Chapter 40 Spain and Portugal: Iberian Peninsula’s Dark Pedophilia History of Unprotected Kids

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Chapter 40 Spain and Portugal: Iberian Peninsula’s Dark Pedophilia History of Unprotected Kids

Joachim Hagopian


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There are more human slaves being trafficked on earth now than any prior time in human history.[1] According to the 2000 UN Convention:

[Human trafficking] is an act involving deception, a transfer to another country or place and exploitation that infringes on a person’s liberty.[2]

Adults and children enslaved through forced labor by coercion and threat of violence as domestic workers, construction and farm laborers, factory workers or trapped in the international sex trade are estimated to number 151.6 million people. A few more at 152 million are children around the world who are child laborers, with near half (48%) aged 12 and under, 71% engaged in agriculture, near 12% in industry and just over 17% are laboring in services that include the sex trade.[3] Near half of all minors engaged in child labor at 73 million work in hazardous conditions. Additionally, 5.7 million children enter forced marriages with older men, with near half at 44% aged 14 or younger.

Whereas drugs and guns are typically sold and turned over for resale once or twice, in contrast during the course of one single 24-hour day, children/human sex slaves are typically sold many times over, forced to service 5 to 45 buyers per day,[4] making sex trafficking the fastest growing, if not most lucrative and profitable organized crime industry on the planet, reaping an estimated $99 billion annually with 96% of the victims women and girls.[5]

With the total number of African and African-descended slaves topping out at 4 million in America in 1860,[6] the estimated number of human slaves in the world in 2016 reached ten times that total at 40.3 million people. Just since June 2012 when the International Labor Organization’s estimate stood at 21 million slaves,[7] modern slavery has nearly doubled in just four years between 2012 and 2016. All these alarming human bondage statistics are considered conservative, best-guess estimates based on incomplete data.

Director and producer Robert Bilheimer, an Oscar nominated documentarian in his acclaimed 2011 film “Not My Life” focusing on modern day slavery,[8] stated:

While working on this project, what became clear to me was that human trafficking and modern slavery were primarily issues that affected children, the vast majority of victims. What kind of society cannibalizes its own children? This multi-million industry is built on the backs and in the beds of the youth of our planet. We have no idea what we’re dealing with; except that it occurs in every country in the world in one way or another. And this is the part that terrorizes me.[9]

With the refugee crisis, human trafficking reportedly produced a record profit in 2015 of £2bn – £4bn in Europe alone.[10] A 2016 EU Commission report based solely on registered trafficking victims processed through member states’ legal system, thus only representing a scant, miniscule portion of the total trafficking victims, yet 1.2 million people accounted for the known victims of forced labor, sexual exploitation and forced marriage on the continent in 2015 alone. Spain was among Europe’s top ten targeted nations for trafficking along with countries already covered in previous chapters (the Netherlands having the most, along with UK, Belgium and Germany) but also France, Italy, Greece, Switzerland and Austria. The majority of child sex trafficking victims in Spain are trafficked from other countries such as Romania and Eastern Europe as well as Africa and the Middle East since the ruling elite’s engineered migration crisis.[11] To make matters worse, Spain has the reputation of being the brothel capital of Europe.[12] 39% of Spanish men have used prostitution services. Unfortunately, the demand for quick, cheap and easy sex in Spain was commandeered by the organized crime child sex trafficking network.[13]

Just over a decade ago, the Interior Ministry uncovered at least 17 actively involved crime rings responsible for Spain’s growing sexual trafficking problem.[14] Not until a year later in 2010 did Spain finally outlaw human trafficking. But by that time the criminals were already infested into Spain’s local and national black market underground. From 2012 to 2016, Spanish security forces were deployed to free 5,695 victims from the nation’s trafficking web, according to the Interior Ministry.[15] 1,046 were rescued from bondage in 2016 alone. After the anti-trafficking law was tightened further in 2015, it was determined that 23,846 mostly women and underage girls were at risk of trafficking enslavement. Most of the johns are totally oblivious that their favorite go-to sex worker is very likely a trafficking victim. Prostitution is legally permitted in Spain but without any labor rights protecting sex workers, thus sadistic criminals are given full sway to beat and kill their property as chattel. Anti-trafficking Madrid based NGO Proyecto Esperanza spokesperson Marta Gonzalez revealed:

Clients don’t realise that many of these women could be victims of trafficking. Lots of people would be more wary if the prostitutes were clearly under lock and key or had obviously been subject to physical abuse. They don’t realise that all it takes is a death threat to their families back in Nigeria or Brazil, and the woman is already being coerced into prostitution.[16]

As of last year (2019) according to the Associated Press:

Spain has become the biggest entry point for unauthorized migration to Europe.[17]

A particular entry point hotspot for sex trafficking is the Andalusia region of southern Spain where a vast majority of foreign national women and underage minors have been brought to work as sex slaves in the many roadside brothels dotting the agricultural landscape of Almería and Cádiz provinces. 90% of Spain’s sex industry is comprised of largely undocumented refugees flooding into the country, controlled by the nation’s criminal gang network.[18]

Wherever the state has lost the trust of its citizens due to out of control corruption and incompetence, in the wake of the vacuum, organized crime has been allowed to thrive and flourish. Essentially the state has been co-opted by oligarchic crime bosses. With Spain’s breakdown of institutional functions (along with virtually the entire world of over 200 nation states), be they a constitutional parliamentary monarchy as in Madrid or constitutional republic as in America, governance at the transnational (i.e., the UN, see Chapter 11; EU[19]), national or local level across the board has become so infested with rampant, runaway corruption, graft, bribery and blackmail, organized crime and the Deep State have melded into one irreparably corrosive criminal mafia state that has only spread globally.[20] This tragic yet all too accurate description of the state of the world today explains why illegal trafficking of drugs, arms, children, humans, their harvested organs/adrenochrome and trillions in laundered dirty money each year has reached such an unprecedented, off the charts scale today.

Stakes in this war between good and evil have never been higher and the forces of evil know they can only win with the complicit ignorance reinforced by mass media brainwash blinding the dumbed down masses, which is why this war’s battleground is being fought over control of your mind. If good is to prevail, the informational flow of truth becomes imperative. As the expression goes, often misattributed to George Orwell – “in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary, [and daresay criminal] act.”[21] Using oppressive censorship for total control over information and truth,[22] and the 2010 Rockefeller Foundation Coronavirus plandemic playbook,[23] today’s globalized scheme is to rush through untested mandated vaccination worldwide, targeting the human genome and chromosome 8 in particular, designed to diabolically alter human DNA,[24] lower intelligence and our immune system,[25] and eliminate our God given capacity for empathy and compassion, which has been proven to be genetically linked.[26]

This is the Luciferian elite’s latest fast-tracking agenda to attain its demonic wet dream of absolute totalitarian dictatorship and technocratic enslavement control through genocidal culling of humanity and the literal extinction of the human species in its present DNA form. The forces of evil, death and destruction have accelerated their globalized brutal assault against humanity because they know that critical mass of an awakened citizenry of the world is fast taking hold now. If given choice, we humans would obviously choose life, truth and peace over death, deceit and war. Armed with the truth as never before, humanity is rising up now, determined to bring justice to the genocidal killers for their countless crimes against humanity, especially our children.

A microcosm of the above stated war between good and evil is presently being fought in the nation of Spain. During the 2008 to 2014 global recession and ensuing austerity measures imposed on the Spanish people, unemployment rate in Spain’s southern region of Andalusia rose to over 36% with nearly one third of the economy driven underground, operated by the underworld forces of organized crime.[27] During the last decade, trafficked African women typically arrive in Andalusia after too often enduring months of brutal rape in transit, then once in Spain owing their trafficker-pimps 50,000 euros, which constitutes at least eight years of indentured slave servitude to pay their debt. Those females trafficked in from Latin America are frequently put to work in the roadside brothels with debts they can never hope to pay off. Trafficked victims from Eastern Europe and Russia are frequently beaten by their pimps, especially with the economy in crisis and less paying customers. Underage girls and women are prohibited from using protection during sex, and incur abortions or their newborns are hastily taken away. Spain has a history of stolen babies at birth that will be further elaborated shortly. For trafficked in foreign nationals, work conditions are extremely hazardous and inhumane, and under violent oppression, depression, suicide, death, and murder as the all too common tragic fate.

Oppression in the Iberian nations of Spain and Portugal is the operative word as they each concurrently endured nearly four-decades of dictatorship up to the mid-1970s, with Spain’s despot Francisco Franco (1892-1975) emerging after a bloody three-year civil war to rule with a fascist iron-fist from 1939 till his death in 1975. In the wake of the civil war in the 1930s, the Spanish royal family was abolished and forced to flee and remain in exile during the Franco years. However, in 1948 the infamous dictator opted to separate Juan Carlos at 10-years old from his exiled family, allowing him to attend the Spanish Military Academy at Zaragoza and grooming him as Franco’s eventual successor.[28] And two days after the dictator’s death in 1975, Carlos was crowned King of Spain.

It’s been little more than four decades since Franco’s passing that Spain adopted and has been living under its democratic constitution since 1978. Since democracy has taken hold, the nation has grown economically to possess the world’s second largest tourism industry (81.8 million in 2017), the per capita income at purchasing power parity has multiplied five times to become the fourth largest economy in the EU, Spaniards’ lifespan longevity has been lengthened by 10 years, and significant progress has been made advancing women’s equality rights.[29]

But the road to progress and prosperity has seldom been smooth, with the political instability of a failed 1981 military coup, the onetime violent, ongoing contentious separatist movement in Basque country and more recently in Catalonia,[30] economic downturns inducing severe austerity and unemployment, and especially the deeply entrenched regional and national political corruption and bribery kickbacks from top down royalty and prime ministers alike.[31] Under Spain’s two-party system of left (Socialist PSOE) vs. right (People’s Party PP), as in the US and UK, the system of corrupt two-party politics leaves zero incentive to clean up its act.

During the economic boom from the mid-1990s to 2007, when housing construction, newly built roads, airports and an advanced rail system proliferated in Spain, setting the stage for rigged contracts, inflating overrun costs and mile-high corruption infiltrated every aspect of the nation’s economic and political life. Spain’s biggest corruption scandal in modern history since becoming a democracy was ultimately exposed during this last decade and dozens of shady politicians along with a mafia oligarch have been convicted and imprisoned in recent years. The scandal unraveled when in 2006 an honest and brave small-town whistleblowing councilor named José Luis Peñas began secretly taping many hours of conversations over the next several years he had with Francisco Correa, a powerful crooked kingpin, before turning the taped evidence over to authorities in what’s come to be known as the Gürtel case.[32]

In addition to bribery and kickbacks for both local and national PP politicians, Correa regularly organized sex parties while wining and dining them for government contracts, regularly supplying VIP politicos with trafficked girls from Latin America and Eastern Europe. He spent so much time at his favorite brothel doing business that it was referred to as “the office.” In addition to using bribery, the gangster godfather “Don Viti” as Correa was called in all likelihood also ran a sexual blackmail operation.

