage. His former wife Princess Haya escaped Dubai in April 2019 with her two young children, fleeing to Britain to file a child custody suit that brought this outrageously sick power play to the fore. Turns out that the biggest reason Princess Haya left her Dubai sheikh hubby behind is that he was about to hand their eleven-year old daughter, Princess Jalila, over to now 35-year old Prince Mohammed Bin Salman in another forced pedophile-child marriage that Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States are so rampantly shameful for. One in seven marriages in the Islam world is consummated with a child bride under 18.[255]

If top Gulf State leaders like UAE Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman are in so tight, they’re arranging child marriage deals with 11-year olds, you can also bet they’re major players in the global human/child sex trafficking network as well. Chronic low oil prices over the past decade have severely cut into profits of the world’s largest oil producing nation Saudi Arabia. A half dozen years ago, the globalist central banking thief – the IMF – warned that Saudi Arabia (along with West plundered, war-ravaged failed states Iraq and Libya) “could run out of money in less than five years.”[256] With predictions of running out of oil also eminent, oil-rich nations that fail to diversify, like the Saudi Kingdom, are simply living on borrowed time. Financial plunder of Saudi establishment’s deep reserves through levying steep corruption fines is buying a little more time. Selling bonds is now being utilized as another modest stopgap measure. But increasing revenue from the world’s fastest growing organized crime, the human/sex slave trade selling the black market commodity of trafficked humans, is undoubtedly being used bigtime to buffer the inevitable.

Horror stories of notorious maltreatment by Saudi royal family against domestic help in palaces in the Kingdom and elsewhere abound. Being murdered, raped and imprisoned are very real occupational hazards when royal elites are so conditioned to view their foreign national employees as mere expendable slaves.[257] Many even minor royals in this extended Saud family, regardless of where they dish their criminal abuse out, enjoy diplomatic immunity privileges granting them even more license to violate migrants’ basic human rights.

One prime example is 28-year old son of the late King Abdullah, Prince Majed Abulaziz al-Saud. He was arrested in September 2015 after neighbors observed a naked, bleeding woman frantically trying to scale his 8-foot perimeter wall at the royal’s Beverly Hills compound.[258] They helped her escape and called police. More victims among his domestic workers began emerging as the sadistic predator regularly imprisoned female employees for days at a time, sexually assaulting them. Three of his victims were household staff whom he attempted to sexually accost, and when they resisted his unwanted advances, he savagely taunted them. At one point, he began aggressively rubbing up against one maid in an overt sexual manner, and threatened to kill her if she didn’t party with him. When she protested, saying she is a woman, he responded:

You’re not a woman, you are a nobody! I’m a prince and I will do what I want and nobody will do anything to me![259]

Once while receiving fellatio from a male aide, he forced his three maids to watch. He often would threaten to kill them for not submitting to his criminal demands and also regularly mistreated his butlers, pulling their ears, punching them in the face and throwing objects at them. The prince hosted cocaine filled orgies at his mansion and was brain coked most of the time during his bizarre meltdowns. When his staff attempted to quit their jobs due to his dangerously insane and abusive barbarism, he would lock them in, demanding that he needed “24-hour service.” Three weeks after his arrest, the prince fled Beverly Hills as a fugitive from justice never to return and the LA district attorney simply dropped felony charges. Again, if you’re royalty, crime does pay.

Back in 2010 grandson of King Saud, Prince Saud bin Abdulaziz bin Nasir al Saud, received a lifetime prison sentence for brutally murdering his servant-boyfriend in London’s Landmark Hotel.[260] Because homosexuality in Saudi Arabia can mean a death sentence, the prince insisted he wasn’t gay yet evidence shows he solicited sex from male prostitutes and regarding his murdered manservant, the prince is known to have repeatedly beaten him to a pulp, one violent episode caught on the hotel elevator CCTV just three weeks prior to the fatal pummeling in his hotel suite.