The forthcoming scandalous headlines peaked during the hard times that beset the country in 2011 when nearly half of young Spaniards were jobless. Over 6 million out of a total of 47 million in Spain took to the streets in protest over the bank bailouts, harsh austerity measures and glaring corruption. Spain’s indignados, the outraged ones, were similarly represented in America by the Occupy Movement. Mass public demonstrations spread rapidly around the world, spawned by the justifiable cause that the 99% were fed up getting screwed over and exploited by the 1% since time immemorial. Carlos Delclós, an indignados activist turned author said of the movement:

Gürtel was the ‘emperor has no clothes’ moment for Spain. Gürtel made it clear that it was not specific cases of corruption but that it was systemic. That corruption was the system.[33]

Reacting to the disparaging inequality and pervasive corruption, the protests in Spain led to the emergence in early 2014, just months ahead of King Juan Carlos’s abdication, of the new politically left-wing populist party Podemos. Quickly growing in 2014 to temporarily become the second largest party in Spain, it continued gaining traction to capture 12.8% of the vote and 35 seats in Congress in the November 2019 general election, entering the first multiparty coalition government with the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) during the modern democratic era.[34]

The long drawn out, exhaustive Gürtel scandal continues to play out in court with the People’s Party fully exposed for its criminal fraud, in June 2017 for the first time in Spain’s history, a sitting prime minister in Mariano Rajoy was forced to testify at the trial of 27 high powered crooks from his own party. After an incredible six months deliberation, in late May 2018 the number of years in prison for the 27 guilty defendants exceeded more than 300, with mafia jefe Francisco Correa sentenced to 52 years, his right-hand man receiving 37 years and the People’s Party treasurer 33 years.[35] A week after that trial, parliament removed PM Rajoy’s administration in a no confidence vote. With the People’s Party diminished popularity replaced in large part by substantial gains recently made by the new far-right Vox Party, overtaking Podemos as currently the third largest in Spain. Both the April and November 2019 general elections failed to provide the most popular party PSOE with the majority, thus a coalition with Podemos was formed. Meanwhile, the Gürtel case is so mammoth that ten trials had to be staggered, and to this day are still plodding on.

Driven to the nth degree of corruption, greed, normalized amorality and lack of ethics, an overly familiar theme spread across the globe, a toxic criminal by-product of such extreme top-down lawlessness is the inevitable expansion of organized pedophilia as today’s global blackmail control mechanism. With Spain no different, this shamelessly corrupt brothel capital of Europe’s underbelly fueled the growing, cancerous child sex trafficking network.

A bitter backlash crisis of lost confidence and sense of betrayal shook the Iberian nation to its core when the realization that the people had been completely hoodwinked by an untrustworthy, unscrupulous pack of thieves as their elected leaders. The real revolution starts when the populace finally realizes that an inner club of Luciferian child sodomizers and bloodthirsty cannibals have been running this world for centuries. Widespread institutional corruption is but a symptom of the much larger disease – satanic ritual torture and sexual abuse of minors practiced by the ruling elite is as deep as psychopathic pathology can go.

Following a parallel process with the national government, Spain’s thoroughly disgraced former King Juan Carlos I was forced in early August 2020 to take flight to flee from the law to Abu Dhabi due to his chronically exposed reputation for blatant corruption and penchant for scandal that caused his June 2014 abdication of the throne.[36] Contrast that with the heralded young King Juan Carlos I in 1975 triumphantly reclaiming the Spanish monarchy and championing his nation’s transition to democracy and burgeoning prosperity. Throughout his first couple of decades as head of state, bolstered by media propaganda of course, he was extremely popular, all the while an elite VIP member of the notorious Roman Catholic secret society, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM).[37] But the latest damaging revelations unfolding this year have placed the nail in his sealed coffin regarding the 82-year old’s permanently soiled reputation, bringing dishonor and shame to Spain’s monarchy, culminating with his forced exile from his homeland.

An August 2020 piece in the Daily Mail played guessing game over the humiliated ex-king’s whereabouts – was he visiting old family friends in Portugal, his royal United Arab Emirates buddy or his favorite high-end luxury resort in Dominican Republic?[38]  Turns out he’s been shacking up at a 10,000 euros a night presidential suite at the Emirates Palace Hotel with one of his longtime girlfriends in Abu Dhabi.[39]

It’s also been divulged that his estranged wife since the mid-1970s – former Queen Sofia – allegedly conspired in 2012 with then Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to force Carlos to step down, according to the king’s scorned mistress Corinna Larsen aka zu Sayn-Wittgenstein.[40] The ex-king’s former flame is claiming that in 2012 her publicly outed extramarital affair lasting from 2004 to 2009 branded her the scapegoat that led to the king’s abdication two years later.

In 2006 while German-born businesswoman-philanthropist Sayn-Wittgenstein accompanied the king to Botswana on a $46,000 elephant hunt, the philandering royal took a nasty fall, forcing his abrupt return home to Spain for required hip surgery. When it was revealed to the public in 2012, Carlos was barraged with the people’s wrath, suffering at the height of a severe recession, exposure of his self-indulgent adulterous affair resulted in another “fall,” this time from grace. The king’s failing health and tarnished reputation weakened his hold on the Spanish monarchy, prompting royal family members to align with PM Rajoy behind his back to oust him as head of state in favor of son Felipe VI. The former king’s official biographer described the womanizer as “liking all women, except the one he chose as his wife” since 1962.[41] According to former lover Corinna Larsen, King Carlos told her:

‘I have two fronts against me. The first is made up of my wife and her lieutenants: she is in a hurry to put her son on the throne because she has much more influence over him than me. The second is embodied by Mariano Rajoy, whose objective is to castrate me and weaken the monarchy.’ The family was organising a coup d’état and they needed a foreigner to serve as a scapegoat.[42]

Ex-girlfriend Corinna had introduced King Carlos to her Saudi friends, among them the late King Abdullah who allegedly bribed the king with an illegal $100 million payoff in 2008.[43] Carlos brokered a 2011 no bid contract deal with a consortium of Spanish contractors to build a €6.7bn highspeed rail-line between Saudi Arabia and Islam’s two holiest cities Mecca and Medina. The 450 km (280 mile) rail strip is expected to serve over 160,000 pilgrims per day.

As of June 2020, both Swiss prosecutors and Spain’s Supreme Court launched investigations into the former king’s shady deal-making, but by law is only able to probe and act on Carlos’ improprieties after his 2014 abdication. In actuality, King Juan Carlos was accepting under-the-table bribes from the oil rich Gulf State monarchies throughout his entire reign as king.[44] But the Spanish constitution, similar to Queen Elizabeth II’s immunity from prosecution, absolves kings and queens of all criminal wrongdoing, making them invincibles living like gods above all manmade laws. Aside from their adreno-cannibalism, this is another reason they’re the planetary overlords in the global child sex trafficking network, because they know they can get away with rape, murder and wholesale slaughter of humanity.

The latest development in this unfolding drama is Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein’s scheduled appearance to give testimony in a Spanish court next week has been postponed indefinitely due to prosecutors challenging the judge even bringing the case forward.[45] Spain is clearly circling its wagons in order to protect its fallen king and save both the nation’s government and monarchy from yet an even deeper rabbit shithole of a scandal. A large chunk – $65 million euros worth – of that notorious $100 million bribe from the Saudi king to Juan Carlos was given to Corinna, according to her. But many suspect the former king was simply hiding his ill begotten assets and it was more an act of temporary money laundering than an act of love or generosity. In the meantime, Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein is playing the martyr’s victim card. Bottom line, Spain’s Establishment wishes to not further piss its citizens off to the point of demands that the nation’s monarchy be abolished, a hot button issue over which royalty around the world, especially in the UK, is growing increasingly nervous over. They realize if the truth gets out about their cannibalistic addiction to blood sacrificing child murder, they’re all toast and it’s scaring the piss out of them. So the royals’ worshipping tabloids prefer paying nonstop homage to what Prince Harry and his Duchess of Sussex are wearing or latest event attended.

A month ago, Swiss prosecutors were snooping around the £6m 2015 purchase Corinna made of a plush British mansion, suspecting it was part of the king’s money laundering scheme.[46] Turns out since 2018 Ms. Corinna Larsen has been under investigation for money laundering. The ex-king’s ex-lover told BBC that in a tirade when he was forced to relinquish the crown to his son, Carlos demanded she give the money back. Through his lawyers in response to the Swiss prosecutors’ inquiry, the tainted royal denied ever asking or demanding she pay him back and that it was his gift to her.

Earlier this year the public feud between Corinna Sayn-Wittgenstein and the Spanish royal family and government erupted in March 2020 when Corinna accused Spain’s intelligence services of harassing her. But if you believe former Spanish Judicial Council insider Alfonse Lopez Tena, this is a mere natural consequence following Sayn-Wittgenstein’s action toward the current king:

When the former lover of Juan Carlos tried to blackmail him [King Felipe], he quickly cut any relation and said publicly that he had nothing to do with any wrongdoings related to his father. He is also cutting all ties with other family members, who have been implicated with corruption accusations.[47]

Speaking of which, yet another blow to the king and his family came in 2011 just ahead of the exposed adulterous love affair when Carlos’ favorite son-in-law, married to his daughter Christina, herself charged with fraud but acquitted at trial, was caught and convicted in 2017 of embezzling 6 million euros of public funds from a charity foundation, along with tax evasion and sentenced to six years and three months in prison.[48] With the equality gap between rich and poor widening especially since the 2008 financial crisis, the Spanish population watched this legal case closely, expecting the two-tiered justice system to once again rear its ugly head. In the end though, the former king’s extravagant lifestyle, compulsive infidelity and illicitly excessive corruption while Spanish citizens struggled with sky high unemployment and barebone austerity gave rise to Sayn-Wittgenstein’s so called royal “coup d’état” after the former king recklessly brought it on himself.

Ever-cognizant of the growing number of Spaniards openly calling for the dissolution of the nation’s monarchy, prompted by his father’s misdeeds, as current holder of both the Spanish crown and honorary title of King of Jerusalem,[49] Felipe VI astutely cut off the former king’s $200,000 a year allowance, renounced his own ill-begotten inheritance from his father and banished Carlos from his kingdom in order to distance himself from his predecessor, hopelessly drowning in money laundered fraud, bribery schemes and adulterous gluttony, reputedly bedding down 5,000 women.[50] King Carlos is even known to have salaciously hit on Princess Diana while she and hubby Prince Charles were his houseguests back in 1986. Retired republican Colonel Amadeo Martinez Ingles, author of bestselling biography Juan Carlos I: The King of the 5,000, describes Carlos’ aristocratic House of Bourbon bloodline:

A band of drunks, whores, idiots, bastards, nymphomaniacs and lazy thugs. Juan Carlos I is an authentic sex addict and a sexual predator.[51]

The latter pair of character attributes make for essential ingredients in every pedophile beast. And the Roman monarchy of the House of Bourbon, originally from France, ranks among the ruling Luciferian black nobility bloodlines that encompass all the European royal families behind the entire chessboard charade of geopolitics, war, famine, pestilence, pedophilia and human enslavement through economic deprivation, usury debt and mind control propaganda.[52] Among the most powerful royal bloodlines on earth, in addition to the Spanish crown, the House of Bourbon controls much of Latin America, including both its politicians and organized crime.[53] The King of Spain is the head of the secret Order of Montesa, which is an offshoot of the Knights Templar of Aragon.[54] The Bush crime family works with the Bourbon crime family, which controls the Knights Templar and Gulf of Mexico drug cartels as well as the political leaders throughout Latin America. The trafficking of both drugs and children is Big Business, and the House of Bourbon is steeped in organized crime.

Italy’s military bloodline the Farnese family intermarried with the Bourbons of Spain, establishing in Italy the Bourbon-Parma branch, which in turn mixed with Dutch, Belgian and Luxembourg royalties. Recall from Chapter 6 that it was the Farnese bloodline that established the military order of the Jesuits in Spain, and that its first general Ignatius Loyola was previously a member of the Alumbrados (Spanish for Illuminati) two centuries before Adam Weishaupt founded the Bavarian Illuminati Order.[55] See how for centuries the core of central power on this planet has always remained strategically locked in within the various interbreeding bloodline alliances?

The decadent, pedophilic elite are steeped in satanic ritual torture, rape and murder, and no legal case has shocked, horrified and haunted the nation of Spain more than the Alcasser murders. This infamously tragic, unsolved mass murder of the Alcasser case brutally took the life of three teenage girls in 1992 in the eastern seacoast province of Valencia. It remains to this day Spain’s still smoldering open wound, a can of rotten worms long festering in failed cover-up to conceal the dark disturbing truth about Spain’s elite. Very strong circumstantial evidence indicates that the child raping murderers of the three girls remain free and unpunished because as alleged members of Spain’s upper class involved in a pedophilic satanic death cult, they have yet to be fully unveiled and uncovered. The unfinished business of revealing the truth about Alcasser speaks to the thousands of missing children who mysteriously go missing each year, whose unkind fate prior to death had them systematically tortured, sodomized and blood sacrificed in what appears to be satanic occult ritual by members of the too big to jail class still running this world.

A few miles southwest of the city of Valencia and the eastern Spanish Mediterranean coastline, Alcasser is a town with a population of about 10,000 residents. On the eve of their November 1992 disappearance, one of the girls, 15-year old Toni Gomez Rodriguez, called the local radio station for a song request, dedicating to her friends a popular hit at the time by Peter Schilling called “Major Tom (Coming Home),” a modified remake version of the old 1970s David Bowie classic. Cryptically, the following night of Friday the 13th, Toni and two of her friends Miriam Garcia Iborra and Desirée Hernandez Folch would never be “coming home.” The DJ asked if Toni had weekend plans, she replied that she didn’t yet, but definitely would not be staying home. Toni’s last recorded words would haunt the entire nation for years to come.

After school let out on Friday afternoon the three friends met up by late afternoon at their fourth friend’s house who, not feeling well, was unable to join them on their plan to go to the teen club in the next town over. In the early evening hours, they set out by foot to the local club a couple miles away. There were later reports that they were seen getting into a white car occupied by young men only a few blocks from the club that they never reached that night. They vanished without a trace for the next couple months until remains of their partially decomposed bodies were discovered buried in a shallow pit in the rural La Romana area in January 1993 a few miles away. Toni’s glistening large watch still attached to her wrist bone jutting out from the brush and rain softened soil caught the eye of a beekeeper who’d gone for a morning walk prior to tending his beehive in late January. In early July 2019, a few more bones were found in the same area by a curious couple after viewing Netflix’s June 2019 documentary called “El Caso Alcasser” (“The Alcasser Case”).[56] The newly discovered evidence was placed under forensic analysis in Madrid to determine if four human bones from a finger or toe belonged to one or more of the deceased trio of Alcasser victims.

The macabre case drew an incredible amount of national attention and brief international media coverage as well, over time placing growing pressure on Spanish police to apprehend and convict the killer(s). Consequently, succumbing to mounting public pressure, the heinous crime was very likely pinned on an innocent man, a local named Miguel Ricart, known to use drugs who’d been busted for car theft a couple of times, though never implicated before in any violent or major crime. While in police custody, Ricart was allegedly beaten by police and forced to sign several confessions that kept changing details as if to fit emerging new autopsy and investigate information. Ultimately Miguel maintained that he’d been violently coerced into signing them and denied that he was ever involved.

How Ricart even came to be a police suspect is suspect. A piece of paper was reportedly found not far from the bodies, not with Miguel’s name on it but that of a brother never charged with the crime of a second man – half-Brazilian Antonio Anglés. While under interrogation, Miguel Ricart reported that he knew Antonio Anglés, implicating him as the trigger-pulling killer. How a flimsy piece of loose paper found in the foothills blowing in the blustery foothill winds would dubiously link a man without even his name on the paper is a preposterous overstretch already. Yet that’s what police rested their entire case on, with no other evidence linking Ricart to the crime. The corrupt state had to quickly find a convenient patsy to frame in order to placate a shocked public demanding answers.

Moreover, Antonio Anglés was already in prison on unrelated charges but inexplicably was released on a week furlough that resulted in his convenient escape and the likely police fabrication that he was last spotted off the coast of Ireland never to be seen again. And this mystery man still remains at large. So, without any forensic evidence at all linking Miguel Ricart to the crime, without a murder weapon, nearly five years after the girls’ murder, Ricart was sentenced to 170 years in prison for a crime that all available evidence strongly shows he never committed.

The police investigators at the scene where the bodies were found failed to secure evidence. Miguel Ricart had a parade of 10 inexperienced defendants assigned, never properly representing him. The chief prosecutor in the case repeatedly faltered, never adhering to legal due process and the medical examiner was an assistant allowed to incompetently perform two autopsies, establishing a series of atrociously gross errors, or even worse, actively sabotaging the case, criminally subverting justice to go out of its way to cover up the truth. A newspaper actually reported that a 40-year old suspect linked to the murder initially was taken into custody by police, yet once Miguel Ricart was arrested, the original suspect was never followed up or heard from again.

Fernando Garcia, the father of victim Miriam, became the unofficial spokesman for the bereaved families. His single-minded resolve and persistent efforts were remarkable, navigating past the slew of anomalies to get to closer to the bottom of so many flagrant loose end rabbit holes. After acquiring access to police files and recognizing so many blatant mistakes and missteps, Fernando Garcia sought the consultative expertise of a respected criminologist, Juan Ignacio Blanco. Together they dug up details of the ghastly triple murder cover-up where the state obstinately refused, openly criticizing guilty state actors that appeared to be following orders to purposely botch the case so the wrong man could be convicted.

A local priest in Alcasser approached Juan Ignacio Blanco with incriminating evidence that even included handing over a copy of a snuff film showing Desirée Hernandez on camera being murdered. In the ensuing years, Fernando Garcia and Juan Ignacio Blanco often went to newspaper press and popular TV shows to reveal their appalling findings, even to the point of naming prominent individuals, national and provincial politicians, judges and senior police officials, the VIP “usual suspects” in virtually every pedo-scandal cover-up, alleged to be actively involved in both cover-up and ritualistic sexual torture and murder of the teenage girls. Garcia and Blanco have come to the conclusion that Miguel Ricard and Antonio Anglés may have been lowly procurers for a highly organized pedophilia cult that set them up as scapegoated patsies.

Details of what the three victims endured through in their alleged finally hours are gruesomely dark and grim. From the Valencia province publication Costa News:

They [the three victims] were taken to an abandoned country house and gang-raped for 24 hours, beaten and mutilated before being forced to walk into their own common grave and shot in the head. Toni’s arm was sawn off above the elbow when she was still alive and, tied up and gagged, was beaten and bludgeoned for another hour as she lay on her two friends’ bodies. Miriam and Desiree had been shot in the head, and Toni was killed the same way an hour later. Another of the girls had a nipple ripped off with pliers whilst conscious, and all three had been sexually-assaulted with very large and in some cases, extremely sharp objects thrust into both orifices.[57]

Without the murder weapon and without any forensic evidence linking either Miguel Ricart or Antonio Anglés to the crimes or crime scene (other than a suspicious piece of paper with neither man’s name written on it), what has been definitively linked through forensic science is that 12 strands of hair and semen extracted from the victims’ anuses and near their ovaries proves that at least seven men raped and murdered the victims. The forensic evidence examined failed to indicate the presence of either Ricard or Anglés’ DNA. This fact is huge because it implicates at least seven other men participating in the sodomy, torture and murder of the Alcasser girls, confirming that those guilty of committing the heinous crimes to this very day remain at large.[58] The fact that the seven men were never pursued by legal authorities proves that a blatant cover-up was perpetrated by the Spanish government. Plus, the filmed evidence of Denise Fernandez’s last moments alive in a snuff video strongly indicates that a major criminal pedo-operation perpetrated the murders.

For valiantly pursuing the truth after the state’s blatant criminal refusal, both Miriam’s father and the criminologist were promptly slapped down by both mainstream press as conspiracy nuts gone bonkers as well as the courts, with libel suits forcing each whistleblower to pay out thousands to Denise’s mother who opposed their efforts as well as the VIPs they named as part of the murder cult, so their money very likely went to the guilty party responsible for some of the sickest, most evil crimes imaginable. Blanco’s 1998 book exposé Que Pasa en Alcasser? (What Happened in Alcasser?),[59] published just five months after the bogus 1997 trial framing Miguel Ricart, was even banned by Spanish courts. The book was simply a straightforward summary including many copies of original court documents surrounding the sabotaged case, free of conspiracy theory as bogusly claimed. Such an overt mockery of justice to protect the evil untouchables in Spanish society, masking the dark reality of their despicable, egregious crimes against three innocents.

Miriam’s father Fernando Garcia and criminologist Blanco believe that the girls were taken in the white car to a residence where an organized pedophile cult had assembled, and that over days and nights amounting to a week or more, the abducted girls were ritually tortured and raped. Dr Luis Frontela, professor of medicine at the University of Seville, analyzed the three girls’ bodies and observed scars on the girls’ wrists.[60] That could never have happened if they died on the 13th. Their state of decomposition was not consistent with 75 days after death, indicating they were killed much later than mid-November. Autopsy showed that girls were in restraints and hung from the ceiling. Larvae were found still in the skull, indicative of recent fresh burial.[61] One hand of Miriam’s was cut off, the other had fingernails pulled off, all of this strongly supports rituals involving multiple tools that according to the “lone gunmen” torture death scene on the 13th, again points to a false narrative that everything happened within hours on the same night of the abduction, culminated by lethal shots to the head. Clearly the body autopsies refute this fake scenario. Moreover, evidence shows that the crimes did not occur in the La Ramona area where bodies were discovered but that they’d been brought there and reburied. The soil around their bodies was clayish yet the dirt in the pit was not. Far too much evidence conclusively points to an organized group of perpetrators committing crimes over an extended period.