Perhaps from all the bloodline inbreeding, like the English royals, many Saudi princes demonstrate profound pathological mental disturbance.[261] According to a May 2003 New York Times article:

Across the Arab world today an average of 45 percent of married couples are related. In some parts of Saudi Arabia, particularly in the south, the rate of marriage among blood relatives ranges from 55 to 70 percent, among the highest rates in the world.[262]

More proof of Saudi Arabia’s well-organized trafficking network among its royal class – in 2005 Prince Mohamed Bin Turki al-Saud’s wife, 39-year old Hana Al Jader, was arrested at her Boston suburb home on the following charges – forced labor, domestic servitude, falsifying records, visa fraud and harboring trafficked illegal aliens.[263] Another Saudi princess Meshael Alayban, living the plush life in Orange County in Southern California, was arrested in July 2013 on charges she forced a woman from Kenya into domestic enslavement.[264] The victim managed to escape and contact police, reporting that Alayban had her passport and required her to work 16-hour days 7 days a week on next to no pay. In May 2013 two Filipino women were rescued from an upscale McLean, Virginia home outside DC belonging to the Saudi military attaché in a suspected human trafficking ring.[265] The foreign domestic workers claimed that their passports had been confiscated and were coerced to work long hours without pay, two telltale signs of modern slavery.

The problem always arises when foreign governments evoke diplomatic immunity as the customary cover to protect their criminal networks. Saudi Arabia has egregious reputation as a major trafficking nation, and the royal family is its overlord. Though investigations and arrests make brief headlines, time and time again the stories invariably die on the diplomatic grapevine. And because the Saudi royal family and the government are essentially one and the same, they completely monopolize and control their child sex trafficking slave trade industry as an enormous black-market boost to their economy.[266] If they tire of their young captives, they simply exchange and trade amongst each other. The expanded Saudi global criminal network hires procuring gangs on the ground abducting young boys and girls in both Third World as well as First World countries. Like Epstein-Maxwell, Jean-Luc Brunel and Peter Nygard, the Saudis have also been partnering with some of the world’s biggest modeling agencies, talent agencies and nightclubs, perfecting their slick grooming techniques lavished on unsophisticated and naïve child victims.[267]

The US State Department’s annual report card grading each nation on its efforts to combat international human trafficking historically keeps Saudi Arabia as a kingdom retaining its slave population through a widespread highly organized network preying on mostly foreign national boys, girls and women. With my roommate at West Point retired General John Abizaid,[268] since 2019 the State Department head as US Saudi Ambassador in Riyadh, in addition to overseeing the monitored progress (or lack thereof) in the nation’s efforts to reduce its modern slavery, among his supportive, advisory responsibilities is introducing and implementing policy interventions, overseeing a needs assessment evaluation and connecting and allocating resources that will measurably improve the Kingdom’s capacity to neutralize the well-oiled child sex machine that is its thoroughly embedded underground network still flourishing in the largest Gulf monarchy. No doubt whatever efforts General Abizaid brings to bear on Saudi Arabia, if any, they are met with formidable resistance. Where Big Money and Big Oil rule, little kids stand little chance.

But then Abizaid as longest running military commander of both Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, as a potential accomplice to US war crimes, he likely knows more than he ever admitted, after-the-fact alluding to “a few isolated incidents” regarding the infamous 2004 Abu Ghraib prison debacle.[269] When did General Abizaid first learn of the abuse and what was his response? He never clarified that before Congress or the press. Silence and cover-up was/is how the Washington leadership handles all crises, including both Iraq’s Abu Ghraib scandal where US soldiers were grotesquely outed in leaked photos gone viral, disgracing America for violating every Geneva convention rule on POW treatment, and the friendly fire hit at close range, in the most probable assassination of former NFL star-turned patriotic warrior-turned disillusioned, anti-neocon, antiwar PR nightmare and everyman’s tragic fallen hero Pat Tillman.[270] As every top commander is always ultimately responsible for his troops’ behaviors on and off the battlefield, General Abizaid’s alleged errant role is he fell in lockstep with Washington’s decision to willfully conceal the truth from both the American people and the grieving Tillman family.[271]