Yet when Blanco and Garcia point out the fallacies of the state’s false narrative and reveal the far darker reality, the complicit mainstream media portends that Fernando Garcia’s grief had caused him to go off the deep end. He became an obsessed loose cannon, morphing into a psychotic state of victimhood with “farfetched” conspiracy theories, falling under the shady spell of con man opportunist Juan Ignacio Blanco, the impresario of “dangerous” conspiracy theories run amok. As a sample, in an El Pais interview with the Netflix Alcasser documentary, the interviewer describes Fernando Garcia:

He was caught up in a spiral of denial, rejecting the official investigation and returning time and again to prime time to posit increasingly outlandish theories. His descent began when he met the criminologist Juan Ignacio Blanco, a somewhat shady character.[62] 

Once again, always with the conspiracy theories to dismiss and negate the truth. The media’ patronizing judgment casts dispersions on both Fernando and Juan Ignacio while staunchly protecting the state’s total mishandling of the case by nefarious design in order to protect the powerful guilty players. Another swipe from the Spanish online newspaper El Cierre Digital in a July 2019 article right after Juan Ignacio Blanco’s death from cancer:

The very serious accusations [made by Blanco and Garcia] against specific people with names and surnames, such as Alfonso Calvé, former civil governor of Alicante. José Luis Bermúdez de Castro, film producer, and Luis Solana, former president of Telefónica, were featured in Telecinco’s Tonight We Cross the Mississippi program without any proof.[63]

The above online piece goes on to claim the real reason these named individuals were “falsely” blamed for running a pedo-torture-death cult that killed the girls is revenge over a real estate partnership where the accuser Angel Sopena, a Madrid gynecologist, went sour grapes over lost money, misfeeding Blanco with the warrantless lies. Why wouldn’t Sopena merely accuse Bermudez de Castro of being a fraudster? It’s highly illogical that such “wild” allegations against Bermudez that he’d be operating a satanic cult, raping, torturing and blood sacrificing young girls to make snuff films. There would be no motivation to falsely allege such over-the-top, appalling crimes that, true or false, might well risk lethal ramifications of revenge.

Independent from Sopena disclosing the death cult to Blanco, Fernando Garcia was approached by businessman Jose Moises Dominguez who received the lowdown from his onetime business partner, police Commissioner Alberto Elias Hernandez.[64] No sooner was the bombshell shared with Dominguez, less than a year after the girls’ abduction, on October 2, 1993, Commissioner Hernandez mysteriously, suddenly dies of myocardial infarction at only 49-years old.

In September 1995, Blanco and Garcia went on host Pepe Navarro’s popular television talk show Telecinco to disclose the major truth bomb that Alfonso Calvé, José Luis Bermúdez de Castro, Luis Solana and Francisco Laina, then secretary of state for state security, were all part of the murderous satanic death cult called the Morleja clan that murdered young girls including Fernando’s daughter Miriam Garcia.[65] It’s important to know that Alfonso Calvé wasn’t just any psychiatrist or governor, he was also deputy director of the Cabinet of the General Directorate of the Police. On the fateful January 1996 TV broadcast, Juan Ignacio Blanco also stated that Calvé and Solana were under investigation by the security forces led by the Ministry of Interior and Justice for losing two tons of cocaine as well as for their satanic clan’s criminal pedo-activities. On another program, the whistleblowers alleged that the four aforementioned Morleja clan members were responsible for the disappearance of 150 girls, and that a photo existed linking suspect Antonio Anglés pictured with the same four clan ringleaders.

Prior to going public, Blanco and Garcia had given over all their collected evidence in a dossier that included the snuff film to Spain’s Interior Minister Mayor Oreja.[66] It’s déjà vu time again. How many times have pedo-dossiers been submitted in good faith to the enemy in charge that proceeds to bury, lose and deny all evidence? Unfortunately, because the implications of so many pedophiles in high places were at risk of full exposure, as always, whatever internal investigation was underway, it immediately was shut down and Minister Oreja denied any probe of said individuals ever occurred. Yet upon taking possession of the dossier, Oreja assigned to follow-up, Brigadier General Munoz Gil, the head of Civil Guard Investigation and Information Headquarters, who soon took to refusing to answer phone calls. At that point Fernando Garcia and Juan Ignacio Blanco decided they’d better go public. But Blanco and Garcia were hung out to dry, betrayed, right alongside his deceased daughter, her deceased friends and in fact the entire Spanish nation and all good people everywhere. We’ve all been betrayed.

The pedo-protecting media so often twists and inverts reality to denigrate genuine truth seekers, never failing to portray them as deranged snake oil salesmen. As a spoon-fed propaganda ministry, the media’s job is to propagate all the lies that the crime cabal dictates – the mainstream false narrative that Miguel Ricart and Antonio Anglés acted alone as the sole wacko criminals. They alone are said to have taken the girls to the abandoned house out in the sticks, then committed rape, torture and murder on the night of Friday the 13th, again shielding the larger, organized Luciferian elite from all accountability. Where have we heard this before?

Private television companies competing in sensational coverage for higher ratings, like interactive talk show mentioned, saturated Spain’s airwaves exploiting the Alcasser families and town. Working in tandem with the overzealous media, at the time Spain’s Civil Guard police force did not have a public communications division, which only exacerbated the situation, leaving the media to second-guess and fill in all the spotty holes and anomalies fueling public hysteria. In the end, the corrupt justice system criminally did its job to subvert justice, suppressing crucial evidence, at all cost circumventing and muzzling Fernando Garcia and Juan Ignacio Blanco from fully exposing the actual VIP culprits that would have otherwise been fully investigated and prosecuted. Instead, in reactive damage control mode to desperately maintain its cover-up, the system launched an offensive viciously attacking the truth seekers, mistreating them as criminals, fining the shit out of them and ultimately throwing them both in prison for two years. The Spanish government’s message speaks loud and clear – anyone daring to expose the satanic truth will be systematically destroyed. And it worked. Criminologist Juan Ignacio Blanco died in July 2019 at only 63-years old, just as Netflix aired its Alcasser documentary, which by overt omission also shielded the pedophile establishment.

A far lesser known, unpublicized pedophilia scandal in Spain yet very much related to the Alcasser murders is the “Bar España” case, centered around a roadside bar-restaurant in the small town of Benicarló in the Valencian Community, little more than 100 miles up the eastern coastline from Alcasser. In fact, since the international Alcasser case, the Spanish government has issued a media blackout on this pedophilia scandal. No mainstream media will touch it because it has all the worst elements of the other more infamous Valencian scandal in Alcasser – multiple child murder, satanic ritual torture and sodomy committed by the same “upstanding” figures – the usual suspects – powerful provincial politicians, international businessmen and local judges.[67] In the mid-1990s, Spanish authorities responded the same way, except this time Bar España scandal drew zero press, successfully buried, hoping no one would notice.

Actually, there is one exception – the Catalan newspaper ARA ran a July 2017 article entitled “Bar España: A Case Too Atrocious to be Credible,” featuring author-documentarian Valentí Figueres and his latest film “La manada.”  For two years Figueres delved into the Bar España scandal, investigating both its credibility and depravity, and as hard as it was too stomach or believe, he concludes that it ws frightfully true. The journalist who wrote the article Gerrard A. Cassado states:

In the late 90’s about eighty children from the Baix Maestrat children’s home in Vinaròs were tortured, raped and videotaped in orgies that took place in this bar and in the Mas del Coll farmhouse Rossell, and in which powerful and well-known personalities of the Valencian Country would have participated. It is estimated that five minors lost their lives victims of the excesses of their executioners.[68] 

Despite 17 victims from nine families filing a complaint, according to filmmaker Valentí Figueres:

No complaint has been accompanied by a rigorous investigation.

Other than the excellent Catalan piece, this horrendous case received no media attention at all, for two reasons. The corrupt pedo-establishment in Spain was unwilling to risk another hugely sensational, internationally publicized pedo-murder scandal in the same Spanish region back-to-back. After going out of its way to persecute crime journalist-criminologist Juan Ignacio Blanco and murdered victim’s father Fernando Garcia in Alcasser for uncovering an elitist demonic cult, Spain was not about to have Alcasser 2.0 on its hands. A second reason is that the victims were trafficked from the local Baix Maestrat juvenile center. Vulnerable kids within the child welfare system have historically been the easiest and most accessible source targets for organized sexual predation, especially when VIP pedophile networks infiltrate pedo-accomplices employed at the youth facilities.

Children from the age of infancy to adolescence were regularly abused and traumatized both physically and sexually by an alleged satanic pedophilia ring operating at the restaurant. Also similar to the Alcasser child abuse, as well as abuse in Belgium, Netherlands and United Kingdom, the torture, sexual assaults and blood sacrifices again were filmed for the production, distribution and sale of snuff videos.[69] Murdered children are said to be buried in the courtyard of the premises. Child pornographic images of Bar España victims even wound up in the large cache in the Zandvoort, Holland scandal (See Chapter 36). This added piece indicates that this virtually unknown scandal was also another highly organized, criminal satanic deadly enterprise that ran in parallel process with Alcasser, both in time of operation as well as having a brave parent willing to step up at his own risk to confront powerful VIP pedo-cult members.

One father, Reinaldo Colás, accused his wife’s new boyfriend, an influential Italian businessman and former AC Milan president Giuseppe Farina, of raping his 3- and 5-year old daughters.[70] Though the publicly registered complaints were enough to temporarily dismantle the local pedo-web’s overt operation, authorities refused to act. Victims from the children’s home recognized the foreign businessman as one of their abusers at the bar they were often at night trafficked to, and a stream of brave child victim-survivors came forth to furnish names of up to 30 high society members of the satanic cult. One of the accused at the orgies, Judge Sofía Díaz, filed several lawsuits against the complainants.

But in early 2016 a repentant named Joaquin Crespo with half a conscience recounted in detail how the mafia pedo-operation was run by council chief Carlos Fabra.[71] The very incriminating testimony was presented at Madrid’s Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office. Another key witness Antonio Perraire, linked the Alcasser case, claiming that Miguel Ricart and Antonio Angles frequented Bar España, meeting with network members. The witness also said that he watched a film of an Alcasser victim. Additionally, according to Perraire, local nurse Alicia Martinez who was a girlfriend of Bar España pedo-mafia thug Ramón Grau, he had Alicia murdered because she grew tired of treating the horrific anal injuries of abused children. 

Despite the powerful elite suppressing the child witnesses and adult whistleblowers and police refusing to investigate despite ample evidence, because of the internet, the story leaked out and was never quite censored out of existence. Plus, filmmaker Valentí Figueres shining light on the travesty of justice twenty years later followed the torn lives of the victims, their lifelong drug and alcohol struggle, their run-ins with the law, several in prison, another a street beggar. Such gross denial of justice, their voices never heard, their lives ruined, while 30 named killer-rapists stay comfortably hidden in plain sight inside their mansions, never losing sleep over their ungodly sins.

Multiple eyewitness accounts by children made formal statements testifying that the ringleader was longtime Popular Party (PP) Castellón provincial council chief Carlos Fabra Carreras who allegedly raped and murdered gypsy children at the Bar España bar-restaurant. Yet because his family for well over a century maintains a political dynasty that virtually owns Castellón, for decades Fabra was never brought to justice over any of his crimes. His daughter presently represents Castellón as an MP in Madrid. However, after years of dodging criminal allegations and complaints, finally the wicked kingpin was placed on trial in October 2013 for influence-peddling, bribery and tax fraud, and by early December 2014, the disgraced convicted tax fraud crook entered a prison outside Madrid to serve four years behind bars.[72] To show how this diabolical man took advantage of his constituents in the name of self-aggrandizement, he spent thousands of euros of public money to have an enormous 24-meter copper statue of himself constructed outside a ghost airport that cost taxpayers €150m yet has never once been used. Fabra constantly accepted bribes while misusing his office and told inquirers he was the lucky winner of the El Gordo Christmas lottery every year.

Francisco Javier Reyes Cogolludo, a distraught, very brave father determined to expose Fabra to the world, went on record:

The president of the Castellón Provincial Council, Carlos Fabra Carreras (PP), put it up the ass of my son Alberto Hernández Calvo, and his brother José Manuel another man, in the room of the Baix Maestrat Residence for minors in Vinarós.[73]

Though Fabra is a free man again, never having been brought to justice for allegedly raping and murdering children, his real Judgment Day like the rest of his pedo-cronies still awaits.

Sadly, the central theme of this entire treatise, grimly and graphically illustrated in each and every single chapter scandal, demonstrates that those determined to seek truth and justice, publicly exposing evidence that incriminates the powerful interests of the guilty child rapists and murderers accustomed to living their criminal lives above the law, will be mercilessly cut down, persecuted and severely punished into oblivion. Buried under insurmountable debt caused by state levied penalties, smeared reputations and character assassination through media lies, costly nonstop legal entanglement, state enforced imprisonment and/or death by suicided assassination. Of course, just as determined courageous victims seeking justice are also systematically targeted, destroyed and discarded by any and all means necessary, deploying the same weaponized barrage from the same loaded gun and arsenal. But the days of the bad guys always winning are over, with God’s help, all you child rapists and murderers out there will be going down, very soon.

Though powerful torturers and murderers of children from the global elite class are systemically and historically off limits, remaining free in every nation to continue committing their pedo-network crimes, lesser prominent criminal elements, the proverbial “lower hanging rotten fruit,” are sometimes subject to the albeit compromised, broken wheels of justice. After all, public misperception that police and state act in the public’s best interest in bringing criminal networks to justice that do regular harm to children is considered vitally important PR for the status quo powers-that-be. It lends just enough support for the system to hold off open rebellion, though with Soros and corporate sponsored Antifa and Black Lives Matter, bent on anarchy, chaos and destruction, we’re one step closer to Zionist Marxist dictatorship.

In any event, with today’s global pedophilia web possessing connecting strands to virtually every nation on earth, decent police officers from multiple nations are in fact working hard in the trenches, engaging in coordinated anti-human trafficking operations, simultaneously rescuing victims and arresting offending traffickers almost every day across many nations, with little fanfare or attention from mainstream media.

As recently as June 2020, multiple police agencies conducted sweeping search and rescue operations in two provinces in Spain, three in Portugal, two in Germany and one in the Netherlands. Police raids in Spain made twelve arrests of traffickers of Moroccan and Sub-Saharan nationals, resulting in liberating nearly 1,000 women and children, along with seizing 500,000 euros and two kilos of marijuana.[74] Traffickers charged 500 to 750 euros per person and whenever payment on demand wasn’t forthcoming, minors were frequently abandoned in place.

Another bust of 11 Moroccan traffickers went down in May 2019 at a much stiffer rate of 3,500-6,500 euros ($3,922-$7,284) per person.[75] After surviving the danger of crossing the Mediterranean Sea in an undersized rubber boat without a lifejacket, once arriving at safehouses in Spain, another 1,000 euros was demanded. Paid up, the traffickers then handed migrant adults and children a mobile phone and a bus ticket for their next destination either in Spain or Europe beyond. For the last few years Europol and Spain’s law enforcement have been kept busy interdicting high-volume movement of undocumented migrants mostly from North Africa entering Spain, often en route to France, Belgium, Britain and Germany. A steady stream of trafficking victims from source nations in North Africa as well as Paraguay, Romania, China and Nigeria arrive regularly in Spain as both a destination and transit nation.

Just three months later in September 2019, Europol announced that Spain’s Civil Guard police teamed with France law enforcement jointly shut down a drug and human trafficking operation, arresting 29 suspects that lured North African and Middle Eastern adults and families, including unaccompanied children plucked from Spanish migration centers.[76] Per previous chapters, child abduction from Europe’s processing centers by criminal gangs have become an increasing problem. In the September bust, three traffickers in France were detained while 26 were taken into custody in Spain.

Just a week later in September 2019, the dismantling of the largest cocaine trafficking and money laundering operation ever took place in Spanish nations with police assistance from Interpol, Spain, Colombia and five other European countries.[77] The multinational joint effort under codename Operation Beautiful begun the year before culminated with 81 arrests, over half the arrests (42) in Spain alone, netting 4,000 kg of Colombian cocaine, 2 million euros in cash and a total of 7 million euros of laundered money. This Big Business criminal network was highly structured and particularly violent, using an enormous fleet of various transportation vehicles from yachts, trucks, trailers to cars with hidden compartments. Though smuggling drugs so often co-occurs with the high cash commodity of smuggled children as in the case just a week prior, this particular bust made no mention of a conjoint child sex trafficking operation.

That said, a surge in criminal child trafficking operations entering Europe through Catalonia’s gatekeeping Mediterranean portal Barcelona, the second largest city in Spain behind Madrid and fifth overall in Europe, has emerged a trafficking hub during the massive migration crisis, particularly since 2015. In March 2018 a large bust of a smuggling ring netted 155 arrests of mostly Chinese nationals in a human trafficking operation with intended destination Britain and Ireland.[78] The transit price tag for forged passports and documents from China to Barcelona was a hefty 20,000 euros per person. Another set of illegal papers was issued weekly during the Barcelona stopover.

Living in an electronic age that is fueling the worldwide pedo-scourge, every nation has citizens producing, distributing, downloading and consuming massive volumes of the sickest shit imaginable on their computer screens, all at instant fingertip convenience promoting and driving the widespread child sexual abuse epidemic around the world. This dark perversion is as rampant as the world’s largest entertainment subscription company streaming child porn into 193 million homes via Netflix with its recent child porn film “Cuties,” vehemently defended by its founder-CEO Reed Hastings, himself bogusly reported busted for collecting a hardcore cache of internet child porn.[79] But then no sooner had that story been vociferously debunked, it was immediately followed by the arrest of Netflix star Jerry Harris on child pornography charges.[80] Calculated, concerted efforts to normalize child rape through Hollywood propaganda and mass media is seen everywhere nowadays, a high priority mission of the planetary pedo-controllers. Speaking of planetary controllers, Reed’s fellow Netflix co-founder and first CEO is Marc Bernays Randolph, whose middle name pays homage to his great uncle, the master propagandist Edward Bernays, nephew of huge Western influencer and Tavistock mind control pioneer Dr Sigmund Freud. Small world when it comes to influential controllers.[81]

So in this modern digital age, no surprise that in late November 2018, 79 sickos were rounded up and  arrested in Spain, suspected of producing and distributing internet child pornography.[82] In an undercover sting operation that began in 2016, several scores of men and one woman as a sample of Spain’s child porn movers were swept up in police raids of 80 homes across the nation. Law enforcement collected 45 laptops, 113 hard discs, 25 mobile phones and over 300 DVDs containing “extremely graphic” material that included adults having sex with toddlers. Police claim the bust was among the nation’s largest ever within the worldwide web of internet child pornography.

But an eye-opening October 2019 El Mundo article exposed how ineffective Spain’s cybercrime force is at controlling its pedophiles online sharing child pornography files. Its first sentence out of the gate says:

Despite knowing even the IP address of those who share child pornography (a crime punishable by up to 9 years in prison), most cases are not investigated due to lack of personnel and means and do not even become part of the official statistics.[83]

With US cyber-tracking technology, in a 2-week period in July 2019, 6,346 IP addresses across Spain were red flagged sharing child porn files. However, due to Spain’s limited technology and lack of resources and manpower posing such severe limits, statistics generated by Spain’s Ministry of Interior state that only 1,393 pedo-porn crimes are detected during a full year, rendering a grossly false underrepresentation.[84] And the over 6,000 collected in 2-weeks is through file-sharing applications alone, not from social network platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or Telegram or the enormous amount of child porn shared on the dark web. To combat these alarming, off the chart numbers, Spain has all of 50 agents attempting to police this vast unlimited Wild West domain of online pedophilia. Then when taking into account that over 45 million photos and videos of child pornography are viewed and shared each year on the internet that is twice as much as the year before, what begins to emerge is an infinitesimal proliferation compared to the state’s dark age means to even make a dent on bringing cyber-pedophiles fueling the in-person pedophilia to any form of justice on the planet. It certainly makes one ponder whether the Spanish state’s effort is simply a token gesture, volitionally giving the worldwide criminal network a free pass since we’re all too aware now of who runs the world.

On top of all this, Spanish law handcuffs law enforcement further with restrictive limitations on what files can be interdicted. Spain lacks a coordinated central control system allocating available intervention resources on an individual case-by-case basis. Additionally, a judge is required to approve identification of who may actually own the IP address where illegal porn activity is detected. Then comes pinpointing within a building the identity of individuals that are using the IP for criminal purposes. This narrowly defined legal window requirement of splitting hairs just to attain legal permission to take action protects the criminals more than the rights of child victims whose pornographic images tend to permanently remain on the internet. Meanwhile seemingly by design, the criminal’s access to advanced technology far exceeds, the outmoded, inefficient system and strict protocols impede cybercrime units’ effectiveness to do their job. The El Mundo piece written by a police insider laments how the current system in Spain clearly out-favors the pedophiles.

Similar to how Britain maintained a diabolical national policy for a half century cruelly shipping 130,000 innocent children under its child migrant program to other Commonwealth nations like Canada and Australia to be raised and too often abused in overseas orphanages,[85] it’s been learned less than a decade ago that Spain’s government appears no better. An estimated twice as many at 300,000 Spanish newborn babies were criminally stolen from their mothers’ arms in Catholic maternity ward hospitals from 1939 (Franco’s first year in power) well into post-Franco years until the 1990s with this grotesque injustice inflicted on unsuspecting families.[86] Leave it to dictator Franco to team up with evil Catholic Church nuns, priests and doctors at hospitals all over Spain to conspire to steal and traffic babies in this disgraceful “ninos robados” (stolen children) scandal. For more than a half century Spain’s traditional, reverently trusted authority figures – nuns, nurses, priests and doctors maliciously lied to shocked, grief-stricken mothers that their newborn babies suddenly out of the blue died. The evil ones would simply tell families their newly delivered healthy baby boy or girl abruptly stopped breathing hours after delivery, making up lame medical excuses and refusing to allow parents to either see the body or inform them of burial arrangements, purely diabolical in both scope and practice – for over fifty years!

This hellish crime was only found out in 2011 after a man on his deathbed admitted to Juan Luis Moreno that he was bought from a priest, adding that his childhood friend Antonio Barroso was also sold by the same priest.[87] When the two bewildered men consulted an adoption attorney, they were told that this apparently is the common fate of many others in Spain as well. After they went to the press, like a wildfire revelation, suddenly thousands of mothers and adult children learned for the first time of this prevalent nationwide criminal practice. What may have begun as ideological punishment against left-leaning parents under Franco’s fascist right-wing collusion with the Catholic Church, shifted over time to church and state authoritarianism playing God, deciding which parents are morally or financially unfit to raise children, and doctors, adoption agencies and the church would coordinate with couples deemed “fit” for parenthood, starting with a willingness to pay the going price for a state stolen child. This widespread nightmarish national policy is yet one more sin piled upon many, hanging over both the pedophilia-saturated Catholic Church and Spain’s criminal anti-family authoritarian state. This horrific, shameful secret policy also doubled as a money scam from Hell for the criminal players involved.