And now John Abizaid must contend with another criminal government feebly attempting to silence and cover-up the fact that it’s a primary international child sex trafficking kingpin. Will my former roommate again become openly suspect to complicity as an accomplice to yet more serious and egregious crimes committed against children? As a steward still answering to the same cabal system of evil controllers, rarely if ever do insiders at the upper management level possess the courage to risk “suicide” in order to bite the hand that feeds them when doing what’s most honorable and righteous. What’s clear is Mister Ambassador’s far too intelligent to not know the obvious. Per a State of the Nation in November 2017:

Saudi Arabia’s participation in international slavery has long been known by American State Department careerists who are powerless to react for fear they will be destroyed professionally or will lose the deferred payments promised by Prince Bandar [or now Crown Prince Mohammed] upon their retirement. One has mentioned off the record the widespread knowledge within the State Department of Saudi child theft within the US… It is an open secret in Washington that the State Department is extremely sensitive to criticism of its actions regarding Saudi Arabia and its Princes. It is alleged that there are issues related to Saudi Royals which are so embarrassing to Washington that these must be kept secret from public domain.[272] [Boldface for Emphasis]

Let the truth, however dark, shine light. This “handle with kid gloves” policy deferring to Israel and the Saudi Kingdom renders the US their complicit accomplice to egregious crimes against children.

It’s maintaining this diabolical status quo that makes the statement below an accurate description of Saudi Arabia today:

Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from them you may buy slaves. You may also buy some of the temporary residents living among you and members of their clans born in your country, and they will become your property. You can will them to your children as inherited property and can make them slaves for life.[273]

Though this is an ancient bible quote from Leviticus 25:44-46, again it could just as easily be said today in places like Saudi Arabia or House of Saud’s genocidal battleground Yemen, where since 2014, Saudi Arabia, Israel and the US have been bombing this poor nation into oblivion while the world looks away. Though slavery has been abolished and banned everywhere on earth through international convention and treaty [on paper in name only] during the last couple centuries, in 94, nearly half the world’s nations, it’s never been legally criminalized.[274] An oversight? I hardly think so. Thus slavery, even in its traditional form, has never left the earth.

Only under growing international pressure from elements within the UN and other nations did Saudi Arabia officially, belatedly decide to outlaw slavery in 1962.[275] However, it formally freed just 10,000 slaves at that time, and kept each royal family member a slavemaster to literally hundreds of off-the-books, secret slaves. Saudi Arabia along with other Gulf State monarchies like Qatar, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates is perennially ranked at the worst level of Tier 3 by the US State Department as the nations where sex trafficking rages out of control with little to no political will or plan to eliminate it. Half of this most recent decade, Saudi Arabia has occupied this very bottom spot, including during Ambassador Abizaid’s first year on the job in Riyadh, though in 2020 it was upgraded to Tier 2.[276]

Before the all-out war in Yemen, a Yemeni journalist in 2010 reported that a judge had approved the domestic transfer of a slave from one owner to another and discovered that the practice of inheriting slaves handed down in families from one generation to the next is still actively unfolding even today, just as it was in Leviticus time.[277]

In combat zones, civilians become fair game for slavery and death. True to Saudis’ Wahhabist design, a few years ago it emerged in the media that ISIS was targeting and capturing slaves, mostly from the northern Iraq ethnic group, the Yazidi population, literally chased down, trapped and slaughtered in mass numbers in 2014 and 2015 by the axis-of-evil allied proxies – the Islamic State terrorists. In August 2014 The Guardian reported that the UN estimated that 40,000 Yazidis were taken hostage by ISIS, most of them brutally murdered.[278] It was discovered that IS jihadists were capturing girls and women as sex slaves, and for drawing top dollar, many were trafficked to Saudi Arabian slave auctions to fetch the highest price.[279]

The Yazidi religion founded in the 11th century is said to be an amalgamation of Persian Zoroastrianism, Christianity and Islam. The Yazidis have mistakenly gotten a bad rap as “devil worshippers” for one of its revered patrons a temporarily fallen but redeemed angel named Melik Tawwus.[280] Unlike the axis-of-evil’s Satan/Lucifer god of worship in the Judeo-Christian tradition, according to Yazidi faith, God forgave and returned Melik Tawwus to heaven. The ISIS progenitor jihadist in Iraq, a few years earlier, Al Qaeda had already declared Yazidis “infidels.” In its shock and awe mission by Satanic design, the cabal’s designated public enemy (and secret ally) – Islamic State “jihadists” – also target Christians in both Syria and Iraq,[281] willfully destroying both ancient Christian and Muslim shrines along the way.[282]