At Dr Eduardo Vela’s Madrid clinic, civil Registry sources specify “mother unknown” in 70% of all babies delivered in 1981.[88] Under law to protect unwed mothers, doctors misused the “unknown” excuse to be able to “legally” sell off stolen and trafficked babies that morphed into an underground cottage industry. The baby thief doctor Vela finally faced criminal charges for deceiving parents into believing their baby died while making extra cash from prospective couples wanting babies on his readymade black market. The sinister clinic actually stored a frozen dead baby in the freezer made ready on instant display for convincing parents that their good doctor was telling them the truth. In July 2018 Vela was acquitted “because the crime took place nearly a half century ago.”[89] Despite the 3-panel judges finding him guilty of child abduction and document fraud, deceptively signing over a child to another woman, they ruled the statute of limitations had conveniently run out and the 85-year old charlatan walked away a free man, still convinced he did right by all the children and families he egregiously harmed and profited from. Then to add insult to injury, under an amnesty law protecting this crime against humanity from prosecution, both Spain’s judges and politicians have willfully not allowed lawsuits to be filed against the church, state or any of its criminal actors. With Spain’s immoral foundation overseeing the state, trafficking children for sodomy and child sacrifice is simply a notch or two down this same slimy, slippery slope.

For years after the scandal was exposed, the heartless slimeballs in charge refused to even set up a national inquiry into the scandal, preferring to shamefully sweep it under the “out of sight, out of mind” rug. This dilemma has created such a mess with babies being dug up from their graves across the country for DNA testing. Sometimes the result is just dirt without a corpse, other times adult bones are unearthed. Frantic family members are converging on clinics for DNA testing in hopes of reuniting state-broken families. It’s a national tragedy of shame on Spain. The one consolation to this horror show is when mothers and their long-lost stolen children successfully navigate the barriers stacked against them and finally reunite after years apart. But again, the anti-family Spanish state has been purposely stalling on fulfilling its promise to develop a national DNA database to help the chaotic situation. As more impedance, data bank protection law prohibits data banks from cross-referencing or sharing data. Dragging its heels, it took the Madrid government all the way until November 2018 just to finally pass its very first hurdle of drafted legislation,[90] with still several stages still to go before designating a national DNA database, a special prosecutor and special police unit to assist stolen baby victims investigate their cases to find long-lost family they’ve been denied even ever knowing about.[91]

Making it legal for the state to steal and traffic babies from birth for over a half century and still not fully rectify this crime against humanity with Spain’s stolen baby scandal, never coming clean on its most notorious child sodomy, torture and blood sacrifice case in history in both its Alcasser scandal and the totally covered-up Bar España debacle, allowing rampantly out of control corruption, bribery and blackmail to rule both its national government and powerful reigning black nobility House of Bourbon bloodline, and finally, protecting pedos online more than the sexually exploited kids, Spain’s atrocious track record for keeping its children safe from grave harm appears just as dark and sinister as the rest of Europe’s pedophilia scourge exposed thus far. Is its neighbor any different?


Turning now to the other nation occupant on the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal until 1910 also had a ruling monarchy. From its independence from Spain in 1640 to early in the 20th century, the royal House of Braganza came to a bloody, tragic end when in 1908 King Carlos I and his oldest son and heir Luis Felipe were gunned down in assassination, after leaving their holiday retreat in an open carriage returning to Lisbon.[92] The younger 18-year old son Manuel II’s reign proved short-lived at just 2 years before being driven into exile in Britain by the rising tide of national republicanism ending centuries of the doomed dynasty’s reign. Today’s remaining heir from the House of Braganza – Dom Duarte Pio, Duke of Bragança, was born in 1945 exiled in Switzerland, but at age 7 moved to Portugal in 1952, and is still hoping to one day reclaim the first of last century’s lost kingdoms of Europe.[93]

In 1910 Portugal’s First Republic took over but lasted only until 1926, marred by anarchy, economic turmoil, more political assassination and deep corruption. It was ended with two years of military dictatorship from 1926 until 1928, followed by many decades of national dictatorship under Antonio de Oliveira Salazar (1889-1970).[94] Salazar first became minister of finance in 1926 and within one year, was credited with balancing the budget and stabilizing the currency, paving the way for his ascending reign as prime minister from 1932 to 1968. Though the nation was politically and economically stabilized during his 36 years in power, his one-party Estado Novo government amounted to a fascist corporatist dictatorship. On April 25, 1974 a military coup overthrew the authoritarian Estado Novo regime via the peaceful Carnation Revolution that ended the Colonial Wars and led to a democratic Portugal.

However, it was 1974 that Carlos Silvino, a highly influential so called “driver” and gardener employed by the Casa Pia care homes was transferred to the Lisbon main campus after raping a young boy at a previous Casa Pia facility. Sound familiar with the legions of derelict Catholic priests? Identical to all the Vatican scandals where pedophiles are simply moved on to do more damage elsewhere as standard church policy, when the man known as “Bibi,” Carlos Silvino, was accused of raping a student at another Casa Pia location back in 1974, he was simply transferred to the main Lisbon campus.[95] In the end, the identified ringleader Silvino was charged with and confessed to 639 counts of sexual abuse, most of which he eventually admitted to, as well as implicate others in his ring.[96] But think of the thousands of innocent lives that would have been saved from the lifelong damage, destruction and suffering caused by all the unprosecuted crimes committed over the next three decades.

Of course it doesn’t help that Portugal is seen by pedophiles as a safe haven with its age of sexual consent only 14, the lowest in Europe (along with Italy, Germany, several Balkan and a couple Baltic states).[97] Interpol has named Portugal among the worst pedophilia offenders in Europe. Then in the middle of the six-year Casa Pia trial came Portugal’s notorious 2007 disappearance and mishandling of the British three-year old Madeleine McCann case, abducted from her bed while her parents dined a few hundred feet away, only painted an even darker picture of the poorest nation in western Europe with a population of little more than 10 million.[98] The McCann debacle and the Casa Pia debacle have in common not only heinous crimes committed against children in Portugal, but after months of the Maddie case leading nowhere under direction from the local police chief Goncalo Amaral, in October 2007 the competent lead police investigator in the Casa Pia case Paulo Rebelo replaced Amaral in the McCann case. From a scathing Daily Mail article:

Both cases [McCann and Casa Pia] – the two highest profile criminal investigations in the country since the end of the Portuguese military dictatorship in 1974 – have been riven by allegations of compromised police officers, high-level interference and vicious, virulent attacks on key witnesses.[99]

Way back in 1974, the Casa Pia officials were well aware that a pedophile was abusing children in their care, yet chose to not just ignore Silvino’s crimes but ensured that he could do far more damage at its main campus for many years to come. Moreover, during the two-yearlong 2002 police investigation, it was learned that two decades earlier, back in the early 1980s, aside from looking the other way in 1974, the authorities again knew of recurring child sexual abuse allegations reported by victims of a highly organized web but again officials at both Casa Pia and Portuguese law enforcement chose to take no action when, according to a September 2010 BBC article:

An inquiry into the allegations was ultimately shelved.[100]

During the early 1980s while General Ramalho Eanes was president, his secretary of state for families Teresa Costa Macedo, after receiving complaints of Casa Pia child abuse in 1980, said she informed Eanes herself and turned photographic evidence over to judicial police by 1982.[101] Apparently law enforcement “lost” the evidence [again], common in virtually every scandal cover-up.[102] Threatened with anonymous phone calls at the time, Teresa Costa Macedo recalled:

They said they would kill me, flay me and a lot of other things.[103]

From Dave McGowan’s seminal The Pedophocracy, Part 1: From Brussels…:

Macedo has testified before parliament that the former president, Antonio Ramalho Eanes, the former foreign secretary, Jaime Garcia, and elements within the police all knew of the ongoing abuse.[104]

Teresa Costa Macedo summarized:

[Silvino was] simply a procurer of children for well-known people – politic Silvino ians, diplomats and even media personalities… There are photographs, an account of the methods used to spirit children out of the orphanage and testimonies of a number of children.[105]

Yet the police probe finally launched in 2002 maintained that no record of any police investigation follow-up was ever conducted in 1982 when Macedo handed over the dossier. But when astute Teresa Costa Macedo proclaimed that she retained possession of a copy of the dossier herself, suddenly the shameless judicial police found its long lost copy.[106] It was then learned that a case had in fact been opened during a police probe in 1983, but by 1987 the old standby trick – “lack of evidence,” pulled straight out of every cover-up playbook, maintained that files were then destroyed in 1993, “saved” by the old statute of limitations bell. The transparency of obvious cover-up and subversion of justice lies is over-the-top.

Obviously with each passing decade, this egregious pedo-affair was conveniently, repeatedly swept under the rug. Moreover, when in 2002 a television reporter approached Carlos Silvino, telling him a whistleblower named him as a child abusing suspect, Silvino’s reply justifiably fueled public perception of a high-level conspiracy:

They can’t touch me. There are too many powerful people involved.[107]

Similar to the likes of two more infamous child procurers, Epstein and Savile, after decades of protection by the highest-ranking government officials, Carlos “Bibi” Silvino was thoroughly convinced that he too was an untouchable, able to live above the law, which for at least three decades, he most certainly did.

When the story finally broke in November 2002, Portuguese citizens were shocked and appalled, quickly losing confidence in their publicly elected leaders, especially when news that both the government and police for decades had been well aware of the widespread abuse yet did absolutely nothing to stop it. From a November 2002 Guardian article:

What has most shocked the Portuguese have been the revelations that systematic sexual abuse of children at the home had allegedly been going on for more than 20 years and had been known to police and other authorities for most of that time.[108]

Portugal’s early elected post-dictatorship prime minister who held office for a full decade from 1976 to 1986, General Antonio Ramalho Eanes, was among the powerful elite in the country that knew of the abuse at Casa Pia children’s homes yet covered it up.[109] General Eanes had been part of the peaceful military revolution in 1974 ending the near half century of fascist dictatorship under the Salazar regime. When the top leader of a nation (as in Belgium, UK, US and numerous others) knows child abuse is being perpetrated by either himself (as in Boeynants, Heath and Bush senior respectively) or his fellow elites for years at a time, but all the while looks the other way, that every national pedophilia network, obviously highly organized and impenetrably protected, confirms that the most powerful people in this world are either enablers or pedophiles themselves atop the elite’s inner club of Luciferian child-sodomizing, bloodsucking, organ-eating nonhuman monsters. Evidence presented in this treatise is consistently irrefutable and overwhelming.

The largest pedophilia scandal in Portugal’s history centers around the 240-year old state-run institution called Casa Pia (the translated misnomer “House of the Pious”), ten children’s care homes and schools serving about 4,500 children in and around the nation’s capital Lisbon. The designated pedophile ringleader was the longtime Casa Pia employee, the driver-caretaker named Carlos Silvino. Orphaned at two, Carlos grew up in the Casa Pia system and claimed at his trial he was raped “virtually every evening” from age 4 to 13 by teachers, older students and a priest.[110] Though his past victimization fails to absolve him of responsibility for his despicable crimes, it does lend credibility to the high correlation between child sexual abuse victimization and adult sex offending in males.[111]

As in virtually every pedophilia scandal the world over, for damage control, the press never fails to single out one particular individual pedophile as the focused ringleader. Limiting public attention exclusively to one designated criminal is designed to always cover up the larger organized international network that includes VIP elites from black nobility to influential puppet leaders within both the government and media.