While officially Zionist USA and Saudi Arabia pretend to fight the “evil bad guy” terrorists, in reality the US [under the Bush-Obama-Clinton-Biden crime family] and all the Gulf State monarchies, foremost the Saudi royal family, have been financing Al Qaeda/ISIS militant, Wahhabist extremism violence spread throughout every war torn MENA nation and beyond – Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen and Libya. Though not surprising, it’s deplorable that British and US taxpaid war weapons are knowingly sold to “allies” Saudi Arabia and Israel, to specifically maim and kill millions of innocent people in these created multi-manufactured war zones to directly fuel today’s migration crises and thriving global sex trade. Hardcore evidence exposes the fact that underage girls and women sold as sex slaves from all the cabal war zones are being trafficked to Saudi Arabia [and elsewhere], sold as commodified spoils of war to Saudi princes as the highest bidders.  It’s an indictment confirming that the House of Saud is among the primary bloodline overlords behind the global pedophilia network.

And since modern man, the Homo sapiens species, has always been enslaved from the get-go (See Book 1), as alarming and shocking as it is to fathom and accept, in terms of sheer number of slaves, at last count four years ago 46 million slaves, it is a sobering, shameful fact that slavery has become today’s modern plague, spreading faster and wider across our planet than at any previous time in our human history.[283] Pedophilia and Empire has been written as a fully documented primer to empirically sound the alarm that this human scourge of all ages must end soon. It is we the people of this world who must rise up in unity and fight to eradicate both the systematized Satanic rape of our children and the human stain of modern slavery altogether. Both our planet and human species are depending on it.

Today’s filth operating within governments and judiciaries knows that critical mass among the waking populace is fast approaching, realizing that the so-called ruling elite is thoroughly compromised and puppet master controlled as Satanic pedophiles and pedo-enablers, and that their jig is finally up sooner than later. In response, their continued ad nauseam deployment cycle of “problem, reaction, solution” cannot possibly save them, as hard as they frantically try.

Expect the de facto one world government to execute a rapid fire of endless false flag assaults on us, accompanied in the US with attempted legislated gun control confiscation, and more sleight-of-hand misdirection through lots more erratic, wag the dog and pony show theatrics as the controllers lose control. March 2021 marked the mass shooting of 8 in the US state of Georgia, with 6 victims Asian, designed to whip up more fear and terror, divisively enflaming racism and demonization of white male Americans as racist, sexually addicted, out of control killers. Note that under Trump’s watch, false flag mass shootings were minimal, two or three in four years, while under Obama and now Biden, like clockwork they’re a weekly occurrence. Case in point, a week after the killings in Georgia, a Syrian-born gunman wacko inside a Boulder, Colorado supermarket has blown away another 10 victims.[284] With the Communist Democrats treasonously seizing power, their OCD preoccupation with gun control confiscation has resumed until a law gets passed making it compulsory for US gun owners to relinquish in one fell swoop both their 2nd Amendment constitutional right along with all their millions of guns. At that point, civil war in America will be a done deal.

All this deadly, genocidal turmoil is strategically timed to divert attention away from critical mass reckoning of the Satanic elite’s murderous pedophilia agenda. Meanwhile, the impending global economy collapse, runaway hyperinflation and widespread supply chain food shortage, unleashed as favorite New World Order weapons of mass destruction [and mass distraction], converge with the mandated vaccine rollout as their true Lethal Weapon from their mighty NWO WMD arsenal, prepping us all for mass human die-off, dystopic transhumanism and the cabal’s “Great [Satanic Depopulation] Reset,” designed to usher in their hell-on-earth, wet dream nightmare come true. But rather than just take any more of their demonic jabs, roll over and die as their growing army of the walking dead, strengthened by the power of God, We the People must rise up in revolution to vanquish earth’s criminal controllers and their executioners once and for all. Time is growing shorter by the minute.


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