The fact that prime ministers and senior law enforcement officials alike knew of the ongoing child abuse for decades renders proof that the higher-ups’ involvement in Portugal’s worst pedo-scandal targeting state owned and operated children’s care homes, provided necessary cover-up protection for both the main perpetrator-procurer as well as his fellow VIP pedophile ring members. And as soon as it’s learned that Carlos aka Bibi Silvino was supplying children to powerful elites – be they top national politicians, decorated diplomats, famous television personalities, respected university professors and prominent doctors and lawyers, from the get-go in 1974 for Silvino to simply be moved from one campus to the next means powerful figures atop the nation’s predatory food chain were shielding him and his VIP pedo-web from accountability for many years stretching as far back as the Carnation Revolution right up to late 2002 – nearly three decades’ worth of flagrantly looking the other way. All this strongly demonstrates that a large national pedophilia network flourished for numerous decades inside Portugal.

Moreover, the pedo-ring would never have lasted as long as it did, involving such bigtime powerbrokers, unless it was protected by elites running the nation. We see this exact same pattern played out in each and every country over and over and over again ad nauseam, in the US, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, and on and on it goes. And at virtually every scandal crime scene, the dirty fingerprints of national intelligence agencies are also visible in what exposes yet another sexual blackmail operation. Though Casa Pia was never fully uncovered as a blackmail scheme per se, Portugal’s worst pedo-scandal in history with virtual certainty is no different, with supporting evidence to follow.

If not for former Casa Pia pupil-turned lawyer Pedro Namora meeting with journalist Felicia Cabrita from the Expresso newspaper in 2002, perhaps the scandal would still be buried. Though Pedro fondly recalls his dedicated teachers, he condemned the directors’ chronic neglect and failure to protect children:

These were kids from deprived backgrounds, seen as rubbish. Incidents were reported, but officials washed their hands of it.[112]


An October 2003 piece from The New York Times explained how:


[Pedro Namora literally] ran from a school chaperone nicknamed Bibi who he said had grabbed him in the lavatory of a nearby soccer stadium. ‘I was 11. We all knew to watch out for Bibi.’[113]


Pedro reportedly witnessed 11 rapes against his peers tied to their beds.[114] “Despite repeated attempts by children and teachers to stop” the pervasive abuse that dragged on relentlessly for at least three decades, because the top echelons of Portugal’s elite were raping children, it was allowed to criminally continue unabated. Again, from The Times article:

[Silvino] furnished other pedophiles with young victims, delivering affection-starved boys and girls to private homes in the capital where they were molested or raped and occasionally paid with money, stereos, clothes or shoes.[115]

At grave danger to both himself and his family, the articulate Casa Pia survivor-alumnus-child campaigning lawyer Pedro Namora calls it as he sees it and lived it:

Portugal is a paedophiles’ paradise. If all the names come out, this will be an earthquake in Portugal. There is a massive, sophisticated network at play here – stretching from the government to the judiciary and the police. The network is enormous and extremely powerful. There are magistrates, ambassadors, police, politicians – all have procured children from Casa Pia. It is extremely difficult to break this down. These people cover for each other, because if one is arrested, they all are arrested. They don’t want anyone to know.[116]

Just to show how government politicians actively support and enable their fellow pedophiles, in anticipation of the upcoming Casa Pia pedo-trial outcome and subsequent legal judgments against guilty perps, halfway through the Casa Pia trial in 2007 the Portuguese parliament purposely stonewalled the legal proceedings in order to pass a law Article 30 that would go into effect prior to the end of the trial.[117] From 2002 to 2007 the Casa Pia director was Catalina Pestana. Upon leaving her post Catalina exposed the pro-pedo Portuguese government for passing the new law to relax and reduce the penalty for the pedophiles currently on trial. Essentially, the new legislation was specifically tailor-made for the Casa Pia child sex abusers who repeatedly raped the same children, collapsing their multiple crimes into just one in order to artificially create a far lesser offense and sentence, in effect, cheating the victim from full justice by legally aiding and abetting the pedophile, giving him “free rapes.” This is how sick the political and legal system is in its insidious, sinister lengths to protect its own criminality. This is no different from the pedo-elite’s current full court press to normalize pedophilia (vis-à-vis Netflix’s current film “Cuties” as child porn flagrantly pandering to pedophiles) in order to make sex with children legal.[118]

Longtime Casa Pia schoolteacher Américo Henriques believes that when 1974’s “Carnation Revolution” ended the near half century Salazar dictatorship, it brought about the breakdown of certain legal and social controls. And as a result, Américo maintains, “the lunatics took over the asylum.”[119] In 1974 after Carlos Silvino was allegedly caught molesting a boy at one Casa Pia facility, he was seamlessly transferred to the Lisbon main campus. It was then that schoolteacher Américo Henriques began his endless campaign to get the known child sexual predator terminated from the prestigious centuries’ old institution, but to no avail. A thick binder spanning 30 years containing Mr. Henriques’ valiant yet unsuccessful efforts to remove the known child rapist from further harming students. Yet within just three weeks of his arrival at the main campus, Silvino was sexually assaulting more young boys. The schoolteacher Américo eventually faced disciplinary proceedings for “exceeding his authority in pressing the case,” told repeatedly that:

‘Bibi had powerful people behind him.’[120]

As in every scandal, those trying to stop the abuse are threatened and punished while the protected predators continue their abuse. Since the Casa Pia anti-abuse crusading employee made his thick files public in 2002 during the police investigation, he subsequently received death threats and his office rifled through by unknown intruders. Again, this only demonstrates how complicit powerbrokers atop Portugal’s government will exercise extreme measures to avoid all culpability and exposure.

The press revealed that Carlos Silvino was allowed to continue his abuse at Casa Pia again. Lisbon’s largest daily newspaper Público published an article in late November 2002 delving into reasons why Casa Pia ultimately fired the pervert in 1989.[121] A mother of a child at Casa Pia accused Silvino of being a homosexual grooming her son for sex. It was learned that Silvino had showered with the boy, fondling and lathering his prey, also watched pornography with him and engaged in mutual masturbation with at least one attempt of sodomy. Yet despite all this obvious criminal activity, Silvino challenged his termination and after a 2-year legal battle, Portugal’s Supreme Court unbelievably reinstated Silvino with full back pay. Contending Casa Pia had not followed proper procedure in firing the flagrantly known pedophile, no doubt the real reason was that Silvino threatened to expose the government’s sexual blackmail operation involving so many compromised high-powered notables. Casa Pia teacher Américo Henriques said that once the notorious pedophile returned on campus in 1991, emboldened by his victory at the nation’s highest court, the famous institution quickly turned into an all-out “supermarket for pedophiles.”[122]

In late 2002 Silvino, the career pedophile with nine lives, actually possessed the shamelessness to call his onetime would-be victim-turned lawyer Pedro Namora for legal help after getting caught yet again abusing a youth from another Casa Pia home. Shortly afterwards, local reporter Felicia Cabrita contacted Pedro who then introduced her to Casa Pia teacher Américo Henriques when they both elected to go public with this horrendous story of abuse. Because so many remained unpunished over the last 30 years, the longtime teacher Américo feared that “no one is going to pay,” a sentiment echoed by the public that, with just a half dozen convictions, largely held true. A November 2004 poll at the outset of the lengthy trial showed that upwards of 2 out of 3 citizens (64.3% specifically) in Portugal did not expect justice in this case.[123] And with a slew of well-connected pedophiles undoubtedly getting away with their sordid crimes, a half dozen years later with the trial finally over, they were absolutely correct.

After a near two-year police investigation, three full decades after Silvino’s first known abuse, in December 2003 eleven indictments were finally handed out as multiple arrests were made. But before proceeding with trial, the presiding magistrate subsequently threw out all charges involving four of these high-profile suspects, permitting them to be cleared of any further inquiry. Thus, the more powerful politicians – among them a former minister-parliamentarian – Portuguese Socialist Party deputy Paulo Pedroso walked away from the scandal scot free, despite being held in detention in May 2003 on 15 counts of child sex abuse for over four months. Yet after prosecutors wiretapped Pedroso’s mobile phone, they brought the then minister of public works and transportation Luis Valente de Oliveira in for questioning and in April 2003 he suddenly resigned using the catch-all excuse of failing health.[124] What’s clear is the truth about how extensive the involvement of government politicians in the pedo-network has been willfully obscured by subterfuge and cover-up.

As Portugal’s minister for labor and training from 1999 to 2001 and overseer of social security services, Paulo Pedroso was directly in charge of Casa Pia.[125] Again, confirming that accused pedophile politicians are supported by their pedo-enabling peers, in addition to passing pro-pedophilia laws during the trial, Pedroso went literally straight from jail back to parliament, whereupon he was greeted like some kind of returning war hero.[126] In June 2018 the European Court of Human Rights rewarded Pedroso and additional 68,000 euros in compensation[127] after he’d already received 100,000 euros in damages in September 2008.[128] Moreover, Pedroso’s implicated mentoring boss, Portugal’s top Socialist Party leader was among the 800 witnesses (32 of them victims) called to testify, and was cross examined during the trial. According to four children’s claim in the May 25, 2003 weekly newspaper Expresso, they witnessed Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues at locations where sexual abuse was occurring, stopping short of making direct allegations that he abused children.[129] From an Independent June 2003 article:

Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues is the latest and most senior in a stream of politicians, diplomats and television talk show hosts to be implicated in a paedophile ring said to have preyed for decades on boys in a state-run orphanage.[130]

Both opposition socialist party leaders Pedroso and Rodrigues were never prosecuted, accompanied by allegations that the Popular Party in power unfairly targeted them as scapegoats unfairly smearing their reputations,[131] or misdirection to shield other government high rollers from public exposure in the nation’s largest pedo-scandal. With both Portugal’s Socialist Party as well as the High Council of the Magistracy implicated in Portugal’s worst pedo-scandal in history, is it purely coincidental that the deputy leader of the socialist political party, arrested and put in jail for several months, also happened to be the brother of High Court Judge Joao Pedroso, who indignantly stepped down, ostensibly to show loyal family support?[132]

In January 2006 as the lumbering Casa Pia trial faltered on by design, the newspaper 24 Horas reported phone numbers of politicians whose phone records had come under surveillance, including both President Jorge Sampaio and Attorney General Jose Souto de Moura.[133] The next month a criminal court ordered the journalists’ laptop computers confiscated, jeopardizing source confidentiality. Again, every time high ranking pedophiles risk public exposure, oppressive media blackouts and freedom of press suppression suddenly move into high gear to protect child raping politicians and their criminal network.

José Manuel Fernándes, the director of Público, lamented in an editorial:

Paedophilia has reached politics, or more correctly, has reached the heart of our democratic state.[134]

Career senior diplomat Jorge Ritto, a former Portuguese ambassador to South Africa and UNESCO, in 1970 was sent home in disgrace from his diplomatic post in Germany after caught molesting a young boy in a park.[135] Then in 1982 at least three or four missing Casa Pia children were found locked away along with a number of compromising photos discovered in an apartment Ritto used, but again he was let off the hook.[136] It was this same Ritto home in Estoril located 25 kms (20 miles) outside of Lisbon where elitist orgies with invited foreign diplomat guests and national politicians were allegedly hosted.[137] From a September 2010 Guardian article:

Casa Pia was known to paedophiles internationally and that some flew in to abuse children from the orphanage.[138]

Again, the Casa Pia scandal was part of the larger global pedo-network, specifically the nation of Portugal’s sexual blackmail honey trap operation prone to virtually every Western nation.

Keep in mind that in 1982 when the missing Casa Pia kids showed up at Ritto’s place, senior minister of families Teresa Costa Macedo said she alerted President Eanes and handed over the dossier to police full of plentiful evidence including photos and victim testimony documenting the organized pedophilia network that law enforcement supposedly lost, two decades later claiming no investigation had ever taken place. Additionally, as far back as 1980 Teresa maintains that she introduced President Eanes to five boys who described their abuse as Casa Pia victims in full detail.[139] This situation is virtually identical to UK’s Westminster pedo-dossier when a year later in 1983 MP Geoffrey Dickens gave to Home Secretary pedophile Leon Britton (See Chapter 24). But instead of Britton lying through his teeth that the dossier was “lost,” in Portugal it was the judicial police claiming no record of the Macedo pedo-dossier.

Under the national security umbrella of diplomatic immunity, always the same lame excuse used regardless of nation for powerful government pedophiles to get away with their sordid crimes, VIP perv Jorge Ritto was allowed to continue pursuing both his eminently lofty career path while simultaneously serial raping young children. It wasn’t until the sicko was finally convicted four decades after the original incident in Germany, sentenced in 2010 to six years and eight months behind bars, that ultimately interrupted “Ratso” Ritto’s marathon career abusing underage boys.

Among the other headliners charged and convicted in 2010 was popular TV game show host Carlos Cruz, known as Portugal’s “Mr Television,” released after serving only 4 of his 6 years in prison in July 2016.[140] Others convicted and imprisoned included high society doctor Joao Ferreira Diniz, Silvino’s lawyer Hugo Marçal and former Casa Pia ombudsman-deputy director-director Manuel Abrantes.[141] As the only woman to stand trial, Gertrude Nunes was acquitted for providing her rural home as a crime scene for some of the child rapes. The brazen Dr. Joao Diniz, who openly lived with a former Casa Pia student, would regularly drive up in his flashy red Ferrari sports car at soccer matches to pick up young boys. The predatory doctor had a distinct predilection for choosing deaf-mutes as his sexual victims and as a Casa Pia medical practitioner, he also would customarily conduct medical tests to ensure that his next victims were sexually healthy.[142]

Sexually abused Casa Pia residents explained to the press that facility caretaker-driver Bibi Silvino as their procurer would roust them from their beds at night, trafficking them to wealthy homes around the Lisbon area to be systematically abused by the elite pedophile ring. The children would always know when their rapist would be Dr. Diniz by the sound of his hefty Ferrari engine following close behind the Silvino driven van to the next residential crime scene.

Reports have surfaced that underage victims were often plied with drugs and alcohol, at times their sexual assaults filmed as carnal commodities used in both a sexual blackmail operation as well as child pornography.[143] The international child porn industry had photos of their attacks circulating worldwide, some winding up at a suspected pedophile’s home in Paris. Just as in all the major pedo-operations in the US, UK, Belgium, Netherlands and virtually every nation where an organized pedo-network exists, the indelible constant are the intelligence services exploiting prepubescent kids as sexual blackmail bait. What awaited them at their nocturnal destination was brutal sex with:

Leading members of Lisbon society – ranging from Portuguese government ministers and high-ranking diplomats, to famous television stars and members of the judiciary.[144]

The standing Portuguese President Jorge Sampaio at the time that the shockwaves hit the nation in 2003, stated:

The impunity which for decades on end has made this case a shame for all of us will finally end… Faced with the horror that so many children, who were entrusted to us to be educated and cared for, were victimised it is necessary to declare here that the president is certain that the guilty will be severely punished.[145]

What a lie, the most powerful of the guilty were never brought to justice like in every scandal. Easy for him to be all hypocritically pious after the fact, vowing to bring justice and blah, blah, blah. In the meantime, a spokeswoman from the child charity Portugal’s Innocence in Danger set the record straight:

It is no good [for] President Sampaio and Parliament sounding off about the problem now and appearing to be knights in shining armour. They, like the police, must have known about the widespread abuse of children in Portuguese institutions for years. They have been warned often enough by charities such as ours but for reasons best known to themselves have remained silent. Their recent acts of breast-beating are outright hypocrisy… Time and time again complaint files are lost, witnesses are seldom interviewed and suspects let off the hook.[146]

From the very outset, all six of the eventually convicted pedophiles in the Casa Pia scandal insist they’re innocent, making numerous appeals alleging gross injustice singling them out as martyrs in court.[147] While “Mr. TV” got out of jail after serving only four years, two-thirds if his sentence, in January 2017 former ambassador Ritto was denied his early out for refusing to admit guilt.[148] Though the convicted pedophiles appealed to the European Court of Human Rights in vain, their Lisbon high court trial outcome was upheld. As of June 2018, other than Carlos Silvino still serving the second half of his 18-year sentence, all others in the Casa Pia scandal have either been released on license or on health grounds finishing up under house arrest.

Aside from former minister MP Paulo Pedroso, among the other original eleven suspects that never underwent trial is well-known Portuguese-German comedian and talk show host Herman José. Though initially charged, he was able to show that he was in Brazil at the time that his accuser alleged abuse.[149] Another accused and detained suspect who later had charges dropped prior to prosecution was noted archeologist Francisco Alves.[150]

After allegations were made in November 2002, Casa Pia medical doctors [minus Dr. Diniz] conducted examinations on the existing 4,500 student population and found that at least 128 had been sexually abused, many of them deaf and mute.[151] In 2003, new Casa Pia director Catalina Pestana stated that examined students’:

Muscles were torn and tissue was ripped, and some have lost control of their sphincters.[152]

Catalina Pestana explained that the abuse went on for decades because the reputation of Casa Pia took priority over the welfare of the children. Though true, the much larger reason was that it was the nation’s elite who were committing the crimes and, as in every scandal, powerful perps always possess power to protect themselves. Pestana also revealed that the average tender age of the abused children was quite young, ranging from 10 to 13. Psychologists estimate that at least one-third of the Casa Pia victims refused to admit or talk about their abuse. Statistics have consistently shown that only 5-10% of child sexual abuse ever gets reported, the vast majority suffering in silence.[153]

The largest Portuguese pedophilia scandal in history had a major impact on reported child abuse cases. In 2000 a couple years prior to the major story breaking, only about 100 cases of child sex abuse were reported. But in 2002, the same year that the Casa Pia scandal went public, 500 cases were reported to the police, and then the following year in 2003 that number more than doubled.[154] This significant spike in reported cases was very likely the result of the growing public awareness of pedophilia, recognizing that authorities were finally taking victims’ allegations more seriously, but it can’t be ruled out that it could have reflected an actual increase in sexual abuse.

Miguel Matias, chief prosecutor representing the 32 Casa Pia victim-witnesses between the ages of 16 and 22, stated:

The Portuguese legal system is very formal, permitting an incredible number of witnesses – more than 800 – and every kind of attempt to delay, making things easy for the defence.[155]

Because the perpetrators had gotten away with their crimes for so long, and the identified ringleader Carlos Silvino was sentenced to 18 years in prison, and five others between 5 and 7 years, after the victims’ long tortuous ordeal, prosecuting attorney Matias explained:

It’s a very important day for these people… They need an end to start their lives, which are in some cases very fragile.[156]

Along the same lines, one victim had this to say about being present in the courtroom to hear the verdict:

I wouldn’t be anywhere else. My greatest pleasure would be to come out of court with my head high and tell people: it was true what I was saying, I wasn’t lying.[157]

That same victim-survivor wasn’t completely satisfied with the court outcome though:

Not all the abusers had been brought to justice. Many people had got away with their crimes because of the errors of police and the state.[158]

The final verdict at least offered victims some degree of closure, vindication and a sense of winning at least partial justice. But the fact that the initially arrested suspects numbering 11 were cut nearly in half at just 6 finally convicted and sent to prison after several decades of continuous abuse that included a long drawn out trial lasting six years, a full eight years after the scandal made headlines in 2002, marking the longest trial in Portugal’s history,[159] it fits an eerily similar pattern as Belgium’s notorious Dutroux trial (See Chapter 35). Both scandals followed identical paths – many years of stonewalling ensured the most powerful elite was never brought to justice. In addition, throughout the half dozen year ordeal of the trial and for decades prior, victim witnesses were constantly threatened and harassed as Portugal’s top politicians turned a blind eye toward chronic abuse in order to protect fellow sicko VIP buddies.[160] Again throughout history, the larger pedo-network involving the more prominent child rapists always remain untouched in every scandal. All the procedural delays combined with the court decision to drop all charges against powerhouse individuals protected by the state is the ugly, all too familiar theme perpetrated in every national and international pedo-operation, as a painful, in-our-face reminder of the two-tiered justice system where powerful enough VIPs never get convicted or go to jail. Only the lowest hanging rotten fruit are ever brought to justice, and even they are routinely granted the proverbial slap on the hand and/or relatively light prison sentence.

Neither in America, the United Kingdom nor anywhere else in all the scandals worldwide has even one member of a nation’s Congress or Parliament ever been convicted for pedophilia crimes and locked up – not one. This brazen fact alone indicates pedophiles – be they puppet masters or their shielded, well-connected puppets, always get away with their systematic rape, torture and blood sacrifice murder of innocents. With each scandal’s failed outcome at attaining full justice, momentarily the shocked public cynically cries foul as the Establishment dishes out its latest rendition of another cover-up travesty. Yet with all that we’ve come to know about the still very much intact, expanding, still protected global pedophilia network, allowed to operate with impunity for over a half century by an international crime cabal, this disgusting, pathetic pattern of sexual predators atop the pedo-food chain living above the law must end once and for all. Judgment Day for long overdue, rancid, rotten fruit at the top’s finally here.

Between the dark legacies of cover-up of both the McCann case and the Casa Pia scandal, Portugal has long maintained the dubious reputation as Europe’s “pedophile paradise,” with lax laws and enabling courts, openly attracting pedo-groups from Belgium and the Netherlands, the Sodom and Gomorrah of Europe.[161] Tourist centers like Praia da Luz where Madeleine was abducted,[162] and Madeira Island in the Atlantic are notorious destinations for international travelers seeking to prey on economically disadvantaged children.[163] The Swiss-based anti-child abuse group Innocence in Danger has claimed that Portuguese children in large numbers disappear off the streets of towns and cities all the time and the advocacy group itself has been harassed and threatened. To make matters worse, the black nobility’s House of Puppets is the European Union, long proven enablers and supporters of pedophilia throughout the continent with established links to Portugal’s pedophilia epidemic.[164] Cap that sobering reality with the fact that the royal interbreeding black nobility bloodlines, of which Portugal’s House of Braganza and France/Spain’s House of Bourbon are both front and center inner club members,[165] for centuries also overseers of the global black market trade in both drugs and slaves of all ages and races, and for optimal global geopolitical control today, trafficking and harvesting children and their body parts rank as top priority.



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